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Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Homeopathic remedies for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland is under active and does not produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormones required in the body. The most cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an auto immune disorder in which the antibodies are produced by the immune system against its own tissue, which in turn attacks the thyroid gland resulting in hypothyroidism. Severe Iodine defficiency can also lead to hypothyroidism. Natural Homeopathic remedies for hypothyroidism are highly effective and especially useful for people who want to avoid the side effects of prescription drugs.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Calcarea carb, Sepia, Lycopodium, Graphites and Nux Vomica are the leading remedies for hypothyroidism.

  1. Calcarea Carbonica: Calcarea Carbonica assumes the top most position in homeopathy for treating hypothyroid cases. It is one of the best remedy for hypothyroidism. Its use is highly recommended in obese people who are always chilly and cannot tolerate cold air. The patient requiring this medicine is fair complexioned, fatty and flabby. Excessive sweating on head is a leading feature for its use in hypothyroid patients.  Certain peculiarities in eating habits like craving for boiled eggs, desire for indigestible things like chalk, pencils, lime, and aversion to take fats also guide towards its use in patients of hypothyroidism. This medicine for hypothyroidism can also help in relieving constipation in hypothyroid patients; the peculiar feature is that the first part of stool is hard and is followed by soft stool. This medicine proves to be very efficacious in women with hypothyroidism who suffer from very profuse menses that continue for long durations and occur earlier than the expected date. Coldness of feet is always present during the menstrual period.
  2. Sepia Officinalis: Sepia Officinalis is also a significant medicine for treating the hypothyroid patients. The patients requiring this medicine are very weak, have a pale yellow face and faint very easily especially on exposure to excessive cold temperature. Such patients lack vital heat of body and feel excessively chilly even in a warm room. This medicine can help in treating the menstrual complaints in patients of hypothyroidism where the menses appear too early and are copious in nature. The menstrual complaints are always accompanied by bearing down sensations in pelvis where the patient feels as if the pelvic organs will come out through the vulva and always sit with cross legs to prevent the escape. Sepia Officinalis is also prescribed for controlling the excessive hair fall due to hypothyroidism, especially in women of menopausal age. The next sphere in which this medicine proves very efficacious is the treatment of constipation in hypothyroid patients. The patients requiring this medicine complain of very hard and difficult stool that is passed in small balls with excessive pain during the passing the stool process that continues for long time after the stool. The mental symptoms that are to be considered for its use in hypothyroid patients is extreme irritability and indifferent behaviour towards family members who were earlier very much loved. An unusual excessive craving for acidic things and pickles can also be present.
  3. Lycopodium Clavatum:This is an excellent thyroid Remedy. This medicine is mainly prescribed to those patients of hypothyroidism who suffer from gastric troubles. There is excessive flatulence in the abdomen with acidity that is mainly worse after taking farinaceous food. The complaints are mainly worse from 4:00pm-8:00pm. There is constipation with difficult, hard, incomplete stool. The person craves hot drinks and hot food; craving for sweets may also be found. The person is very weak with yellowish face and blue circles around eyes. The excessive hair falling in a hypothyroid person can be wonderfully tackled with this medicine’s use. The patients requiring this medicine are of very irritable nature and cannot bear little contradiction.
  4. Graphites: Graphites is mainly used for those patients of hypothyroidism who are very obese and take on cold very easily. The long standing constipation where the stool is hard and passes with great difficulty in lumps can be treated with this medicine. Such patients also complain of fullness in abdomen due to obstruction of flatus and desire to loosen the clothing to get relief. Mentally the patient is very depressed, sad and weeps easily on listening to music. Timidity and inability to take decisions may also be present.
  5. Nux Vomica: Nux Vomica is a wonderful remedy mainly prescribed in those patients of hypothyroidism who are extremely temperamental in nature and get offended very easily; such people are very sensitive to all external impressions. This medicine works wonderfully in treating the obstinate constipation in hypothyroid patients. The stool is scanty and unsatisfactory where the patient feels constant urge to pass stool but with little evacuation. Bloated feeling in the stomach after eating is also present. There is an excessive desire for stimulants like alcoholic drinks and coffee; fatty food and spicy food. Patient is very chilly. This medicine can also help those women of hypothyroidism who complain of prolonged menses where the menstrual blood is blackish and accompanied by fainting spells.

