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Top 4 Natural Homeopathic Remedies For Sore Throat

A sore throat is a common condition that causes pain, itching, and a scratchy feeling in the throat. Everybody tends to acquire it at least once or twice in a year. Difficulty in swallowing is another common symptom of a sore throat. The pain caused by a sore throat is a result of swelling or inflammation anywhere in the throat. Though it causes pain and irritation in the throat, it is usually not serious and develops as a result of flu or colds that tend to resolve in a week’s span. Homeopathic medicine for throat works by reducing the severity of symptoms like pain, and helps reduce inflammation and swelling to treat the problem.
Inflammation in back of the throat is known as pharyngitis, while inflammation of tonsils present on the sides of the throat is known as tonsillitis. Another condition, known as a strep throat (caused by the streptococcus bacteria), is a more serious cause of a sore throat that needs a quick medical diagnosis. Majority of cases of a sore throat arise from a viral infection, followed by bacterial infections and allergies. Other causes of a sore throat include GERD, smoking, overstraining of voice, chronic sinusitis, and a weakened immune system.

What Causes Sore Throat

Viral Infections

Out of all the cases of a throat, around 90 – 95 % of arise from a viral infection. The primary viral infections that lead to a sore throat are influenza (flu), common cold, measles, chicken pox, mumps, and mononucleosis

Bacterial Infections

Bacterial infections linked with a sore throat are more serious than viral infections. The most important is an infection with group A streptococcus bacteria that can lead to a strep throat.


A person who has allergies is usually at an increased risk to develop a sore throat. The common allergens include dust, pollen, grass, molds, pet danders (mainly from dogs and cats). PND or post nasal dripping of mucus is the main cause of a sore throat that develops due to allergies. Mucus dripping from posterior nares in the throat tend to cause scratching, tickling, and irritation in the throat.


Dry air tends to decrease the moisture levels of the throat, leading to dryness, roughness, and scratchiness in the throat. Mouth breathing also tends to dry the throat that leads to scratchiness and sore throat.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Sore Throat

From a large list of homeopathic medicines for treating a sore throat, the top-ranked medicines are Aconite, Belladonna, Natrum Mur, and Merc Sol. The characteristic features of these homeopathic medicines are as follows:

Aconite – Homeopathic Medicine for Throat with Itching

Aconite is an excellent homeopathic medicine for an acute sore throat. It works well when the itching in the throat begins. The throat and parts like the fauces, tonsils, uvula, and palate get severely inflamed. A burning, prickling and stinging sensation may also be present. Dryness in the throat, difficulty swallowing and high fever are other symptoms.

Belladonna – Top Homeopathic Medicine for Throat with Intense Pain and Redness

Belladonna is a top homeopathic medicine for a sore throat attended with intense pain, a red, shiny and swollen throat, enlarged and swollen tonsils, a constriction and lump felt in the throat, dryness and scraping sensation, extreme thirst and high fever.

Natrum Mur – Homeopathic Medicine for Throat with Cold and Flu

Natrum Mur is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for a sore throat with cold and flu. Natrum Mur is helpful when there is soreness and pain in the throat with a watery discharge from the nose and violent sneezing. In some cases, soreness in the nose is also present. Apart from this, dryness in throat, a sensation of a lump or splinter in the throat may be present.

Merc Sol – Homeopathic Medicine for Throat with Painful Swallowing

Merc Sol is a homeopathic medicine for throat accompanied by painful swallowing. During swallowing, shooting pains are felt in throat, ear, and tonsils. Production of phlegm, smarting sensation and heat are also felt in the throat. Along with these symptoms, profuse salivation and night aggravation of the symptoms may be present.

Other Important Homeopathic Medicines for Throat

Many medicines come under homeopathic remedies for a sore throat, and these work well to treat the symptoms as well as causes of a sore throat. The top grade medicines under homeopathy for throat include:

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic Medicine for Throat from Cold Food/Drinks

Arsenic Album is a homeopathic remedy for sore throat that develops after consuming cold food or cold drinks. The symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine include pain, swelling, and constriction in the throat. Warm beverages relieve the pain in the throat, and there may be a sensation of having a hair lodged in the throat. There may be a runny nose, with a thin, watery, burning nasal discharge with itching in the nostrils. Nasal discharges may alternate with nasal blockage, and the symptoms tend to get worse in the open air and get better indoors. Arsenic Album is a useful homeopathic remedy for sore throat and runny nose.

Hepar Sulph – Homeopathic Medicine for Throat Pain due to Cold

Hepar Sulph is a homeopathic medicine for throat that becomes sore after the person gets exposed to the cold. A pain in the throat from exposure to cold that worsens upon speaking and swallowing, the presence of a plug-like sensation in the throat, sensation of a splinter in the throat, hawking of yellow mucus, roughness and swelling of glands in the neck and fever (with chills) are the symptoms that indicate this medicine.

Merc Iod Flavus – Homeopathic Medicine for Sore Throat on Right Side

Merc Iod Flavus is a homeopathic medicine for sore throat that develops on the right side. The right side of throat (along with tonsils) gets swollen and inflamed. Tenacious mucus in throat and constant inclination to swallow, foul breath, and relief upon taking cold drinks are the symptoms that indicate the need for Merc lod Flavus.

Merc Iod Ruber – Homeopathic Medicine for Sore Throat on Left Side

Merc lod Ruber is a homeopathic medicine for sore throat that develops on the left side. There is redness, pain, and swelling in the left side of throat (including the tonsil), and swallowing liquids and solids is painful. White phlegm may be hawked out.

Bryonia Alba – Homeopathic Medicine for Throat with Cough

Homeopathic medicine Bryonia for a sore throat works well when a cough is present, along with dryness and rawness of throat. Sharp pain in the throat that gets worse upon swallowing, scraping sensation and constriction, dry, hard, hacking cough that gets worse at night are the primary features that indicate the need for Bryonia.

Phytolacca Decandra – Homeopathy for Sore Throat and Earache

Phytolacca Decandra is a homeopathic medicine for the throat when pain from throat radiates to the ear. The pain is worse while swallowing, and it is difficult to even swallow water. Main symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine are a burning sensation in the throat, a disposition to clear the throat and hawk, and a slimy white coating on the tongue. The throat may appear dark red/bluish red and the tonsils are also large, blue and congested.

Phosphorus – Homeopathic Medicine for Throat with Hoarseness

Phosphorus is a homeopathic medicine for a sore throat accompanied with hoarseness of voice. The voice gets rough and husky, especially in the evening. There may be a pain in the throat that gets worse from talking, a scraping sensation in the throat, and cough with tickling sensation are the primary symptoms. The cough is dry, harsh and racking and gets worse from talking or laughing.

Merc Sol – Homeopathic Medicine for Throat with White Spots on Tonsils

Merc Sol is a homeopathic medicine for throat when whitish spots appear on the tonsils. Ulcers on the tonsils, rawness, smarting, burning, a continual inclination to swallow, enlargement and hardness of throat glands, increased salivation, and a sore throat that worsens with a change in seasons is treated well with Merc Sol.

Argentum Met – Homeopathic Medicine for Throat and Overuse of Voice

Argentum Met is a homeopathic medicine for a sore throat that appears as a result of overuse of voice. The throat feels raw, sore and the voice becomes hoarse, with alternation in the timbre of the voice. Phlegm that is viscid, and jelly-like or gray may also be present.

Kali Bichromicum – Homeopathic medicine for Throat with Mucus in the Throat (PND)

Kali Bichromicum is a homeopathic medicine for a sore throat with PND (post nasal drip). The mucus is tough and stringy and is hawked out in the morning. A thread-like mucus draws out of the throat. The throat is red and inflamed, and the uvula gets swollen. The voice turns hoarse, ulcers may appear on the tonsils, and constant retching and cough may appear. In some cases, the Eustachian tube may get blocked that leads to difficulty in hearing.

Belladonna – Top Homeopathic Medicine for Tonsillitis

Belladonna is a top grade homeopathic medicine for tonsillitis where the tonsils are red and swollen with pain. The pain in the throat gets worse from swallowing, along with dryness. Fever may also arise. Belladonna is considered to be the first aid medicine for tonsillitis.

Wyethia Helenoides – Homeopathic Medicine for Pharyngitis

Wyethia Helenoides is a homeopathic medicine for follicular pharyngitis where there is swelling, dryness in the throat. Itching in the upper palate, a dry, elongation of the uvula, and prickling in the throat may be present.

Baryta Carb – Homeopathic Medicine for Throat – Quinsy (Peritonsillar Abscess)

Baryta Carb is a homeopathic medicine for throat that is inflammed at the tonsils. This is also known as Quinsy or peritonsillar abscess. The principal symptoms to use this medicine include inflamed tonsils with pus formation, stitching, smarting or stinging pain in tonsils, burning sensation and pain that gets worse on empty swallowing.

Sore Throat: Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of a sore throat are as follows:

  • Pain in the throat that becomes worse on swallowing food, drinks or saliva
  • Itching, irritation and scratchy feeling in throat
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Redness, swelling of the throat and tonsils along with pain
  • White patches, pus or ulcers on the tonsils
  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Coughing
  • Dryness in throat
  • Burning sensation in the throat
  • Earache
  • Nasal symptoms (like a runny nose, blocked nose, and sneezing)
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes in the neck that can be felt

Some general symptoms that accompany a sore throat are fever (with or without chills), weakness, headache and body aches.

When to see a doctor?

A sore throat is a common occurrence and clears up within a week on its own if it is not due to a bacterial infection. A physician should be consulted if:

  • A sore throat lasts for more than a week
  • There is extreme difficulty in swallowing or breathing
  • You can see pus points or white spots on the tonsils or the back of the throat
  • Excessive drooling in young children
  • Constant fever, or high fever
  • Blood in the sputum
  • Strep Throat

Strep Throat

A sore throat that develops as a result of a bacterial infection (called Streptococcus pyogenes) is known as a strep throat. It is very contagious. It most commonly affects children, but people of any age group can be affected. It can either spread through respiratory droplets of an infected person or through touching an object carrying infected droplets and then touching the mouth with same hands.

The signs and symptoms arising are a pain in the throat on swallowing, soreness in the throat, swollen red tonsils, and pus points on the tonsils. Fever, skin rash, headache, body aches and swollen/tender lymph nodes in the neck are other symptoms. A strep throat left untreated can lead to complications like rheumatic fever (an inflammatory disease involving joints, heart, skin, and brain), kidney inflammation (glomerulonephritis), peritonsillar abscess (collection of pus beside the tonsils) and mastoiditis (inner ear infection).

To confirm a strep throat, a rapid strep test or culture test or throat swab is performed to detect the presence of Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria.

Streptococcinum: Homeopathic Remedy for Sore Throat with White Spots

Streptococcinum is a homeopathic medicine for a sore throat in cases where a strep throat has developed. In case of strep throat, antibiotics are needed to avoid any further complications. Homeopathic medicine Streptococcinum can be used along with antibiotics. This medicine helps in symptomatic relief and speeds up the recovery process. The symptoms indicating the need for this medicine are redness, swelling, and constant pain in the throat and tonsils. Pus points on the tonsils, enlarged nodes in the neck, frailty, and weakness are other symptoms.

Homeopathy for Sore Throat

The conventional system of medicine indicates the use of antibiotics and painkillers for a sore throat. While painkillers can help reduce the severity and irritation that appears as a result of a sore throat, they do nothing to fix the cause of the problem. Antibiotics are only required in case of a bacterial infection.
Viruses cause many infections like colds, sore throat, coughs, and antibiotics do not work on them. Such infections typically need to run their course, and an otherwise healthy person can fight these off naturally.
Most sore throat infections clear up on their own within a week, and antibiotics play no role in the recovery.

Homeopathic medicine for a sore throat can help clear up an infection for long-term relief. These medicines also work well to treat recurrent sore throats by boosting the body’s immune system to fight the cause or infection and bring about natural recovery.
Homeopathic medicines for pharyngitis and tonsillitis help bring relief from the acute symptoms of a sore throat and also treat the tendency of recurrence. People of all ages can use these medicines safely since they do not have any toxic side effects.
It’s only in cases of strep throat that homeopathic medicine is recommended along with conventional antibiotics since strep throats can cause further complications.

How to Cure a Sore Throat Fast?

