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Homeopathic Remedies for Clear and Glowing Skin

The skin can lose its glow and get dull and discolored. Sun exposure, Chloasma, freckles, and scars due to acne are just a few reasons. Although not a life-threatening issue, people with dull and darkened facial skin usually consider it a life-altering one, leading to feelings of inadequacy and decreased self-confidence. This, in most cases, leads to the haphazard use of cosmetics and medicated ointments. However, only temporary results are usually found and in some cases, injudicious use of such products may even aggravate the condition. Homeopathic remedies for clear and glowing skin are totally free from any side effects and are extremely effective in treating this problem.    Homeopathic Remedies for Clear and Glowing Skin

This brings us to the scope of Homeopathy treatment in such cases. The medicines used are all natural and, thus, free from any harmful components. Their selection is based upon the individual constitution of the patient, and success is attained by employing the constitutional remedy internally. No external application is applied or recommended.

As the condition has arisen due to a disturbance in the internal balance of the body and not due to any external factor, the medicine too must work from inside to clear the skin. This result is gained through homeopathic remedies which raise the inner vitality of the person and throw out any noxious agent in the body which may be the cause behind dull and discolored skin. The result—fair, clear and glowing skin is regained.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Clear and Glowing Skin

Berberis Aquifolium, Sulphur, Psorinum, Bovista, Sepia, Silicea, Kali Bromatum, Natrum Mur, Lycopodium, Phosphorous, are the top remedies for clear and glowing skin.

1. Berberis Aquifolium – Top Remedy for Clear Facial Complexion

Berberis Aquifolium is a natural remedy that attains the uppermost rank in homeopathy for clearing facial complexion. Berberis Aquifolium can be used in all the cases where the skin is dark or has scars due to acne or any other conditions. This medicine never fails to bring a glow to the skin and lighten the complexion. I consider it as the first choice of medicine in cases where a clear facial complexion is desired. It has shown very promising results and given complete satisfaction to my patients as well as me. To sum up, I would call Berberis Aquifolium a ‘precious gem’ in homeopathy to attain fair, clear and glowing skin.

2. Sulphur – To Clear Dull and Dirty Skin

Another wonderful treatment for attaining clear skin is Sulphur. This medicine has gained much popularity and acclaim in treatment for various skin troubles. Sulphur is a deep-acting remedy that helps in removing the very core of the affliction. Sulphur is used when the skin is unhealthy, looks dirty and dull, or is dry and scaly. Sulphur helps to make the skin healthy and nourishes the skin to give it a glow. Sulphur is also prescribed for various eruptions (mostly pimples with dull and dirty look). This remedy helps in clearing pimples and any scars left by them. Apart from dirty and dull skin, the person may have excessive heat in the whole body, especially in the palms, soles of the feet, in the face or in the head. An extra craving for sweets may be shown by subjects who need Sulphur. A dislike towards washing the skin and bathing may be found in cases ideal for using Sulphur. Lastly, persons coming for treatment after the injudicious use of external applications of different varieties (including medicated soaps and ointments) should be given no remedy other than Sulphur. Here Sulphur will help in bringing out the most prominent symptoms individual to a person which will serve as a guide towards finding a suitable remedy.

3. Psorinum – For oily/greasy/ dark Facial Skin

Psorinum is the appropriate remedy for people with oily or greasy facial skin which has a dark and dirty look. The face may also show pimples due to highly active oil-producing sebaceous glands on the face. Here Psorinum will help to clear the pimples and dark skin and control the excessive oiliness of the skin. Psorinum will deep-cleanse the skin pores on the face making it oil-free, clear and glowing. High sensitivity towards cold air may be found in persons needing Psorinum. Offensive perspiration may also be a complaint.

4. Bovista – For Skin Damaged by Use of Cosmetics

Facial pimples, dark skin or any other skin affection caused by the injudicious use of cosmetic products can benefit from the use of the remedy Bovista which is used to clear the skin. Bovista holds a significant place among homeopathy medicines for the treatment of skin problems consequent to the excessive use of cosmetics. Bovista helps in clearing facial skin and makes it look bright and glowing. It also removes pimples or other afflictions resulting from the use of cosmetics.

5. Sepia – For Discolored Skin due to Chloasma

Chloasma refers to brown or black discoloration on the skin of the face, mainly seen in women during pregnancy or in women with hormonal imbalance and menstrual irregularities. Chloasma may also be the resultant outcome of liver disease. The best remedy for clearing Chloasma is Sepia. Sepia work wonders in ladies who have black or brown spots on the face during or post pregnancy. It also works well for women who have discoloration on the face due to uterine afflictions and irregular menstrual cycle of varying degrees. Most women who need Sepia in Chloasma show marked discoloration on the nose and the cheeks. Sepia always shows the best results in such cases of Chloasma. No other treatment can equal it in clearing these discoloured Chloasma spots and returning the healthy glowing charm of the skin, without any side effects.

6. Silicea and Kali Bromatum – For Facial Scars resulting from Pimples

Both these remedies are recommended for a clear skin and for removing scars caused by pimples. Silicea is mainly recommended where deep-seated acne containing pus have resulted in disfiguring scars on the face. It also works where deep pits on the face have resulted from acne. Silicea shows great promise in clearing these pits and scars and making the skin clear. Kali Bromatum is useful in cases where hard indurated pimples have resulted in facial scarring and discoloration. Kali Bromatum works well in clearing scars and bringing back fairness that has been lost due to disfiguring scars, to the skin.

7. Natrum Mur, Lycopodium, and Phosphorus – To Clear Freckles

Freckles refer to pigmentation on the skin, usually on the face, occurring due to prolonged exposure to the sun. This is due to a collection of melanin pigment under the skin resulting in discolored spots on the face and other skin areas that have been exposed to the sun. The spots may vary from brown to black in color. These medicines are always selected according to the constitution of the patient and help to remove freckles and make the skin clean and clear. The constitutional symptoms are all different and peculiar for each of these medicines. A few symptoms are listed below:

  • A person who needs Natrum Mur has hot temperament with intolerance to the heat of the sun. He may also crave salty things. Usually, the person is reserved in nature and may show a tendency to weep easily.
  • The constitutional symptoms for selecting Lycopodium include a desire for sweets or warm food and warm drinks. Chronic gastric troubles of varying character may also be found in subjects needing Lycopodium.
  • Phosphorus may be needed when a person has a craving for ice-creams, juices or cold drinks. Such a person is also sensitive to external impressions like noise, light, and odors.

These are only glimpses of the symptoms, out of a huge list of constitutional symptoms. Apart from these many other symptoms may need to be considered before selecting these remedies. That is where a good homeopath comes in. He will ask for details and work on a comprehensive case study before deciding the medicine most appropriate for you.

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  1. Gurpreet Brar says:

    My daughter 7+,developed this Acanthosis nigricans i beleive . She is 40 kg,her heiight is also very good. She doesnt look fat though,but weight is high.
    She likes eating.,she is lazy ny nature.
    Can u.pls help with this problem? Thanks

  2. Sana Imran says:

    AoA,I have two problems,one of my little daughter
    (uska skin complexion dull hy wo fair krny k liay kuch btay iski age 4 years hy)
    Aur 2nd MRI choti sister Usk face py boht ziada ball ho gy thy jisk liay usny waxing start kr d aur ab 4 mahinay we laser krwa rhe hy,iski chehray Ki skin latak gae hy aur rung b khrab ho gya by aur chrhray py acne b ho jati hy jisk nishan reh jaty hyn,
    Plz plz ap in dono k liay ache c medicine bta dyn, choti sister ki shadi 6 mahinay bad hy

  3. Aman yadav says:

    How to use Berberis aquifolium.
    What dose should be taken and when.

  4. ritu sharma says:

    my skin is very dull and dirty in looks.
    pigmentation and dark circle and wrinkles in the age of 40.
    i fell cravings for sweets.

    please sugest apropriate medicen for me.

  5. Tabassum Nizami says:

    Hello sir
    Mesa complexion bahot fair tha Pahle but ab skin ka color kam hota ja raha hai 2_3 year se plz koi achi medicine bat aye plzz

  6. Tabassum Nizami says:

    Hello sir
    Mari skin pahle bahot fair thi but 2,3 year se skin dark ho Gayi ha I plz KOi achi medicine bat aye koi bhi cream use karne se skin or dark lagti hai plzzz

  7. meri skin formula cream lagane se kharb ho chuki hai koi medicine bateen

  8. Skin Hyper pigmentation treatment

  9. I have freckles , which are going to very dark , Even I consult a doctor but after his medicn its still dark on checks and nose

  10. Aradhana Kumari says:

    I ve an acne prone skin with the dark spots and discoloration on the face

  11. Dear Dr. sahib
    I have lot of spots of black and white also. Plz write drops for this issue without any side affect . Have problem of blood pressure high and low.
    Zulfiqar Ali from Pakistan

  12. Dr.Sharma, 🙏…. I have extremly dull face full with pimple scars, and black spots on my face due to removing hair, my face skin look very unhealthy …. …. I also have a dark spot on my left albow, on the right albow I see one is coming up, I am using alopaathy cream which is not helping …what can you advise me. Thanks

  13. Hello docter

    My skin condition is very dull n full of pimples scars pigmentation n sun exposure .. I want my skin very cleared

  14. Aishwarya S says:

    I have uneven skin tone .. and pigmentation around mouth .. can berberis aquifolium reduce pigmentation .. and how many days will it take .. please reply asap

  15. Sir ,I am having dull face due to having sun exposures and I need ur advice for glowing my face and body skin tone plz help me sir.I have my marriage in november. So plz reply and advice me that I can manage.

  16. Mare face per na piple k karn gade se pad gye hai please mujhe koi ase chej bataye jisese main unko thik kar saku

  17. I am just 24 and have fine lines,wrinkle and dull skin which medicine will be best for me to get my skin glow back and remove the fine lines from my whole body and yes also dryness.plz help out

  18. I have dull skin. My face skin is damaged with cosmetic. My facial skin is darker than my body skin

    • You have to use berberis aquifolium which is available on every homeopathy medical and consult with your regional doctor

  19. I am 44year old lady .I noticed frekals on cheeks.Dull skin and hair falling ,

    • I have freckles , which are going to very dark , Even I consult a doctor but after his medicn its still dark on checks and nose

  20. I have a dark skin .so, I want to improve my skin complexion.please tell me a remedy to solve my problem.

  21. Hello Doctor,
    My daughter is 14 years old and she has started getting acne(probably) on her temple, chin area, on nose, and back.
    They look like small dots having hair follicles and Even after using Clinique’s acne products it’s not working best for her. It would be great if you can suggest some homeopathy medicine that can help her with this acne breakout.
    Thanks in advance!

  22. Does berberis aquifollium helps to treat dry skin on legs and hands too? And to give over all body fairness?

  23. Shafak nisha says:

    Hello doctor, I have dark color skin with acne and pimple spots on cheeks and oily face but chin side area around lips are more darker above neck don’t know why pls suggest me some drinking remedies for some fair and spotless skin pls

  24. Aarti Chand says:

    Hi my name is Aarti. Is there any homeopathic treatment
    For open pores.

  25. AZRA CHAUDHARY says:


  26. Amita Gupta says:

    Hello Dr.
    I m 54 years female suffering from thyroid n early menopause age of 44 .my concern is my face have hyper pigmentation n patcy n tanned dull clour skin . Dr . I very depressed I tried so many remedy but nothing works .pls Dr . Help me some time I want to die . Bqz nothing works on me.

  27. SANJEEV DAS says:

    I have very very deep tan on face and hand. Which homeopathic medicine / cream/ ointment will help me ? Reply soon

  28. Mubbarah says:

    Guide me for facial open pores and moles on my face, homeopathic medicine for applying and eating..

  29. There is hair on upperlips.. How it can bd removed permanently… And I don’t hanlblve skin tone… What should I do.. Please help….

  30. alka sahu says:

    mam I Am suffering open porce but my condition is no able to treat high but I want to treatment


    I am 66 have good skin tone but have noticed hightened red colour on cheeks and would like to know what remedy would be best thank you

  32. Sandeep yadav says:

    pimples and acne marks problem please solution

  33. Dheeraj Singh says:

    Meri skin main forehead …and eyes par wrinkles hai bahut..age40 hai.. please what’s app . please help

  34. Tahseen Babu says:

    Ma’am my girlfriend needs a suggestion.
    The color of the skin of her vaginal area is different from the color of the other body skin.
    Indicate any cream or medicine so that the skin of the vaginal area becomes blonde.

  35. Oommen Thomas says:

    I have deep pigmentation on my face both the sides I cannot go out in sun as it burns my whole body my hand and my feet which ever parts of body is exposed to sun now at present I am using Bareberis aqua foilum q mother tinucher kindly advise me if any other medicans should I use along with it.

  36. Bhavesh Santhosh says:

    Hello doctor iam bhavesh santhosh iam from kerala my face have pimples marks,chiken pox black spots,blemishes and dark spot removing what cani do your prescription plz

  37. Plz suggest me colour whitening treatment

  38. Gagandeep kaur says:

    Hi Dr. Kaur
    I am using berberies aquarium cream in night and Roop mantra cream in morning I have oilye and pimple prone skin please advise

  39. Shaharukh Khan says:

    my skin oily and acne or pimple black heards

  40. Hi this is ayesha..,I am a student n my age is 20.i want a fairer skin permanently. So what can I prefer to get completely crystal clear face. M having little bumps n scars etc. I wanna to get rid off from that. U just prescribe me the homeopathic medicine to get completely fair skin permanently.

  41. I am using roop sundar night cream

    And this cream contain .. aqua, allantion , glycerine , beeswax , cetyl alcahol , almond & olive oil , alovera gel , arbutin niacinamide, vitamine e , kojic acid , dipalmitate , 2.4 phenoxyethanol , fragrance ..
    .. in this some of rhe products are harmful.. or not…
    Plz suggest me can i use this cream daily.. with ae natural soap… Plz sir..

  42. Hello doctor IAM 53years old my problem is excessive hair growth in chin upper lip.also extensive gray hair even my eyebrows.also my skin is wrinkling can suggest a remedy

  43. Bhavna Dutta says:

    Sir/mam can i use above all medicine to my 5 years daughter ?is it safe ?

  44. Sir i am having gastric problem like indigestion fullness constipation, i too have white and black spots on face and have uneven skin. Plz suggests required homeopathic medicine for me

  45. Hello mam
    My marriage is expected in January. And private parts are very dark kindly suggests me sometimes for whole body whitening plz I’ll wait

  46. Vaishnavi wagh says:

    Hello mam,, I want to clear dark spots on my face which are still present on my face from 3-4years. So,how many doses of Aqua Berberis medicine should I take?

  47. Hello sir mere face par bahut jyada dryness rehti hai wrinkles bhi hai pura face dhoop se black ho gya skin jal si gayi hai face par chote chote daane ho rahe hain swetting se. Plz suggest.

  48. Sangeeta singh says:

    Hlo doctor this is sangita and need your help to get clear and glowing skin as i have acnes and pimples on my face and i am using aqui plus at night since last month . So plz suggest me any day cream so that i can apply after face wash in the day time. I am really in need i have many scars also of acnes i hope u will give me some of your valuable suggestions .waiting for your reply

  49. Hello mam i am already took berberber is aq last6 month by their is no result

  50. Hello sir I have many cherry angioma on my hands and body. Sir pl. help.

  51. Sir,mere 2011 se face pr pinmantation h or Mene hr type ki allopathy dwai le li h or ab pura face black ho gya h cream lgane se UTR k skin black ho gyi so plz sir ap btaye homeopaty dwai nd 1 sal ka baby h jo breast feeding bhi krwati hu jo bay k koi side effect na ho or koi achi dwa btaye

  52. Fresh n fair cream has any side effects

  53. Artika sharma says:

    Hi dr. Sharma .

  54. Face glow

  55. Hello Sir,
    I have discoloration issue due to miscarriage and abortion.
    Also I have developed acne on my face badly.
    My face has become dull and dark in a year.
    I was very fair skinned but now I’m dark wheatish, just in a year.
    Kindly help!

  56. hello sir i hope you wiil be fine.Actually i have so much oily skin ,its always disturb my life .never feel comfortable with so please its mt request to recommend some good one .
    one thing more i have black complexion

  57. RAJIV SARDANA says:

    What is your consultation methodology…I live in Mumbai…

  58. Sir my skin colour is dark and says that sawali what type of madice for fair the skin complexion please suggest me medicine for fair complexion

  59. Hello doctor I hav skin that gets tanned quickly and also gets reaction on using skin cream hydroqunione . I hav black patches on face which darken with slightest sun exposure . I use berberis aquifolium mother tincture drops daily and also cream . Please guide me . These hav made 20% improvment in skin on being used for a month

    • Have you applied it on your face (20drops of berberis aquifolium mother tincture with 20drops of rose water) OR you had drink along with water 3 times a day?

  60. Sir mujhe face par sweat aane par mera face black aur oily ho jata hai to fairness cream bataye jiska side effect na ho

  61. Syed Afsar Ali says:

    sir my face color is dark i want to make may face air and glowing skin please tell me homeopathic medication .

  62. Sanjeev Das says:

    I have very deep tan on face and hand. Which homeopathic medicine and cream will help me to get tan free fairer face and hand soon ?
    Reply soon via email –

  63. Hi dr…..i used beta gel oinment on my face around 1 year….after that side effects came…i dint know about steroid in it…but i took treatment but my skin has been very sensitive now…..reddish n acne comes easily….it has been 2 years giving up that beta gel…but my skin still not in good condition…plz tell me the best and cheap treatment to get my skin again in good way…plz….accept my request

  64. Sir,
    My skin is become dry and dull . My skin is sagging to some extent. My age is 55yrs. Plz.suggest me some homeopathic medicine for this problem.
    Thank u.

  65. Gagandeep singh says:

    Hello Dr. My problem is that i have chicken pox scar , open pors and dark complexion. So plz suggest me best medicine to cure of these problems. Thanking you.

  66. Hellow dr!my skin is normal in bright skin become dark and dull…please prescribe any medicine so that I can get my beauty back…age 30.female…. my second problem is graying hair….my hair become freezy and curly when it was silky and strait before… thanks for reading

    • Meghad Kuber Doddamani says:

      Bellow Dr. My skin is oily & dull dark please prescribe me medicine. MY age.. is 36. Female.

  67. Helo Dr. My skin is oily and dark with pimple marks on it and suffering with monkey mouth problem,iam using wipe clear lotion for acne and marks go cream for acne marks but it doesn’t help me at all.

  68. priyanka samantaray says:

    Meri face par bahat tan or black dikraha he,or body bhi please mujhe bataia main kya use karu jese ki meri skin complaction change ho ar glow skin dikhe

  69. Hamna rehman says:

    Mery face pr acne ni end hoty or on k dagh b ni jaty ak end hoty han dosry nkl aaty han or color b fair ni hota

  70. VINAY KUMAR says:

    I’m suffering by melasma from past 4 years . I have try lots of remedies /cosmetic and consult many dermatologist but it didn’t work and now my face is looking very dull and oily because of the side effects .Patches on my nose, cheeks and chin became very dark . Kindly suggest me . Because of this my self confidence is very low what should I do

  71. Nazma Begum says:

    Hiii Dr Kaur,I m Nazma ,I have dark circles under my eye…I used so many natural things like..aloevera,cucumber,Potato but still I have that darkness….pls suggest me what I should do…

  72. SANDHYA NAYAK says:

    pls help , i am too much dark, which cream best for my skin to glow my face

  73. Preet Kaur says:

    Hi, I hv freckles on my face under eye pl tell me the best homeopathic medicine for best results Nd how to take i’ll B grateful

  74. Sir mere face par alergy ho gyi thi marks htane ke lie mene skinlite ka use kia tha marks completely thik ho gye but ab jab lgana band kia to fir se alergy rash eatching bhot jada ho gyi hai ese me kya use krna chahie please suggest

  75. Bapan sardar says:

    Sir i want to know is Barberies aquifollium has any side effect? Is it use on face or for eat?

  76. sujay paul says:

    my wife dry skin all body dry pls helf me

  77. Kavita Kapoor says:

    Dear Dr Sharma any thing in homeopathy for making skin Fair
    Please advise

  78. Mohammed says:

    Hello doctor good morning, please I have been suffering from under eye dark spots for 2 years now, I used many cosmetics products, I used. Many Eye cream to get ride of it , I look like mesccrote 😭 please doctor help me what should I do

  79. hanifa khatoon says:

    My skin was senseTive & Pimples also at this December was my marriage so plzzz suggest me medicine or cream

  80. rashmi singh says:

    Hello,dr .I HV ,hypothyroid,TSH IS LOW. and I am taking eltroxine 100_mg daily empty stomach. I HV gain weight . And my skin complexion is also very dark.could u pls help me with will be Avery great help.

  81. Hi doctor,I’m leena from Mauritius. I want a white and clear skin.Can u help me plz

    • Sonali Mandal says:

      Hi doctor ,l’m Sonali from Delhi. I want a white and clear skin naturally. Can u help me please

  82. Mrs Hassan says:

    Hello doctor, Can sepia mother tincture be used topically for pigmentation?

  83. Sonali swain says:

    Hello sir,
    I have dark complexion and I want 2-3 shades lighter complexion with glowing skin.And remove acne scars. Plz suggest some best homeopathy medicine or cream.

  84. payal rani says:

    sir, i have dark complexion and i want to get fairer or lighten skin tone.. so plz suggest me something

  85. Tahoora says:

    Tell me something for eyewrinkes im in my 30s

  86. Hi Dr.,
    I moved to a different city last year. The hot weather and hard water in the new city is causing too much dryness in skin and hairfall too. My skin complexion is also becoming dark and my face has lost the glow. Please suggest

  87. Hassan Siddique says:

    hi any medicine for large pores and scars on face

  88. Sapnaroongta says:

    Hello Dr. my age is 37 can i use both sepia30 and berberis acquafolium together as i am having hyper pigmentations on my neck and some were on my face pls help me out

  89. Sapnaroongta says:

    Hello Dr. my age is 37 can i use both sepia30 and berberis acquafolium together as i am having hyper pigmentations on my neck and some were on my face

  90. madam.. im sreekanth from andhraprdesh. i have warts on face particulary on jaws. and i have corns on foot. please recommend remedi and medicine. i have dark skin ..and uneven complexin too.
    thank you ji.

  91. My age is 31, I have open pores for last one year, pimples, black marks (after pimples gone), oily skin. Please suggest any homeopath medicine or face creams. I have improve the complexion from black to white. Is it possible?…

  92. monika sharma says:

    My age is 32 has clean clear skin but facing open pores issue from last 1 year.doesnot have oily skin rather dry skin.pls suggest any cream for openpores

  93. seharhashmi says:

    how can we use sulphur …..i mean just sulphur for pimpled skin or any thing else with sulphur mixture ?????

  94. I have darkness under lips,and also itching under mouth,if I apply any cream it turns more black and itchiness

  95. Deepti Aggarwal says:

    Hi Mam.First of all THANKS for giving such a useful information to all.Mam I have very bad dark circles under eyes which are increasing day by day.plz suggest me best medicine which can cure these dark circles. Thanks Mam.

  96. Pooja Rahangdale says:

    Sir i ami seeing the symptoms of premature aging and dark circles, weight loss even suffering from hairfall does homeopathic medicine cure it actually i have taken treatment for hairfall but i didn’t got result out.

  97. Sir maine panderm plus cream lagya tha aab mera face pura kala ho gya hai pls medicine baatye

  98. Dr Dharma
    I HV oily skin n dry black lips. I’m 45. I want fair skin. What medicine will you suggest me?

    I HV erectile dysfunction. After entering Erection lasts but for seconds. Second ly in washroom, when I exert pressure thick fluid comes out of penis. Suggest medicine plzzzzzzz

  99. avhisekh Sinha says:

    hii how to reduce melanin in body pls tell me ?

  100. Can all above medicines be taken in all symptoms at a time.

  101. Can all above medicine be used at a time and which potancy to be used and how long.

  102. Navita Vinayak says:


    How long should homeopthy medicine be taken for skin problem? If effective can we continue the medication for long? Can different homeopathy treatmen say for skin, hair be taken simultaneously?

  103. Dear Dr

    I’m writing something for you to clear understand.

    Patient is 65 suffering of 6 month right side of neck jaw tumor with trismus. there is a problem now patient do not to open her mouth fully. able to open her mouth only i finger.

    On the advice of the Dr, we now
    have a tumor surgery, otherwise, the problem may increase further. before the surgery we had done of (FNAC) test.
    the( FNAC) report was good before the tumor surgery. but after the Surgery the biopsy report is coming to cancer Remarks
    is Metastatic squamous cell Carcinoma.

    after 1 month now again, in side the right jaw has been malignant tumour. now it pain and burns,and the mouth can not open yet.
    Can you do this treatment? Is it possible to cure this disease? Please advice what can i do now.



  104. Trushali hatwar says:

    Dr I’m 25 years old
    Im getting married after 6 months
    I have wheatish skin tone i want to make my skin farer, glowing, healthy, young and spot free and even tone

    Please suggest me homeopathic medicines for best result in 6 months.
    Please reply

  105. Dear Dr. I have tried homeopathic Berberis Aquifolium almost 4-5 months daily. But no affect on my face, i have lots of black spots ( after pimple gone) and wanted fair skin.
    Please suggest me homeopathic medicines or creame for get best result.

  106. Sir ,
    I have a dark complexion and oily skin
    I want to change my complexion to that possible ?.if so plz reply

  107. Hello Sir, I want to improve my complexion. My Age is 35years & skin colour is brown.

  108. Ali
    em 22 y/o
    i have one question about skin
    i wanna know about homeopathic drops or medicine for skin whitening ?
    can u tell me the name
    medicine will be by dr. reck or dr. willmar

    • I have dirk skin tone dusky look on my face how to become 2to3shades fairer from this complexion iam really fed up

  109. Hello I’m writing for my daughter age 25 with clogged pores and acne in her face. It had always been problematic mildly but worsened when a physician in Canada prescribed benzoyl peroxide and dapsone which broke the barrier and caused a great affliction with an abundance of comedowns in her cheeks. I’m using a serum and masks w kaolin clay and baking soda. What can she use to aid in clearing this up?

  110. tapasi karmakar says:

    sir i am 21 years old a girl…… how much dosage use sulpher,posrenium,bovista and sepia….and how to use all this….please suggest me

  111. sir I am facing problems of having blackheads and whiteheads on face which blocked the pores and turn to big pimples I Am 20 years old.

    • George Callum says:

      Hello Doctor,

      I am 50+ brown man, I have the following issues, could you help me.

