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Homeopathic Remedies for Dark Circle Under the Eyes

Homeopathic Remedies for Dark Circles around or under eyes

Dark Circles around or under eyes is an indication of ill-health. There are no clear-cut reasons why dark rings ranging from bluish to blackish colour appear around or under the eyes. There are, however, various factors that are linked to appearance of Dark Circles. The first factor is that this condition runs in families or is hereditary. The second common factor is sleep deprivation and fatigue. Stress too can lead to Dark Circles. Dark Circles also appear as a normal part of the ageing process. Other factors associated with Dark Circles include allergy, eczema with itching, scratching or rubbing of eyes, anemia, and in rare cases, it may point towards liver troubles. Homeopathy has a very effective treatment for Dark Circles. The natural Homeopathic remedies for dark circles are completely safe with no side effects and they work to eliminate the root cause of Dark Circles.

Homeopathic treatment for Dark Circles

Homeopathic mode is of great help in treating Dark Circles. The treatment is possible with natural Homeopathic medicines without any external applications. The Homeopathic medicines are recommended after looking at every individual case and taking into account any associated factor linked with Dark Circles and the symptoms. Homeopathic treatment for dark circles can work wonders in treating Dark Circle cases, but the time it takes to do away with Dark Circles varies for each individual. It takes a longer time to treat Dark Circles in persons who have had these since long than those who have seen the emergence of Dark Circles not so long ago.

Top Homeopathic remedies for Dark Circles

Phosphoric Acid: Best natural Homeopathic remedy for Dark Circles due to fatigue 

Phosphoric Acid is the top Homeopathic remedy for Dark Circles around or below eyes due to fatigue. The eyes are surrounded with bluish rings. The person needing Phosphoric Acid is very weak. If the weakness shows in both the physical and mental planes, Phosphoric Acid is the natural Homeopathic medicine. The face of such a person appears pale and the eyes are surrounded by bluish rings. The person also looks very tired and fatigued. Weakness arising out of sexual excesses is also included as a causative factor. A history of mental grief associated with Dark Circles often suggests the use of Homeopathic remedy Phosphoric Acid. The person shows a marked weariness and is exhausted either mentally or physically or both. The combination of two hallmark symptoms suggesting the use of Homeopathic remedy Phosphoric Acid is marked weakness and Dark Circles around eyes.

Ferrum Met: Homeopathic remedy for Dark Circles linked to anemia

Ferrum Met is a natural Homeopathic remedy for a variety of conditions troubling a person with anemia. Anemia is referred to the lack of blood in the body. Consequent to lack of blood in body, the oxygenation in body tissue is decreased, leading to a number of symptoms and Dark Circles is one of them. The face appears pale in anemic conditions and the veins under the eyes stand dominantly with a bluish appearance. Ferrum Met is very beneficial Homeopathic remedy for anemic patients suffering from various disorders. The issue of Dark Circles around eyes is best solved with the use of Ferrum Met and this Homeopathic remedy can be safely used when Dark Circlesare linked to anemia. The face gives a pale appearance with prominent Dark Circles around the eyes. General weakness due to decreased blood is also noted in most persons requiring Ferrum Met.

Cina: Homeopathic medicine for Dark Circles in children

Cina is the most popular natural Homeopathic medicine because of its frequent use in a variety of troubles faced by children. Even for Dark Circles appearing in children, Cina is very beneficial. Cina is a wonderful Homeopathic remedy for children who have Dark Circles around their eyes. Majority of children needing this Homeopathic medicine show a marked irritability in their nature. They are very cross and obstinate. They desire various kinds of things and will not rest and let others rest till their demands are met. This marked irritability and obstinacy reaches the utmost levels along with the appearance of Dark Circles. Another complaint that can be present in children with dark rings is worm infestation. In children with worms, weakness and anemic condition are common. Such children remain weak in spite of having a good appetite. The food taken by them serves as meals for the worms, which do not allow the children to gain weight and make them weak. The weakness is also reflected in the face with its pale appearance and dark circles. Homeopathic medicine Cina should always be considered as a first line of treatment in cases of Dark Circles in children.

