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How To Get Rid of Sinus Infection with Homeopathic Medicines

homeopathic remedies for sinus

Waking up with a headache, that too with a blocked nose, is a rough start to the day. If this becomes a routine where the face hurts with heaviness in the head, it could be arising from medical condition sinusitis. The inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (air-filled cavities within the skull bone) is referred to as sinusitis. Homeopathy can be of great help in treating sinusitis. The natural mode of treatment aims at treating the root cause (like chronic cold, nasal allergies) behind sinusitis to give long-term relief. Along with treating the root cause, these medicines offer relief in the immediate symptoms of sinusitis as well. The homeopathic mode of treatment can completely cure chronic and recurrent sinusitis, though it may take some time. The homeopathic remedies for sinus infections, are made of natural substances and have zero side effects.

Homeopathic Remedies For Sinus Infection

Some of the leading remedies to treat sinusitis are Belladonna, Kali Bichrome, Silicea, Hydrastis, Pulsatilla and Natrum Mur. Lemna Minor is the top-most medicine to treat nasal polyps.

1. Belladonna – Top-Grade Medicine For Sinus Headache

Belladonna is a natural medicine sourced from the plant ‘deadly nightshade’. It is the most frequently used medicine for cases of sinusitis when headache is most marked. In cases needing it, pain and heaviness is marked in the forehead (frontal headache) due to sinus congestion. There is relief by binding the head tightly with cloth or applying pressure. This medicine is most prominently indicated for frontal sinusitis. It is also indicated for maxillary sinusitis as well. Belladonna is also suitable to manage sore throat and cough in cases of sinusitis. The cough is short and dry which gets worse at night. It is the best remedy for acute sinusitis.

When and How to use Belladonna?

It is a leading medicine for sinusitis recommended mainly when frontal headache is causing trouble. This medicine can be used in both low and high potencies. In low potency like 30C, it can be taken three to four times a day. Once the severity of the headache reduces, the dose should be decreased. When using high potency like 200C, its use is usually limited to once a day. 1M potency is also required in some cases, but to use it, consult a homeopathic physician.

2. Kali Bichrome – For Sinusitis With Post Nasal Discharge

Kali Bichrome is the best medicine for sinusitis where the most prominent complaint is post nasal discharge – PND (dripping of mucus from back of nose into the throat). The discharge is very thick, sticky, ropy mostly yellowish or greenish. Along with PND, there is headache in frontal region (forehead). Pain at the root of the nose is also present. Nose feels stuffed along with these symptoms. The bad smell from nose occurs due to accumulation of nasal discharge. In cases needing it, a history of recurrent cold may be found.

When and How to Kali Bichrome?

A person having post nasal dripping from sinusitis can find this medicine highly effective. Pain in the forehead and the root of the nose are also indicative to use it. The most commonly used potency of this medicine is 30C that can be taken twice a day. It will reduce sinus inflammation and reduce associated symptoms including PND, frontal headache and pain at the root of the nose.

3. Silicea – For Sinus Infections And Chronic Colds

Silicea is a highly recommended medicine for cases of sinus infections and chronic cold. The main symptom guiding its use is throbbing pain in forehead especially over the right eye. There is relief in headache by pressing the head firmly or wrapping up warmly. Other symptoms along with this include nasal blockage and thick pus-like discharge. The nasal discharge forms hard crusts; any attempt to loosen these crusts results in bleeding. There is loss of smell and taste as well.

When and How to use Silicea?

Use of silicea should be considered for those who suffer from chronic cold and sinus infection. The symptoms to prescribe it are pain in forehead, nasal blockage and thick pus-like nasal discharge. Among various available potencies, Silicea works most wonderfully in 6X potency. Silicea 6X can be taken any time twice a day to four times a day as per the severity of symptoms.

4. Hydrastis – For Sinusitis With PND

This medicine is prepared from fresh root of plant ‘golden seal’. Like medicine Kali Bichrome, this medicine is also very beneficial for treating sinusitis with prominent PND (post nasal discharge). The discharge is thick, mostly yellow. Besides, sinus headache is present. Burning pain in the nose, sore throat, burning sensation in throat may attend above indications.

When and How to use Hydrastis?

This medicine can be used in sinusitis cases when main complaint is post-nasal thick yellow discharge. It can be taken in 30C potency two to three times a day for good results.

