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5 Homeopathic Remedies For Tinnitus That Can Work Wonders

Homeopathic Remedies For Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the condition where a person hears noises in the ear without the presence of any external sound. This condition can affect either one ear or both the ears. Affected people also mention symptoms like the ‘change of side (or ear)’ from where the sounds are coming, as well as the intensity, pitch, volume, and type of sound. In a few cases, symptoms like vertigo, difficulty in hearing, discharge from ear and fullness/heaviness in the ears are also present. Homeopathic medicines for tinnitus can help decrease the severity of the symptoms and also treat the condition on a long-term basis.
People dealing with tinnitus often develop other conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress and difficulty in concentrating as a result of hearing constant sounds. According to a report published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology (2014), ‘many patients have suggested that their distress is an inevitable consequence of the psychophysical characteristics of tinnitus.’

Different people hear different sounds when afflicted with tinnitus. Some common sounds associated with the condition are ringing, buzzing, hissing, roaring, and whistling.

Is There a Homeopathic cure for Tinnitus?

There are no conventional drugs available to cure tinnitus completely. In most cases, tinnitus may develop as a result of some other underlying issue. Certain drugs are used to reduce the complications or severity of tinnitus. Other methods involve suppressing the symptoms with the help of noise-masking contraptions. While they do provide a certain degree of relief from the symptoms of tinnitus, they rarely treat the problem. Often, discontinuation of these treatment options leads to worsening of the condition. Side-effects of drugs used in these cases can also be severe, and more often than not, a person has to try out different medicines to find the ones that suit them and cause less-severe side effects. Fixing the problem from the root cause is the surest way to manage and treat tinnitus.

A Natural Remedy For Tinnitus

Being an ancient, 200-year-old medical art, and science that was founded by German physician Samuel Hahnemann way back in the 1700s, the cures used in homeopathy are derived from nature and thus devoid of toxins. Naturally occurring substances are used to make the remedies, which work in harmony with the system. These also help restore the natural healing processes of the body.

It has No Side-Effects

Homeopathy for tinnitus does not cause any side effects because of their extremely diluted nature, and the fact that they are made of natural substances. Conventional drugs that contain tricyclic antidepressants are used only to manage severe tinnitus since the side-effects of these can be debilitating. Some side effects include blurred vision, heart problems, constipation, and dry mouth. Another commonly used drug called alprazolam helps reduce the symptoms of tinnitus, but it too comes with side effects like nausea and drowsiness. This drug also causes dependency and can be habit-forming.

Holistic Approach

Another advantage is that homeopathy aims to cure the problem from the root. Instead of suppressing the symptoms of a disorder, homeopathy takes into account all the associated symptoms and offers a comprehensive treatment approach. Noise-masking contraptions like noise-cancellation machines or solutions like hearing aids only suppress the symptoms and provide temporary relief. These are more like supplementary solutions and do not treat the main problem.

Individualized Cure

Individualisation is the key to homeopathy treatment. Every person is treated as a unique individual with their own set of symptoms rather than being classified into a category. This aspect of focussing on the individual symptoms is an important criterion in the case of tinnitus since tinnitus is a condition that develops due to a variety of reasons. To find the correct solution, it is necessary to know the exact cause of the problem. In some cases, tinnitus occurs due to a blockage or obstruction within the inner ear, while in others, it may be a side-effect of a drug. These two cases cannot be treated with one medicine. Individual treatment for every case is therefore necessary, and this is the very basis of homeopathy.

Similarly, different people hear different types of sounds as a result of tinnitus and require different medicines. For example, for drumming sounds inside the ears, Lachesis Muta is indicated, while for humming sounds, China Officinalis is used.

Simple and Effective

The fact that a homeopath individually selects every medicine prescribed to a patient makes homeopathy a simple yet effective course of treatment. A blanket approach of prescribing the same medicine for every patient clubbed under tinnitus is not followed. A single dose of the correct medicine can have a lasting effect for months or even years.

The first course of treatment for tinnitus involves identifying underlying causes and screening the treatable conditions. This includes measures like cleaning excessive earwax, changing medications or surgical intervention. With homeopathy, invasive treatments like surgery can be held off since there are different treatment options available to fix internal problems naturally.

A Safe Option

Natural remedies for tinnitus have given proven results in treating cases where the symptoms are mild to moderate. In case of a severe tinnitus problem, homeopathy can help reduce the severity and recurrence of the symptoms. Conventional treatments for tinnitus that involve the use of drugs or masking techniques may not be suitable across all ages. Children and adults alike are susceptible to side-effects from drugs, and this treatment option is rarely recommended for children. Homeopathy works in harmony with the body by restoring the natural healing processes. It can be used safely to treat tinnitus in people of all age groups.

Further, these remedies also help treat accompanying symptoms like vertigo, ear discharges, fullness/heaviness in the ears and conditions linked to Meniere’s disease. The duration of homeopathy treatments for tinnitus varies from person to person, although in most cases, gradual improvement over a given period has been noted. The chances of a relapse of the condition, once the treatment has been successfully administered, are next to none.

Homeopathic Remedies for Tinnitus

Remedies that are effective in treating tinnitus are  Kali Mur, Natrum Salicylicum, Chenopodium Anthelmenticum and Chininum Sulph. Chosen carefully on the merits of the indications they can be the perfect homeopathic relief for tinnitus

1. Kali Mur- Top Grade Natural Medicine for Tinnitus

Kali Mur is used to treat tinnitus where there is an excessive buildup or discharge of mucus in the nose or throat area. A history of long-standing ear discharges (otorrhea) is also indicative of this medicine. Popping and crackling noises in the ear are typical, and the latter sounds get worse upon swallowing. Deafness from ear catarrh is also possible.

2. Natrum Salicylicum- For Vertigo and Tinnitus

Natrum Salicylicum is used to treat tinnitus that develops as a result of Meniere’s disease, where a triad of symptoms including noises in the ear, hearing loss, and vertigo appears. The sounds are low in tone and almost constant. Vertigo gets worse on sitting up or rising from bed and lying down provides relief. This is an excellent medicine for vertigo and tinnitus

3. Chenopodium Anthelminticum – For Tinnitus with Sudden spells of Vertigo

is used to treat tinnitus where there are sudden spells of vertigo. The person may be able to hear high pitched sounds but be deaf to human sounds. The noises in the ear in these cases are mainly buzzing, ringing or roaring in nature. Tinnitus synchronous with heartbeats is another feature indicating the need for this medicine.

4. Graphites Naturalis- For Ear Tinnitus when Hissing and Buzzing sounds are present

is used to treat cases of somatic tinnitus, where the symptoms of tinnitus worsen when there is a movement of the head and jaw. The noises in the ear are mainly hissing, buzzing, whistling or roaring in nature. In some cases, cracking sounds in the ears are present. A feeling of ‘stuffed ear’ and dryness in the ears also indicates the need for this medicine.

5. Chininum Sulph- For Ringing In Ear

is used in cases of tinnitus where intense sounds of varies kinds of ringing, roaring, and buzzing are present. Vertigo and a decline in the hearing ability also indicate the need for this medicine. In some cases, a severe headache may be present. Chininum Sulph is also used as an effective homeopathic remedy for Meniere’s disease.

Remedies For Specific Noises

Tinnitus can cause a person to hear different sounds within the ear, and these sounds vary from case to case. Among the many sounds that a person hears inside the ear as a result of tinnitus, the most common ones include buzzing, roaring, whistling, hissing, humming, chirping, drumming, flapping, fluttering, machine-like, waterfall-like, ringing sounds and sounds of the wind. There are specific remedies that are used to treat these sounds.

Petroleum Oleum is used to treat tinnitus where there are ringing noises in ears. There is clear bell-like sound in the ear. Other symptoms include dryness, intense itching deep in the ear. People who cannot tolerate the sound of several people talking together, and elderly persons dealing with deafness are often treated with this medicine.

Formica Rufa is used to treat tinnitus where buzzing noises in the ear are present. Pain in the ear and hardness of hearing are also common. The pain may radiate to the temporal region of the head. In most cases, earache gets worse in the morning, and the ears may feel hot and be sensitive to touch.

Salicylicum Acidum is used to treat tinnitus where there are roaring sounds in the ear. The hearing may be diminished, and the person may experience episodes of vertigo. Nausea and a sensation of blood rushing to the brain may also be present.
This medicine is also used to treat Meniere’s disease, tinnitus due to influenza and cases where tinnitus occurs as a result of consuming the drug ‘aspirin.’

Manganum Aceticum is used to treat tinnitus where whistling noises are heard within the ear. Other symptoms include hardness of hearing that gets worse in damp weather, an obstructed sensation in the ears and shooting pain that gets worse upon speaking or laughing.

Silicea is used to treat tinnitus where there are hissing sounds inside the ear. Other symptoms include a blocked sensation in the ear, shooting pain, hardness of hearing, sensitivity to cold air and presence of discharges. These discharges can be purulent (pus-like), blood-stained and may have a fetid odor. A history of a perforated ear-drum is also present in some cases.

China Officinalis is used to treat tinnitus where there are humming noises in the ear. These are accompanied by a stitching/tearing pain in the ears that worsens with touch. There may be overall weakness, debility, and headache. This medicine is also used in cases where a ticking noise is heard inside the ears.

Bryonia Alba is used to treat tinnitus with chirping noises inside the ear. The ear may feel blocked, intolerance towards noises in the environment may be present along with spells of vertigo.
A deep, stitching or shooting pain that gets worse in the open air may be present. The ear is usually sensitive to touch. This medicine works well to treat cases of tinnitus where a person hears a particular sound, like the pouring of water over a dam.

Lachesis Muta is used to treat where there are drumming sounds in the ear. A decrease in hearing along with excessive dryness and hardness of the ear wax is present. The ear is sensitive towards the wind. The ear may feel stiff, and pain may develop towards the evening or night time.

Antimonium Tart is used to treat tinnitus where there are fluttering or flapping noises in the ear. A prominent warm sensation inside the ear, twitching and tearing pain in the ear during the evening is also present.