Since a sore throat causes pain and disrupts daily life, quick and easy treatments to cure a sore throat are always sought after. Some home remedies to manage a sore throat include:

  • Getting adequate rest and resting the voice
  • Staying hydrated by drinking fluids to keep the throat moist.
  • Dehydration needs to be avoided.
  • Easy to digest foods and comforting beverages like broth, green tea, warm water with honey and ginger, or ice pops can soothe the throat.
  • Gargling two to three times a day with warm salt water can help soothe the throat, reduce inflammation and prevent the worsening of infection.
  • Using a humidifier to keep the air moist, so it does not irritate a sore throat. Avoiding allergens and irritants like cleaning products and smoke from cigarettes or incense.

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  1. Godfrey Fernandez says:

    I’ve been having a sore throat for last two months. I’ve started on Homeopathy medicines but very little relief. I’m Only having irritations in my throat and wanting to always clear my throat. Feels Like Post Nasal Drip also. I’ve been Doing regular Salt water gargling. Please help.

  2. ANSHUMAN BASU says:

    I have facing two chronic decease one is sore throat and another is Muscular pain
    Muscular Pain : I am suffering these dresses from long. I have a small pain in my lower back (Both Side), Neck, Shoulder. Offen I feel pain when I Weak up in morning. My muscle are used to stiff and facing tremendous pain. I usually take pain killer for reduce my pain.
    Sore Throat : My these decease is very old . a scratchy sensation in the throat, little pain in the throat area that becomes worse when swallowing or talking difficulty swallowing. My voice muffled. coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose.
    You are requested to give suitable medicine

  3. Had bronchitis turned into painful sore throat that won’t go away

    • Please help my daughter had sore throat 3 months on amox clav fever is gone pain when swallowing gone now just lingering severe pain Thank you

  4. Please help my daughter had sore throat 3 months on amox clav fever is gone pain when swallowing gone now just lingering severe pain Thank you


  6. Sadhana dubey says:

    Sore throat,pain while swallowing, feels jam in neck , breathing problem ,burning sensation ,back pain, weakness

  7. Mohua Samaddar says:

    I have a serious throat problem. It starts pricking and that gives rise to severe cough which cannot be stopped by any means. Tears roll down from my eyes automatically.

  8. Dr Surendra Singh says:

    Acidity, excessive belching,wind in stomach, restlessness, perspiration, disturbed sleep, waking up in midnight, coughing and feeling of lump in the throat for the last twenty days. Kindly, prescribe some good remedy. Age:43 Yrs. /Male.

  9. Hello Dr.,

    I have been having acid relux issue for past 3 months now. It improves sometimes but doesnt go totally. I also feel stomach/chest pain or uneasiness. From last two days i have severe sore throat with gulping pain, feeling feverish, runny nose, some stomach pain and dryness in mouth..
    Please suggest some homeopathic dose to help. I feel very uneasy and immediately want to get over it..

  10. sneha vasoya says:

    My mother suffering from throa pain since 3 month…. she taken antibiotic nd vitamin tablet since 2 month but no any improvement
    but now i think this complain bcz of post anesthethia in treatment of dental surgery
    so give me suggest homoeopathic medicine for post anesthetic sore throat

  11. Khola Iram says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My brother is 47 yrs old and is a smoker. He is an Architect and has to talk quite a lot to instruct his staff on site. He has been suffering from sore throat for a long time with constant relapses of pain. Since the last 8 months he has constant sore throat and took three courses of antibiotics as advised by the doctors but no improvement. He get a bit better but not completely and now again he has sore throat with pain radiating to his ears. His lymph nodes get swollen too. What should be a treatment for his chronic sore throat. He often gets low grade fever with sore throat. He has dust allergy too and now wears a mask on site.

  12. Sir my son is two years old. He is having throat infection from 6 months. He is on antibiotics from 20 days still there is no improvement. Please suggest some medicine for the same. we had x-ray of his neck which shows adenoid hypertheroid. Sir please help

  13. Katherine says:

    Strep Throat
    My 9 year old daughter had strep throat which turned into scarlet fever. She had a 103 fever for 8 days and began to shut down. It was an extreme case. We ended up in the ER. It was either check her into the hospital (they give her antibiotics) or give her the antibiotics at home. We waited until the last moment. I was hoping her body would fight it off. I came down with strep 2 days ago and have been managing ok. Not great…it’s a very strong strain. But I know my system can get through it without the suppressing drugs. It’s been tough, a lot of suffering in bed. My daughter finished her last dose of amoxicillin 2 days ago. I gave her Carc 200c yesterday, 2 doses. Last night she told me she had a soar throat. She woke up in the middle of the night with a soar throat and now the soar throat is constant. I can see her energy going down. No fever yet. She’s tired and on the couch. So what do I do? I don’t have the nosode of strep A. I don’t know what remedy to give…I’m deciding between hepar sulph, phytolacca, belladonna and baryta carbonica. I have most potencies. The more time that goes by the more nervous I’m getting because I don’t want to get back to the crisis situation we were in. I NEVER give my children antibiotics unless they would die without them. This same daughter struggled with C-Diff as a two year old and I know how bad antibiotics can be for your body. Right now we are giving her oil of oregano and gargling with different substances. I need to give her the right remedy…stop guessing. I called Boiron and they said you can give more than one remedy at a time. Should I just give her a different remedy every 30 minutes. I know that’s not classical and would have never of thought to do that but at this point I’m desperate. I thought about even giving her a cocktail of different remedies. Please help…someone that really knows homeopathy and can get the right remedy…please help us.
    One other thing…She just told me, “Mom do you remember when I was really sick and I couldn’t eat because the food stung my tongue…well now it’s stinging again.”

  14. dhaneshdoshi says:

    dear doctor
    i have frequest throat infection, age 60, heavy diabities, twice insuline, 28/25 point subsequently, belly, loosing hair now a days, ,immediate hot temper, do not any arguments even he is true. taiking alopathy medicine

  15. C Sainatha reddy says:

    Sir for me split contains bloody if I squeezed to split blood coming if I wash with water no blood symptoms but when I take hot and spicy items the problem is high pls guide me always my mouth sores trouble

  16. Kishan bhatia says:

    I have recurrent cold through out the year accompanied by tonsils plz suggest a medicine

  17. S k Sachdeva says:

    Sir, I am having sore throat for last two months. English medicines have not helped. My basic problem is since childhood. I cannot eat pickles, citric fruits, ambchoor, anardana etc. If I take any of these unknowingly, I get sore throat the very next day, and sometimes with fever also. Earlier the antibiotics used to help me, but this time no help from any English medicines. Could you please advise me some effective homeopathy medicine with directions to use.
    I am S k Sachdeva and age is 66 years male

  18. respected sir
    i have some throat infection since 8 month
    sputum culture shows heavy growth of moraxella catarrhilis
    i m so worried about recurrence of this type of infection
    taken lots of allopathic medicine
    but no relief
    kindly guide me
    thank you

  19. I have irritation in throat and coughing for 2days but does not have any other symptoms

  20. PRINCE KUNAR says:

    sir, mai 8 months se horseness throat se pareshan hun, mai jyada der tak bol v nhi pata hun 1 min V sahi se bol nhi pata hu, pehle dheere v bolta tha to sound nikalti thi but ab to sound hi nhi ban pati h , aur iske liye mujhe jor se bolna parta h,
    maine av tak 4 ENT k 4 BARE BARE doctors v dikhaya but koi , sudhar nhi aya mai dawa kha kha k thak gaya hun . mai na to alcohal letA HUN AUR na hi smoking kartA hUN.
    kuch dino se hemopathic wale doctor se treatment le rha hu.
    plz help me plz plz.
    mob no.- 9507442558

    • PRINCE KUNAR says:

      sir, mai 8 months se horseness throat se pareshan hun, mai jyada der tak bol v nhi pata hun 1 min V sahi se bol nhi pata hu, pehle dheere v bolta tha to sound nikalti thi but ab to sound hi nhi ban pati h , aur iske liye mujhe jor se bolna parta h,
      maine av tak 4 ENT k 4 BARE BARE doctors v dikhaya but koi , sudhar nhi aya mai dawa kha kha k thak gaya hun . mai na to alcohal letA HUN AUR na hi smoking kartA hUN.
      kuch dino se hemopathic wale doctor se treatment le rha hu.
      plz help me plz plz.
      mai 22 saal ka hun

  21. PRINCE KUNAR says:

    sir, mai 8 months se horseness throat se pareshan hun, mai jyada der tak bol v nhi pata hun 1 min V sahi se bol nhi pata hu, pehle dheere v bolta tha to sound nikalti thi but ab to sound hi nhi ban pati h , aur iske liye mujhe jor se bolna parta h,
    maine av tak 4 ENT k 4 BARE BARE doctors v dikhaya but koi , sudhar nhi aya mai dawa kha kha k thak gaya hun . mai na to alcohal letA HUN AUR na hi smoking kartA hUN.
    kuch dino se hemopathic wale doctor se treatment le rha hu.
    plz help me plz plz.

  22. K K Ghosh says:

    I have great irritation and need to cough up hard to throw up a peanut size vulgum to fell comfortable. This happens thru out day and night. Itaggravates when in supine position. It’s epicentre on the right inside throat a little down the neck
    I’m 84 male having otherwise good health No diabetes No pulmonary or cardiac ailment EXCEPT MAJOR PROBLEM OF EXTENSIVE DEGENERATION LUMBER VERTEBRAE with L1L2. L4L5 discs completely degenerated resulting heavy compression of Sciatic nerve roots and inability to stand
    On medicines atorva celol neurobionforte forte
    Taking colchicum doesn’t help
    Kindly advice medicines so that I am skittle better and cause least discomfort to my wife. 77+
    Thanks kk Ghosh

  23. Dr.My son is 13yrs old and he was suffering from throat infection ,cold ,dry cough frequently.Tried many Allopathy medicine aswellas tried Homeopathy too.He is not completely​recovered from any medicine.It affects his studies very much who studies very well.kindly suggest a remedy.

  24. Biswajit says:

    Dr. My name is biswajit age 26 and i have been suffering chornic dry cough from the past 5-6 year. Now the condition is so irritating me and i also feel bad breath . How to cure my viral dry cough please suggest me good medicines.

  25. Ananya Basu(son- Jayshirshya Basu) says:

    My son is 7yrs old .he is suffering from fever for every 15 days interval…when he suffers in fever then in his throat there is congested feeling and many small gland is appeared in that time….how he recover from this situation…..please help me……

  26. Respected sir
    My daughter 12 years old has sore red throat. She has pain in throat and back of tongue. Difficulty in swallowing anything. Plz prescribe some medicine. I have given her belladonna 30

  27. Balbir Singh says:

    Dear sir,
    My name is Balbir Singh and I m HP and present time I m leaving in Sangrur. Dear sir last six months I got a problem and I take dozen of medicine or antibiotic.
    Last six months I suffer from cracked voice or horseness, something stuck in throat,swelling in throat,or gastic problem,and sour water come in mouth.plz tell me food precautions and which medicine in use. I also doing my endoscopy in Sangrur and doctor tell me its swelling in throat and nothing anything. He gives me some antibiotics and other normal medicine.

  28. N.V.BORE GOWDA says:


  29. Jimmy Kahn says:

    Good evening mr sharma …
    My name is jimmy… i live here in uae a year back i a normal cold and sore throat associated with it..after 3 4 days i got normal but suddenly the cold strike back and with severe throat pain after sometime cold went away but the sore throat presist and after an year i still have an sore throat. Had went through many antiboitics ,nasal medication,acidic reflux medication, had a spectum surgery as well but no improvement.. there is a infection at the back of throat which ks not healimg with any prescibed westerm medication.i have been tired of this and its affecting my life i haf every possible tests and everything came normal. I dont have any fever neither cough i can eat well and drink well but once i stop eating something swelling starts back of throat now im tired of western medication is there any solution please presscribe as there is no improvement in my condition my tonsils are nt swollon but congested whereas back wall of throat is having red bumps on both sides and it use to swell there alot will be waiting for you reply thank you

  30. Suman Dey says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am 37 years and suffering from chronic pharyngitis for last 2 years. I have taken treatment from vellore and having a gastric tablet( Nexpro 20 mg) twice daily. But not yet cure. Now I want to take homeopath medicine. Please suggest me.

  31. Subimal Barman says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am 24 years and suffering from sore throat for last years(two times on a month). When it was treated with antibiotics,it has been fully cleared but after ten to fifteen days of remedies it occurs as previous.After throat analysis it was cleared that it had caused by beta-humolytic streptococcus and my body is failed to prevent this bacteria.In this situation what can I do Sir? please reply me Sir….

