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How to Get Rid Of Boils With Homeopathic Medicines

Everyone develops boils at some point of time in their life. Usually, these are not very serious and heal within a week’s time. Small or sparse boils can be managed at home through simple home remedies. Boils usually become soft and form a head filled with pus which can be drained easily. Either they burst, or drain out on their own. But some people try to squeeze or prick boils, which should be strictly avoided as it can result in an infection. Homeopathic medicine for boils can help to control the inflammation and relieve pain, redness, and tenderness in the affected area.

Boils (also known as furuncles) are a form of skin infection that usually starts in the hair follicles. First, redness of the skin occurs, leading to the development of a tender lump or nodule. Within a week’s time, it turns white as the pus cells collect under the skin. The pain keeps on growing until the boil ruptures and drains. The swollen area on the surface is caused by an accumulation of the pus and dead tissue.

Homeopathic Treatment for Boils

Some people have a tendency to form boils, and if the condition is not treated correctly, it can become a chronic, recurrent problem. A well-indicated homeopathic remedy can help minimize the progression of infection and address the chronic tendency to develop boils. Homeopathic medicine for boils can be used at each stage of development of a boil. For example, homeopathic remedy Belladonna can help combat the pain and inflammation, while Silicea can reduce the pus. There are specific medications available to treat boils on different parts of the body. Medicines like Sulphur and Syphillinum can help reduce the tendency of an individual to develop recurrent boils. Homeopathy works gradually to boost the immune system and is a natural treatment option for boils.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Boils

Silicea – Top Grade Homeopathic Medicine for Boils

Silicea for boils is a top grade homeopathic medicine that is prepared from the trituration of pure, precipitated silica. It is a homeopathic medicine which promotes suppuration and thus hastens recovery. Boils usually start at the injured places, and Silicea can heal hard, nodular boils that tend to suppurate (form pus). It also helps remove any foreign bodies that enter the surface of the skin, and also works well in cases where crops of boils that do not heal quickly (and sting when touched).

Myristica Sebifera – Homeopathic Medicine for Boils with Pus Formation

Homeopathic medicine Myristica Sebifera is derived from the trituration of red, acrid gum obtained by incising the bark of the Brazilian Ucuba plant. Myristica has strong antiseptic properties and works well to treat abscesses and carbuncles. It is used extensively to avoid surgery for boils, and it hastens the suppuration process.

Hepar-Sulph – Homeopathic Medicine for Boils that are Painful and Tender

Hepar sulph is a homeopathic medicine used to treat conditions where the skin is unhealthy and tends to form pus on the slightest injury. It is recommended in cases where there is the formation of localized inflammatory boils in the lymph nodes and cellular tissues. These may be highly painful and sensitive to touch. Large boils with multiple openings with discharge that smells like cheese may be present. When given in the early stages of pus formation, this medicine can stop the formation of the pus.

Other Important Homeopathic Medicines for Boils

Sulphur – Homeopathic Medicine for Recurrent Boils

Sulphur is a homeopathic medicine derived from the saturated solution of sulphur in absolute alcohol (which constitutes the tincture). The potency for prescribing this remedy depends upon the presenting symptom. Sulphur for boils is recommended in cases where there is a slow maturation of the boils. Boils usually come in crops and occur on various parts of the body, developing in quick succession. Boils that develop recurrently and periodically (chronic tendency) are treated well with sulphur.

Calcarea Sulph – Homeopathic Medicine for Boils with Thick Yellow Discharge

Calcarea Sulph is a homeopathic remedy that is used to treat suppurative (pus-filled) boils. The boils have a characteristic thick, lumpy and yellow discharge. Crops of boils tend to appear recurrently. One boil is preceded by the occurrence of another, even when the older one hasn’t healed.

Psorinum: Homeopathic Medicine for Boils on the Head

Psorinum is a homeopathic medicine used to treat boils that develop on the head. The patient has an abnormal tendency to develop skin diseases. The boils develop due to the secretion of excessive sebum. The eruptions bleed easily and continuously and tend to suppurate. The scalp looks dirty, and boils have a fetid, offensive odor.

Belladonna – Homeopathic Medicine for Boils in the First Stage of Development

Belladonna is an excellent homeopathic medicine that is prescribed during the first stage of the inflammation of boils when there is no pus formation. Red and hot swelling of the affected part, sensitivity to touch, and sudden spreading of the boils are the main symptoms. The color of the skin may turn blue in the later stage.

Lachesis – Homeopathic Medicine for Boils with Bluish-Purple Surroundings

Lachesis act well where carbuncles (collection of pus-filled boils) with bluish purple surroundings are present. A succession of carbuncles and painless boils is usually present. Carbuncles do not tend to run a full course, and every eruption further gets deteriorated. Excessive burning of the skin, malignant furuncles which are painful, turn blue and spread easily, and the occurrence of large boils with intense pain are some other symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic Medicine for Boils with Excessive Burning

Arsenic album is a specific remedy for boils with burning pain. The boils tend to occur in different parts of the body. There is low-grade fever with the occurrence of boils. A thin, acrid discharge from the boils may be present, and there can be multiple boils occur with marked periodicity.

Apart from these, there are many other homeopathic medicines available to treat boils. These include:

Picric Acid: Picric Acid is a homeopathic medicine for boils that develop in the external ear.

Berberis Vulgaris: Boils near the anus with fistula can be treated well by Berberis Vulgaris, which also prevents their reoccurrence.

Arnica: Arnica works well for small boils that occur recurrently, one after the other with extreme pain and soreness.

Carbolic Acid: Carbolic Acid is a homeopathic medicine that is used to treat carbuncles in the lumbar region (especially in diabetics).

Carbo Anamalis: Carbo Anamalis is a homeopathic medicine for boils that form on the axilla (armpit region).

Secale Cornotum: This remedy works well for small, painful boils with green contents that mature slowly and heal gradually, causing weakness.

Phosphorus: Small, blood boils that occur on the nape of the neck, chest, and thighs are treated well with Phosphorus.

Nitric Acid: Nitric Acid is used to treat large boils on the nape of neck, scapula, thighs, and legs with many openings.

Kali-Iodatum: Small boils that occur on the neck, scalp, back, and chest, with pus are treated well with Kali Iodatum. They often leave behind scars.

Causes of Boils

Boils are usually not contagious, but the underlying infectious agent (Staphylococcal Aureus) present in the fluid inside the boil can spread infection (if the boil occurs as a result of a Staphylococcus infection) when there is a direct contact of the secretions from an open boil.

Having recurrent or chronic tendencies of developing boils/furuncles is known as furunculosis. It can be highly a discomforting and troublesome to the sufferer. This should never be ignored, as it can compromise the immunity and lead to severe complications in the future.

In most cases, the exact cause of the boil cannot be determined. However, a break in the skin barrier usually increases the chances of developing an abscess from the boil. Some common causes of boils include:

Bacteria – Staphylococcus Aureus

It is the most common agent that is involved in the development of boils. It is a bacterium which is most commonly found on our skin and inside the nose. It can enter the skin from cuts or wounds and travel down to infect and inflame one or more hair follicles, resulting in the development of boils.


The presence of any foreign particle under the skin (that has made its way from cuts, wounds or the insect bites) can lead to an infection, which causes inflammation under the skin and lead to the development of a boil.

An infection in the sweat glands can clog the glands and cause the development of a boil.

Ingrown Hair

Sometimes, boils can be caused by an ingrown hair under the skin. This can cause localized inflammation. Ingrown hairs grow out of the skin, but then curl back and re-enter the skin. The hair follicle can also be clogged with dead skin cells, which forces the hair to grow inwards.

Sites Affected

Boils can appear almost anywhere on the body. They most commonly occur in the areas where there is a production of sweat, or where there is friction. Such sites usually involve the:

· Face

· Neck and Shoulders

· Armpits (Axilla)

· Chest and Back

· Arms and Legs

· Buttocks and Thighs

· Anus

· On gums (Where they are called Gumboil)

Boils: Signs and Symptoms

Stages of Boils

First Stage: The infection begins, leading to the inflammation of the affected. It usually occurs suddenly.

Second Stage: A bumpy, red, hard growth appear on the skin.

Third Stage: Localised formation of the pus under the skin around the hair follicle.

Fourth Stage: The development of boil progresses to a yellow or white centered elevated lump filled with pus. This is visible when the boil is ready to drain and discharge the pus.

Size of the Boils

The size of a boil can range from being pea-sized to the size of a golf-ball.

Pain in the Boils 

The pain (if any) in a boil can range from mild to moderate but can become severe in case of complications. The frequency and intensity of the pain can vary from patient to patient. The pain can be sharp, stitching, throbbing or burning in character.

Warm Sensation in the Boils 

The area affected can be warm to the touch. In fact, the sensation of warmth can be felt by anyone examining the affected part.

Mild Fever due to Boils 

In some cases, the person may have a mild fever that develops with the appearance of boils.


Boils can be extremely painful to the touch, but the intensity and character of pain are different in each case.

Number of Boils 

Boils can be singular or appear in the form of clusters. The connected area of infection under the skin usually results in the formation of a group of boils known as a carbuncle. Carbuncles generally cause severe infections and adverse effects, leaving scars behind. Areas like the neck, shoulder, and thighs are more commonly affected.

Boils: Contributing Factors

Systemic factors affect the resistance of an individual and can make him more prone to develop boils. These may include:

· Diabetes mellitus

· Obesity

· Kidney failure

· Hematological disorders

· Bacterial carriage in the nostrils

· Autoimmune disorders

· Poor hygiene

· Malnutrition

· Chemicals that irritate the skin

· Cuts or wounds that don’t heal readily or are not kept clean and covered.

· Hypogammaglobulinemia: Diseases in which there is an inadequate production of antibodies. This can also increase the risk of development of boils.

· Any other skin condition that causes excessive itching resulting in damaging of the skin’s protective barrier like acne, eczema etc. These can predispose an individual to get boils and carbuncles.

· Medications: Any medicines that are used for other illnesses that weaken the immune system including cortisone medications or immune-suppressants can cause an increase in the susceptibility of an individual to acquire infections (that can lead to the development of the boils).

· Close contact with someone having staphylococcus infection.

· Family history: A person who is having recurrent boils will usually be having a family history involved of any other diseases that can make the immune system weaker.

Types of Boils

There are different types of boils. These are named with reference to the place of their occurrence. Some of them are:

Cystic Acne
It is an uncommon condition and usually severe in nature. Overproduction of sebum or overgrowth of the skin cells can cause clogging in the pores. As a result, red, bumpy, hard and extremely painful boils filled with pus can erupt in the affected areas, most commonly on the face, back or chest. Teenagers are typically affected by this condition. They are more severe than the regular acne and generally give an idea about the underlying infection. Hormones play an important role in their development.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa
This is a rare condition and usually lasts for a long time. In this condition, there are multiple abscesses formed deep into the hair follicles which have many oil and sweat glands. They also tend to develop in areas where the skin rubs together, like the axilla/armpits, buttocks, under the breasts, and in the groin area. Small boils form first, leading to the development of formation of enlarged bumps that burst and release the pus. Treatment should be taken for these non-healing, painful and recurrent abscesses since they often leave scars.

Pilonidal Cyst
It is a condition in which a boil appears on the base of the skin, It is formed upon the crease of the nates/buttocks, and an infection can lead to the formation of an abscess in the area. Inflammation occurs at first due to direct pressure, irritating the area. After some time, the inflamed area gets enlarged, hard and very painful, leading to the formation of a lump or nodule. This causes extreme difficulty in standing, sitting or lying.

Boils: Diagnosis

Diagnosis can be made upon physical examination. Immediate medical help is required if someone gets boils that are very painful, occur frequently and worsen quickly.


In the individuals who are generally healthy otherwise, the boils mostly resolve on their own, within a week without scarring and may require no treatment. Boils can be treated well within time with homeopathic remedies. Complications in the cases of boils are rare and usually occur in patients having low immunity or those who are taking medications (for some other diseases) to suppress the immune activity.

Complications from Boils

Complications from boils are rare, but tend to develop over time in case boils are not appropriately treated. Some of these include:

· Spread of the infection to the family members, as the fluid inside the boils having staphylococcal bacteria can be contagious.

· Recurrence of the boils: Associated skin disease favors recurrence.

· Boils can leave scars.

· Abscess: Boils when not treated well, can progress to form an abscess.

· Fever: High-grade fever, swollen lymph nodes can be a severe complication.

· Succession of Boils: Appearance of another boil even when the first one hasn’t healed.

· Sepsis: Although the condition is rare, the bacteria from a boil can enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body, causing sepsis.

Preventing Boils

Some methods to help avoid boils through infections include:

· Washing hands: Maintaining hygiene and washing hands properly with an alcohol-based rub or mild soap can help prevent infections.

· Keeping the wounds or cuts on the skin clean and covered to avoid skin infections.

· Not using any clothes, towels, sheets that belong to the infected person, especially in cases of staphylococcal infection. In case a family member is suffering from this condition, the articles used by them must be washed and dried carefully.

· Maintaining good personal hygiene.

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    Dr. Sharma

    I have had recurring abscesses in my buttock tissue adjacent to my anus for a few months.
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    Presently it is about 3 Sq CM and purple red, with NO HEAD. It looks like and feels like it is enlarging within the tissue as well. It is very swollen and now more uncomfortable than before.

    I have tried:

    Tea Tree Oil
    Colliodal Silver
    Calendula Ointment
    Hep Sulp 30 CH
    Sulphur 30 CH

    I would like to use Silica but I have a cervical fusion from C3 through C7 with Titanium.

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    I get small boils frequently any where on the body and some times one of such boils grows really big and troubles me. I have to go to a Doctor under such circumstances and get it PRICKED and remove the puss, take Antibiotics for 5 days and then repeated GM dressing BO (as I could read from the prescription) for 3 days or more.

    Hope the explanation given is sufficient to give a proper opinion.

    Thanks a lot in anticipation.

    Sincerely yours,

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    Why has it recurred? Pl advise medication.

  49. It started out with 1 boil on my belly it went away then I got another on my vagina tried Prid I guess I didn’t take out all the pus cause then I got another and another then on my butt by my anal which I also have nemmorroids then on my butt cheeks i got another one ihad a really itchy rash went away as today I still hAve them on my vagina on my butt cheeks and hives is it possible I have infection in my blood no fever thank goodness plz help

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  53. Hello Dr.Sharma

    I have a vulvar abscess since 6 weeks now but my doctos said she is not sure if it is a battholin abscess or not because when she saw my the whole area was swollen and infected and i was in horrible pain after few days of iv antibiotics it burst but still there is a swollen hard part that is not going away and now it started to hurt. Can you please tell me which homeopathic medicin will help my condition

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    Therefore need your valid opinion sir

  55. Bhavna kalra says:

    I have been having recurrent painful boils at two points on my back I have noticed a new one coming up further down.i am 43 yrs old and got my sugar checked.i have had antibiotics for a month to cure myself .PL suggest a homeopathy remedy to avoid further boils altogether

  56. Samarth Mishra says:

    Sir my grandmother is 95 yes old. She is having abcess in back side of thigh. Taking antibiotics daily dressing but pus is coming more .She is having history of fall and tuberculosis.

  57. Cynthia Cronan says:

    Can you recommend a remedy for an abscess . It has been diagnosed as an abscess in the arthritis in the shoulder. The pus in the abscess is very hard. Thank you so much for you expertise.

  58. Sir my daughter age 19 yrs is suffering from a pilodinal cyst or a tailbone absess since August 2016.kindly suggest a homeopathic remedy to cure this problem from it’s roots .

    • Greetings, Dr. Sharma!
      I am 68 years old and have an abscess, in my tailbone, intermittently for several years. It comes and lasts average of 1 to 2 weeks, then goes away on its own. I then get a recurrence about 4 – 6 months later. Cycle begins again. Steroids have only worked as a band-aid. (I eat mostly fruits, nuts and vegetables daily.) Thank you very much in advance for your recommendation. I value your opinion!

  59. Deborah jane says:

    Hello, Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.
    My beautiful daughter is 25 years old and has in the past year or more experienced extreme chalysia on her one eyelid. She has treated it aggressively with hot compressed which seem to help but it takes weeks and sometimes doesn’t seem to completely go away. In addition she also is getting occasional boil type acne. Our ophthamologist suggested the chalyshia is a skin rather than an eye condition. He labeled it as a symptom of rosasea. Probiotics were recommended and she is taking them. What homeopathic tissue salts do you suggest for this condition.? I think some of it seems stress related. Thanks so much for your help!

  60. i have been getting repeated boils on my inner thigh and butt for the past 1.5 months. they begin small and get really painful and full of pus. i have been applying hot fermentaion, haldi paste. and was prescribed hepar sulphur. despite doing this for a week, it kept getting bigger and more painful. i switched to augmentin 625 and it subsided. but has resurfaced in another spot. how do i stop this cycle. moreover access to homeopathic meds is a challenge. i have once again started hepar sulpur and applied tea tree oil and haldi and hot fermentation. it impairs my movement and restricts me to the house.

  61. Pawan Kumar Nirala says:

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Pawan. Sir, I am suffering from abscess/pimple(in small size) from 2 months. I have got on few places like on my left hand, on my right thigh. It does not hurt but it itches and pus is coming out and become like crystal. Sometime i feel it is getting better about 80% but again it rise up and start itching and blowing (pus).
    Sir, I am 26 years old, my height is 6’2″ and my weight is about 70 kg. I do stay in Hostel. So sir, Help me.

  62. sangita prasad says:

    Sir very recently I found a lump of skin on top inside my right is irritating

  63. Sarojini verma says:

    Dr sharma After using hair color my scalp starts itching n there is pus also please suggest some good remedy n hair color which has no such irritation in my head
    Thanks Sarojini verma

  64. Mridula saxena says:

    I get recurrent boils on the inside edges of nostrils. Start with a pin- pricking feeling, develops into a hard boil within hours, boil swells on the inside and redness on the outer nose skin. Too much pulsating pain, eye on the side of the affected nostril waters and gets small in size, teeth and cheek bones on the affected side pain a lot. Takes abt 5 days to fully develop and another 4 – 5 days to subside. Crust comes out twice or thrice from the inside of the nostril and the redness on outer side becomes blackish.

  65. Hi Doctor

    I am suffering from boil pain on my hip (right side) and its difficult to sit and is paining alot.
    Please tell me some medicine so that i can get immediate relief.


  66. good day doc please I’m having inches on my bombom I don’t know the cause I need ur advise

  67. hello my grand daughter has devoloped pus boils on her head that are large and painful how do i get rid of them andhow did she get them

    • hello my grand daughter has devoloped pus boils on her head that are large and painful how do i get rid of them andhow did she get them

  68. Hi,
    My boss is 63 years old and she is a patient of severe arthritis.
    Recently she has developed a condition in which boils are appearing on her vagina and under arms. These are very painful until they burst. Only blood comes out of them but no puss.
    Please suggest a remedy for her. Thanks

  69. am always feeling ish around my Pussy even after treatment

    am really tired and confused now am feeling boil but it not big but it hurt when I touch it

  70. Pl send your no n address
    I wanted to consult you

  71. Bipin Verma says:

    Hello sir,
    I have gone through the above content. I feel I can get the correct solution from you.
    I went to Bihar ( my native place) injury. Due there I got my hair removed from head. Due to heat I started experiencing small pimples type all over my head. Which grows in bigger size like boils. Severe pain on head. Can’t sleep properly. Pus comes out and other starts popping up. Kindly advise medicine for me.

  72. Krishna Chandra Das says:

    Hello Sir,
    My sister of about 50 yrs. She is having diabetes. She is having one problem —
    every after two years one boil in her underarm appears with little bit of pain. This is happening during the last six years. She used Allopathy as well as homeopathy under the supervision of Doctors of respective field. Everytime it appears in a small & same area, no pun blood etc come out but disappears. After that she feels no pain. But it she touch deeply in the area, feels a hard particle uber the skin. Beyond operation, is there any solution in homeopathy to get permanent recovery from it.
    Thanks and regards,
    Krishna Chandra Das

  73. Hi Dr Sharma,

    My friend has a boil under the chin and its very red and painful can you recommend any remedies.

  74. Sarai james says:

    I keep been. having boils around my private and somethings on my face that looks like small pimples but. Know they are not. I have to hospitals and after all they will do they me drugs but after sometimes the boils come back. Mostly on my back, face generally, it messes my body up. If I can get help here I will glad. Very glad.

    • Hi Doc

      I have a boil on the left side of my clit, no discharge yet. A bit pain on that boil only but it is not duscharging anything. I tried home remedy like apple cider vinegar or garlic but no use. Can you guide me how homeopathic treatment can help me?

      • Sounds like a Bartholin cyst. This type of cyst is due to clogging from sweat and heat in that area. The Bartholin gland secrets lubricant into the vagina. Sitz baths will help tremendously with Epson salt and bring it to a head. If the cyst does not burst on its own, you may have to stick a sterile pin in it.
        Thereafter, encourage drainage and keep it clean. Apply a topical antibiotic ointment on it until it fully heals. You may have to get it lanced at the hospital due to its location. You can be left with a scar if it’s lanced.

  75. Arvind Kumar says:

    Hello Dr.I am suffering from itching since last 08 months. Inner side of my thighs are full of red spots. Severe itching occurs. Alopathy doesn’t provide permanent relief. Plz.advice Homeo med for external and internal use.
    Kumar Arvind
    Mob No.9568583352

  76. Manoj yadav says:

    Dr I am different from Hidradenitis suppurativa from last many years once I was well for 2 years in span of 12 years due to some combination of biochemic medicines but unfortunately the gr8 person is not no more in this world my guruji the best well known to biochemic medicines again. From last 2 years it reoccurring and I am fedup of it taking too many antibiotics and surgery too expecting the same medicine to heal it again can you help me out in it .
    manoj yadav
    Indore m.p.

