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Top Homeopathic Medicines for treating Tremors

Essential tremor is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary movement or shaking of a part of body, that gets worse while using the affected muscle of that part. Essential tremor mainly affects hands but head and tongue may also be affected in some cases. Homeopathic medicines for essential tremors work very effectively and long term use of these medicines can not only reduce the severity of tremors but also reduce the progression of tremors.      Homeopathic Medicines for Essential Tremors

Essential tremors are most of the times inherited. The person suffering from essential tremors of hand feels a shaking of hands when using them while eating, dressing, writing or doing any other work with the hand. In case of essential tremors of head, involuntary motions of head are present like side to side motion or forward and backward motion. The essential tremors affecting tongue results in trembling of tongue and shaking of voice when speaking.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Essential Tremors

1. Agaricus Muscarius

Agaricus Muscarius is very efficient in treating essential tremors. It can help in treating the essential tremors of hands as well as that of head and tongue. This medicine is mainly prescribed to those patients who complain of excessive trembling of hands in motion, especially while writing. This medicine can also prove very useful for patients who complain of shaking of hands when holding objects, often resulting in dropping of objects from hand. This medicine also gives good results in essential tremors of head where the shaking of head is accompanied by a feeling of excessive coolness on the head. The prominent feature guiding the use of this medicine in patients of essential tremors is a white coated tongue along with an increased thirst for water along with trembling of tongue. The trembling of tongue results in disoriented speech. Such patients may also have a sweet taste in their mouth. The patients requiring this medicine are very sensitive to cold air and the complaints are always worse in cold weather.

2. Gelsemium Sempervirens

Gelsemium Sempervirens is a natural medicine used for the treatment of essential tremors where the trembling of the affected part is accompanied by excessive muscle weakness. The patient requiring this medicine always complains of profound dullness and drowsiness. This medicine works well in those cases where the tremors are intensified by emotional excitement or fears. It is recommended for essential tremors of tongue where the tongue is coated yellow with a bad taste in mouth. The breath of such patients can also be offensive. The thirst for water is always absent in patients requiring this medicine.

3. Zincum Metallicum

This medicine is mainly used for persons who have very weak nerves and who are very sensitive to noise. It gives very good results in essential tremors of head where the head is in involuntary motion from side to side. The essential tremors of hands can also be treated with this medicine. The patients requiring this medicine in essential tremors of hand complain of jerking of hands with excessive weakness especially while writing. If a history of some sort of suppression of skin eruptions in a patient of essential tremor is present, this medicine is taken into consideration. The restlessness of feet in patients suffering from essential tremors is a significant deciding factor for using this medicine.

4. Phosphorus

Phosphorus is the next wonderful medicine used in homeopathy for treating essential tremors. This medicine suits mainly those patients of essential tremors who are extremely sensitive to external impressions like touch, light, odours and noise. The essential tremors of hands are very effectively treated with this medicine where the person complains of increase in the trembling of hands after exertion. The excessive shaking of hands poses a great difficulty in holding anything with hand. Numbness or crawling sensation in hands can also be complained of along with trembling of hands in such patients. An excessive craving for meat, cold drinks or ice creams may also be noticed in patients requiring this remedy.

5. Silicea

Silicea is yet another remedy used for treating essential tremors in persons of nervous, irritable, obstinate and headstrong nature. The patients of essential tremors who have very offensive foot sweat respond very well to this medicine. Such patients are also very chilly and cannot tolerate a slight draught of air. The patients requiring this medicine complain of trembling of hands while performing manual work that especially includes eating, writing or holding anything. Such patients can also face difficulty in doing fine work due to excessive shaking of hands; for instance threading a needle appears to be a very cumbersome task for them.

Other Important Remedies

1. For Essential Tremors of Hand

Plumbum Metallicum is a very good medicine for treating essential tremors of hand that are a lot worse while holding an object, eating or writing. The tremors in patients requiring Plumbum Metallicum get worse due to worries. Gelsemium Sempervirens is the next very effective medicine and its use is recommended in the patients in whom excessive shaking of hands is worsened by fear or any other emotional excitement. Zincum Metallicum is yet another medicine that can be prescribed to patients who complain of trembling as well as the weakness of hands while writing. Phosphorus works well where the shaking of hands is worse from exertion and is accompanied by numbness of hands.

2. For Essential tremors of Head

Agaricus Muscarius is a very effective medicine for treating essential tremors of the head where the involuntary shaking of the head is accompanied by coldness in the head and the patient desires to cover up the head. Belladonna is the next medicine which can be given to those patients who complain of involuntary motion of head from side to side, along with hot and flushed face. If the involuntary shaking of the head is in the backward and forward direction, then Sepia Officinalis works effectively. The top of the head is cold in such patients. Another medicine Lycopodium Clavatum is used where the involuntary, causeless shaking of the head is accompanied by dizziness. The motion of the head in patients requiring Lycopodium Clavatum can either be from side to side or backward and forward.

3. For Essential Tremors of Tongue and Shaking of Voice

The first medicine Lachesis Mutus works very well in patients with dry, red and swollen tongue with excessive shaking. The shaking of the tongue is worse when protruding it from the mouth and it can be bitten off with teeth. The second medicine Mercurius Solubilis works well where the excessive trembling of the tongue is accompanied by profuse saliva in the mouth. This makes speech very difficult and voice shaky. Nux Moschata works well for shaky voice in cases where the tongue feels numb and is very dry.

Essential tremor has a tendency to gradually get worse over the years. Eventually, the tremor may become so severe that accomplishing regular, everyday activities can prove to be difficult for the patient. For instance, activities such as writing, drinking a glass of water or tying shoelaces can become particularly challenging. The condition is common in men and women equally. It can affect people irrespective of age, although the odds for its occurrence go up with advancing age. Essential tremor is believed to run in families, with over fifty percent people afflicted by it having a family member who also has it.

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  1. Shohidur Rahman says:

    Hand tremors treatment for me and need advice from homeopathy by you.

  2. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I, JM Setya, aged 59 feel shaking in right hand only. When I write some thing, eating food with spoon, during shave & comb my hair.
    Please suggest medicine.

  3. Vasa Sivaprasad says:

    I, Sivaprasad, aged 68 feel shaking of right hand only when I am needed to sign some application like Bank challan/withdrawal form or simply to sign as a witness and the signature will be very diffrent resembling a forgery. At the time of signing sudden emotional excitement crops in resulting in the tremor of the hand. After some time I can sign as usual. I encountered this problem often before long time since my retirement at 60 when I had to sign some important departmental documents.

  4. Caprice Foster says:

    Need suggestion for appropriate cell salt and dose to remedy essential tremor of right hand and arm and head shaking from side to side. tongue and lower lip are affected. Difficult to write and use mouse on computer. Hand feels weak. Sometimes left hand starts shaking.

    I purchased Agaricus Muscarius but it only came in 30c potency. Is this ok to try? Other suggestions?

  5. Vijay Puri says:

    I am 75 years old and suffering from Essential Tremors since I was 20 years old. I am a retired banker and took VRS due to this problem. I have also restless ness in feet while sleeping. I can not even write my signature and have writer’s block. A little stress aggravate the Tremors. Stress also results in Psoriasis. Even psychiatric treatment has not helped. Please prescribe some medicine. Ready to pay your fee.

  6. Caprice Foster says:

    Hi. I have a tremor that affects my right arm always, and my head (side to side), tongue, and lower lip frequently. My left arm sometimes too. I take Prozac for anxiety and panic disorder. And hormone replacement..Can I do cell salts? Would I do the diluted sipping or 5 pearls at once? Which cell Salt?

  7. Sir,
    i am 80+ retd rt hand shakes while holding book; induces lt hand
    .This is happening for last year

  8. Talluri Shivaji says:

    I am suffering from writer’s cramp from the last 7 years . So am unable to write the script speedily and neatly .
    My age is 65 years. While writting my hand shaking .
    I am sign properly . Please give a solution.
    Which medicine is suitable tome.

  9. Samaresh Mukherjee says:

    Sir,I have an essential tremor from last 10 years I visited Nemans hospital last year, dr.told me that it’s an essential tremor and give some medicine, after taking this medicine i have no improvement. So please suggest me how can i get rid from this disease. I am 55 years old. I take CLONAZEPAM 0.25& PROLET 25 last 8 month.

  10. Chiman Shah says:

    i am 73 years old male and my hands shake when holding somethings,eating n holding fork and knife,holding a cup when drinking.please advise best homeopathic medecine

  11. Lakshmi Narayan Singh says:

    My daughter is taking Plumbum200 from 7weeks for shivering her hand but not getting any relief, please suggest, what to do.

  12. I have essential tremor which has gotten worse What can i order at a health store for it

  13. Dear dr Sharma
    Can u please help me. I had a head injury since 2007
    I am going through hand tremors and shakiness of head. It feel like someone is holding my head and moving from leaf to write. I am also going through stage 4 breast cancer which went into my spine. Can u please help

  14. Good morning Sir!
    my voice trembels while chanting Oum or practicing my classical singing which is almost stopped. Please suggest medicine

  15. I have hand shaking. Dr told me it is essential tremor. I am taking zinc I’m metalicum for three months but it doesn’t help.

