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Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies for Skin Rashes

A skin rash can be described as any change in the skin that can impact its color, texture or look. A rash can result in itching, chapping, blistering, swelling, change in color, etc, which may or may not be accompanied by pain. A skin rash can either be localized, affecting a specific body part, or it can spread to the entire body. A skin rash can result in not only discomfort or pain but also awkwardness about your look. There are some kinds of skin rashes that disappear on their own, like the heat rash and swimmer’s itch, while there are others, such as rosacea and shingles, that call for medical intervention. Homeopathic remedies for skin rashes are comparatively safe and successful since they have practically no side-effects, something which is very crucial for patients suffering from rashes. homeopathic remedies for skin rashes

Kinds of Skin Rashes

Some kinds of rashes that occur commonly are: Eczema occurs in the case of individuals with allergies or asthma. It is characterized by a red, itchy, and scaly rash. Psoriasis is marked by red, scaly, itchy patches on the joints and the scalp. It occurs especially on the fingernails. Impetigo occurs mostly in children and is characterized by red sores which form into blisters, ooze, and then turn into a crust. Shingles are a painful blistered skin condition triggered by that very virus that causes chickenpox. Rashes can also be related to common childhood diseases like measles, roseola, rubella, chickenpox, hand-foot-mouth disease, scarlet fever and the like. Rashes can also be synonymous with certain medical conditions like lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, and the Kawasaki disease.

Causes of Skin Rashes

The factors for skin rashes are as wide-ranging as the kinds of rashes themselves.  From infections, heat, and immune system disorders to medications and allergens like chemicals in elastic, rubber products, cosmetics, soaps, detergents or dyes in clothing, virtually anything can trigger a rash. Interestingly, even oily skin, infrequent shampooing, and alcohol-based lotions can lead to skin rashes. Age, stress, fatigue and weather extremes can often compound this irksome skin condition. Among the other common causes of rashes is a reaction to vaccination, food allergy, friction due to the brushing of skin, menstruation, secondary syphilis, skin conditions such as acne and fungal infection in the form of ringworm.

Homeopathic Medicines for Skin Rashes

Sulphur, I find, is ideal for redness and rashes that aggravate at night. Medoohinum is suited for treating the fiery red rash around the anus in babies. Lithium Carb works best in case of a rough rash all over the body and tough, dry, itchy skin.  Caladium is to be given to patients of an itching rash that alternates with asthma. I feel Belladonna is very helpful in case of eruptions like scarlatina which spread suddenly. Astacus Fluv is an effective remedy for a rash and itching all over the body. Sarsaparilla works well for a rash that results from exposure to open air and causes dry itching.

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  1. Dear doctor Sharma

    I have some irritation between my buttocks and keeps for long time. I would appreciate to send you the picture to your private email and you could asses it. I was using tens of the creams and no one helps me. Please help.

  2. Mujhe homeopathy treatment lete hue 15se20din ho chuke h par mujhe skin allergy m koi fayada nhi hua h balki mere hands,face or neck k aas pass itching bahut jayada ho gayi hai

  3. I need help for eczema, with natural and that really works and give good effective results with out any side effects. Please help me really suffering.

  4. Hi, my four-year-old son had a severe reaction to amoxicillin. We took him to the emergency room and they diagnosed him with a having a reaction to the amoxicillin He developed a Maculopapular rash (also called Morbilliform). It’s all over his body and is severely itchy. Benadryl doesn’t seem to help and they also told us it wouldn’t. I try to couple homeopathy remedies from my kit but nothing seems to be helping or at least doesn’t seem that way. I’m looking for a remedy that might help with this

  5. Twonda Watson says:

    I am having an outbreak with shingles due to child hood chicken pox can I use a cupful of bleach to ease itching and irritating? I am on steroids for five days and almost done with antibiotics.

  6. Sir/Madam, My age 55 yrs ,my skin eaching whenever my dress open & during sun ray. Affected area likes red .so pl suggest which homoeopathy medicine best for me.

  7. Saroj Kumar sahoo says:

    Eczima &skin redness cure homeopathy medicine

  8. I have been having this raches on one particular part of my thigh,I’ve tried different medications and anti fungal cream but they seem not to be working …pls what can I use ?

    • Jeanette Allen says:

      I have what appears to be a fungus top thumbs; can you help?

    • M. D. PANICKER says:

      I am male 65 yrs old. I have been using cetrazin pills for lastmore than 10 years for Itching, redness, rashes which occurred very often on various parts of body. I have used ars. Album 30ch but no response.

      Can you suggest any good homeo medicines.

      M. D. Panicker

  9. I think that I have a Steinernema skin rash infection. Can you help with a cure?

  10. Dinayen claris says:

    Hello my son has some rashes on his face and his hands really dont know what to use.its itching abit and just like heart rash

  11. I have a flaky irritated skin rash, that my skin flaky, !looks like skin peeling. above my ankle.Feel sore and itches at time,a little redness, bleed at time. I have problems with fluid and wear compressor socks everyday. My leg ooze fluid at times. Its very annoying. What can I use to heal this problem to good..

  12. Aniruddha Gupta says:

    Facing rashes allergy in using colouring moustache

  13. Nwabueze Stephen Ugochukwu says:

    I have bumps on my dick cap for 2 weeks now, it itches me most times.. I’m 27 years old.
    Please help me doctor


    I am facing extreme itching all over the body from yesterday night and due to that I could not sleep whole night and this is still continuing and I am afraid that tonight also I have to suffer like that. Pl. help. Pl. advise to stop itching immediately. I am suffering like anything.
    Pl. Help
    Tarashankar Mallick
    Senior citizen

  15. Archana Dass says:

    Hello Doctor ,
    I am Archana Dass, Age 44, Single, and I am physically handicapped since birth. I have problem in walking. I am a content writer and work online .
    Doctor since last couple of week I have this itching problem on hips and including thighs. I also have small rashes and a black layer has developed on the area. The skin has become dry. They are more irritable at night.
    Doctor if you can please help me. I have tried all lotions like Vaseline, cleaning with dettol . It becomes better then after a couple of days again it starts .
    Kindly suggest a medicine . I have never had this kind of problem before. I have great trust on homeopathy and hope for a favorable response from you. Thank you .

  16. Annabell Burns says:

    My name is Annabell. I am 63 and in fairly good health. I keep digestive issues at bay with food combining. Am on no meds. I take supplements of Acidophilus.
    I have noticed this year that random small circles of a pale or red individual spot/rash with a rougher surface are appearing on my legs and
    One on chest area.

    Can you advise please. Earlier on this year I took Arsen Alb to help avoid Corona virus
    Thank you


  17. My skin is very dry in winters and itchy and redness red rashes on my face suggests me homeopathy medicine to curent dryness in winters

  18. I want to remove my acne from cheeks

  19. Mujhay ak haftay say halka sa chest pain ho raha bp zayada hota hay urin bhi kum horaha hay back may pain what is homeopathic medicine

  20. Dr. Sanjukta Mohapatra says:

    I developed a small circle Like eruptions looked reddish on top of both hands, after few days it appeared on my right hand like mosquito bites in clusters, then it is found in the right neck. There was no itching in the beginning but after 15-20 days it is itching slightly. This condition has started since two months. Kindly advise.

  21. I have been experiencing itching for the past one month. Pls any medicine

  22. I m from Pakistan
    How can I have skookum chuck 3x by lords in Pakistan karachi

  23. Sufiyan Shafqat says:

    Muje Groin Area min Msla h Wahn halka sa b pasena aa jay to Fori rashes ho jata h Or Bewja wahn Mail b jama ho jati hy jo utarny ka nam b nai leti to iska Hall bta dein plZ

  24. Geogy Andrew says:

    I am 49 yrs old, residing in UAE. Every year during the summer season i get skin rashes. I am a type 2 diabetic and BP patient. Is there any cure for this.

  25. Prithvi Sharma says:

    My daughter aged 24 has white skin,specially of hands, after bathing with any soap,bodywash or anything. The hands look as if kept in water for long. irritation is also there. Feels better ofapplying a moisturiser.
    Please help her.

    • Thorat Shubhangi Ashok says:

      My aged 21 I have white skin,specially of hands, after bathing with any soap,bodywash or anything. The hands look as if kept in water for long. irritation is also there. Feels better ofapplying a moisturiser.
      Please help me

  26. How can i get skookum chuk 3x in it only found in india

  27. Ravinder Singh says:

    Hello Doctor,
    When ever I eat something to make my body warm I got red bumps on all over my body look like thousands ants bite me and it also start itching in cold temperature it go inside body and in warm it again come out. I want to know how I can cure my self with this disease or infection.

    • Fatima Ruhi says:

      Hello doctor
      Since a week I have rashes and bumps on my right hand and sometimes very itchy a very little on left hand .my nose and cheeks become red itchy and dry.sometimes I feel itchyness in the palm under the thumps mostly in right hand . kindly prescribe me some medicines for such conditions to take for immediate relief.

  28. Rahul Dey says:

    Sir I am suffering from skin irritations and itching sensation after bath or sweating in open air and in room from 2 years.redness and dark skin colour pesist for that. Please help me.

  29. R. K. Dey says:

    Sir, my grandson aged 20 years got round patches on his scalp from which white coloured dead skins come. But no irritation. Please suggest homoeopathic medicine and oblige. Thank you.

  30. Mohammed Adil says:

    Dear Sir
    I am Muhammad Adil from Hyderabad Pakistan. Iam 39 years old and suffering Diabetes type I for the last 20 years. But currently I have been suffering from severe itching without acne on my back for the last two months. I have been scratching with something else for a long time and now started bleeding from somewhere in my back. I have also consulted with many dermatologists in my town but they couldn’t diagnosed any desease and they all says that actually you have diabetes then it is because of this your skin is very dry and prescribed several topical moisturizing lotions & cortisone creams/lotions (Betamethisone, Fluticasone Propionate, Mometasone Furoate with combination of menthol extract) and also oral medicines (Ebastine 20mg, Fexofenadine 180mg, Loratidine 10mg, Cetrazine 10mg and also take Pheniramine Maleate injection) to cure itching problem, but I am not getting any relief from said medications. Now I am even more worried and disturbed because my back is itchy all day and I itch all the time and I don’t even sit in the office.

    Therefore, you are requested to please diagnose this problem of mine and advice me something so that I can get rid of this problem as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards

    Muhammad Adil
    Hyderabad Pakistan

    • Mr S.K.Bag says:

      Sir.for almost 15 years the skin on the fingers and toes has been rising dry rough skin

      • Vignan Gupta says:

        My wife is suffering from Psoriasis like skin rash on her palms and anklets with itching sensation. She has tried Allopathy, Ayurvedic and Homeopathy. But they all gave her temporary relief. The rash is limited to palms, and between fingers and ankles but no where else. The rash appears as patchy white scales with itching but no oozing. This condition is persisting for more than 25 years. Can you please suggest some effective homeo medicine.

        Thanking you,

        Vignan Gupta
        13 Oct., 20

  31. Heera's Kumar says:

    Sir good afternoon I am Heera’s Kumari, from Samastipur, Bihar. age:-33yrs weight:- 59kg . I have some problem that on whole body become rashes and itching. Pain in foot layer. Please help me.

  32. Mahesh patnaik says:

    My son about 15 years old, He suffering from rashes,since six months.He use levocitrezin tablet.if he will not use tab 2,3 days,the rashes will come will seen in body 1 hour,then it will di appiar in there any permanent solution…?

    • Samgeeta says:

      My son is suffering from itchy fingers having red patches which are dry from many years. Tried many homeopathy doctors but of no help. Kindly reply.

  33. Hello my name is mrs naseem. suffering ringworm, itching, feeling restless and sleepless, allergy of dust, smoke and change weather.
    Suggest homeopathy medcine

  34. Hello
    Dr. Sharma
    My name I sent Edwin.
    I miss having all body itching. but whenever ever I take Glotrizine 10m it stop. But after one day it Continue itching me ,

  35. My armpit intches me alot n movement in d body also in-between laps itching wt rashes

  36. Ella Taylor says:

    Hello DR. Sharma

    My husband went fishing today got back home and about two hours later started to itch under his arms and between his upper thighs. When I looked at it what I saw was a rash about the size of the palm of my hand. Within less than one hour they were appearing on his belly almost before our eyes, with a fierce itch. He say he just walked the banks of the lake and did not come in contact with weeds or grass.

  37. Iqbal singh says:

    Dr. Sharma Ji

    I am 79 years old. I am suffering from itching for last 2 years in arms pit ,thigh n joints,knee back after winter season is over .The skin becomes very dry.i apply medicine to make rhe skin oily n get some relief but with sweating rash itching appear,could suggest some medicine, thank

  38. Hii doc iam suffering skin rashes on buttocks since two years i used medications for 6 months but it wont work .now iam using some leaves namely known as ‘matta thamara’ paste it and apply on the affected area it shows me some relief and working is there any another way to reduce rashes

  39. My daughter suffering from skin iches on sun effected places

  40. Mokeem ANSARI says:

    My skin probelam

  41. Good evening sir, my problem was that am just feeling this itching all over my body, have scratch all penis and it has all peel with fluid coming out, all my laps too are full of small small pimple, please sir I need your help

    • Good morning sir I have this rashs on my laps and also on my pains and constantly boils on my laps what will I do

  42. bhadrima khatri says:

    I have a iching multiple allergy i use some tablet and injection couldnot relif when i eat meat its increase more how can stop to iching of this

  43. I am struggling with scrotum eczema for the past 4 years once I have consulted a dermatologist and he recommended fusil cream and candocort cream as well as candid powder even though my itchiness has reduced up to a certain extent but still I feel uncomfortable and dryness in my balls please help me to recover from this…. thank you

  44. Mother having allergical red coloured rashes innthevdp whole body. It reduces when given anti allergy medicine. Now the pattern of rashes has changed to small lumps. Very itchy. Continuously scratching. Feels shivering when it increases. Which medicine will be better. Kindly suggest

  45. Feeling itching Ness after use of onion juice with coconut oil on hair scalp since 3month.

  46. nisha deoghare says:

    hii good morning dr
    I am suffering from skin allergy called urticaria. Its chronic and mostly its irritate me at evening what are the medicines pls reply me

  47. Muhammed Hamza says:

    A. O. A
    I have a disease like rashes on about all body…. And when i rash on this spot there are pimples like somthing and when i rubbed it it ulis converted in ko (zakham)… When my body heats up there is also rashes spot ontl my body.. SO kindly please tell me what is the factor? Qnd what’s the problem inhave faced.
    Thanks you

    • Good evening sir, my problem was that am just feeling this itching all over my body, have scratch all penis and it has all peel with fluid coming out, all my laps too are full of small small pimple, please sir I need your help

  48. Sujannaskar says:

    Hi doctor I’m sujannaskar live west Bengal raghunath pur dankuni hooghly my panice font side chot sexxsul time I’m uese homeo madicin but not batter Plese sir my life stile is not batter Plese sir help my A best madicin I Hope batter life

  49. Sarmad Mughees says:

    My mom has a scally whiteish rash on the back of her neck and back side of her scalp. It has been there for about 10 years. Doctors have suggested using different shampoos etc but nothing has worked. Please guide.

  50. Hi doctor
    I feel itchy only on legs and arms on dry skin and after itching it becomes red but it goes and come again and with hot things on body I feel it becomes more

  51. angela Moore says:

    My daughter with Down syndrome has itchy flat red rash everywhere particularly on her hands and feet, knees and elbows. It is painful on her feet when she walks, relief with cold packs.
    We believe it may be a post-viral rash due to her having flu symptoms and strep throat last week .or a reaction to the ampicillin (although she has taken penicillin previous years without reaction). It began yesterday 10 days after the start of her illness.

  52. Hello ma,
    Good evening
    I’m having itching all over my body and when ever I scratch it, it will swell up and some times it gives me fever and headache

  53. Irja Alweendo says:

    Good mrnn sir….my eyes and body always itching every year from October .even I have been treated only few days and Cmng back again.

  54. Sunday Barikisu says:

    Good morning sir,pls sir i exprience rash and itching when ever i bath and it will disapper in d next 30minute.i need d cure and causes

  55. vijaya chaudhary says:

    puri body and mostly thies me icthing ol daane ho gye hain or unme pain bhi bhut ho rha hai .

  56. Small hives red in colour , with severe itching at night.first in father thn in son of 4 yr also in mother.

  57. Mujhe khujli ho gyi thi but vo sahi ho gyi but private part mai hui thi dane agye badhe badhe fir vo sahi hote hai fir aa jate hai usi jagh maine video mai dekhke ek oil bnaya usmai thandha wala oil and kapoor or fitkari dal ke bnaya usko lagaya to uske thodhi der badh jalnne laga fir hata diya fir uske bad se bhut jal ra hai sahi nhi hora. Kya kru sahi krne ke lite Dr. Plz help me

  58. Dear sir, mere dono leg ke tale me mota kala parat jaisa jama ho gaya hai.safai karne par talwa ka skin kai jagah crack kar gaya hai.hath ke hatheli me bhi aisa hi hai.kabhi kabhi nochta bhi hai aur lahar jaisa lagta hai.kripya koi Daba bataye

  59. doreen mugure says:

    Hi? This is doreen from meru Kenya my 2yers old daughter is developing some big pimples on the legs and feet which are itchy ad waterly plz help mi know what is the cause

  60. Pralhad S Galatagi says:

    Dear Sir My 64 year wife suffering from itching skin from neck to below stomach only since from 3 months We consulted allopathic Doctor and prescribed the tablets name T Livosiz M and Condeol B cream. When this tablets consumes there is no itching if stops again itching starts one tablet per day night recommended this has been consumed since last 40 days. When tablet stops she can’t tolerate itching. Kindly recommend Homeopathic medicine to cure this. Kindly help us sir.

  61. Ankit Srivastava says:

    I have got this penis problem some 19 years back when I was 15,the part of penis from where urine erects got bit swollen not known to me…I concerned with the doctor he gave me some cream like candiderma etc but that problem never subsidized but also it not gave me any problem all these years …but now after all these years I got red marks or rashes inside my penis apart from this long sustaining issue….I used some cream but this rashes or red spot are there on my penis….no itching is there but this problem continues and also that urine erection swolling is there…I m very worried what to do then

  62. Corny Majola says:

    I had shingles and my face sculp and eye is very Itchy I tried allergex but didn’t work what do u suggest?

  63. Nnaemeka Magnus says:

    I was diagnosed with staphylococcus auerus,and ecoli,what can I do to get rid of it,I have been on drugs for months but not yet ok

    • Refilwe Lucia Kgorogobe says:

      Hi Doc I have a problem my face has rash and that rush is iching it’s been 2 month now again my skin is drydry it’s painful help pls

  64. Muhammad afzal says:

    Hello dr. Poori body par red color kay danay hain aor bht ziada khujli hay pleez btain kia karoon

  65. Saima ishaq says:

    Helo mery dano k nishan or grhy hn boht ziada plez btae k main kia krn

  66. Indira Varadarajan says:

    My 10 yr old grand daughter has blocked, nose, chest congestion and random itching of arms, head which are especially interrupting her sleep and mine as welll. According to the allopathic doctor it is her body’s reaction to allergens in mumbai. This is her first time in mumbai … we moved from bangalore. Kindly suggest remedy.

    • M satyanarayan says:

      My daughter of 2 years have rashes over all the body and etching problem which leads to get reddish on itching. Her skin is dry. After applying body oil it absorbs quickly.
      Kindly suggest remedy.

  67. Mohan Kumar Srivastava says:

    Respected Doctor , I am very happy because USA me Homoeopathy doctor ki kaya craze hai. There are Homoeopathy medicine like. Because I am a homoeopathic pharmacist inkanpur (India). My father is practice from 30 years in Kanpur (u.p.)

  68. Bridget Ramolehe says:

    Hello Dr… My little brother gets bumpy flat large rash all over his body and it is now becoming more severe, at first we thought it was hives but it look more intense than that.. Please help

  69. Bishnu S. Mukherjee says:

    Hello Dr,

    I’m having a chronic problem of allergy with itches which comes in the summer along with sweats. It starts itching from pimple like spots and then it starts spreading radially in the form of urticarial rash in wheel form. The itches get relieved by application of heat and warm compress soothes. It mainly itches during late evening and morning. Over time spreads from one portion of skin to other. But the previous areas get healed. It starts with regions like folds of leg, arm, inner wear lines where elastic presses and gradually progresses to belly, thigh, back etc. In winter its somewhat better.
    I’ve tried with local homeopath but it does not cures completely even in 2 years time. Can I get relief from this problem forever.


    • abdul malik says:

      Hello Dr,

      I’m having a chronic problem of allergy with itches which comes in the summer along with sweats. It starts itching from pimple like spots and then it starts spreading radially in the form of urticarial rash in wheel form. The itches get relieved by application of heat and warm compress soothes. It mainly itches during late evening and morning. Over time spreads from one portion of skin to other. But the previous areas get healed. It starts with regions like folds of leg, arm, inner wear lines where elastic presses and gradually progresses to belly, thigh, back etc. In winter its somewhat better.
      I’ve tried with local homeopath but it does not cures completely even in 2 years time. Can I get relief from this problem forever.


  70. Iftikhar Malik says:

    Hi Dr,
    Hope you are doing well, actually I would like to tell you that I have itching, white scalps dandruff, red spots on the face and head in hairs, can you please advise me some good medicine to get rid from this problem forever?
    Thank you

  71. Rajesh Sharma says:

    My grandson is 7 months old . We changed his diapers due to larger size. Now he has develop rashes on his anus line. He also has dysentery. I gave him Cina-200 which helped him to check his dysentery but rashes remained.
    I want your advice which ointment should I apply on it.
    Rajesh Sharma

  72. Divya Sharms says:

    I experience itching and rash all over my body gets relief by cetrezine..i had blood and urine tests which were normal..protein amout was little increased…can you suggest me any homeopathic medicine for this?

    • Dilip Bijlani says:

      I have severe skin allergy every day and rashes all over the body so after taking allegra 180 I get relief want to know if it can be cured with homeopathy

      • My skin of fands nd lower legs is becoming dark by day.light black patches arise on has itching nd rashesh problem.after taking alagra 180 I dot it’s time being pl. Suggest me medicine without steroid. Already all types of medicine I took.(ayurvedic.alopathic nd homeopathic )

  73. Murtaza ali says:

    Doctor I need sex for more taimming & how come my panic big and fat

  74. Jaydip Sarkar says:

    Distal part of lower limb itching vigorously….high in Summer….no visible rash…normal skin colour… temporarilyfeel comfort after rinse with very hot water on itchy areas.
    Please suggest Homoeopathy medicine.

    • F-50years
      I am having severe itching near the Inner wear lines, where the elastic presses, discoloration of the skin as well on that area from the last 3-4weeks .i get only a little relief for some time by applying some skin creams like calendula Or by bathing with hot water, suggest me some homeopathic medicine

  75. Ayush Dwivedi says:

    Sir /mam,
    Mujhe nhane k bdd kaafi khujli hoti poore sareer me, aur khujlane pr red color k chakatte pd jate hain.. Aur ye kaafi zada meri daily life me problem create kr rha hai.. Please koi medicine suggest kr dijiye, aur kya krna chahiye, kya nhi wo bta dijiye.

  76. Hello Dr Sharma, I hope you can help me. I have had a rash all over my body which started about 6 weeks ago. It was also very red. The redness has mostly gone but what is left is a dry skin that’s very itchy with small eruptions in different places. I try not to scratch but my sin is very itchy and bleeds easily and creates small wounds. Worse at night in bed trying to sleep. I took Kali phos last week and slept for a long time which also positively impacted on my skin. I’ve never had any skin issues in my life up until now. My father has eczema. My doctor thinks it may have been scabies and that I developed an allergy reaction to the scabies treatment.I can only wear cotton clothes everything else irritates my skin. Sitting in the car makes it worse, moving around a bit better. Thank you

  77. JAYAKUMAR M R says:


    I am getting severe itching in my scrotum and around the groin in midnight. It started very long back. I am applying flutivate cream getting some relief. Pls prescribe a homeo medicine

  78. Shelley Rae Speck says:

    hello, is there a homeopathic tanning tint available?
    thank you

  79. Shankar kumar P. says:

    I have skin allergy and itching sensation when I applied bindi or tilakam at forehead. Please suggest any homeo medicine
    Thank u

  80. hello, my daughter has temporary red dots under palm and feet skin which are very itchy and irritating, her hands sweat too much, that cause her homework and classwork messy,the dots appear under her skin on and off, what medicine or treatment should I give her?

  81. sir in lowere private part belo bladeer skin peel irritaion i had to take steroid cream like LOBATE GM BUT again it appers since last many years it also on raan adjoing to private part

  82. Abhishek Kumar says:

    My mother have itching problem at her head portation and after that some liquid type of thing is came out help me what kind of medicine yoi should give to the patient.

  83. I used to take Teczine 5mg for last 1year. Initially it helped me to recover from allergic reactions. But now it seems like this medicine don’t act on my body. Inspite of taking this medicine regularly , I’m continuously facing allergic reactions on my face and whole body.

    • navin kumar jain says:

      Red inflammation spots suddenly appear on the soft tissues all over the body, especially thighs and belt area of the stomach at night time. I have this problem from childhood and in family. I am 64 yrs, once when 27 yrs I consulted a homoeopath he gave some small sugary balls and the problem was remedied in a day. I distributed the pills to other family members they were also cured. Now this problem has resurfaced. I don’t know the name of the medicine. I am taking Levo Citrazin for remedy but allergic reaction appear every alternate day. please advise.

  84. Manju Lata says:

    I have feeling of scratching all over body for last 8 weeks which aggravates at night. The weather is hot and dry. I have excessive perspiration all over body. There are no rashes or pimples. No change in food habits. It started after having bath with hard water for few days.Please suggest medicine.

  85. AJAI KRISHNA says:

    I have lichen simplexchronicus on my right leg it is very itchy in till straw one or two drops blood comes and serum or two small spots on left shoulder. 10 small points on scrotum which much itchy but not fully raw like leg bare feetskin rough crack and some thickaswell as thick. myfaceskin highly pigmented and some open sweat burns on face

  86. Farzaneh Seddiqi says:

    I have surgical hypo calcemia and my calcium USB low and my phosphorus is high: my skin itches. I feel better when applying lotio or water on it. I am also anemic, my ferritin levels are low.
    I have anxiety, mild depression, and fatigue.
    What remedy would you recommend?

  87. Mark Austin says:


    I have recently started having problems with itchy skin, particularly in the groin and arm pits and to a lesser extent behind the knees and on my face. There is no noticeable rash, but the itching can sometimes be extreme and made worse by itching.

    Any thoughts on how to address this? It seems like there may be a connection with drinking milk. For example, my symptoms became significantly worse after drinking lattes while driving my daughter back from the east coast, about a twenty hour drive

  88. Jenn veron says:

    Dr Sharma
    My so. Is 16
    He just broke out in terribly itchy rash on his elbow
    Looks like clear bumps possibly filled
    Thank you!!!
    Jenn Veron

  89. i am 21 yr old male. i am suffering from itchiness at penis skin and buttocks area and when i rub pain occurs near penis. the skin at that area has changed it colour to black.

  90. krishna reddy says:

    because of swetting in male organ underneeth folded skin causeing skin becoming block on both side of the legs. causing irritation, some time found cut in skin..
    how to stop

  91. Suzanne Harper says:

    My skin rash is mostly on my arms and lower legs and is due to environmental and some food allergies. Is Astacus Fluv good for this and what dosage should I use. I am 65 yrs. old.

  92. Mrs Naveed says:

    Ive skin rash radness itiching nd swelling
    On my face and neck on eyelid after 10 hours
    Of taking face polish wax and face bleach

  93. Red small bumb in my back its only itches when i fell hot from sunlight. And when i wear tight jeans me leg started iching some white white spot are seen

  94. Syed zakir ali says:

    Allergy. Itching .red blotch on face and body in 1 year baby

  95. Dr. Savitri M says:

    Dr. Sarmaji,
    Namaskarams. I am sufferig with rashes since Aug 17th , on both hands, thigh and legs too. In addition, on the lefy leg an itching wound is formed for which I am taking allopathy medicines ……can I get rid off all this , through Homeopathic medicines? Pl. help me.

    • Dr. Savitri M says:

      Dr. Sarmaji,
      Namaskarams. I am sufferig with rashes since Aug 17th , on both hands, thigh and legs too. In addition, on the lefy leg an itching wound is formed for which I am taking allopathy medicines ……can I get rid off all this , through Homeopathic medicines? Pl. help me.

    • Any treatment for a Dag with skin rashes,, she is a westi / terrior female 7 years old

    • Sir
      At times i am getting small red rashes on glan penis and it itches also. Pls advise me homeopathic medicine
      Thanks and regards

  96. Aakash Rana says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I am 20 years old and I have eruptions on left hand and right foot , problems from buttermilk and sour things , smell in mouth and left eye pain, On Neck pedunculated warts , distorted nails of left hand and right foot, heart burn after eating , itching in evening on body , teeth pyorrhoea , desire sour and juicy things , Kidney stone in right side.Please Suggest Some homeopathic medicine.

  97. DURGA DAS BAGCHI says:

    Dr. Sharma

    my daughter of 17 years old, often complaints about whole body itching. Please suggest some homeopathy medicine for remedy. she also complaints itching in eye. if possible please also suggest some eye drops

    God bless us


    Mob. 9795606233

  98. carla rigger says:

    I took one pill of trazodone and broke out in hives all over my body. the doctor gave me about 4 OTC allergy meds and none helped. I would break out about 5 x in a 24 hr period and they last about 2 hrs and I am firey hot and itchy. I used a homeopathic remedy and after 2 under my tongue they would stop and disappear. After about 3 times, they never came back. That was 3 yrs ago. Now tonight i ate dinner and had a ham,lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and pickle on pita bread. I had eaten all these before except the new jar of mayo and the pita bread was new. About an 90 min later i started to itch all over and broke out red itchy all over my head, ears, face, chest, arms and legs, esp the knees. Not like before but like hives and a rash. I quickly too 2 allergy tabs and 1 prednisone capsule I had left over. It took about 30 min and it stopped getting worse and not itching, but the hives are still red and not gone. I think I need that homeopathic remedy,,which one? and then what do I do to figure out what caused this? Thank.

  99. Debbie Beaty says:

    Itchy rash all over the body. Red, itchy, bumpy skin. Scaly itchy red scalp.

  100. sir, I am 43 years old, I am saffaring alargi thort cough. please solve my problem sir

  101. Sudarshan Kumar says:

    Hi, Doctor
    I have 14 years old daughter, we have observed that her hand fingers been swollen for last 5 years & from past one month, she is having itching in their palm & finger at bed time. please tell me what problem is this and what should I do?

    • Ringworm is a fungal disease. You should have good allopathic medicines, ointments such as Zole-F helps relieve the rashes. Moreover there is also a 3 week anti-fungal tablets (Fluzanazole or something similar) your doctor will prescribe to kill the fungus. Ensure that you have virgin coconut oil applied on the skin, and take 2 spoons orally every morning. Stop using smoking/alchohol, sugar, mushrooms. Add more garlic to your diet. Have it shown to a good skin doctor and I bet you will get cured in a months time.

  102. Beverly Boyd says:

    I am A BLACK LIGHT SKIN LADY my breast are broken out in red to brown dots with blackheads or pusted filled bumps. i have them under my armpits under my stomach and my breast with a stinky odor. Men are turned off by these rashes what can be use to clear my skin have use ABT oral therapy and topical sprays and ointments also creams.

  103. I have had red rashes on my face after using Kailas jeevan ayurvedic cream on my pimple and face is ithing alot.

  104. Shruti goel says:

    Hello child is 4 years old boy and his weight is 22 kg.he usually suffers form shin rashes in any weather in full year.but in this rainy season every year and at present rashes appear very frequently.rashes are sometimes like needle pointed spots(दाने) and sometimes like spot as mosquito has bitten and are itchy n slightly burning(सेक निकलता).he is suufering this problem since 2 years when he suffered from disease called is saying he is having this problem at present but i don’t beleive.please tell me what problem is this and what should I do?

  105. Mandeep Sood says:

    Have patches on thighs(inner and outer).with lots of itiching. Patch changes its color some times pink sometimes purple and sometimes green.kindly prescribe appropriate medicine for this..its urgent

  106. Is there a remedy that could help the painful dry cracks in a chuld’s feet from juvenile plantar dermatosis?

  107. Ranjit Kumar Verma says:

    sir, I have red dots in my both legs from 3years.Before 4 months it become clear but now it again see in my both legs.I am a patient of allergy also.It is genetic.please suggest me best homeo medicine .with best regards.Thank.