  77. Ambuj Kishore says:

    My child age 3years.child neck some red small spot more two to three days.please suggest me homeyapath madecien.thanking for you.

  78. Sudip Pal says:

    Dear sir I have an abscess of the right side of my chest. It’s becoming radish. I am getting more pain day by day. What medicine should I take to overcome this situation. Kindly tell me as soon as possible.

  79. I get ingrowth post waxing, no matter which wax i use. I exfoliate twice a week with a mixture of baking soda, besan, amba haldi and water.
    I have topped using bodylotion as its comedgenic and resorted to coconut oil. However coconut oil does not help in dryness, My lower legs are dry, thighs are oily.
    Argan oils too expensive.
    What should I do ?

  80. Hello Dr.Sharma
    I have noticed 2 dark red like purple small hard pimples type on the lower left ball sack.
    Is it dangerous???
    Am really worried.
    Please suggest me a good strong homeopathic medicine to heal the same and also prevent it.

  81. Aguti Anne says:

    i read how to soften African natural hair with home remedies by using milk, i found it interesting and wanted to soften my kid’s hair for easy management without using chemicals so i gave it a try. i splashed milk on her scalp and hair as i combed it and left it for an hour before washing it off but the following day the Child was complaining of pain on the back part of the head. After one more day the pain was circulated all over the head accompanied with pussy blisters and some area swollen like humps and very painful. I’m scared, Please Dr. help me

  82. Ram Singh says:

    I have a small boil on foreskin of penis since last one week. No discharge yet, top surface is round shape and slightly pink in colour . No pain, no burning sensation. Usually I use condom while having sex for lubrication but one day I didn’t have condom and my wife’s vagina is dry, may be due to friction of her pubic hair ( hard) and dryness next day onwards I have it.

  83. anwar suhail says:

    my wife aged 50 years got boils in breast, armpit, groin area with a little puss. kindly suggest medicine
    she has normal menstruation.

  84. Phatsimo Maroba says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    I keep getting abscess on my legs what could be the cause?

  85. says:

    hi this article really goodand useful

  86. says:

    hi those article really good

  87. Hrishita chandra says:

    hello doc..,

    i am writing dis coz i am in a pain..i have a neck abscess and dis is not d first tym .. i had several minor surgies lyk first was when i am only 3 and second was when i am 12
    ….third was when iam 18 and now …i am 24 ryt now…sumone suggested me that only homeopathy has its permanent solution …i am taking homeopathy ryt now but my pain is unbearable…dere is a continuous pain in my left syd of neck ..ear and head….i cant eat nything i cant drink nythng…i am in a pain ryt now…plzzz tell me the ryt medicine and treatment for i dont wnt ny more surgeries now…?

  88. i have an absess on my foot and it is sore to touch and red but the swelling has gone down tremendisly in the last few days it has been 6 days now. is the salve good to put on bacteriL infection of absess and where does the bacteria go to when drawn out? Thank You and God Bless please cll me 813-479-8073

  89. Sunil Kumar says:

    Dr. Vikas
    I am from Delhi, age45
    last 5-8 year facing problem
    Boil, abscess pus only on face,
    i have done all type treatment but no relax
    evenly 3 homeopathy Dr. changing but no positive result found
    So i request to you pl suggest to me what can i do

  90. Sd sharma says:

    Sir I have small boil about 1 inch away from anus and also having tags growth of skin on anus pl advice treat ment I am in bhopal

  91. Sir
    My son is 6 years old.Since February 2017 he had itching and redness in his eyes.In April he got 3-4 Boils on the lid of his left eye.In May again he has again developed a boil in upper lid of left eye.
    Is there a good homeopathic medicine you suggest.

  92. i have boils or bumps on my virgina and its also causing pain on my left inner thighs nda joints of my left leg…i have been to a doctor thrice they told me its ingrowing hair but am afraid its not. i cant evn rub my thighs the left one hurts pliz help

  93. I am suffering from heat boil deep in my body. It’s very horrible can’t do anything. Please tell me how to get rid of them.

  94. Vincent Kleinhans says:

    I have a swelling on the side of my left testicle. It started like a little swelling like a hair forlicle. Its now bigger and harder. Theres no sign of puss inside yet. Its painful.

    What can it be and how can i treat it fast

  95. Kennya Durr says:

    Ingrown hair(s) in upper inner thigh became infected (folliculitis). Went to urgent care Monday and was prescribed 160 mg Bactrim twice daily, but over next few days it got worse (grew). Went back to urgent care on Thursday and was told it is now cutaneous abscess.

    They wanted to open, drain, and pack but I declined (was having panic attack) and asked for any alternative. Was given anti-bacterial injection (lidocaine?) And prescribed Keflex 500 mg four times daily (in addition to the Bactrim). Was also told to apply warm moist compresses four times daily for 15 minutes to see if abscess will drain on its own.

    Today (Friday) it appears to be a little smaller and not as firm, plus the small whitehead on the top of the boil appears to be a little bigger. I am trying to avoid at all costs a trip to the ER and want to fully explore non invasive treatments.

    I know thay antibiotics alone will not typically resolve this and in general, abscesses must open and drained to improve. But I also know that sometimes an abscess will open and drain on its own, and I really want to do all that I can to be in the “sometimes” group.

    I have an extreme phobia of doctors, needles, surgical procedures, and physically tremble and shake in fear at just talking about it. Unfortunately I don’t think I’d be a very cooperative patient if invasive procedures are pursued.

    Are there any additional, natural homeopathic measures I can take in the interim this weekend? I have a follow-up with my primary care physician on Monday who specializes in alternative medicine, but I’d like to at least make it there before anything worsening.

  96. John green says:

    Need help in grtting rid on cysk on
    left side of neck what should I use on it?

  97. Persephone Akins says:

    I have had surgery for an abscess on my tailbone and was cut for centimeters and while healing for six weeks now I have developed another abscess in an old area that I had an abscess down near the crease of the inside of my thigh period it is very painful and I just don’t know what to do for it please give me some ideas of things that I can use for these areas in the buttock and down by the crotch area. Thank you

  98. Tabassum says:

    Sir my mother 45 yrs old she has a boil on her buttock containing pus with severe plzz suggest me remedy to reduce pain and expel the pus

  99. time harden says:

    my name is time harden and am from Africa.
    I’m ill from a sickness which I don’t really know the name
    I have been having this problem for close to six months now.
    my butt itchiest me a lot and when ever I do indeed to scratch my butt, it get swollen up.
    please I need help

  100. harshita varshney says:

    dono betiyon k hath peron me watering chhoti choti funsiyan ho rahi hen or palm and toes men pasina bana rahta he please koi medicine ho to batayen dono ki age 17 and 15 years he

  101. I have had painful and uncomfortable boils in my armpits for the last 5-7 yrs. tried antibiotics, natural remedies, event consulted a general surgeon to take them out.
    About 6 months ago I started homeopathy and it seems like it’s gone worse. There is a full throttle on these boils right before my monthly cycle.

    Any suggestions on what can be done?

  102. Emmanuel Kojo Mensah says:

    Dear sir,
    I have had boils in my head more frequently, and occasionally some little ones joined together in between my anus,lately l have been experiencing some also under my armpit. Can share with a kind of medicine that will help me overcome this illness.
    I am waiting anxiously to hear from you. Many thanks in advance. God bless you
    Yours faithfully,
    Emmanuel Kojo Mensah
    Cape Coast, Ghana, West Africa.

  103. Archana Garg says:

    Good evening Dr. Sahab. I suffered from chikungunia in October and November 2016. It caused great pain in both knees along with other joint pains. Even now the pain in knees revives . I am a mother of 2 and can not afford to sit with pains. Sometimes feel swelling on the inner sides below the knees. Can it be pus? Kindly help with homeopathic treatment. Thank you.

  104. Good evening Dr. Sahab. I suffered from chikungunia in October and November 2016. It caused great pain in both knees along with other joint pains. Even now the pain in knees revives . I am a mother of 2 and can not afford to sit with pains. Sometimes feel swelling on the inner sides below the knees. Can it be pus? Kindly help with homeopathic treatment. Thank you.

  105. Vinay Uttamchandani says:

    Hi doctor i m taking homeopathic medicine from last 2 months for boils on my face and body … but i feel after taking medicine the quantity of the boils have increased … does homeopatic works in this way that it will increase the boils and will kill it from roots ?

  106. Harish Jamb says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma ,
    I am Harish .J from Rajamundry aged 36 years , and my wife aged 35 years is suffering from boils (obesity ,thyroid ) under the belly and under both sides of arms from last 5 years , we have tried different types of treatment in allopathy , homepathy.
    We did Pus culture test, some bacterial infection is dectected , but no symptons of TB( which she was have earlier ,now its cleared after taking AKT-4,3 course previously 2 years back)
    Now we have Started Treatment in Dr.Mano Homeopathy, from Oct-2016, the boils were less previously , but now its become brownish and painful.
    I just want to know whether the treatment is good , and how much time will it take to get rid of the boils in various parts of the body, though the related doctor are not assuring the time of recovery.Please help me in this situation .

    • Hai Sir.
      I am James from Kollam Kerala.
      My wife is suffering from boils for the last 4 years .
      we consulted a homoeopathic Dr. And treated with Sil 1 M,hep 200 And 1M ,Tub 1M ,Streptococc 200 .Now she had several small very painful boils with pus inside appeared on legs ,Naval area and viginal lip. She also a DM patient since 14 years . Now her sugar level is under control with the medication ( Insulin 2 times and metformin s r 500mg 3 times )
      Kindly advice us a good medication.

  107. nthabiseng says:

    My 2years child left ear is gushing purse out please help I think she got a boil in her ear because she doesn’t cry since that purse comes out am worried it might affect my daughter hearing please doctor

  108. lizzy Abidak says:

    I have a small boil on my face have took apiclox taken injection but is still there for months now what can I use? Thanks

  109. lizzy Abidak says:

    I have a small boil on my face have took apiclox taken injection but is still there for months now what can I use?

  110. June Lasker says:

    I believe I have a small splinter lodge in the back of my throat from eating a popsicle when I got to the end I felt a needle prick it’s been over a month I have sliver type feeling it actually felt like it was coming out coming to a head so to speak but I started retching it felt like it was ripping up my throat doctors say they can’t seen anything but I know it’s there I’m taking Silicea 6x is there anything else I can do or try? It’s back far enough I can’t see it and I’m soo stressed and anxious please help. Thank You, Jay

  111. Jennifer Phillips says:

    I get abbsess every time I have dental work.Just got extraction . I have another one now.I stay in pain. I have a medal rod in leg. What can i take to rid this problem
    Please help. Thank you.

  112. Palash datta says:

    I have one boil in my pain.but its mouth is white pus.

  113. Hi Sharma,

    I have staph infection in my head for p
    ast 4 to 5 years.I tried all the treatment but didn’t get. Solution.

    I lost 50% of my hair because of this.
    I am from nanganallur Chennai.Can you please provide me ur clinic address so I can meet you in person.

    My mobile number 9884443525

  114. Samir aggarwal says:

    Pus around right thumb it pains

  115. martha anene says:

    high doc have boils on my vigina lips and armpit am tired with this things also itching of the vagina urinating is okay no bad odour I do keep my vagina clean help me this boils are making my life difficult

  116. Type 2 diteabitc have boil on bum check it redness and pus inside it and very Painful sitting on chair

  117. simon ojoago says:

    my problem is pile disease

  118. Priyamvada pandey says:

    My husband met an accident in night he got injured on face and hand i started homeopathic treatment next morning arnica 30 first i gave him then after 1 hr arnica 200 and at tabs sbl cimbination and applied calendula ointment and caledula 30 .he got bruies and grazes and inflammation. Have pain in ribs and shoulder. He got relief but he have grazes in hand which got pus after these medincines. Please prescribe me what medicines should be given him now. Please reply as soon as possible.

  119. Pam Thompson says:

    Hello I just bought the kindle version of your book so I can help my 22 lb Miniature schnauzer that has developed a very big book inside his ear. It is clearly filled w liquid.

    I purchased Silicea but need help with how to administer. I read your story about the relief it gave the little boy.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. He seems in good spirits, but I am concerned since this is so big

  120. I have a boil on my stomach and it popped like 3 day ago and about 5 minutes ago I was changing the gauze and a hard greenish yellow core or what ever you want to call came out and now I have a hole on my stomach and I see the inside of it. I have been to a dr. What should I do? Is this normal?

  121. I am suffering from pimples in face and back and also suffering from boils since 3 years so pleas tell me how can I got relieve from this.

  122. PRABHU AMALDAS says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am 53 yrs and am a diabetic for the last 9 yrs. 6 years ago I had perianal abscess which was surgically removed. 8 months ago my Fistula was surgically removed. From then on I be been getting abscess around the anal area. I have had so far 10 abscess since my Fistula operation. The last five moved to my groin area. Now they have all healed but now I have an abscess in my hamstring. This has made my entire thigh to swell . It is neither draining not subsiding. Will Syphyllinum help me. I don’t mind calling you but first I wanted you to know my medical history. Nothing helps me and no doctor is able to help me. Frankly; are you the person who can help me?

  123. Chitra Singh says:

    Hello Dr i am 32 years i hav been suffering from boils since three months on my buttock and anus area please suggest me some medicine i already have taken all the times antibiotics and ointment nothing is working. Facing two big and two to three small boils at a time please help dr it is very painful.

  124. Doctor,my daughter has preauricular sinus which keeps getting seems to be the only option by ENT.pls suggest homeopathic med

  125. My son has been off for the last 10 days. Nothing serious but symptoms started with upset stomach and throwing up and nighttime sleep disturbances and then he fell at the park and got 3 stitches and he became tired, pale, more sleep problems, slight fever and not much of an appetite. I tried ledum to start right after the stitches went in. It was recommended that I try arsenicum album 200c + hypericum 200c wasn’t sure if it was working and then found sixes, formation of pus.
    Any other advice?

  126. My wife n I use heroin and coke, we are i.v users. My wife n I have some abbessces from missing when injecting it. My wife has a lot of them from Tiny to huge looking for use to heal them without going to doc. Something over the counter r at home can I r anyone Help. And I no that we really need to stop using believe me we no n r working on that but it’s not a drug I can just stop. So in till we quit looking for Help she has a lot really bad abbessces

    • I too need to find a hope remedy. To ashamed and afraid to go to hospital. But I jus found out the connection between my abscess popping out every where due to my missed shots. Could you imagine my shock? Please if you hear or know anything (besides getting off drugs in it’s entirely) not gonna happen. I enjoy it entirely too much. Please reach out. Im covered head to toe in abscesses. Even in area’s that’s no where near any if my injection sites. Thank you so much. I really thought I was alone with this problem.

  127. Ravi Shanker Sharma says:

    Itching on Scrotum ,Left thigh and Anus. Scalp itching.Right eye is red inthe morning after cataract operation since two yrs.Left ear oozing sometimes.Skin problem on left lower leg.constipation very often.Hard stools.Hepar sulph 200 tried by local Homeo doctor with not much improvement.Hair follicle boils for the last four days.
    My age is 78 yrs. I am diabetic for the last ten yrs.Craving for sweet.sometimes cough is induced by sweet items.

  128. I am having a recurrence of boils under my skin in my armpit.

    Having Silcea 200 and Belladonna 200.

    Please suggest if the medication is correct

  129. Venuprasath says:

    I m 22 been suffering from reccurring abcess for the past 2 months..nearly 3 to 4 abcess formed in my body one after one in a week interval..I tried tablets like medomox ampilox diclovix Plus and ointment like Thrombophobe but nothing helps it keeps on forming again and again..please say me a remedy

  130. shravan kesarwani says:

    I am 17 years old male. In my nose big cut mark its look like a drain What is the solution for this to fill up skin on cut mark area.

  131. SARTHAK TYAGI says:

    Summer boils on skin

  132. swadhin kumar patra says:

    I am 59 yrs of age and have an abscess in the right chin beside the nose since a long. pl advise what to do in homeopathy medicine.
    swadhin kumar patra

  133. Chandan Das says:

    Please homeopathy treatment for draksarkel in undereye

  134. I am facing the abscess from one week and i hav got a big abscess on my neck and it look lik a big stone which is attached to skin and i want treatment for that

  135. Absess of the left pinky finger. Painful red and swollen.

  136. MANOJ KANWAR says:


    My wife have a small but some hard eye style in her left eye. What diagnose we will prefer in Homeopathy. Plz advise

  137. hello sir , im usmaan ali from dehradun , im 21 . for past 5-6 years im facing this problem of boils or puss type thing on my upper back , at the back of my head and sometimes on my face . i have seen all the doctors , the homopathic, the alopathic, ayurvedic but its not helping at all. please if u can help me .

  138. Hi doctor,
    Recently I noticed one swelling like n my left upper butt , due to which I’m not able to lay down r sit. Its paining and same moment feelg little feverish n bp low.
    I thought it would go,now its size got bigger, kindly help me out

  139. Hi i have been recently getting heat boils in my lower abdomen area and it leaves a dark black marks when they heal how to stop that and also recover the original skin color . I also get in face and that’s not very big like the abdomen boils but they also leaving black spot when they heal normally

    • Hi My Friend Have Abscess Which Has Been Recuring Now It Is The Third Time In The Armpit And Has Been Using Ampiclox And This Time Its Not Working What Drug Can He Use To Not Occur Again

  140. Hi ,Ihave left leg pain from back to the knee .outer side of the knee is also swellon . when i massage there r 1 t0 2cms horizontal swallon lumps i feel . i took vitamin D calcium and neuroben. but no use some time little pain some time more in leg .Might there r dry lumps exist. before 20 years Dr put volterin injection ,lump was errupted after every year i got leg pain I treated homeo after many years with additional symptoms pain is there. Can u kindly suggest any homeo p medicines for that I wll gratefull to u. Thanku

  141. Mere ko back mae absecss to gaya ha inside
    New homeopathic treatment me raha hun
    Pain kuch man hue ha par em guilty so ban gai ha
    1 inch ki rates pus dry ho gaya ha
    He kaise disolve hoga

    • Chandra kishor says:

      Sir after taking analgesic injection in deltoid regeon also in buttocks ,become redness ,very painpull ,inflammed ,fever ,almost like a abcess ,pt is 2month pregnant lady kindly give me advise for suppression of it

  142. I am suffering from water filled pimple in my whole body..

  143. I have a,severe issue with yeast infections in my nether regions. When I say severe I mean severe I do all the right things to avoid them but no matter what I do ,they come back and it quickly gets out of hand. I’ve worked closely we with my obgyn to try and controls it but nothing works. I have become resistant to the meds oral and topical. The itching is so bad that I have developed open sores all along my labia and the hair doesn’t grow much anymore, not that that is a bad thing but I’m constantly raw and I’m constantly in extreme pain. Sometimes its so bad I can’t even walk. Due to my condition I get frequent boils and those just add to my agony. Can u help me in any way? Also you should know that I’m also being treated for bladder prolapse and severe urinary incontinence. I take oxybutin to help that and it does work but it causes me to be dry everywhere and I’m unable to sweat. Please tell me if there is help available for me. I’m only 36

  144. sita karasi says:

    gd mrg sir, commonly i use homeo medicines only. because of meno pause or what i dont know some abscess or comming near thighs or on private part like that the abscess is hard and red in colour. after taking silicea 30 it is controlling pain and also abscess is opening but slight blood allong with puss comming out.inner fluid is nt comming out some days that area will be hard only. when it reduces frm some other place again another abcess will start in the same way. now iam 49 yrs of age myperiods stopped before 3 months. again after 3 months this month period appeared normally. my body is heat body. my feet burning sensation whole day. motion free regular. tendency of gas formation is there. iam suffering with recurring abcess pls suggest the medicine. thanq sooomuch.

  145. Been having this reoccurring boils in my pubic region which returns almost immediately after treatment. It makes my vaginally area look rough, hence I’m so concerned about it now. Please could you prescribe a drug I can take to stop the boils and clear those rough spots on my pubic region? Thanks

  146. Tony Prosper says:

    Good day Sir,

    I’m Tony Prosper from Nigeria. I have been suffering from small tiny boils all over my body for the past 4 years and I’m tired of taking all kinds of antibiotics without any good development in my body. It happens like at times is over but not actually. It pain me so much, I can’t off my wears in the public due to my ruff skin. What will I do to get rid of this long lasting boils? Please Sir, prescribe for the drug.

  147. hello sir, my son having ingrown toe nail i cut from the edge it got infected granulation of tissue started using bedatine solution and fucidin oinetment still not healing now wat to do

  148. Shashanka Kr Das says:

    Small boil on fore head skin colour

  149. H.S.SABHARWAL says:

    i have abscess inside heap hole pl advice medicine

  150. Sir I got a boil on my buttocks nearly four days before there is no head or pus but today it turned black.Sir I m taking homeopathic medicines from my local medicine shop.

  151. Ashish Sharma says:

    Sir, There has an abscess developed in groin area near right thigh since past three days. As soon as I realized it I have started taking Clavom 625 mg twice a day since last three days. I consulted today to a doctor he suggested me to take Gunpowder 6x one tablet thrice a day along with Clavom 625 mg. Please suggest is the line of treatment correct, how long does it normally take to cure abscess if patient is on Gunpowder 6x. Please suggest as I do not want to go for I&D treatment.