Hydrastis Canadensis is used to treat tinnitus where there is a machinery-like sound inside the ear. There may be a thick mucus discharge from the ear, and a sensation of fullness in the in the forehead may also be present.

Causticum is used to treat tinnitus where a re-echo of words is heard in the ear. Other symptoms include a pulsating, burning sensation in the ear, pressure in the head and ears, and a purulent, gluey/sticky ear discharge along with an excessive accumulation of the ear wax is also present in some cases.

Theridion Curassavicum is used to treat tinnitus where there are noises of a waterfall present in the ear. The person also experiences sensitivity along with pressure and fullness in the ears.

Pulsatilla Nigricans is used to treat tinnitus where there are sounds of the wind inside the ear. Difficulty in hearing in cold and damp weather, earache, and chronic ear infection with a thick yellowish-greenish colored discharge indicate the need for this medicine.

Managing Tinnitus

Prevention is the cure here – protecting the ear, staying away from loud sounds or using earplugs or noise cancellation earphones in noisy areas, assessing other risk factors that may contribute to the condition are some ways to prevent the symptoms of tinnitus from getting worse.

Causes and Risk Factors

Many conditions can give rise to tinnitus. Although prolonged exposure to loud sounds is the most common cause, other reasons for tinnitus include age-related hearing loss, Meniere’s disease, high blood pressure, head or neck injuries, build-up of excessive ear wax, ear infections, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, emotional or chronic stress and excessive intake of alcohol. Tinnitus is also more common in males as compared to females.

Specific Conditions that lead to Tinnitus

There are certain conditions that are directly related to tinnitus. In some cases, tinnitus may be a direct result of an infection or injury within the inner ear. These conditions include:

  1. Obstruction in the ear canal, chronic infections within the ear and ear-related disorders like otosclerosis.
  2. Damage in the inner ear that changes the way in which the tiny hairs inside the ear respond to pressure from sound waves.
  3. Chronic sinus infections.
  4. Damage to the cranial nerve or the growth of a tumor.
  5. Degenerative disorders like cervical spondylosis that lead to compression of the arteries joined to the neck and ears.
  6. Conditions like Bell’s Palsy (a condition that causes weakening of facial muscles).

Risk Factors for Developing Tinnitus

Use of certain medications can also lead to tinnitus, like aspirin, quinine, certain antidepressants, anti-inflammatory medicines and some antibiotics. These drugs may be ‘ototoxic’ and cause damage to the inner ear.

Age may also be a leading cause of tinnitus – people aged 60 years or above are at high risk to develop this problem due to age-related degenerative changes in the cochlea.

Certain medical conditions that predispose a person towards tinnitus, like high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, anemia, nerve disorders, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, allergies, and circulatory issues. A history of ear-related disorders and chronic ear infections can also lead to tinnitus.

Lifestyle-Related Factors

Regarding lifestyle, it has been noted that people who smoke excessively are more likely to develop this problem since smoking affects the sensitive nerve cells inside the ear and also acts as a stimulant, which may worsen the noises inside the ear.
People with a history of excessive alcohol or drug abuse also tend to develop tinnitus as a result of neurological damage.
Malnutrition as a result of rapid weight-loss or improper diets can also give rise to this problem.
Exposure to noise pollution by continually being in an environment of loud noises, like a job or using earphones with a loud volume are some other risk factors.

1. Lifestyle and Tinnitus

Specific lifestyle-based changes can help manage tinnitus and prevent it from getting worse. Avoiding environments with loud noises, adopting measures to manage stress (as it can worsen the tinnitus), avoiding the intake of alcohol, caffeine, and smoking are some preventative steps.

2. Stress

Stress and inflammation are two lifestyle-related issues that tend to increase the risks of ear problems like hearing loss, ear infections, lowered immunity and vertigo. These are therefore linked to tinnitus and can act as contributing factors.
A sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical activity, poor diet, and lack of sufficient sleep can lower the immunity and increase susceptibility towards ear infections and nerve damage. Dealing with chronic stress and inflammation issues with the help of natural stress busters like exercise, consuming a clean, anti-inflammatory diet and meditation are some options.

3. Using Q-Tips

Aggressive use of Q-tips to clean the ears is another widespread cause of tinnitus. Earwax helps protect the ear by trapping dust and bacteria, so ideally it should not be cleaned up too frequently. In cases where tinnitus is already present, it is best to speak to a doctor about keeping the ears clean, and Q-tips should not be used at all.

4. Drugs and Medication

In some cases, conventional drugs like certain anti-depressants, antibiotics, recreational drugs and anti-inflammatory medications may contribute to the condition.
In such cases, switching to alternative treatment options often helps resolve the problem. A doctor can find out alternative treatment options or lower the dosage of these drugs to help manage tinnitus.

A holistic health practitioner can help a person transition into alternative medicine. Working with the body’s natural restorative processes to treat issues like tinnitus shows good long-term results.

5. Diet and Tinnitus

When it comes to diet, certain foods can directly affect the working of the inner ear and contribute to the symptoms of tinnitus. Factors that lead to high blood pressure can increase the severity of tinnitus; therefore an elimination diet is recommended to help narrow down the list of what foods are safe and which ones are not. Foods or preservatives that tend to increase blood pressure and thereby aggravate the symptoms of tinnitus include excessive salt, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, stimulants like coffee, tea, sodas and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Foods that Help

Certain foods and supplements help increase blood circulation in the body, while others help reduce inflammation. Together, these foods can help manage the symptoms of tinnitus. A deficiency of essential minerals like zinc can also aggravate tinnitus.


Fruits like pineapples increase blood circulation in the body and help lower blood pressure due to the high levels of potassium. Other fruits that are rich in potassium include pears, bananas, and papayas.


Garlic helps increase the blood circulation and reduce inflammation and is known to reduce the reduce the build-up of plaque in arteries connected to the inner ear, which may lead to inhibited blood flow to the cochlea and aggravate tinnitus.
Research also shows that garlic helps reduce hearing loss caused by ototoxic medications. (Garlic-Supplemented Diet Attenuates Gentamicin-Induced Ototoxicity: An Experimental Study)


Zinc deficiency affects the overall health of a person, but its effects are far worse on people with hearing issues, particularly tinnitus. Consuming appropriate amounts of zinc through diet can help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. Foods that contain high levels of zinc include seafood and spinach.

Tinnitus – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve been hearing noises in the ear from the past six months; do I need to conduct any investigations?
Yes, there are specific investigations recommended for tinnitus to find out the cause of the problem, like an audiometry test. In cases where a head tumor is suspected, a CT scan or MRI is required.

Q. I have tinnitus, will it predispose me to loss of hearing?
No, tinnitus does not necessarily point towards a loss of hearing. In some cases, these conditions co-exist, but one is not indicative of another. A person can have hearing loss with no tinnitus or may have tinnitus without any hearing loss.

Q. Can exposure to loud noise lead to tinnitus?
Yes, prolonged exposure to loud noises can lead to tinnitus. A tinnitus condition that follows a short-term loud noise exposure is usually short-lived and tends to resolve quickly. Exposure to loud noises, on the other hand, for a long duration of time may cause permanent damage to hair cells in the inner ear and lead to chronic tinnitus.

Q. Can my tinnitus be linked with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder?
Yes, there are chances that the cause of tinnitus is a TMJ disorder. The primary symptoms of TMJ disorder include pain in the TMJ joint while talking, eating, or opening the mouth widely.

Q. I suffered a neck injury four months ago, followed by noises in my right ear. Is there a link between these two incidents?
Yes, these can be related. A neck injury can damage the inner ear or nerves linked to hearing and lead to tinnitus.

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  1. dear doctor i am suffering from tinnitis for the last 2 years . there is moderately hearing loss and tinnitis in my right ear. it is a loud roaring sound .sometimes feeling of fullness and strang feeling on right ear. MRI is clear. i have used lots of treatment . homeopathic treatment off and on has only decreased the severity. it decreases to much extent then again shoots up. wanna your expert opinion

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    Hello Dr Sharma
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    1. Could multiple MRI’s and CT Scan’s possibly cause tinnitus?
    2. Can stress cause this? I mean I’ve been stressed before.
    3. Can misalignment at the chiropractor have caused this?
    4. What can help? I’m having the noise but also feel like headaches as well but I don’t know if those headaches are from the tinnitus or stress/tension headaches
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    Therefore, you will have no problem if you have to report your journey to your employer. You can conserve as much as 30-eightytwenty five on each vacation you take from now on. The day arrives for you to catch your flight.

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    2. Vozet (levocetirizine tablets IP 5 mg) – one tablet daily , with
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    I am not familiar with the product. Please give me your advice.

  30. MELISSA YOUNG says:

    I had a Myringotomy with no results. According to my ENT it may be tinnitus. It is my right ear. My ear feels clogged with pressure. Both ears crackle when I swallow. It feels like it just needs to be popped. I cannot pop my ears, nor I ever. I had a ear infection in September 2019. Treated with penicillin. Finally cleared up. The pressure started and has never stopped. The audiology report indicates very minimal pressure and my ENT suggested the Myringotomy which did not help.

    There is a slight sound in my right ear that sounds like TV frequency, buzzing. It can be drowned out when its not quiet. I’m at my wits end. This is maddening and causing my panic attacks to resurface. I have tried Nat Mur, Pulsatilla with no results. I am use to classical homeopathy. I did try Tellurium metallicum and conium maculatum with good results, but my improvements stopped. Iused them for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure how long to have used that combination. Please advise.