  32. madhu sharma says:

    Madhu sharma age.42. Namaste sir.12 saal ki age mein kisine keri par paani pila diya se abhi tak throat mein aksar pain rehta hai.headache bhi rehta hai.

  33. Abhishek.t says:

    Dear sir
    My name is abhishek.i am suffering from throat infection whole year,thus leads to fever and burning in eyes and headache.
    Can u suggest me a homeopathic medicine which I can take regularly to get rid of my throat problem
    Thsnjing you

  34. Sore throat

  35. Kausar khursheed says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am 40 years old male. Ihad cold and cough during last week od Dec followed by chest pain and uneasiness. Specially while coughing. After having had anti biotics, I feel relieved a lot but still i feel itching in throat sometimes. specially sometime i wake up due to itchiness in throat. I still feel some pain/ pressure on the right side of chest.

  36. I have throat pain with conjuction and fever . Plz suggest me the medicine name

  37. Suffering from chronic throat irritation which sometimes go by themselves and come again .i had a course of anti allergic drugs three times prescribed by doctors but .i feel like burning sensation thre is something which is uncomfortable .it is triggered when i take some foods like maggi..pakoday.the feeling like throat is scratched during inhaling and exhaling

  38. Sir Last year I admitted in hospital for 5 days….because of tonsils…
    Last 2-3 days I have pained again in tonsils .
    Doctors say for operation ..
    Operation is only a best treatment for tonsils…


    Sir,I would like to let you know that I have been suffering from throat problem since last1year.I have problem that when I have to talk loudly I feel as if some thing is chocking my throat I do not feel pain.No irritating feelings or other problem.Iam unable to sing or carry my teachings.Looking forward for your guidance.Previously I used tobacco but left it completely,no smoking,no drinking,no ice creams,no cold drinks habit

  40. Pankaj Datta Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My daughter suffers throat infection every month. Please advise a long term course for that.

  41. Anil sabharwal says:

    My wife is suffering from cough n lot of white phlegm for d
    Last 6 months. Have taken various allopathic medicines
    But no relief. Can u please help. She is over 60 years
    Of age

  42. Pubali dutta says:

    I think I’m suffering from ignatia ,I suffer from this problem thru out winter .u m also felling feverish,whole body ache n not getting any strength.

  43. Hello. .doctor as my immune system is bcum weak from few years I tend to fall sick for little cold air any time am on some homeopathy medicines but still very sensitive for throat infection. …though taking medicines it’s not helping. …Please guide

  44. Sir, I am having frequent throat irritation, sore throat, headache, pain to swallow, discomfort in throat, burning nose with hot air, formation mucous in throat, block nose. Please help me to suggest medicine.

  45. Ejelonu chidinma peace says:

    My name is peace,am 25yrs old,am a singer,i ve a very bad sore throat,if i want to sing or talk i force it and my throat itching me a lot with ear.pls help me i want to sing again

  46. Asif Ahmed says:

    I feel some itchyness in my neck which leads to violent coughs. I am diagonised by an ent specialist and told me of my chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitis. I was given some medicines which i took ,but got relief for some days but it appeared again,. The itchy sensation and the dry cough is really very embarrasing. Please help

  47. Avais Ghauri says:

    Hi Dr.

    I always have a burning and heat sensation in throat and deep throat, It is difficult for me to swallow food as it gives a very rough feeling. I have acid reflux problem as well, my voice becomes hoarse and coughs. Please suggest homeo med.


  48. Hello dr Sharma,
    I am a female 50 yo with pharyngitis and fever for 3 days. The throat is extremely dry, and itching. J get relief from warm drinks, i am thirsty, the right side is more aching, right nostril running, mucus yellowish and thick but not much. I took hepar 200, acconite 200 and todày belladonna 200 without improvement. Please note that last year also i had the same for 2 months. It seems a difficult condition for me, the most disturbing thing is the itching of the tnroat. Swallowing is not that bad. Eyes, throat burning.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Thank you

  49. Dear Doctor,

    I am singer. But during the day I have to work in a Air conditioned office in front of the computer. Recently, i am having bad throat for a persistently. I saw a doctor and he said there are some redness in my throat. He gave some medicines, but still no avail. There is not itching or coughing. But during singing it is becoming hoarse and recently some pain in swallowing. Can you suggest what will work for me? I am 35 and weigh 88 KGs at 5 ft 8 inches height.

  50. Riyaz Shikder says:

    Dear sir
    I suffering sore throt about 3months .i feel deficulty to seweeling with dry cough.sometimes i feel pain into pharyngs and this pain move from left to right…please help me to tell the specific medicine to cure the illness.

  51. Kuresha. Pathan says:

    Hello dr suffering from chronic granular pharyngitis. I have removed my tonsils n I’m allergic please suggest me proper treatment for the same.

  52. Dear Dr. Sharma

    Good Morning!

    This is Aamir here in Saudi Arabia. My son, age 2 years as per physicians suffering with chronic throat infection.
    At the age of 1 he suffered with high fever and after treatment got well but from past 4 months he is getting high fever regularly after 1 week or 2. He is refusing to eat any thing even to take milk (or with very less qty).
    Before 1 month he admitted in hospital because of above mentioned and got well with a week of treatment. This time he had jerks and felling down. It happend 20 times in 5 hours approximately.
    Yesterday fever returned and we rush to hospital, story was the same, high fever with sweat on head, high body temperature and twice he jerked. Dr. told us he have throat infection. Just try to increase his weight (at present 11 kg) because he is getting diseases because of low weight.
    We took medicines Paracetamol and an antibiotic medicine but these medicines are covering with few hours of relief.
    ER test is taken for this reasons and infection got balanced all test are normal even Spinal Fluid Test is also performed but normal.

    You are requested to reply by return e-mail with suitable medicines.

    Thank you in advance.

    All Regards

  53. verne crain says:

    hi I had a bad sore throat and gargled with listeren original and in a day it was gone.i figured if it kills germs in the mouth should work on my throat and it did

  54. Sudhakar Panchavati says:

    Dear Dr.
    I underwent rapid arc radiation treatment for my cancer disease two months back and now I am able to take soft solid food items since last 10 days. The prescribed period of return to normalcy as told by authorities is over. But, still I am experiencing
    son uneasiness in taking some of the solid items of food as I feel sore throat and some times with cough at nights and dry
    Mouth with thick sputum though I took some expectorant Cough syrup.
    Please help me in getting relieved of the problem through Homeopahthy System of medicines as no medicines were suggested to
    use after the radiation treatment.
    Please help me in this regard.

  55. l am a 46 year oldman and l removed tonsillitis in june 2016, l get an inflamation on the base of my tongue or the laryngis. l have pain on the base of my throat, chest esp my the right side, arms and on my knees.
    The pain seem to be dormant except when l make an emotion
    I have limited power when moving things as my arms are sore.
    What could l be suffering from?

  56. I have persist soreness in throat but when I eat something or take water I feel better gargle create more soreness

  57. My son is suffering from cough. It increases after sunset. He is 8years old. He often has this problem. He had fever also from last sunday. But fever has subsided. I gave him mox kid for five days. His throat is red. Tonsil is swollen. Please suggest as he could not attend his school also for last five days. Even now he is coughing. Pls reply soon

  58. Bankim Chandra Barman says:

    Throat problem entered after fever &slight cough. My throat problems are- irritation ,punch hit;something pain,swallow problem,weakness.

  59. Rajendra Das says:

    Dear, sir i’m problem is abou throt is sore &hoarorsness since10months.after sleping & eating food i have me how to cure.

  60. Respected dr,
    I m 32 years old.. Suffering from throat infection and its happening with me since my childhood.. Even i have problem with dust because of dust i have to suffer alot..
    Please i asure to recommend me proper medicines
    Thank you soo much

  61. Mohammadgous.Mulla. says:

    Respected Doctor. I am suffering from cold throught infection body pain and mild fevor during cold and winter please suggest me homeopathic medicine.

  62. Sunil dubey says:


    My father was seriously suffered from esophagus cancer last two months , after taken homeopathic medicine last twenty days he is eating food without any problem but some problem facing in harness in voice.
    Can possibilities of medicine ? Or any other reason .

  63. a. vidyasagar says:

    I am aged 68 years. i experience recurring sore throat problem. if i soeak continuously for five minutes my throat gets soar. as off now there is no liquid or solidgulping problem. there is lot of discomfort in throat. please suggest suitable homeo medicine and in what strength and frequency medicine has to be taken. regards, vidyasagar.

  64. I started with a chesty cold a lot of coughing the chest is improving but my throat is dry and sore I have some homeopathic medicines in but don’t which one to take I also suffer from Sjogrens

  65. I only feel soar throats and wekness as well.
    fever is also feeling.
    I dont feel pain in swelling
    willing to stay on bed.
    eyes are red.
    I have also allergy like catchup, tomato & cold water

    • Asitbaran Banerjee says:

      My symptoms:Mild fever for more than 1month. Pain in joints, in ankles. Weakness.
      Sorethroat at intervals. Antibiotics not works.
      Recurrent attack of fever with joint pain after mating with my wife. More saliva.
      Please suggest me homeo medicine for such condition.

  66. sir prefer me a remedy for sore throat cause due to change in drinking water and climate change.

  67. sahadev meher says:

    I suffering from phyrangittis since 9 month, please give me suggestions for cure

  68. jatin panchal says:

    Hi sir, i am jatin panchal my age is 26 years suffering from pharangytis n upper nostril cough due to same from past 6 years. I am fed up of taking anti biotics n paracetomal tablets for the same. I also had stroke last year n due to which several blood purifier medicines like homochek , ecosprin 150, atorvastatin . Also with same several psychaitric medicimes for depression due to stroke are also there.. with so many tablets at a time it is caausing me weakness sleepy and bad digestion.. so please me some homoepathic meducines to overcome this alopathy medicines… As they are aaalso showing some sife effects , and m fed up of that.. pls help me..

  69. Avinash Chandra says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My wife is suffering from sore throat from last 7 days. She is taking Tulsi and Honey regularly, could you please suggest a suitable homeopathic medicine for this.


  70. Good evng sir/ madam

    I have to sing a song in an audition day after tomorrow.
    I m a right now having sore throat, hoarseness in voice…
    Is there any medicine to get quick relief as soon as possible??.

    Kindly help ..

  71. Sakina Hirani says:

    Hi I m suffering from sore throat last 2 months fed up cold n flu is also there all whitish upper part of my mouth n dryness in my throat dnt no wat to do pls help me

  72. Hello sir,
    By profession, I am lecturer. Since october 2015 till Jan 2016, I observed a constant pain (itiching) in my throat. After endoscopy, I came to know that there is little nodule on my vocal cords. Later, instead of doing surgery, I had taken ayurvedic medicines which gave me relief for next three months. But suddenly since June 16, I am sufffering same problem.

    kindly advice me that which medicine should I take, which will relieve my throat pain forever.

  73. Sahadev Meher says:

    sir i suffering from epiglotitis since four month please suggest me for treatment

  74. Mwiti Njau says:

    Hi Doc. I have a mild sore throat since January this year. I had an endoscopy and diagnosed GERD. The omeprazole does not relieve. what do I do.

  75. Bharar Nayyar says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Good evening.

    My age is 40 years. I have sore throat. Its paining a lot along with caugh. It leads to watery eyes because of pain and also my nose started blowing inbetween (water starts coming from nose).
    When I swallow something it too pains a lot.
    Till now there is no fever but my history says that if same symptoms continue for around 2-3 days I may start fever too.

    Please advise me good medicine which will help me to get rid of sore throat.

    Thanks in advance.

  76. Sakina Hirani says:

    I m suffering from sore throat from one month dnf knw wat to do constantly feeling to clear d throat n loss of voice n little fever n feeling cf n dryness in d throat n also lack of sleep n upper mouth has become white

  77. debidas nanda says:

    i from mumbai , india
    repeatation of throat pain occours while taking sour curd / sour fruits
    after taking homeo medicine –it cures may be for some days again occours while consuming curd , sour fruits

    pls advice

  78. Hi Dr.Sharma….
    My name is Rabia…..I am very much concerned about my 8 year old son.For almost 2 years time…he is having a steady condition of clearing his throat…it feels as if there is mucus in his throat that does not come out from the mouth or the nose whatsoever…but in a duration of 10 mins time..he may make this sound 3or 4 times as he is trying to get out something from his throat and he does it with a lot of power that all of us around him feel so irritated..This particular state is the most in early morning as he wakes up and than as the day goes by…it setteles down a bit..but it remains there….one more thing…he doesnt drink cold water at all..but if he eats ice cream or any other cold thing this situation worsens even more..with a condition of flue as well..but when flue is gone..its the noise or the irritation in his throat.that stays there…plz help me and tell me what homeopathic medicine can be helpful in this situation
    .let me also clarify that in this whole thing…his nose stays mucus in the nose.