  152. Comfort Tweneboah says:

    Please I have a boil for two years now in between my buttocks and I have tried all remedies i know but it won’t just go . Anytime I pass out feaces it swells and the pain I feel is unbearable, until the skin becomes tender and i feel something coming out of it,it a yellowish-green thick substance and then I wipe it off and it itchys me when it swells .please help me. Am 22 years

  153. Gurpreetsingh says:

    you speak hindi

  154. Dear Dr,
    I am suffering from vaginal boil one after the other for the lasy 10 days. What medicine should I intake for quick recovery.

  155. Good day sir,
    I have this terrible pimples on my face I have used a lot of creams and still yet no improvement am currently using ampiclox, it will be of great honour if you can prescribe a suitable and fast working medicine for my pimples.
    I stay in Nigeria

  156. Hassan Sheriff says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I am Hassan Sheriff, am a Sierra Leonean based in Kenema eastern region, sir i have suffered from boiled at my anus for the past three years now, i first got this boil in November, 2013, this is now 2016, i have got so much antibiotic, injections and even traditional herbs, it happens at times like is over but not actually, it pains me so much.
    What do i really do now to get rid of this long lasting boil?

    • Comfort Tweneboah says:

      Please I have a boil for two years now in between my buttocks and I have tried all remedies i know but it won’t just go . Anytime I pass out feaces it swells and the pain I feel is unbearable, until the skin becomes tender and i feel something coming out of it,it a yellowish-green thick substance and then I wipe it off and it itchys me when it swells .please help me. Am 22 years

  157. Hello doctor

    I am suffering from recurrent boils on labia . It’s very hard lump at start and after that pus gets filled in it .. During drainage blood comes out . This is really painful .. Over a period of 6-8 months, multiple boils occurred at same place ie left side of labia . Usually after periods I feel itching , a white dry layer forms on one side of labia and after 1-2 days a lump comes up and fills with pus.. This is happening since 6-7 months .. Have taken antibiotic courses for 20 days as well but didn’t worked , boils came again .. Took silica as well last time, but boils came again .. Please suggest

  158. Smt. Kiran says:

    I am a 63 year lady and diabetic. I was operated for fracture neck of femur 2 year ago with metallic implants at left side below the hips. There is pus formation for the last 2months at the side of operation.

  159. Hello dr Sharma,
    I am 63 yr old female and having boils problem on my buttocks and or hips side, I am. It diabetic and healthy otherwise.
    Last November especially had my first outbreak on my buttocks both side on seating area
    Of my butts. It was very painful and took over two courses of antibiotics and felt better by end of December. Since then I have had them three more times and every time I take antibiotics when they swell Up and get painful. Can you suggest any good medicine homeopathy which can help
    Need something that would work!! Please respond

  160. jhanila singh says:

    hi doc I am suffering from abscess,boils after a surgical procedure. the boils are big with matter ,so I started using tree tea oil Thursdays plantation to kill them off,beause as soon as one dies off another one comes. the boils have left terrible scars. please help me get rid off the scars.

  161. boils on forehead red color containing pus
    also on neck and chest area fever

  162. cyst & itching, to cure,long 1 y.

  163. I am a 46 year old lady. I am diabetic, with hypothyroid .
    I had had my first boil on my back some 14 years back which was treated surgically.
    Now after so many years I started having a series of boils starting at my vagina, then underarm , thigh and now lower abdomen.
    Can’t bear the pain. Till now hv taken allopathic treatment and am tired of eating antibiotics.
    Please help..

    • Boils on thighs long time , high power antibiotics taken such as mahaflox and terbinafine , boils drain but comes again after few days , earlier it was single one time it was (last week ) carbuncle .. I am professional feeling disturbed due to continuing problem
      Pls advice

  164. Hlw sir…….m subh singh age 18 male .. sir there is fungal infection in my pelvis region nd it have becomes red and very itchy and i want some lotion that will helo to cure it….pls rply

  165. Manoj Kumar Gupta says:

    I have been operated for Tumor on my scalp trhice in the year 2006; 2007 and lastly on 2009 and my scalp bones damages and have been removed. He has fixed Titanium plates with screw on my scalp and forehead flat. Now since last 25.6.2016 I have suffering from pus on my scalp yellow coloured calling Staph Aures Virus. I have been given antibiotic “Augmentation” for 15 days but failed. Further I have taken Homeopathetic since last 1 months. Doctor has been given me Slicia and Hepa self but of no result. Pus formation continue. Please help me. My skin badly affecting and whole increase regularly. I have also been given 30 days radiation on my scalp skin.

  166. Has these meds been successful for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

  167. Chirag kakkar says:

    Good evening dr sharma
    Hope you are doing well.

    I am suffering from tgis skin abscess problem as i am again and again getting boils on almost every part of the body.
    Many years back i got operated with sinusitis so because of that large mucus formation is always there and i often get bumps inside the nose which are very painful.
    On other parts of the body also pus formation is there along with pain.
    Please suggest best homeopathic medicine.

  168. Hello sir, I m vaishali from Mumbai.. My father has developed boils under his arm,it’s very painful because of that pain he is sleepless during night.. Which medicine in homeopathy can be given

  169. I have Crohns.
    I have 2 fistulas in my anus area.
    Please advice

  170. Partha pratim adhikary says:

    One boil developed inside the upper side of mouth no pain yet but I realised touching by tounge, getting afraid, what to do. Need advice please.

  171. MRS.SMITA JANA says:

    Dear sir.
    I have boils.i treater myself under homeopathic.but boils are formed again and again.
    Big or small boils formed my covered area.
    Boils are formed red head than puja white head .
    Boils gone then after return the boils come after 2 3 days

  172. i have an swet gland abscess on my back and it got removed five times again come up what medicine should i take

  173. Respected sir
    I had a minor operation for abscess in my index finger 3 days before but pus is still forming again
    Please help
    A quick reply will be highly appreciated

  174. Julie Bridge says:

    For a skin abcess is the homeopathic treatment by tablet or is liquid the best please

  175. Rinki Bhattacharya says:

    Sir, I had a minor operation in my fingernail for abscess one month ago..but I still feel pain n now I feel that d edges are still filled wd pus.. please recommend me homeopathy medicines to dry up this pus quickly.. please sir…

  176. K. V. Srinivas says:

    Sir iam from bangalore iam experiencing frequently boils along with Etching I want to know the reason

  177. Dear Sir,
    I am Beena, 38 old. I have a birthmark on the left cheek which was very tiny when I was young but now as the age advanced, it also grew to a size of 5-6mm diameter. Usually it never bothers me, but now a days with a gap of 3 to 4 months, there is a slight abcess formation under it with a sort of itching, pain, slightly swollen, there would be a pain even in the surrounding nerves too, as it is near to left eye.
    Whenever it appears, I would be going with Hepar Sulph, may be for two to three days and it subsides. My problem is it occurs frequently, with a gap of 3 – 4 months and worried if it affects my eye. Is there a permanent solution for this problem?

  178. my son 31 yrs old had cleaned his armpits with shaving blade drenched in dettol water and by using shaving cream about 20 days back. after the process of cleaning was over,within a period of 2 days he started experiencing acute pain in both armpits with red rashes,5-6 nos of small and big boils and lumps in the armpits. we had consulted the dermologist in hiranadani hospital in mumbai who prescribed antibiotics and skin cream etc. after going through whole dosage which was given for 5 days the problem got cured fully. the same problem stated again after 2-3 days. kindly suggest what we should do as he is having lot of pain with above problem had re occured.usually he is prone to excessive sweating right from his younger age thanks in advance.

  179. Scared & in excruciating pain says:

    I’m a 38 year old female, I have never had an abscess befor. It is on my wrist it started 8 days ago, but wasn’t sure that’s what it was for sure until 3 days ago, but in the past 3 days it has gotten much larger. Swollen a lot more and then today I noticed it had a little black spot on it, and within an hr or two a little over half had turned black. I have been soaking in very warm epsilon salts and putting hot compress’s on it. And now it is seapong fronm to small pin size holes some yellowish fluid. What does it mean that it turned black like that? And will it go away after the abscess heals? Please help. Scared & in excruciating pain

  180. Incision in my scrotum to drain a scrotum abscess has healed except for a small hole in one end of the incision. Draining has stopped. How long will it take for the small hole to heal over?

  181. I have g6pd and excruciating pain with a bartholin abscess. I just started my job so the insurance hasny started. I need relief that doesn’t affect my condition.

  182. Hi Docter, I am 42 years non diabetic.. big pimples are common to me over my body.. in the way i thought boil near my ass it is the same.. took medicines injection and after 4-5 days pain i was relieved after two months i once again got it unbearable pain.. mine is a sitting job i have to sit for atleast 10-12 hrs.. imagine my condition.. now i know it is Abscess.. please advise what medicine i should take to get relief from pain immeidately… thank you

  183. TARUN KUMAR says:

    Hi sir my father is suffering from boil lower part of gum that is causing great pain and discomfort to him can u suggest some medicine and quantity.his age is 73 and weight 58 .


  184. Madhurima Singh says:

    my son has skin boil inside his nose. He is 8years old. Which medicine should give him?

  185. satyanarayana says:

    Dear Doctor, ABSCESS on my private part between hips. Remedy may please be suggested.

    • nimesh gupta says:

      I am suffring from hip abscess near rectum last four days there is no mouth in it and i have a lots of pain when i am sitting there in no redness and it is increasing day by day what medicine do you suggest

  186. my one month Baby girl have like boil in her head what medicine can i do plez help me as soon as possible from darjeeling india

  187. Dear Dr sharma

    I have embarrassingly swollen lips of vagina, and a shrunk clitoris which keeps itching painfully. Few piles which have improved but the clitoris hasn’t. I am diabetic and afraid to scratch that area. Please tell me what to do. Any ointment that will peace and freedom from the itchiness? I have no sexual activity by the way.

  188. Jay Falcon says:

    Please tell me an opinion re: abcess on arm from IV drug use. I quit two wksbago and now abcess! Is “Prid” going to help? How often? Soaking Epsom salt water. I’ve also been taking Keflex twice a day. The two tone green capsules.

  189. Hello doc,

    My skin near my crotch has become very sensitive and red . It is burning and itching when scratched.

    Pls advice

  190. Samir Ranjan Pratihari says:

    Hello sir
    I am having a abscess just underneath the anal opening. Its on the left of the anal lining. Its been there for a week but has bursted. While relieving sometimes stool gets stained with the blood that comes out of this.I am having a stinging sensation also. I am taking a homeo medicine for piles/anal fissure named pilitin thrice. But i doubt its piles.Please suggest.

  191. Jayadeva Bhat says:

    I got a painful lump on my palm ,at the base of the index finger and middle finger,think it’s an abscess but no head to drain out the pus

  192. praveen mehta says:

    Hi Dr.sharma i have boils on my back from 10 of them get rid i push to get pus out but the main protin doesnot get out.i used some medice from alopathic but its not getting stop it is increasing no. of bolils in a contineous manner ryt now there is atleast 12 to 14 bolis is on my back..its paining too please suggest me what i must do to get free from this infection sir

  193. Good day doctor

    I have an abysess by my groin and under left breast. Both of them have burst but however left a hole. I’m cleaning with Saline and applying bractroban will this help entirely with the healing especially closing of the hole. I’m just scared it gets bigger

    Thank you

  194. B.K.Gowel says:

    Thank you Dr. Sharma. It is really very nice of you to have replied to my querry. Only yesterday the boil on one yhe Keloids on my chest burst open and a good amount of pus has come out. I am relieved of the pain but the opening has been dressed with B-Tex ointment and Betadine swab. I desire fast recovery and a permanent solution of the problem so that it does not recur. Dr suggests Penicillin derivative (Lenozoid) as prophylactic medicine. I had earlier also taken these Lenozoid Tabs. 2×5 days. Should iI go in for homoeopathic medicine?

  195. B.K.Gowel says:

    DOCTOR, I had undergone Caridac surgery. Later the stitches on my chest changed to severe KELOIDS which were giving tolerable pain and the Dr. at Escorts suggested to apply soft creme (Nivea) over them. This did not help and after three years I developed infection forming pus under the keloids, though I were washing them with medimix soap everyday while taking bath. At one stage pus exuded out at one place. Dr. pressed the point to remove the pus, applied Betadine and put a bandage on it. Sometime after another point burst out to exude pus. I was given antibiotic (10 tabs, two per day). Now again there is swelling and redness on the chest in the region of keloids and it is extremely painful. Even the cloth of the loose kurta touching it pains. Needle like prickings are felt under the infected part at times. Should I go in for Homoeopathic treatment? Suggest the medicine.

  196. My name is Elizabeth says:

    Please I have a boil at my back and is hard and smell very badly. Kindly help me treat this as early as possible



    I have some boils in my body and i have started to take homoeopathy medicine.

    i am suffering for long days. please advice.


  198. C.Satyamurthy says:

    I am getting very frequently reddish boils at the edge of the nose ie., between the two nostrils unable to bear pain and itch. request for medicine thanking u

  199. Jay woods says:

    yes sir my name is Jaygood to meet you Doctor sharmayes sir I was in an accident in 2009 and I’ve recovered fine but I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for my back painand it’s been greatI got an alignment and noticed my right rib cage felt like I had a broke ribs and it swelled upthen it felt better about a week lateruntil another alignmentI didn’t think about it because the pain and swelling went away was never read for many months now for the last 3 – 4 monthsthe pain is excruciating and I have had an abscess come up on my right rib cageI had a CT scan done and they said I had a lesion approximately two and a quarter by two and a quarter in the matter of a weekit swelled up the size of a baseballto where I couldn’t hardly even get out of bed went to the doctors they want to do surgery to remove itI don’t think it’s smart to be cut on if I can avoid it heard a lot of bad storiesyesterday it’s finallycome to a point to where I pushed on it on accident and it started gushing pus probably 3 or 4 ounces of itI hope you can help me with the homeopathic ideas you have it sounds like you’re very smart thank you so much for your helpI hope you can get back with me quick with some kind of resolutionthey want me to have surgery tomorrow and I don’t want tothank you.Dr. sharma

  200. Shikha ghosh says:

    Hello Doctor, I am shikha and my 6 year old daughter is having recurrent summerboils only on her face. She had the first one at the end if march and till now ( mid of june)one after another is coming up only in her face. They are painful and puss comes out from them.She has been treated with alopathy( antibiotics like potassium clavulanate). And then with homeo too. But it was of no use. I m taking care of her health and hyegiene too. But it is of no use. Please suggest what should be done
    Thanking you waiting for a suggestion.
    Shikha ghosh.

  201. Cheryl Moore says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I have an abscess on my upper back sitting on the spine. I’ve had it lanced twice 2010 and 2012. Now it starting to cause pain again…this is the beginning of severe excruciating pain. Can you advise an alternative besides surgical removal? Thank you

    • Sir my name is Zainul abedeen . I have small abscess in my spine at C6 . I have been taking antibiotics since last 1 and 1/2 month can you please prescribe homeopathic medicine . or any other suggestions besides surgical. I am 21 years old

  202. Percy smith says:

    Hello doctor sharma my name is percy iam suffering with abscesses underneath my penis the little space between the ball sack and the anus there are multiple heads so to speak that weep puss and blood that are also around my anus making it very painful and uncomfortable to relieve my self….not to mention my self confident can you prescribed something homeopathic thank u

  203. shri krishna says:

    Sir ,
    before one ten mo I was blood cancer patient , but in present I am ok , in present the blood clotting in at cheek outside. I please suggest me for this.

  204. Lavanya Inbaraj says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good morning
    This is Lavanya from chennai, first my husband got boils in the November 2015 after the i got in the december 2015 till now june2016 i am suffering with the boils, one by one it is coming and it is very painful boils and puss formation is there. what to do with this kindly help me sir, i met the doctor she gave some antibiotic tablets for me and my hus but it is not stopped.
    kindly help me to treat this.

    thank you
    Lavanya Inbaraj

    • I also got the same problem…till all of ur impurities doesnt get out of the body…itll be happening…and after sometine itll stop….



      I have some boils in my body and i have started to take homoeopathy medicine.

      i am suffering for long days. please advice.


      • I have got summer heat boils small small one under my arms, it’s itchy, I apply wokadine and then it decreases, I have had a few doses of sulphur 200 also, I am diabetic what do u say ,kindly prescribe to get it completely healed
        Thanks awaiting to hear from you, thanks..

  205. Hi Sharma Sir,

    From last one week am facing problems with heat sore 4 days before I tried to press hard and some puss.blood came out but no luck still that hard part is inside only and again next day I tried to do the same this time also came some puss and blood but now it became very hard and paining a lot and the worst part is it was middle of my thighs I can’t sit properly and even walk properly I am using candid -b ointment and zifi 200 tablets somehow pain reduced but still that hard part is there and pain also am not able to sit comfortly.please advice me some good medicine to get rid of this..

    Thanks you

  206. S.K>Sharma says:

    Last 10 days , there is swelling on left side of penis of my wife. There is on very small boul out side of penis which giving pain while travelling. This last 5-6 days.

    Advise sutable medicine/

    • K N Banerjee says:

      It is my daughter’s case.
      Abscess on right buttock got operated because of infection , where hairs found inside. And it recur again. Suggestion please.


  207. Hai ….. Please suggest me the medicine as m suffering with a boil in my ear which is more painful please……

  208. S.R .Mohanty. says:

    I am diabetic and ckd pating.I had ulcer on left big toe. It slowly grew gìving out pus.I was adviced to use calandula Qand galium aparine Q .This opened wayon the side. of the finger and lot of pus came out. Then Myristica was used on the wound andthrice aday orally.The pus reduced considerably but the entire foot has swelled up and paining.continuing MyristicaQ.need help for pain

  209. Vijay Rathod says:

    Sir, I’m a science student i have boils all over my upper portion of my stomach is painfull boils and on face also. I showed to many specialist but non- of the medicines worked of them. It got started in 2013 till now my parents also tried but non of the Doctors understand what type of diseases is this? My 1/2(half) of the life is gone worst due to this. i have last hope on homeopathic so want to known what type diseases is this.

  210. Sir, I’m an Ayurveda physician. my index finger of right hand got an abscess on the tip. localized inflammation around the boil. oozing puss. extremely painful. heaviness. started with just pain for three days followed by slow suppuration. it has been 7 days I’m suffering. analgesics and antibiotics are of no use. consulted a homeopath but no relief. please suggest some advice. thanks.

  211. My husband getting frequent boils. Recently he got very painful boils on leg ankles with pus. Area is completely swelled. Please let me know medicine. His both legs got effeected with these boils..

  212. MHIZ Wealth says:

    hi Dr.Sharm. Pls I need to know the cause of having dark and lumpy spot on a butoc 3 month after taking an antibiotic injection…the lump is right on the needle spot and’s hard, gets a little soft sometimes…and pains a little too..Pls what is d cause and remedy..thanks.

  213. Rajiv singh says:

    I am suffering from recurring boils, particularly in buttocks. It has been since 2 months. Had antibiotics it comes and goes with a lot of pain.

    Initially, it starts with small tip.suddenly it became swollen and red. Very painful.

    Kindly suggest the medicine…

  214. My wife is suffering from recurring boils, particularly in and around leg and close to private part. It has been since 2 years. No positive result so far.It seems that it is skin deasease.

    Initially, it starts with small tip.suddenly it became swollen and red. Very painful.

    Kindly suggest the medicine…

  215. Dear Doctor,
    Recently I have noticed a very small, round lump on the upper part of the penis. The lump feels hard. Kindly prescribe me the best homeopathy medicine available, along with its dosage and number of days to continue, so that the said lump ruptures without any side effect.
    An early reply from your end is highly solicited
    Thanking you,

  216. xxburgerfan says:

    A doctor prescribed me 2 medicines, one has silicea 6 written on it, while the other says 2M. He said one will cause black spots kinda on my foot and the pus and all sorts of impurities will come out via my skin and it will itch a bit as well. But I don’t want that to happen. I’m 15 years old and weigh around 65kg. I’d like to know which medicine do I avoid. Also, is there something else I can take for an ingrown nail?

  217. Hi, plz help me. I have a very big abscess in my neck. Which is very painful. Now the condition is that I have a blister as well but pus is not coming out. I had one dose of hepar sulf 200. I do have some homeopathic medicines at home. Plz advise me which medicine to take so that this blister can pop out.

    • komal sharma says:

      u should take silicea 6x or in other low potency for curing ur abscess … Dont take it in high potency !!!! for example in 1M or 200

  218. karma sherpa says:

    Sir…am 36 I have a boil on the buttock near anus, which have been recurring more than eight years. As shown to a doctor and had taken amoxicillin for the full course but had no effect at all.

    At moment the pus is oozing out and then get itself prevented for the time being only.

    There is any homeopathic medicine which can get cure permanently or shall i start take the calcarea sulph or there is any other precaution better than it… pl kindly suggest .


  219. karma sherpa says:

    sir,as mentioned the problem in the first mail to you,shall I take the calcarea sulph dose for my sickness and it’s secure to take,if so how long course have to be done.Please kindly suggest in this regard at the earlies.


  220. karma sherpa says:

    Sir,am 37 old suffering from a recurring boil from the same spot near anus since from the 2007.In this connection i have been consulted with doctor and taken lots of the antibiotics but that doesn’t cure it permanently.

    There is any homeopathic medicine which can be cure permanently and at the same time no any side effective at all.

    Pl kindly suggest me,if there is possible from your end.


  221. Tatiana Drossos says:

    If this is not too much to ask… My older son (26) has recurring boils on his buttocks. No fever, kind of slow to mature – would it be safe to take silica? Dose? Or it is better to look for constitutional (which might end up being Sulphur)? Thank you!