Other Important Remedies

1. When Weight  Gain is the Main Symptom

Calcarea Carbonica works well in controlling the excessive weight gain in patients due to hypothyroidism. The patient requiring this medicine is fatty, fair complexioned and flabby. Extreme sensitiveness to cold air is always present in the patient. Excessive sweating on the head usually at night time is also a very prominent symptom guiding towards using this medicine in weight gain. Another medicine Graphites works well in controlling the weight gain in those persons who are very obese, chilly and suffer from obstinate constipation. Lycopodium Clavatum is also a natural medicine for treating weight gain in hypothyroidism where the thighs and buttock region is obese. The patients requiring Lycopodium usually show excessive craving for hot drinks and sweets.

2. For Treating Menstrual Problems in Women Suffering from Hypothyroidism

Sepia Officinalis is an excellent medicine to deal with menstrual problems due to hypothyroidism where the menses are very profuse and appear very early. Presence of bearing down sensations in pelvic organs along with excessive menstrual flow is a hallmark in using this medicine to correct menstrual problem. The patient requiring this medicine is very chilly and even faints in an extreme cold environment. Calcarea Carbonica can help where the women complain of heavy bleeding during menses along with extremely cold feet during the flow. Excessive perspiration on the head during sleep can accompany this problem, and the patients requiring this medicine are usually obese. Next medicine Ferrum Mettalicum can prove to be very efficacious in those women who complain of excessive bleeding during menses where the blood is pale and watery leading to anemia and weakness. Cinchona Officinalis is yet another useful natural medicine for treating menstrual trouble in women suffering from hypothyroidism. The symptom guiding towards its use is profuse menstrual flow containing dark clots.

3. For Dealing with Cold Intolerance in Hypothyroid Patients

Psorinum, Silicea, Calcarea Carbonica are wonderful medicines to deal with sensitiveness to cold in hypothyroid patients. All these are equally good for decreasing the sensitivity towards cold but the selection of the medicine solely depends upon the constitutional symptoms given by the patient. Psorinum may be given to those patients who always feel chilly and even in hot weather desire extra coverings to combat the extreme chilliness. Patients requiring Psorinum may also give a history of some sort of skin complaint during their life time. Next medicine Silicea mainly suits obstinate kind of people who are extremely sensitive to cold and who have offensive perspiration on feet. For using Calcarea Carbonica, the symptoms of excessive perspiration on scalp, obesity and craving for boiled eggs along with chilliness are given utmost importance.

4. For Treating Constipation with Hypothyroidism:

The first medicine Alumina gives excellent results in treating the trouble of constipation in a hypothyroid patient. Patient requiring this medicine passes many days without going for stool, he feels no desire for stool until a large accumulation has occurred in intestines. The stool is mainly soft and clay like but it requires great straining to expel the stool due to sluggish action of rectum. Next medicine Nux Vomica works well in relieving those cases of constipation where the patient feels constant desire to pass stool but only scanty stool is passed. The stool is insufficient and does not give satisfaction to the patient. Pain in abdomen usually precedes the expulsion of stool. Intake of spices and coffee makes the patient worse. The last medicine Bryonia Alba can help in relieving those patients who complain of excessively hard and dry stool. An unusual thirst for large quantities of water may be present in patients requiring Bryonia Alba.

5. For Treating Hair Fall in Patients of Hypothyroidism

There are no patent medicines in homeopathy for treating hair fall in a patient of hypothyroidism and the medicine has to be selected depending upon the constitutional symptoms of the patient. Natrum Muriaticum is a very good medicine for dealing with hair fall cases in persons suffering from hypothyroidism. The symptoms that guide towards its use for hair fall are excessive craving for salty things, inability to bear the heat of sun. The patient requiring this medicine is usually of reserved nature and may show weeping tendencies especially when alone. Lycopodium Clavatum is yet another natural medicine for treating hair fall. This medicine can be prescribed to those patients of hair fall who crave hot drinks and sweets.  Some sort of gastric trouble like extreme flatulence usually accompanies hair fall in patients requiring this medicine.

