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Recurrent Sore Throat

325987681_4bc2053cf4_m Recurrent tonsillitis and sore throat is one of the very common childhood disorders and can have significant impact on the health of a child. And with severe cold wave settling in North India, it can be very troublesome for those kids who have the tendency for it. So what does one do if a child is having recurrent episodes of tonsillitis? Is surgery the solution?

The answer is a big no. in fact surgery is not at all a good solution. Even The modern medical world has realized that removing a body part whose function itself is to protect the body from infection does no good. In reality it predisposes the body more towards infection .a better choice would be Homeopathic treatment as it offers a safe and a very effective solution in treating and even eradicating ones tendency towards tonsillitis.

What exactly is tonsillitis?

Tonsils are a pair of tissues situated on either side inside your throat. They are made up of lymph tissue (this means that they are a part of our body?s defense system).Their function is to filter harmful bacteria?s and viruses going inside our body through the mouth. These tonsils are filled with white blood cells ready to catch and destroy harmful microorganisms but at times they are overwhelmed by these microorganisms and inflammation in the tonsils takes place. This inflammation in the tonsils is called as tonsillitis. This causes them to swell up and become fiery red in color too

What are the Symptoms of tonsillitis?

The diagnosis of Recurrent Tonsillitis is made if the child has multiple episodes of acute tonsillitis. In acute tonsillitis, Pain in throat is often the symptoms that children first complain off. If you examine your child?s throat with torchlight, you will notice tonsils are enlarged and also red in color. They may also show white spots on them. Other signs and symptoms of tonsillitis include pain while swallowing and or difficulty in swallowing food, fever is common with inflamed tonsils. They may also complain of Headache. , Enlarged and sore glands in the jaw and neck. In some children the voice may also get altered. Airway obstruction due to swollen tonsils may cause mouth breathing, snoring, and nocturnal breathing pauses.

Homeopathy for recurrent tonsillitis.

Homeopathic treatment can treat both the acute condition and also stop the recurrence of tonsillitis. In acute tonsillitis homeopathic medicines such as Baryta Carb, Mercurius group, Belladonna, Aconite, Hepar Sulph work wonders if employed according to their indications. When an acute infection is treated with the right homeopathic medicine, the chances of tonsillitis recurring again also slim down. But in some cases a specialized treatment which actually fortifies the child?s defense system also needs to be done. This kind of treatment is known in homeopathic philosophy as a constitutional treatment where Deep-acting medicines are used to treat the constitution of the child and bring about lasting relief

Preventing and Managing tonsillitis

Proper hand wash

This is still the best way to prevent all kinds of infections, including tonsillitis. Make the child wash his hands thoroughly with soap and running water. Make sure that they wash the back side of the hands too.

Saline water gargles

If your child is old enough to do gargles, make sure he does it several times a day, especially during the episode of acute tonsillitis.

Adequate Rest

Plenty of rest is necessary for the child to fight infection. Make sure that the child gets good rest till the symptoms subside

Warm drinks to soothe

Giving them warm drinks like soup tea or hot milk can be very soothing when there is an acute inflammation of tonsils

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  1. Arvind Agarwal says:

    Dear Dr . Sharma,

    I am 50 Years old Man an I have Chronic irritating Cough at My Sore Throat Most period of time Occure/Causes without any reason an I am Suffering from Last 6 Years~{For some period of time Cold Cough Vanishes Temporarily Due to Allopathy Medicines and Again Re-appear after Certain period of time} but never Dis-appear Permanently, I Heard that in Homeopathy treatment diseases Cure from the Tip of the Root for Ever Permanently; So I Prefer Homeopathic treatment which should be Capable enough to Resolve this Matter Permanently for Ever. I Hope You can Understand My Presumption.
    Therefore My Query is there any Adequate Permanent Solution through Homeopathic Medicine to My Above Mention Cough History ?

  2. Sudhir Mishra says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 74 and frequently and each attack causes wheezing in chest, cough, rattling of chest, nose block, hoarseness of throat.

    I shall be grateful if you could kindly suggest medicine.

  3. LEEMA ROSE says:

    Hello! Dr Sharma, my daughter is 8yrs old suffering from follicular tonsillitis which is recurrent, E.N.T doctors adviced for surgery, we have not started homeopathy medicines, kindly advice and do the needful.

  4. Divya Singh says:

    Hello Dr.

    My daughter is 6.5 years and suffering from acute tonsillitis from past one year. She is on homeopathic medicine for past 9 months but still getting recurrent infections.

    The ENT doc had suggested surgery. Kindly inform me is there cure of acute tonsils in homeopathy.