  16. SANJAY KUMAR DEY says:

    My wife is 47 years old. Since last 8 months she is experiencing internal tremor like feeling in her whole body aspecially in the chest region, back side of neck and head region, in the chin. Sometimes she is experiencing choking of breath. The most of tremor like feelings are mostly complained when she is in rest. She is not having cycle since last Sept 2019.

  17. Chandra shekhar Dadheech says:

    I am 46 yrs old man i have vibration in hands specially when in front of my boss we can say anxiety from last 5-6 yrs. The same problem with my sister also.

    Other wise helth is good. No thyoride
    Kindly suggest medicine

  18. Pankaj Shah says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 69 Years old. having problem of hand tremor in right hand since last 5 Years, and it is coming to left hand. I can still write but sometimes it is difficult. I am very active and during daily exercise, yoga, etc.
    At present i am taking medicine for LDL control. I have high LDL and low HDL due to heredity.
    I am walking 45 minutes .I am easily getting cold .
    Looking forward for your advice.
    Pankaj shah

  19. Kaylee Kumar says:

    I am 71 female in reasonably good health except for anxiety. I have a hand tremor in my left hand for four years after a serious stressful job situation. The tremor becomes especially worse when I become nervous, angry, or scared. I am also on antidepressants for many years and benzodiazepines for sleep and anxiety. Have tried several OTC without much success. What would you recommend and how are shipping costs to Florida,USA

  20. Head tremor from side to side

  21. Respected Dr Sharma

    I am 59 female. I experience essential tremors?? in fingers while handling spoon in kitchen, serving food or eating. Currently specific to fingers. Rarely and mildly a related abnormal movement in lips is also observed. There is no hereditary history and no operation in the past. Also there is no other metabolic disorder.

    Please help


  22. N.K.Rajagopalan says:

    For the last few days I noticed that my left hand is trembling while using the right hand.
    About four years back I had a brain opereation to remove blood clot. But I had no serious problem till now.
    Only last few days I am having this problem.Also I feel pain in my left shoulder after walking for about a kilometre.I walk for about 30 min. every day evening and I feel pain after 15 min.
    Pleas suggest a medicine for my tremor
    I am 79 years old.

  23. I have hand shaking. Dr told me it is essential tremors. What can I do. I am taking homeopathic but it doesn’t work

  24. Geinospasm (shaking of chin).. is any remedy for it is available in homeopathy..

  25. Naresh Gupta says:

    Hi sir
    I have tremor in my right hand and difficulty in younger no clear taking plz help me.

  26. Kathy Blain says:

    I suffer from essential tremor that effects the head and right hand. I have suffered from this condition since I was in my 40’s. It has progressed but is still manageable. I am now 67 yrs. old. I would like to try something that may help more than the medication that I’m taking for it which is propranolol.
    I would appreciated your advice to what I might try to manage my tremors and that may be more effective.
    Thank you in advance of your professional help.

  27. Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am 57years, Male, working in a pvt company. Since last 1-2 years I am suffering from hand tremors, basically only in my dominant right hand, I am unable to put my signatures, write, or draw. The tremors are also felt when I hold something. Checked with a neurologist back then and was advised some medications which caused side effects like dry mouth and dizziness so I was adviced to stop them, off late the tremors are very visible and happens during the day this is effecting my daily life.
    Could you help me?

  28. arvind awasthi says:

    I suffered from right side cervical spondlytis , light kampan in hand & voice, writing, starting of prostate and sleeping problem from last 3 years. My age is 55. Kindly suggest me treatment. I shall be highly obliged for your help.

  29. Suresh Kumar Hingar says:

    I am suffer with ET in hands. It is worsen when I am eating writing more worsen in stress, fear or shouted.
    Pl let me know best possible treatment.

    My age is 63 running & suffered from last 15 years

  30. Hi, I suffered heavy metal toxicity from an MRI with gadolinium based contrast (I could not excrete the dye and stool and urine test show gadolinium levels very high). Since then I have internal vibrations, muscle twitching and intense burning sensations of the skin. I’m now also very sensitive to any medication and also herbal supplements, so I look for homeopathy. Can you please help me find the right remedies. It’s been going on now for 3 months and I can’t live like this. Doctors just want to put me on anti anxiety meds that cause me side effects I can’t tolerate. Thank you very very much

    • dr.subhashini aryan says:

      I am 74 almost,suffering from tremors in the legs, get cramps in lower legs and thighs for the past 2 yrs. was down with chikangunia since sept 2016. tensions, fears, anxieties there too. pl. suggest hom meds. thank you
      dr s aryan

  31. Naresh verma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I suffer with essential tremor to y hands and get worsen if I’m eating or handing any item also worse if I’m n stress or in fear. Please let me know what is best possible treatment and my don is 7/3/73

  32. Keshav garg says:



    My wife suffering from internal vibration. No vibration is shown outside only feel inside, mainly in head. Symptom match with (multiple sclerosis). She is feeling vibration inside body. Heavy weakness in brain. She is not taken natural vitamin from several years due to throat infection. No cold drink, Not any fruits, only can eat tomato as a Vitamin C. Doctor told this is chemical reaction in brain. She is Feeling very very tired after house work. Always trying to take rest. How to cure and leave the alopathy medicine. Please advice.

  34. Balwinder Singh says:

    Hello mam,

    I’m suffering from essential tremor from past decades. I need medicine that can cure my tremor. I have lost my hope in medicine as no medicine appear to be effective in my disease.

  35. please give me suggestions as to what would be helpful for essential tremors. Thank you

  36. Jacob Samuel says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have congenital nistagnus ( involuntary movements of eye) Now I am 65 years old Occasionally I have migraine in addition I have involuntary shivering of hands and legs especially while under stress or excitement or under tension . I am taking some alloopathic medications for myhigh BP and cholesterol
    Will you please advice me which medication I have to take to minimize or to get rid off my essential tremers? Recently i am getting pain if I spend reading or watching TV for some time because of the involuntary movements of my head which I think affects my neck muscles.
    Kindly give me some advice
    Thank you

  37. Good info thank you

  38. Dear sir, my son has tremors in both his hands he us 21 has tried drs Medicines but gave him no effect but showed another of side effects so stopped taking it please advice.

    Thank you

  39. Tinu Thakkar says:

    Sir I have essential tremors of my hand, I find it difficult to write.
    I was on Inderal 40mg. But as my heart rate was low with that 52/per minute and all the time I was feeling sleepy/ drowsy I discontinued it.
    Can you please recommend some medicine for me with no side effects.
    Thank you
    Tinu Thakkar

  40. Hand tremor and feeling of weakness occur

  41. Muralidharan says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I have tremors in hands right from my teenage. I am a male, 66 years. Now the tremors have increased and I am unable to write, leave alone signing cheques. My father had Parkinson’s when he was 68. He lived upto 80 years of age. My son, who is 29 now, also has tremors since his teenage. Please inform me the course of action to be taken to reduce these tremors. Thanking you in advance.

  42. Tricia Musker says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I am wondering which Homeopathic Remedy might help my tic. I have an inherited degenerative disorder of the Brain namely Neuroferritinopathy. Which is basically an iron overload disorder of the brain. Apart from getting a little off balance at times as I have what I call sticky feet syndrome, where my body moves around, however, my feet do not. I have a hand that constantly brushes up to my nose and can get a very dry mouth after eating. I also, have found my head nodding whilst chatting but not all the time. I can also get quite angry if it’s triggered after eating quite salty food which I try to avoid. Otherwise, I’m fine and like to help people.

    I have taken Agaricus and conium. But I was wondering if you could possibly recommend anything else.

    Kind regards

  43. Hello Dr Sharma
    My wife has shaking of left hand for some time now and has been diagnosed as hereditary for Agarwals . She is taking Wiesbaden and Calc Carb for hair loss, and Rheumatism .,what medicine would you you suggest for her hands shaking .

  44. My hands shake and it’s getting worse. I can’t tolerate cold. I shake worse when I’m in a cold environment. When I’m tired I become very irritated. I don have a lot of patience when I’m tired.

  45. Ashish Verma says:

    Hello Mam my father having problem of shaking of head so which medicine is best Agaricus Muscarius 200 or Zincum Metallicum. Please suggest.

  46. Abhijit Biswas says:

    I am suffering from tremor on right hand only at the time of writing or holding something like cup glass for last 10 years.
    I have started to take Kali phos 6x . Can it help me to overcome my problem? are there any other homeopath medicine which can solve my problem?

  47. Since last 20 years i a have a problem of shaking hands during age is 45 year.
    please suggest medicine

  48. Ans sankara rao says:

    Sir, i am 57 years old , worked as lecturers for the fast 30 years, i have no health issues. But for the past six months tremor in head for few seconds once in one or two days. Would you please tell me suitable homeo medicine. My email i.d. is kindly reply. Regards sankara rao

  49. This is Maureen, my sister has severe hand tremors, voice tremors, and is looking at brain implant surgery for an option. Please tell me which products she should start with and how much of the product.
    Thank you

  50. mohit Gupta says:

    my mother’age 60 year he is suffering from hand shaking please suggest me medicine.