5. Pulsatilla – For Thick Yellow Or Green Nasal Discharge

Pulsatilla is a natural medicine for sinusitis prepared from ‘windflower’. The foremost indication to use it in sinusitis is thick yellow or green nasal discharge.  A characteristic feature is the discharge gets worse in a closed room and gets better in open air. The discharge may be very foul-smelling. Nostrils may be blocked as well, along with loss of smell and taste. This medicine is recommended for frontal sinusitis and maxillary sinusitis. Pain and heaviness is felt over the forehead when frontal sinus is involved. In case of maxillary sinus involvement, tearing type of pain is felt in maxillary sinus (in cheeks) that may extend to ears.

When and How to use Pulsatilla?

For sinusitis, the key indication based on which it is prescribed is ‘thick yellow or green nasal discharge’. Though may be used in different potencies, it is best to begin with  30C potency. Pulsatilla 30C can be taken once or twice a day. Higher potencies like 200C and 1M can also be considered afterward but only under the supervision of homeopathic expert.

6. Natrum Mur – For Sinus Infections And Nasal Allergy

Natrum Mur is good choice of remedy in cases of sinusitis where nasal allergy is associated. This medicine aims at treating nasal allergy when it is the root cause leading to sinus Infections. The symptoms to use this medicine are , a watery discharge from nose , sneezing, pain in head.

When and How to use Natrum Mur?

Persons who suffer sinusitis as a result of nasal allergies are ideal subjects to use this medicine. This medicine works in treating nasal allergies to prevent recurrent sinus infections. Natrum Mur is very effective in 6X potency that can be repeated three to four times a day.

7. Lemna Minor – For Sinus Infections Complicated With Nasal Polyp

In some cases, nasal polyps are a contributing factor for sinus infection. A nasal polyp  in a nasal cavity blocks the normal drainage of discharge. The collected discharge thus acts as a pool for infection-causing agents, leading to inflammation of sinuses. Here, medicine Lemna Minor is the best medicine to help shrink nasal polyps to prevent sinus infections. It may take some time to shrink the polyps, but once done recurrent sinus infections are prevented.

When and How to take Lemna Minor?

If nasal polyps are obstructing mucus drainage and causing recurrent sinus infections, this medicine can work wonders. It will help in shrinking nasal polyps which are a contributing factor for sinus infections. Lemna Minor acts best when taken in mother tincture (Q) form. 5-7 drops of Lemna Minor Q can be taken twice a day by dissolving in half a cup of water.

Cause And Risk Factors Behind Sinusitis

Sinusitis results when there is blockage of sinus openings by mucus. There are certain factors and health problems that increase the risk of sinusitis.

1. Common cold (that can be caused by virus or bacteria) can cause inflammation of sinus and obstruct the drainage of mucus

2. Nasal allergies and upper respiratory tract infections

3. Nasal polyps are the non-cancerous growths in nose or paranasal sinuses which are blocking nose or sinus

4. Deviated nasal septum means cartilage that divides the nose is not straight that is causing nasal blockage

5. Weak immune system

6. A dental infection, cystic fibrosis (a genetic disease that causes build-up of the mucus which is thick, sticky mainly in lungs and pancreas), and smoking are some other contributory factors.

Pathophysiology Of Sinusitis

Paranasal sinuses are four pairs of hollow spaces in the skull. These are situated in cheekbones (maxillary sinus), forehead (frontal sinus), behind the bridge of the nose and between the eyes (ethmoidal sinuses). Another set is situated in the upper region of the nose and behind the eyes (sphenoidal sinuses). All the sinuses have the same lining that is present in the nose. This lining produces mucus, which is drained out of the sinuses, through an opening in the nose. When a person has a cold or nasal allergy, there is increased mucus production and swelling of sinuses that can cause the drainage to get blocked. This results in the mucus being trapped in the sinuses, leading to the growth of bacteria and viruses.

Types Of sinusitis

There are four types of sinusitis depending on how long the symptoms last.

Acute sinusitis:  This type of sinusitis lasts till about 2- 4 weeks’ time.

Subacute sinusitis: It lasts between one to three months.

Chronic sinusitis: Its symptoms last for three months or longer.

Recurrent sinusitis: Acute sinusitis happens four or more times in one year and each episode remains for one to two weeks’ time.

Symptoms Of Sinusitis

The signs and symptoms of sinusitis include

1. Nasal discharge: Thick discharge that can be yellow, green, pus-like or blood-stained

2.  Post-nasal dripping

3. Headache especially in the morning

4. Pain/pressure on head or face, swelling or tenderness on the face according to the sinus involved as given below:

In frontal sinusitis: It is felt on forehead and above the eyes

In maxillary sinusitis: It is felt on cheeks, or upper jaw, teeth

In ethmoidal sinusitis: Pain or pressure is observed  behind eyes and in medial canthi (corner of eye where upper eyelid and lower eyelid meet towards nose side)

In sphenoidal sinusitis: Pain/pressure occurs behind eyes and felt in the top/ back of the head

5. Stuffy nose, making breathing through nose difficult

6. Ear fullness/pain, decreased sense of smell and taste, cough, throat clearing, tiredness, bad breath are some other signs and symptoms

7. Fever (it may occur in acute sinusitis and is uncommon in chronic sinusitis)

The signs and symptoms are similar for acute and chronic sinusitis. However, the duration varies with chronic sinusitis lasting for three or more months.