  79. Mariam Shaikh says:

    Hello doctor, I am 45 suffering from chronic sore throat followed by coughs with phlegm and dry cough. I took phosphorous for 3 days but still no relief. Can you please suggest some remedy. Thanks.

  80. Shakti Malik says:

    Sir I’m suffering from chronic pharyngitis since last 17 years. I used to gargle which soothes the throat. Eating sour things aggravate the condition. Also I have been operated earlier for polypoidal nasal. Plz suggest homoeo rx

  81. Bismark Twene says:

    DR please I have been experiencing some burns in my throat for almost two years now. i have taken it to hospital several times but no avail,I have been gargling with solution but I didn’t see any changes.Mostly I feel the burns after I have finished eating . So Dr please help me.

  82. I am 40 yrs old,my inner throat contains some 4-6 granules like structure and when cold and cough condition the granules are bulges also blood capillaries are dilated within the inner throat .Sir Is it possible to cure it but how it is possible?Advice me please please please…………

  83. last 7 days i have sore throat problem its paining and having dry caugh mostly in midnight and not able to speak my voice can not come out properly. And when i am on my bad my noise will block in one side.

    Will you please recommend some Medicine.

    Arti Sarwan

  84. Shivani says:

    Chronic throat infection with terrible pain while swallowing liquid. Patient is 1.5 year old child. Very high temperature

  85. tejinder kaur says:

    Hai sir please tell me medicine I am suffers from allergy cold and sore throat.

  86. Kranti Kumar says:

    Dear sir

    i have five year Daughter. she has cough problem in the night mostly. i concern with ENT doctor but he says that her wind pipe and Eating Pipe nine very close

    Will you please recommend some homoeopathic Medicine.

    Kranti Kumar

  87. Dear Sir,
    I have itching problem in my throat while taking louder. It gets normal after having some water.
    However there is no pain .
    Can i take Capsicum annuum.

    Plz suggest.

  88. Kul Prasad gautam says:

    Sir,i am suffering from throat pain since last December.
    Will you please recommend me some homoeopathic
    I have already use antibiotics many times.
    Thank you

  89. shivam shukla says:

    Sir,i am 28 years old and i have a regular problem of infection in throat which leads to jukham and some fever…it lasts about 6-7 days…and almost every month i am facing this kind of problem..normally the weather changing affects me a lot….what should i do…please prescribe some regular homeopathic medicine….thank you…

  90. Amit kumar says:

    I am suffering from throat allergy and sinus for about 10 yaers

  91. Dear Doctors
    I am writing it with deep pain as my Daughter and I have to face throat infections regularly.m problem is ..I am dust want to tell you that this time my Daughter have two acute throat infections.with anibiotics first infection vanish but soon she got second infection and again was again givin antibiotic but this time she was with enlarged lymph node.she was on antibiotics for 10 days.
    So far as my case is concerned I had throat infection and cough .with gurgles and ballad one and merc sol I some how control it but I got cough and body ache.i when coughing also seen white pustules which I throw out during deep coughing.niw it is about more then one month that I was having cough with sputum.but now from yesterday evening again throat infection.
    Please help me as my kids are small and I donot want them to get infection from me.

  92. Dr himanshu pasari says:

    Recurrent sore throat problem
    Granular pharangitis

  93. VINOD JAIN says:

    Pain in the throat. Feeling of blockage in the throat. Constant nasal drip due to chronic sinusitis.

    • shyamal bhattacharjee says:

      feel something likeball in the throat need swallow contineously to clear. no pain& nodifficulty to swallow solid or liquid food but after completion of eating huge white mucus comes out with a bommiting . i am suffering from athyroid nudle disease(begnine). thyroid hormone normal. iwant to get relief from throat trouble.

  94. nitish biswas says:

    sir i am in teaching profession since long time and allergic with cold,dust and humid air suffering with sever throat problem, there is secretion like white part of egg. Problem increases if i use rice and curd and in the inner part of throat small reddish type pimples like homeopathic globules feel congestion in lungs also please suggest me any effective medicine.

  95. SUBRATA ROY says:

    very often i am suffering throat pain,increase my throat gland and became fever when weather change or take cold water.Every weather change I am trouble fever,throat pain then take many antibiotic medicine .Please advice me in homeopathy medicine with does. I think it is cold allergy or tonsillitis.Wait for your valuable reply as soon as possible sir.
    Thanks & regards
    Subrata Roy

  96. Sohail Akhtar says:

    sir I m suffering from last 15 years chronic disease in following manners:
    1. Mixillary Sinusitis
    2. throat infection…burning mucus in throat
    3. Catarrh running in throat every time
    4. Running mucus in both side of nose
    5. acidity problem in stomach
    6. water deposit in mouth in every time.

    I used many antibiotic medicine but in vain.
    sir kindly help me in this regard. I m too much worried about my health.
    God bless you.
    sohail akhtar
    sir u can recommend medicine on whatsapp on

  97. Mohammad anas says:

    Sir, I have read all these 5 homeopathic medicine given above but i am unable to understand which one i should use.
    sir i am a chronic sufferer of throat infection.
    I am totally broken of not getting over my throat problem. There is irritation in my throat, white coated tongue, inflammation in the throat, tonsils swelled a bit with yellow dots.
    I have tryd many anti biotics but they all have got resistant.
    i had my throat swat culture…it showed staphylococcus ssp.
    after 6 month i again had a culture test but is shows no pathogen.
    Sir i m really very much affected by it.. please help me sir

  98. rushikesh swami says:

    sar mere galeme chti gath ho gai he

  99. Farzana hanif says:

    1- Catches cold and cough very quickly. 2- High fever comes on aswell. 3- Chest is normally clear of mucus however in the throat mucus fall like a river. 4- Breathing with high sound and due to blockage in the nose have to breath from the mouth during sleeping specially. 5- Have to use a lot of nasal drops to open the passage for breathing during the day and night. 6- Dr’s after checkup have diagnosed as severe inflammation of adenoids and recommends surgery.

    This is the condition of my grand daughter pls tell us the medicine….thanks a lot

  100. Hi there
    I yearn for the day when someone can really understand what I have been experiencing for the past 5 years. I have been suffering from a hoarse throat for over 7 years and have constantly been told by ent specialists that there’s nothing wrong. 3 years ago they said they’ve found a cyst and needed to operate. They operated within a month of finding the cyst. Since then, the only thing that has improved is my pitch. My voice has absolutely no power, I am constantly in pain and it alway feels like there’s a film around my vocal chords that’s restricting my voice. In addition I can speak for very long as the pain gets worse and I certainly cannot sing anymore which is causing me so much distress. I also have tonsil stones occasionally. I went back to the dr and they keep telling me that I need to relax and keep gobong me breathing and vocal exercises which I have been doing religiously and nothing has changed. Can you help me please? I am so desperate to sing again, to open my voice and hear that melodious sound again. Is there anything different that you can tell me please? Thank you

    • Brightmoon says:

      Please try energy healing. The problem may not be physical at all, it could be mental, emotional or spiritual in nature and needs to be addressed by a qualified energy healer. Good luckTry getting help from and energy healer. Your problem may not be physical in nature it may be emotional, mental or spirtual in which case you need to seek out a qualified enrgy healer. Good luck.

  101. Pl suggest remedy for mucus raising like ball in throat

    after sleeping.

  102. DrAjoyTripathy says:


  103. Sandeep Tyagi says:

    I have been suffering from allergic bronchitis, sinus and sore throat for last 5 years and feel burning in the bronchial tubes. Exhaling gives immediatly cough, but now after homoepathic treatment I get some relief. Nowadays I feel a layer of phlegm in the throat which some times comes out to give some relief but with coughing the soreness and red dots on roof of throat increase and I also feel of mucus of cold coming down from nose to throat. Soreness of throat is aggrevatee by cold, sour, oily and milk made item like sweats

  104. nirmalrajbhandari says:

    My throat is very sensitive to imli, vinegar, lemon, oranges ,grapes, ketchup. There is lot of pain while swallowing. It is chronic, and becomes more frequent when stressed, and also hv problem of acidity, and it aggravates soar throat (pharyngitis).I hv already been operated for tonsils. Throat becomes red and infection is followed by fever , no desire to drink water.
    Please advise me the homeopathic medicine along with potency and dosage.

    • Joseph Nyirongo says:

      Hey, I hope my text find you in good health. Dr I want to know have I done this right to stop my son is taking erythromycin dosage after taking it for 3day and start giving him azithral 200 I did so because the sore throat have done him bad even in the mouth. Kindly advice or after azithral 200 can I continue with erythromycin

    • Hi Nirmal
      Did you find a cure?

  105. sahil sharma says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 29 yrs old. I have been suffering from chronic granular pharyngitis and tonsillitis for the past two months. I get Bach ache in the morning when i cough it aggravates. It goes back to normal within half an hour of getting up. I tried allopathic medicines for a month with no relief. There is irregular stinging pain two three times a day for a few seconds just above the collar bone in the triangular deep area. When I poke it seems a bit stretched but goes back to normal in a few minutes. I was a heavy smoker and I have cut down on my smoking. I got married recently. And I am a bit stressed due to this daily routine of random pinch in the neck. When I worry about it a lot, I get acidic stuff when I try to cough in the morning. Since I stopped taking antibiotics the pain reduced for about 3 weeks now. I am taking stodal syrup two to three times a day and gargle with calendula officinals. Sorry for the long post. Could you please suggest.

  106. Uma Kulkarni says:

    My daughter, 4 years old was down with throat infection 3 weeks ago and was on antibiotics for 5 days. She just recovered but again had earpain and fever due to otitis media. She was given the same antibiotic dose for 5 more days she is fine now. However has again started complaining of discomfort in her throat and a sense of something stuck in. Please advise suitable remedy for this issue. Antibiotic dosage ended 2 days ago. She has no other issues except this one as I f now.

  107. Satyanarayana T V says:

    of late, Very frequently I get soar throat. I feel mostly because of Oil and cold items. Can you suggest some constitution remedy to get rid of this permannently.

  108. dr.g.varalakshmi says:

    namaste sir ,
    sir i am having sore throat chronic with mouth ulcer both right and left i did blood test my age 42 with 10.8 hb Esr 38mm/hr with no thyroid for two years i am having gerd. i used fp 6x, mercso l 1 m, km 6x indly suggest your opinion

  109. abhay jalote says:


    I am suffering from external piles. I had colonoscopy 2 years before and Doctors did not find anything inside. I have problem of hard stools (only the tip or first part) and basically that triggers which goes for days. I have used lots of over the counter ointments, cream etc. but didn’t help much…Please advise.

  110. Amit aggarwal says:

    Suffering from throat irritation since two days. Slight body pain and dullness. Mocous coming from throat – sometimes thick white and sometimes light green. Right nose congested. Recurring sore throat and sinus every 15 days.

  111. Irritation in throat, always attempt to get clear, right side irritation more than left. Heavyness in chest difficult in swallow, sound in breathing while on bed some time difficult to breath

  112. Sir,
    My throat is very sensitive to imli, vinegar, lemon, oranges ,grapes, ketchup. There is lot of pain while swallowing. It is chronic, and becomes more frequent when stressed, and also hv problem of acidity, and it aggravates soar throat (pharyngitis).I hv already been operated for tonsils. Throat becomes red and infection is followed by fever , no desire to drink water.
    Please advise me the homeopathic medicine along with potency and dosage.

  113. Amera Hamid says:

    I have a family history of allergies. My throat is extremely sensitive to citric acid….lemon juice, oranges, Imli, ketchup etc. I get nasty cough with flem and sometimes the throat hurts. Kindly suggest a homeopathic medicine.

  114. Abhinav Iyer says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I found your article on CURING CHRONIC SORE THROAT WITH HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES very helpful.

    I am a choir singer and am constantly facing the issue of sore throat due to over ise of the vocal chords.

    I found that you have given in the article that i neeed to use PHOSPHORUS. Can you please help me with the potency and the dosage on urgent basis as I have a concert to attend.

