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Homeopathic Remedies for Hyperthyroidism, Goitre and Graves Disease

Homeopathic Remedies for Hyperthyroidism, goitre and Graves Disease

Homeopathic Remedies for Hyperthyroidism, goitre and Graves Disease

Homeopathic remedies for Hyperthyroidism

Thyroid is a gland in the front of the neck that controls metabolism, or how the body turns food into energy and also affects the heart, muscles, bones and cholesterol. Hyperthyroidism is a medical condition in which the thyroid gland is overactive and produces thyroid hormones in excess. The main cause of Hyperthyroidism is Grave’s Disease. Grave’s Disease is an autoimmune disorder in which the antibodies are produced by the immune system against its own tissue and attack the thyroid gland, resulting in excessive production of thyroid hormones. This leads to Hyperthyroidism. The symptoms may include quick loss of weight, fast hearbeat, sweating profusely, and feeling moody. Natural Homeopathic treatment for Hyperthyroidism can effectively treat the condition without any side effects.Homeopathic remedies for Hyperthyroidism are completely safe and strike at the root cause of Hyperthyroidism.


Lodium: Best Homeopathic remedy for Hyperthyroidism with quickweight loss

Lodium is one of the best natural Homeopathic medicines for treating Hyperthyroidism. This Homeopathic remedy is mainly prescribed for patients of Hyperthyroidism who lose weight quickly despite having a good appetite. Such patients need something to eat at very short intervals and always feel better while eating. Feeling excessive heat in body and wanting to stay in a cool environment are the other symptoms. Mentally the person is very anxious about present issues and not about future. Homeopathic medicine Lodium also works very well in relieving Hyperthyroid patients from excessive palpitations which get worse from even slight exertion. Extreme weakness is a common symptom described by patients and the weakness is mainly felt on going upstairs.

Natrum Muriaticum: Homeopathic remedy for Hyperthyroidism with irritability

Natrum Muriaticum is a natural Homeopathic medicine used for treating Hyperthyroidism mainly for patients who areirritated very easily and get upset over little things. The person remains depressed with weeping when alone and it always gets aggravated when someone tries to console. The persons requiring this medicine feel very hot and cannot bear the heat of sun. They suffer from severe headaches when exposed to sun. An unusual craving for salt in excess is always present in a person who is recommended this Homeopathic medicine. Another important symptom guiding towards using Homeopathic remedy NatrumMuriaticum is when a Hyperthyroid patient keeps on losing weight despite having regular and proper meals. The person looks very weak, especially around the neck region. The patient feels very weak especially in morning when in bed. The heart rate always remains on the higher side. This natural Homeopathic medicine can also help in regularising the menstrual cycle in women with Hyperthyroidism whose menses remain suppressed for too long.

Lachesis Mutus: Homeopathic medicine for Hyperthyroidism with extreme heat

Homeopathic medicine Lachesis Mutus is of great help for patients of Hyperthyroidism who sufferfrom the sensation of the body feeling extremely hot. Such patients cannot wear tight clothes and always keep their collars around the neck and the belt around the waist loose. For the prescription of this natural Homeopathic medicine, the mental symptoms that are usually considered are sadness with an aversion to do any kind of work. The person does not wish to mix up and wants to go somewhere alone. Excessive talkativeness is a leading mind symptom for the use of Homeopathic medicine Lachesis Mutus. It is also the Homeopathic remedy for women of menopause age suffering from Hyperthyroidism. The women complain of excessive hot flushes and palpitations. The menstrual flow is very less and the duration is also short. Feeling of wellness during menses is an important feature for its use in women. Another leading feature is complaint of pounding of heart or palpitations with episodes of fainting. Worsening of the condition during sleep is a prominent symptom for the use of this Homeopathic medicine in Hyperthyroid patients.

Phosphorus: Homeopathic treatment for Hyperthyroidism with extreme sensitivity, hairfall, feeling hungry after eating

Phosphorus is another top naturalHomeopathic medicine for treatment of Hyperthyroidism. This Homeopathic remedy is of great help for tall and thin patients who are very sensitive to external impressions like touch, odour, light. This Homeopathic medicine can be used for treating longstanding diarrhoea in patients of Hyperthyroidism. The patient complains of very profuse and offensive stool with weakness of extreme degree. Appetite of such persons increases and they feelhungry immediately after eating. Another sphere where this medicine proves to be useful in patients of Hyperthyroidism is in controlling excessive hairfall where the patient complains of falling of hair in bunches. Certain peculiar eating habits also give a hint in using this medicine in Hyperthyroid patients like a craving for meat, salty things, cold drinks and ice creams.

Conium Maculatum: Homeopathic medicine for Hyperthyroidism with depression

Conium Maculatum is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic remedy for patients of Hyperthyroidism who are very depressed and donot take any interest in work. The patient gets irritated easily and suffers from weakness of memory. This Homeopathic medicine works well for patients who experience trembling in hands along with perspiration on hands. Conium Maculatum is also a useful Homeopathic cure for menstrual problems faced by women due to Hyperthyroidism where the menses appear late and that too for a  short time and are very scanty in nature.


Best Homeopathic remedies for Hyperthyroidism with weightloss

Homeopathic medicines Lodum, Natrum Muriaticum and Lycopodium Clavatum are natural remedies for overactive thyroid and are of great help to deal with the problem of weightloss in a patient of Hyperthyroidism. Lodum is also prescribed for patients who have an increased appetite and need something to eat every hour but still keep on losing weight. This is because of the increased metabolic rate due to excess thyroid hormones circulating in the blood. Such patients also feel extremely hot and always desire to stay in a cool place. Homeopathic medicine Natrum Muriaticum is ideal for anaemic persons who look weak and emaciated. They also go on losing flesh even if they are taking a good diet. The emaciation is mainly noted in neck region. The person requiring this Homeopathic medicine craves for extra salt in diet. Lycopodium Clavatum can help those patients in whom the emaciation due to weight loss is most marked in upper part of body as compared to lower part. Usually such patients have a craving for warm drinks and sweets.

Homeopathic medicines for heat intolerance in patients of Hyperthyroidism

The Homeopathic prescription for dealing with heat intolerance depends upon the totality of symptoms given by the patient and not on a single symptom. The natural Homeopathic remedies for overactive thyroid that can help in such conditions are Sulphur, Pulsatilla Pratensis and Lachesis Mutus. Sulphur is a top Homeopathic medicine for treating heat intolerance in patients of Hyperthyroidism. The patients requiring Sulphur feelexcessively hot mainly at the top of head and soles of feet. Such patients feel the need to put their feet out of the blanket due to intensive heat in the feet at night during sleep. An excessive craving for sweets may be present in patients in whom Sulphur is prescribed. Pulsatilla Pratensis is the Homeopathic remedy for patients who cannot tolerate excessive heat and always needcool open air to get relief. Absolute absence of thirst for water is an important symptom guiding towards its use. Mentally, the patient requiring Pulsatilla is of a mild nature and weeps frequently atthe slightest instance. Lachesis Mutus is the natural Homeopathic medicine for patients of Hyperthyroidism who experience heat flushes and cannot wear tight clothes. They always keep the neck collars and belt around the waist very loose.