  51. Surojit Mukherjee says:

    Hi.. I am Surojit Mukherjee from West Bengal. ..I am 35 years old.. I have a problem of tremors in hands when holding any object, like a cup of tea etc.. I have been suffering from this disease since last 8 years. ..Recently I started to take kali phosphoricum 12 x. …..Will you please suggest me any more remedies? …
    Thank you

  52. Abdul RAHIM says:

    Handshake problem

  53. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I’m only 19 years old and I have tremors mostly in my hands and legs but also a little bit in my body and face. My sisters and my cousin also have it, but no one in our family has had it before. I have tried liquid B12 which did not help. Do you think this is essential tremor and if so, what remedies do you think I should try? I appreciate any help! I am studying to be a nurse and I don’t ever want to stop helping people.

  54. jehanzeb shah says:

    I am school teacher , since5 years my hands shakes during writing. the case becomes more sever during anger or pressure mood. then i cannot write even my name or sign. kindly prescribe me best medicines if possible. I ,ll be thankful to you for lifetime. my age is 44 years physically sound. thanks

  55. Mandie Miller says:

    I have severe hand, feet, and voice tremors from taking another medication. I’ve taken propranolol, that made me very Ill, cogentin that caused tooth decay, and artane that just did not work. I am on day four of amantadine and the shaking is horrible. which would you recommend I try? I’m only 39 and am a nurse

    • Rajat Johari says:

      Hello \doctor,
      My right hand experience tremor when it was in rest and also in night hours.
      My left hand is also tremor lightly.
      please suggest the medicine.

  56. Dr P Singh says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I have tremor in mainly Right hand. it gets intensive while praying

  57. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I was diagnosed with essential tremors about 6 years ago. My hands shake occasionally but my main concern is the no no head shaking. When concentrating on something or stressing, it seems to happen more. I’m very self conscious when people will be talking to me and ask me if I have parkinson’s. Can you suggest anything to help?
    Thank you,

  58. Hello Dr.

    I am Dr. Arvinder Singh and teaching in a private university. For the last 10 years I m taking inderal 10 and Escitaloparm s10 for controlling my anxiety and social phobia.

    Somebody suggested me to take Agerantum nitricum as a substitute for this. Is it ok or some other will u suggest.

    Please respond

  59. Eng. Mohammed Ayub says:

    Honourable Dr Sharma,
    Very good day to you all .
    Myself Eng Mohammed Ayub, (70), Male, has been suffering from neurological Hand & leg tremor disorder since last three years. Allopathic Dr has prescribed Levodopa 110 x3 tmes. I am very much beneficial with
    Homeopathy & taking Gelsemium Sempervirens-200 as per online prescriptions and Symptoms from you & other Homeo doctors for last two days.But its very difficult to decide the Doses. I am a patient of Piles (silent) and use Spectacles for near vision. Tremor not so serious. But increases by excitement & tense situation. Body becomes normal during work with little tremor.
    As such may I be privileged with valued Prescriptions & oblige thereby.
    Thanking you ,

  60. Head shaking problem

  61. Heather Noland says:

    Good Morning Dr. Sharma,
    My son was just diagnosed with Physiological Tremors (in his hands). He is 16, 17 next month. As much as we were hoping for a solution, there is not one apparently. Dr. suggested occupational therapy, which we are looking into. But I have to believe there is some relief out there for him. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

    Heather Noland

  62. Maryann Lahner says:

    Hello, Doc
    My mom has COPD and severe action tremors that affect her hands, legs and head. It has got to the point where my mom has been unable to feed herself. I was wondering if homeopathic meds can treat my mom?
    Beta blockers were used for a short period but causes breathing problems for my mom.
    Please can you help.
    Kindest Regards

  63. Omprakash Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor! We wanted to meet you for our son’s condition. Please share your address and help set up an appointment. Thanks.

  64. Irfan Mirza says:

    Hello Dr.My wife both hands shake,left is more than right,for last 2 years.Which homeopathis medicine we can start to see if it will work:

  65. Hello Dr.Sharma. I have head shakes. My mum and grandma had the same like no-no and yes yes shakes…tremors. what could i use for it?
    Thank you.♥️

  66. Jatin arora says:

    Hi doctor my name is jatin and I have essential tremor of the head where my head nods like a no no motion
    This was diagnosed only about a year back as I am in sales job it so making me Concious and effecting my work would you be able to help me my history is also I have been treated for ependics and ulcer in stomach which was 20 years back I have anxiety and sleep disorder also

    • bimal agarwala says:

      Hi doctor, i have been a patient of mild tremors in hand since long back (mainly felt in writing).
      But slowly it has been inreasing now tremor has inreased in other works also mainly doint work with fingures.

      I stay at guwahati, assam; IF I KNOW YOUR ADDRESS I can come to your address also if required

  67. I have brain infection – pls recommend best homeopathics – lots of noise and pulsing in head for many years – nervous system not good – pulling in face. Thanks for your suggestions

  68. Rajesh Manchanda says:

    I experience excessive shaking of hand while writing. My writing has deteriorated in years due to shaking of hand. Further the shaking is high in left hand and because of which I cannot hold glass of liquid from it. It tends to shake extensively resulting in spilling of liquid.

    • Tracy Barno says:

      Hello my name is Tracy Barno. I have very Shakey hands, it’s at the point where I am very embarrass to go out in public. I. tried everything the Doctor given me, but nothing seems to work, could you PLEASE help me. It’s in my left hand that shakes the most when I am doing anything going to grocery store holding a bag or cup it shakes basket.

  69. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am 47 years old and have had ET of the head ( back and forth) since the age of 19. The tremor is getting worse and seems to be moving into my hands. Please let me know if you can help me.

  70. Sarah Holding says:

    Good morning Dr Sharma. my 83 yr old mother suffers from Orthostatic Tremor. This affects her balance and has a lot of tremor in the legs when standing. she fell last year and fractured her femur. Since then she can only just get from A to B on a walking frame and she has no confidence at all…… i read that Causticum helps treat neurological muscle tremor ….what dosage would you recommend? she isnt currently taking medication for this, as she cannot tolerate it.

  71. Hi,dr i am suffering from anxiety syptom like tremor, while walking ,i feel tremor n tingle ,raisefrom inside,,i take bp medicine daily. Reports are normal help

  72. Himanshu Engineer says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have a horse voice.
    Dr. Says it is due to essential tremors ( Hereditary) .
    Lake of sleep, alcohol makes it worst.
    Please suggest Homeopathy medicine.

  73. Shahid Ahmed says:

    Sir I am 50 plus. I am suffering cervical spondylitis. My left hand vibrate when I start write.luses medicine kalmia 30 but no any relief. Please help me.

  74. Sir I have essential tremor for 10 year I can not write from 2 year it has been increasing day by day my age 34 and I have no other problems same this condition family sir please do something for me

  75. Greetings Gentlemen,
    I am 77 years old and have been diagnosed with Essential Tremor, affecting both hands but he left hand is severely affected.
    Besides the E.T. I’m carrying a Pacemaker too for my heart.
    The Neurologist said to me that there is no known medicine available on the market that would cure me.
    Currently and besåddes my heart medicines am also taking 3 tabl/day Magnesium @ 60 mg each.

    Dr. please, would you help me? I cannot eat in public places because I am always embarrassed of the tremor

  76. Julia Kelley says:

    I have tremor in hands when holding objects, especially right hand when trying to write something. I sometimes have shaking of head from side-to-side, and trouble speaking. Mostly I will stutter or have trouble saying a word. Occasionally my legs have felt shaky when walking. All of these symptoms seem to be worse when I have ground my jaw while asleep. I have been diagnosed with TMJ disorder, but not with a diagnosis of Essential Tremor. I do have a first cousin who has ET severely. What would you recommend, and how do I purchase said recommendations? PS I live in the USA.

  77. Madan Mohan Konar says:

    I am suffering from hand tremor specially during writting. I will be glad if you kindly suggest proper
    homeopathic medicine with power and dose .It is noticed near three years back.

    • Dear Doctor ,

      I am suffering from hand tremor specially during writing. I will be glad if you kindly suggest proper
      homeopathic medicine .It was noticed three years back. Please help

      • Dave Holekamp says:

        I am a 66 y/o male with essential tremor that I have had for 30 years in my hands. I am not currently taking any pharmaceutical medication. If you could tell me which homeopathic remedy to use with dosing directions I would appreciate it. Thank you, D Holekamp

  78. My head neck shakes a lot and neck suddenly moves

    • Anil Kumar says:

      Dear dr.i m 36 years old. I m suffering from nodding head,anxiety and some tremors in knees and arms plz suggest me medicine.

