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Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Dry Skin

Homeopathic Remedies for Dry SkinDry skin can lead to itching, scratching, bleeding, parched lips, cracked skin and even wrinkles, but worse than all these symptoms, it can really affect the psyche of a person, making him or her very self-conscious about the physical appearance and lowering the confidence levels as a result. The intensity of skin dryness can vary from mild dryness to severe dryness with cracks. Bleeding may also occur from cracks and in a few persons, dry skin can be accompanied by wrinkling of the skin. Winter season mainly marks the onset of dry skin. There is no shortage of advertisements regarding creams and lotions which claim to be ‘cures’ of dry skin, but all these are only very temporary solutions which fail to strike at the root of the problem. Homeopathy offers a very effective mode of treatment of dry skin. The dry skin is treated with natural medicines in Homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies for Dry Skin are totally free from any side effect and act as a natural source to nourish the skin, remove the dryness and replenish the skin’s normal texture.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Dry Skin

1. Petroleum: For Winter Care of Dry Skin

The top medicine to deal with dry skin occurring in winters is Petroleum. The main symptoms for the use of this natural remedy are dry, rough and cracked skin. The skin feels harsh to touch. Petroleum, thus, is the ideal remedy for dry skin in winter season and is of great help in restoring the normal texture of skin. Petroleum also gives excellent results in persons who have cracks on hands due to extremely dry skin. The skin is sensitive and rough to touch. The cracks can be deep enough to cause even bleeding.

2. Sulphur: For Dry, Itchy Skin  

Sulphur is the best natural remedy for dry, itchy skin. Sulphur is very beneficial in all those cases where the skin is excessively dry and itchy. Itching leads to scratching and itching usually worsens at night. Another feature for using Sulphur for treatment of dry skin is a burning sensation in the skin. The skin also looks very dirty and is very unhealthy. An aversion to bathing may be noticed in people needing Sulphur. This medicine will help to get rid of itching as well as dryness of skin.

3. Bryonia: For Dry, Chapped Lips

Dry and chapped lips can be best treated with natural medicine Bryonia. This remedy is very beneficial for the treatment of dry and parched lips. Cracks appear on lips and medicine Bryonia heals the chapped lips and restores them to their normal state. Excessive thirst may be felt by patients needing Bryonia for treatment of dry lips.

4. Sarsaparilla: For Dry Skin with Wrinkles

The best natural treatment for dry skin with wrinkles is Sarsaparilla. It is a very beneficial treatment when the skin is dry to a great extent with a shrunken and shriveled appearance. The skin is hard and rough to touch. The skin also seems to be present in folds with wrinkles. Sarsaparilla nourishes the skin to bring back its original smoothness.

5. Malandrium: For Cracks on Hands and Feet

Malandrium is the ideal natural medicine for treatment of skin with cracks on hands and feet. The cracks appearing in winter season respond very well to this medicine. Malandrium, thus, is the best remedy for all the patients who have dry, cracked skin on feet and hands. Itching may also be an accompanying feature. Malandrium very efficiently helps in filling up these cracked areas and bringing the skin back to its normal, healthy condition.

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  1. Maam I m a 54 year old woman . This season my skin on arms has turned very dry n looks as if I have dandruff on my arms . Ca u suggest a suitable medicine

  2. Nand Gopal Prasad says:

    Sir, I am suffering from diabetes from 1.5 years the skin of my legs are going to be dry after massaging it’s looks good but after two days it is dry again what can I do?

  3. Viplov Kapoor says:

    For the past few years I’m experiencing flaky and reddish skin around my nasal area. Some times it’s quite itchy . Pls prescribe me some medicine along with dosage

  4. Janet MacDonald says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Thank you for being there for me!

    I have started adopting using suggestion a few months ago. It helps lot.

    I am a 53-year-old Asian female, 4′ 11″ and weigh about 97 pounds.

