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10 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Urticaria

urticaria_homeopathic-_medicine Homeopathic Treatment for Urticaria

Homeopathic medicines urticaria are very effective in treating it . Homeopathic mode of treatment heals skin diseases effectively, following a mild and safe approach. Homeopathic medicines follow a curative rather than a suppressive approach while treating urticaria. Homeopathy treats urticaria in two phases. In the first phase, the acute episode of urticaria is treated. In the second phase, Homeopathic medicines treat the chronic tendency towards urticaria. Homeopathic medicines for each case of urticaria are selected based on individual symptoms. Some top names of homeopathic medicines for urticaria are  Apis Mellifica, Urtica Urens, Astacus Fluviatilis and Natrum Mur.

Homeopathic Medicines for Urticaria

Apis Mellifica – Top grade Homeopathic medicine for urticaria

Apis Mellifica is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for treating urticaria. Apis Mellifica is best prescribed for urticaria when symptoms include marked itching and burning. A characteristic stinging pain in the urticarial eruptions is also observed. The skin is extremely sensitive to the touch. Homeopathic medicine Apis Mellifica is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for urticaria that gets triggered in heat. Going out in open air or cold applications bring some relief. Apis Mellifica is also a top rated Homeopathic medicine for urticaria that arises following insect bite.

Natrum Mur – Most Suitable Homeopathic Remedy for urticaria triggered by exercise and sun exposure

For treating urticaria triggered by exercise, Homeopathic remedy Natrum Mur is a great option. The person who needs Natrum Mur will get large hives on the skin from exertion. This is attended with violent itching and burning. Natrum Mur is also one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for solar urticaria that arises from exposure to the sun.

 Astacus Fluviatilis – Excellent Homeopathic medicine for urticaria

Homeopathic medicines Urtica Urens and Astacus Fluviatilis work wonders in treating urticaria. The choice between the two is made based on unique symptoms. Urticaria that appears every year, in the same season, is best treated with Homeopathic medicine Urtica Urens. Another key symptom associated with Urtica Urens is urticaria with intense burning and formication on the skin. Urtica Urens also shows great results in urticaria that alternates with rheumatism. Apart from this, Urtica Urens is also the ideal Homeopathic medicine for treating urticaria from eating shell fish. Homeopathic medicine Astacus Fluviatilis is well indicated where urticaria is attended with liver complaints. The person prescribed Astacus Fluviatilis will have itching over his entire body, with marked stinging sensation on the skin.

Rhus Tox and Sepia Succus – Wonderful Homeopathic medicines for urticaria from cold exposure (cold induced urticaria )

Rhus Tox and Sepia Succus are highly effective Homeopathic medicines for treating urticaria resulting from exposure to cold. Marked sensitivity to cold is found in persons needing Rhus Tox and Sepia Succus. Key symptoms that will decide in favour of Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox is urticaria from cold exposure with itching and smarting sensation. Warm applications provide some relief from itching. The characteristic symptom to look out for while prescribing Sepia Succus is urticaria from going in cool open air. Being in a warm room brings relief. Urticarial eruptions with itching, which is not relieved by scratching, is another guiding feature for use of Homeopathic medicine Sepia Succus.

Sulphur and Apis Mellifica – Effective Homeopathic Remedies for urticaria triggered by heat

Persons with urticaria that gets triggered by exposure to heat will benefit greatly from Homeopathic medicines Sulphur and Apis Mellifica. Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is selected for urticarial eruptions arising from heat exposure and attended with itching and burning. Scratching worsens the itching. In some cases, even washing may worsen the itching. Most persons prescribed Sulphur will notice a worsening of itching towards the evening. Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is also the best solution for urticaria cases that have been suppressed with ointments in the past. Apis Mellifica is rated among the best Homeopathic medicines for urticaria triggered by heat, with marked itching, burning, and stinging in the eruptions. Cold applications may bring relief from symptoms in some cases. Some persons prescribed Homeopathic medicine Apis Mellifica for urticaria will feel better by going out in open air.