Natural Homeopathic remedies for Dark Circles around the eyes

For dealing with Dark Circles around the eyes, the best natural Homeopathic medicines are Berberis Vulgaris, Acetic Acid, Lycopodium and Natrum Carb. Berberis Vulgaris is of great help for treatment of blue rings around eyes when the cheeks are sunken and the face also gives a pale tint. The face appears sick. Acetic Acid is a good Homeopathic remedy when the face shows marks of weakness with a wax-like coating and eyes are surrounded with bluish circles. The eyes also appear sunken. Lycopodium is the ideal Homeopathic medicine if the face appears greyish yellow with bluish circles surrounding the eyes. Otherwise, Lycopodium is a commonly used remedy for gastric ailments. Natrum Carb is a good Homeopathic medicine when the eyes show swelling along with blue rings around eyes.

Homeopathic treatment for Dark Circles under the eyes

The natural Homeopathic medicines that treat Dark Circles below the eyes are Phosphorus, Ferrum Met and Sepia. Phosphorus is of great help to treat Dark Circles under the eyes with a pale face. The rings under eyes appear bluish with a sickly appearance of the face. Ferrum Met is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for Dark Circles under the eyes in persons who are suffering from anemia. Weakness also makes its appearance in persons needing Ferrum Met. Homeopathic medicine Sepia is usually prescribed for women who have dark rings under the eyes. Such women usually have some sort of history regarding irregularity in their menstrual cycle. They may also have black discoloration on cheeks and nose (Chloasma) in addition to Dark Circles below the eyes.

Homeopathic medicines for Dark Circles linked to anemia

Ferrum Met, China and Natrum Mur are the best natural Homeopathic remedies to treat Dark Circles in anemic patients. Ferrum Met is used in general when the face is pale with surrounding Dark Circles around the eyes. Homeopathic medicine China is used when dark rings around eyes have appeared due to anemia arising out of sudden blood loss. The blood loss may be from any part of body, either traumatic or due to some underlying tissue pathology in the body. Natrum Mur is the Homeopathic remedy when the face appears greasy and shiny with dominant dark rings around the eyes. The eyelids may also show swelling. Craving for salty things if noted should be considered a top rank symptom to select Natrum Mur over other remedies.

Homeopathic remedies for Dark Circles due to stress

Kali Phos is the best natural Homeopathic remedy for Dark Circles due to stress. The person needing Homeopathic medicine Kali Phos is constantly in a worried state and is under depression with appearance of Dark Circles. Kali Phos is the top Homeopathic medicine that acts as a proper supplement for persons who are exhausted and stressed with dark rings.



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  1. kuldip raj suri says:

    Which medicine is suitable for puffy eyes with dark circles

  2. Hello mam
    My name is tanu I’m suffering from dark circles under my eye ,my skin tone is fair but due to dark circles my face look like tired and sick.. pls suggest medicine,

  3. amit agnihotri says:

    Hello dr.i m Amit I m a homoepath, please suggest any medicine for dark circles due to bronchial any other symptoms are showing in petient…

  4. I have much more dark circles around my eyes .from 6 years . I mastribated so I got dark circles I want Homopaithic medicine for

  5. Hello Dr. Saab.
    My name is Dr. Nadeem
    The shadows on my wife’s face are also brown on her nose. He has given medicine but there is no difference.
    Sepia 200
    Sulfur 200
    لاکوپودیم 200
    They are
    Thank you for your medicine

  6. Nilanjan Pal says:

    I have oily skin. Iam suffering from dark circle around the eye, puffiness under eye, large open pores on nose and many small pores & black spots on face. So, please send me remedy

    Thank you

  7. Kathleen wigan says:

    Hi I have really dark circles around the eye area especially the inner side nearest the nose. This has been a year now after I had my cataracts corrected by surgery. Makeup does not cover it. My complexion is fair colour and healthy I am 66

  8. Hello!

    I have had dark circles around my eyes since the age of 13. They appeared after I lost my baby fat and I have had them them ever since. I am now in my fifties years old!
    Additionally I have some hyperpigmentation on the side of my cheeks which I have had since I was a teenager. My skin is getting oily as I age but I do not have wrinkles thankfully.
    I do not have any other health problems or at least nothing I am aware of.

