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Homeopathic Remedies For Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating can not only be an embarrassment, but it also leads to having a very uncomfortable feeling. Excessive sweating, in fact, is a medical condition and is termed hyperhidrosis. When there is excessive sweating over the entire body and not just the chest, upper torso and back, it is called generalized hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating on specific parts is called focal hyperhidrosis. The normal events that leave a person perspiring are physical exertion and exposure to heat. The medical conditions associated with high perspiration include fever, thyroid gland dysfunction, tuberculosis, and menopause. In some persons, emotional factors like anxiety and fear play a leading role. When excessive sweating is associated with bad odor, it is referred to as bromhidrosis. Homeopathic medicines for excessive sweating are completely safe and treat the problem for good. homeopathic medicines for excessive sweating

Homeopathic Medicines for Excessive Sweating

Persons suffering from increased or excessive sweating can hugely benefit from the use of natural Homeopathic medicines. Those suffering from excessive sweating are in the habit of using antiperspirants to tackle the problem. But this is just a temporary, short-term measure and is not a treatment at all. It just suppresses the problem. Natural remedies for excessive sweating, on the other hand, ensure that the problem is eradicated from its root. With the use of the most suitable medicines, excessive sweating can be properly treated. While selecting the medicine which works best for each individual, the site of increased sweat, its association with bad smell and the causative factor are given high importance. Along with these symptoms, the constitutional features — both physical and mental symptoms — are also given equal importance to prescribe the most efficient remedy for each individual.

1. Calcarea Carb: For Excessive Sweating on Scalp

Calcarea Carb is the top natural remedy for profuse sweating on the scalp. The persons who can greatly benefit from the use of Calcarea Carb have high perspiration on the scalp. Even while sleeping, there is profuse sweating on the scalp, leaving the pillow extremely wet. Calcarea Carb helps in controlling the sweat of scalp. Apart from excessive sweat on the scalp, a few constitutional symptoms for selecting Calcarea Carb are sensitivity to cold air and the extreme desire for boiled eggs. A few persons needing Calcarea Carb may have a craving for strange things like chalk, lime, and pencils. Calcarea Carb is also the ideal medicine when excessive sweating has an accompanying symptom: chronic constipation.

2. Silicea: For Excessive Sweating on Feet, Hands and Armpits

Various natural medicines are effective in controlling excessive sweating on hands, feet, and armpits, but Silicea tops the list. Silicea is a very beneficial remedy for controlling sweat of feet, hands and armpits. The sweat is extremely offensive in character. In a few persons, the sweat on the feet has a sour or putrid odour. Silicea is also of great help for persons who have excessive sweating on hands, posing a difficulty in writing and grasping objects. It is also the most appropriate remedy for foul smelling sweat in armpits.

3. Psorinum and Sulphur: For Excessive Sweating on Entire Body

Both Psorinum and Sulphur are the ideal natural remedies for hyperhidrosis with highly offensive odour. Psorinum is very beneficial for persons who cannot tolerate cold air even in hot weather. Sulphur, on the other hand, is best suited for persons who have excessive sweating and are sensitive to heat. Such a person cannot tolerate a hot environment. They also have excessive heat in palms, soles and head with increased sweating. Hot and cold sensitivity remains the basic feature for selecting one out of these two remedies for excessive sweating over the whole body. After selecting the ideal remedy, the worst cases of offensive sweating can be treated.

4. Merc Sol: For Excessive Sweating at Night

Merc Sol is one of the best treatment for sweating profusely over the whole body that worsens at night. The sweat is offensive or sour in nature. Weakness also accompanies profuse sweating. Apart from increased sweating, the other symptoms for persons who can greatly benefit from Merc Sol are an increase in thirst, excessive salivation, and profuse sweating.

5. For Offensive Sweat in Armpits

The best natural medicines for treating offensive armpit sweat are Silicea, Sulphur, Bovista and Hepar Sulph. Silicea is one of the best remedies to get rid of offensive sweat in the armpits. An accompanying symptom is being sensitive to cold air. Sulphur is the suitable remedy for persons with foul armpit sweat who have heated sensations in palms and soles. Garlic-like smelling sweat from armpits may also be treated with Sulphur.
Bovista is the best natural medicine for diminishing onion-like offensive sweat from armpits. Hepar Sulph is of great help in the treatment of foul-smelling sweat from armpits which leaves a yellow stain on clothes.