      1. I have dark pigmentation/patches which makes me unfortable. I want to even up my color or make it fairer, is it possible
      2. I am having ED problem of late and need more sexual functioning. I want to get out of this Impotancy problem Please assist.
      3. I had a small bottle of Thuja and had a few drops. What are the after effects of this. Does this cause Impotancy.

      Many thanks.

  112. Hi. I am 19. I am having milia cysts on my nose and eyelid. I read about it and sumed up that it will be gone it self within months but its about 2.5 years they are not going i am so worried for this please help me through suggesting the best homeopathic medicine.
    Secondly, i am facing folliculitis on my butts from last 3 days and also having dark skin there it was not dark before as i have fair complexion so it looks so embarrassing. Pleaae help. Thankyou in advance.

  113. Dr, I hv few holes on my face due to chicken pox when I was a child ..It never bothered me eairler but now I am really worried about it .. plz help

    Also I have open pores on my face ..Looking for a homeopathic solution


  114. Rohit khurana says:

    Hi,, i am 32 years old lady,, i have dark skin around my mouth and on forehead area ,,and an uneven skin tone ,,dark circles and dull,, pigmentated and discolored skin tone ,, i have dry sensitive skin ,,, cant apply creme as it feels very sweaty also ,,only light weight creme or gel recommend please,,,,help me out please.

    • Samadrita pal says:

      I have dirk skin tone dusky look on my face how to become 2to3shades fairer from this complexion iam really fed up

  115. I have dark complexion. It has become very dull after pregnancy skin. what can I do plz suggest me some medicines for clear ,bright and glowing skin

  116. Hello sir!
    I m nosheen and i m suffering skin disorders due to sensitive skin. I cant use any product on mine face as mine skin reacts to that in form of pimples that always leave their scars and sometimes i have severe itching in these pimples i got many medications but they are only effective for few months and after that the problem starts again i m fed up of this skin problem and eating medicines. Please tell me the solution for getting rid of sensitive skin. Mine skin was not sensitive at first but it becomes sensitive due to facial steaming now please tell me solution…

  117. Psorinum in what potency use for best results

  118. hello sir ,,, me is farah suffering from last ten years… many treatment were taken .but freckles are prevailing day by day…i am short tempered …moody and sensitive.feel any tragic conditions . craving for ice cream sour things.9 years back got married and have no kids…just got pregnancy for 2 month and miscarriage….only one time.
    kindly help me to remove these freckles and getting pregnancy….both the problems are pain full for me.regards

  119. Mrs Jain says:

    hello sir,

    It was a really nice description of the medicine and illness with symptoms. I am also facing bad skin problem-
    Dull skin, highly pigmented, badly tanned skin, lots of blackheads, discolored and dry skin but i feel sweating after applying any cream.

    I am moody, fun loving, but short-tempered, easily cry, very emotional, loves sweets.

    can u please suggest me the best-suited combinations for my skin …

    • sir I am facing problems of having blackheads and whiteheads on face which blocked the pores and turn to big pimples I Am 20 years old.

  120. Miss chohan says:

    Am 50yr complexion is going to dark.and some brown spots on neck.whih is increasing day by day.plz suggest a homeo medicine .

  121. Rana Usman says:

    i want of complete body white.
    my age 22 year

  122. paramjot Singh says:

    mera naam paramjot Singh mujhe xeroderma skin problem hai kafi sallon se kya homeopathy me iska permanent ilaj hai please koi madicine bataye abhi me homeopathy madicine le raha hoon petroleum 30 aur psoronium kya ye madicine leni chaaye

  123. Why dr. Is not replying to all of you.??

  124. Hello sir/ma’am

    I am 26 years old girl. I want to get full body fair complexion.plz let me know how to get it. Thankyou

  125. Hello i am having freckles on my face
    I have oily skin
    I am taking medications for pcod
    And please tell me how to treat acanthosis nigricans

  126. Hi mam, my kid age is 3 years can I get treatment regarding complexion

  127. Hello Dr.
    I m nearly 30 years old and suffered from dark circles, dark patch around mouth(on both sides) and darkened skin tone post pregnancy. I don’t know what resulted in the above situation. Was it pregnancy, sun exposure,contraceptive pill or combo of those as I never cared or looked after so much. Please advice what’s gonna b best for me

  128. age 22 year complexion dull ‘ dark circle under eye ‘ neck region is darker ‘ lips r in darker tone ‘ wat homeopathic combination is best for complexion glow thanks

  129. amal fouad says:

    I want to regain my hair loss on both sides and forehead too, this is my big concern.
    I am 58, menopause since 5 years
    I would love too to improve my facial complexion as the aging spots start to appear a lot in small spots with extreme dryness of the face…

  130. KAMALA ROY says:

    Hello Sir, I want to improve my complexion. My Age is 35years & skin colour is brown. Please suggest me a remedy..

  131. hello sir,

    i have a problem of dark circles.Till 10 years, i became so frustated with this kindly help me solve this problem, and kindly suggest me what should i do. kindly help me to solve this problem.

  132. I have melasma ( hyper pigmentation) and few acne scars. What will you suggest?

  133. Misbah Kazmi says:

    I have excessive oil of face…i have to wash my face after 30 min bec of oil…
    tell me dose n drug for that
    i am 39 years old….gone through bilateral ligation
    i also have excessive perspiration issue

  134. Ratna yadav says:

    Sir mera face thoda black hai face ko fair aur glow lane ke liye kindly suggest me homeopathy medicines pls sir

  135. I have chicken pox dark spots on face how long will it take to fade away

  136. Wrinkle skin treatment for diabetic skin

  137. Amrita Ghosal says:

    Good morning doctor. I am 38 ,female. I have big open pores .my skin is clean and glowing otherwise. I have normal to oily skin .could you plz suggest some medicine to cure it.I have tried several home remedies. But the effect is always temporary. So my humble question is ,is it really curable? Thanks in advance.

  138. Haris Mustafa says:

    I am psoriasis patient…in my family this skin disease
    My age 54… There is no other disease…. sugar in my family….
    Haris Mustafa

  139. Hello , I have sensitive , open pores and oily skin , not clear skin , I want clear , glowing tight skin so plssss suggest me daily face wash and cream for my natural look ,,,,,the treatment should be clearly by naturally ,,,,or any treatment if u suggest me ,,,but it should be useful plssss tq

    • I have combination sensitive skin…. After pregnancy I having makes on my face much treatment but no effect kuch bhe suit nahi karta abhe mane bereris aquifolium 10 drop 3 TM le 1 week but I have eaching full body kya y muzko suit nahi hue. Koye sport clean k medicine or cream face wash full face cleaning treatment …plz sir

  140. Dear doctor,
    i have been suffering from pimples and dark spots, scars on my face since 12 years still
    kindly suggest me homeopathy medicines name face looking very ugly.

    • krishna viraja says:

      Sir, my kids are of 20s getting dark complexion -. can u please suggest remedy to get fair complexion in homeopathy? I need process and doses and duration of the course.

      Thank u sir

  141. manoj ram Prajapati says:

    Dear doctor,my complexion is dark and there are freckles on my face in a great deal .The colour of my whole body is also dark . Please recommend me judicious remedy for curing this problem. I will be highly obliged to you.

  142. hafiza iqra says:

    i have berberis vulgaris can i use it for facial skin and my is 23years plx reply

  143. Hi.. My problems same as muskan bhupinder. Nikhil but my problem 12years old during pregnency my legs back and arms have also have dark spots like pigmentatiin dull dry skin wrinle on hands dll hair i use sepia and many more from drs. But no result plz help and plz reply

  144. Hi, I’m recently having black spots on my cheeks. I had acne and now also sometimes one or two comes out when I am exposed to sunlight . I was also suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I also have grey hair. My age is 26.

  145. My upper lips became dark due to treading or hair growth is also very high..i have to threading my uppr lips once in a week and face in a month as there is very hard hair growth..please suggest me any home remedy or anything which never gonna do any sideeffect

  146. Muskaan riyaz says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My name is muskaan. I was fair enough but During my pregnancy I use to sit in sun rays regularly and I got tanned my skin. Now my son is 2 year old. Still my Tann haven’t got cleared or removed I feel like Nigerian now and my skin has no life I think. What ever I try I loose it. Please help me. Now even my hubby has started ignoring me.

  147. Hello

    Am having dark skin around my mouth and dark circles also.

  148. Bhupinder says:

    Hi Dr. I am 53years I am taking very healthy food and health conscious too I take 3litres water daily but still skin is not healthy I m facing discolouration on my face some hard pimples without pus itching please suggest homopathy medicine please

  149. Nikhil Sewani says:

    I am 28 years old..

    Pls suggest me best skin medicine for below problems ..
    * Dark skin to be done lighter
    * Some portion there is sunburn on back
    * Needs good and glowing skin with clear pores
    * Skin is very sensitive

  150. Sneha garad says:

    Hello , I am 23years old girl. I have round black spot in chin due to pimple since 5 years . It doesn’t causes any irritation or itching. I have regular monthly periods. I don’t have any physical problem. I took proper sleep and meal.

  151. I want skin whitening plz hep

  152. Hi doctor i am suffering skin problem on face

  153. Hello madam, I have dark complexion. Actually i had a fair complexion but due to some reasons it turned to dark complexion. The reason is severe exposure to sun. This happened six years back. Can i get back my complexion. Eagerly waiting for your reply. Thank you.

  154. Ashwini kolekar says:

    My skin has tanned .many homrmade remedies I tried but I did not get the expected tesults pl, suggest some medicines to remove suntan permanently n get fair skin.

  155. Hello sir,
    My skin is dull. It has pimples marks, black head and white heads as well. I have too many moles on my face. I have hyper pigmentation also. I have dark circles under my eye. Kindly suggest me proper medicine

  156. help me.I am suffer many days ago urge incontinence and increased urinary frequency

  157. Dr. My face has brown spots due to sun exposure and my age is 42

  158. Good Morning Sir,My Name Is Shahensha my age 42y Now a days my face is dried and blackish,look very ugly please prefer good medicine look very beauty my face.I await your valueble suggestion,medicine.Thanking you sir.

  159. My skin is getting worse with acne scars.. No glow what should I do

  160. Sharda ahir says:

    Hello sir, my age is 23… I have normal complexion… But I want to get fair skin, not only face, for entire body… Can you please prescribe me some medicine,…
    Thank you…

  161. Rima halder says:

    Hello sir, my age is 23… I have normal complexion… But I want to get fair skin, not only face, for entire body… Can you please prescribe me some medicine,…
    Thank you…

  162. What about wrinkles for face and body

  163. Preeti vinod says:

    Hello sir,
    I have freckles on my face which accumulates more on the nose area.i also have blackheads on my nose.i m currently taking homeopathy treatment for this.
    My Dr. has suggested to take Berberis Aquifolium.i did notice improvement in my skin but i havent stl got rid of the discolouration around my nose which is a result of both blackheads and freckles.kindly suggest homeopathy medicine which wud be effective enough for both blackheads and freckles.

  164. Manish Kumar says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 22 year old boy. I have very unhealthy skin.I have wrinkles under my eyes and dark circle over it.I have been suffering from it for last three years. It looks very ugly.It decreased my confidence. Please suggest Medicine and cream for best results

  165. I want white fair and glowing skin . And also want to remove skin burn black spots.

  166. karan parihar says:

    I have scar in my nose so how i removed this scar siR….its mY req to u ….plz recommend me a better medicines…..

  167. tapas mondal says:

    My skin is oily and many acne scars if I use psoriun and silicea how to use?

  168. Hi sir

  169. vineet singh says:

    sir meri mom k chehre par chhaiyan tezi se fail rahi hain aur chehra kala dikh raha hai please humari sahayata karein unki umra 47 saal hai

  170. SMITA SOREN says:


  171. Sir I am 18 years old female. I have a problem of cystic acne ,papule acne,I have lot of acne scar on my face,acne blemish on my face ,my skin type is oily and sensitive please recommend me a better medicine

  172. krishan kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    What would you recommend for an infected Bakers Cyst in the left knee region which is very painful. age 47.

  173. I have freckles on nose near nose n on the chin area… how to remove them… they look wierd as spots on face.. pls suggest some homeopathic medicine

  174. I am hving dry skin ,and pigmentation on my cheeks and forehead,and my skin has became dull , uneven and discoloured.i am also having rashes on my skin.There is no glow on my face even i try many products to get rid of this bt unfrtunately i didnt gt any result.Day by day my face is being darker and bad in condition,plz suggest me to get rid of this rashes, darker skin tone and dryness.

  175. ManojKumar S says:

    Hello sir this Manoj Kumar S. I have very dark skin on my face and neck but rest of the bodys skin tone is almost yellowish

  176. Pallavi konde says:

    Hi sir I am Pallavi plz tell me remove the face hair which medicine in homeopathic

  177. sir,my complexion used to be fair 1 yr back ,but since 1 yr my skincoplor is looking dull and little dark with uneven skin tone plz suggest me a homeopathic medicine for getting fairness

  178. Deepak prajapati says:

    I am suffering from facial brown spots (Freckels). I want to get rid of it, is it possible ?


    Hi Sir i Maya as on date I m 36 years old I want full body fairness lightening
    Is it possible

  180. Saurabh sharma says:

    Hello doctor
    I want to suggest you that you have no mention the potency of potency of any medicine and no mention that the medicine is mother concern delusion. So please I request you to please mention the same as above so that useful

  181. Tanni Mukherjee says:

    I am hving oily skin ,and pigmentation on my cheeks and under my eyes,and my skin is became dull and discoloured.There is no glow on my face even i try many products to get rid of this bt unfrtunately i didnt gt any result.Day by day my face is being darker and bad in condition and as well it is became sagging,plz help me out of this problem so tht i can gt a beautiful face.

  182. Sabbeer Ahmed says:

    Sir I have a slight long dark spot in the arc shape under both the eyes near the side bones of the nose. I have been through so many treatments for 4 years, but of no use. Please suggest me some effective remedy for my problem.
    Thanks for this opportunity to consult with you.

  183. Dear , I have skin like old age lady and no wrinkles but no freshness and healthy skin, please suggest some medicine that can change my disclour skin having acne scars and make it fresh and healthy glowing

  184. meenakshi yadav says:

    Hello sir, I have black and brown spots on my face and well as pigmentation every 2 or 3 days my face get many small bumps and after that they give dark spots to my face, so my face looks so dark and ugly.please help me.

  185. my face skin is oily,it getting dark and ance. pls tell me medicin and use ,to clear and glow my face

    • Sharmista bisoyi says:

      I’m facing problem of pimples on my face.I have used many medicines for it but there is no result .my skin is oily too.please recommend homeopathy medicine to cure my problem faster and also how to and how many days I need to use the medicine.i am 25 years old women.

  186. I have dark blemishes on my cheeks since age is 51.i got menupouse in my early age just 30.after abortion. What she’d I do

  187. A sai Krishna says:

    My face is oil skin, it getting dark and sleepy face day by day, how to get glow skin…

  188. Dr.sahab
    Mere face pr bhut hi jyda pimple h plz sir neme hemostatic medicin or kese use kiya jayga .

  189. Imaan haadi says:

    Hi my 10 years old daughter had childhood eczema and asthma,her eczema got better with homeopathy but still suffer with asthma ,now her eczema came back very bad just recently , special y on neck , leathery very dry skin ,she itch slot as soon goes to bed and morning ,burning sensation ,bleeding ,very dry ,some one told to use sulphur but as she’s asthmatic I’m hasitant to use ,she’s got nut allergies ,please advise , worried mum

  190. Iam suffaring from tan in face last 1yr. I was useing so meny products in market in allopahy. No use off these. So pl kindly suggist me sir

  191. Hello sir
    I’m sameer from jaipur my skin dull and black and pimples so plz any homyo tret

  192. BIJOY KUNDU says:

    My baby(girl) is just two months old. Her skin is dark. So how homopathy can help to be fair and glory?

  193. Parbattee Bally says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have very dark more like black inner thighs and I am brown skin West Indian origin. I have had this since a teenager and I have never been obese to say. I am very embarrassed and ashamed of myself. My self confidence is very low. Is there any treatment for this?

    Thank you

  194. Rupali sharma says:

    Hello doctor Sharma, I have a big and painful pimple on my face, then some measure of it. I am 30 years old

  195. Muhammad Bilal says:

    Black & brown heads on face, oily & ruff face skin. Female age 37, weight 72kg, Height 5_4

  196. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, My name is Pankaj Sharna, age 42 yrs, an employee of IT industry, use of laptop and computer very much. I have under eye dark circles too much, Beside my facial skin is oily and become dark and dark day by day, suggest some remedy for clear, under eye dark free, glowing face.

  197. Dear Doctor,
    My wife is 31 years old. I noticed freckles on upper sides of both chicks and she is also having uneven skin of face.
    2nd she has irregular Menstrual cycle for example if she starts 1st day of this month so initial 5 to 7 days there is spoting which may be absent 1 or 2 days and after spotting the bleeding starts with full fillow and with cloting of medium / large size with pain on lower abdominal. She is using pulsatila 30, ashoka Q as described by our physician. She is facing this issue since long time ago, Please help me out

  198. I often face dark spots problem in winters and currently I have got black spots on my face.please suggest something.Thanks

  199. I m 28 years old recently noticed some light frown lines on my forhead in the form of eleven. I have been recommended to apply berberis aquafoluim twice daily . Is it safe

  200. dear doc, im 43 facial skin is losening day by day.and eye bags too.kindly suggest me something…im too mach a fitness freek. i wl be highly oblige to you.
    Regards Khanak

    • I am 52 yrs old and am diabetic and had hystrectomy 11 yrs back …. My skin is saging very fast and have eye bags and dark circles pls suggest some medicine

    • I am 52 yrs old and am diabetic and had hystrectomy 11 yrs back …. My skin is saging very fast and have eye bags and dark circles pls suggest some medicine

  201. Sangeeta Bhargava says:

    Please suggest the remedy for under eyes wrinkle and loose skin with puffiness and dark circles.

  202. Anindita Nandi says:

    I’m Anindita, 38 yrs old. My complexion is wheatish, it’s acne prone, sensitive and looking dull though I go through a regular facial treatment. Now I’m fade up with these all, plz show me light.

  203. Michael Robin says:

    Actually my main problem is i m going dark day by day

  204. Michael Robin says:

    Can i know the potency of its uses
    I m 14 year boy and i am naturally white but now adays im going dathe i. e. whole body. Plz guide me in using berberis aquifolium

  205. Modhushree says:

    Hlo dr l am 20 yrs old. My skin type is dry. I am sufgering deep black spot for8 yrs in my face. I live in banglalor. What ever suggested this product can used in this atmosphere.please reply me.
    Thank a lot for giving this opportunity.

    • Hi doctor im 28 years old female with fair complexion and have melasma onmy cheeks the marks are brown in appearnce i have gotten a few medlight laser treatments its the same laser that removes tatoos it only made it come out even more 🙁 . is there any way i can get rid of them or lighten them as they are making me depressd all the time please help doctor

  206. Preeti Singh says:

    Hello.Dr…I am 18 …yrs old ….I want to have clear and fair complextion permanently…So plzz recommend me Dr.what should I use..?

  207. Hello Dr
    I have dark spots and open pores due to pimple what cream should I use.


  209. Krishna Raj Parajulee says:

    I have been using berberic Aquifolium as an liquid intake as well as I am applying it on face along with rose for how much time should I use this medicine for healthy and glowing skin.

  210. Hi dr, please response to my a srilankan. i red your whole body is fair but my face is dark.when i was 11,12years my whole was in a same color.but after that my face became too darker than my body.i don’t know whether it happened because of sun or any other reason.but i used to go in the sun much.nowerdayz only i stop goin in the doctor please tell me is their anyway to get back my old original skin complexion back? What is the best homeopathy medicine for this?? I went to a skin doctor 4months back to get my complexion again.that doctor gave me a cleanser it’s called “cetaphil cleanser” i have been using this since april .but i don’t find any noticeable please help me?? Thank you

    • Dr. k kashyap says:

      you can get your complexion back by using berberis aquifolium drops. You can take them orally two three drops twice a day and you can also apply it on face mixing it with rosewater or glycerine in equal ratio(5-5 drops both). And use a suitable facewash and apply sunscreen before going out. Also use exfoliating scrub once a week to get rid off your dead skin. Avoiding sun will help you to get ypur skin tone back.

  211. Mam/sir ..i m 22 year old m suffering from brown spot ,facial hair .and looking very dulll ….what can i do plzz suggest me a medicine .creme any thing ..

  212. Sandhya kumari says:

    Hlo sir
    Meri age 23 hai
    Aur mera body aur face ka colour dull aur swala
    Jiski vjh se mujhe achha nhi lgta aur uncomfortable feel hota hai.
    Plz sir mujhe koi homeopathic dwa btaeye??

  213. Hi Dr sharma jee,

    My age 23 i have fine lines in my face how to avoide that any good soap for me.

  214. Hello Sir, myself sagar am 21 year old men Sir meri skin sawali has. aap muze plzz homeopathy dawai bataiye jiise name jisse meri skin glow aur whitening ho sake aur naturally Gori rahe!!

  215. Vashishtha S says:

    Hello sir,
    I have an acne problem which results sometimes a red thick pimple and sometimes a pus included acne.
    Please tell me which remedy will work for it.

  216. Dr meri skin sawli h plz aap humko batai homeopathy dawai ke name jisse meri skin glow aur withe ho sake plzz meri age 23 hai

  217. I m 55years skin getting complexion was not like as now.i hv high uric acid and high cholestrol.
    Even i have warts on my neck

  218. I am 30year old . i m face skin is dull & many black spot. plz suggest day and night cream

  219. Abrar Shahriar Rahat says:

    I am 21years old and I’m Male. My face skin is look so dull & sun burt and I have much pimple with many black spot.The colour of my lip black though I’m not a smoker.The color of my neck and hand become darker.
    Plzz suggest me how can get youthful glowing and clear skin.

    • Sir, suffering from psoriasis for 20 years without using English or ayutvef, but only homeo, no result found, could you prescribe a medicine

  220. sir how i used Berberis Aquifolium.

  221. preeti singh says:

    Dear dr Sharma,
    I’m 27 yrs female and my complexion is dull and dark spots around thin area, lips also dark. I want to get fair clear complexion. What medicine to use and how? Plz reply asap. Thanks

  222. hemant kumar says:

    sir i am 29 year old male my face is oily and i devlop acne very easily which results in blackheads, dark spots , and large pores on face the acnes are painfull to touch with redish color
    pls suggest some medicine

  223. Hi sir
    I’m 30 yr old. I’m facing itchy and dullness of skin from 4 to 5 yrs . Go through with medical treatment but no result.
    Whenever I bath or whenever my body get moisture and when it start itching more. Earlier i used to b much fairer and glowing skin but nw it become dull and dark. Black spots are clearly visible due to itchy burps. So much hopeless plzzzHelp.

  224. wish to know effective treatment for quitting smoking and also skin whitning

  225. Naveen Kumar kayal says:

    Hello dr.i myself have dark coloured skin and small spots around eyes and nose.plz suggest medicines for fair skin. Thanks

  226. Hello Dr. My self akriti and i m 26 years old. I just wants a high complexion i m fair bt i loose my complexion. Before some days i suffered frm acne nd pimples so i was consult to a dermatologist he gave me a sunscreen and some more creams n i got a good result.Bt after few days i feel dat i loose my glow complexion my skin is going dull day by day.So i requested u to suggest me a right medicine which will give me a good complexion nd glowing nd i wants chubby cheeks nd healthy skin of face nd body.plz help me.

  227. Hi Sir my name is Mahesh and am 25 years old.My face is becoming black and pigmented day by day.Even if I use some face wash,face creams and do some facials outside it is of no use.At that point of time it looks fair and after some time the face becomes black and ugly.My neck region,hands near elbows and my abdomen region becomes black.
    May I know what is the reason for it.Please give me a permanant solution for this problem.

  228. I have sunburn brownish discolouration on my both Cheek’s
    7 to 8 yr

  229. I am 30 years old and face skin is look so dull and I have too much pimple with many black spot
    Plzz suggest me how can get youthful glowing and clear skin.

  230. AOA Dr, I am Rida from Pakistan I need your help for my one serious issue. I am 39 not married having breast 38 and hight 5’5, balky tummy and my whole skin and parts of body are loose now.I am very much worried. Kindly suggest me medicine for lossing wait and reducing and tightening breast. My period cercle is about two days only. Urine coloure is white. All tests are clear. Eating meals twice a day. Using Carmen bowil water once a day. Using light exercise half hour in a day. Drinks 5 glasses of water. Regards. Rida

  231. L Fernandes says:

    Dear Doc,

    My face is darker than the rest of my body. also, i perspire more on the face. Is Psorinum suitable for me? Also i have fibroids and have been taking homeo treatment for more than a year w/o good results. I used to get all 5 days heavy bleeding but now reduced to 2-3 days. Kindly give your recommendation.

    Also, my brother has very bad vision -8 plus cylindriacal number and reading number. kindly recommend what should be taken ?

    L Fernandes

  232. Hello Dr Sharma
    I am having dull skin with some acne scars and discoloration due to sun damage.
    As well I have the crow’s feet of the staphysagria or lycopodium.
    I like all of the above suggestions –
    Where should I begin???

  233. I doctor I really have a bad problem of acne and pimples how can I get rid of that… I have also got much discolored of my skin..plz tell me the good medicine

  234. Dear dr Sharma,
    I’m 45 yrs female and my complexion has gone down to a brown shade. Want to get fair. What medicine to use and how? Plz reply asap. Thanks

  235. i have whitish complexion i want 2 -3 shade fair i m not feel confident with this problem

  236. Smita behera says:

    Sir I am dark colourful my hand neck feet very dark than my internal parts of body pls suggest me about it how can get glowing full body

  237. Sushama Das says:

    I use steroid 4 years but recent i not use this cream and now my skin going to please suggest me how can i get a healthy and fair skin.

  238. Dr Etendra Singh says:

    I have pimples in my face. And new pimples occurs every day. Due to this my face lost its glow…
    Please guide me, how can I use your medicine.

  239. DEVANAND KUMAR says:

    sir skin ko tighting ke liye homo pathy medicine bataye

  240. Sir I came chickenpox feb2017. .my skin is very dull nd scars in my face nd my skin is very change. .my face is changed very black..plz give me product sir..

  241. Respected Sir

    Your articles with details are so useful to understand the content. Thanks for writing such articles with all possible details and helping persons like us

    My daughter around 11yrs was very fare and was having very good color. Since Last 3 months her face and hands(elbow to fingers) are turning dark. Recently we changed her school & in her new school, all the daily prayer, play time, any functions, any lectures ect will be conducted on the terrace of the school. I assume since she is exposed to Sun light, she might bet getting Sun-Tan
    Shall try giving her Berberis Aquifolium? or Silicea Kali Bromatum ?