Complications are rare in sinusitis cases. however, if not treated, some complications that might occur include meningitis (inflammation of membranes that cover brain and spinal cord), infection of eyes, and infection of skull bones.

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  1. Om Meghwal says:

    मेम नमस्कार मुझे बीस साल से साइनस प्रोबल्म है लगातार छींके आना नाक का पानी गले में टपकता रहता है कृपया उचित ईलाज बताये

  2. Bill sunshine says:

    Pain in between eyebrows side of head blocked nose taking co codamal to relive pain in morning and late afternoon been like this for a year, long COVID. Belladonna seems to fit the description of symptoms best .

  3. Leanne Beck Sim says:

    Hi , I am booked to go on a 7 hour flight in 3 weeks. The last few times on the decline, I would get horrendous sharp pains in around my brows . No matter what I did i.e gulp , chew the sharp pains persisted. to the point I was about to call for help . I don’t want this to happen on my next flight .
    What do you suggest to help me from this happening again .
    I appreciate your time


  4. Tim Leavenworth says:

    Hi Dr – I have been having sinus head aches for 4 weeks. They usually start late morning to early afternoon and tapper down (but not gone) by mid evening. I have tried Sudafed, Allegra, Ibuprofen, Antibiotics and nothing has worked. The intensity of the head aches vary from mild to severe. I have never had head aches before, but I’m an active person and these are debilitating. Most pain is above my teeth, my cheeks, and the back of my head on each side. I had a CT scan, which came back normal and I was told I have Chronic Sinusitis. I’m open to any suggestions you might have. Thanks, Tim.

  5. Maricelis Sanchez says:

    Hi Doctor I have been seen by a couple ENT Doctors and when they perform tests in me to look inside they say I have a deviation in my septum however I’m not sure if this is the cause of my ongoing stuffy nose it has been going on for years now I’m always sneezing nasal drip I can’t breath if I don’t use a over the counter nasal decongestant and I take several medications prescribed for allergies on a daily basis I
    Would like to know if u are able to tell me what might help me thank u

  6. Hi Doctor,

    I am having abundant nasal discharge, feel pressure in my face and have stuffy nose that makes breathing through my nose very difficult, specially at sleep time. Also, feel tired and have headaches often. This has been going on for months now. Before this episode, I didn’t suffer from sinusitis and don’t know what to do.

    What would you recommend in my case?

    Thank you,

  7. R Shah says:

    Hi there,

    Doctors say I have chronic rhinitis, had three surgeries but no relief. Started using a medicine called Lignosis from Singapor, it gave me relief for 1 year but it has become useless now since last two months.

    My main symptoms are blocked nose, sore throat, post nasal drip, mucus coming from nose, allergy kind of condition but the worst thing is cough with heavy mucus coming from chest. The episode repeats every 1 or 2 week and it last for couple of week and doesn’t go without taking antibiotics. My life has become a misery. I have been taking antihistamine and steroid nasal drops Flixonase for the last 10 years but no relief. Please advise some medicine which helps me to treat these conditions.

  8. Hello ,
    Before this year had this symtoms ones through the winter,but this year after short time(3 days)cold had happened ones in 3 month my nose become mostly very dry with hard crusts or with the waterry liking and dripping of mucus from back of nose into the throat in the morjing.
    What you will recomend me in my case.Glad to meet this page.

  9. Have bad headaches and pain in right eye and upper teeth. Have taken a lot of antibiotics. Headaches have gotten worse. Live in Peoria az. Where to find natural Dr

  10. hi, i have thick dry mucous and nasal congestion my ears are not full but pop when i swallow. i have had this for 5 months when i was exposed to mold. a doctor prescribed natrum arsenicosum but i have use natrum mur before. i was wondering which would be better?

    • Hi,
      While I don’t have any nasal discharge (through my nose)
      I have fullness through my sinus and sometimes pressure on my palate and PND, a fullness in my ears that sometimes includes mild ringing. I can sometime feel what seem like liquid moving from side to side. I also feel the need to clear my throat. This has been going on for over a years. Sometimes better or worse. Any suggestions?