  108. Jennifer Lahti says:

    Hi there,

    Any ideas for swimmer’s itch?

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Lahti

  109. Manish Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    i have a problem of red rashes and pimples after clean shave. Can you suggest the medicin for the same.

  110. Navnath Dongare says:

    R /Sir,

    I had problem of skin rashes since last one and half years, it comes @ early morning 7 to 9 am, afternoon 1 to 2 pm, evening 6 to 7 pm , night 10 to 11 pm and also at 1 to 2 am at present. Firstly I had used 1 tab per week of cytrazine around one year. Now I had used 2 tab daily of cytrazine is not giving result

  111. Jasmin payne says:

    I have a dog which has a summer raction to grass any ant ideas to help her vets no good she a staffie white

    Please help

  112. Seema Das says:

    Respected Sir, Can you please mention the doses /potency in which the medicines like Sulphur, Lithium Carb and Astacus Fluv is to be used. Thank you

    • Amal Chaudhuri says:

      Generally 30C potency is suggested and 4-6 globules are to be taken by mouth thrice a day till the symptoms disappear.

  113. Kalaiselvi Grace says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    I was okay until I went to physical theatre school at the age of 35 in 2012.I developed tropical eczemawith skin darkening at skin folding areas. I know its also due to some of my medication as I am asthmatic since young. It got worst when I went to Paris for a performance in 2015. I believe the weather aggrevated it as Paris was 5 degrees and singapore was 34 degrees at that time.So when i came back home, i started shedding skin badly.I dried up completed head to toe and was peeling skin. I went without sleep for 4 days in a row, was a walking zombie. I cried a lot.
    My mum thought someone had cursed my that she even brought me to an INdian Bomoh. I tried Ayurvedic treatment and finaly a western skin specialist treatment worked. But he openly told me his medication can make my livers and kidneys fail as he administered the medication.
    After seeing him for almost a year, I stopped coz I just couldnt afford it.
    Now I still have patched of dried up blackened skin on my shins, butt,arms, neck, 2 toes and 2 fingers.
    Sometimes they dry up, crack and bleed.
    Recently I am having a bad rash together with the existing condition.
    I smile and put on a brave front outside as I am a theatre actor but inside I cry and am depressed.
    I need help. Can you help me?

  114. Hellw pt of history of diabetes.symptoms of itching dry blacky spots from butts to thigh.intolerable itching suffering long time.

  115. vishwa chandan says:

    actually i m facing my problem from at least 10 years,as summer started from month april to october i got red small eruptions on my forhead just before eyebrow,nose,over both chicks especially on my face with acute burning and itching and hv a little sticky watering too,this only happens in the heat of summer whether its a room outside in sunlight or in heat condition and it vanished when the condition get cool and atmosphere get calm down,i tell u that after october there is no the heat of winter doesnt matter i kept remain in the heat of winter for a long time,my problem is no where else in this season.Plz sir i totally frustated about my problem as i hv taken many treatments for it,plz make me recover soon from this hell

  116. Belkis Shah says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    From time to time I get a small rash like cold core above my upper lip & very recently on my lips I usually get an ointment over the counter at the camest but I wanted a homoeopathic remedy.

    I wonder if you can help me get rid of the underlining cause of this?

    I am also diabetic & have high Cholesterol which is the family.

    Awaiting your response
    With much appreciation

  117. Rajveer Kaur says:

    Hlo son is only 4monts old.he is suffring from redness problem on face.plese tell me some medicine for it

    • Udaisankar Ghosh says:

      Sir, My daughter 6years old.From 3 years she is suffering from allergy and do alopethic treament.But now the time there are red reshes found in whole body, but it is vanished when take medicines. Sometimes it look llike in various type.IGE test value is 421 Iu/ml.Is there any complete cure in homeopathy? Somebody says it will be increase if i treat in homeopathy?

  118. Hey sir
    I am. Suffering. From itching and red spot on my hips from 6 months
    Kindly suggest a medicine or help. Please

  119. adap
    how how are u
    i am kamrul from bangladesh
    i am suffering skin allergy,
    many times my skin of whole body becomes red, sollen up with serious itching problem
    many times itching problem is faced at eye and head .
    can u give me some homeo medicine to overcome this problem

  120. Shaffali Awasthi says:

    Hi my baby is 4 month old and he has skin rashes neck tummy and
    His head also . He is also itching that part

  121. Seema Wankhede says:

    Sir, kindly help.
    Some weird problem of itching in the entire left part of the body resulting in scabies (black dots with itching sensation). Kindly suggest a medicine and help

  122. Ramesh Harit says:

    May I have your phone number please.

  123. Can u tell me ur whatsap numbr

  124. Can u tell me ur whatsap numbr

  125. Professor Uttam Pati says:

    my German Shephard, 17,old , suffers from skin allergy, inflammation, in scrotum, swollen,often
    may be caused due to allergy to shampoo, tick, stress, cause unknown. earlier was treated with citrizine, wysoslone (10 mg per day). now old I strated with bellodona 30, got little relief. Can u help
    Professor Uttam Pati

  126. Sheena K raj says:

    I am suffering from allergy like food allergy sand …dust allergy….since more than 8years…

    Treatment taken from Ayurvedic, allopathy,and unani for long time….but still I have this problem.

    Allergic to rice,wheat,curry leaves, Corriander ,onion,garlic,curd, mustard,pulses, apple,,etc.

    Itching all over the body and appear rashes…
    Continuous Sneezing and running nose the whole day.
    I am fed up with this..

    Can you help me please?

    Thanking you

  127. Sri Lingam says:

    Hello Dr.
    My wife is suffering from Primary Billiary cirrohsis and taking homeopathic treatment. Its really helping.
    She has itching in one of her ankles and do you have any suggestion.

    • Geeta Syal says:

      Good evening doc my father is 94 lately he is having trouble of itching and rashes the skin turns pink red being old the skin is also loose it starts bleeding sometime when scorched pls suggest some medicine and oral cream which can give some relief

  128. Dr.
    1- I have very bad dry cough , to much tickling in throat , since 3 months.

    2- I have itching in my body since last 2 weeks, i have no rashes or color change even never have any skin problem ever .
    please help me out


  129. Aashima Sharma says:

    itching red spots on hands and feets.

  130. Ramanand Pandey. says:

    My wife is having watching alover body.she also feel heat in palm and talwa.w hen acute she takes citrizine for release.please advice suitably and oblise.

    • Sheena K raj says:

      I am suffering from allergy like food allergy sand …dust allergy….since more than 8years…

      Treatment taken from Ayurvedic, allopathy,and unani for long time….but still I have this problem.

      Allergic to rice,wheat,curry leaves, Corriander ,onion,garlic,curd, mustard,pulses, apple,,etc.

      Itching all over the body and appear rashes…
      Continuous Sneezing and running nose the whole day.
      I am fed up with this..

      Can you help me please?

      Thanking you

  131. okalang enock says:

    hello sir having severe itching on the thighs and buttocks which give forth reddish or watery discharge on scratching leaving dark spots on healing.what is the cause and treatments

  132. Farheen alam says:

    My skin is full of pimples and its very dry…..what should i do sir???

  133. shantanu banerjee says:

    redness with spotted rashes at foreskin it keeps coming after 2-3 months it burns when washed with water suggest Homeo Medicine

  134. Itching when non veg dishes consumed and burning feet

  135. Itching when non veg dishes consumed

  136. AjazAhmed Ahmed says:

    S Astacus fluv s medicine. Nd avaliable in market. Bt the patient take pills fr Bp Nd suger. In ths case homeopathy med work or nt.

  137. papu mishra says:

    sevete itching and rashes from kner upto waist. red blisters also appear mostly affected patt are buttocks.

    • Bharti Trehan says:

      Sir since last year I have this problem of itching in hands it occurs in April month last I took homeopathy medication for over a month and then it got stopped now this problem has reappeared mainly I have itchiness in palms & fingers and there is slight redness and on fingers I have flaky skin please help I’m 26 yrs old


        Homeopathy Dr. prescribed Graphite and Hydrastis and my hand palm get redness, tremendous itching and the fingers skin coarse white particles. Shall I continue the said medicine. I am a computer operator, age 59, please prescribe medicine for itching and
        soothing skin

  138. Kavita Kapur says:

    Sir i get skin rashes sometimes on my arms thighs back face practically everyday so have to take an allegra to subside it. The area become s red and hot and itches pls suggest some instant relief. This is four year old problem

  139. Premaraj Bhoi, Age-47, balangir,odisha says:

    Dear Sir,

    i have been suffering from skin itching lower limb for the last 12 year, after itching skin becom redis and hard, i used caldium. it occure 3 to 6month gape, it move upward from ankel to weast except male organ but thai,dic . Plse guide & suggested me please.

  140. Ramesh Chand Mangla says:

    Dear Dr.
    I have been suffering from itching in my legs, thai, back and on stomach.there is no red spots or any other spot. When itching and I use my hands white lines come. I using coconut oil but this time it’s not giving me relief. It happened every year as climate age is 72yrs.good health.

  141. Ravi Kumar Cherukuri says:

    My daughter has been suffering from itching with the 1.5inch rounded black spots,1 on the above right shoulder and 1 on the above right knee since 2yearss onwards aged 19 years and resides at hostel. At the age of 6years she suffered with same give me the best medicine didn’t come again in future.

  142. sivaraman says:

    i am getting itching and irritation on my both palms (hands) applying dry skin lotions. the itching keeps me unrst. kindly advise remidial measures and medicenes

  143. red patches dry skin at thigh and areas near to private parts


  145. Mary Ellen Cumberworth says:

    We moved to TN and since then my husband has dry itchy patches on arms and legs. Dermatologist has him using steroid cream. Not working. Is there a natural treatment that would help him?
    Thank you
    Mary Ellen

  146. Astro Ashish bhatnagar says:

    Dear Dr sharma I have itching around and in my eyes
    From last two months . I have to rub my eyes all the day . What medicine I can take. Pls suggest


  147. S.S.Husain says:

    I have been suffering from itching with red patches and long and short web type of marks wherever I itch after feel itching. This occurs on any part of body specially on back, thy, hips, shoulder, legs and hands. Feel burning. It occurs any time but at night generally. It has been for four,five months. Allopathic medicine work but for time being. Plz. Suggest some good homeo medicine with how to use. Thanks.

  148. Ziley Singh says:

    I have rashes on my scalp for last 25 yrs. I have tried many allopathic and homeopatic medicines through doctors but it didn’t help much. Pl suggest some effective medicine.

  149. V D Gawande says:

    My skin is getting red on some specific part of body,and some time it’s itchy. Sometimes skin layer of that particular part comes occurs for 15 to 30 minutes in morning and again become normal.
    From 5 to 6 yr it’s going on what could be the reason

  150. Gavi Velategui says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, My husband has developed a red rash with a few whitish blisters below his buttocks on the inside of his upper legs….there is also one small patch of redness with a blister on his left wrist….the rash is itchy with no pain. He has had the rash for one day. Can you recommend a homeopathic remedy for this? I did spray arnica on it tonight. Thank you for any suggestions you may have. He is 73 and does not remember having had anything like this before.

  151. kusumlata vora says:

    I got itching all over body since last 15 days my physician cud not help. no rashes only itching badly. moisture did no telp

  152. Dada Cee says:

    Hello doc,I have been having this chronic scaly rash on my hairy chest for a while ,been to the hospital and they were saying it’s folliculitis and given a drug but ain’t going ,trued other drugs too but still not going ..they are scaly and hard with no water and not painful ,once in a while one painful painful one with water pops up and after bursting vanishes ..this has made me feel itches all over my body sometimes but it produces no other rash than the very few chronic one on my chest ..please I will be glad if you can help me with this since it has made me unable to wear shirts that’s v necked because it’s disgusting

  153. Zainulabedeenansari says:

    I have small nodes under skin which seem as on nerves all interconnected some time they itch Andean it seems pleasant

  154. Bharathisha v says:

    Hello sir
    My twin kids recently got strep throat infection and because of that they are having very much skin rashes
    ,very much dried skin,and slightly peeling skin also…this is from past ten days please suggest what is the best for such condition.they are 4.5 years old now…

  155. Balaram Saha says:

    Dear sir, my problem is when I’m saving my face…. Then after in my all saving portion of face skin is suffering some rashes…… Its continues happening.So Plz sir give me sussetions for good medicine.

  156. Sir, I am suffering from red rashes and itching on private parts and legs.please suggest how to cure and medicine.

    • Ronald Helmus says:

      Dr. Sharma , I have extreme itching and an angry redness on me left side scrotum area.Whenever I use anything that helps my lack of energy it gets extremely itchy and uncomfortable . Weeping as a wound,

  157. Melody Toppins says:

    I am looking for a homeopathic med that I have took many years ago. I have taken it in liquid form and pill form. Bottle was plan brown…liquid was clear and tasteless. I had to use a plastic spoon to take a teaspoon twice a day. Pill format was white and I took one twice a day. I took it to clear up a rash that I get when I react to wearing nickel. I was told it contained dead botulinum. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,
    Melody Toppins

  158. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I would like to use Homeopathy to treat my small, red bumps that appeared on my chest and back one year ago. The problem is that there are so many causes and so many different symptoms that selecting the right homeopathic remedy is very difficult. I don’t want to self-diagnose. These red bumps cover my chest, the area under the breasts and my back. They are small, round and some of them are elevated (like heat pimples), while others seem to leave a mark under the skin. Recently, new bumps have started to appear on the upper part of my arms. They start itching in the evening and don’t respond to any home remedies. These areas are not dry and not oily. My skin doesn’t peel. I have also tried Bepanthen and my dermatologist prescribed some type of steroid cream but nothing has worked.
    I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I try to live a healthy lifestyle to the best of my ability but over the past year I have been experiencing a lot of stress due to my Master’s studies in the UK.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!
    Thank you very much in advance and kind regards,

  159. I’m a 28 years a girl. I’m facing a itching in my vagina from 2months and now soiling also please give me some solution

  160. Hello my name is Jen, I have had a bad break out it looks like on my legs for some time now. At least 3 months. It started off as razor burn, I used a dull Razer, it was the same one I had been using. Anyways my legs broke out, looked like acting on my legs. I’m kind of a picker and I don’t tend to leave things alone, so I know part of this is my fault but it just got worse after that because I kept picking on them. They would fill up with pussy and I would get it out. I shower 2x a day and use antibacterial soap on my legs I do lotion them because they’ve gotten so dry but I try not to use too much lotion so they can still breathe. I’ve also used acne medicine I’ve used cleansers anything you can think of I’ve used. I also bought Vitamin E oil that after I get out of the shower I put that on it because help with the skin because now the skin around the infected area is like hard and dry. They hurt really bad and they’re not going away and I’m too embarrassed to go in and have somebody look at it. What do I do, please help.

  161. Sir
    I have problems of fungus all over thigh and hand. The spots becomes like red rings and there are tiny boils with their mouth white.
    Please suggest medicine.

  162. Dr. Suresh Pandita says:

    Sir, My daughter aged 24 is suffering from acne since 6-7 years and got a lot of treatment to cure but all in vain. Now the problem is …She feels redness with rashes and small red rashed boil like projections with a lot of pain, hotness over face, dry skin and gets more aggravated on exposure to Sun light or Heat. Please advise some Homeo medicines for her ailing face.

  163. Hi Sir,

    My son is having 6 Years and facing atopic dermatitis

    Earlier only on foldings and in night more itching

    Now a days he is getting on thighs, pennis area and buttex more itching and not sleeping

    We used homeopathy but not cured

    Please help us on this

  164. Hi Dr.Sharma.
    I’m from Bangladesh.I have severe itching in my right leg since i started using a sandal which had a metal hook.I’m confused if it’s any other disease or allergy.It’s a circle which seems slightly swelled up and itches suddenly.It starts leaving water when I apply graphitis ointment.I do have a slight allergy with metal and metals doesn’t suit my skin.My mother has the same problem and her two legs are in a serious condition now.I’m afraid of it getting spread all over my leg.It is small now so I’m a bit tensed.Please do suggest some medicine which can completely end this disease and can never affect my leg or any part or spread throughout my leg.
    Thank You.

  165. hi dr sharma
    i developed perioral dermatitis concurrent with an undiagnosed scabies infection that lasted a year (barely itched), and after discontinuing methotrexate for RA and spironolactone for PCOD. all happened in
    same time frame, so difficult to
    sort. I’m 53, female, gluten intolerant and usually gluten free altho i fail to occasionally
    under a lot of emotional and personal stressors this year. I have the scabies eliminated (i’m pretty sure, currently cleaning environment). use nontoxic fragrance free veg soaps been using sulfur in an oil base lately for general skin clearing. used steroid cream in desperation for face but rebound effect was worse. sulfur helping scabies sores but too drying to face. washing with water and a little mild soak. tooth brushing with coconut oil and baking soda (allergic to peppermint oil in most toothpaste).
    perioral bumps get white heads if i sweat but in general are dry and rough feeling, not oozy or itchy. i’m super embarrassed to be seen but i work in the public.
    any suggestions?

  166. About 5 year penis skin infected with fungale . Skin white sport every where. When quaridrum ointment use than quire.but after 10 day again repeat. Please give treatment of homyopethic medicine

  167. Kalyan Kashyapi says:

    Dr my face covers rashes and Brono. At list 10 years. Please help me. Nane medicine

  168. Ajay Mukherjee says:

    Rashes on different parts of the body, particularly on abdomen, legs, elbow, knees, testis… with tremendous itching,get satisfaction after itching till blood comes out.

  169. Bhagyashree says:

    Hello Dr….i am suffering from skin itching in all body since last 15 yr..i am taking cetrizen daily when itching starts..its not good for health…what shoud I do..plz help

  170. Bhagat singh says:

    I am suffering from skin itching in groin area and thigh from last month
    Please advise mam

  171. Frances G Losoya says:

    My son has had a rash for several months. He went to a dermatologist that did a skin biopsy and it wasn’t psoriasis. The rash is red bumps that burst and ooze. He went to an allergist that did an allergist test but it didn’t reveal anything. The allergist requested some blood work, but we were wondering if the allergy test didn’t reveal anything how would a blood test help. If there’s anything that you can recommend we would appreciate it.

  172. Dear sir

    I’m suffering from heavy skin prolems due to taking of steroids.and my skin tissue has break ,please suggest any medicine to proper cure my streched is look like dangerous and some medical practicenor says it is not cure.


  173. Lakshmi Srinivasan says:

    Itching and boils like eruptions in scalp..painful when boils appear.. slowly reduces in2or3 days.taking NMA 1m for the past 10 days. What is this med expansion..I have not much relief..a little itching guide me. I am 70 yrs old

  174. Visalakshi says:

    She is having knee pain

  175. Visalakshi says:

    Are you physiotherapist

  176. Diana Hamer says:

    I wish someone could help me with this itching problem please help Diana!

  177. Avinder Singh says:

    Prickly itching on back and neck stomach with dry skin even after using oil fell cold during the day

  178. Sourabh Mitra says:

    I had a cracked penis forehead skin i am not able to mastuburate. Please suggest gel or cream or homeopathy medicines for the same.

  179. Ashish Kumar Srivastava says:

    My age is 52 (male). I am suffering from skin itching in groin area and thigh since many years. Earlier it was itching only but now I am seeing red patched over skin of groin area and thigh. When I take allopath tablet “Cetrizine” I get relief from itching for 2-3 days. Since last week I am taking homoeopathic medicine R23 of Dr. Reckeweg.
    Please advice haw this can be cured.

  180. shekhar jaiswal says:

    i am suffered from jock itch for a month it spread over my genetical area (or pubic area)and this will healing when i taken homoeophatic medicine (N.Sulph 200 and Cheunut)after some days jock itch that spread over pubical area is being black and jock itch does not appear but my skin becoming black and dry and strong itching caused after iching blood coming out from effected part. what kind of skin disease i suffered from?what medicine should i take to heal that itches

  181. Asish Kumar Ray Chaudhuri says:

    High rate of itching mostly the areas are covered by cloth

  182. MURUGIAH.
    My age is 62 and no diabetic. Past 6 months I have been itching problem. Mostly fees finger joints top and finger joints of hand. AFTER scratch the skin surface become white followed by black colour and thick. Kindly advice home you medicine

  183. Firoz Ansar says:

    सर् मेरे स्किन में itching हो रहा है जांघ पे कुछ छोटे छोटे लाल दाने भी निकले है और कही दाने नही लिखले है लेकिन itching हो रहा है और लिंग पे भी दाने निकले है और अंडकोष पे भी जैसे जेनिटल वर्ट्स कृप्या कोई इलाज बताये या दावा क्रीम मैं परेसान हो गया हूं एक डेढ़ महीने से

  184. Seshagiri Ganapathy says:

    Rash all over the body with irritation itching and discomfort in joints

  185. Doctor Sir..I hv extreme itching and khaj to left side gallbladder . It has cycle so that when itching khaj sensation happens it is tremendous so that sometimes blood come after scribing. It also secretes some kind of fluid. Request suggest remedy

  186. Mohan Chabdra says:

    I am diabetic and 64 year old. Of and on I have this skin irritation. There is no rashes or redness. It is generally on the feet and anywhere even on the tip of the nose. Often this happen at after I go to sleep and the for two to three hours I can’t sleep. I have been taking normal allergy tablets. Kindly suggest some homeopathy medicine

  187. Doris Frank says:

    My one year old granddaughter has a rash outside her vaginal area and surrounding area! Could that be a yeast infection, do little girls get yeast infections? What is your opinion please

  188. Hii sir, I am Rajasekhar. I am suffering from skin fire on hips two sides and light itch. Plz give me soluttion for skin fire

  189. Virginia Mota says:

    Allergic reaction to sinus meds, itchy red skin

  190. Denai ka dawai batiya kafi paresan he sar

  191. Jayshree.kuril says:

    Hello sir, i have skin itching and rashes problem which get worst in the night time while going to bed. I have read about a medicin called sulper. Can you plz help me out in which form this medicin is available in a form of oninement or in a form of liquid consumable drops. Thanking you. Jayshreekuril

    • Provash Chandra Das says:

      skin rashes, ,itching and it gets worst at night.felling uneasy all times, relieve on pressure,burning sensation on the rashes,convulsion,relieve on touches,age 72 yr.bypass surgery on 09.01.2017. irritation in the chest,constipation,mental depression for which treatment is going on allopathetically.
      Can you plz help me out in which form this medicine is available in a form of oinement or in a form of liquid formulation
      With regards
      Provash Chandra Das Burdwan Wst Bengal

  192. Abdullah memon says:

    Hi dr.sharma,
    my name is Abdullah Memon and I am suffering from some kind of rash or allergy or might be something else i dont know but i have these red dots on face what medicine should i take can you help me ??

  193. Hi doctor,
    The roots of hair around my chest are painful, i am suffering from regular hair loss of my whole body. Hair loss occurs more on head and chest area alongwith itching. Every winter i experience these symptoms aggravated than normal days. kindly suggest medicine for the same.


  194. Bazil Delport says:

    I am itching on my thy and i scratch until it open and the area which i scratch turns black is there some ointment that i can use to take the itching away . I itch and is unable to stop , please , please help doc.

    • Hi
      I am suffring from itching rashes in area around penis and thighs and its increasing i am newly married and this thing started after my marriage please refer some good medicine for me its really irritating and feels embarace in public

  195. Madhusmita Mohanta says:

    hello sir,
    I am 27 years old and m having itching ,swelling and a mild pain on my both legs and hands finger’S upper skin. and at the night time itching rate is increasing.And i notice that all these things are happening to me only on winter season.My mother also suffering from these problems from last 3-4 years.
    Please suggest some homeopathik medicine which will work.

    • Hi
      Sir i am diabetic and hypertensive.i have itching all over body since 6 months .Itching increased at bed time.kindly suggest some homeopathic remedy

  196. Aswini Kumar Mahapatra says:

    Homeopathic medicines are useful for the persons who doesn’t take any alcoholic materials like me ,children etc

  197. Aswini Kumar Mahapatra says:

    With respect I am to draw yr kind information for my itching remedy
    1. First small spot of itching then it spreads in round and red with touch and rubbing. Specially on folded part inner part, nake,trunk, under the arms ,under the knee of the body.Spreads and reacted at night.What is the proper medicines for me aged 65.Thanking you.

    • Aswini Kumar Mahapatra says:

      please help to treatment of this inching and spreading in round reddish scratch on touch folded part neck inerpart trunk etc

  198. After alternate day I suffered rashes on my skin

  199. i have suffering from ichees and rashes since 10 days so i want solutions to relief from my problem please give me solution more effected areas are external only iam 20 age

  200. Chanchalgupta says:

    I have been suffering itching problem since 2 years skin rashes and redness sir please tell me what’s remedy

  201. Respected Sir, My sister is suffering with etching on face with very dry skin and eys get swallow now red rashsis are surfaced on inner portion of elbow on both sides of the hands and some other parts of the body like neck and on the belly,need yr help.Regards.

  202. ahmed Waqar says:

    Dear sir, I am 52 and i suffering from skin infections and high grade itching all over body especially under the legs and have round reddish spots around 4 to 6 inches dry and when i start itching it start burning like a fire and continue increasing when i went in the bed.
    i have also three to four swelling moles on thies and mess is coming out of . Please help me and send me medicine name so that i start

  203. human Yousuf says:

    My mother is suffering from atopic dermatitis from 2 years . We have use a lot of allopathic medicines especially clobetasol, hydrocortisone, fusidic acid based creams and lotion. Traditional remedies but condition couldn’t improved. Now I am asking if there would be any homeopathic remedy for that case so we can use it. The symptoms specially rash gets worsen in summer and after exposure to heat and dust.

  204. GL Choudhary says:

    I have sever itching problem all over body from last two year. I used so many allelopathic and homeopathic treatment but itching problem is continue. Please tell me solution for the same.

  205. Sometimes Jain says:

    Hi.. I applied garlic on my face on recommendation but unfortunately I had my skin burnt from that. And now I am left with burn marks all over the face. I applied aloevera gel, milk and also masoor ki dal but with all in vain. There is no positive result. Can u help me by advicing right treatment for the burn marks.

  206. dr m mumtaz khan says:

    consistent ithhing on all muscles of thr body.specially in cold and winter season

  207. Doctor , I m having some swelling, itching and mild pain in my left nipple for last one month . Now the same is being felt in the right nipple .
    Please suggest some homeopathic medicine which will work .

  208. Mohan Ramachandran says:

    I have to scratch occasionally over the black patches on either side of my nose & rarely over my left eye brows & edges of my eye lids. Kindly prescribe me suitable medicine.

  209. Kausar s khan says:

    I have to scratch at night only. I sometimes wake up to scratch my legs and arms.
    Whar shoukd i take ?

  210. Thank you very much for your knowledge sharing. This is good benefit for me.

  211. Tina Casenave says:

    does a person (my step-father) who has diabetes, taking insulin shots 3 x a day and going to dialysis’ 3x a week, can your kidneys make you itch on your entire body? he has sores and his entire body is bleeding from scratching so much.he has it throughout his entire body; hands, face, arms, head, legs, back and even his forehead and head has lumps all over. they are giving him benadryl every 2 to 4 hrs and it does not help. its like no one is listening. he is in a skilled facility and they told him its from his kidneys. please help. I feel so sorry for him because he is suffering so much with this itching and it seems its not a big deal with his condition. There has to be help for him. This

    • I have the same thing use dettol to wash and disenfectant him also if lower bk in pain let him I cap full of cider vinegar a day as cold be a fungal infection wash all bedding and clothes in dettol doespecially he have any animals or brought up on a farm x x

  212. Yogesh Kumar says:

    Myself Yogesh Kumar and I am suffering red rashes with itching on my legs below knees for last 15 days please suggest me best medicine for my problem.

  213. When I use mehndi (Hair Color) like Expert, vatika, etc I My it starts itching and rashes in my head… can I get a treatment for this so that I can use these colors normally..?
    Also my skin is sensitive and dry.. I can write on my skin by my nail…

  214. Gifty Akyere Manu says:

    I have a very very serious rashes on my foot and my palm for about eight years now please can you help me cure it

  215. Gaurav kumar says:

    Sir i have many acne scar on my face i used markgo cream and berberis aqufolim q on my face but i see nothing reasult please tell me what i do

  216. Rati dhingra says:

    My 7years daughter facing red big spots onTheir body in beginning of summer n winter s. Doctor says, its allergie, I give her syrup n she well I want to know ,dis disease she will face in future. I worried

  217. PROSENJIT BOSE says:

    My wife is facing vaginal itching coupled with small red rashes since last week. Her father is a diabetic patient. My wife has habit of causing tensions over small matter every time.can you suggest any medicine for her immediate relief please.

  218. Yogendra Rajpoot says:

    Let me know that I have been itching for 9-12 days at very intense inside my skin and pain is also there, and by touching it, the same place where there is inflammation like an infection like the sickness of the ants or ants, then I It should be told that I have a disease

  219. Sir one pt come to me for itching in lower limbs in nights night aggravation

  220. Anjum Shaikh says:

    Hello sir,
    I m Anjum Shaikh from Aurangabad. sir my problem is that i used Tenovat cream for 1 yr bur now i discontineou that cream from last one month because i heard about there side effect but because of discontinetion of that cream my skin got problem of rashes and itching……what can i do for that….sir u have any solution for that sir pls tell me i m very much worried about my skin

  221. I am suffering from itching in my private parts for the last two years. It is sort of candidiasis. Please give medicine

  222. Ravikumar D says:

    I am suffering from itching on two legs below knee to bottom upto feet. Small red color dots are coming. It is already a big scar at the waist. Day and night sever itching. Ple suggest the medicine.

    • Pradip Kr singh says:

      I am suffering from itching in both legs below knee and upto ankle. Itching becomes intense mostly after leaving bed, (either in day or night or in both). itching causes red bloody,water discharge and after that scalp get dry.

  223. Sudhir Kataria says:

    I have a grandson 4 months old. Keeps scatching his head all the time and also behinfd the ear. Please suggest some bio-chemical medicine as soon as possible

  224. Shahana shanu says:

    Please suggest homoeopathic medicine for white rash on nipple,especially left side,intense itching at night

  225. Ichthyolum is recommended for pregnency pruritus by William boericke but in his materia medical where he described the relationship of this medicine; there he also mention the name of ” Silica” . That means ichthyolum have relation with silica!

    My confusion is….as we know silica expell any foreign things from our body, then how could be itchyolum which have relation with silica will be safe during pregnancy??

    Plz ….help me by clearing this point.


  226. Pete Dilello says:

    I have eczema around the eyes . They are itchy red and flaking with slighty swollen patches around corner of eyes. Do you have any suggestions

  227. Amina Hayat says:

    I have a red itchy rash I can’t bear heat on it, it’s spread over stomach, thighs, neck and behind ears, I think it’s because of taking Bromociptine which I want to stop and take Agnus instead. What should I do. The rash is getting unbearable and as I have high prolactin, which has gone down to nearly 200, I can stop using bromociptine. Please advise

  228. Sushovan hui says:

    My 10 months baby make rashes on face skin.
    Kindly suggest a better ointment for remedy.
    Thank you.

  229. Austin O’brien says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I found your site by searching the internet, and am grateful I did as your information is insightful and helpful.

    However, my condition doesn’t seem to fit any of your examples. For one, my rash almost never itches. It’s highly localized, being only on left hand on top. I have tried hydrocortisone 1%, and a really good lotion. It went away first time I did this, but has come back again, same spot, same size, and it’s not going away. It’s coloring is a darker red, almost maroon and no bumps, cracks, or blisters.

    I’m really at a loss as to what this is. I’m a cigarette smoker, and also use medical marijuana for anxiety. I am a male, 43 years old, Caucasian. Please let me know what you think. I do have a picture I can send of the rash area.

  230. Heydoc,i started gettinglike a rash on my arms legs and it is very itchy at the moment i take a tablet 3 times a day it is called Atatax but cannot move cause i fall asleep i think to strong for me can you recommed any thing else

  231. Hi Doc. My mother aged 75 has developed big red patches all over her body and its very itchy. She had got it earlier too few time but it never spread this much. Itch is unbearable. Taking vigh powerful anti fungal medicine but zero relief since last 2 weeks.
    Please suggest.

  232. Can u suggest suffering from etching over male general including restocked skin become reddish and small hard pimples since 3months.

