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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Shingles

Shingle is a viral disease characterized by a very painful skin rash which usually erupts in the form of cluster blisters on the body. It is also known as Herpes Zoster. The outbreak of shingles presents itself in the form of a cluster of fluid-filled blisters. The hallmark of shingles is that it affects only one side of the body particularly face or torso (torso refers to the trunk of the human body). The blisters are located as band or strip on one side of the chest and do not cross the midline. Other locations include one side of the forehead or eye. Many people develop only one episode of shingles in their life, but some people can have recurrent episodes depending upon their immunity. Homeopathic remedies for shingles helps boost the immunity, reduce the severity of the symptoms and also helps reduce the chances of recurrence of the disease.

What Causes Shingles?

The causative agent of Shingles is VZV (Varicella Zoster Virus). The reactivation of VZV causes shingles, and it is the same virus that causes Chickenpox (varicella). Only those who ever had Chickenpox can develop shingles later in their life. The first exposure to VZV that most commonly occurs in childhood or adolescent leads to chickenpox. After the chickenpox resolves in a person, the virus remains dormant in some nerve cells of the spine of our body. When the VZV is in an inactive state in our body, it shows no symptoms. In some people, the virus can get reactivated again due to some factors and travel along the nerve pathway. It then reaches the skin of the particular area supplied by that nerve and can cause shingles (painful blisters). The most important thing about VZV is that it never goes away from the human body but lies dormant within some nerve cells. Only when the virus is active, it produces symptoms in the human body.

Homeopathic Medicines for Shingles

Homeopathic treatment for shingles works in a gentle, yet effective manner to reduce the severity of the symptoms and also help clear up the infection rather than suppressing it. These medicines have no side effects and work very well for post-herpetic neuralgia.

There is no cure for shingles in the conventional system of Medicine; medications are aimed to reduce the duration of shingles episode and to minimize the intensity of pain. Some commonly used medicines include

Antivirals: These do not treat shingles but are meant to reduce the severity and duration of the disease. They are not effective for postherpetic neuralgia. Side effects of antiviral medicines include nausea, dizziness, pain in stomach, mild skin rashes, joint pains, and they can also cause a sore throat.

Analgesics: Pain medications are used to treat mild to moderate pains in shingles. When the pain is severe, excessive intake of painkillers can cause side effects and trigger anxiety in a person.

Corticosteroids: Corticosteroids are indicated along with antivirals to reduce the pain and for postherpetic neuralgia. Prolonged usage of corticosteroids can cause immunosuppression.

1. Rhus Tox: For Shingles on the Right Side

Rhus tox is prepared from poison – ivy, a vine-like shrub. This shrub grows naturally all over North America. Rhus Toxicodendron belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. The leaves and stalks of this creeping shrub are collected at night. The oil found within the plant is said to be most potent at night. The curative effect of this shrub dates back to the 18th century when a French physician found that accidental exposure to poison ivy healed a patient with chronic skin lesions. Since then this plant is used to treat various skin disorders. Rhus tox is very useful in Herpes Zoster with intense itching in the affected skin area. There is burning and Neuralgic pains after herpes zoster, especially on the right side. Herpetic eruptions alternating with dysentery and pains in chest, itching with burning and smarting, feeling as if pierced with hot needles, increase in eruptions on rubbing, a feeling of burning pain on blistering skin rash and itching that gets better with the application of hot water are the main symptoms. It is also indicated for shingles alternating with asthma.

2. Ranunculus Bulbosus: For Bluish Vesicles and Intense Itching

Ranunculus bulbosus for shingles is derived from the plant bulbous buttercup or St Anthony’s Turnip. This is a perennially growing plant and belongs to the Buttercup family. Ranunculus bulbosus is prepared from the bulb of this plant. This plant is native of Western Europe and the northern Mediterranean coast. As an introduced weed it grows in eastern and western parts of North America.
It is the principle medicine for treating Herpes zoster. It is indicated for herpetic eruptions with itching where the eruptions are vesicular and pustular. It is highly recommended for shingles with blue blisters that are filled with serum. There is an intense burning and itching that gets worse with contact.

3. Mezereum: For Shingles with Blisters with Scabs

Mezereum is prepared from a plant called Daphne Mezereum (also known as Spurge olive). This plant belongs to the vegetable kingdom. The bark of the shrub is used to prepare Mezereum. This plant is native of hilly woods of nearly whole of Europe and Russian Asia.
It is indicated for Herpes Zoster with burning pains. Eruptions ooze out with a discharge of acrid, gluey moisture from thick crusts. Scab formation over herpetic blisters with pus beneath it, itching over affected skin rash that gets worse by warmth, a sensation of insects crawling are some symptoms. The eruptions are crusty with white scabs and can bleed when touched. The skin becomes cold in those places where there is intense itching.

Other Important Remedies

1. Croton Tiglinum: For Shingles on Face

Croton tiglinum is prepared from a plant known as purging cotton. It belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. Croton tiglinum is also known as ‘Jamaal Gota’ in Hindi. This medicine is prepared using croton oilseeds. This shrub is found in Southeast Asia. It works well in cases of Herpes zoster where the eruptions have stinging and smarting pains, vesicles, and pustules run into one another and speedily develop a seropurulent exudation. There is the formation of large brown scabs with peeling of skin and falling off of the pustules. Blisters are present in clusters, confluent and oozing, especially on the face with itching that is followed by painful burning.

2. Dolichos: For Shingles on Armpit

Dolichos pruriens is prepared from a plant named cowhage, also known as the cow-itch plant. It is a bean-like plant that belongs to the Fabaceae family. Dolichos is prepared using hair scraped from the epidermis of the pod. This plant grows widely in the tropics, including Bahamas and India. It can also extend to southern Florida. It is indicated in those cases where herpetic eruptions are on the armpit, spreading in rings forward to the sternum and backward to the spine. Pains are burning and smarting over the affected area. This medicine is also indicated for shingles without eruptions, and there is intense itching which gets worse by scratching.

3. Dulcamara: For Shingles from Exposure to Cold

Dulcamara is prepared from the bittersweet plant, also known as the bitter nightshade. It belongs to family Solanaceae. It is made using freshly obtained green leaves and stems of the bittersweet plant. This is a perennially growing plant which is indigenous to Asia and Europe, and now it is widely found in North America. Dulcamara is a top grade remedy when Herpes Zoster occurs after being exposed to cold, especially in wet weather. Herpetic eruptions get worse at night and better by moving about and from external warmth. The eruptions are thick, crusty, moist and get worse before menses (in women). The crusts over blisters are thick and brownish –yellow which starts bleeding when scratched.

4. Natrum Mur: For Shingles on Flexures

Natrum Mur is a treatment for shingles that are worse on flexures (bent or curved part). Vesicles with watery contents burst and leave thin scurf (flakes on the skin). Blisters form on burning spots on the skin. Herpetic eruptions become crusty and dry in bends of the limbs and margins of the scalp.

Post Herpetic Neuralgia

Postherpetic neuralgia refers to the condition when there is a persistent and recurrent pain in the area of the body which was affected by Herpes Zoster. In some persons, the pain continues to be present for months or years even after the herpetic lesions have subsided. When pain persists for more than 90 days, it is termed as post-herpetic Neuralgia.

Homeopathy is very effective in treating postherpetic neuralgia. They can naturally help to reduce the intensity of pain without making the person dependent upon them. Following medicines are highly recommended for Postherpetic Neuralgia:

Mezereum: Natural Treatment for Postherpetic Neuralgia with Burning

Mezereum is a top grade remedy for neuralgic pains with violent itching and burning. The inter-costal neuralgia continuing after the disappearance of the eruptions can be effectively treated with Mezereum. It is also recommended for violent neuralgia of the face and teeth, that which towards spreads towards the ears at night. Neuralgic pains come and go quickly, leaving the part numb. Mezereum is used to treat neuralgia over the left eye, where the pain radiates and shoots downwards.

Kalmia: For Postherpetic Neuralgia with Pains

It is highly indicated remedy for neuralgic pains of the face or of those nerves that supply the part where there were herpetic eruptions. The neuralgic pains are violent, tearing and shooting type, and come and go suddenly. The pains are worse in the day, coming and going with the sun or else get worse at night by lying down

Ranunculus Bulbosus – For Neuralgia on Eye

Ranunculus Bulbosus is a treatment for postherpetic neuralgia on the supraorbital (above the eye orbit) or intercostal nerves (between the ribs) after herpes zoster with sharp neuralgic pains preceding it. Neuralgic pains are stitching, stabbing and shooting type, and the herpetic eruptions are bluish in color.

Zincum Mettalicum: For Postherpetic Neuralgia with Burning Pains

Zincum met is indicated for Herpes zoster when the blisters are dry, over the whole body or on the back and hands. Neuralgic pains are burning and jerking in nature, and the shingles get worse in the evening and from the slightest touch. It is also indicated for suppurating herpetic eruptions.

Contributing Factors that Lead to Shingles

Emotional or psychological stress makes a person more prone to develop Shingles since chronic or intense stress weakens our immune system.