  222. Baichie Princess Sweetie says:

    pls i have a boil on my leg and is about 3 at the same area two has burst and became saw.I went to the hospital and they gave me clindamycin and amoxacilline but yet still is not gone .Pls what can i do ? pls i need ur advice.

  223. Baichie Princess Sweetie says:

    pls i have a boil on my leg and is about 3 at the same area two has burst and became saw.I went to the hospital and they gave me clindamycin and amoxacilline but yet still is not gone .Pls what can i do ?

  224. KImberly Schwartz says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I have 2 questions..
    I have a dog who has gotten 3 different anal gland abscesses.Two times, the abscesses burst just before I arrived at the vet so he was placed under anesthesia in order to flush out the gland and then he was placed on oral antibiotics.The 3rd time he got an abscess, it had not yet burst when I arrived at the vet , so he was placed on an antibiotic and the abscess gradually went down on its own.
    My question is, since my dog prone to getting these abscesses, because the material inside of the anal glands is staying hard for some reason and not expressing itself naturally each time he defacates, is there a homeopathic formula I can put him on which will soften the material inside of the glands and keep it that way? Is there any homeopathic formula I can give him to keep his anal glands working the way they should?
    Lastly, is there a homeopathic formula to heal a swelling and soreness in the appendix area, which may be a chronic appendicitus (not the kind that needs surgery)?
    Thank you for any info you can provide to me on both of these issues!
    Kimberly Schwartz

  225. chirag kakkar says:

    Good Evening Sir,
    I am getting boils one after another on almost every part of the body.
    Boils are like reddened area sometimes filled with white color pus and sometimes just a hard reddened area with no fluid.
    Please suggest appropriate homeopathic medicine for my problem.
    I will be highly thankful to you.
    Looking forward for your response.
    Chirag Kakkar

    • Charles Lopes says:

      Keep getting abcess/boils in the pit of my arm and recently on my chest and side of my rib cage. They become filled with puss get very hard and warm to the touch. My girlfriend squeezes the puss out which is very painful. The one on my rib cage was covered and when we pulled the homemade bandage off the scab was stuck on the paper towel and green puss was attached to it which created a large bleeding hole. Why do these keep showing up on my body? I’ve never gone thru this before. Please help and tell me what type of medicine i can take to rectify this problem for good.

  226. My husband keeps getting boils in his buttocks . He has been taking antibiotic but no effect. Plz advise

  227. Hi
    I m 30 year old. I have boils on my buttocks Since last ten years . Now a days i m taking silicea 30x. Is this right for me. Or you recommend me any other medician pleez

  228. Helen Hines says:

    I have tried several things to get rid of my underarm pits abscesses. It goes away and comes right back. I tried a steaming hot washcloth 4x every 10 mins and they will burst eventually and make me sick and i also use peroxide effectively. My hair under my arm is turning red from so much peroxide use. I can barely hold my arm down or wear a bra without it stinging and burning. I am a type 2 diabetic please help me to rid these abscesses without going to the hospital to get another incision. They use lydocaine and it burns so bad before they pack the incision. I can’t afford anymore hospital bills right now!!! Please help me i am in bad pain and have to work through this excruciating pain. Thanx

  229. I am having boils on my anus & it bleeds drops for 3weeeks now. I put Gun powder & calc sulph mix powder , for awhile it was cure ,but again come up… please do provide permanent solution

  230. am having a swell on my anus for 3weeeks now it as never happen to me before and i did not take injecture or anything to warant the swellen. Two days ago i mistakenly use it to sit harder and d swollen and the pain increased. Look forward to your response

  231. Bhanu Sarkar says:

    The suppuration process has taken place after an insect bite but still severe and electrifying pain prevails. Tell me the best remedy to complete the suppuration with the removal of pain and burning for an woman of 50 yrs old.

    • Anuradha Banerji says:

      Sir my dog who weighs about 40 kilos is suffering from scrotal abscess. He has been on strong antibiotics for the past three months. He was also put on a mild course of steroids. The wound heals partially and the there is oozing again. The vet is suggesting castration. Could you kindly suggest a medicine which will dry up the wound quickly. Yours most gratefully Anuradha Banerji

  232. Tamara Davis says:

    I had big blisters on my legs and they got infected. Is there any home remedy for infection.

  233. Olga Alamillo says:

    Help please, my daughter has a severe case of absence, don’t know what to give her anymore,she also have anemia and white ct very high

  234. Hi dr
    my 20 months old is been sufering from anal abscess it started 18/08/2014 he was only 2 months then,at the hospital they did the incition and drainage which help for 2 weeks and then it was back again,they will give me anti biotic it will be better for a week,i’be in and out of hospital they will tell me if it’s draining its self there is nothing that they can do its normal

  235. Sameer Kapur says:

    Good Morning Doctor,

    I am having boils on my balls and they are re-appearing since last 1 year. I am taking alopathy medicines prescribed by Skin specialist. I want to get rid of it.

    Do homeopathy has remedies for this. I am in very stress due to this.

    Please help me and advise.


  236. Eleni Miller says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    My 13 year old son has had two bouts of osteomyelities to his right foot over the past 2 years. We’ve done antibiotics ( both oral and via picc line) and heavy debridements with placement of antibiotic beads.
    He’s been off of antibiotics for 4 weeks now and I think he might be starting an infection again 🙁
    I’ve considered using sulfur and silica this time around while we wait for CRP results to show an actually infection. Last few times it has taken months for the abscess to form where it could be seen on an MRI- however that is a late sign and I don’t want to go through surgery for the 3rd time again! Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  237. Hi doctor,

    I found some boils on my penis and these are on the upper skin not inside , I dont have any pain in it ,but I am worried I need to get rid frm these also I havent done sex with anyone so unless am really worried from whr I will get these ,can u help me pls


  238. veena mehrotra says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma,
    I have developed an abcess on the breast from which pus keeps oozing out. I had taken Amoxicllin but it had no effect.I am scared of surgery. Please advice the homeopathy medicine that can .
    help to prevent the pus from forming further and dries up the existing pus in the breast.


    With regards
    Veena Mehrotra

  239. lawal abdullatiful adewale says:

    My nine years old girl was diagnosed of brain abscess when she was six years old. At the university college hospital in ibadan Nigeria. She was operated. After the operation she lost her vision,voice and can not use neither her arms nor her legs. Please sir, is there any hope to regain her health back.

  240. savati arora says:

    Respected Doctor, i m a 32 year unmarried femaleand from four months i am suffering by a boil on upper side of clitoris in my vagina , i have taken alopathic medicine for it from gyne doctor and antibiotic reliefs boil but after a month it again appears and near monthly periods it errupts twice in last two months and even after eruption i feel some hardness of it …please suggest me how to cure it permanently

  241. I went in for surgery for a full hystermory female stuff removed. About 3 weeks later I became very sick an cramping really bad so I went to the doctor and was put on antibotics started feeling better and then a week later I was balled up in a ball because I was hurting so bad was admitted to Hosp and found out I had an abscess on the inside of my virgina they put a drain tube in an a lot of stuff came out I went into doctor office to have removed about a week later it started draining out red green and yellow my doctor said just let it drain out any how I have been so sick an weak no energy and don’t understand why my left side all around up thur my ribs hurt so bad I had surgery on dec 4 and I’m in so much pain I can’t do anything. Could you plz help me so I can get back on my feet an start feeling better.

  242. Kimberley Garcia says:

    I have a abscess on my bottom left lip of my mouth, I had a stale blemish there for a long time it became infected after trying to poke it, I have taken more than enough antibiotics and over the counter pain meds, is there an herb that can assist in decreasing the abscess? I do have pics also.

  243. reshma naik says:

    dear doctor,

    my son age 1 year 7 months is having a swelling like lump in the inner skin of his penis for approximately last one month. one week back he had an abscess on his left leg (thigh) from which pus was being removed without any surgery but by putting a small cut . I would like to know whether that lump could be the reason for the abscess and whether that lump is a sign of worry or will it disappear on its own . suggest me some medication in homoeopathy. i am in great stress.

  244. Sir i have been suffering from recurrent abscesses since 12years ….initially it was less severe but recently about 1year it becomes severe now almost everyday my armpit has abscesses and huge amount of pus and blood realese from it ..all gland become sewelled..plz help me dr.

  245. krishnakumar says:

    Hello Dr,
    Goodmorning and will be nice to have your consent for my problem.
    I am having anal abscess every year and is very painful each time I go through the process till it heals.why is it coming often inspire of having it removed a decade ago.I umdewent an operation for fistula cum personal abscess in 2003 after which I had relief until 2014 again in 2014/had anal abscess and Dr drained it after that again I had the same abscess pain and last year also this year right now am on bed rest with the same problem.can you please advise me a homeo medication for this that I get a permanent relief from this lifelong.please advice..awaiting your response…Thanks…

  246. Julien jantze says:

    I got a polio drop and 2days after i took it i started itching,after that i got rushes all over my legs and the marks are not gone yet what can i use??

  247. dear doc,
    my first boil came in my inner thighs on 9th nov 2015. it grew very big covering my whole inner thigh…all red with a tip that too came on applying locally antibiotic cream. at the end i had to eat antibiotic. just after a month 2 boils came in inner thigh on both sides and i had to eat antibiotic again but now they are not stopping. one is on joint of thigh and buttock…other 2 on buttock….very very painful. pls help. with gratitude

  248. Helen Walton says:

    Hi my problem is I have suffered from very painful abcess on my sweat glands ( under arm, under breasts, groin etc and now have started on my head I have had one already lanced and drained on my head I have suffered for 15 years plus with this given constant antibiotics to which I have now become allergic to penicillin its ruined my life in constant agony with a new abcess occurs every other month please help

  249. Hello. I have had this lump in my left upper eyelid for a while now… at least six months. Just in the last week it has become red and inflammed… almost feeling like a stye… and there is now more than one lump. And even the way the lump is formed is strange… almost like a line from top to bottom about dead center on the eyelid. From what I can tell in my online research, it’s called a chalazion. I have really no money to buy anything additional but I have a lot of herbal remedies in my home. I have chamomille tea, and then many capsules of herbs such as Eyebright, Hyssop, Lavender Flower, and many others. Not sure what I can do about it and I’ve never had anything like this before. I want to treat it but also want to avoid it happening again. Thank you for any help or suggestions.

  250. Hello SIr,
    I am suffering from abscesses over penis region its around 1and 1/2 inch in breadth and around 1/2 inch in length. I frequently get abscesses in this part of body. Can you please suggest me a way to get rid of it permanently.

  251. My mom suffering for skin Acscess and she is also suffering with kidney,sugar proble
    plz sugguest treatment or provide your full address and phone number

  252. Suffering from vaginal boils for last six months.Taken allopathic medicines. It subside and recurr after some days. Boils are on pubic region,labia and inner thigh.Pl suggest any medicine for permanent cure.

  253. Stella Benson says:

    dear doctor, my 2yrs old has a skin rash from birth now he’s being having reoccurring boils around his face and neck. Don’t know what to do, pls I need help as d rashes are red and itching

  254. Manoj sharma says:

    namskar, i got road accident 8 yr ago and opreated and implant below knee . After some time release pus from it then i take antibiotec but now pus release with smell plz advise me for Homeopathic medicine. thanks

  255. my problem is a reoccurring boil by one side of my Virginia 4 over 5 years now. I used to extract the pus with syringe and needle which comes in like 10mls. I need ur advise on how to treat it permanently and what home remedy or therapy can be used, cos this has already affected my blood. I’m always weak and losing wheight any time its started. thank you.

  256. Devendra Sahai says:

    Dear doctor, a small boil has just cropped up on my upper lip.It is paining very much. What medicine should I take ?

  257. Hi doctor. I have heat boils under pelvic area every month it will come before & after menstruation cycle. Before it comes first itching will come & after that a small pimple to big boils very painful. Whenever my body becomes heat I get more boils. I have this boils from 5 years.please help me.

  258. hai sir, i have heat boils for about one month on my legs and hands…they are very itching.I cannot even sleep at night due to itching.. i have put injection when i went to doctor and that really doesn’t work.So now i am applying aloevera jell to whole of my body. I think it works very late and i have periods problem too.please tell me what i have to do sir..

  259. I m suffering from boils underarm. It’s very painful so kindly suggest remedies

  260. There r few small hard small boils on the left side of the head 2″ above the ears.Pl prescribe the medicine and oblige

    Thank u Dr

    yours faithfully

  261. FUSEINI AISHA says:

    I have this reddish thing on vagina lip like boil but I think is boil because is not painful it only itches. please what medicine should I take to make it go. am very scared

  262. What are homeopathic remedies for abscess underarm and the whole body?

  263. I am suffering from folliculitis and normally occured whenever I eat some nuts.
    Recently I got induced in my right thumb and now pus is being formed.

    Can you suggest me medicine which can solve both the problems.

    I shall be grateful to you.

  264. Hi I have some boils in my face that look like they rip what can cause it

  265. I have a abscess the size of an orange I’ve had it for eleven days. I got it from muscling heroin. (Injecting it into muscle) it’s located on right upper thigh…when I have pants on it looks like I have a lot of things in my pocket…….anyway…. this morning I woke up from an extremely unbearable stinging and burning pain in my skin below the abscess…..why????

  266. ashwini kumar says:

    Sir my wife aged 73 has developed boil like erruptions in stomach under the breast and on back The boils have a blaclkish circle around and have a nmouth which forms pus and on draining it out tends to become better but then other erruptions start
    Will be grateful if you could please advise medicines for the same
    Thanks and regds

    • I have what I think is an abscess in my rt breast located few inches from nipple. Has been there for about 9 months. I can feel a silver dollar size spot under the skin. A dark red area has appeared roundish over the last couple of months and has drained twice – just small dot of blood and yellow – no odor.
      Once a month I feel pain in this area then it is gone. What do you suggest. I have had many mammograms over the years and false/positives. I am 72 yrs old white female. Breast are medium size.
      No other problems or fever. Please give me your advice. Thank you.

  267. Dear Dr,My babies bombom is redish and I don’t know Wat to do. I have used the sudocream but still ls not going but rather increasing. What do I do?

  268. Sandip Dey says:

    I had got an abcess on the end point of backbone where the hip is starting before 2 years ago. I am a computer personnel and thats why the whole day i do spent by seating. However the abcess was cured by draining the pus but not fully. Now maximum time i feel heavy pain on that spot and the pain spread throuhtout my whole hip waist and thigh. There is no face of the abcess. Not any pus. Just i can feel 2 or 3 lump by touching. By eyes u cannot see it. The pain become very irritating when i seat for a long time or bikeing. I had taken 1st alopathy treatment 2 years ago and then homeopathy several time. But nothing has changed. I am taking now just 4 pils of silicea at night but not regularly.
    Please give me some suggesion what should i do and what medicine i should take and what often.

  269. Like u to help me please

  270. Sir past one year in my mom left hand boil water to droped .its heavy injury in hand .now we want any cream to apply a skin to change normal because there small small black dots.

  271. Roja Chettri says:

    i have some problem in my vagina

  272. evelyn danso says:

    I have this had boil under my bottucks for 2years ive used several ointment but its still there. Its very itchy sometimes nd painful.i want medicine or treatment

  273. Hi there I have a big filled lump
    On my right palm it’s really painful
    I am sure it’s filled with some
    Liquid substance
    Any ideal what it might be

    Thank you

  274. For the past two years I hv been experiencing sores on my vagina.I use antibiotics and vagina cream to control goes n come back am scare of shaving .I am using vagina cream to control it.its subsiding. I don’t itch or experience unusual discharge. Wht could be the cause

  275. Bernice .B says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,my 5months old baby is always having boils on her head,armpit and on her neck which extends to her back. I’ve tried all i could pls help.

  276. Akshay Singh says:

    I am getting many big size pus on my wounds from last 1 months no antibiotic medicines powders and cream are helping me to over come from this please help me it’s seriously very painful and irritating????????????????

  277. Charle iwok says:

    Good day ma, i have a boil at the iower part of buttock. The boil has an opening at the surface of the skin which ooze out smelling pus always whenever i sit down. The surface of that part of bombom swells and the skin is hard. What can i do ma to get rid of the problem? Ip has been afecting me for some yrs now

  278. Hello Dr.,

    I m suffering from vaginal boils or abscess, with pus inside it, and it is very frequent and recurrent type, one goes and other comes. I have taken many medicines and treatment in allopathic, but it subside for some time then again it start coming. Boils are on labia, and they are of big size impossible for me to walk very painful on touch, shows redness around it, and filled with pus and its been more than a year I am having this problem. Please help me by suggesting good medicine, and a permanent cure for it, thanks.

  279. i am 39years old. taking hypertension medicine. i want to quit this medicine. is there any homeopathic medicine for hypertension. i am taking medicine (olmighty am) for one years. now my bp is 120/90.

  280. ranu prasad says:

    Will the boil appear throughout the life?

  281. Hello Respected sir ;
    I have a small white spot on tonsil nod which niter change size nor inflamed that is inactive infection i have taken hyper self 200 Silicia 200 for 3 days and 1 day phytolyecaberry 200.But vain what should i take for clearing that nasty spot there is redness if i speak a lot otherwise not even irritating.
    Looking for yr soon response

    • Dr. Sharma,
      or Nauman, if you are still visiting this site,
      My question is about ‘hyper self 200’ mentioned here in the post by ‘naman’. My doctor recommended this medicine for my daughter, but I cannot find it anywhere. What is the exact name or manufacturer of these tabs? Hope you can help me

  282. I am having abbesses continuously for last few months ..they start with a smal boil and then turn big …all of then on on buttocks and hips

  283. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    need your medical expertise and advice. generally,i have abscess grow under my armpits on and off. it make the surrounding red and hot and swelling and even fever or chill sometimes. Is there a permanent cure for the abscess from growing back and forth.

    Appreciate on your response.

  284. Hello Doctor, my 6 month baby is having red boils in her head and it is draining pus aftter 2-3days. And she is suffering from this since last 1 month. Please suggest me can I give her homeopathic medicine ? if yes then please prescrib..

  285. Hello Doctor,

    I have been getting abscess on various areas on my body like on things and hips and inside the nose & some times on eye lid. Its so painful I bearly could move during these time it can lost for 3 to 4 days.. or even a week by then I am half dead.
    Currently I am having abscess in my nose and I am unable to work in the office and I am having fever. Also my brother who has dry skin recently had abscess on eyes, neck & arm pit . It was so painful he could bearly sleep during the nights inspite of medication. So I kindly request you help in advise what what is the treament we can take in Homeo which is safe.

    Please advise


  286. Dear doctor

    Recently I developed a boil on my upper lip and it’s got infected. It’s got swollen and pus formed by the recommendation of family dr I used antibiotics and most of the pus got drained and opening got healed. But in side I can sense some tough lump like clots are still there how to clear those

  287. boil is reccuring under my armpits…..should i do away with proteins

  288. Hello dr.,
    I have this recurrence of severe itchy scalp associated with dryness of scalp, boils leading to itch-scratch-burning vicious cycle.I have been using mosoft corticosteroid cream which gives me instant relief but i am very apprehensive about it as it is a steroid.
    I also take Rx SULPHUR 30 as it suits my constitution but it is not helping me & i end up applying the corticosteroid.i do take calc.sulp6x

    I sometimes feel it is seborrhoic dermatitis.
    Should i continue with sulphur?


  289. Chris wilkinson says:

    Staph aureus infection of the scalp, itchy small lumps that has caused large patches of hair breakage
    Would love your advice

  290. How do i heal an open boils wounds on my labia?

  291. Madan Lal Kaim says:

    I am suffering from acoustic neuro fibroma ie. tumor on ear since last 25 years. It was operated in 1999. since than, I am facing a problem that there is pus/abscess is coming out in the last teeth. I visited dentist shop. Dentist suggest me to remove the last tooth and the said tooth was removed. But problem is as it is. Pus is still coming out from last teeth. Two teeth have been removed Neurofibroma is very small and increasing day by day . So operation is possible after two years. Please advise me homeopathic medicines .

  292. Er.Asmat Maqbool says:

    My son of one month is suffering from small pin like white pus pores wd redness around them from last twenty days.i treated a lot but all in vain.plz give me the right way of treatment?

  293. Rakesh Kumar Sharma says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma
    I have perinatal abscess treated by surgery deptt. Of govt. hospital on20.7.15 & on 31.8.15 , which is in repetitive nature inspiteof non diabetic , no BP probloms purely vegetarian .
    Kindly suggest which treatment is longer lasting.


    Rakesh Kumar Sharma
    Mob No. 9899190274

  294. Hii doctor I am 32 years and I have red spot and line in my breast because my husband cut it from teeth what should I do

  295. adinarayana murthy says:

    Respected Sir,Namasthe.I am aged 50 and recently i am getting few pus boils small in size now and then.I am taking silicea in 30x with calc sulph 30x.they go but again re appear.some times it is painful.i am not diabetic.i am healthy with the blessing of God.can you please suggest me in this regard.four years back i was tested with incopetent perforator in left leg six inches above ankle.earlier i had swelling and could not stand for much time,in due course with taking calc flour and doing exercise and yoga my health has improved.there is no swelling and i can stand for a longer time too.presently the problem is with the small pus boils sir.Please do guide me sir.May Lord Dhanvantari bless you and your family .

    • Madan Lal Kaim says:

      I am suffering from acoustic neuro fibroma ie. tumor on ear since last 25 years. It was operated in 1999. since than, I am facing a problem that there is pus/abscess is coming out in the last teeth. I visited dentist shop. Dentist suggest me to remove the last tooth and the said tooth was removed. But problem is as it is. Pus is still coming out from last teeth. Two teeth have been removed Neurofibroma is very small and increasing day by day . So operation is possible after two years. Please advise me homeopathic medicines .