Bovista Lycoperdon and Calcarea Phos – Well indicated Homeopathic medicines for urticaria triggered by water

Bovista Lycoperdon and Calcarea Phos are prominently indicated Homeopathic medicines for treating urticaria set off by coming into contact with water (water induced urticaria). Some features unique to Bovista Lycoperdon are urticaria on waking in the morning time and attended with diarrhoea. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Phosphorica is suggested where contact with cold water leads to urticarial eruptions.

Rhus Tox and Dulcamara – Useful Homeopathic medicines for urticaria from scratching (dermatographic urticaria)

For urticaria from severe scratching, Rhus Tox and Dulcamara are very useful Homeopathic medicines. Where urticaria leads to red, swollen skin with itching, burning and smarting, you know Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox will show best results. Rubbing worsens the symptoms in this case. Rhus Tox is also well indicated for urticaria resulting from getting wet. Homeopathic medicine Dulcamara is the best choice in case of violent itching in the urticarial eruptions. Use of Dulcamara is also suggested for urticaria arising from exposure to cold and that which gets triggered in wet weather.

Homeopathic medicines for Urticaria

Which Homeopathic medicines are most effective for urticaria?

Among the prominently indicated Homeopathic medicines for urticarial, the most effective include – Apis Mellifica, Urtica Urens and Astacus Fluviatilis. Homeopathic medicine Apis Mellifica is useful for urticaria with marked itching, burning and stinging sensation. Urtica Urens is the best medicine to treat urticaria from eating shell fish. It is also indicated for urticaria alternating with rheumatism. Homeopathic medicine Astacus Fluviatilis is suggested for cases of urticaria associated with liver complaints.

I have urticaria that gets triggered by exposure to cold. Which Homeopathic medicine will suit me?

For urticaria which gets triggered by exposure to cold, Homeopathic medicines Rhus Tox and Sepia Succus come highly recommended.

Which is the best Homeopathic medicine for treating urticaria that gets triggered by heat (heat induced urticaria)?

Sulphur and Apis Mellifica are two very reliable names to treat urticaria triggered by heat. Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is indicated where urticaria is attended with intense itching. The itching gets worse in the evening. Apis Mellifica is an excellent Homeopathic medicine where a typical stinging sensation arises on the skin in urticaria.

Which Homeopathic medicines can I take for urticaria that gets worse with exercise?

Among the various Homeopathic medicines for treating urticaria that worsens with exercise, the most appropriate choice is Natrum Mur.

Can Homeopathic medicines treat urticaria triggered by contact with water?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines remain highly successful in treating urticaria that gets triggered by coming in contact with water. The most prominent Homeopathic medicines for treating such a condition are Bovista Lycoperdon and Calcarea Phos.

I get hives in wet weather. Is there a Homeopathic medicine for my condition?

Yes, Homeopathic medicine Dulcamara will be most helpful for your condition.  Dulcamara is one of the most well recognised Homeopathic medicines for treating hives appearing in wet weather.

Is there a Homeopathic medicine for treating urticaria that gets triggered from exposure to the sun (solar urticaria)?

Yes, there are medicines in Homeopathy that can help to treat solar urticaria. The Homeopathic medicine that comes highly recommended for sun induced urticaria is Natrum Mur.

Is there a Homeopathic medicine for urticaria triggered by food products?

Yes, Homeopathy does help treat urticaria triggered by taking certain foods. For Urticaria triggered by taking shell fish, Homeopathic medicine Urtica Urens is recommended. For urticaria from eating strawberries, Homeopathic medicine Fragaria will work better. Antimonium Crudum will best treat urticaria triggered by eating meat while in cases where alcohol sets off the urticarial, Homeopathic medicine Chloralum Hydratum will be the best remedy.

I have dermatographic urticaria. The constant scratching is painful. Which Homeopathic medicine can I take?

Homeopathic medicines Rhus Tox and Dulcamara will work wonderfully well to heal urticaria from constant scratching.

 What is urticaria?

Urticaria is a skin disease characterised by raised bumps, wheals over the skin. The bumps vary in size and last from a few hours to several days. Once the episode of urticaria is over, no skin changes remain. In most cases, urticaria arises from an allergic reaction.

 How do I know if I have urticaria?