  79. Soumitra Maiti says:

    Dear Doctor
    Iam 35 yrs old male. I have been suffering from tremor in my hands for the past two decades & as time passed by, my whole body got this tremor, 24 x 7, 365 days a year. But most of the tremor is seen in my hands, head or neck & my legs. It is very hard to hold any thing with my hands. Writing, dressing, eating has become cumbersome. Everyday work has become problematic. To worsen the above mentioned, tremor aggravates tremendously while in fear, emotion & the thought of people watching me is my biggest fear & thid is when, my whole body starts shaking so much, that people at a distance of even 20 metres can see me shaking. I’m aware that people can see my tremor, I suffering from child age so I avoid doing activities requiring my hands like having tea or signing any documents also in front of any stranger like my banker.

  80. krishna borkar. says:

    sir how can homeopathy treat cervical dystonia.neck turns left with pain. botex injection didnot work. plz. give advice of homeopathy medicine.


    Namsthe sir! Geetings I am Raj my age is 34, from past 15 years on words I am suffering from hand tremors.. please suggest me a good homeo medicine to me

  82. SUGRIW SINGH says:

    I am suffering from essential tremor of hand for the last 15 years and I am feeling it in increasing with my age.Presently I am of 64 years 7 months and 10 days(DOB- 04.03.1954).It is only in right hand.This problem was with my father also.I am taking AMLOSAFE -5 for high B.P. and GLYCOMET-GP2 allopathy medicines for diabetes.I am male member.
    I request you to kindly suggest me best possible homeopathic medicine.

    Mob. No. 9993606247.

  83. Trinath Dash says:

    Esteemed Doctor,
    I am suffering from essential tremor for the last 5 years. It is in right side of my hands and right leg.
    I have followed Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Allopathy. But I find no relief. I have consulted leading
    physicians including in AIIMS, New Delhi. It has rather aggravated,I may say. But my problem with my
    voice was cured by two doses of Zincum Met-200. It did not work for other parts.
    I am 70. Can you kindly help me? I am taking Allopathic medicine as advised by Neurologist.

  84. Amit Mukherjee says:

    Dear Doctor
    Iam 39 yrs old male. I have been suffering from tremor in my hands for the past two decades & as time passed by, my whole body got this tremor, 24 x 7, 365 days a year. But most of the tremor is seen in my hands, head or neck & my legs. It is very hard to hold any thing with my hands. Writing, dressing, eating has become cumbersome. Everyday work has become problematic. To worsen the above mentioned, tremor aggravates tremendously while in fear, emotion & the thought of people watching me is my biggest fear & thid is when, my whole body starts shaking so much, that people at a distance of even 20 metres can see me shaking. I’m aware that people can see my tremor, so I avoid doing activities requiring my hands like having tea or signing cheques also in front of any stranger like my banker.
    Doctor…..PLEASE HELP.

  85. Please prescribe medicine for my 93 year old father whose legs tremble and it is difficult even to walk to washroom with walker. Allopathy doctors are against prescribing pain killers

  86. I have tremors in my legs that go all up my body and sometimes my hands, my head feels like it doesnt belong to me my brain feels lite i feel like i am doing the moon walk, i dont want to go out as anxiety sets in, i dont like loud noise, i have humming in my ears most of the time. Regards Susan.

  87. Hello Dr.Shama,

    My hands tremor/shake, what would be the best remedy for this problem? My older brother has the same condition. Had since teenagers and I am now 55 years of age.

  88. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have a vocal tremor and I was a singer, so this has been devastating. My grandmother had a vocal tremor, but in her 80’s. Mine started in my 50’s due to prolonged stressful situation. I have not noticed the tremor in my tongue, or any numbness in the tongue. What would you recommend?

  89. Respected Dr. Sharmaji,
    I am aged over 84 years. My hand shakiness which started over two decades back has worsened so much that I find it very difficult to put food in my mouth. My grand father also suffered from hand shakiness.
    There is so much bursting, discomforting and shifting pressure in my head that I feel as if my head will explode. It physically pushes my head backward and forward. The pressure which is triggered by any activity requiring attention such as reading a book, newspaper or doing meditation presses against temples, eyes forehead and top of my head.
    Presently, I have been taking Ayurvedic medicines of Jiva Ayurvede for the last over two months for these problems with no improvement so far.

    I am on a blood thinning allopathic medicine called Plavix following a stroke a few years back.

    About two years back, I had painful swelling in my left wrist which was attributed to localized TB for which I completed on 23-1-18, a course of taking several types of antibiotics for 48 weeks getting rid of both pain and swelling. The swelling has started to return about a week ago. The hand shakiness had aggravated as a result of these antibiotics. I also lost all appetite due to these antibiotics. I am still eating without appetite even after I stopped taking antibiotics on 23-1-18.
    Is there any effective remedy for my hand shakiness, pressure in my head and loss of appetite? How long will I have to take the treatment and the amount payable for the same.

    Baldev K Dhir

  90. Romy Singh says:

    Hello Dr Sharma !!
    My name is Romy Singh, age 61 from New Delhi.
    My concern started when we noticed little shaking of news paper while holding it. Now I have difficulty writing, specially when stressed, nervous or in fear.
    I feel if I seek help from Neurologist then I’ll be on medication for the rest of my life, which I generally avoid.
    Then I can across your article on ET.
    Please guide & throw light on following :
    1) Will it worsen overtime
    2) Is it treatable with homeopathy
    3) Can it affect other body parts
    4) Is it the onset of Dementia or Parkinson disease
    5) Prescribe right medication

  91. Jeanne V. Loretan says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma….
    recently I have been diagnosed with SD and slight ET of the head….I am getting a short of botox in
    my vocal cords but it does not eliminate the head shaking…Can you recommend a homeopathic product that would help…I have been told that Mag L Threonate might be helpful…or a tablespoon of ACV in water each day…..I would appreciate your advice…Thank You!

  92. david durance says:

    shaking hands uncontrolable how can i get treatment

  93. Khalid Sheikh says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma, I have seen your personal and professional write up on the internet. My wife is a patient of essential tremors. Your claim to treat this problem seems like a hope to treat my problem.Please let me know if there is a particular set of questions that need to be answered to get medicine from your clinic.

  94. Hello Dr.

    My father is 50 above and he had tremors in his left leg for last 20years. Please suggest me some medicine for the cure of leg tremors and he also has MS for 20 years.


  95. MOHANDAS says:

    Dr Sharma, I am 85 years old, retired from bank service 25 years ago. while in service i used write, sign bank drafts without any difficulty. since last 4-5 years i have started feeling hand tremors, while signing bank cheques or documents if any for my personal purpose. this is more so if somebody is near me or watching me write or sign. i feel embarresed by this. i get tensed up anxious, tensed up easily and then my hand shaking increases. i am mostly introvert looking at dark side of things. i also have gastric problem ,also constipation.for this i am advised argentum nitricum 30 and alumina 30 drops.these have helped slightly. also i take telma 20 for BP which under control, and urimax-d for prostrate there any remedy for me? i request a reply by e-mail. thank you

  96. MOHANDAS says:

    Dr Sharma, I am 85 years old, retired from bank service 25 years ago. while in service i used write, sign bank drafts without any difficulty. since last 4-5 years i have started feeling hand tremors, while signing bank cheques or documents if any for my personal purpose. this is more so if somebody is near me or watching me write or sign. i feel embarresed by this. i get tensed up anxious, tensed up easily and then my hand shaking increases. i am mostly introvert looking at dark side of things. i also have gastric problem ,also constipation.for this i am advised argentum nitricum 30 and alumina 30 drops.these have helped slightly. also i take telma 20 for BP which under control, and urimax-d for prostrate there any remedy for me?

  97. Subba Rao. 9440504378. says:

    Dr.Sharma Garu,
    My self is Subba Rao and aged 72 years.Retired from service.During my service period I used to write drafts for approval of higher authorities through hand only. Since, the office was not provided with computers.I had taken VRS in 2001 and there after I used my desk top for correspondence. Now I am feeling shaking of write arm/hand to write any thing and even for drawing money from the bank. I am feeling embarrassed to write few lines.
    Some eight years back I had under gone open hart surgery and using the medicines regular.
    The Doctor has suggested the following medicines:
    1..Zilzox-40 mg, 2.Concor-5mg,3.Ecosprin-75mg, 4.Natrilix-1.5 mg & Sorevas-5 mg.
    Please suggest homeo medicines useful for me.How much fees you will take and how many months it will take to come to normalcy.

  98. Amanda Sweetman says:

    My mother has essential tremor. She feels it in her body but mainly it’s her hands that shake. Tried lots of medication but all have negative side effects when the dose is increased. I am looking for something to help her as naturally as possible. She is 81 and other than the tremor is not in bad health. She has recently had a ‘nervous’ tummy so has lost her appetite.
    Any suggestions.

  99. Hafiz Abdul Basit says:

    how many drops should be taken of gelsimium 200, in case of essential tremor????