  233. Dr.vijay Kishore prasad says:

    Sir my wife had left side lower limb pain with migraine and optic neurotic same sidewithcomplitĺy loss of vision same side and after allopathic treatment symptoms subsided now she developed itching wholebody pĺease solve my wife’s problems

  234. muhammad saeed says:

    respected Dr Sharma
    my nephew is 24 years old. Dr diagnosed HYPERPIGMENTED HAIRY NEVUS on the back side of his left shoulder with no pain and he does not know whence is emerged first and surely not congenital. which homeopathic medicine would u recommend. Thanks.

  235. Sir, I am suffering from red rashes and itching on private parts and legs.please suggest how to cure and medicine.

  236. Diabetic patient undergoing dialysis twice a week . Itching has increased and troubling a lot to the patient . Any advice

  237. Sir,
    Please advice for black rashes on baby legs without itching.

  238. jyoti poonia says:

    Sir meri sister h jiski shadi 2 sal phle hui h ab ake baby bhi h 9 months ki ldki hai meri sister k 10 sal se alergy h phle sir me the jse dendruf type hai bhut ho bura hal h thk ni hori hr dwai kha chuki or ab shadi k bad to puri body pe ho gyi face pe back pe puri jgh ho gyi plz hlep me use itching bhi bhut hoti hai sir me pani lgta h to jalan type hoti hai plz help me ki kya krnaa chahye hume wo bhut jyada preshan h pr puri body pe to black nishan type ho rkhe hai meri bhena ka nam sonu hai age 28 sal hai

  239. I have just brpught sobe Anica homepathy pills. Asci have read some research they are good for cghonic Excema . As mine at the m8ment has flared up in the last year and coverd my kegs. I would put modt of it diwn to stress.. cant deal with my emotion wgen famiky is concerbed. I have judt finisged a 3 dats of steriods although its the fast healing process my skin now reembkes a peeeling snake. I dont want to be taking them all the tije. And would rather gave heakthy natureal akterbative. Jy skin at the mo is peeling flaking. And i kmiw it will be a bit iitchy and become more as i stop tak7ng steriods. Pkease can u help. I am happy to sehd you some pivtures.

    thank you

    i am a femake of 42 i kive in Uk opposit a park.

  240. Stephanie Jones says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, I am concerned about my 82 yr old Mom who is a bedridden diabetic for 15 yrs and unable to stand or walk. She has “prickly heat” rash on her vaginal area, and along the V fold. Also, a red rash between her buttocks, and red sores around the anal area. She refuses to leave the bed, and I have tried using Lantaseptic skin protectant, Walmart brand of Desitin paste, 40% zinc oxide rash paste, corn starch baby powder, and 1% hydrocortisone anti-itch cream. Also used Boudreaux’s Butt paste with 16% zinc oxide, all to no avail. Refuses to see her Dr. and we were dropped by home health care due to her getting no better or no worse. Please help,

  241. JagroshanPrasad says:

    I have itching problem on my lower back

  242. My rashes do not itch, they just burn and are all over my body. I have not found any relief and especially in dry conditions they become very painful and some areas get really red, almost purple. All the information I can find mentions itchy red rashes and I do not really have much itching, just the burning pain. I also have a few scaly patches that may be a different condition although they also can sometimes burn. I used to only get these red burning rashes in winter but the past few years they just do not go away, just get more intense when humidity is down. Any help for this, I have to wear long pants and long sleeves because of these rashes and I do get a lot of redness on my chest and face during the day. Any help is appreciated, doctors just tell me to use cortisone creams and no amount ever seems to help

  243. Yassovardhan Ojha says:

    The skin of outer nose, eyebrows and under moustache itch. When scratched, the surface becomes black and remains so there after. But the itch continues on affected parts. I also find small pimple like eruptions on the forehead.
    Any help is welcome.

  244. I’m having itching from last 10 year. I’m 37yr old. Wat should i do

  245. My daughter is having rashes all over her body and it itches very much .It occurs suddenly …Can you suggest some medicine for it

  246. I have a skin problem . There are races in my hands finger itchy and some times water is also realeased from the races. I want to know that what type of allergy is this. 1 year ago i do alopathy treatment but it not work .is this is possible by homeopathy treatment this is gone for forever.

    • samrat sadhu says:

      Hi! Sir, My wife aged 36 yrs is suffering for skin itching problem , she feels extreme itching with her dry skin after dress change as she stays in same dressed up to 10 hours daily for her service. In some places of her body white dry spot is seeing…this problem is facing near about last one year. May I get any suggestion…..and what homeo medicine can she takes for relief from this problem?

    • Dr. sanjeev agarwal says:

      take petroleum-30,sulpher-Q,graphites-30 thrice in a day for more information contact DR. sanjeev agarwal at 9760231572,7409793540

  247. saumtra bhattacharya...c/o s.n.ghosh says:

    My wife..65 age..sufering frm itching..swelling…redness..around valva..with dormant pimples…Irritation mostly begins after going to bed at night..It occurrd 2 yrs ago too..Suferd frm Tuberculosis in felopian tube 35 yrs ago…took alopathy. A bit fatty..Last 6 mnths Sugar level crossed 90– is now 120….NOW Left ear 1st ..right ear next are itching..getting RED…& SWELLING…..Heat is unbearable…..prefers normal cold water ….sweet…sour….Cannot wait for urination. …impatient. in everything…cant tolerate criticism or diretion/ excessive suggestion…Remains busy during 1st half ie upto 4.3. Pm frm early morning.( west Bengal….)In childhood sufred frm Chicken Pox.

  248. at forehead left side small pimples since long times with itching , What remedy would you recommend?

  249. Jennifer Hickson says:

    I developed MRSA had antibiotics and now do not test positive for MRSA, but have developed a rash over my extremities and forehead. It is very itchy and some very dry skin. I not getting hardly any sleep and sometimes overnight my eyes will swell in the corners of my eyes and be scaly. There are some raised bumps on some parts of my body. What remedy would you recommend?

  250. venu puthukudi says:

    My daughter mis athulya having brittile bone desease (osteogenesis imperfecta).she is bedridden, and due to this her back portion ,of body having itching problem and skin became soft and thus some color difference is there and skin start to damage what treatment i have to take?

  251. THIRUPATHI says:

    Sir, I’m suffering from skin rashes last 4 months plz kindly provide best solution ..

  252. Deepa sharma says:

    I’m having psoriasis from last 10 years . Some Times it goes for 15 days then again it get started. What homepatic medice should you prefere. And from last year I’m facing one more skin disease I don’t know what is the name. It is like after a sweet itching the swelling comes. Sometimes on my tummy my thigh or my back and near my eye and lips. I’m very much irritated please help me what to do.


    Namaste Sir
    I am suffering from rash, itching, red small patches since last 5 years. I feel it is due to cold/heat or consuming sweets. Any type of cetrigene tab gives relief. But I want permanent cure. Please name the homeo madicine that I can use. Whether I should leave Non veg/sweet, or any other food. Constipation is common. I take isabgol for free motion.
    G V Ramana

  254. khurram shahzad says:

    Dear Docter

    last five years say alergi hay may jab nhata hu t nhany k bad meri qamer pay
    shadeed kharish or jalan hoti hay or kbhi kbhi skin bhi red ho jati hay .may nay bhat ilaj kerwaya hay but koi farq ni prta pls kio homeopathi may ilaj bta day.
    age 40

  255. ANAND GANU says:

    dear sir
    i am 69 yr old male and reside at pune. i am a diabetic too. now a days i get small erruptions / rash on the face, arm pits elbows and in pelvic regieon. this is happenning throughout the year. cetrazine and anti fungal ointments Cobet etc are not working. could you pl recommend any homeopathic medicene?

  256. S.Valarselvan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Well and wish the same. My 7 years old daughter has skin problem for more than 1 year. she has rough skin with broken peeled skin on especially on elbow joint on both hands, knee on both legs and finger joints. she has rough and dry patches on these parts. we have consulted two doctors and applied medication. but still it prevails. what is the permanent cure. what is the causes for this p0roblem. I need your help.
    Thank you

  257. Chunilal Motiram says:

    I’ve had varicose surgery 3years ago but both my legs itch what can i use

  258. kamrul islam says:

    আমার স্ত্রীর বয়স-১৮, উনার ব্রেস্ট একটু নিচে নেমে গেছে এবংনরম হয়ে গেছে। নিন্ম অংগের উপরি ভাগ সহ দু্ িপাশে কাল হয়ে গেছে। এটা কি ভাবে ফর্সা ও ঠিক করা যাবে।

  259. I m having itching and rashes with burning sensation

  260. Sir I suffering itching hole body from march 2017.after icthing rashes coming where icthing.I feel very uncomfortable.I consult many docter but not cure me regularly. Please suggest me right medicine.

  261. Ratna. Dutta says:

    Dear Dr Dharma,
    My husband aged 86 is non diabetic and has no blood pressure problem.
    He is suffering from intense itchy skin rash that appears mainly on his back and a little on his upper arms.
    The rash leaves dark pigmented marks and has a pimple like appearance.Fresh aloe vera juice
    gives him immediate relief.

  262. I have rashes on my upper arms which is very itchy and increase with exposer to sun light it is slowly spreading to other part

  263. how to reduce rushes on face of a man

  264. Hello doctor sharma .I have skin hyper pigmentation .I took many medicine but in vain .my face is realy sufering from pigmentation please tell me its treatment and what I use?

  265. jitendra kumar says:

    my daughter, 2 year 9 months old have small little wounds now a days , earlier it was 1 ,2 and 3 in numbers and affect near nose ,forehead and chick but in recent three days after alopathick medicine it became more dangerous and spreed all over faces in small size

  266. RAJENDRA KEDIA says:

    Doctor saeb namaskar !!!!

    I have problem of swollen leg since last 30 years. Earlier right leg used to get swollen & reddish when I used to walk more than usual.

    Last 3-4 years right leg stays swollen almost throughout the year. Sometimes even fluid starts coming out of it. And some patches of skin becomes white.

    In left leg swollen happens sometimes but fluid does not come out. And patches of skin do not become white.

    Pls let me know possible reasons for this.

    Thanks & regards

  267. Hello I have a skin rash started on my left calf it blistered became scaly for past two months it has spread angrily all up my body both legs up my torso.
    it is itchy and blistering in large patches.
    I have been prescribed antibiotics for which I reacted to by vomiting and steroid cream with an emollient

  268. Tahir Jaffery says:

    Dear Sir so many cuts on both heels and also on my finger tips of both hands.Please sugest medicin for quick releef.thanks. Tahir Jaffery. JHANG Pakistae.

    • Dear Dr. Sharma,

      4 months back I moved to South Korea from India. I am having an itching problem at nights while going to sleep. The itching starts from feet and goes up to the thigh, sometimes on the hand also and then I get rashes. Suprsisnly, when I clean that part with ice and I switch on the A/C, I am able to sleep. and the next morning I don’t even have a mark of the itching on the body. What can be the cause of this problem and what medicine of homeopathy and in what potency can completely eradicate this problem.

      • romesh chitra says:

        having rashes around waist, thighs and groin area and anus line….mostly wrinkle lines…
        Kindly advise remedy

  269. Itching full body at day and night from two months to my daughter who is suffering from thyroid also. She. Can not sleep at all at night and rashes at her body

  270. Hello Doc,
    seasons greetings,
    i have rash on the back of both the palms ,forearms, elbows and on both the ankles.
    they are light red in color, erupts suddenly , i feel uneasy and the body becomes hot. relieved by defecation,little thirsty, good diet , good sleep, ;little irritation and bit angry moody in nature,cant go out in sun , it causes faster eruption on hands neck and legs.cant tolerate too much heat or cold.
    stomach remains upset sometimes, tends to get upset or stressed. high on thinking sometimes negative.caring worrying types.
    please suggest a good remedy . this rash is creating more stress and anxiety.
    thank you.


    sir, i am suffering siviourly itching on my body part like finger of both hand, both foot, thigh, neck and corner of body part. at the time of itching these place came to red color and got wound please advise me to peramanent solution.

  272. hello Dr sharma I am experiencing Small hard stones under my skin that are itching me and a movement like small ant all over my body please I want to know the solution to this

  273. i have this smytom in my penis little purse on my dick bring out water when it tourches other part another form scraching and very sweet while scraching sometimes bite like if an ant bit you ….what is this virus or infection called … doctor said it epic disease i dont really no

  274. Hi doctor My father is suffering from stubborn rashes all over his body since 2 years now , we have try many medication all in vain please help .

  275. Carol Brent says:

    I have had a skin rash for a few months. Mainly elbows, fore arm,
    arm pit and now spreading around towards mid back. Its very itchy
    On the arm. I scrub often and slather in aloe vera gel. I am also
    using calendula cream and homeopathy tissur salts kali sulph.

    Still very itchy


  276. Kartik Sharma says:

    Hello doctor Sharma. I am Kartik . The problem is that my mother have red rashes all around her body and she had been using many medicines and powders. But, it is not curing. So,could you please help us??

  277. Rehman Arshad says:

    Dear I am suffering from too much itching at my hips as well near rectum. I have been go through a snap fisher surgery shortly a month ago. Kindly suggest me the excellent medicine.

  278. Dear sir
    my penis is very itchy on the top of my penis is gone to red area and behind this 4-5 marks like pimples purple colour my penis is also infected to STD sir please help me send me best medicine for this

    • Sir, my grandson aged 3 years is suddenly suffering from skin rashes around penis and thigh. Please suggest me homeopathic baby medicine for quick relief and receive my thanks.

  279. Sir, I am having etching and red spots on my hips and these spots some time finished and again appears. This is usually happens from last one year. I have taken allopathic medicine but no improvement.let me suggest some homeopathy medicine

  280. Nasir jamal says:

    Dear sir
    I am 33 years old man. I have a problem that having wounds between thighs for seven days. Firstly i seen only one wound but having no opening just swelling and pain, after a day it open itself and rinse little quantity of pus then i try to press that to pass all the pus but it cant happen, next day it get closed and another wound found on opposite side it also do the same process. After four days all the wound get closed and no pain yesterday i seen a new wound on lower abdomen and having more pain, so doctor i want to pass all puses from wound please suggest me medicine that this wound itself burst without sessoring. Medicine to open wound itself.
    Thank you

  281. c.p. sharmadev says:

    sir good morning.
    from the last 2 years some dark spots just above the heel were seen on the both legs of my wife, no itching in them but they are spreading continuously on the other parts of body like on the back of neck ,also on the face dark spots are visible.she has low hemoglobin as 9 approx. she feeling burning in stomach at very high acidity and has a fatty liver. plz help me in this regard.

  282. from last few days I am getting itching on my penis foreskin can you please suggest me some nice cream

  283. Lourett grant says:

    I have severe itching from touching the sap from a dieffenbenchia plant . I m waiting up in the night and scratching . I tryed water soaks, cortisone but nothing helps . I went to the hospital and he gave me nothing . Please help me . I need something strong !

  284. iwori jonathan says:

    i hv rashes all over my body though it has subsided lately after taking some anibiotics , but d one giving me concern is swellon nd itching rashes on my penis and my skin is so dry, could u please recommend any medication,soap nd cream i can rob?, i hv gone to d hospital for blood test nd i was told am ok that am not sick

  285. dark spots on the chin area and slight irritation and itching

  286. I am getting red rash and itching on my penis foreskin

  287. Ananta Chatterjee says:

    Sir I do have itching all over my body for last 3months, first I went for allopathic medicine,but it could give me momentary relief. But presently having bovista 200 twice in a week,But it is giving no result. Itching occur s all over the body throughout the day and it is unbearable.

  288. Bepath Dhobi says:

    sir i have got rashes on the skin of my penis it is not paining but it causes intching a lot so how can be it cured

  289. Mohinder Pal Singh says:

    Dr. Sharma

    I am getting itching during night time in my legs joints. And sometime on back but it is during night only, Could you able to suggest some medicine

  290. Reepa Bhalla says:

    Applied thuja Q to warts on face and different body parts prescribed by a local homeopath. Came up with sudden rashes all over which are extremely itchy. Now taking steroid for last 4 days to reduce swelling on face which has helped. But itchiness persists and new rashes still coming. Swelling on face has reduced.
    Please guide

  291. For over 30 years I face a problem with my palm skin. When air temperatures begin to rise and edp accompanied by humidity red spots appear on my palm skin. They feel hot and cause irritation and nervousness. When they appear on the knuckles they cause pain too. Sometimes they appear on the foot esp when walking on hot beach sand. Cold water, sea water or ice on the red dpots bring me relief. They do not last very long. When air temperatures get stable they disapper slowly. I have had no answer to the probelm.
    Thsnk you

  292. For over 30 years I face a problem with my palm skin. When air temperatures begin to rise and edp accompanied by humidity red spots appear on my palm skin. They feel hot and cause irritation and nervousness. When they appear on the knuckles they cause pain too. Sometimes they appear on the foot esp when walking on hot beach sand. Cold water, sea water or ice on the red dpots bring me relief. They do not last very long. When air temperatures get stable they disapper slowly. I have had no answer to the probelm.
    Thsnk you

  293. I hv chest keloid sine 10 years, having severe itching, infection with pus & blood due to hair traped beneath the keloid.. Plz suggest treatment

  294. I hv chest keloid sine 10 years, having severe itching, infection with pus & blood due to haired traped beneath the keloid.. Plz suggest treatment

  295. Hi Dr Sharma,
    My mom aGED 72 is suffering from itching all over Tbe body for last 4-5 days along with some small boils over the head.
    Please suggest a suitable medicine.

    • Sheila R. Ryan says:

      Hi Dr. Sharma,
      I have severe itching that is nerve related like nerve damage. I have had it for about ten years or so. I take Gabapentin for it but I also use amitriptaline that seems to assist the Gabapentin. I am 64 years old now, female. It is so bad without the Gabapentin that if somehow I couldn’t get it anymore would be awful .
      It also has the effect of ‘referred itching and some fabrics cause a sensation like a feeling of tiny hairs being pulled. No rash or other visible appearance. I also have menopause and the hot flashes for about 16 years now, I also am low thyroid. It seems like maybe all these are related. I am grateful for any clues or suggestions.
      Thankyou, Sheila Ryan

  296. hi,sir,
    I’m 35 years old .I’m suffering from last 2 years black dots with itching,burning & rashes on my stomach And Previous (pani wale smal chhale ) with itching & burning on my hands. I had taken many allopathy treatment but its not success.I want to help you at this matter. Piz. reply at my mail address.

  297. hi,sir,
    I’m 35 years old .I’m suffering from last 2 years black dots with itching,burning & rashes on my stomach And Previous (pani wale smal chhale ) with itching & burning on my hands. I had taken many allopathy treatment but its not success.I want to help you at this matter.

  298. Hello Doctor
    Sir for last 3 years i am suffering from allergy like skin rashes turn red in colour and itching contiusouly after taking allegra 120 mg it comes down again next day it starts so i am taking this medicine for last 3 years, is there any side effect to me sir. I have tested blood its normal but from what its happening till now i could not understand sir. Please give me a good medicine so that i could get rid of from it.

  299. Aprajita Jha says:

    I am 22 years old and I have dry eye condition for the last 4 years. Initially I had scaly skin on my eyelids which still persists and is aggravated by eczema like condition right now. I also have infection around my ears. Since, it’s a sensitive case I want a suitable solution for this condition.


  300. roopali gupta says:

    Hello Doctor,

    From around last two months, I am feeling that something is biting here and there all over the body and because of that Itching increase at night. Sometimes, there are rashes which fade away next day, sometimes little red swell as bitten by any insect appear on the body. I never had any allergy before but two months back I took medicines for urinal infection. May be there occur these side-effects. I have also super itchy scalp sometimes, but there is no dandruff. Please help.


  301. Poonam.biradar says:


  302. RAJEEV Jalla says:

    Dr Sharma, My daughter (14 yrs ) whenever takes bath she gets itching skin in whole body for 15-20 minutes & then automatically subsides . Could you please subscribe some homeo medicine to cure it permanently as she is under going this agony for last 3 yrs

  303. JAGTAR SINGH says:

    itching in pubic area and patches like ring worms and spreading .

  304. Good day Dr,
    My name is Mr Joseph Agada from Nigeria west Africa, I am 46 years of age, I have been going through skin problem for over three year now.

    Atopic I have skin rash and it inched a lot ever day I take priten and predisolon tablet but yet no positive results, please what I do concerning this?
    Humble regards


    Dr Sharma,
    I am 82 years old suffering from a lot of allergies, Asthama and high blood pressure for the last 20 years. My legs are also exposed to sun as I play golf wearing shorts. Both the ailments are controlled with standard medication.
    During the last one year I have developed dry itching on my legs around the ankles. Black spots have developed on the skin however they are not painful. I am also suffering from Viricouse veins but they are also not painful. I was recommended Clabetasol cream (Tenovate) with Salicylic acid ointment and moisturizing lotion. It helps to reduce the itching but it is not the cure. The skin around the ankles look dry and hence I use standard oil /cream on my legs.
    For the last one week I have shifted over to Auorowedic medicine -Anti itching medicine ( Epidermoil). It is not helping to reduce the itching..
    Do you recommend Sulphur and or Sarsaprilla. ?

    • G S S N RAVI KUMAR says:

      My father aged 82 years suffering form itching of skin since 3 months. We are applying allopathic glicerin cream and evil tablets for internal use. But no results. Pl advice home medicine for the above problem. Thanking you sir.

  306. rishu kumari says:

    I have been facing itching on face near lips, eyes, neck, leg finger. skin. looks like rough with spot.

  307. franklin says:

    Dr I have seen some white doit in my two side of d panis and it’s also comes with rashes when I srach it, please help me

  308. AGANA JOSEPH says:


  309. Sangram keshari rout says:

    My body part is fair and face is dark due to pigmentation and rashes.I guess it to be hereditary.after a beared shave and during the period after a day when small hairs begin to grow,severe itching n rashes starts.I do scratch with nails n towels.not getting a fresh facial look like others.feeling me out.I have dust allergic and a little bit asthma and disturbed sleep.

  310. Renae Martinelli says:

    Any recommendations for abdominal wall rash/ necrosis following a non chemo tace procedure for liver tumor.

  311. R.K.Kumar says:

    Doctor Sir,
    My Grand daugther age 3years is sufering from Diper rash.Please suggest medicine
    Thank you

  312. Dr I hhave itching problem in neck and area of above lips .for neck i am using the dusting powder.but iit works for somtime then again itching more thing in head hairs area also has itching.please help me.

  313. Rinkle Sachdeva says:

    Hello sir
    I got rashes all over my body
    Which medicine should I take

  314. Skin rash and itching all over body last one year

  315. Mrs.Namrata wahile says:

    My baby boy 9 months old had red spots on his cheeks and limbs what type of allergy is this and suggest the cure for this allergy.

  316. Smt veena says:

    Iam 46yrs. old.Here are the problems I am facing since last 5 years.. swelling on face below eyes and on legs.Brown spots on skin any where,weak nails, brown skin below root of nails,eatching all over the body, green and bulgy nerves under skin ,pain in muscles, stiffness in legs, hair fall. Please suggest me right medicine.

  317. Kundan Yadav says:

    There is severe very badly itching in my private parts since 2 months. Sometime it is intolerable and becomes an embarrassment when I am out or when in social gathering. Is there anything which can help to resolve my problem fast? my problem fast?

  318. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 34/Male suffering from genital itching since long (10 years). It gets worse while I’m in bed. Severity increases when shaved pubic hair start to regrow. I oftentimes use over the counter lotions that give temporary relief but no actual solution. At times I get embarrassed when I have to itch while in public. I don’t have any visible skin redness, raised or scaly skin. Please help me out.
    Kind Regards,

  319. isaac haron says:

    i have a sister who was born with rashes arround her mouth which atimes produce red coloured wounds, we have tried all oinment for rashes it has fail to heal. what medecine should we use to cure the disease?.

  320. sakshi pal says:

    Sir in my pubic region rashes that are itching please give me instruction for this please sir ……

  321. Mohani Ranjan says:

    My ridges of finger have disappeared. How i will get .I am 46 years old.
    When i coloured my hair my whole face and head itching after whashing hairs. i want medicine to cure this deases

  322. i am suffering with red rashes and itching above the ancles

  323. My wife has suffered from ringworm last three years and also itching problem please give me a better advice

    • Carol Schierenbeck says:

      My husband has been suffering from what we think may be ringworm on his arms which seems to be spreading to other areas of his body such as upper thighs and neck. Have been treating it with colloidal silver then coconut oil, neither is working. Is there a homeopathic remedy for this fungus/rash?
      Thank you.

  324. My neck and upper chest are very itchy and very sore, especially at night but sometimes during the day as well. Nothing topical seems to work . The doctor gave me a prescription for anti-histamine and a Cortizone cream and neither of them works for me. I am 75 years old and very distressed by this condition as it prevents me from sleeping!

    I have used homeopathic Medicine in the past with great success but I don’t know a practitioner here in Montreal so if you could suggest something for me to try I would be very grateful. I believe I can order whatever you tell me to use online if not locally.

    Thank you in advance.

  325. Respected sir
    my mother is facing a skin problem when she etch on the part of. skin of leg it bulging shapes of pattern . it is happening for last 2 years . she went to many doctors but nothing happened… please tell us any solution for that …

  326. Chaitanya says:

    Respected Sir
    I am facing a problem with skin that when I etch on the part of the skin of leg and on hand I get the bulging shapes of the pattern I move during etching.It is happening from a week.


  327. hello doctor. i get infection on my penis top and skin have shiny surface even i got irritation.plz sugest me medicibe

  328. I have tried different creams, over the counter and prescribed to ease the itchy rash that I get a few days after chemo treatment and nothing had completely taken away the scaly, itchy skin. I started using foderma serum as soon as the rash started to develop and within 2 days the rash is gone, the itch is gone, the dry-scaly skin is healed. I also use this on my knees and elbows that get extremely dry after chemo and it heals the dryness. I love that this is an all natural approach to healing my ailing skin as I go through treatments. I highly recommend to anyone with skin issues !

  329. MITALI PATIL says:

    since i have taken the advice of general physician he has given me betnovat – c to apply of my
    down wards portion where i m having itching problem. both the sides. even side by side i m
    taking advance homoepathy since last 2 months but there is no recovery. after applying betnvat i get relief from itching problem. what is the solution. is homoepathy treatment takes 1 year for recovery pl. suggest

  330. I have itches on my penis, testicles, knuckles, elbow, armpit, lower back, knees thighs, anus etc and i have lumps in my testicles, the tip of my. penis and my anus, my scalp itch too. The skin on my lower back is very dry and cracking, i have scales on my knees, knuckles and ankles and the skin hard… burns i need help quickly

  331. Nothando says:

    My baby wipe his neck everyday the neck is reddish like and he wipe it a lot

  332. anne fox says:

    angular cheililis hi had cream of doc no good can you sugest what i might try i am desperate to get rid of this its red sore and a white skin forms over it would welcolm sugestions thanks

  333. K. R. Khan says:

    My wife is70 year old. She is diabetic. She gets etching all over body but mostle on back. There is no redness no erruptions etc. could you please suggest homeopathic medicine for her.

    Thanks and regards.

    K. R. Khan

  334. Sir…mujhe 8 months…. से redness wali.. itching hai.. jo ki mere thiys(झांग पैर भी है) और घुटने पर भी।।है।।। और यह ठीक भी नही हो रही है मेरी आगे 20 है।।।।plzzz Sir…kuch medicine btaa dijiye.. with Tube langne wlii jo ki meri skin problem ko dur kr deee plzz sir…

  335. Manjinder singh says:

    Hi Doc.,
    My mother is 62 yr old she has itching peoblem for last 1 yr. It started suddenly and then continue for some time. It’s not daily but happens in a week . It started with no sign on skin but after itching skin become rough.

  336. Respected sir,
    On 2008 detergent cake (soap) applied on my penis and it was injured for 2 weeks more and the penis skin affected more.Still now my penis is small in size but sperms are coming thick only takes 10 to 20 mins. Now I didn’t feel any pain in my penis. My only problem is my penis is small in size when compare to a normal human penis. Is there any solution to increase my penis size please guide me . Thank you sir.Now my age is 23 I feared about marriage.And I totally upset about my problem please guide me sir.

  337. Dolores Hunter says:

    HI DR. i have peases of skin on the top of some of my toes and also on the top part of my heel and on the side of one foot on side of heel i dont have any fungas or any itching at all i tryed gold bond foot cream 4 4 nites and it didnt work if i scratch the different parts tho not itchy the skin keeps coming off i would like a home remedy befor i have to go to a Dr. thank you

  338. I am 16 year old girl,from1 month several parts of my skin has affected a kind of infection having brown coloured scars and it have itchiness.It is spreading due to itchiness.what is the remedy

  339. How much time does homeopathic medicine will heal eruption ringworm. Please tell me

  340. Saurabh kohli says:

    Hello doctor. My mother has itching issues since last 7-8 years. She recently started taking homeopathic medicine, she is taking R83 Alimentol and Fagopyrum Esculentum. Do you think these are good enough? The doctor says it would take around an year for 100% cure. Can you please advice for the same?
    My mother has tried different medicines but never got much relief.

  341. have itchiness at the butt region, left and areas of the private regipn, and a tingling itching sensation.on the inner thighs that turns red when rubbed-my wife

  342. Rosemary says:

    I was having icthy on my palm that is brown in colour but i didn’t use any drugs the itchy have stopped what can i do to clear the spot off from my palm

  343. I had red shiny rash on penis doctor gave me antifungal medicines but it come and go no relief. Then right now I am on homeopathic treatment red sign intensity become low but signs come and go at their own. What is it?

  344. Beth tuxford says:

    Grandson 11 years old has had allergy test which show allergy to grass & carpets is on antibiotics but carnt stay on them all his life

  345. i have use veet strips and cream on my face but unsightly patches of blood on my face so can i consult the dr. or you can give me any suggestion

  346. I suddenly suffer through black spots following leaving upper layer of skin then results into dark black spots only in t portion of face. All these problems started with ittching with redness. Doctor says it is sun burn and try to treat but even after 3 months no relief . this cycle of ittching-redness-hardening skin texture- leaving upper skin layer – results dark black spots is repeated again n again . I want to know is there any chance to treat this with homeopathic medicine and if then which are

  347. Anju Pandey says:

    my son is 17 years old he have many stretch mark in hole body . before 15 years he is very nice but when he completed 16 years he gain height & health then many strech mark on body. Pl. recmond homeopathy medicine

  348. Debra Sinclair says:

    I have had a skin rash around both sides of my neck that the Dr. Said was fungal and to use an antifungal cream for athletes foot. It’s red and in oval like shapes and itches, it seems to intensify during periods of stress. The antifungal cream didn’t work and I’ve tried numerous other things….can you help.

  349. Siddharth says:

    I have skin disease on my ass than what I have to do to solve it. and it get longer and longer and when I put some water on it it get sooo much hurts that can’t be hold say same tips to solve this problem…

  350. I have etching on entire body included head and feel very uncomfortable ,i feel like some thing moving on my skin and in hair .Please suggest some homeopathy medicin .

  351. I am suffering from skin rashes in left leg what medicine to. Be taken to arrest it

  352. Olaitan Ruqayat says:

    Dear Dr.
    I Have been suffering from skin rashes from childhood till now which later result to dark spots on my two laps, i have try all sort of body cream, use tumeric soap, apply lemon juice,
    The dark spots does not disaper on my laps
    Please how do i get raid of it, because it so ritaing
    Please come to my aids

    • Aisha fynn says:

      Hi doc
      Pls I have this rashes from the age of six and am twenty one now. This rashes goes and come ,I have visited many hospitals and now I see fluid coming from it when I scratch it cause it itching a lot

  353. shaista parveen says:

    I’m suffering from eczema on my lips, both hands and neck. It’s has too much itching, blood is come out when I’m itching and when contact with water then burning like feel.
    I take sulphur 200
    (Age 20 yrs)

  354. Bilal Ali says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    Hoping U to be fine
    My both cheeks are red ..pigmented red big patches on face body ecpically chests…itching occures at night and excessive pimples on thigh back ..Sir i have consulted every doctor none suited me even a litlle Sir one more thing I also face digestive problems this may be the reason behinde redness
    Similarly in sunlight and on brist walk or running my body itches alot….like spearsing
    I hve used under doctors priscription
    Sulphur 30
    kali brom 30
    sepia 30
    Nux vomica
    and currently using Belladona 1M but from last two years when this problem happened these medicine didn’t give me any cure
    please Sir Help me out.I will be thankful to u and keep u remember in my prayers
    Bilal Ali

  355. Vinay Sharma says:

    Penis rashes for 20 month

    • Evic nnoblic says:

      & you haven’t already discussed it with a Dr?