6. For Offensive Sweat on Feet

The top natural remedies to treat offensive sweating on the feet are Silicea, Sulphur and Graphites. Silicea is the best medicine to get rid of offensive foot sweat. An accompanying symptom can be cold feet with sweat. Sulphur is the ideal medicine for foul sweat on feet with heat in soles of feet. Graphites is the best choice when cracks appear in between toes due to excessive sweating on feet with a foul smell.


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  1. Hello mam…I am.arun from mumbai. I am 28 yrs old . I am having too much under arms sweating . Kindly suggest me a medicine to avoid this problem .


    Age: 17+ Yrs/ Female
    Profuse perspiration on palms and feet, specially in the evening, followed by itching and reddish rash. Next the skin on palms is peeled off. I do not want to take bath. Even in summer I bathe thrice or four days in a week. Kindly suggest remedy

  3. Prashant Ganger says:

    I have issues if sweating in my palms & soles…can homeopathy cure it fompletely ? How long does it take ? Which medicines?

  4. Sanjukta kundu says:

    Sir, I sweat profusely (head,face back ,chest,arms),can’t do without fan even for 5 minutes,feel very uncomfortable, I sweating all my dress when walk for 5 minutes or less. please solve my problem.

  5. Sambhaji shinde says:

    Hello sir,
    I sweat all over body specially face, head and scalp. I also have chills and very sesetive to cold. Do you have any solution please reply sir.

  6. How to treat too much sweating on face?

  7. How do you apply the sulfur and Silicea for armpits

  8. Shalini Kapoor says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    My son is 13 year old .He is very bright but sensitive boy .Recently since a year I have noticed that he gets sweaty hand when he is under stress or too excited
    I did the thyroid test which I can share if you require.
    Likes cold drinks / juices.Likes fan and room being cold – cannot tolerate hot weather
    He is nervous in temperament and carries performance anxiety
    Academically above average

  9. Hi I’m 55 years female. For years I have dealt with sweating perfusly in my face and chest even when I am sedatary. I remember my grandmother going through the same thing and her saying we were cursed. What kind of homeopathic treatment would you recommend? I don’t want to take any medication

    • Hello,
      My 3 year kid sweats alot while sleeping. Especially forehead, head. please suggest how to treat?

      • ANAND ATRI says:

        Dear Madam, My servant, female,aged 62 years is suffering from Rheumatic Arthritis.Mainly problem is that she finds it very painful to raise her arms even to shoulder level.Normally her right shoulder is more painful than the left. She is basically a chilly patient.

        • SARNIKA SAMANTA says:

          Sir I am a girl of 11 years old .I am suffering from hypothyroidism and taking medicine eltroxin 50 .Now my palm and sole are sweating . kindly suggest

  10. Sir, I am suffering from excessive sweating on feets palm, and armpits since childhood. Please recommend some medicine for permanent treatment.

    • Anindya saha says:

      Sir, I sweat profusely (head,face back ,chest,arms),can’t do without fan even for 5 minutes,feel very uncomfortable, please suggest homeopathy medicine


      Sir I am a girl of 11 years old .I am suffering from hypothyroidism and taking medicine eltroxin 50 .Now my palm and sole are sweating . kindly suggest

  11. Ramesh Anvekar says:

    Dr. sharma,
    Good day,
    1 year and eight month old child has excessive sweating problem on head, face and nose. What homeopathic / bio-chemic medicine can be given to child?

  12. Can you explain how to apply or use sulfur under the armpits and on hands? Thanks in advance!

  13. Rana Hussain says:

    Hulloh Honourable Dr Sharma
    I am Rana Hussain a, 60 years oldman 5.9 inches hight
    My weight is 78 KG
    I am a hyperhidrosis and worried about extraordinary excessive sweating.
    My both feet burning too much
    Uneasy to get away from bed in the morning

    My blood tests are
    Hemoglobin 124
    Lymphocytes 52
    Triglycerides 456
    Blood sugar level 150 near about since last 1year
    Would You please suggest a Homeo pathic remedy

  14. Sir,
    I have a profuse sweatning in head all the time since childhood. I am 42 and could you suggest some medicines?