A person having urticaria will have raised bumps of varying size on the skin. This is attended with marked itching, stinging and burning sensation. Urticaria can be acute or chronic. Urticaria lasting less than six weeks is termed as acute urticaria. Urticaria that lasts more than six weeks is referred to as chronic urticaria.

What causes urticaria?

In most cases, urticaria is the result of an allergic reaction. Allergy is basically a hypersensitive reaction in a person to a substance to which they are allergic.  In urticaria, this allergic reaction arises mainly from insect bites, certain medicines (NSAID’s, and antibiotics) and food products such as nuts, fish and strawberries. Urticaria arises from the release of histamines and other inflammatory mediators into the skin. Other factors that can trigger an episode of urticarial are – exposure to cold/heat, sun exposure, pressure, exercise, stress and contact with water.

What kind of food products lead to urticaria?

Eggs, shellfish, nuts, chocolates, strawberries, alcohol and caffeine usually have the potential to treat urticaria.

What is cholinergic urticaria?

Cholinergic urticarial, also known as stress urticarial, is a type of urticaria where sweating leads to the formation of bumps on the skin. Exercising and being present in a hot environment are the main triggers for cholinergic urticaria.

What does the term cold urticaria mean?

Cold urticaria refers to urticaria that arises from exposure to cold or damp environmental condition.

I get wheals on skin from scratching, what could it be?

If you are getting wheals on skin from scratching, then there is a good chance that it could be dermatographic urticaria. In dermatographic urticaria, wheals appear on the skin a few minutes after scratching. These wheals, also known as flares, usually subside in around 30 minutes.

Can coming in contact with water lead to urticaria?

Yes, there are cases where coming into contact with water leads to urticaria. This type of urticaria is termed as water induced urticaria.

What does the term solar urticaria mean?

The urticaria that gets triggered from exposure to sun is referred to as solar urticaria. In such cases, wheals appear on the skin surface that is exposed to the sun.

What does investigation of urticarial involve?

A case of urticaria can be easily diagnosed by the appearance of skin rash. In cases where allergies are the suspected cause of urticaria, allergy tests must be conducted.

What is angioedema?

Angioedema is a condition arising from an allergic reaction caused by the release of histamines and other chemicals into the blood stream. In angioedema, the swelling appears under the skin instead of on the surface as in case of urticaria. The swelling appears mainly around the eyes or lips, sometimes in the hands, feet and genitals. In some cases, angioedema involves the throat and tongue, thus blocking the airways. Such cases of angioedema are life threatening and need to be treated as a medical emergency.

Can Homeopathy Treat my urticaria permanently?

Yes Homeopathic medicines offer a effective solution for urticaria. The duration to the treatment will vary from case to case. Factors such as intensity, frequency and duration of urticaria decide the course of treatment under Homeopathy.

 Can lifestyle changes help manage urticaria?

Yes, lifestyle changes can make a big difference and even prevent urticaria. The best way to prevent urticaria is to know the triggers and avoid them. Some known triggers for urticaria are cold, heat, exercise, stress. A person who is allergic to certain food products which lead to urticaria could restrict their consumption. Medication that leads to urticaria must be avoided at all cost. Stay away from harsh soaps while washing and bathing. Also, avoid bathing with very warm or very cold water. Wear loose, comfortable clothes.

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  1. Hello
    Mujhe har 2nd or 3rd day chapaki nikal rahi h.mujhe vitamin d deficiency h less than 4.2 jiski dwai chal rahi h.i m 34yrs old working. Sitting profile h. Last 3 4 days se right leg m swelling n pain b h…please help.chapaki se bahut itching hoti h to mustard oil lgati hu or agar aram na mile to sitragin ki tablet…

  2. Dr. Sharma
    Hello. I have urticaria since 3 years. It can come any time and any where on the body. urticaria shows marks like lines on the body,feel sting bite .I an not allergic to anything. Alopathy did not work out with me.
    Like i said it can come any time, any where in the body from head to heat or cold , after change clothes or after shower . please help me out . Let me know the best medication ASAP.I will appreciate to you

  3. Dr. Sharma i have chronic urticaria from last 2 years which is triggerd by food,heat,stress, i think every condition applied on me. Had taken a bunch of alopathy medicines from different docters but its getting worse, got attacked by angeodema sevral times right now i am in angeodema attack my lips and eyes are swollen and complete body with hives.please help me guide me what should i take. I am completly hopeless now..i have also taken 6months vaccination but nothing happend.please help.