  100. Dr Hitaesh says:

    It’s so nicely you have written the subject ….in a very perfect way to understand common ppeople

    Dr Hitaesh

  101. The dear doctor! My son is 24 years old, heavy born and postnatal resuscitation have made him hands tremble for life, when he takes something especially drinks in a glass. Writes without problems, the intellect is not affected. Spasm of the thumb and twitching of the left shoulder are more pronounced. During sleep or if he drink alcohol, his hands do not shake.
    The character is calm, self-sufficient. There is scoliosis. Kyphosis there is no – back straight. A little slurred speech. In infancy, there was nothing, only clenched fists and there was a lot of saliva. What can I try from homeopathy. We will be very grateful. Sorry for my English))

  102. Nancy del says:

    I have right hand tremor when holding a glass , as if to drink, or anything. I’m generally hot, happy, no numbness unless I put my hand under my chin when sleeping

    I have vivid dreams, I’ve been using magnesium butter on my feet as a sleep aid. Been doing that about a month, that’s when vivid dreams started.

  103. Mick Cawston says:

    Can you please tell me is Essential tremors the same as Orthostatic tremors.


  104. Mick Cawston says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    Could you please tell me if there Homoeopathic treatment for Orthostatic Tremor please.



  105. K N Shukla says:

    Among so many homeopathic medicine, which one is appropriate for tremors in hand for people in 70’s.

  106. Alexandra Cuthbert says:

    Benign Essential Tremor comprehensive overview covers Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis. Benign Essential Tremor Herbal Treatment for movement disorder.

  107. Herdeep Gill says:

    Hi Dr ….

    I have had Essential Tremors for many years , desperate for some relief as they are getting worse.
    I have read the abi e to nfirmation , I have anxiety too and tremors a well which get worse with the anxiety . It is a vicious circle , the tremors are in my hands and head , but head is worse and it’s very embarrassing .

    It’s affecting my social life work life and confidence massively .

    Please help
    Kind regards
    Herdeep Gill

  108. Sheila Kapoor says:

    What can you suggest for tremors of the legs. The patient is 82 years old

  109. Sunil Bondre says:

    Hi sir my wife is suffering from multiple sclerosis.. What mediation would you prescribe. Thank you

  110. Dr Sharma
    Dear sir,
    I was diagnosed an essential tremor before about seven years. I am now seventy years old. Since then I am taking (Inderal) . I started with 20mg*2 per day for about three years, then I reached up to 240 mg once before any social or official meeting. The tremor is in my right hand and has head tremor also. I am afraid to take more than 240 mg per day or per occasion.
    Will I have any homeopathic medicines for my case, and is it a treatment or not ?
    Thank you,

    • Dear sir,
      My wife aged 69 is suffering from hand and leg tremor. Tremor has increased only in last five months. Earlier it was quite mild. She is having high BP and kidney function test shows Creatitine level as 1.5 . Her haemoglobin level is 9.8. She now feels as if her body has no energy and so most of the time she just remains lying on the bed. About five months back she was able to walk around one mile daily,do few joint exercises and few pranayamas daily but now she finds no energy except little walking within home and that too with difficulty. She is taking allopathic medicine for high BP. She is also taking homeopathic medicines like Gelsmimium 200 and Causticum 200 once a day on alternate day. She is also taking Kali Phosh 6x and Biochemic Combination 24 6x four tablets each three times a day since last one month. But there is no improvement.
      I request your guidance.
      Thanking you,


  111. Sunil Gaikwad says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have developed shaking/trembling of voice while speaking since around two years. Earlier it used to happen some times, but gradually it has become almost regular while speaking with any one at any time. Kindly suggest.


  112. antony francis says:

    I am Antony suffering from essential tremors in hand since my childhood days.Now i am 42.its worse now in times when want to write correctly without having overwriting.i consulted a neurologist and he said to use heavy pens in order to control shaking.kindly give me advice as regards my situation.

  113. I’m 28 and i’m suffering from essential tremors in hands and head yes-yes motion and sometimes jaw line too . I have consulted a nuero also regarding this and he prescribed me few medicines which i have not started with because he told me that i might have problems during my pregnancy . I’m not married yet but will soon be married . I don’t want my married life to b spolied . Please help me . It is making difficuilt for me to do daily activities amd talking to people woth this shaking head is very embarassing .

    • Meri age 21 ha.Mere hath kanpty hain lz koi treatment bta dain

    • Iam 42 years past 10 years Iam suffering with essential treamoures in right hand while writing.what is the treatment in homeo .

      • Hi Dr. Sharma, Hope you will be fine. I am 42 years old and my right hand shaking while writing or typing on keyboard. this was start 10 years before. please advise me good homoeo medicines.

        1. Anxiety
        2. some time blood pressure high up to 130/90

  114. Nand chadha says:

    My husband is patient of epilepsy. These days they are shaking head and blinking his eyes they are taking eption, letter

  115. Vikas Kumar Srivastava says:

    Myself Vikas Kumar Srivastava and my Age is now 37 yrs. In 2012 to 2015 my family were full of depression due to death of my brother and family problems. In 2014 i felt tingling in my right hand ring finger and baby finger. Dr said it was due to hypertension and prescribed me pramipex. 25 mg twice in a day but I don’t feel good and now a days my right hand do not swing on walking and I can’t eat as well as write by right hand on board due to tremors but tremors are not present at rest position and when I wake up from sleep then my right hand do work properly for few times my right leg also effected tremors are present when I do any work by affected part Dr said it is starting of Parkinson’s disease my wrist do move slow with tremors Dr prescribed me pexopram. 5 mg twice in a day from December 2017 now I am able to write on copy approximately 4-5 page but not on board please suggest me homeopathic medicine for treating my disease completely

  116. My mother ‘s hand is her voice also affected She is 76years old.hands are shaking since 30years.suggest some treatment in homeopathy because she avoids to take medicins

  117. Thousif Aktar says:

    My age is 29 i have trimmer since childhood and i have digestion problem also i want to know any nautral food helps for this dieseses.

  118. I m 58 yrs old man. Suffering from hand while writing , taking tea cups and drinking water and leg tremor while bending body. No bp and sugar. Kindly help

  119. Satwant Kaur says:

    Sir I am suffering from tremer of head and also hands while writing and picking an object

  120. Sir please help me on this essential tremors

  121. Juanita russell says:

    I have essential Tremors I’m on 600mg ofor primdone would like to get of some of it i also take 3 10mg oh klopen I still have internal shaking chest and back and forth oh head cause eye problems and balance I also take Levothroxine 125mg Metformin 500mg Cymbalta 60mg Lisipril 20 25 progesterone 125mg and other supplements .every time I get sick it triggers my Fibromalgia asthma a essential tremor could this help me

  122. Amit Joshi says:

    Hello Sir,

    Is there any treatment for essential tremor in Homeopathy? Suffering from tremors in right arm/hand and also on neck left side.

    for the past 3 years and now it is affecting me in daily routines.

    Please guide.

  123. Kandikonda kumar says:

    Dr. sir, good morning
    problem is i am a male and 72 years old , my right hand is shaking from last one year , i consulted mbbs doctor he said it is nervous weakness , and precribed multivitamine tablests , i used about 4 months but no relief, will u pl give medicine name in homeopathy.

  124. Gail Joule says:

    I think that that my symptoms seem to be like what you say the mercurius solubilis describes. My tongue jiggles and I have excess saliva. I’m having problems enunciating words and both my hands shake while holding the cell phone or coffee cup.

  125. Hi how r u i wanna ask about my sister she is 38 y and now when i m looking her so her neck is shaking silightly even she is nt talking im very much worried kindly answer my question why is like that and how we can treat this condition.

  126. Avijit guha says:

    My name is avijit guha. Since the last ten years or so, been suffering from essential tremor in hands and neck. Hands tremor specially while writing and head tremor is side by side especially when trying to concentrate on something. Neurologist consulted and diagnosed as essential tremor after all tests such as eeg, ecg, ct scan of brain and other tests which are normal. Please advise.

  127. Hello, we have noticed my husband has head shaking issues the last month. He has a lot of stress lately which I’m sure isn’t helping. Please let me know what natural remedies you would recommend. Thank you.

  128. Mimza parks says:

    Hi, my name is mimza. My mom has shaky hands hands really bad it’s so frustrating for because she used to doing for herself. I hate to see her like this please help me. Thanks

  129. John Buckett says:

    Tremors in my left leg. Any recommendations for homeopathic treatment

  130. I have essential tremors hands arms feet legs and body what would be best for my condition thanks in advance

  131. hello doctor
    i am 41 years old. my legs or other part of body vibrating all the time. i feel it but no body can see vibration in my body part. i am feeling nee pain , joint stiffness please help me , bacck pain & sometimes i feel chest pain(in centre ), constipation also. could u tell me any medicine in homepathy.

    • Mrs A Raijada says:

      I have Orthostatic Tremor in my legs but you can’t see it. I can’t stand more than 30 seconds. No problem in sitting or lying. Only problem is standing. Can you suggest any medicine for it I am 73 old woman. Without solid support I can’t stand or climbing also a problem because as soon as my foot touches the ground tremor starts. Please let me know if you have any medicine for cure.