    Kindly let me know


  242. Tarun Saikia says:

    Sir I need berberies aquifolium drop for clear complexion and how to use the product…. Sir can I order from your clinic

  243. Pankaj Agarwal says:

    Sir, I used to have lot of pimples on face earlier and now pimples are lesser but open pores are left behind on face which looks bad. How can I close the pores through Homeopathic medicines. Please advise. Regards, Pankaj

  244. I have berberis Q in liquid form. How do I take it to lighten skin? I also have uneven skin tone

  245. Pramod wagh says:

    My face containing many open pore and also the white head around nose area and my skin become dull smilary my neck also black due to sun exposure my hair also fizzy i am 32 year old men pls tell the name of medicine which I can be use during these condition and also tell mi the dose and duration of the treatment

  246. Nurfatheen Nabilah says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma.. I am fatheen .. kindly i am a person which difficult to wake up early morning and when i wake up .. it fell unfresh.. may i know what kind of homeopatic remedies that i can use to treat this habit?

  247. Sujit ray says:

    Sir my self sujit ray I am 29 yrs old I have dark skin and with dark accident spot and one more problem in summer it will be oily and winter roufgh and whenever I am going to out side it will be dull black and oily please sir recommend any products that help me get fair and glowing skin for ever

  248. Hi sir,

    Please recommend some medicine my color is fare but on my face there is some black heads .

  249. Jyotika Khanna says:

    Hi sir ..
    Plz recommend some medicine to tighten facial skin.

  250. I am dark skin Indian women. And I’hv oily skin and dark skin tone. I want to know that which medicine will suites for me to get clear fair skin tone.

  251. My 6 years old boy is absolutely healthy but skin has gone very dark on his face and looks tanned as he wears specks.His skin on hands and legs appear to be fairer than his face.He eats well but like to play out door a lot.How do i improve his skin discolouration.please suggest medicine which improves his complextion and removes tanning.

  252. Alice Chacko says:

    Good evening Doctor Alice here from India- Kerala. From past 4 weeks suffering from pimples of severe case my face was completely disfigured. But thanks to my mom she suggested homeo I was reluctant but later went now it reduced to great extent. Applied d-cream but now face as full of dark patches. Please help me Dr

  253. feeling too tired and cant constrate on any work .feeling pain on legs and feet …. constipation whnever eat outside or … cant even intrest on sex or any intimate

  254. GAGAN Bhati says:

    My name GAGAN 36 year old in Chandigarh my problem Is skin on my nose some 2year my nose Dark black I take any medicine any check doctor he gives hig medicine they give good result but course finish problem with again and start to Sir my personely request send to best good medicine name ya send medicine and I wait your ans my mail and wait to my mobile number no 7508789106 Thanks

  255. Aman Rawat says:

    Hii sir it’s aman. ….. Sir m bachpn m Gora tha Bt Agr k sath colour dull ho gya h. …. Can I back my glow?? ?? If yes then how??

  256. Hello
    I am suffering from small small acne on my forehead. I have oily skin. Which cream should i apply..

  257. debjit biswas says:

    Sir , is there any skin bleaching treatment by homeopathy method??

    • YOGESH BARDE says:

      Hello Sir,
      Myself Yogesh Barde From Nagpur (Maharashtra) I am Facing Problem From Skin Tanning On My Face So Can You Guide Me Which Type Hemeopathic Medicine Should I Take To Get Rid Of It….
      Pls Sir G Help Me Out From This Situation………

  258. Hello dr. !
    I am aman .Iam 18yera old .Mujhe thode dino phle chikenpox ho gya tha …tho uske nisan abhi hn tho mn kon se medicine le sktha hu …or uses mujhe koi shideffact na ho
    plzzz help mee….

  259. Hello sir
    I have been suggested to take iodium 1M,Jaborandy and Hydrocotyle solutions by a Homeopath for getting fair complexion.I have not yet started taking the solutions I m a bit confused about taking these and worried if there could be any side effects.Please provide with the proper guidance if I should take these or not and if there could be any side effect of these on my face.

  260. Tanisha Chatterjee says:

    I have a beige complexion . I want a fair
    One. I don’t have any skin problems as such .
    But a bright complexion would do good .
    If u cud suggest some medicine available in
    The homeo clinics of Kolkata it wud b nice

  261. hi doc,
    m 30 yrs having black thin skin hav tried lots of oinments but last 3-4 yrs my skin become thin patchy dry dull & black
    pls suggest..

    • Rasika Shinde says:

      Hello doctor,

      I am 28 years old, I have wheatish complexion and also have pimples black spot on my face. I took allopathic medicine before 2 years, have tried lots of ointments but last 3-4 yrs my skin become thin patchy dry, dull but there is no result i found in my skin and also wasted money a lot.
      I want perfect healthy, fair and flawless skin forever. Please suggest me if any medicine in homeopathy for my specific problem. Please provide with the proper guidance.


  262. Sir i have acne probles 2.5 years i used steroid cream without seeing side effects please help me sir

  263. My wife had skin cancer at a relatively young age (19). She’s 42 now and gets yearly checkups and wears sun block a lot but the doc told her she needs to start wearing make-up foundation with sunblock and better sunblock clothing (we live in Florida). She’s had several removals over the years but has been clear for about 5 years now. Is there anything she can do to further prevent an additional damage or even reverse some of the damage?

  264. danish kamal says:

    I want to discuss about hair losing treatment in homeo pathic

  265. Shubham singh says:

    Sir on my face and on my soldier every where pimples are produce it from last ten years ago it doesn’t finish and everywhere black head and form scratch like what I will do give best medicine for this plzzz?????

    • priya singh says:

      Hello sir . I m 27year old , I have 6 month baby , there is problem on my skin ,Brown spots, dull skin ,tired skin,small patches, I have fair color complexion. I have taken lots of homeopathy medicine but all are not effected any more . Please solve my problem write the medicine which I can take.

  266. Sir mary face per acne bhi hoo jati hay or fackle bhe hain lips k uper mari age 28 year hay delivery kWh bad asa howa hy or color bhi boht dull ho gya hy sir plzzz help me

  267. Sir Mera face ka colour bahut dull or face per pimples ke nisaan purane h or face per pimples ke gadde bhi h please mujhe koi achhi cream bataye

  268. Lokendra says:

    Sir Lt eye eyebrows end side wart scar h pls scar removal medicine

  269. KOMALSINGH says:

    Sir ,my skin is oily and it’s too dark ,boys rejects due to my dark complex .My dark colour is barrier in my marriage .So I want a solution for dark skin.Help me..

  270. Sir how to use berberis aquafolium for clear and lighten complexion

  271. Amandeep Sharma says:




  272. Hi, I have old acne scars , they are deep and pitted. What potency of silicea do you recommend?

  273. Shweta Singh says:

    Hello doctor , i have whitish indian skin time 24yrs old , i have dark pigmentation under thigh till knee from puberty . I am trying to get rid out this it’s too emabraces me too shorts . I have offered to do shorts and bikini shoots . I am not able to do just becoz of this reason . My confident get low I tried lots of things and even medicine -30% lighter as previous now it’s constant. Please suggest me remedies to reduce my melanin around thigh area .

  274. respected sir, i have tiny black heads on my face and my skin looks pale,i also have problem of constipation,my stool is very hard sometime.plz sugges my the any medecine

    • Patience santhi says:

      Respected sir Nan skinurge cream use pannieruthen but side effects doctor sonnaga enakku white color a face vara enna pannanum solunga pls. Replay

  275. I need to get a white face which medcine should I apply to my face

  276. Sir I have dark skin and I really want beautiful and visibly fair skin .Is this possible by homeopathic treatment.

  277. Hi doctor , I have been suffering from hyper pigmentation condition from the age of 12 , this is a heridetary condition my mother had it , she got this from her father ,and now now I could see the same starting in my 12 year old daughter ,is there any way to prevent this in her?

  278. Supriya choudhary says:

    My daughter had white complexion when she was born and it was till six month after birth. After six month her skin gradually getting dark. I used all the home remedies but each and every time she got some fairer but again having dull and dark skin. Please suggest me some fruitful homeopathy medicine for her to get her fair skin.

  279. Neha Sawant says:

    I m 23year old,& I m married,my out side skin is darker than inner side mostly in forearm,neck,knee. that’s why my confidence becomes low.
    m very sensitive to all things.& anger because of darker mother in law say to me ur skin darker than ur husband.
    plzzzzzzz suggest me medicine.

  280. Evelyn MacLennan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am hoping that you may be able to provide me with some kind advice…

    I have undergone Vaser Liposuction where fat is removed using a tiny heated cannula. As a result, I have slight mottling to my skin, purple-ish in colour that will take quite some time to fade, although told some may be permanent. I believe it is caused as a result of small vein damage from the heat. I have been told that skin fading creams and treatments for acne, such as Azelaic Acid may help the mottled look.
    I am reluctant to take creams like those and after doing some online research I was wondering if any Homeopathic treatments may help, such as Argenticum Nitricum, Sepia, Sulphur and Berberis Aquifolium…? Those are just some I came across for skin conditions in my own research but I am not sure if they would be the right ones for my condition or even how to take the doses.

    I also have quite a few areas of fibrosis from the surgery, which will very likely disappear but can take many months. I massage the areas every day but it there anything you can recommend to help break up the fibrous connective tissues. Again whilst researching online, I came across Berberis Aquifolium and Phytolacca for fatty, hardened lumps and I was wondering if this would be any good for my condition…?

    Also, would it be worth me starting a course of homeopathic medicines to work on my Lymphatic System for the fibrosis…?

    Many thanks,

    Evelyn MacLennan

  281. SUDHA DANGI says:

    I am 48 years old women with born dark complexion, My native place is kerela and i was born n brought up in Bhopal MP. my inside part is little fairer than the outside part, so i hope my outside specially my face area will also change. I observe during period and after period i became very dark, i am very sensitive also, I took thing very seriously, small things disturbed me a lot. Please suggest me effective medicine.

  282. Dear sir,

    I am Divya 26 years old, i would like to know do we have a permanent remedy for skin lightening.. I do have acne but after taking honeo treatment my acne problem is almost cured…. Kindly requesting you to revert for my query..

    Thanks &Regards

  283. shashank says:

    Sir, it is possible to achieve full acne scar cure by using berb aqui., and how long it take.

  284. I’m using berberis aquifolium from a week for acne and acne scars. How much time does it take to get the results?? I feel my acne has increased over the past fee days.

  285. Narasayya says:

    Dr.Sharma—-any positive homeo medicines for full whitening of dark skin color and to produce white babies from dark mother , I request to kindly suggest suitable steps. Thank you

  286. amrita tripathi says:

    how can I use berberise aquifolium

  287. Ryma Joy says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am a girl who mostly exposed to the sun and due to this am having severe tan on my legs and hands which make me more conscious about the skin. I look forward for a better medicine that can help to get reduce the discoloration of my skin. Is there ant remedy for this issue.

  288. Soni Prabhat says:

    Hlo doctor my face is oil and lots of pimples and marks itching problem also please prescribe me some medicines to overcome from it

  289. richa sharma says:


    I got dense eyes and deperation line and dark circle under eyes and no glow over face .

    Please suggest appropriate medicine for the same , my age is 31

  290. Malabika Basu says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I have frackles (brown coloured) on both my cheeks for so many years. I have tried with lemon juice but no vein. Could you please suggest some good homeopathy medicine for me.

    I am hot tempered with intolerance to the heat of the sun. I always use umbrella when I am out.


    Malabika Basu

  291. Margaret says:

    For melasma (choalasma?) how often and what does do you take sepia?

  292. Inderpal singh says:

    Hi.. I am inderpal from Jammu..I am 21 years old but look like 30 years..tell me how to make skin younger n fairer

  293. Vivekanand patel says:

    Sir i have so many pimples in my face
    I this pimples became black after 4 To 5 days an d next pimples arises and so many darkspot

    can i get some best traetment for this

  294. Hlo doctor I am simran and I need best cream for acne and spots

  295. I am 32 years old, female with very oily skin. Have had acne since I was a teenager. Now most of the acne is concentrated on my jaw line and chin and forehead and temples. They generally have a white head formation or contain pus but doesnt ooze. Please advice medicine.

  296. I am 35 and I have polycystic ovaries so often have irregular cycles. I have very open pores, acne scars and many sun spots all over my face and body. I would like to find a remedy to clear my skin. I avoid the syn as much as possible but after a pimple I usually develop a permanent brown spot that looks like a sun spot. I have very oily skin but at the same time it is dehydrated. I am very self conscious of my skin. I drink a lot of water because I am always thirsty. I wake up drinking litres of water and my thirst won’t stop. I find it strange that even though I drink so much water I have such dehydrated skin with oiliness. I still get a few pimples especially during the warm seasons. I try to avoid unhealthy foods and alcohol. Please if possible help me find the right treatment to improve my skin quality, clear the spots and shrink the large pores.

  297. Mne msg Kiya tha reply kb aayege

  298. as i have done angio my age is 43 Male …have placed stent in my heart due to im taking medicines for that… after taking medicines i feel my face have become dull and dark patches on face.. can you please refer what am i to do

  299. My 4 year old daughter skin has become dull and dry than before… Also she gets red and itchy skin very frequently especially on legs and hands.. Her complexion has also become dull though she was having a clear complexion before… Can homeopathy help her… I m very worried about this

  300. Vijay chandan says:

    I am 69 years . In my young age I suffered of scabies. It used to appear generally in rainy season and it so appeared for almost 3-4 years. It used to be all over body. Later in my collage days I had erruptions on genitials and area around it. Earlier I was given as I remember penicillin to control scabbies.Thereafter certain lotions and applications were used. Third time ringworms (I suppose so) appeared on waist line. Again lotions applied. Later I developed asthma. On my own I took sulpher 200 and it reacted strongly. My palms were full of blisters and
    Watery sticky substance flowed from calf muscles , elbow, arms etc. However in six months it settled down. But later ends of body like forehead, ankle and foots, back side palm ,underarms and general area skin blackened. I have substantially reduced asthma and I am comfortable. Pl advice how this blackened portion corrected.

  301. dinesh kumar says:

    sir i am 29years old and i am suffering from black dark spot on my face(on cheeks, on forehead and nose).i am used many way to cure the dark spot but all way fail. please consult me.

  302. Gaurav Dhingra says:

    Hello sir my name is gaurav dhingra pimples converted into moles and pores appears on the face pls recemond me something will be grateful to u

  303. Abdul Aala says:

    Hello Sir, I am 38 married and have three children. Have pigmentation on my full face only especially on forehead. Tried several creams but all in vain. Suggest some effective medicine to get rid of it please.


  304. Hello skin complexion is medium dark.n there is acne pores on two cheeks and black spots on my face started from 6-7 yrs acnes are still active on my face bt less than before.n take too much time to cure.. n leave black spots n face pores, even I don’t touch them at all..they r very painfull.please Dr I want to make my damaged skin glowing n spotless n also want my skin pores less-visible.. as soon as possible.. please recommend any cream or method to apply

  305. Vasim Khan says:

    My on face pigmentation and acne problem sun damage so suggest sir

  306. meri face par bahut pimple he or daag bhi kiya me skin glow medican le skta hu .
    vikas tomar

  307. Hello sir I am 16 year old . Sir recently my face skin colour become light dark and some pimple and their mark are also there . So sir what should I use to look my best. Sir I have tried different cosmetics products too. So by useing them I think they damage my skin little

    • Hello,
      I m 35yrs old woman. Earlier I had a very fair complexion. But with each passing year my complexion has gone down. And also I have permanent skin tanning on my back and now it has started on my arms also. Please suggestt me suitable medicine.

  308. Nisha Senthil says:

    Hi sir,my colour is dark now my face is becoming dull I want fair n glowing skin pls help

  309. Sourav kumar says:

    Sir, I have blackheads around my nose from 3 years. Please suggests me an effective medicine for it.

  310. Hello

    This is rini.I am 21 years old. I have a lot of acnes on my face. These dont hurt.,no itching but these look so ugly.. And i had consulted with my homeopathy doctor he suggested me to change my soap to cetrim soap and gave me 15 days medicines. But i want the resolution at it earliest with the glowing skin back.. Suggest me something.

  311. Sir,

    I am 29 yrs old guy with dark complexion. I have always wanted to be fair, not much but only wheatish complexion. Is it possible to have a fair skin complexion using berberis aquifolium.

  312. how to use phos , lyco and natmur together .should i use a mix. or take seperately. and how much potency should i used for these medicine and in how many times take the remedy in a day

  313. Nissan kumar says:

    Sir due to poling pimple I’m got ditches on my face

  314. Sir,l am 44 yr old working woman .earlier my complaction was fair,though i got oily skin from the begining.but now my facial skin has become dull,dark,more oily.i also have scars due to acne as well as i have facial hair.please help me to get fair and clear skin tone,wchich will give me some confidence.

  315. My skin is so dry, itchy. Black pathes are there on my face. If I go in sun I will get itching and irritation. On my legs dry is dry & scaly from last 5 years & I will get itching that I am unable to control. Wrinkles are also coming on my face.
    Please suggest me some effective medicine.

  316. My face skin is luking very. Dull Evan my complexion is fair…And some light scar of the finger nails are present on my face …? What should I do for clear and glowing skin

  317. sir i have got large pores on my face plez tell me remedy to get rid of it

  318. maha azeem says:

    meri skin main acne scars hain or colur saaf hy mgr kabi kabi dark lgta hy mj gaddy saaf krny hy or skin tone light krni hay young dikhna hy meri age 32 hy or shadi ko abi 2 saal hoye hain

  319. Pl suggest dose of berberis aquifolium and sulphur to clear acne and to get fair age is 37.

  320. zeyramehraj says:

    I have lots of pimples and marks in my face. what can I do

  321. Dear Sir

    good morning

    My daughter is 10 years old and her skin colour is very dark .i would request u to kindly suggest me a medicine which i can give to her to make her color fair.

    plz help me in this context.

  322. MD Zia Uddin.Bangladesh says:

    I am 28years Man ,Due to acne I got some scare and deep hole on my face.I am taking homeo medicine but doctor did not give us any medicine to apply on my face.
    How can I remove these scare on my face.
    For that it looks too agey on my face.
    Can you give a proper solution?

    • R/ sir , my skin is dark dry . I got wrinkles in a very short period of time ( only in 20 , 30 days) please help me sir.i want fair glowing and wrinkle free age is 38

    • R/ sir , my skin is dark dry . I got wrinkles in a very short period of time ( only in 20 , 30 days) please help me sir.i want fair glowing and wrinkle free age is 38

  323. How to use Berberis aquifolium

  324. Vikas Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    There is whiteheads on my nose. when i am press my nose it release white pip with very bad smell. pls. tell me helpful medicines for remove this whiteheads from my nose.

    vikas sharma

  325. Dr Sharma,

    I’m undergoing homeopathic treatment for skin disease — we think it’s eczema. It came as a sudden allergic reaction and is now all crusty and leathery all over the back and forearms. I’ve been asked to take arsenicum album and hepar sulph. I also took one dose of Dulcamara which helped with the weepiness and oozing. Last week, I took a dose of Petroleum (because my eczema comes with the winter and from swimming in chlorinated pools and I have very dry skin). I haven’t really seen any change except that my eczema itches terribly after taking a shower. I was told to put coconut oil to soothe it, but I’m wondering if this is stopping the eczema from drying? The itchiness is worst when I get out of bed in the morning.

  326. durga thapa says:

    sir can you please advice me which medicine should i the age of thirty im facin acne ,open pores problm.waiting for your precious advice

  327. Sir ,I have got crackles under the eyes . and sweeling under ideas. Too much gastric is there.kindly prescribe the medicine.

  328. hello sir ,
    my name is akansha , please can you ask which homeopathy cream use ,and improve my skin to spot and dull complexion …

    please revert ,i m waiting for you advice..


  329. sir i have freckles on my face and also dark coloured patches on hands back ..i am taking berberis aquifolium ,,pkease can you recommend some more remedies

  330. Hlo i m neha i have a lot of black or brown sesame and acne also. I really want clear glowing skin plz tell suggest me a good solve my problem

  331. Greetings,doctor. Im a 17 year old girl from india. I have a serious problem. My face is too oily as well as tanned, patchy,dull and full of pimples and blackheads. My face is so dark but my body is s white. Please suggest me a good Remedy for my problm..
    Thanking you in advance….

  332. Shafiya andalib says:

    Hello sir , my name is shafiya andalib iam 19years old . my skin type is dry and dusky colour(sawli) meri skin bohot kharab hogayi hai , I have got a lot of pigmentation near my nose area aur pata nai mere face PE white patches aajate hai like jaise agar skin dry Hoke white hojata hai vaisa but skin errupt hoti vahan SE aur mild itching bi rehti haiaur Jane ke jaane ke baad black pigmentation hogajata hain meri nose PE bohot zyada skin nikal rahi hai aur mera skin colour bhi dark hogaya hai aur un even skin tone hogaya hai mere chere PE koi scars nai hai aur mujhe full gori twacha nai meri mera normal skin colour aajaye plz.. Sir kya àap mujhe suggest kar sakte hai ki mai kya use karoon ?

  333. sadhan barman says:

    hi sir, my name is sadhan barman, I am 31 plus. on my face has darkness that started from 5 or 4 years ago. I have used many medicine but till now no cure. plz suggest medicine.

  334. Pawan Rana says:

    Hi doctor i m having few chickenpox marks on my face and also my face is quite oily , kindly suggest me of few remedies to get rid of the chickenpox marks especially .

  335. Hello I have problem of my skin ! Like pigmentation on my face like check noise upper lip .pls concerder can I can take Berberis aquifolium 0 1x is good for me or not .. Thanks

  336. Ranjita Nayak says:

    Dear Sir.
    My colour is very black . I have really bad dark circles around my eyes and it is black around mouth i would like to lighten these areas so my skin on my face is one colour. i also wint my hole is body fair treatment of homeopathy medicine. kindly help me.

    • Dear sir
      I have taning on my face and hands so pls suggest me some treatment of homeopathy medicine
      Kindly help me…..

  337. greetings!
    i am rashida and 34 years old also i am single,my height is 5.2 inch and weight is 71 KG i am having irregular menses problem from last 15 years,normally my menses happen once in 3/4 months, before i used to get huge bleeding but now a days bleeding has reduced enormously, and i am gaining weight.pls suggest.


  338. Deepika Mishra says:

    hello sir,im Deepika i using some instant fairness cream for during 4 years continuosly. now my face became dull,red rashes in my face n also dark. please suggest me some cream which has no side effect at all.

  339. arjun prasad mishra says:

    Dear dr. sahab …. mere pure face par black black coler ke pure face par til ke jai se dhabba ho gaya hai aur ye badata hi j raha hai….. plz kuchh mujhe suggest kareeske karn mujhe bahut hin bhavna paiada ho gai

  340. mukund kumar says:

    I have till in midle eye brow. kindly give suggestion and medicine name ,how can remoove this .

    • suman shorab Shaw says:

      Dear sir I am 26 years girl.I had 15 years old six stitches marks can I smooth and removed this scar.and my face skin oily ,small open pores ,blackheads they look all time oily,dirty and scar wala face lgta hai.isliya marriage me v bhut problem Ho rhaa hai.please sir help me

  341. Surendra gurjar says:

    Dear doctor sahab , mere face per pimples bhut jayada niklte hai jinme ek keel bhi niklti hai mai bhut dava kha chuka hoon but ye sahi nahi ho rhe hai or inke spot bhi pad jate hai .inhe lagbhag 3-4year ho gye hai but shi nhi ho rhe hai.abhi mane ek homeo dr. se baba li thi to usne mujhe Berberis aquiafolium di thi .plz mujhe sahi dava bata dejiye

  342. Medicine for dry skin

  343. I hav dull face and having black patches on my face since 20 years i used many things fr this but failed to gt the result still having this problem

  344. sukhjeet kaur says:

    Hello Dr.sharma..m sukhjit kaur 28 yr old..i hav dark spots dark weight is gaining my weight is 69kilo…plz suggest me med.for my weight nd skin prob.i wnt glowing nd spotles skin nd luk slim plz hlp me

  345. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I m having oily skin n i m having many of d pimples spot on my face
    once d pimple has grown it keeps black spots n on my nose its like dust on it every time black
    so plss suggest me which medicine to use

    • Dear Sir,
      I have light brown spots on my face. It’s not fully cleared. Earlier i faced pimples on the face which left scars on the face. I’m waiting for the clear glow, bright face. Please suggest me good medicine doctor. Pimples still occurs sometime. Suggest me a good medicine doctor. Waiting for the reply.

  346. Surbhi Jain says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have a very oily facial skin mainly around nose and generally when I get up in the morning a white acne comes out. I have taken many allopathic and cosmetic treatments but nothing worked out. I was reading about natrum mur, and I have a high craving for salt, I generally eat more amount of salt than an average person. Then I have irregular menses also.

    Please suggest me some homeopathic treatment which can cure my skin issues.

  347. Sir i am 18 my skin was fair when i was child but as i grew it became dark and we may call it wheatis with dark circles under eyes and tanned too what should i use to get back my fair skin or to make it better i am using some cosmetics such as night cream,face wash etc and if i prefer homeopathic medicine than i should leave them or can be used simultaneously waiting for your reply sir

  348. Sir what is the dose of natrum mur,lycopodium,phosphorus for freckles

  349. Harshal Patil says:

    Sir Its harshal …I want glow on mg skin So which medicine i should preferred…..

  350. I used casmolite cream 1yr above and my skin totally
    Dameged and my skin roughly please suggest me

    • sonia kumari says:

      Hllo sir mere skin bahut hii redness aur black aur large pores hai plz muje advice do ki mee kya karu plz sir advice me

  351. Harleen chawla says:

    Hello doctor
    I have very large pores on my cheeks and forehead.
    In last 2 yrs i have seen this change in my skin. My skin condition is really bad. Please suggest a remedy to get a poreless skin again.

  352. Can I apply Berberis aquifolium for wound scar on face.? Does it lighten scar Color?

  353. Can I apply Berberis aquifolium for wound scar on face.? Does it lighten scar Colorado?

  354. Parveen Jawa says:

    Sir my face is looking dull so plz solve my problem

  355. uttam bhunia says:

    sair problem is my all body is fair but my face is dark please provide some medicine refar me please solve my problem I want a fair face

    • Hello sir..i m 27 yrs old ..i hv 3 old baby …my skin hv is very dull & not glowing…so pkz suggest me proper medicine…plzzzzz

  356. vishu gupta says:

    Sir i have the problem of white heads and also freckles near my eyes…plz suggest me homoeopathic medicine to treat them

  357. sindhura Divte says:

    sir, earlier when i was in 12 -13 years old of ah=ge ,my skin was so glowing ,had a fair complexion,, ltr as tha days passed on my beauty decreased , one of the main reasons for that is,, i got asthma when i was in 16. then in 21 yrs old ofa ge i suffered from chicken pox, that has let my skin with its marks.. der r lot of dark circles around my eyes,, .. marks of burned injuries.. accidents.. sir , I want to get a crystal clear complexion ,, jst like before ,, how can i get it throug homeopathy??