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  32. deepak talreja says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Thanks for sharing such information to all. I would like to share my issue about Tinnitus in right ear due to nerve as per Alopathy, since 3 year now. I have tried Ayurvedic too about 1.5+ years and continue till now; however improvement is about 20 to 40% from Ayurvedic but hearing loss is not improved , it is about 40% as per audiomatry report recently . As such there is no BP/Sugar or any disease so far, age is 45 year and never gone thru any surgery for any reason.
    I want to know any help for buzzing/hissing sound in right ear and improve hearing capability

  33. Yared Getachew says:

    Greetings Dr. Sharma, My name is Yared and I’m an Ethiopian 47 years old. Since last 4 or so months I have been having this constant whistling and hissing sound in my left ear and it is bothering me. My doctor asked for audiometry and the result showed moderate hearing loss in the left ear. Yes I am now more using the right ear to answer my phone even though the left can also hear if I carefully attend. The doctor’s resolution was for me to take Be Stedy 24 and Neurobion. I discontinued the former because it upset my stomach. The ear still rings and it is worrying me. What else can I do? Which homeopathic medicines will help me that you indicated above and how can I get them? How can you help me please?

  34. Hello Dr.Sharma
    I’m 32 year-old, this Diwali one cracker got burst near my left year since then I started having this problem
    It’s primarily ringing/buzzing sound. I already have spent quite lot money but no results. Please be informed according to my audiometric test results I don’t have hearing loss.
    Please suggest me how to solve this problem and get back my normal life.

  35. Manjit sidhu says:

    Hello Dr. sharma,

    I start having this problem, about 2 weeks ago, high pitch noise in both ear almost 24 hours, it goes vey high in the afternoon, I used to have leaky ear ( hole ) but was cured about 20 years ago, I do get wax build up. I am usually under stress, I guess I am like that. or financial ttouble. I do take minor blood pressure medicine. my father about 90 years old was diagnose with dementia. I am 58 years old. I am in Canada for 38 years. appreciate if there is any medicine you can recmend in homopathy. I am seeing my family doctor in 1 week.

  36. Hello, I recently suffered a trauma to a tooth where a nerve had been damaged on my left side and have started with ringing/buzzing in the left ear where the tooth in question suffered! Can this be connected? It initially started after my left ear became blocked and hearing loss occurred. I saw my GP who checked my ear and said that excessive earwax was causing the buzzing. I have since had an ear syringe and I am still experiencing buzzing noises in that same ear! I also constantly suffering with blocked sinuses. Please help?


    Stasha Kis

  37. Ambrish kumar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I have been recently affected by started with pricking in ear and now I get hissing noises constantly.Please advice.

  38. respected doctor, i have a problem in my right ear. 1 . gissssssssh noice. 2 loss of hearing. 3. sinus.4 cervical spondyliosis. do i have any homeopathy medicine?. pl advise

  39. Richard Gunther says:

    I have a friend who hears opera all the time .How can you help him

  40. hi dr sharma. i am 30 years old female suffering from tinnitus since 2014 and the accumulation of ear wax. i have to take the wax out by ENT every 3 months and after the wax is taken out, ringing voice become tolerable but as the wax accumulate the ringing voice become so sharp and loud that i cannot even sleep. My tinnitus is ringing voice and due to this i just cannot focus on anything. I have tried almost every medicine in alopathy but to no avail.. Please please prescribe me homeopathic medicine..thank you

  41. Anees Ahmad says:

    I m suffering wd tinitus .hearing loss in left ear is 90 db on 4000 to 6000 frequncy.advise treatment plz

  42. Hello, my name is Elena ..I had sudden hearing loss in my left ear in October of 2019 …along with this i got
    Tinnitus and vertigo ..i had an MRI, and a CT scan done..both came back normal..i was put on Predisone for 3 weeks this did not make a difference then i was given a steroid injection this also did not help.
    I still have severe hearing loss and the ringing and buzzing in my ear..I am looking for homeopathic remedies that might help.

    Thank you, Elena

  43. Ch.Adinarayana says:

    I am suffering with tinnitus from the last 6 months. I consulted ENT doctor at hyderabad. He advised audiometry test and there is mild hearing loss in my left ear and right ear is OK. He prescribed Diziron for four months and Neurokind Plus. After wards it is cyclical some days it was there and some days it was almost absent. Doctor told MRI is not required as there is no major hearing loss and suggested to continue Neurokind Plus. But after stopping Diziron the ringing in ears increased. These are the symptoms. Can you suggest some remedies.

  44. nadeem khan says:

    hello dear Dr. Hru i m nadeemkhan from Pakistan 44 in a road traffic accident committed in November 2011 my severe hering lost in left anf profound in right now heavy tinnitus being developed how can i get rid from them and recover ny hearing

  45. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have been experiencing a ringing/humming in one ear for close to 8 months now. The best way to describe the sounds is almost like the humming from an old refrigerator. It changes sometimes but does not go away. Thankfully, there is no pain or any other issues. This started 2 days after having a tooth drilled on the same side. the dentist removed a mercury filling, did a lot of drilling away at decay and then refilled with the white ( non mercury) filling. I really don’t think this could just be a coincidence that the ringing just came out of no where after having that done. When i questioned the dentist she of course did not think the dental work had anything to do with it. She said it was most likely related to a sinus cold.. which I did not have. When I rub near the top of my ear I do feel like there is some sticky fluid trapped. I have tried using hydrogen peroxide to clear it out but my ear gets plugged up afterwards for a while and I hate that feeling! I just keep thinking that it will work its way out and this ringing will go away but at after this long I think its time to try something. Im hoping you can recommend a homeopathic and offer any advice you might have. Thank you so much.

  46. I have had a high pitched noise in my ears for many years for many years. It is like the sound of tree frogs at night. It is mostly in my left ear. I am right handed. There is no pain or discharge. It is low enough that it usually only bothers me at bedtime. I use a small fan at night to mask the noise.
    Yesterday I woke up with the noise loud enough to bother me. My ears feel blocked and it sounds like an echo chamber. I do get a wind like sound in my right ear when I flex my ear or move my head at times. Thank you for any help you can give me..

    • shuja ghazi says:

      I aged 73 have recently developed high pitched tinnitus in my right ear on top of existing light hissing which I guess has been caused by tension due to heated argument with a person over a financial matter which could create extreme difficulty for me. Also it became worse and continuous when I had to face some emotional situation. In addition my left ear has also now developed light hiding which was not there at all.

      I have no pain ,vertigo, ear infection or discharge,no deafness etc

      This added high pithed tinnitus which is very annoying occured about three days ago

  47. I have been suffering from ear ring due the sound of cocktail.I went to doctors but they were unable to solve the problem .They suggest me to use ear mask but I am 30 years old .So I feel easy to us it .please give me suggestions how to remove this situation

    • I have been suffering from left ear ring for five years due to the sound of cocktail.I went to doctors but they were unable to solve the problem .They suggest me to use ear mask but I am 30 years old .So I feel easy to us it .please give me suggestions how to solve this situation

  48. 0lga grant says:

    im a 84 year old woman, very healthy, but i have develop tinnitus in my left ear, m what can help me to get this aout of my life?

  49. Dear Dr. Sharma!

    My son age 22 years is suffering from tinnitus with vertigo. His quality of hearing is also too week. Tinnitus and hearing loss mostly effected right ear. Doctors (ENT specialist) diagnosed it as meniere’s disease. They suggested some medicines but declared it as cure less. Then he gone under treatment of a homeopath who uses radionic pendulum. He treated my son for more than one year. Resultant, the daily episodes of vertigo have reduced significantly. But the tinnitus is still there. That doctor diagnosed vertigo problem due to cervical problem. But he seems unable to cure tinnitus.

    The history of my son’s childhood include frequent use of antibiotics for treatment of tonsillitis and ear infection.

    His color is fare, body build some bulky, fond of salty food instead of sweet dishes, having good appetite and thurst, reticent, also causing with sinus problem so mouth remains open during sleep.

    Kindly help us as his career is effecting a lot due to his this medical problem.

    • One symptom was left to convey that his problem of tinnitus and vertigo increases in summer and severe in July to September i.e. in hot with humidity

  50. Dear Dr. Sharma!
    My son age 22 years is suffering from tinnitus with vertigo. Doctors (ENT specialist) diagnosed it as meniere’s disease. They suggested some medicines but declared it as cure less. Then he gone under treatment of a homeopath who uses radionic pendulum. He treated my son for more than one year. Resultant, the daily episodes of vertigo have reduced significantly. But the tinnitus is still there. That doctor diagnosed vertigo problem due to cervical problem. But he seems unable to cure tinnitus.
    The history of my son’s childhood include frequent use of antibiotics for treatment of tonsillitis. His color is fare, body build some bulky, fond of salty food instead of sweet dishes, having good appetite and thurst, reticent, also causing with sinus problem so mouth remains open during sleep.
    Kindly help us as his career is effecting a lot due to his this medical problem.

    • Jena Termini says:

      Pls help. My husband has been suffering with tinnitus for 4 years. He hears swishing noises and feels that his ears are badly clogged. He has been to many audiologists and ENTs. He has also had CT scans and MRIs. Everything comes out negative but the noises still persist. Please help. Thanks. Jena

  51. I have had a recent ear infection. I am on strong pregnizon for a sinus and ear infection. My one ear started having loud ringing that is getting worse. I also have asthma and bad allergies. What should I take? I am traveling abroad soon.

  52. doctor my left year constantly rings and irritates me please any remedy

  53. Edna Hannah says:

    I have tinnitus in my right ear. I have gone through tremendous stress and exposure to loud noise. I am also taking oral chemo medicine for breast cancer since 2018 January. Which homeopatic medicine should I take?

  54. Yvonne Barfoot says:

    Hi, my name is Yvonne, I am 58 years old. I have cervical spondylitis and can hear a pulse in my right ear. I also suffer from vertigo and at times an elevated heart rate usually because of menopause. Can you suggest homeopathy treatments that I could try.

    Thank you

  55. Kanhaiya Lal Agarwal.aag says:

    sir i am suffering from tinnigu,vertigo&hearing loss in my left ear from Feb.dr has advised that my ear nourves has been dry or weaksince than I am using ear hearing machine..i am taking ginkoba biloba1x,3times aday.vanadium metalicum 30ch 4drops 2times&çalcaria florica 12x3times4tabs from last more than 2mont,b but there no relief.I am72+in age apentjoner.kindly suggest me proper homeo medicine.thanks for travel.

