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Homeopathic Remedies for Burns

Homeopathic Remedies for Burns

Homeopathic Remedies for skin burns

Homeopathic Remedies for skin burns

Burns refers to the skin injury arising out of exposure to heat, chemicals and electricity. Burns can also be caused by radiations (from sun or X-rays). Burns can involve just the outer layer of skin, or can penetrate the deeper layers and in the severe cases, even up to bones and muscles.When only the outer or superficial skin is burnt, it is called first degree burns. Here, the skin gets red with pain and swelling. In second and third degree burns, the injury involves the deeper layers of skin partially or in whole thickness, respectively.In second degree burns, blisters (fluid-filled eruptions) appear along with redness and swelling of skin. In third degree burns, the skin appears white or brown. In the fourth degree burns, the skin appears black and charred, exposing the bones and muscles. The third and fourth degree burns are painless. The main complications arising in burns cases are infection, gangrene, pneumonia and nephritis.Third and fourth degree burns need urgent intensive care in hospital. The Homeopathic mode of treatment, however, is of great help for minor superficial burns up to second degree. The Homeopathic medicines, which are made of natural substances, not only provide relief from pain and swelling, but also halt any signs of an infection or old burns wounds that open up. The Homeopathic remedies for burns are absolutely safe, with zero side effects.

Natural Homeopathic Treatment for Burns

The minor superficial burns up to second degree can be very effectively treated with natural Homeopathic remedies. The third and fourth degree burns, however, need urgent intensive care in hospital. Although Homeopathic medicines can be given for third and fourth degree burns also, but this is done only after the initial first aid in hospital. Homeopathic medicines help in reducing burning, pain and swelling. The natural homeopathic treatment for burns also help in preventing blister formation. The cases of burns that are slow to heal or old burns that suddenly start to pain or reopen can be very well managed with Homeopathic remedies. Burns cases which show signs of infection or are tending towards gangrene recovery can greatly benefit from properly selected Homeopathic medicines.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Burns

Cantharis: Best natural Homeopathic remedy for Burns

Cantharis is the best natural Homeopathic remedy for burns and should always be the first choice of medicine for the treatment of burns. The reason for selecting this Homeopathic medicine in the very initial stage is because of its remarkable tendency to provide relief from burning pains and preventing blister formation. Cantharis helps in the speedy recovery of burnt skin and can be given in all those cases of burns arising out of dry heat, wet heat (hot drinks) or burns from sun. The person needing Cantharis has an acute burning and smarting pain in the burnt area. Along with burning, the skin is markedly red and inflamed. The person also appears very restless in addition to these symptoms. Although Cantharis possesses the tendency to prevent blister formation, but even in cases of burns where blisters form,Cantharis is of great help. For using Cantharis in burns with blisters, the burning-smarting pain is the key symptom. So, first and second degree burns can be very effectively handled by Homeopathic remedy Cantharis.

Urtica Urens: Homeopathic medicine for first degree burns

Urtica Urens is another very beneficial natural Homeopathic medicine for burns. It is mostly used in first degree burns confined to superficial skin. The redline symptom for using Homeopathic remedy Urtica Urens is burning and stinging pains in burnt skin. The skin is intensely red, swollen with burning and stinging pains. Urtica Urens helps in providing relief from the burning-stinging pains very promptly and helps in quick recovery.Urtica Urens is considered one of the top Homeopathic medicinesfor the treatment of first degree burns.

Causticum: Homeopathic medicine for burns that heal slowly

Causticum is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for burns that are very slow to heal. Causticum is of great help in hastening the healing process in burns cases. Persons who can greatly benefit from natural Homeopathic medicine Causticum have a major complaint of rawness, excessive soreness and pain in the burnt area. Causticum also helps to speed up the recovery of burns and soothen the soreness and pain in the affected area. Another important field for using Causticum in burns is reopening of burns that had occurred long ago. Causticum is also the best Homeopathic medicine for all those cases where the person complains of soreness and pain in old healed burns. Causticum thus can be used in two fields of burns cases: when the burns are slow to recover and when old burns surprisingly freshen up, leading to pain and soreness.