  9. Ramahari Patra says:

    Good morning Sir! I’ve a great belief in homoeopathic treatment. My daughter who has under eye darkness for the last 10 years.She is extremely worried to remove it.I am following your short article posted in it.
    Would you help me giving right diagnosis for under eye darkness of my daughter?

    Thanking you.

  10. Hi sir
    My around the eye dark pigment
    Pls help me and how to use the medicine name

  11. Kaira Sharma says:

    I have problem of dark circles and sunkeen eye ….also my cheeks are sunkeen…nd I feel low becoz of this …I try many things I can’t help to get rid of this…I have problem of constipation

  12. I am suffering from dark circles and puffiness under eyes

  13. Elane Shoop says:

    F*ckin’ amazing things here. I am very glad to see your article. Thanks a lot and i’m looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a mail?

  14. I am anemic stress alot thinking always and dark circles what to do

  15. YO LIL DONNIE says:


  16. Hi I m 27 n I ve dark circles from years n the shape of the eyes forms a hollow n it’s sunken . How can I get rid of dark circles ? I m applying fair eye cream n avarta eye cream from a week .does homeopathy helps getting rid of it .

  17. Sheikh bilal says:

    My name is sheikh bilal . I am 36 Years old unmarried male person . My problem is because of masturbation . I facing these problems weak memory concentration problem feeling fatigue stress anxiety feeling too much weakness in body . I consult with Allopathic doctor for my health problems. Doctor given me some antidepressants . Escitalopram . paroxatine . Prothiaden . Rivotril . Fluvoxamine . These medicine i used but my problem is more increase after eating these medicine . Now my Memory is too weak . I always like to sit at home . Not like to do any kind of work . Feeling no enjoy in my life. Please help me to solve my problem .

  18. Hello sir, My eyes were sunken due to excess masterbate for years. (It’s been 14 years) . Which homeopathic medicine should i take to make my eyes normal.Please consult me.

  19. MISS SHAMIM says:

    Hi Doctor


  20. Hi Doctor,

    Hope everything is great and thanks for your all suggestions for under eye dark circles. I feel tiredness & dryness in my eyes. My eyes appear sunken as well.. I look tired all the time even after taking 7-8 hours of sleep.
    But I never been reported any less level of blood as well. So please suggest me which medicine i need to take from the above

  21. pooja shetty says:

    I am pooja shetty software engineer from bangalore, the reason why i consulted you is my mom has dark circle problem under eyes and we have consulted many doctors but dint get proper treatment so please help us to overcome this problem.

    Thank You

  22. Nida Arshad says:

    Dr. Im 27 years old and for the past 10 days I feel tiredness in my eyes and I have lost volume under my eyes. My eyes appear completely sunken.. I look tired all the time even after taking 7-8 hours of sleep.. WHAT SHOULD I DO….??? PLEASE SUGGEST

  23. i have dark circle under my eyes.nd body is fairer then face..
    wat should i do..

  24. Is there any treatment for Malar bags or Malar mounds ( eye bags on cheeks) in homeopathy ?

  25. Charmaine says:

    Hi My name is Charmaine. I am 57 yrs.I have noticed really that I am getting dark patches around my eyes.I am using coconut oil at night on my skin.I desperately need some you.Thank you

  26. Hello sir i am 18years old and blue veins under my eyes appear due to cough it makes me very sad everyttime plzz suggested any medicine and it’s dose also how to take it

  27. Hi madam,
    I am Pooja. I am having under eye dark circles caused due to stress and PCOS . Please help me .

  28. Hello sir,
    I ve dark circles probs from the age of I m 26.had bad dark circles tried many home remedie n that fair eye cream for adv dark circles .doc recommended me still I can’t see good results .pls help me .
    Waiting for ur reply !