  56. olga m. grant says:

    i m 83 years old lady,never been sick, but i have develop tinnitus in my left ear, what can i do to help or cure it?

    • gul shuja says:

      i have tinitus last 18 year ago many time treatment english medicine treated but no any solve problem i have headech over the head so plz suggestion any treatment plz

  57. Neeraj Sharma says:

    I have tinitus in my left ear for 2 MRI done to rule out brain tumor ,no tumor found.still perception of sound im my left ear.sound is ccccccccccccc like wth occassional ringing in left ear.any hope that it may be cured suggest some medicines

  58. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My teen has reported tinnitus with a “whooshing” sound in one ear that has been there for a few years now, comes and goes sometimes, but is mostly present everyday. We have seen the doctor many times, ear nose and throat PA then specialist and told many things, how to chew gum, pop her ears, blow balloons, may be TMJ, may be eustation tubes needed (PA gave bad info that’s not optional learned), and eventually by the specialist after hearing tests and many many appointments all the prior info was bad, and that she simply had tinnitus.

    He did not say to discontinue use of Ibuproffen (which others had prescribed for injury visits in same years) nor address the fact she has had otocycline antibiotics probably in her young life too many times for ear infections, etc.

    We have been to a chiropractor and it still exists, no real TMJ to report as super concerning.

    She described this “whooshing” sound as also something like a “wind gust” that makes noise in an area.
    I wondered if you could suggest a supplement that could help her. It’s a constant nuisance in her own ear and she is only 15.

    Thank you,
    Heather A.

  59. Hi Dr. Sharma

    For objective tinnitus i.e. a tinnitus caused by contraction of blood vessels, middle ear condition or a muscle contraction when doctor can hear when he or she does an examination – can you please think of a medicine that could potentially help?

    Many thanks in advance.

  60. Purnima Dave says:

    I had an autoclave accident in Nov 2017. From that day onward i have severe tinnitus problem. Even did the tymponoplast surgery in April 2019 because it was totally ruptured. But after the surgery the tinnitus is aggravated mainly because the Eustachian tube is blocked because as per the Dr the curtain has slightly in a upper side.Did exercise to pull it inside but it has worsened . I feel total block in ear and tinnitus sound is very high. Sometimes when I bend I get the sound like heart beat also comes. Sometimes the sound comes from the back side of head. The sound is in peak when getting up in the morning. otherwise the sound is like Hissing, whistling , like waterfall and sound is 24 hrs . Which made my life miserable . Now I have started the Homeopathic medicine

  61. Dr I have tinnitus and its get worst sometimes and am getting irritated
    i need you to help me
    what homeo meds i can take to reduce at least the sound
    am taking my bp maintenance meds n glucophage for sugar level
    and low dosage of aspirin
    i got my ear test sound and its normal, pls advise

  62. Dr. I am having tinitus for past two months in left ear.. Before it was mild and on and off.. Now it is continous in a single frequency sound day and night….. I have slight pressure in the ear and vety very slight pain on a regulat basis.. . No giddiness.. Consukted ent and audiometry done.. No hearing loss… Sometimes sound is low too.. No pattern.. ..jaw joints a bit stiff but very very minimal.. difficulty in talking eating…. But after talking for a long time some discomfort is there around the ears..

  63. Kanhaiya Lal Agarwal. says:

    I am suffring from tinnitus and hearing loss about last three month.a kind of said said nose always remained in my left ear.some time it become more other time less.I am taking chini chininum 30 twice a day four drops. Bela don’t threetimes four drops and pilocarpin2x 200four drops suggest proper medicatioñ.thanking you.

  64. Can you pls help sir ji 8052429455

  65. Joke Voetgraven says:

    Ik heb tinnitus gekregen na een geluidstrauma,kreeg hierbij ook 40 % gehoorverlies, kan ik dit met een homeopathisch middel verbeteren. Heb nu een gehoorapparaten met maskeerders.

  66. Samir Debnath says:

    I have been suffering from tinnitus since 1998. Now both my ears I am hearing ricket sound . I visited A number of ENT SPECIALIST in kolkata but my illness is not cured.please tell me will it be cured by treating under homeopathy?
    contact. 97335425576

  67. Glenys Bean says:

    Hi – I think my tinnitus is caused by damage that has been done to the nerves in my inner ear. I hear what could easily be described as the sound of cicadas. I also wonder if electro magnetic sensitivity might be another cause as I am super sensitive to electronic equipment and can’t use a cell phone. I go dizzy.

    It would be great to get some advice.

    Best wishes,

  68. Fred Majava says:

    question about tinnitus

    I have tinnitus as a result of an Oxygen Tan Exploding 3 feet from me. since that day I have a buzzing sort of sound akin to crickets buzzing sound.

    I have been a patient of yours and of other homeopaths with No improvement.

  69. Rosalinda Carino says:

    What is the ingredients in the Tinictec found in Alaska where the Eskimo uses it for so many illnesses as its remedies. Robiella etc Can you send this health info to Thank you

  70. Anil Mahida says:

    I have eye floaters I need permanent cure I m just 24yrs old plzzzz help me I have no eye iniury I m also homeopathy doctor I tried homeopathy bt doesn’t work anyone

    • When I see in questions and comments…in an article that talks about Tinnitus and mentions “eye floaters”….that I’ve also gotten after a tick bite…..One better look at Lyme plus Co-infections! Sadly the test for Lyme is out the window…it’s NOT reliable yet …to get a true reading if one has Lyme or not is NOT based on a test…but a clinical diagnoses…many will seek a LLMD who not only is good at the Lyme Literate end but most are good at Helping YOU figure out your body and what works and what does not and to keep moving forward finding things that help. This is in response to Anil Mahida’s comment who interestingly is also a homeopathy Dr.! Some things in life…health wise…it does not matter who we are…it takes all of us working together and sharing our health problems to come up with solutions that may work! for sure a learning in progress.

  71. Roy Sherman says:

    Mostly Bussing and ringing in the Right ear from an ear infection about 8 years ago, Am a 67 year old male

  72. Akash saxena says:

    Tinnitus more in left ear with imbalance problem since 4 past history is allergic rhinitis, and I also have hypothoroidism which is in control I take 50mcg each day..

  73. Mahak Pandey says:

    Hey I am 17 years old and since 2 months I am suffering from tinnitus please help me please provide permanent cure …..I can’t bear it any more.

  74. Hello
    I have the ringing in left ear all the time. Only once years ago did I have a popping sound in ear and had no noise for 2 days. I have been told the left ear canal is smaller than right ear and my sinus drains into the left ear. I will get ringing in right ear before an aura migraine. Heavy feeling between eyes. Then the ringing in right ear goes away. However, when the right ear rings the left gets louder. I do have a long neck and it gets out of place but am able to pop back into place. Have not noticed a connection to the displacement of neck and ringing. The noise seems very loud as night approaches. Many nights can not go to sleep. I do stretches before bed and deep breathing ( 7 count breathes in and 7 count breaths out) to relax.
    What do you recomment?

  75. Can u please help me 716 578 3442

  76. Shaunder G. Johnson says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I’m been experiencing loud swishing buzzing in my right ear for almost a month. I was recently diagnosed with DCIS Breast Cancer in July. I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️ if diagnosis has caused my body to go into stress mode or not. I decided against Conventional Treatment and took the Naturopathic Treatments.

    I’m unable to sleep 😴 at night because it’s at a constance now. I had a CT-Scan done without contrast on my ears this past. Will see the My ENT Specialist this coming Tuesday. The doctor prescribed a diuretic that t refused to take because I don’t have high blood pressure.

    I don’t know if I’ve been experiencing the Tinnitus after my diagnosis or before and some how managed to possibly block the symptoms out on my Tinnitus symptoms. I also suffer with vertigo as well but haven’t had an episode of that in a long while.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could recommend a remedy for this.



  77. See Matchett says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Female, Brown Hair, blue eyes, 64 years old. In good health. No medications. Small frame. Normal weight. Former university teacher; currently business owner.

    A few days ago, I experienced sudden onset of pulsatile tinnitus. I was visiting my daughter in Vermont. We went driving through the mountains. Sight seeing. My ears popped several times with changes in elevation, but only a mild sensation. Nothing unusual. However, I noticed that I could hear my heart beat in my right ear. The sound became annoyingly loud. I tend toward right sided complaints.

    I have a tendency toward low blood pressure and low blood sugar. I had eaten pure Vermont maple syrup candy as a treat and also maple sugar ice cream. Later, I experienced some off balance feelings, not vertigo. More like low blood sugar. Checked blood pressure the next day and it was low. Probably even lower the day this started. I have been using potassium citrate and stopped taking that immediately; have not taken since. However, this is 4 days later, The sound is not as pronounced as when it started and is more noticeable when lying down, but it is not gone.

    Eating salt seems to help temporarily. I didn’t notice the pulsing sound today as long as I was up, busy, moving. But at rest, it is still very present.

    Your consideration for a remedy would be much appreciated. I would like to eliminate this before it becomes a chronic condition.

    Many thanks,


  78. Jitendra Parsaniya says:

    Can make globules medicines from Dr reckeweg R series drops ?

  79. S NISAR AHAMED says:

    Respected Sir
    I have tinnitus from month but reports are all normal. Plz suggest me for good relief from tinnitus.

    Thanking you.

    • S NISAR AHAMED says:

      Respected Sir
      I have tinnitus from month but reports are all normal. Plz suggest me for good relief from tinnitus.

      Thanking you.

  80. Katarina Gorolova says:

    Good day doctor.
    Last month i have flu .I have cold…
    This all gone and end..then start pain ear.I go doctor she say…jist water and this to alone out is Moore than 1 Moore ear not pain,But when I swalow split,I hear cracking and popping in I have Moore than .8 u this cracking and popping go.please help me



  82. Stephen R says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have been having Tomatis Sound Therapy in the UK for Tinnitus hissing in my ears which mostly tends to rise and fall in line with sinus congestion at night, in turn linked to diet. Sinus normally clears when I rise. My diet is non dairy with plenty of fruit and veg. I take daily supplements such as Aloe Vera, Bee Pollen, MSM, Ashwagandha, Sage and Ginkgo.

