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ei_0386yygChronic sinusitis is a condition in which the sinuses inside our skull become inflamed for months and years together. This condition can considerably reduce ones quality of life. Patients suffering from chronic Sinusitis complain of difficulty in breathing from nose, headaches, pain and tenderness in the face.

Yellow greenish discharges may also be present from the nose and also from the back of the throat. In most cases, this kind of chronic inflammation in the sinuses is caused by underlying allergic reactions to pollen, pet dander, and dust mites, smoke etc. Homeopathic treatment of chronic sinusitis is very effective and has a strong edge over the conventional treatments. This is because homeopathic medicines along with the treatment of sinusitis cure the underlying allergies too. Thus preventing the recurrence of inflammation in sinuses.

Allergy tops the cause-list for chronic and recurrent sinusitis. Other reasons that trigger inflammation in the sinuses are infections like flu, common colds etc. ; blockages in the nose caused by a deviated nasal septum ,polyps and reaction to fungus in air. Sinuses are hollow spaces in our skull (bony structure of the head and the face). There are four pairs of sinuses in our skull. Sinusitis is the inflammation of one or more of these hollow spaces in the skull. These spaces are linked with the nose for free exchange of air by an opening in the nose. It is usually when this opening gets blocked by swelling in the nose due to common cold or allergies that the symptoms of sinusitis develop.

Symptoms of Chronic sinusitis resemble those of acute sinusitis, but usually last much longer and cause more fatigue. The main symptoms of chronic sinusitis are pain in the face and pressure in the areas of forehead, temples, cheeks, and nose and behind the eyes, discharge of a thick yellow or greenish discharge from the nose or down the back of the throat, obstructed and difficult breathing through the nose, diminished sense of smell or taste, frequent Headache (especially in morning), Teeth pain, Fatigue, Cough, and Sore throat.

As homeopathy is a symptom based system of medicine, the prescription is based upon the symptoms presented by the patient. Many symptomatic factors determine the choice of remedy .i.e. the type of discharges from the nose and throat, the sinus that is involved and other factors like the time of the year when this problem increases also its relation to weather. The main homeopathic medicines used for treating chronic sinusitis are Hydrastis, kali bichrome, Silicea and Merc Sol. Luffa Opercula requires a special mention for treating allergies and sinusitis both. Lemna Minor works well in cases where the sinusitis is complicated by nasal polyps.

At times the treatment of underlying allergy may also require a totally different set of medicines. Prescription based on the detailed study of the patient’s physical and mental makeup (which is also called as constitutional prescribing) is at times required to cure the allergy from the base.

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  1. Farhan Ahmad nouman says:

    My daughter 8 years old is suffering from sinusitis having symptoms on face pain all the time, please advise medicine

  2. I am suffering from sinus and water retention in my fore head

  3. Wendy Shaffer says:

    I have chronic sinus pain, heat is my only relief. I use a netty pot, do saline rinse. Cold drinks, second hand smoke, dust,sugar,caffeine, dairy all agitate the left side of my face I have swallowing under my eye and puffy cheek. I’m 2000 out of pocket and can’t get relief

  4. Jane Willing says:

    I suffer from air hunger, could this be because I have a slight deviated septum and sinusitis ?

  5. Dentist said upper back tooth needed a crown. Within 2 days of the crown being put on, I got clogged sinuses. Never had sinus problems or allergies before this. This led to abcess on gum of crowned tooth which led to an antibiotic & caused 2 root canals on the next 2 teeth. I then got post nasal drip which caused a lump sensation in my throat. This has also worked down into my bronchials. All this has caused lots of inflammation & difficulty breathing. The latest is shortness of breath while walking or even slight exertion. I have been to several Dr’s, & I have had the two root canals removed. Tried all kinds of supplements, herbs etc. The one thing that has relieved my post nasal drip is kali bich. That has also relieved most of the inflammation, mucus upon walking, or exertion. I still have some congestion back of sinus upon waking & getting up. This is with inflammation upon walking or exertion but not near as bad as it was & slowly liquifies & moves out in a post nasal drip.. What do you recommend I take to finish this completely. Thank you. I will be forever grateful for you quick response.

  6. K.Nandhakumar says:

    sir I have four month before suddenly one day my ear was blocked on the right side ,after I’m going to ENT he checked some solid like substance in the ear it’s not wax ,in childhood I have pimple in the ear but it was busted ,after some years I regularly cleaned my ear some think struck in the upper of the ear but I’m not consider serious,Nowadays after 9 years I got dizziness,eye strain ,pressure,fullness in head, particularly the substance removed from by ENT doctor,I got more this severe,please help me sir,the doctor said this substance like solid may be held in that vein,please help me…

  7. salam’ my motheris on bed for last two yrs due to pain in hip joint till knee test report tells about lower spinal cord tuberculosis one of my friend advise me tuberculinum 1M SYMPATHIUM 2OO CALE PHOSE pls tel me abut dosege of this medicn and duration thanx