    • Vaishnavi says:

      Hello sir I have visible blue veins under my eyes and now I am only, 18years and it looks very bad and make me very sad everything so plz help me and tell the homeopathic medicine for this and it’s dose also

    • Dr. Ashaanlakhi says:

      U use baberus vulgrus 200 2 time a day 5 drops in some water after a week tell me about results

    • I have sunken eyes along with dark circle …I used to have good sleep but then also the condition is same.what should I do?

  29. Rosy jaiswal says:

    Sir i have dark circles below my eyes and fine lines for the past since 1 year. I have tired several home remedies bt it did nt work. my age is 31. Sir kindly suggest me what to do.

  30. marissa val says:

    I’ve used some of the “best” pricey eye creams from Saks, Barneys, & plastic surgeons ….I used the SOmaluxe Triple Collage Eye Gel for the last week and I saw notable improvement in skin texture around my eyes. Dark circles show marked improved also after waking up from 1 single application.

  31. Rajesh Kumar maurya says:

    dear sir the dark circle below my eye for 3 years now we use mark go tube previous 20 days but there is no relief from this tube.

  32. Hello
    I have sunken eyes with dark circles. I have enough sleep

  33. Dear Dr.Shama,

    Thanks your site is very helpful.
    My 5year old son is very active, full of life high energy but controllable (so not ferral in behaviour). His father also has a predisposition of dark eyes that he too was born with, in fact his father was born with an eye condtion wherein he had to have an operation to keep his eyes open. My son was not born with that but instead seems to have the dark rings under his yes alongside small bags under the eyes that appear at certain times of the year. I have started to be more strict on the time he goes to bed which use to vary from 8 – 9:30pm. It is now regulated to 8:30pm. He is vegan and eats quite well and loves his vitamin C (berries). He does mope from time to time when not getting his way and does come up with inventive ways to get his way. He recently has had a tickly dry cough(no cold) that will not go away has been going for 3 wks now and his eyes seem to be more consistently baggy since the cough. Any suggestions you may have for me to investigate will be appreciated. Thanks

  34. Nahid Khandaker says:

    Dear Dr.
    im suffering for dark circle from 10 years ago. in my student life i masturbated a lot thats why , it cause dark circle under eye. now im married 33 years old. i will be happy if you give me some medicine for dark circle,it will be graetful for my life. i love homeopath , im form bangladesh. plz tel me what is to be done ?????

  35. abhishek tiwari says:

    Sir I have pigmentation in my face and nose and also we have dark circles .plz tell me the treatment .my name is Abhishek and age 30

  36. Geetanjali jain says:

    sir, I have very dark circles around eyes.

  37. Hello Sir, I am 35 years old, having dark circles around my eyes since puberty. I have tried a lot of remedies but nothing worked. I am not anaemic, neither I have any mental worries. These dark circles are not even hereditary. I also develop a lot of acne. Please suggest a remedy. Thanks.

    • abhishek tiwari says:

      Sir I have pigmentation in my face and nose and also we have dark circles .plz tell me the treatment .my name is Abhishek and age 30

  38. MANISH KUMAR says:

    Dear sir, I am 21 year old and I am suffering from dark circle from last 3 years.Not only dark circles but also deep dark patches around my nose and under my eyes. It looks very ugly .please prescribe some medicine.It may also due to anemia

  39. Archana vishwakarma says:

    Hello sir
    I am suffering from dark circles problem last 5 years….my eyes have itching every time in 365 days and more in dust.My eyes goes black around it.. and also have sneezing and cold problem 24 hours..when my eyes itches i rubbed it continuously.