  11. Ms. Gloria says:

    I have sinusitis I’ve had surgery 5 years ago and the problem now still exists. Headache, heaviness in front of head, dizziness, cough, postnasal drip, nasel congestion, sinus pain. I like to no if I can take Sinus Calm it’s a Homeopathic medicine. I have some heart issues, mostly palpation, I don’t take heart meds, only Breyer Aspirin. Can I take this. It has Balladonna 3C 0.8 mg, Sanguinaria, 3C 0.8, and Spigella anthelmia 3C 0.8mg.
    contains less than 2.5 x10 mg of alkaloids.

  12. I have pain in my face and headache. Post nasal drip fatigue and cough. I am not sure what homeopathic medicine would work. I also bought goldenseal with echinacea what should I take and how much?

  13. Tirzah C says:

    Hi Dr. Dharma I am experiencing left side sinus pressure in my cheek and ear. Having quite a bit of post nasal drip with sticky stringy mucous. I’ve been experiencing the post nasal drip and cough since having Covid a month ago which has now progressed to what I think is a sinus infection. It’s very hard to blow anything out or cough anything up but with a neti pot I am able to produce thick yellow green mucous. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and looking for a safe homeopathic treatment to get over this month long sinus symptoms.

    • Amy Persons-Birch says:

      Hello Doctor Dharma, I am having almost the same condition as the writer above, but with slight yellow discharge only, and I am not pregnant.

    • I have pain in my face and headache. Post nasal drip fatigue and cough. I am not sure what homeopathic medicine would work. I also bought goldenseal with echinacea what should I take and how much?

  14. Saad Mahmud says:

    Remedies for 3, 9 and 12.

  15. Taranjeet kaur Kaur says:

    Hi doctor Sharma,
    I am having fully blocked sinus. My doctor told me to have surgry. I am afraid of surgery. Can homoepathy help me get rid of surgery.
    CT Paranasal Sinuses:
    Significant opacification seen to the right frontal sinus with marked
    opacification of the ethmoid, maxillary and sphenoid sinuses. The lamina
    papyracea and cribriform plates are intact. Ostiomeatal complexes are
    obstructed. There is nasal septal deviation to the left with resultant
    narrowing of the left nasal cavity. Thickening of the right nasal turbinates
    with resultant narrowing of the right nasal cavity.
    Oropharynx is patent. Fossa of Rosenmuller defines normally.
    There is no overt periorbital or retrobulbar disease. The extraocular
    muscles are of normal appearance. Optic nerves are symmetrical.

    Evidence of marked pansinusitis with significant opacification of the
    frontal, ethmoid, maxillary and sphenoid sinuses.
    Completely obstructed ostiomeatal complexes.
    Given the severity of the sinus disease, an ENT review could be considered.
    I usually had very bad headaches, mostly on right side. Even affecting my eyes. My facial painstroubles me a lot.


    I am having sinus problems with bloody crusty mucus discharge from nose. Please let me know the suitable homoeopathic medicine for my this symptoms

  17. Gursharan Singh says:

    How to treat chronic fungal infection in the frontal sinus cavities? Please help.

  18. Anio Chaudri says:

    Dear Sir,
    For the past 20+years I have been suffering from chronic headache and tiredness and had no cure from normal medical treatment. It could be caused by sinus inflammation. and my firend suggested mother tincture in homeopathy. Your suggestion please.
    Kindest regards.

  19. JANET PEREIRA says:

    Goodevening Dr, Sharma,

    My son’s gets running nose every morning when he gets up. Kindly guide me.

  20. Rosemary Kelleher says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, My nose is constantly dripping clear fluid every few minutes and also I frequently cough up little plugs of phlegm, pale green to yellow, sometimes clear. I have had this problem for many years. Also if someone makes me laugh a lot or I read a really funny joke and I cannot stop laughing, my throat goes into a spasm and I cannot get any air or stop the spasm, I make a whooping noise. I think I am going to die from lack of air, it is very frightening. After a few minutes when I have recovered I always cough up a little plug of very sticky phlegm. I have cut out eating ice cream, chocolate and don’t eat much cheese, things which may make it worse. Please can you tell me which homeopathic remedy would work best to get rid of the dripping and phlegm ? I don’t have pain or headaches with it and the only medical problem I have is an underactive thyroid which I take medication for. Thank you very much for any help you can give me.

    • Susan wyatt says:

      Dr. Sharma, I have had sinus problems for years. I’m 83 and I take only a thyroid ( hypo) medication other wise pretty healthy. I do not have headaches but a runny nose really often ( in earlier years it was seasonal) now most of the year. The last year I have had like little pimples in my nose and they are quite bothersome. Over the counter or Dr. Prescriptions have not helped. Can you please help guide me?
      Thank you so very much

      Susan Wyatt

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