    I have recently had 3 x 15 day sessions of Tomatis therapy over 3 months. Hearing tests were conducted by my “Consultant Level” therapist at intervals before and after each 15 day session. The results show in graph form improved cognition, hearing and emotions, which my wife and I notice. They compare and illustrate Bone and Air conduction results being progressively smoothed out.

    Currently, the hissing level is generally very low for a few days then has spikes for a day or so. I can exert a little control through diet and routine but it is still fairly unpredictable. I think the hissing volume levels are now lower when good and when bad remain high. Bad periods normally subside after 1 or 2 days.

    I self administer homeopathy and successfully use a number of remedies e.g. Ruta Graveolens, Arnica, Kali Phos, Ferro Phos and Silica. However I have not found a suitable remedy for reducing my hissing tinnitus.

    My medical history includes a period of clinical depression in my early forties from 1993 largely resolved by homeopathy and psycho therapy for 2 years. Any useful help or comments would be much appreciated.

  83. Veronica Morua says:

    To whom it may concern
    I have Menieres in right ear, thyroid removal due to cancer and peri menopausal
    Suffer from head – ear pressure, tingling on head and right side of face, tinnitus, brain fog, blurred vision, dizziness, vertigo and over all not feeling well

  84. majid latif says:

    Dear Sir .

    i am badaly sufferd my ear buzzing sonut noise in left ear .tinitus pls helop me and advise me the good homeopatic madicice to releaf my this issue .

    Majid latif

  85. himatlal sakaria says:

    Sir, i m suffering from tinnitus for last two months, taken tinnacare 20 for 15 days..not satisfied please advise medicine.

  86. MA. Sastry says:

    I have a problem of tinitus. Very low sound in the year comes once 5/6 days and stay for 12/14 hours. Can u suggest one medicine for it.

  87. Gurunathagouda says:

    I had tinnitus from past six months started with I took many antibiotics ..sinus cured but tinnitus ..and also lot of headache in the front due to heavy stress and anxiety I consulted psychiatric and took antidepressants for three months and stoped and started taking ginkgoba it also doesn’t work … could please suggest me some effective homeopathic medicines

  88. Dinesh Kapoor says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I feel like breezing sound in my left ear.don’t know whether it is called seems like it is blocked with something. I feel great trouble while I am in flight.i can’t hear properly and it is blocked completely. Due to sinus problem I operated my nose three years back.
    Regard Mr Dinesh Kapoor

  89. Elizabeth Rozan says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. I read with interest your detail about tinnitis and various remedies. I have had a left ear issue since January (now 5 months), with all sorts of cracking, buzzing, blockage, and hissing. The ear issue began suddenly, after a bout of very cold weather, constant heat, and sinus dryness; it began as a = muffled quality. An allopathic MD suggested it was an ear infection and put me on a traditional antibiotic. Then I began getting the tinnitis (from the medicine??). I’ve been to a ENT person, who basically said “nothing can be done” and that there was hearing loss. I actually felt there was a problem with ETube drainage, not necessarily hearing loss. I read about Kali Bich. as a remedy for stubborn congestion and draining. I have tried that, and it seems to have made a difference. I am encouraged! It seems to be getting better. Now I wonder what you would recommend for the residual hissing if it does not continue to improve into normal silence. It is LEFT EAR. Thanks for whatever insight have to recommend.


    Dear Dr. Sharma, Im a 82 years old lady, very healthy, never had take any medicacion, but for almost two years developed ringing in my left ear, have you have any sugestions?

  91. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 73 years old and have suffered for tinnitus (with ringing sound) as long as I remember. Lately is becoming worse. According to what you state here it seems the most appropriate remedy would be China. But can you give me an idea of how to take it? i.e. frequency, potency. Also I don’t have vertigo.
    Thanks you very much.

  92. Sachin vautre says:

    HIii doctor

    Since 1 year I am suffring from tinnitus. One of my friend was break my ear so that i am suffer and its very irritating to me. What is the solution of this problem. Plz help me doctor

  93. t seshasai says:

    I am suffering with tinnitus for the last 4 years recently I met ENT specialist he told inner ear nerves blocked so I have to prepare for wearing ear support instruments for hearing loss left ear loss 43% right ear loss 33% gradually I observed hearing loss in year by year is it possible to recover loss of hearing by using Homeo medicine

  94. Muhammad ayub says:

    I have buzzing and deafness problem in the left ear since long i am 77 years old. Often it stops but most of the times it continues. Kindly suggest me proper medicine I am from Lahore pakistan

  95. Dr V V Subbarao says:

    Dear Sharmaji! I’m Dr Subbarao , an allopathic doctor. aged 58 years. For 2 months ,I ‘ve been suffering from tinnitus in left ear (no vertigo).No suspectable causative agent. No history of CSOM. Past h/o fire cracker blast 7 years ago, causing mopped left ear for 2 days. later normal.30 yrs ago , I had Influenza and lost smell sensation. Recently , I had episodes of angioneurotic oedema, 5 months ago and uded homeopathic medicine which worked well , when allopathy was futile.Kindly advise me.

  96. Rohit sharma says:

    Hi Sir, I have been a patient of tinnitus for 10 years. I got to this condition through an accident. I had been smashed in my face by a guy and since then this problem occured. It was not natural born ca this be treated

  97. Sanjay singh says:

    Any med for post operative( sesarian)was addition previously .now continues pain near rt.side in between liver and illiac fosa

  98. From Feb 2018 i am suffering from sound in my left year after flue. My symptoms was like Allium Cepa which was not available that time . I take Arsenic Alb 30, and due to pain in headache paracetamol two tablets. after to days I take allium cepa 200 two doses in day. Now I am suffering from sound in my ears mostly in left year. worse in close places. I have used Lyco, !M, Lachsis IM, Puls 30, KaliBich 3x etc but no relif. A ENT specialist diagnoses as tinnitus. Pl select any medicine. I have diploma in DHMS but not practicing.

  99. harish umdekar says:

    dr sahab kitne dino mai aavaj aana band ho jayegi kynki me bhopal ke sab doctors ko dikha chuka hu

  100. Riyaz hussain says:

    Hi Dr
    I Am having miniers dieses, vertigo, vomtings n Buzzing in left year since two year, i consulted few doctors specialist in ENT and Neuro.
    there response was similar that it may take some time to cure, But i cant notice any improment and progress in it.Is it cureable or not if yes then?????
    I would like to consult you pls responed me….
    Thanking you sir

  101. How can I defiene the type of sound. I feel high frequency sounds like teeeee or Eeeeee continuously. No difference with environmental sounds or silence.

  102. Hi Doctor,
    I am suffering thru tinitus since last 4 yrs. This was due the side effect of medicine. I can hear rining noise continuously and now there is slight hearing loss as well. Kindly let me know if homeopathy has a complete cure or controllable treatment for tinnitus

  103. Sumeet Pawar says:

    Dear Sir I have been suffering for tinnitus for the last two months. I am hearing a constant buzzing sound in my left year. Can homeopathy cure my tinnitus once and forever?

  104. K.S. SATISH CHANDRAN says:

    Dear doctor,

    I am suffering from hearing loss due to Otosclearosis and using hearing aid for the past 10 years. I am now 60 and I feel my hearing deteriorate. I was operated upon earlier and the same was total failure. Is there any medicine to improve my hearing and clarify. While sitting in the meeting I find very difficult to understand the words which create confusion. Kindly help by suggesting some medicine by mail

    With kind regards

    • Debashish Chattopadhaya says:

      I am suffering from tinnitus last 6 months in my left ear.Recently I am feeling some wave passing in my brain,specialy at the time of going to sleep at night.Pl help me giving your valuable suggestion.

  105. I have had tinnitus as a result of Sepsis from 2012 and it is gettign progressively louder, mostly hissing, but a higher frequency. What can I use for this type?

  106. Akhilesh kumar says:

    Hello sir sir mere ear me awaze aate hai .mera dono lock displace hai .aisa dava de ap ki jaw ki bimari or tinitus dono hi thk ho jay

  107. Anees Ahmad says:

    I am feeling Jhamjhanahat in whole body especially hands and feet’s. Sometimes on left side of head including eyes.

  108. Dear Dr Sharma

    Ive had tinnitus for five years, namely in my left ear. There are two sounds in my ear, a constant hissing and a roaring. both get louder with stress, exercise and quite often when I wake up in the morning the tinnitus are also in my head. This makes me feel very anxious as I wonder what is happening to my brain. I also feel fatigue and despairing a lot of the time. I had a brain injury two years prior to getting tinnitus. My doctor has prescribed me with topiramate for headaches, and amtriptyline for anxiety due to tinnitus. This year I have found the tinnitus sound has become much louder and was wondering if you could advise on any homopathic remedy to alleviating these sounds.

    Regards, Vanessa

  109. Janet ayliffe says:

    Dear dr sharma I have had excess wax in ears for 2or3 weeks, I went to the doctor to have micro suction yesterday, now I have a constant ringing in left ear or whistling very afraid some damage has been done as this was not there before the wax episode. I have relief from wax as I couldn’t hear well at all but now I have this constant sound.thankyou for your help.

    • Dear Dr Sharma,

      I have had tinnitus for about two years. It originally came on as pulsatile tinnitus and soon developed into constant ringing (this was also at a time when my my menstrual cycle became more sporadic). It is a high pitched frequency and seems to get worse when I am stressed.

      I would be very grateful if you can let me know of any remedies that may help my condition and offer me some relief?