    • Evic nnoblic says:

      & you haven’t already discussed it with a Dr? It’s probably going to drop off now. But putting it in unclean places & poor personal hygiene & lazyness. is your problem…20 months, it shows how much you respect you body! if it’s syphalitic your nervous system & brain may already be damaged . See a doctor foolish person

  356. ranu dash says:

    palms are sweating a d itching more. i m 11 years old. girl

  357. Odogwu blessing obiaku says:

    Dear doctor i have been suffering from this skin disease since i, was kid,tried different drugs,injections,soaps and d rest but no positive result, my aunt said its heridictorythart my mum suffered d same and That i will over grow it,all my leg itches me alot and if i scratch just a little it turns to injury and d spots dont go out and always worst during raining season.please help me with a solution.

    • Aisha fynn says:

      Hi doc
      Pls I have this rashes from the age of six and am twenty one now. This rashes goes and come ,I have visited many hospitals and now I see fluid coming from it when I scratch it cause it itching a lot

  358. Manjula pawar says:

    My daughter 32ys age in her4th month of pregnancy is suffering from itching all over body,Now she is having sty like somthing in her pallm and feetShe is depressed from itching. There is rednes in palms andfeet,She is having fiirst pregnancy & its twin,kindly help us

  359. Sylvie Tauzin-Neal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Four years ago, my daughter, who is nine years old now, has been diagnosed with a dust mites allergy. She has a rash and itching on her face and all over her body, legs, hands and feet. Her rash can get very painful with redness, swollen skin and feeling of intense heat that burns, and only an ice pack makes her feel a little better. That allergy comes and goes and she has to take Claritin every single day. Her allergy has the appearance of a half circle and sometimes a full circle, looking sometimes like the form of ringworm. I would like to switch to a natural remedy like a homeopathic treatment. What should I do?
    Thank you for responding to this message.
    Sylvie Tauzin-Neal

  360. P Rama rao says:

    Good Morning Doctor Sir
    I am Rama rao and suffering from skin rash for the last 4 days. It may be due to allergy. Specifically it is coming on right hand especially from l bow to wrist and on bothe legs below knees. Due to itching when I rub in the place it is coming full redish rashes. I felt it may be because of high temperatures also. I am applying body wash thinking that that it may be due to dryness.
    Please advise me the correct medicine.

    P. Rama rao

  361. Me back side me khujli hoti hai or red red dane ho jate hai koi meducine btaye sir

  362. Hell doctorgaru, naku TB undi.TV medicine valana duradha baga vasthundi.emyna medicine cheppara

  363. Dr Dr. Kabhi kabhi Nhane k baad meri arms thai legs n hand me itching thoda time k liye hoti he. Mai soap use nhi krti owr meri skin normal he. Mai nahate samai regular dettol one spoon pani me use karti hu

  364. Hindraj Sharma says:

    I have itching problem in skull and around the neck and back particularly while going to bed and getting up early morning. At time the water while bathing also pains.

  365. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Hi Doc,

    I have been using alegra 180 mg from past 4 months still I am suffering from itching.
    it starts once in a day when I take the medicine in 15 minutes I get relax. Please suggest as I have met with 10 doctors they all have suggested me to take only alegra. I do not know for how long I will have to take the medicine.

    Request you to please help me with the medicine which could give me permanently solution.

    Mukesh Kumar

  366. hello dr sharma,my daughter is 9 1/2years old.when ever she goes for swimming her face get swell and red and even its very itchy.suggest me lotion for her face before swimmming and after swimming

  367. Mrinal Deka says:

    I have Suffering in Harpex in my penis since last 5 years. Can you help me for treatment of my dease.

    • Evic nnoblic says:

      Why haven’t you got treatment before if you know what it is or do you want to find your rotten penis in your shoe one day. Foolish to leave hearpex to tot you away

  368. Jasmin Johnson says:

    Rasses on my daughter face

  369. I have a very itchy rash all around both ankles, especially the front also on one knee, also the front.
    More itchy at night or when hot or covered in clothes.
    I also have them on the back of my wrists.
    I had the same thing two Christmas’ ago but it was under my ears and on the underside of my wrist.
    Again, super itchy and I scratched in my sleep until raw and infected.

    I’ve never had anything like this before, I am female and 47 .

    Thankyou in advance.

  370. Pawan thakur says:

    I am having etching in hand and sometimes in whole body.Dr dignose eczema but after taking medicines for two years there is no relief finally i have decided to not take medicines.In winter my earlobe turn to b black because of itching on my earlobe.Doctor sahib you are requested to help me out in this matter.I am also having fatty nuddles in all over my body.
    Pawan Thakur

  371. I have been treated for scabies, this and eckzima and my ands and feet are not clearing up, my hands and feet are red , swallon, itchy, very dry, cracking, and hurt , I have rubbed aloe vera plant leaves of them, bought all kinds of eckzima, psoriasis lotions and even bought Derma•ced deep therapy care cream and still nothing is working, these CD’s say they ain’t seen anything like this, if I could afford to go see a specialist I would.

  372. Vishnu Priya says:

    Sir, I have itching all over my body. In fact, it was triggered by consuming an ayurvedic drug “nelavembu”. I am already a psoriasis patient and am taking R 65 on regular basis. Psoriasis was under control till I consumed that ayurvedic drug. The itching is unbearable with rashes here and there

  373. QAMAR IQBAL says:

    Hello sir,I am from Kanpur my son aged 6 years got yellow blisters on today,s morning,please help me.

  374. ankit garg says:

    sir mujhe elegy prob hai kuch salt se and khujli bhi hai body mein.kya homeopathy treatment acha rahega

  375. Atul kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    When I use any colour dye or herbal mehndi, I feel irritation badly. Sometime soar occure near mostage. I want to know , how can I escape from the side effect of these hair dye or mehendi. Is any medicine avaible to avoid irritatation .
    Please advice.

  376. I have this itching on the both side of my groin,
    pink in nature like its eating up my privy skin, some times when am hot or sweating I notice some kind of scales by my groin paths and it’s already spreading to my ties. how do I get rid of this. please help prescribe me a particular medication to be given to it.

  377. Noni Jean Kaufman says:

    I have partial numbness in both feet for many years–probably due to thinning disc in lower spine. My right foot has fungus under the toes and sometimes, especially in the heat, my foot turns bright red. The skin is dry and cracked and different from the other foot. Also, sometimes there is a rash–the other day I tried rhus tox in jojoba oil and the rash that had been gone for some time, returned very strong. Not sure if the homeopathy was the trigger. Have tried graphites and sulphur. The graphites in coconut oil did help the cracking. I’m 71 and eat a paleo diet and not aware of any food allergies.

  378. Nairitya gupta says:

    Sir I am suffering from skin rashes . I think that is caused by eating eggs in large amount . I never ate a piece of egg before this but approx. 2month before I ate many eggs for 4 to 5 days regularly .

  379. Virginia Craig says:

    My skin condition has been looked at by 5 drs. Poison oak, ring worm, chronic, and cysts. Tree tea oil helps, but don t stop the itch. It s on my fingers, arms, legs, butt crack, thighs, shoulders. One dr. Was a dermatologist. The med he prescribed for cysts if used very long could cause a worse problem plaque sorosis. Needless to say I wouldn t let him tend to my dog let alone me. To get into see this fake takes a recommendation from you er doctor. This skin condition I ve got when tree tea oil is applied little knots come to the surface and are dark red. It’s also on my neck. When I bathe I use bleach it helps relieve the itch. I ve used trimecinolon and three other medications and nothing worked. I m 72 yrs. old. Am at stage 3 kidney failure meds. An antibiotic of three pills to get infection down to operate on a gall bladder. Given predaxa and aortic aneurysm developed and I nearly bled to death.

  380. Nonzwakazi Patricia says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma my name is Patricia I’ve got a problem of lupus rash around my bridge of my noise and I lost lot of weight too how can I overcome this problem Thank You.

  381. Doris Woodie says:

    Dr. Sharma, My 68 year old husband took Cephalexin for an infection. 2 days after taking he developed a rash over his back and chest, hands, arms and legs. He was put on Prednisone for 3o days which cleared the rash but when he stopped the Prednisone the rash returned. It is very itchy and he was given Clobetasol cream which he uses to stop the itch. He was also given Triamcinolone cream. I know homeopathic remedies work as I had hand eczema for five years, which has drastically cleared using homeopathic sulphur. Do you have any suggestions for a homeopathic remedy for my husband’s rash. Of course, the dermatologist will not admit to it being an allergic reasction to the Cephalexin but I believe that is what started it. thanks for any suggestions or help you can give.

  382. My son (2 year old) is suffering from fungal skin problem from last 2 months. He is having itching and ringworm like condition on both the side of his waist. does it due to diaper allergy. please suggest remedy

  383. Anubhuti goyal says:

    Meri daughter ke joint main itching Bahut hoti hai.bahut medicine diye homeo Bhi puri terah se kaise sahi ho

  384. asad shahaani says:

    Dr sab meri wife k right cheak py bachpan sy e redness h bohat treatment krwaya hai but no result. .. kia eska koi treatment hai??

  385. Saurav Pal says:

    Respected sir,

    I’m 37, male, from Kolkata suffering from skin rashes. This started on 1st March, 2017, night during a journey in a train after spraying room freshener in AC coach! The most affected areas were my upper right hand/arm, neck and cheeks where I first felt a sensation of itching (like a mosquito bite!) and then those swelled around causing even more eatching. After some time, the itching decreased and finally the swelling areas flattened to almost normal. After two or three days, the rashes were spreaded virtually almost every part of body, but swellings somewhat decreased. Still, the rashes are coming out in various parts of my skin with more or less itching, but it abruptly increased after taking a medicine dose (like Calpol during a fever!) and like. In the first week, the rashes increased at nights, but that tendency was now gone. eFor your kind info, I previously suffered from like rashes in 2003-2006, after a haircut in saloon when the butcher simultaneously cut my hair with another person who were dying in his hairs! I never used any deo or perfume, never smoked and drink, and normally don’t milk. Please reply with the name of the medicine with food restrictions (if any) to treat this problem at your earliest.

    Your’s truly,
    Saurav Pal.

  386. My 5 year old son caught up with a fewer he was heating up and a day after he got iching rash Al over his body

  387. RATAN SENGUPTA says:

    I’m 74 yes, had heart attack in 2012 & under medicine treatment. From July 2012, low to medium itching started on upper body’s. Started consulting Doctors (Allo) but instead, the problem gradually aggravated & in June 2013, skin biopsy said it’s Psoriasis. Allopath treatment started, continued & I got normal skin, no itching. Then around Sept 2014 Doctor stopped the drug for lowering Platelet & advised alt treatment. I went for Homeo & been OK till Sept 2015. But again from Oct 2015, itching started on face, arms & consulted Allo Doc, continuing but with NO improvement. I sincerely request your advice what to do? Should I go for Homeopathy? Please.

  388. I am 24 year old boy and is about to get married.From the age of 17 year I had acne and pimples all over my face which also has caused dark spots and deep marks on face.I had various allopathic treatment which included medicine of both oral consumption and external application .But just after one month of treatment acne grow again.Last time in June 2015 I take istronion medicine for one month and face was acne free but in August Acne grow again .This time from last one year the acne are on upper part of neck below jaws on both side and around mustaches.These acne not only leave dark marks but also take around one month to heal.Kindly help me out of this embarrassing and serious situation.

    • I Daiva Naik says:

      I am 42 yr female having discolouration of skin which becomes bluish after scratching.It started when l got a scratch with steel chair kept in the garden for long time

  389. subal ghose says:

    I am suffering itching, swealing with dry skin from one year back. I used medicine Hydrocotyle As- Q, Berb. Aq – Q & Azadirachita In -6. Whether this medicine can solve my problem or not.

  390. Niraj Singh says:

    My 13 years old son suffering from itching red patches/ rashes on his whole body since last one year. Initially a small itching starts any place of his body and later it’s increase in big swelling red patches ( chkta type) ,same way another patches appears on his body .
    All type of test like blood,urine, stool for allergic carried out, but not established the reasons. Please suggest best medicine for him.


  392. Hello Dear Doctor ,

    i am having red rashes and itching on my foreskin of my penis , i keep that place clean by normal water and apply some ointment name mupimet ,once i stopped applying medicine rashes and itching started , i want some genuine real solution of my problem and i wish homeopathy is the right way to cure permanently . your valuable suggestion appreciated.

    thanking you !!


  393. saddam khan says:

    Hi sir I have skin desease since 20th January and I have taken so many medicine like quardiderm, dermikem, four derm, flucan .etc. and steel this desease I have left so please tell me nice medicine for the desease dinay. Sir please give me nice medicine I will be very very thankful to you sir.

  394. saddam khan says:

    I have skin desease since 20th January and I have taken so many medicine like quardiderm, dermikem, four derm, flucan .etc. and steel this desease I have left so please tell me nice medicine for the desease dinay.

  395. Hello Doctor Sharma, i have a chronic skin rash over 15years on my legs left and right very itchy every medicine tried is not working, can you help me.


  396. Hello Dr my arms along my shoulders below armpit is itching but no rashes swelling or burns no liquid or dampness any such on both hands

  397. sir i had body conduct with some boys who were infected by skin disorders like pimples and rashes on buttocks and upper thighs and lower abdominal now i find few small pimples near my naval close to abdominal and upper thighs and i fee irritation and rashes am i infected what homeopathic medicine is good for my problem kindly suggest

  398. PRADIP kumar Baidya says:

    Good evening Doctor,

    I have skin itching on leg,sometime in rt leg above ankle,some time near left thai region and vise versa.This is happening since last six months and on applying ‘Propygenta NF cream’ it gives relief and after some days it get cured but starts again in some other area of my leg,mostly on thai or above ankle of both legs.

    I have itching in my groin areas since 3/4 years,increases with humidity.I get comfort on applying SURFAZ SN cream,but the problem is existing .

    Please advise with remedy.

  399. RAHUL BARUA says:


  400. Lokesh agarwal says:

    Etching problem

  401. saran pradhan says:

    Sir i have few rashes on my thigh and two bigeer points on my balls and now my left eye has also started itching.

  402. Bhim singh says:

    Hello dr. Sharma my name is 6manth baby neck elbow back hand see the rash after that skin them and he same medicine or he say the rash of oil rash.rash of color black but medicine no response. plise help me

  403. Sunil Kumar Prajapati says:

    Mere skin me Jun 2016 se khujli ke sath machhad jab kat deta hai uske bad rash’s nikal ata hai. Maine three Dr ko dikha Chuka Lekin jab tak medicine leta hu tab tak nahi nikalta jaise medicine lena band kar deta hu phir se khujli ke sath nikal ata hai. Please mere ko medicine ka name and use bata tho

  404. imran abid says:

    Hello dr sharma
    my 3 year old son has some kind skin problem its look like prikley heat but its not a prickley heat because its winter in usa he gets on his neck arms and thai dr give some kind of steroid cream to put it on but sems like its not helping. can you please help me .

  405. balwinder says:

    hi my name is balwinder my husband facing itching problm from last 6 month .. its like rashes itching problm plss give sm suggestion regarding this …

  406. i have rashes on few parts like uppar thigh area , side arm and back of my neck, i cant wear shorts because rashes are visible now tuning to black colour on etching place how clear black spots.please advise me

  407. i have rashes on few parts like uppar thigh area , side arm and back of my neck, i cant wear shorts because rashes are visible now i also consult to a homeopathic doctoe and he give me a liquid lotin and POMADE ACID CHRYSO (SBL) and a liquid to take with water three times a day, a goli for once a week and two other goli thrice a day 3 each .
    but no progree is appear till date i am taking medicaine from last 9 days . please advice

  408. Rajan Malhotra says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma

    I have read your article on rashes.

    I am suffering from red rashes under the chin area with irritation. I have sometimes suffered from Allergy.
    My age is 60 years.

    The red rashes appeared when I visited Hongkong on 7th January, 2017 and shaved my chin with new brand new blade. Since then, I have used allopathic medicine as prescribed by Skin Specialist but not getting any relief.

    Please advise.


    • Itching of skin all ovr the body in evening on removing clothes only. Have to take antiallergic. Disturbed sleep. Mind occupied. Body lethargic. Pain all over the body. Releif from sitting in sunlight. Used to sit in sunlight for 2 hrs in morning to get releif. Cannot stand for long time. Cannot stand after sitting without grasping something.

  409. Good day Dr. Sharma.
    I saw your post on social media about Homeopathy and i really like it. Sir i have been battling with a skin disease for 2yrs now, it like an ant is moving all over my body and my body will start inching me badly and rashes will start coming out and makes my body irritating like its wrinkles and goose-bumps. i have several medicine, antibiotic and tonic even body creams to treat the body rashes and irritations it will go and come back again. please Dr. what can i do i need your help.

  410. salinder kumar says:

    Sir Namaskar..sir mare ko 6 saal se head aur mouth per itching hai dry and burning type.
    Leg per aur arm per bhi start ho gye hai..
    More itching rahti hai..burning more hoti hai.

    Mare ear per itching jab hoti hai to bilkul red ho jaate hain. Pure face air head per hai

  411. amrita choudhury says:

    my baby 1 yr old … having rash red in colour bt no itching n irritation .. looks like dry skin … bt round in shape … 2-3 places arround the body

  412. Bharti singh says:

    Dr sharma
    My son get rashes after come in contact with sun.Now a days rashes comes after a little bit tension,after walking some steps fast ,after eating hot food and spicy food too.In elopath dr gives only Allegra nd not any medicine.They tell that this is single medicine for the rashes .Please help me I don’t want to give Allegra per day one,two,three times .Please help me??

  413. rishikesh upadhyay says:

    Sir when I rate few sugar.or sugar altered material at once I infected as itching on different part of my body..This thing is happening with me since child hood..Now I rate so many allopathic medicine like flucazole.but no effect got

  414. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My 11 year old son developed a dry, flaky, red rash around his lips, which are chapped. It is quite red and distinct and my son says it is itchy. A little later he also complained of a similar rash around and over his penis and scrotum. I prefer to treat him with homeopathic medicine- what might you suggest in this case?

    • I am a girl of 14 years of age. I have skin allergy on my face from the last one month. I am taking softin tablets daily and using betnovate creme but no affect. Skin dry got red with itching. Kindly advise me some homeopathic treatment

    • sajida muddassar says:

      hello sir…My son 6yers old he have rash and sticky water coming all time and first red spot come then itchy feeling then sticky water comeing and made wound like…..plz suggest me what i do ….i use mostly different mousiering creams but not affected on him…..some time lips around red spot come out and some time side legs nd now his fingers start on start fingers…..suggest me plz

  415. i always scratching my 4-5 and used to hurt myself every time. what can i do?

  416. sanjay marak says:

    Dear Sir, I am getting skin rash all over the all parts of body, I couldn’t sleep well because of itches and its causes like boiled and itches, I’ve used too many skin ointments but as prescribed by the skin specialist but it doesn’t works. So Sir, kindly give me a remedial measures to prevent this spreading skin diseases.

  417. Malkit Bahra says:

    Hello Dr,

    My wife has red rash on the skin over upper lip and minor swelling on both lips which is sometimes eased and then aggravated but does’nt completely recover.

    She has been tested and found negative for any skin disease such as eczema, cancer or herpes. She has been found negative for all the allergy tests available. But the doctor has ascertained that it is not a disease. It is allergy to something which we should ourselves find. But we have yet failed to find.

    This is happening again and again for the last fourteen months. When it erupts, redness and minute pimples will develop on skin and she feels lot of itching and unrest. When it subsides, skin becomes smoother but light brownish shade remains. The Skin Specialist has already tried several medicinal creams but to no avail. Now, he advised to use only vaseline which also is not helpin to completely treat the problem.

    Could you please oblige by suggesting a homeopathic alternative? Thanks and best regards,


  418. Rashi Mittal says:

    Hello Dr.

    I have black spots in my hands of mosquito bites plz help me how it can be remove permanently. My weight. Is 72 Nd age is 25. Plz Tel me how I can loose weight also.

  419. Shrikant D. Pawar says:

    My daughter have itching problem very aggressively on her thighs and joints of legs. She is 14 year old now. Her height is 4.9 and weight around 60 kg . Itching is more during evening & night suspectability is very high. Her attitude is very depressed & irritated all the time for very small reasons. Nowadays she is very bad tempered. She is having so many pimples on her back & on face also. Her height is also not increasing & so she is loosing her self confidence in studies. & she always thinks what others think about her. So please refer me some medicine for her for all the above symptoms given. This is my humble request to you. Thank you.

  420. Seema Neema says:

    I have a itchy skin after menopause all over the body specially on thighs or my back at night or after bath but no rashes next day I m 50 years old woman please help me and give me homeopathy treatment

  421. I have a rash lined on the side of my penis on the pubic area,it started when I was still a vagin at23yrs,it at times drys up and flakes,sometimes itchy,little bit pains with whitish heads,when I break them blood comes out no puss,how can I treat them,im now 45yrs

  422. Sanjay Shorey says:

    Sir, At times I get red rashes on skin and feel like rubbing and more I rub the more thick it become but it wades when I take cetrazin medicine. Itching is becoming more frequent now. Kindly advise. Regards, Sanjay Shorey

    • Seema Neema says:

      I have a itchy skin after menopause all over the body specially on thighs or my back at night or after bath but no rashes next day I m 50 years old woman please help me and give me homeopathy treatment

  423. Slm Dr. Sb
    1.Meri dahari k baal saed ho gey hain. bhot dobla patla hun mazak ban gea hun.
    Is ka koi elaj bayain plz sir

  424. Hi Dr. Sharma – Wondering if you can help, the palms of my son’s hands are swollen, itchy, burning and wrinkled anytime he is in water (bath/shower/pool) – even short periods of time. We’ve tried eliminating all allergens in soaps, shampoo etc., but can’t seem to find anything that works. Have also seen a dermatologist. What suggestions do you have?

  425. VISHESH SINGH says:

    Itching after opening dresses on hand, legs, and sometimes on each and every body parts and probably many times on scrotums.
    Age-23 years

  426. Hi Dr;
    I’ve had a rash on my chest & inner forearms on & off now for many months. I believe it’s allergy, but it itches & pains together, I was considering going to an allergy Dr; my Nutrition Dr says it’s fungus & weak adrenels, but I need some relief in the interim. Any suggestions??

  427. Pulkit kumar says:

    Sir, very much itching is there and it is increasing day by day. Suggest some homeopathic medicine.

  428. hllloo Dr. i m bhawani Singh 30 year old.i m suffering from skin rashes and itching problemfrom 3 years .this is near on my private parts front and back and aggravate at night.So kindly suggest me medicine for surely remadies from this diseases.thank u.

  429. Good day I have tiny bumpy rash on my chest feels like lumps under skin what causes that and what is preffered medication

  430. Sir after using sulphur 200 the itching and red pimple is heavy come out whole body

  431. Hello!

    I have had an ongoing rash under my lower lip/chin area. It comes and goes and is a bit itchy/tingly. It has recently formed next to my nose. It is dry and flakes and sometimes has tiny white heads. But most of the time it is dry and itchy.

    What do you think it is and what would be a good treatment?

  432. Rash on touching new clothes and detergent n dirt. 50 plus age. And female

  433. SAIBAL KUMAR ROY says:

    Dr Sharma,
    I am aged 59 years. I suffer from skin itching normally commencing from afternoon and unless I take some anti allergic pills sleep in night is also disturbed. There is not much rashes but itching leads to irritation.
    Normally I take Allegra 120 on alternate days but being allopathic drug I want to avoid and get rid of this itching.
    I am diabetic but Blood Sugar is under Control with Medication.
    Please suggest a cure Sir.

  434. i am 30 lhave got acne problame sence age of 18 now from 23 finish my acne then i ve got problame of dark spot around my chik and nose in few area but sense 2/3 year it afecting on hole area of face please sugest me best cream n idea to remove such dark spot

  435. my own comes in form of mosquito bite and while am scratching it suddenly turns into wound before you know it its now leaves a black spots all over my body. hw can i remove this black spots

  436. Vipan Sarup says:

    Homeopathy for child:(A)(1) Treat his nature-peevish, restless, tends to scratch people if his demand is not met/if his need is not met; stubborn; intelligent (with strong sixth sense). (2)Over0active; lack of thirst. Likes to lick salt & sour things.(3) Does not like to be petted/touched (possibly, here, nature similar to his Mother, with same trait as a child)(B). Treat his condition – tendency for cold & cough (with hoarseness), possibly bronchitis. Heredity?..father had similar trait as child, with a lot of mucous. Haemoglobin slightly low @11.70…nails tend to be brittle (same as Paternal Grandmother), with yellow sclera of eye, and irritable nature, suggests lack of iron?
    Please help. Thanks,

  437. mohd ilyas khan says:

    Swaling burnig and painfull docter seen and decleard harpex left side stamak and pasali and back side

  438. I have itching problem on my skin…whenever climate changes alleergy problem arises or when I eat oily food

  439. Clara Godwin says:

    Hi Dr my daughter of five years has scars on her legs infected by mosquitoes and other unknown bites and is itching, swollen and is making her unconfortable, please what is the fastest solution. Thank you and God bless you

  440. Christiana isaac pere says:

    Hello Dotor i have rashe in form of ringworm on my laps close to my vagina, and its really spreading fast, pls i need ur help ‘cos its making me uncomfortable. Whats the fasted solution? Thanks.

  441. Shobha Gaur says:

    Hello Doctor
    I m suffering from itching on my abdominal part.lot of hair fall too.please suggest me suitable remedies.

  442. Virendra Singh says:

    I am having detergent allergy, causing eruptions and itching on hands with redness and itching on legs without eruptions and no redness. The itching on legs so acute that skin starts bleeding after intense itching. It increases in winter.

  443. Sir
    I have scene problems only in winter season ….
    When I am running or doing some heavy works I got itching and my body below the face got a lot of red spot …..this problem is very old ….
    I am 21 years old…
    Sir please suggest medicine…

  444. my promblem is scrathing any time any season ,but epecially rain season .some time it goes away for month and when it gets back some it takes days some time close the month,its there day time and night my skin will get swollen like its a coacroche that has been beatint me, if it at nigh at night icant sleep .what is wrong with me,sadly my chaild is going through the same its worse when it affects the head the mouth , worse the anus and the private part

  445. Please what is the remedy to serious itching in their penis and around

  446. dawn Rogers says:

    My dog has dry shin .it is all red and chapped in his genital area,belly and even noticed in in his ears today.

  447. Ankit kumar says:

    hllloo Dr. i m Ankit kumar 26 year old.i m suffering from skin rashes and itching problem.this is near on my private part and aggravate at night.So kindly suggest me medicine for surely remadies from this diseases.thank u.

  448. Dear sir,

    In only winter season problem of itching & red dots at my body, this itching has to much painful like many aunts cut my body and this problem was last since 2 year.what should prevnt for this problem

  449. Good day Dr, my three boys of age 10,11,and 13 years old is having serious itching in their penis for over one month now ,this started with the one on age 10.what can be the cause and what can I do about it?




  451. seems choudhary says:

    Sir my age is 40+ from last four months I am having teribble itching on my right side of eyebrows and recently it’s spreading my four head is dry and look full with wrinkle please help me

  452. odey David says:

    I have skin rashes it came out small in my body and my private part as well, have used such types of drugs but it doesn’t cure it so i want you to tell me the kind of drugs that I can use for this infection

  453. I am suffering from itching around our thighs and bumps including around testis.Red spots appears and itching with pain.Suggest a liquid to coat on and around it.

  454. varun upadhyay says:

    I used permethrin solution & antihistamines tablets for a month as it was recommended by dermatologist for cure of my penal scabies. After a month I was well,all mites were vanished & no problem of itching continued. But after 2-3 months similar condition of itching I am facing in my penis. Is there any permanent solution of scabies

  455. My daughter she just turned 6.   She had mild eczema since she was 3 years old.  last 3-4 months her itchiness has increased a lot.  Her shoulders,  neck and arm joints and cheeks are the worst itchy areas. 
    I have tired Thuvi, Lico, Sulph, Nat Sulph.  now giving her psoria 200.  I also gave her BIO -28 salt.
    Her itchy is worst during night and when she is itchy her body is warm and skin is so dry, she gets very thirsty.  she screams when she is itchy and wants me to massage her all the time. she finds it soothing.  
    is there anything I should try based on her symptoms?   really appreciate if you can give my some suggestions.  hope I can help her some way. 

  456. I don’t say know whats the appropriate name for my alergy or rashes… It happens anytime specially in night Its so itchy & red it pops up & luk very scary…. I am fade up of it…. It happens everywhere anytym wen i m in public places wid my frnds wen it appear in my face its very embarassing. Plz suggest me some so that i can be rid of it forever plz…

  457. sir i am chetan dm i suffering from skin itching over a 6 months i have visited famous docters for skin.but not satisfy with him .it will sperd to 3 person in my will see as ring red in legs and body and dry skin problem.i have use more then 6 verity soaps,10 to 15 creams with different cointenes.pls give me solution doctor …

  458. Joseph Ellul says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am allergic to polyester clothing (contact dermatitis). I currently wear all cotton clothes to avoid polyester contact but in the real world polyester is all around us every day and unavoidable. Do you know of a homeopathic liquid or pill that targets polyester allergy that I can take daily?
    Thank you

  459. I have a skin rashes now 2 weeks dockter all over my body it looks red small and then after that ,dry litle biger by the day and very itchy what is the cause of it.and what please can I use to prevent it spreading all over my body? it looks like ringworms it first camed out like a small pimple

  460. naresh kumar says:

    Sir mouth per red spot ho gaye hi mera mouth red ho gaya hi fer kabhi sahi ho jata hi

  461. Siphathisiwe says:

    I have got skin rash in side of the neck. Its intchining especially when sweating. How can you help me?

    • Dudu mvelase says:

      Hi Dr lve got rash on my face and is itching lve tried something but no improvement may you please prescribe something please is hard for me to move out.

  462. Plz Doctor help me I want to know homeopathic can cure completely confluent & reticulated papillomatosis??

  463. simran sonkar says:

    I m heavy ringworm on my neck. …It is very painful. ..and after so many treatment I m not getting any relaxation. ….plzzzzzzzzz prescribed me any remedie for dis prblm. …..

  464. Anil ladhellu says:

    Pleace helpe to. Get rid of itching

  465. Please help me m having itching on the back of my hips and burning n some allergy type what should I do

  466. Horgli Michael says:

    pls. My sister and I experience rashes which emerge anytime we take sugar or did not bath in a short period of time. This occurs from infancy.

  467. Lalchand Ahuja says:

    Due to viral fever I am suffering from skin rashes in my whole body kindly advise me homeopathy medicine

    • I have a skin rashes now 2 weeks dockter all over my body it looks red small and then after that ,dry litle biger by the day and very itchy what is the cause of it.and what please can I use to prevent it spreading all over my body? it looks like ringworms it first camed out like a small pimple

  468. Skin problems specially in fingers of hand & becomes thicker & cracks & itchy
    Dandruff is there often small pimple found on scalp which are itchy &. Painfull.

  469. samita sharma says:

    Hi mam my skin is suffering because of hyperpigmentation and I am tired with this.i consulta a doctor but no change can u plz help me

  470. i have rashes in my both chicks

  471. Pauline Frontin says:

    Hi Dr Sharma am Pauline I have a rash for the 6yrs it does not have anything I don’t try, I believe I got it from the school toilet where I work can u prescribed some Google medicine for me please please help me am desperate in need of your help, I live in the west Indies

  472. my face reacted to a product how can i treat my face cause its causing so much discomfort even i dont get out of the house please help

  473. Rakesh Pandya says:


    I am.having complain of skin.

    On the skin there is black nd bluish discoloration

    Starts from toe to side of abdomen..

    Nd back..

    Getting progressing in the hand..

    This only in winter season nd only at left side..

    Give me suggestion pls.