    At Present her doses are as mentioned below:

    Baryta C :30D 3 pills Morning and Evening
    Roks: 30D 3 pills Afternoon and night



  5. Mrs Siddiqi says:

    Dear Dr Dharma, I have small spots on my tongue, it is on the middle of the tongue till the end. Can you please prescribe some homeopathic remedy for me
    Many thanks

  6. Priya Mukherjee says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My son, who turns 3 in January is suffering from recurring Strep throat infection. The episodes started last July after he joined daycare in April and was like Strep was detected, 10 days of antibiotics, 2 weeks he would be fine and again the same cycle would reoccur. This happened in July, August, September, October after which he was sick due to fever but no Strep. However, he was diagnosed with Strep again last Friday 2nd Jan 2015. The Pediatrician has given up and ENT talks about tonsil removal.Amoxicillin does not work anymore and he is on Augmentin, ,Ventin .However he tests negative after antibiotic treatment. His tonsils are usually red and inflamed. He has a bad breadth and difficulty swallowing during the onset of the infection.
    I am looking up to homeopathy for long term treatment. Maybe taking him out of the School cum daycare could be a solution but he really enjoys school.
    What should be his treatment?Thanks.

  7. H s choudhari says:

    I am having recurrent throat infection once in every two months. ENT specialist has diagnosed the disease condition called follicular tonsillitis and suggested removal of tonsils. Is there any treatment in homeopathy so that surgery of tonsil removal can be avoided?

  8. Rekha Nagabhushan says:

    Dr Sharma, my 6 yr old daughter is been diagnosed with TICS disorder and also suspected of having anxiety disorder. She started having involuntary head movement, muscle spasm and unable to walk for week in beginning of this year. She had a second episode of increased involuntary head movement that even spreaded to her shoulder shrugging, occasional hand and limb jerks along with several anxiety symptoms like feeling depressed, panic for everything,sudden feel of abdomen pain,intolerance to loud or repetitive noise, irritablility, sudden short periods of dizziness, severe craving for sweets but never satisfied with amy sweet taste later,difficulty sleeping and mingling with kids,sudden short periods of burning sensation at different parts of her body. She is constantly getting strep throat with burning,feeling of lump while swallowing and whenever she gets sore throat her TICS and anxiety are getting triggered and worsened.Please suggest if there is any medication specially to treat her TICS in homepathy.Thanks in advance.

    • Mrs Siddiqi says:

      Dear Mr Dharma
      I have small spots on the middle of my tongue till the end, please prescribe some remedy for me

  9. Ashish Modi says:

    Hello sir /madam
    For last year I got throat infection again after two three months , after bit of antibiatics it comes again after 2 months , little bit of transparent and white cought with infection .I think my imunity is not good , I am 29 years old having tyroid problem , I am taking tyronorm , now my test is normal for tyroid , but problem is mild throut infection , pls help me out and give good medicine so that I can get rid of these problem .

  10. SONIA AGGARWAL says:

    my son aged 18 yrs has sore throat every month since past 3-4 yrs accompanied with fever sometimes rising to 102C.He has had dose of pencillin injections five times.Infact this ailment is generally in the 1st wk of every month.The Dr has diagonsed tonsillitis.

  11. safiya Hassan says:

    I am a 33 year old woman, I have tonsilitis once in maybe 2 years, what can I take to make it stop completely? Or if it can’t be eradicated, how do I treat it?

  12. Dr.prachi Madurwar says:

    Hello sir,I m homeopathic doctor doing practice since 4 year daughter has cold nose is running continuously with cough.Her right tonsil is enlarged and I have seen yellowish pt. on it (pus point) since 15 days giving her per her symptoms.but not good relief Rx is as follows.pulsatilla200 TDS for 2days followed by Kali bichromicum 200 for 2 days. I m worried for her tonsil. (follicular tonsilitis?) now I m giving her mercurous iodate flavus 200 TDS for 3day.sp advice me for best result. She born prematurely in 7th month with birt wt.1.3kg. She is thin fair active ,stubborn her wt. is 13kg.she likes sweet.and salty food. Diet is poor .plz advice me.regards,Dr.prachi

  13. How To Cure Cold Sores says:

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  14. Syed Saleem Reza Kazmi says:

    My daughter of 6 has developed recurrent follicular tonsillitis with fever.consuming antibiotic every other month.she is fair complexed&obese

    • sanjiv mehrotra says:

      My son of 5 has developed recurrent follicular tonsilitis with high fever,consuming antibiotics very often.He is very thin and underweight.Also ,adenoids are enlarged.

  15. Veena Holay says:

    Very often when I start singing fullthroated my throat feels sore and a little lump of mucous in the throat obstructs my singing.How to prevent this?

  16. good afternoon sir since 1 month throat pain in early morning yesterday i meet him to daughter he said to me u have throat infection plz avoid cold i want homeopathy treatment plz give me good suggestion.


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