  132. Lisa Browning says:

    Dr. Sharma, thank you for this information. There are so many different remedies it is hard to narrow down.
    My fiancé has a genetic non-essential tremor since his 20’s, that is noticeably worse with exertion, holding an object or caffeine.
    It is lessened by wine or alcohol. Propanol, I believe it’s called, lowers his heart rate but helps some.
    He is sensitive to certain sounds but has been all his life. He can get flustered but not sure that is a symptom. Usually he is very laid back and patient.
    He has no other symptoms ie, ruling out many of the remedies you mention.
    Please help us choose the right natural remedy. Thank you

  133. satheesh mp says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma

    My Brother who is 47 years age is suffering from voice tremors . This has happend since last 15-18 months and now looks bit severe. He has taken Medicine – MYSOLINE 250 mg – for one month and was better for sometime.

    Could you please suggest any homeo medicine for a permanent solution. ?

    Apprecaite your earliet reply.

    Satheesh MP

  134. I am Balaji from Chennai. Having problem with right hand tremors. Need help. I am having this problem for last 15 years nearly. When I get emotional or nervous then both hands will have tremors. Not able to have proper food. It is also positional. Tried various medicines and neurologists in homeo, ayurveda and modern medicine. Brain scan and PET scan is normal. EEG is also normal. I am able to drive car and two wheeler comfortably. If I hold on to strong objects, then my hands do not shake. Let me know further steps.

    • Himanshu Mittal says:

      Hello Doctor,

      This is Himanshu working in Bangalore.My father feels trembling in hands during writing or holding of the pen in the hand.We have consulted many doctors in the English medicines and the allopathy treatment.But all in vain.

      I am looking forward for your consultation in the homeopathy treatment.

  135. Nikhat Khan says:

    Which homeopethic medicine can be taken by a 70 year old for weakness

  136. Sangem Karunakar says:

    Sir, am suffering with body tremors. I thought that it’s all because of drinking and smoking. Then, I stopped drinking and smoking and avoided them. But, still am getting the body tremors. I need a best medicine for this as soon as possible I have to clear it. Am having a chance to get job in sccl mines. For that I have to attend medical examination. In that I have to be pass as medically fit. So, tell me best medicine for curing soon.

  137. Dr. Sharma
    My problem is that I shake with emotional excitement and the hands and legs tremble when I apply little pressure on them. Also my voice gets shaky sometimes. Please prescribe a medicine for me which would produce excellent results.


    Dr Sharma, my problem is with fingers only at the time of writing only. I don’t have problem holding anything with fingers. Rest of time, hand and fingers are steady. This tremor or trembling of fingers spoil hand writing so I can not write chq or sign it. Kindly suggest some Homeopathy Medicine with the power of medicine , pills / tincture, no of doses. I am already taking medicine for Diabetes Type – 2
    i. e. Insulin supply is there and blood sugar is controlled around 100 -fasting and post lunch is below 140. but with alopathy medicine.

  139. Hi,
    My name is Dilshad and I am from Amritsar living in USA Virginia I have s problem. I am 32 years old I don’t take any medications but recently I get tremor feeling inside. For example if I close my eyes tight I get this earthquake like feeling in eyes. Also I am getting baggy eyes, weakness also. Sometimes twitches around body including face. My lower lip on sides is turning blue. Took eeg test, blood tests it came back normal please advise

  140. Lesley Hulbert says:

    I am 67 years old and essential tremor kicked in about 18 months ago. It is prevalent in a number of other members of my family including a brother and sister and cousins. I have a tremor in my head, hands, torso sometimes and voice sometimes and mouth muscles. I would like to have the ultrasound treatment eventually but it is not yet sanctioned by the NHS or NICE. I am wondering about homeopathic medicines as anything that helps is worth consideration. I have tried Primidone but the side effects of this Epilepsy drug were too great and at the moment I am taking Propranalol but this only helps very minimally. Can you suggest what might help homeopathically as I would like to try this avenue.

  141. Hello, Dr. Sharma. I am 55 years old and suffer from an infrequent form of essential tremor. Mostly brought on by stress of performing in public settings. Such as typing on a keyboard in front of people in a meeting, writing on the white board in a meeting of many people. It seems to be better if I know my material. If not, I tend to reach the point of shaky hands faster than if I am comfortable with the material I am presenting. Although it does appear infrequently, when my hands start to shake, they shake very violently to the point where it would be impossible to write and typing is extremely challenging to guide my finger to the proper key on the keyboard. I even have trouble using a computer mouse since my hand is shaking so much I cant get the mouse click to happen in a predictable manner. I may click multiple times instead of the one time I was trying for when the click was attempted. Eating in front of people is also challenging. Navigating a spoon or fork up to my mouth becomes impossible in some settings. Again, mainly when I am with people I don’t know very well. Please let me know which herb option I should go with and what quantity and/or mixture of herbs I should use. Thank you in advance.

  142. hi i have lyme and struggle with tremors, weakness, and fatique. I think gelesenium would be best for me? I have been taking a LM I like your opinion

  143. Hi, I have this Essential tremor or neurological disorder, Looking for homeopathic solution of this.

  144. M M Maheswari says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    have trembling shaking of hands. The termors & shaking starts if I lift a spoon to eat or hold a cup or plate or write etc. While counting the fingures also get stiffened or tight.

    I am a diabetic for many years. I like cold drinks & icecream very much.

    Please help me.

    M M maheshwari
    Mbl: 9830053406

  145. Roshan Lal Madan says:

    I am 77years old and have tremors in handsTremor is not exxecive Please tell remedy

  146. I have head shaking .so I am very depressed by this .I can’t able to talk wth all .for this problem.please help me .I am from Bangalore .tell the medicines

  147. M NAGABABU says:



  148. Aaarav arjun says:

    My grandson aged 7 years developed involuntary head tremors say about 15 to 20 times in an hour and each time it does not last 5 to 10 seconds.he has cold now and bangalore is experiencing heavy rains
    He is not having fever.this he has developed since last 10 days specifically after he returned from Pondicherry where he had gone for 3 days

  149. Saroj Poddar says:

    My wife Saroj has suddenly gone in depression and after taking sychiatric medicines her mouth opens frequently involuntrily everytime. She touched her tongue with her teeth every moment. It stops only when she goes into sleep her voice is slurred and writing has become difficult. What medicine can be given. Pl help.

  150. ALIAS MONDAL says:

    I am Alias Mondal,31 years old. I have a problem of hands shaking only while is very seriously.I can’t write even my name too.if anyone besides me it is speechless.I am facing this problem for the last 15/16years… year by year it is becoming worse. truly I have no habits like smoking, drinking is becoming very difficult to write anything.So I always fear of writing even my signature. please give re medical advice. I am practice homeopathy but i can not diagnosis for myself. please help me. thank you…


  151. Dear Dr
    I am 21 years old.
    I have been suffering from essential tremor from 1 year .my neurologist says ciplar 40 mg once a day and clonazepam 0.5mg before sleeping last 2 months my hand tremor relive but not completely .plz suggest best medication and his advice.thank you sir ji

    • When I work like lift something, do some physical task for a particular duration of 30 minutes to 1 hour, my hands or feet start vibrating. I feel unbalanced while handling a bike.

  152. Do you know of anything for Ortho static leg tremors? My Mom has tried many meds mostly for Parkinson’s but cannot tolerate side effects. Her legs tremor at very high frequency within two seconds of standing up. Thanks 🙏🏻

  153. Chandrasekaran says:

    Essential tremor of foot

  154. sir im taking parkinson medicine for last 15 years . as my whole body get shaking after taking tidomet ls which im taking for every 3hrs .sir which homeopathy medicine should i take for my restless and shaking body

    • Dear sir

      I am 50 years old with BP and diabetics.Now from past two months I am having joint pains. Tremors while sitting and can’t stand for long time after b12 deficiency. While sleeping also I feel as if I am flying in air.what medicine should I take.

  155. Wg.Cdr. Adarsh Bal says:

    I am 80 years old male. I am suffering from essential tremors in my right hand for last one year. I face lot of difficulty in writing anything or signing any document. I also have major problem in picking up any eatable by spoon and bringing it to my mouth. It generally falls off from the spoon before it reaches the mouth. Despite six months of physiotherapic treatment there is no improvement.
    Kindly advice.

  156. Hi am Prakash, 30 years old. I have a problem of hands shaking only while is very seriously…I can’t write even my name too…if anyone besides me it is speechless…I am facing this problem for the last 9 years… year by year it is becoming worse.. truly I have no habits like smoking, drinking etc….it is becoming very difficult to my job while writing anything… please give remedial actions… even if those are difficult…. thank you…

  157. Dear DR
    I am having head shaking some times during day time since 1year. When water touches head and stress is more then head starts shaking more. I am non vegetarian . And facing no other problem .Please guide me which medecine can be used and will the shaking go away.

  158. Dear DR, My name is Ravikumar I am having Essential Tremors in head,I.e head shaving this is from 1year
    I am using Ciplar LA 40 mg for 3 times a day .please give me medecine for my problem.i am 53 years old.