  15. Sourav Sanyal says:

    Hello Dr, I am acute and chronic suffering from fatty enlarged liver since childhood. Medical reports say so too. Always bloating, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, skin disease, dandruff chronic, forgetfulness, memory loss, eye problems, short tempered ness, excessive sweating allover, huge stress, old painful memory causing disturbances, insomnia, lack of sleep, disturbed sleep, always wake up with a painful memory, hairloss, hair strands thinning, skin glamour gone, allover a not in good condition look ….suddenly started to get thinner further, muscles are getting weakened and lean, symptoms of little more urination with lots of lather in urine, lack of energy, huge stressed, lots of small red moles on body and more on left hand and left side of body, last year had lichen planus with rashes more on left leg and hip…hair lines are depleting severely ….please suggest to return back to my original place to regain my health full….my age is 47… condition got worsened since 2015 since problems in my career started and had to face false allegation and got defamation. I am innocent but had to be a prey to some real crooked dark dirty fellow ruined my career putting me stranded with wife and daughter ..and jobless still….that company did such a campaign against me stopping me to get any job ….

  16. jerome ibanez says:

    I sweat all over the body in different times during the during the day. I also have chills and very sensitive to cold. Do you have a solution for me?
    Thank you

  17. Sir, I am suffering from excessive sweating on feets palm, and armpits since childhood. Please recommend some medicine for permanent treatment.

  18. IRENE COOK says:

    Thirtyfive years ago I had an overiohysterectomy . Since then I have had excessive scalp sweating and sweating at night. My doctor has been unable to help. Can you suggest something? Irene

  19. Nidhi gupta says:

    Helo Dr. I m suffering from excessive sweating on my palm nd feet. Sometimes due to excessive sweat my palm swell. Due to sweat i m not able to write. Please suggest me a medicine to cure it.

  20. Respected dr
    I am from Pakistan facing hypohidrosis from last 10 years now it’s disturbing me more day by day. Kindly recommend me medicine with potiency.
    Thanks and Regards
    Adeel shah

    • A.Ramakrishnan says:

      Sir, My granddaughter at the age of 8,an intelligent and brisk girl is suffering from excessive sweating in the palm,foot and armpits.some foul smell is also noticed.pls refer best Homeopathy medicine for disease.

  21. Partha Banerjee says:

    Myself Partha Banerjee from West Bengal. my age is 46 years,I am suffering from excessive sweating on scalp while taking food that time feeling very thing I am bolhead.please suggest me best medicine

    • Indrani chatterjee says:

      My son is 5 years old. His head is sweating excessively during sleep time. Like he just took a bath,due to that he used to suffer from cold. Nowadays his palm and feet is started sweating. Kindly advise.

  22. Hi sharma i have sweatings on my hands & foot . can you help me with this how to reduce this problem

  23. I have excessive head sweating and am really getting sick of it. I am a 66 y.o. woman. I am heavy-set but even when I was less heavy and exercised regularly, my head would sweat alot upon any exertion.
    Can you recommend a brand of calcarea carb and what dosage I should use?

    Thank you.


  24. Hello
    I’m 46 male
    My issu every day I sweat 2 times under arm for 10 minutes then stop …
    Normally it’s happen 11 am and 7-8 pm
    It’s start with this year suddenly I do all medical checks every thing goes perfect I do workout 5 times week with healthy food

    My presently 70% happy and social with all people
    And 30 % worried with some fear! I don’t know from what actually!!!
    Kindly need to know there is any safe medication to my issue

    Best regard

    • Promila Arora says:

      Dr Sharma, I am suffering fromheavy sweating on my head with thrust. I had chemotherapy in 2015 for breast cancer.please give me advice with dosage. Thank you

  25. Sumbul Sadiq says:

    Dr Sharma AoA I’m suffering with excessive sweating.i feel suffocating and very hot.I also have hyporhyroid for 19 years I am on 50mg thyroxin but this sweating is for past 1year plz help.loking for homeopathic medicine.i live in karachi.pakistan.

  26. Suffering excessive sweating on whole body, afterwards weakness , nervousness, restlessness

  27. Dear Doctor

    I am suffering from excessive sweating on face.

  28. I have Bovista 200, how do I take this? Once a day? For how long? I’ve been taking once a day for 5 days and it was getting better but now it’s returned.

  29. Vinay Bhandari says:

    I am suffering from excessive sweating on forehead, scalp and chest. After getting bath when I come out my body starts to sweat. I also feel that my palm and feet is radiating heat.

  30. Dani Karna says:

    I am suffering from excessive sweating on forehead, scalp and chest. After getting bath when I come out my body starts to sweat. I also feel that my palm and feet is radiating heat.