Top Homeopathic treatment for burns with pus-formation

Homeopathic medicines Calendula, Hepar Sulph and Calcarea Sulph are the best natural remedies for burns where pus has begun to form or in medical terms,where burns have suppurated. Calendula is the top Homeopathic medicine that acts as preventive agent against suppuration or pus-formation. If Calendula is used in the very beginning, the chances of pus formation are greatly reduced. Calendula also prevents the disfiguring scar formation and promotes healthy healing. When the pus has already formed, Hepar Sulph and Calcarea Sulph are very beneficial. For using Hepar Sulph in treatment of suppurating burns, the symptoms are offensive pus discharge with a sensitive skin to touch. Burning, stinging, pricking pains are felt along with pus discharge. Fever with chills may also appear with a desire to be covered up warmly along with pus discharge. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Sulph is the most appropriate remedy where typically there is a yellow pus discharge from the burnt skin. Calcarea Sulph is of great help in controlling the pus discharge that is precisely yellow in colour.

Homeopathic remedies for burns tending towards gangrene

Gangrene is a term used when a body tissue becomes dead. Natural Homeopathic medicines Arsenic Album, Anthracinum and Secale Cor can be used according to their symptom indication for burns heading towards the gangrenous process. All these Homeopathic medicines help in halting the gangrene process, but their selection is made on the basis of the peculiar symptoms characteristic to each one of them. Arsenic Album is the best Homeopathic remedy when burning pains are marked with ulcers oozing an offensive discharge. Restlessness and anxiety also appear in the utmost degree. A peculiar symptom of relief from burning pain by warmth serves as a guiding symptom to select Arsenic Album over other Homeopathic remedies. The symptoms for using Homeopathic medicine Anthracinum for gangrenous burns include blue or black blisters on skin with burning. Ulceration and sloughing of skin is also present along with burning pains. Secale Cor is the ideal Homeopathic choice when skin appears shrivelled with a blue appearance. Burning pains are also experienced. The burning, however, gets better by cold for the use of Secale Corin comparison to Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album,which is best when heat relieves the pain.


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  1. Arsenic album

  2. Heather Throup says:

    Hello there,
    Just wondered what you would recommend for my grandfather who burnt his hands many years ago and finds it difficult to uncurl his fingers in the morning on waking.

  3. N Siva sankar Reddy says:

    I have feet burning sensation from last one month sir.I am taking pregabalin&methylecobalamine capsules from one month by doctor advise.But there is no releaf. My relative doctor(neurologist)advised me you take gabaneron 100mg tablets morning and evening.Then from (just from six days)i am taking gabaneuron 100mg tablets.Eventhough no releaf and new symptoms raised that are right hand palm and face burning.These two symptoms arisesd after I bathed within four days one by one.

  4. Rebecca Hill says:

    My podiatrist is going to apply Cantharidin 1% solution to the bottom of my foot for a stubborn cluster wart. It is supposed to blister in order to kill the root of the wart. He has warned me that it will be very painful as it blisters. Can you recommend anything to assist me in this process that may reduce the pain but also facilitate this process?
    Thank you so much!

  5. What potency do you suggest for the use of Causticum for burns that are very slow to heal? Would you recommend a low potency such as a 6c or a high potency such as 200c?

  6. i’ve used cantharsis in the past for cystitis but is it possible to use this for the feeling of burning caused by the menopause ie vaginal atrophy?

  7. Ram Saroj says:

    I am Ram aged 50. I have had a laser of my both eyes at SN Kolkata to remove CSR – chronic swelling of the retina.After around one and a half years my opthalmologist detected CRVO in the left eye which has now gone into haemorrhage but without any need for remedial interventions.The blood etc has been absorbed by the system.
    The problem is that I am having some vision problems in the left eye.Could you please advise some homoeopathic remedies.
    ( I am taking hypertension remedies since December 2016.
    I have no systemic problem with respect to cardiovascular system according to the cardiologist.)

  8. I have burn in right hand from oil. The red bilster is fomed from two month
    And full hand have black scar pls suggest me medicine

  9. Anurag vishwakarma says:

    Skin problem in my body…
    Mere pure body me itching Hoti h aur internal skin me burning , pin type ki chubhan Hoti h in whole body aur last me Suger patient bhi hu plz suggest me for medicine .
    Thanks .

  10. One month before i used concentrated detol liquid wash on penis. As soon as i started using it i feel serious burning sensation on penis ….but i continued for about 5 minutes as i was having some fungal infection…after that burning went to its peak …pain was serious . Pain continued till night resulted in burning of top and lower parts of penis. Within a day a layer of shin was removed.. some 6 days later another layer got dead and removed itself..present condition is gangrene with lot of dead skin….suggest remedy….plz

    • One month before i used concentrated detol liquid wash on penis. As soon as i started using it i feel serious burning sensation on penis ….but i continued for about 5 minutes as i was having some fungal infection…after that burning went to its peak …pain was serious . Pain continued till night resulted in burning of top and lower parts of penis. Within a day a layer of skin was removed.. some 6 days later another layer got dead and removed itself..present condition is gangrene with lot of dead skin….suggest remedy….plz