  358. Somya Pattanaik says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma
    I am 18 year old girl with a dusty skin tone.
    My problem is that i have a lot of hyperpigmentation or blackness / dullness around my lips as well as on my forehead.I have been exposed to direct sun and my face is much darker than my neckline is 4-5 shades lighter than my face .
    Pls due give me a proper remedy.
    Thanks a lot doctor

  359. Hello dr. I am Ashwini 36 yrs old.
    The glow of my sjin is gone. Small samll black dots are appearing near area of eyes n under eyes.loose skin
    Lower line of lower lip is black

  360. Salam Dr…I’m 26….my face always remain deep seated whitehead acne…eventually cause scarring n blemishes….i already have freckle like brown spots on the upper area of cheeks n few are on the centre of cheek that never ever go…they just get faint by remedy like but not go completely….so i remained depress for acne n brown spots same time….i medically consult with a dermatologist n remained under treatment for long…i had used ISOZAM(tritinion) tablets for acne for 5 months…tablets slowdown acne growth but i stoped it returned with same intensity…i apply UNITONE FOR WHITE cream for brown spots…plzzz help…plzz…

  361. Hi sir I used betnovate c and at first it looks better my skin started to glow but after some time it started to look disaster I get consultancy to skin specialist she told me to stop using that cream and given me a gel base cream NAMED BENZOYL PEROIXDE GEL BP and again I got pimple I’m fed with all this thing can u help to this pimples…Plzz suggest me the cream or this is available in India???

  362. Hi Dr.
    My skin is oily.
    My age 32
    I have danruff.
    On face there is small pimles & iching also.

  363. Pooja soni says:

    Hello sir i m pcod patient and i took homeopathy tratment by panecia clinic in Jodhpur still pimples n acne scars on my face

  364. preet shergill says:

    Hlo age is 24 nd i hv brest feeding to my baby..can i use berberius aquif.. during breast feeding for discolouration around mouth????

  365. Amita Singh says:

    My age is abt 40yrs and I have dry skin with dark spots on face on nose and chick specially pls guide me some medicine that can cure my problems

  366. Mmata .M. Shetty says:

    Dear sir,
    This is Mamata , living in oman . my problem is that i have a daughter who is 15 years old and has become very dark with dull skin , worried for her ,she was very fair in her childhood , even she has developed an inferior complex also . Even her hieght is also not growing .
    please need advice and help .

  367. respected sir
    This is aditi (age 21). I always suffer from small dry pimples after face threading or waxing ( small dana not bumps) which hardly goes away because of this my face becomes rough and skin is dry to normal plz suggest something for me berberi aquifolium did not work for me
    sir I also have small black dots lighter than black til on cheek bones for this also plz suggest me something plz help me sir

  368. praveen kumar says:

    hello doctor,

    i am praveen kumar, my age is 21 years, my complexion is fair and skin is oily also but because of unhealthy diet, high exposure to sun and using some cosmetics and because of tearing my pimples my skin along with marks and scars, it is getting dull and loosy day by day. can u suggest me some remedy so that i can get my real skin tone back with smooth and glowing fair skin?

    • Hi Doctor,
      This is Smita 30 yrs old, my skin is very dull n I have lots pimple marks plz tell me how to get glowing, clear fair skin . I have used hydroqunone cream it’s damaged my skin my skin is looking lifeless plz suggest me some gud homeopathy treatment thank u.

  369. I am 30 age .After pregnancy my complection get dark an dull please suggest medicine for this
    I am working women.please suggest for glowing skin

  370. Shamroz khan says:

    I’m 27,will Berberis Aquifolium helpful to fair my skin,if yes pls suggest me dosage.or suggest me other remedy.

  371. Hello sir for fair and glow skin what dosage of Berberis Aquifolium have to use?

    • Hello sir
      I have dark and oily skin. So pls guide me how to use beriberi aquafolim 30 c drops to get fair and clear skin .and i hv dark pacthes on neck and lips area

  372. Sir, I am 53 years old, in winter my face skin became black. Kindly give me some treatment suggestions

  373. Dear Dr dharma

    How should be berberis aquifolium be taken. I have 20m bottle

  374. Ranbirkumar says:

    Hello doctor
    My brother is 13 year old he has tiny bumps on his forehead , infront of ears and cheeks he has a lot of closed commedones if he press them a oily material comes out (sebum) he has a oily skin and if he press his nose a lot of sebaceus filaments comes out of the nose and his nose fat is very thick and big and he has 3-4 big pimple on forehead everyday so what medicine should he eat

  375. Poonam bendre says:

    I have black scars on my legs due to insect bite n some childhood ring worm marks …Pls advice how to reduce it completely…So that my legs wil b clear …Thank u

  376. sourav sarkar says:

    sir i want to my skin glow next days.please help me some important medicine name that lot of helpfully to us.and give some solution that reduce to my dark spot.

  377. 30 years old male here with oily to combination skin. Have acne pores and severe tan on face neck and arms. What can be done about it?

  378. Sunny Rakshit says:

    Sir,I am 26 years old (male )and i have holes due to acne.
    I want to remove them as soon as possible.
    Please suggest me a cream or medicine & using procedure.

    • Sir,i am 25 years ola a woman.and i have dull and uneven skintone problem and I’m suffering this problems i think last 1 year.please sir suggest me how can i overcome my skin problems.

  379. Sunny Rakshit says:

    Sir,I am 26 years old and i have holes due to acne.
    I want to remove them as soon as possible.
    Please suggest me a cream or medicine & using procedure.

  380. Hello sir
    I am 37 years old .my face is dull and have acne and fine lines .I have dandruff problem in my head.please suggest any face creams and antidandruff ointments

  381. i loss my skin shine n pimples comes on face n body too i did all check nothing show i m 24yrs i fell insult plz help me

  382. thank u so much dr sharma

  383. How long berberis mother tinchur taken?

  384. jumi kaliya says:

    my skin is very dry.. and is loose.. it sometimes itches very badly.. so pls suggest some medicine which i can apply to tighten the skin

  385. This medicine how long can I use?

  386. Suraj singh says:

    Hi m suraj m having elergy i dun wt kind of but becoz of dis there is huge formation of bulgum in my nose so m unable to breath…kindly suggest

  387. Deepak verma says:

    Mere face par black&red darkspots hai aur light black colour hai and oily skin hai so please pakka treatment batana. Thankyou.

  388. Hii m sakshi m having skin with no pimples now bt earlier m.hvng pimples so now i have little open pores or u can call it brkouts..i want a clear and glowing skin

  389. ÀMRITÀ SINGH says:

    Sir my face skin has turned black due to hyperpigmentation since last three years. I am a 45 year old female going through phases of menopause. I had taken Berberries Q for 6 months. Although it helped me slightly it is not cured. Please help me with proper treatment so that I can get back my original complexion

  390. hello sir..
    my face is looking dull and some pimples are occur ..and I want to reduce my dark circles ..please suggest me some cream or medicines ..

  391. M shiva massey says:

    My name is Shiva , day by day my face became as dull as totally like a coal my skin is too soft when I came into sunlight or travels somewhere if I use water so my face became so ugly my friends are get a joke upon me when we are together if we take picturea so my face is not visible and only my eyes are only shining I loss my self confidence I HV try most but I lost everything even my family members gets a joke on me that I am black please Doctors please suggests me get a beautifully face
    I hope you so you will give me best suggestion to glow or remove my dark marks from my. Face
    Thankyou sir,

  392. Dermalmd Glowing Serum is amazing! Even skin tone and gives me a beautiful glow! Has a sparkle to it which I don’t mind, but some may not like. I’m hooked!

  393. hello sir i am Neeru frm delhi…..i have severe acne problm from past 6 years…..i have very oil T-zone nd rest of my face is dry…..wenever my menstrual cycle about to come then 3-4 puss pimples occurs on my face then they break out and after that they remains very dark scars/spot ob my face which take a time of 2-3 months to remove…..also i have lots of pigmentation nd discoloured skin problm……kibdly suggest me some homeopathy remedy

    • Hi , doctor ,
      I have dull skin with dark circles how to get fair & glowing skin I do have sentive skin as soon I use fairness product I get pimples

  394. Sir, mere cheek and nose pe jhaiya hain. Bahut se Dr ki medicines ke baad b ye permanently nahi ja rahi hain medicines ke side effects se mere cheek par extra hair ho gai hain. M bahut paressan hun. Plz permanent illaz batao and meri skin dry h

  395. Mahesh singh says:

    Sir my name is mahesh my skin is vey sensitive oily skin with tiny pimples with pus and whenevr i go to sunlight my skin become red and pigmented skin..i am facing this problem since 12 years..plz help me out sir i am fed of this

  396. Sushmita Chatterjee says:

    I am a 53 yrs old lady,my face is darker than rest of my body.I have chloasma on my upper cheeks & bridge of the nose.I am a lycopodium person.Plz help me with the dosage for a fairer face.

  397. tanishq kapoo says:

    hi,,,,,,,,,,,i want to ask that my whole skin is 70% white skin and now i want to complete white color,,,,,so homopathic medicines could helpo to increase as same color of vitiligo?

  398. I m 18 yr old ,female,and facing problem of pimples only on my face but not on forehead and nose

  399. Sir my skin is dull nd black spot on eyes so sir plz tell me good treatment for my skin nd face….

  400. prabha verma says:

    gd mg sir…my self prabha verma and m 20 year old…actuly sir i used a cream i.e panderm plus bt now i stoped the use of that cream due to their side now my hands and face look very dull and dark and mere hands me bht saari finelines aae h…and meri skin old people ki trh dikhti plz sir give me advise what should i do for my skin

  401. Sir i am a 27 year old girl. My skin colour is very dark. I have many moles on whole body. I have excessive sweating on face and on head. My skin is dry. Nose side is oily. Many scars of wound on legs and arms. Sir please recommend me medicine for clear and white skin.
    Thak you

  402. Jagadish Mishra says:

    Good morning sir dear sir please mujhe help kijiye Meri Chehra pe kuch Kale Daag hai are Mere muh mein thoda sa oiling hair Mere Liye konsa face wash best Ho Gaya Mujhe Bata dijiye aur mere Chehre Pe glamour Kaise aayega Mujhe who is the Rakhi face wash Ka Naam Bata dijiye

  403. rohitkumar rajak says:

    my face is so many pimple and black face and spots hwo to use face se clearly and glow white gora

  404. Nuzhat parveen says:

    Hi sir meri age 27yr h mere face pr june se acne nikl rhe h mai july se homeopathic medi kha rhi hu but abhi tk koi bhi faida nhi hua h face pr ab bhi chhote chhote acne h aur beech beech me badhe wale bhi nikl aate h plzz sir mjhe koi best treatment bta dijiye jisse yeh prob khtm ho jye….

  405. Sir I have black heads and scars on my face.. …and my cheeks are squizzed because I am little bit depressed from last one year so unable to Focus On my food and diet.. ….so there is any possibility to get my cheeks healthy again

  406. Sir, my name is vikrant, I am 20old my skin is dark and dark circles formed so what medicine I have to use

    • U shuld die and if u are hesitating to do that then u shuld give every prsn 1000 rupee who is tolerating ur ugly face every day 🙂 hope it I’ll work for u 🙂

  407. Sir, my name is sailu, I am 23 old my skin is dark and dark circles formed so what medicine I have to use

    • Prakash chandra says:

      Sir, my name is prakash chandra.My skin is very dull,dark and looks like ugly so please tell me best treatment to improve my face fastly….plzzzzzzzzzzz

  408. Hi i am a breast feeding mother got blemishes during pregnancy .does my blemishes can be cured during my feeding period?

  409. Pragya Jain says:

    Hello sir
    I had some allergic problem on my legs.
    My face color is dark that not match with other part of my body so I wanna fairness cream or some tubes that really work with in months.
    Plz reply me

  410. sabina khatun says:

    .I have lots of freckles in my nose and cheeks
    I have to go out everyday.I cant tolerate sunshine.

  411. I used to get some pimples which were ok… butfrom a month back i am getting pimples regularly on my forehead… plz help me cure it because those marks look ugly

  412. Sir
    I am 18 year old many old scars are on my face.and some acnes there.i used bio valley anti marks cream.But it is not effective on my face.plz suggest me a good reactive homeopathic medicine .

  413. Hina mohsin says:

    I m 31 years old have five kids….I have golden complexion of my face bt have dark body need to improve can u tell me any homeo pathic medicn for white complexion thanxx

  414. Ajay pratap singh says:

    I am 22 year old . i have so much acne scar on my face bcoz of this my skintone look uneven
    &dull patchy .plzz suggest me proper homeo remedy for my face.

  415. sir i m facing skin prob uneven tone,dandruf arond my nose ears and dull skin acne marks dr prescribe sulpher ,natrum mur,sepiap, it best?

  416. Smriti das says:

    Fracles on the to remove?

    • sir i m facing skin prob uneven tone,some white spot ,darknes on upper nose ,dandruf arond my nose ears and dull skin acne marks dr prescribe sulpher ,natrum mur,sepiap, it best?

  417. Hi,
    I am using berberis aquafolium since 4 months for mild acne,spot treatment as well as for glowing skin as suggested by my doctor.Though it has been good while dealing with my acne and dark spots yet I have not seen any noticeable difference in my skin tone.Just wanted to check how long it can be used? is it OK if I use it forever or for a limited time period?If not pls suggest me some other good homeopathic cream which I can use for long term and which can deal with my acnes and provides glowing skin.
    Just for the heads up ,I have noticed that I only get 3-4 acnes before one week of my monthly cycle.But my monthly cycle is complete regular.Should I go for any medical tests?Will really appreciate your valuable advice.

    Thanks in advance.

    • shwta chauhan says:

      Sir I want to use homeopathy medicine for fair complexion,i have pimple, and a lot of pimple marks scars and pigmentation,blemish.i want glowing brighten pimple free marks free smooth and complexion skin so plz suggest medicine,my skin is age is plzzzzzz help me.

  418. Sir I want to use homeopathy medicine for fair complexion,i have pimple,pimple marks scars and pigmentation,blemish.i want glowing brighten pimple free marks free smooth and complexion skin so plz suggest medicine,my skin is age plzzzzzz help me.i have whiteheads and blackheads so plz help me.

  419. dear sir
    my skin is brown however i have really bad dark circles around my eyes and it is black around mouth i would like to lighten these areas so my skin on my face is one colour. i also have acne scars on my cheeks and forehead. please may you help so i can have clear skin.

    • dear sir
      my skin is brown however i have really bad dark circles around my eyes and it is black around mouth i would like to lighten these areas so my skin on my face is one colour. i also have acne scars on my cheeks and forehead. please may you help so i can have clear skin.

  420. Dear sir, My skin is bright. But in my face have some spider veins and few blackish small spot. My skin is dull. it is not looks healthy, smooth and fairer. Because of the reasons mentioned above, My real brightness of skin not comes out. I will be very thankful if you suggest me what medicine should I use to get fair, bright and spotless skin?From where should I buy the medicine and in what quantity I will use every day? my age is 20

  421. I have acne problem sir now days I am getting dual skin.

    • To Dr Sharma
      I have really bad skin i have acne scars on my cheeks and forehead also i have really bad dark circles around my eyes and around my mouth. My skin colour is brown however around my eyes and mouth it is dark dark brown. i want to lighten these areas to get one skin complexion and also a have smooth glowing skin.

  422. Sir i want to use homiopathic medicine for fair complexion
    Which one is better for me i am 30 year old
    I have whetish dark skin color but i want mor fair complexion
    And from where i can buy this medicine
    And how much price of this medicine plz reply me and also known that taraxacum q and taraxacum officenle q is the seme homiopaty medicen for fairness. Plz suggest me right medicen for sure fairness. I have use many costly fairness cream and tablet for fairness but they could nothing.

  423. Sir i want to use homiopathic medicine for fair complexion
    Which one is better for me i am 30 year old
    I have whetish dark skin color but i want mor fair complexion
    And from where i can buy this medicine
    And how much price of this medicine plz reply me and also known that taraxacum q and taraxacum officenle q is the seme homiopaty medicen for fairness. Plz suggest me right medicen for sure fairness. I have use many costly fairness cream and tablet for fairness but they could nothing.

    • Sir i want to use homiopathic medicine for fair complexion
      Which one is better for me i am 30 year old
      I have whetish dark skin color but i want mor fair complexion
      And from where i can buy this medicine
      And how much price of this medicine plz reply me and also known that taraxacum q and taraxacum officenle q is the seme homiopaty medicen for fairness. Plz suggest me right medicen for sure fairness. I have use many costly fairness cream and tablet for fairness but they could nothing.

  424. shweta bajaj says:

    Is there nedicine for wrinkles on face due to wrong use of cosmetics n massage with tight hands

  425. Hi..iam 34 yrs face is very dark compared to other parts of the body which is not exposed
    .now i rarely go outside and stay indoor. Bt still the same.I have pimples often but the scar remain for manymonths.i want a fair and clear face..pls help me.

  426. Rashmi Singh says:

    Hi sir,
    I’m into my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and suffering from child main cheeks n nose.please suggest me a appropriate medicine.

  427. Sir i wanaa to use this medicine for fair complexion
    Which one is better for me i am 22 year old
    I have normal skin color but i want mor fair complexion
    And from where i can buy this medicine
    And how much price of this medicine plz reply me

  428. Yash chotaliya says:

    This is permanent treatment?

  429. Hi sir my name is Ali i used to have a lots of pimples on my face which has now became black color spots.

    please sujjest me how to get rid of black color spots and fair skin.

    please help me out.

  430. sabita mohanty says:

    Sir,I am 23yrs. Old married woman .but my skin has no glow or attractiveness instead of being fair.may I use any of your homeopathic medication to enhance the face glow I.e. the first medicine.

  431. Nikita Patidar says:

    Frakles on face &pimples & dandruff

  432. Mousakhi sau says:

    Dr i am 31 yr old. I have black & brown freckles on my cheeks, nose& chin from 2008. I also have goitre /hypothyroide with a high TSH value like 90 / 40/ more than 100
    Pis tell me the treatment &doses of my freckles . My nature gose with N0atrum Mure medicine.

  433. special grace says:

    please sir help me am dieing of reduced confidence. i hv a birth mark on ma left cheek which is dark red in colour how on earth can i safetly nd effectively..thnx for ur great work.

  434. sir ,
    M 35 year old ,n i hav a problem around eyes n skin face wrinkles.
    plz suggested me homeo medicine to treatment

    • sangeeta chakraborty says:

      M 36 years old, n m facing problem with wrinkles .
      Sir, plz suggest me homeo medicine for treatment.
      Plz help

  435. Haroon khan says:

    My age is 45 and my face Colo is not balanced due to sun burn and dark skin of face please recommend best homeopathic medicine please

  436. Sir I am aged about 42 yrs my skin is dull not like women skin little like mom gender so I am very upset of this no value in society insult pls any tablet I can get clear skin and I am diabetic so pls suggest tablet I can get WhatsApp 8095926182

  437. Vipin singh panwar says:

    Sir mugge bhut small types k black heads forhrad pr h.and nose pr to bhut h and abhi face bhut dull and black hua h so mugge kya krna chahiye..

  438. Jaideep ingale says:

    Could u tell me how take or dose of following medicine for skin problems.
    1. Sepia
    3.berberis aquifollium

  439. Aashiya Shaikh says:

    Dr I m 18 years old by reading this information i would like to take berberis aquifolium q but i was gng through such forums that tls us that it cn be harmful too if tkn more dose of it n In 1 forum they were telling to consume ths berberis in dilute form in water 10 drops but how it can be possible i mean It is available in dilute form also?so can you tell me when i should take n how many times per day n I am scared that it wont affect menstrul cycle r else Thank you kindly reply please.

  440. RATNA RAJSHRI says:

    i have some quries regarding thyroid/rheumatoid artheritis an dskin problems.
    thnx & regards

  441. I am 22 years old my face Skin is dull and does not match with the body i have little pimple on my face too help to to get back my face with enhaced complexon

  442. I am 22 years old my face Skin is dull and does not match with the body i have little pimple on my face too help to to get back my face with enhaced complexon

  443. I m 25 yrs old but i lost my soft and cute i have pimples ,blackheads around my nose circle and black spot where are pimples death .what type of homeopathic remedies use my face plz tell me abt this …i want glowing and fresh skin for my face..plz sir tell me..

  444. I m 21 years old but I lost my glowing face . now I have pimple n pimple everywhere on the face I m using aquiplus since 5 days but it us increasing my acne Dr I also has dark circle n dull face pls direct me ……………

  445. i m 34 yrs old n start noticing my facial skin bcmg darker n dull. Small pimples n black heads cmg out every day while my face was earlier very clear n stomach goes upset very easily n usually very loose . Hairfall is very dominant n hair hv bcum very thin n dry day by day. I m really worried . Plz suggest sum medicine for me.

  446. priyanka nahar says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am getting the acne problem on my fore head also i was suggested to use selliwash but i am not getting any good result . so plz suggest me something which help to remove the acne and the spot too.
    my fore head getting dark day by day so many dark marks are also arise .

  447. Please give the direction how to take Berberis Aquifolium .

  448. sarita bandral says:

    Hai i m sarita 32yrs old i have wrikle lines dull skin n freekles on my face what hemopathic medicine i should use n from where i coul bought them.

  449. sarita bandral says:

    Hai Dr.sharma i m 32yrs old i have freekles on my face n fine lines n dull skin pls sugest what hemopathic medicine i shoul use n from where i get it.

  450. Hii Dr. Sharma.. I am 22years old. My face skin very dull , black heads andwrinkle lines day by day .How can I change for white and glowing face skin.plz rply me sir.

    • Sangita Khanna says:

      Hello Dr. My son is 15 years old and has very uneven skin tone..also has pimples on face and blackheads .He gets itching on legs,thigh fold and back..his skin has become very dark and patchy.
      Please suggest some medicine for him.

  451. Is charmskin ointment safe to use? I have few spots on my skin I am using berberine aquifolium and charmskin ointment as prescribed by the doctor.

  452. Hi my name is Alice I am a black women been dealing with some sort of brown marks and disfigured marks on my face due to previous acne what’s best for me to use and dealing with large pores

  453. satya brata mondal says:

    sir i am 35 years old.My skin is lightly black and dry(specially during winter season).sir what medicine i use in my this problem?

    • Hello Dr. Sharma

      I am a 30 year old female and though my facial skin is smooth to touch, visibly it looks very dull and unpleasant with red acne scars and dark circles under my eyes. I am already fair skinned and I feel very conscious about this. I have tried every possible cream in the market and I hate using make up to conceal it. Please advice which medicine should I i use to gain my supple clear skin back.

      • Sara athar says:

        I am a 26year old female and though my facial skin is smooth to touch, visibly it looks very dull and unpleasant with acne scars and dark circles under my eyes and a monkey like dark patch around my lips I hv wheatish complexion
        and I feel very conscious about this. I have tried every possible cream in the market and I hate using make up to conceal it. Please advice which medicine should I i use to gain my supple clear skin back.

  454. Sir.i want to have Berberis for my complexion.i m married n 35yrs old.Can u suggest me how to use it.Iz it available in Pakistan.i vl thankful if u reply me.

    • Hello dr.sharma …I am 21 years old…my face skin is dark…how can I change for white r bright skin…plzz help me. .which medicine can I use?..reply me sir …

  455. sudhir yadav says:

    sir my face in dark spot and many mark
    how can it clear
    please tell me which cream are use

  456. Hello doctor .
    Can u suggest for me a good medicine which i can easily get from stores here in UAE.
    My skin got lots of mark and its dark in some areas so i want a fair and clear skin.and i have another problem of pimples.i get pimples everytime and they left mark on my face.

    Please help me i am gonna get engaged soon.

  457. Dear Sir, I am worried about my skin, its getting dull and dark, also wrinkles are appearing around eyes, forehead and mouth. I am 31 years old and shortly will get married. Kindly suggest me remedies for my problem. I had consulted dermatologist few months ago and had undergone peel treatment 3 sittings. Please help me to find a solutionbefore my marriage.
    Thanks and Regards

  458. hii. dr sharma my skin is become dul and dark . and i have pimple . i want my skin pure and glowing . i consulted one homeopathy doctor she give me cucumber cream and one face wash . it is enough for me .or not. at the of 12 years i used one cream which is avaible in markets etc right from there my skin will become black and un healthy . plz suggest one good answer

  459. My skin is dark complexioned. After sun exposure my face skin becomes dark. Very dark. I want my skin to completely vanish melanin n want fair glowing healthy skin. Plz help.

  460. Hina fatima says:

    Hello dr,mera question ye h k Berberis Aquifolium ko kis potency m use krna h r single compound
    M use krna h ya ni Please reply

  461. Dhiraj phusey says:

    dr sharmaji i need me your help i need face oil clear and dagsports night and white face cream plz i very need your help

  462. Nandini verma says:

    Corner of my lips a small brown mark emerged. It is from last 6-7 years. Will berberis Aquifolium work in it.?
    Nandini verma

  463. Hi dr. I hv a problem of complexion before married I was fair in colour but gradually my colour become dark firt my face and now my exposed body is also change in colour even I m house wife and I hv not exposed to sun directly I used many thing Firstly they effects but evrn totkay my skin became bright but now any thing I used my skin become more darker than before plzzzzz help me out I m really grateful to you

  464. hello sir mere skin kabhi sfed hota h kabhi kala hota h m bhut pareshn hu or chote chote kala maas h pizz sir kuch bta do sir glowing skin kr liye

  465. Hello sir
    I get spots resulting from pimples and the spots are not going please recommend some medicines to get rid of it please suggest for glowing skin

  466. Hello Dr. ,actually I am not able to get to know which medicine shall I use for freckles.I have freckles in my face and they are spreading. I have freckles in my nose,and they are many on my right cheek.some are very dark and some are light.plz advice which medicine shall I use and dosage too

  467. kahmira sagar.....up police says:

    Sir mere face pr chhote chhote Masse ho gye h …….me in se bahut presaan hu plz help me….sir.