  4. Atul Saboo says:

    I have been getting severe bouts of Urticaria including angioedema which last for about 6 to 8 months.
    Allopathy do work but they do have side effects and does not eradicate the problem.

    Homeopathy helps in controlling but long process and does not cure.

    The best solution I found is eat normal food avoid high allergen food, detox body naturally, keep your stomach clean, improve your digestion ability and most important …..
    Yoga exercise, prnayam and Vipassna….these three work on Urticaria eradication as a trident.

  5. Anu jain says:

    Dear sir
    From two three days I have observed small small red marks like that of mosquito bite on my both hands n few on my feet and there is little ichting on hands n face. Pls tell if this is urticaria and if it is then which type n wht medicine should I take .
    Thank you.

  6. Hi, I’ve been suffering from very bad skin itching and burning. It feels like I’m being bit by fire ants constantly, this has been going on to 20 years. It is intermittent it will flare up and last around 6-8 months then go away for about 8-10 months. I’ve had all the allergy tests and dermatologist tests. Nothing has helped, I believe my body is purging something out through my skin. Doctor agree but cannot find what is causing it. Could you please advise me on what to do for this.? I’m in misery and losing quality of life when this flares up. Thank you, Cat

  7. Dear Sir
    My name is Ashish i am suffering from 5 year of urticaria i am taking medicine apis mellifica 30 & sulpher since 1 year but not relief please suggest me best medicine because i am tried for itching in all over body with rashes of urticaria since 5 Years

  8. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from chronic utricaria , dermatographic urticaria since 15 Jan 2017. I have taken allopathy for two months since lot of side effects now I choosed homeopathy.

    While taking allopathy skin allergy test done, I am Allergic to too many food items and allopathy Dr. Said not to eat those item for a year. But when I met homeopathy Dr. He said eat everything except fish n chicken without any blood test done. Now I am in confusion what I can follow for food that I am allergic to.

    Presently I am under homoeopathy treatment since 13 -03-2017 . But these medicine not giving me relief .Evening n night time so much itching n burning. So using Ctirizine tablet every night to get relief from itching.

    Note: I had hot the same problem when I was 12 yrs old n suffered about 6 months . That time no proper treatment. Had so many avil injections fynally it got reliefed by taking citirizine tablet .Aftef that i use to get hives on my above elbows and knee’s every 6months onse or 3 months ones that time I use to take citirizine for 2 to 3 days and get relief from hives. Now I am 29.Again I got this problem.

    Kindly suggest me.

    Thankg you,
    G. Haritha

  9. Farhan Ali Solangi says:

    I suffering from skin problems cholinergic urticaria……..

  10. Hi Doctor,

    I have run the marathon on 26-Jan-2017 and from that day urticaria started. I have taken few allopathy medicine but not much effected. Please could you guide me on homeopathy medicine.

  11. Dear sir l suffuring from cold urticaria.I taking medicine dalcamara.Apis mell.R.T. But no respance.

  12. Arun Paul says:

    Dear Sharma
    My name is arun paul i am suffering from since 9 year this chronic urticaria . Now i am following Homepathic medicine like Echinacea Angustifolia and Urtica Urnes .
    But there is no changes in my body same like every day i am itching and mentally i am so tired

  13. A. U. Jamil says:

    I have Solar urticaria or Photo dermatitis, every time exposure to sunlight causes marooned thick skin with small vesicles and itching. Please advice medicines…

  14. Shyamala Murali says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have severe skin rashes and frequent swelling in my leg joints, feet and hands. I have taken allopathy medicines for a year and ayurvedic for 3 months and homeopathy for some time.

    i have this problem for last three years.

    allopathy medicines has lot of side effects. hence i have stopped the same.