  296. Tarun Sharma says:

    Doctor, my 5 years old daughter has repeated attacks of boils on buttocks. Till date she has faced 2 boils with lot of pus therein these boils and later on it erupts and cured. after few months it again happened. Now a colour of mouth of boil is white in colour and later on turns into red with hardness. Which medicine should be given . kindly suggest.

  297. Hi
    I got boil under legs and it comes again and again after 15 days has eaten many medicines and applied many ointments but first bursted comes some fresh blood few drops then very light color blood water same like pimple water it’s not painful and water got clear with in 2 to 4 days then smal pin hole on a skin doesn’t heal for next 10 days and yellowish just a tiny drop come out in next days

  298. Hi. I did use silica 30c for varous reasons that fit to my condition but unfortunately I developed some boils on my right hand. I was just wondering if I took more than I should and is this the side effect of taking sil30c. And if yes what is the anti dope.
    Thanks ever so much.

  299. Anil mehta says:

    Hi my son 6 years old eats homeopathic medicine from last 8 months but after eating each month he gets boils on body like ear nose eyes sometimes in back

    Why is this happening?


  300. Dear Doctor
    I had a abcess on my left buttock for nearly 10 years now. I had oprations 3 time and draining, but I still have it . I also had always more pus coming out. now I don’t know what to do. Please, is ther any natural medecine to help me cure this?

  301. I have a dermal piecing on my neck/collar bone area that is very swollen, red, and pussing threw the hOle of the piecing. I’m hoping to find a way to treat it instead of having the dermal surgically removed. I wanted to know if this was safe to use or could help? There is a metal plate under the skin holding the dermal in place. I just want to make sure smiles PRID homeopathic drawing salve won’t try and draw out the metal plate. Please get back to me asap. Thank you in advance -crystal

  302. dpjagadeesan says:

    abcess developed behind the neck on the shoulders it remains as bulged some times gives dis comfort years back pus removed again developed i am diabetic aged 62 iwant get rid off through homeo pathic medicine please prescrbe

  303. Ajay Singh. says:

    Respected sir,
    my self Ajay Singh i m eger to know that is ther is any remedy for older hydrocels, which is about to cross 1 year and if there is having remedy so plze concernt me, it’s a humble request to u sir.

  304. Sir,My age is 40. First I noticed year 1998 abscess in seating area near rectum made surgery,so far again reoccur in year 2000.Meanwhile 2015 August again reoccur.I went physician and drained pus by hand then first day injected antibiotic and 5 days take tab.antibiotics.what shall i do to prevent,i just join new workplace in overseas.I plan to go 10 days in December.and i wish to take homoeopathy treatment.

  305. hi doctor
    my daughter is 21 months old and she has very bad front four teeth she never eat sweets she breastfeed till she was 19 than she started eating solids but eats only homemade food never sweets but still she has bad teeth so we went to denmtist as sheis having pain and doctor said that she has infection and first four teeth has to be removed which i dont want i cnt do this she has brushing problen she does not allow me to do her brushing doctor prescribes penicillin vk antibiotic also whic i already started now i want to know as it is baby teeth it will gone by itself later is it necessary to remove it or is there any other way to deal with this problem will infection go or it will come again if we stop taking antinbiotics what will i do i am very confused what to do …….

  306. Hi dr. Sharma. I am 21 years old and i have been suffering for 3 years from abscesses all over my body. I keep going to doctors and they tell me it isn’t mrsa and they just give me antibiotics. They help get rid of them but in about a week or two another one comes up. Please help it is painful and is ruining my life. Thank you

  307. i was pregnant when i got an anal is really painful and i drained it myself..but now i born my baby.then my abcess healed and theres another pain i fell near the previous abcess.what should i do to make this go away?Its really painful.pls i need your help

  308. Francesca Anton says:

    Hi..your article was very helpful,,Thx..the abcess I m treating is in my groin ares.. I shave there so I think it’s a result of an ingrown hair folical .. I’ve been putting Aztec clay w apple cider vinegar on it & I’ve been able to pop some of the white heads getting pus & fluid out.. I do tale Jarrow silica drops every day.. What else can I do & how long does this last?

  309. Keep getting armpit boils,started two months ago,treatment was antibiotic,this time again tiny crops of lumps in both armpits..painful to the touch..not caused by razor..I feel anxious and fearful.
    feel insecure.
    can you please suggest something that will help..I’ve started silacea 30bio chemic.

  310. Hello Dr. I am a breast cancer survivor. I have always had a problem with deoderant since I was younger, I had a huge boil under my arm that was lance and a very foil smell and dark color came out, then the breast cancer occured when I was 30, it’s been 7 years since the diagnoses, almost 6 years cancer free “thank God”. I stopped using deoderant 8 years ago. I use natural soap and black drawing salve as deoderant do you think it is ok?

  311. Vinay Taneja says:

    Dear Sir I have one boil painless on my anus cleavage
    It was 4 times earlier but reduced same by applying castor oil & turmeric
    But now it is stable and not reducing further

    I have one photo of same

    Please help with some medicine

  312. 14months child over head absce with yellow pus pain readnes

  313. Sanjeev kumar says:

    Sir i have a boil on my right chick, n just below the eyes, n pus boil, n light pain occur when it touches, so sir pls suggest me what i do,? For this

  314. joseph Donkoh says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    Let me know what can treat this disease condition.
    Anal boil-like swelling
    When drained gets swollen again after some days
    Persistent for more than five years now
    Our local Akan people of Ghana call it “osafo”
    Some dread it as incurable
    They believe there is probably a worm at the source of this regular re ocurring “boil” which oozes water and blood.

  315. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My 19-year-old son has had constant painful abscesses for 3 years all over his neck, back and chest. Upon seeing a dermatologist 2 years ago, Bactrim was prescribed. It did a great job. However, after being on it for a YEAR, I was very concerned about what other bacteria the Bactrim was killing and took him off of it. He has so many now and is in so much pain. He is very conscious of cleanliness. I have naturally-derived cleansing agents for him to use. There is no relief. Presently, he cannot turn his neck without serious pain, not to mention that after the warm compress releases the pus, major bleeding ensues. The scars are awful, and I want to know what underlying bacteria is causing this. If you have any suggestions, I would be grateful. He cannot get in to have a physical with his new doctor until August 12.

    Thank you!

  316. Pv akshi says:

    Sir an absce ss on the back exactly on the spine with pus formation.any cure?silicea did not work in 200 potency

  317. Lana Getts says:

    I’m 54 and was home health worker one of my clients had MRSA got my first abscess while working for her. (On my chin)Now I have small pustulars always at the base of my skull, during the summer when sweating they become inflamed. Is there anything to do to keep these from occurring to start with?

    Thank you

  318. Hai dr my son one year old with G6PD having skin absesed in his leg .Genaral dr advised for surgery n put him on fucidin crm. Any advised. I worried for him n in lost.pls help .thanks

  319. Many hard boil which is verry itching appear in my scrotum area. When I press semi solid whitish substance comes out . What can I do ?

  320. Shyama Nandi says:

    I have developed a swelling behind my left shoulder, slightly hard, with a small blue spot on the top of the swelling; but it is not a open pore hence can’t quite understand whether there is pus inside. It is quite painful and hot compression gives relief. It is about 7 days now. Would be thankful if you could kindly help.

  321. Dave Gustave says:

    Hello Dr Sharma. I have a large absess on my back that drains a lot of pus. I have been traated with antibiotics three times but there is no relief. My abscess is due to an infected sweat gland. I have been dealing with this problem for about 4 months and it’s not getting any better. I’m frustrated. What advice can you give. Thanks.

    D. Gustave.

  322. Iam getting boil on my hips again and again they are stopping for some time and come back

  323. Johanna Haggarty says:

    I have suffered with absseses for nine yrs, all my illnesses , the main illness that one of my therapists at the eating disorder clinic says it was caused by slimming tablets, im talking everywhere, my face ,behind ears , private areas , + these are huge, the last one almost blinded me, I am given pills and a gel for night but things are getting worse, what im given has never worked + now im in a right mess , eg earlobe, it is like there are a few just on the back of lobe but 4 heads to it, at the top of ears, the the ear itself behind all the way up the back splits open, old one are now refilling, I never got given an option of getting them cut out, iv asked numinous times in the past but never received option, I got sulphate paste but I have them everywhere, not a pore in face poisen doesn’t come from + with the paste you put a dressing over it at night, that’s useless to me cause i would have to apply all over face behind ears genital areas, i would have to cover whole body with bandages like a mummy, really smells bad, I can smell the poised as I speak, I have not left the house for nine months, no chance, I need a surgeon really but I can’t afford all that, the doctor has destroyed my face, now at the point of doing something stupid, i cant take it anymore, you should see our mirrors with poisen, disgusting, I feel ozzing with poisen, I think it has replaced my blood, I want to stick face in acid to be honest, I’d rather scars than massive disgusting absseses all over me + they are seriously noticeable, can you help me before I peel my face of by myself, 14 yrs is a long time to have these things all over me, the very fist one that came at 21, still get poisen from it, I just read some of other people’s issues with this and this one women wanted assisted cause of 1 pimple, my whole head is gonna explode , god all mighty, a tiny spot, if only that was my problem,

  324. Hi Doctor,

    Im getting boils from past 6 months on the private areas which are exactly as explained above.

    do we have a solution for this? im already using silicea medicine and when they tested the bacteria in the pus was Staphylococcus Aureus.

    Please suggest they are very painful.


  325. Fardows Wahid says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma

    I am 27 years old (male) facing acne problem for 10 years. Now I am facing abscess problem badly on my spine, armpits and chest and its very regular basis. Please give me a proper sugestion to overcome this problem. Its making my life tough.

  326. s ganesh says:

    Dear doctor I am writing this for my sister.she is having puss under the leg every month,from the age of she is 42 but still monthly 2 or 3 times the puss will come.we have tried almost all types of treatment but no results.kindly advice.

  327. Anastancia Bosibori says:

    recurrent of small abscesses and darkening of spots

  328. Loraine Sha says:

    Hi Doctor

    I am in desperate need of help for my 27 year old son who is suffering from recurring abscess under both his arms. He had surgery three times already. Please share information on diet and treatment.


  329. ajay vish says:

    A very little abscess on the hips muscles,which created after injection.that is no cure about 2 months ,what medicine use for it.

  330. Hello doctor ,

    My condition is very depressing painful and feel permanent. I’ve suffered for 12 years with boils under my breats armpits between my legs and for the first time behind my leg .. I’ve been to multiple doctors and nothing seems to help they have left permanent marks on my body please is there anything you can do?

  331. I have a dry parched black skin disease on my chest that keeps reoccurring even after medication. what should I do to clear it

  332. Shaifali says:

    Hi doctor
    I am suffering abascus /boil between hips last six months . some pus also released . I have a surgery but after some time a hole and release pus pl guide

  333. manoj kumar samal says:

    hi.···i am manoj kumar samal i have pus coming out from my toe and somtimes blood also comes out . these is hapening since last 1 year. these is very painful so plz give me some remidies to take to be cured

  334. Ciji Roland says:

    My 8 yr. Old daughter has blisters coming up on her legs they start out small then they get about the size of a nickle. The blisters have a white spot in the middle like a bulls eye. The first one popped and clear stuff came out but she complains that they really hurt bad, I have no clue what they are. Could u help? Its only on one leg right now but she has about four so far.

  335. subhadra sharma says:

    I have a daughter of one and half years… She is suffering from recurring painful boils on body.
    The boils are suppurative, red, painful in nature. Only one boil occur at a time.. After it is punctured… The next will appear within a day or two. I had given her Ledum 200. Single dose.

    Kindly help me for the right treatment.

  336. SAYEMA SHIRIN says:

    Their is one boil or cyst above the ear,the patient operate it 2 3 times bt it comes back,soft consistency without itching only affected part is red plss suggest the remedy thank you,7 yrs child,female.

  337. veeresh kanaka says:

    I have suffered 4 to 6 year boil next wound doesn’t healup boils agin and agin occur what is best treatment for this problem

  338. Kristina says:

    My 5 year old son has a abscess on the back of his thigh and keeps crying it really hurts him… It really red and has a small head on it and a red circle about the size of a quarter and is extremely hard and knotted… Should I take him to his pediatrician to get resolved or will it go away on its own?

  339. nyanga Rajaonarivelo says:

    I’ve experienced 3 abscess in one month and I think I just located another……they are all healing but 8 don’t understand why I keep getting them in one area by my breast and underarm.

  340. Barbara Thomas says:

    I have recently drained a boil on my butt at home. For the last few days the pain has went away but the area on my where the boil in a darker color and still firm and a bit bumpy. I would like to know if this is a serious infection or it will go away with time.

  341. kshitijA says:

    Hello doctor ,
    My daughter 5.5 yrs old as of today was suffering from adenoids when she was the age of 3 years 9
    months.I got her xray doen and turned to homeopathy for medicine..ts bee 1.5 years now since I am taing medicine to cure adenoids. I can say they have reduced so far atleast frequent earpains and cough cold with fever has reduced, but still she has teeth grinding which is still on from teh day she has stared medication. i have learned that teeth grinding is relatd to adenaoids . So my question is , how will thsi take to cure. your an shall hel me decide wether to turn to other dctor to get this cured cpmpletly.
    Warm regards,

  342. MANOJ KUMAR MEDA says:

    Sir I am suffering too much with skin abscess for the past one year and after using so many antibiotics I have consult homeopathy doctor almost 3 months over using homeopathic medicine but there is no response pls suggest me what to do if you suggest me you are the god for me because that much I am suffering

  343. This is really random an every one is always saying my pain is just for attention. But i haven’t been to a doctor in over three years after my car wreck my legs is now starting to hurt on the inner thigh on my right leg an it seems to be getting bigger. An hurts if its touched just right. I haven’t had the time to get it removed cause my son has special needs. But i noticed the other night in the shower after scrubbing my stomach the same pain, thats in my leg this was caused from serious bruise. Theres no wounds or bruising. It just hurts. If i touch it just right its like i got pushed in the boob. It goes from my ribs on the left to my belly button. If push inward i feel little round balls all over. But really deep. Like fat tissue. I em heavy set for my average weight 30. Poumds over. Its really odd.

  344. i have been having boil since the past six months…i had an operation,taken medicines and injection and even pus culture..but my boil keep reoccuring again….please suggest.

  345. Gayathri says:

    hi doc. 6months back I got abscess in my this

  346. I am a 28yr old mother with 3 daughters. Before I had kids I very rarely had any kind of acne. Now after my last daughter I can break out in a drop of a dime. But recently I’ve been getting abscess on my face and I already had to go to the hospital to cut and drain one off my face and don’t want to go thru it again. Now I have another one on my face and I’ve been putting heat on it with a heating pad and with warm water but it will not pop. I got it to the point it was soft so I squeezed it and some puss and liquid and blood came out but it went right back to being hard and big. I want to cry it’s so embarrassing. Please help me, what can I do for it to go away and avoid the hospital again. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  347. Praveen Bhajantri says:

    Actually I’m suffering from boils in buttocks.
    I am infected with them at least twice a month. EVERYTIME!!!!
    Just wanted to know whether boils have a permanent cure.
    I don’t have diabetes.
    It is just my eating didisorders.
    Bt for instances.

  348. I have an abcess on the side of my nose. Is started as a small red spot but was aggrevated by new glasses. Hot comoresses, cold compresses, tea tree and fucidin has not helped neither has magnesium sulphate. A week long course of fluclox reduced the inflammation. ..but finished 6 days ago and it is now red and inflammed again (size of a 2 p coin). There is no head so I presumw it is deep. Help

  349. Hi doctor i am having pimples in my under arms they were red at first and then they filled with puss its the second time with me at first time i contacted to a doctor she gave me antibiotics of 4 days then the pimples disappeared but now they are coming again with pain plz suggest wht do i do am really worried

  350. Earlean Ward says:

    My son (30) has had problems with abscesses under his arms for years. Recently he started taking injections in the infected sites, but it did not work. It has been 1 1/2 years since the left underarm had been draining, it never stops. I feel so bad for him and want to help but I don’t know what to do. He doesn’t have any other health issues that I know of (he had asthma but has since outgrown it, well, no problems in quite some time). About 8 months ago he started getting doors on the back of his neck. Also an abscess about the size of a silver dollar came up on the upper back left side of his head (he was receiving injections to these areas as well), I often swells and becomes very painful.
    I believe due to his wounds are always draining/open his body gives off a very foul smell. I know he is clean because he washed twice a day and takes soak bathes. If there is anything you can do to help him I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  351. Dear dr. My mother is diabetic. In the month of Jan a boil was appeared on her arm after two weeks it WS established. After hospitalised. a debridement treatment had done by the grace of God the wound healed but now she h suffering from many boils on her body one is on her legs joint. The other is on her ribs. I’m very much worried about my mother debridement is very painful procedure. Please let me know about homeopathic medicine effective medicine. Which treat her problem lwil be over thankful to u

  352. Hi doctor.
    im my face small hole or large pore on cheeks and forhead. my skin is not oily now. little dry now.
    if i do makeup it shown clearly. plz tell me which remedy for that. thanks

  353. Hi Doctor,
    My problem is I got abscess and is heal up, but it leave the healed infected part black and the black part has not been fading and almost a year past,
    so I was wondering how do I remove the black spot from abscess I got? Use face whitening cream?

  354. Hi
    I have abscess on my left buttock
    Which homeopathy medicine should i take to treat it permanently?
    Thank you.

  355. Soyonika Paul says:

    I had my first boil on the belt area on waist and that bursted and cleared after taking five antibiotic injections prescribed by an alopathic doctor.Then after 10 days another boils came out on the back of my thigh.This time I consulted a homeopathic doctor and he prescribed me HPS-6 to take 4 drops in every two hours and hee told me that it will help to burst the boil but it may cause the other boils to come out. And thats happened. After bursting the 2nd boil a few, 5-8 new small boils has come out just a liitle upside to the 2nd boil, i.e.on my left bump. Now I am continuing with the medicine earlier prescribed and two of them have started bursting, but others are still to burst. The boils are very much painfull and caused fever too. Please help if the medicine is correct or some alternative should be taken.

  356. Hello doctor,
    I m just 17 years old and i m suffering from again .plzzz give me some suggestions

  357. my wife has auxiliary breast under armpit, how it can be cure without surgery

    in right armpit is looks like bulging and in left also but not bulging

  358. Hello Dr Sharma, I have been taking autumn mur nat for depression, (prescribed by homeopath) but I seem to have proved it and developed 3 boils on my labia, I stopped taking the autumn and they went down after about a week. I then started to take the remedy again but at a much lower dose but one boil has flared back up again. It is now red and painful and has 3 heads on it. Should I take silica or hepar sulp as per your article as it says both are good for labia boils. If you recommend which one for me to take, what dosage would I need. Thanks in advance for your help. Mog.

  359. rukhsana wahid says:

    im sufering with dental abcess. jaw root of upper two front teeth is redish and feeling of inflamtions and hotness and throbing too much , some time get some relief but sometimes very irritating and painful. It is since one month.

  360. Delina Arimboor says:

    Greetings Dr.Sharma,

    Seek help for my ailing mom ..who is 85 yrs old… all bones now…down with Alzmers. Have seen her slowly loosing her self…her muscles all lost…she is in bones.
    Just two days ago, saw a patch of water clustered boils….small in size….what is the best home remedy that is i can treat my mom. She is uanble to walk …in bed 24×7.
    Truely need your guidance . I am her dauhgter living in Hyderabad.

  361. Lupna Hamdan says:

    Hi dr sharma, my 23 year old daughter ham chrones disease since she was 3 years old. Her disease is under control but the past two years she has been dealing with rectal abcesses they are severe, her surgeon wants to divert her colon to a stoma bag to try and heal her colon but we are terrified and I feel that won’t fix anything. I feel there is more to be done before surgery. Please help

  362. rohan gohil says:

    Hello dr
    my name is rohan from last 3 months i am suffering from boils all over my body first my hair follicle becomes red than the whole nearby area becomes red and than the pus fets collected in it and then it burst and comes again in some other place it hurts alot and i am fed up of it please help me dr

  363. shilpi sharma says:

    Hi Doctor,
    How many days it will take to recover a boil.
    What is the suitable medicine for boil.
    I’m taking Ampilox ds tab,Cap Nutrolin B.
    Rather can i use painkiller.
    Or else what can i do.
    Please advice

  364. Please help me I have a 3 month old baby and when I was about 5 months pregnant I got small boils/ abscesses behind my ear I now have a large sore one on my vagina on the outside close to the opening and today one has appeared on my chin. I have been to the Dr’s and they just said not to touch them they were no help I am desperate for something to get rid of them and prevent them from appearing please help it’s getting me down.

  365. Respected sir
    My 11 months son got his mmr vaccine and after 1 month i saw pus at that very point of vaccine got it drained and was given antibiotics after 3-4 days again pus accumulated again got it drained and poor baby was given high dose of antiboitics again but of no help now our doctor says i think he requires surgery so please get it checked by a surgeon because hardness at the point if pus is not going what to do please help
    My son is very weak he is only 8 kg and keeps getting red rashes on his neck , face and back every now and then .if i apply emusone tybe rashes go away for few days than again come back .please sir help i am fed up of giving him allopathymedicine and antibiotics.

