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Tonsillitis and Homeopathic Treatment

417708736_2db8f55520_m Tonsillitis or inflammation of the tonsils is a painful condition of throat, and in its chronic form it can become a source of recurring episodes of colds. With the winter setting in, it needs a special mention.

There is a marked change in the attitude of the medical world as regards the tonsils. The old custom of “tonsil snatching”, that once meant millions of tonsil operations a year, is dying a well-earned death.

On this point, orthodox medicine has rallied down to the conservative view held by the homeopathic school. It has been an unsaid homeopathic rule to save the tonsils whenever possible. With careful application of the properly indicated remedies, I have seen homeopathy succeeding in many cases when failure seemed certain, and especially among children in whose case excising (removal) is rarely, if ever, justifiable.

According to homeopathic philosophy, such local conditions are a result of the weak immune system and almost invariably due to constitutional disturbances. The removal of tonsils does not improve these disturbances in the least. Homeopathic philosophy stresses on the necessity to study the condition of the body as a whole before one deals with tonsillitis.

Tonsils form part of the body’s defences. Their removal generally means rendering the body more susceptible for infections. Also the tonsils are a kind of indicators of the general health of the body. One might compare them to the barometer in the hall. Well, certainly one cannot improve the weather by smashing the barometer!

The treatment of enlarged tonsils with homeopathy has two stages in cases of long standing. Acute inflammation needs to be treated with a different set of medicines and its recurrence to be treated once the acute stage is over. Deep-acting medicines are required to treat the constitution and bring about lasting relief. It is true that this method takes a longer time, but it is also the best one because not only the tonsils are cured but also the patient.

It stands at the head of the list of remedies in tonsillitis. Very useful in acute stages where tonsils are bright red and swollen, and there is difficulty in swallowing fluids

Baryta carb
It is indicated in tonsillitis, with the formation of pus, when the right side of the throat is worse than the left, enlargement of the glands in the neck, under the jaw and behind the ears. It is one of the best remedies for removing the tendency to tonsillitis, particularly in children, who are sensitive to every little exposure to damp or cold weather which leads to a fresh attack of tonsillitis. It is one of the remedies to prevent the return of this condition and changes the constitutional tendency of the patient.

Iodides in various combinations are extremely useful in treating inflamed tonsils.

Constitutional treatment
It is aimed at stopping the recurrence of such attacks. Deep-acting medicines like Tuberculinum, Calcarea Phos, Psorinum and Sulphur are often employed

This feature ( authored by Dr. Vikas Sharma ) was earlier published in The Tribune(north India’s largest circulated daily newspaper). Dr. Vikas Sharma is regular Homeopathic columnist for The Tribune.You can mail him at

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  1. male-age-36

    I am suffering from regular cold,thoat infection and phlegm gets accumulated every month and after taking Cadiphyllate it expells ,but I dont have cough problem,phlegm gets accumulated regularly and when I get throat infection,get severe body pain and perspiration but no fever

    I also have problem in bowel movements,I pass stools for around 4 times a day and it is majorily in the morning,the stools are very soft,not that hard

  2. Raghwendra dubey says:

    My 11 years child aleays tonsil alrgic and if he eat frut and hot or cold and bridging sound antibiotic not proprly remedy

  3. Manoj mondal says:

    Mugha tontiligh hoaha. Kasa a thik hoga. ???.
    I have been this…it’s solution…???

  4. KORTMAN says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis. My doctor suggests laser therapy, but I’d prefer to find an alternative.
    Symptoms started over 6 months ago with sour taste in mouth and a few visible tonsil stones.
    Since then, the right tonsil has been inflamed with liquid seeping out when pressed upon.
    What can you suggest for me?
    I’ve been told it’s a side effect of my acid reflux.

  5. Charles Andere says:

    I have acute recurring tonsillitis that usually make me have difficulty in swallowing anything

  6. Ujjal jyotu kalita says:

    I am suffering from tonsilitis for 24 days…no alopathy medicn cures it. How can it be healed. Through endoscopy….it is signifies as allergic rhinitis….the amount of medicines are so costly…..i am using those medicine for 5 days…but i cant found any difference me.

  7. Mere daughter ko tonsils hai kaha say treatment karo i live in malir

  8. jaimin kanojiya says:

    Good evening Sir
    My name is jaimin kanojiya from vadodara (gujarat)
    my son 5 yrs old.

    Mild adenoids are hypertrophied obliterating posterior nasopharyngeal air-space.
    No Calcification evident.
    comments : hypertrophied Adenoids

    I Dont know what we do? pl z give some suggestion sir..
    Thank you, in advance, for your help

  9. sir my name is jeeva i am in tamilnadu i am suffering from tancil i am a 19 years old it is suffer from in water and some other problems it is very pain any way to cure in non surjary this tancil can be cure sent me the curing method

    • jaimin kanojiya says:

      Good evening Sir
      My name is jaimin kanojiya from vadodara (gujarat)
      my son 5 yrs old.