    Thank u…

  474. shah Muneeb says:

    Hi sir I am 25 yr old from 15 days I suffering from itches and I see some small boils on some parts of body .specially night time body itches too much.plz suggest some antibiotic that I could get rid from it plz……

  475. durgesh singh says:

    hii dr.sharma..before two weaks iam suffering from itches in all over the body…then after i will see that some reddish type rashes and ring are observed …specially night time…the body itches two much…that’s why iam not sleep well after one weak…..plz suggested me some lotion ar cream…plz,,

  476. Hi
    Sir I am jyoti I am 29 years old and currently pregnant I am suffering from skin rashes from last 1 year .almost all anti fungal cream medication in very heavy dose has been given but still rashes reoccurring it is both thigh it redish scally skin always itching doctors says it as ring worm but it appears as jack itch please help me it becomes terrible for me and guide me regarding medicine safe during pregnancy

  477. My husband is diabetic and has this rash which has increased over the last two years. Have been using allopathic ointments and oral medicine but it keeps on increasing. He is very uncomfortable with the persistent scratching. Please advice.

  478. Hi Sir.
    I’m Rahul.
    In suffering from skin rashes problem for last 8 months.
    When ever I take injection I will go after 3 days it appear on hands and legs.
    I have taken wysolane for 5 months. When ever I use that tablets that rashes will go after stopping that it will appear again.Allegra also I used but no change.
    Please suggest me.

  479. hello sir
    I am ravi
    from gorakhpur
    mujhe ringbown huaa hai aur maine candiforce 200mg manking le liya hu mujhe kl bhi vometing huaa aur aaj bhi aisa kyun ho rha hai sir
    plzz help me
    I am a ca student
    plzz give me free of cost service

  480. hello sir
    I am ravi
    from gorakhpur
    mujhe ringbown huaa hai aur maine candiforce 200mg manking le liya hu mujhe kl bhi vometing huaa aur aaj bhi aisa kyun ho rha hai sir
    plzz help me
    I am a ca student

  481. B.Narasimha Murth says:

    Respected sir,
    My grand son is having rashes all over the body with grate itching. The rashes are red in colour with thickned skin a clot like at the red area. He is still in the lactating age of 9 months. He is little bit Fat weighing 10Kgs. He under went all prescribed vaccinations. Could you pl suggest medicine for this. At present we are applying elovere creme as per the advise of Doctor .

    Thanking you sir

  482. My 17 year old son has reguar itching in penis . It increases someime tomuch mostly after pasing urine.please recomend proper medicine
    He stays in hostel in kota for iit preperation. He is suffering wkth tbis problem since he was studing in class 6 when he has to stay at military school

  483. Debasish Mishra says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have lots of red patches on my skin from last 8 month. I have taken lots of medicine but no use. this red patches stated from small size it gradually increase by size with small blasters.

  484. i got ringwarm and i want remove fast and u can tell me how treat with them i my 15yers boy

  485. usha sundari says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    my five years old grand daughter has red rashes or i can say small patches like mosquito bite all over the body with itching, specially in the night time. she becomes very restless due to itch. I have some homeopathic medicines like Sulphur, Rhus Tox, Arsenicum album, Anacardium, Thuja and some other medicines. All are in the potency of 200.
    Please advise me which medicine I can give her and how much.
    Thank you so much in advance.
    usha sundari

  486. SUNANT SAMIR says:

    I have a itching problem in my body as well as in my sexual organ.
    It is like a black type dry spot.
    Please suggest some remedies or medicine.

    About Me

  487. Sir l have a program of itching both the this I have tried many medicine but not get cure sir I have use many medicine. Please help me sir.

  488. I tried arsenic iod 1m.But its not working, after a few hours relief its back again, skin reddend, sneezing, worst at night.

  489. cindy akuffo marilyn says:

    I have this skin rash for about 2 weeks now,I have treated it in every possible way but there is no all over ma body is small and reddish it itches too how can I treat it.please I need your help am suffering .please

  490. ANAND MEHROTRA says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a patient of Diabetes Type 2 since last 7 years. At present i am taking Blisto 4 MF Twice a day.
    But my diabetes is not under control. Sometimes there are some rashes on lower part, which takes too much time to heal. Please advice some medication required for Diabetes and skin rashs.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Anand Mehrotra

  491. Sir I have a problem of itching between both the thies sir i have tried many medicine but not get cure ,sir i have used many ointment but not work please suggest me ointment

  492. sir mere scrotum or pennis me bahut tej khujali start ho gi before 6day se jab me khujatu ho to pennis or scrotum me swelling aa jati h or 8-12 hours tak rehti h agr bheech me or khujla diya to or swelling bad jati h or itching b please sir koi acchi medicine bata diye g

  493. Bheka Mbhele says:

    Pls Fr Dharma help me I’ve got a serious problem, I developed a rush that is very tiny and itchy.After I scratch it ,it becomes small sore ,which later leaves a black spot on my skin,and I tried allergex but never worked ,I tried calamine too without success .What else can I use Dr?

  494. विनय सिह says:

    Sir मेरे पेनिस टाप पर रेड स्पाट है और इसके टाप स्किन पर सफ़ेद सा है
    स्किन पूरी नही खुलती है , स्किन पूरी खोलने पर दर्द होने लगता है।
    अंदर के रेड स्पाट में और इसके टाप पर जलन सी रही है
    लगभग तीन महीनों से,हेल्प किये सर

    मेरी वाइफ़ के भी इसी तरह की प्राबलम है जिसमे गीलापन रहता है
    लगभग अगस्त 2016 से.
    उपाय बताइए सर

  495. Dipankar Dhua. says:

    I’m suffering from scaly and itching skin at my legs and buttocks. It itches more in the winter. It seems chronic that I found since my childhood. Now I am 55 but still it is there. Also, now I am suffering from ED & PE since last 10 years. I’m of good and healthy physic with a balled head. Please help and suggest some good remedy. Thank-you.

  496. I am suffering from chronic itching and redness for more than one and half years.
    Please suggest the remdey, i shall be thankful to you. No allopthic medicine is working.

  497. Rajesh Kumar sharma says:

    Hello sir . I’m rajesh sharma. it starts itching any time with a gap of two or three days . At that time I have red patches on my full body. This problem had started since 20 years back .. whenever itching starts I prefer to take citregine but it just gives me relief for some days…. Please suggest me any effective medicine for this…

  498. Rajesh Kumar sharma says:

    Hello sir . I’m rajesh sharma. it starts itching any time with a gap of two or three days . At that time I have red patches on my full body. This problem had started since 20 years back….. Please suggest me any effective medicine for this…

  499. mrs.harjeey says:

    Hello dr…..i m harjeet of 45 yrs old .,i have very serious problem of itching all over my body …..kindly please suggest effective medicine n with quick recovery …..

  500. Sir,
    I have itching in my hands and legs. the rashes develop very rapidly , more in legs and less in hands. During night it becomes aggressive(itching).Can you suggest some homeopathy medicine.

  501. Fawad Mazher says:

    Dear Sir , I have food Allergy with Meat ,Chicken and Egg . when ever I Eat them , I Develop skin problems within 2 days of consuming and remain there for another 3-4 Days time . Kindly suggest me the Homeopathy treatment for this Problem .
    I went to lot of Doctors , they Informed I have Dry SKin and Food Allergies.

    • Rajesh Kumar sharma says:

      hello sir I am Rajesh Kumar Sharma I have a problem of itching .. it starts anytime with the gap of 2 or 3 days that time I have red patches on my whole body and… this problem has started since 20 years back whenever .. It starts I prefer to take citregine ..please suggest me any effective medicine for this problem

  502. I have lots of tiny pimples all over face red rashes skin allergy plz help

  503. simerjeet kaur says:

    Good evening doctor ,there is allergy on my face after using betnovate n for one and half year and so my face skin become thiner and when i goes before sun light my face becomes red ,please suggest me doctor what we should do

  504. My mother have some skin rash at the back of her neck . Same like if insect bite and you have small lyums on your skin . But she have this lyum on at the back of her neck only can you pls prescribe suitable medicine for her

  505. hayley price says:

    TO Dr.Sharma
    I suffer with lupus and since last week i found that my ear had gone red and swollen on my right side now my neck have gone very red and sore like a burn i have been putting cold water on it but the skin goes very tight i have put e45 on it but it seems to burn the skin what else can i use somebody told me to put baking power in a dish and add some warm water mix it to gether and put on rash they said it will take the burn out of it i havent tried this yet i will wait to hear from you. with kind regards

  506. My sister is 50 years old, she has itching continuously in her vaginal area, drs say it is because of menopause that causes dryness in that area, kindly suggest homeo med for this

  507. I’m having dry itchy redness on the head of my penis and it has gone away but now it has come back . I haven’t had intimacy in about 3 months now and it has just started about a month ago . I have been with my fiancé for about 3 years now and she has been with me only also . So what should I try out now ?

  508. Mohan J Chiplunkar says:

    I have a skin problems since 20years. Sir I use your recommendations sulfer .now I am OK. Thank you doctor.

  509. Mrs.Smita Gokhale says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have been suffering from itching problem all over my body esp back, stomach, thighs, upper arm since 4-5 months. The itching increases specially at night and also continuous throughout the day. Could this be due to whether conditions in Mumbai where I have been transferred from Pune last year ? My skin specialist has told me that this could be due to the insect bite. However, after taking medicines ,namely tablet Jetta , tablet Levosiz and Dilvcort ointment , for a month , there is no improvement at all. Could you suggest any homeopathic medicine and what could be the cause of this itching?
    Thank you very much.

  510. I have been suffering by skin itching and becoming red in circle. The circle becomes larger. after sometime it disappear and it again appears in another place. It has been since last 4 years. How can I treat this disease?

    • Manojit Malakar says:

      Dear Sir,

      I have skin allergy since 2-3 years. I think when my body get warm then itching problem is started. I have been suffering by skin itching and becoming red in circle. The circle becomes larger after sometime it disappear . It has been since last 3-4 years. How can I treat this disease? At first I took Allopathy Medicine but not regularly, now it totally stop from 1 year.

      How can I treat this disease?

    • Narasimharao says:

      Entair body itching, particularly nights, motion problem from lost 10 years ,constitutional,body pains

  511. Kristie Fain says:

    Good morning Dr. Sharna,

    My name is Kristie Fain and q am looking for help e my 5 year old daughter. She’s been having trouble with itching in her vagina, so much that teacher is sending nasty notes about her touching herself is inappropriate and makes her stand to do classwork. She had this issue last year in preschool and I was sure that she had a yeast infection her vagina was so zone and was raw from itching. Took to pediatrician for 4 different appointments and was told she was too young to have yeast infection. They finally did prescribe ointment which helped. I started giving her showers thinking soap and dirty to water could be a cause. Is there anything else that you can recommend? She is lactose intolerant and she drinks almond milk. I worry that it’s a food allergy too. Is there a specialist for a young girl with this problem? I don’t want to go back to pediatrician for this again took too long for relief for her.

  512. Greetings,
    Your article is really very helpful. Thank you.
    I have problem with rashes on my face. They keep on increasing as the sun arises. By the end of the day my face will become full with them. Thy are not itchy but warm and hot. They come on my cheeks and forehead. Could you please suggest some medecine for it?
    One of my friend has an issue with nettle rash. He is studying in europe and he is facing a major problem of nettle rash. They do come frequntly at any time (day or night) with lot of itching on body. They are really painful. He never sufferd such problem before when he was in India. Could you please give some suggestion for this?
    Greately thank full.

  513. richa ranjan says:

    how to treat stubborn ringworm on the skin(elbow area)?

  514. sello Msibi says:

    my name is sello Msibi I’m developing rush around my neck and change my skin color to be black and I’m black in color and my skin also cracking.behind my knees I’m also have rush lot water.

    I’m hiv positive and taking medication the name of my tables is trivenz I go to my Doctor to complaint about rush he give me antibiotic

  515. Some white semen do comes out from my penis anytime I force myself at the private

  516. Madhumanjuri Mitra says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I just came across this site and saw that we can post our problem. My baby is 1 Year 8 months now and she is staying in Kolkata, West Bengal. The problem she is facing is that she is initially getting small small pimples like thing and after that it starts itching and finally it will become hard and dark in colour. We had visited two paediatricians and they both told that we need to protect her from any insect bit and her skin is very sensitive and hence if any bite like mosquito bites then it will become like this and also told that the scar will remain for a very long time may be several years. I am really very worried about her and don’t know what to do. Please can you suggest me that what treatment should she undergo so that she recovers from internally. Also I need to say this that my Father also has little bit of such problem and my Mother in law also.Kindly advice me.


  517. My face problem , itching & Rashing . Pls solution face cream & fear skin .

  518. Atul srivastav says:

    Sir I am suffering from Ring Worm last two months, and Itching also all over the body please tell me some medicine

  519. Hello Doctor,
    My 3 year old son is having itches and scratches around his stomach region. It gets a bit swollen and also reddish. I feel so sorry for him as he finds it difficult to sleep. He keeps scratching. He has taken some medics yet it disturbs.
    What immediate remedy can I use…?

  520. Hello docc
    I hav very red rash on my thumb its v difficult for me to cook and do other work..plz help pains a lot..

  521. I have been using homeopathic treatment for 6 months of acne…

    Its not worth it

  522. my own case is a rash that appears in side ways between you penis and laps… It scratches and smelly to the extend it makes me change pant daily.. what can be the possible remedy for this cus I tried all ointment but to no avail..

  523. Greetings to you sir .. its been like 2 months now i am suffering from serious rashes outside body of my dick and sometimes it swells up and also the rashes comes inside around my dick cap … and also allover my laps thigh….. i have taken so many antibiotics and also injections of vitamin c but still it has not stopped it keep me uncomfortable .. the scratch is too much and un bearable for me …. Pls sir tell me whats best medications to use ….

  524. I have rashes all over my body, i also have on vagina and they scratch me a lot and when i scratch, i really enjoy scratching them. Please help me and tell me what to do. Thanks

  525. Borra Nagamalleshwara Rao says:

    sir when touch my shirt colar my neck the some not paid irritation when remove my shirt no anything paid or irritation. when shirt wearing problem start. I used English,Homeo,Natuvydam but no use. This problen last 10 years. Reently one Natural doctor said no remeady for that use only Cotton shirts how its possible every time cotton shirts so please advise me sir.

  526. HI sir I suffer now pennis skin problems my pennis colour is brown skin but now it’s show like pepper skin black how to recover from that problem

  527. Harmeet Bagga says:

    Hello sir I m so irritated with my rashes problem in inside area I take too much medicine BT its not working, can u provide me the best medicine to overcome this problem.

  528. Ramprakash Dwivedi says:

    I am 76 , undergone byepass surgery. I developed BPH fora year. Syptomatically Digitalis seems to be suitable .
    I want to know how to administer it and what potency .

  529. rakesh Singh says:

    Hi sir I am suffering from skin ràshes lower side of West front side and back side. Previous year it was happened.ràshes look like red and some one look like a pimple.and in previous year the pimple was like a wound and very infected. So what can I do.

  530. My daughter is 2years plus and rashes all over her back and neck because she sweat always, please solution and advice thanks,

  531. Kathleen Turner says:

    What can I put on an upper thigh and groin redness Kathleen Turner

  532. My husband has a rash on the sides to of his nose it itch and it cracking like it gets a dry crusty layer on it what can he do about it

  533. Teresita de Guzman-Dueck says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My skin on the side of my ribs became red and itchy due to the mark of my bra. I used a digilight, an instrument that is round with different colors of lights surrounded by gold and rhodium. It is used to treat the face and body for rejuvenation and injury on the skin. I could feel the itch developing as I was using it. I saw the appearance of red rashes that start growing around the left side of my spine. The same thing happened on my left foot that was irritated by the thong on my sandals. I used the digilight on it and I could feel the pain underneath the skin. That too became itchy and scaly. The digilight is useful for injury on the skin caused by a fall. I thought it would help with my skin irritation but itchy rashes developed. I have used the doctor’s prescription Lotriderm but it was only good for a week. It was good but I need to 19 the doctor again. There is no refill on the prescription. It is an antifungal cream. i think my skin rash was activated by the digilight instrument supposed to heal the skin.
    What treatment will be safe for this condition. Prescription can not be overused. My rashes are now 19 days. It gets itchier at night. Oatmeal bath and lavender oil and whilte flower oil used to help but not tonight as I am writing to you. It is now 3:00 AM Alberta time in Canada.

  534. Hi Doctor, from last 4 years, my facial skin s specifically below cheek bones. Chin and around upper lip become very dry and somewhat mildly pink, when weather changes around October – November. Can you suggest some medicine. Thanks. Minati

  535. Raj chawla says:

    Hi doctor, my child is 11 month old.15 days back homeopathic medicine taken for following reasons:- fever, tight stool(conspiracy), warm head etc. Now after taking homeopathic medicine we feel relief but observed red rashes and small dandy all over the body. Even complete skin feel very dry including mouth. Plz let us know it is safe to continue homeopathic medicine or else we need to do something else. If this will disappear automatically then how much time it will take to recover. All rashes are dry without any etching or any problem. As suggested by doctor every day we are massage his body only with warm mustard oil. Please suggest accordingly. Regards Raj chawla 85050519191 Bhiwadi Rajasthan.

  536. Hi, my problem is itaching nd like as mosquito bites, other doctors are not find main reason, some said that am eating wrong food, bt after some times its come with my monthly cycle… So it’s my blood in durts ?? And yah my second problem which start with this…white discharges nd Pitta problem. I am very tired now what to do? I can’t understand it perfectly.pleas help me now I am conceived .?

  537. Hi I have dermatitis but lately I have developed some rash on my throat which is a bit of a problem because it’s not going away with any cream. It’s starts with prick or sting followed by strong urge to scratch
    Can you help me please thank you

  538. Anupma kumari says:

    Hlo i am 24 years old. I am facing itching or burning problem on my cheeks since 4 years. The problem is that after itching my skin becomes red and after that it becomes black and there is so much burning on my face. This problem not only occurs in summers but also in winters. Sir plezz suggest me some suitable treatment immediately.

  539. Rash in breast area started 1 week ago with small pimple like bumps in clevage which dried then produced more tiny bumps,redness and now more red spots spread around and under breasts. Now one week. Very red,itchy,warm. burning Irritation flares up then subsides. No other symptoms. . Applying antifungal cream does not seem to help. Dont want steroid. Am mid,aged,woman

  540. my son started with a small portion of black spots behind knee left now t
    as my boy grow the spots are growing too how can i stop them.

  541. Asgar Ali Khan says:

    My niece suffers itching in body and thereafter cold with sneezing starts

  542. Mrs. Nissar Khan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have eczema type allergies on both hands knuckles for few months kindly suggest any medication to take it with food to get rid this allergy please. I shall be very thankful to u.
    I am from Pakistan kindly suggest any medication which could available easily in Pakistan.

    Thanks & Regards.

  543. shyam r. galagali says:

    sir, my mother is 86 years old. she is facing itching problem on the forehead and all over body. it is acute on the forehead. she has undergone blood test, thyroid test etc. and nothing abnormal is there but doctors say it is ‘due to old age’. please suggest some solution.

  544. hello Sir have been itching all over my body some rushes which are so painful it turns whites after please help me others left a small scar

  545. ME Leokaoke says:

    Hello Dr my boy is almost 2 years and he’s got a rash inside his penis so it makes it hard for him to pee its painfull for him pls help!
    Thank you

  546. hi DR i had injection for Rubella not knowing was pregnant could my baby be effected or harm.pls hlp getting worried coz heared has serious effect on babies.

  547. I’ve been having an itch all round my waste, groin area, armpit and bra strap area. Still also round to my back and stomach. Also around my neck. This has been on for 3 to 4 weeks now. Before that I had an itch on my right thigh only. Thos its extended from just above my knee a band up to about 8 inches. I have had a bout of shingles 2 years ago. The itch happens Most of the day , morning when I wake up and mostly in the evenings. Ime 66 yrs have one son. Live alone. I’ve been using organic coconut oil with basil and clove oil. I’ve Also tried lavender oil but these soothe only briefly.

  548. Sir iam getting heavy rashes a Nd feel to itch at my back of stomach a MN d all the back plz give a advice to recover


    I have crack in between in bum and it looks like red in colour and a black spot formed around it which cause itching.
    It is black in colour different from my rest of my body.
    Sir, please tell me why it is caused and how it could be cure.

  550. i have 3 years this injury becomes black on my palm of leg n it is so itching n sometime coming water from that.

  551. Vinita jain says:

    Thank for your hel

  552. Hi sir,
    I am facing full body itching with irritation from last 1 month. It happens only in night. I am taking a atrax medicine but this is not a permanent solution. Please suggest me in homoeopathic medicine..

  553. Sir maine 2 saal pahle gym wala powder khya tha to us waqt meri body fool gayi uske baad mujhe jaundice hua phir meri body week hogai aur skin par khujli karne par rashes hone lage sir meri problem dur kijiye

  554. Krishna kumar says:

    I have skin disease left face up eyebrow and nose side and left knee and left elbow and some both thighs and both buttocks there part is some space 2-3 inch rounded my age is 21 and weight is 59.9

  555. Dr. I’m having skin cracks in between skin color that area is red. I’m having since 3 years.what medicine can I use

  556. sir i have dinay like red circle in the body

  557. Ram ayodhya PD ara bhojpur Bihar india says:

    Sir I am suffering from itching in whole body.somewhere it is dry but on my back heap liquid come out after itching.I have been under treatment of a local homeopathic Dr from last 3 months but all is advise me.

    • Dear Dr Sharma,
      I am 73 years old male having good health, I am non diabetic and has no health prpblems except high BP for last 40 years which is under control with medicenes. My recent blood tests showed all normal parameters including normal vitamin B12, vitamin C, calcium thyroid etc. Since last month I have developed some itching and burning on the skin around my waist . Itching had appeared on my feet, legs and on groin ares and on penis earlierin last one year but with regular massage with coconut oil on the affected area after bath cured it. By applying coconut oil on the waist, it gives relief for 6-7 hours but again itching appears . Then I apply again and it goes away.I now want a regular homeopathic cure for this. I request you to advice for my this problem.

  558. Sir I m in sever problem my skin of testicles has a red rash and the skin is little peeled off and it is ejecting a red mucus and whole area is red…please help me sir and tell me some home remedies or some effective medicines

  559. Terbest cream is harm my face or not and it is useful

  560. what can I use as detergent to wash my clothes without chemical because I am on dialysis?????

    is body shampoo without soap kinder on my body if I am on dialysis??????

    thank you

  561. Cahlea E Little says:

    I used a perfume oil on my neck now its burning .What home remedy can I use to stop the burning ?

  562. r.krishnaiah says:

    dear dr. sharma,
    about a week back i got itching throught the body. then i used tetmosol was subsided.again i got again the itching of my body. kindly inform suitable medicine

    • r.krishnaiah says:

      dear dr. sharma,
      about a week back i got itching throught the body. then i used tetmosol was subsided.again i got again the itching of my body. kindly inform suitable medicine

  563. Dear Doctor,

    I’ve been diagnosed with Staphylococcus aureus in the lower abdomen where I’d surgery in 2007. I got this infection earlier in 2010 and suffered for 2 years. I had lots of antibiotics and applied steroid creams. Ultimately, with gun powder 200C, it cured (I think). This time when I got it I took gun powder 30C & then 1M (once a week), and also Hepar Sulph 200C. However, I still have the infection. GP asked me to use steroid as before and I’m using it as it stops the itching but I know it’ll be back once I stop.

    Please help.


  564. I am 23 old I have allergic and pimples on legs and body pimples filled with white

  565. Hi Sharma

    My 5 yr old has developed a rash on her face and hands, they look like insect bites flared up but i am unsure.pls help.


  566. Dear sir, I can’t use talc powder, deodorant and perfumes from last 4yrs before that I used perfumes but now I can’t please advise me to comeout from this problems doctor requesting you to help me.

    Thanking you.

    • Sir…
      For the last one year l am suffering from skin problem after my laser treatment in marks appeared in my face and hands..and itching also…l am trying homeo for three months.but no result…

  567. Hello sir,
    I am jyoti I hv eczema on ma lips since 8yr..I hv taken homeopathy olso for I am taking steroid ointment to stops this…if I stop for 2dayz it comes face is olso full f allergic pimples since mnth…

  568. J s s sastry says:

    No rash. Just iching irritatingly here and there all over the body.

  569. R.SHASHIDHAR says:

    hai sir,iam shashidhar from hyd.
    i got skin allergy from four years near bums and i have consulted doctors also and i have used onabet ointment several will be fine when i use it but as soon as i stop it then again allergy will come.more over it will itching alot please help me out from this problem.thanking you.

  570. Sir my Name is satyanarayana raju my children 10 years old baby she is struggling in the age of 4 to evry year winter season now very early struggle ….sir starting stages time we are approaching skin specialist she(doctor) says no problem she was 10years age this is continue than after quer ….. Sir but still problem… Please advise best mediation. Thank-you sir

  571. Debalina Kundu says:

    I used many types of Ring worm cream about 1.5year but every medicated cream cure me about 1week then come back again..I want full remedy of this disease.please help me.

  572. My four years old daughter has some skin problem she feel like itching always making a wound specially on limbs. Yesterday I visited dermatologist she said her skin is so sensitive and prescribed Teczine syrup and some creams. Watery substance is coming from wounds. Can you pls suggest any homeo medicine for her.

  573. Shaibal Rana says:

    Skin alergy itching evry time, eye, neck, check, everything, itch by red…. Please treatment medicine name.

  574. I m 32 years old, I m suffering from skin allergy on particularly legs part with siviour itching and pain and pus getting formed with bumps and reddishness of skin acne last 22 years. It is repeatedly coming. And on the legs parts when it is starting so much heat is getting developed first in the leg part and then throughout the body.I Have consulted the dermatologists and homeo doctors and tried so many medicines but no use. Recently it gone to some siviour stages my leg joints were getting pains, once swelling also it get happened due to this allergy. Please suggest me the solution.
    I have used sulphur, belladona, sarasapilla but not for long time,(2 months) when i am using some medicine for the time being it is ok. But after when i am stopping this is again started.
    And i observed one more thing i started jacking, then again i felt better. When i stopped again problem repeated. If i am walking that is not controlling problem.

    Please suggest me some permanent solution

  575. Jeetender Kaur says:

    Please suggest me any medicine for itching and rashes in under arms and sides(parivate par). I am diabetice and High BP patient with pace maker.

  576. Ribadu Hussaini says:

    Hello, Dr. Sharma. please, I need your help. it’s been over 4-5 months now that my body as been itching me so badly. what should I do? please.

  577. Hajerafatima says:

    I gt fever nd cold during fever nd cold i gt rashes n my feet elbow knee nd palms it get red nd its itching badly since two days what shal i do plzz suggest me
    Thank you

  578. I am ill due to seaboric dermatitis. Some doctors say eczema or psoriasis

    Please tell me treatment

  579. Anne Carneiro says:

    I am 57 years of age and suffer severely from skin allergy specially at night This has been going on for more than 6 months though I was on homeopathic treatment I get severe itching all over the body esp the back hands and legs Sometimes on my scalp of the head. I have been taking Citirizine for so long Kindly suggest some good medicines to get rid of these red hives allergy

  580. My 8 months old baby skin swell thickens and later become a black spot that vanishes later. But she does not experience any pain or tempreture. Please i need solution. Thanks.

  581. Sir
    myself ankur Jain I am suffering from allergy in my leg there is a Reedness with pain and swalling since 15 days help me how can homeopathic help me please tell me the treatment

  582. Sarasvati Sharms says:

    I am female , diabetic and 89 years old but look very young. I have had allergy all along for sometime and cannot take allopathic drugs. Due due to viralfever 2 months back hospital dosed me with antiboitics. Every day twice I am forced to take Alaspan recommendes by Dr Bhapat of Pune -Allergy expert. he said it is due to diabetes but my homeopathic dr. says it is due to mosquito bite 0 a peculiar infection. Yet his medicine does not work 100 percent . I have dry skin in legs and itching starts at time. Can you help me> I am in Mumai in Bandra-west. Please advice. I am also not able to eat food and get choked. I live on soft articles, creamed rasam and rice and porridge and idlis. as I am a S.Indian veg.

  583. Shyamsunder Huidrom says:

    Doctor I need your help that I have ich between the fingers and I got itching very much with water inside the itch so please suggest a medicine or cream or ointment to cure it

  584. Dhruv bhardwaj says:

    My 21 years old son is suffering from excessive dandruff and itchy scalp.please suggest some medicine to reduce itching

    • Dhruv bhardwaj says:

      My 21 years old son is suffering from excessive dandruff and itchy scalp please suggest some medicine to reduce itchiness

  585. my-son-is-suffering-from-. Skin Itching And

  586. Hai sir in my face I have burned some rashes is there how to remove and how to make my skin to original form

  587. sujit bhattacharjee says:

    resp sharma sir,i am sujit ,no idea abut fangas ,if u help me about german homio medcin name .i am getting probs like,vhiral fever,skin probs in paches,urinary burning,latrin not clear,my age is 42.if u send me your whatsaap no.from sujit.

  588. Hi doctor my panis head same rashes how can I remove this pls help me you prefaid medicine pls sir it can irritate me

    • Md. Amir Hossain says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma!
      I’m 36 years old. I have a itchy burning rash over my arms, chest and going up my neck and face, head and all over my back. It has become worse over the past 2 weeks. I need some help to find the correct homeopathic remedy as soon as possible. Thanking you.

  589. Hello Dr. Sharma!
    My wife is having itchy sensation on face and neck, NO rashes thou. This is quite irritating. This is since 3 months. She is 47 yrs with normal woman health. We have no pets.
    please advice. Regards.


    I have a itchy burning rash over my arms, chest and going up my neck and face, also behind my knees and all over my back. This happened when my lovely doggie died at the end of June. It has become worse over the past 2 weeks. The doctors say it is phsycological . I need some help to find the correct homeopathic remedy as soon as possible. Thanking you Lynette

    • I have a itchy burning rash over my arms, chest and going up my neck and face, also behind my knees and all over my back. This happened when my lovely doggie died at the end of June. It has become worse over the past 2 weeks. The doctors say it is phsycological . I need some help to find the correct homeopathic remedy as soon as possible. Thanking you Lynette

  591. I have big and small brown spots all over my neck and it feel sleppry (skin which has turned brown). It lightens when washed or rubbed and it contains large amount of dead cell but again it darken. Same spots are below my belly buttom. Please suggest some treatment.

  592. SHIBANI GUPTA says:

    rash on the chin along with leg pain and so what are the medicines.

  593. I have developed itchy skin… in form of rashes on forehead, cheeks and chin. They appear like ones you get after mosquito bites. But i an feel itching in and around my ears, at the nape of neck , on the upper front body ( light and scattered) ., upper back and stray incidents on my upper arms.

    The sensation is light itching/ prickly kinds, bearable but irritating with slight burning sensation
    Pls suggest some homeopathic medacine with dosage

  594. ozioma okoli says:

    Sir,my son of 7years is itching all over there body.his body usually swell up after scratching, but disappears after some time. He has gone through series of test ranging from blood, urine, stool and finally filariasis. nothing was detected In these test. Everything was okay. All d drugs they gave him to stop the itching isn’t working. I HV even change soap ,cream for him,but he is still. Pls help me

  595. s.s. jayasheelakumar says:

    Sir, i have itching and white patches and yeast formation on both sides of my genitles and on penis taken allopathic medicine no perment cure pl advise homeopathic medicine thank u.

  596. Prashant Kumar says:

    Hello Dr my daughter has some itching problem.and when she itches anywhere mostly leg and hand it becomes red inflammation. She is suffering from this type of itching during two to three years.she is seven years old.Please help me and suggest the right medicine for her.

  597. I have red color rash near my testes and on tastes how i will get relief from it.

  598. Sir i have suffered from many types of rashes like mites,pit,ghamouriyaan etc. I am very panicked by this rashes sir plz give me answer how to get rid from this rashes

  599. I am suffering by just itchy nothing showing arond my knee on both leg since three weeks I am suffing itchy. before I never faced this type of itchy. once I toched that itchy area I feel more itching. so what is the good medication for this Dr Sharma. please help me.

  600. S Muruganandan says:

    Sir, my wifes’ left side breast (Nipple) has paining and itching some times. She has taken English medicine treatment since last 2 years. but, not cure till date. She also taken blood checkup, mommography, Fenac test, breast Scan two times but all reports are normal and and no diseases found. She uses and apply DK Gel and Lovosil tablet where is itching then she get relax. Please tell what treatment is required for cure the problems.