  366. I have boil on. Back. Suggest what power of silicea i take? Now i take silicea 30 pills .

  367. jeannette whitefox says:

    i have a boil on the upper part of my thigh ,on my hip if i may say and the inner part is painful and i cant even walk ,,,this is making me uncomfortable because there is no pus coming out but its just painful .this is causing me to have a severe headache stressed up

  368. ashok manekar says:

    Hi Doctor ,my grandson ( 9 months old) is suffering from recurring abcess ,boils onhands legs,mouth,back and earlobes (changing spots) since last 6 months and now it is obseved that boil starts bleeding fast when he weeps or becomes angree.other symptoms are…..1..he puts each and every object in his mouth….2….he is very much active,doesnt sit silent for more than 2 minutes….thank u Doctor.

  369. Recurrent boils in nose of 5 year old baby boy also sometimes he has nose bleeding . Please suggest

  370. I have a swollen left chick that started from a small inner hard thing that felt like a pimple deep in the skin. I was sleeping then a friend of mine tried to press it as it was irritating me by then it is swollen and now makes my left side hot and feels like something in it. What is your advise to this?

  371. Rajesh Phogat अजे says:

    Dr I am getting boils on my back one after another.some develop deep inside and take longer to recover. I have also observed that these develop after every exercise session.
    Raking medicine from local homeopath but till now no relief.
    Last he gave Rhux tox1000 for one week and no medicine for one week.

  372. Manish baranwal says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 26, male and have a lump near my right ear for last few years. It’s soft to touch and oozes pus at every 3-4 months interval. Meanwhile, it grows in size from almost zero, after oozing pus and as it reaches its maximum size of nearly 1 cm in diameter, again pus comes out of it and its size reduces. The process repeats every 3-4 months. Kindly, guide me how to get its right treatment and what it actually is. I am much worried of it.
    I wud b greatful to u for your response.
    with hope

    Manish baranwal

  373. Dear Sir

    I have red painful boiled pimple on my left leg and the area is full red . Last time I had the same and I have taken some english medicine and it was gone. now again it has come back and it is very pain full

    pls help me with remedies. i dont have any family history for the same

  374. I have abig pimple on one side of the buttock which the doctor said is aboil .I was told to wait for some days but due to unavoidable circumstances, i have away for more than a month.The thing is still there with occasional pains or discomfort when iam sitted.Will it go or i have to go back to hospital
    This morning i saw i have another pimple near the private part.what do .

  375. I am suffuribg from rashes and itching outside tye vulva portion.
    Tried creams lyk : veginal candid gel, boroline etc…but no relief..
    Plz refer some gud cream or gel to get this problem over…..
    A small hair also gives irritation while walking..
    But i cant remove then..bcz removal cream wil burn if i put on tht part….
    Plz advice

  376. A friend of mine has an abscess on is bicep. It is fairly large and seems to be quite painful. I am trying to help him without having to go to the doctor. Is there any homeopathic medicine that would help to heal the abscess? It now looks like it ifs starting to form a head like a zit

  377. My daughter is 21 years old and she has suffered with boils underneath her arms since she turned 15. I’ve taken her to several Doctors, Specialists and even Dermatologists. We have had them drained, she’s taken antibiotics regular for 6 years. She uses only prescription soap and deodorant. She is very healthy, maintains a great diet. These boils have become so painful that she has started having difficulty doing normal activities like driving & washing dishes. I need to know how can I help my child. I’m lost and I only want her to be healthy and happy. These boils never go away. She scares me because she says mom they are going to be the death of me. Can you please help?

  378. I’m 12 year old and my face is really looking bad. It’s overbearing…all my friends face are smooth and clear while mine looks awful!

  379. Lisa Johnson says:

    Hello I have two boils under my right arm that are driving me crazy, it itches really bad and it is extremely painful. I have been doing the warm compressed.s. Help what else can I do?

  380. Hallo doctor,
    I have 4 year old son and he has a boil on neck from last 4 months. It is hard now. Doctors said to do surgery And remove it. But I am strong believer in homeopathy, so can you suggest any medicine to soften that boil? Or burst or dilute it? Please please suggest something..

  381. vishnupriya says:

    Hi Doctor
    Im mother of 4 year old boy. I breastfeeded him upto 3 years. From past three months i noticed everytime after 3rd or 5 th day of my periods my right breast nipple is very sore and painful. After squeezing pus like liquid followed by two drop of blood comes out. Plz clarify me wat is the cause for this and whether homeo has cure for this

  382. Ashish Sharma says:

    I’m getting boils or skin abscess on my buttocks again and again and I don’t know how to cure it permanently. I m very much depressed with this unaware desease plz help me…my no. Is 9999982733

  383. rajeev Kumar Sharma says:

    My 12 year old son has a cyst beneath left nipple. Pl give your suggestion for remedy.

  384. zubeda Nadeem says:

    Dear dr I have been suffering from vaginal trush now for 3months.
    Seen allopathic dr had antibiotics not gone been trying nature remedies plz advise on homepatic medicine

  385. Amitabhupen Shah says:

    Hi doc
    Good evening
    I have developed hard boilson my panty line area.Boils have come on the lips of my vargina also n r painful.My other problem is just above my anus there is red patch very painfull n itching n puss comes out plz. Help me i m 59 yrs old can this happen as i had sex with other person besides my hubby.

  386. mrs. bhattacharya says:

    Dear Dr.sharma,
    I am 38yrs old. I am having boils in my labia area in recurrent for over one and a half year. It starts from lentil size and goes on to a marble size. It is very painful. Everytime I see a doctor, I am given t-bact ointment and antibiotic zithrocin and then minoz-50. It subsides with this in four to five days. But it comes back again.. My observation is it is more prone just before my periods. I take special care about my hygiene. I am quite overweight. Take medicines for thyroid.I ve acute gastritis.Also ve acne on my face.Pls help with homeopathy to get rid of my problem from the root.

  387. I am I iv drug user and have developed a abscess on my left shin area. I’ve been reading everything on how to treat myself and have a million idea’s but to keep it simple has always been my forte. Can you help me do this please? I just want to make it go away without seeing a Dr or taking antibiotics.

  388. anamika kaur says:

    Hi Doctor. I m suffering from some small boils in my hip I can not sit nd get up easily very painful nd swelling in my thigh
    I take antibitic tab for 5 day but no relif.boil come on after delivery.please treat my problem

  389. Shobhit Sindhi says:

    Hii doctor…
    I have been suffering for boil full of puss on my foot since 4 month….
    Kindly tell me the homemade remedy..
    Or give opinion about that should i operate this…..?
    Plz Reply me as soon as possible

  390. My grangmother is very sick in her toes she produce pus on her toes help me doctor what I must do

  391. Ny suggestions on hair loss? My hair has been thinnng over the last three years and a dermatologist only wants to prescribe rogaine or steroid shampoo. I have oily skin and my head gets itchy sometimes and even has little sores on it. could it be to much oil? my dad is bald also. another question regarding the artical on boils ect. I had a cyst removed from my tailbone about ten years ago. about three years ago i had a sit down job postion that caused “it” or something to come back. it would come and go with drianing. I started putting tea tree oil on it and it went down but not all the way. what could this be? it looks like a blister sometimes but has got harder skin around it maybe scar tissue? should i use the silicea?

  392. Krystal Smith says:

    Dear doc
    I have a boil on ,my tail bone,. This is the 4th time but 3rd time in 6 months. The 1st doctor said if it comes back I will have to surgery to get it off my tail bone. What should I do

  393. Seimode Inigha Patience says:

    The coner of my pussy has been operated twice now am experiencing same pain like boil

  394. Hi Doctor

    I need some information to treat left axillary abcess.

  395. मेरी आयु ४५ है.त्वचा गौर व तैलीय है. मेरी जांघों.चेहरे व गरदन पर अक्सर फुंसियां हो जाती हैं बवासीर व कब्ज भी है.

  396. Hi Dr.Sharma,
    I am glad to have found a site where I can actually write and send my problems to a doctor and expect a reply.
    I have been very unfortunate when it comes to boils because I have been experiencing boils alot of times frequently since I was a kid and now im 24yrs old but it still hasn’t stop. Infact, i feel like I am getting more boils now than I was young.
    The boil I have now has started somewhere around November 2014 on the left side of the butt near the crack, feeling bit shy to tell anyone about it, I tried pushing out the pus myself when it started to come out with lots of pain.I thought it would go away after that but instead another one came in the same area at the same time making me bleeds and the white stuff with smells oozing out which makes me very uncomfortable and unable to sit,walk or move around much. I have been eating painkiller ever since it started till today because without that I really can’t bear the pain though i know having too much painkiller is bad.
    So, on 23rd December 2014, I went to a hospital and they removed(surgery) the boils, it left me with a big hole and i still bleeds and the winters makes me feel more pain especially in the morning and at night.So, till today I always put a cotton on that area to avoid external bleedings.
    The main reason I am writing today is because even after the surgery, I still have another come up on the same area making me feel pain and uncomfortable again. Also I have a small piles too but that doesn’t create much trouble and pain compare to the boils.
    I used to mix hot water with salt and sit on it for sometimes everyday ( as suggested) and washes my wound and apply anti-septic & imflammatory cream for cuts and wound on the parts where I have the boils and for the pile, I used pilex X cream along with the Pile X tablet…
    It’s been morethan 2 months now and it’s not yet gone….Please suggest me what i should do to get rid of it ASAP completely?
    Waiting your reply with great HOPE

  397. I get these a lot under my arms .. when I say a lot I mean all the time they never go away and I have sickle cell trait not the disease is it possible that … that’s whats causing these boils to keep forming and how can I get rid of the smell?

  398. I complete my surgery 3month back.on neck I have lymph noids.. on neck.but pus is discharge continues.. please suggest me

  399. I am a 60 year old male, weight 83 kgs (about 10 kgs over weight). I have been getting boils one after the other (one at a time) on different parts of the body over the past 6 months. It has happened in the right side of the chest , the left upper eye lid , then the nose ,the left thigh and now the right lower eye lid. It lasts for a week and is very painful till it bursts. Treated with antibiotics and pain killers. However nothing can abort a boil. I have slightly raised blood sugar (IGT) and mild BP. I have a diabetic diet and walk 5 km every day. For the BP I take Amlosafe 2.5mg.
    More inffo: I also tend to get mild asthma as I have become allergic to certain food stuffs over the past 1 year (milk, rice and peanuts) and I am a non-veg.
    Do you have a homeopathic cure for this?

  400. I m having problem of hard boils under my both armpit.Mostly boil comes time that get errupting hard painful burst…if they burst its got puss n blood also snoozes, one goes another comes. If right armpit gets the next one to come generally to the left armpit most of the times. Single armpit gets multiple boils the boils leaves a scar on the skin n become more recurring lately…they r very painful n hard.
    It started since my pregnancy 17 years back. But since last 6-7 years it becoming more frequent… Dr. Please recommend me some medicine for above problem.. Waiting for your reply..


  401. .. At times I feel them erupting.Hard painful boils, Mostly they don’t burst
    If they burst its got puss n blood also oozes: One boil goes n another comes If the right armpit gets the next one to come is generally the left armpit. Most of the times single armpit gets multiple boils. The boils leave a scar on the skin
    Has become more recurrent lately
    But they r very very painful n hard.When googled about the boil n symptoms i came to know that it’s bcos of hormones n more often seen in women than in men.Now in last 5-7 yrs its become recurrent.
    Dr.please recommend me some medicine.. I will be very much thankful to you…
    Waiting for ur reply sir..

  402. I have suffered with an absess for 4 years now…It started with a Ingrow hair. I removed that Ingrow hair and abses started…lump and redness. I don’t have health insurance. This abses was cut out 3 times and had stitches. I was given antibiotics 5 times…..I still have this problem. This abses is on the side of my virgina. I do shave and cannot use hair removal. I’ve bathed in Epson salts, I used warm compression, ….With no luck to get rid of it. Please help me….I’m so depressed, and affecting my sex life with my husband. I’m 36 of age and really need help
    awaiting ur response

  403. I have a. Boil on my vagina lip on outside of it can i get it to come to an head please

  404. Louise Pollard says:

    Good afternoon Dr Sharma
    I am experiencing symptoms like the above, I have very severe excema which causes so much distress to me. It is now on my face – skin blotchy and red and now getting these lumps under the skin which are so painful – have three on my arms right now, they get really big. The doctor said they are infected excema but Im sure they are not. I have tried everything imaginable to control the excema but it is the worst it has been (I am 62 years) and absolutely nothing works. I work in a glamorous job so it is very embarrassing, the constant itchiness and stinging and dryness of skin. I feel I dont have once milimetre of moisture in my entire skin even though I am applying mosituriser constantly.
    Wonder if you could diagnose the lumps at least. As I said, they get so large but not really pussy even though there is a head on them.

    I would be so grateful to hear from you

    Kind regards

  405. Hi doctor,
    I have had small boils come and go on my inner thighs. This has been happening for over 4 years now. I have been prescribed backup in the past and it only temporarily resolves the issue. I get sick often. Usually every few months. Please help? I don’t have medical insurance anymore.

  406. sir main mumbai se hu mera 2 sal ka ladka hai pichle 6 mahine se use sceen problem hai uske body ( hand neck and arm ) par boil hote hi aur etching hota hai bahoot dr ko dikhaya treatment kiya thik ho jata hai leking fir ek week ke bad fir se ho jata hai same problem ….

    pls reply me

  407. Dear doc
    This started as a pimple on the outer skin of my Virginia. Now it has grown big. I have used antibiotics like ampiclox and ampicilin but it still persists. What do I do. I have snapped it incase you want to see it.

  408. Abhishek kumar singla says:

    Dear sir’
    I m suffering abscesses on diff. body parts of mine(DISCLOSING-penis, joint of legs, face)…..
    Sir d pain from such abscesses is untolerable………..
    Plz do opt me an effective remedy so that such abscesses dare’s occuring in future on my body………
    It will turn an obligation on me for such a favour of ur’s on me……..

  409. Blessings Doctor Sharma,

    I sincerely need you insight into a concern of a BOIL which is very hard/ 1/2 size of USA dime. This hard mass in on the inner base part of my LEFT BIG TOE, just slightly between the second toe. This boil has been present for over a year. I have tried many homeopathic formula’s to paste on it over night,apple cider vinegar foot soaks with olive oil or castor oil but still not opening. I am trying to prevent from using a needle to open this hard growth boil myself or a podiatrist service.
    THERE MUST BE SOME NATURAL WAY TO HAVE THIS HARD CALLUS BOIL DISSOLVE WITHOUT USING A NEEDLE / I have read the use of a needle might cause what’s inside to spread!!!! This is why I haven’t used one. Afteer so many years it is getting harder when I use a pumas stone to decrease the thickened callus skin growth. I have to use cotton wrapped around the base of my LEFT BIG TOE daily for it not to hurt when I walk around. I am a woman in my early 60’s never drink alcohol nor smoke anything. I eat healthy veggie’s daily brown rice and halal -kosher chicken breast. I also have bunions on both feet and some numbness a few toes but this issue is why I come to you today. I am not diabetic or have cardiac issues. I am menopausal but I can handle any of these issues for ow. PLEASE offer me the best advice for this serious LEFT BIG TOE PAINFUL CONCERN. Also I have viewed on the REFLEXOLOGY CHART. The Big Toes rule the eyes. I have been having trouble with my eyes for 2-years
    Pain off and on and flashing lights when entering a room with lights on then off in another room. Also floaters. My vision acuity is fine. I can read a license plate from 50-feet without glasses. I only use reading glasses. DO YOU THINK MY VISION CONCERNS SHOULD BE VIEWED ALSO CONNECTED TO MY BIG TOES???

    I await your earliest response. Most of all I appreciate your humbly offering ALL of us souls your insightful Holistic health guidance. While we are walking in these tumultuous perilous days on this earth………………….. THANKS FOR YOU PRESENCE HERE!

  410. Kindly advice treatment for recurrent abscesses sincecsix months in gluteal area

  411. Nkosilathi Ngwenya says:

    hello.I had a boil on my upper buttock about a year ago.I went to the hospital & it got drained.Unfotunately it did not heal & it gathered pass again on the same spot & had it drained again.Now its a year after & am still having it , it wont go away & it sometimes get realy painful.What can it be?

  412. rashmisatish says:

    thank u very much for u r reply doctor this happends for me for second time i want a remedie to avoid this anal abscess can u please suggestion me the home remedies for this desease looking forward to u r reply n suggestions

  413. SHWETA ADVANI says:

    Dr Sharma:

    My son has been having this problem since almost 10 years. Can you please recommend any treatment.

    Mrs. Advani

  414. rashmisatish says:

    i had pus near anus now the pus has comeout put still is wound is veryhard n paining canu plz suggesthow to avoid this anal abscess

  415. Respected sir
    I am suffering from anal fistula. It was operated on last 25th but still pus is coming out from anal canal it is a yellow colour pus. Please suggest the homeopathy medicine to treat it

  416. Nitin Dubey says:

    Hi Doc,

    I am a 27 year old married woman. I have a history of having pussy boils on my lower hip area from past more than 7 years. Now those boils are moving upwards slightly. My mother used to have such boils on her hip but not upto the extent I have. It pains a lot. My family has a non diabetic history. Could you please suggest what should I do? I usually apply local antibiotic on them.

    Very keen to see your reply.

  417. Hello, i live to mexico, i have reflux esophagous, and i have pain the mouth, and i have ulcers, snore, y have tongue red and papile big.
    I have fire in my hiato reflux,

    Please help me

  418. I have a mid sized pimple on my hip or hip bone in between. And its paining. Help me plZ.

  419. sowmi Paulson says:

    I had an abscess on the chest, inbetween the breasts about 9 years ago, it had been clear out by a small surgery and there was a scar left of 1/2 an inch. On that scar , a sort of pimple like abscess started voming since last one year and a month ago it has been removed by another surgery, the Doctor said that it was a highly infected cyst. Three days after the stitches removed, there it became heamatoma and lots of blood has gone from there, everything has completely cured two days ago and this morning I felt a lumb on that area with pain and seems like started another infection, the Dr. prescribed high doze antibiotic for another 10 days. Is there any medicine in homeopathy for my condition. Hope to hear from you soon
    Thanks in advance

  420. Hi,
    I have a lump coming again and again at same place under my right side thigh upper area where leg connects, first it becomes bigger in 1, 2 days and get red and become softer and then pus and blood comes and then it get’s 7 times it repeat in three months, I am 24 year old men please do help my to understand and what it’s, I’m worried is it any sign of cancer or else…I’m getting to much stress…please to reply to my comment only I’m looking to ur response….

  421. It is almost nine months that I have a problem of recurrent boils problem on my skin, before this I never had this problem, I am 49 year old, unless I take antibiotics it never goes, after a break it again reappears in a gap of 15 or 20 days. It normally appears on face, inside the nose, bottocks,legs and arms. these are very painful and take very long to drain out, I request for the medicine with dosage. I am very particular of my personal hygiene, thanks.

  422. i have continuous bumps on my anus from several days

  423. Aramis Ferrari says:

    Hi doctor, I have an abcess on my big left toe its been there for about 2-3 months now and it doesn’t seem to be getting better, ive taken all my tablets and applyed all my cream but its not helping, do you have any ideas on how to help me?

  424. Hi doctor
    I have recently done surgery dor fistula…and my wound is very deep
    I am using betadine tube at present to heal up
    but please tell me that can I use neosporin powder at the wound of fistula. …..please reply soon

  425. Sujit Samadder says:

    I am 32 years old. I am attack in chronic boil. Its attack in my skull near hair root. May medicine are apply for this diseases but not cure. My face is oily. Every winter its vanish. How can I get rid of it. I have no family history for this diseases.

  426. Dear sir,
    I have a son 8 years old who is suffering from infected pimples on an around head and other parts of the body for the last 15 days. Doctor prescribed medicine as Pentids 20mg and clocet 20mg dose half tab. Twice a day for 10 days which is continue but result not getting 100% yet. What can I do, pl. Suggest and give me remedy for it.

  427. My son is 15 yrs old he has got grey hair is there any good medicine in homeopathy for this

  428. I have an infection that looks like a possible abscess underneath the nail of my big toe. The skin at the base of the nail is bright red and very inflamed. The podiatrist would like to remove the nail.

  429. Gurvinder pal singh abro says:

    Sir .
    I am facing lot of problem of small boils on hip whichncreate lot of problems e.g. eatching reddishin ooukp lot for the last 30 years. Dr. Says that the MOHAUSE which comes in young age has comes in my hips pl.suggest good and effective medicine for the same I am 65 years old .and not facing any adverse action of any medicine.

  430. Mahesh Antony says:

    Sir i repeatedly face the problem of eye boils i have gone for so many drops and ointments but still it is not going now it is almost 2 month’s pls suggest me the right medicine waiting for your reply regards mahesh

  431. Hi. The problem is that of one of my friend. She is getting boils on her legs below knees continously for past 12 years. these happen as the winter approaches. Its quite painful to even see those boils and she is bearing that pain. please help.

  432. dom hoggard says:

    I have boiles round my grouin and on my arm is it anything to worry about . I just came out in them from no were

  433. Hi
    Dr Sharma,
    I am 30 years old male suffering from boil or abscess for last 4 years. I get it every 6 months arround my anus. I have taken silicia and calcarea sulph but no better. What should I be taking to get rid of it in the future?