    Your urgent help will be highly appreciated


    Abhinav Iyer

    Kindly reply to my mail as well. 🙂

  115. Tapas Sengupta says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am 50 year old healthy man with no apparent disease.But at every change of saeson I catch cold.
    It starts with running nose. (No cough or chest congestion).And by overnight it thickens.
    Mucous are formed during sleep.Nose and throat gets dry.
    The worst part is that the mucous blocks the Eutachian Tube, which effects my hearing.
    This aggrevates more while working inside the office, for long hours, in the a/c.
    But while outside under the sunshine I feel better.
    The blockage is tremendous, which gives a total dumbness feeling.
    This feeling stays for 10 -14 days only when the mucous comes out, there is no relief.
    Generally, I drink water a lot.Please suggest some medicine short term and long term.
    My mob; 9820403917.

    • sir,
      My age is 52.I suffer from cough and cold
      which reoccures with in short time. i feel that my chest and back is cold despite wearing woolen throat becmes sore. there is nose flow and sneezing. not always but some time i feel thirsty.
      please advise some good homo medicines.

  116. samir miglani says:

    Have a sensation of something stuck in my throat. .phobia of eating nuts nonveg pills for fear of getting stuck. Perpetual sore throat..cough starts after eating food. Nèed to constantly clear throat. Feel better after vomiting. Also sometimes mucus comes out it has dust particles..taking kali carbonicum 30 helped cough but filing of lump and food stuck always there. Taking eltroxin for lady 18 years. 100 and 75 mcg. Taking carbon veg n robina for acidity.

  117. Shahid Shakeel says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from severe throat infection for the last month, my throat condition is very worst. I am feeling severe stinging pain, roughness and sensation as niddle is pricking in the throat during swallowing even liquid also. My throat is very dry and constant cough( non-stop). I hold my throat with both hand to control cough but in vain. During coughing I feel as my heart is in iron hand.
    I went to Allopathic Doctor, he prescribed englis medicines ” Clarithromycin 500mg bid, Ciprofloxacin 500mg bid, Paracetamol 2tabs tds and expectorat syp 2spoon tds. I bought these medicines but did not use them, because I want to use homoeopathic medicines due to non-side effects. Please prescribe homoeopathic medicines being a Doctor, I am so worried, please help me.

  118. munnalal yadav says:

    i am suffering from throat pain for last 1 1\2 yr
    pain increase after eating of 5 to 10 minutes.
    i have endoscopy of throat and stomach but nothing found by dr.sometime i feel dry nose breathing difficulty also .
    while sleeping i feel pressure on my neck and behind the ears or even bending down to pick anything from ground
    please suggest i am tiered of taking alopathic medicine.

  119. Quasim M Bookwala says:

    Dr. I am suffering from cough for the past more than 6 months. I am diebetic and the Dr. Says that the cough could be because of irritation due to body heat. Please help.

  120. Hi Dr. I’ve had this sore throat fo five months now have tried everything don’t know what to do anymore help!!!

  121. Deepak Gupta says:


    last 15 day’s i am suffering with chronicle throat problem and due to this i am facing loss of voice problem also.

    last 3 to 4 day’s i am taking THROAT-AID homeopathy tab.

    requesting you to please advise some good medicine to correct my loss of voice problem because i am heading & working under customer care division and it is very difficult to me to avoid customers calls

    requesting you please advise.

  122. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am getting a consistent feeling that some air bubble is stuck in my throat. First I thought that it may be due to gas but after a bit of more examination i found that is because of tonsil (both sides) swelling. There is no pain and any other issues except that it is very irritating due to throat block type feeling. Due to the stuck feeling, it is very annoying and a bit of restless too. It aggravates in AC and a bit better but hardly improves on hot drinks.

    Could you suggest some remedy for it.

  123. Marcia Conti says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, For the last two weeks, I have had an upper respiratory condition. During the day I feel like I am getting better, but then my throat starts to hurt again.. It is like a chronic sore throat with coughing up plegmn. When I do not have congestion my throat is still sore with a chronic burning sensation, & sometimes feel like the throat is starting to close, very scary. I have never had my tonsils out I am a female & 71 yrs. old. Any suggestions as to what I should do. Thank you

  124. Ashis Kumar Paul says:

    I have pain in talking at present. I suffered from chronic sore throat for more than six months. I have been treated many doctor in alopathy and also homeopathy. But Problem of talking with loud voice is painful till now. I have no pain at the time of eating and drinking. I have quite pain at the time of rest time. Please advice me to relief from the said disease. Whether it is causes of Smoking. I have some habit of smoking.

  125. c.tekhil,arunachal pradesh(india) says:

    sir since 2009,august I’m having pharyngitis,which gives me lots of trouble. I feel like something is sticking at the bottom of my throat. it badly affect my normal life.what would I do to get cured from such disease.sir plez advice me.I feel no pain while swallowing n drinking.

  126. Dr.Sahib. from last five or six months a liquid from nose is falling on throat in the morning time.
    Kindly suggest some medicine for treatment.

  127. AMIT AGRAWAL says:


  128. I m sufaring throat pain, even etching, and dry left side down since last one year, plz homeo treatment.

  129. Sir,
    I have chronic pharyngitis for last 2 years. I have allergy towards dust,smoke. My tonsils are normal,but i find it difficult to drink normal water.It feels something has stuck in my throat and i want to clear it. I feel relief when it is warm around or in the throat. I feel very dry cough and when i sneeze i feel something in my throat. I protect myself from cold as it gets worse with cold. It subsides at times and then reoccurs. My chest and nose xray p.a. Showed mild sinusitis and mild bhronchitis. I have tried antibiotics doze five times..but all failed. Kindly suggest medicine for me

  130. I m suffering from a sore throat, its been a year, i can eat or move but when the pain struck, i feel like im dying, its very painful, pliz help m

  131. Neelesh Dhir says:

    Sir I always suffer from sore throat due to this problem I cant even swallow water and food due to pain.This only happens if I use to take any cold and lemon.One drop of lemon is poison to me due to this I get fever also.Sir kindly suggest the medicine for my problem.Regards.

    • Bro i am also sufferingfrom the same problem god know what is contact me ao we can jointly tackle the problem ashan haji 9819023281

      • Bro i am also sufferingfrom the same problem god know what is contact me ao we can jointly tackle the problem 9819023281

  132. My father is suffering from chronic throat problem what kind of medicine you can prescribe

  133. Genius lohany says:

    Hello sir, my name is genius Lohany there is a burning pain in my throa, tong I feel this every day and I think there is also an infection in my throat so what medicine should I have to cure this problem

  134. i am suffring from my right shoulder very pain. I am 25 years old. so what should I do?

  135. Amit Sahoo says:

    I have throat problem to right sight within 2 month. I took many elopathic medicine.But I am not better. Then i take homeopathic medecine Baryta carb 200 . but not improvement of my throat problem .
    Dr. Please tell me which medicine .

  136. Hi,
    I have had a sore throat for over a week. Went to Urgent Care last week and the preliminary strep test was negative. Hate to take antibiotics if I don’t have to, but need your opinion. Started homeopathic meds yesterday and it definitely felt better yesterday. Took Sulpher, Ignatia, and “Roxalia” with Amica Montana, Arum triphyllum and Belladonna among others in the ingredients. Woke up this morning with tender left glands (I sleep on my left side – could be draining). Still burns when I swallow. Should I go to Urgent Care again today for another test and antibiotics or is there something else you would do.

  137. I have a problem of sore throat for about a year due to which I have lost my original voice and my voice has gone I can’t speak loudly and my voice is very soft due to it.So what remedy will cure me??

  138. rajesh kumar gupta says:

    मुझे करीब 8 सालों से Phrayngitis है। कभी कभी यह ज्यादा होने पर दवाई लेता था। इधर कुछ दिनों से बोलने पर मेरा गले में जलन होती है। सूखा कफ निकलता है।जब कम बोलता हूँ तो गला नहीं लहरता। कृप्या मुझे दवाई बतायें।

  139. adarsh ranaut says:

    I am suffering from sore throat for past 5 years. I cant take cold drinks panipuri and sweets. Dr. diagnose allergic cough and sore throat. They gave me antiboitics. please help me out.

    • Recurrent sore throat with fever. Generally on taking cold water or cold drink or ice cream . Tonsils already operated 23 years back.
      Age 31 years (male)

  140. amresh kumar sinha says:

    I have been suffering from hemoptysis from the bronchitis year 2010. past h/o TB 20 yrs before. took medication for 9 months. at a time treatment in A.I.I.M.A Delhi and Patna. both are no TB but hemoptysis in cantinue dt. 17/3/12- two episode, 12/07/12- two episode,13/01/14- one episode,26/03/14-two episode,03/04/14-two episode,09/05/14-one/two episode,18/08/15-one/two episode,31/08/18-one episode and 19/09/15- fives episode, at a time (1) HAMAMELIS 30
    (2) Arjuna + cactus g+cretaceous ox Q . so you are requested please kindly suggest a medicine. eat lick-sweets . all time conjusted chest and throat.

  141. sir, i have been suffering from sore throat/ hoarseness for last 5 months and i have tried many medicines but the result is not satisfactory. plz help me out.

  142. satya prasad says:

    I have been suffering from allergic bronchitis and sore throat for the last 18 yrs. Consulted many allopathic as well as homeopaths. But it is recurring by change of place, food, stress etc. Throat becomes very reddish. Unable to talk or breathe during that time. Feel burning in the bronchial tubes. Exhaling gives immediate cough. sore throat with cold is hell for me. kindly suggest a medicine.

  143. my daughter aged about 7 year and she is suffering throat infection with cough and frequently this infection has been recurr. Her uvela has been engarged at that time.
    Please prescribe some medicine for her.

  144. sir I have been suffering from throat infection from my childhood, there is cough like material behind the tonsil of my throat. sir, please recommend some good and effective homeopathic medicine so I can get cured

  145. AMIT VASHISHT says:

    respected Dr. Sharma. My name is Amit Vashisht I am 58 Yrs and i have a sore throat repeats very quickly some time burning sensation some time lump fealing. Please prescribed me some medicine. i am a smoker.

  146. AMIT VASHISHT says:

    respected Dr. Sharma. My name is Amit Vashisht I am 58 Yrs

  147. Birajbanik says:

    D/Doctor I have been suffering from phryngitis for more than 25 years.please give me your valuable advice

  148. R Raghunand says:

    I want to know which homeo medicine to take for relief from sore throat. Thank you.

  149. Reshma Advani says:

    i am mucus which keep running from nose it’s fine but when the same mucus comes through the mouth I get bad cough I want to know if I take Herper sulphur. & Belladona for few days will
    This help as long yrs ago I was treated with this as mucus stop accumulating in my body. Hence my cough was stopped

  150. vijay arora says:

    Resp Dr Saahab

    My name is Vijay arora and I am 56 years old. For the last 2- 3 months I have been experiencing constant , bearable pain in the throat. I have a long history of smoking too. I have shown it to a couple of allopathic doctors who have given anti-biotics but no real relief. They have done some test ( FB Sensation ) and found some nodules on the vocal cord. They say that there is nothic to panic about the nodules and one can live with it. Of course, there is a cure in Homeopathy for nodules they advised. Pl prescribe some suitable homeo medicines which can cure the throat problemes permanently – especially can cure the ill effets of years long smoking and can even prevent even threat of Throat Cancer or similar complex problems by regular use Also please advise whether taking Homeo medicines in liquid form ( single or a mixture of liquids ) or with the popular while pils . I will be really greatful to you Sir. Regards – vijay

  151. RAJAT TANWAR says:

    I am suffering with acute chronic pharyngitis, under allopathic treatment. after tking high doses of antiboitics, i.e. amoxyline etc. for about 15 days, I got relief. doctor told me that antiboitics are not working now. please advise me treatment in homeopathy or alternate medicine. regards.

  152. mohit verma says:

    respect sir , i have pain in my throat more left side of neck . i cause after month. please help me out which medicine i should take.

  153. rishabh saxena says:

    hello doc,

    i have a problem regarding my mother she is very weak and under weight she is allergic to aloepathic medicines most of them causes her anxiety problems and restlessness ,actually my mother has some nerves problem due to which her legs are so stiff that she can hardly finish her day to day work she is a housewife and i hope u understand how it feels , she,s been precribed some aloepathic medincines like nervz-g , duloxee 30, folvite for life time but the problem is that these medicines causes her anxiety and restlessness as if her BP goes down after taking these medicines ,secondly her nervous system is very weak due to prolonged weakness so i would like you to suggest some homeopathic medicine that can strengthen her nervous system and for her legs too so that she can walk properly like us ,her age is 60 and she has no other problem like thyroid diabetes etc


  154. I am 16 years old. I have severe throat infection which comes up every 8/9 months. It gives burning sensation, redness and difficulty in swallowing including liquids. At times it chokes and leads to difficulty in breathing. Also in mornings, I have wet nose and feel bit cold routinely.

