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What Causes White Spots On Tonsils And Its Homeopathic Remedies

Tonsils are masses of lymphoid tissues located in the back of the throat, one on each side, right and left. They function as a first line of defense mechanism to fight germs, bacteria and virus that might get inhaled or ingested. Tonsils are very much prone to get inflamed, swollen and infected. In some cases, there may occur white spots on the tonsils. This may happen from different causes. The first reason that can cause white spots on the tonsils is tonsillitis. It refers to inflammation of the tonsils that may occur from various infectious agents including viral and bacterial. The next important cause is strep throat. Strep throat is a type of throat infection caused by a bacteria named Group A beta – hemolytic streptococcus. It results in inflammation and pain in the throat and the tonsils. It is very common in school-going children. If not treated well in time, complications may appear. These include kidney inflammation (glomerulonephritis) and rheumatic fever which refers to inflammation that affects joints, heart, skin and nervous system. The third cause can be tonsil stones. These indicate accumulation of white or yellow hard lumps in the crypts of tonsils made up of germs, debris, and hard minerals like calcium. These are medically known as tonsilloliths. They are not harmful but can lead to bad breath and sore throat. Another cause can be infectious mononucleosis (also called kissing disease). It refers to viral infection caused by Epstein – Barr virus that spreads easily from person to person mainly from infected saliva. This causes sore throat, swollen tonsils, swollen lymph nodes in neck and armpit, tiredness, headache, fever and skin rash. Other causes may include oral thrush (fungal infection affecting the mouth and throat), leukoplakia (a condition causing white patches in mouth that can be precancerous in some cases) and oral cancer. Depending on the cause behind white spots on the tonsils, other symptoms can attend. These include pain in the throat, difficult swallowing, cough, bad breath, fever, stuffed nose, sneezing and headache.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic medicines can prove highly effective in cases of white spots on tonsils. Sourced from natural substances, these medicine work most naturally and harmlessly with zero side effects to remove white spots from tonsils. They can also effectively relieve any attending symptoms like pain in throat, difficult swallowing, cough, bad breath. These medicines target the root cause behind white spots on the tonsils for effective recovery. In homeopathy, the medicine most suitable for a given case is selected after detailed case analysis based on individual symptoms. So, it is advised to take any homeopathic medicine after getting your case evaluated by a homeopathic physician. Self – medication should be avoided. Homeopathy is recommended for mild to moderate cases. In serious cases of white spots on tonsils like strep throat and in cases with severe attending complaints like high fever, difficult breathing, blood in phlegm, help should be taken from conventional mode of treatment.

Homeopathic Medicines For White Spots On Tonsils

1. Hepar Sulph – For White Pus Spots On Tonsils

Hepar Sulph is a highly recommended medicine to manage cases having white pus spots on tonsils. In cases needing it, the tonsils are red and swollen. Pain is felt in the throat while swallowing. Pain from the throat may extend to the ears. There may be loose cough along with expectoration of yellow phlegm. A sensation of mucus plug is felt in throat. There may be fever along with the above complaints. While suffering from fever, chills and shivering is well marked. Hepar Sulph helps to fight infection effectively, removes pus spots and also manages the attending symptoms wonderfully.

2. Merc Sol – With Foul Breath And Excessive Salivation

Merc Sol is the next highly effective medicine for managing white spots on the tonsils along with foul breath and excessive salivation. The tonsils are enlarged, swollen and red with white spots. Felt while swallowing, there is pain in the throat extending to the ears. The uvula feels elongated. Burning sensation or heat is felt in the throat. Ulcers can be seen on the tonsils in some of the cases needing it. There may be a feeling of something hanging in the throat. There is hawking of large lumps of mucus from the throat. Voice may become hoarse along with the above complaints.

3. Kali Mur – For White Or Grayish White Spots

Kali Mur is highly beneficial for managing cases with white or grayish-white spots on the tonsils. Roughness or dryness is felt in the throat. Tonsils are much inflamed and swollen. Swallowing is very painful. Even the softest food and water cause pain on swallowing. The throat feels cold. There is hawking of thick white mucus or expectoration of cheesy lumps from the throat. The mucus lumps have a foul odor and taste. In some cases, there is expectoration of tough, stringy mucus from the throat.

4. Phytolacca – With Burning Sensation In Throat

This medicine is very helpful for managing white spots on the tonsils attended with a burning sensation in the throat. On examination, the tonsils look enlarged and dark red or purple or blue. A sensation of a lump/plug is present in the throat. The problem is more severe on the left side of the throat. The throat feels dry. It gets worse in the morning and evening. There is difficulty while swallowing accompanied by pain. While swallowing, there is shooting type of pain that extends to the ears. Pain is felt in the throat which increases by consuming warm drinks. There is an urge to hawk and clear the throat. This is attended by coughing. In some cases needing it, there is a discharge of mucus from the posterior nares in the throat. The mucus gets detached with much difficulty. There may be enlargement of the uvula.

5. Baryta Carb – For Pus Spots On Tonsils

Baryta Carb is also well-indicated for managing pus spots on the tonsils. There is difficulty in swallowing and fever where this medicine is required. Sticky phlegm may be present in the throat. There is excessive salivation along with the above-mentioned complaints. There is a feeling of a plug in the throat. It worsens from swallowing solid food. Stinging sensation is felt in the throat when swallowing saliva. In cases needing this medicine, the complaint often moves from the right to left side of the throat. In some cases, the tonsils may become hard.

6. Lac Caninum – For Deep Red, Enlarged Tonsils With White Patches On It

This medicine is beneficial for cases where tonsils are enlarged, deep red with white patches on it. The white patches are present on both the tonsils where this medicine is required. A feeling of fullness is felt in the throat that disturbs sleep at night. There is pain in the throat which gets worse from drinking fluids. The throat is also sensitive to touch externally. The uvula is swollen and elongated. Pricking sensation is felt in the throat as if the throat is full of sticks. One may also feel a tickling sensation in the throat. The upper part of the throat feels constricted. This results in dry cough. A lump is felt on the right side of the throat. Throat may also feel burnt.





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