Increasing Age
Shingles most commonly occur after 50 years of age. The risk of having shingles increases with age. It is rarely seen in children, but older people are more prone to develop it due to compromised immunity.

Impaired Immune System
Shingles most commonly develop in people with a weak immune system. Certain diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, a long history of medicines intake, long-term use of steroids or immunosuppressive drugs, autoimmune disorders like (rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases) makes a person more prone to develop Shingles.

Shingles – Signs and Symptoms

Early symptoms: The initial symptoms of Shingles before the rash develops include fever and feeling of weakness. There may be a feeling of pain, burning and tingling sensation over the affected area.

Skin Rash: Skin Rash in shingles appears as pink or red blotchy patches which appear in the form of a band over one side of the trunk(the most common site) along the nerve pathway. The person can also feel shooting type of pain in the area of the rash. At this stage, shingles are not contagious.

Blisters: Blisters are a cluster of fluid-filled eruptions that appear after the rash. They appear as a band over one side of the trunk, and can also develop over one side of forehead or eye. Blisters continue to grow for many days.

Are Shingles Contagious?

Active blisters are contagious. The infection (VZV ) can transmit to other people through direct contact with the infected person. However, the other person will first develop chickenpox, not Shingles if the person never had a VZV infection earlier.
On the other hand, if a person has had Chickenpox earlier and he gets exposed to the VZV infection, there is a likelihood of developing shingles.

Scab Formation: Over a period of seven to ten days blisters sometimes ooze a contagious liquid, start becoming cloudy and begin to flatten. Gradually scab starts forming over the flattened blisters. It can take approximately one to two weeks for complete crust formation over the blisters.
At this stage, there are fewer chances of transmission of the virus. The pain also starts subsiding, but in some people, pain continues for months or years.

The Shingles ‘Belt’: Shingles is also referred to as “ shingles girdle “ or “shingles band” as it looks like a belt or half belt when it appears around the waist or rib cage. Shingles are easily recognizable with this classic presentation.

Shingles On Face: Shingles on the face appear in different areas.

Zoster Opthalmicus: Shingles can commonly involve Trigeminal nerve of the face. The ophthalmic branch is most commonly involved, and when the virus gets reactivated in this nerve branch, it is referred to as zoster opthalmicus. In some cases, it can cause blindness. The skin of the forehead, the orbit of the eye and upper eyelids may also be involved.

Shingles Oticus: It refers to shingles which involve the ear. It develops when the virus travels from the facial nerve to the vestibulocochlear nerve. There are chances of hearing loss and vertigo in this condition.

Widespread Shingles: A shingles rash is referred to as a wide rash which occurs when more than twenty skin lesions supplied by separate spinal nerves are involved. It is more likely to occur in people with a weak immune system.

Infections can also occur in open blisters and can lead to permanent scarring of skin in some individuals.

Healing: In many people, the skin rash starts healing within two to four weeks. Some people are left with minor scars while in some complete healing without any scarring is observed.
Some people can also have continued pain for months or longer after healing has taken place at the site of the rash. This is referred to as postherpetic Neuralgia.

Difference between Shingles and Herpes

Herpes Zoster and herpes simplex are two different diseases caused by a virus. The only similarity is that the family of Herpes virus causes both these diseases.
Varicella-zoster virus causes shingles or herpes zoster through direct contact with the infected person. Herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV 1 and HSV 2). HSV 1 is transmitted through oral contact via saliva, surface in and around the mouth and can also be spread by oro-genital contact. HSV 2 is transmitted through sexual contact.
Blisters in Herpes are red and painful around the mouth, genitals, and thighs. Infected women can experience vaginal discharges as well.

In Shingles, blisters appear in clusters and are fluid-filled and usually occur on one side of trunk, eye, face like a band and never cross the midline.
In one condition called zosteriform herpes simplex, the rash looks similar to Shingles rash and is difficult to differentiate visually. The Tzanck smear is used to diagnose acute infection in herpes but cannot distinguish between VZV and HSV.

Shingles: Complications

Post Herpetic Neuralgia: In some cases, even after the shingles blisters have resolved, the pain continues to be present. This condition is known as post-herpetic neuralgia. Postherpetic neuralgia is most commonly seen with shingles in the mouth which occurs when the mandibular division or the maxillary part of the trigeminal nerve is involved.

Neurological Issues: Shingles can cause facial paralysis, hearing problems and balance issues depending upon which nerves are involved in the infection.

Loss of Vision: When shingles involve the eyes, it can cause infection in the eyes and subsequent loss of vision in some cases.

Encephalitis: In sporadic cases, shingles may lead to inflammation of the brain resulting in encephalitis (acute inflammation in the brain).

Shingles: Pain Mangement

There is no cure for shingles in the conventional system of treatment, but there are some home remedies for shingles nerve pain that can help:

  • A cool, wet compress can help relieve pain and itching in shingles rash. You need to soak a cloth in cold water, squeeze the water out of cloth and apply the cloth to the affected area. Repeat it several times. Do not use any ice packs to the rash as it can make the affected area more sensitive.
  • Shower Baths: Cleaning of blisters on a daily basis with cooling bath or shower can reduce the risk of spreading the infection.
  • Soothing Lotions and Creams: Lotions do not hasten the process of healing but can help reduce the itching to some extent. Choose the lotions containing natural ingredients, like calamine lotion.
  • Dietary Changes: Healing of shingles is prolonged when you have a weak immune system. Try consuming diets that help boost the immune system. This includes a diet rich in vitamins, green leafy vegetables, and a protein-rich diet that includes eggs, chicken, and red meat. For a Vegan diet, tomato, beans, and spinach are the top foods.

Natural remedies and medications can help manage herpes zoster to a great extent, and also reduce the chances of recurrence.

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    Please find the Symptoms am facing: It Starts on both the thighs with a sort of itching, then the area forms a cluster with itching. When itching is continuing bubbles with transparent liquid is formed and a colorless liquid oozes out forming a red-faced rash is developed which slowly heals up with a formation of scales and the skin around becomes black and remains continuously After a few days when scales are removed again the symptoms repeated. Please advise medicines in Homeopathy/Biochemic. Regards

  2. Bhagwat Prasad says:

    My father 79 Years old suffering from post hepes pain in back for last 5 years along with frequent etching. Lots of medicine taken but no relief. Kindly advice best medicine for comply curing it.

  3. Rex Hopping says:

    Any negative interaction with antiviral medication – Valacyclovir ??

  4. Victor Tsan, MD says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    This is Dr. Tsan from Philadelphia PA USA
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    Pl. intimate homio medicine for peripheral neuropathy that is lasting in the feet front side with fingers numbness and burning pain while walking and wound like feeling while resting in the front portion of the both feet and heel portion of the same feet.

    • K Rama Subrahmanyam, says:

      Pl. intimate homio medicine for peripheral neuropathy that is lasting in the feet front side with fingers numbness and burning pain while walking and wound like feeling while resting in the front portion of the both feet and heel portion of the same feet.

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    I hv been having shingles for about 5 weeks now. Its on my mid left torsa (back and front).

    After about 4 weeks of painkillers my doc prescribed me Gabapentin 800mg x 4 times a day, hydrocodone and Lidocaine 5% plasters. The plasters helps a lot, and pain lessen (pain grade 1 to 10, its now about 5, while for about 3 weeks pain had been 10, 4th week it went downb to about 8).

    I have read through your article, but I dun any poison ivy avail at my front nor backyard. Is there anything else I could do to get of the pain permanently?

    Thank you.

  13. Rajagopal.A. says:

    Dear dr,I had sent an email in 2017 , I didn’t get any reply dr.I am suffering from hsv1&2 infection since 1981 and I am 69 years old for me no blisters only pain all over the body,nerve ,muscle,bone,foot,neck,should – der, spinal cord,cervical,burning pain,while urinating ,virus has spread all over the nerves .It gives lot of discomfort and pain,morning stiffness of the body.Please prescribe a remedy to cure this nasty dis – ease. Regards,Rajagopal.A.

  14. miriam ruvinskis says:

    Hello, my name is miriam. I am 69 years old. I started four days ago, feeling pain on my left buttock , as well as itching and a burning sensation. I know about shingles ,so I immediately started taking nat mur 30 c and also Rhus tox 30c. I alternate them, three times a day. I was able to sleep last night.No rash yet, just excruciating pain in my left buttock, going down to the back of my knee. i do not eat red meat, pork, etc. I am putting coconut oil, that helps. Please, any recommendations will be helpful. I declined taking acyclovir. I only cure myself with homeopathy. Thanks for your help!

  15. Md. Mahemood says:

    Hi Mohit Kumar
    Use for Homeopathy medicine.
    Ranunculus Bulbosus Q
    20 drops 3 time
    Repl Dr.Advice No 54
    20 drops 3 time
    Kalmia Latifolia Q
    20 drops 3 time
    Stop after pain relief
    Variolinum 30ch
    2 drop 2 time
    Rhus tox the 30ch
    4 drop 3 time
    Arsenic Album 30ch
    1 drop 3 time
    Cantheris 30ch
    1 drop 3 time
    Calendula Q
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  21. Chandan Nikhandia says:

    Namaste sir.My self Chandan Nikhandia.Addl.BDO Sundargarh Odisha have affected in Herpes Zoster.Now lAm already ok after taking allopathic medicines, but feeling irritation itching and pain .Imay kindly be advised accordingly.