  31. AJIT MISHRA says:

    NOW I 33 YRS OLD ,




  32. Jana Tan says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. Iam so relieved to read the article above. I hope you can help me. I have been suffering from armpits, feet and hands sweating ever since I can remember. I want to live a normal life and I have always wanted the natural way of healing. Im located in Manila, Philippines and I dont know where I can buy SILICEA and what dosage can I take. Please help me. Thank you.

  33. D P DANDAPAT says:

    My daughter is 5 years old. Very often from her both palm are release sweat. It is qurable. Please suggest.

  34. Tatyana Balshem says:

    My friend ( female 75 y.o.) is sweating profusely: head and whole body. Cannot tolerate cold, wind and damp.
    Always tired, highly ire table, blames a lot, unhappy.
    She also has stomach ulcers, often complains for pain in liver and kidneys.

    It appears that Psorinum is right remedy. If it so, what potency and how should she take this remedy
    and how long?
    Thank you

  35. P U B Sarma says:

    Sir, I have read your article on excessive sweat problems cause and remedies
    My problem is that I have excessive sweat all over body and I can’t tolerate hot conditions and cold weather and I become unbreathable. It irritates me so much and I can’t concentrate on anything for long time. Please suggest me remedy.

  36. Hi sir I have read your article on excessive sweat problems cause and remedies
    My problem is I have excessive sweat all over body and I can’t tolerate hot conditions and I become unbreathable. It irritates me so much and I can’t concentrate on anything for long time. Please suggest me remedy and

    I’m also quite attractable to mosquitoes rather than my fellow Beings. can you tell me what’s the reason for this

  37. My mother 56years old ,diabetes mellitus +, hypertension+
    she is suffering excessive sweating all over body day and night…
    which medication is needed for her
    i will pleased if help

  38. Hello Dr. Sharma .
    I have got excess sweet in my palm, feet and armpit during day time by which i got many problems in my work. Please suggest me treatement. I will be very thankful to you.

  39. Hello,
    My 8 year old child started getting warts on her hands, mostly on her fingers about a year ago. Once there was a large palmer wart as well. We went to the pediatrician who froze them off after many sessions in conjunction with internal thuja and a topical thuja. We are now fighting the warts as the come one by one. Now that we are paying closer attention to her hands, we notice they get very sweaty and clammy feeling (as do her feet) and wondering if this is contributing to an ideal environment for the warts and wondering if something other than thuja might help address the palm moisture to see if that helps with prevention.
    Thank you,

  40. I.k Yadav says:

    My father aged 76 years sweats even after a few walks profusely. His left hand and leg always sweats.

  41. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am very thankful for this site and you are doing your job honestly and helping everyone.
    My Son who is 25 yrs old is obese (100 kgs)and he has cold and clammy skin.
    He sweats profusely especially back ,armpits hands feet actually everywhere
    There is no odour
    I tried calc carb 30
    What else I can give
    Any blood test shud I do for him?

  42. Tammy Nickerson says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I am 50 yes old and recently started waking up in the middle of the night (early) morning hours hot and clammy on my head neck and chest. I wouldn’t call it excessive sweating and there is no odor. I typically do not sweat. In researching the internet says it could be menopause, cancer, thyroid or I forget one other thing. It doesn’t last but happen nightly only at night and frequently. Any ideas?

  43. Write the dose and powef also important plz about silicia and acidum hydrouricum.

  44. Laura Taylor says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Last year I was diagnosed with a spinal nerve sheath tumour. Several drugs were tried to help with the pain. I’m now on Tapentadol and Tramadol. Unfortunately I have developed secondary hyperhydrosis- thought to be due to medication rather than the tumour, but no one is 100% sure. I’m taking oxybutanine to try to relieve the sweating. It did initially work quite quickly, but now it has returned with a vengeance. I have severe episodes of generalised sweating throughout the day and the night. Is there anything you can recommend to help me? I really don’t like taking a drug to help symptoms caused by another drug.

  45. Muhammad Habib says:

    I am 35 year old. I have excessive sweating problem in my palms and soles since child hood.I have taken R32 homeo pathic medicine for this purpose but no effect.
    Plesae suggest me what should i do now?

  46. GOPI NATH PARIDA says:

    One sided sweating, i.s half part from head to feet. Print on clothes. Chest and both arm are painful when walk on up. Vertigo for a second. Chest burn and pain on physical work. Kindly suggest a homeopath medicine.