    i myself found some resons, but the list is very high. please find below:-

    Wheat, maida, lemon, orange, sweet lime, basmati rice, biscuits, brinjal, capsicum, avarai(Flat Beans), Bottle guard cauliflower, yam, cabbage, yam, mango, moong dal, green moon dal, channal dal, corn, cashew, Badam, Pista, soya, ground nut, tomato, potato, plantain.

    can this many items be allergic for a person.

    if i still avoid i am getting rashes. if i take any of the above the rashes are very worse. i am getting swelling instantly if i take potato and plantain.

    when l have taken the complete health check up the report say every thing is normal and only Iron and calcium deficiency. with some Vitamin D3 deficieny.

    again Doctors had taken Thyroid Antibodies test which has somewhere around 600 readings.

    i have PCOD problem and some time i get urinary infections.

    because of this problem i am totally confused and not able to concentrate on any thing.

    my quality of life is gone and can i be cured.

    can i again continue Homepathy.

    please let me know.

    • Dear all the things you mentioned i have same problem urinary infection and all the other things in chronic urticaria from last 3 years please guide me if you get cured.

  15. mridula saxena says:

    yes i think i am suffering from uricaria. i suddenly feel acute pinch on any part of my back or arms or breast or any other part of the body. it is so acute at the time that i scratch the area only to know that it has aggrivated and red lines with my nails appear on the skin with burning sensation. It last for five to ten min. The whole area becomes red. after a while it fades and i am fine. I am 63 years old and female. I take citrizen and for two days i am comfortable. But from the third day it starts again. I have noticed that some frictions on the skin aggrevates the itching. For example the belt area or on the breast. But other places also. I was taking homopathic medicen from a doctor , White golies name not known for a year but from starting winters it has started again. Now from the last four days i have been taking formula d two tablets and echinacea two tablets. Please advise. thanks
    n fon

  16. Manmeet Singh says:

    I am suffering from cholinergic urticariasince last 15 years which is heat induced and by physical work stress and labor during winter season . I cannot even move in sun light . I have used many antialergics and Homeopathic treatment with drus like urtica urens from last 3 years but no relief

    Moving to cold place or in shade will bring normalcy

    Please advise if any cure or treatment for those problem

  17. Rupak Paul says:

    Hello Dr,

    This is the first time I have come across any writeup for Urticaria.
    I am suffering from chronic Urticaria since Aug 2013.since then I am taking Livosys 5mg every alternate day.
    It started while I was travelling to my office when I realized severe itching under my foot which was follwed by red bumps.
    Couple of days ago first time I realized itching on my face. So I went to a physician and he have recomended few tests which includes Allergy profile comprehensive test. I would be getting the reports by Monday.
    Now I would like to know if this is curable in homeo and the duration it will take.

  18. HIMANSHU mishra says:

    Sir …mere ko pitti ki prblm h approx 1year s bar ho jati hai khujali aur jalan padti hai face pe jayda nikalti hai .
    Sir help me plz I am very tired for me sr

  19. I have urticaria that occurs only at night and i have no idea what is triggering it, the red itchy-burning bumps mainly appear on the back of my legs, butt, and arms. Also, i was given a variety of blood tests which came back negative for any allergies.
    Which homeopathy treatment would you recommend.

  20. pankaj khatri says:

    My problem Winter is very typical 10year old
    Blood hot in body but region sun and runig
    Hot blood .
    Body hot and skin allergy
    PLEASE treatment
    Fast relief

  21. Priyanka Das says:

    Its been 6 years that i suffering from sun allergy.Whenever i go out to direct sunlight or near to sunlight,after 10-15 min my exposed body part specially my face,arms,neck get itching sensation then its become red and swells.Then i need to give some cold compression like wet cloth on the affected area.After half an hour when the affected area got cool down all sign of allergy got vanish.No alopathy doctor give me any good result.Now about 10 days i am feeling my skin gets redness,swelling and itching as well as when i get any mild scratch on my skin.After few minutes its get normal.
    I have searched on internet then i found my problem is similar to solar urtcaria and dermatograph urticaria.Please give me solution and treatment. Its all affected my professional life as well as my personal life.I am getting mentally down.please help me.