  22. Dr.
    I was just diagnosed with Postherpetic Nueralgia. My doctors missed the shingles diagnosis at first because I didn’t break out with the blisters. I just had a small rash that went away quickly as well as the other symptoms. Now I am left with the excruciating nerve pain. Is there anything homeopathic that can help?

  23. Mnaoj Misra says:

    Dear, Dr. Sharma, I have been diagnosed Herpes Zostor inte 1st week of March 2018 and was getting treatment from one of highly qualified Alopathic Doctor, although my rashes have almost disappeared but still I’m having terrible irritable itching, burning sensation with pain, I’s almost more than two months now and I’m not getting any relief and lost the hope of leading a normal life, so therefore, I would humbly beg from you to help me out to get rid of thieves pains, Thankiing you. Yours Sicerely

    Manoj Misra

  24. Can homeopathy prevent a recurrence of shringles attack and if so how can I access its medication

  25. MOHIT KUMAR says:

    Sir mujhe 3 month se herpes zoster opthalmicus hua h Jo eye ke upar bhonh pr or half head m h
    bhut treatment kiya (acyclovir se) but isme jalan, infection dad jo bhonh pr hn thik nhi ho rhe hn
    Or head m bhut pain hota h
    Plzz tell me treatment

    • Md. Mahemood says:

      Hi Mohit Kumar
      Use for Homeopathy medicine.
      Ranunculus Bulbosus Q
      10 drops 3 time
      Repl Dr.Advice No 54
      20 drops 3 time
      Kalmia Latifolia Q
      20 drops 3 time
      Variolinum 30ch
      2 drop 2 time
      Rhus tox the 30ch
      4 drop 3 time
      Arsenic Album 30ch
      1 drop 3 time
      Cantheris 30ch
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      Calendula Q
      Apply on affected areas

  26. Jagdish Prasad sharma says:

    Iam suffering fromHerpes zoster for 13 days ago. now i am feeling pain tingling prikling numbness and neurlgia .the skin rashes and crusts are fall off. so please advised me homeopathic medicine.

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    Herpes zoster last 4 months , I have youse R 68 & R 69 & rhus tox200 & rananculas bulbosis , but this time also teeth pain sir, only night time sir

  32. O P Kapoor says:

    Dear, Dr. Sharma, I have been diagnosed Herpes Zostor inte 1st week of November 2017 and was getting treatment from one of highly qualified Alopathic Doctor, although my rashes have almost disappeared but still I’m having terrible irritable itching, burning sensation with pain, I’s almost more than two months now and I’m not getting any relief and lost the hope of leading a normal life, so therefore, I would humbly beg from you to help me out to get rid of thieves pains, Thankiing you. Yours Sicerely O. P.Kapoor

  33. Hello sir,
    I feel symptoms like herpes zoster since one week. I have rashes near my right side of nipple and below that in curve structure it seems like herpes with burning and pinching sensation and pain.
    Please suggest medicine for the same. I am taking alopathik medicine since last four days but no relief.

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    I was suffering from HERPES ZOSTER, From last week, and having very much PAIN on my chest part of body and the pain is UNBEARABLE ( pain is like a burning of body)
    I reqest you sir, pls. give me the proper gaidence of medicine to come out of this pain ASAP.


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  36. Thanks for the artical

  37. m.s.Basavaraju says:

    I am suffering from sarpasuttu from last one week it occurs in my left side of the neck and also left hand side of the body below my neck it is very painful i can’t bear the pain please advise me to what to do ? and where to meet you personally i am residing at yelahanka

  38. Keith Golson says:
  39. Christiana says:


  41. i have just been told by my doctor that i have got Lupus disease and i really need herbal help to get rid of it now.add comment 2017

  42. Sir what was it medicine recommend for cure

  43. Divya nagarkoti says:

    I m an SLE patient and now suffering from herpes zoster

  44. Sarah Jones says:

    i have been diagnosed with herpes 3years and just got cured 2days back, thank you so much

  45. rangie mutetwa says:

    hi, I hv developed rash like right round my penis head. The doc here suggested acyclovir varichem tablets and they seem not to work and I think its over 3 weeks now pliz help. More also the rash is not even painfull nor itching.

  46. I was diagonized wih herpes/shingle in my eye and on my forehead and on my scalp. I took allopathy medicine.. antiviral etc etc. they say my eye is ok now. However, there are big black scars on my forehead that dont seem t go away. It is three weeks since all the scabs fell off. How can I get rid of these big ugly scars and dark gmentation on my forehead and will there be any long term effects. Regarding my eye, will there be any long term effects. What kind of after care can I do now? I am 57 year old female.

  47. judith cyrus says:

    This is unbelievable. A great testimony that i must share to all herpes patients out there. i never believed that there could be any complete cure for the virus,i saw a post on Facebook page of how Dr Osewe prepare herbal cure for a lady and brought her back to life. i needed to give it try too and after a week of contacting him,he sent some concoctions to me here in U.S.A all the way from Africa. And he gave me instructions on how to commence treatment using the herbal concoction he sent across to me and i did exactly as instructed. To my utmost surprise, just three to four days of treatment i began to experience some changes but I did nothing but to be consistent with the medication. Just to cut the long story short, i went for test after three weeks of treatment only to discover that i don’t longer carry the virus. Not only that i was cured of HSV2, Dr osewe also gave me my joy back and help restore my family’s love and respect so i took it as a duty to share this as far as possible. he saved me and he can do same for u less i forget.during our discussions, he also told me that he have herbal remedy for diseases like HIV AIDS, ALS, MND, Epilepsy, Leukemia, Asthma, Cancer, Gonorrhea, contact him on

  48. Rusty Benard says:

    Dr Enoma is a real herbal doctor, he cures different disease with herbs that he prepares with root mixed with black seed etc. You can search about Dr Enoma on google google or facebook with his clinic name: Dr Enoma Natural Herbal Medicine.. You can also communicate with him on whatsapp: +2348079055268.

  49. I have problem in my head and I need help for get lotion soap to wash my head.

  50. ROSHAN sah says:

    sir I have herpes.I need some of ur advice. is it curable by using homeopathic medicine? how long does it take to cure? i am going to marry next year .is it good to marry. it destroys the marry life.plz reply

  51. sir, I am having shringles since 3,4 months on left side of my body.( below brest) pain is there it is in the shape of snake.pain is little i have neglected but worried now. sugar and high bp i am havingplease advise me

    • sir, I am having shringles since 3,4 months on left side of my body.( below brest) pain is there it is in the shape of snake.pain is little i have neglected but worried now. sugar and high bp i am havingplease advise me

  52. Veronika says:

    Hi! I have herpes zoster in my face, from the left nostril going out to the let. It now started also beneath my mouth. It began a month ago. My homepathic doctor changed me the medicine 4 days ago to Hepar Sulphur but more are coming out. They itch more than they sting and there is no pain. I would appreciate it a lot if you could recomend me what to do… THANK YOU. – I am a 44 year old mom.

  53. God bless Dr. SEBI for his marvelous work in my life, I was diagnosed of HERPES since 2014 and I was taking my medications, I wasn’t satisfied i needed to get the HERPES out of my system, I searched about some possible cure for HERPES i saw a comment about Dr. Inno, how he cured HERPES DIABETES and CANCER with his herbal medicine, I contacted him and he guided me. I asked for solutions, he started the remedy for my healing, he sent me the medicine through UPS SPEED POST. I took the medicine as prescribed by and 14 days later i was cured from HERPES, Dr. Inno truly you are great, do you need his help also? Why don’t you contact him through Natural Genital herpes treatment

  54. Tk chatterjee says:

    Dear sir,
    10 years ago, my mother faced Harpis on chest. Same was treated by alapathy and cured. But she was facing a pain from the rib area and now a days pain is intolerable for her. Now she has a 70 years old. you are requested to suggest any homeopathy medicine for her .

  55. Trish Dalgleish says:

    My mother is suffering from intense nerve pain on the left side of her face due to shingles in November 2016. Are there any homeopathic remedies you recommend?

  56. bella amada mary says:

    Good News My People ..I Want To Appreciate Dr.SEBI Herbal Medicine Is A Good Herbal Medicine For( HERPES VIRUS ) I Was Diagnosed With HERPES Virus Last Month,And Was Look For Solution To Be Cure Luckily I Saw A Testimonies On How Dr.SEBI Cure HERPES VIRUS I Decided To Contact Dr.SEBI I Contacted Him He Prepared A Herbal Medicine Portion And Sent It To Me,I Started The Herbal Medicine For My Health.He Gave Me Step By Step Instructions On How To Apply It, When I Applied It As Instructed, I Was Cured Of This Deadly Herpes Virus Within 2weeks, I Am Now HERPES Negative.My Brother And Sister I No That There Are So Many People That Have There Same Herpes Virus Please Dr SEBI To Help You Two,And Help Me To Thank Dr.SEBI For Cure Me, I’m Cured By Dr.SEBI Herbal Medicine,His Contact le
    Or Cell Whatsapp Number 2348153863900.