      Thank you


  110. I developed acute tinnitus following 3 months of Acitretin for treatment of Psoriasis. For past 6 weeks have on again off again tinnitus in R ear, and constant high frequency ringing of L ear.
    Saw ENT specialist 3 weeks ago. Told me to get off medication. He noted that when I saw him in December and had my hearing checked that this wasn’t present. However, it was noted that I had marked hearing loss of high frequencies bilaterally from last hearing test about a year prior to that.
    He suggested that I try a steroid (prednisone) to see if it alleviates the condition. It has been cited as a course of therapy for reducing tinnitus that can be attributed as a medication side effect.
    I have done additional research and was curious after the course of prednisone if you have any success prescribing Tellurium Metallicum in conjunction with Conium Maculatum? Or would you prescribe Aethusa in conjunction with Magnum Aceticum.
    Also could you recommend the correct dosage for the latter medications listed ? I believe a 6 week course of 200c tellurium 3 times weekly in conjunction with 30c conium 2 times weekly is a recommended dosage. Would you agree with this treatment plan, or would you recommend a different approach?

  111. SNHL since nov 2017.
    Two transtympanic steroid injections given by Pune KEM,
    Heairng 20% recovered.
    Experiencing tinnitus after injections.

    What are chances of hearing 100% recovery and tinnitus treatment.
    If can be cured, how much time will it take and what are the charges?

  112. Adeel Malik says:


    My wife suffers from tinnitus, she has a profound hearing loss in one side. Is there anything to calm her and something which is helpful to lower her tinnitus. Please let me know if you could help us with this problem.

    Adeel Malik

  113. Vivek Tyagi says:

    Hello Doctor
    I experience too much heaviness in my ear and a constant beep sound. I also feel something blocking my ear.
    Please advise what homeopathic treatment would be suitable.


  114. Vivek Tyagi says:

    Hello Doctor
    I experience too much heaviness in my ear and a constant beep sound. I also feel something blocking my ear.
    Please advise.


  115. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss both years since past 3 years. Kindly advice.

  116. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I recently developed tinnitus following a visit to the dentist. I am experiencing a ringing in my ears. It seems to come and go, but I noticed that in the evenings it is worse. Occasionally the ringing is accompanied by a stuffiness in my sinuses. Originally I thought it was due to the anesthesia used during the procedure, but it has been 3 weeks and it has not stopped. Any suggestions? Should I use Primla veris or a combination of herbs?

  117. Bruce Fernald says:

    Have constant loud ringing in left ear and most of the time loud to medium in right ear.Occasionalclicking in left ear.Left ear for many years right for 3-5.Really annoying

  118. DR.Balbir Singh Josan says:

    I AM 65 year old and have continous sound in the left.ear only.kindly suggest me the homeopathic medicine.
    Dr.Balbir Singh

  119. kamlesh sharma says:

    I have been having chirping sounds in my left yr

  120. Janet lescalleet says:

    I have a heart pulse in my ear. Will any of these remedies help that?

  121. M.NAVEED says:

    Good morining,
    I have problim in my ear continue buzzing like heart pulse.Kindly suggest medcineI willthankful to you

    • Anisha rawat says:

      Sir mujhe dono ears me tinnitus ka problem hai and right ear me 80% hearing loss h . sir 6-7 years m bahut doctors ko dikhaya but koi improvement nahi hua plz sir mere liye medicine treatment btaye

  122. Robin Parrott says:

    Yes I have had ringing in my ear for seven days now. I took two pills of an antidepressant and it seemed to start after that. But also have a popping sound in my left ear almost like when I get wax build up in my ear. It is very aggravating.

  123. Very hi pitch tinnitus ringing

  124. Hello Dr.,
    I am not sure but I think I am suffering from tinnitus it’s like very low frequency somewhat like vibrating noises I hear and I feel my ears are sensitive to that sound. When there is fan sound I am ok but not with this vibrating sounds

    I recently took azythrimycin when I had cold and fever and I noticed this symptom
    But I have had this symptoms in past too but It was only for 1 week and I felt ok and I remember it was due to music I was hearing with headphones but now I did not hear and don’t know why it’s been more than a week and I still hear these vibrating humming sounds in my ears. Please help

  125. Hello Dr. Sharma, I have exposed my ear to noise (loud music in a club) for a long duration, the moment i came out of the club, I could hear only ringing sound and a heaviness in my air, like someone blow a warm air in. I am having trouble hearing, I have visited an ENT doctor, went through audiology too, currently under medication (steroids and vitamins). The doctor said chances it can be permanent, when a person speaks in front of me, it echoes real loud, buzzing, a continuous ring as though I am in a room with some machine on or fan on… I wanted to enquire if Homeopathy can help me recover. The similar incident happened with the right ear a year back, I did not care for it, so the right ear is not working well, hopefully You can suggest me a serious help for my left ear. Kindly inform if any homeopathic treatment is possible or not for this. I request you to revert at the earliest so that I can proceed with the treatment.
    Thank You.

  126. Ghulam baqir says:

    Sir mery dono kaano main 24 ghanty lagatar setti ki awazen aati hai plzzzzzzzzz is koi medicen bataen

  127. Dear Dr Sharma, I was in pondicherry for a conference and was unable to sleep one night on 30th January 2018. Normally I sleep on right side but0 turned this time and lied down for half an hour on left side. As I got up i felt blocking in right ear which continued for the day. Later blockage went but was substituted by a high pitch sound. This is continuing. On testing there is very slight hearing loss of very high frequency. I am having vertin 16 tab and nootropil twice a day with gingko biloba and revital capsule. Please advise homeopathic treatment.

  128. Sir I have a regular sound in my left ear and head and little pain as checked by allopathic Doctor there is infection in both middle ear can u suggest me the best homeopathy medicine. Spsjolly

  129. Sir send your whatsapp please thanks in advance

  130. Salam Dr ,
    I have been suffer in Tinnitus for last fifteen years but have not fiound any perfect medication please revommend me some nedicine that can stop my Tinnitus. Thanks

  131. Pawan shukla says:


    • Salam Dr ,
      I have been suffer in Tinnitus for last fifteen years but have not fiound any perfect medication please recommend me some medicine that can stop my Tinnitus. Thanks

  132. Palanisamy Venkatesan says:

    Sir, I had an ear surgery before 20 year for loss of hearing.Some improvement I got by this surgery.For the past 2 months I am suffering with tinnitus problem.I had medicine from ENT specialist.But no recovery found.I request you to guide me for this problem.I hope you needful.

  133. Sir, continuous severe tinnitus and deafness of left year since last 23 years. Result of accidental injury causing perforation of eardrum and nerve damage. Nothing seems to help. Putting faith in your advice. Thanks.

    • jasbir singh says:

      Dear Sir
      my name is jasbir singh and i have written to you in the past too. i have been suffering from tinnitus for last 2 years.. i had a cold and my ears got choked. i blew in the air to open the clogging and got hit…please confirm if there is any remedy

  134. Lisa Mason says:


    Am a 63 yr old woman who has recently started getting what I believe is tinnitus but I’m not sure whether the sound I’m hearing is a ringing or a buzzing. The best way to describe it is that’s it’s like the sound of summer cicadas at night…very faint/very far away…So I’m not sure which of the homeopathic treatments I ought to try?


    • balasaheb Sakhare says:

      I am 69 years and experiencing same thing as above since yesterday.faint..far mild sound as it comes from insects at night.Even if ears are closed it remains .Can any body tell the reasons and treatment for it.


    Is tinnitus permanently cured .I am suffering with this problem since long .It is horrible to lead life
    Please reply me is it cured or not

  136. Is minear or tinnitus permanently cured? I am suffering with this problem from last 6 years. It is very horrible to lead life. I almost losts hope. Please reply me is it cured or not.

  137. pradip chande says:

    I have developed sound at back of my head like hissing sound. I took medicines for my frozen shoulder and pain in right hand. First allopathy then ayurvedic . Then homoeopathic like argentum nitricum. Now my frozen shoulder is good. Some stiffness is there.
    After that I have developed sound in my head/ years. I have tried coffea c.

  138. Surender Kaushal says:

    My wife has buzzing sound in ears from last one month. From net I found it is tinnitus .Medicine suggested Primla verisimilitude. I want to know its potency.

  139. Harjinder singh says:

    Sir I am suffering tinnitus from 3 months in both ears and summer season also I vertigo problem. My ears blocked in room there air is no crossing in room summer season please tell me medicine.

  140. himatlal sakaria says:

    i m suffering from tinnitus for last two weeks. After testing of audiometry and BERA test doctor gave me tab tinnex 20 but no relief. Himatlal sakaria

  141. Sir I am suffering from tinnitus several years ago, mostly left ear , some loss right, I am 66 years, I also suffer from fatty live. Blotting &constipation. I also eye sight weak near & distance. Kindly help me.

    • Surender Kaushal says:

      My wife has buzzing sound in left ear from last one month. From net I found it is tinnitus .Medicine suggested Primla veris. I want to know its potency.

    • Edna Hannah says:

      I have tinnitus in my right ear. I have gone through tremendous stress and exposure to loud noise. I am also taking oral chemo medicine for breast cancer since 2018 January. Which homeopatic medicine should I take?

  142. RAHUAL SINGH says:

    Sirr there was perforation in my host year after being treated by it tympanoplasty I am feeling the problem of tinnitus in my right ear please make me infor!m what is the proper diagnosis ogf it

  143. Ashok Kumar Sharma says:

    Sir I have tinnitus in both ears it hissing in left and cracking in right year.sometimes I feel pins and needles sensation.pleaseadvise me about my symptoms my age is 50yrs

  144. My mom is suffering from tinnitus Sometimes one ear Buzz And the next min The other She is going crazy Behind this buzzing sound She is a diabetic patient and sinusitis Too. 46 yrs old

  145. Dr.A.K.Chauhan ,Eye specialist says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from severe tinnitus(ringing type) for the last 20 years associated with mild deafness.There is no giddiness.ENT examination is normal.I also suffered from Neurocysticercosis(focal seizures of Right upper limb) two years prior to the onset of tinnitus.There is no history of any systemic disease.Not on any medication for the last twenty years.Please give your expert advice

  146. Neha Sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    Please help me. I am having tinnitus from last 3.5 years. I am 29 years old. I think it is because of the long term intake of medicine saridon since i am also suffering from the migraine problem. It is also affecting my hearing power. Mainly I can listen two types of sounds in my left ear. One is the persistent sound like the sound of crickets in room. Another one is the sound kind of ghoo ghoo ghoo ghoo. I am very much depressed because of this problem. Please help me to get out of it. Please prescribe me some medicines to get rid off tinnitus. Please.