  468. Sir i am 35 years old. I am naturally fair and my complexion used to shine some times. But now and days i frequently get patchy skin which makes my face and neck look dark. I have minimum itching too. I have tried everything. Facial, bleaching, all sorts of home remedies too. Didn’t work. Please help me. I don’t want to look dark. I hate it. —Priya(Chennai, Madipakkam)

  469. Hello sir my skin is getting brown and dark and when I go in contact to sun my face skin get red and then get dark my face skin is also oily give suggestions to get fair and glowing face..
    Thank u

  470. hello doctor,
    i am suffering with the problem of brown and black pigmentation on forhead and above the cheeks of my face. i used so many medicines. but no make me to go too much depression. please give me some remedies for my problem.
    thank you

  471. Hello doctor,

    I was using no scare cream for pimple and got rosecia problem and then I want to doc reena Sharma and i got rid of rosecia problem……and still medicine are continuing but now one problem created of darken skin…
    I want to get back my fair skin…
    Please do needfull for me..

  472. Ranjana sidhu says:

    Hlo , Dr.
    I have a huge problem with my skin. I have a dull nd pimpley skin .I hve tried many thngs but no results pls tell what should i use for pimple free ,fairer nd glowing skin.
    I’ll be cordialy thankful to you.

  473. Hello doctor..
    .m from Nagpur. .n m just tired of my pigmented tanned dry dull skin with dark circles :(:(:(…
    n as I am an engineering student I hardly get time to pamper myself..
    so I need your help …

    • I have few spots on my skin and my complexion is dull and oily the doctor advised me to use berberis aquifolium drops and charmskin ointment. Shall I continue the process? Is charmskin ointment sage to use?

  474. Hello Doc,
    I am 26 years old male. I am suffering from various skin conditions. Currently I am living in Kuala Lumpur, which is very humid place. I am a heavy smoker.

    1) Facial: I have a terribly oily skin. In the morning every day I shower and get to work and within an hour no matter I am in a aircond room or not my face become severely oily. I sometimes get a few pimples too on my face. Face skin start looking dark and dehydrated and tired. Eyes also get tired easily ( I wear specs of -2.0 power) I also get black heads which I clean using an instrument like a stick but not regularly.

    2) I am having very thick and rough skin around my genetials in both thigh sides and in between. Its very itchy and have very bad odour too. The blackish and whitish thick rough skin looks like cracked skin. Even within 10 minutes of showering it starts to get sweaty and smelly. I cannot completly dry the place after cleaning. I always feel its wet and a portion of water is always there and it feels the place is rotten.

    3) I have something looks like burned skin spot in round shaor scattered round shape at my back and on both sides shoulder just beside my neck. Sometime after coming back home it looks deep red and if not going to sun or staying cool it looks browinsh. Sometimes have white dead skins on it.

    I have a severe problem of sweating also, which causes body odour. Under arm sweating alot and odour too. Kindly please tell me what should I do I am willing to try Homeopathy treatment so that I can solve all these problem forever and efectively and fast. Please prescribe me the right treatment.

  475. Hi.. since last 1 yr I am having acne its real v bad.. I mean 32 yrs old.. in my teen yrs even I didn’t have acne my skin use to glow but since 1 yrs I m having acne and hair fall … so today hi went to the doc he suggests me some homeo medicines which r
    For skin
    Berberis aquifolium 1x 5 to 10 drop 3 times daily
    Jodium 1m (5to 10 drop a week)
    For hair
    Jaborandi q
    Acidum hydrofluoricum 30 5 to 10 drop 3 times daily

    Just wanna know how to use them all together are they gud enough. . I have these 4 medicine with me all in liquid form. Plz tell me dosage

  476. cute princess says:

    I m 18 years old..
    And my problem is face acne n pimpls …so many creams nd products i m used but the condition is still same …when i use something thn my pimples r gone but they leave their marks ..which r looking so dark …what to do…plzzzz help me for clear skin nd pimples free face for forever….

  477. siddh pandey says:

    doctor my skin has become dull due to this i have used several ointments and my soap was vivel aelovera but now its giving me dull skin please help me to regain my glow and suggest me something from which i can get my glow back its my humble request pls reply me . my age is 22

  478. G. Padmakumari says:

    Sir, I am 55 years old and remove my uterus. I am papery white but my face is so dark colour and sun tan . somany medicines are used. Nothing happened. Please suggest a best cream to remove my dark colour in my face

    • Hello Sir

      I am 47 year old man. My problem is that my face is getting darker day by day for the last four five years. My skin complexion is not white but in middle. When compared with the covered part like shoulders and face its like white and dark. It is increasing day by day. I haven’t used any medicines till date. Some spots are also there. I am exposed to sun light daily for about one hour during by bike travelling. Please suggest me a remedy and where it will be available. I am from ernakulam kerala. Hope to have your reply at the earliest

  479. Plz sir suggest me best medicine for fine line and wrinkles and face tightening

  480. Hello Sir,

    Plz suggest me the best homeo medicine/ remedy for my dark complexion.

  481. Chandana gadeela says:

    Hello sir, iam suffering from unwanted hair on my face and i feel ashemed to go in to public….so plz tell me in which way you are going help me?

  482. Hello i an astik patel i have my dul skin from last 3 month and day by day my skin is becoming dul and black and some small small like pimple came on my face

    Please replay

    • Hello Sir
      I am 30 year girl having oily skin few acne and deep scars into face ..My complexion is brown… I used SPF 50 before sun explore but still after some time my face look dirty dull oily tanned. .. due to fast tanning in sun exposure my complexion become more darker again and again also pigmentation /sun burn marks on my cheeks …
      I really want clear complexion and glow on my face kindly suggest what should I take ..

  483. Hello ,m maya Age26,weight74,height5.11
    Meri skin lil oily hai,mujhe bhot pimples aa rhe hai cheecks pr,ate jate hai,i want pimple scar free glowing skin…
    Can u suggest something

  484. Hi my complexion was fair but since last winter my complexion worsen and started to plz tel me abt age is 50yr old.

  485. dear Sir,
    it’s is v NYC information.sir my elder sis is 38 but her skin is v dry . she has kidney stone and hyper acidity.that is why heat in the body is high. her skin is v dry and getting wrinkles smile area and skinn is getting sagged. can u plz prescribe a NYC ointment she has sensitive skin.

  486. I am having patchy skin and dark color skin. Kindly suggest some good homeopathic medicine for this problem

  487. Hi madam I am pushpa my daughter(8 year old) she is little black so I want that she will be little white for that what medicine soap or cream she should apply.

  488. Thank you for your kind information sir …please mention power ….

  489. Sudhir Sharma says:

    Dear sir, I am Sudhir Sharma my daughter Ayushi Sharma. She is little black. So, I want that she will be little whiteness for that what medicine or cream she should apply.

  490. gunjan khurana says:

    dear madam, i have hypothyroidism, i have dark underarms and dark inner thighs, please suggest some homeopathic cream/medicine for the same

  491. i need a homeopathic remedy for sagging skin and wrinkled skin
    first thing i want to tell is that i know there are many excellent homeopathic medicines which do wonders to skin…….
    i want a remedy which will make my skin shiny glowing and wrinklefree

    secondly i also want to recommend good homeopathic medicines for acne prone skin …..

    • gunjan khurana says:

      dear madam, i have hypothyroidism, i have dark underarms and dark inner thighs, please suggest some homeopathic cream/medicine for the same

  492. Please tell which medicine is best for collagen production as I am growing older and loosing elasticity and having wrinkles all over my face. Please help. My age is 42 .

  493. Abhishe Ranjan says:

    my colour is brown and two marks on both sides of cheek. I want to become fair. Is any cure?
    Please write me.

  494. Sir
    What is the charge of this treatment?
    And I have little bit acne on my face I have use lemon on my face to remove my sun tan .
    I’m looking fair plse tell me
    Tips to get glowing and clear face
    And sometime my face looking fair and sometime looking black and totally dull
    Plse tell me solution for glowing skin.


    Hello sir,
    I am suffering from hair falling problem,

  496. Hello doctor
    . my skin is dull not glowing and day by day I getting darker skin….which medicine should I take

    .pls sir must reply
    I’m Waiting for ur reply…

    • Sir
      My name is Keshav .
      I’m 18 yes old and I’m from chandigarh
      What is the charge of this treatment?
      And I have little bit acne on my face I have use lemon on my face to remove my sun tan .
      I’m looking fair plse tell me
      Tips to get glowing and clear face
      And sometime my face looking fair and sometime looking black and totally dull
      Plse tell me solution for glowing skin.
      PlsPlsre help me.

  497. Mominah noor says:

    My age is 16 and I have pimples on face since 2 years. I am fed up now.They are not going out of my face. now am having black marks on my face and my skin colour is getting dark. What should I do?
    Can uh help me please!?

  498. hiii sir i m 24 year girl sir my skin colour is dark nd please HELP me my skin tone fair tritment …

  499. Jagannath Panigrahi says:

    Hello Sir,
    Myself Jagannath Panigrahi from India.My age is 23
    years. My problem is that I have
    acne marks and whiteheads since 6 years also my skin is very oily/dull and
    my face looks very bad with full of
    small holes
    i have used all aurvedic , alopathy ,
    and homeopathy suggestions likes berberis aquifolium,Sunny fairness,Soundarya etc since 6 years but didn’t
    get any result.
    plz plz
    help me out of this…

  500. Sir can you please tell us what is the dosage required for Burberry aquafolium MT …. And how long to continue this medicine ?

  501. Dear sir, I want to fair my skin that is why I have users so many fairness cream available in market.but not gud response. Kindly recomd fairness cream name by homeopath ……….thanks

  502. Jaskiran Kaur says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 30 year old Indian female and have been living in New Zealand since last three years. Last year, I was contacted with chicken pox. But the relieving part was that I did not get any scars on my face. It’s been a year now and from last few months I have scars over my face and I keep getting acne. I have taken homeopathic medicine for few ailments when I was in India and I am a firm believer of this science of medicine as it has helped to cure all my problems.

    One of my friends here suggested me a homeopathic cream – Lords Glow Care Complexion Cream for treating my current problem. He used it few years back and it gave him effective results. I was researching about it and I happened to come across your website. It would be great if you could suggest me about the cream and if it would be a good idea to try it.



  503. jais prajapati says:

    I have eye dark circle from 3 years and my face colour not so fare and not so dark, I use many home remedies n creams BT no response
    plz tell me one tube for eye dark circle which gives result postive in 1-2 months

  504. I have black and brown till on my face how to remove them

  505. Hi Dr Sharma,

    Just wanted to know how much a consultation with you costs in GBPounds.

    Am desperate to get some remedies for a couple of things.

    Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Many thanks.

  506. m frm pakistan my problm is mery face py side py black dagh hain aur uneven skin tone hai koi cream apply krny sy mazeed kahrb ho jati hai skin r bhot bareak sy dany a jaty hain asu kia chez use kru ky skin white ho jye ak jasi aur full body whitening ka b bta dean kuch thanks main 24 sal ki hun

  507. anuprabha.nair says:


    I am having dark skin with white head’s and spores are remedies for all these problems.

  508. greetings of the day,
    Sir how can we consume these medicines or where can we get these medicines and what is the procedure to consume the medicines?
    i have oily skin with dark complexion and small pimples do occurs repeatedly on my face which makes the skin even more dull.
    please do help me.
    thank you

  509. Sanjeev Agrawal says:

    I am sanjeev Agrawal from gaya and have wrinkles on my neck, bald head, emotional, weeping tendency, sex in mind all the time, beauty contious, please recommend the medicine

  510. Hi
    I am farnaaz I am 38 old I wash my face at neem face wash after that I got more pimples on my face now pimple is cleared but black marks of pimples is their because of over heat in my body don’t suitable any cream or face wash but any cream is their to clear marks on my face please suggest some cream

  511. PAWAN KUMAR says:

    Dear mam
    Myself pawan age is 23 problem is that skin is oily/dull and black and brown patches in my face near both side of nose in cheeks.please suggest me the best homeopathy for this.
    Thank you

  512. Hello Dr. My name is preeti,I HV acne marks since 20 years and I HV tried all type of medicines but didn’t get any result and my skin is becoming too dark gv me the solution

  513. Hello sir , from last 3 year my pimples is coming continusly on face . i have used all aurvedic , alopathy , and homeopathy suggestions and medicines… My skin is oily and i have poped the the pimple and now my face looks very bad with full of small holes and with dark spots on my face please … Sir help me out…

  514. Shubham sharma says:

    hello sir
    my name is shubham
    I am from Lucknow
    my facial skin is dull and little oily and have a dark complexion on comparison with other part of body I want my facial skin to be fair
    pls suggest me any remedy

  515. tariq lodhi says:

    Hello dr Sharma I am 48 years old male . name is tariq lives Lahore pakistan . My colour is dark since childhood. I need to white my skin . Plz suggest medicine .my job is sale department .3 to 4 hours field duty in hospitals.
    Kindly suggest medicene

    • Md Manzoor Ahmed says:

      Hello Dr Sharma myself Md Manzoor Ahmed my age is 55 problem is my face skin is oily dull and black I want my facial skin to be fair reductive melanin please suggest me result oriented homeopathy remedy thanks hopping for a excellent reply

  516. amarital singh says:

    Sir. I am suffering with small acne problem from last three months .I am 19 yrs old boy . Please suggest me good medicine.I tried lot’s of face wash and creams but I didn’t find any result. Please sir give me ans

  517. R.P.Acharya says:

    My son is facing skin problem since last five years. Doctor is telling that oil from food is not absorbed by his body. Oil is coming through skin. It is one type of Allergy. He is always combing his head after returning from outside.While combing dandruff is falling backside and small pimple like patches created backside and face is also covered by pimples which creates itches. I am also observing while urinating odd smell is coming. He has passed B.Tech recently. During allopathic treatment as per advice avoiding oily food,etc doctor told it will continue till his marriage. Advise regading medicine.


  518. anuj yadav says:

    hello sir my skin colour is dark .i want a fair skin .please help me sir

  519. Juli kumari says:

    Hello Dr.sharma,I am juli.My body skin is sawanli but i want to make whole body whitesh without any side effect. Please suggest me .

  520. Good morning doctor.

    My son has little dark complexion with pimples..
    Pls suggest any medicine to lighten his skin.



  522. Hello, I am Reeram. I have a fair skin and it’s affected by pigmentation and scars.Will homeopathy clear my skin disease.

  523. Sir.myself navjyoti….I wz using panderm plus cream for few years for fairness…but I hv stopped using it nw I hv lost fairness and hvng dark complexion plz help me out of this…

    • Hello dr. My skin is dull , dark and greasy with freckles and wrinkles . Pls suggest me any ointment and homeopathy medicine.

      • Hello sir my skin oily. I have lots of mark & whiteheads problems on my face. My complexion was fair but now m looking dark. Plzz sir suggest me any ointment plzzz

        • DR. Raghav says:

          I think you have to use LIKOPODIUM. For best result it increses your hair too and will make black …. Power of this medicine is 3o

          • I have dark skin , and easily gets affected by sun , so please suggest me any thing to get fair skin

  524. Karizul Khan says:

    Sir, my skin is dark and I want it to become fair and white…So What’s about it ?

  525. Amrit Sandhu says:

    Helo doc
    My skin is vry dull and acne prone. I have tried evry single product available ranging from natural cold pressed aloe to Kama products. But just nothing is helping my skin recover. It’s getting worse n worse. I wud b getting married in Nov. Plz suggest me a remedy for bringing d glow bck n also for acne
    Hope to hear frm u soon
    Thank u

  526. Hello Sir,

    I have scars in my face due to pinmples, I want to get rid of it and also suggest remedy or craem for fair & Glowing skin.

    • Gurleen bedi says:

      Hlo sir I m 23 yrs old I have acne on my face nd their scars ,I took many kinds of treatment in homeopathy spcly bt no change pls suggest me remedy plz sir

  527. Sanchita Banerjee says:

    Hello sir am 4rm India 46yrs my skin is becoming extremely dry but my face is partialy normal its no so dry as my neck,hands and taking vitamin E,C,A since 3 months but no result plz help

  528. kokkirigadda rajesh says:

    Hai sir iam rajesh. My face and body is very dullness and like a pegmentation. So suggest me pls sir

  529. Good morning sir.
    In my back there r some black patches r visable old suggest me some home medicine.
    Thank u.

  530. swati mishra says:

    I want to my skin fair. My skin is sawanli. Please suggest how to make skin and face sawanli to very fair.

  531. Hello dr M sneha from india. I have brown spots on my face. Pls tell me the sollution…. pls..

  532. Mansi Naithani says:

    My skin is getting dull day by day and loosing its glow. More over my skin is too sagging of face as well as whole body. I’m constantly loosing charm of young age. I live in rural area with very less pollution and hot sun .
    Please help me out sir.

  533. Rajiv Ranjan says:

    I want to my wife’s skin fair. Her skin is sawanli. Please suggest how to make skin and face sawanli to very fair.

  534. ritika chavan says:

    Hi sir I m ritika.I have more fairer skin.o want to loose little brightness of my body.plz tell options

  535. amol adhav says:

    Hi sir my face skin is becoming black because of sun rays and pollution even if i use creams or facewash what can i do for it

  536. sazid khan says:

    Sir mere chehre par punciya nikalti h aur phir moti ho jati h aur unme akdahat hoti h aur we deel ban jati h aur phir kale daag ho hate koI upchar bataye

  537. Namrata kumari says:

    My skin is so dark…so plan sir tell me the fairness medicine that 100% works…

  538. I have lost of tym and money for my brown freckles,sun spot ,tanning , old scars and stains in my face. My face is totally dull.Pls suggest me how to remove my freckles and old scars for clear skin

  539. Namaskar Sir. My name is Neha and I am seeking your advice for glowing and healthier skin. I am currently based in H.P and do not have access to homeopathic clinics or Dr. Kindly help me regarding it. Honestly I feel low in confidence because of my skin though I take care of my diet and exercise regularly. My mother is also equally worried , probably I’m not getting married because I have pigments , dark complexion etc. I am very sensitive to sun and cold. I love to read and travel. I understand the importance to know the inner self and enhancing inner beauty but I just wana be a little presentable outwardly. I seek your guidance and writing to you with hopes. Kindly also let me know the good time to talk to you.

    Kind Regards,

  540. Nethra srinivas says:

    Hello doctor. M 27 yrs old female. I have one year kid n lactation women. I wanna become fair.. M Fed up off creams n lotions.. M looking something for permanent fairness.. so kindly help me out doctor. Thanks in advance..

  541. my age is 28 I am suffering from blimish from last two year my face dull day by day. No glow on my face and even shade is black now . I try many treatment by no any result even on my face more spot and uneven tone now. please help me how to remove blimish and face fAir

  542. kiran kumar says:

    hi sir my name is kiran kumar i want glowing skin so please help sir ,i want homeopathy tips sir

  543. My problem is excessive hairfall..from roots.I have a 5 yes old child and suffering this problem since couple of years. Have done homeopathy treatment before but relief is always temporary. After tests no thyroid prob and no menstrual imbalance. Despite of all tests clear I am also having a prob of facial and body hair growth .testosterone level is normal and no diabetes. But without menstrual problem doctors are mostly confused. My skin is not clear or flawless with some blemishes.Thanks

  544. Dr praveen ortho surgeon says:

    My butterfly area of facial skin is dull.dry photosesitive.thinskin with acnespots so please suggest best homeopathic treatment. I m using suncream in morning. then please tell me what treatment for my facial skin with out any complications and sideeffects . Thanks

  545. argha bag says:

    Sir my face colour and body colour is so day by day my face colour is become dark up to neck.please sir tell me the solution so that it will recovered..

  546. rahul sir says:

    i have Familial dyskeratotic comedones (FDC) how to deal with please tell me

    • caroline says:

      The Dr doesr not seem to respond .
      Best to invest in a professional encyclopaedia of homeopathy and get the answers.

  547. Sonal Bhandari says:

    I want a treatment for fareness n glowing skin
    I dont want any creame or tablet
    Is there any other remedy apart from this….

  548. I am 53 years old and I have under eyes .I have also crow feet under my eyes. Deep wrinkles have started appearing on my forehead. In general my skin is loosing elasticity n looks much older then my age .plz can u help

  549. Freckles all over face and body is there a table and high strength cream I can use I’m a redhead so I know I’m prone to ig though I want to clear all my skin

    • riya kumari says:

      I am 22 yrs old ,I m worried about my skin ,my skin is dull and my face is black by birth , I am getting married soon ,kindly suggest me remedies for my problem before my marrige.thanks and regard

  550. Laxmi priya Nath says:

    Sir , I am 25yr old . I have a skin problem that the skin of my hands and feets are much dark than other parts so can you suzest me some medicine if there is or any advise for me ?

  551. My from my shoulder to thai my skin is not so blavk but my knee face hand is becoming black day by day so plz give me the solution

  552. I am 38 yrs old and have dark skin. I am looking for whitening skin. Which homeopathic medicine do you prefer?

  553. I am looking for whitening skin. Which homeopathic medicine do u prefer

  554. Rashmi Chodda says:

    I am 50 yrs old and had lost my hair during chemotherapy. Now hair is growing but its thin, brittle and dry. Pls suggest me how can I have thick and long hair using homeopathy. Any hair mask which I may apply?


  555. nisha banwani says:

    My face is dark as compare to my neck. I have pimples and scares leaving by them . This makes my face dirty n dull .i have my marriage in September I want a glowing n flawless skin plz advice me what medicines should. I choose ????

  556. I have hair fall and hair thinning problem since six years. What so ever I do, my hair just thins out. I jad a very thick hair and now my hair density is nothing. Please help me to regain a long thick and dense hairs. My age is 30, married, have a son of 5 years. Bit of stressful life. Am a naturopathic physician. But self healing becomes difficult for me.

  557. umera khan says:

    I have agreasy dirty looking face and skin prone to pimples. Sometimes i feel that inside my body is burning with fever. I get too much perspiration in my palms sole of the feet face and head.i get cravings for sweet.i also feel hungry most of the time soon after eating food.please suggest suitable medicine for me and its doses. I m 36 years old.

  558. Cece Blake says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma:
    My Mother is 84 years old. She is losing weight and is almost skin and bones yet no one can find anything wrong with her, really.
    She has a healthy appetite, yet her body does not seem to absorb anything.
    We liquefy her food so that she can eat nourishing things, but each time she eats, in the nightime the ailment kicks in.
    Used to eat meat, including pork, but has been on a healthy diet for the past 5 years.
    Does not take any medication. Takes a host of herbal supplements.
    Complains of a sensation like a ball bouncing in her stomach. Sometimes the stomach moves, you can see it moving.
    Nightmares, including dead people and singing.
    At all times you see her rocking to the tune of the music in her head.
    Heat in head. When the stomach starts acting up, the head starts an incredible burning.
    Touch the head, feel the heat. Her back burns, too.

    Recently the doctors performed a procedure on her stomach inserting botox within the inner tube of her stomach wall. Consensus was that that stomach had collapsed.

    Some days shes good, other days shes bad. She’s a trouper and does the best she can, but I don’t know how much longer she can hold onto such distress in her life.

  559. deepmala says:

    I have black chin and dark circle since 2years

  560. I have acne on my neck due to prickly heat dusring summer days. I used many medicine to remove but still its present and i want to fair my skin please suggest me some useful homeopathic medicine .
    Thank you

  561. sonali swetapadma satapathy says:

    sir my skin is full of pimples and seviour hair fall and donot grow long . how can i do for that.

  562. Jeet singh choudhary says:

    Sir my skin is dark scars present and black skin plz talk carefully treatment plz sir

  563. Hi I have lots of little freckles on arms, face, shoulders. I am a quiet person, dreamy, creative, sensitive and emotional. I prefer cooler climate to hot. I crave salty and sweet items, but have a good
    Healthy balanced diet. Prefer gentle exercise ( walking/yoga).

    What remedy will help remove freckles? Graphite, Natrum Mur? What dose? 30c?

    Also my immune system is very weak… Constant
    Viruses lately, tired, thirsty, lack of sleep… What can you recommend?
    Thanks for advice

  564. Sir, my face was allergic to sun. Due to this pimples grown up and when exposed to outside my cheeks get redish and cause pimples. Plsss help me sir

    My face was oily .i want clear face

  565. Woreingam Rimai says:

    Want to know the best homeopathy medicine for oily and greasy dark skin. It worsen when exposed in the sun. And also want to know remedy for dry like.

  566. Want to know best homeopathy soap dat reduces pimpkes n acne n give fairer complextion Dan normal color…? Suggest me one o two best soap?

    • Laxmi priya Nath says:

      Sir , I am 25yr old . I have a skin problem that the skin of my hands and feets are much dark than other parts so can you suzest me some medicine if there is or any advise for me ?

  567. Rekha dhama says:


  568. Jay Nath says:

    Sir, mere chehre pr bahut saare dane nikle h aur naak ke charo oor phode jaise hote h.

    I am very troubling this diseases.

    Please save me sir…

  569. hai Dr sharma I am boy of 18 year my skin is totally black but my wish is to be a skin beautiful fairer handsome please help my skin is dry not oily what should I do please help me

  570. Dr pls recommend me oral and external medicine for dirty greasy looking palms sole of feet and face sweat a lot.and suffering from external piles.very bad heart burn problem also

  571. Dr pls recommend me oral and external medicine for dirty greasy looking palms sole of feet and face sweat a lot.and suffering from external piles

  572. Hi, I have some damage on my chin due to IPL and affirm laser treatments. The damage includes calcified scar tissue as well as change in pigmentation and several small scars scattered on the surface. Do you have a homeopathic suggestion for how to treat damaged skin from laser procedures?


  573. pragya singh says:

    hello dr

    i am suffring from brown n black spots which are on my face.
    kidly give the permanet removing solution of this problem

    • Dr pls recommend me oral and external medicine for dirty greasy looking palms sole of feet and face sweat a lot.and suffering from external piles.very bad heart burn problem also

  574. namste sir mera naam abhinav hai sir mere face per glow nahi hai or choti choti kile nikal jaati hai,or ek face per nishan hai accident se ho gya tha wo kaala pad chuka hai koi dwaai btaiye jisse wo nishaan or rang saaf ho jaye chehre per glow aajaye aakho ke niche bi black color ke spots hai

  575. Hi doctor sharma I have freckles n black
    spots all over my face please suggest me some homeopathy cream for freckles.. Thank you

  576. hi. sir my self sam i hv 1 scar mark on my nose ,becz of befr 3 yr i gt accident & already i use so many oilment fr remv dat mark but it steel is der … but compaire to befr now it liteel bit light.. but i wnt 2 remv full frm my nose so plzzz help me sir… k thanqx

  577. Good day doctor, I just turned 23, i have dark eye circle, puffy eyes and a dark pimple scared face. I have tried all possible means to clear it but to no avail, please tell me what I can use to clear it and be myself again, I think mine was due to cosmetic.