  57. I had herpes Zoster on 23 Feb scars have healed now however tingling pain persists, place where rashes were there is numb, and sensitive to touch. Please advise medicine, precautions to be taken and how much time will it take to be fine

  58. Angie Gayhart says:

    I was diagnosed w/ shingles on my left scalp, left ear, & face on on Dec, 22nd after a sever stressful time.
    I’ve had the flu symptoms & lesions on scalp has cleared up & face, even those still painful, but what is bothering me is the pain in my left ear…very scary! They put me on Lyrica, which is very expensive & works a little, but still the pain is intense at times. I’m worried about my hearing.
    What do you suggest I get?
    thanks for your help in advance.

  59. deepti heblekar says:

    Dr Sharma

    My name isDeepti Heblekarand i livein Mumbai.i started having allergy since from last 15 days. I showed it to my family doc who gave medicines for allergy. it went and came back in a day. after that i take Allegra three times but it stop for few minutes and returns. i went to Nasik to relatives house on 30th and there doc said it is poisonous insect bite. he treated me with antibiotic but i got remporary relief.
    the allergy came back. once in mumbai i visited skin specialist who said it is herpise and she is giving antibiotic.
    The big coin size swelling on forehaed near eyebrow did shrink but igot allergic hives on neck, behind ear, on shoulders, on thigh, sideways near stomach
    what to do. I am born allergic to sulpha hekp me pkease.

    Deeptu Heblekar

  60. nishikanta says:

    dear sir ,about 41 year old man. i have a lot of red colourd water boobles on my left bally and back .it started 3 day before. that time only two to three number of red coloured small water boubles on my left side stomach are appears in the morning. till next day they are about 40 to 50. they are very painfull. i read the treatment . i am not sure about the medicine. i think it is croton tig. but which potency?

  61. I have Harpes at penis last ten year

  62. Hi Dr. Sharma.
    My mamy 80 years old ,and she got shingles 40 days ago ,now she is better but she has chest bon pain and shoulder bon pain sometime has a long time pain, sometimes ,short time pain, please help me .what can she does

  63. I m suffering from herpes zoster since 15 July 2016 and not getting relief by Alopathic medcine in back pain and iatching pl suggest the name of homeopathic medcin name

  64. Hii doctor mr mahendra age above 60. I had herpes waterfilled eruptions i took allopathic treatment but itching with dry eruptions left.which med should i take and had a burning on a spot in left side of abd since 1st day of herpes till now persist continosly nd itching on right side of abd nd full back, worse on touch???

  65. Dear Dr.
    I have developed herpes blisters on my lower lip on right side and some just below the lip. I don’t have pain or itching but have oozing of watery liquid. Could you please adviceWhat homeopathy medicine would be suitable for me. Thanks

  66. Please suggest the name of the oil which is useful to be used on belly button & around it to open the veins of ears

  67. Esther scotte says:

    Dear Dr Sharma .
    I have tried many natural treatments for my shingles pain which I have had for 4years I also have have pain from a cracked vertabra I am 87yeas old try to walk and fill my days .but this shingles pin is the last straw it never goes. The pain killers from my doctor is cabapenaton not sure if Correct spelling.
    Please can you help.
    Esther Scott.

  68. Guru prasad m says:

    hi sir this is Guru prasad M Bangalore

    Since 2 weeks y mother has suffering form SARPA SUTTU ( Shingles )
    she went to temple and they sugest Huthada mannu ( auts solid mud ) and she is useing and recovering But it is again small small bubules . and also suffering back pain .. i take and go for doctor she will gave tablets but after so much of pain my mother went finaly temple … now also suffering what to do sir

    Plz suggest that Huthada mannu is god for shingles /..

  69. Nombuso Okeke says:

    Hi, I’ve recently recovered from shingles, however I’m now suffering with this terrible itch on the area that I had the shingles.
    What can I use to relieve the itching?

  70. kalpana Vora says:

    Hellow Sir,
    My brother in law got herpes zoster last month on right side of his hand and back. He took allopathy and it got cured but still his hand pains from elbow to shoulder. Can’t straighten his hand. Even if he takes rest, pain still remains. what to do?

  71. hsv type 1&2 IGg positive hsv type I&II IgM positive I need my titment

  72. I have raddish blisters on left torso for the last 4 days

  73. Velchal Sudhaker says:

    Dr Garu

    I had herpes zoster some nine weeks back after taking Allopathy drugs all the blisters have dried up after few days I developed severe pain it i very severe almost pushing me into depression currently i am taking Gabapentin 400 mg two times — 80 % pain reduced but burning and sensitiveness is there Can you advice please

  74. balbir singh attri says:

    My wife suffered herpes zoster a year age.Itching pinching burning is troubling her Can it be treated in homeopathy?

  75. Maheshwar Thakur says:

    Sir, I am suffering post Herpees zoster pain. Herpees was infected at my left side of chest neck and arms in the month of Jun 2016. After treatment the lesion is cure but pain at the affected places is still remain. I am taking Gebapenten and pregablin tab daily as per prescribed by doctor. I have severe pain in bone at arms and hand above 15 days and pain is also at chest and neck. I want to know there is fully cure of these desease in homeopathy. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  76. Sharanjit singh says:

    Hi Dr….Im sunny 23yr old boy…Im suffering from gential herpes…I want to know is there fully cure of this in homopathy?plz reply me…

  77. I had herpe zoster on my face & in my left eye in 1987. Had a flair up in my left eye in 2002. I’m starting to get another flair up on my left check. Any homeopathic ways of clearing it up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  78. Dr.Kisor Kumar Pal says:

    My wife is suffering from Herpes Zoster at present and she suffered from the same disease about seven months back.
    May I ask you which homeopathic medicine should she take for cure.
    With thanks,
    Dr.Kisor Kumar Pal

  79. Susan Barlow says:

    I am Susan Barlow and I want to give all thanks to Dr Ighodalo for helping me to cure my Herpes Simplex virus disease which i have been suffering for the past 3years, I found out I had herpes (type 2) on my genitalia 3years ago when my daughter was 8 weeks old. I was and am still devastated. I get a flare up about twice a year, but it’s only one bump or so. Still, it sends me into depression. I have recently discovered Dr Ighodalo cure which i applied on bumps a few times a day which takes them away fairly quickly but before then, i really tried many prescribed medicine so that i can be cured from this deadly virus but all could not work for me all my prayers to God was to wake up one faithful day and get cured from the virus because i was finding it difficult to work in my office and it was still affecting my family till i meant up with my friend’s cousin who introduce this Doctor to me Dr.Ighodalo and said that this same doctor healed her mom’s friend, so i contacted him with doubting mindset but friends i could not believe it when he helped me with a positive solution and cure my herpes with his herbal cure remedies. You can also be cured if you are suffering from HERPES or any critical sickness that is giving you heartbreak and disturbing your family and job by contacting Dr. Ighodalo via
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    2. HERPES 1/2
    3. CANCER
    4. ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)
    5. Herpatitis B
    6.chronic pancreatitis
    8.COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
    10.Acute angle-closure Glaucoma

  80. I suffer from severe pain around my abdomen, caused by post-herpetic neuralgia. None of the meds prescribed by my docs are helpful. The pain has persisted now for 9 months. So I am turning to homeopathic medicine. Please help me. Please.

  81. Hello dr Sharma , I had my first episode of genital herpes a month ago which got ok . But now I have the sharp occasional nerve pain in that side of my pubic area which may be post herpetic neuralgia . I’m looking for a cure to herpes .. Is there any way you can help me .. Also where are you based ? Please guarantee me that this is authentic.

  82. Sir,
    I had been suffering from herpes zoster since three weeks, even though the blisters have dried I’m having tremendous pain and burning sensation, I’m a diabetic and my age is 56years I kindly request you to suggest any medicine for me thank-you.

  83. srinivasrao says:

    I am suffering herpes ,itching burning of after 3 days fell pain

  84. Hi Doctor

    I am suffering itching around my nose and around my mouth,after having redness I used halox lotion then I stopped as soon as I saw it got dark

  85. RAJINDER KUMAR says:

    last 3 months before I have a problem herpes zoster ortho effected right side of eye and acute pain in
    top of right sioe of head,please advise

  86. Alice Gatty says:

    But Dr sunshine cured me with herbal remedy herpes 1. Contact him fast :

  87. Hi
    My son 27yrs has recurring herpes in his eye . He also wears glasses .
    Please help .

  88. to skin doctor he use to give medicen use to say its skin infection and it use to be healed in 7 years I visit 7 time for this and same thing the doctor said and give medicen .but recently 2 month back I saw same two round white patch on my penis forskin and tiny small one round red patch on penis head look like its peeled. so I thought it is same thing that I use to have from past 7 years but when then two week back I saw same thing on my penis head and forskin so I went to the doctor last week he saw and tol me it is herpers. but he don’t tol me to do test and given me herpers medicen tablet Im having the tablet from past 4 days.I’m married and scared because herpers don’t cure and stay life time infecefed as my doctor tol me. My happynes and normal life is spoild I’m in tesion all day all night not eating food as I’m married for past 2 year.please be kind and true and help me tel me is there fully lifetime cure for herpers .please help I beg u.I’m poor I don’t have money .I’m from kolkata please help.and tel me guide me

  89. abhaya kumar nayak says:

    dear sir,
    please give me a good prescription about herpes which is affected around my neck and shoulder.