    In Oct 2014 I have been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and taking Ayurvedic treatment for the same. Earlier I was on steriods till March 15 (predesolone)

    May be as a combined effect of these I have pain in left leg (have to drag while walking) and right upper arm ( unable to write) for last 1 week. Also I have pain in back at shoulders and righ left side of back bone at 5 points.
    Pl suggest.

    Thx & regards,

  155. AngelaMt says:

    Всем привет! Ребят если кому нужно Снять дома, коттеджи, частный сектор, квартиры, эллинги, пансионаты, номера люкс, в Феодосии, Коктебеле, Приморском, Береговом, Новом свете, обращайтесь всё напрямую и без замарочек пишите на почту отвечу Всем!

  156. P K Patnaik says:

    Dear Sir,
    My mother,age72,diabetic,quite often suffering from sore throat(voice down) without infection,this is manifested when exposure to cold.Play advise.

  157. Chengappa H.m says:

    Sir,frm one month i am facing throat infection,meanz ai feel uncomfortable in throat,feelz like,something stuck in throat,n smtym vn ai cough and spit vl come out the gelly type cough,cn yu plz gve precaution for that

  158. N RAMACHANDRAN says:

    Dear Doctor. I am a SINGER. Age 65 years. Many a times while singing I find hardshness. i am at times not able to maintain melody due to sudden harshness in voice or voice cracks. Can You suggest a very good homeopath medicine & dosage. Also with the onset of monsoon I am prone to COLD / COUGH & no fever. Any HOMEOPATH MEDICINE TO AVOID COLD COUGH.

    can I have GARLIC GINGER when I am under HOMEOPATH TREATMENT

    I am from MUMBAI


  159. Balvinder Singh Ghotra says:

    I am suffering from chronic sore throat problem. I feel as if some foreign element has got stuck in my throat and i have to make several light coughing attempts to clear my throat. Its occurrence becomes severe during changes in weather and movement in the open air spaces. I dont feel pain in throat due to this type of sore throat — it is more of a nuisance than an ailment (I feel embarrassed to make coughing sounds in a sort of a chain in the presence of otger people)

    I also catch cold during changing weather or during my mivements in the open-air spaces. But the cold gets controlked on its own after a short while. However sonetines I have to take citrazin to get instant relief from long-lasting fit of cold.

    At present my age is 56 yrs. But i have been facing this problem ever since my early childhood.

    Please help me.

  160. kareemulla says:

    Dear Sir (Dr Sharma)

    I am currently living in the UK. Here its hard to find good homeo doctors and/or medicines. Luckily I found your website more useful and found the opportunity to contact you.

    I have constant recurrence of sore throat with scratching feeling, feeling swollen sensation while swallowing food, a bit itching. Its coming and going. I don’t have fever or swollen tonsils. But I use to suffer from cold constantly a few months ago.
    I have used ‘Amoxicilin’ for 7 days(doctor told me to use). But there is no improvement.

    Please suggest me homeopathic remedy/medicine and the reasons for this.
    Looking forward to your kind reply.

    kind regards

  161. aamirmanzoor says:

    Dry cough with constant irritation in left side of sore throat. Hard to talk. Taking herbal joshandas teas, honey etc but irritation and session of cough does not go away.Four days has passed. I am an accountant feel very embarrassment due to heavy loud cough with tears in my eyes . please suggest medicines
    a lot of regards.
    aamir manzoor

  162. vivek kumar says:

    Sir I am suffering from gas heart burn burp some times very sore.I feel something cremping in my stomach.I used NOx com 30 and feel relief now I feel burp sore uncomfortable after breakfast when I go for work after 11 o clock and till about 2 and 3 of clock. After that I started feeling better at night I am feeling uneasyness uncomfortable disturbed .is it good to continue nux com 30

  163. Pranaj Basumata says:

    Sir I have been suffering from throat infection since last January 2015 and I am taking medicine named Taxim250 . Would plz advice me

  164. manoj kumar says:

    Sir, im 25 yrs old im suffering from chronic sore throat and enlarged tonsilitis for many years with dry cough and mucus built up in mouth which led me to frequent spitting and worsens with mucus contained in chest and leads to chest congestion.please suggest a permanent cure. one more problem is because im suffering from stomach problems for many years as well.Can that be the reason for my throat problems?

  165. Purnima Dey, 41 Years. says:

    Suffering from continuous non-productive severe coughing due to feeling of piercing in the end of the tongue. Tried Zingiber Q with Justicia Ad Q but in vain. Aggravates in hot environment; feel better in cold.
    Tried Bryonia 30 and Belladonna 30 also, but still no improvement. Non stop coughing making it intolerable. Please suggest.

  166. papia nath says:

    Sir my self papia. Am 30 years old. And I m suffering from gastritis problem up to 1 year. Thithe reason of my weakness. And throat problem is here. ENT said that my gastritis problem is cause my repeated throat infection. Pls help me

  167. please advise me, i am facing accute pharangitis ,due to sore throat i feel cold even in summer

  168. faijuddin sarkar says:

    I have been suffering from throat problem with slight temperature in body attacked with changing different season. A few doctor calls it feringity . Please suggest proper treatment.

  169. dear doc,
    i get persistent sore throat , i cant eat any fruits like apple , orange, grapes, or even water melon i get a sore throat, i cant have anything cold also
    can you suggest me some medicine which will cure my throat so that i can have fruits and cold drinks also

    • faijuddin sarkar says:

      I have been suffering from throat problem with slight temperature in body attacked with changing different season. A few doctor calls it feringity . Please suggest proper treatment.

  170. alok tiwari says:

    Sir i am suffering from chronic phayngitis i am getting diagnosed from februrary till last week but still its not getting away

  171. Aarti mohanty says:

    I m nt able to speak properly voice sounds as if stain

  172. Hello Doctor. My wife is suffering from throat problem since oct 2014(dryness, pain,itiching). i visited almost 10 allopath Dr but again same problem persist. Pls help

  173. Ramesh Kumar says:

    I am Ramesh, 51 yrs old. Non alcoholic and non smoker. No BP or Sugar. Otherwise healthy. Weight 85 kgs. Height 5’7. Once in three years I get sore throat and lot of accumulation of phlegm in the throat. It starts with throat infection and in two days develop into dry cough. Now after three days I am getting dry cough severe at night and also when exposed to cold weather. Day time it is bearable. Last night I travelled a distance of 450 kms by Volvo A.C bus and during the entire night I was sleepless and frequent coughing. After two to three repeated efforts, a lump of phlegm came out which I swallowed. In the late night when I coughed I felt pain in the occiput. In the morning it is better and only often I am getting cough.
    I tried initially Merc Sol 200 for a day and later taken Ferrum Phos 6x tablets. No relief. No fever and only cough. I feel that lot of phlegm is accumulated in the throat. Less thirsty. Feel like covering blanket at night. Less sweat.
    I am confused among Bryonia, belladona, Hepar, Calcarea Carb. Please advise me. Thank you.

  174. Sir
    I am suffering from throat pain for last 4 years .dome time its normal no pain.sometime it is a pain in my throat front left and right both . I consult my doctor in pgi they told that it is by acid or gas in your stomach i to prescribed mrdicines but still i am suffering so pls tell me wht i have to do

  175. Mahesh Narayan says:

    What’s your advice for my 17 year old son who was diagnosed as pharyngitis (throat images earlier & now are attached).
    His blood & urine reports are normal as attached He has taken following medicines as attached prescriptions datewise from 27 November till date (Tab Chemoral forte, Cap.Cobadex forte, Tab. Cepodem200, Tab Dolo, Tab Parit (20Gm), Syrup Viscodyne and Syrup Polybion.
    He is doing gargling with salt water and Betadyne also.
    That E&T specialist doctor had also applied some acid solution to that swollen throat, BUT not totally gone.
    Will you revert with your advice at the earliest.

  176. supriyo kumar sen says:

    after laryngoscopy test found a phonetic gap in vocal cord and congested due to this my voice is not clear,or I could not speak clearly since 2013 oct. my voice is like hoarseness. I feel air goes more and speech/words come out less. feeling respiratory problem with dry mouth, then I have to take little water/liquid to over come the problem.

  177. Abinash boruah says:

    Sir,i m suffering a dieses for last 3 years,i hv an unusual painless trafic jum in my thort basicly left hand of the throt, last few days my right hand ear is blocked,is this cancer

  178. sumit kumar says:

    Hi sir,
    I am suffering from chronic pain in throat with burning. Pain while eating drinking, while speaking. Doctors told it is due to acid reflux. I constatntly feel burning lump in throat congestion, it is very awkward for eight months. I have taken acid blockers, homeo medicine ignatia, throat aid, nat mur but no relief sir, please suggest some remedies.

  179. deepak diyali says:

    mein singing karta hoon aur mujhe acidity hoti hai
    iss karan mere gale me khich khich rehti hai aur mujhe bolne mein bhi dikkat hoti hai aciloc leta hoon toh thik hota hai chod diya toh Fir se shuru ho jati hai pls sir kuch aisa medicine dijiye ki thik ho jau

  180. patient suffers in throat infection so difficult swollowing solid any things she eat only liquid milk and water sge 60 year’s plz prescribed best remedy.
    alopathic failed

  181. Hi,

    my mother is a patient of kidney infection recently she is feeling sick due to cold and cough and there is pain in her throat due to that she is feeling uncomfortable please suggest me some medicine which can give throat releif

  182. Chandrashekar Hegde ages 50 yrs says:


    I am suffering from chronic sore throat. lot of pain in the throat. difficult to expel the mucosa. Kindly advise medicine (Homoepathic)

    Thank you sir

  183. B.S.Mankhair says:

    Dear Dr
    My Wife is 45 year old house wife suffering from diabetes post meal 180 to 210 now her neck shoulders are giving pain please sujest homiopaty

  184. I am a 60 yr old male.

    I have a sore throat and voice problem from the last 2 months. I have tried various medicines including antibiotics, ayurvedic medicines and home remedies as well. But there is no improvement.

    I am a teacher by profession for the last 35 yrs. I use chalks to write on the black board.

    I do not smoke nor do I consume alcohol. I do not have any heart disease or blood pressure problem. Nor do I have diabetes. However, I have acidity problem.

    Please suggest some remedy.

    Thanks You


  185. Caroline Mtshweni says:

    lam suffering from back pain that radiates to the foot.bending n placing ma baby on ma lap is very painful.doctors say it’s a sciatica bt can’t help desperate wit two toddlers n alone.plz help

  186. Mr Sharma I have chronic low back pain which is worse when I get up from long sitting also first thing from getting up fro bed, also my hands shake, more left hand than right hand. in
    my dreams: I always forget my way to the home or looking for some one I can spent whole night dreaming but I cant find them.
    Please help me

  187. I am a victim of throat infection due to which I am frequently having itching sensation as well as coughing frequently . I am unable to sleep because of this problem. Please guide me which homeopathy medicine I should use.

  188. awadhesh srivastava says:

    Plz tell me the role of homeopathy in agriculture farming etc. N water purification

  189. arnab banerjee says:

    I was suffer from phrengities since 3 years. My age is 38 I have all symptoms. Please. Inform me theturect Homio medi for prevent thiostc

  190. Ahshanul Quarim says:

    Hello Sir, I am 18 yrs old. I am suffering from SORE THROAT.Some of the symptoms are—much secretion of saliva,vomiting…
    It will be so helpfull to me if you suggest me some medicine.

  191. A SREELATHA says:


    Pls provide medicine for throat infection for my child 4 years he is getting every month. in English medicine is giving antibiotic medicine

  192. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I’m a 37 yr. old Male suffering from severe throat infection. I’ve had multiple courses of antibiotics as per prescription of doctors or sometimes self medication as well. The antibiotics provide temporary relief but the infection remains round the year. Its been almost constant for the past 2 years now. I randomly drink cold water in even Summers and generally take just cooled water. Any little bit of sour intake or a small qty of Ice Cream in Summers are enough to escalate the problem. I’m not even able to enjoy winter fruits like Orange or any other which is sour in nature. I believe that antibiotics have servery impacted my immune system and now I just avoid those still there is no relief from the infection.