  578. hi sir/mam i have oily skin and i have brownish skin color give me a suggestion to improve a skin color and to get white and glowing skin

  579. NIBEDITA PADHY says:

    Hello sir…my self Nibedita….mt face was clear in childhood…but due to studies i cant care myself…n thats why some dark spots is in my face due to sunburn…n for that reson all faces looks dull n brownis..i used.many medicine n creams but noresult fonund…so kindly need ur advice n suggestion….how to get clear looks…n also i hve dry skin with sesitive… need ur kind help…

  580. Helen Geoffre says:

    Are there any homeopathic formulas that can help combat sagging facial cheeks due to age and perhaps weight loss?

  581. Good day doctor. I am having male pattern baldness. Suggest me to overcome this. My age is 36. No dandruff. No other problems.

  582. Saipavani says:

    Hi doctor, my age is 23 and my skin is so dull and dry It has no glow at all and I am having wrinkles under the eyes it is so dark can you suggest me a medicine for this what I have to do get rid of all these problems

  583. Doctor i have blackheads and whiteheads both over my nose and chin area. Please suggest me some homeopathic medicines so that i can get rid of this problem permanently

  584. Karizul Khan says:

    Sir, my skin is dark. How can my skin fair and beautiful ?

  585. Hello doctor,
    I am having two problems, After menopause suffering from heavy sweating on head and face with heat strokes coming out frequently , freckles has also appeared on checks and nose bar and which is causing my face complexion darker than my body . Another problem also occurred after menopause too is swelling all over my body, growing in weight, all reports are clear, it is water retention. My age is 55 Please guide me to solve my problem.
    Waiting for your response.

  586. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I had a laser damage my skin on face by drying it out completely. (Originally that was done for more collagen production). This happened 9 months ago. I went to a homeopath 2 months after and they said my constitutional medicine was causticum. I was given *200 potency.

    I can see a bit of a change, i.e my dry patches stop peeling for some time but the overall dryness of the face remains. I got in touch with my homeopaths again, but they decided they did not want to deal with family anymore (I am family to them actually…and dropped me like a hot potato) they are energetically busy with regular patients. After 6 months my face is still dry and the patches only go away so slowly to emerge again all over the sensitive areas of my face. Cheeks and under lower lip on chin. (I only take causticum *200, maybe once per month)

    I don’t have guidance anymore, is it time to take a 1M I think? I don’t want to intervene with the process of my old homeopaths but since they dropped me as a patient I don’t know where to go from here. Would you be someone I could continue getting guidance from? Is there a way to get in touch with you better? Thank You!

  587. Hi I m having lots of acne on my face. I m using cetaphil on face doctor recommended. But it doesn’t work well. These marks r making my skin dull. I m 33 yrs little stressed also. Please suggest.thank-you.

  588. sowjanya nandigam says:

    Hello sir….am 26yrs gal….mr mrg is nearly…am browny color….looking GD….i want to whitening skin….pls give me valueable suggestiions….

  589. m.vijaya kumar says:

    Sir, I am vijay,30 years. My problem is for 4 years my face is getting dark.can u suggest any homeo cream to remove my darkness n getting fair again. Pls help me

  590. Hiiii!, m Kavya n ma skin type s oily wanted to know d best soap to prevent from dark skin,wanted fairer look ..can u suggest me?

  591. Vandana shukla says:

    I had hystectme and after that my skin get
    blemishes on my cheek nose . I tried all jome remedies & cream like skin shine & sll but it is not cursble at all.
    I slso tried some homeopatjic meficines but in vain.. Pls suggest the right & effective treatment if it is possible
    Thanks & regards

  592. omolade.faniomi says:

    Good evening, am omolade.faniomi by name,,,am a fair completion person,,there is these tiny dark spot all over my face from birth,,,, pls is there a way of clearing it off??,ds has been costing me alot,infact the inferiority complex am having over it is quite unspeakable

  593. Sarvjeet randhawa says:

    I have freckles on my face. Skin tone is getting darker day by day. What to do?

  594. nagarjunareddy says:

    I’m suffering dark spots and pimples, Im using panderm ointment. removes darkspot, pimples, improve to glow,but now can’t use the panderm, pimples, darkspot, darkness came my face

    • Hi i m Rashmi 27 age my complexion is dark and uneven specially my hand and face. Forehead is darker as compared to my chicks and dark circle around eye. I want fair glow with even tone my fingures are fair but my hand are dark as compared to other body part. Plz suggest me a medicine or cream which give fairer look and eventone.also i have stitch marks so plz suggest to remove stitch marks also best effective medicine

  595. Dear doctor sharma I have freckles n black spots all over my face accept on forehead from the age of 20,now it has become more n darker, tried all the good products and sunscreens but nothing seems to work, now I am 30 and became mother recently.please suggest me which medicine should I take.

  596. My daughter had extreme level of eczema. Now there are no fresh sores but the old dried ones are still on her skin all over her body. Can you please tell me what homeopathy medicine can I give her to make her skin smooth again?
    She is 22 months old. She got eczema when she had her first DTP shot and with the subsequent shots it spread all over her body. Now, I donot give her any food that releases histamine. I give her probiotics and licorice syrup. That helped. Very rarely I give her Cetrizine when she starts itching. Can I give Histaminium or Calendulla instead? I believe in homeopathy

  597. piya kumari says:

    sir, my age is 22 . my skin is very critical . after washing my face , it looks very dry n after only two hrs it looks uneven n oily . my skin is dull, uneven tone & i am suffering from pimple & spot. open pores on cheeks are also appeared . I m under the treatment of Homeopathic since 4 months but my pimple comes again and again . my pimple tendency is not more, , only two or three pimple occur at a time then those pimples r gone n after two or three days , again pimples r seen. my cheeks r full of spots n open pores. my Homeopathic treatment does not work. what should i do? i want a clear, glowing, youthful skin, plz suggest me a best solution.

  598. anuva sahu says:

    41yrs old ledy. darkcycles are very much black.
    she trobled with period. such monthly cleard then again 12 or 15 days interval once see one drop blood. then stop. then again 3days.

    so what i prescribe a medicine to her?

  599. Kavita majhi says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am a girl my age is 26
    … Sir actually I have oily skin……..there has no glow on my face skin….. My skin condition is bad now… I don’t know what to do….. I want a urgent solution sir,,,,, I want to glowing complexion and spots less skin….. So plzz suggest me to get clear glow skin

  600. Jitendra Pandey says:

    Hello Dr. I am a boy my age is 30+… Sir actually I have dry skin……..there has no glow on my face skin….. My skin condition is too bad now… I don’t know what to do….. I want a urgent solution sir,,,,, I want to glowing complexion and spots less skin….. plzz rly

  601. Sadia Ch says:

    v v nice all remedy ,but tell to me potency of these remedy for fair skin

  602. Avika roy says:

    Hello Dr. I am a girl my age is 19+… Sir actually I have oily skin…and I have lots of acne and some pimples on my face and this acne also has my back side and chest…. My face has also lots of bumps and red spots…..Nw I am suffering from this…..there has no glow on my face skin….. My skin condition is too bad now… I don’t know what to do….. I want a urgent solution sir,,,,, I want to get back my normal glowing and spots less skin….. plzz rly

  603. My skin is so dull,dark,n lots of pimples n acne,I want a glowing skin n brighten skin please help me,would u like to give me some suggestions for my skin ?

  604. Neha panjwani says:

    Hi doctor. I have a very rough skin. Lifeless. I have many small pimple types acne on my chin and cheeks and some on my forehead too. I dream of a clear.. clean… And smooth shiny glowing skin. plz suggest a home remedy if possible.
    Waiting for your reply.

  605. Mahendra says:

    Dear Sir, For a long time I have been suffering from dry, Patchy and deeply black pigmented skin. Taken so many treatments yielded no result. Kiñdly suggest some cure.

  606. Noreen Akhtar says:

    I had hyesterctomy 8years ago, I’m 42, now and my shin looks dark dull , no life in my skin ,
    Cn u pls help

  607. ASHU SHARMA says:


  608. Ruth Peters says:

    Dr. Sharma what is the best homeopathic medicine to take oraly for treatment of hyperpigmentation around the eyes/eyelids, cheeks and chin (in the bearded area on a man) in a middle-aged black woman? Ruth


  609. Dr. Sharma what is the best homeopathic medicine to take oraly for treatment of hyperpigmentation around the eyes, cheeks and chin in a middle-aged black woman? Ruth

  610. Hello Doctor,
    My son is 14 Years old and has started having pimples and black spots on his face. Pimples are prominent around the nose and forhead. And his skin complexion has become darker. We live in Europe and have consulted a skun specialist but it did not help. Please advice.

    Thank you

  611. somali rout says:

    hello doctor..
    is their any side effect by taking the medicine berberies aquafolium for clear & glowing skin without cosultation to doctor & for how long should one use it

    • Lalita Grover says:

      Sir I hv freckles on my face and neck. I hv normal skin n fair complexion. I hv tried a lot of medicines but nothing helped. I m 40 yrs old. Pls help

  612. radhikha says:

    hello doctor my name is radhikha from India I have a problem which is I want to improve my skin glows what medicine is useful to me tell me I have a brown coloured skin
    plz tell me the medicine which is no side effects
    thanking you

  613. SANTHOSH says:

    Hello doctor sir,
    I am 27 years old. My facial skin is very oily and having black complexion. My face is prone to pimples and acne. I tried many face creams, face washes but it didnt work.
    so please give me some advise to get my skin fairer and get rid of acne and pmples

  614. Rinki Das says:

    Hello Doctor, I am Rinki , I am 31 years old, unmarried girl. My complexion is quite dark, and there are some dark spot on my forehead, thats why my checks color and forehead color are not equal. forehead color is darker than checks. please tell me the solution to remove dark spot from forehead and to get overall a fairer complexion.

  615. Looking for whitening skin. I am 38 yes old and have dark skin.

  616. ch.sonibhavani says:

    Sir I had a one daughter she is in black colour so please give me suggestion for fair skin

  617. Hello doctor
    I am 23 years old, an unmarried college girl. I possessed quite fair skin complexion but from past 7-8 months, the quality of my skin started detoriating, specially the complexion which has turned very dark and dull. I am extremly worried. Is Berberis Aquifolium or Sulphur or Psorinum suitable for me. If yes, please let me know the dosage or else please tell me any other alternative to this problem. I humbly request you to help me get back my fair and glowing complexion. I shall ever be thankful to you..

  618. My age is 28 by my skin day by day full with scars and dark complexion .no glow on face tell me wat should I do

  619. Meenakshi Sharma says:

    Hello doctor
    I m 27 year old unmarried. I having a problem on my face my skin type is lil dry I have black marks n open pore on my face which is dropping down my confidence also my skin going dull n tan day by day I am looking for best medicine which can help me to recover all my skin problems also can make my skin more fairer n glowing. Please doctor suggest me best homeo medicine so that I will get my confidence again. I only do have believe on you please help me.

  620. Hi sir im suffering from skin problem on face mainly redness iching n black scar some dr saying it is due to sunexposer some one saying due to hormonal imbalance now what to do

  621. Helo doctor.
    I am 24 yrs old. I am luking for somthing dat wud make me vry fair and confident. I hav gone through lots of prblms regarding my dark coloured skin.i hav done many treatments but no use. I am having a dark skin colour with an oily nature. Could you plz suggest me a homeo medicine for my skin type. I do believe this will change my life. Plzz help me.

  622. i am 20 years old and have dark brown complexion. i want white complexion. is that possible in homeopathy?
    if yes then what have i to do?
    and how much would it cost?
    how much time would it take?

  623. Santapi saha says:

    Iam 19 years old.My skin is so dull,dark,n lots of pimples n acne,I want a glowing skin n brighten skin please help me,would u like to give me some suggestions for my skin ?

  624. Nitesh pratap says:

    I am 27 year old (men). i have a black complexion, i would like to get fair complexion. what to do for this problem.

  625. Lucky Jain says:

    Is it Possible to Remove Black Scare Arise From Chickenpox on Face After 8 Years By Homeopathy Medicine or Not.

  626. Rahul gill says:

    I had natural white face .and but some pimples was come on my face . then I use pandrum +creem for removing marks and darkness . by using that I got good result but after finish this treatment . after 10days I got darkness and dark spots or dark scars on face . they increase day by day . then I got treatment by speciliest doctor and then I got some relief. and then use skin shine creem at night . and by using this I got best result in a few days . then after that I stop use then I get that’s side effect and got repeat dark spots ,dark scars and darkness on face .so please tell me best treatment for this setutation .I am 23 year old boy . so please tell a good creem and madicien . thanks sir.

  627. Raghuvansh Prasad says:

    Hello sir I want to become fair and white skin person. Will it happen. If yes please suggest me how with no side effect. I am 30 year old boy.

  628. Raghuvansh Prasad says:

    Hello sir I want to become fair and white skin person. Will it happen. If yes please suggest me how with no side effect.

  629. Dr I am 48 have loose skin and bad rough skin on face neck arms lost 7 kg weight drasticly in last 3 yr. Have been through lot of family tension plus i am mother of 2.
    Though i dont look my age still i feel depressed. Have tender stomach and sensitive skin with skin problem like ring worm with comes and goes. Have grey hair also.
    Help me to get tight clear toned skin all over.


  630. anjali agrawal says:

    hello ma’am
    i have whitish fair comlexion of my body bt only face comlexion is dark and dull and i have no problem of pimples also.. nt much bt little bit oily to normal skin i have… and i am vry much tnsed for my face comlexion.. i also need fair comlexion of my face so that whole body and face texture luk like same.. plzzz help me ma’am.. as i m using berberis aquifolium cream overnight since 1 week bt its luking lyk more dark complexion before.. plzzz help me as i m so much tnsed.. plzz help.

  631. monu sharma says:

    I had natural white face .and but some pimples was come on my face . then I use pandrum +creem for removing marks and darkness . by using that I got good result but after finish this treatment . after 10days I got darkness and dark spots or dark scars on face . they increase day by day . then I got treatment by speciliest doctor and then I got some relief. and then use skin shine creem at night . and by using this I got best result in a few days . then after that I stop use then I get that’s side effect and got repeat dark spots ,dark scars and darkness on face .so please tell me best treatment for this setutation .I am 18 year old boy . so please tell a good creem and madicien . thanks sir.

  632. Priyanka maurya says:

    Can a homoeopathy doctor give allopathic medicine?? I visited homeopathic clinic for acne treatment. I have a acne and scare poblm on my face and have very oily gave me some tube to apply on acne which is allopathic. And also two types of medicine to eat one is homoeopathic and other is allopathic it right? We can take allopathic and homeopathic medicine together?is it safe? Is it legal to give allopathic medicine by homeopathic doctor?

  633. Lavika singhal says:

    Hi sir, I’m lavika I’m 30 years old I have oily skin n problem Like Pimples, acne, dark circle, and many spots on my face …
    So, sir plzzzz help me. And I’m really really frustated for my face and this time I don’t use many medicicine except LOTUS teatree face wash & Ayur skin cleaner …. So plzzz suggest me some medicine plz help

  634. R. RAMUK. says:

    sir, I am RAMUK. I am 25years old. I have dull skin and pimples in my face. so, please help me sir. what can I do?

  635. hello sir, in which medicine i will get all these compositions together BERBERIS AQUIFOLIUM, SULPHUR, PSORINUM, BOVISTA, SEPIA ,SILICEA, KALI BROMATUM, NATRUM MUR, LYCOPODIUM, PHOSPHORUS. Please reply to my message quickly.

  636. ARJUN MURMU says:

    Hi sir, I’m Arjun I’m 26 years old I have skin problem Like Pimples, acne, dark circle, and many spots on my face …
    So, sir plzzzz help me. And I’m really really frustated for my face and this time I don’t use any medicicine except LOTUS teatree face wash & Ayur skin cleaner …. so can i use this Berberis Aquifolium plzzz suggest me. if yes, then what dose.

  637. how to reduce melanin??

  638. shormishtha mukherjee says:

    my feet hands and face are darker than my. body n I crave for chilly n cold thinks n can’t bear heat at all which medicine would be suitable for me sir.?

  639. Mohd.Taz Mansuri says:

    Hi sir, I’m Taz I’m 18 years old I have big skin problem Like Scars, Pimples, acne, dark circle, and many spots on my face …
    So, sir plzzzz help me. And I’m really really frustated fir my face and this time I use Berberis aquifolium but it’s also not working …. so plzzz suggest me

  640. maya wakode says:

    hello sir , I am 30yr female(unmarried) i hv skin problem that is acne deep scar, oily skin , blak heads,white heads on nose also dark color on upper lips and under eye.My complexion going dark day by please suggest me best treatment ealiar.

  641. sir,
    I have brown spots on my face. is there any medicine in homeopathy to clear brown spots

    • Ranjit kaur says:

      Hi,sir I have problem of face it’s oily,Greasy,pimply,dark complexion,and not clear skin..what I should take to clear skin.

  642. nikita kesharwani says:

    I was used tomato in face for clear black heads till overnight, but next day my skin turn very dry & appear many dark spots in my face so pls help me sir ,

  643. Ashish thakur says:

    My name is ashish Thakur I am 30 years old last many years , I am suffering from oily skin in face and ear. Due to this oil problem my face look like dull, plz advice me what I have to do. Thank you

  644. jitendra verma says:

    Sir,I have deep dark spots on my forehead due to long time acne,itching, irritation, what I do?I fill so embarrassing in public place….????

  645. jitendra verma says:

    Sir,I have deep dark spots on my forehead due to long time acne,itching, irritation, what I do?I fill so embarrassing in public place….????

  646. ANWARUL HAQUE says:

    I have an oily screen face many people suggest me different types of homeopathic soap like glycerin, beri beri aloevera n calendela types soap.I confused which one should I used . kindly help me

  647. K.M Saleheen says:

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings …..

    I am patient of Psoriasis science 2005. My lesion in head , elbow and knee.Some tine it disappear by medication of Homeopathic like Graphite, Kali Ars , Sepia, Thuja, Lycopodium, Lecsis, and many many medicine as advice of many doctors. I have your advice and medication for persistent and sustainable cure by long time medication.

    I am waiting for ur advice and medication.

    Best Regards,

    Saleheen, Bangladesh

  648. sohrab javed says:

    heloo sir! Plz tell me about nature whiting skin tip my skin condition is very bad now days to use bad whiting cears
    my contect number is
    plz help

  649. Rushal.rajesh.gajbhiye says:

    Mere skin bohot sensitive,sun penetrating bohot hota dull,bejan,pits aur black /white hits bhi hai,me bachpan me gora tha but mera face ab dark ho chuka hai……please give me suggestion.thnk.u

  650. Dear doctor!
    I’m 32 years skin is getting worst day by day.i have one frackl, pigmentation, brown sports, and dull dark skin day by day. I go out for job,i have hormonal problem ,i oftenly have carving of sweats, please tell me which medicine is good for me to get clean and clear skin also tell me the potency and method of taking it.

  651. Aftab khan says:

    Plz give us suggest which medicine better for us to cure pimples ,darkness . Oily skin ,and nothing growing on face i am in problen since 2 year tell me plz and how to take medicine

  652. garima singh says:

    my face get darker day by day due to frackles.plz suggest any homeopatic medicines for fair and spotless skin…can i take berberies aquifolium for fair skin.

  653. amita Jaiswal says:

    Hii I am just 20 year old girl. My complexion is very dark .there is so much melanin in my skin . Please suggest me the treatment

  654. Sadhvi Sethi says:

    Hi I am 35 yr old female n suffering from melasma since last 11 yrs. How can I treat it. It’s all over on my face n I have pimples too. Cause of melasma is pregnancy but I am still suffering from pimples. Please do advise me what to do. I have tried lots of home remedies but of no use.Can you help me please?

  655. sonia arora says:

    hello sir,i am 33 year old unmarried girl i have a problem that my skin look dull and old and i have brown spots on my chicks and nose and my complexion is going dark how can i make my skin young spots free plz suggest me . thank you

  656. Neetu Sharma says:

    Hi Dr, My Age is 32. I used to be whitish few months back but somehow from past 3-4 months my whole body colour is getting darker specially face. My face is all dark, Tanned and dull. People have started feeling as if i am not well and facing with some bad health. I got my blood test also done but those are all normal with 11.5 hemoglobin.
    Pls suggest if something can be done with this. Im loosing my confidence now.
    let me know if i can consult with you and you can then courier medicine. Thanks.

  657. Abdullah Khan says:

    Hi dear sir I from Pakistan stay in Malaysia I have some trouble please help me my penis skin is so sensitive and loss

  658. I m 30 year old, I hv skin problem like acne ,scar and pimple on my face and back and my complexion is going dark day by day . Plz kindly suggest me effective medicine for color complexion .

  659. I am 39 yrs and my height is 5 feet 3 inches.I want to loose weight. PLS.suggest homeopathic medicine.

  660. I have fair and oily skin—–my big problem is pimples and acnes—-i am not having a clear skin—–everywhere there are scars —-some scars are very dark—-plz suggest me the correct medicine and how to use it

  661. swetha Chavav says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I wanted to get fair and glow skin. If I exposed to sun, I will get too much sweat on my nose and upperlip and I am having very dark skin around mouth specially on upper lip. I am getting very much depressed with this . Usually i look good, but because of above symptoms(excessive sweat on face and darkness on upperlip), i am becoming like less confident in functions. Please suggest me and is there any side impacts with homeo medicine if i take treatment. Your reply is appreciable

  662. Maheen Mehk says:

    i am 21 year old my face colour was earlier very whiten.Now the face colour has become dull and darker.Wheras,the other body colour is ok. from last 3 years i dn’t know wht happend even after medical treatment i have no effect .i have pimples and pimple relates blackheads,lot of white heads especially in nose and chin region and also feel dullnes on my skin plzzz kindly send me effectiv medicine for my problem i will b vry thankfull to u

  663. I m a nursing mother..I got pigmentation during pregnancy.can I use richfeel antiblemish cream. Added with richfeel skin lightening cream.

  664. Mrs aanchal larecha says:

    I m 38 yr old.I have thyroid also and take thyronorm 75mcg.Dr. You had mentioned SULPHUR medicine symptoms that all I had.I suffered dull, dark circles,pimples, pimples scars,dark skin side of lips. Thats all were sterted before some years.when my periods date comes then my complexion more dark and pimples also come. I took allopathic treatment also but its going on then its improve after then same. Plz suggest me I can take SULPHUR and how.

  665. gudiya chauhan says:

    I want to become fair . Befor i was fair but not whole become dull plz give me treatment i want to become actor so plz

  666. kavita shingne says:

    I am 33 year old femal.I need fast treatment for wrinkles and scar.

  667. Shahid Nisar says:

    My face colour was earlier very whiten. Now, the face colour has become dull and darker. Whereas, the other body colour is OK.
    Kindly send me medicine for whitening my face and glowing.

    My cell number is 03224760265

    Shahid Nisar from Lahore (Pakistan)

  668. I have acne since 2004 now it’s getting worse. I have treated the laser treatment but it’s not gone. I have hair growth problem on face as well. Please tell me the name n exact dosage of Medicine.

  669. Praveen Saini says:

    medicine to remove pimples

  670. Shiv darshan Verma says:

    My face skin is gone dark upto neck…. where ar rest of body if fair which remained under the clothing.

    Pl tell me medicine …….. i feel odd due to mr dark face

  671. Shilpa Mandal says:

    Sir, my face is very much uneven skin tone, my chin and my cheeks are very much darker than other portions of face. Sir,i am taking homeopathy medicine itself from last one yr. but no effect is being observed, the doctor also not giving the precription which he has giving me from last one yr.
    Sir, my face looks very much odd due to uneven skin tone,what to do help me out soon sir.

  672. SHRIDHAR PRASAD says:

    1-Enlarged prostrate weighing about 35 gramme. Taking Tamsulosin hydrocloride 0.4mg with Dutasteride 0.5 mg (TAMDURA CAPSULE ) which has caused sexual problem. Semen dose not form.
    2- Piles problem non bleeding
    3-Pan gastritis
    4-Ambeousis and it takes nearly 2 hours for having a clear stool
    5-At the time of ejaculation the semen dose not comes out and at that time I feel very much restlessness & tiresome becouse I feel that the semen is discharging but the same being obstructed somewhere. I don’t know why it’s so.

  673. Sir I have acne prone skin since many years .. I used homeopathy medicine sice 2years it affected but again my pimples are back and leaves scars tooi am 24 years old now.

  674. Sir I have acne prone skin since many years .. I used homeopathy medicine sice 2years it affected but again my pimples are back and leaves scars too.

  675. shobha sharma says:

    My skin is getting loose,dark spot is increasing, skin is getting dry and if anything used for dry remove then all small pimples comes . If i use oil in face then all small small like pimples comes(ghamauri/prick heat).how can i get tight fair n glowing skin,n skin is getting dark I’m 30 yrs

  676. shobha sharma says:

    My skin is getting loose,dark spot is increasing, skin is getting dry and if anything used for dry remove then all small pimples comes . If i use oil in face then all small small like pimples comes(ghamauri/prick heat).how can i get tight fair n glowing skin,n skin is getting dark too.

  677. Hi doctor,

    I am 29year old and have one year baby too.
    Freckles on nose
    Complextion is getting dark day by day
    (although earlier I was having very fair complexion)
    Dullness ,dark circles and achne spots

    Moreover body is also very very slim

    Kindly suggest to get clear ,fairy and glowing face again

    Also ; if you can suggest something which can help me get mass in body and get proper shape

    It will. Be great. Help


  678. Deepak garg says:

    Hii sir..
    My name is Deepak. Sir I want to know about Berberis Aquifolium. what is this sir? What we call it in hindi.where I would be found this. Sir give me suggestion for how glow skin.

  679. ambikakumari says:

    how get fair complexion which medicine i used

  680. Ravinder Singh says:

    Hello sir,
    I used to work in direct sunlight and due to harsh sun rays my forhead is black. It not matched with the color of my body and the total face color also in three different colors. I was applying ayurvedic treatment like roopmantra but there was no changed. So, I request you to sir please suggest me any ointment to apply on my face or any medicine to get rid of that tanning.
    Thank you.

    • deepika dass says:

      Hi sir my forehead is so dark and its not match with my all face . My face has divide in three colour so doctor please help tell me which medicine remove dark forehead.

  681. Srikant kumar says:

    Sir, My face colour is few black. Sir you have any type of treatment to change my face colour black to white.

  682. I m facing bad effects of masturbations and huge desire of intercourse.
    Now condition is very difficult for me
    I got emission just on talk with gf on normal talk , some fluids comes out and I feel bad and pain in that area .
    Sexual and body weakness
    Age 24

  683. asma shaikh says:

    In Mumbai how to purchase medicine

  684. madiha naushad says:

    i have used many things and formula creams also through which my pores have opened on cheeks. my skin type is oily.i m 26 years old nd lives in karachi ,Pakistan.i daily go outside 4 my job at noon. now please suggest me 4 a healthy.fresh & fair face.i will wait 4 ur reply.

