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Carbuncle is much more than just a simple abscess, boil or furuncle. It occurs when multiple hair follicles gets infected. It is usually deep and forms a lump. Homeopathy has an excellent treatment for it.  Homeopathy treatment for carbuncle is very safe and side effects are unheard off. Homeopathy uses body’s own defenses to fight infection, thus homeopathy treatment is fast and safe. Homeopathic treatment for carbuncles are made from naturally occurring substances and are free from any toxicity. Once resolved with these medicines, Carbuncles usually will not recur.

Homeopathic Treatment for Carbuncles

Homeopathy medicines that I have found work the best for the treatment of carbuncles are Anthracinum, Apis mel, Crotalus Horridus, Echinacea, Euphorbinum, Lachesis, and Tarentula Cub.

Out of all medicines, Anthracinum is one medicine that has given me the best results. It is indicated for carbuncles and malignant ulcers. It is very effective when there is a succession of boils one after the other. I have found Apis Mel very useful in cases where there is stinging pain in carbuncles. Crotalus Horridus is very useful in cases where the carbuncle is surrounded by purplish mottled skin and edema (swelling). Another great medicine for carbuncle treatment is Echinacea. It works well in treating recurrent carbuncles.  Euphorbium is indicated in old indolent ulcers with biting and lancinating pains. Lachesis is best suited for carbuncles that are bluish and purplish in surroundings.

What is Carbuncle?

A carbuncle is an infection that occurs in the deep layers of skin and has an involvement of multiple hair follicles, which are infected. The most common bacterial agent that leads to this infection is Staphylococcus Aureus. It may form a lump with collection of pus, fluid and dead tissue in it. It may occur anywhere but is common on nape of the neck and back.

What causes carbuncle?

Exact cause of carbuncle is not known but poor hygiene, friction of clothing and injury while shaving and overall poor health are the contributing factors.

What are the symptoms of Carbuncle?

Carbuncle appears a raised lump initially.  There may be redness around it with pain on touching. Gradually it may grow in size( it can range from the size of pea to a golf ball ) and cause significant pain. it may develop a pus point and may start oozing pus and blood . It may even spread to different areas. Fever and fatigue may be present.

Complications of Carbuncle

Sepsis is one of the major complications that can occur due to carbunculosis. In sepsis the infection from the carbuncle enters the blood stream. An immune reaction to the bacteria may lead to endocarditis.

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    I have big carbuncle on my back, which had burst two weeks back. I am regularly cleaning the area with Dettol and applying Soframycin because it is all I
    I have.. please suggest treatment.

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