    Usual routine Condition has been :
    1. Permanent Sore throat
    2. Difficulty in swallowing
    3. Aggravated by a cold or Sour items.
    4. A constant lump-like sensation in the throat with an urge to clear the throat.
    5. Also feeling of mucus of cold coming down from Nose to Throat but not able to spit it out.

    Need to get rid of it permanently so request you to suggest a cure to the problem.


  193. dr madhav ghate says:

    dr sharma
    i had a tonsilar abscess in childhood. tonsilectomy was NOT done.
    i have recurrent sore throat problem esp when i exert a lot
    i play tennis at national level (veterans) – i am now 63 yrs old. i am 6′ 2″ and prefer cold things to eat. but i am susceptible to cold weather. i like summer, like to excercise but the problem hampers me a lot in all these things
    there is a lot of discharge from the back of the throat – mostly white , sometimes purulent – then i feel feverish. i have to clear the throat constantly esp so in the morning
    can you suggest homeo meds?
    is psorinum the remedy ?
    please help
    dr ghate

  194. Ashoke Dhole says:

    My son 30 yrs old is suffering from chronic throat problem very frequently. Throat pain, unable to swallow solid food, with change of season.Pl prescribe some medicine with appropriate dose.
    A K Dhole

  195. Dr Prabhat says:

    please ref our mob conversation regarding ch sorethroat.Looking fwd for your advise


  196. Dr. U Deshmukh says:

    Sir, I am 67yrs male. I suffer from a chronic sour throat which is the worst in the morning. There is a burnt mouth sensation, especially in on the tongue. Pain and irritation are constantly felt but both are tolerable. The condition is most probably due to GERD which I know, also exists. This has persisted for more than 2 years. I have tried all systems including allopathy Ayurved and all home remedies without effect. Kindly prescribe appropriate medicine. To minimize the condition I mostly stick to fruits only at night. regards

  197. mohammad jalal says:

    dear dr.sharma. i am mohammad jalal ,one of my friends is suffering from prostate enlargment ,since 2 years, complainting intolarance of urinating, burning durining urination,and itching all the urine passage,no complaint of pain…………my friend is also complaing since 2 months of dry cough and lower throat irritation……he is now also suffering from fever at 1 pm to 4 p.m and from 8 pm to late night,,,,,,,,,,,,,he is takung homoeopathic medicines for his complaints…………. sabal serrulata…q…… chimaphila…q………canthrus…30…..thuja…30……conium…30……………..and no medicine for fever and cough..his age is 66 and very allergic from alopathic doctors and medicines.he resume to to taking these medicine from 22.10.2014. and on the 1st day he told the disapearence of burning urinating .but now his main complaint is about fever and cough.dear doctor we will be gratefull if you suggest your kind opinion in this regard.i would like to inform you, that i am oftenly sending you e.mails,but i never received any reply uptill now. hopefully you also consider this problem also. your,s sincere mohammad jalal.peshawer,kpk,pakistan.

  198. Suguna Dhanashankar says:

    Respected sir,
    I have atleast two sore throat in a month. I get fever.What medicnes should i take

  199. Suffering from pharyngitis frequently , want to get rid of it pls help with suitable n effective medicine. Also pls suggest medicine for healthy immune system.

    Thank you.

  200. i have a menses problem since last three years n i have take medicine but my menses are not stopping please give me suggestion for my menses problem

  201. priyanka patawari says:

    Priyanka ……I have severe throat infection .I have severe pain unable to swallow anythng .I am diabetic having high sugar now .myage is 40 .(female )…I feel pain in my jawline also nd in my left ear too .plz lt me knw wt medicine to take to relieve the pain in throat.

  202. Dear Sir,
    My son has been facing problem of Acute Sore Throat with Coughing very frequently and feels tired during this period.
    Please suggest the medication and since he stays in hostel please suggest the precautions he should take.
    Best Regards,

  203. aniruddha roy says:

    i am suffering from high blood pressure.the reading sometimes is 150/90. i am taking alopathy medicine. i know there are many side effects of these medicine. pl let me know some homeo drug for effective control of the same.

  204. hi im shah from Pakistan and i would like to ask about throat infection . i usually get throat swelling and infection which is removed after using medicine many time but after few days or maximum few months again it acures. and i am fed-up of using too medicine for this as every alophaty medicine has its side effect.
    plz tell me what should i use for this matter,,,,


  205. Hello Dr.dharma

    Expecting a solution from u as I suffering for 14 years from burning throat if I gets cold if I tke homeo Medici e my problems solves but some time even homeo medicine does not support if this pblm comes then itk that I can die. That much of burning sensation I get.
    So plz give me a remedie

  206. Sir, my name sudha gupta,age 42. I am a throtpatient since two year. My throt suddenly creat problem. I feel swelling,pain,burning in throt. Sometimes i feel pinpoint in throt and sometimes narowness. No definit interval, problem may occour at anytime without any clear reason. Please help.

  207. Dry throat with dry cough iam not able to sleep please suggest me which homoeopathic medicine should I take for quick relief

  208. REDDY SRIDEVI says:

    Since last four years, suffering with throat burning after taking frequent tea and some types of sweets. It appears this may be due to acidity resulting in throat burning causing little coughing also.
    Few instances of food items like Upma, Tea, Chappati, throat burning is coming. Kindly advise relief medicine.






  210. somasundaram says:

    dear doctor good morning sir, i am suffering from hoarseness of voice. i am aged about 57 years, male, working as cashier in bank.for the last 11 years the problem persists! at first the left vocal cord has some swelling/edema / so right vocal cord has slight bowing /so a small phonetic gap/ so the voice is hoarse and breethy/husky/ i am not a diabetic/ no blood prressure/ now because of these probelm the entire left side of the neck feels heaviness and stiffness of the muscles and tendons. left shoulder blade is having tearing pain and pain extends to the ear . so left side of upper and lower extremities is having numbness and heaviness.

    so doctor pl suggest me the homeo solution

    i would be grateful to u sir

    thanking u sir


    • somasundaram says:

      with reference to my earlier mail dated 3.8.14 at 11.04pm i want to include tosay i had a heavy

      blow phscially on back side of the neck by one on 1993


  211. somasundaram says:

    dear doctor,good morning sir, left vocal cord swelling, because of strain to speak right vocal cord having slight bow. so phonetic gap .result is throat is always dry. needs warm water .but constant feeling of water soaked cotton inside of the throat. back of the neck
    and left side of the neck is having severs pain i am facing difficult to speak/but base voice/dual voice/ scratcing voice / pl advise me homeo medicene/suffering for the past 12yeras
    thank u sir



    Sir, I am suffering from cold, sore throat(phyringitis) and knee pain, frequent mouth ulceration and frequenst slow fever for the last 10 years. After taking several homeopathi medicines (antisporics) a managable knee and other problems were sorted out. But, from last one year once again I was suffering from cold allergies, pain in right chest, knee pain and nack pain. this time I have taken some alopathic medicine but without cure. From last Feb,2014 I felt very weakness, extra bit in heart, toes pain, finger tips pain and waist burning /stitching pain and stinging pain in both hips and severe pain in left side kidney zone. After consulting with Dr. and MRI of LS spine it is diagnosed that there is mild buldged & dessication in my three lumber spine joints (L3-L4,L4-L5 and L5-S1) and four spine joint at Cervix zone (C2-C3,C3-C4,C4-C5,C5-C6). Presently suffering from pain in all joints of the body (shoulder blade, back hand joints, knee, round the waist,neck, hips),extra bit in heart,nuratics pain and very weakness. Please help and provide me remedy through homeopathic medicines.

  213. ALAKH NIRANJAN says:

    dear sir,

    my father is suffering from severe hoarseness from last 1 year,many homeopathic medicine taken ,no relief …requesting u in foulded hands pls. suggest

    eagerely waiting for your response.

  214. GAJENDAR SHARMA says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma

    have suffering from sore throat problem past 3 days . pls help me.

    from bulandshahr

  215. Very well written information on the use of medicine with different symptoms. Would like to see more such well written tiny set of difference for the medicine – informs us what we have missed telling the doctors or what the doctor did not interpret correctly.


  216. sumit kumar bhattacharyya says:

    Being a heavy smoker I have an inherent chest congestion which I have been regulating with periodic use of Justicia(M/Tincture). I am also having a throat infection which has taken away my singing voice and regularly suffer bouts of violent cough. The throat lump does not seem to get reduced even with allopathy(Azithral course). Particularly at night and early morning the cough is extensive and a lot of thick cough/sputum comes out during coughing.
    My chest xrays are absolutely clear(done recently) which I get done at regular intervals. My age is 67 years and lead an active life, work as a consultant still.
    Could you suggest a proper homaeopathic treatment for me. If you need any further data kindly let me know. Regards.

  217. Sagar Shaw says:

    I am suffering from sorethroat from last teo months, my tongue looks greyish and red dots on them and swollen throat with a thirst feeling and always feeling to clear my throat as if smthing is there. So pls help me out sir

  218. Sumit Jaiswal says:

    I am suffering from neck throat pain since 7 years first Dr suggest problem occurs due to tonsillitis and suggest for the tonsils remove by surgery but after surgery problem is same .another Dr problem occurs due to Akal daat and suggest remove akal daat after removing of teeth not cure .Some day fever neck pain feel rigid tough in throat feeling weakness . Please suggest me better.

  219. saroj kumar dash says:

    chronic cough in upper throat. small bits of cough get ejected off and on. since around 3 years. about 9 moths back had a major sugery for complicated fistula in ano. Prior to that I had taken a long homeopathy course consisting of sulphur, petrolem, natmur, lachesis etc in sequence. age 53, bald head with some grey hair in margin, profusely sweating body, perinial itching on head,eye blade,ear etc, rubbing of outer nose skin gives offensive smell

  220. divya choudhary says:

    Hello sir I am 25 year old girl I have a problem related to thoart pain while swallowing food from 3 months please suggest me good medicine

  221. RANJIT DHAR says:

    I’m (age 35, Male) suffering from severe sore throat and take prescribed antibiotics whenever it occurs.
    From last 2 years now get throat infection once in 15 days and it remain after taking prescribed antibiotics. Seems like body doesn’t cure itself or with antibiotics. Now seems like body immune system is servery impacted with use of antibiotics.

    Condition –
    – Frequent Sore throat
    – Pain left side of neck, beneath my left ear and vocal cord,
    – difficulty in swallowing
    – aggravated by a cold /cold items in general
    – Currently having sore throat from last 2 weeks ; took antibiotics course.:-(

    Please advice the prescription to permanent cure to the problem


  222. nityanand says:

    Dear sir…I am facing the chronic sore throat in my pharynx from last 3 years after lot of allopathic treatment I fee no relief. Their is lots of patches in my pharyngs ..pls suggest some homeopathic medicine

  223. hi,

    since college time im suffering from pharyngitis which is caused due to dust or if the oils used in the restaurant isn’t good. i dont remember getting a normal fever ever since my college time. there is itching sensation immediately followed by cold and fever. please suggest me which medicine to use.

  224. ivan slavov says:

    Hallo Dr ,
    I am 31 years old,
    Since I was kid my throat was almost constantly inflamated,
    Sometimes more sometimes less.I have had mononucleose as a kid.
    Therefore I used to avoid drinks with gaz,running out usualy gave me sorethroat.
    Those past 2 years the situation is agravated-the inflamation from the throat spreads-ache around the eyes,gums inflamated,glands around the neck swell,aching muscles&articulations ,fatigue&bad mood.
    Doctors tell is pharingities and like to prescribe me antibiotics wich usualy works for 1 or 2 weeks ,then after symptoms reapear.
    I am looking for a solutions for thos e issues&want to be healthy !

  225. ivan slavov says:

    Since I was kid my throat was almost constantly inflamated,
    Sometimes more sometimes less.
    Therefore I used to avoid drinks with gaz,running out usualy gave me sorethroat.
    Those past 2 years the situation is agravated-the inflamation from the throat spreads-ache around the eyes,gums inflamated,ache all the body (miscles ,articulations..)ftigue ,bad mood.
    I am looking for a solutions for those issues&want to be healthy !