  601. My brother have some alergy problem like rashes.
    Its looks like a reddish but it will remove in after 5 Minutes. It will irritates first and last week tuesday friday. How To cure this problem

  602. what is the capsule medicine for my problem its been 3years now my skin rashes cant be gone…

  603. ravindra kumar says:

    mare hatho pa white dane nikalte ha or phot jate jissa ya fel jate or khuja bhut hote ha

  604. Nitesh Gupta says:

    sir i have so much problem of red rings on hands and thighs etc. i am taken so many medicine from the doctors it is cure for 5 to 6 days and happen again . sir i am very thankful to you if you give me the suggestion.

  605. Sir I have itching on some joints near fingers and knees etc and skin is dry. There are reddish spots near itching spots.

  606. Itchy cheecks which is red in colour, help. My skin is dry and sensitive.

  607. Abhishek singh says:

    I am suffering from itching problem since 4-5 years.. I changed 6-7 doctors.. Every time whenever i left medicin ot comes back… From 4 years i am almost taking regular medicine and cream etc.. Many things that doctor says to me.. But now i am really upset about it… Dont know what to do..

  608. hello docter,

    I have develop skin rash on my groin during summer and now the the texture of the skin has become poor. The area has blacken up and moreover it look like hyper pigmented patch of skin. is there any remedy to lighten up the skin. please help me out.

  609. Kanchan Sinha says:

    Respected Dr. Sahab,
    My wife is suffering from whole body itching as well as in veginal itching also since more than 30 days. She is 64 yrs suffering DM/CAD Angina/CKD/Hypothyroidism. She is on insulin taking 38 units morning and 34 units evening since last 10 years. At present she is also suffering from E coli.
    You kind reply is awaited.
    With regards,

  610. Sir , my father have allergic fungal infection which spread around his both thighs ,and also red rashes on lower part of stomach Its become more irratating when itching increase due to sweat , they used lot of creames and oil but nothing given relief him . so kindly plz give a medical solution to us

  611. ONkarNath Verma,Ahmedabad says:

    My grand son who is 7 years of age has iching on his entire body for the last two years.His skin has become very rough at some places in his body and particularly at the back of knee and at elbo has become black and thick.He has small dot type erruptions all over his body.He loves eating sweets.The eching gets aggravated in the morning and evening.Please suggest some homeopathic medicine.

  612. My husband had large red blotches and bumps and some white patches that are raised all over his Jos. They appear in one spot, subside, and come back in another spot. He has also experienced swelling in his eyes, lips, hands and feet. He is very itchy and the calamine helps but it is not going away. Today is day 3. I feel like it is an allergy but we can’t figure out what is to. Please help.

  613. Dear doctor, I have grey n brown marks all over my forehand, behind neck, bottom leg, forehead n face..
    I have this problem for the last one year.
    I have itching n my hand and fore head ..
    And I have constipation problem also..what is this called..kindly give me the remedy tonsolve this problem.
    My ages is 38

  614. Vijay kumar says:

    My son has skin rashes at joints cuts behind ear from birth. Dr said that this will prolonged till he turned 6 years. But there is no change. .habe consulted lot of allopathic doctors but nothing is working except dipalic ointment. He has dry scalp too which results in to itching. He is almost keep on itching one area or the other of his body. Please suggest some doctor in West Delhi or suggest some medicine to get rid of this problem.

  615. Sir after bath itching in my body pls send homoeopath meadicen name

    • Sir I have been blacks heads chicken pox and some holes from 4 or 5 year now my age is 22 is there any treatment for black heads removed please now me in UAE

  616. Dear sir, av been having discomfort in my penis for over 2 months… Its always itching and there are some rashes also in the penis. Please help me with a solution… Even my labs. Thank you.

  617. hello sir
    i have one doubt shall i ask u

  618. Dear Sir ,
    Past two years I am suffering from huge ache during the day and night on the sides of the groun
    I have applied hell lot of creams and oil on daily basis along with medicines but nothing has given me relief .
    I have a dry skin and is prone to dust and swet .
    Pls guide me for medicine

  619. Laurie Enger says:

    71 year old female experiencing repeated bouts of
    Diverticulitis, asthma after near death years long
    Exposure to organophosphate pesticides used in our home, no antidote given. Homeopathic Phosphorus 10M worked brilliantly to clear fluids from lungs. Have been treated allopathically for depression since. Help please ? Suggest constitutional remedy to avoid surgery.

  620. amin pansare says:

    testicle skin is very itchy and inflammable.

  621. Geeta Nair says:

    I have skin rashes on the both the hands with itching and becomes small patches (only on both the hands majorly)

    • Sir

      My wife is having the skin rashes for the last 2 years in both her palms and cracks including small bleeding at the finger flanges. Is there cure for this ?

  622. Gud evening sir

    My son tanush age 1.5 years feel very irritation in his nose nd ears ….alwys he trying to etching in his nose and ears plz prescribe some med or home remidies


  623. G.Lakshminarayana says:

    Good evening sir,

    I am aged 63 yrs i have rare type of allergy which causes irritation on my face and around neck region. I have to rub and i apply dermicool powder after bath to arm pit and at neck to get soothing cool effect. I have been taking sulpur 1 m three pills a day but still the allergy has not reduced. Kindly advice .

  624. Have itching rush on my face

  625. DR J N LAL says:

    I habe itching skin Rash since last one month on my both hands and back and this is started in the rainy season in Mumbai I have tried a alopathic ointment but still it has not gone.

    please suggest Homoeopathic medicine its potency and frequency of taking thanks.
    Dr.JN LAL

  626. Kapil Aggarwal says:

    Dear Dr, Sharma,

    I have problem for many years of skin rashes after shaving and takes 3-4 days to heal also I have very dry skin and also face swelling happens at time. Please recommend remedy.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Kapil Aggarwal

  627. Amitabha Bandyopadhyay says:

    I have developed some reddish skin rash in left hand.I visited a dermatologist who diagonosed is causing due to ultra violet rays that is sun rays.He advised me to use clonet F cream.i used the cream. Some rashes got cured excepting one at the back of the hand.i am using Dr Reckeweg’s drop 61 and 21 for psoriasis and eczema.there has been some healing but the reddish tendency is existing and itching at night.kindly advise in this regard.
    Amitabha Bandyopadhyay

  628. Ranjan Kumar says:

    Dr Sharma,

    My daughter is 4 months old and she scratches her head mostly at night. Can you please suggest some medicine for infants?


    Ranjan Kumar

  629. Jayakanthan Raj says:

    My friend has a case of Psoriasis for sometime. Although, he took some medicines in homoeopathy but not cured fully. What is the medicines can he take in homoeopathy to cure his Psoriasis ??

  630. Itchy skin for twenty years now, cortisone creams a temporary fix. Getting worse, can’t sleep

  631. hello docter sharma jee namste. with respect i want to say,i lives in portugal and facing big problem finacialy .i have no legal papers here so i can,not get any medical treatment feet nails are going black color slow by slow and itching on all body skin.i am in very big tension,so my request is that you please suggest me any homeopathic thing more,my blood red cells are increasing than white please suggest me any homeopathic medicine.i am suffering from this problem last 6-7 years.
    please help me in this matter.

  632. Amit mehra says:

    sir plz help fast sir meri body me khujli ho gaii he chote chote dane aa gaye he sir me kya karu bahut pareshan me

  633. Raj kumar singh says:

    sir , i don’t know which infection it is but from several months its effected to my fingers.some days come in very large manners and suddenly one day they went.after that spots are remains there please help me to send me the medicine name so that i can buy that..

  634. I have rashes specially on my legs on summer i sweat a lot and on my egs and itching starts the area become reddish and violet i suffer a lot when i sweat in sumer and in winter i face same effect in legs for dust. alopethic oinment gives a temporary relief. How I can relief permanently

  635. anuradha Manchanda says:

    My niece 26 yes is having problem of boils with itching n then finally turning into dark brownish patches n still itching continues

  636. I m 32 years old, I m suffering from acne last 20 years and I Hv consult to dermatologist and tried many medicines allopathy but didn’t get any response tell me the best solution

  637. Dear Doctor,
    I m suffering from itching on beard area of face from the last four year, i gone for all medicine , gone for skin test also but no relief found , the itching is only on my face on beard area for that i changed my shaving cream , face wash , moisturizer i did everything which i can do , i took ayurvedic medicine i took alopathy for many months , i took homeopathy for many months but still not got any relief , can u help me in this what should i do

  638. Sudeep arora says:

    Hi Dr.sharma i m suffering from redness near n around the panis n leg joints near panis.redness also cover my bumpty n anus.itching every where near panis, white white skin legs joints near by panis n smells coming from this area.leg side ear skin removing slightly n itching also on ear n nose near by right side.back are covered with daane.
    Pls suggezt me medicine.

  639. Hi Dr. Sharma, I have rashes all over my body, mostly in arms and legs, some in torso & face, doctor said it was viral rash, that can last days or weeks even. How can I speed up or treat my rash and immne system? Thank you!

    • sir i have a problem with rashes on my thy and i have taken medicine for this. The doctor is saying that it is an antifungal infection and gave medicine flucnazole etc but after taking it for regularly for month two times in six months. after 1st month it looks like cured but it comes again 3 weeks after. so what medicine i should take that once it cured it will not grow again.

  640. Hi my legs are in a great deal of pain they have gone all red and very irritated and sore all over my legs and has blistered underneath I have no idea what is going on it wakes me up in agony I can’t have my legs under a quilt because it cause to much pain please help I need answers all this sleep loss makes me unwell I need any advice you have 🙂 Chloe

  641. Pauline green says:

    my rash is very severe I am so sorry I could not sent u a
    pic because it stay very bad especially my back and my arms ,and behind my thigh, it also comes with white spot, and dark spot like mold, it scratch real bad

  642. my mother is suffering from dermatitis herpformitites since last 10 years pls prescribe any medicines for her currently she is taking lycopodium30 on 2 dose per day for 1 week

  643. Dear docter i am suffering from sivior skin iches in both side ih my body it is very ichy ans ut is in black colour HOW IT CAN BE CKEAR DOCTER HELP ME PLZZ DOCTEE
    And it is passing up near to the stimach help mee

  644. Dear docter ia m suffering from heavy skin rashes.
    I got on both sided of my body with black colour it is too ichy it is incresing day by day for me i need help from your side please docter help me i want to cure it

  645. My daughter has scarlet fever. She is on antibiotics and we have been using medicated creams for the rash. The rash is preventer her from getting any rest. I have been looking up home remedies. Will apple cider vinegar burn when rubbed on the rash?
    Is it safe to combine home remedies with medications from the doctor or over the counter meds?

  646. sonu singh says:

    Gud ivnig sir l am 25 years old please help me sir mere bum par rashes kafi jyada hai aur saido par bhi kafi red reuses hai maine kuch davaiyo ka upyog bhi kiya hai koi response nahi hua red red lining bum par ho rahi hai gol gol reshes bhi hai please help us.

  647. SAMIRAN BISWAS says:

    i have higher number in IGE count.
    i need solution to keep IGE count in control.
    i have not gone for allergic test, should i do that?
    i have whenever i do itch on my skin mostly on forearms and thigh.

  648. Arvind kumar kushwaha says:

    dear sir pls tell me medicine of skin itching i have suffering from 3 months and take more medicine in allopathy and upto from 15 days take homeopathy medicin no any changes in cure so pls tell me perfect medicine

  649. Joseph borg says:

    Doc I’m on dyalisis &ihave a lot of itching in my balls, tried creams soaps,coconut oil etc it relieve for a short while & it starts again nite is there a solution like a spray to heal my nuisance tanks

  650. priyam kumar says:

    Hi! I have a small red pimples in my pubic area and they are spreading all over my body causing itching mostly at night.i have takes lots of medicines but does not do anything even i tries somes medicinea like ‘safi’ but nothing hapeen.please suggeat me that what would i do..

  651. Sunita Sama says:

    Hi, My 22 month old grand daughter has developed rash on her foot. She suffers from eczema from time to time and it runs in their family. Her parents have applied corticosteroid for one week but has no effect. Can You advise as to what medicine will help her and where can I get it from?

  652. nabin agarwal says:

    Black itching from five years only in side undergarments

  653. pooja prajapati says:

    Mere sis ke pero ki ungliya fhat rhi ar us mai blood b niklta h hm 4 saal s preshan h plz btaae usse kis s alergy h ar treatment b btaeee plzzzzz rply

  654. pooja kumari says:

    Hy doctor mere sis ke pero ki unglia fhat rhi h ar usme s blood b niklta h koi khta h usee soap s alergy h pta nhi kya hua h use hm 4 saal s preshan h plz rplyyy

  655. narendra prajapat says:

    hii d. mere pero pr bhut khujli clti h
    lal color ki funsiya ho rkhi h
    khujli bhut jyada clti h
    Plz help me

    • pooja kumari says:

      Hy doctor mere sis ke pero ki unglia fhat rhi h ar usme s blood b niklta h koi khta h usee soap s alergy h pta nhi kya hua h use hm 4 saal s preshan h plz rplyyy

  656. rahool lama says:

    HI Dr.
    my name is rahool lama, i have a skin disease. it’s like a ring worm, very itchy at times and water like fluid comes out of that. this kind of disease comes and goes, please suggest what will be the best cure for this problem.

    waiting for your valuable response.

    rahool lama.

  657. chandrakumar patel says:

    Hii doctor..mera naam chandrakumar patel hy aur mai raigarh ka rahne waala hu aur mai almost 4 month se khujli se paresaan hu jab maine doctors se ilaj karay to bolte hy ki elergy hy…bt ye bahoot din ho chuka hy isliye thoda dar v lgta hy ki khi kuch serious problem to ni hy pls help me doctor….aur ha jab khujli hoti hy to jis jagha me khujli hoti hy waha bubble type se nisaan ho jata hy phir kuch der me o apne aap hi thik ho jata hy…muje kya karba chiye???

  658. Surender Sharma says:

    Please advice itching during 6 monhs of pregnancy
    Thanks & regards
    Surender Sharma

  659. I returned from Europe with a skin rash, mostly likely due to over exposure in the sun and heat. I am an outdoor person and whenever I step outside the exposed area of my arm and chin gets reddish with bumps and itches quiet a bit.
    Starting to notice my skin complexion changing with lite spots on the forearm.

    Will really appreciate your advice

  660. SUNIL SHARMA says:

    With regards and respect I have been suffering from last 10 years itching in my scalp along with my tender and red rashes on my body number of doctor has given me Sulphur and phosphorus but everytime disease cope with the medicine and remain in the same condition give me some suggestion

  661. DINESH SAHA says:

    Vigorous itching below elbow and knee in both left and right. Regular itching on back and other parts.

  662. My sister having a problem she is shy to ask doctor so plz tell she having all time itching on her hips and she telled that I used powder,oil,nothing control the itching and from that time its white on her hips area pl z tell how can she get rest or treatment from itching

  663. my son has been suffering from rashes for the past 1 mnth and its all over the penis

  664. Anita singh says:

    My name is Anita I am suffering from itching since one month it starts from hair and then it is everywhere.

  665. PAWAN KUMAR ANAND says:

    Doctor Sharma,

    my age is 62 years I am suffering for the last three years from eczema and acute itching with red and blaock rashes on both hips and elbows of both hands and feet. kindly advice homeopathic treatment for early and complete relief

  666. Ashraf Ali says:

    my father is suffering from burning sensation in skins, with itching….He has non stop itching, which he is not able to control… He is 84 years of age, and has medications for heart and blood pressure…
    Medicene taken , Corvadil 2.5mg ,Ramister 40mg, Monosprin 30mg, lasix 7.5mg daily….

    • Hi I had an allergic reaction on my face 2months ago. Don’t know what caused it. I ingested something. I was on a lot of supplements, sprays from a Natropath (who used Ayuverda) & 2 doctors prescribe medications. Which was all stopped by my kinesologist was just taken Rhiodola & Magnesiem Chloride he prescribed. Cause the Natropath made me upset and I got anxiety. The reaction didn’t happen straight away but 1 1/2 weeks later I was sneezing & coughing. I thought I had hayfever then 2 weeks later I broke out in a rash on my face. My eyelids were red and flared. Rash & hives all over my face. The doctors put me on steroid tablets, antibiotics & steroid creams. Anything I put on my face now 2 days later it gets irritated & I have 2 put on steroid cream. I tried vitamin e, dermeze ointment & aloe vera plant. I only wash my face with water. I also had a fungal spot above my eyebrow, my doctor told me to use anti fungal cream. It made it worse. I just used abit of Apple Cider Vinegar on that patch which helped. My face on other area still has a burning sensation. I haven’t put anything on it just wash my face with water.
      I had a staph bacteria infection 4 1/2 years ago developed dermatitis & eczema 6 months later I had my 1st allergic reaction to a face cream and had hives & rashes aswell as fungal patches above eyebrows. I’ve never reacted to any product on my face before & had flawless skin. 6months later I started seeing a Natropath 2 get desensitised & help with my skin condition but then she got carried away kept feeding me supplements, sprays. I now have really bad anxiety. My face still has bits of red rashes & burning sensation. I know was stress out @ that time. Can you get desensitised so I don’t have a reaction again on my face. Make my face stronger so I can tolerate products. What can help with this. Thank you I’ll look forward hearing from you.

  667. Parimalasai says:

    I am suffering from one month itching all over body . I am takes cerize tablet. The itching reduces but one or two days comes . Still there no improvement.

  668. Sir i am suffering from skin rashes from last eight year skin changes color to red itching start occurring heat coming out from that area sometimes that part get swelled itching occur in fore head back part below waist some times on fingers also rashes can occur in any part of body pls reply what treatment is to be taken further

    • my hand is differnt of other because my hand are rasheshfull and darkness then what medicine used in treatment.

  669. Sandhya koli says:

    Sir,my mother is suffering from skin infection from last 2 years.she used many medicines but no relief occurs.and now it spreads all over the skin.she has lots of itching,burning sensation,rashes,darking of skin.she feels so much irritation and uncomfortablnes.please help us

  670. my mother is suffering from itching all over body from 3years. she got treatment in allopathy and ayurveda but she get no relief. so kindly tell the solution of this problem

  671. shailendra kumar says:


    My son is 11 year old. From last 5 year he suffering a problem as described below:
    1) when temperature raised and sweating lots of small pocks appears on his face around his lips and under eyes. It spreads to whole face .
    2) IT also happen in winter season also at that time his lips also get cracked.
    3) He complains that his lips and mouth shrinking. Lots of moisturizer apply on the lips and other surrounding area continuously.
    4) Doctors says it is an allergic reaction due to temperature . Some doctor says it is a type of Eczema . Some says it is lip dermatitis.
    Lots of Allopathy and homeopathy treatment has been done but still no affest. All works for some time and start again.

    • anjita singh says:

      Sir,I m suffering from skin infection from one year ,used many medicens but its not ending ,its near in between the legs and spreading around the thies ,its increasing in ring form ,red marks , scaly, itchy patches ,burning sensation,and living red marks. sir,please help me and let me out of this problem.

  672. My son 1 year old & 5 months skin rash only .

  673. Hii sir my hands and legs inside block skin, every one asking why your legs and hands like this but this comes to birth only, i request you sir pleas tel me the treatment of this problem… some doctors said protein nd calcium less in your body…….

  674. Nowshin Tarannum says:

    My mom got some iching problem in her skin for 3 days and this is not reducing. Can you please Dr. help me by giving some ointment solution? And as far I know she has not any allergic problem in food. Thanks in advance.

  675. hi dr. are you? i am antu from bangladesh. i am having allergy causes itching all over my skin becomes red.the itching aggravates while i take also aggravates in hot.i am 22 years please tell me which medicine should i take.please give me the reply quickly.thank you.

  676. Jim Matlala says:

    Hey siri had a rash a couple of days ago, it became dry skin So i thought im Okay than after i had sex, now it started swelling up, what’s wrong and how can i heal it?

  677. Sir meine allargy test karvaya that to mujhe wheat,dust.and perfume se allargy bataya that sir sir me khujli jyada chalti he sir Baal jyada jharte h sir body ander se heat hot a he head sabse jyada dandruff bhi kum nahi hota

  678. Sir mujhe 2saal se skin problems he pehle body wander se heat ho jaata h fir khujli chalti he or red red dhaapad dhaapad ho jata he specialty scalp heat ho jaata h or khujli chalti he or Baal bhi jharte he sir plz save my life sir mein kya medicine loon

  679. Sai swarup says:

    Sir my son entire body itching. He takes cetrize syrup. Still there no improvement

  680. Respected Doctor
    I am very upset due to itching, burning and blisters on my body.
    I cannot sleep at night because of itching on all over my body starting right from the moment I step in my bed.
    The whole body then develop long red rashes after itching and it goes on increase as I rub the skin.
    My face and nesck is full of Red blisters and itching some of them filled with yellow pus and the others not. My face and neck skin colour has become dark.
    My feet are fI’ll of small blistters oozing a honey like substance. Thesee blister’s often occur in groups of 8 or 10.
    I constantly rub my ears, neck and cheecks.
    Doctor please help me. I don’t want to use steroids anymore for these problems.
    Thanking you

  681. Ankush sisodia says:

    Sir i have a itching in my secret part which is from 8 months now its spreading over the body suggest me best that can cure it by root.

  682. Got red rashes with itching. Consulted doctor and used few medicines. It got reduced but after a week again itching and redness started

  683. My name is harish i was suffering from itching from last 1 month all over the body what i should do

    • First rule out the obvious; Using a new soap, laundry detergent, lotions, etc.. Food allergies? Did the rash come on abruptly or gradually spread? The answers to these questions, along with pictures found on the Web, can help you identify the type of rash you’re experiencing. Whatever the findings are, if you’ve had the rash for a month it’s probably time to see a doctor!

  684. Anupama mondal says:

    Dr.. mera face mai rashes nd itching hoti hai.maine sab kuch karka dikh liya kuch nahi huya sir.please help me dr.

  685. I have this skin itches that come out with a black spot rashes I am not sure of when it started but I know its over 7 years now, it started with mare itches but now it comes out with rash with a black point and its sprading over my body causing so much disconfort. I have taken several drug but it is still coming out. What do I do, how can you help

  686. sir,my bum is itching from last 4/5 years,area of my bum tottaly filled,plz help me sir…everyday its increasing…


    Dear sir,

    My father Nitinbhai ,he was diabetic and suffering from allergy since 3 months and he took medicines for that also,like antibiotics and antihistamine but its not reducing only evening times its very itchy and rashes also plz help me out of this.

  688. Chandan D says:

    Dear sir,

    My self chandan ,i was suffering from allergy since 3 months and i took medicines for that also,like antibiotics and antihistamine but its not reducing only evening times its very itchy and rashes also plz help me out of this.

  689. During the intercourse I had a small cut in my pennis inner part of cover skin. I can see a small lane in the inner part of cover skin and its creating pain during bath. Any suggestion to get rid of this problem.

  690. hi sir mere father ko pure body me itching hoti hai ….. so plz koi aurvedic davai batao na

    • ASHOK. Jain says:

      Mere talent hath par air pure Sharir Par khujali hoti hai. Muh Par Kale spot bhi hai. Krupaya dawa bataiye, Dhanyawad

  691. Hello Sir,

    my niece Avanija has too much itching on her chest, stomach and I n his back body since last 8-10 months. nowadays she is felling itching on her feet too…what is the problem n what to do..please suggest sir…

  692. suresh babu says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My wife is suffering with Itching on hands, neck and back continuously, if take cetrizine tab it will go , if stop tablet another day it is appearing. kindly prescribe medicine sir.

  693. Dear Doctor,
    I have red dry leather blotches on forehead .
    It started on my left side so first I tried a little hydrocortisone for about 4 days useless just aggravated the problem So I started using aloe vera with tre tea oil vit e witch hazel & rosemary oil mix it worked , but took least 3 weeks to get rid off. now I have same problem on left side of forehead this time just using using aloe vera with tre tea oil vit e witch hazel & rosemary oil mix but its taking forever redness less but blotches got bigger. I am hoping it will go away soon . I think its contact dermatitis or maybe caused by my oral thrush which Ive been treating by salt mouth rinse & gargle & will start probiotics selenium capsules beta carotene capsules & Vitamin B5. I also only use gentle tree tea soap when I wash. Any help would be appreciated.

  694. Mike pleass says:

    Hi Dr anytime I drink alcohol rashes come out at the back of my hand(skin).They don’t itch nor pain.What can i use to treat this??

  695. Hello sir. sir neck or head par elgery hai chote chote pimple hote hai white white koi ilaz batye pls

    • Sir,
      Suffering from excess itching in Thighs, Arm Pits , Butox , Waist Specially In The Morning there are red rashes also
      Pls Suggest Some Remedies

  696. jayesh shah says:

    itching due to gas trouble at every night

  697. Linda Baucom says:

    I have had this incredibly itchy rash that started on my scalp and has now moved to most of my body.
    I have been treating this with hydrocortisone creams minimal help, Hydrogen Peroxide little relief. This rash has been with me for approximately 1 month. I was prescribed Predisone which I refuse to take.. I was treated for scabies to no avail. I am mostly a homeopathic person and need something to help with the itching and hopefully take this rash away for good… Shingles has also been ruled out. I have also tried Organic Coconut oil .. No help.
    Please help me……

  698. Am feeling scratching all over my body and my penis and tetis scratching am fed up with scratching of my body. When I scratch it turn to red blood after that it turn to black spot please I need a help to cure this diseases…

  699. nalini kanta mohapatra says:

    dear sir,since the last summer i was suffering from itching of my arm and leg. there are some small erruptions. the itching had disappeared of its own. again for last 15 days again I am again facing the same problem. I have diabetes but under control with medicines.

  700. Oluyori Tolulope says:

    My baby boy of two month has red pimples rashes on his neck and around his penis area. What can I use?

  701. Dr Sharma
    please help me I am suffering a skin problem on my neck red colours spots and to much itching on it please help me for that and suggest suggest me the medicine

  702. koolade ola says:

    Dr sharma,I av this rash over my body,including my balls and a red like sore on my penis that itches me,I av taken ketoconazole tablets and cefixime400 antibiotic and I have been using dermovate cream but it seems not working,what can i use to clear all these?

  703. Muhammad Yasin says:

    I am a dibities pt. I am suffering from ,skin diseas, itching, allergey, dry skin, rashes , small redness pathess, pl suggest your own treat to me, I hope you good suggetions. This problem is sufer since last 2 years.

  704. Red colour rashes on the private parts with lots of itching on thigh areas suk jest some medicine and ointment

  705. A.K.Chakrabortty says:

    I have a problem of etching whole body . I took alopthy medicine ciplactin since last one
    month and cream fusiderm-b but not cure please advise for hemopathy medicine for
    full cure

  706. victoria says:

    pls am having rashes in my vagina including ringworm, what should I do?

  707. Dottie Erasmus says:

    I have an itchy skin, my skin feels dry in spite of good moisturising with aques cream, plse advise if there is something I can take? Maybe a natural anti histamine?


    Dear sarma,

    I have problem of itching. i get this itching all over the body with small pimple like redishness throughout the body. Please suggest me some homeo medicine

    Thanking you

  709. abhishek jaiswal says:

    sir i am 18 years old i am suffering from skin disease in my hydrocele and it itches and it becomes red colour dots in lst 7 days please sir suggest me some medicine

  710. kush dixit says:

    i am having skin allergy from last month .. doctors aren’t able to recognise whether it is scabies or fungal infection or something else.. symptoms- itching .. redness in skin everywhere except genitals Nd rashes and raises skin.. i just want it to be cured .. #intense itching

  711. S.C.Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 64. I have been taking allopathic medicines since many years for blood pressure, thyroid & colistoral.

    Since about a year I am suffering from severe etching which starts at any place of body and forms blisters with reddish colour and burns like a cutting injury. If I concentrate on some work it subsides automatically in 15-20 minutes. I have tried medicines but with no effect. Can you suggest a medicine.?
    With best regards,

  712. Neha Avinash Mandke says:

    Suffering from ringworm from last 3 years

  713. Sumit Agarwal says:

    Good evening Doctor,

    I am of 26 years. This problem to me is from 04years before. I started iching harder and harder to that place where once i start and this time also continues… Now its a very big problem to hide from my family. All the area wherever I made itching becames dark.
    Please tell me the remedy.
    Thank you

  714. I need a remedy for my 6 year old daughter who has red dots all over the palms of her feet and hands that itch. She has already had hand foot and mouth disease last year thank you no fever no sore throat. a little red skin in on the inside of her elbows but nothing itchy

  715. Sir I’m suffering from rash of fingers and back of head when I take anti allergy teblit then feels very much ok and after leaving it’s too painful
    I have very hairy body in head when it rashes oft becom small chicken pox like little one

  716. Arun kumar says:

    Sir i have rashes near my anus…..which causes a lot of itching……and everytime it also causes white paches… boils…….its very iritating….s sugest something…

  717. My wife get sudden skin rashe’s with inflamation on different part of body specially in mansoon. Its some time like skin of snake in red colour or some time swelling in the part, where tight cloth touch to skin. It increase and appear more once start eaching, please guide the treatment

  718. good morning sir,
    my present age 26years.up to 5years start skin rashes using so many treatments homoyo medication also but not use.using the medication problem is clear but next year same repet plz give me suggestion..
    rashes 1st time neck present hand measles

  719. good morning sir,
    my present age 26years.up to 5years start skin rashes using so many treatments homoyo medication also but not use.using the medication problem is clear but next year same repet plz give me suggestion..

  720. MRS>SUVRA SEN says:

    Since last 1 month I am suffereing from itching with sight rashes specially in the chest porttion and both sides and under the breast. when I go to bed at night that time itching increases. Pl. advice which homeopathy medicine can reieif my problem. Thanks.

  721. My daughter is 13 months old and she’s having rashes most of the times.

  722. My husband is suffering due to some rash like thing forms round ,round on his hip and backside …people says it might be disease name akki and they gave treatment ..but still paining … A week over he is having pain …please give some treatment tips

  723. Deepti Batra says:

    Dr can you suggest medicine for skin rash and itching

  724. valentine says:

    Dear Dr sharma I’ve been having this rashes in my penis and balls area and it’s very itchy. And it’s spreading to other parts of my body. Please what do I do.

  725. Pat Berens says:

    Would like to know how to treat psoriasis severe case. I study homeopathy have some remedies.

    • Muhammad Yasin says:

      I am a dibities pt. I am suffering from ,skin diseas, itching, allergey, dry skin, rashes , small redness pathess, pl suggest your own treat to me, I hope you good suggetions. This problem is sufer since last 2 years.

  726. dear Doctor sharma sir,

    i am suffering from IBS as told by Gastro. i am taking medicine but no sign of relief. i go to stool at least five times a day, itiching in annal, blouting some times, mucous in stool . i had undergone colonoscopy , report is normal. please suggest me some homeopathic medicine.

  727. Emmanuel Peter says:

    I hashes on my laps,butocks,tomy an a little on My dick Wat could cause that

  728. Sudden itching on any part followed by a pimple like which is dry from inside. Itching starts any time on it.after many days turns into black spot and itching continues

  729. sneha kachhap says:

    Hello Dr I have a very unusual problem . I have multiple red sores on fingers of hands n toes n specially on finger joints only during the winters. It pains but doesn’t itches. For the last four years I am facing this problem. I have seen several doctors but all in vain. As the winters end they slowly disappear leaving behind black darkened skin. The skin visibly blacker than rest parts. I am really worried. Please do the needful.

  730. jhuma biswas says:

    Hallo dr.i have itching from last year winter.i used several allopathy and homeopathy medicine but it is ocurred again and again.after itching some pimples come out burning start.scratching make it is more in the evening and in the bed.i cant sleep.i have some cough problem dr. gave me foracort 200 caps to inhal.i think it was started after that.please give me some is feeling like something crawl around and stinging all time.i m waiting for ur answer.

  731. pink red skin so itching and breaking skin in the part of testies area and thais area plzz get the medicine provides

  732. There are so many allergic vale Dane in my face what should I do for them ?

  733. Aanand Singhal says:

    Sir This side Aanand i m very in trouble to take itching on secret parts it becomeing the rases nd there part of skin is totally red. so plzz help and suggest any tube or ointment. thanku

  734. Rishabh kumar says:

    Sir This side Rishabh i m very in trouble to take itching on secret parts it becomeing the rases nd there part of skin is totally red. so plzz help and suggest any tube or ointment. thanku

  735. I’m 20. I’ve had rashes on my neck, arms, thighs and face for almost 4 weeks now. I’ve tried hydrocortisone cream and the rashes disappear only to return in a day or two later. Please I want to have a permanent solution to this. Thanks in advance.