  90. Lorinda Sears says:

    I have these very painful blisters that pop out in circles on one hip or the other. I’ve tried several medicines but they just keep coming back. I also am a Stage 3 ovarian cancer fighter. It seems the chemo has made them worst. There is a aching pain in my lower back and hips several days before the blisters. It had occurred a dozen or more times. You may not can help me but I said I’d ask anyway, thank-you

  91. Gretchen says:

    I did contact Dr. Ighodalo.
    After contacting I must ask whether you know what the herbs or homeopathic ingredients are that Dr. Ighodalo uses in his HSV2 formula? Is this formula taken in a homeopathic form, a tea, or is in in a tincture or an extract form?
    I will order Dr. Ighodalo’s treatment when I can afford it, but it is expensive.
    However, knowing that it works gives me the incentive to order the product.

  92. suroj ali says:

    how to treatment herpes in homeopathy

  93. R. K. Tripathi says:

    My mother age 62 year old and suffering herpes zoster last 5 Yeears and manly itching and pain in back side sir please advise me.

  94. Dr Monica says:

    I just want to say a big thank to Monica for share testimony about the help doctor Ajakaye did for her. I’m Mary by name from united state,I was a herpes patient to doctor Ajakeye before i was cure from herpes by the herbal medication I receiver from doctor Ajekaye,I never thought that herpes can be cure until I met doctor Ajakaye who use his special medication to heal me,
    1. HIV/AIDS 2. HERPES 3. CANCER ALL KINDS 4. ALS 19.Gonorrhea
    Do you want to get intuch with him for cure too contact him by E-mail: or visit him at what-sap/call +2347034780424 thank to you Monica

  95. i am 31 yr and suffering from Genital Herpes (HSV-2) problem in my penis fore skin from past Dec 2015 and Dr said there is no for this, when the spots come back just take medicine

    From Hyderabad

    Please let me know the treatment for permanent cure.

  96. I had sex with sex worker after we fear of std and hiv immdiatlly next day we consulted a doctor we did some blood check in which I got herpse igg positive with 1.31 value and igm negative less than 0.50
    Again after two days I did blood checkup herpse result for igg was negative with 0.82 value and igm negative .
    Now confused whether I am herpse or not
    Can some one please help me
    I am in very depressed state now

  97. यूध्दवीर सिंह says:

    हर्पिस जोस्टर ऑप्थेल्मिकस रोग का उपचार बताए?

  98. T.A.Seetharaman says:

    I had rashes on the left thigh upto knee and left buttocks.the rashes are gone after a week taking rhux tox and vitamin b complex , since last 4 or 5 days itching has started I am applying lacto calamine can you suggest some medicine I am 75 years old I have on the right side of my head too.

  99. Ljiljana Marinkovic says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My mother has herpes zoster which affected the skin of her right hand from the nack to the thumb. It started 10 days ago. The main symptoms are rash with many fluid-packed blisters along the arm with not so intense pain and burning sensation on the skin. The blisters stopped to appear after 7 days. She used Acyclovir tbl 5×800 mg per day during the 7 days. Now she uses B vit. complex.
    She is 79 years old and she had a sarcoidosis (when she was 40. and 3 recidives after that, last 10 years ago). Also she has a diabetes type 2 on oral therapy.
    I kindly ask you for your advice about the homeopathic or other holistic therapy.
    Thank you in advance and kind regards.
    Ljiljana Marinkovic

  100. BHARAT KUMAR J SHAH says:

    Dear sir, I had herpes on my lower back in july 2015 and after a month on rouitine check of my blood it was found that my wbc and blood patelates were down wbc is around 2000 and patelates were 75000 and till date it is the same .My doctor after consulting some senior doctor came to conclusion that it is because of herpes it is down and it would take aleast a year to recover from it .Do you suggest any Homeopathy medicince to bring my wbc and platelates to normal level.

  101. Arun k jain says:

    My wife 49 has been diagnosed as suffering from Herpes Zoster.3 days back she experienced severe abdominal pains starting from below midrif and travelling to her left side.After 2 days she started developing rash on the back and today these rashes have spread towards belly button with small boils The area is red.Although the pain has reduced but she is having severe headache, chill, body pain and mild fever.
    Can you suggest suitable medicine for getting cure and for getting rid of this problem.
    Arun jain

  102. bheemaraj says:

    Respected sir !
    Im 50 years old n having two kids they are male 19y n female 17y. I have been suffering with genital herpus since 20 years. Burning sensation in penis continuously, rarely getting itching ob foreskin n small water like bubles.My son nikhil has been facing the water like small bubles on finger ends n toes respectively . My daughter nikhitha frequently facing mouth sourse n small acne type rashes on face n on chest. We were cosulted number of allopathi doctors n taken treatment . But the problem is not solved. Is our problem is really curable or not. If there is a way, how can i approach you sir, plz reply meme .
    Thanking you…..

  103. bheemaraj says:

    Respected sir !
    Im 50 years old n having two kids they are male 19y n female 17y. I have been suffering with genital herpus since 20 years. Burning sensation in penis continuously, rarely getting itching ob foreskin n small water like bubles.My son nikhil has been facing the water like small bubles on finger ends n toes respectively . My daughter nikhitha frequently facing mouth sourse n small acne type rashes on face n on chest. We were cosulted number of allopathi doctors n taken treatment . Vut the problem is not solved. Is our problem is really curable or not. If there is a way, how can i approach you sir, plz reply meme .
    Thanking you…..

  104. gouri shankar pareek says:

    I have harpies problem since last two year
    pls how to I get appointment to see you
    g s pareek

  105. Thirumurthy.R says:

    Four months back I was suffering from herpes zoster
    With in a month the rashes cured taking some halopathic medicines. But the itching is persists.
    Can it be cured by homeopathic medicine. Please inform me when can I meet you doctor.

  106. Aweekago I had severe painin my head and eatery discharge from right eye. Being blood patient and dibatic doctor advised Cretan one,lipid, n sugar test and changed blood pressure tab on Monday. On Tues day some blister were visible on right forehead
    .doctor said it is herpese and gave femcimac, imol,eye drops and ointment. Today she had fever 101. will u please help me— can I start homeo med . if yes then which one and how

  107. Hello, I have been told that I have the shingles virus with no rash. I have degenerated joint and disk disease and have many bouts of sciatica. I have just started having numbing on my upper lip and into my nose. Sometimes I feel it is also affecting my eyes. They feel like hot lava in them. I was wondering if you could help me. I don’t like to use conventional pain meds but sometimes I have to get out of pain. I am living daily in pain. From 1 to 10 I am in 8,9,10 most days.

  108. Sir I had chickenpox eruptions around 3 weeks ago. I had used Homeo medication. I had bathed more than 3 times and the pox is almost cured.
    My problem now is that I am having a tightness, severe pain and crampness as if I had taken a local anastesia around the Stomach below chest region extending to my back.

    What is the remedy for this. pls help

  109. leelasastry says:

    I feel Rhus tox is almost specific for shingles

  110. Madeline Sperry says:

    I’ve had shingles for a month now and am looking for an ointment for lotion to calm the itching. My shingles bare around the torso.

  111. MRINAL KUMAR DEKA says:

    I HAVE HARPEX IN MY PENIS.IT OCCOUR FIRST IN 2003.At that time I take advice of std doctor and take HARPERXA400 for one year.But the problem arise till this date in regular interval.please help me.My age is 47

  112. MRINAL KUMAR DEKA says:

    I HAVE HARPEX IN MY PENIS.IT OCCOUR FIRST IN 2003.At that time I take advice of std doctor and take HARPERXA400 for one year.But the problem arise till this date in regular interval.please help me

  113. Jayantica S Toppo says:

    On my neck I got some infection which is brown & pink color with blisters in that area. I have pain as if I have got a cut . What is this desease and what is the remedy for it. Kindly advise. Thank you .

  114. I am suffering from hormonal imbalance from the age of 13. My periods are always irregular, goes till56 days. I have three children,all normal. No complications ever. Last year, I got an allopathic treatment for polycystic ovaries. After six months of treatment for next three cycles,my periods were regular. Now again it s over 58days, I feel very uncomfortable and irritated all the time . Plus also had herpes on mouth twice within two months. Is there any permanent solution to getting regular periods and rectify this hormonal imbalance problem.