    • priyanka says:

      Mera skin bahut sensitive dull aur mere cheek pe pore hai dhoop me jane se turant dane nikal jate hai aur skin bahut sawli ho jaati hai mujhe koi cream suit nahi karta hai

  685. Hello doctor .. my age is 21 n my skin is too dry and dull I do lot to make it look bettr brighter n fair as in m studying n in this age my skin ia lookg so dull plz help me and give me suggestions

  686. S.Clara Anthoneth says:

    How can I get rid of dry n unevn skin tone naturally…?Cn u recommend me wit sm ayurvedic face wash…?Plz sir…

  687. ehy.. sir m 24years old.. m so worried last from 6 years.. face treatment chla h bt no improvement shows. pimples scares dullness black heads, dark circles like aged face are shown. please tell me n prescribed best medicine.. m very thankful to u.. please

  688. gulshan kr says:

    sir i m 19 yr old …boy ..mere face pe scare hogaya h or koie v soap ya cream suit nhi kar raha h ..kuch v laga lu sir scare jaata he nhi h ..sir plz sir help me ky karu sir plz help me my skin was dry …..

  689. hello sir…

    meri oily skin h…kuch sal se mere face pe pimple hone lge h…mtlb kbhi bhi ho jate face …iski vjha se face ek dum dull ho gya h…koi glow hi nhi h…koi bhi product use kru …voh suit nhi krta…skin bhut sensitive hai koi soope na ho koi cream..kuch suite nhi krta…m kya try kru apne face pr kuch smjh nhi ata…plzzzz suggest me some advise

  690. Charmayne Phocum says:

    Hi Sir
    I want to get rid of brown spots on my cheek bones How can i get your medicine for clear skin please guide me

  691. Rajeshwari says:

    I have small spots on face and these are frackles.pls suggest me medicine.

  692. hi
    i m female . i have only two white patch on cheek near both side of lips please suggest homeopathy medicine i m suffring from this problem for a long time.

  693. Jai Kumar says:

    Sir, my complexion is dark nd I have acne marks and pimples marks on face..Please suggest me yo homeopathic product.

  694. Tundra dam says:

    Pl suggest homeo medicine ( oral) for dark complexion. Thank you.

  695. bhuvaneshwari says:

    Dear sir, i am mother of 6month old boy baby …he is in dark colour sir…i want my son to become fair…can u suggest some medicine …..sir

  696. zenika kapadia says:

    I m a 16yrs old. My skin iglowing and white but sometimes it looks so dark especially after coming from outside from sunlight.. What should I do in such case?? Which cream or lotion or any remedy should I try??

  697. Which medicine can I use

  698. Dipak Gamit says:

    Hi, I am 43 years old guy. I used to be fair and good looking.

  699. I am going to be in the age of 41 but now m unmarried, I want to be a glowing and brightening face like the age of 20-25.
    Is it possible to my face sir

  700. Rashmi Chadda says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 29 years old unmarried woman. I have dry patches, pimple marks, very small pus filled pimples and dull looking face along with white heads. I have also noticed some facial hair on my chin. My complexion is fair. Living in Metro city but exposure to pollution is very less. I workout in the gym regularly and have a healthy menstrual cycle. I am over weight. I also eat good fiber rich green leafy veggies and fruits along with sweets and little bit of outside gravy food and fast food, Dr. Sharma Please advice something for my facial skin problem.

    Thank you,
    Rashmi Chadda

  701. MaNish RaThore says:

    I have little bit pimples on my head and my sKin color is browN aNd I would want to mediCine or cream but i fell hellopatics medicine have sid effect but i read your dicriptioN so u HaVe anY Medicine for my problem please send me all detail with price

  702. Dear Doctor,

    I am 44 year old, i have very oily greasy, enlarged pores, pigmented acne face. due to this neither i am getting good job nor place in my husbands heart. please suggest best medicine / gel / product. i have dandruff also. at present using dandruff shampoo

  703. Suparna Naskar says:

    Skin glowing treatments price

  704. Sufi Patel says:

    Good evening sir, I am house wife and 8 months born’s mother too, sir mujhe diabetes ka problem hai, jo mujhe pregnancy k time pata chala I was diabetic and its continue mujhe fibroid bhi pata chala pregnancy me 9 cm ka or mera face bohott dull or dark ho gaya hai face pe pigmentation bhi hai halka sa, I think k mai jahan rehti hun wo khadi and comical area hai may b for that reason I dnt knw so can u plz suggest me medicine for my skin

  705. Good morning sir, I’m a BHMS student age 24 yr sir mujhe Melanie ka problem hain 10 min ke liye b dhup me jau to skin dark ho jati h face dermatologist se treatment kiya tha pr wo temporary tha jab tak cream lagai tab tak hi effects dikhate h dhup me gaya to sirf face discolour ho jata to Homoeopathy me konsi remedy Jo mujhe suit kare… Plz batao

  706. Dr.

    Am writing this to you with a hope of betterment of my condition.

    Am a female of age 33. My height is 151 cm (5ft).. I have always been a slim girl till my marriage and bearing a baby…As my first baby was a preterm and complicated, I had to be on medicines for quite some time. Though I had acne problem in my adolescence it was very mild. one or two breakouts.

    But during my pregnancy, I had severe breakouts of pimples.. I started putting on weight gradually.. tried to lose in between but again gained back.

    At present, my problems are:

    1. Almost obese 76 kgs – so has to lose atleast 20 kilos weight to fit my BMI
    2. My skin has become discoloured, My body skin is okay and normal light wheat coloured. But my facial skin has become dark and unevenly toned.
    3. Being 33, I still face pimples problem. I have so many blemishes, freckles and scars on my face.
    4. I usually get new pimples in a week before menstrual period
    5. I feel fatigue afternoon.. Though howmuch ever strongly I think to workout or exercise, I fail due to fatigue.
    6. I tried Dr.Batra’s which is actually too pricey treatment.
    7. My friend suggested me cosmetic treatment.

    But, I rather am looking for a holistic treatment, as I think my skin problem and weight problem are both linked and related to hormonal misfunction.

    So I believe in homeopathy. Can you please suggest the appropriate treatment for me

  707. Good Evening sir
    Can you please suggest me the effect and side effects of sbl aquifolum beriberi gel and pimplex medicine both r helpful or not please guide me. I m 27 yrs old getting pimples.

  708. Please tell me something for glowing and fair skin

  709. SHISHIR biswas says:

    Respected sir,

    My issue is that I work on field hence spend about 8hrs in the open of sunlight dirt dust etc. So, my face and hands are darker in comparison to my stomach chest. Also I develop pimples on a regular basis and can’t stop pricking them which results in dark patchy skin.

    I have tried some cosmetics too but they are temporary and on stopping it’s use my skin goes back to zero. My request to you would be to make my skin patchfree, pimplefree also I would like to take your help to decrease the melanin percentage in my skin. It would be a huge favour if my skin complexion gets lighter.

    Have COMEUP to you with lots of expectations hoping to get a permanent solution to this mat

  710. Hello, I am suffering for a hymerpigmentation for a year pls tel me some advice for my problem


  711. Naina singh says:

    Hi doctor

    I am taking proper diets and doing exercise daily , but i dont find any change in my face . Its dull and dry and gets oily in every 2 hours. There is no freshness on my face. When i stand in sun light small small pimples are visible and. Skin is very rough. I am also facing severe problem of hair fall from 5-6 years. My hair density have reduced a lot and hair has got very rough. While applyinh oil and taking head bath my hairs keep on shedding. Pls suggest me something . I am just 24

  712. Poulami das says:

    Hell dr sharma
    I m read in ba final age complextion very dark..thats why i am felling very insulting in parties and any function so plz suggest me hemopathy cream To fair and glowing skin…my skin type normal to dry skin

  713. sunita kashyap says:

    I have a very dark pigmentation circle on my checeks . I am 35 years old now but there are many wrinkles on my face. my skin looks very dull. please suggest some mediciens .

    thanking you

    sunita kashyap


    My skin is dry in nature. Get tanned easily. Has freckles. Can not tolerate heat, even cannot stand few minutes in front of gas oven.

    => A person who needs Natrum Mur has hot temperament with intolerance to the heat of the sun. He may also crave salty things. Usually the person is reserved in nature and may show a tendency to weep easily.

    => Phosphorus may be needed when a person has a craving for ice-creams, juices or cold drinks. Such a person is also sensitive to external impressions like noise, light and odours.

    Above two points are very similar to me.

    Please suggest what to do.

    Thanks & regards,

  715. hello i m leaving at vadodara my age is 44 and i want to purchased fragaria vesca 3x how can i purchase it and how to apply on face

  716. Hariom Kumar says:


    I am 30 Male i had pimples in my early age and got spots for removing the spots i have used some brightening creams and also consulted to dermatologist and took medicines but there is dark patches on my skin i have a dark complexion, but now it is very dull and some dark patches on my forhead and chicks also very dull skin no glow. at all i wnt a clear and glowing skin and if possible lighter tone too what should i do and how much time it will take to improve

  717. Sonu Pahadiya says:

    How Mony Your Fess Sir ,,

  718. Sir namaste, I am suffering with tan, dull dark skin and dry on face, hands back side, neck please help to get glowing healthy skin to develop good looking. Tell me good medicines creams. If medication will be suggest ed for how many days treatment should take how to use. Diet should be followed. How to use. Pls help me sir


  720. Shefali kanojiya says:

    Hello DR…I was using panderm plus from long time…its result with the hair growth in my face!!!,which homeopathy medicine will relief me from this problem

  721. Tadi Manikanta reddy says:

    Hai sir, i have a pemples,and black spoto on face i used many creams but iam not geting my expacting reasults,so plz tell me which medicine i use homeopathi without side effects

  722. my skin was free from dark spots but some months back, i was suffered frm pox and to remove pox marks i used skinova cream. It showed me gud effects, and then i stopped using that. Now my face is full of dark patches and my skin has become dark. Plz tell me what should i do now

  723. Musfhia Rahman says:

    Hello Sir,
    My skin colour was light..but slowly its becoming uneven and its highly tanned .Trying a lot of things but its not working. especially my whole face is becoming brownish colour with pigmenentation marks and scars..dark circles have also developed..its too oily and have pimples and acne scars.pimples are of small size especially on cheeks and forehead portion.
    The above remedies you mentioned above..i want to know how to use them..and which one to use in my case..and what is the procedure to take them.should i have to aplly them or i have to eat them..plz sir help me with my problem..and i want some positive results

  724. Yogita Fauzdar says:

    My skin was gud before 4 years but when I hv taken treatment of laser for unwanted hairs on skin. My complexion becomes so dull nd hair grow more thn before I taken laser . Plz help me what can I do to get my skin fair , glowing and Hairfree .

  725. Ankur Singh says:

    Dr. Sharma sir,
    I am a BHMS student, age 25 years weight 70+kg, Hight 5’11’.
    Sir, my complexion is very dark thats why i am feeling very insulting in parties and any function, so please suggest me any treatment to clear and fair skin. My skin is oily and very dark in colour.

  726. Sir…im 34 years old….married. .. I have freckles on face…during my pregnancy …specially on cheeks and upper lip..treated so much…but no result. …pls help me

  727. I have dryness allergy due to dry weather and sun exposure
    I develop itchiness on face dry & other patches on body .
    I have white heads on chin and nose and also have pitting due to old acne.
    Please suggest some remedy

  728. Narayan Biswas says:

    Sir, my skin is brown and next month is my weding please sir sugest me wich medicine can me fairer skin thanks..


  730. please my pimples have left dark spots on my face resulting in my face being discoloured
    please which of the medications can help treat it for me.

  731. rupa choudhary says:

    Meri face me kia problem h thik se pta hi nhi chal rha h mene kitna treatment kra liya phir v thik nhi ho rha h face hamesa pimple hote rhte hai kala kala ho gya h aur aur lal lal dane nikal jate h akdam face pura dull ho chuka h mene homapthy doctor se v dikhaya tha usne bola tha ki pigmentetion ho gya h aur me bhut thin v hu jiske wjah se na kam mil rha h aur nahi shadi lag rha aisa face nd health dekh hi na bol dete h

  732. hello sir my age is 21yrs i am facing problem with red colour pimple with pus formation in the pimples. please advice me which medicine i take .

  733. Abdul Ghafoor says:

    Sir, plz tell me the name of medicine of Clear and Glowing Skin and shining skin.

  734. bikram singh says:

    hi sir mari skin dark ho gi ha plzz sugest me for glowing skin

  735. I m 30 years old and I have problem of pimples once they arrived on skin without squissing they become black and they remain like that for so many days , I have this problem all over body

  736. MOUMITA GHOSH says:

    I m 25 years old. My skin complexion is black. Please give me suggestions what I m used. .

  737. I stopped using melacare past 15 days due to hair growth on my face.
    Now my skin is very dark and dull, doctor suggested me Medisynth witch hazel cream I haven’t started applying just a second opinion before using I want my fairness and to use for regular use.
    Can you please advise me if this is OK to start on.

  738. Bharat gupta says:

    My skin is very oily and dull with dark spots.and my face color is also very dark.because i do field job in banking I spend more time in field.
    Plz suggest me medicine for fair and oil free skin.


  739. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    Someone recommended me Bovista for pimples. Could you pleas let me know whether I can take this medicine during pregnancy.


  740. sunil kumar says:

    A large white spot on left side of chest

  741. Hi Sir .,..mera face complexion dark h neck or body se…plz fair skin k liye Sol dijiye…complexion light ho jaae

    • Sir I m 30 yrs , n my body’s colour is normal light , my face n neck hav become dark , n hav got uneven skin tone too , the skin around lips hav also become dark , n my lips too . Pls help . Thanks a lot

  742. Hi Sir .,..mera face complexion dark h neck or body se…plz face skin k liye Sol dijiye…

  743. Tofan polai says:

    hi sir,
    My fiance has very dark screen. Is there any medicine to get fair sceen in our budget.

  744. sir i used many cosmatics on my face so there sideeffect on my face is vry bad….i lost my natural skin……now i hv blackheads dark spots on my face and either redness…..i m 22 years ld plzsuggest me any homopathic night which whole life protect my face from uv ‘ dark spots ‘ dull skin ‘redness and give me white and glossy face

  745. Beant Kaur says:

    My skin lose glow And pimples appear all over body mainly face,back and arms and itching problem on that areas and complexion becomes dark and even I loose my confidence and feel unconscious

    • I am 39 yrs I am suffering from dry and dull face and neck. I want fair and good looking colour. I am dark complexion. Pls give me proper way to get good colour. I am 74 kgs of weight and also reduce the weight

  746. Lata prajapati says:

    Hello doctor.

    I am Lata Prajapati, 30 years.
    I usually develope acne during onset of winters which leaves ugly dark scars on my face. I have clean food habits. My skin look all full of marks. Please suggest me the remedy to remove these pimples and scars quickly as I have to be presentable in office but this condition makes me feel down.

    Please suggest me the solution.
    Thanks in anticipation of best reply.
    Lata Prajapati.

  747. pooja palshetkar says:

    Mujhe apna color gora karna hai 30 din mai..what i do???

  748. Deep pitting on face due to acne

  749. mujhe apna clr gora krna h kya karon

  750. juned ahmad says:

    sir, I have a deep scars on my & my sister face please give solution ..

  751. I was very fair in childhood but as time passes my complexion turned wheatish especially after my kids born. I am of 32 years and my complexion and glow is going down day after day. Please suggest me any medicine that can help to enhance my glow and complexion and can remove dark circles.

  752. Hello Doctor,
    My age is 23yrs and I have dark skin color and I want to improve my skin colour I.e make it fair and I have uneven skintone. And I am facing huge hairfall almost near to baldness with intense dandruff and craddle cap due to which the scalp skin has almost damaged. Please help me with the problems mentioned.Thank you.

  753. priyanka mishra says:

    Hi , I have less than wheatish colour and also pigmentation around lips and at forehead , how can i get fair colour as m getting engaged in may , so there is any homoeopathic treatment to get fair and clear skin without any side effects.My skin is very sensitive , I get acnes very quickly on my face when I m stressed or I travel. please suggest some effective solution. I have tried relumins 900mg recommended by one of famous dermatologist but I didn’t find any difference even it made my skin more sensitive.

  754. Dr. Sharma,

    I began reading your column about remedies for the skin with interest. However, I soon was confused as I have tried many of these remedies but have had either no luck with them or they have made my complexion worse. Example is Silica brought out boils which I never had and Sulfur just makes me break out or look older. So what’s up, is it homeopathy or me?

  755. Hello skin is dry and dull,and also black spot on my face so how i get clear fair nd glowing skin my skin is not more fair or more black,plz help.

  756. naina mandal says:

    I want to know if there is any sandalwood smelling medicine used for suntanning.

  757. Renu kuhar says:

    Hello Dr,
    My name is renu .i m 25+.i was married 10 yrs bfre but i live single.but i was in physical relation wid my bf 2 mnths prob is dat i was very fair bfre 2yrs nd i also had a glowing skin but nw it all vanished.i lost my fairness and glow frm face and body nd nw frm last one year i got some reddish pimple on cheek bone nd near above chin area..i ve consultant so many dr.but its nt going off..i want my clear skin back..plz suggest me a good homeopathy medicine..i m having prob of dandruff on my skull..y its happeing?will i get rid from all my prob i.e from hair to body..thank you.

  758. Earam arshi says:

    HIi.. Doctor,
    M a 19 yr old girl.. Nd do often suffer from the problem of pimples, blackheads, nd due to fair complexion. Its very easy for any one to identify my problem… So what i prefer to improve my skin…

  759. manpreet kaur says:

    Hi doctor, my age is 21. I have ever
    faced problem of pimples on my
    now a days im suffering from pimple,
    blackheads, openspores, my skin is dry.
    So plz suggest me something good
    medicine for my skin. plz suggest good

  760. priyanka sikder says:

    my skin is very dull and pimples spot so how can I remove this and got a glowing and fair skin?
    plz Reply first? now I am 23 and my face is more black then my body.

  761. priyanka sikder says:

    my skin is very dull and pimples spot so how can I remove this and got a glowing and fair skin?
    plz Reply first?

  762. biswaranjan jena says:

    Dear doctor my age is 39,my face is more black than my body and there are some black spots, and in winter season it looks more dark,in my teen age there were more and more pimples on my face but nowadays there is no pimples . plz suggest me a better medicine for this, Thanks

  763. Manpreet kaur says:

    Hi doctor, my age is 21. I have ever
    faced problem of pimples on my
    now a days im suffering from pimple,
    blackheads, openspores, my skin is dry.
    So plz suggest me something good
    medicine for my skin. plz suggest good medicine

  764. tabrej khan says:

    Sir mujhe pimple ho gaya hai iska koi homeopathic medicine bataiye aur spot ke liye

  765. Jayshree rinwa says:

    Hi doctor, my age is 24. I have ever faced problem of pimples on my now a days im suffering from pimple, blackheads, openspores, my skin is dry. So plz suggest me something good medicine for my skin. I used cream called metrogyl but it doesnt work,it just make my face more dry..

    • Manpreet kaur says:

      Hi doctor, my age is 24. I have ever
      faced problem of pimples on my
      now a days im suffering from pimple,
      blackheads, openspores, my skin is dry.
      So plz suggest me something good
      medicine for my skin. plz suggest good medicine


    I have some little spot on my face since 2010,often and often I went to the hospital,there I was told that it is an infection not pimples,but its has made my scaring for people to look at and also make me older than my age,please sir if you can help me out,I will happy,from Nigeria.

  767. beena dutta says:

    Hello sir. …In homeopathic treatment how many days take to cure any kind of skin problem

  768. hello dr.,
    i have a dark wheatish complexion.i want to look fairer as i used to have a good complexion in early days.but now as threre are acne and due to black and white heads my skin looks more dull. i want to get a clear fairer complexion in less time.but i did not get berberis aq. online to buy can you please, suggest me what to do?

  769. megha kaushik says:

    sir i am suffering from problem of endometriosis .light periods lasting for 2 days only, severe periods pain .and highly extreme dark cicles under and around my eyes. please select me some remedd to get rid of it.

  770. Shaikh Javid says:

    Hello Sir my name is Shaikh Javid I’m 40yrs Male from Mumbai. I problem is my face becomes dull and dark because I had used many cosmetic products. Sir I want u to help me to suggest son homeopathy medicines for clearing my face complexion . please help me in this. I hope I will help me. your’s faithfully.

  771. vidhi kadam says:

    Merit skin dark hair muje fair air glowing skin banani hai 35 age plz suggest

  772. farid alam says:

    sir mere face pe pimple ho gaya tha use khtm krne ke liye mai kuch product use kiya to pimple to khatm ho gaye but face glow ni ho raha and sukh sukha skin h plz help me sir.

  773. I’ve recently shifted from delhi to pune for my education. And every since I came here haven’t stopped having acnes,red acnes on my cheeks n and figure out why. Please help.

  774. neha kashyap says:

    Hello Doctor..I have a brown spot in white part of my left eye which is doesn’t look good, paining sometimes and its affects my confidence…please suggest me that how u can rid of this mark naturally or there is require any surgery.

  775. deepak goswami says:

    Hello Dr.

    I am dusky in colour and want to become fair. I am diabetic, is there any medicine which can help me to get glow and fairness on my skin.


  776. My skin is black says:

    Sir mare skin sawle hai ma 19 sal ka hu muja gore hone wale koe cream ka nam

  777. sanjay kumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Sanjay Kumar 19yrs old my skin completion is dark and dull I want to have a glowing and fair skin please suggest me what medicine should I take and what its dose and how long should I take the medicine.

    Thanks you sir…

  778. b vinay kumar says:

    Sir….i honestly respect you and our homoeo system as am also a student of homoeo 2nd year sir I’m 21 ….sir my problem is about 8 years ago i had applied multani mitti mixed with rose water to my entire body as a pack and i had it for about half an hour on my body. since then my entire body colour is going darker and darker now it is not even 50% of my original colur . My original colour was very very fair pink colour……so please help me sir in getting back my natural original colour please sir…thank you!

  779. b vinay kumar says:

    Sir….i honestly respect you and our homoeo system as am also a student of homoeo 2nd year ….sir my problem is about 8 years ago i had applied multani mitti mixed with rose water to my entire body as a pack and i had it for about half an hour on my body. since then my entire body colour is going darker and darker now it is not even 50% of my original colur . My original colour was very very fair pink colour……so please help me sir in getting back my natural original colour please sir…thank you!

  780. anu Sharma says:

    Freckles and pigmentation on the skin. Tried almost all expensive treatments. Age 37 w

  781. hi
    i m 24 yr old… i hv fair conplexion bt d skin near mouth n nose is dull dan the whole complexion n i hv dark circles too… skin type combination type… suggest me smthn effectv nd long lastng…
    thanking you…

    • amzad hussain says:

      Hello Sir,
      I m a software engineer and last year I had to worked in night shift for 4 months meanwhile some pimples had appeared on my face due to night shift work. So I took a treatment by a dermatologist they gave me treatment for 3 months to remove pimples till coming 4 months my pimples had been remove but black spot of pimples had left on my face and also my face become more darker than looking previously after that doctor gave treatment for improving my colour but I dint get any improvement after that doctor suggested me for peeling I had done 3 to 4 sitting but I wasn’t satisfied of the results also it was very harsh and irritating so I stopped this treatment now I have dark, uneven colouring and black spot on my nose also even I can say that my face looks lika as I weared a dark mask on my face due to all the stuff .I have complaxion dusky. So Dr. please provide me solution for my problem to remove my darkness and uneven colouring .


  782. onluy my face skin is very dull and dark spots m age 30years old .so please tell me suggestion

  783. hello! doctor m 24yrs old years.. I have normal skin…bt in winter it become little dry n dull…I hv wheatish complexion my face z lack of glow…I want 2 achieve very fair n glowing skin without any side effect..can u plz suggest me any effective fairness present m using loreal laser white perfect day cream in day n in nght m using glyco6 at nght…but it fails 2 make my skin fair…plz doctor suggest me good day n night cream asap…thanks doc

  784. Hello Sir My color was fair but then I suffered from Kidney trouble after that my face color become dark and skin become too dull I am now 27 years old and I am also a nursing mother.with time my color has also become gud but i dont see much glow in my face.Please suggest me some medicine and treatment. Thank You sir

  785. Sir I am a woman of 34 years but my weight is only 38 Kg. I am very skinny and my breasts are too small. Can I gain my body weight and enhance my breast size.I am dark in colour can I get fairer skin. . Please help me Doctor. Please give me reliable and safe solution for my problems

  786. Ankit sandhu says:

    My skin color dull black,oily skin and pimple on give me recommedation

  787. Rishabh Kamra says:

    Sir i had an addident 6 months before and that left huge scar on my forehead i tried many treatment and also homeopathic tretment i also used berberis aquiforium for a month it made my skin reddish
    Sir what should i do for removing this huge scar

  788. hello m sangeeta my skin is sensitive muje kuch bhi suth nai hota koi home remedy ya koi ayurvedic na koi cream na soap aur mujhe jab kuch use kare hu to ek do din sai ho jata hai kisi se bhi fir kharab hone lag ta hai mujhe chote chote dane ho jate hai aur ab to til bhi hote jaa rae hai
    to kunse remedy hai homeopathy ma aur mujhe skin fair aur clean karna hai

  789. Amit bhardwaj says:

    main problem: dark face skin in comparison of Torso.
    age: 40yrs
    – Sitting job
    – Appears to be Liver problem too. Have been jaundice and typhoid history but around 20yrs back. since then the face blackening started.
    – used to go morning walk for 10-12 km twice in a week. when start first 2-3 km slowly then an energy boost comes from within that drive a longer walk/run.
    – no overweight
    – age appears more than actual
    – feeling of depression,
    – profession: software developer used to sit in front of pc(LCD) around 10-16 hrs daily
    – no feeling of weakness,
    – nails yellowish, dark black/grey lines in toes, nais are not healthy, a bigger white area appers on bottom of nails, nails are little curve like water waves.
    – tanning in under arms between legs, little aczema(dry) between legs

  790. jitendra sharma says:

    The black dark spot on face and hair falling

  791. Dear sir
    Would bring ur notice that plz give suggestions
    Am suffeing with dark pigmentation and dry dull skin with dead cells on my skin due to prolonged to sun exposure and constant stress in job kindly give me suggestion and help and do neeedful with your advice for which am grateful

  792. Afsana Ansari says:

    Respected madam
    I’m afsana ,25years old ,,, my skin is very dry from my child life to now ”and in winter it becomes so dry and itching , I have slim body and now a days I’m becoming thin.So I want to gain weight and my skin glow and clear .so please tell me what medicine I can use for it problems

    • Shafiya andalib says:

      Hello sir , my name is shafiya andalib iam 19years old . my skin type is dry and dusky colour(sawli) meri skin bohot kharab hogayi hai , I have got a lot of pigmentation near my nose area aur pata nai mere face PE white patches aajate hai like jaise agar skin dry Hoke white hojata hai vaisa but skin errupt hoti vahan SE aur mild itching bi rehti haiaur Jane ke jaane ke baad black pigmentation hogajata hain meri nose PE bohot zyada skin nikal rahi hai aur mera skin colour bhi dark hogaya hai aur un even skin tone hogaya hai mere chere PE koi scars nai hai aur mujhe full gori twacha nai meri mera normal skin colour aajaye plz.. Sir kya àap mujhe suggest kar sakte hai ki mai kya use karoon ?