  22. ashish kumar says:

    Hi sir, actually from last October I am suffering from pitti which started from lips swelling ,face swelling.i started taking avil initially and cetrazine later on.but it repeats itself after seven to eight days.

  23. Hello, my 6 year old came up in hives and swollen lips. I don’t know WHAT caused it, what is the best solution in case of another attack? Thank you.

  24. Nilay kumar says:

    Sir.I have urticaria for the last three is caused everytime when I go to school or market in the sun.also when I do some physical work which warms my body,my arms,back and legs form small red patches which cause immense itching and discomfort and when I go in shade,the patches gradually disappears in 4-5 min.I have used allopathy medicine ,then patanjali medicine for one month and now I’m using homeopathy medicines like apis mellifica and chelidonium majus for 15 days but it is not benefiting me.please suggest a permanent cure..I am in a state of complete discomfort due to this.

  25. lordshomoeopathic says:

    Thanks Thanks for sharing Amazing Blog help me Alot !!!!

  26. Jivan B Mahyavanshi says:

    My prostate Glands Are enlarged I have problem empty my bladder,I have yo go for urinate about six times at night,Please Advice.

  27. Dr.. Sugathan Krishnan says:

    Thank you Dr. Sharna for your information and treatment of urticaria. Dr. Sugathan Krishnan

  28. Douglas McConnell says:

    Hi I was hospitalized with bleeding on my brain two years back. I was released after a month and found a 40mm circle had been cut into the left side of my head and patched. Whilst recovering at home I noticed my arms were swollen from all the drips being inserted. My arms were very itchy and had many small itchy bumps, The arms over time seemed to recover mostly but the rash went to my feet and the back of my thighs and legs. My skin where there was no rash is a bit like sandpaper. The rash feels like the itch from millions of mosquitos. I am unemployed and therefore cannot afford all the expensive cream treatment. I have today started treatment with my concoction of Flowers of Sulphur and Ingrams moisture plus. This has stopped the itch in one hour..

  29. I have urticaria since 2012. I think i have urticaria due to foods like tometo, idli, dhosa, bread, etc. My serum IgE level is 650 (As per December 2016 report).In 2014 i have taken histaglobe injection and at that time i thought i cured it for 6 months. But after 6 months it came back.
    I am taking ORIEL-M which contains
    Montelukast Sodium IP eq. to Montelukast 10 mg
    Levocetrizine Hydrochloride IP 5 mg
    as a temparary relief.
    Please suggest me a best suitable homeopathic medicine for my urticaria.

    Thank you sir.

  30. Anurag Mehrotra says:

    suffring from ulticaria
    in night i am suffering from ieatching in whole body

  31. Sai krishna says:

    I am suffering from a very unique case of urticarial, which is trigerred after 7 pm and is particularly seen when I eat PAPAD.
    Other details:
    my skin is extremely dry .
    it itches but no burning sensation

  32. Ramakant Verma says:

    Doctor I am suffering from urticaria from last 3 years.
    I’m using citrizine tablet for past years for relief.
    I have consulted many doctors but got only acute relief not permanent.
    Actually my skin gets red during evening and Clives are
    formed so please suggest me some medicine for the treatment of same problem.

  33. Tanya Stepp says:

    I am writing about my granddaughter who has had chronic hives for more than 5 months. She has been to the doctor several times and they have tried prednisone and also three different allergy medications. Each has been effective for a few days but the conditions returns within a week even when she is still taking the medicine. It began with whelps appearing on her arms, legs, back. Now she gets them on her face as well and in the past 6 weeks she has had 3 times that all of a sudden her upper lip swells and remains swollen for 12- 24 hours even if she takes immediately takes an allergy pill. The doctor has no idea what is causing her condition and we have been unable to determine any consistent triggers. She is very active- I would say that she tends to get them more when she is exposed to warmer conditions rather than to cold but putting ice on her lips or going to a cooler location does not relieve the condition once she has broken out.

    • Hi.. my mom is also suffering from angioedema from past three years. Suggest good doc to visit and medication. Home remedies? Please help me out
      My number 9886969678

  34. Sir I am having chronic urticaria since 1 years it aggrivates by evening around 6-10 PM and exp to cold which med and what power and reputation med sites me

  35. Dr. Sharma, my teenager son gets really itchy after intense physical activity. He doesn’t get any bumps but he feels really hot and has to stop the activity. Which remedy would be helpful?