  159. Ramesh chander says:

    I am 78 year mail. For last three – four months i have problem of shaking of my hand as well legs. (Foot stepping are slightly disorder) Also having severe pain in my legs. Please suggest me any suitable medicine or treatment for said problems.


  160. deborah lord says:

    For this 91 year old patient two of the remedies seem appropriate: Phosphorous and Agaricus Muscarius…would I give her only 1 for a month (or how long) before giving the other…or could I give them the same day at different times….how strong a dose for this purpose ie 30c, 200c…

    main symptoms are 30 yrs essential tremor, healthy generally, hands shake terribly with fork for eating, or pen for writing, right handed (less shaking in left hand), sensitive to being cold or drafts, bright mentally, a loner (maybe more because of self conscious shaking around others)

  161. Mitul Shah says:

    Hi Sharma sir,
    I am suffering from dystonia (neurological disorder) since last Three and half years. I have been prescribed medications Pacitane – 2Mg twice in a day, Clonotril 0.5Mg 1/2 -0-1 and S citadep – 10Mg once in a day, and last lioresal-10 half dose once in a day. Along with medications I am also doing relaxation, physical therapy and also meditation.
    But since last one month,painful tremoring (vibrating) of my left upper limbs of the body has been occurring including face, from neck to chest and in whole left arm and sometimes in right arm also.This majorly happens when I try to speak with excitement and in anxious behaviour with painful invoulntary jerky movements in my left part and also too much perspirati0n comes out with communication with my family members and outsiders.
    I am requesting you that already my midications bill is too much high so I am not able to afford any kind of more ayurvedik or homeopathic medicines.
    So please suggest me home remedy (mixture of edible ingredients easily available at home) or any other kind of exercises therapy which can reduce my symptoms of tremoring and jerky movements.
    Hope my concerns will be taken into consideration seriously and awaiting for your prompt response.

    Mitul Shah. (8980254139)

  162. Mrs. Deepali Takawale says:

    I have been shaking in my neck. Especially when I focus or concentrate on any work. Doctor has suggested to take restil. When i try to focus, i feel fear and become more conciousand that time my neek shake more and after some time i become normal. Plz suggest me something which will help me come out from this irritation. Am 40 yrs old female
    Thanks and regards.

    • Dr. aminul says:

      You can with this phone for better treatment.

    • chandan Bhattacharya says:

      Im having exactly same symptoms. I am getting clonazepam. 5 but doing no work at all rather causing unnecessary sleep and laziness. So Im going to homeopathy within a few days. If anything works I will inform you.

      Chandan Bhattacharya
      25 years old

  163. Samik Ghosh says:

    I am 42 year old male unmarried, I am a regular drinker and heavy smoker, I work in Sales field, very stressful life. For last four five days I am noticing arms and shoulders is paining , my hands and feet are trembling continuously , I am also feeling my head and chest is heavy every time. However I do long distance walking almost every day and swimming atleat four days a week.
    Please help me to get these cured completely , even I am about to get married recently. I want a Normal request you to please respond to my message on urgent basis ,my job is getting hampered

    Regards, Samik Ghosh

  164. Rajkishor Verma says:

    Hand tremor is regular. But when sudden any sound and work present then full body tremor. And little little Stammering

  165. Sir
    In school time I was doing maturbating. Now I m 37 year my right Han shaking while writing. Please advise me what to do? Is there any proper medicine to cure .
    Thank you

  166. Dear Sir Dr.
    Sir my son 16 have essential tremor last 2 years his hand fingers,legs,arms specially face cheek and lips have much tremor he was nervous now tremor increas sir please help me what I do…tell me medicines for my son iam so worried for my son future please help me sir.

    • My daughter 17 has shaking hands and vibration in body smell in mouth please help with homeopathic medicine thank u her mom

  167. Nishant sharma says:

    Dear sir Dr.
    Myself Nishant Sharma from India, age 40. I am daily drinker since 8 years, for some time I felt my both hands and neck is tremors, this problem I faced 6 months, from one months I do not take liquor. Kindly suggest me best medicine for the same.
    Thanks & Regards.

  168. KATHLEEN s DOLAN says:

    My husband has a damaged vagus nerve that causes all kinds of symptoms. He will have tremors of his body with great fear and depression. He feels as if he is getting “hit”. These spells come in waves. No medications now but did try many in the past that made him much worse. He takes gelsemium regularly. Thank you for any ideas.

  169. A.K Singh says:

    I have had tremors in hand for last 18 years. The problem occurs when i m nervous and often when i have to write infront of somebody making it difficult to even hold pen

  170. Helen Johnson says:

    I have essential tremors of the head, forward and backward motion. Also my hands and legs are somewhat shaky. I am 85 years old female. Do you have any recommendations for me?

  171. Lynne Bierbrauer says:

    I have been diagnosed with essential tremor of the head. It shakes both while I’m active and while I’m at rest. I’m currently taking 30 mg of cbd oil 3x a day as well as just starting vitamin d and some thc as well. It is affecting my everyday life. Please advise on what else I can take 5o stop this.

  172. Monisha Sunil Shah says:

    I am suffering from excessive eye blinking in both eyes since last 4 years…I also am a glaucoma patient since last 5 years….is there any homepathy treatment which can treat this condition

  173. Chatur Patel says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have hand tremor resulting in writing problem. I also have voice tremor causing speaking and singing problem. It has been going on for 18-20 years. I am taking beta blocker, Propranolol, 60 mg daily to no avail. One therapist asked me to take Causticum 200, 4 at bedtime daily. Any guidance? Please help.

  174. Her name is Sherry says:

    My wife had the shaking of her lips a couple years ago so she started taking flexaril. It helped completely for the last 6 years. About 6 months ago her doctor added another medicine for her to take. Just after that her head and her lips and her hands and feet started shaking and is getting worse. Only way it will stop is for here to stay asleep. She takes a lot of medicine each day. The doctor said he don’t think the new medicine could cause that but that’s the only difference in her medicine lately so it has to have something to do with it.

    • Her name is Sherry says:

      My wife had the shaking of her lips a couple years ago so she started taking visteril. It helped completely for the last 6 years. About 6 months ago her doctor added another medicine called neurotic for her to take. Just after that her head and her lips and her hands and feet started shaking and is getting worse. Only way it will stop is for here to stay asleep. She takes a lot of medicine each day. The doctor said he don’t think the new medicine could cause that but that’s the only difference in her medicine lately so it has to have something to do with it.

      • Her name is Sherry says:

        My wife had the shaking of her lips a couple years ago so she started taking visteril. It helped completely for the last 6 years. About 6 months ago her doctor added another medicine called latuda for her to take. Just after that her head and her lips and her hands and feet started shaking and is getting worse. Only way it will stop is for here to stay asleep. She takes a lot of medicine each day. The doctor said he don’t think the new medicine could cause that but that’s the only difference in her medicine lately so it has to have something to do with it.

  175. Hello,

    My Father is diagnosed as suffering from Parkinson. This has started four Years back. I was under control few months back. Now it is intensified. He is not able to stand now, even with support. He feels he might fall. Also he is not able to see the object accurate in the position. He feels the direction is different.

    Currently on Stramonium 30 and Tremors 30.

    Please suggest any alternatives for these medicines.


    Sunil K

  176. Michael Aringo Oduor says:

    I have been shaking in my right hand for over ten years and as of now am not able to write completely. Am afraid I will soon loose my job. Any help will be highly appreciated.

  177. Dear sir my husband Greg was diagnosed with eT yesterday his hands arms and legs have been shaking all thur the day he drives a truck for and is worried about with this situation what could happen he is suppose to have a MRI for to see about the trimmer he is having he is also on Bipolo medicine called lithumn that the doctor.said can cause some trimmer too please sir if you have any advice on this matter we would appreciate your time thank you and look forwArd to hear from you zuleita

  178. JYOTI AGARWAL says:

    I fail to write any word because of hands tremour I AM A TEACHERA AND I hardly write my name as the tremour

  179. SANJAY AGARWAL says:


  180. S.G. Pragash says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,

    Found your website while searching Ayurveda treatment for Essential Tremor. My wife (who is now 67 Yrs), is having this essential tremor of hands. She was complaining about numbness for long time and we started neurology treatment for controlling this. I feel that continuous medication may cause side effect. Hence I prefer homeopathy treatment. I find your medicine under the head “Homeopathic medicines for Essential tremors of Hand” i.e. Plumbum Metallicum and Zincum Metallicum may be suitable for her. Can I buy these medicines in South India. I am from Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu. There are various homeopathy clines over there. In case you suggest any particular medical shop for obtaining these medicines. please respond at your early convenience.

    Thanks and with best regards,
    SG Pragash

  181. Ranjan kumar panda says:

    Hello sir, I m of 34 age. I m suffering from head shaking from side to side and slightly hand shakeing.
    Now started my neck pain also. I take alopathy endral 40. Due to this I feel nervous .please suggest some medicine which will cure my problem

  182. Dear sir ,

    My mother is about 67 years old . We notice her shaking in her speech every moment she speaks out. Is this all because of hard work and lack of sleep ? She often sleeps very late as she enjoys watching movies on television. When she speaks her tongue seems trembling and delivers a shaky voice in some parts of her speech.
    Please let me know the reasons and the remedies as well.