  793. Hello, I want to know the medicine for dark circles and different colour patches on my skin. I don’t how to deal with it

  794. amrutha mohan says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma 🙂

    Basically i am 23yers old and i have been facing problems with my facial skin from past 6months, my skin have developed a few darkspots without any reason, well i must say that i have also caused a lot of damage to my skin before when i was in college, i have waxed my face, bleached them and when to the sun and pools without wearing sunscreen, i am not dark, im dusky and also i can find few tiny pits on my skin as well, these have been bothering me aloot and also sice i had those darkspots i started using lemons and a few mark fading creams but these were irritating my skin, i stopped using them,i jus don kno wat to be doin about this, im realy tensed and depressed plz help 🙁

  795. amrutha mohan says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma 🙂

    Basically i have been facing problems with my facial skin from past 6months, my skin have developed a few darkspots without any reason, well i must say that i have also caused a lot of damage to my skin before when i was in college, i have waxed my face, bleached them and when to the sun and pools without wearing sunscreen, i am not dark, im dusky and also i can find few tiny pits on my skin as well, these have been bothering me aloot and also sice i had those darkspots i started using lemons and a few mark fading creams but these were irritating my skin, i stopped using them,i jus don kno wat to be doin about this, im realy tensed and depressed plz help 🙁

  796. Madhulika murarka says:

    I am 48 yrs old. I have nit git my periods in the kast seven months. In summers i have oily skin. Last 10 days my forehead has become very dry with flajes. Itches a lot sometimes. It started on the right side with a small patch and has moved to the left. Almost d entire forehead along with left eyebrow is affected. Margin og hair nd forehead also falky itchy. My right cheek is also affected. I have sunspots on my cheek for 10 tears now. From tge age 14 to 48 i had pustular pimples. Right now i am applying cold pressed coconut oil on face. This gives temporary relief. Can u pl help.

  797. akash kumar meshram says:

    Hello sir,
    i’m akash. I’m 23 years old. On my face some problems last two years my face looks too dull. Dark spot dark circle and pigmentation nowadays skin type oily i want clean, fair & glowing skin with 1-2 month please refer me some homeopathic skin cream as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  798. sanjeev kumar says:

    Sir mai 19 saal ka hu. Mai kuch din pehle swapdosh ka hamopathy medicine mangwaye. Sayad us medicine ko lene ke baad mera face dull ho gya aur gaal pichk gya ungli mea jhuria se bhrne lga. Aisa lgta hai pura sperm body mea hi sukh jaata hai. Isliye koi aisa medicine btaye ya eelaj jo mujhe een sb problem se chutkara mil jaye

  799. vaishali iyer says:

    Hi sir i m vaishali am 21 years old my face looks too dull. Dark spot dark circle n pigmentation nowaday skin type oily i want clean n fair n glowwing skin with 1 month plz refer m some homeopathic skin cream as ssoon as possible

  800. I have freckles on my nose and few on cheeks.and scar of pimples on my face. which homeopathy medicine is suitable for age is 33year.i am using sunscream daily

  801. hello sir ,
    my age 28 year old .On my face blemish last two year and my face dull day by day. I try many cream and consult to Dr..BT no improvement.plz suggest me how to remove blemish and make my face glowing and glowing.bcz rt now my face full of spot and blemish

  802. Sir,
    I am using berberis 30X for last 7 days, how long
    should i take this?
    Sir, can i take taraxacum along with?


  803. aditi dakhera says:

    hello Dr.
    I have many scars on my face due to pimples plz tell me what to do.?

  804. Arshdeep Singh says:

    Hello sir,
    I hav problem with my face.its getting dull day by day. I eat proper foods and drink juice . But skin of my face is becoming like old people’s skin . And dark circles too .how can i rid of all this .!

  805. Shamshad begum says:

    Hello Dr,
    I have discoloration on both side of my lips ,on forhead and also the discoloration continues in the chin until the neck which increases when exposed to sun . Allopathy doctor could not diagnosed it and prescribed me many creams and face wash .But it didn’t work and ….Sir i m very tensed…
    I got this discoloration since 2yrs now .
    Age 36
    with three kids( sizerian)
    Pls suggest me a solution

  806. Hi doc,
    I have discoloration on both side of my lips near the moustache sides, and also the discoloration continues in the chin until the neck which increases when exposed to sun . one of my allopathy doctor diagnosed it as melasma and prescribed me many hydroquinone creams. But it didn’t work and I stopped.
    I got this discoloration since 10yrs now .

    Pls suggest me a solution

  807. Hi Dr. Sharma

    I am 42 years old and just recently I have started getting brown spots on my skin and skin discoloration. I have gone through a couple of chemical peels too but there is not much of a difference. My complexion has also gone down and skin looks aged. What can I use for these problems? I don’t mind coming and visiting you. I am in Faridabad.

  808. Sama Ansari says:

    Hello Dr.
    I want to know where can I get berberis aquifolium.

  809. Hii sir I m 21 year old. My face is very oily nd I m suffering from acne last 2 years. I eat salty food. Plz help me I m losing my confidence

  810. parveen mulla says:

    I have black patches on hands due to sun exposure. they were eruption from which there was oozing of sticky watery discharge but now only the patches are remaining. pls prescribe me a medicine n mail it.

  811. Bhagyashri Bhalerao says:

    I am just afraid from Homiopathy cream… I realized, on my face little bit hair coming … Is this because of any cream… Or any reason…. I m suffering from acne,scars, acne pore… Is this any side effects like little bit hair on face cheeks… Plz revert me… I waiting for your right suggestion.

  812. sir i am 22 years old & i have acne scares on my chicks from last 2 years . sir which sulphur medicine i can use for the removal of acne scares…..

  813. Hi y complication is dark and I also have acne scars around nose forehead and chin my skin is dry it looks dead sometimes I am 23 years old please suggest as soon as possible

  814. Subham Routh says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 28 years old men my skin is brown & my face skin is very dull acne scare and more dark in body part , I have use so meny product but not permanently better result I want to get whiting beutyfull and glowing skin permanently so which medicine should I use & where I can get it .please help me .

  815. abdul razzaq says:

    sir i have fair skin red and white but from 10 years its become dark spot on forehead and face please suggest single remedy homeopathy medicine for fairness

  816. tehseen momin says:

    Hello 30 years old..since last 3 years im suffering from a skin problem..I hav v dark uneven skin tone…specialy around nose nd complexion is dark looks v ugly..plz suggest me medicine to treat uneven skin tone..and for fair glowing skin

  817. muskanmishra says:

    sir i have ,very fair skin but from 2 years its become dark…plz suggest me some medicine aur cream so i ,canget my color back

  818. Tanushree Nandy says:

    Hello Sir,

    Very much glad to talk with you, sir actually am facing a problem of rash and pimple for last 2 months . Please suggest me what is the beneficial for me in this case.

    Thanking You

  819. Bhagyashri Bhalerao says:

    I am suffering from acne…then what should I do?

  820. Mohammad Zaid says:

    Respected madam, i stay in Nagpur (Maharashtra). i have dark complexion, so i want fair skin. Please provide me instruction for fairness.

  821. dipika hazarika says:

    I m having a severe damage skin..not severe but starting something like allergy small pimples all over the face and many dark spots are seen now ,in even skin has became more sensitive,and now my skin seem to dry but oily


    Hello sir

    I m 46 years working lady from Kolkata. I am having open pores on my face.I had pimples in my earlier days but now pimples are not there but it has becone very sensitive . These days I notice few black patches on my face. I am fair complexioned
    I donot like sweets . I drink very little water just whatever is needed. had oily face but now it has become dry and sensitive .
    Kindly advice me some homeo medicine to improve the texture of facial skin

  823. my wife suffered from mercurious poising health is detorating face become ugly what is the remedy

  824. Amrita Jaiswal says:

    Hello Sir, please advice homeopathic medicine for pimples & dark spots & get fair skin.

  825. nilesh mohije says:

    Hello , Dr Sharma
    This is nilesh my skin have acne and my skin is very dull. I want glow skin. Plz help me with this problem .

  826. I am 40 my face is very darty and black and pimple
    pls advice me. What is the homeo remady.


  827. Sir, Im yogesh. My skin is getting black, have scars due to acne. As per suggestion i.e. on youe site I want to use Berberis Aquifolium.
    Suggest how to use it ?

  828. i have blemishes/pigmentation on my face since 2010. Initially i applied lemon and honey. with this application blemishes get little lighter… i tries melabest creame for 2 months but of no use.. i also tries chemical peels but of no use.. please guide me what to do to get rid off blemishes.. I m taking homeopathy medicine “Ancardium” . is this medicine will help???\

    please guide

  829. Hello sir,
    Myself sweta,when ever I step out in the sun,my face becomes darker than the rest of my body. Please help!

  830. Dear sir,

    My self Mrs. pol from pune , after pregnancy my skine became dark and dull please sugess me what can i do

  831. Patty Tang says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Hope all is well. I am very excited to find your website and I appreciate and really hope you can help me. I have a dark grey blue birthmark that covers most of my right face, doctor diagnose it as Nevi of Ota. Would you please advice me if any homeopathic medicine or remedies that can treat it or fade the color?

    Thank you so much for your time and your help. Look forward to your reply and advice.

  832. I am 21 years old,had acne since teenage,still have problem is that every single pimple that I get leaves a scar,even the smallest one,like an ice pick scar.I even have body acne.what should I take?

  833. srashtipandey says:

    hello sir, i want to fair my skin color plz tell me which is the best medicine and all to control hairfall.

  834. i m sffrng frm acne prblm nd dr scars r rigid due to dat my cmplxn hs become dull……wanna get rid of acne, scars nd realy want flawless nd fair skin pls help

  835. I am 30years old .i am suffring from til skin problem please suggest

  836. Sir I need glowing skin my complexion is fair bt black spots hai like till n dark circles bhi hai kya use karu
    I want clear n glowing skin

  837. Dear Dr,
    I am aged 58,hysterectomy done 30yrs ago.
    Osteoporosis I have,both my knee only
    All my blood tests shows I am healthy.
    No sugar,no BP
    Slightly obese.pure veg
    My problem is I am older than my age,my face has black spots,oily skin open pores
    I need healthy looking ,with my skin without pigmentation
    Can you suggest some med for me?
    Thanks dr,I am waiting for your reply

  838. niharika biswal says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am 25 years and I am sound complexion. I want to lighten my face,neck,leg and hand with no side effects. Please suggest me good advice on how can I achieve this in Homeopathy.’

    niharika biswal

  839. Sir Maine lobet gm 5 salo take istemal Ki.jiski waja se meri skin sunder or gori to lgne lgi lakin skin bohot sensitive ho gai or us cream ko chhodte hi meri skin bohot gandi bejaan badrang ho jati hain.kripaya samadhan bataye

  840. Good morning sir, I want to get fair complexion. Plz kindly suggest me

  841. DR.dolly saraswat says:

    Gud evening sir, sir I m having acne eruptions from last 8 years & hd takn every type of medicin .at present I m on homeopathic trtmnt in which m tking sepia,kali brom, & clear skin gel . kindly suggest me sir

  842. mahender verma says:

    Tell me something about homeopathic

  843. meenu sharma says:

    My age is 57 and have black spots on nose cheeks all over face and skin is getting dark pl.tell me d remedy

  844. DR.SANJEET says:

    Hello sir
    gud evng
    This is dr sanjeet gajbhiye from raipur
    Sir i have the problem in moderate tinnitus with diminished gradually hearing loss both the ear since last 5-6 year.
    Kindly suggest me treatment for this

  845. divya sinha says:

    How many days i take it berberis aquifolium for fair skin porpus

  846. SanJay Kumar Das says:

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Sanjay Kumar Das 27yrs old my skin completion is dark and dull I want to have a glowing and fair skin please suggest me what medicine should I take and what its dose and how long should I take the medicine.

  847. Kumdan kumar says:

    Hello sir,
    i am kundan kumar i am 28 Years old.
    sir my face Is light black. So i want fare face.
    please sugesst me a medicine

  848. Hloo sir, i m anshu 23 yrs old. I m getting many black spots on my face it is increasing continueos from 7 years and every summer season perhaps i got a til on my face. Before 7 year i have not any spots on my face .but it increases only on my neck or my face. Plz sir suggest medicins or precaution.

  849. Hloo sir, i m anshu 23 yrs old. I m getting many black spots on my face it is increasing continueos from 7 years and every summer season perhaps i got a til on my face. Before 7 year i have not any spots on my face .but it increases only on my neck or my face. Plz sir suggest medicins or precaution. I m in very tension for this.

  850. Dear sir,
    Thanks a lo for your informative article.I want to use berberis aqui for clearing my complexion.can you please inform me the dosage and for how long the treatment has to be continued.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  851. Preeti Dangi says:

    Hello sir,
    My father is suffering from severe tingling type sensation from few years. We have consulted many doctors but of no use. He had met with an acci

  852. sir,
    i have color . how to improove my fairness. please help me

  853. Pravallika Kasturi says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am 25 years and I am dusky complexion. I want to lighten my skin tone with no side effects. Please suggest me good advice on how can I achieve this in Homeopathy.’

    Thanks In Advance
    Pravallika Kasturi

  854. Sandeep kaur says:

    Respected Sir, Myself Sandeep m 23 yrs old female earlier i have fair complexion but now i hv dark circles and uneven skin tone . I am worried kindly suggest me the best homeo medicine for glowing and fair complexion and to get rid of dark circles……. I would be highly thankfull to you Sir…….

  855. Kanchan Jaswal says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have dull, itchy & pimples prone skin. It gets very dry & dull in winters. Bit oily & dull in summers & rainy season. I am 33 yrs old female living in Ludhiana, Punjab. My daily routine includes 24 KM drive as I am working. My complexion in not very fair need glowing & clear skin. What kind of treatment would you suggest.

  856. SURENDER KAUR says:

    Hello sir,

    I am 27 years girl with dark skin complexion and pimple marks on it. After 3 months I m getting married. kindly suggest me any homeopathic treatment for fair and healthy skin. I would be thankful to u for this..:-)

  857. Hello Sir,

    Which remedy i used please suggest, as i have dark spots on side and below of eyes. According to other doctors it is a pigmentation issue, and also my face have some pimples dark pathes and skin looks dull.

    Please suggest sir.


  858. anitabhanawat says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,

    Ihave been suffering from chronic acidity and gas for the last 35 years.I HAVE TRIED ALL ALOPATHIC MEDICINES but of no use . kindly suggest me some homeo medicine i will be extremely greatful. I am also suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. is there any homeo medicine for that?i have a replaced hip joint ,and had hystrectomy done in2010. My age is 55 yrs. i live in jaipur rajasthan.Worked as lecturer for 25 yrs ina college.
    Awaitig an early reply.
    Yours Sincerely

    Anita Bhanawat

  859. I have a brown small spots on my both cheeks from 4 years,so I want a permanent removal of this,

  860. prabir mondal says:

    how to use berberis aquifolium.

  861. Radilina Troeva says:

    You should see the beautiful glowing skin we have after applying DermalMD Glowing Serum ! And yes, it is perfect for acne too! It is just what your skin needs to replenish itself. Shop with confidence!!

  862. annapurna roy says:

    I am 34 yr old .My facial skin has become dull and uneven complexion. There are brown patches on both sides of my cheek. As I am very fair . My facial skin also doesn’t match with rest of my body. It is becoming darker. Please find me a solution.

  863. hiii i am doctor of homoeopathy from the state of punjab. i am doing practice at my own clinic from 1 year . i have many patients . if i have any problem medicine related or body related can i ask you Dr saab . i have 1 patients a little pimples and but many scars on the face from 1 year which medicine should be give .please suggest me Dr saab . i want add with you on facebook account what is your facebook id name .thnx alot Dr saab

  864. My age is 17…I am male… I want to fairness

  865. Sanjit Singh says:

    I have dull, patchy, slight pigmentation and glow less skin. I am working as a manger in an mnc where i have to deal with foreign delegates and clients, in that situation i have to look graceful. So , due to non-maintenance over years my skin gets dull, patchy (might be due to excess sun -exposure). Even i look alot older than my age. I consulted kaya skin clinic, they suggested me to go for some laser treatment.
    Sir please suggest if there is any treatment for my problem in homeopathy.

    Sanjit Singh

  866. I have had a problem with whiteheads for a long time now and have tried everything on the market with no success. What do you recommend?

  867. Sir I am 26 yrs old boy. I have a dark complexion as my parents are. But i want to be fair. Can you suggest me a homeopathy medicine that can permanently make me fair throughout the body.
    I have been using now the Clobetasol Propionate and Salicylic Acid ointment + lotion. Shall i continue this?

  868. Hello Dr.

    My wife age 30 have a mild black or brown pigment (jhain hindi word) on both cheek since 8 years what medicine have to take please help.

  869. ayush sharan says:

    I am 20 year old this medicin is sutailable for my skin BERBERIES AQUIFOLIUM??

    the result of this medicine is always positive ??

  870. anju sharma says:

    sir I am suffering from pigmentation on face for last seven years. iwant to get rid of.

  871. anju sharma says:


  872. dear sir,
    I have pimple marks and scars on my face .how to get rid of this problem

  873. NARENDRA PATIL says:

    my skin tone is wheatish and dull somewhat. I need glowing and fair skin. can it be possible through Homeopathy.

  874. Dear sir.. M’ a well furnished musculine guy but some time ago my face & neck skin goint to very dull & dark & no glow on my face inspite of my whole body skin tone going to uneven m’ very tensionlised for my skin face & whole body tone ..plz suggest me top & cheep medicine of this case which i can get easily plz sir help me of this problem..m’ very oblighed to u

  875. Gaurav Choudhary says:

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Gaurav Choudhary and I am 21 years old. Sir I have acne on my face and shoulders. I am living in Delhi & because of the pollution my skin ton becomes Tan. Sir please suggest me Homoeopathic medicines that I can easily find in local stores.
    Thank You Sir.

  876. Sir,i m skin was too fair,glowing n shiny till my 33 yrs.After tat i had noticed some dark spots coming n soon my skin got pigmented in a year.Used home remedies,After that i gone for laser,and acid treatment.And again skin got worsened and another mishappening too.I stud in hot sun for 5 hrs b4 4 months.Altogether now i have lost my glow n skin dull with wrinkles n lost my original fairness.I feel too much depressed .How can i get back my gud old glowing skin

  877. anil sharma says:

    1. Skin bering ( black sport on face)
    2. Wait is 115 Kg ( fat only on stomach, leaver fat

  878. Maria Beatriz says:



    I live in Brazil we dont have Synaptol here,except if we import it.
    Is it possible that I ask the homeopathic pharmacy to make me compounding synaptol given the ingredients in it?They say it is diluted in equal volumes of 10x,30x and 100 x.
    Is this information together with the list of ingretients enough to make omy own manipulated formula?


  879. hello sir,
    i am 19 year old,i want lightness, glowing and fair skin ‘
    please you tell me some medicine in Homeopathi plzzz

  880. Vasudha JAIN says:

    Can u suggest for dark eye circles

  881. Deborah Formal says:

    Please contact me for an appointment for melasma

  882. She is suffering from post menopausia symptoms day and night sweats, then cold feeling. Can you help? Thank you

  883. SURINDER DARGAN says:

    My grand son was very fair. Recently his skin is becoming dark. There no glow on his face. He is fond of sweet things. Has lot of sweat in head during sleep even winter. Getting thin day by day. What sh I give. Please help.

  884. mahiwal rajput says:

    Sir………ye medicine kaha se mile gi….

  885. anushree says:

    Good mornin sir. Im anushree ,a dentist.. Im 23 years old.. I hav a dark complexion.. My marriage has been skipping due to my complexion.. I need fair tone.. Is that possible in homeopathy.. Pls help me. Thank you

  886. Sandipa Bhattacharya says:

    Pl let me know Berberis Aquifolium effcts liver and kidney.

  887. mehjabin says:

    how I can make myself fairer by taking homepathy nedicine.

  888. Milan kotru says:

    Sir,i want my skin to get brighter.Please suggest any treatment for fairer skin

  889. Yogita yadav says:

    pimple,oily skin and eye defect-please tell some medicine for relief from these problems.

  890. jyoti kumari says:


  891. raveendra says:

    Namaskr sir I am Ravindra from Bangalore .i am very happy to write this latter I am very proud about you sir.I all the time watching your article very wonderful thanks sir

  892. Dear Sir,

    I have a fare skin (white) but I have brown spots (pigmentation). Problem it’s in our family as you grow older they become dark in colour and the face become ugly looking,I am 39 years old lady, I do hope you can help me also overweight.


  893. On my face but near my ear area has bad pigmentation. I have done leger few times but after that became worse. I want to get ride of it please advise

  894. bishal gupta says:

    I m 29 yrs old male. My face colour is 5times darker than the rest of my body. I hv started using berberis aquifolium q twice daily since three days. Pls advise should I take other medicine also or berberis alone will help.

  895. Is there any treatment for pityriasis lichanoids chronic (PLC) skin problem?

  896. Nasrin Sultana says:

    Sir,I am taking barberis aquifolium from 3 weeks for excessive sebum secretion and acne.i am 27 yrs old ,unmarried lady.How long can i take this medicine.plz help me.

  897. Brent carlson says:

    Man I got about a tennis ball circular skin discoloration on my right cheek. The bottom half is red in color and now after a couple years, a small white patch of bumps is developing on the bottom part of discoloration. The top half is like dark and discolored but not protruding above the skin like to bottom. It doesn’t itch but is very hard on the ole self esteem. I’m a fairly dark complected Caucasian. I’m 31. I believe it started like 5 yes ago when I ran into a metal pole at night. I hit my cheek and it left a small scar. Later on it seemed to come back. I used mederma to get rid of scar. I’m completely lost. Frustrated would be an understatement. I’m tired of put make up on my face so people don’t stare at me.

  898. aliya khan says:

    Dear doctor,I am 19 years old I have a problem of speaking fast. many of them can’t understand wat am I saying I don’t know how but I speak don’t want to speak so I need ur help

  899. sbanerjee says:

    i suffered from mercurious poisining past 30 years now my wife also become ugly health alsodetorating what ihave todo

  900. SuperGirl says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma! Where can I get Berberis Aquifolium for clear skin and removing scars and what form do you recommend? How do you take it? Thank you for your help! 🙂

  901. for my condition of excess weight and constipation, nux vomica and nature mur seem the best indicated. which concentration should i take; 6, 30, 100?
    thank you

  902. Ravi Sharma says:

    can u send me your tel no

  903. rajeev sharma says:


  904. sir
    i want to increase my colour.not only the face bt also in feet and hands.please prescribe a well growth is also there in my face on upper lips.

  905. sir
    i want to increase my colour.not only the face bt also in feet and hands.please prescribe a well remedy

    • Mrs naveed says:

      Sir I am giving Berberis aqualiform to my 5 years old daughter.her skin colour is not fair but small pimples started to appear on her body her face colour is getting better what I do now?

  906. Sejal Keswani says:

    Hello sir my age is 33.i have pigmentation on my face for last 3 to 4 years. ,dr says harmonal imbalence so pls help to solve my problem .I am very tense.

  907. I am 28 years old.I have last 5 years tiny holes, dark spot cause of pimples .Now pimples also have which is hard and 15 to 16 days it to reduce. I m already used many homeopathy medicines but not get permanently solution. And continueing now sailicea and pulastila. Its only got remedy some times only. I have stress about this for not remedy permanently. Please tell me proper medicines and potential for took those medicines. Please help me…

  908. sir I have a daughter she is 5years old sir she has some white spots in her body what I sell do

  909. Khushboo bansal says:

    Helo sir. I m khushboo 23 yrs old ,Actualy i m having spots on my face and body ,according to my mother these are birthmarks which are visible as i m growing . Is there any remedy for birth marks?

  910. Dear Dr. Sharma ,

    I have scalp psoriasis. on the front of my forehead there is a red crown formed due to scalp psoriasis. I have sensitive skin. My facial skin has darkened with large black spots on chin cheeks, around mouth and on forehead. I have tried every cream,. nothing works. They seem to be spreading more and more. please can you recommend a homeopathic cure for it

  911. archana vaidya says:

    soory to tell u but have pimples and black spots also so my request ithat pls solve my problem thank u

  912. archana vaidya says:

    i have pigmentation on my face, nose became more darker, complextiion is darker ,dr says harmonal imbalence so pls help to solve my problem and age is 45

  913. ARUN RAJ says:

    my face color is black than my body a lot can it be curable

  914. Jyoti tyagi says:

    I have hyper pigmentation on face for last 7 to 8 years. Any treatment is possible for the same. If any treatment is possible , Kindly suggest me.

  915. Thanks alot sir…

  916. Nutan chauhan says:

    Dr. How i have to take these medicines

  917. P.AMARAVATHI says:

    I am 35 years lady, am suffering pimples and acne black spots on my face will you please suggest me which medicine should i take

  918. hello doctor,

    My 14 year old daughter is a bit tan in colour, i desire a bit fairer skin for her, Moreover she is prone to sun tan very easily, and after that she looks totally black. It takes weeks for me to remove her tanning and the process ( natura) is so tiring and time consuming, Pls suggest some treatment.

    • How do I get this Berberis Aquifolium treatment. I have black spots on my face and pimple like boils are springing out of my face. If u press it, only water comes out

  919. Gulshan Mirza says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a fare skin (white) but I have brown spots (pigmentation). Problem it’s in our family as you grow older they become dark in colour and the face become ugly looking,I am 52years old lady, I do hope you can help me also overweight but my late mum was taller than me and not too overweight.


  920. Kanwal Chaudhary says:

    Good Morning Sr. Sharma
    My main complaint is that when I wake up in the morning my tongue is full of white spots as if I ate yogurt accompanied by a lot of saliva. I have to scrap it off with a tongue cleaner. Generally during the day it remains fairly clean, except sometimes I feel excess saliva but not white spots.
    I am 73 yrs. male, generally in good health except a bit of high BP which I control with medicine.
    Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Best Regards

  921. lack of sex.not able to enjoy the proper timing of sex.

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