      Mild adenoids are hypertrophied obliterating posterior nasopharyngeal air-space.
      No Calcification evident.
      comments : hypertrophied Adenoids

      I Dont know what we do? pl z give some suggestion sir..
      Thank you, in advance, for your help

  10. Sunny katoch says:

    Dear sir,

    My name is Sunny katoch and I am 22 years old. I have the problem of inflammation of tonsils from my childhood. Whenever they get infected doctors prescribed me antibiotics n I got well. This continues till now.Every Year I got my tonsils infected one or two times.But this time in 2016 I got these infected 6-7 times. My tonsils are swollen very much the ENT is suggesting me to operate them. Whenever I got these infected I got high fever and difficulty in swallowing and pain in tonsils.What should I do sir.

    Please suggest me something.I belongs to Jammu and currently I am living in Delhi.

    • Anna Klovsky says:

      Dear Doctor,
      I am 46 years old and have a strep throat or tonsilitis at least twice a year for almost all my life. I used to trat it with antibiotics, then last several years switched to natural treatments that worked, but still I got sick pretty often and most of the times it is my throat. I also have weak immune system – do not get fever, for example, for last several years now. This year though my trouble became bigger – along with strep=throat i developed peritonsillar abscess and 6 months after that had strep-throat again with emerging peritonsillar abscess. Just got over it. The doctor told me that the only cure he know is tonsillectomy. It is only one of the tonsills, though, I have troubles with. It is enlarged and always a source of infection. How possible to completely cure this tonsil with homeopathy? Thank you very much! Anna

  11. Sudesh Charak Teacher @ Jammu says:

    Respected sir,
    My daughter is suffering from tonsillitis since more than 5 years & now she is 9 & half years old, I consulted many doctors & also gave him tonsol aid medicine by bakson company but could not get the good result, her both lymph (tonsil) are in swallan state now,
    Sir is there any permanent treatment for this?
    If yes, then Pls let me to know from where, which doctor I have to consult for this, as u know I’m extremely worried about my daughter as her both health & study affecting badly.

    • Donnie Verma says:

      Hi Dr. Sharma
      My daughter 11 years old has acute tonsil problem.
      Her tonsil problem which comes every month or 15 days
      is accompanied by thick mucus from nose which is too much.
      Slight coughing. Weight: 55 kgs. Height: 5’3″
      Please suggest some very effective homeopathy medicine.

      Best of Regards

  12. Dear sir my throat tonsilitist problem 2month lease give sussetion homeopaithik medicine .throat in White stone please help .

  13. bipin thapa says:

    Dr. i have been sufffering from tonsil previous 2 yearsplease give me suggestion what to do.

  14. Satyapal says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from tonsillitis previous 7 to 8 years . I will used many types medicines in my treatment and not get well results from them and also used homeopathic medicines like hepar sulphur and belladonna in current time .I did not wants to remove tonsil. I feel swelling problem, pain forever . So give me best suggestions to treat them with homeopathy .

  15. Dear sir my wife tonsilitist problem 1 years please give me sussetion homeopaithik what is mynext step

  16. shahinur islam says:

    Sir, I am suffering from tonsil for 3years .it pains rightside of the throat .I am 31 years old .I need your suggestion. Please give me suggestion.I have taken homeopathic.

  17. manikyala rao.P says:

    This is manikyala rao .had 6yrs child suffering adenoids from 2years,at the beginning use english medicine,from3months use homeopathic,calcaria phosphate yesterday night my child suffering fm severe breathing problem. What is my next step.please suggest me sir.
    Thanking you sir.

  18. shagufta says:

    hello sir mujhe tonsil ki shikayet bachchon as hai abhi main 33 age ki hun mujhe puchte 2 month as cough hai jo gale main hi rehta hai or phir ish Doran mujhe tonsil main main time laga main ne alopathy ka ilaj karwaya kuch fark nahi pass abhi mere tonsil main safaid rang ke spot hai jaise tonsil stone plz help me

  19. I have tonsillitis since five years along with very high fever over 102°F. Initially it happened once a year but since last six months it happens once in every two months. Antibiotics not working wel. White spots on both tonsils swallowing down the jaws and behind neck.

  20. I have swollen tonsillitis with white patches from last 5 months. Tried all antibiotics. No help. I have RA from last one year. I want a permanent cure. Kindly suggest. Thankyou.

    • Sir,i have been suffering from tonsills for 6 months and i have taken so many medicines like antibiotic,homeopathic and ayurvedic but the result is zero.please tell me what should i do now.?

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