  11. What can I require in old burn marks which is on my leg since 8years? plz suggest me better remedies 4 my marks.

  12. Oommen Thomas says:

    I have deep plgmentation on my face it looks ockward and very dark on both sides of my face can you suggest medicans and location for application on my face and body when I go out

  13. Nandkishor Satdeve says:

    my age 52 I
    had vang on my face before 8 years i started applying deprovate tube about 3 years but no any changed for ever .so many medicines and ointments applied but no effect. Then i stopped everything in 2017. Now my face changed colour i.e. tanned (black).I think it is chemical burn. What should i do now

  14. Nandkishor Satdeve says:

    I had vang on my face before 8 years i started applying deprovate tube about 3 years but no any changed for ever .so many medicines and ointments applied but no effect. Then i stopped everything in 2017. Now my face changed colour i.e. tanned (black).I think it is chemical burn. What should i do now

  15. Sumaira khan says:

    Can u help me suggest tha medecine in 3rd stage burn patient age 85 old lady

  16. Suman Bhasin says:

    Dear Doctor Mr Sharma

    I got skin burn on my thighs due to Hot tea fell on my legs. Skin has become red and watery blisters have come on the skin. Some blisters have burst and water comes out but again blisters are forming. I am taking cantharis 30,Arnica30 drops, and calcarea Sulphurica 12x tablets. Now four days have passed
    Please suggest your valuable guidance.

    With due respects

  17. KRISHAN KUMAR says:

    Please recommend remedy for skin burn due to applying fresh lime juice. Skin is now dark and reddish. Slight burning sensation and tightness of skin.

  18. Manjeet kaur says:

    Hi i had burn my upper lips with veet hair removal cream now am using catharsis cream from past 6 days sooo please tell me something about i have dark shawdow around my lips how to heel them even faster.

  19. Amina Hayat says:

    Hi Dr, I have a chemical burn marks on chin since 2 weeks it hasn’t cleared up, can you please advise on the treatment thanks

  20. Plz suggest remedy for cement burn

  21. Hi Doctor,

    I have got lot of reddishness and the skin is burning in my under arm due to use of some sub standard hair removing cream it seems by the salon guy. Pls let me know as have used some ice cubes and silverex ointment. I think some oral homeopathic medicine is needed.

    • Radhakrishna murty B says:

      About 3weeks back, while taking coffee, it suddenly fell on my left thigh. I have applied Burnol without results. Later, I applied Neospirin ointment for 10 days. There is some improvement but still there is pink colour and pain if touched. I have applied then Cantharis ointment and medicine orally. Again there is some improvement but even though it is 3 weeks it is not healed completely. Can you suggest some homeo medicine or cream?

  22. Avinash jaiswal says:

    burn from boiling milk outer skin in rediss and painful and having some small blisters recommend some medicine

  23. Hello doctor,
    I would like take your suggestion that the has been suffering from hot water burns on legs has redness and swelling with lot of pain.please suggest homeopathy medicines.
    Thanking yours faithfully.

  24. Sheethal says:

    Hi doctor.. I had done a Tca chemical peel at home and now I have hyperpigmentation and my skin in for head check and on sides of my lips looks dark.. now I’m afraid to do any chemical there so please advice home medicines to remove these scars/ hyperpigmentation

  25. Muhammad Saeed says:

    Morning. My friend aged 50 suffered motorcycle csylencer burns almost 22 years ago. His would is healed but irritation worries him and wound place had turned to white. He did not use any homeopathic medicine yet. What u prescribe for him. Thanks dr sahib

  26. My daughter is of of age and os suffering from celebral pulsy and fits since birth tratment alopathy os going on but of. no use please suggest homio medicine

  27. Hello dr. I treated my moles with some electric current therapy which left scars on my face. What homeopathy treatment can i go for to get rid of the scars.