  8. Hi Dr Sharma
    My problems is chronic sinusitis though I had polypectomy and sinus cleaning 2years ago still I am having ongoing nasal congestion with sticky mucus and some of these goes back in throat causing constant irritation. I am allergic to house dust and partly to grass too but my problem is year round. I don’t have pain around nose and mucus is mostly clear but very sticky.I am doing regular nasal irrigation with saline water. Please suggest how to stop constant excessive thick sticky nasal congestion and to stop post nasal drop too. Many thanks for your help.Mohipal(60yrs)

  9. Sudhanshu Shekhar Jha says:

    I am a 49 year old male with a chronic ethmoid & maxillary sinusitis and sometimes pricking pain & heaviness in my left chest too. These days, I have started to feel occasional giddiness & heaviness in my frontal skull besides disliking for bright light & noise too. Nasal stuffiness with deep / yellow-greenish thick cough/phlegm discharge & also occasional experience of ‘post nasal drop’ are being felt. Kindly prescribe HOMEOPATHY remedies.

  10. Jagdish Rawat says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son (Age 15, Hight 154 CM, Weight 40 Kg) is suffering from Sinus , which was confirmed by going thru the CT scan and Nasal xray.
    Some nasal drop and exercise were suggested by the Doctor but the same was not that much effective.
    May please suggest some medicine for quick relief.

  11. gokul pandey says:

    I am 37 year old.I have been suffring from chronic sinusitis for 4 year.I went to many ent doctor in diffrent hospital.they took ct scan,mri and many more medical tests.I had sinus operation and had a lot of medicine since then.but still I have a problem.many more problems are being facing now.I have tinnitus and cracking sound since I wake up.feeling dizzyness and increase my heat on my head then rest of my body parts.suggest me I am at abudhabi in uae.

  12. Jane mcallister says:

    Hello! I have just got back from the Endodontist where I had a ct scan on I tooth abscess, while examining the scan he pointed out I have chronic sinus inflammation which he said I would have had a long time. I don’t have much congestion or runny nose but I have pain when I press my brow area and am always puffy and swollen under the eyes and cheek area.i don’t have the typical allergy’s like dust or pollen but I have in the last year become very sensitive to perfumes and a lot of different cosmetics and have recently developed perioral dermatitis around my nose and chin. I would be grateful for any suggestions for a remedy.

  13. Amina Hayat says:

    I have a constant runny nose, I do have sinus problem but it’s this constant dripping that the problem

    • Ravinder Singh SALUJA says:

      Sir I have sinus proble m from childhood.i m 25 now ,cold air ,cold fluids leads to blockage of nose .many times thin white color fluid comes from nose with sneezing.i m very lean and have chronic constipation,white coloured tounge ,loss of appetite ,loss of thirst ,tooth starting to decay much ,heaviness in stomach ,no urge for sweets ,no urge for water ,gas problem in which difficulty in passing gas too .no headaches but my right nostril is mostly blocked .please priscibe me good medicines with precautions.i m very much depressed from this my height is 5’10 and weight is 54 . Congested chest and constipation with hard stool.

  14. ghulam mujtaba says:

    dr sb i have been suffering from sinus nasal congestion since last 8 to 10 years, now winter going to start my dialy life routine geting disturb badly breething problem giving me anxiouty too whixh leads to mw depression. advice me .

  15. Javed Akhtar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Mujhe lagbhag 15 salo se sinus h. Mere naak se lagatar pani bahata rahata h. Chhik aati h, Naak band rahata h, Naak ke andar dard (khujali jaisa) hota h. Sabse jyada mai subah jab uthata hu us wakt jyade paresan rahata hu. chhik aati h aur naak bahana suru ho jata h. naak band bhi rahata h. Sir mai bahut paresan hu. maine bahut dawa ki h lekin abhi tak ye bimari nahi sahi huyi. Mai angreji, ayurvedik, homeopathy sari daya kar ke thak chuka hu. Please sir mai kya karu ?

  16. Muneeb Abbas says:

    I am a 26 year old male. I’ve been experiencing sinus problem for more than 3 years now. I have asthma history as well which at 18 years of age got better to the extent of being nil. Now due to this and being claustrophobic I have severe anxiety problems which disturbs my daily life. I’ve been treated for anxiety and depression as well. This time of the year when winter is about to start I have started feeling numbness around my nose and which happens to trigger my anxiety. Which results in digestive problems and in the end results in weight loss to me being skinny. I feel light nose and numbness and when I walk in winters outside it is like I will start panicking because I can’t feel my nose. Because there is so much numbness. Please help me.

  17. I’m having headache and very very bad head heaviness.i need treatment for mucus come out from my nose.

  18. problem of sinus for last 5 years what to do

  19. (26 years male) request for advice on my sinusitis problem ,symptoms are as:
    Too much mucus all the time even in summer.
    both nose are blocked mostly in night .
    1.5 years ago my sinus surgery (FEES) also has been done .but within 1 year of after surgery again facing the same issue.
    i think it is fungus
    my all sinuses are looking full in Xray.
    too difficult to breath from nose

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