  40. Vicky bagga says:

    Dear sir,
    I have a under eyes dark circles since 10 years back suggest good medicine

  41. Sir pls tell me the medicine for dark circles under my eyes

  42. gurpreet Singh says:

    Sir main 27 yera ka hu muhje dark circel problem bahut plz koi solution batyo medicine likh dena ya koi crema jis sa araam mil jaye

  43. Nirmala devi says:

    I have Dark circles under my eyes and blackening

  44. Hi my name is Sylvia, I’ve always had eczema on my hands but lately I’ve had absolutely terrible flareups ! Tiny blisters all over my hands mostly on my palms and slightly up the right arm ! It has been getting so back it exhausts me scratching like crazy ! I do have allergies to certain foods or even touching anything plastic. ..i dont smoke or drink and i use natural supplements! Tonight after a bad outbreak of eczema my eyes have very dark circles I’ve never had this look before! Please can you help me ?

    • Sir I have dark circle around the eye for many years I had take so many treatment but it not gone so what can I do give your opinion

  45. Avdesh juyal says:

    I have sunken and dark circled eyes. I want to know that which homeopathic medicine i should take to get rid sunken eyes and dark circled. pls also mention the dosage of any medicine.

  46. susen mandal says:

    How to reduce my dark circles dr..

  47. मेरा उम्र 25 years है और मैं dark circles से परेशान हूँ।Please recommend me homoeopathy medicine

  48. hussaina says:

    i have dark circle since long and i hve tried every possible remedies to get rid from it but it does not is increasing day by day..plz help me with this…

  49. Hey..em farheen
    22years old .nd em suffering from last 11years Due to my dark circles..believe me i treid every possile treatement but nothing works ..i really feel complex ..and yes it is genetic
    Please give some treatemnt please dont tell me how much hour i need to sleep and what to eat and be possitive etc etc

  50. Akhilesh Vashishtha says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I’ve dark circles under the eyes since long. Though I’m perfectly healthy, doing swimming regularly or yoga, a little worryness may remain regarding business. I’m an engineer,by profession. Can it be cured . Please suggest me some homoeopathic medicine.

  51. waseem abbass says:

    Plz tell me the name of product of phosprous acid

  52. Hello doctor,
    I have very very dark upper eyelids can it be cured by homeopathy? Also I have one more problem actually I have got permanent teeth marks on my lower lips and skin has become uneven meaning lowerlip has become scalloped is there a solution for this?

  53. Hello sir,
    I need a help from you. I have dark circles around my eyes. So i want to know whether SARCREAM is effective for that or not.

  54. sanchaita mondal says:

    I am suffering from low amount bleeding during period due to pcos having pill for this around 12 I want to stop taking pills and trat my self with honeo.I have thryoid, when I go under the sun breathing prpblem started. I also suffer from tonsil every 1 to 2 mont alternative

  55. Tabbasum Nargis says:

    Hello Sir..
    I need A help from u.. I have Dark Circle all around my eyes.. pls help me out.. Suggest me some medicine for it..

    • rajnishkumar meena says:

      sir have dark circle under me eyes i took treatment from well known doctor us agarwal but vain now i want to take homeopathy treatment what should l do to get rod of this problem(disease time 4-5yrs

    • Hello sir,
      I need a help from you. I have dark circles around my eyes. So i want to know whether SARCREAM is effective for that or not.

  56. Desita Morales says:

    Dermalmd under eye treatment serum is a wonderful product I had a little dark circle on my face from the Sun and believe i this serum is really really works by any means I have been through a lot of products and this is my keeper here I recommend this serum to my friends on google great great product .