    • Hi, I have had excessive sweating from armpits 10 years. At the beginning it was only on left side, and there wasn´t smell. today, it smells offensivly, fole, and is on both side. When I sleep, it stops. But it starts immediately, then I wake up and lasts all the day. It stays linen yellow. Washing don´t eliminate the smell from armpits. I change clothes 5 and more times a day beacuse of wetting and repulsive smell.

  47. SANJEEV VAIDYA says:

    I am a patient of hypothyroidism and taking Thyroxin 50 for it. I sweat excessively (whole body, especially head) with least physical work.
    Can you please suggest any medicine for this?

    Thanking you,



  48. Johanna johnson says:

    Hi,could you please help me from my head sweating it just runs down my neck, and drips from my face.

    • Johanna johnson says:

      Hi,could you please help me from my head sweating it just runs down my neck, and drips from my face.

  49. Kakali choudhury says:

    Sir,I sweat excessively on face,neck,back and upper part of body even in room and feeling tired.The smell is very bad.please suggest the medicine with doses.I am 41 yrs old woman.

  50. Debashis singh says:

    Hello Dr.My self Debashis Singh (27 yrs). I Sweat lot on my face ,neck,armpits and feet for many years .Pls Dr. suggest me for came out from this problem.

    I wait for ur reply
    Thank you

  51. Zark Jahan says:

    hi Dr. Sharma . I am Zark Jahan . I have a problem of excessive sweat rings in armpits even in winter and with yellow stains and also had bad odor .
    I am waiting for your reply .
    Thank u .

  52. ADAMU ALIYU says:

    Hi, good day Doctor my daughter sweat alot. She is two years old it causes her irritation most especially around her face, back. I need your response. Thanks!

  53. Susanth George Thomas says:

    Dear doctor,

    I am suffering from excessive sweating on the buttocks n perineum. If I sit in a place for some time.. Then I’ll sweat a lot. Can u suggest me a homeopathy medicine for the same??

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    Susanth George Thomas

  54. Sudhakar p deopujari says:

    My son is having excessive sweet on whole body. Much on head. Sometime have skin problem like itch on kalf and thigh inside. when He is anctius it increase sweet more that time. Further there is loss of hair on head since his tenth standard and now baldness in early 26 . Kindly suggest the proper medicin sir.

  55. Marie Freezer says:

    May I ask what strength you recommend and frequency during the day and for how long over time? Calc carb looks like it would suit. I temperature issues due to chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Would really appreciate any advice. Many thanks, Marie.

  56. Sir, I am hyperhidrosis patient and I have to suffer much due to sweat. I have offensive sweat on hands, feet, and armpit and while sweating my body color start to change like red veins how can I treat this moreover my hands and feet become cold

    • sir,
      i have genaralised hyperhydrolysis. i dont even know that why my FACE is sweating like this. This started from end of my teenage days and i feel that it become worse day to day.
      I dont have a social life is sitting in indoors all time.i dont know how its going to end.
      Doctor please suggest a way to getting out from this situation.

  57. Hafiz Naeem says:

    Hi Dr sharma How r u .
    sir my son have 5 year age
    his sweaty hands plz prescribe homio madican for sweaty hands

  58. Hello sir..I have problem of sweating during having food( on face & scalp) bez Of this problem I can’t have my food properly and I wanna know bez of this I I’ll have more problem in future and this can be cureable by ur medicine

  59. Dr Ashok Bholani says:

    My pts with execivs sweat on hand and sole of foot which r clear watery sweat what can I give him

  60. MARY THOMAS says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I ‘m Mary , 51 years old,currently residing in UAE. I have a serious problem of sweating specially my face. This is at an extreme specially when i am in India. I have thyroid problem for which I am taking medicine. Its under control. Anxiety is there for no particular reason. I need help. Please advise.

  61. Priya iyer says:

    Hi doc, I’m Priya iyer from Bangalore.. My under arms sweat a lot especially when I get nervous or talking in d phone etcs, I have this problem from many years.. Plz suggest me what treatment can be given for this condition… Thanks in advance

  62. Saiyed Moiz says:

    I am a B.H.M.S student
    My brother is suffering from cracked hand and perspiration on hand profusely in summer
    Please give idea about homoeopathic medicines

  63. M PrasadN says:

    MY son 19 some tomes sweat dripping from palms what is the remedy.

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