  147. Gina Harper says:

    My tinnitus (high pitched buzzing) has increased in volume since I suffered a very bad cold and horrendous cough. Will it go back to its normal pitch eventually once my health has proved? Thank you .

  148. Dr. I have buzzing sound in one ear It dis appears when I am in open area . I am feeling this in the last 7 months . please suggest the treatment

  149. Radheyshyam singh says:

    Sirr I am facing problem of tinnitus with hearing loss I am felling that fan is running behind my head what medicine will be better pls kindly reply me ur little feedback can change my entire life

  150. Help, I have had terrible hissing in my ears now for several years, I’m 64 and it started in my late 40s, I’ve been to chiropractors, had several evaluations, ear tests, etc etc, doctors here do not know what to do for it, taken anti depressants, tried white noise, it’s gotten worse over the years, it makes me sick to my stomach at times, when I do get sick the noise gets worse, tension in my head and eyes. I haven’t tried any homeopathy medicines for it so I’m asking you what would be the best to try.

  151. JAMES CHRISTIE says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I’m a 53 year old male with tinnitus in both ears due to sudden hearing loss from noise trauma what do you recommend?

  152. Dear Sir, Iam suffering with left ear ringing sounds,perticularly when sailent times. It’s very irritating me. Sir, can I get homeopathy medicine for this?

  153. I have started getting ringing sound in my head, right side more. I get nightmare s which makes me awake with disturb mind and noise increases that time. I am male 65 yes. I have type two diabetes.

  154. Ramesh gaur says:

    My ear/mind is 24 hours sound roving from long time please sugest me and low hearing .

  155. Sunirmal Mohanty says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 28 yrs old, male. I had no big problems in my body from childhood. But recently I feel some hearing loss in both ears, started with right ear and then in left ear. After audiometry & tympanometry test, ENT doctors told there is increase of ear bones. And OT might be the solution, although have 50% chance. Please suggest some homeopathic treatment for this. Sir please help me.

  156. Mansoor Khan says:

    My ear is whistling all the time, but I hve no hearing problem. But Dr says your Drum is damaged and there is no treatment for this problem. One I have visited a Spiritual person who treated it but for a very short period it means my DRUM is saved. Kindly advise me homeopathic medicine.

  157. I have had ringing in my ears for years but I could hardly hear it unless I lay on pillow and listen but about 6 months ago – the ringing got louder and I can hear it all of the time – worse in left ear but suddenly in right ear – I have pulsating ringing – how can you help me? I am in Portland OR.

  158. Sushant ranjan says:

    I am 32 year men suffering from tinnitus from 2 years please suggest me what can I do

  159. OLGA MARINA GRANT says:

    I M A 82 years old lady, never been sick, never have take medicacion, a year ago i went to de emergency because i was kind of weak, the result was left ventricular hypertrophy,i have excersise all my life, still do, I have use herbs and homeopathic remedies all my life when needed.What will be a good homeopathic or herbal remedie to take?

  160. RAVINDRA BABU v says:

    Sir i am getting hissing sounds in my left ear. I could hear the sounds soon after getting up in the morning and night before going to sleep. Sounds are mild. Please advise me.

  161. IGNACIO SANCHEZ says:

    hi Dr which potencie is the best to take the calcarea flourica iam

    thanks for your help

  162. How much Iris Versicolor do you take for tinnitus.I have the ringing in my ear.

  163. purnendu shanker says:

    My wife aged 62yrs hear heart beat sound in left ear ,pl specify medicine

  164. DEAR DR Sharma<
    i am suffering from Tinnitus for the last 3 months.i have had hearing loss due to certain medications like sinemet,Lasix and carveda.i took these medicines for nearly eight months as prescribed by the doctors for my congestive heart failure and parkinsons disease,though it was proved later on that i had no parkinson symptoms.Any way since i have been a student of homeopathy,i took in the fiirst instance Ferrum phos 6x for the cracking noise and now i take magnesia phos 6x and Kali phos 6x,they are all biochemic medicines,the buszzing and hissing does occur and it even continues for hours.The Audiologist have given me hearing aids in both the ears which enables me to listen,my left ear has only 20 to 30 % hearing capacity and the right ear has 40 % capacity.Waht medicine u shall propose.Thanks a lot.

  165. Hi sir I am suffering from tinnitus from past 5years and gridness is their any
    treatment for tinnitus sir

  166. Is our 191 the best homeopathic remedy for tonight us when there is a high-pitched wing if not can you please suggest something more effective ? Please and thank you !

  167. Is our 191 the best homeopathic remedy for tonight us when there is a high-pitched wing if not can you please suggest something more effective ? Please and thank you !

  168. Hi for nearly two years I have had bad ringing in both ears.

    My ears are also very senstivie to sound speaking on the phone can cause them to itch and ring loudly


  169. Suresh Gupta says:

    I am also nursing staff is govt hospital Central Jail Sewar Bharatpur Rajasthan
    On hypothyroidism treatment thyronom 100 mg before 10 years regular
    Now c/o of कानौ में हमेशा सीटी की आवाज सुनाई दी जाती है & Some time depression
    Diagnosis of hypothyroidism, tinnitus & light depression

  170. Pankaj Banik says:

    My right ear in heart beat sound every time. any solution suggest me sir.

  171. Manoj Gupta says:

    Please provide full name for aethusa for hissing sound in ears

  172. Arun .M.Patil says:

    what is the solution for whistling & insect crying like sound ,mild hearing loss in the left ear ?

  173. Bob Taylor says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have a constant buzzing sound in my ears. I don’t always notice it. But, this morning, I walked out back on our farm – there was no noise anywhere at all…..As I sat, I could hear a constant “humming” noise. I do not take any medications at all. I am 60 years old. I do not have high blood pressure (120/80). I have heard that too much caffeine can cause this? Is that true? I do drink a lot of coffee. I don’t have much money. But, if there are some supplements I could get, that would be great. We do not have any health insurance.

    Thank You,

  174. Rajesh Banota says:

    I am 48 yrs old male hear hissing sound in my ears which increases when I turn my head right and left.aftet bath I feel like cleaning my ears as I feel itching in my ears.recently I feel imbalance while walking.I feel suffocated in crowded places,cant travel in elevators or closed compartments.pls suggest me remedy
    I suffer from neck pain and lower back also.

  175. Hi Dr Sharma,

    What would be the best remedy for when the sound is a very high, constant frequency mainly in the left ear, please?

    Sometimes it fades out but only once or twice a month do I suddenly realise it has gone and switch off all appliances and sit in the quietest room in my home to enjoy the silence. It only lasts for perhaps half an hour but those thirty minutes are golden and I appreciate and feel so much gratitude for every single second.

    To eliminate this tragedy from my life would be priceless, although I would absolutely be grateful even if beautiful silence were available for 50% of the time.

    I’ve always been bothered by noise in general and as a child blackmailed my brother into turning his TV down, as the murmur of it filtering through to my bedroom disturbed me so much.

    After a bout of Labyrinthitis as a teen, I developed this very high-pitched sound, often causing me to cry with frustration when I tried to sleep at night.

    Such is the torture of tinnitus – an unwelcome guest that never leaves and if it does it is only to get more milk for its tea, returning within half an hour to once again take up residence and squat in your home.

    Thank you for any guidance you can offer.

  176. Asha Gahuri says:

    Hi Doctor
    I am suffering from tinnitus from the past 10 years,I have mild asthma and so taking seritide and L montus.Is it because of these medicines I have tennitus.Can homeopathy help me cause I very bed at getting treatments and taking strong allopathic medicine

  177. Chua Ernesto says:

    Sir :

    I would like to ask from you personally about the ==> Homeopathic remedy Aethusa is an excellent remedy for tinnitus that presents itself as hissing sound in ears ?? what is the right potency , it is 6x or 30x or what ?? how to take them and the doses ??
    2. Also extremely underweight for the past 35 years , nothing seem to help ?
    3. Fast acting immediate relief for common cold and flu.

    I will appreciate it very much if you could reply immediately as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much. With kindest regards !

    Sincerely yours,
    Chua Ernesto

  178. Singh Sundar says:

    There is hissing sound in both years less in morning and increase as day advances

  179. Navneet Yadav says:

    I have observed pulsating sound coming from my right ear. It start two three day back. Pl provide suitable help to overcome this problems

  180. Amarendra B Singh says:

    I have pulsating sound in my left year sometimes sensation also . please help me with remedy

  181. Narayan Garimella says:

    belladonna for eachoing sounds in the right ear. kindly suggest the potency.

  182. I am facing problem of vertigo and tininitus like kuuuuuuuuuuvinod

  183. Manuel Thomas says:

    Dear Dr. I am Manuel Thomas 70 years and diabetic which remains controlled because I am taking insulin since last 10 years. Three months back I suffered by dizziness and consulted allopathic ENT specialist who got MRI of my brain and left ear done. as per radiological report, it was opined that the member and of ear ruptured. As I feel Vertigo while walking and climbing stairs and coming down on stairs I stumbled three times.I am disturbed due to buzzing and roaring sounds in my left ear. Besides this I have sinusitis. There is no sneezing but I have lost smell. I am not able to sleep with my mouth shut. I have to open mouth for sleep. This is obviously due to nazal polips. Allopathic physicians told me that these problems are not curable. For ear nose and vertigo I have been prescribed Vertin 16 mg tab TDs and Allegra b.d. I am taking these drugs since last three weeks with no relief. Will you kindly advise me homeo drugs for buzzing and roaring noises in left ear and vertigo. And also for nasal polips and loss of smelling.