  736. I was having irritation,rashes on skin right and left of male organ and i scratched them badly where i was having rashes. intially scratching them made them turn black and now they look so odd as well as the itching remains.please suggest a cure.

  737. Narander says:

    I was having irritation,rashes and i scratched them badly and then there was bleeding under my stomach where i was having rashes.intially scratching them made them turn black and now they look so odd as well as the itching remains.please suggest a cure.

  738. Rajkumar Dhonendro says:

    my son age about 3 years old.first of all he starting having fever and then dry coughing.after a week later we appear on his whole body like a ringworm but its disappered after some minutes.and now he still having fever and i want to confirm what this all about .please help me.

  739. Srikanta Roy says:

    my skin allergy just any chemical hair colour making and just one minit after my skin rass pl. one medicine name

  740. My daughter is 3 1/2 yrs old she has in her skin small red boils which are very itching and she doing itching then blood comes out of them. This occurr every year in this season. Plz suggest some medicine for permanent cure

  741. Kundan pandey says:

    Some pimple like small blister occure on all around on my scalp and it Itch badly. Sir suggest some medicine

  742. hi sir my name i is rehana i am from karnataka last 6 months my face skin is allergy lots of face rashes i used all medicine its not going its irritatin me plz help me reply what to do for quick result

  743. sue nieuwhof says:

    Hi I have an ongoing skin condition which appears to be getting worse with age. i am 67. My skin is fair with freckles with quite rough areas with little hard lumps, scaly flaky lumps and what is generally termed sun damage especially on my chest and back with some patches also on my legs and top of arms.. I suffer from allergies but have a completely chemical free diet and life style although I cant protect myself from air pollution. It is not excema or psoriasis. I have a large (approx 3cm) seborroric keratosis on the bridge of my nose going to my tear duct this is very itchy sometimes sore, scaly and scabby looks awful. I have had it for about ten years and just cant get rid of it. Can you help. Am told I have bowens disease, seborrhoric keratosis and solar keratosis.

  744. sushmita says:

    Hello Dr.last month my period time i have some red rases itching in my thigh side near vagina i put some ointment but no help now my skin turning white colour ans itching and feeling uncomfortable.plz suggest me medicine for this.Im in malaysia now plz help.

  745. shahed quraishi says:

    hello mr sharma . my back side body totally itching ago 2 years now couldnt control and too much itching between thighs. i used lots of medicines, tubes, ointments but not finished itching yet .. now im not in my control …. what shpuld i do now? please give me suggestion….. thanks

  746. Vijay Kumar says:

    Hello doctor
    I have a kind of skin rashes on the back of my neck. It has been for more than a year. I haven’t consulted it with anyone, as I thought it would go away. But it has increased now. I don’t feel any kind of irritation or itching on that area. Its not red. As i have a brown skin, its looks like a slight fair brown.

  747. aneesh chandran says:

    sir ihave itching on my full body part sometimes its on my left shoulder some time its on my chest side plz give me a solution

  748. Dhananjai Kumar Dubey says:

    Dear Sir, I m having itching sensations below the penis and annus area. It almost red in colour. small small boils is there. It is like rashes. Itching is not bearable. Noe we applied a Calamine lotion on full body but finally i we are not feeling well about this . It is slightly controlled.
    but no improvement.
    please help in this regard what Homeopathy medicine can be given to him.

  749. ramalakshmi says:

    i m pregnant.itching started at 6th month on feet ,hands n bumps severe at nights.small doted rash while itching on skin.plz give me a medication.

  750. syed Qaisar Imam says:

    My sister unmarried aged about 34 years, suffering from hyporthyrodism suffers severe itching all over the body at night , consulted homeopathy but of no use she still takes cetrizine , there are rashes all over the body, rhus tox, sarsaparilla, urtica urens, natrum mur, apis mel were of no use. Dark complexion with weight 68 kg height 5’4″. Please suggest some medicine,

    • KOMBIAN Amidu says:

      hi not married age 33 experience skin rush for six years now at times I take rihzine , at times to I take blood tonic but if I stop taken it, it comes back again. it comes like mosquito bite burning the skin and I use to apply funbact.please help me.

  751. nick nicholas says:

    funny, i dialed and suddenly there is a cure for a skin disorder, my itching is all over the body,,with no signs of pimples in most areas,,my skin is hot which contributes to the problem ,the meds are very strong creames which do some help,,but only apartial reliefe,,the shot is given once per month must be a strong steroid to use occationally

  752. K S Sastry says:

    I am 64 male I get itching on hands and legs some times past 5/6 years no rashes.I am taking citrazin 5mg one tablet for 3 or 4 days, I have joint pains, if I walk more i get Ankle pain no medication for this, i have cronic prostites for which I am taking 2 cspsules of prostina and one vitamin capsul, some times I take Sabal surrulata q, for Diabetes I am taking 1 pioses 30 mg tablet, sugar is in good control.
    Please advise Homoeo for the above.
    K S Sastry
    Mysore (karnataka)

  753. shashank says:

    My mother 66 year old having body iching for last 2 year many types of medicines used but in vain there is no any relief please give me medicine advice

    • sundramurthy says:

      Sir my son is 8 yrs old. . IHe is having itching sensations below the penis and annus area. It almost red in colour. small small boils is there. It is like rashes. Itching is not berable. Noe we applied neem pase with turmeric. It is slightly controled.
      but no improvement.
      please help in this regard what homeo medicine can be given to him.

  754. sir I am Karthik suffering from, itching and rashes ,penis area ,I used so many creams but not recover ,please solve this problem, thinking you sir

  755. our old t_v schedule did strange rash around her mouth 2 months ago. She is teething. Initially the restless very bright red now it looks so it’s still a bit red rash is not always. The doctor gave us cortisone but it is not working. And I have no clue what to do. What’s homeopathic remedy can I use for the rash around her mouth thank you so much for your help

    • Mohamed Khubran says:

      My 12 yrs girl have skin rashes around hands mostly elbow and around face itchy watery then turns black.She got inject tab and cream but worsening

  756. Cps chadha says:

    I hve itching problem on my forehead and arms. What should I do

  757. Srikanth says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I have Grover’s rash since 2 months. Went to doctor and he gave the treatment. Now the rash is almost gone but the itching is still there all over the body whole day . And it aggravates in the night. Not able to have a good night sleep.

    Please help me which homeopathy medicine to take.

    Thanks a ton.


  758. Surinder singh says:

    Sir my penis gets crack and white layer on it iam type 2 diabetes plz recomond me some homeopathic medicine

  759. Olatunji says:

    There where sudden skin infection coming out from one side of my face but its not itchying me.

  760. mallikarjun says:

    sir since 3 months I m geting pimples ezcema on my face and disappear in 2 days ad agian coming now a days sking is itching and burning onky on my face I have taken many medicines …but no use

  761. naveen kumar says:

    Sir my name is naveen.I am 16 . I have itching sensations at penis and between fingers there are bumps on penis . On the thighs there became black color it is very itchy . Between finfers there are bumps which are becoming big and water is coming from the bumps and they are not decreasing please give me a solution to the problem

  762. naveen kumar says:

    Sir my name is naveen I have itching sensations at penis and between fingers there are bumps on penis . On the thighs there became black color it is very itchy . Between finfers there are bumps which are becoming big and water is coming from the bumps and they are not decreasing please give me a solution to the problem

  763. hand in yellou rashes in dry skin in pain


    sir my name is DILEEP.My age 19 years..i m sufrng from skin allergy with round round rashes since last 3 Years..i consult the so many doctors ..but no use..plz show solution to my problem

  765. Michelle Afriyie says:

    Hello DrHomeo please my son and I are suffering from a severe itching and it can even turn to water as piles please I need your help

  766. CHANDRA NATH DEY says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,
    I am 62 years old .It has been observed that during summer skin specially upper part of the body irritate
    so there is a tendency to crash the effected part and feel very good no thicky or watery particle never
    out. I am not feeling uncomfort in hot and like to take hot drink, I have no intoxication. Your suggestion required

    thanking you
    chandra nath dey

  767. Saurabh bhatanagar says:

    On my leg thyi i get rases nd redness because of continue rubbing of paint strip nd underwer it is very uncomfortable for me too wear paint icching and skin rases continue growing

  768. Devendra says:

    I Had gone for wax yesterday with cosmo silly hair removal cream.When I apply it at my private parts it start itching and remove my epithelial layer of skin..its very discomfort for me so sir plz suggest me wht to do.

  769. Jyotirmayee says:

    I get itching on the bsck side of ears and above the snkle joint. Itching near ankle is till I get scratch. Near thumb nail of right hand I have hanging of muscle.

  770. thangmawi says:

    i suffer from a skin disease, which feel like the germs or fungal….or any….moving around in mi face..i hve been facing dis problem since 6 yrs bck.. i got a dark spots in mi face n a pimple too, i tried a lot of medicine but its not workng….so.,i wish u could help me cure … prefer a midicine for mi problem

  771. thangmawi says:

    i suffer from a skin disease, which feel like the germs or fungal….or any….moving around in mi face..i hve been facing dis problem since 6 yrs bck.. i got a dark spots in mi face n a pimple too, i tried a lot of medicine but its not workng….so.,i wish u could help me cure …

    • harinath kb says:

      I suffer from skin itching .the itching will at chest and on will be for 10 to20 minutes.kindly suggest me medicine
      With regards

  772. I have facing itching and rushing into my body.l have have itching too around my penis but l found out this year l am HIV positive.

  773. fantahun ayele says:

    I am not comfort around anus and dry toilet but most of the time very wet around that area and bad odor like toilet small by the causes this condition the a number of fly comes to me

  774. Mukesh kumar says:

    sir I am 28 year old. I have been suffer from skin allergy. on itching my skin is swelling and red. this problem increase in summer day and if eats with almond kajju raisins. whatever I eats cetrizine tab than I relief from allergy .tell me some medicine about this diseases.

  775. Khushboo Goyal says:

    Hello sir,
    I have a skin itching problem when weather is change from hot to cold and cold to hot…. There is itching on my finger then a small types of blister on my fingers
    What can I do?

  776. Priyanka says:

    Sir my baby is 1.5 year old and she is severely panic from prickly heat and funsi what shall I do. Even I have given her allopathic medicine but she is not getting any relief.

  777. priya kumary says:

    By touching mucilaginous vegetables like Laddies finger and detergents itching starts .To get relief both palms allowed rubbing.then many small vesciculer eruptions with full of water are formed and becomes itching and gradually skin of fingers and surface of palm(inner side) forming blackis crust.What is its Homoeopathic remidy.

  778. boopathy says:

    Enaku 4 yrs hand LA black marks iruku left hand mattum .aripu iruku soruncha thaduchukuthu pun aayiruthu. More doctor parthachu no cure. Sittha medicine sapputen no cure.enaku replay pannungapannunga

  779. i have been infected with cousin may be using same travel i have been infected with itching small red color rashes .i obserb when i eat fish and egg it increased then i stopped egg and fix to eat i contacted local dr he gave one month medicine then it was cure again after 20 days i got same situation…give me prescription sothat i can eat anything and permanent cure

  780. Gaurav Singh says:

    Sir I have fungal infection from last 2 years aroung my anus and between my thigh…. some part of face and neck is effected of this infection .Provide me remedies for this disastrous disease.
    I will be highly obliged for your help.

  781. Olawoyin sunday says:

    pls if I bath

    finish body will began to scrach me why? pls send the name of treatment I can use pls

  782. My daughter has red splotchy bumps on her palms that turn to tiny blisters and then start peelin I don’t want her to use any steroidal ointment.

  783. Vijay gupta says:

    I have black whatts on my scalp. earlier giving itching but due to long homeo treatment no itching now but not removed.any treatment if u can suggest please. 2ndly I have itching suddenly on any where at hands lags stemec. nac etc and then I to eat allagra .Please advice.vijay gupta

  784. Natalie amanda says:

    My mom has a rare skin disorder that doctors here in south africa cannot cure. She breaks out in a rash which becomes itchy. It then turns black but still itchy. It’s spreading all over her body. Is there any medication available for this condition?

  785. chandan kumar gupta says:

    Mere back side aur mere face per bade bade dane ku tarah aur pimples nikl gaye hai …….plz..iski koi dawa bataye.

  786. Plseee suggest me rashes Aur itching cream for guptan

  787. Raja Riaz Ahmed says:

    Hello Respected Dr.
    My new born baby took bath 3rd day of his birth and got clear water bubbles and redness on whole body. Jaundice is also present. I give him early morning sunlight rays for jaundice and what should I do for skin problem? Plz help

  788. Hello sir
    I want to homopathy medicine name for chiken pox …tell me who medicine I take before chiken pox.
    Please reply me fast. I’m waiting for your answer.

  789. Rohit Kumar says:

    hello sir ….
    i am of 17yrs & suffered from a skin disease from last 6 month. i consults from many doctor’s but there is no any affect in this. please suggest me sir……. .
    i mentioning some symptoms of this disease………
    1. there is many brownish white spots on my chest, backside, neck, also sometime these appears in face.
    2. they don’t itch or give any burning sense.
    3. they give burning sense if I am in sun rays directly.
    4. they make skin rough & always they are dry.

  790. H.S.Anand says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am suffering with a severe itching on the upper part of my backside for the last one month, which is either due to hot weather or some allergy. Pls suggest some medicine, and thank you for the same.

  791. I am suffering last six years and consult many Doctors and took countless medicines but the problem of radish boundary and round ring worm and nowadays red pimples on same areas of my under areas which spreads up to knee.
    so, suggest me some medicine which give me quick relief( I am using chewing tobbaco)

  792. Joseph George says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am joseph from Cochin. I am having an allergy/rash problem on my leg around the ankle area. Both the legs are affected, but is worse on the right leg.

    It itches, and the skin is like scales with cuts and bruises. There is no or little pain. slight oozing from the cuts, but no smell or crust formation.

    It is some two weeks now; I have not taken any medication till now. Wash the legs with hot water and salt, dry them and applied turmeric & salt paste. Recently I have started applying Caledula.

    There is some improvement, the cuts heal, but recur at the same place or nearby.

    What internal medication should I take.

    Thank You.

  793. morning Dr, my name is Samuel, i began to notice some thick rashes all over my body for like three weeks now, have use different drugs and cream but no changes, its very itchy and really disturbing me. i have them mostly on my thighs, armpits, lower part of my abdomen, back of my palm, pls kindly suggest the best medicines to use please

  794. p. Paulraj says:

    in my body 35% of White Skin disease is there. Both the lips, finger tips and the foot are infected with the disease. Shall request you to kindly suggest the best medicines to overcome this ailment.
    Your prompt reply is highly solicited.

    With warm regards

    P. Paulraj

  795. MP Verma says:

    Sir, I am 60 yrs old Itching is there on my whole body but not at a time. It will appear at thigh & it will continue for some duration with bumps on some area, after some times it will disappear & start in different parts of body eg. back, Arms, legs/feet, hips & other parts. When I rub skin medium size bumps develops. This last for 5 to 10 minutes and then all thing goes normal. After taking alopathic medicine “Levocetrizine” , I am getting relief for almost three to four days afterwards problem started again.
    Sir, please advise. . . .

    • kirthi.I.C says:

      Sir, I am 35 yrs old Itching is there on my whole body but not at a time. It will appear at thigh & it will continue for some duration with bumps on some area, after some times it will disappear & start in different parts of body eg. back, Arms, legs/feet, hips & other parts. When I rub skin medium size bumps develops. This last for 5 to 10 minutes and then all thing goes normal. After taking alopathic medicine “Levocetrizine” , I am getting relief for almost three to four days afterwards problem started again.
      Sir, please advise. . . .

  796. Kulbushan kumar says:

    Dr I am 30 yrs old my whole body (head, hand, cheeks, leg, buttok, stomatch, etc) itching. It was started with feet and small holes in my feet..When i rub skin medium size bumps develops. This last for 5 to 10 minutes and then all thing goes normal.. I took a course of alopathic tablet atarax & lezeyncet All became normal but when course ended problem started again.

  797. hardeep singh says:

    sir my mother is CKD paitent now on homeodailyais after dialysis she getting lot of itching problem on whole body so what can we do plz help us . Thanking you.

  798. Bhanumathy says:

    Upper mouth started itching as soon as i brushed my teeth in the morning.
    Sir i am 51 year old female suffering from diabetes,bp and rheumatoid arthritis

  799. Subhankar Bardhan says:

    I am suffering from intense itch on my inner thighs & buttocks which mostly aggravate at night from last 1month.please provide me some remedies sir…

  800. shilpa.g says:

    sir frm past 5 days i am feeling very itichy and burning senasational in vagina / valuva please do help me to get rid by this problem sir

  801. Lawrence says:

    I have a child of 1year of age is sufrig from rashing allover the look like small boils

  802. gina emordi says:

    hi doc,
    Having blisters that has water inside when it burst and the fluid touches my body it regenerate again its around under my breast region and my upper belly.

  803. Princepreet singh says:

    Hi dr.
    Nowdays m in canada. And after some time of my arrival here. m observing some red coloured rashes or pimples on my face and on my upper body .They started disappearing after sometime but again they reappears. I really dont know what they are ? What should i do?

  804. Suzanne delich says:

    I have an autoimmune disease called dermatomyositis.

    I get horrible rashes on my scalp, underneath my armpits, on my neck and face. It is very embarrassing.

    My skin is hyper pigmented and dirty looking now.

    Can you help me in some way? I think part of my problems are fungal.


  805. Sir,I have itching near my private part and after itching it looks white and dry like execima (in marathi
    We call nayta)pl.suggest me some ointment or homeo medicine.
    Thanks sir

    • santoshini sahu says:

      Sir I have etching in vegina and its surrounding parts also affected .It is spreading gradually .severe itching occurs and also blood comes out later than the skin becoming black dry .pls sir refer any oinment

  806. Afreen haque says:

    Dr, my daughter now 4yrs has rashes since when she was 3mnths .but her rash is of kind that suddenly flares up at night after feeling hot n she sweats at that tym…n regulary she gets rash on behind thighs behind knees face back near chest which if dnt put steriod increases…

  807. Dr I am 38 yrs old. From one month suddenly in any part of body (head, hand, cheeks, leg, buttok, stomatch, etc) itching starts. When i rub skin medium size bumps develops. This last for 5 to 10 minutes and then all thing goes normal. This happens once /twice a day. I took a course of alopathic tablet for 5 days. All became normal but when course ended after 3-4 days problem started again. What can be the reason and is there any homeopathic medicine for this

  808. madhuri k says:

    Iam suffering from skin problem from so many years.i tried so many medicine,but the problem was not solved.i tried homeopathy problem is first started from the feet.firstly light pink coloured spot started,then itching started,then it turned into black colored spreded upto 1rupee coin size.likewise it spread-ed upto my seems akward to others.please help me

  809. Moazzam baig says:

    my wife 34 years..have sudden red rashes and itching on all body with some sort of welling on feet etc…..initially doctor injected avil……but i need homepathy best mother tinture or some medicine.
    Mirza Moazzam bAig

  810. Manjit Singh says:

    Hello Sir,…having Skin rashes like patches & itching all over body daily from last one year. so many treatment taken but 50 % benefit not permanent cure. Please suggest the best treatment and medicine for same. precautions already taken – low protein diet like dal/cereals/ cheese/pickles/avoid oily food/less citric foods also and use to wear cotton clothes and takes bath with curd once a day and apply coconut oil after taking bath.. So doctor please suggest the permanent cure for skin rashes+ itching and name the disease .

  811. sushil chauhan says:

    Sir mere sexual parts par khujli ho gyi or khujli sirf in parts par bane daano mai hoti h or yeh daane medicine lens par khatam ho jate h or baad me phir ho jate h pls give some remedies or some precautions to save them

  812. Rashes in the inner skin of penis and itching

  813. Sidi aliyu says:

    My wife have itches on her feet and the itched part turns black.what is the remedy please

  814. fakhrul hasan says:

    mai fakhrul hasan bihar india se jade ke dinon me mera hath aur pair dono fatne lagta hai.garmi ke mausam me bhi hath ke hatheli aur pair ke talwa me pasina nahin hota hai.aur poore sharir me mail jam jata hai.mai sirf itna hi janta hoon ke dry skin hai.kabhi bhi pair ka edi fata rahta hai.sirf joot pahanne se edi saf rahta hai.chamda sukha sukha rahta hai.please koi homeo pathic medicine baten.

  815. Sir i am suffering from allergy in which itching causes problem from 2years . i am taking allopathic treatment in which Dr has given attrax 10 mg but it works for 2 days. i take it at alternate day.i eat sweets daily as i desires to eat sweets more.please advise me homeopathy treatment for permanent cure.

  816. g d bhutani says:

    i am having rashes on my different parts of my body in a very unsystamatic way ,for a shot time ,some times on neck., some times on stomach some time on chest & on back ,itching also ,red patches which disappear after half an hour or so.i am taking anty allergy medicine CZ3 one tablet a day.which helps for a day . pl advice me some homeopathic medicine or any other treatment for permanent relief.
    i am 66 years old & having this problem for the first time.i have got allergy test done which described certain food items ,medicines ,dust,paint hair die as allergic.i am having precautions for the same FOR THE LAST 15 DAYS.BUT RESULTS ARE NOT FULLY SATISFACTORY. WILL IT TAKE MORE TIME.,HOW MUCH .PL ADVISE .
    G D Bhutani

  817. Patricia Haney says:

    I have a rash under the right boob, under the stomach area, in the groin. I cracked my ankle, am in a wheelchair and am afraid this will spread due to a small cut on the foot. Foot is dry and scaly. I use a combination of things but may have to see a dermatologist.

  818. hello Dr sharma, I have two case here, 1st my younger brother have itching and some time swollen feet, gone to series of test but nothing detect, what can be done can we give him antibiotic? 2nd I have a 3month baby he have something like eczema at back and stomach side, something like rashes on chick and arms, plus cough and stuff nose, later his body hot. what can I do?

  819. sourabh khadse says:

    I have itching on my face and rashes on my hand.

  820. ogwola ojima rose says:

    rashes on both hands to pam,toothes to lap and on the lip for three and then pilles off , making the skin very smooth red

  821. suresh laxman sarvade says:

    My name is Suresh Sarvade, age 52 year suffering from jaundice second time but this time I had more itching on whole body specially at night time. I am taking the Aurvedic Treatment last two month

    suresh sarvade.

    suresh sarvade
    mob :- 9769759440

  822. suresh laxman sarvade says:

    My name is Suresh Sarvade, age 52 year suffering from jaundice second time but this time I had more itching on whole body specially at night time. I am taking the Aurvedic Treatment since one month. So please give your opinion about my problem & urine is also dark .

    suresh sarvade.

    suresh sarvade
    mob :- 9769759440

  823. SANJEEV SHARMA says:

    Hello Sir,
    My son is of 5yr age , He is having itching problem on all over the body, but there is no rashes. kindly suggest but to do.

    Thanks and Regards

    Sanjeev Sharma

  824. itch. rash on my buttocks, tighs, arms , chest and stomach for 14 years now…it heals and comes back agai…when i scratch it turns into some kind of soa…like peeled skin…when i scratch it releases some fluid hates heat too…gradually spreading to other parts of my body with black spots under my toes…my body temperature rises plus i get headach and chocked nose when i getting weake…I’m not lazy in bed at all too…i lust long and normal but i think my sperms are not strong too . my cornea is developing some kind of brownish colour from below coming up…I’ve never been on any proper medications became I’ve been going up and down doctors and they couldn’t help…im really tired….what can that be? Please i need help

  825. Amol Dadure says:

    I have itching back side of my body and have red lines . please give me treatment on this disease.also sugest medicine and best hospital for this treatment

  826. Yogesh dhuppad says:

    I have itching and rash near my thies and back on bumb also suggest me the medicine

  827. Sir i have some spots like rings in my forehead with itching some times and from some days there is an increament in acne on my faces. Sir i take homeopathic medicine for my headache. So please help me.

  828. pawan chaturvedi says:

    Hello sir!
    Mere hathon hatheliyo ki skin garmiyon me apne ap remove ho jati h or red red color k dag ho jate hai, or sath m hath me se blood nikalne lg jata h so please sir mujje eske liy koi helpful medicine btay.
    Thank you sir.

  829. John Sarker says:

    Hi Dr . Sharma, I’m John sarker from Bangladesh. My Citys weather is too hot now. Every year Summer time i am suffering by skin rash (Ghamaci). always body skin is itching. But there is no problems in Winter time. I used talcompowder- but no improvement. I don’t take any medicine yet. Please help me out to get of from this issue.
    Bye now
    John Sarker

  830. Good evening sir,please I have a skin rashes that always gives me headache.please sir,the rashes itch and whenever you burst them or their water touchesthe the other part of your skin,then it comes again and as ta now I’m wrighting this,itis taking every part of my body.please I need the medication for this.thank you

  831. Sozhanila says:

    I’m having rashes in backside like form of ringworms. What is the treatment for this in homeopathic sir?

    • Amadasu Bridget says:

      Sir, my son is have this rash on his back, chest area and neck, at first I thought it was just heat rash, but it has transformed into what looks ringworm and very itchy too, pls what can I use for it. Thanks

  832. Amit Kumar says:

    I 24 years old .best solution fungal and rash .

  833. Moh Shahrukh khan says:

    I am having the itchy ,red tiny pimples at the back side of the neck . Can you tell me about homopathic medicine so that it could go as much as possible

  834. gm Dr
    mere 23sal k hu..or mere face par eyes k nicha or nose k upar red rashes ho raha h 1sal se m Pareshan hu..bahut sare Cream or medicine kha chula hu dr ko bhi bata diya h but problem thik bhi ho rahi h..2month pahle mere face or nose par ringworm huwa tha vo abhi thik ho gaya h but rashes or khujali nhi thik ho rahi h…or roj subha se bed se Uthna k bad face par red rashes ho raha h nose par..or agar face wash kar Lo to pura face dry ho jata h phir or khujali aate h…abhi m terbest & olesoft moisturzing cream mix kar k roj laga raha hu. but phir bhi rashes proper tarika se nhi ja raha h..plz help m Dr

  835. Barbara Anderson says:

    I have been in Spain for 4 months at fist my head started itching and then I had a rash all over my body .I have been back in the uk for a month and it is no better ,the itching on my head is very back and it is sore
    My husband died last summer could this have anything to do with it
    I’ve tried everything but nothing helps and it getting worse

  836. Good evening sir,

    I am Himanshu. i am suffering from 8 months heavy itching problem on my thai and underarms. I used many creams . One time i go for check up with one physician ( allopath ) doctor he give me many medicines for 1 month after 1 month again started itching. I am very sad in worst position . help me what i have to do. please reply as soon as possible. I believe in Ayurveda and homeopathy too.



    Sir. Meri skin par red colour ke chakte ho jate h or chahre par or skin par kujali ke dane ho jate h ….maine bahut medicines li but…not enough. ….I am very tired from allargy. So please give me suggestions and medician prevent from allargy

    • I recently developed painful rash on my left shoulder, arm and under armpits. Lymph nodes are swollen and are painful too. please suggest homeopathy medicine for the problem. thanks

  838. Am undergoing t.b treatment and I have acne on my face so how can I get rid of this acne doctor

  839. I j
    have rashes in my neck it itches so much so plz tell me medicine name

  840. Sima Rani Das says:

    My two year child was said to be born a Mild Collodion Baby. After initial peeling off the skin, he has developed very dry, tight and itchy skin. He can not sleep well at night because of constant itching. Slow peeling off the skin is still there, particularly in belly and cheek. Kindly suggest some remedy/ treatment.

  841. Archna singh says:

    Sir I Am suffering from skin allergy from last one year I have take many medicines under allopathic Dr and homeopathy Dr bt my problems does not cures. Sir I have done allergy test.Sir plz suggest homeopathy medicines
    Archna singh

  842. Sir.
    Mere thighs ke beech m kaafi time s ellergy h..before 2 year..m tigboderm cream ka use krta hu.jb tk use krta hu tb tk problem kam ho jaati h
    Or jaise hi use band krta hu wahi problem fr s suru ho jaati h
    Plz.. sir koi solution btaye..jise ye problem hamesha ke liye dur ho jaye..

  843. sudhendu misra says:

    Feel itching on complete body no redness no rashes itching aggrivats at night time skin is very dry expect face face is oily with large dark circle near eyes

  844. R.K.Sharma says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am male, 50 yrs, I have developed itchy skin recently this summer. My itching starts the moment sweating starts. Itching is generalized to some specific parts-underarm, calf muscles and & leg and on the upper part of buttocks. There is no skin blistering, redness etc, but itching is very persistant and becomes unbearable.

    Kindly suggest a remedy for it
    Thanking you

  845. I m suffering from itching throughout my whole body

  846. hi dr.sharma,unbearable burning,itching or pubic hairs,like porcupine needles..

  847. lalit agarwal says:

    sir i am suffering from skin disease for 2 years .i have a old scar on my leg. before two years in winter season the skin of scar became dry and become black, itchy, and scaly.i used lot of medicine but this problem was not cure .will you suggest any medicine

  848. r kumaika says:

    M hvng skin rashes for more thn 1 year under breadt nd many parts of my body msinly bikni area .. they disapear after hvng anti allergy tablets like citrizine etc these rashes r itchy nd feels bad whn growing big nw a days pls gv me solution if u hv m 43 yrs old frmale

  849. Hershil jain says:

    Dr. Sharma ji
    Sir i am suffering from fungal infection between the legs and sir i have used many itroconozol formula.. .. Sir please tell me some homeopathic medicine…i wi be greatly thankful to you.

  850. Krishan Kumar Malhotra says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Have a good day,
    I am 65 year old and diabetic .from some days I am suffering from skin itching on my almost body, mainly on penis some bubbles are also are arise on my penis.
    You are kindly advise me Homeopathic medicine for early recovery.
    I shall be highly thankful to you.
    With regards

  851. kamlesh sharma says:

    Itching on hill body & red spot , line pls. Help

  852. My wife kidneys have failed. She is on dialysis 3 times a week which we csnnot afford. Can homopathy reduce dialysis and help in breathlessness and weakness.

  853. T.A.Seetharaman says:

    Dr. Sharma, I had rashes including burning inside the left thigh and buttocks.after taking allopathy and homeopathy medicine the rashes disappeared after 10 days now some of these places itching has started. I had taken rhuxtox daily twice vitamin B complex. Can you suggest something for this itching.

  854. I m suffering from ringworm problem from last 15 days. I had allopathic treatment but didn’t get better. Now I am taking homeopathy medicine Proaller drops from last one week. The problem is once it get better suddenly new one appears nearby that area which is recovering. My ringworm are in thigh areas n near private parts. Although I keep it clean n dry. Use betnovate-n and aantifungal powder alongwith proaller drop, but didn’t work out. Pls suggest something.

  855. My son, 4.6 years studying in lkg. He is having some allergy problem. Always he used to rub the leg(backside of thigh). the skin is also slightly varied. The doctor is telling that this is due to exzema. Is their any remedy to avoid it.

  856. T.A.Seetharaman says:

    On 29/03/2016 I had written regarding the herpes rashes and subsequent itching. Can you please respond to that and suggest some homeo medicine
    Thanking you

  857. I have Allergic Reactions on my hand due to using of soap and detergent powder like itching, red hand etc
    How i can get rid permanently?

  858. Dr. Sharma says:

    Hi I have dark black patches on my neck from the past few months I was taking it lightly but now it is itching plz suggest something Dr.

  859. I am a 38 years old male person.l have a previous history of piles which is under control with the help of homeo medicine. Perhaps I have cold allergy/ asthma since last four years. When I take cold water or cold anything ,then after sometime sound starts coming from throat with inhale/exhale of air.after short time ,it seems that respiratory line is choking and problem in breathing. This situation become almost under control by taking hot water/steam. Recently a new problem occurred. In the afternoon/evening,there so many points over hands,stomach,neck,shoulders, back starts very slight itching. In the start these looks like a point and light swallowed and spreads over a larger area.In the night it covers almost area of above mentioned locations. In the morning ,as Sun rises these disappear but not in total. After taking anti allergy medicine like cetrizine,it goes off for one day but again start on next day .when it spreads it is in raddish .currently I am not taking any medication.
    Please suggest me.
    With regards

  860. Makkedah Delanjo Obiwole says:

    Doc,my daughter is not scratching but the rash is all over are body
    please sir i need your help and she is six years old.