  434. Oleevia K Mani says:

    Sir,I’m 20. I am allegic to everything dust dirt even always iching,nd when i consulted a dermatologist, prescribed me BENZAC AC .but is burning on applying it.plz do help me.also i am losing my body light complexion

  435. Ashish Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma plz help me i m getting boils on my buttoks again and again and do not understand what to do….i allready had an minor operation for one of the boil but still i m having the boils again abd again on thd same place. Plz suggest me what to i m very much upset…

  436. I had a tummy tuck about 7-8 yrs ago and now have Mersa. I have a boil on my stomach that I’ve had for 2 1/2 years. It popped about a year ago. Doctors have given me antibiotics and the skin heals, the boil doesn’t go away and the it reopens to drain again. I went to see a surgical doctor and he advised me to just leave it be ~ that there would be more complications if we lanced it or took it put. It drains daily and I still have the infection in my body ~ I’m not sure what to do.

  437. I have a perianal abscess that reoccurred about every 6 months. I take antibiotics and it gets smaller and seems to disappear but comes back. Should I let it get big and “pop” I’ve had it drained once already.what do you suggest?

  438. I have recurring abscessaround vegina, is this curable permanently in homeopathy medicine.

  439. Briana walker says:

    Hi doctor
    I have been getting painful bumps (which may seem like they could be boils…I really don’t know ) for about a month now. They start off as a small mild pain bump and then turn into a severe painful bump. In the process they will swell up turning a red color and then eventually will pop with blood and what looks like white puss. The aftermath leaves black spots on my leg which I cannot get rid of. I have had at least 10 of these in the Last month exactly the same all over one side of my body (right side ). What is it. What can I do?

  440. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My 30 year old daughter has developed a breast fistula after have a core biopsy(biopsy) and I am asking what sort of homeopathic treatment could be useful for her to heal.

    She continues to breastfeed her first child and 3.5 month old son, her doctors have her on an antibiotic and are encouraging her to continue nursing which she is doing.

    It breaks my heart to see her going through this and I want to offer her advice for an alternative method of care and healing.

    Thank you for your time.

    Monica McLean
    Syracuse, NY

  441. vashishat saini says:

    Dr saheb,
    I had developed a boil/abscess on my left butt 2hich pained a lot and swelled and came up with a weeping mouth,skin specialist surgically cuy it and took out the puss and did dressing for few was ok.
    It reccur again on the same spot after one year,again it was set right in the same way.
    It reccurred after a gap of three years and it troubled me a lot since I was away abroad after the hot fomentation,I started dressing the wound after applying fucidin took almost 2 months and 15 days to recover it fully.I am really very disturbed now and looking for some permanent advise me if it can be settled once in for all.

  442. From 3 years I m suffering from the problem of summer boils I have taken the 10 doses of penicillin injections yet the problem is as usual to whom I have to consult skin specialist or a surgeon.

  443. steven barber says:

    I’ve read your suggestions on the treatment of boils. My girlfriend is the one with the boils and her doctors nurse says( without seeing her) that it’s not MRCA involved, she was exposed to mrca back in march too april when i was hospitalized on life support with pnomonia. Im better, but she’s always had problems with boils…

  444. Hi doc I am 38 year old single mother my problem is that from last three years I have been suffering from these boils they are very tiny when they start like a mosquito bite but later they firm and form like pus and blood. That part of body becomes so bad that there is a black patch remains further. These boils come anytime and anywhere more on my hips. These spots have spoiled my skin tremendous in terms of dark round patches. Please suggest what should I do. No medical history.

  445. I had this lump nd it became big and very sore i cant even walk its in my labia now it it became soft and redish its burning on the head please help i dont know if its a boil or something else what can i use to make this go away

  446. darshan singh says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am having repetative recourrance of boils on buttocks since last 2 months. I have taken allopathic antibiotics treatement but I have not found any result instead of it the sepsis spreads on other part of body like thigh and legs.

    My boils are filled with pus and when mature it has severe pain and redness

    Kindly suggest medication for it .

    Thanks ,

    Darshan Singh

  447. sir
    I have been suffering from pimples for 8 months , since I have been treated for my severe stomach ache which doctor told me it was case of minor appendix .
    since then i’m regularly suffering from pimples and now boils on my face.
    pls suggest some remedy for same.
    I’m 23 year old.

  448. Hi Doctor Sharma, am suffering from Pilonidal Cyns and doctors are refering me for surgery. i am living in UAE. Is this disease can be controlled by homepathic medcines? please advice me am really worried and tensed Please Please

  449. Sunday Daikwo says:

    Good day sir, i have been suffering from long time boil with purce discharges from it and so painful on my head all over.
    pls i need help sir am 29 year old from Nigeria. Thanks.

  450. Confused with hope says:

    My husband developed an abscess on his leg, which after few doses of hepar Sulph, silicea and Calc Sulph started getting better. During this an opening started at the edge of the red inflamed skin, pus started oozing and then after few days got better. Neither healed completely and a third abscess started on the other side of the same leg, it started as small as a pin head then developed. I gave him again hepar Sulph then silicea. Few hours after silicea the older abscess started erupting under the scab that had just formed. From then on there is inflammation around the whole ankle and though it got red and swollen he could walk without much pain as before. Last medicine was silicea and though it’s getting better the redness and swelling is still there. Any advice on how I can proceed? Thank you!

  451. Dear Sir

    I will be very happy and relived if you help me get rid of my boils,im 29 and they started about 5 months now it started as one just before my menses and the following month they multiplied and now they are coming twice a month.They started on my bum and spread to justbelow my left breast and after that it was the left armpit and now on the right armpit i used some antibiotics and also tried the natural way that is using garlic,ginger and tumeric paste to no avail so im asking for the best permanent way to get rid of them coz they are causing me so much pain.The other ones will be very small while the others will be so huge and my armpit right now as i speak is killing me i cant lift it.Please please help me urgently


  452. mustafa kheriwala says:

    I have recurrent boils in my body first its came one by one bt now more than 3 are came it is very painful.all boils are came only lower limb.even i m not sit. What can u do plzz help

  453. sandip kundu. says:

    One cyst my back side.and some pus come in cyst spme time.and bad smell the what i do please help me.

  454. Jose Marquez says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I’m writing because I’m worried bout my pilonidal abscess. Just a day ago I found out what it was. I would always think it would go away, but it hasn’t. So I’ve been looking at ways to avoid surgery because that does seem scary cause I’ve never had any. So I would like to know what I can do to get rid of this because it’s really painful. I’ve seen home remedies like hepar sulph, but I don’t know what to get because people will post bout other things to go with it. So I would really appreciate it if you would lead me through this to get rid of it.

    -Thank you

  455. Ritu Sengupta says:

    1st boil on hip near rectum. Operated upon and cured. After 6 months, 2nd boil just near that. That got cured by injection and medicines. After 1 month 3rd is on its way near vagina. Now I am suffering from it. I don’t know what to do with it. Please please give your diagnosis and medicines so that the problem goes away for ever.

  456. Hi Dr, I am asking for your help, my 11,yr ol daughter suffers from small boils she has had them under arm and on her chest area right above her breast and has one on her inner/back of her thigh I have been doing heat, moist heat and drawing salve but its not working and she is in so much pain please help!

  457. For the pass 2yrs I have been having abscess every open especially anytime I came from gatherings of people like parties seminars etc open had it under my armpit but most of the time at the bottom of my butt in between my tights and it’s so big and when the puss comes out and the skin will starts to peel off and it looks like a burnt and will take another week to healed .My doctor prescribed Dikloxacillin 500mg antibiotic but I don’t think it helps.

  458. norden lepcha says:

    on my left thumb there is blister filled with pus at nail and flesh joint and my nail is deformed in the area. when pressed twice earlier the pus comes out but subsequently it is filled up again and i have left doing so. this pus filled area is small and less than 1 cm. in size. it has come for the last one month or so, may be one week more also. kindly advise homeopathy medicine.

  459. Harsh Sahni says:

    My father-in-law has a large boil (abscess) in the middle of his back (near the spinal cord) for past many years. Recently, it grew in size and now is a size of about 1 in diameter. Its pretty tender, filled with liquid pus and drains out daily. It has a large opening that opens and seals everyday – about 3mm in diameter. What should we do? Please help.

  460. Gilbert Mathias says:

    I have boil about 5 cms dial on my inner thigh near the groin. This I feel is perhaps due to etching. I am also diabetic.

  461. Arun Sharma says:

    Boil breast doughter have this problem. Please give guide line. What I will to do.

  462. Rajesh Nair says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My problem is that all of my fingers and the side of the palm develops small boils with itching, especially during summer and even after medication pus is generated beneath the skin and cures while taking ammoxicilin or cefaxime as prescribed by the doctors.
    But the boil resurfaces and again pus is generated when I stop consuming medicines. All my blood reports and other related reports are normal.
    Please give me your valuable suggestions….


  463. Balnath Avhad says:

    I am 35 years old working as a Manager in the office. I have treated for perianal abscess by its drainage under general anesthesia just 10 days before. Now that wound healed but I am getting pains on another loacation of anus. Today I have shown it to Doctor, he says it is developing on adjacent to previuos one just 4/5 cm from first one.
    Sir, What is the reasons? How it is treated without any surgical drainage? What precautions are to be taken to avoid in future.

    Please reply I am too worried as it is very painful.


  464. Hello
    My husband had three abscesses this past week that he ended up having to get operated and removed. Now my 1 year old popped up with one. The doctors all thought it was MRSA but it ended up being MSSA. Since a week worth of antibiotics and hot bath soaks haven’t helped and it turned hard, they want an ultrasound to see if he will also need surgery. Is there anything I can do before the ultrasound to help break it down or soften so it can be drained. I’m willing to try nearly anything to avoid surgery. Thank you

  465. Arathi M R says:

    I have multiple ailments in me. first thing is i have a ear discharge with foul smell coming from the ear certain times. i want the ear discharge to stop completely. also the next thing is i have had boils/ abcess on my thigh part which is making my life hell. please suggest some medicines. i have done some home remedies like hot compress/ onion slices etc. but i need to get it over fast. please prescribe some medicines for both the problems. expecting your early reply’

  466. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am 23 years old (Male), working in an IT industry. I have been suffering from recurrent cases of abscess in the Gluteal region for the past 4-5 months at a gap of every 15-20 days. I also underwent a surgery regarding this (Incision and Drainage), twice. However, I am having this problem again and that too near the surgery area. Please suggest a permanent cure as this is painful and frustrating.

  467. LALIT NARAYAN says:

    Dear Sir,

    I had a large boil near by my anus 1 year ago and it brusted automatically. After six month a small boil appear in the same place .Then boils are appearing frequent intervals. I am very much sacred and please help.


  468. Michele Luna says:

    Hello, My name is Michele Luna, my daughter who is 20 and has Down Syndrome is prone to boils and has Hidradenitis Suppurativa. She has one area in her groin that looks like an old carbuncle and is always full of inflammation and infection ….. I am interested in homeopathy as I have tried everything else including antibiotics that quit working when you stop taking them…… I want toknow what type of homeopathic drugs would you use for this type of wound and also do they make the infection worse before it gets better? I tried colodial silver and it made it worse, much worse….. I am tired of watching her suffer and taking tons of drugs. She goes to a dermatologist but still there are not alot of answers here…also right before her menses this thing blows up like crazy…Any ideas?

  469. yashpal choudhary says:

    Respected docter,
    My child is 4 year old boy and he is suffering with boils on his forehead and nose from last 2 years in summer and rainy season, Kindly advise?

  470. manoj sharma says:

    I have sciatica pain in left leg. Pls suggest some medicine.

  471. Mahua Bhattacharya says:

    Dr. Sharma
    Sir, my daughter is suffering from breast abscess. She is just 12 year old and develop breast abscess for the second time in the same place in a span of seven months. Previously she suffered cellulitis and treated with antibiotics. Now our Physician refered to a surgeon who suggests for a surgery to drain out the puss which is stored deep inside her skin. As she is a girl I am not in favour of surgery. If you kindly suggest homeopathy remedy, I shall be greatful to you.

  472. hi doc,
    its been a year and a half now and i have had an outbreak of cystic acne….. i have been blessed with beautiful clear skin up until last year and i dont know what can be the cause. (btw i am 30 now) i would really like to take homeopathic for this as i have already seen my dermatologist many times, i was on “doxycylin” before it helped clear up my skin 90% but then i couldnt take it any longer as the doc said i will have to stop, and then the acne came back. Now my doc says to take “accutane” which i do not want to take at all, can you please help me…..


  473. A close friend who is diabetic, has developed an an abcessed toe, and at this point after a lengthy Dr. appts., it is still not healing.. I was hoping there was a natural, holistic way to heal her toe..
    Thank You, Judy DeYoung

  474. Hi doctor,

    I am getting boils frequently. I apply turmeric, tea tree oil and it takes 4-5 days to get rid of it.

    What homeopathic medicine should I use to get rid of them in the future?

    Thank you

  475. I have been having boil at left side of my labia for the past four years. It usually occurs twice per year. Please can you tell me the causes and cure?

  476. Manisha Das says:

    Respected Sir,

    My son had an right cervical abscess (bacteria in the pus culture was staphylococcus auerus) and had to undergo surgery and drainage as a lot of pus had accumulated. This was about 2 months before, now he developed a boil in the chin which was painful and white in the middle with pus oozing out. It shows recurrent signs of coming up in other places on his face though very small in size like pimples. What do you suggest to completely get this cured. He is 4 yrs of age.

  477. yash sayal says:

    my wife age 28 is experiencing a abcess in her left breast from last ten days which contains pus, it is also painfull.

  478. My son has eczema problem since he was 3 months .now he is 5 yrs of age.I have always trust on allopathy medicine because it gives you instant relief.for the first time i have been using homeopathy medicine on him .since last 10 days he is taking homeopathy medicine for eczema on his face and all over body as well.i am little bit confused and worried now because it is the still the same ,no progress at all in his condition,rather it is worse now.he got yellow brown crust around his mouth and cheeks as got watery discharge as well.his neck ,stomach ,back ,bottom,knees ,elbows and head are dry and having red rash all is very very very is a humble request if you could give me some advice on this.,,,,,thank you

  479. namita damya says:

    Hello docter
    Almost 3 months back my toe nail corner got stuck so i remove it but it got swelled. I apply some cream like boroline …. and bandaged it.but it did’nt get correct and pus cameout.I went to homeopathy clinic. doc gave me 4 medicin 1.calenel 2.neosporin( liquid & powder medicine applying in affected area) 3.sil-30 one drum and 4.hp-30 one drum for eating . after one week doc changed my medice and gave me lid-200 and ham-200 for eating and remaing powder and oilment is same. i realised toe swelling got come down,and one hard layer came over the affected area but inside this hard layer pus is there b’coz pus comes out.And toecorner is hurting me when it touch with anything.
    what should i do docter please suggest me.


  480. In recent days I’ve gotten 3 abcess. 1 in my mouth.. Hurt like hell…. 1 on my chest. Again hurt like.. And now as we speak I have one that is red and white.. Under my leg close to my groin. Ouch!!! Hard to sit. What is the cause?

  481. sandeep singh says:

    Hello Sir
    I went through the article and i found i have pilonidal sinus since october 2013
    i went through operation once but it could not be cured. My job involves a lot of sitting either in transport or at job. I have tried homeopath also since march 2014 but still sometimes the place where there is opening of sinus it develops some swelling and pain after that it bursts and then i feel relief. It is almost two months of homepathic medication but i do not know how i can avoid sitting or how it will be cured
    if any suggestion please let me know. i can buy medicines from you as well and pay you online. i live in delhi so if there is any possibility to see you please let me know

    thank you

  482. Amit Nayar says:

    Hello Doc !!
    I have a history of fissures for years. Sometimes it use to trouble me and not always. Then 2 years back i suffered from perianal abscess. It was very painful.
    Now 2 weeks back again i suffered from perianal abscess…later it got busted and drained on its own like the last time.
    Few days back i showed myself to a gastroenterologist and after physical examination he suggested me to go for MRI of fistogram. After looking at the report the doc said there is pus in the area and fistula will be made eventually if i dont opt for surgery to remove the pus and infected area.
    Can my condition be treated in Homeopathy ?

  483. Jessica says:

    I have a small dog who has had a abscess between her toes for over a year. I’ve taken to vet and tried antiobiotics( that did not help). The vet said she would loose her toe if we did surgery ( cause of her size). It does not hurt her but looks really bad. Thought about using ichthyolum, but when researching came across silicia. What’s your recomendations?

  484. Dear Doctor,
    I had fisula in ano which was operated in August 2013 together with anorectal abscess. it went on ok till 6-7 months but for the last 3-4 months i am having frequent boils/abscess near anus one after the other and it supresses on using hot sit bath for 3-4 days. Few of the boils have pus also.
    If boils does not occur near anus it will come either near stomach, head or other body part. My bowel is ok though sometimes i have gastric problem.
    Please Guide me.

  485. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I really need a homeopathy remedy please help me.

    I am suffer from recurring abscess on the right side of Anal ring for last 8 months. I have taken medicine of Allopathy, it helped temporarily to reduce the size of the bubble and drain, but it come up every 2 weeks. It is very painful to sit or walk.

    Kindly suggest me a permanent solution.

    Thank you .

  486. My daughter is 8years old she has asthma food allergist and has just got a abbess on her groin and was operated on within the week she has taken another one on her bum cheek could you help me in finding the cause of these she Alonso has eczema she has also been tested for dietbeatic that came back clear

  487. Hi Admin,

    Please delete my post of April 9, 2014 as it has been discussed on phone in your clinic and i don’t want to make advertisement of diseases of my wife. Thanks.

  488. Hi docter, 3 weeks ago I had what docters said was a sinus infection due to a lot of mucus and swelling of my face and forehead and a lot of pain as well. The musus stopped and the swelling went down but after a week the swelling on my forehead began again. It looks like a ball is hidden under my skin and is red and tender to touch. Can you please tel me what it could be, thank you very much in advance.

  489. vijay kumar Patel says:

    My daughter has abscess after delivery . she has suffer with abscess .pl. Can you guide me How to recover from abscess . Every 20 day after she as new abscess. I hope you will guide me and do some thing for her.

  490. A.Rajendran says:

    Dr sir, Due to sitting for a long time before laptop- I got boils in the right seat – whether I can tak Silicea. Or any other medicne?

  491. rajendra singh says:

    I have a boil around anus on buttok for last 10 weeks. with medicines allopathy it healed 3 times and has opened up again . Pain is not much but it oozes sometimes pus and sometimes blood. Kindly help me to come out of it

  492. Hello Doctor,
    I shave my pubic area frequently and have never noticed or felt any issues. In November of 2013 my pap smear came back as ASCUS (not suggestive of anything). 3 months later my pap was normal. Ever since then I have been over examining myself, and picking at any spot I see after shaving. I am starting to get scars. I have been noticing the tiny skin colored bumps right where my inner thigh and labia majora meet. They are somewhat firm above the skin, but feel hard below (very tiny). They have never burned or felt painful, or opened(on their own). They come one to two at a time (never attached to one another but close to one another). On the same side every time but in different areas always, usually more than an inch away from the last spot. Again, they aren’t painful, untill I get impatient and poke them open. Usually it bleeds, and if I squeeze there will be blood and yellow serous fluid(barely any). It take forever for them to heal, then they scar. I have been able to pull a few hairs from the area, but I cant tell if they were ingrown or not. My main concern: does this sound like herpes? I had another very tiny one start about 4 weeks ago more than an inch away from the last one, in inner bikini line on the same side as the last one(skin colored, firm, painless, turned a bit darker after a week) I punctured it with a needle and it mostly bleed, then a tiny amount of yellow or clear fluid came with the blood. They next day I squeezed it and this wite/yellow puss seeped out. It has been 4 weeks since if started and it is finally healing. Please help me! what does it sound like? and how can I prevent this from happening again.

  493. christine rogers says:

    I had a small cyst on my back, the size of a small pea, that recurred for over 10 years and occasionally a friend popped it out, which was successful for 3 years. Then my G.p. told me that it was not treatable on NHS anymore and to wait until it formed an abscess and go to Casualty, which I did. (Friend moved abroad). A Homeopath prescribed Hepar Sulph, but it worsened and spread and ended with surgery. That was 2 years ago. It did not heal and the G.P was advised by the Dermatologist Surgeon to give steroid injections which she did for a few weeks. Thereafter it grew again slowly until the size of a small egg. Once it became inflamed and painful again, I visited a different G.P who said that a Dermatologist was inappropriate as it was not superficial and so needs general surgery. Reluctant to follow surgical route again, I took tissue salts which ease it a bit. Now the G.P has prescribed 2 antibiotics (am allergic to Penicillin) to deal with anaerobic bacteria as well as other. It has now burst, is reduced in size and more comfortable. I am taking daily salt baths and have it covered. I am due to have a scan in a couple of weeks, to see how deep it is and whether further surgery is the only option. I lack confidence in the latter and would appreciate your alternative suggestions.

  494. Juan Paulo says:

    Greeting Dr.

    I am 29 years old and in the past 6 years i have been suffering from this abcess on my middle chest. i had 4 operations already from 2 different Doctors in 6 years and until now i feel like the abcess and in the same spot is reoccuring. Im fed up already with this painful surgeries. I’m from Philippines and I am working in UAE it only begun when i started working here. Please im begging you to help me in my case.

    Thanking you in advance in any help you can advice or give me.

    Best Regards,


  495. Dear Sir,
    i am a very regular victim of abscess in lower part of my body, causing many unpaid leaves from the office. i consulted doctor and had two full course of antibiotics during last 9 months. All futile.
    Some one suggested me to try heper sulf 200 on alternate day. I have been taking heper from last 2 months. Still no cure. Im 42 yrs athletic male in otherwise good health.

    Kindly suggest.