  57. Dileep Suryawanshi says:

    I have sneezing allergy and black circles around the eyes since years together

  58. the best remedie of black eye circle

  59. sir i have a dark circle around my eyes fir few days can remove the dark circle

  60. lovely Sharma says:

    I am having Anal fissure since 1.5 year…
    I was operated for the same 8 months ago but to no use as i m still having that chronic fissure. Please suggest me some best treatment for this

  61. Bithika ghosh says:

    Sir I have dark circle around the eye for many years i want to remove this can i use Phosphoric Acid ?
    how to use plz tell me

    • Dr. Sharma, please advice how to use Kali Phospforicum or Cina or Ferrum mettalicum or Phosphoric acid (doze and potency and how often) I am not still sure which to use. Looks like Cina or Kali Phosphoricum. My boy is 6 years old. Excellent article!

  62. Sir I am 20 yr old man. I have dark circle around eye and dark pigments are appearing on my nose and skin near lips. Sir, is there any homeopathic treatment for this condition?

  63. Preeti Singh says:

    Sir I have dark circle around the eye for many years I had take so many treatment but it not gone so what can I do give your opinion

  64. HI Dr.Sharma,

    I am 35 years old man. I have dark circle under eye since 10 years. Now its looks very dirty. Wherever I go people are asking about it. Kindly suggest any homeopathic treatment for same .

    Thanks in advance.

  65. I’m 40 yrs woman. Two children. Very much active & energetic. Taking good diet juice fruit. Weight is constant but face going yellowish cheeks lost fat. That is also from 10 12 years back. Hair felling problem from 16 or 17 years. Has problem of gas and now acidity also. I’m worried about my fat less cheeks which were chubby very much years back. Has problem of headache with vomiting also. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine. Not taken allopathic before also except headache medicines like sari done etc.

  66. Dr safdar Hussain kawish says:

    So nice work,,,,,good good good

  67. Ankit jain says:

    My eyes gone little inside some dark circle are also present around eyes
    Eyesight in
    Right -0.75
    Left -0.25

  68. How can glycerine ( a by product of petroleum) be beneficial for the skin?
    Don’t the components break down the natural oils of your skin and strip it?
    I have heard that cosmetic companies are publishing “‘pro glycerine”‘ articles as it leads to skin dependency thus bringing more money into the industry.

    I would appreciate some insight.
    Thank you

  69. Eye dark circle
    Please medicine

  70. Sir ,I have dark circles from past three years and I used to masturbate in excess can u suggest how can I get rid of dark circles

  71. Hello … Dr. Shrama…my life is full of stress.. I have dark circles also in 5 years… What is remide of homeo… Like that mother tincture, (or) bico chemist(or),diluction..plz give me answer.. I wait f r u r answer… Thk….

  72. jais prajapati says:

    eye dark circle naturally

  73. Do you provide remedies also for 1 month to international patient?

  74. hi I am sangita ,I am 27 years old . I have allergy also have dark shadow under the eyes .
    I want to remove this dark shadow .

    would you cooperate me ? thanks

  75. Hi Dr. Sharma
    I’m 27 yrs old girl. And I have a very sun sensitive skin and my skin gets easily tanned. I also have dark circles. I am also suffering from hypo thyroidism, for which I am on allopathic treatment. …
    Kindly suggest me any medicine to improve my uneven skin tone and specially dark circle…..

  76. Hi, I have osteoarthritus of the knee, bad knee pain and stiffness, currently taking diclofenac tablets, please can you recommend something for me with the dosage.
    Also I have dark circles around my eyes with a few black spots under one eye, don’t know if it’s pigmentation, please can you recommend something for thus problem aswell.
    Thank you

  77. khalil siddiqui says:

    Hi Dr . Sharma
    I m feeling some spots specially under my eyes since last six mnths r more.
    These spots in round n having some deposation under it which give pain on touching r pressing it.
    i m having some finincial n family stress since last 2/3 years.
    i do go out in sun times,bt not much more.
    My job is under roof.
    My weight is 82kgs n age 52yrs.
    Kindly suggest effective homeopathic medicine 4 my treatment.

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