Homeopathic medicines for menstrual troubles in women with Hyperthyroidism

Pulsatilla Pratensis is the top natural Homeopathic medicine to correct the menstrual irregularities in women suffering from Hyperthyroidism. This Homeopathic medicine is mainly given where the menses remain suppressed for long and if the menses are very scanty, along with severe pain in the uterus that makes the patient cry out. Women needing Pulsatilla usually crave for fatty food and have an absolute absence of thirst for water. Sepia Officinalis is also a very beneficial Homeopathic medicine for treating menstrual problems where the menses remain for a very short time, that too with slight bleeding. The presence of bearing down pains in uterus as if the pelvic organs are about to come out along with menstrual irregularities is an important symptom for this Homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic medicines for diarrhoea in patients of Hyperthyroidism

Homeopathic medicines Phosphorus, Aloe Socotrina and Sulphur are very good natural remedies to treat diarrhoea in Hyperthyroid patients. Phosphorus is mainly given where the stool is excessive and offensive, along with extreme weakness. An excessive desire for cold drinks and ice creams is always present in patients needing Phosphorus.  Aloe Socotrina is a natural Homeopathic remedy for patients who have to rush to the toiletto pass stool immediately after eating or drinking anything. And Sulphur is the preffered Homeopathic treatment for diarrhoea that is worse in the morning. The patients requiring Sulphur suffer from excessive heat in body and likesweets in diet.

Homeopathic medicines for treating palpitations and increase in heart rate in Hyperthyroid patients

Both Lycopus Virginicus and Lodum are excellent natural Homeopathic remedies to control palpitations and Tachycardia or increase in heart rate in Hyperthyroid patients. Lycopus Virginicus can help in cases where the pulse is very rapid and palpitations are felt due to nervous irritation. Lodum can help to control the palpitations when they get worse from least exertion.

Natural Homeopathic medicines for Goitre

The enlargement of thyroid gland is referred to as Goitre. Homeopathy has a wide range of natural medicines to treat Goitre cases. The selection of the medicine depends solely on the constitutional symptoms given by the patients. Homeopathic medicines Lachesis Mutus, Lycopodium Clavatum, Spongia Tosta, Calcarea Lodata and Fucus Vesiculosus are of great help in treatingGoitre cases. Lachesis Mutus works very well when the Goitre is left-sided. Patients requiring this Homeopathic medicine have difficulty in swallowing liquids while the solid food is swallowed easily. They also feel very hot. Lycopodium Clavatum is a Homeopathic remedy for swelling of thyroid gland on the right side. Spongia Tosta is recommended as a Homeopathic remedy if the thyroid gland is much enlarged, causing suffocating spells at night. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Lodata is used for thyroid enlargements occurring around puberty. Fucus Vesiculosus is the Homeopathic remedy for Goitre in obese people.

Natural Homeopathic medicines for Grave’s Disease

There are several efficient Homeopathic medicines to treat the patients of Grave’s Disease. For treating Grave’s Disease, a proper case study of the patient is required. Then follows a proper evaluation of the symptoms to select the ideal natural Homeopathic medicineto cure Grave’s Disease. Homeopathic medicine Lodum is mainly prescribed where the patient feels excessively hot and suffers from violent heart palpitations from even a slight exertion. An increased appetite where the patient feels the need to eat at very short intervals but still goes on losing weight is a very prominent symptom for this medicine use. Homeopathic medicine Lycopus Virginicus is also of great help in the treatment of Grave’s Disease. The patients requiring this natural medicine have protruding eyeballs. They also suffer from pounding of heart or palpitations from nervous irritation with an oppressed feeling in chest on the left side. The heart rate also goes up because of increased thyroid hormones circulating in the blood.

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  1. Hello Kind Doctor,
    I don’t know exactly what I have…non cancerous nodule on right side of neck, at one time diagnosed w/ Hasimoto’s but other tests fall in normal range. I have weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, irritability, worry, anxiety, aversion to work and socializing, fatigue, difficulty sleeping. Lack luster. I am 67.
    MAny Thanks,

  2. Hello Kind Doctor,
    I don’t know exactly what I have…non cancerous nodule on right side of neck, at one time diagnosed w/ Hasimoto’s but other tests fall in normal range. I have weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, irritability, worry, anxiety, aversion to work and socializing, fatigue, difficulty sleeping. Lack luster. I am 67.
    MNy Thanks,

  3. Robin Wiles says:

    Hello Kind Doctor,
    I don’t know exactly what I have…non cancerous nodule on right side of neck, at one time diagnosed w/ Hasimoto’s but other tests fall in normal range. I have weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, irritability, worry, anxiety, aversion to work and socializing, fatigue, difficulty sleeping. Lack luster. I am 67.
    MNy Thanks,

  4. Dr Muhammad Zareef Ph.D. says:

    Hello Dr. I am 56 year male with Hyperthyroidism. I have cold nodule on leftside of thyroidķ for 12 year now occupying entire left lobe and isthmus. Nodule is solid and cystic (mixed). Two small hot nodules on the right side ( as per nuclear scan). TSH-0.01 and FT3 is 7 (higher value than normal) whereas FT4 is normal. I have moderate symptoms of HYPERTHYROIDISM. Taking Neometcazolr 1+1 and Indral 10mg 1+1. Drs advised surgical removal of whole thyroid gland after 3-weeks. Kindly advise me Homeo medicine for complete control and cure.

  5. Hi Dr Kaur,
    I was diagnosed hyperthyroidism in 2002.Then I had Radioiodine treatment done in 2005 & 2006.Now, I’m on hormone thyroxine.

    I just want to ask,whether my protruding eyeball.Can homeopathy treatment reduce my protruding eyeball & i can stop take hormone thyroxine?


  6. Eye swelling in grave disease ka homeopathy me treatment h ya nahi .pls reply me.thanks

  7. Machavarapu Ratnanjaneyulu says:

    I have been studied your reply and Natrum Muriaticum is almost suitable.hence you are requested dosage of NM and its potency is to be suggested.

    you may also suggest DO’s & DON’Ts regarding Food and necessary precautions to be fallowed and how long the medicine can be taken without side effects

    Thanking your sir

    Best Regards
    MOB:9959695821 & 7382627130

  8. Machavarapu Ratnanjaneyulu says:

    My wife suffering from hyperthyroidism, aged 48 years, house wife,home work alone doing, no assistant very much sensitive for cleanliness,she Starts work continuous and finish work with out rest,very sensitive feels and reacts quickly,under tension regarding only son not studying well,(8th) class and suffering from body pains since long time ,she wants to fallow her in all respects of both son and husband.
    THYROID TESTS DONE. TSH-0.9(normal), T3-1.2(normal), T416.2(Max.level.12.23); then again Free Thyroid tests done. TSH-1.1(normal) , FT3-4.4 (Max.3.9) , FT4-0.8(normal).Kindly advice me to take either homo medicines.

    Best Regards
    M R Anjaneyulu

    • Machavarapu Ratnanjaneyulu says:

      I have been studied your reply and Natrum Muriaticum is almost suitable.hence you are requested dosage of NM and its potency is to be suggested.

      you may also suggest DO’s & DON’Ts regarding Food and necessary precautions to be fallowed and how long the medicine can be taken without side effects

      Thanking your sir

      Best Regards
      MOB:9959695821 & 7382627130

      • Machavarapu Ratnanjaneyulu says:

        Thanks for your reply. Natrum Muriaticum is almost suitable.hence you are requested dosage of NM and its potency is to be suggested.At present i am waiting for your reply as NM-200 or below or else pl.suggest,how many pills,how many times?how long?

        Best regards
        Machavarapu ratnanjaneyulu


          Thanks for your reply. Natrum Muriaticum is almost suitable.hence you are requested dosage of NM and its potency is to be suggested.At present i am waiting for your reply as NM-200 or below or else pl.suggest,how many pills,how many times?how long?
          Best regards
          Machavarapu ratnanjaneyulu

  9. Dear Dr Sharma
    Thank you for writing such a useful article.
    I have been suffering from Hyperthyroidism since 1994 at least. I have lost my memory very badly. I cannot focus on any kind of text whether academic or general. My bones are aching all the time and now a days I feel very feverish. I also feel severely depressed for the last 25 years now. I am 49 now.
    My energy level is always on extreme low. When I go out for work or shopping I need to take some energy drink or tea or a cigarette to drive back home. My will power have hit the ground. I have been using Neo Marcazole and PTU but now I do not feel any improvement.
    I am in great agony. Kindly advise me a suitable prescription.
    Best regards
    God bless

  10. Debra Jones says:

    I have hair loss, rapid heart rate, hear intolerance & weight loss. Pls help with exact supplement & dosage. Thank You!

  11. Samiran biswas says:

    Please send me Lodium metaria medica

  12. Swaran Singh says:

    Sad hindi

  13. Oxana Langley says:

    HI been naturally treating my Graves but also found I have Hashimotos antibodies and current symptoms as well. My naturalist says I am switching back and forth depending on triggers. My main symptoms are palpitations, hunger, cravings, anxiety, sleeplessness, irritation, quick anger, hysterical episodes, red eye slight bulging but is controlled with medicine and also palpitations and anxiety are being treated with medicine. Weight gain is now an issue since using methimazole. Before this I was losing weight. I am on a clean diet no processed food, distilled water, citrus fruit for morning and noon and vegetables for evening and a few days a week organic New Zealand lamb for an evening meal and organic veal liver for some lunches to restore energy when I am weak. I also have systemic candida and both of my ears are constantly inflamed and itchy and many remedies have not been successful such as medicine, oregano oil, citrus and essential oil tonic, Turpentine 100% gum spirits and castor oil. And a specific diet for eliminating candida.
    That’s the pressing info currently I can think of and there may be more just not coming to the mind.

  14. Hello Doctor,

    I am 41 years old and I have the following symptom since March 2018 . I am facing these first time ever.

    1) Pain in the neck where the thyroid gland is located.
    2) Got periods after two months.
    3) Feel hungry every 1 hour.
    4) Have TSH level of 5.99 mu/ml
    5) Get hot flashes

    Please let me know which medicine would be the most appropriate.

  15. Maria Luisa Dell'Orto says:

    Good afternoon Dr Sharma,
    I suffer from hyperthyroidism and Graves Desease, it started two years ago. It seemed to be solved with Carbimazole, but now it came back. I suffer intense heating, palpitations, very dry eyes, fatigue, lack of concentration, mood swings, constant hunger despite the frequent meals. I didn’t loose so much weight for now. Could you please recommend me a suitable treatment?
    I thank you so much in advance for your kind help.

    Kind regards,

    Maria Luisa Dell’Orto

  16. Meraj Ahmed says:

    Sir I am suffering from hyper thyroid since a long time so I need your suggestions to cure it completely

  17. mujibur rehman says:

    goiter thyroid gland in thorat

  18. Vijayaragavan . P says:

    Need treatment. For multinodular goitre

  19. Vijayaragavan . P says:

    Yesterday i have sent my medical history for homeo advive. Are you received?

  20. Kaushik Chakraborty says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My 9 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroidism since she was 5 years old.
    Her Tsh shoots up to 30 sometimes and goes down to 8, but however always above normal range al these 4 years.

    Not yet started any allopathy yet but under observation.
    How can homeopathy help ?

  21. Karimulla says:

    My sister supering from hier thyrodisim , no tables suit for her body in allopathy , doctor s suggest that go for radio ioden treatment, is any treatment for her in homeo pati.

  22. Karimulla says:

    My sister supering from hier thyrodisim , no tables suit for her body in allopathy , doctor s suggest that go for radio joden treatment, is any treatment for her in homeo pati.

  23. Hello dr sharma
    I am 22 years old,recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. My symptoms are: feeling very hot, shivering, sweating, herat pulpitation, goiter in the middle of the neck. Can u advise me homeopathic med plz.

    One thing more i want to ask, there is none me named Lodium, instead of this, it is written Iodium in every meteria medica.
    I look forward hearing from u soon.
    Many thanks

  24. Umar Farooq says:

    How are you ? Please inform: Is Lodum available in Pakistan?

  25. S Lakshmi Rajan says:

    Doctor Sir
    My neck portion and face has become very thin and my present weight is 61 Kg reduced from 68 kgs.
    My upper part of the body say chest, hip portion has also reduced very much. People say why I am becoming thin day by day even though I take regular food and eat nicely. I have lost my voice and after endoscopy they have found I have Gerd and spasmodic dysponea
    What kind of food I should take and what medicine u recommend for me sir

  26. Hi Dr Sharma

    Hope you well.

    Please advise what i can take for Hyperthyroidism. I have a nodule (goiter) for like 5 years now and only now they picked up over active thyroid from my blood test. My TSH was 0.21. What can i take to get rid of this condition and not go on thyroid meds or an op. I’m having terrible symptoms: sweating, hot flushes, hair falling, heart racing, out of breath, can’t sleep at night, tired all the time, shaking, anxious, bowel issues (diarrhea, blood) , acne, excema, anemia, muscle cramps, hormone problems etc. I am 38 years old.

    Please advise.

    Take care.

    Thank you


  27. Hello,I have patient of hyperthyroidism ,I have problems with difficulty sleeping ,deprssion,tension,memroy loss

  28. Dear doctor
    I am a patient of Hyperthyroidism .weight loose. Hair fall. Rapid heart beat.. My doctor s advised me to take radio active iodine treatment. But I am confused…I want some other solution. I have a small goiter on left side …now I want to try homepathic medicine…plz guide me I m searching ashwagandha herb extract in homeopathic medicine….is lycopdiam is extract of ashwagandha ???is this medicine will help in my case? Need ur advise waiting for reply regards …

  29. And do you have any homeopathy doctor in Malaysia u can recommend?

  30. Hai, I m suffering from hyperactive Tyrod and symptoms are anxiety, insomnia and frequentlly going to toilet as many times as 7 to 8.expecially after food

    • Hildegard Horie says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation caused by hyperthyroidism and was told that atrial fibrillation carries a significant risk of stroke, therefore I have to take warfarin, which I don’t want. I do take already Nattokinase, Krill oil. Qu10, vitamin E, vitamin D3 – but was told, this would not be enough. Is there a homeopathic remedy to avoid a stroke?
      Thanks for your advice.
      Hildegard Horie

  31. Hi doctor. Suffering hyper active thyroid problem. Weight loss extremely on face and neck. Goes to toilet several time a day. Right as soon as I’m down eating. Unable to sleep at all during nights. Nervous and anxious all the time. What is the best treatment for this case. Only detected recently but this problem has been ongoing for 2-3 years. The hormone of T3 and T 4 very high.

  32. Dear Dr.
    My name is Hamanulla and I am 54yrs.iam having multinodular goitre with retrosternal (media stinal nodule) with toxicity. I started with thyrocab 10mg daily and from the last 7months it is 2.5mg only and my TSH 0.87mlu/L on 2/12/2017.i lost almost 15kg of weight ,that is the main problem Iam having. Please advice me regarding homeo for my problem and advice medicine if possible.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Thanks @regards

  33. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Salman, I live in US and am inquiring about homeopathic treatment for my mom whose 57 years old with multi nodules hyperthyroid since 2009. She’s not been the same since being diagnosed. Sometimes she feel heavily sweating (cold flashes chills) , hair thinning and falling, dry skin all over, others time she feels heat intolerance no sweating she’s notice this last April heat intolerance even though others weren’t hot

    She gets labs and ultrasounds on regular basis, currently she’s taking Methimazole since her labs were borderline. 5132919911

  34. Hello Doctor, I am having goiter on right side of neck, i would like to get treatment from you get shrink. Please let me know your contact number.

  35. I have hyperthyroidism for more than 20 years. On camizole 6 tablets daily, my eyes are bulging, facial change.
    Please help. My TSH has been <0.01.
    I want to get back to normal eyes.

  36. I am patient of hyperthyroidism and taking medicine neo-mercazole tab. Now can I go for Homeopatic treatment pl. advice

  37. 1. Musle tone remains weak, even if i do exercise, specially forearms.
    2. Joints remain loose. 3. Very low memory & confusion. 4 Cant do simple mental activity. 5. Weak voice, dont want to talk. 6. Continues chocking problem in the throat. 7.Weak eye sight. 8.Persistent skin infection increases with eating hot things, e.g eggs, groundnut, white or black peas,,so on. 9. No nail moons. 10. Nervousness increases fatigue and decreases muscle tone

  38. Poonam Sharma says:

    I meant my hair are falling in bunches

  39. Poonam Sharma says:

    Good evening sir,my name is poonam,i was diagnosed with graves disease in march 2014 before that i skipped my periods for 3 months altogether being fat i was losing weight without any effort,i had been sent to endocrinologist ,than i had been ordered my tests than doctor gave me carbimazole and inderal my periods came just after 6 days ,than my reports keep fluctuating some time normal or the other time very abnormal,in that period of time my left eye was affected with thyroid eye disease ,my eyes are falling bunches,and am gaining weight too,today again my report came bad Ft3 4.68,Ft4 2.58,TSH..0.008,plz sir help me my age is 31 unmarried.

  40. sanjeev agarwal says:

    hyperthyrodism,excessive weight increase,hormonal disbalance

  41. A N Banerjee says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My age is 55 years and I am suffering from Hyperthyroidism, I was taking a Alopathy medicine Carbitmazole tablets(Neo Mercazole 20) for almost 1 year but this has not worked for me. i am loosing weight , i have lost almost 4 Kgs in the last 6 months. I request you to guide me as what Homeopathy medicine I should take for this disease.

    A N Banerjee

  42. Gousaliyaa says:

    My mother is having high thyroid problem ie.., gave’s disease (T3 – 2.8, T4 – 0.9, tsh – 7.2)(hb- 10.4, haematocrict -32, rbc – 3.9, mcv – 81 , mchc- 32.6, mch – 26.3) married about 23 years sepia and pulsatila 30 might give or not . She is having leg pain and mensus problem
    Age- 42, weight – 80, height – 156

  43. nidhi goyal says:

    My father is sufferingg from graves eye disease for the last 1.5-2 years. His left eye has bulged out. he has already taken the steroids but he has not recovered yet. hope you will help me

  44. Barnali Bhattacharjee says:

    Sir I am suffering from thyroid eye disease bt my thyroid level T3 and T4 is normal and Tsh level is 6.4 so m cnfusd y m sufrng from Thyroid eye disease and its very painful and my eyes are bulging and how I will cure this disease …. How I will get my eye back to normal and I am 26 yrs old

  45. I have 46 year old I have menopause.I have been taking thyroxine tablet for 4 years.Now I have 3 nodules in my thyroid.I have swelling there,I can’t sleep more than 5 hours at night,I have bowl irritation as well.I tried Ayurvedic medicine . Now I am taking Iodium homeo medicine but not that much improvement.
    Pls tell me what I need to do next

  46. Rashmi Chopadekar says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    Iam 44 yrs woman having TSH – 30.5, T3 – 100, t4 – 5.1 Iam having sleepless night, Palpitation, Breathless ness, i need open air, I feel cold but night times sometimes i keep my feet open, hair loss, weight gain, feel thirsty, many a times i get gastritis, i get angry immediately, fatique, dont feel like getting up in the morning, morning i feel sleepy. I have not taken any medicine for Thyroid. i detedted this in feb 2017. I would like to take homeopathic medicine for the same. Pls advise.
    Awaiting your reply at the earliest.

    Best Regards,

  47. Lenka Provazníková says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 54, woman. Have a LEFT side goiter for 15 years, after a great psychical stress. Hormons are in norm, no hypo- or hyper-thyroid. From time to time I tried homeopathy, with different doctors (e.g. Spongia tosta, Iodum, Natrum mur., Lachesis mutus, … I don`t remember all; no effect as regards goitre). Many years I am interested in homeopathy, with breaks, I read in homeopathy books. I have had no classical therapy.
    I practice yoga, taichi. I`d like to do something definitely with a goitre – but no operation.
    About me: e.g. noise embarrasses me (!, tend to anger), fair type, flushing, tears – a less, great emotionality and sensibility, need of a fresh air, even in a winter time. I sleep with whole my body covered, only palms are out. Tend to chilly hands and foots).
    I mean: Am I Pulsatilla on my ground? So to take Pulsatilla, or maybe any combination with Lachesis mutus (but I sustain close clothes, althoug they are not my favourite)?
    Can you give me advice? And dossage ….?
    Thank you very much. Sincerely, Lenka, Europe.

  48. KARTIC GUHA says:

    My daughter is 11 years old and having Iodine deficiency hyper thyroid ism with TSH Value-11.9. When ever she takes Thyronorm 12.5 she feel stomac full and uneasy. She is thin butdoes not feel too much of hot. Is there any suitable solution att your end. Please suggest.

    PH : 9864040300 / 7002381269

  49. My daughter aged20 has the following problem 1 excessive sweating, loose stomach all the time,depression and sweety hands

  50. Jayanta Kumar Dubey says:

    Sir, I have hyperthyroidism. I did TSH test in November28, 2016. Then my TSH result was – 0.01mc/IU .

    But I didnt go for any endocrynologist. Because It was impossible to me to go for a good endocrynologist. Because I’m a 21+ years old boy & I’m a student. So I did yoga at my home.

    Next, in April , 24th , 2017 I did my 2nd Tsh test. The result of this 2nd test is –

    T3 – 2.68 ng/ml

    T4 – 18.78 mcg/dl

    TSH – <0.005 uIU/ml

    is it hyperthyroidism?

    now i have noticed that my thyroid gland enlarged. And I lost my past health . My skin color going red and dry . In the bath time I have to loss hair everyday.

    what should I do now? . How would I be cured?

    Waiting for your valuable advice sir !.

  51. TARIQ ATTA says:

    hyperthyroid home treatment

  52. TARIQ ATTA says:

    Hello Doctor i am pationt of hyperthyroid disease last 2 years 44 year age please can help me

  53. Hello, I’m wondering if you could point me in a direction of a remedy- there are so many I’m overwhelmed. Left sided goiter, hyperthyroid, bloating and trouble with foods such as eggs and cruciferous veggies, raynayds syndrom. Better for heat and sun, worse for cold. I ruminate a lot and hold grudges pretty badly. Often not hungry. Anxiety about future and fear of men and doctors, fear for being in danger. Most remedies ive looked at for the goitre don’t fit my other symptoms.

  54. Faheem khan says:

    Hi sir i hope you will be fine sir i have throat pain since 2 months and now iam suffering from dysponea my tsh level is normall but t3 and t4 is raised so please help me and give me your expert openness thanks

  55. Hi Doctor

    I have a swelling in the right lobe of the neck. when consulted the ENT surgeon he asked me to take the blood test (T3,T4,TSH) etc and there was no hormone inbalance in the blood test. Thyroid is normal.

    I have been taking kanchanar guggul ayurvedic medicine from 3 mths and it has grown by 0.5 cm in 3 mths. Doctor said do not worry we will see after year if it grows more. What should i do

    At present size is 2.4 cm x 1.4 cm echogenic nodule thyroid goiter. Earlier size was 1.7 cm x 1.4 cm x 1.2 cm

    I am female aged 42 years old.

    Pls advise.
    Thank you.

  56. Pushpinder says:

    Hi Dr sharma last month on my neck front right side it’s show some lump . I went to my dr and she suggest altar sound . Now I got the report and dr want to go for biopsy but I am not intrerested to go for that . I always trust in homeopathy meadicine so pls suggest something . I don’t have any pain and or other thing sometime it show small any suggestion

  57. Umer Piracha says:

    I have graves eye disease therefore i have protuting eye balls.. is there any medication is homeophathic that can cure my protuting eye balls

    • Junaid Ali says:

      Am sufferiny from from hyperthyroid
      Can u guide me about which is best medicine for it and its help to become normal

  58. Chandana Sinha says:

    Initially I had hyperthyroid long ago. But after having alopathy treatnent with Neomarcazole for one and half years I have been turned to Hypo patient and at the moment I am taking 88 mg Thyronorm. But still then I am not comfortable. Having problem of sleepnless night without sleeping tablets. My lower pressure is always loe 60-70 but upper one is high around 140-150 mostly even after taking allopath medicine for pressure. I am also having pain , specially at the back and also in legs, osteo-artharitis, Can I take calcarea carb medicine ( 30) twice daily on top of Thyronorm88. Please suggest. My age is above 55.

  59. Hello doctor sharma I m suffering frm goiter since may 2015 n I hv taken ayurvedic treatment fr six months after tht nw I m going with homeopathy I hv changed nw 2 nd homeopath doctor bt still my swelling is as it is menstrual cycle is irregular n sneezing prblm also continues..right lobe enlarged

  60. Hello doctor.,
    I have a colloid goiter. Both lobes were enlarged. … Right lobe measured 3.89×1.57×1.92 cms (vol 6.14 cc)
    Left love measured 3.97×1.72×1.97cms (vol 7.04 cc)
    Isthmus measured 5mm
    Doctor suggests for gland removal surgery….
    I would like to know is there Any alternative medicine for the treatment…

  61. Debasis Chakraborty says:

    Age 54 years.Nodules in thyroid gland,enlarged less than a ping pong ball,stony hardness,feel little weight inside throat,sometimes feels as if it is going down,normally no pain,no hoarseness.Sir, Kindly suggest remedy.

    • My daughter aged20 has the following problem 1 excessive sweating, loose stomach all the time,depression and sweety hands

  62. Deepak Verma says:

    Dr Sharma
    Good morning
    I m 54years old male n have recently got my general check up n tests done. All my blood tests hv come out well within safe limits for glucose random, lipid profile, LFT, RFT, prostate, CBC etc except for vitamin D- 20.52 and TSH which is 9.2 where as the safer limit shows it to b below 5.6
    Kindly suggest what treatment should I opt for.

  63. Susanna kisku says:

    Hello sir , I’m suffering from grave’s disease from 3 yrs. Now I’m taking allopathic medicine 2.5mg. Pls suggest me should i change my medicine ? I want to take homeopathic. Because throught the allopathic medicine my report is normal but in my body I don’t feel good properly and I don’t want medicine for life time .so pls suggest me sir. What should I do? I’m 20 yrs old.

  64. Hello doctor. I’ve been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Goiter on my neck and lymphnodes swollen under ear… lack of lubricant while intercourse. Seek your advise. Can you list what name of homeopathy remedies for my disease. Probably where I can get in iherb.


  65. Kashif Rafiq says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    My wife has all the sysptoms of hyperthyroid except weight loss , instead she has put up some weight may be because she used allopathic medicines 8 years ago like neumarcazole etc. after 10 years of marriage she couldnt get pregnat.please subscribe some medicines.
    Kashif Rafiq

    • Hello Dr. Sharma
      I felt hyperthyroidism since last two year, taking allopathic medicine methimez 10, ciplar LA 40 And zolex sr, some feel relief and some time not . My Ft4 is approx 70 And Tsh < .01 . Can you help me doctor with homeopathy I also feel palpitation . Thanks

  66. may hindi ma likh saktaho

  67. Dr. Ranjit Mazumder says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I live in Switzerland and have a very deep trust in homeopathy.
    Today I Approach you humbly for a Treatment for my wife Helga (Born 3. May 1943), German National.
    Helga is suffering from over activity of her thyroid gland with Morbus Basedow. This was detected only last March and must have been there much longer. Since the detection she has been treated by Alleopathic Doctors to passify and normalize the thyroid activity. Besides Tablets she was also given Cortison infusions. The Doctors detected further she was developing small nodules and we decided for the surgical Operation. This was done 15 days back. Fortunately the autopsy showed no cancer. Helga feels very tired and weak and her eyes are causing a lot of Problems. This is a full blown CASE OF Morbus Basedow with: bulging eyes, irritation, tears, red eyes, DOUBLE VISION, bad sight, etc.
    I thank you for your Response !

  68. My name is Divya and Iam 24 yrs old female.
    I am having goiter and I need the contact number/ the address of the hospital nearer to me.

    My address,
    Rajajinagar, Bangalore

  69. thx alot, am glad to know they are remedies to solve my problem . I was once diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2012 and I was spiritually healed though I remained with the bulged eyes and a goitre in the neck which I hate having. where can I buy these remedies/ treatment prescribed above? Unfortunately I didn’t see any remedies for bulged eyes.

    • Fatigue- YES
    • Nervousness- YES
    • Tachycardia, palpitations or irregular heartbeat-YES
    . Trembling of the hands- SOMETIMES YES
    • Increased bowel movements- YES (LOOS MOTIONS)
    • Sleep disturbance- YES
    • Menstrual disturbances- YES (TOO SHORT AND MISSED MANY MONTHS)
    • Increased nail growth-.NOT OBSERVED MAY BE YES
    • Hairloss and other hair changes- YES
    • Eyeball protrusion or exophthalmos- NOT VERY MUCH
    • Sweating- YES
    • Eyebrow changes- YES

  71. Dimple Relan says:

    I’m 45yrs old house wife suffering from hyperthyroidism. I’m taking Natrum mur and lycopodium twice a day. Pls suggest full dose and potency. Thanks

  72. hi Dr sharma
    I posted a comment earlier and forgot to mention that I’m a mother of one 18 months ago and my breast milk also didn’t stop after breastfeeding my baby ….I only breastfed for about two months…..upon research I learned that it could be a pituitary issue of prolactinoma cause my breasts are still heavy and I get milk like secretions that I think is galactorrhea rather than actual breastmilk..I was considering taking Palo del or bromocriptine but I’m scared of this treatment…please help me to decide on a good homeopathic cure

  73. Hi Dr.Sharma
    I’m 29 years,5’4″ tall,fair in complexion and 150 lbs. …my tsh levels revealed 6.260 which is high but my t3 is 4.39 and t4 is 0.99 which is good….I was placed on eutirox 25 and I discontinued it’s use after about 1 week due to some undesirable side effects such as drowsiness,weakness and irritability couple with swelling of my fingers,feet and general bloating…I then proceeded to drink lemon water,kangen water and foods to alkalise my body…it eased the symptoms but I feel a slight swelling in my throat which I suspect is goiter and I proceeded to take the eutirox 25 again because it helps with the swelling and uneasiness that I have….but I don’t want to be dependant on this as I want to stop taking it for good….i heard about calcarea carbonica which seems to be the answer to my problems but I don’t know what dosage to take…or is it the correct choice of homeopathic remedy to go with?I am also irritable to coldness at times and find it hard to lose my weight since I was at my best at being 120 lbs. …I do zumba and try to eat right but we know how that can be frustrating too…..I am really looking forward to getting this problem of mine cured once and for all…
    Thank you

  74. Dear Dr . I am 65 years old tall slim slighly fair skin coloured male. with diabetes type too since 1998., under appllopathic medicines and is under control In 2006 during U S scan a nodule was found in the left lobe measuring 15mm . I was loosing flesh around neck as well as hands and thighs . I had lost almost 8-9 kg. An able homeopathic Doctor treated me for 5 years and the nodule reduce to 4mm . The TSH came from .08 to .92 and gained aroun 2-3 kg. The doctor is now in another country . and from last 7-8 months , I noticed, offensive stools with slight cramps after passing normal stools. lost 3-5 kg and is now 67.5kg. Feeling slight tremor after getting up from sleep . I am having androgenic hairloss. Cataract grade 1 .Wish to drink water somehow seldom happens. Prostate age related hypertrophy but sometimes feel I cannot contain the urine at night. Need to go to toilet at night at least twice. I eat every 3 hours. Sometines one or two drops of Propatorroea during defacaetion in the morning.
    Feel hungy soon after eating, as if food was not enoigh. But get a sort of uneasy feeling in the stomach after 1 hour.
    Kindly advise.

    • Dr Sharma
      I am retired lady teacher in Sri Lanka, 63 years of age. I also had same problems as Mahen had due to low TSH level 0.05 in 2012 , found MNG and took Carbimazole time to time as per the doctors .When I stop the drug TSH level goes down. In 2015 I had RI 20mg treatment and TSH level was 0.6. After 4 months in last week I found again TSH level is 0.2. I am in trouble now. Please advise me. My father had Mysthenia Gravis. So my case may be genetic.

  75. B K Mishra says:

    My pathology Test report : B K Mishra Age 69 Yrs. Male Kindly Suggest me Homeopathy Medicines. I am always user of Homeo Med.
    Total Cholestrol -242 mg/dl PHOTOMETRY
    HDL – 40 mg/dl PHTOMETRY
    Triglycerides – 473 PHOTOMETRY
    TC/HDL RATIO – calculated – 6.1
    VLDL CHOLO 94.6NON – HDL CHOLESTROL calculated 202.5
    GGT PHOTO 70 U/I
    SGOT 38.24 U/I
    Medicine in use since a week Iodinum 1 M once daily, Urtica Urens Q 7 drops twice daily, AAcid Benz 6 twice daily, Lachesis 1 M once daily Natrum Mur 200 once. Please Advice
    Presently I am not feeling much except some weekness

  76. right lobe is large solid nodule of size 47*24mm seen.Cystic changes seen into nodules.FNAC report is operation needed?or i should proceed with homeopethic treatement

  77. Dear Sir

    I have read this article and my confidence has been increased regarding Homeopathy.

    My younger brother has been suffering from Grave’s disease. Please see the below diagnostic report-

    Scintigraphic Findings:

    Thyroid gland is slightly enlarged in size.

    Radiotracer concentration is uniformly increased in both lobes.

    Salivary glands show diminished uptake of radiotracer.

    USG of thyroid gland:

    Thyroid gland is slightly enlarged in size.

    ( AP diameter of right lobe is 1.80 cm, left lobe is1.28 cm and isthmus is 0.47 cm.)

    Echotexture of both lobes and isthmus are homogeneous.

    Result of Uptake Normal Range
    2 hrs 24% (4-10%)
    24hrs 56% (10-30%)
    48hrs 55% ( Turn Over)

    Comment: Thyromegaly with high tracer uptake.

    Sir I need your help to save my brother. Your one suggestion can change his life.



  78. mrs. madhu says:

    sir ,
    recently i have been diagnosed with excessive T3 475 . the snography describes it as graves disease ,i m taking allopathy . can homeopathy treat me of the homeopath in my city says he has treated some patients. i have inflamation in my soles and palms both,lost weight,hair fall .i m 46 yrs suggest.

  79. Hi Doc … where can I find Lodium … ?? My cat is hyperthyroid. I prefer a liquid form, but I’ll take anything I can get my hands on!

  80. Dr.Lalitha Lakshmi says:

    There is an enlargement of thyroid on right side a small nodule in the left sideand anti tpo level is 600 there is weight loss i am dr Lalitha homeopathic doctor and 53 years old palpitation tachycardia fast beating with anxiety I enquired my family doctor she told to go for techniques uptake scan now I am in a confusion what to do I require to tell immediately appointment is on Monday morning for the check up

  81. my daughter is having right throid nodule but with no pain measuring 4.2×4.4mm(APxML). Please advise what shall I do for this treatment. I shall be grateful if you help me.

  82. Shaikh hameeda murtuza says:

    I am 35 yrs old 5 months before i got dignosed for hyperthyroid grave disease my eyes are poped out i loss around 5 to 7 kg weight my hairs are falling in bunches i suffer sevear itching on my full body my heart beat is also very hight i can hear the sound of heart beat my TSH is below 0.05 and T3 and T4 are at normal range plz suggest me how could i can get aout of this disease is it cureable or i should take medicine for life time????plzzz help me..

    • Shaikh hameeda murtuza says:

      I am 35 yrs old 5 months before i got dignosed for hyperthyroid grave disease my eyes are poped out i loss around 5 to 7 kg weight my hairs are falling in bunches i suffer sevear itching on my full body my heart beat is also very hight i can hear the sound of heart beat my TSH is below 0.05 and T3 and T4 are at normal range plz suggest me how could i can get aout of this disease is it cureable or i should take medicine for life time????plzzz help me.. my antithyriod bodies are more than 5000…..

  83. s.suryanarayana murthy says:

    excellent presentation , very simple and easy language and good description of each remedy and the logic behind its usage. Thank you doctor, many who read your article may not be doctors but still they can safely take the remedies based on their symptoms matching your explanation. Thank you doctor as a long time student of homeopathy , I was searching for a remedy for hyperthyroidism and this article of yours has helped me immensely .
    with regards, murthy.s.s

  84. Are you talking about Iodum? Typo?

  85. Hello sir tell me about treatment for colloidal goiter

  86. T.K.Goswami says:

    I hve thyroid goiter on left side since one yr,when it was first noticed,smaller in size then it enlarged little,T3,T4,TSH test are done found normal.FNAC follwed by Ultra sound done,no evidence of malignant cancer,it is full of liquid. No pain ,no other difficulties except get affected of cold effect,like snizing,water discharge from nose and eyes frequently,rest are normal. I am also a diabatic patient under controlled sugar by taking medicine Glimepride 1mg in morning empty stomac,having cholestrol under control by taking medicine Atorvastatine 10mg at night,and BP under control by taking medicine Losartan 25mg once in morning. I am a fond of homeopathy medicine ,pl tell me the medicine for thyroid goiter,the potecy,doses and the periods.I shall be grateful

  87. mayank khetan says:

    I have been diagnosed with grave’s disease. I would like to know if homepathy can help me heal

    Issue : Hyperthyroidism with weightloss

    • Marion Nina Gormley says:

      Hello ..l can you please help me … I have Graves Disease … a year ago I was given 29mg / day of Carbimazole… then over a 9 month period .. down to 10mg / day …… then 5mg/day
      now I have stopped for 2 months and I’m feeling the Deadful symptoms coming back … i.e.
      joint pain, profuse sweating day and night, depression , suicidal thoughts” hair loss and itching,
      palpitations , anxiety ..,pecan you tell me if homeopathy can help me … someone told me Spongia
      was good for Graves .. is it true , as I thought iodine was not good for Hyoerthyroidism ..
      kindest regards

  88. very large toxic diffuse goitre on left side of neck. protrudes a lot if i push it out or lean forward
    it was tested only many years ago
    do not want to see doctor as they would want to remove it
    dont want painful needle aspiration again
    people are starting to notice it and comment even though i wear a cm thick neck band around neck with pendant in front
    hardly any pain but when i stops lots of liquid zinc free form amino acids and ashwaganda it hurts
    feel i am lycopodium constitutional as always respond so well to it as in less thinking ahead of all tasks to do in day

    • very large toxic diffuse goitre on left side of neck. protrudes a lot if i push it out or lean forward
      it was tested only many years ago
      do not want to see doctor as they would want to remove it
      dont want painful needle aspiration again
      people are starting to notice it and comment even though i wear a cm thick neck band around neck with pendant in front
      hardly any pain but when i stops lots of liquid zinc free form amino acids and ashwaganda it hurts
      feel i am lycopodium constitutional as always respond so well to it as in less thinking ahead of all tasks to do in day

  89. I’ve just found out I have graves disease. I’ve lost 40lb over the last 10 months but I was over weight anyway. I’m looking for what will lower my T3 its 365. I can’t take the thyroid meds the doctor gave me and they want to remove my thyroid. But if they remove my thyroid I would still have GD. What would help lower my T3

  90. My father, aged 83 years is primarily a heart patient since 2008 when he was operated for Aortic valve replacement and three arterial grafts, he is under constant medication for heart ailment. My father also has goitre sine almost 4 decades and was tested and was benign. He had an episode of arterial fibrillation and later with ventricular Tachycardia. He was investigated at Bangalore and has been implanted ICD device to take care of tachycardia episode if it occurs. He since last one year is on Cardaron (amiodarone) medicine 200mg daily. The intake of this medicine has introduced drug induced hyperthyroidism coupled with goitre. His latest test results for thyroid functions are as under. Date of test: 06 Feb 2016 T3:135.8 T4:14 TSH: < 0.005 He has also under gone Tech Scan of the Thyroid Gland which also indicate Drug induced hyperthyroidism. Problems: my father has lost weight very fast. About 25 kgs in 10 months’ time as his apatite has also reduced. Due to less intake he has become weak .there is trembling of hands though not too much but visible. The allopathic doctor suggested Steroid treatment as hormone therapy is not applicable in his case. That has not helped.Now he is under allopathic treatment with methimazole, which has brought his T4 level from 24 to 14 in two months . But he hasnt gain anyvwight but losing and thats a worry.He also gets too much flum from his lungs especially in the morning and at times after food. He actually has to vomit out the flum in order to ease out breathing. he is on heart related medications and Cordaron (amiodarone). Cardsron has now been refused dosage of 100 mg alternate days. In view of the above may I request to give your expert medical opinion from the point of view of homeopathic treatment and expected results.

  91. Radhakrishnan says:

    My goitre appeared when I was a 16 years old boy. Now I am 58, normal in weight (62kg,5ft7inch).I have sleeping disorder,indigestion, burning of lower extremities after 7p.m.,feeling of pressure on the neck(not always,)

  92. satpal vishnoi says:

    Dear sir my name is satpal vishnoi I have a goiter right side in neck 5cm and my test is normal t3 t4 tsh . fnsc test is benign goiter pls give me suggest drug and diet .how I can rid my goiter. Satpal vishnoi

  93. Prashant Mishra says:

    Hello sir, my wife have goiter on the left side. Her neck is swelling from last 6 months. We had test of thyroid it was normal. Is any treatment in homeopathy that cure it completely? Kindly help me sir.

    • satpal vishnoi says:

      Dear sir my name is satpal vishnoi I have a goiter right side in neck 5cm and my test is normal t3 t4 tsh . fnsc test is benign goiter pls give me suggest drug and diet .how I can rid my goiter. Satpal vishnoi

  94. sukanti mohapatra says:

    Thyroid panel test is normal. FNAC test diagnosis: colloid goitre with cystic degeneration

  95. C.Sreenivasulu says:

    Dr.i am seenu, worked at 104 services in Health department. Now i am suffering with Multy nadulor goiter problem.Both sides. so, i take treatment. I take spongia-Morning & Thoja 200- evening Morning since last Three months. i have not satisfied. The swelling of Goiter not cured. Plz tell treatment for my problem. Thanking you Sir.

  96. Jeyaprakash says:

    I hope it is Iodium/Iodum is misspelled as Lodium? Thanks for the article.

  97. I am a 45 y/o woman with Grave’s disease. I GAINED weight with my disease, had no nodules upon nuclear scanning of the thyroid, and responded well to methimazole. I would like to use homeopathy to correct the imbalance so my levels stay normal.
    I currently have severe heat intolerance, intermittent hot flashes, abnormal hormone levels of FSH (showing me to be menopausal), I have absent/irregular monthly cycles, I get VERY irritable sometimes for no reason, easily saddened, depressed, no exophthalmos, no tremor. I alternate between insatiable desire to eat, and complete lack of appetite. I have joint pain, and occasionally iget a random anaphylactic reaction to something I’ve never had an allergic response to before.
    My home life is extremely stressed. I cannot bear tight clothing. I am normally a content, happy person. I sincerely hope you can help me. I have used homeopathy for the last 2 years for other ailments, so I am familiar with how it works. Thank you so much!

  98. Zahid Hossain says:

    Did you mean Lodium or Iodium?


  99. Hi, dr i am a crew, and my hb level was normal, i came to doha and my hb level dropped .. Dr told me to do tsh level cheked and it came to .0011 and t4 level is 12. He said i have hyperthyroid..nobody in my family has this. Dr. Asked me all the symptoms but there are no such symptom he found . But reports say its thyroid..he said with this level of tsh i cant fly as of now..
    I want to knw is this serious.. Can it be completely cured with homeopathy medicine, i got homo medicine also and started taking that, but how much time it will take if you can tell me..and also diet..should i eat less of salt and sugar. I am worried because i m away frm my country..plz suggest me.
    My hb level is 12.5 now..i took medicines for same, but worried abt tsh level..dr here said its a big concern.

  100. faizan ahmad says:

    Hello docter,
    my name is faizan I am a boy 17 years old I am suffering from goitre at the age of 13 that time in my neck little swelling I hav tests reports I am taking R51 as medicine so doc help me for the cure this time it is not so big approximately 2.25 inches large my number is 8874806126 I will send you reprt pictures contact me plz

  101. Thank You for this wonderful article Dr Sharma. I have been taking homeopathy from childhood yet I continuously suffered from thyroid issues (hyperthyroid) right from my late teens…I have taken all the medicines listed here, which always gave only a temporary cure. Recently I realized I have always been eating toxic (food cooked on non-stick pans is now linked thyroid & sinus problems and food cooked in microwave also causes low BP and autoimmune disorders. I completely swore off Microwave oven, non-stick pans and use only natural sea salt (without added Iodine) from last 3 weeks…now I see there is a difference in a the way Homeo works for me…the same medicines that struggled to produce a lasting and favorable reaction are now making Magic ! I’m feeling better day by day and mainly I’m taking Phos and Thyroidinum along with Biochemics. Once again THANK YOU for this article and it gave me confidence that I’m on the right path for sure. Love your quote “….constant reminder of body’s great innate capacity to heal itself” I’m writing it down where I can read it everyday. Hopeful the information about eliminating the ‘SOURCE’ will help others who visit this page.

  102. Ritu Gupta says:

    Dear Dr,

    I have been diagnosed with Grave’s disease and am looking for a remedy. I have been given methimazole but I am interested in homeopathic treatments. Please suggest a way to proceed.


  103. Deepika sharma says:

    Sir I am 32 years of age an d I hv a swallowed neck since 15 years now it I clearly visible I hv done thyroid test but reports were normal. I am worried now dnt want to go for srugeory .one of our family doctor said it is goitre kindly suggest any treatment or medicine

  104. S S Upadhyay says:

    My TSH level was 6. I was started allopathic treatment. After two months my TSH level is 3. The medicine Thyronorm 12.5 is not suit to me and new symptoms like burning of Tongue and sleeplessness occurred . After discontinue this medicine I have normal sleep but burning in tongue is present. Now I have discontinue the medicine and I would like to start Homeopathic medicine. Please advise me.
    and with Regards
    Shabd Swarup Upadhyay

  105. saniya khan says:

    Hello sir
    Iam 28 year old. I can’t sleep 3 months at night from june 2010 because of mental tension and then my sleeping start little bit from oct and suffering from chronic cold allergy and dust allergy from july 2010 and my IgE level is 248.23 kiu/L after homoepathy treatment it is now 80 % controlled but I can’t eat sour and cold foods after that my nose and left side neck looks so much swelled after that it decrease swelling little bit my doctor told me for thyroid test and my T3 is 117, T4 is 9.5 TSH is 5.32 my dr gives me thyroidimum 3x twice two tab daily for almost one year my tsh is. 4..80 ,T3 is 122 , T4 is 9.80 piz sir recommendMerightddrugs so that it relieves me from my problem

  106. umesh kumar says:

    i have a goiter ( T3 T4 TSH are normal ). pls confirm it remove or not by medicines.

  107. Rashmi Bhattacharya says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    My name is Rashmi and I am from Bangalore. for the past few days I am having symptoms like improper digestion, gastric pain, all of a sudden feel very tired, get sour burp. Felt that it might be due to thyroid issue and therfefore got a random TSH test done. the result are T3 -1.8, T4-7.5 and my TSH is 12.

    Do I have thyroid complication and if yes what medicine should be good

  108. amarjeet kaur says:

    Hello sir
    I just want to confirm if t3 & t4 almost normal .but my TSH is .30. Gave the remedy in homeopathy medicine

  109. evelyn wright says:

    Hyperthyroid methimazole 5mg bid, 2 months 3 small nodules tried to taper off n supplement with thyroid calm px from restoriative formulations from my naturopath and herbfarm thyroid calming b1 vit d my chiro states I need iodine n my body says so any info?


    • Hello Doctor, I am suffering from hyperthyroidism. My FT3 level is 4.66 FT4 is 2.27 and TSH is 0.009. I am 29 yrs old and doctor prescribed me Tab Neomercazole 10 mg BD. I am planning to conceive the baby but during this treatment I can’t plan. so is homeopathy has treatment for hyperthyroidism. And during homeopathy treatment can I plan to conceive? How long I have to take the treatment?

  111. Lodium i listen 1st time this remedy plz tell me more about?

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