  36. Rekha Wagani says:

    Dear sir, my husband is suffering from chronic urticaria n he is taking Allegra to suppress it. We have tried all possible treatment methods but found no change in d condition. He is 33 year old. Please suggest good doctor in Navi mumbai.

  37. Mahesh deshmukh says:

    Dear dr.
    I have skin itching ,rash and then hives and redness of that part .i have problem from last 10+ yrs.
    I think due to histamines.also problems in breathing.
    My age is 40

  38. Tej pratap tripathi says:

    Sir, I am suffering from chronic urticaria and took apis Mel 30,urtica urines and Hydrastis . Earlier these medicines were given me good results but now it is not showing any results. Kindly suggest me the treatment.

  39. NAVNEET KUMAR says:

    Sir I am suffering from chronic Urticaria from 03 months. Starting of 1st 15-20 days i go the MCD Dispensary of the Skin Doctor of Allopathy. The Doctor given me a medicine for 15 days after that when again i contact him he inform me that i m suffering from the above disease and he said that you have to take the same medicine for a long time. I asked him that the disease that i suffering, in how many months i can be resolved from this he said that you have to be take this medicine to the 2-3 years. I totally surprised and I went to Dr. Hedgewar Govt. Hospital a skin Doctor. In this hospital a Skin Specialist also given me the same medicine. The medicine is very good whenever the rashes and red patches come place on my body the medicine usually works but when a day i missed to take it i am suffering from it even worst. I take that medicine for 01 Month. After that i went to Ayruveda Doctor of Hedgewar Hospital. They give me the some medicine and some Ayurvedic things for taking as KADA of them. I have take the medicine for 07 days but i m facing the all the problem same as before. In the night time i could not able to sleep therefore i take the same medicine that given me from the Allopathy Doctor to feel good. After that a one pil in 02 days with the medicine of Ayurveda i can be feel good without rashes and red patches.
    So I want to know that I can take the Allopathy & the Ayurveda medicine at the same time because I knew that Ayurveda definitely has the best solution for this decease but for the rashes i have to face i over down all them by the Allopathy medicine. Because i came to Ayurvedic Doctor and said that the rashes on my body is not over down by the medicine i take. he give me another medicine for over that problem but it could not work.

  40. Saphia kachwala says:

    My son zaheer is aged 14 and is suffering from physical urticaria since 6 months. Allopathy did not help him at all. am trying homeopathy since 45 days. His rash always appears when it’s time for school or tuitions. Exam time makes it worse. As a result he has missed 2 months of school and important exams. I am very worried a’s this is happening everyday during school time. Please help.

  41. Seene m esa lagata h ki lambi sans le or jb lete h to jati nahi h elergy problem h

  42. Tariq Sahi says:

    Hello doctor , I am suffering from chronic uric acid from since 5 years , it comes at right foot at the big toe joint . Specially painfull at during evening Time , Lots of stomach gastric and severe constipation.
    Please suggest manantcure .

    Patient name : Tariq Sahi
    Age : 62
    Gender : Male
    Email Address :

  43. ram kumar singh* says:

    Sir I am suffering from dermatographism from last 3 year. Sir please help me it is very irritating . my skin,hands,legs,eyes all this things are suffering badly due to allergy. I have consulted from many doctors but only if I am taking a medicine then only I am able to relaxed .without taking medicine I can’t able to manage my body. Sir please give some homeopathy solution.
    Mob no = 9173793707
    Sir you can also message me on my what’s up account on the given no only. It’s my father mob no and gmail Id also. My name is kunal

  44. rocky sharma says:

    hello sir mujhe pairon me pichle 2 saalo se khaarish ho rahi hai , aur ab sir me bhi hoti hai raat ko poori raat so nai pata mai ,plz help me suggest the tight medicine

  45. mujeeb siddiqui says:

    i have delayed pressure urticaria please suggest me best medicine for it

  46. Durvesh Padhan says:

    I am suffering from dermatographism since last 2 years, plz suggest me the suitable medicine….