  115. sanjiv sharma says:

    Sir,before 20 years i have face this viral illness harpes it deeply affect on my nose.On one side my nose become skinless and pigmented.Please answer when possible.

  116. Mohan rathore says:

    I suffer from last 10 years. It periodically attack within every 2 or 3 years to me.

  117. Fapo Virgile says:

    hello Sir i have a serious case of zona
    it has overtaken my body and i need a treatment please

  118. madhavendra says:

    Sir Please tell me that complete curing of hsv2 genital herpes is possible or not because all alopathic doctor said there is treatment not cure

  119. Chrissy Marden says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have herpes zoster in the eyes, have for many years. Will Ranunculus work for this condition. I have had this last bout for over a month.
    Would appreciate if you can help me.
    Warmest Regards,

  120. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am 22 years in age. Almost a year back, I started suffering from the problem of corns. I got it surgically removed initially, then on recurrence I tried using corn caps which dis not help either. It keeps on growing again in the same place. So, then I started taking homeopathic medicine antimonium crudum 30 around 15 days back but I still am not convinced. Can you please help me with the correct and best possible medicine. I’d be really thankful.

  121. Arvind Shukla says:

    dear sir I am suffring from gentil herpes from last year I have taken valacivir for nine months now I am feeling weakness and lots of problem whith medicine I want my treatment with homeopathy can I go for homeopathy is thre cure of hsv2 in homeopathy please suggest me thanks regards

  122. My name is Cindy Lucas, I want to share my testimonies to the general public on how this great man

    called Dr. ogun cure my sister from Genetic Herpes with the herbal medication gotten from

    Dr.Ogun, he cures other diseases too herbal is a great medication. To hell with the government

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  123. Abhishek says:

    I am 30 yr old married male. I have the onset of herpes zooster which was treated by Aciclovir 800 mg tab twice a day. But after 6-8 months I also have the same lesions on my neck. I want a permanent treatment from this disease.

    Waiting for your pisitive response

  124. Vinod Raman says:

    rashes, pain,. itching on the left chest post herpes treatment with acyclovir. applying aloevera gel. Still pain persists particularly in the night . I am a type-1 diabetic since 25 years. pl. advise with homeo medicine. My age is 60 years.

  125. Ankita Mukherjee says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My mother, Amita Mukherjee, is suffering from herpes zoster for the past 5 days. The rashes have formed a band on the left side of her shoulder as well as the left arm. I could notice that the pus-filled blisters have appeared. She is under homeopathy medication. The pain is excruciating, never less even after so many days. I am avoiding protein in her food diet. Do you think you can help me out here, its utterly tough to see my mum cry like this throughout the day.
    Ankita Mukherjee.

  126. sujatasuresh says:

    I have zoster ophthalmic in the right eye initially I had lesions on the lids of the right eye the intraocular pressure of the right eye is 56 as per yesterday results there is blurred vision and pain in the eye the diagnosis is uveitis+seconddegree glaucoma open anglde taking allopathic medicine for pressure diamox

    • Pls mujhe v inform kijiyega..agar aap thik ho gye to….mujhe v same problm h..harpes opthelmic zoster in right side face arounding right eye,and right head..corneal also affected

  127. Dr Sharma says:

    D/sir. I am suffering from harpies daisies since two month . Please told. homopathic treatment

  128. Meena singh says:

    I am suffering from herpes eruptions on right side of face just below the lower lips and the blisters are watery with pain, itching and burning. This happens me For the third time. This time after almost 3 years. Please prescribe me some medicine.

  129. ds chauhan says:

    Hello mam,
    My father’s suffering from harpies as its symptoms we came across are hand, legs and headache. So please suggest remedy for it.

  130. MASOOD IQBAL says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from oral lichen planus around last one year. The for this disease was the pulling out the teeth from a dentist.
    Kindly advise a proper homeopathic remedy.

    Will be thankful to you.
    Best regards,

  131. jo greenwald says:

    aloha and namaste. I have spent a lot of time in India and only use natural medicine, so I am familiar with homeopathy and other natural treatments. I am suffering a lot of burning and radiating pain in my left index finger and left thumb. I suspect that this is from a condition called zoster sine herpes….the zoster virus without the herpes rash. My fingers are extremely sensitive to touch….it actually hurts more when fabric brushes my fingers than when I grip something with them. The only thing that seems to ease the pain is water flowing over them or a frozen or very cold gel pack….I rest my fingers on them or wrap one around. Using them makes things worse. I would be very grateful for any advice you can offer. I am extremely sensitive to remedies, so I should probably begin with a mild dose. Bhuta dhan’yavada. Thank you so much.

  132. Prashant Sharma says:

    Dear sir ,
    I suffering from harpex zoster on neck & shaulder from last 4 days. I have lot of pain in neck please give me some treatment for it.

    Thanks & Regards
    Prashant Sharma

    • Hello, I have been told that I have the shingles virus with no rash. I have degenerated joint and disk disease and have many bouts of sciatica. I have just started having numbing on my upper lip and into my nose. Sometimes I feel it is also affecting my eyes. They feel like hot lava in them. I was wondering if you could help me. I don’t like to use conventional pain meds but sometimes I have to get out of pain. I am living daily in pain. From 1 to 10 I am in 8,9,10 most days.

  133. Ejaz Ahmed says:

    HZ attack on my mothers left arm ,shoulder, chest, pain is unbeatable please suggest any medicen for her. her age is 76 year old

  134. I had shingles in my left eye. The doc says it has to do with the Trigeminal nerve. ( that I am losing my sight)
    Can you help?

  135. Bhushan Marathe says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am affected Herpes zoster diseases, it is recover now but ache is not cure 100%,kindly suggest me medicine.

    affected area is rights sight eye to head.

  136. venkataseshaiah says:

    I am suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. I am hypertensive and diabetic due to anxiety only. Prior to anxiety I was not hypertensive..
    My present condition I am taking clonozepam .5mg and lorozepam 1 mg.
    I tried with many homoeopathy doctors without much help. But I strongly believe only homoeopathy can cure me. Now please suggest me treatment.

  137. saraswathi ramagopal says:

    Herpes is detected now on left shoulder, arm and extended to fingers. 2 fingers are in oedema also. Lot of pain
    64 years old lady . fair complexion, cannot bear heat of summer. sensitive.calm and enduring nature.

  138. hemant arya says:

    Hello Dr,

    i am 32 yr and suffering from harpies problem in my penis moving skin from last 3 years.
    and GTB Delhi’s Dr said “there is no treatment in this problem, when the spots come back just take medicine regarding this spots/pimples. thats it”
    i am married and facing this problem after marriage life, also my HIV in Negative.

    It this possible to i cure permanently this suffer.

    many thanks !

    hemant arya

    • i am 31 yr and suffering from Genital Herpes (HSV-2) problem in my penis fore skin from past Dec 2015 and Dr said there is no for this, when the spots come back just take medicine

      From Hyderabad

      Please let me know the treatment for permanent cure.

  139. Sir,
    My mom is suffering from zona, doctors gave her medicine and she doesn’t have the rash on her face anymore. Her only problem is the sharp pain she has in her head and ears. the pain doesn’t go away and she is suffering from it. Yes she is taking pain killers but the pain comes back again and again , she is being depressed, cause she has high blood pressure and she is diabetic too.
    Could you please give me some advices regarding her pain?
    God bless you.

  140. i am suffering from genital herpes since sept 2011. i took acyclovir as well as homeo medicene. but stil getting every month on panis shaft. plz guide me

  141. Mridula Das says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma

    I am Mridula Das from Delhi, India age 26 , Female.Recently 1 month before I had my ACL ligament surgery.Soon 13 days after the surgery I had developed Herpes Zoster in my left arm from neck till the hand.I had allergies all over my hand./i went to a skin specialist and he gave me wegalin for the pain for 15 days..I searched on the internet and found that it has got severe side effects.they also gave me teczine for the itching.After 15 days of the medicine the itching has come down,the pain has reduced but the pain is still there.They have again given me the same medicine wegalin for next 15 days.I don’t know what to do doctor whether i should continue with the medicine or not.Please advice me doctor I really need help…

  142. kavita sharma says:

    hi… for the past one week…I hav an outbreak of herpes zoster or shingles… I hac been taking zoviraz 400 every 6 hrs for the past 4 days. but no effects… I m suffering from severe radiating pain n skin inflamation. pls pls help

  143. Hi my names amber I was just told I have type two herpes and I was told their is no cure I don’t have very many break ours but if their is a way to get rid of this I will try anything please help me.

  144. pradip vedante says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I would like to know how to take this treatement. i am working in africa
    my cell no is 00 237 75291503



  145. Nishant Chandra says:

    My father suffering from HSV1 problem. Firstly he had blisters at chest & back area due to this he feel itching & pain since one month on that area consequently he took anti viral drug but it cure temporery basis .Now these blisters took form crust.But The pain & ITCHING REPEATS AFTER TWO OR THREE DAYS AGAIN.
    Now u suggest us the right treatment in homeopathy for this problem.

  146. details to know more about hiv cure.