  184. Stuart Farren says:

    Hi Doctor I’m a 41 year old male with no underlining condition, suffering from tinnitus for 12 years from a head injuring I sustained playing sport fractured skull on right side of head hearing loss with tinnitus in right ear in the last couple of weeks my tinnitus has reached a ridiculous high pitch of a ringing hissing sound can you recommend anything to help. Thank you Stuart

  185. Hi,sir,am a diabetics ,am 65yr,and I suffer from sound in my left ear once everyday,I feel dizzy and migraine after the sound.please which homeopathic medicine do I take.

  186. Md. Mazaharul Haque. says:

    Sir I am suffering from ear infection and normal deafness since childhood and puses to the. ear. I am 50th years old. At present I am suffering from tinitus into the left ear.

  187. J.K.Purohit says:

    Dear Dr. Sharmaji,
    I am j k purohit 68 yrs taking allopathy medicine for b.p. Which is under control and now having hissing sound in left ear and sometimes feel marginal hearing loss..Kindly advise me suitable homeopathy medicine for it.I believe their would be no side effect.regards.

  188. Dear Dr Sharma I had a hissing sound in left ear since long but a reçent attack of flu has made it worst Although the flue has gone but has left me with permanent hissing hissing sound in my left ear. Now at bed time I also feel this sound in right ear. I can not sleep with this sound. Kindly suggest a prescriptions

  189. Dr Sharma, I was having headaches and facial pain on the. Right side of my face starting a week ago, and four years ago I had suffered Bells Palsy on the same side. But three Days ago I started hearing a whooshing sound in my right ear matching my heart beat. I appreciate any guidance in which you could offer in directing me towards a homeopathic treatment. And can you take a homeopathic treatment when you are taking Turpentine?

    • Dharam Vir says:

      Sir I suffer from ringing in right ear since July 2017. Ent special audio diagnosis show problems in high frequency. Some times ring in ear more some times is less. When sequees my throt or like seep of tea or drink ring in more pronounced and vice Vera . Please give me solution.

  190. Dear Dr. Sharma
    Last night I started ringing noise in my LHS ear and my hearing power is reduced. Please suggest good treatment.

  191. Mr J S KUNDHI says:

    Dear Dr Sharma….. I’ve had tinitus in my left ear for almost 10 year ….. its a sharp buzzing/ringing noise which seems to get worse in the evenings….. i have to take Prednisolone steroids and a Levothyroxine following treatment of a Pituitary tumour back in 2006… Could you please suggest the best homeopathy solution for my Tinitus. …. Thankyou

    • Sir my mother is suffering from tinnitus since last
      1year . We have tried a lot of treatment even in
      Homeopathy but there is no proper response
      Please sir help us.thnku

  192. Allen Moore says:

    I have been suffering from tinnitus with ringing in my ears for about 6 years. I currently take Lipo Flavonoid, and have seen positive results from it, but I’m always looking for additional new methods I can try. I have heard Chinese medicine is effective for my type but I have wanted more specifics. Like I said I have indeed had positive results from taking Lipo Flavonoid, but it took about 60 days to take effect. Do these homeopathic methods take longer to work?

  193. sir i am 36 years old feeling whistle blowing continously in my left ear since last 8 days, i had take a medicine for headache that time, perhaps may because of that, i also smoke since last 15 years not too much but 2-4 per day may be because of that, i think it is tinnitus type, i am trying to quit smoking slowly, also whenever i smoke, the sound increases, but please tell me the solution or medicine in homeopathy to cure.

  194. Farhan Yousuf says:

    Hello Sir Thanks For Great Article . I Am Suffering From Tinnitus And I Forgot How Long Back It Started. I Feel Pressure Cooker whistle in My Ears 24 Hours A Day . From One Ear I Can Listen Little But Other is Dead No Hearing . I ‘ll Be Very Thankful If You Suggest Me A Homeo Remedy For Tinnitus God Bless You .

  195. Kanai Lal Banerjee says:

    Please suggest the name and quantity of homeopathic medicines to be mixed in 100 gm of coconut oil to be used to stop hair fall .

  196. I has perforated right ear last 4 months, Dr. Said it seems like cured, but I have ringing sound still while lying aside and also in calm surroundings. Please prefer any prescription to cure naturally without any surgery.

  197. homeopathic Medicines for Tinnitus when there is a Hissing , whistling, cracking ,and echoing sound in ears.

  198. Sir
    How can we treat familial tinnitus
    it runs in the family
    father sons daughter all got it

  199. Hallo Dr Sharma,, this is my second time request for my daughter ms.tR Dutta she is suffering too much tinitus problem in the both ears.there is more new sound make her ears every day.she can’t tallarete now. Pls give her proper medicine to relief this terrible the left ear she hear some low .but now right ear also going low. Maybe this is for her loud sound in the ear. She had suffering from mum’s in her childhood when she was ,,ten year old… pls Dr pls give her medicine for relief this terrific problem.she can’t sleep any time night or day. Thank you.I am her poor mother.

  200. Hi Dr. Sharna,
    I am a victim of tinnitus for last 3 months, in the result of listening a programme by headphone on high volume, while i got sleep with headphone on till morning, from that day i have a contineous voice in my ears, my cbc test, x-ray are normal, i reacted normal to vertigo exercises, i consult an ent specialist, he diagnosed nothing interaly, suggested some brain power medicines, which i took for 10 days with not any improvement bt felt some extra head problems, i leave them, please recommend any medication as i felt sounds like whisteling sometime or insects chirping like.. please help me, i have a strong will power with the help of ALLAH, i want to fight with this no matter how long it will take, i will be very grateful to you..
    Best regards,
    Sajid ali

  201. Akshaya Arunan says:

    I suffering from whooshing sounds like we hear in while travelling in busses where air hits our ears on right ears. It’s been a year. I have done all my hearing tests. Also took allopathic medicines but no use. Please suggest me a medicine to have.

  202. Richard lewis says:

    I have been suffering from hissing and buzzing in my ears for two years now.i have tried psorinum200recently three days has done nothing to stop the annoying hissing and buzzing.
    I am now trying China 30.which you recommend.shoulsd I be taking China 200.i have been an enthusiastic homeopathic user for forty years or more.please help me with your experience in treating tinnitus.thank you so much in anticipation. Yours richard Lewis.

    • Prof.A,K,Srivastava says:

      Dr.Sharma…the local homeopath has prescribed Chininum Sulph-30 for the continuous whistling sound in my ears but there is hardly any relief.What should I do. Please advise me.

  203. am affected with mineres disease…………….left ear hearing loss…………..will i get my normal hearing as before

  204. Sunita Sharma says:

    I am having whistling sound in my both ears. I am Sunita Sharma and my age is 59. I am suffering from thyroid problem as well as neuopathic pains. I am suffering this tinnitus since last 6 months . The sound is I can explain is like that of when cooker is lying on low flame of gas just like cooker whistling sound. Now for the last approx one month the sound has become little high. Asif cooker is whistling as lying on high flame.
    Kindly suggest me some treatment.

    Sunita. Sharma

  205. Sakeena Naidu says:

    I am sakeena Naidu .Have very loud tinnitus in both the years made me reach on the verge of committing suicide pls help if you have a remedy

    • sir i am suffering from hearing sounds in left ear is there any remedy for this problem can you suggest me homoeopathic remedies? thanks. karateravi bangalore.

  206. Vinay Saxena says:

    Dr my wife has whistling problem in her right year which sounds like sooon. Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine

    • Dear Sir,
      Myself 62 yrs (f) is suffering since last one month from a buzzing sound in the left Year. It is more pronounced in the night. I developed this after I took Azuwak (antibiotic) to get relief from cold and cough and viral infection.
      Pl. suggest remedial measures.
      Thanking you.

    • Pradip Podder says:

      I have Tinitus problem for the last 5-6 years. I am 71 years old. It is constant ringing in both ears which is very disturbing.Please suggest what would be the best way to deal with the situation.


      • Md,Mominul Huq says:

        Hello Dr.

        Good evening, i am running above 65 . i am facing tremendous difficulties in both of my ear ringing sound. please advice me.

        Kind Regards

        Md.Mominul Huq

    • Can We not just See a Local Homeopathic Dr. in our area? And ask them about all this?

  207. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have tinnitus in my left ear. It is a low humming sound. I also have moderate hearing loss of the high tones in that ear so do wear a hearing aid. It gets worse in noisier environments and settles down when I am quiet. When I grit my teeth it changes a bit. Also, the method of thumping on the back of the head works for me but doesn’t last. I am also sensitive to loud sounds.
    I have already tried Conium maculatum, Tabacum and Lycopodium without results.
    I know that homepathic remedies require a more full assessment of ones health, but I was wondering if you would have any suggestions as to what might work for me.
    I very much appreciate your advice.
    Thank you

  208. Catherine mcstay says:

    Hi wondering if you can help me I have a case of tintinitus with a loss of hearing loss in my left ear put down to maybe a problem with my cochlea is there a remedy that I could be taking to minimise the ringing in my ear it is at its worst at night time

  209. Purushotham J K says:

    Hello Dr,
    My name is Purushotham and I m aged 41 years living in Bangalore. I m suffering from Tinnitus for the last couple of weeks and was diagnosed only about a week ago. I felt a hissing sound about 2 months ago once while I was in meditation and didn’t pay much attention then since it was just once.
    recently about a month ago I had a vertigo attack and the Dr asked me if I hear any sound in my ears and that’s when I realised that its a medical issue. I was asked to see an ENT and was further subjected for an Audiogram the audiogram resulted in a left ear having a dip and which is also where I get the hissing sound. I have not been advised any hearing aid since the hearing loss will not affect my lifestyle.

    The Dr has advised medications for about a months time and I see a slight improvement after having the medicines for the last 4 days. I m extremely worried and seeking help from every direction since the sound at a time can be very frustrating.
    Please suggest what would be the best way to deal with the situation.


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