  861. Simple Jain says:

    My baby is 2.5 year old she have extreme dry skin with skin infection and every doctor say as I am allergic so that allergic symptoms came to my baby…Pls help

  862. James Wysong says:

    Good day to you. I have noticed for the past year that I have developed a half dollar sized red scaly rash on the right side of my scalp. It tends to be somewhat itchy, and irritating at times after my shower and shampooing. I have tried to treat it with Neem seed oil, and or Apple cider vinegar, but with no improvement. I was looking to incorporate olive oil as a compress to the area, and would appreciate your comments.

    You timely comments and or recommendations would be much appreciated.


    James Wysong
    Cerritos, CA. 90703

  863. A L MALLIK says:

    itching , rash, blishtering, swelling,paches, at varius places

  864. minumomtaz says:

    Dear, sir my mother(35) age..she has been since 4 years suffering skin allargey whole body in itching and rashes all body. ..she every time itching all body without head
    .. she was treatment alopethic and hompotheic treatment but no results till them.please suggest medical soep and cream

  865. Mohit singh gulia says:

    HELLO Dr.Sharma,

    I have been suffering from skin allergy problem since 2 yrs. I had tried ALLOPATHIC, AYURVEDIC and HOMEOPATHIC medicines as well.

    In the case of ALLOPATHIC- results are there , but at the time i stopped eating medicine, it started again.

    AYURVEDIC- I took it for 2 months but no results till then.

    HOMEOPATHIC- I took it for 3 months but results are very low, and i was not able to continue it because doctor had advised not to take any other medicine, and i was not able to continue with my day to day life in a well way. Because every time i feels itching in my body.

    So presently i am taking citragen tablets continuously at a gap of two days..

    sir please suggest some cure for this disease…

  866. Sinead ONeill says:

    Hello Dr Dharma,

    Can you advise which potency to use for skin rash that came on 2 weeks ago on chest , stomach , back , and is moving downwards…. It is red and tingly and worse at night

  867. mrs selema says:

    Hi Dr I’m experiencing a skin rush if i may call it that,it started on my breast and lower back.its red then turns black,worn scratch those black pimple like rings they throw white powder like dead skin .help i can’t put clothes on i scratch forever

  868. Babu Nayak says:

    Dear sir I am suffering from last 1year skin scaly ruptured white at forelegs, itching problem’s please suggest any medical soap or cream

  869. nyabika cherry says:

    Dr Sharma, my baby has had rushes for the last one year. Raven her to hospital given creams but not healing. They r only on the face n hands. Itchy at night. What must b the problem? Thanks

    • nyabika cherry says:

      Dr Sharma, my baby has had rushes for
      the last one year. Take her to hospital
      given creams but not healing. They r
      only on the face n hands. Itchy at night.
      What must b the problem? Thanks

  870. Anurag shukla says:

    dear sir,
    i am suffering from sewear itching at stomach, behind ears,legs,on waist near kindney area.
    whole area has turned black in color and when itching starts it is ao much sewear that blood comes out because skin is peeled of from that area.
    kindly suggest me what to do to get releif as soon as possible.
    Thak you

  871. rajesh kumar says:

    hi sir:
    I am suffering with penis itching & redness last few years. when I got more problem then I apply alopethic cream. but a i want permanent cure. please suggest me any good homeostatic medicine with dose instruction.
    rajesh kumar

  872. sharad patil says:

    sir i have 2 red coloure spots near knee it creates itching there so please suggest me some medicine for it.the spots has been there from 3 years my age is 35

  873. Respected sir,greetings,my sister is suffering from skin disease from 1 year.She was consulting a skin specialist but all in vain,when taking certain medicine its ok but after leaving medicine all of a sudden her skin condition worsens and her body starts gaining weight her face starts to swell and small blisters red in colour start occuring in her body at an alarming rate we are very worried and especially she could not sleep at night please help sir I will be grateful to you.
    Thanking you
    Deepak kumar

  874. Pradip Kr.Dutta says:

    I am suffering by itching over my skin, after taken Cetzin maximum 1 or 2 days re leaf , after then again started, it is about 5 to 6 years continuous, can you tell me one Homoeopathy medicine for permanent remedy,

  875. Pl let me know which med i should take for sudden itching and red rashes all over the body due to chemicals in cosmetics.
    sumita chakravarti

  876. saikumar chintu says:

    sir I’m suffering withe such kind of skin disease at the joints of the leg and its very irritating me and makes me scratch and it is growing like as round may be its a rind warm but I used the medicine named as “velerate-N” but there is no use plz give me a solution

  877. Hello doctor,

    I have a skin allergy on my both sides of laps edges(besides penis) it looks like skin is dried,and some stretch marks over it.plese kindly advice what can be done for it

    • afzal malik says:

      dear dr sb, i have developed dark skin beneath and around my genitals. i started 2 years ealiar with skin eruption on left side of my upper leg near genitals. i used an ointment and it disappeared. but after few months it appeared again and started spreading around benath and on right side of genital. mostly in the day time i am comfotable but when on bed it starts itching with dry skin but no pain. area around has become dark even on upper part of my penis. i live in lahore and was chairperson of pak india peace forum have visited india many time few years back. now have become difficult. can u please suggest some good homeo medicine forvme i will be thankful to u. although i am sn architect but use homeopathy as hobby only in my home and for some friends.

  878. Fawad khawaja says:

    Sir how r u sir k have problem some time I have red spots on my body and pimples at my nose face and my hole skin gose dry kindly suggest mee some medicine and I have another problem for last 1 year I have itching in my thighs

  879. Gursawan Singh says:

    Face skin irritation from cement or dryness.

    I am suffering from last year with this disease.whenever I scratch on it and it leaves water and expand on my face.

  880. Or the last week I have had a rash on my face and neck that starts like a pimple then looks like a mosquito bite itches, burns and hurts bad, I have bad allergies and my husband has gotten a cat that sleeps in our bed. I noticed every morning the rash is get get worse or I have more spots than before bed. I cannot stop scratching as they itch so ba and then they will ooze clear and harden over. Once this happens thy will start to peel and heal. What could this be and how can i cure it because I’m ashamed to go out of the house it looks so bad.

  881. Dear Sir,

    My daughter of 12 year old has been suffering from skin acne almost like pimples for 3 years now. We’ve tried allopathy, ayurvedic and homeopathic as well. But till now no solution yet. The acne covers her whole forehead, all over her body and now it’s beginning to come out all over her face. I’m so worried. Please suggest me what kind of homeopathy medicines will help her. The scars looks prominent now over her forehead and body. It keeps coming out over and over again.

    Thank you for your help and suggestion. E. Kholi

    • Makkedah Delanjo Obiwole says:

      Doc,my daughter is not scratching but the rash is all over are body
      please sir i need your help and she is six years old.and the rash are not red they are just het normal colour

  882. Dorothy Arreola says:

    Dear Dr. Dharma!

    I Stopped Tropics Steroids !!!!
    I’m 56 rash on both hands & wrist….
    Maybe psoriasis….I’ve used Zinc 200mg, coconut oil.
    What else can I use.

    Thank you,
    Dorothy the

  883. for the last five or six months i am suffering sometime stomach pain from food red rashes in body loose motion and immediate i take allopathy but immediate relief and after sometime i suffer side effect of medicine . what can i do . skill itching red rash all over the body . my age is 58 . my appitite is weak

    • SRIPARNA ROY says:

      Respected Sir,

      Kindly help me out in treating my hair fall issues due to child birth .

      Sriparna Roy

  884. Kiran Alekar says:

    From last one week both side besides my pennis and besides bump I get lots of itching and also scares om that portion.
    I tried using normal remedies like applying Kailash jeevan, or B- Tex ointment but the itching is not stopping and Iam unable to wear pants and walk to too
    Please suggest a good ointment

  885. Dr.hareera Abaid says:

    Hello sir…
    I m also a homoeopath.. My patient Ruksar jawaid age 19 years has allergic to chiken meat. When ever she eat its meat she got acne on her all body.. I need your help in this case kindly reply soon thank you

  886. Please rashes that looks like pimples on the body. What can I use for it.

  887. Ms. Rina Bala Devi says:

    I am suffering from itching on the upper part of body i.e. face,ear, nech. Some times lower part of body i.e. lower feet, pulm etc. Why? What is remedy?

  888. I shaved my 3 years old son’s head with veet, now he’s suffering ichy head, and he is in pain, how do I help him

  889. S. Balasubramanyam says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My grandson aged about three and a half years old is living in Sydney, Australia since two years.

    He gets rashes all over his body which makes him very uncomfortable particularly during night. Could you please suggest the best homeopathy medicine with potency so that he is cured.



  890. red round all body,very eching round red patch

    • red patch on all body,very etching round red patch sum time it happen only on lips and lips swell i have a baby girl on 9th Feb 2016 and same thing happing with her as well please help old people call it Peeth it happen due to heat in body

  891. Nurmohammad Naskar says:

    Skin allergy mostly in summer time and over the face rashes appear. Could not tolerate heat.Please suggest the medicine. She is fifteen years and feels better in cold.

  892. mrs s s vallal says:

    In my right thumb I have an itch and very dry slkin which breaks and when I scratch scales come. Iv been taking treatment for a very long time but didn’t work iv taken allopathic ayurwathik and homeopathic.can you help me to get rid of it

  893. Shantha. Balakrishnan says:

    Dear Doctor. I am an 70 year lady and for the past 1 year I am having burping constantly coming upto the throat through out the day and I do not have hunger at all. I eat very little –only a 1.4 cup of cooked rice for lunch , of course I take good amount of vegetables. After lunch it sort of subsides and again starts from about 4pm After dinner it is ok for some time and again I have the burping. Sometimes I feel as if there is a lot of gas stuck in throat and so has to stick my fingers into my throat and take out the gas . After a few big burpings it becomes alright –any time of the day especially during the night. I am an ardent follower of homeopathy . and so I take carbon veg –still it comes daily. Kindly suggest some medicine to give me permanent relief , please. Shantha Balakrishnan

  894. I have allergies evermorning when I wake up I have big rash like mosquito bites what can I do to remove this things

  895. Dear Dr. Sharma, I’m currently a tuberculosis patient, I have been taking medication for the passed complete two months and I will still continue with taking the medication well for the coming four months to complete the course, I have a painful itchy rash in my face and upper body that I discovered recently. How can I completely get rid of it?, please help.

  896. Hi Dr. I am 23yrs for d past 6months I have been suffering from rashes that look like pimples. Vry rough but it’s not itchy. Sometimes it will appear on my back. Sometimes my laps, sometimes my under arm, sometimes my legs. Especially my back. It’s giving serious concern because I have neva see such b4. It’s making my body look rough. Wen eva I stay to close to my friends they notice it. Please am so confused help me Doctor. I don’t know what to use pls help me.

  897. Hi Doctor.

    I hv a child of 8months old, she has been having an burning and irritation of skin on her outer part of genitals, evrytime she defecate, the shit seems to burn her because she cries, and afterwards the red colour jst get worse. Can you pls advise me on wat to use bcoz I tried many things bt nothing helps. Now she hv a scar

  898. only after sex the very next day i get these itchy misquito like bumbs that utch and 3 or 4 day it turns into a buise and go away. what is it and what can i treat it with?

  899. Resh & acne problem

  900. vijayakumar says:

    SIR,Iam having rash & itching around anus,sides of thigh,sides of scrotam. Kindly suggest medicine.

  901. Dear dr. Good morning,
    I am suffering from itching in full body, such as below of knee, thighs, small area of stomach, some hips and arms. When i go to bed time that time i feel ithes. Whenever i make itch, i got some rashes and radish, my age is 35, 78 kg weight, 6 fit height and i working in hot, as full day marketing jobs in Mumbai. I am not fair nor black. Medium colour of my body.
    So please me suggess a medicine about that problem, today i had taken a homeo medicine in morning, NUX VOM 200 one dose with plane water.

  902. sushil kumar says:

    I had suffere road accidents before 5 months and foot severed innured and look reddish in this time skin pigmentation reate slowly. I want in homeopathy remedy that my skin colour made black.please prescribe medicine

  903. My mother aged 77 used to stay in hot sweating humid climate of Kerala, gets complains irresistible itching, on all over her body, whenever she comes to stay at Bangalore when the climate is cold, dry, less humid without sweating. Her skin become dry, little scaly and develop little cracks. She complains irresistible itching, on all over her body. Even in Kerala , she experience this in comparatively cold seasons there .What is the remedy?

  904. Ashok sinha says:

    Itiching very much on between thigh, Back portion. my fore arm colour changes in black

  905. Ashok sinha says:

    Sir, meri puri body me itching hoti h uske baad waha per dane nikal jate h uske bad jab itching hoti h to us dane me se blood aata h. Jab itching hoti h us time puri body se heat nikalti h.medicine suggest kejiye
    Itiching very much on between thigh, Back portion. my fore arm colour changes in black

  906. Jyotika gadekar says:

    I have a daughter she was 4yrs old some days ago she has itching problem I try nycel powder, and leaf pest but nothing no result could you please help me

  907. Subhash Gupta says:

    Sir .
    Im skin disses pls help me

  908. k. thanigairaj says:

    Dear Sir

    I have severe skin irritation with colour change to reddish during consumption of milk, juice,any oil items or even water for the last six months. please suggest me any medicine and solutions for this problem

  909. sounds like lyme dieasse: Symptoms Lyme dieasse may progress in stages from mild symptoms to serious, long-term disabilities if left untreated. There are three stages of Lyme dieasse: early localized, early disseminated, and late persistent. Stage 1: Early localized infection (1 to 4 weeks) From 1 to 4 weeks after being infected with bacteria that cause Lyme dieasse, up to 80% of people develop an expanding, circular red skin rash (called erythema migrans). 3 For people who live in areas where Lyme dieasse most often occurs—in the United States along the Atlantic coast, the Midwest, and parts of Oregon and California—the circular rash is usually a sure sign of Lyme dieasse, especially when it appears during the summer months. In up to 50% of people who have Lyme dieasse, the expanding circular rash is accompanied by flulike symptoms such as: 6 Fatigue or lack of energy, which is the most common symptom. Headache and stiff neck. Fever and chills. Muscle and joint pain. Swollen lymph nodes. As many as 25% have only flulike symptoms (no rash) or have no symptoms at all. 2 Stage 2: Early disseminated infection (1 to 4 months) If Lyme dieasse is not detected and treated while early symptoms are present, or if you do not have early symptoms that trigger the need for treatment, the infection may spread to the skin, joints, nervous system, and heart within weeks to months after the initial infection. Symptoms at this stage may include: 7, 4 Persistent fatigue. Additional skin rashes in several places on your body that develop as the infection spreads. Pain, weakness, or numbness in the arms or legs. Inability to control the muscles of the face (paralysis of the facial nerves). Recurring headaches or fainting. Poor memory and reduced ability to concentrate. Conjunctivitis (pinkeye) or sometimes damage to deep tissue in the eyes. Occasional rapid heartbeats (palpitations) or, in rare cases, serious heart problems. 7 Stage 3: Late persistent infections If Lyme dieasse is not promptly or effectively treated, damage to the joints, nerves, and brain may develop months or years after you become infected (late Lyme dieasse). Symptoms at this stage may include: 6, 2 Swelling and pain (inflammation) in the joints, especially in the knees. Numbness and tingling in the hands, feet, or back. Severe fatigue. Partial facial nerve paralysis (Bell’s palsy), which usually occurs within the first few months after the tick bite. 8 Neurologic changes, including problems with memory, mood, or sleep and sometimes problems speaking. Chronic Lyme arthritis, which causes recurring episodes of swelling, redness, and fluid buildup in one or more joints that last up to 6 months at a time. Heart, nervous system, and joint symptoms may be the first signs of Lyme dieasse in people who did not have a rash or other symptoms of early infection. I would go to the doctor and ask to get tested for lyme as soon as possible

  910. Sir, meri puri body me itching hoti h uske baad waha per dane nikal jate h uske bad jab itching hoti h to us dane me se blood aata h. Jab itching hoti h us time puri body se heat nikalti h.maine allopath aur homeopathic ka elaj karaya but relief nahi mila ye itching mujko 7 years se h koi medicine suggest kejiye

  911. Nasreen Darvesh says:

    I have red patched on my underarms which itch very badly especially at night and are very painful,I also have developed rash on the fold of my body.

    Please prescribe something.

    • jaysree chatterjee says:

      I am having rashes mainly on hand ,back and neck area. It looks red with small red patches and itchy. With baking soda the itch diminishes but comes back within 24 hrs.
      its very itchy.
      Thank you.



  913. hajamohaideen mh says:

    Last 7 months affect from skin problem some time all place of skin redcolour and pums havey pain after 10 minuts releaf from skin

  914. Hello Dr sb, I have daughter 4 years old with skin eczema. Her arms, hands, under the eyes are red rashes. The ones on arms and hands are thick rashes which are also very itchy. Doctors say it is eczema. The creams we get from doctors only work temporary. We regularly use olive oil

  915. Dharam veer Singh says:

    hello doctor,
    red spots are appear on my skin. and much itching problem is occurred.
    so please suggest me medicine.

  916. Sanjib Kumar Kar says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma, I need your help in combating skin problems in my right thumb upper part and right little finger ,top part ,both below nails. Symptoms are horizontal cracks ,oozing blood, etching scally and dry skin, whitish look spreading from below nails towards wrist. Painful on dryness, feel soothing on applying coconut oil, boroline etc. Biochemic med 20 is not helping much. Childhood history rashes on wearing Decron shirt at age 5. Now 62.please help me. Regards Kar sk


    DEAR Dr. SHARMAji,

    I am subrahmanyam. age 32 I had been suffering psoriasis itching some times s total hole bodyin childwood, many treatment has done in homeopathy,allopathy and ayurvedic medicines but no permanent cure. plz. suggest any best medicine.Please tell me how to use medicine. which ever take care
    Thanking u sir ,


    DEAR Dr. SHARMAji,

    I am subrahmanyam. age 32 I had been itching some times s total hole bodyin childwood, many treatment has done in homeopathy,allopathy and ayurvedic medicines but no permanent cure. plz. suggest any best medicine.Please tell me how to use medicine. which ever take care
    thanking u sir ,

  919. a.b.chakraborty says:

    Very itching for last 3 months at my back side of waist , many treatment has done in homeopathy,allopathy
    also.but no permanent cure. plz. suggest any best medicine.
    thank you,

  920. I developed a small squarish patch of lighter skin on my shin.this area has become layers of tough skin on that does not itch but if I happen to hit it while shaving it then appears like a scar although there has been no injury there.i have not seen my daughter for a long time.she showed me a similar one and asked did I think it was a skin cancer .i live in Florida she does not have the same exposure .we were shocked to have the same strange thing .its growing back it’s strange layers as before of tough odd skin .what is it ?

    • Mohammad Ayaz Siddiqui says:

      Doctor Sahib, I am suffering from psoriasis last 6-7 years and I am 47 years old, so please any medicine in this purpose.


  921. SUROJIT GHOSH says:

    I am 30 years old and suffiring from severe itching specially in hands underarm and legs and leg fold areas. There are red rashes and scalp while itching and having burning sensation. I am a area manager in Pharma company so need to have frequent travel. Kindly suggest any medicine or advice to get rid of this problem.


  922. bimal chandra halder says:

    My wife age 54 years has been suffering from skin alergy since last 30 years. The disease aggravate during the rainy and wetty season, as we lived in Kolkata, the weather remains wetty round the year and maximum humadity remains in air. So many doctors have been consulted regarding her disease but the condition is worsening day by day. She is unable to use any type of soap in her body. skin is very much smooth and nothing is appeared on the skin. After taking bath she become very much restless even one and half hours. During this period she remains in a close room for itching . I have also made her alergy test. the test shows that alergy has accumulated under her skin. Kindly advice.

  923. AMANDEEP SINGH says:

    Dear Sir

    Kindly Suggest me medicine for skin allergy. Every Day Morning and evening my body skin gets red and uneven skin like mosquito bites in all over body except face. Kindly Suggest Homoeopathic medicine.

  924. Dear Sir,
    mine is a very different itching problem.
    i am getting it daily on my hands and sometimes at lower part of thighs. during that period there are some red marks on the Skin specially near my hands, fingers and they disappear after some time. this will be there for abht two hours and then disappear, but during this time it will be difficult to control.
    Just aviod this i was using tab Levocet (levocetrezine) daily once and when i use it i dont get it that itching sensation, but when i mis for couple of days it will return.
    Kindly suggest a medication and permanent solution for this.
    I am a Heart patient ( with stent in my heart) and i use Tabs like Telma, Fineheart, Dospin, K-ion, Cardivass regularly.


  925. Hello sir actually I went out of station and stayed at my friend’s house yesterday only i came and i got red small itchy bumps on my arms & legs i think on the bed which i slept it was non-hygiene kindly help me out

  926. Mukesh Dubey says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma ,, my wife having a pyogenic granuloma on neck,just increased in 3,4 months,also multiple flat warts on face, colour fair, age 34, past history of hypothyroidism, nephritis,jaundice, family h:m:osteoarthritis, f:hernia,bph,cardiac failure,,,likes sour n spicy , more, sweets2+,no dislikes aversions, chilly, thirst normal,anger n irritability ++:on wrong things,plz suggest any holistic medicine for her.

  927. pramod kumar patra says:

    itching over the body, no respite without scratching and after scratching there is redness and uneven surface in the body. it happens any part of the body. more in chest region, collar region, shoulder, back and hands. I had taken ECHINACEA ANG. 30, SULPHUR 200 AND DULCAMARA 30. No result. Now i am taking allopathic medicine Alegra 120 twice daily. In the long it will be harmful. please suggest me Homeopathic medicine.

  928. hello
    My son aged 32 develops red rash the size of one rupee coin on his body after eating chana Dal or sesame or khuskhus ,there is also itching at night,it goes of after 2-3 days,.no other health problems or allergies.

  929. Guatis Pineda says:

    Good day, Dr. Sharma! Thank you for your kind and generous sharing of your knowledge on homeopathy.
    May i please ask if what would be the best remedy for multiple sneezing with runny nose but not teary eyed, similar to the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. I usually get it when i wake up in the morning. I already tried Allium Cepa several times but it did not work for me. One time i was suffering from it continuously the whole day for almost 4 days. Suddenly when i took Gelsemium for my nervous feeling before attending a meeting that i need to make presentations, even the symptoms of allergic rhinitis got cured, too. However, for the past days, everytime i would have same symptoms, when i take either Allium Cepa or Gelsemium, both do not work anymore.
    I would highly appreciate your kind help on my health problem. Thank you so much and more power to you!

  930. Hello Sir,
    I am 31 yr old suffering from terrible itching in thighs, private parts areas and on hips. there are thick black patches also on these areas and on right leg which itches terribly and if I scratch then first watery substance and blood comes. I am suffering this from last 4 yrs and have gone through two times Ayurvedic panch karma treatment also but it is temporary relief. the problem is as it is plz help me in this regard,
    thank u so much

  931. Bhupinder Singh says:

    Good Afternoon

    My mother is 79 years, is taking medicine for heart since 2006 after stent operation. For the last three months she is facing itching problem all over the body.
    We have done blood test etc even after taking advise from 3 doctors one after another there is no sign of relief.
    Please advise what to do and where to go!!!

  932. hello sir I need help. meri 21 days ki beti h.usse 1 week se skin m red ,small eruption hogya h .neck and face m jyada h.trunk aur back side jayda nahi h.sir aap plz give some remedy .i m anxious about this.

  933. I have allergy on face

  934. Hello doctor i m neha singh from lucknow mam i m suffering from skin itching and rashes..because of may be drug allergy…
    Symptoms firstly redness spots and then itching and sensations..
    Mam plz help me and tell d name of this disease and homeopathic medicine also plz…

    • jagadish kumar says:

      Sir, I jagadish age:22 from vizag i suffering from skin ellargey from last three weeks on thighs , back side body ,nd private parts on two back i meet to doctor Madhu babu he gave medicines clomic, hhmite soap,permilin lotion but no use so pls prescribe me medicine for speedy recovery.

      Thankingyou sir,

  935. My baby is 1.5 yrs old and he have little pimple like allergy in his hand and leg during last 20 days ,when we cunsult to doctor he told its allergy od antibiotic which he take during viral fever and give another antibiotic but til now mo relief. Pls help us and tell the name of this disease.

  936. Dear Doctor
    I am suffering from facial redness and black ness problems
    Symptoms. First itching,rednss,scale formation ,
    After shading of scales permanent blakish and redness of face.
    I don’t know name of this disease
    I want my original fairness. Kindly help me


  938. JANMAJIT PAUL says:

    I have been suffering too much from itching skin allergy since the year 2007. Skin allergies are red colour sometimes small and sometime big like mosquito bite. When I use my nail for itching all allergies like mosquito bites convert to many small blood spots. Potato,Egg,Meat arise itching red skin allergy too much. I am also suffering from small worms which are available in rectum at night or on using any sweet item.

    Sir please prescribe me medicine for speedy recovery.
    Thanking you.

  939. Girija Subramanian says:

    i have cotinuous itching all over the body. i have psorasis type in both the legs which disturbs my sleep. i have started homeopathy medicines. but it is not of much use. if i apply castor oil on the wound i feel better for some time. i am diabetic also…i am worried that wound in the leg should not aggravate and in the process my leg should not get amputated in the near future. i am 58 years working lady…suggest some home remedies also if possible

  940. Nimish Golyan says:

    Sir, I had recently recovered from viral fever and now suffering from immense itching all over my body. Rashes are only visible on my back. Sir I have Priorly gone through chicken pox, too. What to do?

  941. For last preagnancy after 3-year.iam feeling in UTI problem.Mostely urine not completely discharge from bladder and burning feel after urine age is 38.

  942. M.M. Mathew says:

    My grand child (male aged 3.5 yrs.) gets cold attacks repeatedly. This leads to sneezing, cough for few days. Both homeo and allopathic treatment is given to the baby. Now his cold is less, but nose irritates, he puts his finger into the nose opening where one can see small boils. Outside the nose, just below it and above upper lips, there are rashes seen. Also he tells of itching on the anus part, thigh, leg and foot. I have seen a boil on the foot near ankle which is slightly swollen and with pus. It pains him too much. We took him to a hoemopath who gave some medicated pills. We do not know the name of the medicine

    Can you please help in this case. A quick reply is awaited.

  943. Mohammad Arbi says:

    Good morning sir,
    I ,Mohammad Arbi suffering from itching on my body since last six month,basically,thigh,under arm,hip,neck stomach etc and a ring occur .sir my treatment is going on with allopathic medicine but there is no response.
    pls suggest me any best homeopathic medicine that i get rid off from this desease.
    I will very thankful to u sir.
    mob no-9582408021

  944. Annie Addington says:

    My close friend has terrible skin problems. He plays the fiddle. He has been told he is allergic to steroids and must never take them again. He has no medical insurance. I felt that homeopathy was probably the way to go. His rash is worse under his chin (where it is in contact with the violin) It is scaly and weeps. I have seen a rash all over his body as well. It is more like red raised areas that look blistery. He says he is allergic to rosin. What do you suggest. We would be most grateful.

  945. 50 yrs. old suffering from PHOTOPHYTO DERMATITIS w.e.f. 15yrs

  946. Santanu Ghosh says:

    Dr. Sharma
    my son is suffering from skin allergy, which is characterized by redness,itching like hives (urticaria) with fever, after few hours it spread over all the parts of the body and become bigger, in the morning no redness, no itching nothing else is there. but it again starts at near about 11:00 am or later.
    what should i do please suggest me?
    thanking you

  947. Dr Mohammed Mohiuddin says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    Adab and greetings from Bangladesh. I am 57 yrs old male. I donot have any diabetic problem, My weight is 75 kg with 5’7″ height. I am suffering from primary Jsogren disease for the last 3-4 yrs. This disease has been diagnosed after conducting all the necessary tests. I am taking allopathic medicine for dry mouth and eyes as per suggestion of rheumatologist. Recently I am suffering severe skin itching due dry skin and it become severe at night. Would you please suggest me homeo medicine for jsogren and skin itching problem.
    Hope I would get your suggestion at earliest time.

  948. Doctor
    I have a allergy under my foot
    After every 2 or 3 months there are some Blisters with a lot of itching
    And water is also coming from that infected area

    Plz suggest what should I do

  949. sir Maine ek dawakhana she 2 dose mota padne ki dawai li toh dusre din se hi main part me itching suru ho gai thi par abhi tak chal rhi hai 2 saal ho hai kahi dawai kha chuka hu .sir koi solution batao.

  950. mujhe kuch samay ka subah nahane ke baad allergy ho jati hai. chehre me bde 2 dane, chaktte ho jate hain . chehre me swelling aa jati hai. jinme khujli hoti hai. kai baar adhaa chehra lal aur aadhaa chehra normal rhta hain. so please mujhe koi achhi si medician batane ka kast karen.

  951. shyamal. kumar says:

    Good evening sr I have been suffering from rashes and itching In my both thigh for three years. Now I have tired. Please give me solution for this I will very grateful to you

  952. I’ve been using movate cream for long time nw my skin is light & I can see my viens I try to stop using it bt my skin Is intching too much like crazy

  953. MD Motiur Rahman says:

    I am suffering Bron & spot on my face. what I can do?

  954. Saif uddin says:

    hello Dr.sharma my name is Saif m suffering from fungal infection in my scalp since 2years.,..4 which m losing my hair…plz suggest me madicn..thnx

  955. Dr.sharma i have a serious problem ok what i have is that my vagina lips are always sweating down there and has a foul smell to it also it feels very raw and it itche’s down there and hurts when i walk a little .also it hurts when i wipe myself wipeing forward.then i also get a yellow discharge also.and when i boo boo and i wipe back there when i finished it feels like bugs are crawling through my anus hole and i can feel them crawling through out my body and inside my face area also i can feel them biting me inside my butt also .dr.sharma 91 is there anyway that you can please help me out please i am going crazy everynight with the same problem me at (323)396-6944 call me so we can talk on the phone please.

  956. I have a recurring rash of red patches which itchy l0t ,I trued urticaria urens nothing in 30 cc and cream form.

    It went but has now come back again.
    I also have a metallic taste in my mouth and am suffering bloat and stomach cramps.
    Please help.
    I am faur with a Sebastian skin

  957. Tarun verma says:

    My daughter of 10 yr is suffering from skin allergy.She has rasheses on her back and covered area. Her skin is tough , dry , itchy skin. Advice me some medicine. Thanks

  958. suraj hati says:

    Hello doctor I m 31 yrs old..with the first contact with water…my body started itching…every now and then my whole body itches…it happened before also…i took homeopathy medicine…and I got it starts again…give me some useful tip…

  959. I amsufering from itching all over my body I consulted two skin splist. by no benefit its all over body I fell like someone pushing needles all over my body. Kindly suggest anything u please.
    Thank u

  960. I m suffering from 8 years old skin disease, It started in early 2006. It appears on neck, butt, thies & sometimes on face too. Feels like itching… I’ve taken many medicines of Homeopathic/Ayurvedic to cure it but no use.

  961. Live many years in north India .this year has been extremely hot and end of June I had suddenly pale clay colour stools for few days and during that time I start itching here and there on the body .now itching is more on arms ,behind the ears, down the face ,hips .due to extrem itching I scratch and now I have scratched skin away . I used allergic medicines 10 days got no relief . It’s spreading on hands the itch and I can’t stop scratching .in the beginning on arms was a feeling as if something is crowling under the skin ,than I noticed some tiny pimple like and itch and I scratch.please what is it ? What can I do for this problem my stool is normal now.thanks

  962. ma pennis at d top..i.e. foreskin has became red..n der is smthn whitish type of thing under foreskin…its iching…n smtym pain when i try to pull bk ma foreskin..waht should b d treatment

    • Md Hasan Raza says:

      hello sir,
      i have also skin iching problem in my whole body from last 3 years.i took medicine CANDIFORCE, FLUCONAZOLE,TERBINAFINE,TECZINE. it has reduce itching for some days but when i leave’s again increase.plese suggest me permanent solution


    Dear sir,

    I have suffering from skin allergy(itching more in the over all body) please solution sir.

    • Khushi Sharma says:

      Dr, doctor
      I am khushi Sharma. Me v bahut pareshan Hu 6yrs se meri all over body me itching hoti h, or rashes ho Jati h red color ki. So, I request help me….
      Me aapko Bata du ki me sb Jagah treatment Kara kr thak chuki Hu, so pls aap meri is Bimari ka solution Nikal dijiye. Or Mujhe completely good kr dijiye.

  964. S.N. Chandradsekhara says: