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Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Homeopathic medicine for Hypothyroidism

Homeopathic medicine for Hypothyroidism

Homeopathy For Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland is under active and does not produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormones required in the body. The most cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an auto immune disorder in which the antibodies are produced by the immune system against its own tissue, which in turn attacks the thyroid gland resulting in hypothyroidism.Severe Iodine defficiency can also lead to hypothyroidism . Natural Homeopathic remedies for hypothyroidism are highly effective and especially useful for people who want to avoid the side effects of prescription drugs.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Calcarea carb , Sepia ,Lycopodium, Graphites and Nux Vomica are the leading homeopathic remedies for hypothyroidism .

  1. Calcarea Carbonica: Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica assumes the top most position in homeopathy for treating hypothyroid cases. It is one of the best homeopathic remedy for hypothyroidism. Its use is highly recommended in obese people who are always chilly and cannot tolerate cold air. The patient requiring this medicine is fair complexioned, fatty and flabby. Excessive sweating on head is a leading feature for its use in hypothyroid patients.  Certain peculiarities in eating habits like craving for boiled eggs, desire for indigestible things like chalk, pencils, lime, and aversion to take fats also guide towards its use in patients of hypothyroidism. This homeopathic medicine for hypothyroidism can also help in relieving constipation in hypothyroid patients; the peculiar feature is that the first part of stool is hard and is followed by soft stool. This medicine proves to be very efficacious in women with hypothyroidism who suffer from very profuse menses that continue for long durations and occur earlier than the expected date. Coldness of feet is always present during the menstrual period.
  2. Sepia Officinalis: Sepia Officinalis is also a significant homeopathic medicine for treating the hypothyroid patients. The patients requiring this medicine are very weak, have a pale yellow face and faint very easily especially on exposure to excessive cold temperature. Such patients lack vital heat of body and feel excessively chilly even in a warm room. This medicine can help in treating the menstrual complaints in patients of hypothyroidism where the menses appear too early and are copious in nature. The menstrual complaints are always accompanied by bearing down sensations in pelvis where the patient feels as if the pelvic organs will come out through the vulva and always sit with cross legs to prevent the escape. Sepia Officinalis is also prescribed for controlling the excessive hair fall due to hypothyroidism, especially in women of menopausal age. The next sphere in which this medicine proves very efficacious is the treatment of constipation in hypothyroid patients. The patients requiring this medicine complain of very hard and difficult stool that is passed in small balls with excessive pain during the passing the stool process that continues for long time after the stool. The mental symptoms that are to be considered for its use in hypothyroid patients is extreme irritability and indifferent behaviour towards family members who were earlier very much loved. An unusual excessive craving for acidic things and pickles can also be present.
  3. Lycopodium Clavatum:This is an excellent homeopathic thyroid Remedy . This homeopathic medicine is mainly prescribed to those patients of hypothyroidism who suffer from gastric troubles. There is excessive flatulence in the abdomen with acidity that is mainly worse after taking farinaceous food. The complaints are mainly worse from 4:00pm-8:00pm. There is constipation with difficult, hard, incomplete stool. The person craves hot drinks and hot food; craving for sweets may also be found. The person is very weak with yellowish face and blue circles around eyes. The excessive hair falling in a hypothyroid person can be wonderfully tackled with this medicine’s use. The patients requiring this medicine are of very irritable nature and cannot bear little contradiction.
  4. Graphites: Graphites is mainly used for those patients of hypothyroidism who are very obese and take on cold very easily. The long standing constipation where the stool is hard and passes with great difficulty in lumps can be treated with this medicine. Such patients also complain of fullness in abdomen due to obstruction of flatus and desire to loosen the clothing to get relief. Mentally the patient is very depressed, sad and weeps easily on listening to music. Timidity and inability to take decisions may also be present.
  5. Nux Vomica: Nux Vomica is a wonderful homeopathic remedy mainly prescribed in those patients of hypothyroidism who are extremely temperamental in nature and get offended very easily; such people are very sensitive to all external impressions. This medicine works wonderfully in treating the obstinate constipation in hypothyroid patients. The stool is scanty and unsatisfactory where the patient feels constant urge to pass stool but with little evacuation. Bloated feeling in the stomach after eating is also present. There is an excessive desire for stimulants like alcoholic drinks and coffee; fatty food and spicy food. Patient is very chilly. This medicine can also help those women of hypothyroidism who complain of prolonged menses where the menstrual blood is blackish and accompanied by fainting spells.

 Homeopathic medicines for Hypothyroidism – When Weight  Gain is the Main Symptom

Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica works well in controlling the excessive weight gain in patients due to hypothyroidism. The patient requiring this medicine is fatty, fair complexioned and flabby. Extreme sensitiveness to cold air is always present in the patient. Excessive sweating on the head usually at night time is also a very prominent symptom guiding towards using this medicine in weight gain. Another homeopathic medicine Graphites works well in controlling the weight gain in those persons who are very obese, chilly and suffer from obstinate constipation. Lycopodium Clavatum is also a natural homeopathic medicine for treating weight gain in hypothyroidism where the thighs and buttock region is obese. The patients requiring Lycopodium usually show excessive craving for hot drinks and sweets.

Homeopathic medicines for treating menstrual problems in a women suffering from Hypothyroidism:

Sepia Officinalis is an excellent medicine to deal with menstrual problems due to hypothyroidism where the menses are very profuse and appear very early. Presence of bearing down sensations in pelvic organs along with excessive menstrual flow is a hallmark in using this medicine to correct menstrual problem. The patient requiring this medicine is very chilly and even faints in an extreme cold environment. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica can help where the women complain of heavy bleeding during menses along with extremely cold feet during the flow. Excessive perspiration on the head during sleep can accompany this problem, and the patients requiring this medicine are usually obese. Next homeopathic medicine Ferrum Mettalicum can prove to be very efficacious in those women who complain of excessive bleeding during menses where the blood is pale and watery leading to anemia and weakness. Cinchona Officinalis is yet another useful natural homeopathic medicine for treating menstrual trouble in women suffering from hypothyroidism. The symptom guiding towards its use is profuse menstrual flow containing dark clots.

Homeopathic medicines for dealing with cold intolerance in hypothyroid patients:

Homeopathic medicines Psorinum, Silicea, Calcarea Carbonica are wonderful medicines to deal with sensitiveness to cold in hypothyroid patients. All these are equally good for decreasing the sensitivity towards cold but the selection of the medicine solely depends upon the constitutional symptoms given by the patient. Psorinum may be given to those patients who always feel chilly and even in hot weather desire extra coverings to combat the extreme chilliness. Patients requiring Psorinum may also give a history of some sort of skin complaint during their life time. Next medicine Silicea mainly suits obstinate kind of people who are extremely sensitive to cold and who have offensive perspiration on feet. For using Calcarea Carbonica, the symptoms of excessive perspiration on scalp, obesity and craving for boiled eggs along with chilliness are given utmost importance.

 Homeopathic medicines Alumina, Nux Vomica and Bryonia Alba for treating the constipation in a person suffering from Hypothyroidism:

The first homeopathic medicine Alumina gives excellent results in treating the trouble of constipation in a hypothyroid patient. Patient requiring this medicine passes many days without going for stool, he feels no desire for stool until a large accumulation has occurred in intestines. The stool is mainly soft and clay like but it requires great straining to expel the stool due to sluggish action of rectum. Next medicine Nux Vomica works well in relieving those cases of constipation where the patient feels constant desire to pass stool but only scanty stool is passed. The stool is insufficient and does not give satisfaction to the patient. Pain in abdomen usually precedes the expulsion of stool. Intake of spices and coffee makes the patient worse. The last medicine Bryonia Alba can help in relieving those patients who complain of excessively hard and dry stool. An unusual thirst for large quantities of water may be present in patients requiring Bryonia Alba.

Homeopathic Remedies for treating hair fall in patients of Hypothyroidism:

There are no patent medicines in homeopathy for treating hair fall in a patient of hypothyroidism and the medicine has to be selected depending upon the constitutional symptoms of the patient. Natrum Muriaticum is a very good homeopathic medicine for dealing with hair fall cases in persons suffering from hypothyroidism. The symptoms that guide towards its use for hair fall are excessive craving for salty things, inability to bear the heat of sun. The patient requiring this medicine is usually of reserved nature and may show weeping tendencies especially when alone. Lycopodium Clavatum is yet another natural homeopathic medicine for treating hair fall. This medicine can be prescribed to those patients of hair fall who crave hot drinks and sweets.  Some sort of gastric trouble like extreme flatulence usually accompanies hair fall in patients requiring this medicine.

Homeopathic Medicines for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis:

There is no specific medicine in homeopathy for treating Hashimoto’s thyroiditis but the required medicine has to be selected from a wide range of homeopathic medicines that depend entirely upon the constitutional symptoms of patient taken down after proper case taking. Homeopathic medicines Calcarea Carbonica, Graphites, Sepia Officinalis are few of the good homeopathic medicines to deal with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Calcarea Carbonica suits mainly persons complaining of weight gain with excessive perspiration on head and extreme chilliness. Graphites may be recommended in obese, chilly patients with obstinate constipation. The last medicine Sepia Officinalis is mainly indicted for treating the menstrual irregularities in thyroiditis patients.

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  2. Dear Doctor
    I am 55 years old now. I suffered from hyper thyroid for many year in my teenage and upto 40 years and then it turned as hypo thyroid. Now my TSH always shows 8 to 15 at difference times which doctors always prescribes Euthyroid tablets of 25 mg. I don’t have much symptoms of hypo thyroid whereas in hyper I got severe symptoms of hand shivering excessive sweating etc but well controlled while taking carbimazole tablets.
    But even when I take even a small quantity of Euthroxine or thyronorm tab after 10 or 15 days immediately I got symptom of hyper level as increased heart rate, hand tremor and excessive sweating. Then I will discontinue the medicine and within a day or two it will disappear.
    But my doctors always advise to take the tablet but due to discomfort I am not taking it. My t3 or t4 levels are near normal but TSh level high around 8 to 15.
    What is this? why I can’t take thyroxine tabs? If I am not taking medeice what will be the conseqeuce?
    But please remind I have not noted any symptom due o this hypo thyroid level.
    Please advise!
    Thanks & regards

  3. Sir , I am women of 40 age and suffering from hypothyroid for last one year and seven months.Initially, I had taken allopathy treatment for one year, but didn’t get any better result so I altered to Homeopathy and have been taking Thyroidinum 3x (Reckeweg) from last seven months,after taking this medicine within one and half months I feel the differences and my physical problem improved a lot in compare to before,but equally I am disappointed becos my TSH has increased 6.2 to 7.6 to 7.9 in recent test. so please help me what should I do .Do I continue with the same medicine or should I change it ? And if I have to continue then how long I will have to take the medicine becos my homeopathic physician asked me to take the same medicine for six months to cure permanently.

    With Regards.

  4. Dr. Jyotsana Bhatnagar says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    This is Dr. Jyotsana this side . I too am an Homeopathic physician with work experience of around 20 years . I have seen very good results in treating hypothyroidism with homeopathy sply with anti sycotic drugs like thuja calc flour and medorrhinum I am sure you too will see the good results
    You are doing great job in spreading good word about homeopathy.
    All the best,

  5. Priya rangarajan says:

    Hypo throid severe constipation pain in anus

  6. Mare paaro mai bahut pain hota hai aur weight gain put on hai

  7. Mergel manarin says:

    Good evening doc.sharma.i am from Philippines present now in Bahrain middle east.almost 2years now I’m suffering from hyperthyroidism & lipoma about thyroid I have medication but for lipoma no I’m taking a medicine for thyroid.neomercazole 05mg 6tablet a Day. It’s doesn’t have any chance.please help me for homeopathic medicine for thyroid & lipoma from homeopathic.thank u

  8. You have gone towards pyperthyroidism. My opinion is to stop immediately Thyronom and consult good doctor or homeopath.

  9. Venkata Raman says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma

    Pl be honest my son is 24 years is under homeopathy treatment for the past 2 years with and doctor for his hair fall. It has not been cured but to some extent yes. He was diagnosed for thyroid and is under the treatment of the same doctor. Recently he has been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism . My question is can the doctor cure his thyroidism completely or not. Even thous the doctor promises.

    Pl tell me should I go to english medicine or continue with the Homeopahty for curing my son. Pl tell me by return reply. His Hypothyroidism level is 444.

  10. Sir my tsh lable is 0.09 .and I was taking thronorm before 4
    Years .75 mg . please suggest me.which medicine I should take for complete cure of thyroid

  11. Dr. Satish Kumar Rana says:

    Dr. Sharma! Your write-up seems very good. Congratulations.

  12. greetings. checking to see if you can recommend a substitute for calcarea carbonica as treatment for undescended testicle in an 11 yo? he has no health problems, is vegan, very active, but small for his age…

  13. Mizanur Rahman says:

    I am a hypothyroidism patient. My TSH is .15 very low.please treatment with medicine for me.

  14. Sagar Thirumala says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Thanks for posting this article. I have hypothyroidism. Taking 88 micro grams synthroid now.
    When my thyroid levels are down, and TSH is high, then the symptoms are related to high metabolism like, frequently thirsty, suddenly feel extreme hunger, too sweaty. short frequent sleeps.
    Fall asleep suddenly during the day for a short time like 30 mins – 1hr.
    Basically, all the bodily activities are frequent and short.
    Can you please recommend a remedy.
    When I was eating rice, I gained weight, then I stopped rice and eating quinoa and doing lots of exercise now, and able to maintain the weight.
    Now my hieght : 5ft- 7inch, wieght – 151 pounds
    Thank you

  15. Debbie Bonnell says:

    I have blood work, TSH of 8-12. So hypothyroid. But it has gone from 12 to 8 and now to 4.76 since I tried using endoflex essential oil. But I prefer homeopathic medicine. Which would you recommend? I’m age 63 and my hair has recently begin to come out a lot. I believe my adrenals are shot due to lots of family stress and therefore this adrenal problem hurting the thyroid. Should I try Lycopodium or Natrum? Or which would you suggest and how much per day?
    Thank you for help.

  16. Andree Suddoo says:

    I have sub clinical thyroid after surgery of lung cancer (lobectomy) what are the remedy that you’ll recommend?
    female 60 post- menopause
    Symptoms: increased appetite, weight gain, heavy sweating after food movement during the night, vertigo,
    thanks for your help

  17. Mukarram khan says:

    Kindly suggest remedy for low T3?

  18. Aliyanavaid says:

    Hello I m a thyroid patient since the past 15 years and age around 50,these days I m having a lot of fatigue issues with a lot of acidity after eating food and gaining weight too I ,don’t have energy at all from 4 o click till 8 o clock ,when I do thyroid test mostly its under control as I m taking thyroxin but I don’t feel good at all with low energy, ,can you pls suggest medicine

  19. My TSH investgation result is 5.89 mlU/L. I am 68 years old. Could u please suggest whether Lycopodium 200 is helpful.

  20. Nirmal Dey says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Nirmal Dey ,31 Years old ,Men. I am suffering hypothyroid problem for last 2weeks. thyroid level is 100>.This problem is curable ?

  21. Ashish Sharma says:

    My bhabhi ji’s TSH is 178. Her age is 45. Fatty, flabby, no constipation, no hair fall, menopause stage, want to wear loose clothes, fatty thighs. Kindly help

  22. Hi doctor,
    I am suffer from last 2 years with thyroid. My TSH level is recently checked 14.5. And other types of thyroid are normal. What should I do please suggest.

  23. Christine Vranken says:

    beginning of the year my values in blood of my thyoid were not good, I had hyperthyorodism, the doctor prescribe me a low dosis of radioactive iodine (6 µ) on March 12th. They told me that it was going to have effect after 3 months. A month later my T4 was 17.2 but my TSH still too low. On May 23rd my T’4 was getting down to 6 and now end of June only 3, I am now suffering from hypothyoridism and the doctor prescribed my thyroxine. I don’t want to be depended on medication, so therefore I am looking for a good homeopatic remedy. Can you help me with this please.

    Many thanks in advance

  24. Rajeev Ranjan Tiwari says:

    Sir,recently i have been diagonise that i am suffering from hypothyroide level of TSH is -14.8,T3&T4 is normal,kindly suggest me medicine.

    • vijay kumar says:

      Sir,recently i have been diagonise that i am suffering from hypothyroide level of TSH is 5.87,T3&T4 is normal and i am overweighted kindly suggest me medicine.

  25. Anita Goyal says:

    Continuous pimples on face of my daughtert and abdomen bloated. Pain in the parts injured long ago.

  26. Danielle says:

    My husband was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a couple years ago. He gains weight around his midsection even with better diet and exercise. He has very thin hair and has lost most of it. He does experience mood swings which I don’t think we’ve ever attributed to the hypothyroidism. He tends to run hot and when he’s working will have a sweaty head. He doesn’t ever complain of constipation, but he does experience bloating and loose stools at times. He takes synthroid now, but we would like to get some relief from this. He has cut out nearly all gluten in his diet. We’d like diet information along with what medicine would best suit him. Thanks for any and all help!

    • I’m not dr homes but it wasn’t until I cut out all gluten and eventually dairy especially liquid milk that I got relief. Those 2 in North America unfortunately are toxic because of the way they’re farmed. Wheat and milk from places like Ireland or New Zealand are fine because they haven’t changed how they farm. It’s sad but true. Eat as much organic as possible too so your body doesn’t have to process so much junk which makes it harder to heal. Probiotics, digestive enzymes – both crucial for health. This above article is also great for info for thyroid. Unfortunately many people have hormone issues because of our environment and food. So we have to work a bit more for our health

  27. Dear Doctor,
    My TSH value was 10.13 when it was tested in the month of September 2017. The doctor advised me to take medicine (Allopathy). I took medicine for 3 months and it came downto 2.6 in December. Then I stopped medicine. Actually doctor had told me to take it lifelong.
    Now , for me after walking for half an hour a small breathing trouble started. Then I checked TSH. It has gone to 8.31. Without consulting doctor I started medicine and I took th emedicine for 2 weeks. Then I heard about the homeo pathy treatment for TSH problem.
    Doctor, Kindly advise me , what should I do Now? My hair also falls like anything. And i also have a pain at the underneath of feet so that I am using Chappal at home.
    Please advise,Doctor

    • Rajeev Ranjan Tiwari says:

      Sir,recently i have been diagonise that i am suffering from hypothyroide level of TSH is -14.8,T3&T4 is normal,kindly suggest me medicine.

  28. Snezana Bjelac says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I read your suggestions for treating thyroid dysfunction and would like to try natural remedies.
    I was taking Synthroid for six months but refused to continue.
    I went vegan, no dairy and gluten for that matter. Started taking vitamins and I will do blood work for iodine, selenium, vitamin D, zinc, iron and magnesium, because my guess is that I was deficient in some of them (maybe all) hence the thyroid dysfunction.
    I am willing to try homeopathy, but can’t seem to find myself in the symptoms that you described in your article. I didn’t gain weight, no hair loss, no constipation, nothing apart from fatigue which took me to the doctor’s office for some blood work. Do you have any suggestions. I would appreciate your advice greatly.

  29. Ira Trevi says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have hashimoto’s and taking Syntroid for a few years. I feel very tired all the time even when I sleep eight hs or more. My hair falls a lot, my skin is extremely dried. I would like to take Homeophatic med instead of conventional med. What would you recommend? Can I stop taking T4 and take just Homeophatic?


    • Joana Philippe says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (hypothyroidism) in 1991 and have been taking “levothyroxine” ever since. I would like to take a homeopathic remedy instead. Are there any useful homeopathic remedies? If there are other natural solutions I would be interested in learning about them too.

      Many thanks

  30. MD AFTAB AHMED says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Daughter is 8.6 years old now. we had done a wellness check up done for her in 2017 and we got to know she had Hypothyroid and the TSH was 6.25.

    Then Doctors said if it goes above 9 only then we should look for Medicine. Then after
    6 months it was about 6.75.. Then Feb 2018 it was 9 and now in May it was around 10.

    I have a family history of Thyroid even I have it and I am taking Thyronom since 3 years.

    We got her Anti TPO done and got to know it’s Autoimmune and has Hashimoto problem.

    She gets irritated very soon and perspires a lot on head. I wanted to know is there a perfect solution for it on Homeopathic or she will also have to take Thyronom..
    Please reply as soon as possible.

    We live in Delhi. If you wish I can pay for online consultancy as well.

    Thanks and Regards,

  31. Sravanthi says:

    Hii I have thyroid and am using 50mg daily it’s in control now I want to use homeopathy medicines can I try are there any side effects

  32. A. Roberts says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, I have been having a problem with thyroid and was on Homeo medication for some years but i noticed that the TSH from 5.310 in 06/2015 it has increased to 9.568 and now it’s been nearly 40 days that i stopped my medication and had my TSH test done it shows 16.16. What should i do. Must I go back for homeo or any other treatment. Please help. Thank you.

  33. Deepa Agarwal says:

    Hi I have been diagnosed thyroid 3 months back with TSH 276 now it is controlled by allopathy medicine but is there any permanrnt cure for this?

  34. Mary Power-Quinn says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma- my name is Mary and I used to live be in northern ca and had a great homeopathy md fir my bits and I! I learned a lot and have since used the practice since moving to Tx as I haven’t found a good practitioner:-(

    I’m 49, female, had uterine ablation in sept 2017 to do away with periods as they had changed over the years!

    Anyhow, after 5yrs if working and feeling great, I recently gained 10lbs and I can’t seems to lose it! My nails are brittle too which they never were before and I’m having harder time of keeping my sweet tooth in check! I’m a street mom of three wonderful boys! Dad’s still in Cali and to safe guard against depression I’m taking 300ml of Wellbutrin Xl! And I’m highly irratible more than necessary! Stress with kids and…. I workout regularly and recently have been carbo cycling with diet to gain muscle and lose fat… no great results and I’ve been at it 30days with pretty low calories some day and haven’t dropped a pound… which is very strange!!!

    It’s recently come to my attention, that my thyroid is most likely the culprit! It’s under performing!

    Pls advise on which homeopathic remedies and dosages you think I could try to get a change fir the better! I dint want to take prescription drugs and I recently had my annual physical with Nirmal blood results… so they didn’t pick up on a thyroid issue, yet I have certain consistent symptoms and really feel I need help!

    Pls advise! Thx you!
    Sincerely, m/

  35. hello Dr. I m shivi suffering from pain and swelling. After blood test Dr. said i have hypo thyroid problem. although i do nothave any other problem except of pain & swelling in all over body. specialliy waist area. my age is 31

  36. Hello Doctor,
    I am Ritika and I am suffering from hypothyroidism from 4 years. I am taking medicine thyrox 50 for it, but from last year my TSH is continuously increasing. Since Jan 2018 I am also taking thyroidinium 3X along with thyrox 50, but there is no improvement. my TSH level is continuously increasing.
    And I am married for three years but I am unable to conceive. Is it because of my thyroid levels?
    Kindly help me in this regards.

  37. Bill Watz says:

    I have high blood pressure (220/115/65) that allopathic medication does not control.
    My thyroid TSH is also out of range (9.0)
    My weight and everything else according to blood tests is normal.
    Any thoughts?

  38. Sharad parashar says:

    My wife has tested positive for thyroid.Its 7.4.she feels lethargic and is gaining weight despite not eating much and going for upto 5 km walk.She is also taking weight loss treatment.Despite it she is putting on weight.please guide

  39. I have Weight Gain and Hair Thinning and was given Thyroidinum for Hypothyroidism.

    Is this the correct remedy ?

    • Maharshi Mandal says:

      Sir, I have Weight Gain and Hair Thinning and was given Lycopodium Clavatum for Hypothyroidism.

      Is this right remedy?

  40. Ram Narain Yadav says:

    Male , Aged :51 years
    Suffering from hypothyroidism since 1995, taking Tab Eltroxine 200 mcg.
    Symptoms: 1. A lot of hairs grown on solders and full on back.
    2. Few warts grown on neck 3. Weight gained 103 Kg. (Height 168 cm) 4. hypertension
    5. Intorence with chill cold as well very hot. 6. A lot of sluggish movements 7. Excessive sweating on the head
    8. Loss of LIBIDO , Erectile disfunction (Great problem)

  41. I have overactive thyroid. Also have diabetes. Excess hair fall.
    Kindly suggest a remedy.
    ARS is my constitutional remedy. Should i take?

    Will appfeciate your guidance.

  42. sharman j. says:

    is treatment for males same as women if both have Hypothyroidism?

  43. K. INBA RAJ says:

    Mam , I want to know, Is there medicine in homoepathy for L4L5 L5S1 mild disc bulge in spine

  44. pompa sarker says:

    My TSH is 9.31. T4 is normal. I am 25 years old and unmarried female. My period is irregular,Massive hair falling, dry skin, rashes, massive skin problem,constipation, cold problem & so on. currently taking Thyrox in every morning from 1 month. Please let me know which homeopathic medicine is good for me. Thanks in advance.

  45. Ferdousi Akhter says:

    I do have hypothyroidism. Currently taking Levothyroxin 50mg every morning. Please let me know which homeopathic medicine should I consider. Thanks.

  46. Manmohan Singh says:

    1. Hypothyroidism,
    2. High blood pressure, sometimes fluctuating,
    3. Deteriorations in eyesight,
    4. Empty stomach migraine/ headache, it looks that I would faint,
    5. Can’t tolerate sugared products,
    6. A type of irritable bowel syndrome

  47. What are homiophic treatment sugetion on thyriod

  48. I have problem of dry skin and irritation for which I have taken Ayurvedic treatment. Now I have come to know on regular medical check up that my T3-T4 are normal but TSH is 8.8. How and which homeopathic medicine will help me?

  49. Parul Desai says:

    When trying these treatments for hypothyroidism- what potency frequency and dosage should be given?

    • Respected Sir, My wife is suffering from the disease of TSH level 18.97 and her weight is 38.5 kg at present and an another diseases platelet level is 40000 level for last 03 years. please intimate there is any treatment of the above diseases in homeopathy.

  50. Rajesh Roy says:

    Calcarea how i use this medicine, how many times in a day i take this medicine. Empty stomach or any time in a day, for best result
    Thanks and regards

  51. sumeet malhotra says:

    your suggestions are quite elaborate and useful but I believe that the potency plays a major role in homeopathy so would like to know the required potency of Lycopodium Clavatum I would like to take to treat my Hypothyroid problem, its 6.840 and I suffer from gastric problem with hair fall and dry skin

  52. nivedita chattaraj says:

    i am patient of thyroid with levev 12,nw is it possible to cure by homeopathy medicine?

  53. I have taken 30c of Sepia for the last 7 years. I was under the care of a homeopath who is no longer in this country. My primary care doctor on my last physical wanted me to take a medication for the rest of my life for hypothyroidism. Could I just increase or decrease the potency to see if I get the relief I need? Thank you, D M

  54. RAM MOHAN JHA says:


    MY MOB NO IS 7070990599

  55. sujit kumar marcande says:

    My name is sujit Kumar Marcande from chhattisgarh. I am suffering from hypothyroidism to 4 year. I am taking allopathic medicine advice of MD doctor. But no relief without medicine and I don’t want to take medicine (thyronorm 100mcg) for life time. So, please advise me any homeopathic medicine which are effective.

  56. Hi Doctor,
    After a detailed study of my case with a Homeo practitioner I am currently on Ns*200 since 2 and half months. I have hypothyroidism since 2004 and auto immune hypothyroidism since 2010. PCOD since 2014 and Urticaria since July 2017. I was on 100 mcg Thyronorm and after one month of Homeo medicine the TSH levels have come down to <0.01 and i was completely off the synthetic medication for 1 month and now the levels are back to 4 and I was asked to start the minimum synthetic dosage of 12.5mcg and it is likely to increase it seems. I want to be off synthetic medicine. I need your help to understand that is it even possible in auto immune hypothyroidism? My body responded well in the last 2 months. I have also adapted a life style change with yoga and vegan food. Please throw some light. Thank you.

  57. kriste mattingly says:

    Can I take thyroidinum with my levothyroxine?

  58. akhil swami says:

    i have hypothyroidism . level is 13.8 . i am 66 years old , 5ft 10 inch height and 86 kg weight, feel fatigued and sleepy all the time, get 8 hours normal sleep, in addition have hypertension, dry eyes problem.

  59. akhil swami says:

    i have hypothyroidism . level is 13.8 . i am 66 years old , 5ft 10 inch height and 86 kg weight, feel fatigued and sleepy all the time, get 8 houyrs normal sleep, in addition have hypertension, dry eyes problem.

    • Mam my age 35… thyriod repirt show hasimoto thyroiditis…….my problem is my hair too much falling……what can do…..please suggest me……????… me thanks alot

  60. Hi Dr
    I Am suffering from thyroid more than 4 years. I have become obese and very latgargic don’t feel like doing anything. I feel like sleeping all the time. I get angry I feel stressed all the time. My legs are painful . I don’t feel positivity within me. I forget things. I have bad mood swings sometimes am so happy and atime I get angry I try to control my anxiety but it’s only for sometime. Recently I have skiped my periods. I am married some 2 years . Plz help me how can I get over my thyroid situation

  61. preeti sharma says:

    Muje hypothyroide 2004 se he at present mere weight 8okg he .me thyrox125 teblet leti hu.muje hmeopathy tretment medicine Bataiye

  62. Dr ghulam mustafa Pathan says:

    Hypothyroidism impotence homoeopathic treatment please remedy show

  63. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 4 years ago. I still have weight gain. I want off the levothyroxine. My AST/ALT levels are High and my A/G Ration is low, I worry about liver damage. Nothing I don’t think extreme but I don’t want to get to that point either. I eat clean, about 85% raw, the rest whole foods. I do eat cheese but other than that Vegan. I do cheat occasionally with something processed (pasta, a treat, a slice of bread) but am getting better about staying Raw/Whole Foods. Learning to make those items Raw. I realize it could also be a auto-Immune disorder but either way I need off the medication. Can I take the Calcarea Carbonica with the levothyroxine and wean down from .50 mg tablet to 3/4 or 1/2 a tablet? As you see the dose is not excessive but my symptoms when I don’t take it for a couple of days seem extreme to me. I get heart palpations, extreme fatigue, but even taking the medication I have bloating, constipation, and a feeling I really don’t digest well. I don’t get sick very often if at all, so that’s good. Most doctors don’t believe including mine in homeopathic remedies so they don’t listen well when you talk to them about not wanting a synthetic medication your body doesn’t know how to process. I’m desperate as I would think my eating life style change should have taken care of most of this. But I’m a old cow wanting to go back to a sleek deer. I’m 65 so I’m still not young. Thank you for your time.

  64. Lakshmi Balsubramani says:

    Hi sir,
    This is Lakshmi from Chennai.I was detected with thyroid disorder 4yrs before.But now,for past 8months am taking homeopathy medicines along with thyronorm. After taking homeopathic medicines,most of my side effects like dry coughs,frequent cold and cough is reduced.But for past 4months I have severe hair fall.75% of my hair I lost.Taking regular blood test for every 3 months.Everything is in control.Even though hair fall is still there.My DR told I am in stress.So took tablets for that also.But no use.Even i could not sleep properly at night.Please suggest me some solution.Thank you

    Lakshmi Balasubramani

  65. Hi,

    My one year 4 months old kid thyroid test resulted TSH .43 and T4 1.6. Please provide guidance. Is it really bad. I do not have any clue about thyroid. Is it common to get to kids? What treatment should my kid follow? Next week I have appointment with doctor. Please help.


      Hi, My TSH is 5.340 pIU/ML ……MAY BE THE NORMAL RANGE IS 0.5–4.7pIU/ml ECLIA Now,please advice me what is the effect of this ? what I have to DO or DO NOT? which MEDICINE I have to take. Thank you,

  66. Hiii
    I am 23 years old i have suddenly ill and after blood tests my TSH value is 180 that is very high and T3 is 44 and T4 is 1.12 and i start the thyroxine tablet 100mcg for continues 30 days after 30 days i have recheck my blood and my TSH 4.5 , T3 92.43, T4 8.55. And this values are normal i require u r opinion sir,

  67. Khan Asifur rehman says:

    thyroid; periods irregular :gaining weight

  68. Dr.Padma Harshan says:

    Dr.Sharma ji
    I am mother of 52 years of a 19yr old son .During Sep30th 2017 both fell ill suddenly together during a complete blood test hypothyroidism was detected wit TSH as 66.9mu IU i was shocked as i am doing yoga f(AOL follower)from past 11yrs and have a disciplined routine ,after taking thyronorm100mg from Oct 5th 2017 onwards till Feb 4th 2018 and later a TFT test on Feb 6th 2018 the TSH cme as .40muIU/ml with all T3,T4 within the reference value! I am having curly hairs i had a heavy loss of hair so little worried,my MC is regular.I want to see if it gets cured by homeo medicines?

    Please advice and help me

  69. Anne Batte says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am 57, a woman in good physical shape, I eat organic, non-gmo, I exercise, and I have taken 88 mcg levothyroxin (until 1 week ago) which has skyrocketed in price (once $9, now $24-32 of 90 day supply). I started recently supplementing with Swanson Triple Iodine Complex 12,500 mcg and L-Tyrosine 500 mcg. I take a liquid vitamin, liquid chlorophyll, turmeric with bioperin, silica.
    I can go to a lab from time to time and check my thyroid. What is your recommendation homeopathically to replace the levothyroxin?
    A little levothyroxin fortunately goes a long way so apparently my body adjusts well to a little “help” from the levothyroxin.
    Thank you so much for your help. Anne

  70. lJeanette Blonski says:

    Dr. Sharma, I have gone to a homeopath in Canada and at first she was very successful to help improve my underactive thyroid and other problems. I finished treatments and then I got some repeat problems but the thyroid is fine. But she couldn’t help me the second time in as good a way as the first time.

    I have focus, concentration, procrastination, insecurity and sleep issues that I would like to have help with.

    I learned of homeopathy years ago and use it for treating my dog. It is very successful but the Homeopathic vet does not use very many pellets….only 2 each time and if it works we are finished if it doesn’t he tries another remedy until we find what works. Most times in the first or second attempt.

    So I’d like to find someone to help me as I need help. How do you perscribe the pellets? I have a very good health food store near me that sells Boiron homeopathic pellets and I do have many kinds that I have used for my dog. Would I buy the remedies on my own and just pay you for your services? How much do you charge for your services and how would I pay you? I do have a VISA card.

    I do have very good freinds who live in Canada now but are originally from India that tell me homeopathy is very common in India. Here in Canada it is not so common.
    Thank you for answering my questions. Also, is it very fast to treat problems or does it take a long time. With our dog it’s very fast, is it the same for humans?

  71. Deepika Bhatia says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have been suffering from Hypothyroid for a number of years now infact this is hereditary in my family. My main symptoms are weight gain, hair fall, bloatedness & gas. I wish to get rid of allopathic medicine. Presently I am taking 100mcg pill every morning. I live in New Delhi, India. Request for your help and guidance please.

  72. Geethusaneesh says:

    Hi Doctor, I am Geethu, 28 years. Now recoding in Canada. I have been hypothyroid since 2013. I had taken alopathy treatment for a long time and recently around 6 months ago I changed it in to Homeopathy. The doctor was treating me with my symptoms like fatigue stress constipation weight gain muscle aches etc. But now I checked my TSH and it’s more than 7. I am really concerned because of my sleepiness, irritability, excessive stress, memory loss, constipation, puffy eyes and muscle aches. I cannot take a decision now. What should I do now? I don’t know the name of medicine I am taking now, should I need to change it in to Alopathy Again?

  73. Maureen Barham says:

    I feel very ill, feeling faint and cold. Sore arms and constipated. Also get anxious. Just want to get well

  74. Dr. Sharma – Hello. Thank you for being of service to help others. I have hypothyroid condition, have been on Armour Thyroid and have been decreasing intake slowly for months to switch to homeopathy. I do have hair falling out, flatulence, crave sweets as well as salty, sensitive, positive attitude, feet chill easily but when feet are too warm when sleeping, a migraine comes. Suffer from migraines in sinus area, one side at a time when smelling cooked oils, fragrances, have been stressed, the smell of any kind of smoke, pet allergies. Thank you for any advice for hypothyroid remedy to help. I am 68, female.

    • Sunita mittal says:

      Hello Dr sharma , i am suffering frm hypothyroid since 15 years , taking 125 mg thyronorm , having mensutratin problems , acidity n hair fall , joints pain . My age is 42 yrs ,can you suggest medicine

  75. Sohinder kaur says:

    I am a 61years old lady having hypothyroidism since the lSt 4-5 years. I have been consistently taking Thyonoem -50mg since then. Still l have gained nearly 10 kegs weight. It bothers me. Plus l keep on having back pain n knees pain since then. Kindly advise me if l can be alternatively cured by homeopathy n have weight loss too. I shall be obliged.
    Thanking you
    Yours Sincerely,
    Sohinder kaur

  76. Natascha Jurcic says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have many symptoms of hypothyroidism (listed below) but have tested in the “normal range”. I am testing again and plan on seeing a homeopathic doctor. I am concerned that I have passed this along to my 5 year old daughter whose symptoms seem to be getting worse. As a baby she was failing to thrive. She has been very petite despite having very tall parents. Her symptoms include low iron, hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing, constantly clearing her throat, very thin, brittle hair and nails, constant weeping and irritability, fatigue, cold hands and
    feet, no appetite, tummy aches, headaches and yellowing of the skin. What is your opinion based on these symptoms and can you suggest a homeopathic remedy for her? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we have had many blood tests and seen so many doctors and they all seem to treat this list of symptoms as trivial. Thanks in advance,
    Concerned mom

  77. Saidhamiya says:

    DEAR Respected Docoordinate, Sir.,

    As an Ex-Serviceman, I state that From Blood test, My Thyroid Stimulating Harmonenvironment (TSH) is 10.69.

    What is this meaning?
    WHAT I should do?
    What Medicines, I should take. .?


  78. I am post menopausal and was diagnosed with hypothyrodism except that I am not cold – quite the opposite, I am warm natured and I like the cold. I am losing my hair on top of my head. When the weather is hot or house temperature reaches 73 F and over my hands swell. My other constitutions are normal. I am on Nature Throid but I would like to supplement to to prevent the swelling and the hair loss.

  79. Jenilee Vasquez says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am wondering if I could take multiple homeopathic medicines? There are two on this list that seem to be able to help my hypothyroidism. I am very obese and continue to gain weight and I suffer from depression along with being very temperamental by nature and sensitive. I no longer want to be on levothyroxin – the side effects of that medicine is really taking a toll on me. Thanks for any help.

  80. I have hashimotos and would like to use homeopathy. I’ve used homeopathy successfully with colds etc but exactly would be dosage per day of say calc carb? And do you take it continuous every day ? Thanks in advance!

  81. Hi Dr.Sharma
    I am 37 years old lady. I had a chemotherapy 16 months ago follwed by surgery ‘Double mastactamuy’ and then Radiotherapy. It all happend one after another in last year February 2016.

    Thanks god, I have recovered 100% from this illness. I am going through recovery now.

    I have 2 sides effects.Main one is TSH levels ( 12.9) inbalnances.I have “Under active Hypothyroidism. I have gain lot of weight. Whole face and body legs arms are swollen. I do not take any medicine as i do not required any.
    I would like to use Homeopathic medicine for my hormones inbalances( TSH.).My hair are fine.My neck is fine.I feel very tired most of the time and very low in energy.
    Could you please suggest me which one out of these 5 i should use?

    I would like to request your advise on this please.
    And where i can buy this medicine from and how long will i need to use this medicine for?

    I will be very grateful to you for your prompt response .Your suggestion is precious for me with best of your knowledge.

    May God bless you and your family.Many thanks

    Kind Regards

  82. MONJUR HUSSAIN Choudhury says:

    Sir,my age is 44 years,and my TSH is 6 presently and always have a gastric problem with body pain/please advice

  83. Joyce Brewer says:

    Dr Sharma
    I would like to know your opinion I’ve been dealing with the following for over a year loosing my hair very dry cracked skin no energy Weight gain I crave foods like donuts bread biscuits my face looks pale my nails split from the nail bed to the end I feel like my heads foggy. I’d like to know if you think it’s my thyroid dr said labs are ok

  84. Sophia Maamouri says:

    I have hypothyroid and my TSH is 8.
    I am looking for an homeopathic remedy but idon’t have typical symptoms of hypothyroid.
    I am sensitive to cold and cold air.
    I do get irritated by contradictions but not a huge deal.
    I am aware of Diet and lifestyle. I am an Ayurvedic practitioner and follow a good regimen.
    I am looking for something that would further help .th

  85. Hello sir,
    I have hashimotos thiroditis an autoimmune antibodies are 520.
    My symptoms are fatigue, digestive issues,low tlc in CBC, enlarge spleen in ultrasound, white coated tongue.
    Is there treatment available.

  86. Rita Mishra says:

    I am 44 f and suffering from diabetes type 2 since 12 years (current Fasting 245 pp 325) . Using Insulin for 52 & 42 points before foods and metformin tab 2 x 500 mg daily after food. Having untimely mensural problems also.

    At this what is suitable to me with specific dose.

  87. Mary huggins says:

    My TSH is always normal, lost of hair and energy

  88. I m suffering from hypothyroidism thyroid disease since last 11 years

    I m going to fatty my weight 68kg

    I want to medicine for this disease

    only thyroid disease I have

    so sir please recommend the medicines for thyroid

  89. Sir, I am having irregular periods and hypothyroid problem.can you please suggest me the right medicine.

  90. hello sir
    myself shalu suffering from hypothyroidism. my t4was about 50 and tsh was also high . then i started allophthy medicine 100mcg this time my tsh was .19 .i dont want to do allophthy please suggests me what io which homeopathic medicine is right for me except this i always use the homeopathy medicine
    sir please suggests me

  91. sangeet kr. kherwa says:

    Mujhe baar baar sardi hoti h. Constipation aur gas ki samasya bhi bahut jyada h. Khana khate samay sir me bahut pasina aata h.

  92. Soudamini upadhyaya says:

    I am soudamini from bokaro steel city suffered from hypothyroidism from last 2 months.Taking thyroid sodium tablets of 115mg(allopathic) there is heavy hair loss and depression problem.i want complete cure of this disease as early as possible.please guide me

  93. Alicia Alvarez says:

    Dr S harma,
    I am looking for homeopathic meds to treat hypothyroidism. My hair is thinning rapidly, my nails are weak and brittle, my slin becoming dry, I am tired all the time and I fall into drugged-like sleep in the day time foer an hour or more. I think I need narum muriaticum, and lycopodium clavatum. I am 71 but I have always been a naturally active and motivated person. I can’t stand the hot weather of AZ. What would you suggest? It feels like my “battery”ran out.

    Thank you.


  94. In seeking treatment for hashimoto’s, would you recommend searching for the root cause of the autoimune condition? Such as infections, stress, parasites, etc. Also is there something that specifically is good at reducing TPO antibodies?


    I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about 15 years ago, after a lab result (I think tsh) revealed low level. About 12 months ago I started eating Vegan. About 10 months ago my levels were again drawn and my PA told me it looked like she could go down on my dose. Then 2 more draws and 2 more decreases.

  96. Gopalakrishnan says:

    Dear Dr . Sharma,
    Good morning.

    A recent blood test of my wife shows TSH value 0.28 , T3 1.01, T4 6.6. Found body weak, memory loss, what treatment to take to this Hypothyroidism. Age 55 years, height 5 feet 4″ and weight 45Kg. She is also under treatment of Diabetics..

    Look forward to your kind advice

    Thanks and best wishes

  97. Veena Sachdev says:

    I recently get body check up and find a tTSH level at 15 doctor gave me ADNL 6 and Thyrodinum 3x from last 1 month Pl.tell me how long I have to take this medicine . I am 48 years old Body wt 74 .symtoms includes getting cold frequently, hair fall,heaviness in head, hair fall, last peroid six month back, pain in ankle also.
    WBC count is high
    Pl, tell what to take other than this medicine and how long will it take to cure . how can I lose excessweight Thanks

  98. Having hypothyroidism last 14years. 14 years weight was 50kg after hypothyroidism weight was upt0 62kg stable for many years now last three years back weight was 71kg . And at present 81.
    Facing sleeping problems from last year, deficiency in vit D, continuous water retention, body pain,

    Height 5.6inch, age

    left my job last year. Was wkg for last 25 years

  99. forget to mention defunct mitral valve – rheumatic fever at 14 and again at 21 – diagnosed with rehuematiod arthritis a few times, but herbs and anti inflammatory diet contain worst of joint problems – family history of auto-immune problems – total hair loss alopecia – father and two siblings. mother had sarcoidosis which I read may be autoimmune too. Do hope you can assist me – had a wonderful homeopathic Dr who went to London and now struggle when complex problems arise. with gratitude in advance for your expertise

  100. adrenal insufficiemcy adhd hypothyroid worse since hip surgery – problem converting T4 to T3 hereditery low IGA sometimes neutropenia CFS over 40years – cared mother cancer and siblings nursed sister many years until died cancer diagnosed post traumatic stress syndromme total exhaustion , lack of peristalsis since surgery thank you for your assistance

  101. I m suffering from hypothyroidism with irreregular menstural problem of bulky uterus and great hairfall problems when taken thyroid medicine. Suggest me

  102. dear dr sharma,
    my tsh is 8.8 but my free thyroxine is normal at 0.9
    My b/p is up and I have severe lightheadedness.
    This is hell….please help.

  103. Hello doctor,
    Myself , Ritvika…..I am facing the problem of hashimoto thyroid after pregnancy……and my TSh fluctuates so much…pls give me suggestions and homeopathic medicine….

  104. Manish Mittal says:

    hello sir,
    i’m male with 33 years. i have thyroid problem. I cannot digest food. After taking breakfast,, lunch or dinner, i have to go to toilet because i cannot digest my food. My stool is sometimes hard or soft or both hard and soft with sometimes dark brownish or muddy like.
    My TSH 7.6
    I have lost my weight and body has become thin.
    plz suggest me the homoepathic medicine for this


      Hi, My TSH is 5.340 pIU/ML ……MAY BE THE NORMAL RANGE IS 0.5–4.7pIU/ml ECLIA Now,please advice me what is the effect of this ? what I have to DO or DO NOT? which MEDICINE I have to take. Age-58 years 3 month, weight-56 kg, height-5’3
      Thank you,

  105. I am 40 years old. Height- 177 cm, Weight – 103 Kg. My problem is hair fall, weight gain and excessive flatulance. My TSH is 14.7 last year. I
    have been using thyronorm 50 mcg for 1 year and now my TSH level is 2.58. I have great carving for sweets. I like to add salt to rice. I did not like to cover blanket while sleeping. I usually use fan for sleeping. I like to do everything systematically. Otherwise I feel discomfort. Could you suggest a medicine to my problem.

  106. Sanobar nigar says:

    I am 26 years old female. I have 10 months male baby by operation. My TSH level is 6.300. I got sneeze by touching water and increase in weight. When i stand or sit for more than 2 hours my leg become swell and pain. Plz suggest me best medicine to cure this disease. Thank you.

  107. Sophia Burki says:

    Dr .Sharma I got hypo thyroid as a side effect of hcv treatment. I am taking 2 tablets 50mcg each week days and 3 tab 50mcg each on weekends as my TSH was on a higher side.
    I don’t usually have constipation. But my weight is 80kg and im 5feet 6inches tall. Im a 48yr old female. I had heavy prolonged mensus problem but after medication have altogether stopped having them some 3months. Hair fall is trememdous. Tiredness and lethargy is too much.

  108. Wow I read all these comments and think GO SEE A HOMEOPATH PEOPLE!

  109. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I have been struggling for years with blood tests revealing that I am borderline hypothyroid. The doctors here recently persuaded me to stop taking the graphite that had been prescribed by a homeopath in Belgium and to start taking Levothyroxine (25mg), I have been taking this for a week and feel terrible – lethargic, tired, weak and depressed.

    My symptoms associated with the hypothyroidism over the last few years are tiredness, dry skin, constipation and flatulence and more recently (last month) I have experienced some more hair loss than normal. The anomaly is my weight though as this has come down over the last few years by 10% of my previous bodyweight (I have never been obese anyway).

    What do you suggest?

  110. Plz advice me I am having hypothyroidism,T3 127,T4 9,TSH 16.31.
    Dr.has prescribed r51 and iodeum30,
    I was reading r51 is for hyperthyroidism? Should I contact again to doctor regarding r51.

  111. Hy Dr.Sharma.
    I m neha from Pakistan,
    I m female 27 years old.
    I m taking Prozac its for depression from 3 years.
    Problem is that i m gaining weight and periods come very light and after a long gap some time 30 days late from the actual date some time 15 or 10 .
    It just come for 2 or three days hardly.
    I m having hair on my chin and having pigmentation and acnem
    Main problem is weight gain and irregularity.
    Plz suggest medicine.
    I will be very grateful to you.

  112. om prakash sharma says:

    T3 T4 Normal but TSH 10 .Angioplasty done june 2014 Symtams weight gain. weakness body pain lower limb notolerate cold dullness

  113. Mrs Lillian Ingram says:

    sorry I was out when you rang. I didn’t expect a call until at least Monday. I will be in after 10am each weekday if you would like to ring again. Lillian Ingram

  114. Lillian Ingram says:

    I had been taking Thyroxin 150mcg daily for about 20 yrs. My GP reduced it to 125mcg daily, since then I have experienced increased symptoms of Yo yo weight gains ,lethargy , coldness and constipation. My GP assures me that my thyroxin levels are ok and disregards any increased symptoms as being of no consequence. I was wondering if homopathy would benefit me and which remedies should I take.

  115. Hello Dr., My mum is experiencing discomfort and irritating sensation inside her throat for nearly two years. Visited many Doctors but unable to diagnose the exact ailment. Her father had a goitre. Various medicines and endoscopy done but no satisfying result. Pls advice. Thanks

  116. Halo. I was diagnosised with hypothyroidism 5.5 and high bp ,201 triglyceride , I am 40 year old I am too obese but I don’t have symptoms of cold,infact I sweat a lot, feel fatigue all the time .. but I have a sound sleep.I am using allopathy med right now, can you suggest me homeo med for thyroid

  117. Neeraj Gautam says:

    Dear dr. sharma,
    My name is Neeraj Gautam, male 27 years. Recently got checked up got TSH level to be high~ 5.91 . i have all the symptoms such as chronic fatigue, sleepy all the time,irritability, constipation,hard bowel movements, headache,feeling light headed,increased appetite,difficulty concentrating on studies or any other thing,decreased libido,etc. Please help me getting right homeopathic medication along with medicine power. i will be highly thankful to you.

  118. Linda Johnson says:

    Can I use more than one of the remedies together as 2 of them seem to fit?

  119. My tsh is 10.3 what can I do in homeopathy to totally vanish this level

  120. my t s h is 8.4 what treat

  121. Divya Agarwal says:

    Can hypothyroidism be cured permanently? Or I will have to take medicine lifelong which I don’t want. Is there any guarantee that homepathy treatment can help me in getting cured.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you

  122. ponselvi jeyakumar says:

    IAM having hypothyroidism. I started feeling Chil now . And I fell my immune power become very low. What I can do now.

  123. Im 47 and 1,5cm thyroid cyst was found, the blood test did not show any thyroid problems. Only deficiency I have is low Calcium. I’m skinny and have good appetite and I am rather anxious and sensitive type, what homeopathic supplement do you recommend? Thanks so much!

  124. Misbah Mujahid Khan says:

    Dr I have hypothyroidism from past 4 years, I have hairfall problems,gas and constipation,bloated stomach ,unbearable joints pains in knees, back, wrist and foot. I feel weak almost all times in a day, I feel to lie down after very 30 mins of work.
    I have been taking thyronorm 50mcg from past 2 months as my tsh levels were 0.04, and after two months of taking 50mcg the levels have come up to 11.79.
    There is a lot of fluctuations in my TSH levels.
    Can I take Calcarea Carbonica for my thyroid problem.
    As written in the description I crave slot for cement,chalk,pencil lead and eggs in any form be it booked or fried, I am not obese my weight is 53, now increasing rapidly( 4kgs in 2 months)
    Nor I sweat alot. I have little cold feet. I can bear cold.
    My menses are regular with 4/5days before or after the due date, there is no excess bleeding, I have excess white discharge which is pale yellow and fishy smeel.
    Please suggest if Calcarea Carbonica is a correct medicine for me and when should I take it.

    • harish kumar says:

      i am suffering from alopesia areta barbe, since 4 years now, i have lost most of the beard hair on both side of my face, and still it’s extending. it started from very small area in front of my ear (both side )and it traveled bellow side. now i have beard hair only in the chin and my mustache area, and it’s too effecting slowly.
      apart from this i have acidity problem, my weight is around 69 kg. dark colored and sticky stool is another problem i have.
      i am well adjusted to cold weather and can’t tolerate heat, also have extremely sweating at head area
      at summer.

      my thyroid test shows my total traiiodothyronine (T3) as 49 (which is bellow required level of 60)
      total thyroxine (T4) as 4.3(which is bellow required level of 4.5)
      thyroid stimulating hormone is 2.56
      pl advise which medicine above is suitable for me.

  125. sir mere bohot zyada hair fall ho rahe hai,mujhe sillicea doctor ne diya lekin uska koi asar nahi dikha aur Badme unhone mujhe lycopodium diya to mere baal vapas aate hai aur phir se girte hai plz help me

  126. Shanker Revelli says:

    Doctor, I am a diabetic , suffering for last 8 years, The onle tablet i am using is Gluconorm PG2 forte and i am feeling well about it,
    But my query is, is there any remedy in Homeopathy whcih can cure permanently, Normally i am staying away from my family due to my work conditions and need to use these Homeopathy without getting disturbed in my work.
    Please advice.


  127. Hello I would like to know if I can take this medication since I am a diabetic type 1

  128. Devendra chonch says:

    I am a 39 year old lady, my TSH was 6in Feb 2017 which Rose to 10 in August 17, the sudden rise can be bacause of disturbance in personnel and professional life, sudden gain in weight, fall of hair, numness in hands headache and irritation in eyes.

    My doctor advise me to start taking medicine but I feel if I start taking medicine then I have to take it for life.

    My query to u is, is TSH is curable in homeopathy, i am overweight

  129. Anil Patil says:

    I am a heart patient and was on amiodarone for 1 year. I noticed fatigue, energy loss, hunger etc and when I got blood report, tsh was increased to 5 and I stopped amiodarone. Tsh reduced to 0.03 after 2 month. Doctor started anti thyroid medicine. I took it 9 months. Now my tsh is 4 but still I am feeling exhausted, confusions, hungry all time. Is there any homeopathy treatment for this problem. 

    Anil Patil

  130. My ths 9.25 from 6years i take thyronom thyroxin 50 mg but no control

  131. Osteoporosis at age of 48 .menopause started one year facing problems like hot flashes osteoporosis back ache please suggest homeo

  132. I have a nodule on my thyroid that was just diagnosed. I am going today for a biopsy. I am very frightened.
    I just took two pellet of sepia. It burned mynthroat a tiny bit, so I am concerned that it was not correc correct remedy. I use homeopathy mustlynfor my pets, but have used for myself at times.
    I went for a CT scan of my lungs because I have mold in my apt and have had a very tough time as a result with my lungs. I was diagnosed with a lung issue also and have to to see a pulmonologist.
    Thanks for reading Andy responding.

  133. Narinder kaur says:

    Hi I have a problem of thyroid my tsh increase before 2years its 184 nd now is 27 i weight gain every month.before this I have only 45 but now I have64.plz give me a suggestion I take 50mg medicine nd also homeopathic tablet thyroidinum 3x I am 35 years old

  134. shalini dhawan says:

    Hi, i am 47 My
    TSH is 23
    T3 T4 r in normal range pls suggest can homeopathy cure thytoid

  135. Vikash Kumar says:

    Hi I am diganosed with TSH label- 9.5
    This is first time diganosed felling so tied and laziness even my weight is also around 80 kg age-33 years,
    Which medicine and treatment I should follow
    Kindly suggest me

    • Vikash Kumar says:

      Hi I am diganosed with TSH label- 9.5
      This is first time diganosed felling so tied and laziness even my weight is also around 80 kg age-33 years,
      Which medicine and treatment I should follow
      Kindly suggest me.

    • shikha debnath says:

      I am 41 yrs and with TSH-5.5. I thyronom 25mg and please give me homeopathy remedy for stabilising TSH lable.

  136. My wife s age is 34 and she taking 125mg alopathy medicine and no result plz tell is treatment of hyperthorid in homeopathy

  137. Shivani Sharma says:

    Dr Sharma,I am a 50 year old woman suffering from hypothyroid.i get frequent headaches,am intolerant to cold and loud sounds.My ears are itchy and dry.i have pain in my hips,and joints.My hair has become rough and I have lost a lot of hair.I keep feeling earthquakes and I always feel giddy when I stand up suddenly.I have major brain fog and memory impairment.I have been taking 25mcg since 7 years.
    TSH-2.635 (0.550-4.750)
    FT3-2..28 (2.30-4.20)
    FT4-1.08 (0.89-1.76)
    I am gaining wait and I especially want my Ft3 to be at optimal level.Kindly help.

    Shivani Sharma

    • sonam wongden bhutia says:

      I suffering from thyrod problem (TSH) for the couple of years and presently under allepathy treatment (thyroxine sodium 50 mg- 1 tab a day)and have kept the TSH within normal level. I donot know the side effect this medicine. I would like to switch over t homeopathy medicine as I am now haveing the following 2. medicine to control Uric acid due pain in toe (Goute) and feeling better.
      a. Berberis Pentarkan, Dr Willmar Schwabe India Pvt Ltd
      b. Urtica Urens from Dr Reckeweg

      Along with the above medicine. I am having blood pressure medicne , Telzy CH 40 (1 tab a day after breakfast) for many years.
      Recently, during blood test, my platelates countes were much below the requirred level, 70 K instead of minimum level of 150 K for which I am littel worried. PL HELP ME IN FOLLOWING MATTERS:
      1. Thyrode problems (TSH)
      2. Uric acid
      3. Blood platlets count.


  138. Shelley Potgieter says:

    Good day Doctor
    I was diagnosed with Graves disease in 2008 and was treated with neomercozole at the time. The meds made me feel bad but the doctors did not give me any alternatives and I chose to stop using it. I felt fine and took care of myself by living a healthier lifestyle. After my daughter was born in 2012, I had a healthy pregnancy with no complications and natural birth,I started gaining weight slowly. After my son’s birth in 2014,pregnancy was normal other than him being overdue which required me to have a c section, I excessively started gaining weight. I believe I have now started suffering from hypothyriodism as I have extreme sensitivity to cold,excessive weight gain, cramping in my legs and forearms,experience numbness in my toes and fingers,some constipation,very dry and brittle hair, and I have become very temperamental and feel I may be suffering depression. My blood samples to test for the condition have been lost twicw by the hospital I visited so I am undiagnosed at present, and have no patience for the incompetence I experienced from medical staff. I really believe I may have this condition,all the symptoms are present. Could you please recommend a homeopathic treatment I may follow to improve my health and wellbeing.
    Kind regard

    • Namaste Doctor Sharmaji
      My daughter is 22 years old diagnosed with TSH 8.474. She is 5.5″,70 kg ,fair,flabby,obese. from constipation. She is emotional in nature and suffer Does she require any medication for hypothroid? Please suggest me the medicine and its dosage.

  139. Meenakshi pandey says:

    Greetings dr l am suffering from hypothyriodsm from last 13 years and taking medicine thyronorm 50 but due to medicine i zhave some problems so i want to leave it now suggest me what should. I do.

  140. Linda Shipman says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 64, 5’9, 135lbs, and last year I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. It was triggered by the loss of my husband, and moving. Root cause Epstein Bar virus.
    I was born with Spina Bifida Occult. I have a neurogenic colon, and bladder. Both my bladder, and colon are enlarged. I’ve had very bad constipation my whole life. I am at the point, and have for years taking heavy herbs (Cascara Sagrada capsules, Aloe Vera capsules, and Swiss Kriss tablets. Total together 9 pills a night), and I still can go up to 4 days without going.
    I am on 120mg of Armour, and have not noticed any difference. I have no energy, no motivation, in chronic pain, and depressed.
    I crave stimulants to help. Been doing the Paleo diet for the last 4mo., with not much change yet. Seeing a Functional Medicine Dr., and her Nutrionist. Trying to work on gut repair. But I think what good is it doing if I am constipated. Thought the homeopathic way could work. Can you please help me with some Homeopathic remedies.

  141. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am post menopausal and suffer from hypothyroidism. Rather than being sensitive to cold, I experience hot flashes, falling hair, exhaustion, weight gain, tinnitus, and difficulty sleeping. I would appreciate it if you could recommend a homeopathic remedy that would help my condition.

  142. Prasenjit Das Chowdhury says:

    My name is Prasenjit Das Chowdhury(male), age of 42 years and I am suffering from Thyroid disease (hypothyroidism). Little bit of breathing problems, little of heart problems, constipation, weight gain, hair loss. Please guide me for permanent solution to cure.

  143. Phyllis Hood says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I was diagnosed with hashimoto’s disease about 4 years ago. I had all the symptoms except I did not gain weight but lost weight. Is this unusual? My cortisol reached the maximum and is still that high. I have tried many natural products and right now feel the situation has worsened. My main problems are depression and general weakness especially in the morning. The doctors don’t seem to know how to treat this disease. Can you please help?

  144. Diane De Baun says:

    do you alternate daily the differrent cell salts, or take one for a certain amount of time, then try another

  145. Hi,iam TSH level is 5 after taking thyronil capsules along with thyronorm 5 mcg.before it was 14. But my thyroid nodule is of the size,10mm-20mm.can it be reduced?if it is possible ,how long I should I take?

  146. GRACE HARVEY says:

    I have not been officially diagnosed with low thyroid but all the symptons point that way; already taking arthrostatin, clopidogral, ramipril, amlodipin, aspirin, bendroflumethiazide, been on all these for ten years now. But the past two years I have been constantly putting on weight height 4′ 11″ tall weight 14.5 stone and 62 years old. constantly tired, go to bed about 8pm and sleep till the alarm at 6am, apart from getting up 5 times at least to pee! got no energy during the day, has breakfast 8am usually 2 weetabix or shredded wheat
    then a cooked dinner about 3pm that’s it till the next day, and constantly constipated usually can only go once in 7-10 days. taking laxatives just give the runs for that day only to start another 7 days before I can go again. headaches and feeling constantly bemused/fuzzy, seem to be every day and total depression/ generally feeling low, no confidence to go out at all so its all work then home to bed up and back to work…pins and needles(fizzy blood) in legs and arms if sat for too long . Should I seek medical help really don’t want even more drugs daily hoping it can be helped with food or homeopathic help!

  147. ritu talwar says:

    Hi….I m having thyroid for last 11 yrs…I have still problem of having acute hair fall…dry hair..dandruff etc..i left taking medicine 6-7 months back..but my tsh level increased to 102….thats affecting my eye sight as well….can u pls suggest me goid remedy as i dont want to get back to thyronorm etc l

  148. hemant dixit says:

    Sir koi medicine ka name btaiye jo thyroid ko kaam krta ho aur asardaar bhi ho.. ..
    Plz sir tell me a suit medicine……..

  149. Neha Gupta says:

    Hello, Dr.
    On March, 2017 I fainted while taking a class. I had a black out and after a while when I gained senses I was sweating. I had pain in my chest due to which I went to see a cardiologist, who checked and gave me Brufin MR after which I was absolutely fine for 2 months. Than again on June 25, 2017 in the morning I had feverish feeling, throat pain and extremely low energy levels and I fainted in the same manner. After this on doctor’s recommendation I went for Hb, Fasting Blood Sugar and Non-Fasting Blood Sugar and TFT tests. My Hb is 11.7, Fasting sugar 80 mg/dl and Non Fasting sugar 129 mg/dl, T3 99 ng/dl, T4 8.8mcg/dl and TSH 11.3 MIU/ml. Kindly suggest what should be done?

  150. Due to thyroid tiredness come quickly please tell treatment

  151. L.Hemalatha says:

    Dear Dr. I went to my family doctor complaining about hair loss and he ordered me for a thyroid test. the result are as follows: T3 – 69.8 / T4 – 5.09 / TSH – 6.79 / FREE T3 = 1.95 / FREE T4 – 0.90. What do you infer from the above readings. Do we have good treatment in homeopathy as i am allergic to English medicines. Thank you

  152. Vicky Kelly says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I’ve Hashimoto’s disease for 21 years and had half of thyroid removed because there was a nodule (benign). I’m on Oroxine since then. I’ve severe skin problem – itchy specially at night in bed, bleeds after scratching, black marks on skin, hives kind of stripy bumps, very dry skin. My back and legs ache. My hips are sore. Sharp shooting pain on my back when I try to turn while lying or try to get up. Legs ache that I wake up and have to change sides. I got MRSA and still suffering from it. Had several courses of antibiotics and it’s back. This is the second time I got, last was in 2010 and lasted 2 years. I tried a whole lot of homeopathic and tissue salt remedies. Presently, I’m having all the tissue salts and combination D for skin.
    I had hysterectomy 10 years ago and now suspected of osteoporosis. I’ll go for X-Ray and bone density check next week. Three weeks ago I had cataract surgery and still haven’t got clear vision.
    I have thalasemia. I also get severe headaches specially on right starting from the eye and going to back of head. I take Sang Can 1M & Nat Mur 1M once a week. Not sure if it really helps but sometimes I think it does.
    I’m sick of so many health issues.
    Please help.

  153. Jonette M Boggs says:

    I am taking the generic Synthroid and am suffering with joint pain, debilitating headaches and mood swings.
    Is there a homopathic treatment that will allow me to live a normal life. I have been on this medicine for years, but only developed these issues the last two or three years. They have been getting increasing worse to the point that I am walking with a cane and live on Excedrin.

  154. Meghna Verma says:

    Hi Doctor Sharma
    I’m 24 years old. My tsh value is 5.64.. Today I got my report. Though it is a starting point so can you please suggest me some medicine for it. My weight is 74 kgs. I also have stomach problems like abdominal pain, Constipation, gastric problem etc. Also feel weakness now. Plz suggest me some medicine.
    Thank you!!

  155. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I’m wondering why Hashimoto’s is not treated as an autoimmune condition in Homeopathy? Are the medications that are used to treat other immunity problems effective for Hashimoto’s?

    Thank you for answering my question,

  156. puja jha says:

    my tsh lavel is 19.and both ovaries polycistesis.plese give corret madicine.blood sugar is age is30.

  157. Animesh Das says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m, 34 years old weight 62 kgs. my recent thyroid test reports shows tsh 7.55 and t3 t4 normal. Plus suffering from premature ejaculation and hair fall problem. Please suggest me good homeopathic medicines.


  158. AMIT RAJ says:

    Sir my name is AMIT raj my age 19 I’m surfing from night folt from 2 years please tell me which medicine is best for me

  159. Hi, I have this chronic cough for the past 6 years. Since last two years I have lost 15 pounds. I can’t handle spicey, sour, cold and fried food. Recently I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroditis. I am also animic and have low levels of vitaminD. Can Hashimoto be treated with homeopathy? Or do I have to take Levothyroxin for the rest of my life?

  160. RAJESH TRIPATHY says:

    Hi doctor, My son is 9 years old and his TSH level is 9.86 but T3 and T4 is normal. His Vitamin D3 is also low 19.23. kindly suggest the treatment

    • hi doctor

      Me suffering with hypothyroid TSH Level is 9.25 but T3 and T4 is normal. My weight is 90 Kgs 5’7 height Weight Gain and gastric trouble are main symptoms. Please suggest medicines.

  161. manjula sharma says:

    I have hypothyroidism for last 15 years
    I take 100mg Elotroxin
    my thyroid profile of 28 May 2017
    TSH .26 T3 111, T47.4
    TSH is low
    weight 73kg.age 58 years female,hieght 5’1″
    weight gain is main symptom
    suggest treatment/medicine

  162. Hi doctor, I am 19 years old and my TSH level is 9.97 but T3 and T4 is normal . I am taking Thyroidinum 3X tablets recommended by homeopathic doctor.
    Is this treatment is well for me in that much increase of TSH or I have to take allopathic medicine?

    • P Ravinder says:

      Hi Sir, My son is 13 yrs old and his TSH level is 6.24 and T3 and T4 is normal. He is using Thyronorm 25 mg allpathic medicine recommended by doctor.
      Is this treatment is well for him

  163. I came across your site and all the information I read gave me hope. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a year ago. I was taking levirotoxin 150 mg to which my body has not adjust and my current Dr. continues to increase the dosage. I’m 41 years old 5.1 ft tall and weighting 157lbs. My symptoms are fatigu, feeling bloated after meals, hair loss, dry skin, excessive weight gain, what would you recommend I do? I eat clean, I moderately exercise I drink a lot of water and I try to get 8 hours of sleep. I’m lactose intolerant.

  164. Abhishek bansal says:

    My thyroid level is 10.7 when diagnosed in 2015 June up till I am taking 50 mg of thyroxine sodium tablet
    Now currently my thyroid level is 5.85 a little bit increased so please suggest me some homeopathy medicine to control the thyroid level

  165. I am suffering from Thyroid, My TSH is little high, having thyroxine 50 mg, could u suggest homeopathy medicine.

  166. I’m​suffering from hypothyroidism . I want to know what power is calcarea corbonica I take n what are the age is 45 .Plz advise.Regards.

    • Moti Lal kant says:

      T3-1.15, T4-7.5, TSH-13.15
      primary Hypothyroidism
      Age-57 years
      What medicines should be taken with doses.
      please suggest and oblise.

  167. Murali dhar rao says:

    My TSH is 20.1 u/ml , feeling tired gets relif after some sleep,stool is tight intially .having B.p. Age is advice

  168. dhananjay pandey says:

    My wife is suffering from hypothyoridism .she is tolerance to cold.she has joints pain (fingers and toes ) .Her body has got swellen
    Her TSH level is 8.21.she has constipation also . pls . recommend her homeopathic medicine.

  169. Lloyd Massa says:

    Don’t sleep good, wake up feeling tired, eyes are puffy, legs weak,and really just no energy, feel and look like been on drunk, also whole face puffy

  170. Sumit Mishra says:

    Dear sir, one of my friend is suffering from throid problem. Due to this problem she have swelling in her whole body. May you please recommend some medicine for her.

  171. Umar Khan says:

    Hello doctor. I am a 38 and a patient of hypothyroidism since 2000 ( 16 years ) I have been taking calcitrol and calcios every day ever since. My condition is not getting any better, my muscles are stiff and ache, the pain is very severe.

  172. ritu talwar says:

    Hi…I m suffering frm hypothyroidism for last 10yrs….I tried to control n now stopped taking thyroxine for 4months…now got it tested which is extremely high s can u suggest me with any homeopathic meducine that can really help me to control n finally get rid of report shows 102

  173. DR PRAVIN KR SINHA says:

    my patients suffering from thyroid problem

  174. Dr Gul Zehra says:

    Hello Dr
    My daughter is 6+years old and recently diagnosed hypothyroidism with level more than 200 . I am also suffering from same from last 9 years .I am taking thyroxine for the same and my level is normal with medicine.but now more worried about my there treatment to cure hypothyroidism in kids ? Plz help me out

  175. Manoj kumar says:

    Respected sir,
    My Son Aarush Raj is suffering with thyroid problem. His age is 8 year , blood report is TSH 11.17 , T4 = 3.4, T3=0.8.
    This is to request you to suggest medicine for his better treatment.
    Thanking you
    Manoj kumar
    mail id

  176. Ashirvad Kumar says:

    Urine kam banata hai aur colour yellow.abdomen full flatulence, gas, constipation, back pain, leg pain, body pain.garmi me jyada garmi aur thanda Me jyada thanda
    Known desease – hypothyroidism, fatty liver

  177. hellow sir i have read ur article
    i m hypothyroid patient since last three years gaining weight every month i was 63kf six month before now m 69kg
    m taking thyronorm 25mg for my thyroid, and m using dhaniya pani in the morning for thyroid since last two month
    but i cant see any changes in my weight
    can i start taking Calcarea Carbonica? what dosage? and m taking nat phos now three times a day 3tablets
    plz suggest
    Age 30 years

  178. I have an under-active thyroid. I am on Nature Throid (85 mg) but I am still tired, foggy, and with considerable weight gain and the odd thing is that I am not chilly, quite the opposite: I am always warm and I do perspire a lot in the hot weather. The hot weather (anything over 76 degreed F) makes me swell up. Any suggestions for fixing the internal thermometer?

  179. My 5 month old son has Down Syndrome, had open heart surgery this past Monday, and borderline hypothyroidism. No other diagnoses. I’m hoping to resolve the hypothyroidism without drugs. What advice do you have? Thank you!

  180. B.hariharan says:

    Hi sir my tsh level is 7.89 ( o.30 – 5.0) taking throxine100mg past 2 year want to relive from medicine any permanent cure in homeo and my symptoms are gastric ,joint pain all over body mainly in back of ribs,feel spleey ,constipation plz plz plz reply I feel u as like god bless me plz

  181. Dr. My TSH level is 7.5.I got it checked on 16 April2017. My weight is increasing and having a lot of hair fall and also have very less periods. Can you pls suggest me which medicine I should take?

  182. कुमार विवेकानंद says:

    मेरी पत्नी को thiroid है।उसका mc लेट से और काला जैसा होता है।शरीर फुला या सूजा हुआ रहता है ,खाशकर मांसल भाग।सिर चकराना, हाथ पैर में कंपन महशुश होता है,गले के आसपास भी सूजन रहता है।

  183. Kapil kumar says:

    I am taking 1mcg thyronorm daily… Hair fall is there.. Tsh remains at 6-7.
    .t3 …1.01..ok
    I need to get rid of it…

    Advise homeopathy medicine.. I am having cholesterol Of 230.
    Have high blood pressure with fast hear beat.

    Please help.

  184. Hello,

    I have been suffering from an under active thyroid for the last 2 years and I am on levothyrxine. I have put on a lot of weight and I am unable to lose this, my GP has not been able to help me in any way, please could you help/advise the best thing I can do

  185. My son tsh is 4.64 tpo is >1300 what should I do

  186. sachin srivastava says:

    T3 -76.88
    T4- 4.98
    please tell me medicine for above figure.

  187. Paulose M P says:


    My wife (aged 51yrs., wt. 78K GS. ht. 174 CMS) was detected Hypothyroidism in Feb, 2013. She is taking eltroxin 50 mcg since then.
    We have tried Ayurvedic treatment for about 2 years. She was feeling better with Ayurvedic medicines.
    She had undergone sub total hysterectomy due to uterine fibroid in year 2003.
    Now recently we came across your website regarding your treatment.
    Occasionally she takes CCM & Vit-D3 tablets also.
    Presently she is suffering fatigue, lethargy and dry skin, occassional constipation, hair fall etc.
    Kindly suggest treatment for her to completely cure the problem to stop allopathy medicines ife long.

  188. T3 0.84. T4 4.40 TSH 13.12

  189. vineet setia says:

    R/Dr Sharma
    I m taking thyroxin 100 since two years, can I go for homoeopathic medicine for thyroid.

  190. Dr Sharma. I suffer from congestion in the sinus area. Any recommendations? I have hypothyroidism constipation. Weight gain Adrenal fatigue. dry skin throat aches. Depression and anxiety. I want to try homeopathic. I am currently using supplements. No meds prescribed.

  191. Jackie Magius says:

    Hello Doctor Sharma

    I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism but I have no constipation
    Or weight gain …just fatigued doing minor chores where all my life I have had lots of energy
    I am a 59 year old woman . Hope you can help coz I don’t want to take the drug
    Thank you Jacky

  192. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with postparatum thyroditis (8 months pp now), I am 29 years old, I am hypothyroid now taking the medication thyroxine with a dose 125, my main complains are hair loss, cold intolerance, high cholesterol levels.
    Is this could be reversed ?

    Kind Regards


    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    My TSH Level is 7.68 but I don’t want to take Eltroxin or Thyroidinum-3X tablets. My age is 70yrs-6months. I take only Veltum Plus for my BPH which is now 25ml volume.
    Would you kindly advise me about the dose and frequency of the above 5 medicines.
    With regards,

  194. Hanumanth says:

    Hello sir I am Hanumanth iIhave thyroid problem at 9.25 please suggest me solutions

  195. Shagufta siddique says:

    Hello I m 37 years old woman I have many health problems T4 12 high TSH levels please suggest treatment my weight 90


    Sir my wife is patient of Thyrotoxicosis and is treated with Radioactive IodineTherapy in the year 2004 and she was on on 1 and1/2 Tablet of ELTROXIN. So for she was ok but now days she feel weak ness so we check her T3, T4, and TSH. Her weight is dropping, feeling acidity . Her Pathogical report is T3 ( Total )….57.24 ng /dL . T4 ( Total )…..8 . 33 ug /dL. TSH ( Ultrasensitive ) …0.057ulU/mL. Please advise me good homeopathic medicine and how to take as early as possible Thanking you

  197. hello i m 52 years old woman i have many health problems i have hashimoto hypotheroidism , resistance to insulin, i have pain to my kidneys sometimes , and pains to my bones , most important for me is to loose weight and have a better health can you help me ?

    • hello i m 52 years old woman i have many health problems i have hashimoto hypotheroidism , resistance to insulin, i have pain to my kidneys sometimes , and pains to my bones , most important for me is to loose weight and have a better health can you help me ?

  198. Mohammad Khan says:

    Hello dr. Sharma
    I m 74 years old and in very good health. Im hypothyroidal. Latest test show TSH – 5.99 and Free T4 – 12.
    I m not obese, feel cold, constipated, temprametal.
    I read 5 best homeo medicines for hypo thyroid and i dont fit in any one of them.
    Please suggest what should i take.
    I m 5 ft 7, weighing 145ibs. Never bloated or fell seriously ill. i have 135 – 145 hdl and 65 – 75 ldl.
    No blood in urine or stool. Dont drin or smoke. Eat poultry, lo of nuts and fresh fruit salads.

  199. I have high TSH levels please suggest treatment

  200. Hair fall out and brittle nails, as well as low libido following the birth of my 3rd child 2 years ago.

  201. Dr.Gaurav mishra says:

    Dr.sharma my mother suffering from Parkinson’s diseases.she is also heart patient & She take “Gold drop” long time.pls.send a best perception for him.
    Dr.Gaurav mishra
    Sunder street
    Chandausi (sambhal)

  202. Kamar Ariff says:

    cold nodule left lobe of thyroid gland

    I have constipation plus diarrhea, hair fall, and weight gain problems

  203. Anuj kumar says:

    Sir, I am suffering from thyroid disease since 5 years and my weight is very loss during 5 years. I am from Bihar State and I am 19 years old. Sir please,I am very very request to u to please send some medicine name in my e-mail.
    Thanking you.

  204. In 2015, I was diagnosed with TB (Drug Resistant). I took injections (Kanamycin) daily for 5 months. After that Doctor said after checking TSH Report that now I have Thyroid as well (TSH Level 19.9), but he also said that it is reversible. I continued Eltroxin 50 mcg for 2 months, it got reduced to 6.2. However, the Doctor continued 50 mcg. In November 2016, I discontinued all medicines. When I diagnosed again in January 2017, I had HypoThyroid (13.56 TSH level). Doctor prescribed 50 mcg Thyronorm again. I asked him whether Thyroid is reversible, he says ‘No’. He said even if it is not reversible. it doesn’t matter. I want that this Hypothyroid to be cured permanently. Is it possible in Homeopath? Please advise.

  205. I m suffring thyroid since many years. Now out of control. plz suggest treatment. Dr. Plz save my life.

    • Sawita sehjal says:

      Natural organic coconut oil a spoon daily and drink water mix pink salt . Also if you are not vegetarian eat a lots omega 6 like fish especially sarden or salmon and eat barzilian nut. Buy selenium pill it will help from antibodies attacking your thyroid and help in maintaining good immune system. 30min exercise daily if you gaining weight. If you have stress try to spend t I me doing something you like such as drawing . Best of luck- sawita

    • Sawita sehjal says:

      Natural organic coconut oil a spoon daily and drink water mix pink salt . Also if you are not vegetarian eat a lots omega 6 like fish especially sarden or salmon and eat barzilian nut. Buy selenium pill it will help from antibodies attacking your thyroid and help in maintaining good immune system. 30min exercise daily if you gaining weight. If you have stress try to spend time doing something you like such as drawing . This is natural alternatives for you which you can do along with medicine doctor give you. Best of luck- sawita

  206. sir ,i’am suffering from microsomal antibody disorder problem (in my case it is1300 )TSH,T2 T3 T4 results are a days I have stated ahomoeopathic dr . It is he who referred for the microsomal anti body symptoms are to gain body weight.uninterest in studies.always sleepy mood .lowing confidence in life and studies .even though I have compiled my sslc and plus two exams with high marks ,now I hesitates even to go to college.please give me Avery valuable advices to save my life.

    • Myself married, aged 44 years having one kid working woman, my problems are listed below, please advice homeopathy medicine:
      1. had history of fibrodenoma of breast (surgically removed), still persists at present, (at the age of 17 took thyroidinium 200 under doctor’s prescription)
      2. Excessive weight gaining (at present 94 kg, height 156 cm)
      3. increase in breast size continuously
      4. hair fall
      5. high BP (taking medicine daily)
      6. trachycardia (taking medicine)
      7. indigestion of food
      8. no pathological finding of hypothyroidism (normal TSH, T3 and T4)

  207. I am suffering from hypothyroidism since 2 years now which was detected during my 2 month of pregnancy. I was having 100 mg eurothyrox then .
    After delivery based on my TSH levels my dosage was reduced to 50 mg daily and 100mg on fridays and Saturdays.
    My current T4 is 0.96ng/dl
    TSH is 2.259uiU/ml
    There is no weight gain problem as such but suffering from hair fall and sometimes with constipation.
    Can u pls suggest me a homeopathy medicine to cure my conditions

  208. Garima saxena says:

    Hello sir.. I’m 26 year old and suffering from hypothyroidism. My tsh level is 5.50 and t4 is 9. I’m continually gaing weight. In From last 5 months i gained 25 kg. Now I’m 84 kg and my height is 5’4. I’m continually taking thyronom 50 mg but result is zero.plz dr. Help me

  209. I have been suffering from thyroid for last 5 years. During pregnancy when I checked my thyroid level for the first time it was TSH3-8. Then I was under medication by my gynecologist and was taking Thyronorm50. Post delivery when I checked my TSH3 level it was 13. So doctor prescribed me to take Thyronorm100. Since then I have been taking the medicine for last 4 years. My TSH3 level have come down to 2.5 recently after taking the thyronorm100 mecicine regularly. I checked twice in a gap of 6 months and each time the TSH3 level was 2.5. I consulted one endocronologist to check if I can reduce my medicine dosage to thyromorn75/50. He told no need and asked me to continue thyronorm100 as usual. Can you please suggest a homeopathic remedy which can help me to cure completely. I do not want to take medicines for life long. I live a active life and eat nutritious food only. Height 5’1″, age 37, weight 65 kgs.

  210. Hii sir
    My wife is only 25 yr old . She have a boy 3 yrs & her tsh level 5 . Weight is regularly gain after delivery.she take allopathic treatment from last 6 months.
    Plz advise us .

  211. Shreeja Ramesh says:

    Dear Dr.

    My name is Sreeja Ramesh.

    My mother she is suffering for thyroid. And also have high blood pressure. She has gain over Wight. She have boby pain too. Which is can’t bar it.

    Doctor please suggested us good median and treatment. In homoeopathy to cure faster

    Thanks & Regard.
    Sreeja Ramesh.

  212. Dr sb my TSH is 5 and gaining Wait wt should I do

  213. Good Morning Dr. Sharma

    My TSH is 13 as per latest blood report. I need your help to get homeopathy treatment. Having lack energy
    Always feeling lethargic . Very intolerant and imotional. Gained weight. My age is 62.
    I am taking 112 mg Synthorid. Doctor intends to increase to 125mg.
    My weight is 99 kg and height is5.6
    Need your advice

    • hello sir
      i an reena 37 year old and taking 100.37 mcrg .suggest me homeopathy medicine for extrme hight is 4’6.

  214. Sir,
    I am 74+ and is Having Hypothyroid. As per my various blood tests 5 mg of Eutroxsig has been enough to deal with y problem. But Now I have become allergic to this medicines. Even 50 mg affects my skin and get rashes, etching. I am also getting Vertin 16, BETAHISTINE Tablet IP for Dizziness. During winter I feel very cold. My BP is normal
    2 Can u please please suggest me any Homeopathic medicine as alternate which should be effectivte and no side affect etc.Also let me know its cost etc.Thanking u.

  215. Hi there…. I am a 50 year old female taking .75 mcg synthroid for approximately 20 years. I am very active, eat healthy, and teach 3 spin classes every week while also weight training. If you looked at me, you would not think I was a fitness instructor. I am 5’3 and weigh around 187 pounds and cannot lose weight unless I get a stomach virus or starve myself which I do not want to do. I feel as though my body fights me on every pound. I want to lose a minimum of 20 pounds. I am always trying to lose weight but with no success. Please help! Any advice would be appreciated!

  216. Ritika Jain says:

    Hi i am 32 yrs female, two children, youngest 5 years of age, have major hair fall past 1.5 month -3 months…incurrable type..have little problem of leuchorrea , though eat healthy vegetarian food, wid added carrot, beetroots, spinach, despite hb was 11.5 , earlier it used to b 13, 2-3 years bk. got thyroid checked – 6.6 tsh first time…. maternal history of thyroid… i am 54 kg, 5.3 height.. pale, stomach remains gaseous… Easy tendency of having piles, wid extreme spices… but take normal fiberous healthy diet to avoid it. Had stopped excercising 8 months back but due to bad reports have pledged to start again. Pls suggest remedies for
    Hair fall
    Sometimes scanty menses , but clotted and dark for 8-9 days
    Low hb despite healthy diet

  217. Dr. Sharma, I have been following a protocol for sub clinical Hypothyroid and would like to add some homeopathics to my protocol, I am slightly over weight (not obese),hard to lose weight, dont like the cold weather, cravings for carb’s, problem going to sleep, dont get up right away when alarm goes off, lost of hair falling out, eyebrows dry heels (although this has improved since start of protocol), I also have lt side trocanteric bersa, have had gestational diabetes with both my children 12 & 18 years ago, recently started menopause (slight short hot flashes, but no longer), blood pressure is a high normal used to be low normal,
    I regularly use the basic ferrum phos, arnica… with my family but never thought of homeopathics for other issues. I would appreciate your help. Thank you

  218. my tsh level is 0.2 is it give advice

  219. Dear sir, I am suffering from hypothyroid. My TSH is 8.9. I am 40 years old. Feeling very lethargic, inactive, short tempered,lazy. Also bloating of stomach,gastric problems,pain in the neck and shoulder region,pre menstrual syndrome, diagnosed ovarian cyst of size of3.3 cm in right ovary. Presently not taking any medicine. Kindly suggest a best effective homeo medicine for me. I will be highly thankful to you sir. Hoping for the favourable reply.

  220. Hello sir tell me Homoeoe med for thyroid in pregnancy

  221. Rupesh Kumar verma says:

    Dear sir I am suffering hypothyroid and my TSH is 8.58 I am 40 years old, what to do i , please suggest me

  222. Abdulrahman says:

    My brother is 6yr old and by the diagnosis dated 2/2/2017. T3:1.56 and T4:8.91 and TSH is 10.74
    He is abnormal with trisomy21
    What can you suggest sir.
    Please reply.
    Thank you

  223. kondagunta venkatesh says:

    Dr. Sharma.
    MY symptoms are I suffer with severe constipation, I feel my stomach is bloated, my appetitie reduced, I suffer leg pains mainly in the joints, every night i get my between three and four, I have vericose veins, they are blue in colour, I like to eat sweets, and drink coffee,. kindly advice me the best medicine, I am sixty years of age,
    with regards,

  224. Joel Basinger says:

    Need Homio for Epstein Barr and HyPERthyroid for my wife. Thanks, DR.

  225. sir i am suffering from hypothyroid and my tsh is 21.5 i am 50 years old and i have too much weight gain specially for belly and thies and suddenly my skin ton is too black and lots of swelling in face what can i do?

  226. sir i am suffering from hypothyroid and my tsh is 21.5 i am 50 years old and i have too much weight gain specially for belly and thies and suddenly my skin ton is too black and lots of swelling in face what can i do?

  227. Dr Sharma I am having hypothyroid which was diagonised 3 months back tsh 11.8 .t3 t4 normal .I am taking 50mcg thyronorm Now tsh is 8.8 I want to use homeo My feet(down part) is cold and has become very sensitive I have to use socks all the time Skin under my foot has burning sensation all the time Sometime back I had craving for chalk but has reduced now pl suggest whether I can use homeo

  228. bindu mourya says:

    I am a female height 5. Weight 78. And tsh 8.59.i am fair but my hair fall is very much
    Pls suggest some hom.remedies

  229. Rajendra Purohit says:

    My wife is suffering from hypothyroidism. She has put on weight especially on belly and hip region. she is tiny & young having the wheatish complexion with good skin texture. cool temperament. she also suffers from the problem of an acute headache at an interval of a month or two. . She usually had long and profuse mensural period. She was diagnosed to be having TSH level at 9.46. She was having a sort pain in nerves which used be severe sometimes.

    She is on Conium 3 / 3 globules of Globules no 40 in the morning and Ignatia-200 /3 globules of Globules no 40 at bed time. Her TSH level has come down to 6.43. She is feeling the bit better but the major changes which have surfaced are that she did not have periods in last two moths. while she climbs the stairs she becomes full of breath. sir, could you please suggest any other medicine which will give her more relief. I will be very much obliged. I live in jaipur, hence, it’s difficult for me to consult you in person.

  230. Ramandeep singh says:

    I am suffering from thoiroid problem
    I have no beard and mustaches pleace help me to cure this

  231. Good morning sir. I have hypothyroidism and is under treatment for last 10 years. Taking thyroxine 75. I would like to change to homeo. Is it possible to change. Homeo medicines work very fast in my body as I take Homeo medicines for all other illness. Need your advice.

  232. raj kamal verma says:

    my wife suffering from sugar,thtriode,vericose veins, age 40 years, some time she feel healthy or week, then what can i do first ?

    • raj kamal verma says:

      my wife suffering from sugar,thtriode,vericose veins, age 40 years, some time she feel healthy or week, then what can i do first ?

  233. The Optimist says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My sister has suffered with hypothyroidisn for several years now and a recent thyroid function test showed her Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 3rd Gen (Ultra Sensitive) (ECLIA) to be 7.11 micro U/ml while the reference range seems to be between 0.27-4.20. She has not been taking medication of any kind regularly and resorts to Homeo when she experiences pain in her throat. We are not sure if this is leading to symtoms that mimic mental illness but she has wild mood swings and inability to focus on anything. She is dead against english medicine but open to Homeo. I wanted to know, is there a cure for such extreme cases with Homeo treatment? If so, what is the best course to follow and would you have any recommendations for a good doctor in Trivandrum city, Kerala.

    Thank you, Sunil

    • Namita Behera says:

      My daughter has hypothyroid Her TSH is 9.63.She is 28 years old. It is detected last year.
      She is taking thyroxine 25mg.So please sugest me for homeo treatment.Thank you.

  234. Arshiya Fatima says:

    Good evening sir
    I am hypothyroid from 3 yrs.can I get treated by homeopathy ….and how much time it may take….
    Thank you.
    Arshiya Fatima.

  235. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Hi Doct Sharma, my wife gets illness,weakness,fever and anxiety after having sex. Also, have pain in both calves this happens till a week and later on she recovers. She is having low BP and taking thryoid tabs @ 50mg per day. kindly suggest proper treatment.

  236. Hi Dr. Sharma, I have so many symptoms from my thyroid I am miserable. I have the freezing, the weeping, the lashing out, the massive hair falling out, the constipation, gastro problems, not overweight. I need to do something. I don’t like taking the meds I am on now, and I have to take another one because of swelling because of my thyroid. I am miserable. What can I do I really have heard that the homeopathy can really help and I am just not sure where or what to start on.

  237. Suffering from aufnius thyroiditis (viral of thyroid) since 26th of november but diagnosed only on 13th December, with regular cycle of rising upto100,101,rarely 102 &103 also,associated with acute pain in R neckextending to R neck,back of neck &R head.comes down after taing paracetamol with perspiration more in head &neck,Difficulty in gulping,swallowing &talking,constipation also,v much agravates with cold or taking cold things.white coating on tounge extraordinary fall & thinning of hair started 8 months back
    No hunger for anything still weight is constnt 68kg,with 5feet height.extream weakness inbdy,I am already a patient of oesteoarthritis.

  238. MS RINKU BANERJEE says:

    hi doctor

    MY AGE – 52 YEARS, WEIGHT -70 KG .

    TSH ->100 , T3 – 0.46 AND T4 – 1. 70 , URIC ACID -8.2 , BLOOD PRESSURE -100-140



  239. Kapoor chand says:

    Hypothyroidism.t3-,t4 normal but TS-.33% now dated 16/12/20016—a little bit decreasing level. First reported in July 20.Alopathic treatment for taken upto Dec.,15 and become OK . OK. Advice me to eradicate it forever…note- suffering from acidity after eating .

  240. Hi Dr, I have been under alot of Stress caring for elderly parents , my father passed away 7 mths ago & my mother has Narscissitc Personality disorder of which I have been emotionally abused by her for 58yrs.
    I have weight especially from the waist down to the thighs, post menopausal for 3yrs except when I lie down @ night there is pressure in my pelvic area & bladder feels full. My Hair & eyebrows are thinning all the time & I had live blood & dry blood analaysis done & it showed Thyroid, I have Diverticulitis & reactions to Gluten & Lactose, I am TIred all the Time & Cold when I get out of shower even on a warm days. Thankyou for your help also have constipation.

  241. Shilpa Santos pandit says:

    Hello Dr I Mrs pundit from nashik would like too help me my tsh is report is reducing continuously from past month below given level. Also one month the tag was high but from 3 to 4onths tsh is reducing .I Am getting breathing problems also there lot of weigth gain bloting belly also sudden weight gain till 65 kg before 4 months I losses 4 kg and my weight was 61 .know on my face there is swelling near neck also also swelling also I get breathing problems also hair fall

    Tell how to recover

  242. Jhumpa dasgupta says:

    TSH is14.68 maximum hairfall gas problem hearing problem acute pimples and poor memory which medicine is suits for me

  243. Meghna Anerao says:

    Having hypothyroidism since 2005, from last year getting scanty flow during menses approximately a day. earlier menses flow was 5 days now regular but scanty.And from last two years don’t get sleep once if i wake up in middle of night , I cannot sleep again, and that disturbs my health most, weight gain is obvious there, is this all change due to hypothyroidism only or any other issues

  244. Elaine Adams says:

    I have been on Thyroid meds for 6 months have gained 13 pounds and my body fat is up to 30%. I am 55, very active. I do Spartan runs etc.. When I got the first round of blood work back, my thyroid had no reading.

  245. Musarrat Aabid says:

    If tsh 14.6 ho to konci remedy lani chahiye

  246. Hypertension due to hypothyroidism
    .which remedy i should take

  247. Gauri Misra says:

    I am suffeing from hypothyroid since 2008. I am presently taking 75mcg thyronorm and my T3,T4, TSH levels are normal. However, if I change dosage levels fluctuate and I start feeling lethargy. Lot of hairfall and hair are dry and coarse. I am not obese with height of 5.3′ I have 58kgs weight. My periods are normal for 3 days and cycle repeats in 28 days. My age is 37 yrs.
    Sometimes I feel leg pain which goes away with Vitamin D3 supplement.
    What should I do so that the requirement for allopathic medicine stops and I feel as energetic and healthy as with medicine?
    While taking homeopathic medicine do I need to stop the thyronorm completely or slowly the dose will be decreased.
    Looking forward for your response.

    Thanks and regards

  248. Sajeda pate says:

    How can homeopathy help my hyoerthyroid

  249. Rajkumar Kalidas Shirodkar says:

    Good Evening Doctor,
    Compliments for the Season !!!!!
    I would like to seek your advise on my Thyroid profile. Report of Thyroid profile is given below.
    Kindly advise


    TOTAL TRIIODOTHYRONINE (T3) C.L.I.A 106 ng/dl Limit( 60 – 200)
    TOTAL THYROXINE (T4) C.L.I.A 9.4 μg/dl Limit( 4.5 – 12.0)
    THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE (TSH) C.L.I.A 0.04 μIU/ml Limit (0.30 – 5.5)

  250. viney handa says:

    My TSH is 6.12 Gaining Wt. My Wt is 96.00Kg Ht. is 6feet

  251. Purnima Mehra says:

    I am suffering from hypothyroidism. TSH is 8.6.
    I have gained weight Lal over especially Arms back And waist
    I feel cold but do not suffer from constipation.
    My hunger pangs have increased. Please advise.
    Not taking allopathy

  252. I am having Hypothyroid since 10 months , going under medication (thyronorm-125mcg) since 10 months , Here are the most recent thyroid level (T3-1.07, T4- 7.90, TSH-4.82) Please advise .


  253. My daughter age 22 married having problem of high prolactin and breast leaking while she is not pregnant not feeding.she have bulky pituatry gland.with TSH level 22.taking psychiatric medicines.obess weight 118kg .she gain weight in last 2 years.plz reply with treatment thanks Mrs.usman

  254. dr my mother is suffering from tsh 12.396 and her left shoulder is pain and her stomach is suffering fron gas

  255. Krisen Collins says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am hoping you can provide some insight on what a good remedy may be for me to start with. I am hypothyroid and 10 months post pardum and breastfeeding. I was diagnosed with hypo when I was 13 (now 34) and have been poorly medicated ever since. Symptoms include: No menstrual cycle, excessive fatigue and dry/cracked skin, hair loss, recent increased irritability but gentle in nature usually, inability to lose weight with clean diet and exercise (which really bothers me), no ovulation, low basal body temp, constipation, joint pain (new since I had baby), cravings for nuts or nut butter, coffee and sweets.

    I would like to start on a homeopathic remedy. Would I have to DC my meds first (cytomel/tirosint)? I am not sure if I would react best to calc carb, sepia, Lycopodium or possibly something completely different? Any assistance would be more than appreciated !!

  256. Tahir Awan says:

    Hello Dr I am suffering from thyroid last 30 years, I am very weak, now I am suffering from vertigo, please suggest any homeopathy medicine. Please help me

  257. Hello Sir,
    I am Hemant from Varanasi 33 yrs old 5.10 height, from last one year i am over weight 89kg, hypothyroidism 5.5, and high uric acid 6.7 all these together. What medicine in homeopathy will work for me, and any medicine to reduce weight.
    Thank You

  258. Zihna Augustine DHM, Ph.D. says:

    One remedy you did not mention that I have found helpful in treating Hashimoto’s is Natrum Aurum Muriaticum. Especially if there is a lot of depression.

  259. Maian R Tolson says:

    I have been taking levothyroxine na synthroid 0.08 for hopothryroaid. I have gained weight (not obese) even though I am quite active. I am very sensitive to heat. Can take cold better than heat. 87 years old and very good health otherwise. Any suggestions?

  260. Does homeopathy help to shrink the nodules in a hypothyroid person?

  261. Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 20. She will complete 24 years this month and in spite of medication, she has been gaining weight over the past 3-4 years..approximately 15 kgs weight gain. Even though she lives in Australia, she is being treated by a specialist from Mount Elizabeth’s Hospital, as we live in Singapore & she visits us twice a year. Her current dosage per day is around 116 mg of thyroxine.

    My daughter is 5 feet 2 inches and weighs close to 80 kgs. We do not have obesity in our family & no one suffers from Hypothyroidism. Can homeopathy be taken along with allopathic medication? Would homeopathy help my daughter to lose weight? How effective would the treatment be?

    Thanks & regards,

  262. Sanjay Aswal says:

    Respected sir /madam I am suffering from thyroid last 8 years and taking allopathy medicine continue , my tSh is 4.55 t:3 is .92and t:4is 5.13. Now normal but I have noticed a small nodule in my right lobe , please suggest any homeopathy medicine which shrink it and cure. Please help me …….

  263. my age is 49, weight 125 height 5.11 feet
    i am suffering from Hypothyroidism from 4 years and my symptoms are.
    excessive perspiration from head after bath
    excessive weight 125 kgs
    cant tolerate hot weather
    first part of stool is hard and is followed by soft stool
    pain in the upper and right side of the stomach

  264. I am 55 years old female. Suffering from hypothyroidism since 25 years, currently I’m taking tyrox 25mg and latest report says T3 143, T4 7.2, TSH 15.17. Uric acid 6.4mg. I want to stop allopathic tablet and start homoeopathy only. My symptoms are
    1. severe calf pain at night, feet pain finger pain as if there is no blood circulation due to which can’t sleep whole night.
    2. Hair fall, in spite of jogging and dieting I am putting on weight. (70kg height 5.2)
    3. Flabby arms, and sponch (belly). Bloating body and stomach.
    4. Gastric problem
    5. Urge to eat spicy or fatty food full day and night. Sweet also.
    6. Short tempered and very sensitive in nature.
    7. Suffering from depression.
    8. Get panic attacks.
    9. Very conscious about looks and fatness.
    10. Drinking lot of water since a month still have Bloating body.

    Please advice if we can stop alopathy and continue homoeopathy. Please prescribe the medicine to reduce thyroid and fatness.

  265. khushi khurram says:

    I am suffering from all the thyroid symptoms mentioned above… plz recommend me some medicines as day by day I am gaining weight and feeling very helpless.. need help…

  266. Jayakrushna Rout says:

    Dear and respected sir….I read your article cautiously and highly appreciated….. Since last five years… And have found calcarea carb very effective…. It is the chicken and egg creating this disease….and after intake of calcarea carb if someone is taking chicken, egg,prawn,sea fish,sour foods,cold foods….then the body showing violent reactions….since calcarea carb is a deep acting remedy it can be seen even after forty-five days….and an antidote is required then… And the most important thing is next time calcarea carb is aggravating then if again it’s prescribed…
    and please can you confirm these things ….I always prescribe in a single dose….swelling of tongue is nearly always present there with taking mild imprint of teeth….

  267. Harish Chandra says:

    Dear Sir, good evening to you. My wife is 25 years old. Just five month ago we did normal test, it was ok
    But just three months ago. She had irregular periods
    We got all tests done but TSH was 6.18. Doctor advised 25mg medicine. and separate medicines given for period. After three months we did the same test. But TSH is 7.45 now. Remaining reports are normal. Problem of irregular periods is existing. She is doing yoga regularly. Weight, bp is Normal
    She wants to be pregnant
    Please suggest which medicines are to be taken to reduce the TSH Level.



  268. Harish Chandra says:

    Dear Sir, good evening to you. My wife is 25 years old. Just five month ago we did normal test, it was ok
    But just three months ago. She had irregular periods
    We got all tests done but TSH was 6.18. Doctor advised 25mg medicine. and separate medicines given for period. After three months we did the same test. But TSH is 7.45 now. Remaining reports are normal. Problem of irregular periods is existing. She is doing yoga regularly. Weight, bp is Normal
    She wants to be pregnant
    Please suggest which medicines are to be taken to reduce the TSH Level.



  269. Laxmi Narayan says:

    Hi dr Sharma,

    My hair is falling with a rapid speed..and have constipation tsh is in range used to be 136 at some time..I want to switch to homeopathic medicines to cure it completely..need yr advice.. Please help..

  270. Yogesh verma says:

    Dr sharma: My mother 56 year’s old suffering from thyroid problem her TSH level is 13 no suger problem but some high BP,weight is 65 kg & hight 157 cm .pls suggests best medicine in homeopethy.Thank you.

  271. Jyotsna nathwani says:

    Hello dr
    Im suffering with hypothyroidsm sweat on my fore headshaking hand palpation is v high having hairs on my chin gaining weight on my stomach .

    • Jyotsna nathwani says:

      Hello dr
      Im suffering with hypothyroidsm sweat on my fore headshaking hand palpation is v high having hairs on my chin gaining weight on my stomach .having acidity n gastric.

  272. My TSH was 14.6,three months ago. I took thyromed tab 50 mg for two months and TSH became 3.2. Now I checked the TSH, and it became 8.7, I feel dizziness, my weight is101 kg, hair fall, flatulence afternoon and early morning etc, My age is 40, male, doing govt. Job. Could you suggest a medicine for subclinical hypothyroidism. I have craving for sweets, height 176 cm. BP 146/100.

  273. I have “Essential Tremor”. It was diagnosed in 2008, though I suspect it was present much earlier, though less pronounced. I am 62 years old. Weight is 75 kgs and height 5′ 7″. I have been prescribed 80 mg Propranolol once a day in the morning.

  274. polina polidou says:

    i have hashimoto thyreoiditis and i m loosing my hair .i cant loose weight. and i m taking weight very easily . i have resistance to insulin low d vitamin and low leptine. is there any way to help me with homeopathy

  275. N.Thandapani says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    My wife 69 yrs old.Her weight is 40 kg. The blood test taken in March shows T4-1.00 and TSH-7.85. The test taken in Sept shows T4-0.89 and TSH-8.29.She has been taking iodium200x two doses morning and night every month followed by iodium30x two doses morning and .night every week. With iodium she was taking calc carb30x and bromium30x.
    I request you to suggest homeopathic medicines,dosage and when to take blood tests.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  276. Cyst in knee from last 8 years .while taking homeopathy medicine I feel relief. But after leaving it again pain starts.I m thyroid patients from last 10 years and depression and hytus hernia also.pls reply what should I do with knee cyst

  277. Flor Nahamoo says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma:

    I am a 61-year-old female diagnosed with hypothyroidism & Hashimoto disease about 5 years ago. Originally, I was taking 12.5 mg of Levotheroxin which after three years was upped to 25 and after a year and a half to 50 mg synthroid. On my own I reduced the amount back to 25 because I started to notice hyperthyroidism symptoms.
    For the past 3 months I have been suffering dramatically from GERD (as soon as I swallow I taste the acid & my throat is always burning) , chest pain, anxiety, depression, lack of proper sleep (at best I get 5 hours), bloating which at times makes breathing hard and makes my heart rate rise, constipation (every 3 to 4 days, at which time a considerable amount of defecation happens), pain in the upper and right side of the stomach, pain in the instestine, hair loss, ringing in my ears which has gotten a lot worse, sweating in my hands at night, and sesitivity to cold. I appreciate your advice.

  278. I’m diagnosed with hypothyroid last week. I consulted a physician and started with 25 mcg of thyroxin sodium daily. I have slight difficulty in swallow hard food. I thing homoeopathic treatment is good if i have to take it life long. What is ur opinion?

  279. Heather Mackney (Mrs) says:

    I have been on thyroxine for over 10yrs & lanzoprazole/omeprazole for nearly as long. I am female,aged 68/5’5″ tall /weight 14st.2lbs. Due to health problems – Fibromyalgia, I.B.D., Hypothyroidism, Hiatus Hernia & now side effects that are interferring with my daily life from my prescribed drugs, I am eager to see if I can go drug free without endangering myself.
    I have ‘self prescribed’ kelp, and am wondering the advatage of maybe taking Dung Quoi & extract of Bungleweed. I am concerned because I know how dangerous it can be to mess with the thyroid. Having taken homeopathic medication in the past for odd things, I would be keen to go down that route – but looking at the above, I am confused as in one way or another each of the Cal.Carbon/Sepia Off./Graphites / & Lyc. Clav. seem to fit the bill. I would be so appreciative for any guidence please.

  280. Rajeshwari m says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am Rajeshwari, I am having hypothyroidism for more than 9 years, I am almost 84 kg weight, fatigue extreme, hair loss, recently I tested thyroids blood test. my tsh is 16.5, t3 and t4 is normal. please give a suggestion for this

    • p.Mahalakshmi says:

      Hi Doctor I Mahalakshmi I am having hypothyroidism for more than six months.Recently I tested thyroid blood test my tsh morethan 100 ft3 1.46 pg/ml ft4 0.11 ng/dl gve asuggestio for this
      my weigt is 75kg my age is 46 my homeo doctor advising to wait for six month for recheckup now i am taking homeo medicine for 20days how long have to wait

  281. Hi Doctor,
    I m 39yrs old female, recently I did blood test thyroid profile where my TSH is 12 which is quite high, I m gaining weight around my waist and hip area and hair fall too….
    I m not habitual of allopathy medicine I want the treatment in homeopathy
    Please advise

  282. Well done , provide useful information,

    Vijay ghate

  283. Harvinder singh says:

    My son is 9yrs old is gaining weight due to thyroid problem..
    His wt. is 34 kg. His stomac is increasing in ball shape. Feels tyred always. Swets on hands. Comes under cold easily. Pl.sujjest me homeo cure. Thanks

    • noor firdausi says:

      My daughter is 5 years old her TSH is 7.0 plz tell me any homeopathy treatment her weight is only 18 g she is so weak also

  284. Sir,I m 49 year old man suffering from hypothyroid since April 16 Report of t3,t4normal TSH 16and antiTPO 1300 . I feel tired at evening without doing any labor . please guide me

  285. Rajeshwari Mohan says:

    Hello sir ,am suffering from hypothyroid for 10 years more…i suffered with so much hair fall…my hair is not growing for 3 TSH LEVEL is 16 and obesity fatigue .
    Plz suggest a medicine for this…….

  286. Sanjeev Aggarwal says:

    Greetings! My wife is suffering from hypothyroid. She is sweating lot and is also undergoing menopause stage. She is also gaining weight. Her Latest TSH- 0.0125. she is taking 125mcg Althtroxin. Kindly advice. We are living in Delhi.

    Sanjeev Aggarwal

  287. Aanchal Gaurav says:

    Hello sir ,am suffering from hypothyroid for 25 year old…i suffered with so much hair fall…my hair is not growing for 3 TSH LEVEL is 18…..
    Plz suggest a medicine

  288. Hi. I visited a homeopath. Main complaint weightain. I am 43. She gave me Lachesis and Thyroidinum as well as Sanguinaria. She mentioned my hormones is affecting my thyroid. (Hormones making Thyroid think old).

    What I would like to know if Thyroidinum will be effective for weightloss?

  289. Violet Dsouza says:

    I suffer from Hypothryoid how many times Calcarea Carbonica should be taken per day.

  290. Sir
    I am 44 years old suffering from Diabetes .My weight 78 KGs for the past 4 years . My TSH level is 6.16. T4 is 9.4ug/dl & T3 is 119.8 ng/dl which is normal my fasting Blood glucose is 142 mg/dl fasting
    I get irritated very quickly if offended by family members or friends however am very tame with outsiders. I love to eat but have stopped eating as by sugar level rises.
    I am suffering from body ache ,weight gain ,Mood swing and lethargic so pl. advice to control Blood sugar and Hypothyroidism
    With Regards

  291. 26 years male . Hashimoto and feeling as a sudden head nock for a few secpnds then unstable and depression fpr some hpurs. This is comes daily

    • Hello sir I am 36 year old woman.I am suffering from hypothyroidism. Before 4 year my hair loose fastly.and I am gaining weight.and swelling in my leg .I am suffering from hypothyroidism from 15 year please advice my deit and best medician for me.thanking you.sir from India.

  292. Age 62. Diabetic for 22 years. Hypertension-BP 135 to 144. HbA1c=6.8. Suffering from elevatedTSH-generally between 7.4 to 11.2 for past 18 months. T3 and T4 are normal. Was on Allopathic med Thyrorom from Feb16 to May16. From hypo in Feb16 I went to hyper in May16. TSH came down to <0. 04 in May16. Stopped allopathic med in May16. On Aug28 TSH is reverted to 11.3. Meantime I went from 68.7kgs in Feb16 to 66.3kgs in May16. Today I am weighing 69.8kgs. I maintain dietary controls and exercise regularly. Running on the Treadmill for 15 mins with stretch and weights. I walk rapidly 7.2kms without strain or tiring out. However my weight seems to be on the increase and metabolism slowed. Nil overt symptoms. I am slim ,fit and fine. Any advice and suggestions will be appreciated. Thankyou.

  293. Vivek shah says:

    sir I cannot concentrate on my work , constipation , acidity , after eating body feels heavy , sleepy mostly during day time …..plzz help me sir …..I m suffering from hypothyroidism….. I m taking ” thyroxine” homeopathic medicine but then also feeling problem with all the above…

  294. Hi
    My name is shiva.
    I got hypothyroid from last 2 years. I am very irritable person. I donot feel like having any energy to do work or study. I am 35. I have got 1 child of 4 yrs old. And recently started involuntary bladder from last 4 months. Last year i had iodium then i detected with lumps in my thyroid and hyperthyroid. And agsin now i am suffering from same. Feel very dizzy. Horrible weight gain from past 3 yrs of 25 kg. Weeping tendency. I cannot explain myself without crying. I donot wana die. I am getting sick of my complaints. Sleep disturbed. Please help me. I get very angry with my kid. And cry very loud too. Mostly constipated. Love tea and cofee and like it very hold. I usually feel very cold.

  295. Can Homeopathy cure Hypothyroid and if so how long do we need to take the treatment.

    • Md Abdul rashid says:

      Sir I am suffering hypothyriod since 3yr.i take thyroxin sodium tablets 75-100,but i suffering some problems like faster palpitations,not making decisions properly , memory’s not work properly.also I have tired taking medication.plz advice curable medicine to advise me.

  296. Carolyn Harper says:

    Dr. Sharma:
    I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s for 4 years. I require 12 hours of sleep per day to function. I am depressed, with suicidal thoughts, and have lost a significant amount of my front hairline. I crave sweets. I get angry. I don’t like a lot of people, especially my boss. My wrists hurt and are weak. I take Synthroid, Levothyroxine, an antidepressant and an antianxiety. I would like to have more physical and sexual energy. My vagina is very dry and sex is painful. I am constipated. My inner ears hurt and I hear ringing all of the time. I think I see people, who are not there, in my periferral vision.
    I am fearful for the future. I don’t laugh anymore. I am confrontational.

  297. Farha Deeba says:

    i have hypothyroidism since past 1 yr there any permanent cure for this..?

  298. Syed Arshad says:

    I wish to find out the chronic homeopathic medicine of Rhus Tox

  299. Dr. Sharma,
    Are the homeopathic remedies for hypothyroidism to be taken independent of one another or can you combine the ones that encompass your symptoms. For example, can you take both Calcarea Carbonica AND Lycopodium Clavatum at the same time? Or should you only take one of the two?

  300. Mohammadgous.Mulla. says:

    Dear DrHomeo I am suffering from hypothyroid from last 4 years can I ask me hypothyroid desise completely curable treatment by homeopathy medicine.

  301. Mohammadgous.Mulla. says:

    Dear DrHomeo I am suffering from hypothyroid from last 4 years can I ask me hypothyroid desise completely curable treatment by homeopathy medicine

  302. Miranda Botes says:

    Good morning I am currently seeing a homeopath in Pretoria, South Africa She said that my thyroid is under active and me somw drops to use The active ingredients are the following: Avena Sative, Verbscum Thapsus and Gallium Aperine
    I would like to know if this is the correct drops to use? Been using it for 4 weeks know I am getting severe hotflushes (day and night – one every 1.5 hours) as well I am now 49 Your assistance will be much appreciated Havw a great day Kind regards Miranda

  303. I am a pt of hypothyroidism with craving for sweet but avoid salt. Have obesity with hairfall with urinary recurrent and abdominal complaints.
    H/o abortion at 6th month end.
    ANA +ve.
    SLE -ve.
    Plz suggest a medicine.

  304. Hello Dr,
    I m 33 years old married with two kids. I m having severe acne, hairfall and facial hair for the past 2 years. recently a year back i was diagonised with high TSH of 9. as per doctor’s advice i took thyronorm 50 mg. it was under control for 6 months but recently again my TSH has again gone high to 8. Although during the treatment my TSH was under control , acne and hairfall problem was still present.
    i m having severe moodswings too , becoming too emotional at times. i couldnt control my weight too. Having more craving to sweets. I was diagonised with PCOD too. Please suggest suitable remedy . TIA.

  305. Severe acne

  306. Mira singh says:

    My wife ,age 60 yrs suffering from thyorids since last 10 years.Elephantitis in left leg since more than 45 years .Fair , fatty n blobby figure .weight about 75 kg.Tingling in legs n arms .knee swellen and has pain.constipation.good sleeps.snoring during sleeps.kindly suggest medicine

  307. Reena Prasad says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am 39 year old , having thyroid for one year npw and having medicine 25 mg now . Just to support immune system I am taking calcria Carg 30 and Nox vomica 30 .
    If you could suggest something would be really kind .
    best regards
    Reena Prasad

    • Maian R Tolson says:

      I have been taking levothyroxine na synthroid 0.08 for hopothryroaid. I have gained weight (not obese) even though I am quite active. I am very sensitive to heat. Can take cold better than heat. 87 years old and very good health otherwise. Any suggestions?

  308. HI,
    i am Anjana . my THS level is now 100 . i am taking homeo medicine and also next moth is my marriage.
    6 years back i founded on it because of periods problem. that time i took thyroxine 100 mg. Form 2 years back homeo medicine i used. now my periods problem solved and i got it at correct time but THS is lvel will not decreased. if any issue for my future life.
    please help me.

  309. Rahelamma says:

    Dr sharma ji,
    I am suffering of hyper thyroid age-44,my test report are:-TFT-17.46 IU/ml ,T3-151.0 ng/dl ,T4-11.0 ug/dl, Tsh:-0.02 ulU/ml. Here doctor suggested for operation, sir operation is needed?can you give and refer homeopathic medicine for this desese and how long I want to take medicine.I sendind all the details of test reports via wattsap sir.

  310. Annie mahogany says:

    I have been tested for thyroid problem but founded to be ok but I’m still gaining weight very tried all the time no energy ,cold all the time ,sweating around the neck at night can’t seem to loss weight , constipation problem very dry and hard , joint pain everyday and stiff hard to get up after sitting 30 minutes or more . What is wrong and what can I take .

  311. Sanjay Goswami says:

    Dear Doctor

    my only face and neck got black and my tsh level 12 now

    Kindly tell me the medicine to cure it

    Thanking you

  312. Swayam doshi says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Years of stressful personal relationships,
    became cause for clinical depression,
    Which was followed by years of allopathic
    Depression medication. And I feel hypothyroid
    Could be a result of that. During my allopathic
    Medication, one medicine which has continually
    Helped me is ignatia 30, and 200.
    But now I am better with one allopathy medicine
    Called Venlift . The problem now at present is that
    I don’t feel like doing anything. I feel like just lying
    Down or sitting. I can’t find the energy to do
    Anything. I am taking thyronorm 50mcg and
    Venelift Od 187 mg.
    please reply which homeopathy can help.

  313. Hi..hypothyroidism. For. 15 years..35 lbs. Overweight.. Menses. Regular. But. Scanty… Lasting. Only 2 or 3 days.. Sleep. A lot. During. Menses. No energy. Overall. Mildly. Depressed.. Cannot. Tolerate. Stress otherwise. Lose my temper.. No patience. With hypocrisy.. Hair. Falling… Know I. Have. Potential.. Can’t. Reach. It. Want. My health and happiness. Back. help!!

  314. Hh

    Hello doctor, one year back my doctor diagnosed that i have hypothyroid problem as i went with extreme hair fall problem, and i have lost almost 80% of my hair though new hair grow but hair fall is of thst level in which im unable to recover my loss. Im taking thyroxin 50mcg and for hair fall the same doctor recomended me neuromet but now a days im again victim of extreme hair fall. Please do suggest something what to do , i want my health back, thanks.

  315. Hello Doc,

    My Tsh is 9 and T3 T4 are normal.
    I feel sleepy whole day.
    and now I notice kind of swelling around my neck. Just below chin. Earlier I thought its double chin but it is not so..

    I don’t take any Thyroid tablets.. Only trying to stay fit with home remedies. Seems not working.

    Pls suggest

  316. harun nisha says:

    bp countinew low and .over weight and.worm in full body.test report thairiod,

  317. Shweta jaiswal says:

    Kya homeopathy se thyroide thik ho skta h aur isi k vjh se kafi hair loss hua h mera kya isse ye problm v thik ho jayegi

  318. Virender Sharma says:

    Sir,this is Virender Sharma and i am suffering from thyriod decease.Sir my TSH level is high by 2 point and T3 level is low by 3 point and T4 level is normal according to report. Please help me how i can get cured.

  319. Subha Sen Gupta says:

    I take Eltroxin 150 or Thyronorm 150. Can you please suggest a homeopathic substitute.

    Kind regards

  320. SKParmar says:

    What about Thyroidinum 200 /1M and Bromium 6/30.These two the most important medicines. Why u miss them?

  321. archana tiwari says:


    I am suffering last 25 days from thyroid disease when my nack soil then i can understand problem in my body. Finaly after lab testing i know TSH Level thyriod to affected my body. Please advice me permanent treatment in homeopathic..


  323. Surendra Joshi says:

    Sir, I am diagnosed with two health problemd (i) Fatty liver grade-2 and (ii) Thyroidism TSH Level 15.25.
    I am person working in office and having sitting duty. vKindly advise treatment and oblige. Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely,
    Surendra Joshi.

  324. rajeev khatri says:

    The pathology report of thyroid test of my wife (age 40) on 3/06/2016 is as under-
    T3- 127.80
    T4- 9.40
    TSH-3rd generation – 5.424

    her symptoms are – Excessive sweating ,feels tiredness quickly , difficulty in breathing at times ,has got a tendency to wear loose clothings , gets irritated quickly on small issues , wants to be in front of cool air

    At present she is taking two medicines-
    1. Thyroidinum 30 (once daily)
    2. Spongia 30 (twice daily)

    Kindly suggest us your opinion regarding these medicines. If some more medicines are required please suggest us.
    Thanking you sir.


    Rajeev Khatri

    • vineet setia says:

      R/Dr Sharma
      I m taking thyroxin 100 since two years, can I go for homoeopathic medicine for thyroid.

  325. sai sailaja says:


    I have done blood test and the report shows TSH 7.6 . and my lipid profile is norkal B12 reading is 151 and Vitamin D 17.88 . I am of the weight of 55 kgs. and aged 48 . Kindly suggest medicines.


  326. Do you treat a person who falls strongly into three possible categories with all three medications, or do you try to choose the most prominent one of the three and go from there?

  327. Sarbjeet kaur says:

    Sir, I hv thyroid am nt fat, 6 months ago I found dat I hv thyroid at that time tsh was 13 I had home pathic medicine nw I have 24 It arise so many problems.wt should I do I never prefer allopathic medicine

  328. Dear sir

    Severe cramps on left sholder ( back potion of the neck to fingere)

    Also severe pain

    Kindly advice

  329. Ratnaprabha Borate says:

    I am 51 years old. My t3 and t4 levels are normal. But tsh is 5.92. From last two years I am suffering from at gain and sleepiness. Now my ankles and feet are swelling since last 3 months.knee pains are suggest me .I am not on medicines for hypothyroidism. But BP and rosuvastatin 10 are fr last 5 years.once before 2years tsh was 10.2 .now it is 5.92 pl help me.

  330. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am a lady of 50 years
    I am already on treatment for hypothyroid and taking one tablet of thyrox-50 tablets for more than two years. After morning tablet, my. latest reports of :
    T3 is 2.55. T4. is 1.36. & TSH. is 3.46.
    Unfortunately my lipid profile shows:
    Triglyceride as 456
    Cholesterol total 255
    HDL : 37.0
    TChol/HDL Ratio. : 6.9 :1
    VLDL 91.2
    I wish to know if there is any cure for this. Thanks Madhu

  331. NEHA DHAR says:

    Dear Sir,
    I m 48 years and suffering from hypothyroid from last 6-7 years. From 2014-2015 I m gaining weight n gained 5 kg in one year. I feel my face n eyes swelled in the morning. my T3 ,T4, TSH value is 0.89, 8.1, 7.30, Thyronorm 100mcg 1 tablet taking since 6-7 years. I want to control my weight still i m 80 kgs. pls dr suggest what i have to do.
    Thanks n regards

    • Can it prevent
      My friends daughter suffering hypothairod from brith please answer it can cure
      Future me koi taklif to nai hogina?uska mentaligrouth to barabar hogana.? Kyuo ki uski yeacher ka kahna hai ke woh dusre baccho ki tarh bolti nahi hai our respond bhi nai krti hai.halaki uski davai chalu hai.or reports bhi normal hi rahte hai.

  332. Greetings,
    My wish is to be free from taking Levothyroxine 88mcg. I take no other pharmacology.

    I am a 60 yr old woman, white, 5’4″ and 125 lbs (have gained 10 lbs in the past 2 years ~ abnormal for me). I eat much organic foods, eat no meats only fish and sea food, take vitamin supplements and walk for an hour most mornings. I drink coffee (one cup) and some alcohol, and eat very little gluten.

    In 2003 I had an auto-immune disease which came on suddenly, thought to be the early stages of Lupus. After two years on medication I recovered fully and have no joint pain, yet by 7 pm I am totally fatigued.

    In 2006 I was hospitalized for “low blood” due to extreme fatigue and discovered during a routine physical. I was given two pints of blood and felt great afterwards! Doctors tested my entire GI tract over the course of a year and could find no “leaks”, thus no explanation.

    Two other physical issues you may want to know; I have no children and there were multiple inconclusive tests as to why I was infertile. When I did have menses, they were heavy and painful.

    Doctors had no explanation for either of these, very real and somewhat life threatening episodes.

    I am an active woman and an avid sailor, I meditate and live with gratitude and compassion, or at least I try to. Please, if you can help in any way I will be most appreciative.


  333. Sir plz tell me i am suffering from hypothroidism..nd gaining weight hairfulll..the homeopathic medicine right to cure it permanently

    • Md.Masum Al Biruni says:

      Hi dear,i am Mr.Masum,i am hypothoriod patient,it is two years running,i am 30 years oil male,i am from bangladesh,may i talk with you phsically in your chamber,my body is getting weak day by day,plz help me

  334. Jiji Harilal says:

    Hi Doctor, I am suffering from hypothyroid. My TSH value is 13.0. I took Thyroxin for 2.5 years. Now i want to try homeo. Please tell me how long should i continue medicines to get this under control. Is there any side effects if i take homeo medicines for long time time. Some say that you devolop diabetics if you continue long on medication.

  335. ACHLA JAIN says:

    DR, my t3 level is low and tsh level is high as 10.120 dr lal pathlab, my symptom is for cal. carb. i want to know what potency i should take and how many times in a day?

  336. I am having tsh in range of 14. I feel heat more and like cold climate. Sweating is high, no constipation usually but flatulence in evening generally. Sugar and blood pressure are on lower side. Hair thinning and loss. Over weight by 10 kg. Please guide and suggest.

  337. Hello sir I am having tsh 7 .8, .I am controlling my weight,plz suggest me what should I do to cure my a days I am taking thyronoram 50 mgc,plz suggest

  338. sir,
    I am aged 54 yrs, since six yers i am havng this hypo thyroid,, i am on 50mcg thyronorm, my tsh level is 5.4 mew….earlier i had more sleep..sleeping wherevevr i sit, heart beat more i was not able to talk or argue my toungue started shivering. now its not so but contineously i am taking this tablet. i want to get rid of it.

  339. Afshan khan says:

    Sir, i am suffeeing from thyroid. My thyroid report is as folows:
    TSH 4.32 mlU/ml
    My age is 25 years and my weight is 74 kgs. My menstrual are very late. I am a working girl. Please suggest medicinefor weight loss and thyroid.

  340. Namaste Sir, I am suffering from Thyroid. My thyroid reports are as folows :

    T3 1.54
    T4 12.20
    TSH 12.90 My age is 50 years. weight is 70 Kgs. I am a working lady. Please suggest medicine for weight loss and Thyroid.

  341. Extremely informative

  342. Susan Oommen says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I have been suffering from Hypothyroidism from a number of years now.I had ayurvedic intervention a few years ago which took care of my PCOS.I had 3 children since then.
    In the last 3 years I have gained almost 50 kgs,loss of appetite,sugar cravings and heavy loss of hair – mostly in male pattern baldness.I also have hirutism and excessive growth of facial hair.I am very cold sensitive and get stressed easily with rage issues. I feel tired all the time with periods of high energy.I am 45 years old.I exercise on and off and lose motivation very quickly.Hoping you can prescribe some medicines that will help me tackle my fatigue and weight gain.Thanks in advance for your help.

  343. I have been suffering from high TSH since last 5 years, I have been taking thyronorm, when I use this medicine my TSH is in control when I stop again it increases, Since last couple of month I am using TYHORDINUM 3X along with my THYRONORM but doctor has aksed to discontinue homepathy medicine.

    Just want to know is there any permenant cure for my issue or will have to take medicine life long, my wieght does increases but with regular jogging and exercise i have controlled my weight. there is hair fall and I like hot climate and cannot tolerate cold.

    please suggest

  344. Pradeep says:

    sir my TSH level is slightly high.Itake thyronorm tab.100mcg per day .still tsh level is high.I m also suffring with kee .nd lower back pain . I also take feburic40, for high uric acid, dr. Says that my joints r deposition of uric acid.plz suggest me what should i do .My age is 40, Male

  345. Darshika Bansal says:

    hello doctor,
    i have been taking thyronorm 75mcg since 7 yrs. recently my tsh level came to 0.98 . my doctor lowered my medicines to 50 mcg. i want to take homeopathic medicine instead of thyronorm as i have lost 75% of my hair coz of it and i am very fed up. can homeo medicines help me?

  346. Darshika Bansal says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am 26yrs old married female lady with no issue right now. I am a hypothyroid patient sonce 2008 . Earlier i was taking 75 mcg thyronorm but recently i have switched to 50 mcg. I want my dose to be reduced and supplemented by any homeopathic medicine. Also i have severe hairfall since i started taking thyronorm. I am fed of the hairfall as i look old than of my age. Can this problem be solved by stopping thyronorm and substituting with homeo med??

  347. karan bansal says:

    Weight Gain. Taking Eltroxin 200 mg from last two years

  348. puta vaidehi says:

    Hai good evening sir. My name is Vaidehi my age 30. I have already high bp since 2years and recently attache hypothyroidism tsh. Plz give me any suggestion for me sir,I have two children’s 3&1yrs.

  349. JUILEE PARKHI says:

    Hi, I am Juilee. I am a hypothyroid patient since last 7-8 years. I am suffering from weight gain, hairfall, dry skin. I get tired very soon, and have reduced stamina over years. I also feel guidy sometimes. There’s a constant feeling of bloating or fullness in stomach in morning and have indigestion. Please help me by suggesting homeopathy medicine.

  350. Antonette says:

    My mother is an heart patient and has only 1 kidney by birth & now having hypothyroidism! !
    Now her hair is falling is too much
    She is under medication now…
    Pls advise

  351. M.M.Mitra says:

    Want to get your help & cooperati
    on in connection with treatment of the paient.

  352. Veena Chandran says:


    I have TSH of around 11. At present, I am taking Thyrox 100 mcg now.

    I want to switch to homeopathy now. Can I take Calcarea Carbonica and Sepia Officinalis both for my problem ? I am aged 42, female. What should be the potency/dosage ?

  353. karthik pathivada says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am karthik P aged :28 years, i have been suffering from Hypothyrodism from the past 5 years.

    The T3,T4 and TSH levels have been changing.Could you pelase let me know if there is a permanent cure.

    Please let me know the treatment and should i consult any doctor directly.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Karthik P.

  354. I am 30 years old married , I have suffering from hypothyroidism, I have constipation, buttock, and whole body is weighted sometime menses delay hair fall slow, in winter so cold feel, skin dryness

  355. meera sachdeva says:

    I m 46 years old . I got my thyroid test done and my reports shows the T3 and T4 are normal whereas my TSH level is above the normal i.e 6.70 . This means i am suffering from thyroid disease. . I shoulkd start with the medicines or get the tests done agaiin from other laboratory. I am worried . There are no such symptoms with what i can feeel that i have the thyroid probkem . Please help.

  356. vivek kumar dubey says:

    hi i am suffering from TPP(Thyrotixcosis periodic paralyses) since oct 2013 1st time body fully mussels cramped ,during that time TSH was .001 ,t3 t4 was also imbalance.
    after some beta blocker and Potassium supplement problem was resolve ,we go for thyroid scan fount that thyroiditis.
    after one year we found cramp on both legs during night especially on Thais that comes and goes in winter…
    we have taken Potassium supplement during this duration.
    then in 2015 we got again issue then we started hyperthyroidism medicine …after 2 month we was fine.
    now again in 2106 we facing weakness of bones and mussels and fast heart beat…now i have stared again
    hyperthyroidism medicine.
    Now TSH is .01
    so please suggest for further treatment
    kindly provide me details advise..
    mob no -9215959513

  357. sheetal patel says:

    i am sheetal and my age is 33. i am trying to conceive but its not happening. i have one child of 12 yrs and this is my second marriage. i am very sad and depressed by my life. i am also having thyroid and its 26.01 my weight is 68.8 kg please suggest me what i can do. my periods are regular but only two days

  358. Chetan Agarwal says:

    Hello Dr

    Kindly suggest remedies for hypothyroidism applicable to my symptoms

    Age: 33 married having this issue since 2.5 yrs wt gain 20 kg in this duration
    Likeness to sweets, pickle, spicy things
    Catch cold easily have allergy towards it especially wen getup in morning
    Have long history of stomach disorders such as mild gastritis, have frequent urge to pass stool to feel light
    Feels heavy some hrs after eating fatty foods
    Short tempered get aggravated easily
    Lack of interest in life and work not ambitious
    Since thyroid not able to concentrate well feel tiredness all the time right from morning
    Prefer isolation no interest in mingling with people

    Plz suggest

  359. Dr. Rabidyuti Biswas says:

    T3 93.6 ng/dl
    T4 5.25 ug/dl

    Comment: My report of thyroid test is as above. Is if necessary to take medicine for the same? Please suggest medicine which I can take. Is it very serious?

  360. Tamara Smith says:

    I have diagnosis of hashimoto’s thyroiditis. (Tpo=594.4) , I’m sure it’s due to Bromine exposure combined with extreme stress. By the way both have been eliminated from my life, but the hashimoto’s is still present, I’m taking levothyroxine helps some,yet not completely. I can’t seem to get a doctor to recognize -more needs to be done I know my body, and a) till now I’ve maintained a healthy weight
    B) I need more energy, c) I crave salts seriously d) HELP #

  361. Rosie McKenna says:

    Hi there, I’m unsure which remedy is right for me?
    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago. Whilst I was pregnant with my son i gained weight. He was a premature baby and ever since he was born my mind has been fully on him worrying about his heath and hosp appointments. I forgot to take my thyroid tablets I wondered why my weight was not coming off. My son is now one, I try an eat healthy I exercise regularly and still I am nearly 12 stone at 5ft 1. I realised it must be my thyroid. I’ve made an.appt for next week to go back in my tablets but could you recommend a homeopathic supplement to help reducing my weight. Thankyou

  362. Respected Dr Sharma,
    1. I take 50 mg thyroxin tab daily recommended by my doctor for hypothyroid symtom since 12 years.
    2. During winters my fingers become pale yellow and painful when In take out something from fridge , in contact with cold air.
    3. There is always cough in my right side of the throat dry nose.
    4 I have to go to 3 or 4 times in the morning to clear my stomach.
    5 . Although I drink enough water 3 glasses in the morning and afterwards also but I feel my lips and mouth are dry and tongue is white and tasteless .
    6. There is slight swelling on my right eyelid.
    7. Very rarely I get soundsleep
    8. My nails are very brittle..
    9. I feel tired very early .
    10. I cannot tolerate hot and sunny weather and sweat a lot and cannot wear tight clothes .
    11. I feel my ear, nose , throat are blocked and feel suffocating in closed places.
    12. I am 47 years old.
    PL give your suggesstion

    Kiran Bhatt

    • Neha singh says:

      My daughter is 12 years old and is having a problem of long and heavy bleeding just before six months she had her menarche. Doctor asked for several tests .everything is OK but THS is 4.7 and doctors had advised THYROX 50 for three months. But I want to switch to homeopathy please help

  363. Sukumar Mondal says:

    I want to my weight gain that permanent results in my life..So Please Said any medicine in homeopathy……My age 22 year,My height 5.7″,and my weight 51 kg…please reply sir,I am wait for your answers….

  364. Uday Patankar says:

    My Blood Report is T3 – 96.0 ng/dl, T4 – 4.8 ug/dl and TSH – 9.81 ulU/ml METHOD CLIA
    I feel very chill sensation if barefoot on floor. Weight is 8 – 10 kg in excess. ( Age 55 and weight is 70 Kg)
    Very sensitive to cold. Headache if empty stomach for longtime. Very sensitive for drinking water – if forget to drink water in regular intervals in morning hour – result is sever headache in the night.

  365. Kirti korgaonkar says:

    Just got blood report done as suddenly there was weight gain of 3-4 kgs. And ist time didn’t get my menses which usually I get in 28-30 days.. Never it goes beyond 30 days. Blood report says tsh 3g is 9.210, n t4 5.08

  366. Avadhesh Kumar srivastav says:

    Very valuable sugestions for patients as well as torch for practioners. You have given very important guidelines to homoeopaths who tre
    ating patients.

  367. Siddhi sadhana says:


  368. Prafula patel says:

    I have hypothyrpidism high blood pressure.
    I am on armour thyrpid quarter strenth and losartan 25mg for high blood pressure.
    I am putting on a lot of weight having great problems reducing my weight I have severe joint and muscle pains getting impossible to wAlk and lately I have developed planter facitis very painful.
    I have tried many herbal and ayurvedic remedies but symptoms go worst. Blood pressure tabs give me servers side effects. I just don’t know what to do. I need help and I wonder if you can help me with homeopathic remedy

  369. ASHISH PANDIA says:


  370. sanjay aswal says:

    sir i am suffering from thyroid last 10 years and taking allopathy thyrixine 100 mcg my tsh is 2.7 and t3 is 0.8 5 and t4 is 5.4 ,recently there is nodule develop in my thyroid my doctor said it could be removed through surgary but iam not ready for that so i am in you healp that any medicine which could sharnk my nodule.
    kindly send you seggetion and send me any homopathy medicine name
    thanking you
    sanjay aswal

  371. Deborah L Boss says:

    I believe I have hypothyroidism and I would like to have you get my thyroid back on track. Thanks

  372. Kathy Dawson says:

    Thanks for all this info.
    Now that I have the notes….. where can I purchase these items?
    Vitamin Cottage? Whole Foods? GNC?
    Please advise.


  373. ram Subhag says:

    2011 se thyroid h thynorm 100mg daily use hepatitis b positive person 2011 no medicine use every 6 month check up hair thicknesh meri 3 problem h

  374. ram Subhag says:

    2011 se thyroid h thynorm 100mg daily use hepatitis b positive person 2011 no medicine use every 6 month check up hair thickness ‘sexual weakness ye meri 3 problem h

  375. Rajesh Jain says:

    Sir, I am suffering from hypothyroid. My TSH is higher to 34.5 . T3 and T4 are normal. My symptoms are feeling dull; sleepy after food intake. feel heart beats when I take my breath. Also feel sensations in my lower part of legs . kindly please suggest some remedy .

  376. Namita Ghosal says:

    My age is is 56 yrs. old since two years i always feeling tired having problem of flatulence, breathing, palpitision, doubtful mentality, TSH-15.7, feeling cold in warm weather,heart beat first at the morning and throughout the day.
    Please suggest medicine and dose.
    Thanks with regards

  377. mrs salim says:

    Madm I have thyroid problem with Tsh low level and menses come with first 5 .6 days of period black in colour and only stane after that it become more and more bleeding .that period timing went to 13 .14 15 days too .I want to convince also but dr tell me I have pocs .what kind of medicine should I take and how much time .plz,reply

  378. Neha sharma says:

    Good evening sir, my name is Neha sharma and im 29 years old ..suffering from hypothyroidism from 2006 and endometriosis from 2011 ,for which i have undergone leproscopy in july 2012…now TSH Level is..7.70 uiU/ml and size of chocolate cyst is 6 cm and volume is 70..these are latest findings for todays date viz..15th march 2016…im need of your guidelines to cure permanently my conditions…
    Thank you sir

  379. Hi Dr.Sharma,
    I developed hashimoto thyroiditis 2 years back and now I am in hypo phase.
    My TSH is around 9-10.
    I am not taking allopathy.
    Can I take R51 and thyroidinum200 to support my thyroid?

    • kartar singh ahuja says:

      I am 80 years old . My normal temp. is 70 and B.P 65 to 120 most of the time. I feel quite cold and feet remain chilled inspite of all massages. sometime I feel shiver in my spinal area. My weight always between 69 to 71 kg. I am veg. and no alcohal for the last 50 yrs. Last week i got my blood tests and found out the following results of Thyriods
      T-3 120 against range of 60-200
      T-4 6.9 against range of 4.5 t o 12.0
      TSH 8.26 against range of 0.30 to 5.5.
      I have arthiritis of knees problem with certain curve / bow of knees but I can walk conveniently.I feel cold and sinus with left throat /vulva sells quite frequently. I prefer to take hot teat/ water and avoid cold drinks as it settle down in my chest. Advice please

  380. ShyamNarayan Singh says:

    Namaste sir
    mera ag.38 year hi m 5 Sal se thyroid ka pysent hu mera T3 /T4 normal hi Aur TSH level 19.90 hi m thyroxin 100 mcg le raha hu Dr.batate hi ki medicine life time chalu rahega 3 month se ayurvedik medicine chalu kiya hu lekin TSH level normal nahi hota hi Kya homeopathic me permanent ke liye koi medicine hi agar hi to Kitna din medicine lena hoga please upay bataiye thank you…

    • meera sachdeva says:

      I m 46 years old . I got my thyroid test done and my reports shows the T3 and T4 are normal whereas my TSH level is above the normal i.e 6.70 . This means i am suffering from thyroid disease. . I shoulkd start with the medicines or get the tests done agaiin from other laboratory. I am worried . There are no such symptoms with what i can feeel that i have the thyroid probkem . Please help.

  381. sharon schiller says:

    Aloha dr Sharma, I have presented with thyroid problems since having a baby 1990. Beginning with depression, hair thinning and dry skin. Progressed to gastrointestinal problems which makes me very careful with my diet. I have also had weight gain and continue to get depressed for no reason. I am often tired, and forgetful. Seems my hair has stopped thinning but has not regrown. I am to poor to get any medical and would appreciate any homeopathic suggestions. My daughter suffers from temporary hair loss called alopecia and I am sure it is because of thyroid problem while being pregnant. My fathers mother had serious thyroid problem and died from complications of her thyroid. I dont know what to tell my daughter to do except to relax and keep a good diet and have moderat exercise and lots of fresh air. Dont know if she shoud wash her hair more or brush more or what? Thank you for reading this and sending me any plan


    Ihave Thyroid problem . The total Thyroxin level of blood is 12.3 ug/dl. IHAVE PAIN IN MY THROAT , even Ifeel uneasy n pain to swallow saliva ,food,water
    I have taken BROMIUM-200 02 DOSW, my doctor told me to wait for 05 days. I am help less what can I do.

  383. Jennifer green says:

    I am a 42 yr old women. I have gained 40 lbs in the past 2 months. Tired. Not sleeping. Constipated. Bloated. Gassy. Head acks. Irritable very easly. Blue black rings around my eyes. I went to the dr. She checked my the came back as 1.5. My Dr will not do a complete panel. I feel like my thyroid is messing with my whole body. How do I get the tests I need and to get treated

  384. Inderjeet parajapati says:

    Sir,my tsh level is very more than 150,sir also feeling pain in my toe during i walk.please suggest me better medicine.
    Thanks and regards.

  385. my thyroid is 8.2.I m not taking medicine…just taking dhania pani. i hv not any other symptom of thyroid. i m consulting an aurvedic dietician…folowing diet n taking their herbs bt only 1.5 kg wt loss in 8 weeks.shat should i do to reduce wt without taking medicine n naturally. pl help. i m getting depressed after all my efforts…no change in wt gain

  386. Chethan S says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am Chethan from Mysore, Karnataka. My wife having hypothyroid issue so she is under English medicine…. but I worried about side effect…. so please suggest me homeopathic medicine.
    She is 23 years Old. her weight was 45Kgs now her weight is 59Kgs

    Chethan S

  387. Misbah Anwar says:

    I am 44 years old suffering from Diabetes. I weigh 60 KGs for the past 15 years my weight has remained the same . My TSH level is 7.6. I get irritated very quickly if offended by family members or friends however am very tame with outsiders. I love to eat but have stopped eating as by sugar level rises. I am suffering with foggy vision in my eyes, high blood pressure and CKD. I also suffer from constipation and swollen feet. is there any treatment for my symptoms in homeopathy.

  388. Akriti khanna says:

    Congratulations, if even single patient gets benefit from your theory it shows you are able to remove the pain from distance. A sign of true doctor.

  389. sajal guha says:

    Dear Dr.
    I get cold frequently very often and easily. I also feel loss of energy. For dle I have taken silicea. Now hypo thyroidism has been detected. What to do now? Which medicine should I take after silicea ? Please help me.

    • kartar singh ahuja says:

      I am 80 years old . My normal temp. is 70 and B.P 65 to 120 most of the time. I feel quite cold and feet remain chilled inspite of all massages. sometime I feel shiver in my spinal area. My weight always between 69 to 71 kg. I am veg. and no alcohal for the last 50 yrs. Last week i got my blood tests and found out the following results of Thyriods
      T-3 120 against range of 60-200
      T-4 6.9 against range of 4.5 t o 12.0
      TSH 8.26 against range of 0.30 to 5.5.
      I have arthiritis of knees problem with certain curve / bow of knees but I can walk conveniently.I feel cold and sinus with left throat /vulva sells quite frequently. I prefer to take hot teat/ water and avoid cold drinks as it settle down in my chest. Advice please

  390. lalit mathur says:

    Very good

  391. Hello Dr.
    This is antra from chandigarh. I am a thyroid patient. My TPO I got checked on 8.Dec.2015 was 16.01 I wanted to know. Is there any treatment for thyroid in homeopathy.

  392. Priti sindhi says:

    Dear sir
    My daughter having thirode problem. Still she is only 15days. We had started medicing thorixen.
    Just want to know is there any homoeopathy cure of this .plz suggest remady n medicine for it
    We are very thankful to you
    With regards
    Priti sindhi

  393. Dear sir,
    Raizia is my wife i have married 23 augst 2015
    Tested date .27/12/2015
    Now i repeat test tsh 21/feb/2016
    Tsh/0.05 again same result sir what is the remidies

  394. Good Day Doctor

    My doctor diagnosed me as being a hypothyroid patient. I have been on Eltroxin 50 + 25 Micro grams. My weight has just continued to increase. I have been on the strictest of diets and most rigid training but my weight wont even drop.

    I’m desperate to resolve this so please can you help.

  395. Mrs.Mamatha sridhar says:

    I’m mamatha 37 yes old ,my weight is 75.3 KGS.TSH level is 4.59.

  396. Obese women 77kg .tsh 5.6. hyperacidity,hypersensitivity,migraine
    I am to eat spicy food.cant wake up early.i am vegetarian.cant tolerate heat or cold

  397. Could I use Calcarea Carbonica, Sepia Officinalis, Graphites, andLycopodium Clavatum for my Miniature Schnauzer? He has all the classic signs of Hypothyroidism. He is overweight.

  398. Could I use Calcarea Carbonica, Sepia Officinalis, Graphites, andLycopodium Clavatum for my Miniature Schnauzer? He has all the classic signs of Hypothyroidism.

  399. hi doctor, I am Laya.I tested thyroid on 07/01/2016 and my test details are:
    TSH , Serum by CLIA : 5.5 ulU/ml . I consulted a homeo doctor , she told me i have hypothyroidism and she prescribed THYROIDINUM 3x .
    I have been taking this medicine for 1 my periods is late.(january: periods happened in 8th) it didnt happened until now. it never happened before .this is my new problem.
    My age is 27.i have 74kg (overweight according to my height) i am fair complexioned, fatty . have excessive sweating on head , have craving for boiled eggs,gas problems: ( first part of stool is hard and is followed by soft stool).cravings for coffee, hot drinks, feeling cold feets during periods. some times i feel depressed and sleepy too. waking up late is one big problem and this is affecting my studies.
    Kindly reply me doctor .thank you.

  400. Hypothyroid patient since 10 y .i am47 y old lady. Tsh 9 has recomonded calcarea carb 10 m and thyriodinum200 c wht shod be frequency. Symptoms–obese ,gas,hair fall,mood swing,slugish, muscle paim left shoulder pain constipation,dark circle .pl help

  401. Reshma George says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I first tested for thyroid during pregnancy in 2012 and took the gynec prescribed medication till 2013 throughout my pregnancy and delivery period.

    Then I switched over to homeo and took calcarea carbonica, ferrum phosporus and 6 other drugs in combinations for a year. I was around 85 but with the homeo i reduced to 68. the entire 2014, 2015 went without medicines amd at regular intervals of testing the thyroid was normal.

    But i tested 2 days ago and found out that TSH is 7.3 now while T3 and T4 are within the normal range.

    Now i feel very tired, weak n exhausted, flatulence and irritability has increased. Though my weight hasnt moved from 68 kgs which for my height is under obese category but in physical appearence I am not at all fat, or flabby.

    Can you suggest if I sud continue with my homeo or sud change to something else?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  402. I am 26 years old. I have severe acidity problem and constipation problem also. During winter, skin of my feet and palm get whiten and peeled off and new skin come after winter. Concentration to my study is becoming lower day by day. I feel hesitation at any task. I have sinus problem. But I see when I was in gym skin problem of my palm and feet did not occure. I have blood pressure. I feel too cold and too hot because of slight changes in weather. Sometimes, my stool get harder followed by softer stool and vice versa. At gym, I did not improve my biceps and my chest comparatively bigger than my biceps. My memory power is also poor. I am not married. I have low libido and low density of it.

  403. I am a thyroid patient last 2009 know I am married in 2015 two misgarriage what to do

  404. ABHISHEK sharma says:

    T3,T4=normal TSH-36

    Kindly suggest best homeopathic remedies for me

  405. m yasin mirza says:

    Dear Doctor i am the patient of hypo thyroid with following symptoms ….. Waight gain ,sexual weekness erectile dis function ,craving for eggs, day sleeping too much which is badely effecting my job, urine leaking in night time some time in night during dreem i urinate at propper place but i wake up after releasing some urine in bed which is very shame full for me my age is 51 married and having 5 childs i am taking 200 micro gram thyroxin ,forgetting the short term things laizyness belly fats , loss of appitite muscular pain with small exercise i think u will reply me soon with most suitable homeo ramady with potency for my problems Regards

  406. archana gupta says:

    dear sir

    T3 =76

    kindly suggest the best homeopathic medicine for thyroid
    archana gupta
    age -39
    2 child
    age 15
    age 14

  407. rita Rajput says:

    Sir my age is 25years i am a thyroid passiont
    My T3 and T4 is normal but my TSH is very high my TSH IS 18.00 SO tell me some medicine my wight is 35kg

  408. Good Afternoon Dr. Sharma,

    I have been under my GP now for almost a year going back and forth looking at my thyroid funtion. At first he wanted me to go on to medication but then relendted after I was reluctant to have to go onto them for life. As a result I have been having blood tests to keep an eye on my thyroid function.
    So, although not diagnosed, my TSH level in dec 2015 was 6.95 and my throid proxidase was 270. My level will be rechecked in Feb 16.
    I tick most of the boxes on the symtoms list with my main complaint being weight gain, gastric issues, flatulance and bloating and just wondered what remedy would you reccommed?
    We have been trying to concieve now for 8 months and nothing is happening. My cycle is normal and regular. I also had a nasty ruptured appendix Aug 2014 and wondered if this has affected my fertility. Just thought I would add that factor in as well…

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Many Thanks,

  409. diksha bharatrao deshmukh says:

    Hello sir.,
    I am a student of panchshil homoeopathic medical college,khamgaon.. studying in 2nd year.
    I have problem of hypothyroidism… I have taken allopathic treatment and now my TSH level is normal..since 10 months I sm taking our Homoeopathic treatment too… my Homoeopath Doctor prescribed “Phos” to me… we are reached to 1M … I have taken last dose in september.. and allopathic medicine ‘Thyrosurz 25 mcg’ on alternate day I am taking till today…but my hairs are falling too much… I am so worried about them ..please give me a suggesion.. what should i do now…???

  410. Hi, I am trying to find the right homeopathic remedy for myself, I am hoping you might be willing to help me. My biggest physical complaint are my bowels I go all day long everyday as soon as I start eating. I start eating about lunch time and end about 6pm. I always feel some type of discomfort in my lower abdominal area as well as in my rectum. I usually have small hard pellets of stool followed by very loose almost explosive stool, my nose ALWAYS runs when I have a bowel movement. Having a bowel movement and blowing my nose are synonymous, one does not happen without the other. When I have the need to have a bowel movement I rarely have much notice, almost as soon as I know I need to go is when I need to hurry to the toilet. My lower legs get a very uncomfortable tight feeling when I am really constipated. I get this euphoric feeling when I have what I consider to be healthy stool ( medium to large in circumference, firm, light brown, with ridges that look like the lining of my colon) my mood seems very much tied to my bowels. My second biggest problem is my thyroid, I don’t know if I have hypo or hyperthyroidism. When I read the list of symptoms I tend to identify with most of the ones for hypo but then there are ones from the hyper list I also identify with and to make things even more confusing I also identify with symptoms for Hashimoto’s. I would love to have someone willing to help me . Thank you so very much for your time

  411. Mac Serdana says:

    I have Hypothyrodism since late 2012 and I started taking 112mcg Synthroid from mid 2013 as I didn’t want to get on the allopathic pills. I started Homeopathic treatment in Oct 2013 till Dec 2014 but no improvement in Hypothyrodism. I am looking for a permanent cure if possible and get rid of Synthroid. My symptoms when I stop taking Synthroid are Palpitation, Breathlessness while lying down, Losing temper, Major mood swings, concentration issue, memory issue hair fall and moderate depression. Is there a cure and how long would it take to get rid of Synthroid. I have been reading on internet that Iodum CM can cure in few dosage and some other like Bromium, etc. Please advise if this can be cured.

  412. renu dhingra says:

    I have this problem since one n half years n taking treatment from RMLH…plz suggest

  413. hari singh says:

    i need help in thyroid.

  414. Shadab Rauf says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am a patient of Hypothyroidism and currently I am taking 150 mg Thyroxcine daily. I am suffering from this disease for more than 10 years.

    Would you please suggest me homeopathic medicine for me.

    Thanks & Regards

    Shadab Rauf

    • hello I am on 125mcg thyrocide per day. My issue is …proper diet…..exercise….= no loss in weight. I have gone to my doctor many times and they say ….your numbers are in line, take your pill and go home….(not really but like that) Would Graphites helo me loose weight. Where do you get them from…do you take that along with Thyroxide?

      thank you ….Moira L

  415. Chandra Mahendru says:

    Hello Dr,

    From the given description and respective medicine, I feel Graphites is most suitable to my symtoms. But could you suggest me, which power and the quantity is required?

  416. Sir I’m 26 year old and my height is 154cm & I want increase 6-8 cm more so plz suggest me homoeopathic treatment to achieve my Goal
    My parents are longer than me

    • Sir myself32 yrs female suffering from hypothyroidism and hair loss and wt gain also feel like filled stomach plz tell me treatment for this plz let me know homeopathy medicine for increase the height of my son 12 yrs old

  417. smrati rai says:

    i was taking eltroxin 100 mg from i started homeo treatment. that doctor ask me to stop eltroxin.i have stopped doubt is will it be controlled now when i was taking alopathy medecine from 2009.and will there be any negative effect on my body. please answer

  418. neeraj bhalla says:

    my daughter is 25 yrs old having thyroid problem with overweight,hair fall and less menstrual problem pl guide homeopath medicine treatment for the same

    with Regards
    Mrs. Neeraj bhalla

  419. Dinesh Baria says:

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter is 12 years old having hypothyroid which was detected in the last month. request you to please guide us for homeopath medicine treatment for the same.

    Dinesh Baria

  420. Dear Doctor
    The information posted by you on hypothyroidism is very useful
    Can you please let me know the potency of Cal carb and the frequency
    May God bless you

  421. RASIK THALKAR says:


    My wife Rutuja age 34, having hypothyroidism which is detected 7-8 years back when she was having difficulty in conceiving. Her height is 4 ft 10 inch, and she is gaining weight in spite of controlling food intake, her current weight is 86 kgs, which is a matter of concern.
    Related symptoms are:
    weight gain (celluloid accumulation)
    Hair loss
    irregular bowels
    acid re-flux and gas
    joint pain
    cracking skin
    cold hand and feet
    feels exhausted very easily
    mood swing and irritable
    painful mensus

    Medication: Eltroxin tablet (100mg)

    Please suggest

  422. Am suffering from hypothyroid for the past 1 and a half years ..I workout 5 days in a week still am not able to reduce weight ..I started taking homeopathy treatment recently for 5 months still I couldn’t see any there a solution for this ?

  423. I am having thyroid problem and this is effecting to my height is there any specific drug to prevent this…plz suggest me that specific drug name.

    • ansari fayyaz says:

      i have thyroid problems feeling tiredness and weakness feet hands and face be swelling and more feeling cold and burning in feet. please suggest right homeopathy medicin.

  424. TSh value is 7.05 ,feeling weakness ,pail in legs /foots , frequently urilation when drink water & cold foots.

  425. What is the best OTC med. to take for winter time cold feet and hands? This cold feet problem causes symptom like frost bite.

  426. respected doctor i am patient of palpitations and these palpitations are more common aftetr eating any thing.more over all symptoms are found in me of hyperthyroidism for example rapid heart beat ,weak body ,thin hair and falling hair,loss of appetite etc.what will you recomend me?all my medical tests are normal except anemia .and i donot under go hyperthyroidism medical test but i feel i am patient of hyperthyroidism because all of its symptoms found me perfectly.if you sugest me i can under go hyperthyroidism medical test but please help me to lead a normal life?

  427. I have being taking (METHIMAZOLE) 3 tablet per day,never had a problem before that I see abnormal,I very active, I was 170 pounds,wanted to loose weight,but in two and half month I lost 23 pounds ,half of my long thick curl hair,it so thin y that I can feel the cold and rain some that I never had before,my hair is every things to me mostly at my age.The doctor cut down to one tablet per day ,he blame me for not coming back to him sooner ,I was getting so frustrated that I did not want to see him no more,I want back and he say if I do not trust him to not come back ,however I am concern to get my hair to stop falling every time I com it and loose thick lock of hair,I am crying every time I shower washing my hair or cum it .I am very sad and a affect my life with my husband,please help me.
    PS: now my body wants to eat every things I see,lucky I work every day job keep me moving physically .

  428. RAHUL SHARMA says:

    Dear sir,
    I m taking 125mcg thyronorm pills morning. Can I get permanent treatment for thyroid. .. TSH REPOST 75 > .. Pls kindly clarify my doubts sir.
    Thank you.

  429. How to cure hypothyroid in boys . My teeth becomes like paper due evasion of calcium in body. Sweating on fore head. . Tell the medicine ????.

  430. Jyotiprokash Banerjee says:

    I probably had been suffering from Hypothyroidism for 10 years because i had never been diagnosed with thyroidism but in recent week i came across an article on hair and from the symptoms i very effectively could recognise that i am suffering form Hypothyroidism although , in the past i have gone through TSH profiling but my physician didn’t find any irregularities with it.

    when i was in standard IX; i very suddenly had developped an intolerance to warm sunlight. Very often i feel as if a thousands of niddles are piercing my back, face and portions of my arms when i walk out into the warm/scorching sun. After some time i also had developped an peculiar acidic problem. Whatever i eat that causes me extreme level of acid and heartburn. And after standard 10th i developped unusual body hair and ironically my hair on haid becoming thin and less in number.
    I love sweet but can’t have it because it causes me acid and all types of acidic problems. Although, i had irregular bowel movements from childhood, now a days it suffers me most.

    Now, there are very few hair on my head and my hands look like animal’s hands full of hair. I am 27 now
    but my baldness can’t be concealed any more although i am healthy. Specially, on the winter season (here, in India) i always develop cold feet which lasts from morning to night. I am fit and healthy but i have grown a pot belly and also put on a lot of weight only around the belly. Now, I can feel that my Heart is weakening very fast but still don’t know how to deal with all that. My mother is a Thyroid patient. Now, I am also suffering from tooth decay and bleeding-gum. I don’t feel any joy and always try to refrain from any social gathering, aparently don’t like other’s company (if not like minded); Don’t feel energetic at all. Although, i sleep for 8 hours but always feel like sleep-deprived. There is another unusual symptom, my both hands and fingers of the hand becomes more complexioned than other parts of the body. From my 10th standard i can’t remember my studies, no matter how hard i try; very often i can’t remember things of an hour before. I also can’t make any decissions, always oscillate between pros and cons of any thing and spend a lot of time to think to make the decission but can’t get to any resolve.

    Please, please, please help me.

  431. Naseer ahmad mir says:

    my tsh value is 29.0 I feel weakness fatigue coldness memory loss and hai fall suggest treatment measures

  432. iesha tripathi says:

    hello dr..i m suffering from tsh from last occured during my first pregnancy.can i get full relief from thyroid.

  433. Dear sir,
    I m taking 75mcg thyronorm pills morning. Can I get permanent treatment for thyroid. And after marriage or pregnancy time this thyriod may occur some bad thing.. I’m so afraid for this.. Pls kindly clarify my doubts sir.
    Thank you.

  434. nazma shahzas says:

    i am patient of hypothyroidism taking 2 pills of thiroxen tablet a day now i m surfing from arthritis pain in knees due to thiroxin tab, symptoms are as follow coldness, swelling, full stomach, wight gain, constipation, plz advise the medicine,
    thank full
    nazma shahzad age 35 married having 2 kids

  435. I am suffering from high blood pressure. In spite of taking medicine (telma-am), my bp is not under control. Towards evening my bp goes up and I feel uneasy. Plz suggest me how to get rid of this problem.

  436. Ananthipraba.P says:

    Dear Sir,
    Vazha Valamudan. I have done thyroid operation. After thyroid operation Doctor consulted to eat Eltroxin 100mcg medicne in morning daily.Kindly inform the Homeopathy medicine instead of Eltroxin 100mcg (Thyroxine sodium tablets IP).

    Yours faithfully,

  437. Dear Dr Saab

    I am suffering from hypothyroid.I took thyroxin in various doses with no effect.The following are my symptoms
    Cold sensitivity
    Weight gain
    Lacking energy
    I have tried nuxvom200 with out results.Please suggest a suitable remedy.I don’t have any sweating on top of the head.
    I would like to pay for your consultation.Please let me know the amount and your bank details

    PS As per your advice I have started. Taking EuperPerf as a prophylactic for dengue

  438. rayees Ahmad says:

    sir I am suffering from thyroid after 6 months. l will test and result is 14 what should I do

  439. Dear Sir, My age is 34 now. I am having asthma since when I am 13 and during winter I use inhalers.My grand mother had asthma. At age of 21 I had Hepatitis- B and was cured. At 23, I got allergic rhinitis and it has become chronic until now along with Asthma. At 28, I was detected with hypothyroidism and use 50mcg thyrox medicine daily and TSH count is between 2-3 with medication. Please suggest a good combination to treat all three – Asthma, Rhinitis and thyroid issues. I eat sweets often. Have gas most of my times esp when I take Dal more being a height is 5’8 and weight is 90 kgs now. Had grown from 78 to 94 when thyroid detected when TSH was 120. Reduced to 3 in 6 months then with 50mcg thyroxine medicine. Can provide more details. I sleep late and feel like sleeping again in the morning after breakfast.Also recently my bp is at 130/90. Sometimes I feel dull and disappointrd. Please suggest an effective Homeo medicine/ course. Thanks, Shyam.

  440. Ajit Kumar Beri says:

    I was detected having high values of thyroid test TSH = 8.3(normal value 0.35-5.5) tested 3 days back. I was having symptom of body weakness, increased appetite, feverish in the evening, weight gain around abdomen, numbness and heat in feet-sole, feet soles pain after morning walk and have sleepy sensation after meals, no constipated stools but difficulty in having morning sensation. I must take a large glass of lemon water and tea before motion. I like sweets after meals. Dr is asking me to start hormone replacement therapy with Thyroxin which I don’t want. Please suggest

  441. Respected sir
    Sir i m very worried n depressed about gaining weight day by day due to hypothyroidism..i was 63 and now i am 75 .i am suffering from constipation excess gastic problem my tummy swell like anything due to gastic problem…i m taking 100mcg tablet of thronorm med. My recent thyroid is 6.69 ..
    Sir plz tell that if i am taking right no.of med.and solution for gastic problem and weight gain problem.i wants to reduce my weight..kindly help

    • Sushma Gyan says:

      My age is 45 and I am diahonsed hypothyroidism and my thyroid test results are as following:


      Please suggest homeopathic medicine for treating this problem.

  442. mohammad muneer says:


    PID NO: P50150006782

    Age: 30 Year(s) Sex: Male

    Reference: Dr.SELF

    Sample Collected At:

    Ravi Raju Clinical Lab

    Mr.N.V.Chalapaathi Rao, H.No.8 207,Y-

    VID: 50150106765

    16/11/2015 02:52 PM


    16/11/2015 04:13 PM

    Investigation Observed Value Unit Biological Reference Interval

    Thyroid panel-1 (T3/T4/TSH)


    T3 (Total) BELOW 25 ng/dL 70-204

    T4 (Total) BELOW 1 μg/dL 4.87-11.72

    TSH(Ultrasensitive) >150.00 μIU/mL 0.45-4.5


    TSH T3 / FT3 T4 / FT4 Suggested Interpretation for the Thyroid Function Tests Pattern

    Within Range Decreased Within Range • Isolated Low T3-often seen in elderly & associated Non-Thyroidal illness. In

    Raised Within Range Within Range •Isolated High TSHespecially in the range of 4.7 to 15 mIU/ml is commonly

    Raised Decreased Decreased •Chronic Autoimmune Thyroiditis

    Raised or within


    Decreased Raised or within

    Raised Raised or within



    Raised or within


    Decreased Decreased Decreased •Central Hypothyroidism

    Decreased Raised Raised •Primary Hyperthyroidism (Graves’ disease),Multinodular goitre,

    Raised Within Range •T3 toxicosis

    elderly the drop in T3 level can be upto 25%.

    associated with Physiological & Biological TSH Variability.

    •Subclinical Autoimmune Hypothyroidism

    •Intermittent T4 therapy for hypothyroidism

    •Recovery phase after Non-Thyroidal illness”

    •Post thyroidectomy,Post radioiodine

    •Hypothyroid phase of transient thyroiditis”

    •Interfering antibodies to thyroid hormones (anti-TPO antibodies)

    •Intermittent T4 therapy or T4 overdose

    •Drug interference- Amiodarone, Heparin,Beta blockers,steroids,


    •Isolated Low TSH -especially in the range of 0.1 to 0.4 often seen in elderly &

    associated with Non-Thyroidal illness

    •Subclinical Hyperthyroidism

    •Thyroxine ingestion”

    •Non-Thyroidal illness

    •Recent treatment for Hyperthyroidism (TSH remains suppressed)”

    Toxic nodule

    •Transient thyroiditis:Postpartum, Silent (lymphocytic), Postviral

    (granulomatous,subacute, DeQuervain’s),Gestational

    thyrotoxicosis with hyperemesis gravidarum”

    •Non-Thyroidal illness

    Decreased or

    within Range

    References: 1. Interpretation of thyroid function tests. Dayan et al. THE LANCET • Vol 357 • February 24, 2001

    2. Laboratory Evaluation of Thyroid Function, Indian Thyroid Guidelines, JAPI, January 2011,vol. 59

    — End of Report —

    Mr. Kiran Anupoju


    Page 1 of 1
    dear sir kindly giv ur valuble suggestin to in depression sir… i lost my weith 5 kgs, and my heamoglobin is 9.8…pls send reply sir…thanking u sir.

  443. Respected Doctor,

    U.S.G- Thyroid test conducted for my wife aged 51 years, found a predominantly cystic nodule measuring 17 x 12mm in left lobe and a small hypoechoic nodule measuring approx. 8.8 x4.5 mm in left lobe. Another small hypoechoic nodule 7.2 x 5.9mm is noted in isthumus. No obvious increased vascularity noted any of the nodules.

    istumus measures 5.6mm
    No retrosternal extension noted.
    No foci of calcification
    Neck vessel appears normal.
    No cervical lymphadenopathy.
    Normal size thyroid.

    FNAC/TFT correlation – Negative.

    Please advice.

    Thanking you,

    Sam Thomas

    • Ashok Sarkar says:

      My Free T.3 is 1.49 pg/ml
      My Free T.4 is 0.99 ng/dl
      TSH serum by CLIA is 10.71 on 22/2/15
      TSH Serum by CLIA is 6.76 on 22/5/2015
      For this above result i.have been given Altroxin 100 mcg..I am not comfortable..severe gas acidity..constipation..weakness..giddiness..trembling legs..indigestion..
      Should i continue with this meficine..or best meficine in Homropayhy Available..kindly suggest..
      Ashok sarkar.

  444. Syed Adnan Haider Zaidi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am a chronic patient of bipolar disorder and suffered in this disease on 23rd March, 2001. Since then I am taking different medicine from a psychatrist. Currently I am using Epival 500 mg (2 tablets), Hapicit 20 mg (1 tablet), Risp 1mg (1 tablet) and Kempro (1 tablet) for bipolar disorder treatment. Due to the side effects of my medicine which I am using from 16 years now I am suffered from Thyroidism. In March, 2005 Hypothyroidism was diagnosed to me with TSH of 12. I consulted an Endocrinologist who prescribed Thyroxine tablets to me I started from 1 tablet but as I was taking medicines for bipolar disorder therefore therefore it did not work and my TSH was raised to 16. Then the Endocrinologist suggested me take 2 tablets of Thyroxine but my TSH was not falling from 5.5 and finally he prescibed me 3 tablets of Thyroxine. I took 3 tablets of Thyroxine for 2 weeks and my TSH fell to 2.25 but I was feeling bitterness of Mania in my mood and behaviour. I then abstained from Thyroxine and discontinue it for two weeks. Then I consult a Medical Specialist and told him the whole story, he advised me to take only 1 tablet of Thyroxine to prevent yourself from Hypothyroidism. When I do this then again now within one week, I am feeling bitterness of Mania in my mood and behaviour.

    I want to ask you now that do you have any Homeopathic medicine from which I can get rid of Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism without affecting / disturbing the balance of Psychology / mood / behaviour.

    Kind Regards,

    Syed Adnan Haider Zaidi

  445. Dear Dr . Sharma ,
    I am suffering from thyroid past more than 6 years. I am taking synthroid 0.05mg once a day every morning. Please prescribe homeopathic medicine for this. Thanks and regards.

    • Respected Dr. Sharma

      I am 29 years old and married from 4 and half years and have not conceived yet. I was detected of thyroid and PCOD. Initially my TSH was 6 and then i was taking thyronorm 50 mcg but it had decreased to 4. A year before i started using homeopathic medicine Iodium 30 and left allopathic medicine and my TSH dropped to 3.86. Then i didnt get this medicine for few 2 months and I repeated the test.

      TSH: 6.95
      T3: 0.9 ng/mL
      T4: 9.6ug/dL

      Please suggest best medicine for me to cure thyroid. I have also done the following test in second day of periods:

      FSH: 5.87
      LH: 3.99
      Prolactin: 21.34
      Progesterone: 0.84
      Serum Estradiol: 27

      And in ultrasound I was diagnosed with PCOD on both ovaries of 5mm. The readings on 13th day were as follows:

      RT Ovary: 10*09mmMSF
      LT Ovary: MSF
      ET: 5.3mm
      No free fluid in POD

      Please suggest me best medicine to treat these problems. Also I get thick facial hair( nearly 5 on right side and 8 on left side) on my chin.

      My husbands count was 22.2 and motility was 20%. After taking medicine his count was 35 and motility 30%. and in semen culture report it was as follow:

      grams stain: few gram positive cocci are seen.
      culutre: after 24 hrs of incubation staphylococcus aureus has been isolated.

      Also he has varicose veins.

      Please tell me if its because of me that I have not conceived yet or is he also responsible. Please help me. I ma eagerly waiting for your reply.

      May God bless you.

  446. Thyroid problems in my wife so me (tsh-6.46)dt-1sept.15 and second test dt.28/10/212015-t3-129.1,T4-9.30 and TSH-11.36 ,age-28 years

  447. It was very enlightening to read your excellent article on hypothyroid
    I used allopathic medicine with little benefit.My main symptoms are puffy face
    Cold intolerance
    Weight gain
    Please suggest a suitable remedy with potency and dosage. If any payment is to be made please let me have the details
    Thanking you and with best regards

  448. Dear Dr Sharma.,

    Just two days back i tested my blood I found T3:1.12,T4 : 7 and TSH : 8.18 . I have chronic constipation, fatigue,I get tired very fast .I don’t want to take any allopathic medicine. Kindly suggest me a good medicine in homopathy.


  449. Nazir Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter aged about 38 years have problem of hypothyroid weight about 60 Kgs height 5 feet 6 inches, she has under medical check up in Toronto/Canada and we have her medical report, if required then kindly give me you e.mail address so I can send it to you you scan copy by e.mail attachment. Kindly suggest me Homeopathic medicine, so that she could use it.
    Thanks for your co-operation rendered on my request.
    your truly
    nazir Ahmed
    Father of concerned Patient.

    • Nazir Ahmed says:

      Dear Sir,

      My daughter aged about 38 years have problem of hypothyroid weight about 60 Kgs height 5 feet 6 inches, she has under medical check up in Toronto/Canada and we have her medical report, if required then kindly give me you e.mail address so I can send it to you you scan copy by e.mail attachment. Kindly suggest me Homeopathic medicine, so that she could use it.
      Thanks for your co-operation rendered on my request.
      your truly
      nazir Ahmed
      Father of concerned Patient.

  450. Ashutosh Kumar says:

    I am suffering from hypothyroid……with TSH 8.54 .I am 24 years old….& having weight 77 (height-5” 6′)
    i.e obese body & face. I am also facing hair loss problem…….Suggest me medicines & how to take it…..
    Thank you

  451. harpreet kaur says:

    sir, i have hypotyroid . i take 100 mg eltroxien tablet from 15 years appx. levels are control with 1.75 or 2.05 .my weight is 84 kg age 37 please suggest me medicine

  452. Am diagnosed with hypothyroidism, with high levels of TSH (16). Currently I am on thyronorm 150 mg medication, but levels seems not to be in control. Please advise how homeo can help me

    • dr.girija arakeri says:
      Sir, I’m also homoeopathic doctor suffering from hypothyroidism from last 9 yrs, from 2yrs I’m having oedema all over body face, ankles which is aggravated in morning. Also severe pain and stiffness of the body
      And menses are profuse long lasting, and Hb is 7. Took so many treatment, but didn’t helped me. My weight is 92 and age is 41 please help me sir.

  453. sir, i have hypothyroid for last 10 yrs.having symtoms lazyness,,dozynes,bones weak,hair fall,unbearable constipation,hard stool,mental depression,pain in anus while process,clack in outer layer of anus,no desire oto pass stool.even 3 r 4 days later also. I need ur suggestion sir.plese as god help me. Is ther permanent cure to this hypothyroism

  454. Dear Sir
    My thyroid investigations are as under:
    T-3 2.62
    T-4 1.02
    TSH 6.3294
    Not taking any medicine till so far.

    My weight is 63 kg n height 5.55 inches
    Skin colour pale
    Symptoms slight hair fall, feet sole gets cool fast
    Border line sugar at 100 to 117 – no medicine
    On bp medicine of telmisat 40 one tab before sleep
    Nature mostly cool gets irritated ocassionally for moment.

    Please advise me homeopathic medicine.

  455. Dear sir.

    My TSH was 7 as on June 2014 . Untreated
    My TSH was 12.19 as on Jan 2015. One month treated by medicen 50mg.
    My TSH was 4.633 as on April 2015. Untreated
    My TSH is 15.15.20 as on Oct 2015. Taking 50mg levothyroxine.

    My bodbody temperature always rise.
    I always feel hot.
    I love to eat ice all the time
    I have gaining wait day by day even I am doing excersize and proper diet.
    I have blood deficency.
    I have deficency of vitamin D3.
    I have PCOS.
    My periods delay 3 to 4 month and very short only for 2 to 3 days.
    I want to be pregnent but still did not get after 8 years of happy marriage life.
    I am very short temper.
    My completion is getting dark day by day and my hairs are getting weak anand thin.
    I have headache most of time.
    My age is 35 years.
    I m very dispointed with my health.
    My height is 5 feet and my weight is 72kg
    Please help me and sugest me any medicen that treat my problems.

    Thanks and regards


  456. surender malhotra says:

    Weight 80kg
    Age 42 year 2 month
    Please suggest homeopathy treatment

  457. Sir my wife is suffering from hyperthyroidism since last 4 years. Current report is as T3_2.61ng/ml;T4-12.96nsg/DL &tsh <0.005. tsh is remain same since last 4 years. Tree is too much hair fall;weakness and less sleeping .corrently she takes 15mg tablet of neo mercozol. pls advise .

  458. Sunil Kathuria says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am 63 years old with no diabetes or blood pressure & my lab test report carried out on 20/10/2015 presents Thyroids results as under
    Normal range
    TOTAL TRIIODOTHYRONINE (T3) 100 ng/dl 60 – 200
    TOTAL THYROXINE (T4) 7.9 μg/dl l 4.5 – 12.0
    THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE (TSH) 6.82 μIU/ml 0.30 – 5.5
    The other symptoms are I have gained weight 79 Kgs/160 CM & l am on no medication currently .
    Lately I am having disturbed bowl movement & a hard stool to pass. I also sweat on my head .It seems I am in early stages of Hypotheridisum. Please suggest if I can start using Calcareia Carbonica. If Yes then what should be it’s potency and frequency.

    Not to forget I must mention information provided on your blog was of great help . Looking forward to your reply

  459. Sanjay singh says:

    Hallo sir I m suffering from hypothyroid since 10 years, my tsh is-2.07 and t3-0.94 and. T4- 5.67. I have small nodule in my neck last 8 month , my doctors said I could removed by surgery . Any medicine in homeopathy which treat my thyroid and also nodule.

  460. Jeyaprakash says:

    Sorry.. by mistake posted on Hypothyroid post.. It should have been in hyperthyroid..

    • zakir Qureshi says:

      Dr Dharma my doughter is suffering hypothyroidism she is now nine year old body is weak. constipation.chill fell eye is squent slow growth loss of appetite .plz suggested best homeoe medicine.

  461. Jeyaprakash says:

    Good article.. Thanks! Iodum could be added to the list of homeo remedies for hyperthyroidism. So that when one looks at the symptoms of each medicine from the materia medica, one can select the right one.

  462. Hi
    I have hypothyroidism I took medication for
    Thyroid I don’t think it’s working I still feel
    Dizzy I feel like Iam gonna fall anytime n
    My head hurt n I feel sleepy all the Time
    Plz suggest me any good medication for hypo
    Thyroid thanku

  463. Alexandra Hughes says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I am considering changing to homeopathic medicine for my underactive thyroid which I have had for 8 years now. Thyroxine has done nothing for me but give me dry skin, hair falls out, still really lethargic, heart palpitations all the time, very heavy periods, although this may be due to peri menopause, really, really cold all the time, even in the summer! My stools are fine, no problems there!surely there is a healthier way? What do you advise to take? I have always been on 50mg daily. Thanks appreciated.

  464. My wife is having thyroxine problem in whole body and at the moment she is under treatment, but due to the western medicine treatment her cholosterol percentage is going up. Therefore, we would like to continue the Homeopathy Treatment. Doctor, please let me know whether this treatment will cure her fully.

  465. V K Mishra says:

    I am suffering from hypothyroidism,my tsh is 10.23.I have started thyronorm 25 recommended by allopath Doctor. I am feeling multi-symptoms like dizziness, numbness,loose stool,chilly and headache in my body.Kindly suggest homoeopathic remedy.
    thank you


  466. Hi Dr.Sharma,

    Recently I went for thyroid test and found my TSH is 19.1. I have started homeopathy medication since yesterday but I have not seen the prescription. Could you please suggest the precautions to be taken for food and what type of thyroid do I have. Also please confirm how many months will it take to reach normal TSH level.


  467. Dlilip s Patel says:

    I have hypothyroid my s/tsh is12:40 i have loss my weight i have take Thyronorm25 please sir which typeof homeopathy medicine i should take

  468. Dr,
    I am 36 years old
    I ve hypothyroidism taking 100mcg eltroxin.
    My free t3 level is NIL , tsh 6 and free t4 .79
    Please suggest me medicines.
    Thank you so much

  469. Iam hypothyroid. my tsh is 5.6. what can i take?

  470. I have hypothyroid problem please suggest proper medicine.. I also have highly elevated antibodies. I m taking 150 mcg thyroxine

  471. Archana baruah says:

    Endo doc has suggested to do a thyroid surgery of the right thyroid which is non cancerous so is there any homeopathic medicines to cure the thyroid without having the surgery . Please suggest.

  472. Hi

    I have a hypothyroid problem i am pregnant please give me a homeopathic medicine for high tsh which is safe in pregnancy

  473. Sir,
    I am suffering from hypothyroid since my first pregnancy! TSH range was 7.8 and taking thyroxin 50 mg for 5 years
    I suffer from constipation problem and got piles operated six months after delivery! Now also I have constipation problem and I am tryingfor my 2nd child! For 3 months we tried but not concieved!
    Suggest me medicines for constipation and to get pregnant!

  474. Hi.. I recently found out that I have hypothyroidism. My Endocornologist prescribed me a medicine. And he said that medication could have the effect on my liver. I’m afraid to take the medication. Is there any homopethic remedy that can treat my thyroid with out harming my organ.

  475. Sir, kindly suggest for me…my symptoms for hypothyroidism include weight gain and too much fatigue and hair loss and acidity. Kindly help

  476. Sir,
    i was suffering from goiter during 2008 and test all kind of test like T3, T$, TSH and found all are normal. i had taking homeo medicine. now there is no any enlarge of goiter but some times feeling uneasy at wright side of of my neck. during 2014, I again test T3, T4, TSH shows normal. please suggest me for 100% cure by homeo.

  477. Sir,

    I have hypothyroid. My TSH is 11.86. I sweat a lot. But if I am sitting in an AC room, I feel cold..
    I also have been diagnoised with high BP 160/90

  478. Arjun Tomar says:

    my TSH is 6.0 and Iam little fatty .I m 9 year old
    kindly suggest me a best homyo medicie

    thanking you with warm regards

    • i am aged 22 years, suffering from hypothyroidism… obese having hair loss…no periods. when a course of hormone is taken, period appears for that month only. being treated with alopathy … tsh level came down to less than 1 in 4 months from 16.. when i stopped medicine it shooted to 21 in one week… pl. advice.

  479. THAMARAISELVI R says:

    I have hypothyroidism my TSH was more than 100 in Dec 2014. I started throx100mg . I want to start homeopathy treatment. what you can recommend. I have lot of symptoms like constipation, weight gain
    thinning of Hair, skin irritation, laziness, feel sleepy gastric problem every 2 hrs i feel hungry please tell which homeopathy centre is best im in chennai (ayanavaram)

    Please give me your valuable suggesions on my problems.
    Thanking you.

  480. I have hypothyroidism my TSH was 7.28 in June 2013. I started Synthroid 25mcg now it is 3.23. I want to start homeopathy treatment. what you can recommend. I have few symptoms like fatigue, My finger tips get cold during winters but in summer i am heat intolerant, neck shoulder pain, but no other symptom like constipation, thinning of hair, weight gain or loss, irritation etc. but I have low iron .

    Please let me know if you need to know of any other symptom and what medicine will be good.

  481. Help Dr Shama I was hyperactive in 2010 took that RAL pill, became hypo, then a year later was diagnosed with Graves Disease. Then my right eye became proptosis ruined me my whole look changed I had radiation 10 treatments. I now take Armour Thyroid, 1 Brazil nut, flax seed oil, and Vit D. I feel my heart beating a little faster since taking the flax, Vit DD, and bazil nut. I also take meds for HIV and blood pressure. Can hypo turn back to hyperactive? Please No!!!!!!! Hyperactive was scary

  482. sofia wilson.m says:

    My TSH is 5.84. Iam taking homeo medicine. Can I take calcium and iron capsules along with it? Can I get ride of Hypothyrodism? Iam 49 years. Kindly respond.

  483. Ashish Gupta says:

    My wife have hyperthyroid problem for 10 years. She is fed up with the medicines.
    I want to take the treatement in homeopathic.
    Is it is possible to change & can be cured.

  484. hi
    sir mam gdmrg.
    my thyriod patient.plz proper treamtent in homeopathic treatment plz help jii

  485. sandeep singh says:

    age 30 years (male)
    2009 मुझे बार -बार पतली लैट्रिन जाने की शिकायत हुयी और खाना ढीक से हजम नहीं होता था
    जांच में TSH लेवल 6.5 था 25 mcg thyronorm लिया लेकिन बाद में रेगुलर दवा लेने बाद भी TSH लेवल बढ़ जाता था तो डॉक्टर (इंडिक्रिनोलॉजिस्ट) ने दवा का dose बढ़ाते गए
    लास्ट दो वर्ष से 75 mcg thyronorm ले रहा था और अच्छा महसूस करता था लेकिन पिछले महीने कुछ दिक्कत हुयी तो चेक करवाने पर पुनः TSH बढ़ गया अब 100 mcg की दवा ले रहे है वजन भी दो साल में 5 kg बढ़ गया है कमजोरी भी महसूस होती है बाल झड़ रहे है याददास्त कमजोर हुयी है
    प्रश्न:- क्या होम्योपैथी में इसका इलाज हो सकता है और लाइफ टाइम thyroxine sodium लेने से मुक्ति मिल सकती है ?
    कृपया मुझे सलाह दीजिये

    • meri umar 28yrs hai.19 August ko mane first tsh test karwaya to 12.99 tha. me 50 mcg le rahi hu .ek month bad check karaya to 3.94 ho gaya hai.lekin t4 10.6 se badh kar 12.1 ho gaya.kya homeopathic me iska permanent ilaz hai

    • Tabassum naaz says:

      Dear doctor,

      I m 30 year old house wife staying in saudi Arabia having two sons,last week i was feeling dizy,hedach,gass,weakness,then gone to dr she found myTSH level was 5.8.pricribed 25mg medicine.pls suggest from your side homeopathic medicine.we r from Jamshedpur.thx dr

  486. I have not been clinically diagnosed yet, but my symptoms started about 3 months ago and my breast became engorged as if I were pregnant and I have always been slender, I noticed my stomach started to look as if.I were, my eating pattern remained the same, but I craved salty chips and I seem to be thirsty alot, I went to Dr, today and when I stepped on the scales, I was shocked. I have never weighed that amount. I have always been under 120 lbs, it was 15 lbs. more. When they listened to my heart and began to listen to my neck that I realized thai it could be my thyroid. I was scheduled for a complete physical in a few months and I was researching homeopathic remedy to try before then to see if it made a difference.

  487. Hi, i am 43 yers old suffering from hypothyroid for last 20 years atleast. I never gained weight thankfully. currently i am taking thyronorm 75mg . I suffer from urticaria and its intensity is growing over the years with age. I am also anaemic and am having hair fall. I usually dont have costipation rather its the diaohrrea mostly. please suggest as the urticaria has restricted my life severly.

  488. Drmerajahmad says:

    how treat pt of the kidney failure
    cratnin 6

  489. P.Durga Manasa says:

    My age is 22 since my hair fall is very high I went to a dermotologist. He suggested me thyroid test and my results are
    T3-110 ng/dl
    T4-7.9 ug/dl
    He said I’m suffering from hashimoto Hypothyrodism and asked me to take medicines. But I heard that there are adverse effects in many cases.So I don’t want to take them.Some friends adviced me to follow homeopathic medicine.
    I’m very depressed,these days I became somewhat sensitive to Cold.I always wanted to drink coffee and eat Pani puri.I have light gastric problem,hair fall,I’m crying when listening to sad songs.
    Please suggest me some useful medicine regarding this and tell me if any tests are needed further.

  490. My wife age is 45 years suffering for thyroid since 7to 8 years, his TSH is more than 7 .plz suggestion &homeopathy medicine plz plz

  491. Geeta Shekhar says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My age 62, weight 53kg. In the last 2 years, I have this attack of dizziness/vertigo and anxiety and fear. I take treatment from my doctor (allopathic), get regular blood tests done, take all prescribed medicines. Doctor had prescribed a small dose of tablets to regulate cholesterol and BP. My recent test readings: Lipid profile within range; Triglyceride 75; Blood glucose: 108/130; BP: 138/80; TSH =3.0; Free T4 = 1.1; Daily, I go for walk (60 minutes), have good appetite, eat healthy food, have good bowels motion. Yet, I am not cured. I get this attack periodically without any warning. My condition becomes worse, weak in limbs and seem helpless. Can Homeopathy medicines cure my condition?
    Much appreciate for your advice
    Geeta Shekhar

  492. Narendra Singh Parihar says:

    I am 62yr.old suffering from Hypothyroidism TSH is 8.0 ,kindly suggest remedy to treat the disease.
    Regards ,
    N S Parihar

  493. vishal Dixit says:

    My wife is suffering form thyriod i want to treatment under homeopathy so how to decide to which type of thyroid through testing repor of tyroid
    main problems to her
    irritation, high constipation,disorder of M.C.Perriod,some time she feel air in the brest

    please tell me which medicine is give good responce with dose her age is thirty year

  494. I m 48 yrs .I was not able do my daily activites due to tiredness and bodypain.i consulted a physician and after certain blood test .my TSh level is 6.4 and T4 level is 14.02 Sir please help me and suggest me which medecine i should take.

  495. I m 28 yrs old woman. I had severe bodyache in May this year. I was not able to do daily household work due to fatigue and tiredness. I consulted a physician and after conducting certain tests found my TSH level high 7.9 and high uric acid level. Doctor diagnosed me suffering from hypothyroidism and advised to take medicines. thereafter i have been taking the prescribed medicines. Please suggest your valuable advice to get my disease condition cured.

  496. I m 28 yrs old woman. I had severe bodyache in May this year. I was not able to do daily household work due to fatigue and tiredness. I consulted a physician and after conducting certain tests found my TSH level high 7.9 and high uric acid level. Doctor diagnosed me suffering from hypothyroidism and advised to take medicines. thereafter i have been taking the prescribed medicines.

  497. Sir,
    I suffered in Thyroid from last 4 years. In this week my TSH is 10.9. Now I am suffering in Hair fall problem and my top of the head have some pimples, I am depressed, Sad, body weakness….

    Please give me a solution.

  498. Respected Dr.sharma, I’m inGurgaon and a patient of hypothyroid for at least past 5 years. My age is 40. Weight is 95 with height 5’6. My tsh was 19 when I diagnosed to be having thyroid last year in September. Since then till may 2015. I was on thyroxine 88 MCG per day and got to have tsh level tested 0.8 in may 2015 but still was having variety of troubles:
    constipation, muscle cramps, sluggishness, feeling tired whole day and the most problem with excessove itchy scalp and least hair growth. It takes 3-4 months to get my hair cut due to poor hair growth. Hair density is too low now. Body skin is excessive dry. Irritating Mood. Also my daily working routine is 6pm to 3 AM office(night shifts for continuous 8 years now) As tested,.body vitamin d is very very low due to this very high trygliceride level(198).
    Stomach is not clear on daily basis. I’m taking aloe vera and triphala juice on daily basis since last 6 months but still stomach is not clear and used to try various methods to get the stool passed else suffer from severe headache then. Pls.suggest me the medicine. Let me know if you need more information.

  499. Hi, Sir,
    Since 5 years I was taking hypothyroid medicine . from last one year I gain 12 kgs weight ..
    and i have following symptoms:
    joints pains,head ache ,hair fall,acne and roughness of chin, irregular periods.
    can you please suggest me the medicine & the place where i can find it.

  500. Dr. LR Khan says:


  501. K.R.SREEDHAR says:



  502. purnima wagh says:

    on legs thyroid type muscle is grown please give me name of medicine

  503. I liked your article very much and I identify with Sepia. I have hypothyroidism and the menopause started three years ago. I take artificial hormones and also anti-depressants, but the heaviness in my head and the slow motion speak and reactions continues. Also the knot in my throat and the downtrodden chest never lives me. Can you tell me which potency is the best for me? And do I have to stop the other remedies to take Sepia?

  504. Hi, Sir,
    Since 2 years I was taking hypothyroid medicine . last one month I stop it now I gain weight too much please re comment medicine for me I am waiting your replay
    thank you

  505. Hi doctor im Kumari i taking thyroxine tablet past 7 years still im taking tablet but no improvement to my health . Im 28years old girl and now am single( not married). I have suffering lot of symptoms in my health include hair loss, very stress … pls can u give suggestions .. this thyroid problem is curable one?? Reply me

  506. Have got hypothyroid since last year,,looking if other mediicnal branches have cure for it.

  507. Ivone Clark says:

    I am 69 old and I never use medicatoins before. At 65 the medicare routine brought me to a doctore that prescribe something for hypothyrodism, but this medicament is not good for me. I would like to change for homeopathics. Is it possible?

  508. Respected sir,
    My body color is white, but my face and hands where there is sun effect, colour became black in colour over sweating
    Please give suggest one homeo medicine
    Thanks and regards

  509. Urvashi Bashambu says:

    hello Dr Sharma
    I have few problems one I am little in depration and I am talking medicine but no permanently cure.
    Second. I have stomach ulcers. One in asaphgaus ,one in stomach, I have very bad reflex I am so careful about my food what I should have. I really appreciate if you can help me to solve these two problem thank you very much. Urvashi Bashambu

  510. Sir !
    My wife is suffering with thyroid problem.She mainly suffering with over sweating also in cold weather.She can not tolerate tight dresses. Suffering from loose motions .she suffers with leg and hand pains .she is always sleepy and tired.she is always pessimist,fears for nothing .
    TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 20 ng/dt
    Please suggest relevant homeopathy medicine with potential

  511. My cousin suffering from hypo thyroid pl say whether we can cure

  512. Kari powell says:

    I was diagnosed with Graves disease several years ago but it was very mild. In the past year I have gained 30 lbs, I have always been thin and lost weight easily after giving birth to 5 childeren, so this is very abnormal for me. Lately I am experiencing fatigue, very dry skin, gas and can not loose any weight no matter what I do. I would prefer a homeopathic treatment a pose to methimazole

  513. Kannan Nilakantan says:

    I have been diagnosed with HYPOTHYROIDISM recently and also OSTEOPOROSIS.
    I have always been very thin and am extremely sensitive to cold (especially air-conditioning blast)
    I find it uncomfortable to sit in any AC room
    But I do not have any constipation at all
    I am extremely sensitive by nature and am offended easily.
    Of late, I have also become very irritable
    My Question: Is my osteoporosis caused by hypothyroidism, or are they unrelated??
    Is there any remedy for OSTEOPOROSIS

  514. Dr Fleur Dsouza says:

    greetings doctor,
    I have been diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis and have been taking euthyrox 50 for 3 years now..i still suffer from fatigue,mental tiredness,poor memory,depression sometimes,flatulence and excessive urination (more than by liquid intake)..and daily yellowish to white vaginal discharge..I am not regular with my euthyrox medication…but I desire to be completely healed with homeopathy…plz can u advice…
    thank u.
    dr fleur

  515. To Dr. Sharma,

    I am patient of ” Primary Thyroid-ism” ( ie Disorder of Pituitary Gland). Age 66 , Height 5′ .5″, Weight 86.5 Kgs. As advised by my Endocrinologist, I take 50mg Thyroxine ( Monday To Friday) & 100 mg on Sat & Sunday. With this treatment my Thyroid levels have been normal. However the weight is very slowly increasing , but my activities are normal.

    Can you suggest Homeopathy treatment for reducing Body weight, so that my activities can be increased.

    May I request your advice soon,


  516. Keely Moss says:

    Hi I am struggling with a lot of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I am a 43 year old female and have actually seen a physician who ran blood test which came back borderline. The symptoms I have hair loss, constipation, fatigue and pain in extremities. For the first time I have high cholesterol but no appetite. I am not under weight around 160 and I don’t lose weight easily. If you know of a way to treat please let me know. Thanks for your Tim. Keely

  517. Terryann Ross says:

    Hi. My issue is I had my right side if my thyroid removed so now I’m hypothyroidism. I’m a celiac and lactose intolerant. I was on levothyroxin but found it had those fillers so I got off of it and started to feel better. I have gained weight while I was on the medication but once I got off of it I lost 3 lbs and feel better. I know I probably need to be on something but not sure what. I want something natural. I don’t see my Dr till 2 weeks and she doesn’t know I took myself off the meds. What homeopathic medicine do you suggest?

  518. Hello dr.
    As I ve menoragia with heavy and irregular clots ,i ve done my thyroid profile the result slightly vary tsh is 15.0 comparing to normal referal range is 11-13 and t4 shows. <0.01 normal is. 0.030, and also I ve done my scan ,result is bulky uterus e heterogenous lesion 2to 3cm,
    Bld hb is 6.8gm.%
    As I am feeling very weak and palpitations every time I sit and stand my age is 46 I feel very hot palms and soles and constipation every alternate day unsatisfactory hard stool painful and my weight is 81 pls let me no d solution for my problem,can it b homoeopathically treated pls sugest me d medicine

  519. Bipin Shah says:

    Patient B T Shah age 69 years
    1] Not obess
    2] always chilly and cannot tolerate cold air.
    3]Wheatish complexion.
    4] not fair complexioned, not fatty and not flabby.
    5] no excessive sweating on head
    6] No peculiarities in eating habits like craving for boiled eggs, desire for indigestible things like chalk, pencils, lime, and aversion to take fats. I am a vegetarian.
    7] No constipation complaints.
    8] Not weak at all, do not have a pale yellow face and do not faint at all on exposure to excessive cold temperature. Am comfortable in a warm room.
    9] No indifferent behaviour towards family members who were earlier very much loved.
    10] No excessive craving for acidic things and pickles .
    11]No flatulence in the abdomen. No acidity after taking farinaceous food. There is no constipation with difficult, hard, incomplete stool.
    12] Crave for hot drinks and hot food; craving for sweets .
    13] No weakness. No yellowish face and no blue circles around eyes. No hair falling. .
    14] Mildly Irritable nature and cannot bear contradiction.
    15] Not obess.
    16] Not catching cold easily.
    17] No complain of fullness in abdomen due to obstruction of flatus and no desire to loosen the clothing to get relief.
    18] Mentally strong. Do not weep easily on listening to music. No Timidity and able to take decisions.
    19] Mildly temperamental in nature and get offended very easily; Sensitive to external impressions
    20] No desire for stimulant drinks.
    21] No weight gain. On the contrary the strict diet has reduced the weight & waist both considerably.
    22] Like hot food & sweet but can manage without it too.
    Kindly guide with suitable homeopathic medication.

  520. saleem sha says:

    Hi Dr.
    I was thyroid problem. But exactly when it affected i don’t no. In the month of april i consult Dr. About some sympotams like diabetic,but after blood test done he conform that i have thyroid over reacting. he priscribed some medicine for thyroid 75mg daily , multivit tab daily,B6&B12 tab daily and vit D weekly. till now there is no improvement .my hands feels like burning,fingers movement not free,joints pain, while climbing stairs i feel like heavy weight tide on my legs and i can’t lift easly.and hair fall also there .stool problem i got feel that comming but it won’t come when we go to toilet.. Every time my abdomin feels like full.. Plese gime me some guidance to come out of this problem

  521. sarada devarakonda says:

    HI SIR I AM TAKING THYROID MediCINE FROM LAST 4 YEARS BUT NO EFFECT i am using thyronorm 50mcg mainly suffering from obese& severe hair fall&little bleeding in menustrual my age is 45 weight is 89 height is 168 t3 t4 is normal tsh is 6.78 now i have to go for ho meopathic madicine pls can u suggest me homropatic medicin THAN Q SIR REGARDS

  522. Kim LaCelle says:

    Hi. I am a 47 year old female. The last several years I have gained alot of weight. I was working out alot, but now I am just too sleepy and lazy. I had my thyroid checked and the numbers were normal. But I have all the signs of hypothyroidism…I am 5 ft 2 in and am up to 175….If I were to be euthyroid could these homeopathic remedies help?



  523. Veena motwani says:

    i have very abnormal tsh values since a week its ranging 34-40 iu

  524. Naresh Patel says:

    I m suffering from Hypothyroid from last one year. My age is 35 now. Symptoms are i became fatty but controlled with exercise. Alongwith take take thyroxin of 100mg. I feel cold and have sweeting if even sitting normally. Also, there is sweet intake habit too.
    Pls advise, and be happy to cure it permanently

  525. lissybiju says:

    dear dr,
    Iam working as astaff nurse.i have hashimotos thyroid since 2011.since that time iam taking 125mcg thyroxin with out reslut alwys comes my pblm is wait gain its significant wt i consulted one homeopathic dr in india she given me mediine which iam taking along with thyroxin 100mcg.dr said suddently do not stop thyroxin becos homeo will take time to still wt gain is powder weekly ones.and 4 small tab two times iam taking.pls help me hw can i reduce wt.iam doing all exercise bt nothing working on me. waiting for ur reply pls help me…my wt nw 84 kg.

  526. Age-30 Symtoms-Hypothyroidism with hairloss,cold intolerence,

  527. Good evening…I am female 37 years..My T3 and T4 level is normal but TSH is 9.7…I gain weight and have constant melasma on my Blood Pressure is usually 150 by 100, very emotional at times I even experience decrease of hearing and forgetfullness, however my menstual and stool are normal…..Thank you

  528. Sam munir says:

    Dr sharma .I hv checked my thyroid tsts .in which my tsh level is very low about 1.34.I m still wt gainig,constipated,hair loss,and rapidly losing short term memory.I want to tk homeo mds for my problem plz advice me MD and potencies.thank u.

  529. D.Satyapriya says:

    I have thyroid and over weight , irregular periods,PCODS have any permnent solutions this problems specially over weight my Height is 5 and my weight is 87kg pls tell me the soultion

  530. Cairn C. Morrison says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma ~

    I have taken a quarter grain of Armour thyroid for many years and it has worked well. Yesterday I learnt that the price of the medication has increased dramatically and I am looking for an alternative. The reason I take it is that I have ad many episodes of whiplash, beginning with a gunshot to the face in 1960 when I was 17, Subsequently, I have had a dozen or so more severe head injuries.

    I would very much appreciate hearing from you, especially if you can offer an alternative to Armour thyroid.

    Thank you for your help.


    ~ Cairn Morrison

  531. Hello doctor,

    I have hypo thyroid from past 6years, which started in my first pregnancy. Due to this, I have severe hair fall and weight gain. I feel low in energy sometimes. Please let me know if there is permanent cure for this harmonal imbalance in homeopathy. If there is, please let me know to which Homeopathy clinic I should visit.

  532. i am 42 years weight 58 constantly since last 10 years after my second delivery…

    off late i have started doing yoga since last month with an intention to loose few kilos and surprisingly i have gained 5 kgs in a month ….

    i did experience knees getting locked if i sit for long time, i do feel tired all the time just want to sleep, have hot flushes…etc

    i m scared now

  533. Fahrenheit arshad says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, good morning I was just going through your artical, I have recently discovered thyroid, the results of the report is serum free T4 is 4.1 and serum TSH is 75.0. What do you suggest in this condition. I will be angiously waiting for your reply. warm regards

  534. My daughter suffering from hypothyroid problem @ age 17. here r symptoms.
    hair fall
    long cycles
    weak n pale
    Sensitive to others
    Can u Plz suggest homeo. Thnx

  535. Meghana Kavade says:

    My TSH is 7.01my cholesterol is 238,my wt is 53kg my age 63,female, l suffer from head ache with 25mcg thyronorm. What homeopathy medicine should I take?


    very nice to read Dr. sharma’s posting on hypothyroidism. Recently (about an year back I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. the total TSH, SERUM VALUE HAD GONE UP TO 10 THEN i WAS ADVISED eltroxin 25 by my doctor. after 2 months The reading had gone down to 2. then the tablet was reduced to 6 days a week. yesterday after checking the reading was 5.7 after 7months.
    the symptoms hard stool, weight was 76kg has gone to 79kg feeling of eating sweet after lunch slight hair loss.constipation.but I not pale. hemoglobin is 13. my age is 67yrs.
    please advise me

  537. Ruchi Gandhe says:

    Dr i am 41 yr old and have 8.4 TSH. lot of hair fall. no menstural problem except back-ache. take 100 mcg Thyronorm daily. I suffter from forgetfulness, depression, tiredness as the day progresses (most in evenings and night), low self confidence. What medicine should I take for these problems. Pls mail. Thanks.

  538. Soma Kar Chakraborty says:

    I am suffering from thyroiditis. My symptoms are lingering period with poor expulsion of menstrual blood, lethergy, joint pain with biting feeling in legs, losing temper quickly, hair fall, depression, constipation, acidity etc. Please recommend me the appropriate medicine.

  539. Dear doctor.
    I am 21 years old and have been detected with hypothyroidism in march 2015
    I had been taking thyronorm 100 mcg for 3 months and my tsh level changed from 29 to 1.25
    I have also been taking Silecea 200 once a week. I also have pcod. Got 5-7 cysts in each ovary
    Now I have moved to 50 mcg thyronorm. The only problem is that the fat around my waist does not seem to burn off much since I changed to 50 mcg.
    Please let me know what other homeopathy medicines would help me

  540. p Baburao says:

    My daughter age 12 yes has hypo thyroid but not taking medicines suffering from over weight. Frequent cold. Constipation. Hair fall and gas trouble pls suggest a doctor.

  541. Altaf Qasim says:

    wonderful knowledge you have. thanks

  542. Sir
    I m suffering from hypothyroidism.instead of taking allopathetic treatment it has not been controlling. My tsh is 5.48. Kindly suggest me. Homopathy treatment.

  543. N swathi says:

    I have hypothyroidism from 7 years my weight is 101 kgs I am severally suffering with constipation my TSH levels are 50.2 actually it reached 99.6 I am taking 100 mcg gradually decreased to 50.2 I am homeopathy with allopathy from 6 month but no results I have one doubt I there really cure for hypothyroidism in homeopathy

  544. Jyotsna Sharan says:

    I m a patient of hypothyroidism for almost 20 years now. My age is 36 years. For last 16 years i have been taking thyroxin 100mg. Since last month i am taking armor 60mg. But i feel miserable all the time, with fatigue, continous weight gain, weakness, hair loss, fat tummy etc, etc. I now want something which would help me in getting over all these terrible symptoms and start living my life like a normal person.

    I read the name of homeopathic medicines mentioned above, i have all the symptoms mentioned in each category, but most troubling is weight gain, fatigue and extreme weakness all the time. In a nutshell, my days go wasted everyday trying to do something but …
    Will wait for reply from an expert doctor who can help me in real without false promises.


  545. Parvinder says:

    I am registered homoeopath australia. I got sucess in curing hypothyroid cased.From 1year I got hypothyoidism.symptomatically I am taking homoeopathic prescribe me any another remedy in x ray size is gradually increasing .ilove hot driks. Sympathetic nature .weight gain yes.

  546. yadepiya says:

    Plz suggest medicene for hashimotosis…since, last 10 yrs m facing …

  547. Masum Al Biruni says:

    Hi,i am a hypothoriod patient,after underactivition
    ,i get my brain always in fog,taking medicine,levo thorixine-.50 mg,but not getting better.i am a bangladeshi. How can get rid of this disease?????

  548. rajpal kaur says:

    Hello doctor I m 35 years lady I m suffering from thyroid.zuric acid and now I m very tense about these disease. This disease have permanent treatment .hair fall allergy bones problem weakness eyebrows hair are started to turn yet not come but I know I am suffering from this disease.when I was preginent that time also I have thyroid problem but after that I check again report was negative plz help me and suggest me what should I do in this condition I have many depression irregular heart beat low bp son can be also effect from this disease because during pregnancy I was effected.

  549. rajpal kaur says:

    Hello doctor I m 35 years lady I m suffering from thyroid.zuric acid and now I m very tense about these disease. This disease have permanent treatment .hair fall allergy bones problem weakness eyebrows hair are started to turn yet not come but I know I am suffering from this disease.when I was preginent that time also I have thyroid problem but after that I check again report was negative plz help me and suggest me what should I do in this condition I have many depression irregular heart beat low bp problem.

  550. neha ambatha says:

    sir meri age 31 married woman hu is mahine mujhe pata chala ki mera TSH level 4.8 hai baki dono T3 or T4 normal hai plz suggest me suitable medicine for this or hum last 4 month se baby ke liye try kar rhe hai

  551. hello – I need help for my friend who is a 49yrs old Male and has had diarrhea for days although he is overweight and is sleeping day and night and he has had ED for years. I believe homeopathic medicine is best for anyone. Please help as soon as possible. Thank you.

  552. Muhammad Asif Mehboob says:

    respected Dr. Sharma !

    i am taking thyroxin daily, please tell me is there any treatment in Homeopathy

  553. Agni Shikha verma says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am 35 year old and suffering from hypothyroidism . TSH level is high-6.75. Due to this problem menses is irregular . Heavy hair fall, excessive sweating from head, very irritable behaviour towards kids and servants , pigmentation at cheeks and weight gain. I am doing gym last 1 year but weight is not reducing . Tummy , thigh and waist is gradually becoming heavier otherwise I was only 49 to 50 kg. but from last 2 year my weight is 55-57 kg. I am only 4 feet 11″ tall. Now I am very upset please suggest me best medication.

  554. S.Muthusankar says:

    Dear Doctor, Thanks for your valuable contribution and revealtion on homeopathy treatment for Hypothyroidism. We may become UNGRATEFUL if fail to atleast appreciate your generocity and kind heart in sharing your knowledge for the welfare of the mankind. For the dry skin with scaling for a person with hypothyroidism, is there remedy in Homeopathy? (2) What is the Homeopathic Medicine for the effective treatment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthiritis?


  555. Hullo,

    I am a 61 year old female with TSH level indicated at 8 in a recent medical check-up. Of late i have gained around 2 kgs. of additional weight despite being careful about my diet. I also do yoga for 1 hr regularly but this is not having any impact on weight gain. (My total weight is now 80 kg. and i am 5ft 5in tall).

    Constipation has been a chronic problem with me but i take psillium husk regularly and therefore have some relief. I cannot tolerate chilled drinks and have a tendency to cover my neck/throat at night as a protection from direct fan/Ac.

    At present i am under no medication but would like to know how i can reduce TSH level naturally….without hormone replacement medicines.

    Looking forward to an early response!

    Thanks in advance.


  556. PRATIBHA SINGH says:

    suffering from thyroid problem. weight gain, gout problem in knee, ankle of both legs.sleeping problem.feeling tired etc

  557. My TSH is 8.68
    Should I continue Thyrox 25 mg tablet early in the morning

  558. Rimpa Ray (Mukherjee) says:

    Hi doctor,

    I am suffering for hypothyroidism and my weight is 90
    Kg,.I am 24 years old and my height is TSH range is 1.02I try to loss my weight but I am failed. So please you suggest me the homeopathy medicine for hypothyroidism and weight loss both.

    Rimpa Ray (Mukherjee).

  559. dr. I m suffering from hypothyroidism from past 3 years…taking thyroxine 75mcg.i also have vertigo sometimes and vit.d deficiency with pain in my body, constipation as if inner wall is dry and thus uneasy bowl movement. Pl . suggest what to do..

  560. Tahir M Ahmad says:

    Dear dr.Sharma , I took tests for Thyroid …Result is … T3…is ..0.90 , T4 …. is ..6.13 , and … THS .. is high .. that is 12.23 , where as it should be in between 0.39 – 6.16 …would you please advise any Homeopathic medicine please….?

  561. Ms C DCosta says:

    I am 60 years old and suffer from excessive sweating in the head and severe hairfall. I have had my thyroid glands removed 10 years ago due to thyroid cancer and had to go through radioactive iodine therapy. Incidentally, I had ovarian cancer 20 years ago and have had six sittings of chemo then. I am obese and suffer from hyperacidity and bile problem. I also get migraines when I eat any rich food. My sinusitis is bad leading to a swollen faced look most often and headaches. Since I have a lot of faith in homeopathy, please let me know some remedy which will take care of my symptoms.

  562. Dr. Faiz Ahmad says:

    dear sir, i am suffering from hypothyroidism for the last 6 months and have been on 25 mcg thyronorm since. though things have come to a normal, i prefer to switch over to Homoeopathy to avoid possible side effects. my looks are a little flabby and i am also obese as my weight is 92 which remained about 85 kg for 2 decades and without a problem. i prefer salty and bitter food items including chilly. though i get offeded easily i prefer to remain cool and forget things after a while. my hairs are also receding and getting sparse faster than my elder siblings who do not suffer from this disease. may i request you to please indicate which medicine and what potency would fit me after how long should i go for a thyroid test to ascertain the effect. thanks for whatever inputs you provide and looking forward to your response.

  563. Jayadevan says:

    I have been suffering from Thyroid nodules for the last 2 years. The hormone levels are borderline and showing the symptoms of hypothyroidism.
    Can you advice me on the treatment ? I would like to know if there is a complete cure for thyroid granule to avoid a surgery?

    with regards,


  564. Pallavi sankhla says:

    I am suffering from hypothyroidism from last 8yrs..But instead of gaining weight,i have weight loss and is stable to 40kg.I want to gain little bit of weight but behaviour changes,loss tempered,change in emotions,react vastly.I have also problem of constipation,hair loss,joint and memory age is 38 yrs.please suggest me the better medicines dose for treatment.Thanks ..

  565. ANITA GUPTA says:


    T3 LEVEL 1.60
    T4 LEVEL 81
    TSH LEVEL 7.89

  566. Salama Smith says:

    Hi Dr i stumbld across your webpage looking for effective medication how to treat my thyroid problems. i am using Natural thyroid from.the pig gland.Although i am a muslim. o have been on Symthroid for 16 years and bevame very ill last Sept with my stomach. a Ctscan a gastro scope to fimd out if anything sinister, test all negative. I decided to see a holistic doctor and asked for natural thyroid. my BP is 150/80 and i have a tight chest all the time and using Ventolin. im not feelimg that great and would like your opinion.many thanks,Salama from Nz. p.s i had radio active treatment 25 years ago

  567. k. haritha says:

    hello sir….. im haritha 23yrs old…..i got thyriod 3yrs back im using thyronorm medicine 62.5 mg ….. TSH was in control by continuing the tablets….. but from past 3months im suffering because of this thyriod like lots of hair loss, sudden weight gain, mensus problem…… can homeopathy help me to reduce all this problems………can u suggest me what to do ??

  568. K.V.Radha says:

    I am taking allopathy treatment for hyperthyroid (as my doctor told).Daily in empty stomach .I take one pill of Thyrotop25mg.
    But when I went thro’ the net, I found my symptoms are Hypothyroid.
    I feel very weak, constant increase in weight, hair loss, severe knee and low back pain.Feeling drowsy after 7pm dailyMy skin appears pale.
    Please help me

  569. Hariom Gupta says:

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter is suffering from higher tsh ( 22.3 ). She is gain over weight and menstrual problem ( period not regular ).

    Please advise suitable medicine.

  570. SUDIP BASU DHAR says:

    my tsh is 22 but t3, t4 is normal…… what kind od drug is suitable for me???????? please tell

  571. Tipoo Sultan says:

    I have been diagnosed for hypothyroidism.
    Thyroid Prfile(CNE)
    Serum Free T4 —————– 7.7 (pmol/l)
    Serum TSH ———————-16.4 m IU/L
    Serum Total T3——————–1.1 nmol/l

    Please prescribe medicine and dosage etc.

    Thanks & regards

    Tipoo Sultan

  572. ARUN RAJ says:

    i am using electroxin 100 mg for 03 -4 years for hypothuroid.
    can it be curable by homeopathy .

    Please guide me i am living normal but scarring of future

  573. Dear Dr.Sharma
    I am 28 yrs female suffering from hypothyroidism with TSH 31 .
    I am not having dates at at all.
    gained almost 15 kg in 3 months.
    please let me know the medication presently i am taking thyroidinum 1M once in 15 days.

  574. Shahin Sayyad says:

    Respected Sir ,
    I am 38 year old female .I`m taking Eltroxin 100 mg from last 13-14 years .Then too i have all the problems related to hypothyroidism. i`m over weigh (that is 84 kg).I mostly suffer from unexplained swelling , even if i take some diuretic ,the swelling does n`t go 100%. my urine protein count is 390 (almost more than double of normal amount ) for 3.800 lt of urine. urine test always shows albumin traces . I`m afraid that if I will be able to lead a normal life , again . My work and my family suffers a lot because of my thyroid problem. Pls…..pls….pls… help me.

    thanks a lot

  575. Ramiz Raza says:

    I am Ramiz Raza From Madhupur,Deoghar district,Jharkhand.Meri maa ko glay me thyroid hua tha to ek baar opration hua h aur just uske side me fir se ye thyrois ho gya h ye lagbhag 3,4 saal se h bhot treatmeant kiye par koi fydah nhi hua dr.sahab hmlog dobara opration nhi karana chahte h.dr.sahab koi accha sa medicine ka bta digye jisse ye chut jaye.

  576. Umezainab says:

    I have hypothyroidism . Now am doing exercise and walk but nothing improving. I am gaining weight by three to four ponds per month even though am eating very carefully. Tell me some medicine from homeopathy.

  577. sarika ahuja says:

    Hello sir my haemoglobin is 8.2 it fall down more than this it is only due to Chinamun sulphur have. b is 8.2 my to is 132,my to is 6.9 and the is 7..0 my weight is thus increasing please refer medicines here. Please do reply

  578. sarika ahuja says:

    Hello sir my haemoglobin is 8.2 it fall down more than this it is only due to Chinamun sulphur have. b is 8.2 my to is 132,my to is 6.9 and the is 7..0 my weight is thus increasing please refer medicines here

  579. Ravikant shrivas says:

    hello MA’am,

    I am 27 yr old and my weight gain.i have so many work out but not loss my TSh Value 7.1.kindly give me a suggestion.what can i do.

  580. prashant says:

    Dr. mujhe 2 month se severe constipation chal raha hai .aaj test se pata chala ki hypothyroid hai .ye cure hoga ya nahi .aur homyopathy me treatment hai ya nahi

  581. I am a58 years old lady ,went for thyroid test.T3. 92
    T4. 7.3
    TSH 7.71
    This is my blood test report. Which homeopathic medicine do you recommend for me. Please tell me how serious my disease is; and whether it is fully curable. I’ve heard that life long medication is needed. Thank for your kind çonsideration. Sabiha

  582. Budhi Singh Manhas says:

    My mother 65 years, T3 <25.00, T4 3.54 and TSH 0.05. She has diabetes and BP. What homeopathy medicine will suit her to increase her thyroid level and control of diabtes and BP. At present taking allopathic medicine for diabetes and BP.

  583. Bernie Cargill says:

    I have asthma, diagnosed with Alpha Trypsin deficiency MZ, acid reflux, inflamed liver and more recently hypothyroidism TSH is high. I’m on different medication and I am to begin medication for underactive thyroid. However I’d like to treat myself with homeopathy and diet.
    What do you recommend?
    Bernie Cargill

  584. Nimesh Patel says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Wife is Having Hypothyroidism form Birth She is on eltroxin from the age of 5 year, Now, When we do sonography of gland It shows There is no gland for Thyroid, Is it possible that person do not have thyroid gland. If it is so, I there any possibility for treatment by Homeopathy. Pl Suggest.

    With Regards,

    Nimesh Patel

  585. I m getting weight gain very quickly.I m very much worried may I use calcarea carb?and in which potency?

  586. Poonam Grover says:

    I am a diabitic patient from one year and use ayurvedic medicines for the same. However now i am suffering from thyroid. As per you, is homeopathy treatment good for me? Is there any risk to take homeopathy treatment for thyroid in sugar?

  587. Taking thyroxine 50micograms a day, alway feel tired and struggle with weight gain. Bloods always come back fine! What can I do?

  588. Sally Vlosich says:

    I am currently on synthroid 100
    It has been lowered on occasion to one day a week to .088 but it has been changed back to 100 every day.
    What is the best way to transfer myself over to homeopathic medicine. And, what is so wrong with taking synthroid opposed to homeopathic medicines?
    I suffer with constipation, gastric & bloating problems, tolerating the direct sun, can’t stand to be cold, hair loss, dry skin, muscle weakness/fainty feeling occasionally and of course weight gain. I am not obese but about 20 pounds overweight … I have to disipline myself to stay there.
    I might ad here that I had been diagnosed to be gluten intolerant which only adds to the problem.

    And, thanks for the article … it was very informative. I appreciated it.

  589. My TSH levl is 5.9.Doctor recomeded eltroxin 50mcg.Can I take homeopathy medicine thyroid 30 along with that.

  590. Chautanya b says:

    Sir, i’m a patient suffering from hypothyroidism from past three years.iam using 75mcg dosage.i want to use homeopathy,but my body is a heat i suffer from constipation n severe heat.i also have put on weight and suffer from severe hair fall.pls suggest me medicine n dosage as well

  591. Rao Imran says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Hope you would be fine. I need your advice regarding my health issue of hypothyroidism. From last several years I was facing some health issues like fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, memory problem. Several tests were done but could not diagnose the issue. Now this year some tests like TSH, T3, T4 & Vit.D were done. In these tests Vit.D levels were very low and TSH level was high. The doctors diagnosed hypothyroidism and prescribed thyroxine medicine 5 days a week. From the last 4 months I am taking that medicine and levels are better now. Would you kindly advise that is any better treatment is available in homeopathy and for permanent recovery. I still feel fatigue and my weight is also high.
    I would be thankful to you Sir,
    Rao Imran

  592. Rajrashmi Mehta says:

    I am a 47 years old, female suffering from hypothyroid since five years. I am on Thyroxine 50mg and every six month blood check has shown my thyroid to be under control. Even then, I have all symptoms of Hashimotos acc to me. I have major hairfall with dry and brittle hair, I have joint pain in fingers and toes and have gained a considerable amount of weight. I also suffer from migraines, major flatulence and faint easily and cannot handle hot weather. My stool is scanty and I constantly feel like passing motion every time I eat. My period is normal now but at some point I was getting it every two weeks at the onset of thyroid. Please Help! Could you help me with strength, and dosage of medication. Thanks!

  593. I have tsh 9.75 How to cure that

  594. Nancy fernandes says:

    Dear doctor I have chronic pharthunthsus my throat pain n itching dies homeo give permanent cure n I have tsh is 11 can u get cured conpletly from it n what u should eat to control throud then I should stop the medicibe if homeo after throud is normal please advise

  595. akku parashar says:

    My tsh level 6.95 always my face swelling n weight gain last two months please help me

  596. Dear Dr, Sharma,

    I am 23 years old female and in urgent need of your valuable advise. for the past 10 years i have been experiencing hairloss. my hair has become brittle and dry and almost 70% of my hair has been lost. I am always tired. feeling really hot all the time. sweating. i have irregular periods. i have an extremely puffy face, my skin is so dry that i look a lot older and i see lots of lines and fine wrinkles developing. i sometimes have blurred vision despite the fact that i wear glasses. i sleep a lot. i either eat too much or eat nothing at all. i have puffy eyes. my skin usually feels hot to the touch and very irritated and itchy with no apparent allergies or spots. i have under eye circles. i have a very deep voice, it wasnt deep naturally. i have fat around my stomach and face. i have abdominal pains and i am always constipated. all these symptoms have been with me for over 9 years.
    my doctors are not doing much to help me, but i am certain i have a thyroid problem. could you please be kind enough to tell me which homeopathic medicines i should take and at what potency. i am going through depression and i am always feeling the need to cry because i feel helpless.
    please could you help me with this.

  597. Urvashi Gogia says:

    Dear Sir,
    Am a 48 year old working woman who has undergone hysterctomy 3 years ago
    Can you please help suggest medication for the list of symptoms am facing as listed below.
    1. Fatigue – can sleep 12 hours at a stretch on a holiday. Am perpetually tired.
    2. Dry skin
    3. Coarse hair and excessive hairfall
    4. Have put on weight.
    5. Constipation – do not feel relived after passing stools. It is solid first and then soft.
    6. Gastric bloating which at times gives me dizziness
    7. throat irritation
    8. Eyesight issues. Just got a number which is increasing rapidly for .5 to 1.75 in 6 months
    9. Do not feel like eating sweets, and at times feel the pangs for it
    10. get angry at small things
    11. Cannot tolerate heat and get hive type large circular marks over the back and neck which last during the entire summer.
    12. Profuse sweating

  598. Urvashi Gogia says:

    Dear Sir,
    Am a 48 year old working woman
    Can you please help suggest medication for the list of symptoms am facing as listed below.
    1. Fatigue – can sleep 12 hours at a stretch on a holiday. Am perpetually tired.
    2. Dry skin
    3. Coarse hair and excessive hairfall
    4. Have put on weight.
    5. Constipation – do not feel relived after passing stools. It is solid first and then soft.
    6. Gastric bloating which at times gives me dizziness
    7. throat irritation
    8. Eyesight issues. Just got a number which is increasing rapidly for .5 to 1.75 in 6 months
    9. Do not feel like eating sweets, and at times feel the pangs for it
    10. get angry at small things

  599. Doctor Sahib
    I am 40 years old and mother of 2. From last 12/13 years, i am suffering from thyroid and taking eltroxin 100 daily in the morning. but there are some serious issues occurred with my health from las 6-8 months, first is eating raw rice badly, anaemic (hb 7), brittle nails, heavy hair fall, dry & cracked skin (Specially lips and heels, throughout the year), tiredness, weakness thriough out the day, muscle pains and cramps, stiffed neck. Please help and suggest some homoeopathy treatment to me. i am pure vegeatratian.

  600. Dear Doctor,

    My daughter Eleena, she is 16 years old and she is been diagnosed as hypothyroidism, since her TSH gone high to 12.4 T3,T4 within normal range..She is overweight of 80 kg , her menstration always been early than the expected date…she has asthmatic symtoms once or twice in a year and needs to take antibiotics for severe chest infection and also vasodilators…..she complaints fatigue very often and mood changes sometimes..It was diagnosed 2 years back…before that she often complaints dizziness and menstual irregalarities and also she started menstuating very early at her 10 years old…
    she is taking Thyroxin tab 25mcg daily. she is not gaining weight more than 80kg,but not reducing..she is eating low calorie food and doing exercise regularly…but not decreasing the weight.her TSH is maintaining 2.5-3 with 25 mcg thyroxin…

    What is your advice doctor….

    Thank you in advance for your reply…


  601. i have every symptom for hypothyroidism but have extreme diarrhea also from a gastric bypass yrs ago. i can barely function any more and cant work. i just keep gaining wt. i have depression all of my life and have starved all of my life to kep wt down . i cant starve anymore. i need something to take the dr put me on levothyroid but it is barely helping.

  602. ehsan ul haq says:

    Dr sahib I am suffering From heart enlargement. I can’t lye On left side.respiration difficult walking. Cough lying on right side at night. Cough from talking. Respiration impeded lying on back. Edema lower limbs. Please Inform me for treatment on homeopathy medicines.

  603. Dear Dr.,
    I have following test results

    T3 & T4 in normal range while TSH is 12.00.

    I am male of 39 years.

    Pl advice me suitable medicine.


  604. C.MONA CHANDRIKA says:

    Dear Sir, i m suffering from thyroid pbm……hair fall,difficult to reduce my weight,nervous stiffness,irregular mensturation,throat block etc are there….i m 35 years old female… me by telling which drops or tablet i have to go for to get a quick recovery…….

  605. Jody young says:

    Hello dr Sharma,
    Thanks for helping.
    I have hashimotos with symptoms in all of your listed remedies.

    giant distended belly after small amt of food +intermittent puffy thighs, normally a thin person.
    Very irritable. Can’t tolerate interruptions or others wasting my time. Disappointed in self not a accomplishing anything.
    Low back pain worse after sitting or WHILE BELLY DISTENDED!
    Hair loss 49 yr old
    Changeable moods and intermittent symptoms
    Hungry even after meals
    Huge appetite, always restricting but bloated and fat.

  606. MAMTA SINGH says:

    Respected sir
    I am taking thyroid medicine from 3 years but no effect i m taking allopathic med.,actually mainly i m suffered from thyroid with whole body swelling and pain in both leg,but my weight increase is 52 to 55 kg not content weight by 2 years and i m 38 years old ,having 2 baby.please suggest me what can i do?
    I have to go for hoemopathic med.

    plz.suggest to medicine .

    thanks with regards
    mamta singh

  607. babita gupta says:

    My tsh is 7.23 and i am gaining my weight from two months so please help me what to do.

  608. Amir Khan says:

    I feel these articals beneficial.

  609. Respected sir,my wife taking thyriod medicine from 3 years but no effect i m taking allopathic med.,actually mainly i m suffered from hypothyriod with INFERTILITY,but my wait is 52 kg constant by 3 years and i m 30 years old ,having 1 baby.please suggest me what can i do?
    I have to go for hoemopathic med.or have to wait for allopathic result.
    now my value of tsh is 90.
    plz.suggest me.

  610. Sadik Ara Begum says:

    I have been suffering from hypothyroid. I want to know how to cure it permanently. Because of it I have irregular menstrual problem. Please help me out.

  611. respcted sir, i am talking about thyroid .am 23 yrs old (female) suffering from thyroid TSH level is (12.73) and also suffers from constipation . My weight is also increased from 53 to 72 kg.plz suggest me what should i do?

  612. SULTAN HAMID SHAH says:

    My wife is suffering from hyperthyroid decease from last 8 years.last year she has a abortion in 6th months.she is taking medicine in neo mercazole .is there is any cure in homeopath we are planing for a baby .please suggest us what we should do now.


  613. subhash chand says:

    My younger brother whose age is 46 years has been suffering from paralysis for the last 6 years. He has right hand and leg paralytic attacked. Please tell me which medicines are useful in his case.

    My wife is also suffering from thyroid and cholesterol which medicines

  614. Rashmi Kaushik says:

    I got hypothyroidism after my first pregnancy 4 years back. Since the birth of my second child it’s getting worse. I am suffering with severe muscular pains. Heart sinking restlessness etc. I am taking 25+12.25 mg daily but still its 7 .

  615. Sir, I am suffering from thyroid ( from last 10 years) for that I am taking Eltroxine 150 mg and also suffering with diabetics from last 6 years for that I am taking Glynese 5 mg 2 tab 3 times , my blood sugar is around 250to 260. O am feeling tiered, very sensitive and will get angry soo . I am 40 years old male. Can you help me to get any better medicine in homeopathy to cure both of my diesis sir

  616. Sherry Parker says:

    Tests FT3, FT4 & TSH are normal. THY (TPOab)196 units:IU/mL Referance range, <9 abnormal. Don't have results for Reverse T3 test. I don't seem to have all of a hypothyroid patient symptoms. But do have sore joints in both hands with swelling and pain in left hand and arm. Left hand wrist and joints inflamed. I have Coronary Artery disease and COPD taking meds for both. Am not taking any hormone meds and haven't seen recommended Endocrinologist…………

  617. subhas roy says:

    I have TSH–7.35,T3–1.15, t4–63.8, FT3—2.83,FT4–0.933.
    I am not feeling any significant problem.
    Should I take any medicine? If yes, then which one.
    Please advice.

  618. HI DR ,

  619. Vandana hegde says:

    Respected doctor,
    I am 43 year , female having hypothyroid since 4yrs. I am on thyronorm .50mg. Is there any medicine in Homeo to stimulate thyroid glands. When my TSH is high I have symptoms like
    Disturbed sleep, fatigue, heat intolerance, palpitation, mild trembling in hand and leg, depressed, heavy periods.
    I don’t have constipation,
    Please recommend a good combination of Med for me. Thank you.

  620. sir ihave hypothyroidism from two week before
    i use thyroxin medicine
    i have interest to use homeo
    it is better ? it can eradicate my decease

  621. Hello Doctor! greetings of the day……..2 years back my mother had thyroiditis. As a result she had a phase of Hyperthyroidism then there was a phase of Hypothyroidism when her tsh reached its highest 14. but as expected it was self correcting and her tsh came down to 9 then 7… we were happy…but again it staated increasing from 7 to 8 and now is 12…..which needs to be treated BUT her case is a little difficult as she has a history of seizures and staus epilepticus for which she takes a daily dose of 200mg Phenytoin tablets. She also takes BP control and blood thinning drugs.
    As THYROXINE is known to lower seizure threshold, whenever she starts taking Thyroxine , symptoms of seizure occur and so it is discontinued………… we have heard that Homeopathy can treat Hypotyroidism by treating the cause not just the symptoms………. Thats why I am writing to you for your kind advice…. regards

  622. My husband has thyroid problem two month ago it was at the level of 36. So please tell me the best homeopathic medicine which can cure my husbsnd’s thyroid as fast as possible other than this he has no problem

  623. Hello, I was born with cold hands and feet, never noticed any change. However, I am depressed for years, very low self esteam and never anybody tested my thyroids. (Even over 35 it should be a yearly test) My skin is dry and have brittle nails. My weight is only 10 kg over @63y. My PTH is 10. I have estrogen positive breast cancer. I think that this Hypothyroidism has something to do with my breast hormone levels. After surgery and radiation i want to face this complex hormone imbalance with homeopatic. This is very new to me and i research as much as i can, but i also would love somebody to help me to the right direction. Yes, i know one thing at a time first thing in the morning and don’t eat, use menthol. But how long should i take that one thing. How do I measure, if that work (since some cases it might not be very clear) I am also looking around in my area if i find something locally. Thinking of a chiropractor. Thank you for your help Dr. Sharma.

  624. Vanijames says:

    Hello Dr. I am 52 yrs old women… i am a Hypothyroid patient…..28 yrs back remove my oneside thyroid lobe …i am take Eltraxin 100 past 20 i take Thyronorm 100 … iam 92 kg weight…..i am suffering Kneepain..O A…..i am try to all ways to weight reduction …but cont… more hair fall happens…sleepless ness inthe night …really i am suffer so much ….What i can do ? please suggest to my health treatment….Thank you

  625. Sudesh Kumar Bhalla says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am daily taking 100mg eltroxin in the morning due to thyroid problem.Recently I got T3,T4 and TSH, the values found are 1.43, 9.89 and 0.05 respectely. Also I am taking 100mg Eptoin after dinner daily. My EEG and Cat Scan found within normal range. I do not have any problem in passing out my stool.

    But my face is pale and less heat in the body. During cold season,I require extra warm clothings to overcome from cold. I oftenly catch cold on exposure of my nose under high flow of fan.

    Request advice.

  626. Viren Ghia says:

    I m suffrng hypothyroid frm last 5 years, my stomach is very upset always, my tsh level is too high…i e above 300…. T3&t4 level is normal…. I hv very weakness & hvng full gas in stomach….whnvr i eat any food i wnt to go for wshrm….. Plz recmmnd very effective remedies for my symptoms…… Thnx a lot sir….

  627. Hello I have hashimoto my weight has become an issue around midriff and thigh area getting bigger by the day regardless of owing healthy diet plN exercise I have developed malasma on my cheeks have tried every treatment no change if you can please help As now I have developed depression aswell

  628. Dear Doctor,
    I hope you can provide me with some much needed advice. I am a male, 35 years and suffer from hypothyroidism and take levothyroxine for this. My Gp tells me that my hypothyroidism is under control. For the last few years I have been diagnosed with idiopathic urticaria, which on 4 occasions has lead to angioedma and Anaphlaxis, where I have been rushed to hospital. I can not understand what causes the allergy and doctors can not understand too. I also have Asthma and have recently been diagnosed with non alcaholic fatty liver, but all my blood tests show that my liver function is fine.
    I feel that all these problems are maybe due to the hypothyroidism, but would be grateful if you could advise me on a homeopathic remedy that can help me. I would really appreciate your time, help and kind advice. Thank you very much. I Ahmed.

  629. Dr. Ranjita s. dange says:

    I have hypothyroidism, with 100mcg tab since 5years Pl suggest appropriate medicine

  630. padmaja prasad says:

    My daughter 16 years old has severe hair fall problem, she had severe vitamin-iron defficiency anemia now all the conditions are improved. Hemoglobin-11.5 ferritin=136, now it is tested that her TSH level elevated to 3.4344 from earlier 1.766 (7/02/14), she is now showing symptom of Hypothyrodism like weight gain, craving to dairy products, constipation it is unbearable to her cold and hot high sweating. very irritable nature and cannot bear little contradiction.

  631. NADYA BROWN says:

    Consistant dry cough, neck very thick, very dry skin and hair, upper body bloated, lack of energy, weight gain, inconsistent bowel movement, cold quickly.

  632. Dear Sir
    This is for my daughter age 2 years she has diagnosised hypothyroid in last oct (TSH using FIA method show 6.5uiu ml) and she is being under treatment of homeo for last 4 months and we tested tsh and t4 in the last week (the test shows tsh 4.95uiu and t4 normal) the homeopathy treatment for hypothyroidism is successive but there is no change in the constipation of my daughter she passes stool only by using suuppositrin.
    Is there any medicine in homeo to cure this or i required to change homeo to allpoathy
    what is your opinion?

  633. Sir, I am 32 Male. i am suffering from hypothyroidism with tsh shooting upto 29. I had a color doppler scan and the report was completely normal. My doctor has been administering eltroxine since last 5 Years, still the tsh value is still increasing gradually, so presently i am on 250 Mcg eltroxine. I have an increased cravings for alcohol, coffee, tea. Sir please direct me.

  634. Mrs. Amita Sunil Jain says:

    I am suffering hypothyroidism and now my Tsh is 7.16 I am taking thyronorm 123mg. But I want to cure from this disease . Please advise ur treatment.

  635. Mrs. Amita Sunil Jain says:

    Can you suggest homeopathic medicine for me
    I am suffering from hypothrodism taking thyronorm 123 mg

  636. Kavita Negi says:

    I am suffering from thyroid and taking thyroxin tablets early morning empty stomach of 150mg
    i want to leave that medicine as i am not getting any relief . my weight is 45-47kgs, hieght 4’8” and while working at home breathing gets fastest, tiring early.

    Please suggest me what to do ?

  637. Bubli kaur says:

    Hi sir, I m 58 years old lady,basically from India but now settled in Australia.
    My problem s that I m detect with Hypotyrode…… I gain weight for the last four five years and lost hair on head as well as on eyebrows……I m going to india…..I believe in homeopathy….please advice me medicine….except this for the last six months I m feeling heaviness in my head…i m not on any pills so far…waiting ur reply…TIA

  638. my daughter shivani is suffering from Hasmimoto’s thyroidits. Her TSH is 45.74. Alopathic doctor advised her to take thyronorm 50. But I have not yet started. Is there any medicine to cure hashimoto thyroid in homeopathy. please please help me, she is 16 years old.

    Awaiting for your reply. Can I start homeopathy medicine, i am from mangalore

  639. anita jain says:

    I m 48 years old lady. I love to eat sweets always. In lunch/dinner I always pick the sweet dish first. Any medicine in homoeopathy with the help of that I could ignore sweets.

  640. Rishabh kumar says:

    Sir im suffering with age 28 years..frequantly feel faty..hight..5.10 ft wt 80kg..profn sels engineer..kindly suggt. Medecine..

  641. Pramod kumar Jain says:

    All time need se aana, night mai kharattee aana.

    mouth sai kabhi kabhi ral tapakna.

    what medicine Hypo thyriod mai use karni hai.

    Calcarea Carbonica theek hai kiya.
    please reply


  642. shachsih kumar sinha says:

    I have recently tested for Hypothyroid. My TSH Value is 9.7. On Doctor advice i started taking Medicine Thyronorm 50 cmg but after taking medicine i found lot of problem and even i beacme too weak. I stopped taking medicine. I am in good Slim Built. My Other Problem is Gastric.I am Burping a lot. Some Times Due to Gastric I am Finding too uneasiness even fainting like situation.

  643. Simarjeet kaur says:

    Hello sir m suffering with hypothyroidism .i m gaining doctor prescribed me thyronorm 50mcg tablet . But I didn’t loose my weight n hair fall is also there.can I take hemeopathic medicine instead of allopathic medicine.can I loose my weight ..n pls tell me about diet plan .can I include green tea in it.i will be thank ful to you.

  644. Rita Sarkar says:

    Heavy breathing, feeling restless and tired, no energy to do any work, only feel sleepy.
    Excess puffiness on face
    Feel very cold in normal temperatures, cannot bear cold breeze
    eyes watering all the time
    throat blockage , voice change

    my readings
    T3 0.1 ng/ml
    T4 0.8 microgram/dl
    thyroid stimulating hormone 150uIU/ml
    Doctor has prescribed : Eltroxin
    I am having terrible hair fall after having this
    Terrible body aches and panes
    my skin is getting wrinkles

    Can you suggest a homeopathy treatment for this

  645. Mohini Ghume says:

    I am suffering from Hypothyroid since 14 years and fed up will all medicines. Due to weight gain , hair loss, depression .need your suggesstion

    • pampana shanthi says:

      Is it really works ? I don’t believe it because my father used it but there is no result. I was afraid of taking homeopathy treatment. I’m in confus that weather it’s work’s or not for thyroid

  646. m.Suneeta says:

    i have been suffering with chronic hypothyroidism since 2009.suffering all its symptoms like irritation,depression,memory loss,constipation,gastric problems.obesity only in my waistline and pale on my face.loss of energy and vitality,complete body pain,weak muscles.i feel i cannot do anything.i am on 100 mg eltroxin.but want to switch over to homeopathy.

  647. Dharam Oberoi says:

    I am a patient of hypo thyriodism TSH 39 mg. I have noted excess prespiration and some weight gain. The throat remains very sensitive and frequent throat/ nasal allergies affect me sometimes accompanied by fever. I am on Thyroxin 125 mg.
    Will Homeopathy help me.

  648. nirmala Tongay says:

    Hypothyroidism. …allergy cold

  649. jinse george says:

    One month back ,for two months I was suffering from cough and cold on and off. I took Ayurvedic medicine. then I tested blood and found cholesterol 213 and TSH 9point. I controlled my food and took some exercise. After one month i tested TSH 6point cholesterol 180. DOctor said I was suffering from hypothyroidism and need to take English medicine . I like to have homeo medicine. please suggest me

  650. SAGUNA LONGADGE says:

    Sir I am28 y and I pathologist suffering from last 3 y thyroid sempton now I check my TFT AND FOUND TSH IS FASTING-22 SO I CONFUGE TO TAKE TYROXIN 50 MG TAB.OR HOMEOPATY This tyroxin is continue in running homeopathy medicine pl. Suggest mi

  651. sunil maurya says:

    Very knowledgeful article sir….thnk u so much.. Plz tell whether this is genric name or all the medicines are available with this particular name.. Thnk u

  652. My mother had thyroid ,creatinen is 6.10

  653. biji seetharam says:

    I’m a hypothyroid patient ,I have 80kg weight ,Now my body is pain and some swelling in nature,hair fall is very high ,memory is not correct, every time I have some agony and I was in sad mood ,Now I,m use thyronorm 125 medicine. My periods are not correct and heavy bleeding and have adinomyosis .please request for u prescribe correct medicine

  654. for past 10 years iam sufferingt from hypothyroidism.i am fat and have arm pain,hair loss,cold intolerence and and one side headache. sir i want to have weight loss,obese in stomach and back

  655. Sally Tabram says:

    Hi. I have had many thyroid blood tests over the years and every single one has come back as low normal. I have 90% of the symptoms and would like to take matters in to my own hands. I am pale, 15kg overweight, very busy mum of 2 that works in a stressful job part time, always on the go, eat well but over eat, carbohydrate junky, coffee junky, age 42, live in NZ, feel the cold, self diagnosed gluten intolerance, daughter is a coeliac, my blood test was negative, all GI symptoms alleviated by GF diet, lethargic, no energy, dry skin, dry hair, bloating, brain fogging and confusion, no menstruation since having a coil fitted 6 years ago, prior to that extremely heavy menstruation – unlivable with so had coil fitted as treatment so I didn’t need a hysterectomy, I am very moody and have episodes of irritation and total intolerance, am stubborn and bull headed, I have piles, I don’t have the energy to exercise regularly but when I do I feel great, I have been fighting a cough for 8 weeks and now am on a steroid inhaler and 2 week course of antibiotics as I now have the flu. I gave up smoking 2 years ago (immediately gained 10kg in fat) and it is in this time I have been to the doctors more times than in the past 10 years.
    I am now very fed up and after some research wonder if my lack of health over the past 2 years could be thyroid related. I wan to take control back, have energy and feel happier again. Can you help?

  656. Rajesh Takkar says:

    Any treatment for polycystic kidney disease

  657. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Priya aged 34 and a half years I got married in May 2014 and planning for a baby now. For precaution I got my blood test done for Thyroid and Blood Sugar. My report states T3- .78 T4- 6.30 TSH-5.87 . Sugar Fasting 104 PP- 132. My mother was a diabetic Is there any difficulty in conceiving? Please help.

  658. gopal bhagat says:

    I am suffering from hypothyroidism. kindly advice homeo medicine and its dose.

  659. Obedul Haque says:

    Amazing informations.

  660. Hello Doctor, I am a fifty one year old female , suffering from sudden hair loss, 2 to 3 kgs of weight gain, little bit memory loss and heaviness in the body. I got my menopause in the mid of 2012.Right now I am taking amlopress-L for blood pressure in the morning time after food. With that I am allergic to collected dust & cold , so asthama attacks frequently. Even my mom had asthama . I will use foracort inhaler & asthaline inhaler medicines when asthma attacks.
    I am done with blood test for thyroid , my T3 & T4 levels are within the normal range but my TSH level is 5.76 mcIU/ml. So the doctor prescribed me Thyronorm 25mcg to take before food in the morning. Nobody have thyroid problems in my family.
    Before starting this medicine, I have so many doubts with side effects, life long dependency on this medicine etc. I heard homeopathy is the best one to treat this problem.
    So I request you to guide me properly about the type of medicine, doctors, & diet & exercises and everything regarding my problem. Right now , I am not yet stared any medicine and eagerly waiting for your advice. I hope you will oblige my request.

  661. Goldy mahajan says:

    Myself is gold y.I am 44yrs old.I am a thyroid patient. My tsh is 7.20.please recommend me the medicine .I am from Punjaband from where I get the good Medicine and much cost is it

    . thanks

  662. Rashmi Satija says:

    My T3 T4 level was low & tsh level was high now i m taking eltroxin 100 mg daily & also i m obese with troubled stomach kindly advise

  663. Deepti Diwan says:

    My 9 years daughter is suffering from high TSH i.e 98 . I have regularly been taking medicine from homeopathy doctor since more than 6 months. It had reduced from 99 to 11.02 but again it has increased. Please guide me what to do.

  664. macular edema in right eye
    no vision in left eye

  665. Dr Ali Raza Rehman says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am a homoeopathic doctor in govt sector. I felt a patient with history of hypothyroidism TSH 0.05 (nv 0.4 4.5) patient was treated before 3 years now she is feeling dizziness during swallowing loss of appetite
    Kindly tell me can she also has hypothyroidism again.

  666. hello
    i have hypothyrodism ,.am 17years old and need to know whether homeo is better or allopathy is better or can i use both???
    pls reply me sir

  667. Can you suggest some medicine for hypothyoidism. Thanks

  668. i have suffered ejaculation problems & errection problems for the last 6 years,i am very healthy,i have bph for the ast 6 years,dont take any meds for my problems ie trt because of side effects,anyway ive trebled my testosterone levels to a very good level without any advantages in sexual function,have been trying avidly on why i cant ejaculate & get errections regulsarly,i cant remember the last time i had an errection & ejaculated,educated myself for the last 6 yrs without any advantages,what possible problems coulld be the problem for my ilness ive explained? MANY THANX JOHN

  669. dosage for hypothyridism

  670. dr. shivani sharma says:

    Thanx 4 sharing….sir

  671. Sir I want to reduce my weight
    My weight is 68 kg
    Height is 5.3″
    Age 28
    M unmarried
    Weight gain problem, hair fall,acidity.

    Thank u

  672. luxmi kaintura says:

    i am 26 year old unmarried girl. i am suffering from hypothyroid since one year . my main problrm is my hair loss. i want to know. wether my thyroid will be
    norml i dnt want to take medicen through out my life. till nw m on allopathic medicen as i was unaware abt d homeopathic treatment. plz guide me and also tell me for how long i have to take homeopathic medicen. no lethargy no unnormal menstrul cycl, m oky with my life also there is no medical history of thyroid in my family. i dmt kno hw i got this disease. . plz help me out. ..

  673. luxmi kaintura says:

    i am 26 year old unmarried girl. i am suffering from hypothyroid since one year . my main problrm is my hair loss. i want to know. wether my thyroid will be
    norml i dnt want to take medicen through out my life. till nw m on allopathic medicen as i was unaware abt d homeopathic treatment. plz guide me and also tell me for how long i have to take homeopathic medicen. no lethargy no unnormal menstrul cycl, m oky with my life also there is no medical history of thyroid in my family. i dmt kno hw i got this disease. . plz help me out

  674. my TSH is 8.60

  675. pushpalatha says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (TSH 15.66) in 2010 and since then have been taking Thyroxine Sodium tablets. Now TSH has come under control to 3-4 levels and I am regularly taking 50mg of Thyroxine tablets. I have been looking for alternative treatment and approached several homeopathy doctors but in vain. I happened to read your article and interested to cure hypothyroidism with homeopathy. I would highly appreciate if you can help me in getting rid of the allopathy medicine and cure hypothyroidism through homeopathy. Thanking you and anticipating your earliest reply. Best regards, Pushpalatha.C.J, Embassy of India, Kathmandu

  676. Mehnaz Dahod wala says:

    I am suffering from hypothyroidism for last 11 years. Since then I am suffering from excessive weight gain, hair fall n mentrual problem. Please suggest me proper treatment for all disease.
    Thanks & Regards
    Mrs. Mehnaz

  677. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I just diagnosed with Hypothyroid. I am 22 years old. my family doctor recommend me Synthroid .75.
    My mum does nt want me to start Synthroid. I am just wondering IF there is 100% cure in homeopathy. I am lack of energy and facing mood swing. feeling very cold and cant get proper sleep. Its hard to loose weight and my hairs are getting thinner too.
    Please help.

  678. aditya vikram says:

    I have hashimoto..taking thyroxine( t4) 100 MCG.My leg muscle get fatigue easily and I have excessive hairfall.what will be d homeopathic remedy for these symptoms.?

  679. R.mathanraj. b.h.m.s.student says:

    Sir.I am homoeo student I want increase in my height.please help me height 5.4inch
    I am increase in 4 – 5 inch height sir.your say in homoeopathy height increase medicine name in potency.

  680. rafiya sultana says:

    i am suffering from hypothyroidism since 12 years have gained lots of weight my tsh keep fluctuating

  681. Lilly saghari says:

    Dear dr Sharma,

    I have been taking thyrax duoTab, a derivative of levothyrax for the last 6 years. I have nodules on my thyroid. Since I’ve been taking this medicine I’ve been gaining weight steadily. I’ve gained 35 kilo since I started this medicine. I take four tablets per day, equivalent 0.1 mg.
    I’m also suffering from the followings:
    Shortness of breath
    Lots of pain in my knee and hip
    Extreme fatigue
    Mild hair loss
    Super dry skin and hair plus cracked nail

    However, my GP thinks these are all normal. Can you please HELP me?

    Kind regards,

    Sent from my iPad

    • dear sir I’msuffering hypotheroid I’m having eletroxin 50mcg And tsh level is 31.8 can I undergo homeopathic treatment and I need best doctor for the treatment kindly reply

  682. My 14 yrs old son suddenly gained a lot of weight.He does not love to play, constantly feeling hungry, he doesnot gaining height for last 1 or 1 1/2 years .secondary puberty signs are all developed, bodies are covered with coarse hair, .i am very concerned about his growth specifically height. Which is only156 cm, where as body weight is around 66kg.other points to be mentionable are short tempered, cried very easily, feels are always very cold, lots of perspiration in summer,and strong body odour. It seems to me that he has a little bit thyroid problem.3 years back his puberty signs started that time the testosterone level were very high. Kindly suggest some good homeopathy medicine which can help him in reducing his fat and gain some height.

  683. ELSIE GERNER says:

    I’ve just been diagnosed with underactive thyroid. I’ve had my D2 and D3 checked, and is acceptable. Bout 25 short of toxic. Have been taking iodine drops in glass of water. Started with 2 but gone up to 5.
    Was extremely exhausted from early Decemner to beginning of January, but fine since. I am female, fair complexion. I have been treated for years for various problems by a homeopathy MD, but he has retired. I live in Northern Ireland.
    My thyroid was considered borderline some years ago, but normal about 6 months later. I put that down to using Naturome cream on wrists at nedtime..a natural progesterone, which stabilises the thyroid. I stopped using it a couple of years ago, but started again mid Decemner. My GP is prepared to let me try natural means, and go to see him again in April, when I return from a month in Washington State.
    I’m not sure which remedy most suits me. I know gelsemium is one of my remedies and Itnatia. Also Aconite stops a head cold in about 8 hours.
    I am 5′ 4″ and weight has been increasing gradually in spite of only eating one meal a day. I avoid carbs. Domt eat a large amount of protein and veggies. I weigh 159 pounds. This time last year I weigjed 148. I have no cravings, but I love fat on meat, and also butter and cream. I’m never thirsty, nor do I perspire at all. I hope you can help me. Elsie

  684. I m 44yrs lady suffering from weight gain problems due to hypothyroidism since 15 yrs .i have hair fall problem. I m on thyronorm at present .i m also suffering from side effects of thyronorm.
    kindly help me out.
    thank you.

  685. Good article which covered many problems

  686. Dear Docotr,

    I have hypothyroid ,hypertention & cervical spondylosis proble.For Hypothyroid I am taking ethyroxin 75mgsince 2.6 years.

    Is it possible to cure hypothyroid in homeopathy.Then where could I get the treatment in Dubai.

    Looking for your advice

  687. hi i am based in the uk and came across your page. i am 33 and was diagnosed with uderactive thyroids last January and after 7 months it is stable where the doctor dont need to imcrease my thyroxine level which i am taking 125mg. i am under taking homepathy 2 months ago and to be homnest cant see any difference

    my biggest worry is the weight i gained when i was first diagnosed. i am slowly loosing weight but not where i need to be. i am much better in terms of my tiredness, joint ache and memory loss to where i was at the beginning
    i am asthmatic have been all my life
    i was wondering if there was any advise you can give to help with the 2 stone weight gain i gained. i have always trained for the last 10 years and now its too slow and very depressing
    hope you can help me. i battled from going into depression by actually making changes to get ‘better’ from gluten free to trying many treatments but its hard battling this.

  688. Carmeleta cramer says:

    I am 70 just found out I have low thyroid, I am always stressed I have generalized anxiety. And never taken any meds for it.i have high blood pressure and am on high blood presure meds. Thank you

  689. Hi Dr Sharma. I have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about two years back and did not do anything about it. I am now getting extremely very tired and when I do sleep, I wake up with a great amount of difficulty. Could you please recommend the best homeopathic mdication that would cure me from my condition

    Many thanks

  690. khansa mahmood says:

    Dr Dharma thanks for very informative article but I am start with psorinum 1 m and now I feel too much better with your experience and I leave the Alopathic levothyroxin

  691. Hi..i have been diagnosed with hypothroid..TSH 8.089. I feel very lethargic, decreased memory and concentraion and have gained lot of weight. i have been put on thyronorm. Please suggest what should i do.


  692. Kelly butler says:

    Please help me! I am a thirty eight year old female that has begun to suffer with the following symptoms over the last 12-18 months. My hair is falling out, I am having weight gain in my hips without changes in my diet (it does not matter what I eat or how hard I exercise I still struggle), my face breaks out all through the month (it does not matter when my cycle is), I am exhausted even when I wake in the morning after 8-9 hours of sleep, my cycles are more painful and I struffle with the feelings of congested pelvic syndrome, and I am more irritable than I have ever been. I am under the care of a wonderful Chiropractor that has been treating me with Standard Process supplements. She consistently tells me she feels that I have adrenal fatigue. I have had some relief from the cycle pain, but nothing consistent. What do you recommend I do? I am at a loss? I live in a town that is not known for natural health care or really getting to the real problems of an illness. Most doctors here only put a bandaid on the problem. I would like a real solution for my troubles. Thanks for your time! Kelly

  693. mridula saxena says:

    i am 67 years old on synthroid 100 microgram daily and poor t4 to t3 converter and has symptoms of hypothyroid.

  694. sunita sharma says:

    I have TSH 2.77, FT3 2.9, FT4 1.15 . Is there hypothyroid if so what is the treatment

  695. Mridula varshney says:

    Sepia 1m or sepia officinalice are same or different. My tsh is 9.69 in place of 5.5 maximum.

  696. I hv hypothyrpid… My stomach is soo upset & i feel very dryness in my body…. Whnevr i eat some food my stomach is too heavy & very much gas prob in stomach…. M also ibs patient plz suggest me best homeopathic remadies…… Thnx …..

  697. I am suffering from thyrode i and i am suffers my irregular period

  698. vemula anilkumar says:

    wonderful and very helpful

  699. Sir first time my tsh level was at 24 now I control my tsh with eltroxin 75 I would like to change my medicine into homeo please give me nessary advice my age 40 weight 73kg hight 176cm my last test result tsh 5.2 t3 and t4 are normal my Bp and sugar level are Bp 85/125 sugar 95/125

  700. omesh mandhan says:

    I am omesh mandhan lives in sukkur pakistan and suffered due to hypothyriod which causes promenant my eyes.Due to this my eyes burns and water flows.I have done test of Tsh which is not controlled it is fluctuating .I have take one tablet thyroxin regularly at early in the morning.But it cant relief me.plz tell me homeopathic solution.

  701. Kanchan Rai says:

    I have TSH level of 9. Ive been nursing my daughter for 2 years and 5 months now. I stopped nursing 30 days ago after i was diagnosed with high TSH. I already feel better but still there is some flatulence (based of certain foods i eat). My period this week was much better than it was over the last two years (clotty and heavy) Can you recommend homeopathy medicines to me?

  702. Shabd Upadhyay says:

    I am suffering with Thyroid. My TSH level is 6.05. I am loosing weight very quickly. My other systems are
    1. cold intolerance
    2. easily irritate very sensitive nature.
    3. Like Sweet very much
    4. Not suffering with constipation but stool not satisfied
    5. Bleeding Gums

  703. thanks

  704. priyanka gupta says:

    Hello doctor. …I am a hypothyroidism patient n take thyronorm 100 msg every day. …I face severe pls problem…n my hair also badly shed before my cycle. Pls suggest some homeopathic medicine for it

  705. Pampa Halder says:

    my name is pampa halder, i age 27 + . problem:- heir foll & skin trample with trample masks do
    not remove .
    treatment by allopathic removed then starts again from 3 day.
    past:- chicken pox – 10 year -2 times , Typhoid – 10 year ago – 2 time , 1 year ago golblader store ,breast tumour – 2 time oporetion .
    family history :- father blood sugar
    i like clod drink , spice food
    dislike :- hot food, vagetables , thirst :- 2liter per day
    sleep – normal , t/r – chilly , stool all day

  706. swastik panda says:

    Sir my age is 11 year and weight is 38.5kg I am suffering hypothyoride having Tsh 9.33 please guide me to cure permanently by homeopathy medicine

  707. sir i hav suffered from hypo thyroid since 6 age 29 yrs.male.i used 100 mcg

  708. iam having hypotyhroid so please suggest some hompatheic treatements for controlling throid

  709. RAJEEV RANJAN says:




  710. ALTAF Shaikh says:

    सर नमस्‍कार
    मेरे पिताजी की उम्र 80 वर्ष है तथा अभी उनका टीएसएच रिपोर्ट 4.30 था वर्तमान में उनके हाथ ठण्‍डे हो जाते हैं तथा खाना निगलने में परेशानी हो रही है दलिया भी नहीं निगल पा रहे हैं उनकी हर्ट रेट कभी कभी बढ जाती है और 120 प्रति मिनट से उपर चली जाती है जिससे उन्‍हें घबराहट का अनुभव होता है कब्‍ज भी है लेटिन 4 से 5 दिन में आ रही है क्‍योंकि खाना नहीं खा रहे है उनके केथेटर भी लगा है यूरिन पास करने के लिये ब्‍लडप्रेशर सामान्‍य है हाई बी;पी की टेबलेट एम्‍लोडिपिन 5 मि;ग्रा में चल रही है
    अत- आपसे विनती है कि कोई उपचार सजेस्‍ट करेंं
    वि‍नित ; अल्‍ताफ शैख 9414618511

  711. my tsh level is about 7 , my weight is 57k.g. and hight is 5feet. may i take calceria carbonica? how much tablets per day and for how long?

  712. hi sir,
    i m 23 yrs male,
    i have hair fall problem since 10 yrs, 1 yr ago i went to homeopathy clinic they asked me to get TSH blood test done, TSH value was 6.1( normal rang is 5.0), thy didnt do anything for my thyroid even hair as well, 1 week ago i took an advice from family doctor , he prescribed me thyrox 25MG tablet,
    is this safe to take?
    I want to know whether i have hypothyrodism or hyperthyrodism,

    and is there any treatment in homeopathy?

    please reply me
    thank u

  713. I have hypothyroid for more than 1 year now. Have been on western medication but once I stop taking, it come back.

    I am gaining alot of weight, feel tired and easily feel cold . Night time don’t sleep well.

    Kindly help me on how to heal my hypothroid.



  714. Doctor, I m suferring from anxiety, forgetfulness and sadness as well. Brittle nails and oily hair. Along with these I m suferring from high B.P of 150/90 and hypothyroidism. What would u suggest?

  715. dr. Pranab Nath says:

    Dr. Sharma saheeb,
    Your suggestions are wonderful, I wish you all the best.
    Dr. Nath

  716. Nazrul Islam says:

    thyroied can be cancer or not what way?

  717. male about 39yrs tall fat wheatish complexion suffering hypothyroidism remains depressed taking allopathic tt advise homeopathic medicine

  718. jonnalagadda bindu says:

    Gud afternoon, My Wife Suffer with hypo thyroid .plz help me sir…..


    Dear Doctor

    I am fifty five yrs old women, Heredity disease my mother & sister having. I have one son. period stop last 1o yrs, Now my problem is, I am gaining weight like any thing, My weight is 80 Kg. Height oinly 4.9. This two medicine ok CALCAREA CARBONIC & LYCOPODIUM CLAVATURN.


  720. maureen o' brien says:

    i been going through menopause since 2008, but since 2010 my symptoms have change and I have underactive thyroid, I feel very tired with no energy, my appetite is not good, I feel depressed and I
    suffer from severe irritability. I also feel nervous and anxious and I suffer from constipation.
    sometimes I am freezing cold and other times hot.

  721. Hello, I’m a 36 year old man, recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was looking for a homeopathic remedy but can’t find even one which treats my symptoms. I’m not a person who will make an appointment and sit on couch for two hours so I was hoping to get some advice this way. I am gaining weight even though I excersise 3 times a week and working as a postman I walk at least 5 miles a day. I do sweat a lot from the head all the time but don’t mind the cold and don’t cravings for sweets or salt or hot drinks. I’m not depressed or constipated but I do loose hair and feeling tired especially in the afternoon.
    I do hope I can get help from Homeopathy as already taking medicine for the last two months.
    Thank you in advance

  722. linda huddleston says:

    Hair loss…cold all the time…crave sweets

  723. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My TSH level is 17.57. What remedy can I get through Homeopathy for my hypothyroidism. I don’t prefer thyrox in allopathy. I am 165 cm ht. and 68 kg wt. I am aged 45. Female. I am not bulky but I have a tummy. I am very sensitive to cold (I am unable to toletrate Room AC if it is kept high). I don’t drink tea or coffee. I take green tea or herbal coffee. I make most of my meal with 75% raw food. Purely vegetarian and fruitarian. I have normal mensural cycle with equal flow for 3 days and scanty for the next 3 days. Totally 6 days. I suffer from leg pain and hip pain during menstrual cycles. I get giddiness for at least 10 seconds every day but not at one particular time. The time of giddiness varies every day.

    My nature is sensitive. I am sensitive to close persons. Particularly to my daughter. I love her and always expect equal reciprocation from her. I am employed and very sensitive to work also. I don’t stick to timings and stretch even beyond working hours for the sake of work.

    Very fond of travel. Love to visit new places, temples, etc. Fond of reading books more of self help and personality only. I relax by browsing internet for some informationa and watching comedy shows and talk shows in TV. I don’t know what more information you may require. If you ask, I will answer. Thank you for patient reading. Please suggest me some remedy through homeo pathy please.

  724. Hi I got hypothyroid during my pregnancy now my baby is two months old and I failed to take pills and my tsh level is 7.610 do I have any treatment in homeopathy since I am a homeopathy follower I would prefer to know the best please let me know the tablet name doctor . Thank you

  725. Hi my daughter aged 7 is suffering from hypothyroidism since last year and taking 50 micro gram thyroxine tablets.can u suggest me homeopathy medicine for her.

  726. Ashish Kumar Pandey says:

    Hello sir
    I am having hypo since more than an year. currently on thyronorm 75 mcg. But all the symptoms are not relieved. I get annoyed by muscular twitching which stops when I move.secondly constipation and hair loss, weight is somewhat controlled.
    suggest me a right medicine and its doses.
    please mention if the thyronorm has to be continued along for few months?
    waiting for the reply.

  727. Md. Jamal Hossain says:

    My Mother is suffering thyroid Problem since last 12 years. She is taking treatment allopathic from those time. Now I want to treat her homeopathic beside allopathic . is it possible..please inform me.

  728. Jael Alhessabi says:

    Dear, Dr Sharma Im writing to you after two years of dealing with Hashimoto, I have tryed everything to keep my hair and all my number are within the normal range lately my hair has started to fall again. I do
    My best to maintain a healthy diet by only eating gluten free no soy or saturate fats or chimicals. Only organic whole foods in my diet, I’m a firm believer of homeopathic meds and all natural medicine approaches, I have been taking levothyroxin for 2 years now 50ml 5 days a week and I really would like to stop taking it, my Dr told me that I might be able too if my numbers stay the same for another 6 months then she’ll cut it back to only 4 days a week until I’m able to slowly stop taking it. My question to you is. It’s there a way for me to control my Hashimoto only with natural medicine and diet? Something that can prevent my hair from falling?

  729. Age: 15
    Height: 149 cm
    Weight: 48 kg
    Symptoms: Excessive hair fall, frequent sinusitis, get tired very fast, drowsiness, don’t feel like eating food frequently, vomiting sensation most of the time while having food, frequent headaches near the eyebrows, at times pain in chest, between fingers, from knee to toe, back and side of neck, right side of abdomen, shoulder bone, and at the back, frequent cramps in feet
    Under treatment for Hypothyroid, TSH level=6, taking medication – Eltroxin
    I would like to go for homeopathy medicine. What should I do? Waiting for your valid advice.

  730. Ma’am i am 16 yrs height is 5’1″ and i weigh 65 kgs…my hip size is 38″ and my thighs are also vry heavy…could u please help me to reduce my weight by atleast 10 kgs in 2 weeks….please help….

  731. Ma’am i am 16 yrs height is 5’1″ and i weigh 65 kgs…my hip size is 38″ and my thighs are also vry heavy…could u please help me to reduce my weight by atleast 10 kgs in 2 weeks….please help…

  732. Allison Columb says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I was so pleased to come across this incredibly informative article! I know a bit about homeopathy, having worked with one of the greatest homeopaths in America, for some time.
    I’ve intuitively known I’ve had a thyroid imbalance, but not the specifics. Waiting now on some test results, but main symptoms are: excessive hair loss, frequent miscarriages over the last 4 years, 20+ (at around 1-2months gest.), increased weepiness, increased irritablity and intolerance, intolerance to cold, intolerance to excessive heat from the sun, leaving me feeling faint or w heat stroke symptoms. Brittle, ridged nails, dry lips, skin. Restless, some anxiety, some indifference. EXTREME fatigue. Flabby mid section, with increasingly emaciating limbs. I’m about 5’6-7″, 127 lbs.
    Any advice on Tx is greatly appreciated!!! Wanting to find a lasting cure, relief and restoration from symptoms!
    Infinite thanks!!

  733. Jagdeep kaur says:

    Sir, I am suffering from hypothyroid, regular weight gain even very less eating. Loose memory . Talking thyroxine daily. But I wNt to treat thyroid gland permanently. Please let me know is there any permanent solution ?

  734. girija B K says:

    Thanks ,
    for the valuable guidence , I am having little more fair falls ,weakness , since from few months
    peoriodes are ok,
    kindly what are remedies for the this and test tooo..

  735. hypothyroid —- excessive hunger, felling cold always, like to drink very hot drink like tea milk, —even after full meal hunger not satiated

  736. Seema Kumari says:

    I am 36 year old house wife. mt wt is 38 kg now. my TSH level is high 8.38. a little swelling in my neck. no pain. i have a allergy from water in winter. when i get up and work in
    kitchen , i start sneezing while touch in water.last week i have cold and approach to a doctor, he advised me for thyroid test .where TSH 8.38 ,But i am under wt as 38 kg only. I prefer to stay alone . no anxiety. no dry skin, no hair fall. i have 2 year old baby. please advise .


  737. Jaswinder kaur says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, thanks for sharing the kind information about hypothyroidism.
    1.I am a patient of hypothyroid for last 15 yrs. I’m 43 yrs old and caught by thyroid when I delivered my daughter in Jan. 2000.
    2.I’m taking thyroxin 75mcg.
    3.I mostly avoid allopathic medicines for common ailments and take homeopathic medicine.But never took any homeopathic treatment for thyroid.
    4. Now I’m suffering from low blood pressure(60-90) , sluggishness , heaviness of head and eyes,lethargic and suger levels on border line,fall of hair, increased sweating on head,chilled feet and hand till late nights in winter, painfull and crepitus knees and ankles.
    So I would like to have your advice in homeopathic treatment.

  738. Poojasrivastava says:

    Thyroid disease propercure kar sakt h

  739. chaithanyalaxmi says:

    Sir, l am suffering with hypo thyroid in my childhood. I think 18 years passedaway. At present i am taking medicines thyronarm 100mg . Last year i was suffered with tb. Now tb treatment completed…afterthat my total body was swelling. Its totally uncomfortable , irritating and also many times going to commit suside because my body is not favourable to me. Kindly give me suggsion sir

  740. mamta chaurasia says:

    symptom – constipation, hair fall , menses are irregular , memory loss, very senstive to cold air and cold , pain in joints, weight gain, lethargy, back pain , burning sensation in urinary tract, lower sex drive , during intercourse feeling too much pain, less veginal lubrication
    disease – hypotyrodism
    latest repot – T3 106 normal value
    T4 10.4 normal value
    TSH 7.04 over value with the normal range
    current treatment last 3 year – altroxin 100 mg
    please kindly suggest me appropriate homeopathy treatment for this perticular symptom.

  741. my daughter is of 14 years age, due to sudden weight gaining last year we got her the test of thyroid we came to know she has hypothyroid.from one year we are having homeopathy medicine to her,before two months only she matured,but still her tsh is around 7-8 .we have to continue the for life long as english medicine?is there is no cure for thyroid? only control by medicine.if there is,then up to how many years i have to give her treatment.

  742. I have the following symptoms quite regularly: fatigue, muscle soreness, difficulty w memory, frequently cold, some constipation, and inability to lose weight. I had blood work done and it came back perfect except for being borderline HYPOactive. I was immediately prescribed Synthro and I am looking for a more homeopathic way to control or increase the health and function of my thyroid. Any advice or dietary and supplement recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I went to a holistic dr who wanted to charge me $300 for a zyto scan and she could barely explain to me how it works. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  743. Somnath Bhattacharya says:

    Can the above 5 medicine be used during pregnancy also?My daughter has high TSH & has conceived just 2 months ago.Can I try Calcarea Carb – 200?In fact it increased after she conceived.


  744. Hi Doctor,

    I am 35 yr old female from Bangalore, mother of two kids, aged 6 and 3.. I have hypothyroidism which was detected during my first pregnancyMy mother also has hypothyroidism. ..right now my TSH levels are 6.5. It had gone upto 80, but because of the use of medicines it is at this level now.Right now I am taking ayurvedic medicines.
    I am not obese, my periods are very regular. I have concentration and slight memory problems. No other symptoms of hypothyroidism.
    I would like to know whether homeopathy can cure me and make everything alright.Means I should be able to lve with a normal Thyroid gland without any medicines, after some time

  745. Hie doc,i write to you to propose a good homeopathic remedy for me my symptoms are i get cold very easily,im always consipated my stools feel incomplete,i have a puffy face ,my hair takes very long to grow,im very impatient,irritable,cant stand criticism and i always crave salty foods and occasionally very sweet stuff which gives a burning sensation in the kidney area afterwards,please help Doc i dropped out of a course i was doing coz i cant even concentrate thank you

  746. Respected doctor,
    I am 48 yrs old d my tsh level before 2yrears was 11 and now after taking thyrox tablet 50 mcg tsh level has come down to 5. But i am gaining more weight each year. My weight is 80 kg, ht 5.1, i am not able to reduce my weight. I crave for carbohydrates, feel too tired,too sleepy, cant do much work, my body becomes swollen if i sit for a long time especially feet swells a lot. What homeopathy medicine can i take. Please suggest some medicines to reduce my weight. Thanks in advance.

  747. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I, female aged 55 years , is gaining weight constantly. it seems that even I reduce my food intake to half of present value weight will remain same. I do not like sweet but loves salty fried food, perspires heavily in the summer. I suffering from hypothyroidism and osteoarthritis in both knees. I have constipation but clear my bowel by taking amla powder, I feel cold in damp weather. I am an energetic person, loves gardening , used to sleep well , my B.P. is 110-75. Please advice medicines for weight gain.
    thank you

  748. joydip choudhury says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife’s problems is, since February’14 menses of her staying only 1-2 days. She is only 26 and very tensed about that the mono pose will come very soon in her life. Her TSH(Thyroid Stimulated hormone) is above 200.
    Please give me the suggestion with homeopathy remedy.

  749. thyronome 6x is good or not how many months can take

  750. pappu kumar says:

    My son’s aged of 7 weeks blood report for T3, T4 and TSH is as below
    Description Unit Result
    Triiodo thironine ng/ml 1.90
    Thyroxine ug/dl 10.57
    TSH uIU/ml 10.14

    What should I do? If I go for homeopathy treatment, is it possible to cure for life long and in future no medicine will be requred? If yes then what will be tentatine tenure for medication?
    Please guide me and tell me the medicine and its doese.

  751. hai

    I am a hypothyroid patient. My TSH level 12.84 and FRT comes 14.63. Its vary little high and low. Since last four year have been taking levothyroxine 100mg, I would like to replace its by homeopathy and cure it permanently. Please advise me.

    Thanks and regards

  752. Indeep helpful.thanx for sharing

  753. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have suffered from hypothyroidism for 15 years now and I am quite over weight. I have been eating right and exercising but I am looking for something that might help me take the weight off a little faster. I have lost 30 pounds in 6 months. I am still always very tired and achey despite my dosage of levothyroxin of 200 meg daily. I am looking for some advice.

    Lisa Boyd

  754. suresh pimple says:

    I am suffering from Gall Bladder stones recently diagonised.
    Can homeopathy help me?

  755. kamal william says:

    pt. who is going to use the Homeopathic Medicines for hypothyroidism , still needs to take l-thyroxine

  756. sunil sharma says:

    My daughter aged 26 years is suffering with HYPOTHYROIDISM since last 4 years and is undergoing ALLOPATHIc treatment for that.

    Please suggest if there is some effective treatment in Homoeopathy for the same and how much time does it take normally for complete cure.

    Thanks and regards.


  757. Sir really a good article. I m clear now.but the problem in me is different which doesn’t stick to one medicine I feel.the symptoms u give for a medicine suits me .but if I read next I feel that also suits me what to do?my problem is excessive hair fall.I lost my hair.and I m on medication thyroidinum 3x.but my hairfall is not controlling.I crave for sweets,I weeps for music,inability to take desicion,can I eat lycopodiumclavatum DR please suggest.mail me .

  758. syed ather hussain bokhari says:

    my wife is facing with hypothyroidism with THS TEST IS 13,she is loosing,memory is getting weak,feels cold advise .

  759. Mahinder kaur says:

    I am suffering from thyroid ,and I am too much sensitive can’t bear heat or cold putting a lot of weight taking 150 power pills,

  760. Hello Sir,

    My marriage fixed on December and the engaged girl have the problm of throyid. It will create any problem in the future life. And throyid diesease have any treatment in homeo to stop. Now she is taking daily tablets. Please advise sir.


  761. Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am diagoned as subclinical hypothyroid with TSH level 6.18 where upper limit normal was reported as 4.20. The diagnosed date is in june 2014
    The only symptom is feel is that my middle hairline’s hair is scarce and recently I observed that I get mensuration after 2 months and lasts for 14 days with heavy blood clots.The latter has happened continuously 2 times, which means that over the last 4 months, this symptom is there, rest else is unnoticeable.

    reetu sharma

  762. dr,my sister is having a weight of 85kgs and b.p of 150/90mmof hg.she is 28 years of age and her height is 153cms.TSH level is cholesterol is 181 ,HDL 35and LDL is121

  763. maria teresa cadalzo says:

    Where can i buy that medicine

  764. I am mildly hypothyroid, post menopausal, with symptoms of hair thinning and hair fall as also insomnia. Any homeopathic suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks.

  765. Iffat Qureshi says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. Mi name is effey. I am 49 years old. I have Thyroid problem. Every morning i go to the washroom 4 times within 2 hours. My throat is always dry. I drink lots of water. My hair are falling very fast. Please help me and prescribed me a medicine that help me. Thank U VERY MUCH

  766. Poulami Banerjee says:

    Suffering from hypothyroidism for a long time. Taking those Thyrox-50 tablets has lot of side effects. Read through the column above. My symptoms mathches as those given under “Natrum Muriaticum” and “Sepia Officinalis”. So, I cannot understand which medicine to take?

    Thanks and regards.

  767. Antara Bhattacharya says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am a female and I am 25 years old. I have been diagnosed for hypothyroidism about a month before. The allopathic doctor took a blood test and found the TSH level to be 12.5. To confirm the hypothyroidism he did some other blood tests (antibodies) and confirmed that I have to start taking medicines. Since last one month, I am taking Eltroxim 50 mcg tablet everyday one in the morning with empty stomach. Doctor said that after 2 months I need to see him again to adjust the dose if required. As symptoms of hypothyroidism, I do not have much to say. I have gained weight of around 1 to 2 kgs. I am 5 feet 6 inch and my weight is 65 kg. I am also having dry skin problem (on face & hands) for last one month and it has not gone even if I am taking Eltroxim for last one month. Following are some additional information, may be useful:
    – I have a 2 years old baby
    – I was also detected for low vitamin D and low iron level. I am taking medicines for these as well as prescribed by doctor.

    I want to treat my hypothyroidism and get rid of it by using homoeopathic medicine. Please give me your valuable advice.

  768. hai sir,
    i am sivaranjani my brother in law affect in thyroid problem in neck position her age is 13 sir .she take fecus vesiculus 1st 1 week that was reduced sir but after that no change he became raise what is the best medicine for her sir.

  769. Meena Qureshi says:

    Dear doctor,

    My name is Meena. I was diagonosed with hypothyroidism a few years back. I was prescribed thyroxine medicine.After taking the medicine 75 mcg for 6 day i got palpitations and breathlessness. So docs could not help me so now.i am using 100mcg thyroxine. And need to.take more throxine.but i dont want to take more becis of side effects.can i just give up my thyroxine and switch to homepathic treatment. I am 48 years. I feel hot in

  770. Bharti Khanna says:

    I developed hypothyroidism during my second pregnancy. I’m taking 75 mg dose of thyronom. Is there any cure for it.

  771. I need contact details to take homeopathy treatment

  772. Jai P. Pandey says:

    Hi.. Dr. Sharma,
    I am an Architect, by profession, with keen interest in homeopathy… Have been reading your posts with appreciation for your analytical studies of indicative medicines…
    Would like to keep in touch with you for my learning process about analytical application in homeopathic treatment…
    Shall be grateful if you would assist me in my interest with your regular input thru your posts and articles.. And include me on ur Facebook.. For regular interaction..

  773. Dear Dr.,
    My basic details are-
    Age- 47(Male)
    Ht. : 5’5″
    Wt. : 62 Kg. (constant over last 6-7 years)
    Nature- Kafa, irritable,

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (TSH Level- 3.52). T3 & T4 levels are normal.
    I’ve been prescribed Throxine 25 mg daily. I was also administered Vit D-3 for some time.
    My problems are-
    -Blurring in eyes (bad eyesight- started a few months back)
    -Hair loss, dull hair- started a couple of months back
    -Dull / rough skin, acne (for last 5-6 years)
    -Dark circles around eyes (2-3 years)
    -Fatigue, low energy (more than a year)
    -Forgetfulness (started a few months back)
    -Averse to cold and extreme hot
    -Bloated stomach (Just after meals)
    -Gas and constipation (2-3 years)
    -Pain in muscles (Whole body)
    -Pain in abdomen (sometimes extreme)
    -Bad breath
    -Thick White coated tongue
    -Head is always heavy
    -No motivation, always worried about falling health

    I have a liking for sweet things (sugar/jaggery/sweets) and spicy food (which I normally try to avoid). Cauliflower, Urad dal and maida preparations aggravate the problem (specially of gas and constipation). I’ve heard allopathic medicines for hypothyroid are a life-long thing, so I want to go for Homeopathy.
    Pl advise me. Thanks

  774. Dr.Nishi : Thank you for your call. As mailed by you ,if God wills I will contact you by phone at your fixed time on 12 th sept. Regards.

  775. Sir, I am aged 52 now , when I was 16 yrs of age I had an epileptic attack ,was standing resting hands on a table,the time was around 2 pm suddenly I felt numbness in my limbs and hands,lost conciousness and slowly fell to the ground unconcious for upto 10 min. My family members took to an allopathy Doc. who brushed off saying,that,s common in children and not to be taken seriously.Then I was studying in 9 th grade at a High School.After 2 yrs later the period of attacks continued with aggressiveness ,,convulsions,froth from mouth and tongue biting.Attacks were frequent,say twice a week,concentration in studies was disturbed and had to discontinue from 1st pre- university.Due to this epileptic problem I was self confined in my house . Took medicines of all types ranging from allopathy,ayurveda,kottakkal -kerala.Before 12 yrs I started taking Homeopathic Medicine which was found to be working wonderfully ,and felt my normal life returned back.That was for 4 yrs only,coz, unfortunately the Doc.who treated me expired, I was normal for 2 yrs ,again I had an attack ,so I could,nt find a good Homeopath Doc.I had to take Allopathy med. starting with vALPARIN 500mg to be taken 3 times a day.Now the Doc.has decreased my dosage to 500mg 2 times a day.after starting this attacks have subsided,but have problem with memory , concentration and Impotency{premature ejaculation}.Now am having a son of 16 yrs , my wish is to have another M/F Child. Waiting for your kind suggestion. Thank you.

  776. hey
    good too see this very informative article . i do have a question I did not have symptoms at first only my glands are swelling . im using homeopathy medicines is that will be good ?
    because i do have fear about taking thyroxine ,people say if you take this once ,you will be haviing for forever . im 22 ,underweight (48) 5’5 height and its not the effect im underweight since childhood . and my tsh level is high its 100.00 and t4 is 2.7
    can you prescribed me . i just took 1 day med from homeopathy .
    i will be waiting for your reply .

  777. sir

    i have cold intolerance easily catch the cold & cough with slight chang ein weather but i am lean person not obesed

    get easily fatigued,there is loss of hair also & often troubled by nocturnal emissions

    so recommend me the best suited medicine with right potency

  778. Yadram Rawat says:

    I have aptoblem of hyperthyroidism

  779. Shalini Sharma says:

    Dear sir, I’m 36 yrs old woman and I am suffering from hypothyroidism since I was 13 yrs old. Since then I’m taking eltroxin but of no use. My tsh level is 19.97 and t3 is 116 where as t4 is 8.1 . My weight is 95kg n height is 5.2 ft. My Color is pale. I’m irritable, love loneliness n listening to soft music. I’m a housewife. I have cravings for salt. I’m very moody. I’m afraid of water like rivers n seas. I feel frequent need to urinate. My head becomes numb for some time. There are regular cramps in my calf muscles. I always feel sleepy n restless. I like loose clothes . I can’t stand cold weather. I always feel like lying down. Normal eye sight.

  780. Ghazala Rubi says:

    I am a thyroid patient from last more than 5 years and on medication of Thyroxin 1 tablet daily.

    Though my T3, T4 and TSH and normal many times but started suffering from High Blood Pressure,
    Weight gain badly,
    mood swing badly.
    I m very peaceful person but many times became low in confidence level, started weeping sometimes badly.
    cant tolerate heat, as impossible to tolerate more heat.
    I think all these are due to thyroid problem

  781. hi doctor,
    I am hypothyroid patient. my TSH range is 7.25 mg and T3 and T4 are with in the range. I am very thin and i have constipation problem and also have hair falling. what medicine is suitable for me in homeopathy. please suggest me medicine and their potency and how they are used?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Dear,
      Did any doctor tell you any treatment for the hypothyroid. because the same problem is with me. I have hypothroid but I am very thin and T3 and T4 are normal.

      Please reply at or 8090458168

  782. Sir,
    my T3 and T4 level is under range but TSH lavel is high about 16 . presently i have take the eltroxine tablet100 mcg one tablet per day , but after take 150 mcg tablet dose per day ,now my TSH level is under the range (3.99) . i have gain weight . what homeopathy medicine have been taken by me
    and sir i have a question , its is curable or not i mean homeopathy medicine ever been used or not.
    Reply soon sir and thanks again

  783. Hello dr.
    I have hair fall problem…my hair is shedding day by day.
    Recently,i have tested by Tsh level & it is 5.33. Everyone is saying that it is normal range but m putting my weight per kg in every one month.
    please recommend me…the best solution which help me to diagnose my problem.

  784. Gareth Dobson says:

    I am 62 years of age and have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroxin for which I have been prescribed a single 100mg tablet of levothyroxine a day. I visited the doctor initially because I felt that my energy levels had dropped considerably and I was feeling far more tired and irritable. My bowel movements had also changed with greater frequency and some hardening of the stool. I would like to be able to correct the thyroid deficiency naturally through diet or herbal remedies if that is possible and would be grateful for any assistance that you can provide.

  785. mahesh sharma says:

    dear Dr.Sharma
    my age is 40 male
    my free Triiodothyronine (FT3) IS 2.39
    my free Thyroxine (FT4) IS 0.49……………….LOW
    my THS 3RD generation ultra (THS3-UL) IS 169……………HIGH
    KINDLY advice in homeopathic tratment.

  786. Doctor , I have just done blood work, and TSH is 20.1, T3 and T4 are within range. All else is normal. I have no classic symptoms, constipation, wt gain/loss, hair loss, etc. My BP suddenly spiked last week, so met a cardio and he suggested BP tabs and blood work.
    This seems an atypical case, so what homeo remedies are there? I have only been using homeo meds since past 40 years. I am 76 yrs old and no health issue until now. I have glaucoma and take the necessary drops to keep occular pressure under control. My eyes are fine as checked two days ago.

  787. Dear sir,

    My age is 26 years, male

    I am having so much pain in my all body muscles from 1 month so i went to doctor.

    Suddenly i have done reports and it comes very unexpected results like hypothyroid which is TSH more then 100

    S.creatinine is at 1.56 mg/dl
    D3 is very low at 12.2 ng/ml
    Sodium is nearly 150.0 mmol/L
    Haemoglobin comes to 11.9

    I am not taking any type of pain killers even i hate alopathy medicines i just took homeopathy medicine which is for cold and bodyache.

    Pls can u suggest something which can cure my problems soon. As i havent taken any medicine for thyroid.

  788. Beena Babu says:

    Please give me your valuable suggesions on my problems.
    Thanking you. Beena.

  789. Beena Babu says:

    Doctor I am Mrs Beena age 45. I got my periods in age of 10. I got married in the age of 18 I have got my first child in the age of19. I have 3 children all normal delivery. 15 years back when i consulted doctor he said that I am a Thyroid patient and started to take Thyronorme. After some time I stopped using it when I had a chance to spend a vacation abroad. Then it went on for a long time mean while i went through many illness . Again I consulted a Thyroid specialist he too said same thing and ad viced to start Elthrocine dose was like for the first weak take at bed time after that early morning. When i started my second weak morning intake I had a problem which I cant explain in words. Some kind of difficulty to hold my head. If I take the the medicine in correct time in the morning no problem by mistake if I take it after breakfast then starts the problem and finely I stopped the medicine. Then I approached a Homeo Doctor started to use medicines for the last 10 years. My problem is that I always get stones in my kidney. Twice I got it removed by laser and once by a clinical procedure like hitting from outside using a machine it was failure n i got it cleared by Homeo medicine. In 2013 April I had undergone a laser treatment and they placed a stent to correct the shrinkage happened in the tube due to stone , it was my daughters wedding time that I didn’t get time to take care of myself. The very next day after the wedding I got admitted in the hospital due to infection. After a week’s heavy antibiotics i breached home soon I stopped my English medicines I went back to Homeo. After 4 mouths I was again addmitted in the hospital to remove the stent. At the tome of stent removal they found another stone which they said they didn’t attempt to remove because they doubted i may get infected again so i corrected it with Homeo. After a years gap i always had small small pains in the left side lower abdomen and back. My urine colored yellow and smelly if don’t have enough water intake.I also have some problem in my pelvis I have done erosion one year after my last delivery last year my Gynecologist told me thy found a sall type of malignancy in the pelvic region and advised to repeat the colposcopy every six months . Last month I had a full body check up . M ultra sound scan shows Gall bladder calculus and 2 -3 calculi in both kidneys and my HB is 11gm/dl , Packed cell volume (pcv) 33%. Fasting Glucose is 108. SWerum Cholesterol is 234 , Triglycerides is 88 mg , HDL is 56mg , LDL 160 MG , VLDL is 18mg ,S. Calcium is 8.3 mg .
    T3 (Method ; CLIA) 83 ng/dl
    T4 (Method ; CLIA) 7.08 ug/dl
    TSH (Method ; CLIA) 0.91 ulU/ml
    Kidney function Test
    Urea 19 mg/dl
    Creatinine 0.8 mg/dl
    Uric Acid 3.8 mg/dl
    Microscopy : Smear shows sheets , clusters as well as scattered single superficial, intermediate and occasional parabasal cells along with few clusters of metaplastic sqamous cells on a background of cervical mucus and neutrophils. Some of the Epithelial cells show inflammatory change. No atypical cells seen.
    Impression : Inflammatory Smear with squamous metaplasia .

  790. Mrs Itu Nayek says:

    i’m32 yrs old,mother of two child suffering from hypothyroedism.i take thyronorm 25mcg problem is that my weight is just 42kg height 5feet one inch and feels pain in the legs at night.i want to put up little weight and get rid of pains. i seek your advice

  791. Hi my sister is 34 years old and her T4 is 45 and TSH is low.she suffers from heart palpitations, depression, anger and hair.Is there any homeopathic medicine and is hyperthyroidism curable?

  792. Maria Pavlidis says:

    I have elevated levels of anti-TPO (75) and anti-Tg (150)antibodies. My T3, T4, and TSH are within normal levels. I have suffered a miscarriage 4 months ago (at 14 weeks gestation) and am currently pregnant again. I am slightly overweight and have a great problem in losing weight. What would you suggest?
    Thank you!

  793. Hello doctor, ihave hypothyroid after pregnancy but after 2 yrs tsh is still high when i drop 2 months tablets want to know that is it possible to cure thyroid disease with 100% guarantee in homeopathy. Please help with some suggestions on how to cure this disease wholly if it is possible.

  794. manjeet kaur says:

    My TSH level is high. I am taking thyroxin 100mcg. I have put on lots of weight. I am 52 years old. My face, arms and body remains swelling all the time. I am always sleepy and tired. I have High blood pressure also. Please suggest the medicine and please let me know whether i am suffering from hyper or hypo thyroidism. My upper arms keeps increasing day by day. what should I do. I think I have water retention tendency also.

  795. Hello
    I should take hormons from 15 of September 2014
    Can I avoid this and to treat my Hashimoto with Homeophatia

  796. my tsh is 7.9, age 52 , attained menopause at 50 , weight 68kg
    problem areas – obesity , excessive heat in body, excessive hair fall, pigmentated skin , weakened memory & foggy brain (had a very sharp one, as I was an all rounder& topper)

  797. Nasir Mehmood says:

    i am 34 years and my tsh is high as 13.34. i am feeling tired all the tim
    e .hair loosed. gastric problems. allways suffering from influenza. excessuve sneezing. soaring in throat. free t4 t3 are normal. please guide and prescribe

  798. My wife is having hypothyroid. After taking medicine from a homeopath for 3 months, she has the face swollen. The area around both the eyes are swollen to the extent that eyes are almost half closed for view. When she touches the face while washing she feels pain. When consulted, the homoeopath told us that it is due to less blood in her body. Please advice.

  799. Dear Dr Sharma:

    I m 29 yr old umarried male fair complexioned.. I have TSH reading of 6.10.. Whereas my T3 and T4 are normal.. I read in yor blog n found thst Calcarea carbonica matches my cimplaint.. How shud i take dis medicine.. Kindly shed light on dosage..

    Thank you Dr Sharma

  800. Robin Spradley says:

    I had blood test. Like 5 yesrs ago. It showed my thyroid was not working. I have been tskingsynthroid. I am swetting a lot, having major hair loss by the roots and my hair is breaking and dull. And I just don’t feel right. Sometimes I shake. I am 170 and should be 130. I am 5″2. What do u think.

  801. My daughter have thyroid problem. Her TSH is 7.3. She has stomach severe stomach pain in period.she has little hair growth on face .She is not over weight.her wt is 48 kgs & height 5 feet 2 in.
    Can you suggest some homeo medicine please

  802. Suchismita says:

    Pls mention d power of d medicines for d age of 34-35.
    Is it safe to take d medicine by following ur instruction only without consulting a doc?

  803. S.SIVASANKARI says:


  804. Suchismita Patra says:

    I have diabetes and thyroid too.I m suffering frm heavy hair fall, gastric and sometimes constipation .I am suffering this since 3 three years.My sugar level is also high and remains uncontrollable. Please suggest me proper medicines sir.

  805. My SGOT is 93 and TSH is 7.5.

    What can i do?Suggest some medicine for me…Regard.

  806. Thyroid reading 8 was detected in march 2012.Started taking Throxin 12.50 and now ia taking 75Mg and still it is 8 what to their some homeopathy medicine

  807. jayashree says:

    dear sir my wife is suffering from hypothyroidism since 3 years.she is taking allopathy mediciene thyroxine 100mcg daily morning on empty my doubt is before starting mediciene her menstuation cycle was normal.but after starting the medicienes, her periods become irregular. and now her hair falling complaint,and acidity problem is increasing day by day. and now i want the solution or her problem.please reply me sir.thank you.

  808. Salma zaidi says:

    Thyroid level is 7.65 that is almost double of normal . I’m suffering extreme anxiety suddenly wake up from deep sleep feel suffocation can’t sleep and feel to go out home in open air sometime to cry and can’t breath normal though I don’t out of breath. Gain weight a lot

    • Dear Sir,

      My wife Thyriod level is 7.Her age is 29. now she is continue fatiuge and day by day increase more without any reason. even she take less food throughout the day and even walking everyday. Weight is gaining and gaining. Also she take Thyrin 25 in everyday. but weight is not response, even she is take less food and also hardwalking. could you please suggest Homeopath can help this situation.

  809. punam chand nahata says:

    my wife is suffering from thyroid.previousely she has been given medicine by alopetic doctor,but no use, in test report it is 10.5. can u suggest any medicine.

  810. Dear Dr. Shrama,

    I am suffering form Hypo thyroid form last ten years; I take thyroid 100 every morning. But I am feeling extremely tired and cold. I am also suffering form hair loss and weight gain. Sudden blurring in eyes and strain in temple area are another symptoms.

    Kindly advise me the medicines, and restrictions to be followed.

    Thanks & Regards,

  811. Sir,
    I have following problems: hair fall (in my family no one have bald hair)
    heart beat rate is more (abnormal)
    more tideness
    dull face
    itching at below of penies
    According to my blood report my tsh level is 150

  812. Hannah Calder says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Im a 27 year old single mother and I constantly feel tired, even when I get 9 hours of sleep. I work as a valet attendant 5 days a week, I run/walk 5-8 miles a day. I always try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep, which is easy for me. I started taking multi-vitamins and Biotin, and eating more protein to see if that helped. After I had my son, I began taking bioanue’s Hormone Mender. It really helped me get my hormones at a more stable level. But now I feel, there is more going on. Im always really tired, low energy and even feel depressed and irritable towards eveyone. Its like a constant struggle to stay positive and keeep a high energy level for my son. I want to see if you think these may help, and which ones i should take. Thank you for your time.

  813. Jilesh tank says:

    Which r doses prescribing in hypothyrodism patient.
    Also suggest frequency advisable.

    • sudarshan kumar says:

      tsh is more than 6.72 and having hair fall prolem,Is permanent cure is possible in homeopathic treatment

      sudarshan kumar

  814. Monish Ghosh says:

    Dr. Sharma

    I am suffering from hypothyroidism since 2010. When it was first detected, my TSH level was more than 20. I am on medication (Thyronorm-100 mcg) till date but I am suffering from

    (a) Excessive hair loss;
    (b) Constant fatigue, inability to concentrate and forgetfulness;
    (c) irritability.

    Kindly advise me on my condition.

    With Regards

    Monish Ghosh

  815. chhayathakur says:

    hi dr i m 43 yer old lady my thyorid is 8.4 plese tell me the treatment it was 18 yers old thyorid…. thnx chhaya thakur

  816. dr.javed khaliq says:

    thanks for spreding your expereans

  817. Jahangir Bukhari says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am 31 years old married.
    I have a diffuse Goiter since 2009.Now the Thyroid is big in size.I feel fatigue,pain,vomiting,irregular heart beat,stress,immune problem.
    My endocrinology reports are
    Endocrinologist diagnosed me the Hypothyroidism.He advised me the
    Tab Indiral
    Vitamin D3 & Iodine salt.
    But I don’t feel well yet.
    Please recommend the best Homeopathic medicine for me to best cure.
    I will be very thankful to you.
    Waiting your kindlay reply at

    Best regards
    Jahangir Bukhari.

    • waliullah chowdhury says:

      আমার ওজন = ৭১ কেজি, হমিও কি ঔসধ খাব জানালে ভাল হ্য।
      উচ্চতা= ৫’-১”
      বয়শ= ৬০ বছর,
      TSH= 21.4
      হজম কম=
      প্রশ্রাবে দুরগন্ধ,
      পায়খানা অপরিমিত,
      হাড়ে ও গিটে বেথা হয়,
      Tab= Thirox 1 1/2 করে খাই,

  818. Barbara Elmore says:

    I would like to know how homopathy can help me with my conditions.


  819. B SIVA KUMAR says:

    I have a complaint of Dermatitis on the left leg near ankle. Bony tumor on forehead left-side. There is bony tumor on right side above the neck and just at the base of skull.
    Flabby personality. Tendency to gain wait. desires of sweet. profuse sweating.

  820. ΜΑΡΙΑ ΝΤΙΝΟΥ says:


  821. HArish Singla says:

    I have constipation leading to piles
    I have bloated stomach and acidity
    I don’t have weight gain but am overweight , despite doing yoga 3 days a week and gym 3 days a week, and daily calorie intake of about 1600 I cannot loose weight. I am 5’9” in height and weigh 81 kgs, 48 yrs old
    I have hair fall and grey hair. I don’t have problem with cold but don’t like hot weather
    I have slightly elevated Thyroid reading
    Pl advise

  822. abhishek kumar says:

    i am suffering from thyroid from a year and symptoms are-
    -pain and swelling in neck region
    -cannot swallow water from my right side of throat
    -chest feels heavy with cough
    -extreme pain in legs and hand, as well as whole body
    -suffering pain in lower abdomen, pelvis, all the time
    -if i try to strech down or breath i suffer extreme pain in my back and below stomach
    i am sufferring from this problem from a year and shown to a many allopaty and homeopathy doctors but still not got cured.
    sir i request u to suggest me some homeopathy medicine as it has no side effects as soon as possible,please
    thanking you
    Abhishek kumar

  823. SATISH SHARMA says:

    MY daughter is having hypo thyrodism.she had TSH levels 150and closterol 260and slightlypuffyface,and extreme sesitivity to cold.she has been taking HRTfor two she feels okkindly suggest if it is possible to take homeopathic medicines with HRT and without side effects.and how to select the right medicine

  824. sir my symptoms are,
    Pain in knees
    mild fever
    pain in calf
    burning sensation in heel and palm

  825. Kiranjeet says:

    I’m 49 yr. Old female.
    Appearance – obese fair dry skin dry hair
    Surgeries-removed gall bladder and uterus.
    Have constipation problem.
    Feel pain in joints and four fingers of each feet.
    weight 75 no change in spite of yoga diet control
    pl. Help.

  826. ravneet bagga says:

    Specify the medicine that iam suffering from the problem of cough and cold due to climatic change by birth . Mycough sometime white or yellow comes from mouth or from nose .kindly tell me the curable medicine for it

  827. Rajendra Patil says:

    Dear Sir,iam recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism when my TSH Levels showed 12.90mciu/ml,T3 T4 Levels are under normal range.From the last 1to 1 & half year i have gained weight around 6kgs,iam 77kgs now.I had suffered with mental clouding,easy fatigue,drowsyness,lethargic,not active at all,slight cold intolerance……Now the physician has advised to take 50mg eltroxin daily.Now I would request you to suggest me if i should start the drug or if I should consult a Homeopath,Iam concerned as i have to to take the drug for life time or is Homeopathy have any permanant cure for hypothyroidism?Sir,please kindly guide me,will be waiting for your reply.Thank you sir.

    • anil kumar Vishwakarma says:

      Sir, I m 38 yrs old married person. My tsh level detected 14 in November 2014.
      Please suggest me homeopathic medicine to cure my tsh level. ….
      some info about me-
      1) weight 75kg
      2) depression since November,sleeping disorder
      3) increased tricholesterol,
      4) Bp remains high between 95 to 140
      5) feel weakness all of the day
      6) joint pain

      • Sasidharan says:

        Dear Doctor,

        My T3 T4 are normal. TSH is 45. Can it be cured by Calcarea Carbonica. If so suggest me the disage. How long I have to take the above medicine.


  828. umanath tewari says:

    i am umanath tewari lives in lucknow belongs to india… sir.. i am an electrohomeopathist… & as my own hobby for self internal happiness with giving our services as homeopathist to povertyline below peoples. & also suffered peoples who suffers cronic deaseas long times.. and who have no choice to alive…. for helping them.. my self desire.. continew keeping our own knowledge update with current reasearch made & many type of new case studies….. thanking with best regards.. ur’s new freind .. umanath tewari, lucknow india..05.06.2014

  829. sonal sembhi says:

    Hello doctor, i want to know that is it possible to cure thyroid disease with 100% guarantee in homeopathy. Please help with some suggestions on how to cure this disease wholly if it is possible.
    Sonal sembhi.

  830. rani gupta says:

    her hemoglobin is 12.6, blood sugar (fasting )is 214.7, thyroid stimulating hormone is 9.43 T.S.H-in case of primary hypothyroidism T3&T4 levels are low and TSH levels are significantly elevated. Although elevated TSH levels are nearly always indicated of primary hypothyroidism, goitre is associated with raised level of thyroid hormones and depressed or undetectable levels of TSH. her age is 59 his lower part of the body is very heated & swelling in both legs as well as constipation also

  831. hello sir,soo many sipmtoms of thyorid disorder i have like extreme fatigue,depression,mood swing,weight gain,sooo much headaque,dizziness,dry skin,forgetfulness but my body is very hot not cold.i am 40 years of age.would you suggest me any medicine which is suit able in my situation.i will be very thankful if you do this faiver for me.

  832. Karam dhillon says:

    Hello sir, my ths is 4.69 for the last four years , I fell chill ,blotting ,constipation ,irritable nature ,excessive hair fall and black circles under eyesand always feel tired and sleepy .what to do ?????? Please help.

    • catusha warry says:

      symptoms as follows:
      chilliness, especially after eating
      constantly feeling under the weather ie cold symptoms
      very bad short term memory
      slight weight gain
      periods have stopped
      tendency to go to the toilet too much vs too little
      very quick to anger/uncontrollable rages – desire to shout/scream/rant

      My diet is somewhat erratic, I often exercise too much and suffer terribly from stress. Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
      Thanks and best,
      Catusha Warry

  833. nidhi bhatia says:

    I am suffering from weight is 72 and i am 5 ‘2 in height.i am doing workouts too but i can not loose weight.i use to take thyroxine 62.5 .plz suggest what can i do to loose skin too is geeting loose,dull and dark.plz help me.

  834. Hema chattoo says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma: I have been taking 150mg of Levothyroxine daily for the past two months. I notice that my already thin hair is falling out even more, and appears more greasy than before. I am 51 years old, what can I do to make myself feel better. I have eliminated all soy products from my diet. I have been vegan for almost 20 years, no alcohol. I don’t know what to eat or drink anymore. I don’t drink coffee or soda. I use very little sugar, for the past two months cooked with only olive oil. However, when I eat out, i am not sure what the food is cooked with. I feel very frustrated. Please tell me what natural products I can use to make myself healthier.

  835. Honey Agrawal says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I have hypothyroidism, and PCOD. I’m fat and flabby with excess weight on thighs, buttocks and arms. I hv cold intolerance. I hv no emotional issues, I’m very stable that ways. I crave for sweet tho, especially near my periods. I have a cycle of 35-37 days. I tend to eat more out of stress which is very rare. I hv no profuse sweating. I hv continuous constipation. I am anaemic too. Please suggest a best possible combination of homeopathy medicines that provide the best weight loss and constipation relief .

    • Honey Agrawal says:

      I’m also taking 125mcg of thyronorm every morning….!!!

      • Hello Doctor, I am a fifty one year old female , suffering from sudden hair loss, 2 to 3 kgs of weight gain, little bit memory loss and heaviness in the body. I got my menopause in the mid of 2012.Right now I am taking amlopress-L for blood pressure in the morning time after food. With that I am allergic to collected dust & cold , so asthama attacks frequently. Even my mom had asthama . I will use foracort inhaler & asthaline inhaler medicines when asthma attacks.
        I am done with blood test for thyroid , my T3 & T4 levels are within the normal range but my TSH level is 5.76 mcIU/ml. So the doctor prescribed me Thyronorm 25mcg to take before food in the morning. Nobody have thyroid problems in my family.
        Before starting this medicine, I have so many doubts with side effects, life long dependency on this medicine etc. I heard homeopathy is the best one to treat this problem.
        So I request you to guide me properly about the type of medicine, doctors, & diet & exercises and everything regarding my problem. Right now , I am not yet stared any medicine and eagerly waiting for your advice. I hope you will oblige my request.
        I am blessed with two children, first one is girl of 28 years of age and a boy of 23 years. Both from normal deliveries. My height is 5 ft and weight is 56.5kgs.

  836. R/ sir
    i hv problem of irregular menses and white discharges
    and also suffering from headache since 1 year
    what should i take

  837. Arabella Patrick says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, Here is my problem: I am suffering from skin rashes on the face and neck which die down and flare up . they are more evident around the neck and chest which is itchy and scaly and around the eyes. They started in early spring and a day spent in the sun gardening and may have coincided with anti-biotic medicine taken for a left ear infection ( this was with spinning dizziness when I turn to the left which I still have) . I also feel extremely tired and sleepy most of the time and sometimes have a very severe headache with the tiredness. My hands and feet are cold and I feel best tucked up in a warm bed with my face exposed to fresh air ! Maybe an underactive thyroid. I am a Vata/Pitta body type and am carefully following a healthy diet. so far I have only taken one course of cortisone for the rash and have avoided taking another , wishing to resolve the cause of this problem. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. (I am 55 and in menopause from 1 year, fair skinned with light brown hair/blue eyes/medium-thin build)

  838. Paresh P. Wadnerkar says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Please give me your e-mail address. I will e-mail you the recent reports & problems of Hypothyroidism which I have been suffering.

  839. Srinivas Kilambi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    May daughter is 10 years old and has hypothyroid. She had TSH of 12 in 2012; 10 in 2013 and now 2.83. She is taking 50 microgram thyroxine every day. We did her blood test and found that her antibodies TPO is 139 (last year was 48) and TGAB is 22

    She has gained some 6-8 kgs in 1 year and her height is 5-3″ and weight is 65 kg

    What do we do Sir. thanks


  840. Respected sur..
    here all the meficin like Calc carb. Lycopodium.. Sepia off. Grahp. Etc are catacter is chilly patient but if the patient thermal reaction is hot who suffering from hypothyroudism then which medicine will more helpful..? Please..
    Thanking u …

  841. Manider kaur says:

    Medicine for thyroid tsh level is18

  842. vivek kumar says:

    My wife is 40 years old. Her thyroid test is normal (within range) but her symptoms are of Hypothroidism like increase in weight, hair loss, lethargy, skin eruptions, flatulence feeling sleepy, don’t like to work means she feels to sleep most. Please suggest.

    • Hi sir,
      I’m having hypothyroid from past 4years.from last five months I have used I’m on homeopathic totally satisfied with the medicine I’m taking but,I noticed excessive weight gain n most surprisingly I noticed a vast difference on breast increased a 36 yrs of this happens only when we use homeopathy medicine..?now I’m totally confused whether to continue or to this medicine.pls pls suggest me n clear me on this doubt…

  843. B VENUGOPALA RAO, 63Yrs says:

    14th April, 2014
    Sir, Once, I have tested thyroid profile where in I found T4 3.9 and TSH 66.12 and the Homeo MD prescribed Thyroidinum 6x, which I used two times daily with special pills. After a period of two months again tested for T4 & TSH. This resulted in T4 being 3.6 and TSH at 68.5. Visited the Home MD and expressed badly why is it so enhanced. Even after taking the drugs at least it must be evenly with the previous results are in increased levels of T4 and decreased levels of TSH. The MD said it is a difficult task to control hypothyroidism and given small pills spilled with some concentrate liquid to use as usual for a period of two months with primary Thyroidinum 6x.
    In the said circumstances, I request you to please inform me how homeopathy of your knowledge will help me to produce thyroxin harmones to the optimum level in my Thryoid gland.

    Anticipating better know how,

    Thanking you Sir,

  844. Linda S. says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I’m writing to thank you for posting all this important information online, and for free. I’m fairly new to homeopathy and have so much to learn but, already, homeopathy has worked many wonders for my family.

    With much appreciation,
    Linda S.

  845. taking @ present levothyroxine 75mcg out of meds 3rd day what homepathic med is comparable to this kind and dose for me ? am diabetic, taking red yeast rice, glipizide, and vitamins,

  846. I did not know that I was suffering from hypothyroidism for 2 1/2 years but probably started earlier and I was so sick that I thought I was dying.
    I changed physician and went to another one but they just thought I had too many physical and mental symptoms. By that time I probably looked as crazy as I felt and I was desperate. I finally went to a chiropractor that practiced some homeopathy. That’s when I found out the diagnose. What a relief! so I thought. I am now on 50 mcg of Eltroxin.
    I am full of anger, aggressive, anxious, depressed and not motivated, feeling weak with still suffering from hypothermia all dressed, headache on top of head and forehead, fat, greasy hair, crusting brown spots on my body but lots on my back , affected my vision and affected my earring on my right side. I damaged a lot of my relationships beyond repair because they don’t understand why I changed so much. I underestimated this sickness and the effect it would have on me and on my life. My new physician does not even check to see if I have the right dosage of medication and I feel like I’ m being punished for going out of the tradional way to help myself. I do not want to live like this anymore and I need to fix this so I can I my life back

    • I am suffering hypothyroidism and now my Tsh is 7.16 I am taking eltroxin 100mg. But I want to cure from this disease . Please advise ur treatment.

      • Maitreyee Chowdhury says:

        Respected Sir, I am 53 year old,I got my menopause in last December When I used to go to gym,my wait was reducing,but suddenly I observe middle part of the neck was slightly I did my Thyroid test and the Doctor suggested me to take Thyroxin in very lower dose( first it was 6.1 then after taking medicine it became 7 TSH )again he increased the dose,after taking two days,my face was swelling, so I stopped the medicine Now I am putting weight and I feel unbearable pain on my left hill. summer season also If u suggest homeopathy medicine for me, I will be oblized

        • Maitreyee Chowdhury says:

          Respected Sir, I am 53 year old,I got my menopause in last December When I used to go to gym,my wait was reducing,but suddenly I observe middle part of the neck was slightly swollen. I did my Thyroid test and the Doctor suggested me to take Thyroxin in very lower dose( first it was 6.1 then after taking medicine it became 7 TSH )again he increased the dose,after taking two days,my face was swelling, so I stopped the medicine Now I am putting weight and I feel unbearable pain on my left hill. summer season also I feel cold at night If u suggest homeopathy medicine for me, I will be oblized

      • Kh jayshree says:

        I hve hypothyriod problem for the past 20 yrs . I m 58 yrs old. Now i hve swelling in my legs n arms . How to reduce this . All these yrs i was taking 100 mg thyronorm but now for the past 2 yrs i take 200 mg thyronorm. But wt not reducing. Last yr i was diagnosed with breast cancer(left). Now sought of recovered. My hands n legs r fat v difficult . Pls advice .

    • Julie Sampson says:

      I have Hashimoto’s which was diagnosed about four years ago, I was put on levothyroxine but I stopped taking it as I didn’t want to take it for the rest of my life & be dependent on it. At the moment I am feeling very poorly, feeling very tired all of the time even when I wake up in the morning. My head feels tight & hurts most of the time. I cannot bear warm rooms or any heat I keep my bedroom cold & have the window open all of the time no matter how cold outside. I feel very stressed, with no energy & little stamina. I am now taking a thyroid glandular & vitamins & pregnenalone

    • I have hypothyroidism and I am in the menopause. The doctor gave me Calcarea Carbonica to take but I didn’t have improvement. I would like to take Sepia Officinalis because I identify a lot with what you wrote in the articicle. What would be the usual potency in this cases?

  847. In the year 2001 I suffered from TB of lymph node (submandibular gland) right side of my below jaw. I took allopathic drugs for 6 months and got rid of it. since then I sufferd from eosinophilic allergy and respiratory problem till 2008. Then allergy problem subsided. Later I got chronic pharyngitis in the year 2011 simultaneous ly I got detected for hypothyroidism with tsh being 10 t3 t4 was normal and started taking eltroxin 50 and till date suffering. Various visits to top ENT but no solution. Even some homoeopathy but no benefits. Recently got affflicted with left ear tinnitus. Now I got a USG of neck done both thyroid lobes contains 4mm multiple nodules.
    On left side a deep cervical lymph node has been found of size 13mm. On some occasions I feeel feverish not fever.
    I have fear of cancer or fearing recurring of past tuberculosis.
    I am confused please help me.
    Thank you.

  848. S.K.Chaudhary says:


    I am suffering from excessive sweat & have following symptoms.
    (a) Excessive sweat problem is since child hood & increasing trend. My age is 48 now.
    (b) I feel burning sensation in sole when wear shoe & well in palm.
    (c) I suffer from constipation & regularly taking bowl regulator medicine ( Naturolax). This problem is also gradually increasing.
    (d) I drink plenty of water ( about 15- 18 litres in a day) & internally feel hot.
    (e) I like cold climate & cold food. However I like salty food.
    (f) On the day if motion is not clear to the satisfaction the internal feeling hot & sweating tremendously increases.
    (g) I am thyroid patient since lase 10 years & taking Thronorm -100 medicine regularly.
    (h) I had taken Sanicula 30 / 200 medicine , it relived for few days but again started even with continuing medicine.
    (I) I am doing homeopathy treatment since last 10 years & some times for few days I got relived but again problem started.
    (j) I need to know what shall be right medicine & frequency of doses.

  849. Dear Dr. Sharma. I would like to have your advice in homeopathic tratment. I know how to advise something without full history of the patient. That because I took questionary online. May be it can help
    Thank you.

    1. Your age & sex 61 y.o., male

    2. Describe your appearance i.e. weight, height, body type (thin, medium, chubby, fat etc) 175 cm., 91 kg., little overweight, oval face, white, pale

    3. Your profession – Engineer

    4. Describe your personality in at least 20 words (stubborn, easy going, always in a hurry etc.)
    calm, accommodating, moderately sociable, sometimes irritable, but quickly calmed down, not jealous. I do not like very noisy events, thundering music. I love to be alone sometimes, like melodious music, go to a swimming pool and fitness

    5. What is your main health problem & its symptoms
    Actually I have two main problems. 1. Hypothyroidism, but this problem is under medical control. 2-3 times a year blood tests checking my TSH level.
    2. Adenoma BPH. Currently it worried me very much. PSA level is OK The symptoms are: frequent urination, have to wait to start, especially in public places, incomplete emptying feeling of the bladder, frequent need to urinate , interruption of the flow

    6. When did this main problem begin – Hypothyroidism about 16 years ago, Prostate about 10-11 years ago

    8. What makes the main problem better (pressure, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc.)
    warm shower make feel prostate better
    9. What makes it worse (pressure, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc.)
    when I drink too much water
    10. How do you feel mentally & emotionally during this problem (weepy, irritable, restless, sad, hopeless, fear of death etc.)
    Prostate problems prevent me feel comfortable, always have to search for a toilet when you go out for a long time or on vocations

    11. What other health problems do you have
    A) About 8 years I am suffering from Urticaria. Little spots or strips can appear on hand, armpit, other side of elbow, butt or other side of knee (some years this urticaria was even on scrotum). In several days they become bigger and bigger, the color is more red and itchy. Usually it last 3-6 weeks and then disappear by itself. Most of the times it appears in summer time or on vocations (for example in Caribbean) even in the winter. Many times I went to dermatology doctors they even took biopsy of skin , but say this is some kind of dermatitis, looks like Urticaria. They advise take Allegra every day and use different creams, but it does not help me.
    B) Back pain

    12. What makes these other health problems better or worse (explain each problem) – Urticaria: I feel better after shower , in cool room and worse when is stuffy and high humidity

    13. How do you relax – Go to gym, watching TV, walking

    14. Do you normally fight or avoid confrontation – try to avoid confrontation

    15. What animals or insects are you afraid of – snake, scorpion, rats

    16. What situations are you afraid of (e.g. heights, closed spaces, ocean, darkness etc) – heights

    18. How do you respond to consolation & sympathy – positive, but do not like if it is too much

    19. Do you want to stay alone or with people – depending of situation, but mostly with people

    20. How is your sleep – normal 6-7 hr.

    21. Do you have any recurring dreams – No
    22. What type of weather do you like and how it affects your complaints –
    22-25C early autumn. The summer is worse time for my skin problems.

    24. What type of clothes you wear (tight, loose, around neck etc) -Tight clothes make me uncomfortable. Around neck suppose to be free.

    25. What foods you like – European style food (chicken, beef , fish, chees, fruits, vegetables

    26. What foods you dislike – seafood, too spicy food

    27. What taste you like (sweet, salty, sour, bitter) – sweet

    28. What taste you dislike – bitter and if it is very fishy

    29. Do you like warm or cold food – both, depending of food (soup or sandwich)

    30. Do you want to eat indigestible foods (chalk, mud….) No

    31. How is your thirst (less, moderate, excessive) – less, close to moderate

    32. Do you have dry lips or mouth or both – sometimes

    33. Any coating on tongue first thing in the morning, if yes, details (color, where exactly) – no

    34. Any taste or smell from your mouth first thing in the morning – No

    35. How is your skin (dry, oily, rough, acne, pustules, boils, psoriasis etc) – skin is clean, except urticarial time, may be little dry. sometimes I have seborrhea on my face and had

    37. Details about your sweat (where mostly, how much, smell, stain color) – usually I sweat not to much. Forehead more, body less. No specific smell, no stains after it dry.

    38. Any problems with eyes/vision – use glasses for reading

    39. Any problems with ears, nose, chest, throat – no

    40. How is your stool (details of how often, consistency, any blood, any particular smell etc.) – usually once a day, normal consistency, no blood or very bed smell. Sometimes have constipation

    41. How is your urine (details of color, smell, any blood etc.) Clear, no smell, no blood

    42. How is your sexual life & desire. Libido got lower

    43. Males genitals (erection, pain, itching etc.) . Have erection, no pain sometimes have itching in scrotum.

    46. Are you taking any medicines (allopathic, homeopathic, supplements, acupuncture etc.) – Synthroid 150mcg for thyroid problem, Flomax 0.4mg for prostate, vitamin D3, sow palmetto supplements before I start try homeopathic (about 3-4 month ago), Urtica urens 6x – when rush appeared in the summer, Sbal serr. 30c -10 days, then Sbal serr. Q -10 drops 3 times a day- 30 days, But actually no significant improvement.

    47. Have you had any surgeries or implants, if yes, give details – Tonsils removal 33 years ago

  850. Anxiety with depression getting worse during ovulation–crying spells and suicidal on Rx with Nexito once a day. Feel better on and off. Very low self esteem. 22yrs age.
    Thank you

  851. Dr. Sayeed Ahmad says:

    Very informative article. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge. Regards

    • Ravinder kour says:


    • ramandeep kaur says:

      Respected sir,i m taking thyriod medicine from 3 years but no effect i m taking allopathic med.,actually mainly i m suffered from hypothyriod with heart palpition,and hair loss,but my wait is 42 kg constant by 3 years and i m 30 years old ,having 1 baby.please suggest me what can i do?
      I have to go for hoemopathic med.or have to wait for allopathic result.
      now my value of tsh is 48.
      plz.suggest me.

      • Sri lakshmi says:

        Hi doctor
        I am suffering from hypothyroid. I lost my weight from 49 to 44. I m 33 years old. I can’t tolerate cool air now-a-days. Suffering from severe hair fall and heavy bleeding. My stool is little hard . My TSH level is 7.6. What medicine should I take for these problems. Plz send to my mail id. Thank you.

        • I am suffering from hypothyroid. I lost my weight from 49 to 44. I m 29 years old. I can’t tolerate cool air now-a-days. Suffering from severe hair fall and heavy bleeding. My stool is little hard . My TSH level is 7.6. What medicine should I take for these problems. Plz send to my mail id. Thank you.

        • tanzeel ather says:

          I am Tanzeel , 25 years old.My weight is 55 kg.I am suffering from thyroid from 2 years.Have regular constipation and means are not clear.
          What medicine should I take for these problems. Plz send to my mail id. Thank you.

    • Donna Simon says:

      Very good I to easily read. Thank you.

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