6. For Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

There is no specific medicine in homeopathy for treating Hashimoto’s thyroiditis but the required medicine has to be selected from a wide range of medicines that depend entirely upon the constitutional symptoms of a patient taken down after proper case taking. Calcarea Carbonica, Graphites, Sepia Officinalis are few of the good medicines to deal with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Calcarea Carbonica suits mainly persons complaining of weight gain with excessive perspiration on the head and extreme chilliness. Graphites may be recommended in obese, chilly patients with obstinate constipation. The last medicine Sepia Officinalis is mainly indicated for treating the menstrual irregularities in thyroiditis patients.

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  1. Can Iodium 30 CH & Calcarea Carbonica 30 CH be taken together for Hypothyroid treatment

  2. I used to have adrenal problem caused by burns, then my husband had a massive stroke which caused an immense amount of stress. I became hypothyroid within a year of that. Around that time I also stopped a nutritional supplement that was high in Algaes. I’m now supplementing with Bladderwrack which caused my labs to go above range and they reduced my meds. I’m now starting to feel very hypo since the reduction. I’ve had enough of this 11 yr. AMA guessing game. They have never been able to regulate my medicine properly. I have a conversion problem. And the more hypothyroid I become the hotter I feel. Hardly ever am cold. What homeopathic remedy would you recommend for hypothyroid patient that is always HOT!
    Any info. would be appreciated.

  3. Calcarea Carbonica is a great remedy for hypothyroidism…
    very informative article
    keep posting… great work

  4. DHRUV PATEL says:

    Hi my T3 T4 is normal but Tsh is so high 140 so can I fix problems Due to homeopathic treatment.

  5. Arjumand Bano says:

    Hi my t3 and t4 are normal but tsh is 7.8 I dont have any symptoms of hypothyroidism like cold, constipation , slow heart rate . Which medicine should i take to get my tsh nornal

  6. Sushmita Kumari says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    My T3 and T4 is normal but my TSH is 8.90.
    Kindly suggest me the best medicine to cure my Thyroid issue.

    Name – Sushmita Kumari
    Age – 27
    Weight – 79
    Height – 5’3″
    B.P – 116/75
    Sugar – 108
    My other all reports are normal.

  7. Hello DR. Sharma
    My age is 52 years and I am a Male. My TSH Levels are 8.29, T3-1.25, T4-8.90
    IS this curable. IF yes, Does Homeopathic have a permanent treatment for this, so I don’t have to rely on the supplements

  8. Debrareen Dandridge says:

    Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I’d like to know what tincture you’d recommend. I’ve read about the top remedies but not sure what to take. I’m not obese, no sweats, etc.

  9. Faiza Khurshid says:

    I am suffering from hypothyroidism.. what is the best remedy to lose weight. as I am already taking homeopathic medicine. WHAT SHOULD I EAT OR WHAT NOT?

  10. Sue Hudson says:

    Hello, I have always had thyroid issues. I occasionally take iodine and supplement with minerals, zinc, magnesium, selenium to prevent having to take medication s, Took armour for a short time.
    Am very sensitive to heat and cold. I eat healthy. No weight gain. Feel bloated after eating. Puffy in the face. Get tired easily. My mother had severe hyperthyroidism and had her thyroid removed.
    Please advise a good remedy.
    Thank you

  11. Roshni shah says:

    She has clinically hypo thyroid ,taking thyronorm 100 mg, no much weight gain, her weigh 65kgs at present, feels heat can not seat without fan even in cold wether, perspiration is higher than average ,acidity also troubles some time feels sleepy more than average,hair loss,t3,t4normal tsh 9

  12. Faiza Saeed says:

    Basically I am suffering from almost all symptoms of hypothyroidism.after dequivenin thyroiditis

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  15. Dimple Anand says:


    I will like get treated for my Thyroid

    Please reach to me at 408-797-6888

  16. Hello Doctor,
    I am diabetic with HbA1c of 7 last checked dec 2020. My T3 & T4 reports are normal.TSH reports keeps on varying between 8-17. I am taking livothyroxin 25 mg tablet.
    For some time I stopped taking tablest & TSH value rose to 17,T3 & T4 being normal. Now started taking tablets.
    Since last 15-20 days I am ahving frquent cold which (Running nose) turn to cough. I have completed Antibiotics 2 cources, still no relief from cough & chest congetion.
    Could you please advice any homeopatthic medicine.
    Thanking you in advance

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