  147. Sir,
    I am suffering from penile herpes Zoster since april 2014. There was sever pain in left leg Joint near lower abdomen. Many doctor give different treatment but of no use. In November 2014 Nearologist tell that I am suffering from herpes Zoster. Now I can walk and sit comfortably. I am not complete well. In My left leg thai & lower abdomen, there is pain in nerver still. Suggest me best treatment.

    M S MANN

  148. Dr Mukesh Bhargava says:

    I like your presentation .
    I am practising as an ophthalmologist .
    Present status of my suffering is regression phase. Iam taking B complex & analgesic
    I need your suggestion for unevntful recovery.
    If you permit, we can have video chat either on FaceTime or Skype .
    With regards & season greetings…….your’s truly Dr Mukesh Bhargava (

  149. More than 4 boils appeared one by one on the outer aspects of my left thigh.Kindly advice.

  150. Am 23 suffering from the herpes genital for the past 6 months and have an outbreak any time I have my menses.please help me to cure dis virus totally or any medicine that can prevent the outbreak

  151. Sir,
    My son age 13 has Herpes zoster from last 3 days making cluster from nabhi area to left hand side ending near to spine backside with blister increasing size with mild pain & itching.

    kindly suggest remedy for the same.


  152. meera gupta femal says:

    Good morning
    I am sufferings from herpes with one month in my left hand but I cure with allopaith .present I feel much pain in my left hand. My dr says two to three month this pain present in your arm .I am hopeless from this painful simpton.I am suffering from this pain in 24 hours .can you write me some medicine to relief my pain
    A lot of thnks

  153. Rola Rajeh says:

    Blister rash zona with burning pain I have also fatigue and light headiness

  154. Jerry Lucas says:

    My name is Jerry, I am from U.K. I want to share my testimonies to the general public on how this great man called Dr Osas cure my sister from Genetic Herpes with the herbal medication gotten from dr. osas, he cures other diseases too herbal is a great medication. To hell with the government and their insane policy, he have a medication that is hundred percent assured to cure genital herpes and you don’t need to spend so much money on anymore . I want you to contact dr Osasi on: My family is now a brand new one, so stop your worries and go get your medication and set the family free of the deadly disease that hold no respect to family harmony. Thank you for reading my comment.

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    30. He can as well cast and remove spell

  155. Dear Sir,
    i m having frequent recurrences of genital herpes from the time i had 1st outbreak 8 months before.. plz help to control this and heal it as fast as possible.. suggest some medicine if u can to control the recurrences..

  156. Cathy Geraghty says:

    I suffer from cold sores at least one a year and they suck. Hemoform serum is amazing at not letting them spread.

  157. Sir,
    My father 62 yrs old has been suffering from herpes zoster for one-year on the right side of his face n scalpAt the beginning he took allopathic medicine..the blisters were healed.but numbness,pain n itching sensation persisted….so homeo treatment hasbeen taken for 10 months…but it’s not at all worked atleast1%. He is suffering a lot…
    So please. Please please suggest us medicine so that it would b healed for which I shall b grateful to u on behalf of my daddy…

  158. please prescribe Homeopathic treatment for shingles or herpes zoster. its very painful.

    .i take pliminary treatment already.scars are over..and tell me how long this pain contineous

  159. Vaani harkhyal says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with shingles which is spread on left half running from spine to arm pit and till under bust. The blisters appeared on first on 5 sep 14. It has inflammation near blisters with stinging, tingling pain and restlessness. Now the blisters have turned with. Bluish fluid. Some have dried too but the rest gives needling pain. I have pregnancy of 5months 22days. I have been prescribed 3dose of Valacyclovir 1000mg for 7days and soothening lotion by the skin specialist. I get relief when i apply apple cider vinegar and hot bag over the blister.
    I wanted your advise whether i can start with ranunculus bulbosus. Or any other homeopathic medicine. Is it safe to use during pregnancy and the baby.

  160. Hi,

    I have been suffering from herpes simplex virus 1 since the age of 13 years and am now 25 years old female living in Bangalore.I have been getting cold sores around my left lower lip and iam tired of taking tablets and applying creams when I get a cold sore… Please suggest something to get rid of this disease permanently…. Iam eagerly awaiting for your response.

    Thanks a lot in advance!




  162. jagdeep kaur says:

    i am 65 years woman and had herpes on the left side of the abdomen with excruciating pain. i was on allopathy medication for nearly 5 months but the pain is still there though the blisters now have subdued. i am a diabetic and high blood presure patient too. i now want to switch to homeopathy medication for herpes. please recommend some remedy in homeopathy.

  163. Mohammad Naseem says:

    I am suffering from herpes from last 29th may orfrom 26th days. After taking allopath medicine, Acivir tab. It is OK. But two days before I find one blister again on that effected shoulder place and again I take the same medicine. From starting I am feeling more pain with burning and the effected place feels some itching and like local anesthetics. Pls. Advice medicine for me.

    Thanks and regards.
    Mohammad Naseem

  164. VIPIN KUMAR says:

    Is shingles permanently curable by homeopathy ?

  165. Sir

    I am facing oral herpes kindly suggest best homeopathy medicine available in indian market


  166. hi doctor saheb nere wife ko herpes zorter k bemari lag choki hai .aor 3maheno ka haml be hai homeopatic helaj be karaha ho . Doctor ne ye dawayan de hah. Tab.Bioplasgen No.14. Tab.Pain mek. Srup Khoon safi. Cream. Silicea lotion. 2den istemal ke sat skin se jo chalyon se nekal ayeti khoshk hogai thi magar ab dobara taza hogai hai pehli sofid rang ke thi helaj ke 2den ke bahd sorkh aor kali rang ke hogai ab taza hoki yallow zard nazar arahi hai mehrabani karki koi dawayen batadegi shokria

  167. RAJIV AHMED says:

    I have been suffering from herpes zoster from one week.My left eye closed due to the disease. I did allopathy and doctor gave me antiviral medicine but not getting well fully. So,someone advice me to do homeopathy and i switched to it.I want to know is there any proper cure of this disease in homeo.

  168. A.VASANTHA says:

    suffering soothing pains overeye brows and over middle of the head since 6 years,after recovering from herpes zoster,can you please suggest good homeoathic medicine to be free from the pain

  169. Suffering from Herpes zoster last 20 days. Took allopathic medical dose acivir-800 antibiotic for 7 days. Rashes have dried but there is acute pain in left side right from breast area to middle of back. Can u suggest me homeopathy treatment for severe pain paticularly in chest area.

  170. Dr sharma please tell me your contact number I really need to discuss something very important with you because I really need your help.

  171. sir,
    I am suffering the illness herpes genelites since 20 years. Now i am 42 years. the last year i have married. i have take English medicine and homeopathy medicine continuously one year. But not cured. Now it spread to the back. It also disturbances on mouth . please help me to recover from this.

  172. gfffgyftyfyt vvcggf

  173. BIBEKA NAND says:

    I got initially chilling sensation during evening time after days field work and body ache. I continued my daily work despite the feeling and was wet in sporadic rain. Later skin rashes and lesions developed on my back, belly, face with watery accumulations and some inflammation. Throat and esophagus lining also seems inflamed. Some suggested it is herpes. I accessed sites and came across yours. I also got fearful with allopathic searches regarding HSV1 & 2 which suggested that once infected, the virus remains in the body for lifetime leading to repeated outbreaks. Kindly help.
    Bibeka Nand

  174. dear sir my father suffer from lot of pain under abdominal due to herpes zoster from 4 months…plz suggest medicine to get relief from pain

  175. Hi,

    I am wondering how can I provide my mom with those natural herbs you mentioned for soothing shingles’ symptoms such as itching, pain, etc. what are the commercial trustful brands of those medicines.

    I appreciate your reply and any further recommendation regarding that disease.



  176. P K Chopra says:

    3 months back I had Herpes ie a rash below my left chest going into a curve behind my shoulder. I took Allopathic medicine and am much better. However at times I still feel an itch on certain parts of the affected area, only a few blister marks are left.

    Kindly advise which medicine I should take. I am 68 years of age.

    Thanking you and Regards

    P.K.Chopra 09958199556

  177. Deborah Dales says:

    I am 61, female and going through a lot of stress due to recent trauma. Apart from getting a booster vaccination for zoster virus, are there any remedies that I can take now to counteract having the virus reactivating under stress please? Thank you kindly

  178. kartik agarwal says:

    a patient is now in a stage of post herpies and pain is still so much .. age-58 yrs. please give some good suggestions.

  179. kailashprasadbakoria says:

    मुझे लगभग 15 वर्षो से लिंग के अग्र भाग की चमडी पर लाल छाले आते है चमडी चीर व फट जाती है चमडी का रंग लाल भूरा हो गया है दर्द व जलन होती है खून जाँच कराने पर hsv 1-2 herpes पाया गया है । मेरी उम्र लगभग 49 वर्ष है कृपया इलाज बतायें ।

  180. Greetings.
    My 92 year old ant got shingles last year but the pain never subsided.
    Since I believe in homeopathy I was wondering which of your tratment would be the best for her burning and pain symptoms. Otherwise she is healthy and active in her garden in the summer or feeding the wood stoves in the winter.