    I have been suffering from extremely dry skin. I consume 7,000 mg unfiltered high ligland flaxseed oil from Whole Foods Market. I eat primariy fruit and veg.
    I apply jojoba oil on my body and marula oil on my face.

    Please advise.

  5. Means kumari says:

    Dryness and itching in whole body in staring of winter
    Skin cures in January .itching much at night.stomach
    Not empty properly.

  6. G.morn. mam i am usha and age 55 i am suffering from elergy last 2 yers many treatment takes but no solution my skin is so dry and eitching very much all time what medicine i can take and aply please can you tell me very much eicthing in my hole body

  7. HI…mi skin aroun de the nose is dry and “red”…. everytime i sleep bad. Coul you help me . Thank you

  8. Ramesh yadav says:

    Hellow sir ,
    I am having a very dry skin with itching ,Scalp and wrinkles.i have been suffering for a long time.i have used petroleum jelly ,glycerine oils to keep it wet but that goes away after few minutes and the skin is again dry.
    Please suggest a medicine for permanent solution.

  9. purnachander rao daita says:

    I have been suffering with dry skin on hands and foots with itching, redness burning with rough skin patches in black

  10. Somnath Basu says:

    Hello sir.

    I am having a very dry skin with itching and wrinkles.i have been suffering for a long time.i have used petoleum jelly ,glycerine oils to keep it wet but that goes away after few minutes and the skin is again dry.
    Please suggest a medicine

  11. Nandan Basu says:

    I am diagoned with vasculitis and am a CKD Stage 4 patient undergoing dialysis. and have to limit liquid intake.
    My skin is very dry which is itchy and small bits of dry skin peel off when I scratch myself.
    What medicine can I use to over come the problem

    Thanks and regards
    Nandan Basu Male 58 years

  12. Sarah Hemming says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Cronic osteoarthritis in both hands and feet. Finger joints red, swollen and deformed, especially little fingers. General joint and muscle pain all over. Carpal tunnel in right hand and wrist. Aged 57. Female. Overweight, high cheek redness and lack of exercise. Taking no medication. Allergies dairy and yeast.
    Thank you.

  13. Daljit kaur says:

    My wife is facing skin problem on her hands red patches ,dryness that leads to deep cuts which bleeds some times itching & painful. Problem is on both sides of hands

  14. Daljit Laura says:

    My wife is facing skin problem on her hands red patches ,dryness that leads to deep cuts which bleeds some times itching & painful. Problem is on both sides of hands

  15. Vivek Kumar says:

    Sir, my whole body skin is dry with born. Is Complete
    treatment in homeopathy?

  16. Mohammad Parvez says:

    Please tell me best medicine for cheilitis i am suffering from it last 9 years .

  17. Monimala borthakur says:

    Hello sir ,
    Myself Mrs Monimala Borthakur.I have a problem of dry skin & skin peeling since 2009.and it happens in both summer & winter .plz help me to get rid of the problem.I have tried already many homeo medicine but not get well result.

  18. Hello Dr Sharma,

    I have a daughter whois 10 year old has atopic dermatitis , she had eczema until now in very few spots was controlled with steroid cream application once a week or so. I decide to get her Homeopathiic treatment , we saw a doc here in Dallas, he gave her treatment , that made her condition wo worse, that her eczema spread all over her face and body. she took the treatment for 1 week, then we stopped. My friend in India who is homeopathic consultant , I talked to hime who recommended Lycopodium 6 , that aggravated her condition, he then asked me to give Sulphur 6 , I gave one dose , she started oozing and her eczema was more worse. Is topped dat embed after 1 dose. She still continues to itch , her symptoms , mental match Sulphur , bur somehow I feel when ever I give her Sulphur sheets worse and does not sleep at all , her itching is worse at night , though she itches all day as well.
    Can you please guide us , I can have you as consultant

  19. Mir ajmat ali says:

    A female paitent her fingers skin scracling
    I want to remove it and it’s, please tell me how this disease remedy?

  20. Same problem

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