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Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies for Skin Rashes

A skin rash can be described as any change in the skin that can impact its color, texture or look. A rash can result in itching, chapping, blistering, swelling, change in color, etc, which may or may not be accompanied by pain. A skin rash can either be localized, affecting a specific body part, or it can spread to the entire body. A skin rash can result in not only discomfort or pain but also awkwardness about your look. There are some kinds of skin rashes that disappear on their own, like the heat rash and swimmer’s itch, while there are others, such as rosacea and shingles, that call for medical intervention. Homeopathic remedies for skin rashes are comparatively safe and successful since they have practically no side-effects, something which is very crucial for patients suffering from rashes. homeopathic remedies for skin rashes

Kinds of Skin Rashes

Some kinds of rashes that occur commonly are: Eczema occurs in the case of individuals with allergies or asthma. It is characterized by a red, itchy, and scaly rash. Psoriasis is marked by red, scaly, itchy patches on the joints and the scalp. It occurs especially on the fingernails. Impetigo occurs mostly in children and is characterized by red sores which form into blisters, ooze, and then turn into a crust. Shingles are a painful blistered skin condition triggered by that very virus that causes chickenpox. Rashes can also be related to common childhood diseases like measles, roseola, rubella, chickenpox, hand-foot-mouth disease, scarlet fever and the like. Rashes can also be synonymous with certain medical conditions like lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, and the Kawasaki disease.

Causes of Skin Rashes

The factors for skin rashes are as wide-ranging as the kinds of rashes themselves.  From infections, heat, and immune system disorders to medications and allergens like chemicals in elastic, rubber products, cosmetics, soaps, detergents or dyes in clothing, virtually anything can trigger a rash. Interestingly, even oily skin, infrequent shampooing, and alcohol-based lotions can lead to skin rashes. Age, stress, fatigue and weather extremes can often compound this irksome skin condition. Among the other common causes of rashes is a reaction to vaccination, food allergy, friction due to the brushing of skin, menstruation, secondary syphilis, skin conditions such as acne and fungal infection in the form of ringworm.

Homeopathic Medicines for Skin Rashes

Sulphur, I find, is ideal for redness and rashes that aggravate at night. Medoohinum is suited for treating the fiery red rash around the anus in babies. Lithium Carb works best in case of a rough rash all over the body and tough, dry, itchy skin.  Caladium is to be given to patients of an itching rash that alternates with asthma. I feel Belladonna is very helpful in case of eruptions like scarlatina which spread suddenly. Astacus Fluv is an effective remedy for a rash and itching all over the body. Sarsaparilla works well for a rash that results from exposure to open air and causes dry itching.

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  1. Mery bazu main rashes ho rhi hn boht zyada.

  2. Manash Das says:

    Good morning Dr. I am here to get some medicinal advice for my 6 years old grand son, who has some small rashes on his mouth skin left side, less than half inch, colour slightly blackish

  3. John Campbell says:

    Hi Dr. I moved to North Carolina in July 2020, from living in high desert Arizona for 18 years.

    I seem to be very sensitive (allergic) to many of the wild plants here. Mostly grass type plants. Just a short exposure on my skin and I get a blister type reaction that gets a raised skin area with fluid inside. These blister type eruptions will break very easily.

    I had many skin allergies as a child in Michigan. The allergies were gone since I was in my 50’s and 60’s while in Texas and Arizona.

    Thank you so much for any homeopathic you can refer me to.

  4. DR. Can u say me what is the best medicine or body lotion for skin allergy pls

  5. Sukhpreet kaur says:

    Hi mere name sukhpreet kaur hai aur hum forn main raha ta hai mere husband ko daad khuji ki problem 2years ho chuke

  6. Vivek Upadhyay says:

    Pure body pe red pimpals arahe aur khujli hoti h eske liye kaunshi madicine lu

  7. Mujhe homeopathy treatment lete hue 15se20din ho chuke h par mujhe skin allergy m koi fayada nhi hua h balki mere hands,face or neck k aas pass itching bahut jayada ho gayi hai

  8. I need help for eczema, with natural and that really works and give good effective results with out any side effects. Please help me really suffering.

  9. Hi, my four-year-old son had a severe reaction to amoxicillin. We took him to the emergency room and they diagnosed him with a having a reaction to the amoxicillin He developed a Maculopapular rash (also called Morbilliform). It’s all over his body and is severely itchy. Benadryl doesn’t seem to help and they also told us it wouldn’t. I try to couple homeopathy remedies from my kit but nothing seems to be helping or at least doesn’t seem that way. I’m looking for a remedy that might help with this

  10. Twonda Watson says:

    I am having an outbreak with shingles due to child hood chicken pox can I use a cupful of bleach to ease itching and irritating? I am on steroids for five days and almost done with antibiotics.

  11. Sir/Madam, My age 55 yrs ,my skin eaching whenever my dress open & during sun ray. Affected area likes red .so pl suggest which homoeopathy medicine best for me.

  12. Saroj Kumar sahoo says:

    Eczima &skin redness cure homeopathy medicine

  13. I have been having this raches on one particular part of my thigh,I’ve tried different medications and anti fungal cream but they seem not to be working …pls what can I use ?

    • Jeanette Allen says:

      I have what appears to be a fungus top thumbs; can you help?

    • M. D. PANICKER says:

      I am male 65 yrs old. I have been using cetrazin pills for lastmore than 10 years for Itching, redness, rashes which occurred very often on various parts of body. I have used ars. Album 30ch but no response.

      Can you suggest any good homeo medicines.

      M. D. Panicker

  14. I think that I have a Steinernema skin rash infection. Can you help with a cure?

  15. Dinayen claris says:

    Hello my son has some rashes on his face and his hands really dont know what to use.its itching abit and just like heart rash

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