    Sharmaji aapka kafi naam suna hai……

    Kindly mail me on
    Or call me on 7500222444

  47. Hlo doctor.. I m suffering from fungal infection since 2 1/2 years.. Consulted many doctors, used many medicines, searched in google for permanent remedy and tried all but, still the problem is persisting.. Tinea crusis is d disease name.. Now i m breast feeding mother of a 5 months baby nd am worried for baby coz its contageous.Plz plz suggest me some medicine, to cure this permanently and I get out of dis hell fungus. Plz plz plz

    • Ranjeet Singh says:

      Hi doctor, my son is 10 years old he is suffering from chronic urticaria. English medicines are not working that effectively. Is there a best medicine Imin homeopathy. He is one yr old. Lesions reappear in some days..not knowing what to do . please help

      Ranjeet Singh
      New Delhi

  48. Sourabh adlakha says:

    Dear Sir

    My 4 years old daughter is suffering from urticeria ….. Allopathic doctor has suggested cetrizineas an time being solution ,Now requesting to suggest the homeo medicine !!

  49. Aditya verma says:

    Sir i will suffered from utricaria from 6 month
    Lots of bumps can uccers in my whole body
    And inching in whole body
    I will eat any thing or nothing it will uccers in my body. I dont have any allergic problem.

  50. my wife is having itchy skin and she feels like scratching her body and have boils skin coming up kindly advise for chapaki

  51. Ashish Kumar says:

    Greeting Dr. Sharma,

    I’ve been suffering from chronic urticaria for last 3 yrs. I met a dermatologist and he asked me to undergo allergy test. The result of test revealed that I’ve allergy from mil product and due to which my skin becomes itchy and I have been prescribed anti histamine (Cetirizine). So when I take cetirizine, it provides me relief for a day or two and then I’ve to take it to avoid itching on skin.
    I’ve heard a lot about homeopathy treatment for urticaria. Can you please suggest me good medicine in homeopathy which I can take regularly to avoid itching condition? Thank you so much for your assistance.

  52. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am having urticaria since almost 2 years and doctors prescribed me Alegra 180 and Atarax . after taking medicine it was stopped but start appearing past 15 days I get red patches on my skin mostly on or behind palms with so much of itching and pain, my hands swell like they will blast if i fold my fingers. Need your valuable suggestion to get rid of this disease. Someone told me to have SAFI which will help to get rid out of it. Please suggest.

  53. sheena murkin says:

    I have had chronic urticarial since April and doctor said it was a combination of stress and also because of a dead cyclamen plant I pulled down from the wall and got covered in the dead stems etc. I was given Aconite pillutes from Holland & Barrett last week and have completed the 5 days recommended but still have them. Itch mostly in the evening. Various creams do not help as I have sensitive skin. My body is covered in red blotches all over, some itch and some don’t. Read where it is too much histamine in the body and how certain fruits, nuts etc are high compaired to others, I have cut these out for nearly two weeks now. I am a fit 79year old and they do not bother me when out and about either walking or cycling. Will this gradually go as I never ever had it before.

  54. Manoj Shende says:

    Hey Doctor , am suffering from urticaria from last 1 years .. usually symptoms become worst at night time and can’t sleep during this .. Please suggest permanent treatment
    I really fed up from this disease

  55. Suresh Chandra Gangwar says:

    I have been suffering from urticaria for twelve years instead of treatment of various kinds.I have got it 90% cured by practising yoga yet symptoms occur,though mildly,when there are fluctuations in the weather.Please advise how to get rid of these occasional symptoms.

    • Niranjan kamale says:

      Dear Dr.Sharma, I am suffering from urticaria for the last 5 yr. I am using Backsons formula D tablets. Actually I was completely cured from this problem. I think I am allergic to deodorant. By mistake I starTed using it and urticaria returned . I started using formula D tablets , but they r not effective now. Pls suggest some treatment

  56. I get hives over 50%of body,cant take antyhistimines because I have enlarged prostate been using baking soda ansd acv.i have diabeteshigh blood preaaure ans a-fib.what herb for hives wont interfere with my medsproblems

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