  226. SATINDER PAL KAUR says:


  227. Prof Sayeed Ahmad Khan says:

    Respcted Doctor Saheb,

    I should be thankful to you if kindly prescribe treatment for recurrence of U TI with high pus cells.
    sincerely yours

  228. Sheikhahaq says:

    Give Hs 200

  229. Amit Sarker says:

    Sir,I am from Bangladesh.I am 24 years old.I am suffering from pharyngitis for 6-7 months. At first I ignored the program because I had no pain.But now I have little pain in my throat. I am a singer,at this condition I cannot sing.I want to have a permanent solution from it.please help me.
    Amit sarker

  230. Saurabh Saxena says:

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Saurabh and i am an IT professional.
    I am suffering from sore throat problem since 2-3 years. Have taken allopathy treatment for some time and got relieved but after couple weeks problem arises again. This is impacting my professional life very badly as i could not speak much, not able to attend calls/meetings etc.

    Kindly suggest if there is any treatment in homeopathy to cure this.
    Thanks for your help.


  231. satnam singh says:

    dear dr sharma i have chest infection such as catarrh when i cough resa stuf come out i am 52 yrs age please advice
    best regards
    satnam singh

  232. Hi dr! I am suffering of sore throa and lot of mucus on my throa, some time it has a bad smell, I don’t notice but it seem like other do, please give any home remedies. Or anything that you suggest..

  233. my 2yrs old baby boy is having problem of chest congestion since he was 5 mnth old…and has been given all steroids (omnacortil, budecort, foracort by drs) and still the problem persists….for the last 16 days he is having fever (starting 4 days it was 100-100.5 than raised to 104-5 than again it came down with no fever for 3 days and now has again started increasing to101-102) what should I do…am fed up now..

  234. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am a regular visitor to your site, but interacting for first time.
    I am suffering from diabetes since past 5 years and my BS level varies 140-170 random. I take AMARYL M1 twice daily. Shall be grateful if you suggest some Homeopathic medicine for me.
    Best regards

  235. Manas Arora says:

    Sir, im 25 yrs old im suffering from chronic sore throat and enlarged tonsilitis for many years with dry cough and mucus built up in mouth which led me to frequent spitting and worsens with mucus contained in chest and leads to chest congestion.please suggest a permanent cure. one more problem is because im suffering from stomach problems for many years as well.Can that be the reason for my throat problems? Please suggest.
    Awaiting your soonest response.

  236. My son aged 36 yrs. has recurring throat infection resulting barking cough. Earlier ,he used to get relief with the allopathic treatment. But this time problem has been prolonged and no relief is there. His ESR and uric acid is 45 & 6.1 respectively.

  237. namaskar sir i am ur fan i am watch all ur artical so good sir i am from bangalore i improud lot of knoledge from u sir thnk u sir

  238. Issues – Sore throat

    Dr Sharma

    I’m (age 38, Male) suffering from severe sore throat and take prescribed antibiotics whenever it occurs.
    From last 2 years now get throat infection once in 15 days and it remain after taking prescribed antibiotics. Seems like body doesn’t cure itself or with antibiotics. Now seems like body immune system is servery impacted with use of antibiotics.

    Condition –
    – Frequent Sore throat
    – Pain full neck & severe headache (left side of the forehead)
    – aggravated by a cold /cold items in general
    – Currently having sore throat from last 2 weeks ; took antibiotics course.:-(

    Please advice the prescription to permanent cure to the problem


  239. chetan sharma says:

    Sir since 2 month I feel pressure on top of the head and little pain with flashly and discharge little amount of liquid not thick form my thort , neourologist ct scan and tell me no problem in brain so doctor is it sinus please help me

  240. Dear sir, i have been suffering from sore throat for ten days, actually before that i had a problem don’t know how to describe it but i will try. i had a problem of swallow my spit again n again necessarily or unnecessarily, no pain nothing were there but something forced me to do so i was so depressed about this, infact a type of phobia was developed but one day a friend of mine asked me to open my mouth he saw n said that you are suffering from sore throat. from that day i am taking belladona n kaalimore. sir please prescribe me some of the perfect medicine for this unnecessary activity which i am not being able to control n do not no the reason behind this.


  241. Hi Doc. Good day to you.

    Can you please advise a homeo remedy for the aggravation for egg, I am not sure if it is Ferr. Met.



  242. long time my throat infected used some antibiotic some day releave them again infected im so anxious some homeopatic medicine used but no result current much throat irrtation pain discomfort plz help

  243. my wife is suffering from typhoid fever and stone in left and right both kidney,s but in left side is larger then the other,s in ultra sound almost so please suggest me for a medicine

  244. Dear Sir,

    On my right wrist there is a severe pain at one spot. It gets accentuated when i bend forward and backward (on full bends. partial bends there is no pain). It has been there for the last 3-6 months, but was never a botheration. The pain shot up in the last two weeks and i have used a compression band aid to hold that area stiff. I am in the IT industry and use the mouse as part of my occupation. I also frequent the Gym regularly. I used Ruta 30 for the last one week. The pain seemed to have come down considerably and then it hit a plateau. I see no improvement in the last 2-3 days. Should I use any other combination/supportive drug. I rarely smoke and drink alcohol over the weekends..Please suggest


  245. My mother is a stage 3 cervical cancer patient and I’m giving her homeo medicines which has helped her by controlling her disease to some extent. Her lower spine and left kidney are affected due to the Radiation therapy, which was given to her earlier, when we detected her disease. Now she has severe back pain, highly swollen legs and bloating abdomen and stomach pain ( sometimes stinging pain) and also difficulty in passing urine and sore throat which leads to cough and vomitting sometimes . Any advice on which medicines to give her to relieve her pains would be highly appreciated.

  246. dennis fanas says:

    I have a child(female) 12 years olds ,whose actually suffering of somnambulism. would you suggest me some top homeopathic remedies?? Best Regards

  247. shivanimahajan says:

    my 5 yr old son had an open heart surgery done for ASD last september ,this year from july 3 times he had an tonsil problem ,i have started giving him adven 10 bio combination tablets for enlarged tonsils his weight is 16kgs from local homeopath clinic along with some tablets without name specified.

  248. Hallo Dr
    I am diabetic since 25years .My both feet have a problem aching and burning .My Dr suggested
    Gabapantine( medicine) but it relieve me temporarily I want some homeopathy medicine . Please help me.
    Now a daysI feel back ache also when I go for a walk.whereas my feet also pain when I walk.will you please suggest for me a homeopathy medicine.?
    Nasim Sahi

  249. I am suffering from gastric reflex , sinus, chronic pharyngitis . I should always clear my throat. I feel like mucus present in my voice also changed,.

  250. i have suffering from gas problem . pls help me.

  251. Maqbool Ahmed says:

    For last 12-13 years, i have strong itching sensation in my throat each time my body cools. This may be due to I entering into an air conditioned room, by coming out of a bath and standing under a fan or by sweating or by drinking iced cold water. In a wet atmosphere or in rainy season, i have asthma like situation and i have very very strong urge to cough regularly by taking lots of air in. I can not hold the urge back and i automatically cough. The cough is absolutely dry but some times i have transparent bulgham.
    When i drink hot water i have temporary relief.
    I have tried R84.
    I have tried dulcamara 30. No use

  252. i am suffering from cronic tonsolitis and phyringytis since ten yeears first time right side then both side.please suggest best medicine.,thankings

  253. Gurdeep Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    My garnd son Parmeet is 7 years old he is suffering from tonsillitis since two years with little sore throat, he speaks very loudly. he is a good singer, performed at the age of three & half year, when he sings there is great pressure on throat. veins get bulged, doe to strain while singing, i had stopped him from singing for last one year, but due to speaking loudly i think there is no improvement, he is a very active child can’t sit idle for a moment, he had a deep sleep at night.
    Kindly suggest medicine.
    Thanking you Gurdeep Singh

    • Hello doctor, my name is Priya, I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis (from more than 15 years). specially in the fingers of my hand and in my ankle. The pain increase usually when i rest, and get better when i move or do something. Since few days, (after a flu due to a virus in the past month, with fever and a stubborn caught which took almost a month to calm down) when i swallow (with or without eating, even splitting) i feel great pain in the left side of my throat, in my faring. where is the pain i feel also swollen inside, like a bigger area. Currently i am taking antioxidant in the form of curcuma powder, lemon, ginger mix together with water and black salt. I am taking also 4 500 mg. vit. C tablet. Pls suggest some remedy or cure.

  254. Anita Roy says:

    Dr Sharma,
    I have developed dark patches around the mouth and a few on the cheeks. Please let me know if homeopathic treatment will work to get rid of the skin discoloration. I am 58 years old.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • My son having white pus bumps on the back of his tonsils. if i give him heper sulp 200, it cleans the pus bumps and after some days it again appears, plz tell me the medicine

  255. Prabhjot Gill says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I like to sing and sometimes I give professional performances. My problem is that my voice starts to crack after singing just a couple of songs, especially if they are high pitched. I have been told that my tonsils are enlarged, a problem I have had since I was little. I also do smoke about 10 cigarettes a day. My voice is always hoarse when i wake up in the morning which starts getting better with the day.

    I have a show coming up on the 11th Aug and I am really getting anxious about losing my voice while performing.


  256. Harish Kashyap says:

    Greetings Dr. Sharma,
    I have a question regarding my son who was born in April-2013. He is 1-1/2 months old now. Doctor said he has hypospadias and said he may have to undergo surgery in the near future. We are very much worried. I am a strong believer of homeopathy. We reside in Bangalore. We want to know if there is a cure for hypospadias in homeopathy. Kindly reply. thank you.

  257. I forgot to include sore throat infection as one of the most problems Elizabeth joseph iwara battles with.

  258. I had my tonsil operation done in yr 2005 . This was done as I had regular sore throat followed by severe fever. After that I am happy that I have no fevers but sore throat still happens now and then. Cannot tolerate cold things and too much of air conditioner also creates condition of sore throat regularly, can u help with any proper remedies. Thnx rajeev

  259. simmi khare says:

    Dr Sharma, my son is 3 years old and is suffering from chronic bronchitis. Please suggest me the treatment.

  260. 50 year old male
    i have reaccuring sore throats. ihad them as a kid and in my 20s some times 2 times a month. i didn’t drink soda and i did an hour of tai chi a day. it hurt to swallow water or toast.
    i found chinese yin chiao works. but i am told that is for an external cause such as a virus and i doubt that i am getting virus’ that much. i took seven forests bupleurum 12, which is for internal causes such as liver fire rising or stagnant liver, being stuck in ones life; not moving foreword and if seven forests bupleurum 12 is effective, it is of psychogenic origin, an internal cause and seven forests bupleurum 12 will loose effectiveness and i must resolve the psychological aspect with adult child alcoholics. i do not do well in 12 step situations or counseling.
    is there any thing that you can suggest

  261. Sanjeev Kumar Taeja says:

    I am suffering from sore watering ( throat) from last 6 months what ever I eat I feel it hurting me below my lungs and I cannot eat any spicy thing . I am Teacher kindly suggest suitable medicine for this
    with regards
    Sanjeev Taneja

  262. MAMTA SHARMA says:

    Namashkar Sir, I m 39 years old . Im suffering from Hypotheradism from the last 3 years . Im taking Thyronorm(75) regularly. Is there any treatment in Homeopathy so that my thyroid glands again start working like a normal person?

  263. kumar gaurav says:

    sir i am faced throatinfection from last eight told me you have a small tumor in vocal cords plz sugest me homoeopathic medicine for tumor and horassenes.i m very thank ful u

    • P S Banerjee says:

      I am 60 year old male, having frequent bouts of sore throat and cough. I am prone to cold and throat infection.I feel a layer of phlegm in the throat which sometimes comes out to give some relief but with coughing, the soreness increases. Had throat congestion pharyngitis and had difficulty in speaking, in October that needed anti-biotics.
      I would be grateful if homeo medicine is recommended so that I do not suffer from this ailment.

  264. Hello Dr,

    I am working as a software engineer in gurgaon and Suffering from hair fall.

    Can you please suggest me some homeopathic remedy for the same.

  265. dinesh arya says:

    My wife 60, has suffered from CFS which responded last time to B12 injections but this time she is not responding.

    She got tremors in her stomach and a couple of pulled muscles with plenty of gas. Her sleep has improved with Kali Phos 30 but stomach has uneasiness-stools are normal, appetite is normal. she is hypothyroid taking 100mg thyroxin every day since last 20 years. she also had hyserectomy and ovary removal due to Fibroids 15 yrs ago.

    She is relieved by Pressure on hips and calves. By nature she is critical, hard to please and has cleanliness OCD. Any suggestions

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