  28. Sudeep daga says:

    My son is 4yrs old ,on 2 of Nov his hand got burnt ,its 2nd degrees burnt ,someone prefer me the syrup cantharis 30 for pain ,how much time and what quantity should I give this medicine,and puss is also cuming do u suggest any more medicine or this is enough

  29. Himadri Chakraborty says:

    I have burnt some portion of skins of my right hand while burning a fire cracker yesterday. The burnt area is getting puffed by the water inside it. So sir please give me the absolute remedie for it.
    sir I have used calandula Q with coconut oil only

  30. Soumi Mukherjee (Mother) says:

    My son name Aviswar Bhattacharya gt 40% burn from hot water last year November.. he ws hospitalized for 1 month now he is stable Nd dr advice him to wear pressure garments along with silicon sheet bt he is only 2nd half years so for him it ws vry painful..nw I am applying vaniza, eumosone cream as per Dr advice bt I saw in some part of his body it’s getting red Nd that part is getting high..cud u pls suggest is there any treatment in homeopathic so that I can switch over it without harming my son.
    Thnk u.. eagerly waiting for ur valuable advices

  31. mahmood ali says:

    helo dr sahib i m sugar patient age 40 years my skin got burnt by hot silencer before 15 days i use cnthris, calendola and belledona but no relux in pain sowlin and pus…plz suggest medicine.thank you sir

  32. c n bhatnagar says:

    hello doctor,

    Yesterday morning Hot tea spread on my wife (58) chest and there are blisters on skin with suggest the medicine .


  33. Is aconite or cantharis better for people with small burn, person is extremely panicked.

  34. My skin got burnt by hot silencer that portion was white in colour now feeling redness nd pain around

    • dr.masrooorshaikh says:

      rashmi ji namashkar
      Belldona 200 deen main teen baar before meal or
      calcarea sulph 6x deen main teen baar after meal

  35. I had a bilateral mastectomy and somehow my skin burned, 3rd dagree. It’s been 7 months now, the only treatment my breast specialist has provided during this has been petroleum clothes. She sees me every two weeks and tells me I should continue to keep my burns covered with these clothes. My skin has healed considerably but still has deep red areas where it hasn’t healed. Can you recommend a specific homeopathy treatment that may be beneficial?

  36. Shraddha Nigam says:

    This is really a nice article. However, my problem is more grave than burns.
    Around 5 -6 years back, 2 lady doctors gave me chemical peeling and laser treatment (after 3-4 months) to treat superficial sun burn that drastically destroyed my skin texture and color making my skin black and discolored rather than healing it. Though, I’ve been able to heal my skin with couple of homoeopathic and biochemic medicines with time. But there are still many harsh and ugly burn marks on my forehead that are not getting dissolved, Can you please suggest me some remedy.
    My skin is highly sensitive and I’m 42. Moreover, I’m aggressive and quite restless at nights.

  37. Robin Bishop says:

    93-year-old mother has black or red eschar on leg wounds from being bedbound for two months and injuries from weighing in a sling that tuned into wounds.

    Good ability to rise from the ashes, step up to the plate, when allowed. Pretty depressed and sleeps a lot now.

    Diabetes controlled with insulin. Tube fed with formula that has as a main ingredient corn syrup, so hence insulin sometimes.

    Also, one big toe looks worse and probably dead. Purple black in parts.

    In a long term acute care hospital that is kind of primitive. I can use homeopathic you with ease.

  38. I recently had hip replacement. I burned the area (about the size of silver dollar) that had black eschar on it for a month. It’s recently Been debried, but healing very very slow. Also it is still draining. Dr, says there is no infection. They gave me silvadene to use, but I have allergic reaction to it. What can i use to promote healing. My surgery scar healed in normal time, but this burn in area is taking for ever.

  39. Nitu Sandhu says:

    i have to prepare therapeutic for exam how can i prepare for that?

  40. Dear Sirs,
    I think as regards to question of Mr Ankesh – Belladona -Q-15 Drops twice daily with water will cure 100%.

  41. Dear Sir,
    My Name is Ankesh Shrivastava.I am 32 years old married person.I am suffering from first degree variocele.Because of this I am azoospermic.Though I have taken Hammelis 30 for varicocele and selenium,agnus cast,damiana q,aswavanda,lycopodium clavatam.Can you please help me.What medicine should I take for testis atrophy.

    Ankesh Kumar

  42. Rahitosh Ghosh says:

    Deer respected sir,
    I am suffering in burn injury took place in my right hand. It occurs last 2days ago… first time i took management but do not take doctor’s advice. Now excessive pain occur..
    please help me.

  43. Hello Sir,
    Myself charu & i m having burn marks on my neck when i was 2 n half years old & now i am 24 years old. The marks are not gone. Please suggest me what should i do to heal these marks……

  44. rishi malik says:

    Iam suffering internali from phenyl , electricity with cement poisioning and this has caused me
    cancer of thired stage it is out of control . problem has been from 1997 . I attempt suicide. As you know nobody knows what can happen suddenly in on’s life. will you pls prescribe me homeopathy medicine Iam currenthy taking homeopathiy medicine constipation is a marked symptom. Iam sahajayogi and have blessings of shri ganesha .

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