    It is very exceptional that a doctor answers questions about health. I want to thank you for helping those who suffer.

    best regards


  181. sir mujy last 5 year sey herpes type 2 infection hai, abi mery panis par sore hai ismey koi pain nahe hai aur iching hoti hai par kabi kabi main filhal thuja 1000 aur rhus tox ley raha hu par koi faida nahe ho raha hai

  182. I am suffering from HERPES in the RIB CAGE AREA (Front and Back). There is no pain and itching is present. Itching is also some times. Kindly guide me medicine with dose and power.

  183. Surendra Singh says:

    Painful blister ,reddish color,on stomach and trunk area ,upper side .Herpes Zoster if I am right.

  184. Farid Masood says:

    Thank you Dear Doctor, its a good effort for humanity to put up good information and treatment.

    I am currently suffering from H.Zoster it started 4 days ago.


    Farid Masood

  185. Dear Doctor,
    I am patient of Genital Herpes for the past 10yrs. I get outbreaks on my penis once in 3 months. It stays for 3-4 days and disappears. I am using Herpex ointment but no other medication.
    Even my wife is also having it.
    I am 44yrs old 5’7″ and weigh 80kgs.
    I also have sinusitis and bronchial asthma, hypertension(140/90) and i sleep a lot.
    Kindly suggest me a good medicine.
    Thanking you sincerely

  186. hello sir,
    iam 27 year old man and i have so many black spot on my face before 1 years pls suggest to me what kind of medicine want use to me.


  187. shruti anand says:

    I have had PCOS for the last 5 years. Does homeopathy have a cure for it??

  188. I need help with Melasma, thank you doctor

  189. Doctor,

    i have Herpes simplex virus HSV-2 in Genital area and taking medicine every day and its gone but when i stop taking the treatment its appears again, please help, what i can take to be cured forever.

    thank you,


  190. Yatinshah Yatinshah says:

    My child maitri 8year old arthrites

  191. hi,
    what do you have for genital herpes. I had this for two years.

  192. sir,my wife is suffering from herpes zoster and she is pregnent too. is it safe to treat with homeopathy and advise some remedy.

  193. Biddappa N.M. says:

    I have been having herpes around my neck and the chest at my left side. I got treated through allopathy medicines for 10 days and thouon the chest and the necgh the eruptions have disappeared, the tearing pain on the chest and the neck continues to be severe. Would you kindly suggest homeopathy
    for the same so that I get relief as early as possible. I am 78 years old.

    Thanking you,
    Biddappa N.M.

  194. Dear Sir,
    About 8 months back I got infected with Herpes HSV 1 and HSV 2 virus. Is there a medicine in homeopathy that would completely eliminate this virus from my body For how long this medicine has to be taken ?

    • subir mukherjee says:

      Respected Doctor
      My wife,aged60years,had affection of Herpes Zoster virus one month back.
      She had gone through allopathic treatment & the blisters disappeared .But presently she is having
      acute Post herpetic neuralgia(on the left rib portion below the breast).She is diabetic and has the history of chicken pox in erlier days.
      Can you please suggest me homoeopathic romedies in this respect?
      Thaking you/yours in faith
      subir mukherjee

    • rashmi vinod says:

      I had a pain in the center of my right chest in dec.2013, it was not continuos but occassionally with low density.
      I got my left eye catrat operation on 6th jan 2014 successfully. On 8th feb, I got hurt by bamboo on my upper portion of right hand. Next day my under arm got swelled n there ware circle of blisters on upper part of right breast. Gradually extended towards back portion. First weed from 9/2 to 16/2 I took antiviral n calamine lotion.the same treatment continued till 2/3. The blisters were healed n I had never faced shoting pain .
      susequently, shown to another skin specialist after developing small irritative measle type dana.treatment give priga m 75 n has been diagonsed port herpatic neuralgia. I still do not hv pain except iching n burning at affected places.
      pls suggest remedies in himopathy indicating duration of treatment.
      rashmi vinod


      • i have rashes on left side of upper part of stomach . there is very much pain and burning its appearing like insect bite or spider itching kindly suggest whether alopathy treatment is suitable or homeopathy

    • deepika gidwani says:

      I m suffering from herpes . in my genital . does we have complete cure in homeopeth. And I visited a homeopathic doctor she is saying that the medicines from Germany they work faster than indian

  195. T.Dhanalakshmi says:

    I am 74 years old 74 and suffering from facial herpes since last three days, especially above the eye, in the junction of eye and nose and it is extending to nose. these symptoms are manifested only on the lefts ide. Will you please prescribe a sure homeopathic remedy for me, as my daugter’s engagement is th th to be performed on 25th August. Thanking you


  196. Mrs. Lekh Jain says:

    On 05.08.13 I felt light pain in the upper left region of my back. I got some relief after applying Omnigel. But on 7th I started feeling pain of higher intensity and could not sleep the whole night. Next day I started taking DolokindMR bd,but got only temporary relief. From 9th I started Physiotherapy treatment on the assessment that some inner ligament has got stretched. On 9th I noticed a small deep pink rash on the area just below my left breast and the region was numb. On 10th a few pink patches appeared in almost a line under my left breast. Today some shining blisters have been observed in the pink patches, one of which has appeared on my left shoulder blade region. I suspect it to be Herpese Zoster. Please give your expert opinion along with the medicines that I should take.

  197. Christine MacVicar says:

    My 50 year old son has Aspergers and recurring bouts of what we now know to be metabolic ketoacidosis. He also has severe genetic detoxification deficits., especially glucuronidation. High levels of cancer in family.
    Many years ago, we gave him homeopathic secretin and the weight just melted from him. He was bright and alert and involved. We were asked to stop giving this by the NHS as they felt the weight loss could be due to something else ( but he was not investigated). Within a few weeks he was back in hospital again being treatment with antipsychotics that he can’t metabolise,
    He is in the middle of another bout and we are trying secretin again, but it does not seem to be having any effect. He is taking Risperidal.
    Really appreciate any and ice you can give.
    (I had breast cancer and was treated with surgery and radiotherapy and could not tolerate any other drugs. I was treated with carcinoma)

  198. Hello sir i have white small pimples on my penis and testicles without any pain is it herpes plz me can it cure in homeopathy

  199. Hi Doctor,

    My wife got Herpes Shingle 2-3 Days back.She is 7 Month pregnant. She got itching and pain in right ear and small itches are there on the ear. She is getting very heavy pain. Currently she is applying Harpex Cream and Acivir 800Mg Tablets. But pain is not much reducing.

    Kindly suggest.


  200. I have been having sharp pains in my upper right side of my back & side for about three weeks. I have been diagnosed with calcium deposit in my back and elevated liver levels. My doctor now tells me that i may have Shingles but there is no rash so far. what is your opinion on this? Is my situation contagious? What kind of medicine would you recommend in my case?
    I am also Diabetic and have thyroid problems. Any advice from you is highly appreciated.



  201. Mrinal Roy says:

    I suffered from Herpes Zoster in Jan 2013. It occured on my face(left side). I underwent allopathic treatment for the disease. Now I am cured of the disease. But there are some spots/scars still there on my face. Kindly suggest medicine for the same.

    Thanks in advance.


    • I had been cured with allopathic treatment for Herles Zoster on right side of my face above the eye but even today I have lot of irritating and shifting pain.numbness and brown scars.Please suggest homeolatbic medicine and oblige.

    • AKHILESH VYAS says:

      My mother is suffering from Herpes Zoster currebtly. It occured on face(left side). I underwent allopathic treatment for the disease. she is suffering from heavy pain and redish eye. Kindly suggest medicine for the same.

    • naresh shah says:

      sir I have herpes on my lower part of cheek and also on neck with red spots and is fill up with pus in it.
      used:- Rhus tox30, cantharis 30, ars alb 30

  202. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My Daughter, Sahaana (2 yrs 7 months old) is having autistic features. We have been training her with the help of special school. We have not started any medication for her. Will you help us. Let us know your contact address phone number, mail ID.

    Priya Sankar

    • Pijush Banerjee says:

      67 male, diabetic 2 sent in heart COPD Psychiatric dementia neuralgia trembling walk.
      Had chicken pox age 10 . herpes zoster 10 months back. Now occasional scratching rt side chest and pain in rt shoulder.
      Taking among other medicines Gabapentin 300.
      Pl advise homoeopathic medicine.

  203. Dear sir

    I have a lot of issue with gas please advise any medication. It’s really become annoying and it’s very smelly. Also do u suggest any weight reducing medication oh homeopathy

    Thx in advance


    • Biddappa N.M. says:

      mitrip 25 mg tablets. Though the eruptions have disappeared, the tearing pain on my chest and the neckis still there. Would kindly suggest homeopathic remedies for alleviating the pain. The pain is very severe and disturbs my sleep also.
      I am a retired officer of Central govt. undertaking and 78 years of age.
      Tanking you—–Biddappa N.M.

    • Contact dr,Itua on

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