  496. I have gone though abscess just above the anus at upper part 3 months back and gone though the surgical ruptured and remover pus was on antibiotic penicillin for 15 days …Now after three months I am feeling bit pain at the same place…please advise line of homoeopathy medicine for permanent solution. Today I have taken Arnica 30 been told by family doctor…please let me know whether it is fine to take for few days …i m 52 years old Male, well build, wgt around 95 kgs..any other information if required will reply soon..

  497. Jane Mascarenhas says:

    My daughter is 5 years old. For the past 6-8 months, she is been getting abscess. Till now she got 2 near the eyes, 3-4 on her buttock, one on the knee and very recently inside the ear[visible in the torch light] she got nearly 4 and all got burst and we got it cleaned with the soft buds. I really do not know what causes all this and she is taking healthy food. Can u suggest me whom shall i meet for her treatment. I am from mangalore.
    Kindly guide me.

  498. Dr my husbnd is gettin abcess always in undrarms butt.neck he gets it all da time.where he finds him self to walk and vry pain full tooo.he is gettin this frm past 7-8 yrs.nw under homeopathic treatment but still getting. Plzzzz help my dear hubbi to get out of this prblm .may allah bless u for doin this grt job..

  499. Hello Dr. Sharma: Following a tooth extraction 3 weeks ago, I have quite a bit of pain and there is pus oozing out of the socket.

    What do you suggest?

    Thank you


  500. Andreia Horta says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    Great explanation on remedies for abscesses and boils. Thank-you for that.
    My condition, is mental emotional. I am writing an exam that I have failed in the past 3 times. I am reviewing and studying every day. I have even let go of work for 4 weeks to see if it will help. I feel nervous about the past, since I have tried so so hard ( intense study schedules with no fun time), and have always fell just a bit short to pass ( 4/5 exams passed ). I know the material, but somehow I feel need to believe that I can do this. So am trying not to feel shaky about it but I do. Additionally, I have a hard time getting to sleep, and sleep alot and dont want to get out of bed and have a ravenous hunger to the point where I am stuffed. Prefer breads, baked goods. I’m literally at the very end of my graduate schooling and this is the last chapter, every time I write this exam I have said, after this I get to move on with my life in my new career. Difficult since it hasnt happened yet. I will not give up either. One day I will pass, this I am sure of. Any help you could offer would be so appreciated.

    Thank-you kindly for your time,
    Wishing you happiness and health. Andreia

  501. Rajiv Daga says:

    hi doctor I have a problem of small ano-fistula. No pains but it discharges some pus or liquid .I m taking sitz bath twice daily. and applyling Ano-bliss cream…in ano.But nothing is working

  502. Jennifer Henderson says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My husband has a boil on the back tip of on of his testicle. He tends to get boils occasionally(once a year or less) and they are always around the groin area. They are very sensitive even for clothing to touch. Which homeopathic remedy do you recommend for his situation. Thank you for your time.

  503. Sir,

    I have problem of recurrent boils inside labia minora since 6- 7 months.

    Kindly let me know how can homeopathy help me cure and prevent them

  504. Hi

    I am 31 and I have have dry skin but I suffer from large boils on my face and under my arms. My GP in the past has prescribed antibiotics which has helped in the short term however the problem is reoccurring.

    I have also developed abscesses under my arms which again were treated with antibiotics and lancing however again reoccurs.

    My face is permenantely red around my forehead nose and chin and I won’t go outside without make up because I’m so embarrassed about my face. I also have bad scarring because of the problem.

    Please can you help? Thanks

  505. Hello, Dr sharma , I need your advice for my father.He is 75 yrs. under went a surgery in june this yr. The wound took alot of time to heal ,he is not diabetic.He had to take lot of antibiotics for this.since then he is suffering from abcesses in some or the other part of the body like thigh, gluteal region etc . can u please help me.I shall be very grateful to you.

  506. varinder budhiraja says:

    I got abscess in my neck which is not controlled by the medicine (Allopathic). I have to opt for surgery. Now I am getting the same thing armpit or in back side of hips. My sugar is normal. What can be reason and what is medicine of homopathy. Is this attached to lympnodes.

    Please reply

  507. Hi dr,
    I am having recurrent labial pass 2 years I underwent 3 abscess drainage surgery. I tired of this modern medicine.please suggest me homeopatic medicine.i am worry it may recurent again.
    Plz advice

  508. Sir,
    I am Ritika, 20 years old. I have gone through 3 surgeries in last 2 years due to ischiorectal abscess. For the first time, I came through this in november 2011. every time it starts with a slight pain in the area near anal . With every day , the pain gets severe and I become unable to sit and walk properly. I am an engineering student and residing in the campus hostel. After my 1st surgery I started taking proper care of my sanitary. But this recurring in intervals and creating a lot of problem for me. I have missed my semester exams due to this. Please , help me out with a proper homeopathic solution. Is homeopathic treatment a permanent cure to this type of disease?
    Hoping an early response.

  509. Madhu Sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My mom (age 46) is suffering from Skin abscess or boils from last 4 years. We have consulted to dermatologist also, they has taken her all type of blood tests also, but the reports are normal. We are not able to find any solution for this. They are full of pus & quite painful and occur anywhere in body. We have also done herbal homemade remedies but no result. Please suggest us what to do.Plz suggest the treatment for this.

    Please help me please Dr..

    • I was suffering from the same problem for 6 months. Then Doctor suggested medicine “Augmentin”. It stopped the problem

  510. I hope you can help me. I am an 18 year old male. Last year I developed a pilonidal abcess. By the time I went to the doctor, as I had no idea what was wrong, the abcess had burst on it’s own. I was given an antibiotic and soon after the problem seemed to disappear. 5 months later it started draining and it has not stopped since. It is very embarassing as I am a college student and living in close quarters. I have seen a surgeon and that can never be an option for me. I have tried an osteopath, but so far no luck. It continues to bleed and smell.

    I have constant drainage of blood mixed with pus. Since I have started with the homeopathy it has made the bleeding worse. When the bleeding worsens so does the smell. I am on the sailing team, so sailing always makes it worse. I also sit for very long periods of time and it is often uncomfortable. I am mentally and emotionally drained from this as it is very embarassing. I would like to be alone but that is impossible because the constant bleeding and smell makes it hard for me to be comfortable around others. I am very stressed about it. My level of energy is high. I have not had a fever from this, but when I do I feel chilly. The constant wetness has made the area around the opening, which is just above my anus, very red and swollen. I tend to lead toward sour and salty. I have tried the following remedies: Silica 6x, 15 and most recently silica 30c with hepar sulph 30c. A month ago my osteopath gave me lachesis 30c. On the third night after taking it I had weird dreams/nightmares, although I can’t remember them, it was like an out of body experience because I felt as if I was awake. I was hopeful that this would mean that the remedy would work, but nothing improved. Two nights ago I was given Apis M 1M. So far nothing. I would be much appreciative of your help. Thank you

    • Hi. I suffered from the same problem. Recently I discovered african shea butter will keep the boil and surrounding area from swelling. With this boil I could barely walk because it was so painful. Shea butter clears it right up. And quickly! Within a day I notice a difference. Hasnt been a problem since . started using shea butter in that area. I hope this helps. Good luck.
      Also, the boil was so bad, it caused me to do a complete lifestyle change. I went vegan. Eating non puss forming things like cheese, icecream and milk can also help you stop getting the boils. Drink more water and please try the shea butter.

  511. Hi Doc,
    I really need your help
    I usually get boils on my buttocks quite often.
    The one I currently have is a bit close to the anus.
    I need a permanent cure to these boils which is homeopathic

  512. Hi there im 39 and suffer from recurring absess I have had them for the last 20 yrs and they come up every 2 weeks I normally lance them myself as im to embarrassed to keep going to the dr but they just fill back up constantly I have marks all over my thighs/groin and under my arms please help im not sure what products to try anymore

  513. Shannon Peek says:

    Hi Dr. I’m a 39 yr old female no children – I have been gettin terrible boil like red swollen very inflamed bumps along my bikini line and under my breasts that reoccur and actually never fully go away. Ive been to so many doctors and nothing works & antibiotics incl bacterial make itvworse and ive developed a lot if food allergies as well. Wheat, dairy & peanut. Eating a lot of certain things seems to cause terrible breakouts. I think its hydradenitis suppurativa from what ive read and looked at pics. Recently Ive been using Tea Tree Oil and it is the only ghing that has ever healed them but they still come back!

  514. bipin shrestha says:

    I am 21 years,male and I am suffering from boil since last 6/7 month. I got a boil in my thigh, face and specially in my bottocks. I got about 18/20 boil till now. In this time I am suffering from 2 boil in my bottocks,one is in left part and next one is in right. I consult with the doctor, he cut my boil and gave me some antibiotics but that didn’t help. I want to get relief from boil,please help me what should I do to stops the boils?

  515. rohan maity says:

    plz provide me some important name of homeopathic medicne which can cure my axillary abscess very fast.

  516. I have had a large knot on the back of my head for over 30 years. In last week or two it has gotten slightly bigger. I was recently working out in the yard and sweating and that night when I went into the house in my head was itching from all the sweat. I periodically have squeeze slightly on that knot and nothing ever happened. Well, this thick yellow almost dry very smelly substance came out and after several squeezes it was almost empty. It has started filling back up again. it was such a shock when I sleep didn’t something actually came out. any advice?

  517. Manoj Kumar says:

    Dear Dr.,
    Recently my wife 33yrs. is suffering from skin abscess.. Allopathic medicine already used.. but not achiving a permanent relief.. I searched and found your web page.. can you help me..
    Also I am suffering from fistula.. some times..
    Thanking you,
    Manoj Kumar

  518. sebastian James says:

    Dear Dr.,
    Recently my wife is suffering from skin abscess.. Allopathic medicine already used.. but not achiving a permanent relief.. I searched and found your web page.. can you help me..
    Also I am suffering from fistula.. some times..
    Thanking you,
    Sebastian James

  519. VIKAS Bhardwaj says:

    My daughter 12 yrs old is having multiple boils( 4-5 ) adjacent to each other /cluster on her face for 3-4 month. No treatment taken as yet
    Is treatment available in homeopathy .
    Kindly advise

  520. Hi
    I have two seperate questions if that’s okay, first one is what potencies are used in silica esp. As a constitutional, please.
    Second is a baby born with a breast abscess that has to burst to save baby’s life , and it is christened immediately , the baby had a long stressful birth , cries constantly,endlessly, mother seemed to think there was not enough milk , so bottle fed. Nothing however seems to work. Being with its grandmother soothed the baby but she unexpectedly could not stay to help and had to leave. The atmosphere in the house was stressed ,anxious, hyper, angry , mentally unstable ,maniac for reasons other than the baby .
    I realise this is asking a lot, but I can’t give a remedy to this baby now and you would be looking at the whole situation, but would it be possible for you to prescribe for that baby please?

  521. cheryl white says:

    I’ve suffered from abscesses and boils since my teen years… at 46 I still suffer from them, I get them in between my breasts, under my arms and I have one at the base of my spine right at the split of my arse……when it gets inflamed my entire hip area becomes very sore to the touch…I’ve been to a doctor (now that Im in maryland) and he referred me to a surgeon who told me to come back once it becomes inflamed again (weird). I do not know why I get them so often and how do I stop them from reoccuring? My grandmother had them, not as bad as my mom and now mine are worse then both of them….. Help me please, if you can

  522. sir i am having this problem pls treat me

  523. Hi Dr. Sharma
    Please let me know how to prevent boils from recurring? Last month, My doctor has prescribed antibiotics took them for a week, then recurred so he gave me another prescription to be taken for another week.

  524. dr javed iqbal wahla says:

    Hello dr. Sherma my one patient has painful blind boil of small size on back exactly on the backbone. her miasm is syphlitic so what homoeo medicine you will suggest for her treatment and also mention the potancy of that medicine.

  525. gopinath says:

    one year back, i got gluteal abcess in my buttocks and it was operated and one year later, i got same problem in the same area. But this time the boil was broken naturally. Now onwards the boil was not (for the past three months) cured. And it was coming again and again. Still, it was curing. Could you please help me in this problem.

  526. Dr.
    My mother aged 65 is suffering from some sort of skin ailments since the last one year .she gets small and painful blisters or boils usually near her genital areas and buttocks sometimes thigh and armpits ..we have tried many alopathy and homeopathy doctors ..but her problem is recurring.hope you wil be able to help in this regard.reply soon
    thanks and regards

  527. V.B. Kulshreshtha says:

    I have got a boil/abscess on the muscular seat-part of my left side (much away from anus) for the last 3-4 days. It is swallowed red hard and feels pain when I sit but no burning or itching sensation. It has come for the third time at the same place within 2-3 months. In previous 2 cases, it subsided by hot fomentation/ medication. Please help me to get rid of this trouble. Thanks and regards.

  528. V.B. Kulshreshtha says:

    I have got a boil on the muscular seat-part of my left side (much away from anus) for the last 3-4 days. It is swallowed red hard and feels pain when I sit but no burning or itching sensation. It has come for the third time at the same place within 2-3 months. In previous 2 cases, it subsided by hot fomentation/ medication. Please help me to get rid of this trouble. Thanks and regards.

  529. Brandon Knight says:

    I have a big abscess on my right thight can you give me info on how to get rid of it.

  530. Sir,
    Since last 10 days I have a boil on anal ring.

    I have taken Silicea 30x, 3 doses on Thursday, again 4 doses on Monday. No cure as yet. Am I taken right medicine and dosage?

    Please advice.

  531. Good day Doctor

    my name is Maureen i have a 10 year old girl suffer from bolis on both her legs. she was still a bay went it started . I did use a lot of ointments pills and medisine.

    the boils dont come out in the summer only the months of winter. its is like a flower on her leg it is not one on one place but 3 to 4 . i did use some of the hoeopathic stuff ( Silicea and homeclear) it did help for a only a year but it started all over again is the something that cfan help my girl her legs is full of marks not small but big black spots i really need some help.

    Thank you

  532. Laxminarayan says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from boils since last 1 and half month. It is coming again and again. Its is occurring my waist (where our paints belt tie) to all reason of hips. I dont want chira.. it counted around 24 – 25 .I had consult ed to allopathic Doctors. Every one suggesting near about same antibiotics and chira.. please help I frustrating with it.. if any medicine u suggest me will be a Oblige for me..

  533. Yvette Stephens says:

    Good morning,

    I’m looking for a homeopathic remedy for an extremely painful problem that has sprung up on my body this weekend. It just came out of nowhere!! I have a very large puss/blood filled abscess on my outer labia that started off small and has grown over the last couple of days. Its extremely painful, yet it seems to be slowly draining.

    I hesitate to contact a physician and make an appointment due to the cost of a medical visit and nine times out of ten they just prescribe drugs and send you on your way. I’m also very confident this is not an STD since I have been sexually active with only one person for the last 10 years.

    I am 49 years old.

    I would appreciate any feedback you could provide.

  534. I went to the ER 3 days ago with a HUGE (softball size) boil on my inner thigh about a 1/2 a inch from my pant line. It had no head so the doc. Gave me antibiotics and said it wasent ready to drain (said it was a absess boil) later that night I had one big white head on it… The next day (day two on antibiotics) it had four with holes(not small but not huge) its still been hurting butthe knot has gotten smaller but the for holes are still there and still white. Nothing seems to be coming out of the holes anymore… Should I go back to ER I have no insurance and no money or I would go to the regular doc….

  535. I have abscess on my chest for the last two years. I have taken medicine of allopathy, Homeopathy and ayurvedic also. Sometimes it size becomes smaller and sometimes it is having swelling. Now, it is summer and last summer was very painful as pus accumulates in it. It is also having pus which comes out when squeezed.Although, its size is not much , like a small cyst. But i want complete cure of this. Can you please suggest me a medicine so that i can get rid of it completely.

  536. Niraj kumar says:

    2 years 4months son suffering from boils during his 6 six month of age to till now specilly in summer season. please treating him?

  537. Harpreet kaur says:

    Dr. Sharma, this is regarding my daughter who is 8 years old. Her skin is prone to Eczema, itchy dry skin. Also she is developing boils here n there sometimes on her knees, sometime inside area of elbows, wrist, shoulder back, could be anywhere. We are currently away from India and living in Accra due to my husband’s transferable job. It’s been 6 months since we arrived in Accra and this trouble of eczema and boils is continuing. She is a bad eater and doesn’t like to eat much of food, and takes long time to finish her meals. Not a healthy physic. I have few homeopathic med. that I had not used but I came to know through net. that homepathic treatment can give a permament solution to such a problem. She is very small and now onwards she has started developing such things is really irritating and frustrating for her. She is sick of these infections. Please tell me what to do to find a permament solution to such a problem. Accra climate is hot and humid/dry and her skin is dry and very easily infected in this weather.

    • YUNI SINGH says:

      I got had Heat Blisters in my both feets & hand’s palms if I walk fast and do hard hand work in summer season. please advise me the homeopathic medicine for the treatment of the above heat blisters.

  538. I have a friend that has a boil at his arm what do you suggest he takes?

  539. karen matthews says:

    Hello Dr Sharma I have been seeing a homeopath locally and she has now moved away, I have a lung disease well it’s non small cell lung cancer adenoma carcinoma, I’ve had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and I’m quiet well I get a bit fatigued I ache/stiffness some times flushes. at the moment I’ve got a abscess type boil under my left arm and GP has given me some anti biotics as there is an infection. I feel I need a homeopathy remedy please will you help

  540. Hello Dr. Homeo,

    For past 4 days i have been suffering from Nasal Abscess. I have been taking silicea for it. But the pain is so much that I also have been taking Combiflam as pain killer. The puc comes out a bit but seems like combiflam is supressing it. Any thoughts or treatments would be highly appreciated.

    Thank You

  541. I had an abcess on the bottom of my right foot several months ago. i had to go have it lanced. i now have one on the heel of my left foot. that’s the tough skin area. its very painful but its not came to a head yet. What medication or treatment would u recommend so that i don’t have to have it lanced?

  542. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I have been getting abscess just on my left upper thigh/bikini line for the last nine years. In September I got 3 at the same time, needless to say the pain was excruciating and it was very painful to sit or walk. I am only 28 years old and haven’t heard of anyone having them as often as myself. I have one at the moment but this time for some reason its on the inside of my right upper thigh/bikini line, which is a first. This is now my fifth abscess since September and I am desperately looking for some sort of remedy for these.
    I have never got one lanced or drained, as I know people that have got this done and they still come back.

    I am extremely conscious about these, as they leave marks, I’m not able to wear nice swim wear on holidays I always need to cover them up.
    I am also very afraid to get waxed because the skin is so sensitive in that area now with the amount of recurring abscess I have had through the years

    I would very much appreciate suggestions on remedies for these.


    • Hey Lisa, i have a similar problem. I had my third boil in about a year. This one is now on my ring finger. Hurts like hell. Im treating it with antibiotics & bandaids. The head is still under developed so i can’t pop it yet. But yeah it’s so .. How come i keep getting these digusting looking pimples? I feel you. 5 in sept. Is that so? Wow! That’s painful & on your thigh where rhe bikini line meets. Smh
      You don’t have to worry though. I’m sure the scars of the last boils aren’t noticed. There’s plenty products such as shea butter, cocoa, aloe, & even vitamin e & fish oil that’ll have your skin look & feel fresh. So don’t even stress it. You’ll be fine & i hope you get this one took care of & for good.

  543. rajiv sharma says:

    Dr.Sharma Sir,skin of fingers(hands & feet)become dry and cuts appear and irritation,itching is caused and become unbearable in the morning when i wake up

  544. What Causes Acne says:

    I do not even know the way I ended up here, but I thought this publish used to be good. I don’t understand who you’re but certainly you are going to a famous blogger for those who aren’t already. Cheers!

  545. satyapal singh gehlot says:

    doctor sab, i am 54yrs, suffering from pemphigus vulgaris disease from last one year. blisters and erosion inside mouth chest face and forehead which does not heal easily.take4-5monthsin healing. irritation painand itching. burning sensation. trid ayurved and homeopathy also but no satisfactory results.presently on allopathy treatment taking prednisolon 30mg,azathioprime 50mg and tetracylene though no satisfactory results and severe side effects like weight gain ,suger ht etc but no other option so far. do you think it can be cured?

  546. HARISH KALIA says:


    • Hi Doctor

      I have got a small pimple just on my left outer labia for the last 6 months . There is no puss but the near by skin gets hard with clotting of blood , when it burst the blood get out from that and after few days it again get harder on the same place and again blood get out from there .
      it happened 3 to 4 times on the same area .
      please give me the best remedy to get off from this problem .

      My age is 33 years and I am married .
      I would very much appreciate suggestions on remedies for these.

      • Dr. anupam sarkar says:

        i need some information to treat you….family history of your about disease, past history of disease of you, mense, mental state….thanks

    • Hello Dr.Sharma,

      I have a problem relating to skin, since one year. I suffered with hives over all over my body particularly on thies, chest, back, head,(back region) and back of ears. It was very unbearable as it was a very hot sensation and itchy.

      After 2 months of allopathic treatment fluka-(Fluconazole), cetirizine it came under control.

      After 6 months I suffered with boil on the (Belt region) after the consulting homeo doctor there was a cure, but again with 3 months of gap there was a boil on buttock. as per the doctor`s priscrition I took silcia 200 CH for one week and recovered.

      Since 2 days I see a small boil. Plz suggest the treatment for me.

    • dr. i am 25 yrs old women married. past 2yrs i have some skin problem in my fingers first start in nail after spreading in my fingers. reddish,itching,pain,veekam,skin removing all problem having. i take any medicine cure after that it will occur. plz give me solution.

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