  183. Tshering says:

    Dear sister/madam…it’s been 2 months since I noticed my whole right arm (shoulder to fingers) shaking involuntarily. i try to control but can’t. I have quit drinking and it’s almost 3 months now. this shaking causes difficulties in writing… n holding things. sometimes it’s embarrassing too as I work as a teacher. so can you please suggest me some remedies/solutions Sir/madam for my pathetic problem. thanking you

  184. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 53 years old.
    I have hypo thyroid condition for ten years. I take medicine and it is under control.
    I have suffered mild depression and I have taken nexito 5 mg for it.

    I have had mild head tremor for the past ten years. However in the recent couple of years it has increased substantially.
    It is also present in the hands.
    Occasionally I feel it in the tongue, throat and face.
    It subsides when I move or when I am active.

    I am physically active and walk half an hour a day.

    Kindly suggest a medicine to me.


  185. anita sharma says:

    hello doctor! i m 50 year old woman suffering with neck or head tremors since 6 years.though hands shake very slightly and so far not very prominent, i wanted to consult u regarding this.after reading the symptoms some match in a category.kindly guide me how i can take your treatment.doctors diagnosed it as essential tremors. thank u

  186. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Good day, My Nanay(Mother) a 55 years old just suffering leg tremors when at rest like sitting and sleeping for almost 4 months after she had her injection Fluphenazine deconoate (anti ppsychotic)1cc every month, I decided to stop taking the injection this coming May and she drinks also clozapine nirve 25 mg and let her stop drinking too. How to cure leg tremor?Please, I need your help so bad. I’m just worried of my Nanay. Thanks and God Bless You and More Power!

  187. Good evening sir, mild diffuse cerebellar atrophy disease help please. Is it curable or not please guide me. Thanks

  188. DR Sharma Hi My niece is 14 yr girl with a
    heavy menstration for 5 days She must eat iron and birth control pills. She doesn’t always take them.. doctor said she’s anemic she always has a ghostly white color all over her skin and her eyes are super large that look sleepy all the time. Just yesterday when eating she began to shake her head while looking down I really got scared . Please suggest what we can do thank you Kathy

  189. kr amardeep says:

    pls sir my mom surviving from Parkinson’s disease since 5 years save her life

  190. kumar amardeep says:

    sir my mother is surviving with Parkinson’s disease more than 5 years her body has no movement without syndopa but after taking syndopa her body has over movement she takes also pacitane selgin

  191. Vidal Aponte says:

    Hello, Dr. I have head tremors is your supplements natural with no side effects?

  192. Vikas Kumar says:

    I am not able to use my right hand and right feet properly while eating, writing and dressing specially. I can’t twist my arm and wrist as i can do with left hand. I am using zeptol cr200 twice a day since 16 yrs for epilepsy. My doctor said firstly that this is due to hypertension then he said that this is essential tremors and after then he told me that this is cogwheel and suggested me pramitrem 0.25 but I don’t feel good. I use 180ml alcohol daily since 10yrs but from 16 march 2017 I avoid alcohol completely now what is better suggestion for me.

  193. Kamlesh Chuni says:

    Hello Dr Sharma. My name is kamlesh and I am59 years of age and I been suffering from shaking hands for over 20 years , recently it’s got worse.
    I have noticed if when I wake up in the morning they are shaky and through the day it’s difficult to do most task.
    Have you been able to cure any one with essential tremor wi homeopathy?
    Thank you.

  194. debabrata says:

    Dear Sir,
    My mother aged 70 is a chronic schizophrenia patient with Parkinson’s disease. She is diabetic and depressed too. She has trembling of fingers and feels problem to hold utensils. Her movement is very slow and voice is very low. She has Rabbit syndrome in her lips too. She takes allopathy medicines but no improvement is found. Pl suggest remedy.

    • verinder kaur says:

      Dr sahib I am suffering from tremor quite long time my hand is shaking now the position is worse my body and jaw is also shaking voice is also not clear I am 61 years old please help me to get rid of this problem

  195. Ashu Maladwala says:

    Hello dr I having been suffering from young age from tremour anxiety attack and hot flushes should I take gelsemium 200 in liquid form and arnica 30 in liquid I do not have Parkinson .Please help me

  196. Dear Sir, Can you please let me know weather homeopathy cures Parkinsons…

  197. MARIA VOGIATZI says:


  198. Dear Sir,

    I have tremors in hand and feet from 6 years but at starting i felt tremors in hand fingers only but it increasing and now my whole hand covered by tremors. now i am in very dangerous situation. before a month i felt numbness in my penis like some area of penis has no sensitivity and feeling like numb and then my head also get heavy and from back side of neck i felt a different function. there is no pain but i felt my back side neck nerves has problems and feeling tremors in head also. when i close my one eyes then area of eyes shakes too much and tongue has also suffering from tremors. in short my all body is suffering tremors. Sir i am in Saudi Arabia and really too much worried with the condition of tremors. i am only 26 years old and still not married. Sir please suggest to treatment of my tremors and penis numbness issue….

    I am waiting for your reply sir.. kindly suggest

    • Venkatrao Jeedigunta says:

      Doctor sir, My handwriting used to be extremely good.Now I couldn’t sign and it’s very embarrassing to me. Since one year the situation has worsened n I could not find a way out from it. I’m a diabetic since 20 years.i also suffer from hyperacidity since 40 years.presently i am also suffering from chronic ba terial prostatitis since 4 years. I weigh just 50 kgs. I also suffer from knee joint and body pains. I’m more worried about shakiness of hands/essential tremors. Pl I request you sir to kindly offer me a line of treatment. Thanking you sir.

  199. Dear dr Sharma…Is there any cure of parkinson in homeo pathic? Thanks and regards.

  200. manbir singh says:

    I am suffering from trembling or shaking of my right hand only but it is sevare when i have to lift or do any kind of work but when it is on rest no shaking is ther.I had my MRI done ther s no problem .So can u please help me in that i will be obliged

  201. Khadim Hussain Solangi says:

    Sir, my age is 58 years & I am suffering from shaking hands while writing. The unknown fear has developed in my mind that, when I will write my hand will shake and same happens and my writing differs even I can not sign on cheque property . Please help.

  202. I have essential tremor of voice and tongue for a year I also am a two time breast cancer survivor!!! I would like to try the herbs, what are possible side effects and do I stop the propanol?

  203. Dear doctor
    My sister has generally a trembling problem since many years. But it was under control due to her will power as she is a pgt in English. But since a week suddenly the problem has got triggered .
    Kindly help.
    Rashmi Srivastava

    • I fail to write any word because of hands tremour I AM A TEACHERA AND I hardly write my name as the tremour

  204. Mugundan says:

    I am 52 year old man. I suffer from tremors in upper and lower limbs with shaking of head for 30 years. I had not taken any medication. It increases when I think someone is noticing my problem. when involved in work the shaking is very less. But still, I cannot hold a glass of water in my right hand and drink. Guide me

  205. Mrinmoy Dad says:

    Dr sharma.
    Feeling happy to write you for a serious patient lady aged 77 suffering with trembling while try to walk.recently spacemaker has been installed.her heart has got no problem.
    Pl. recommend specify medicine to get relief.
    Assam .India.

  206. cruise khes says:

    Sir, I am 34 I started having this problem when I was 23. When I am alone at that time my tremor stay normal as I can do anything but when stand Infront of others to speech or writing my heartbeat pumps faster and my hands and my whole body started shaking and even my voice gets shaking. I feel as if I will fel down. My hands seems like tying by robe it feels really uncomfortable. This disease is really killing me. Sir please help me.

  207. Hi Dr Sharma
    My sister (85) is struggling with orthostatic tremors of the legs when standing, making life very difficult – any ideas for remedies?
    Many thanks

  208. Hi Dr.
    My head tremors right to left , down to up and sometime I feel movement around stmoch Muscle pulling inside . Pl suggest .

  209. Hardik patel says:

    My both hand tremors and finger are more tremors
    So give me suggestion what to do and how can be slove this problem

  210. kumar suman says:

    Dear sir,
    My full body tremor after earthquake. I have already suffer from gas constipation skin and nail infection after earthquake my breath is short and tremor in spine hand head these symptom worse in damp environment so kindly give your advice.
    Thanking you.

  211. periasamy shanmugam says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I believe that I have essential tremors since age of 40+ and now I am 63+. I am able to drink and eat without much problems although my hand shivers. Worst case will be if people are looking at me and gives high intensity shivers. I have seen a homeopathy doctor in India and he had prescribed tablets to be taken before meals and some liquid medicines to be taken after meals for 3 months. Do you think it is OK. Occasionally I do consume about 4 cans of beers and do you think it may cause counter productive?

  212. Anne Baer Clark says:

    Dr Sharma I have had essential tremor in my head since my early 20’s and now at 66+ both hands are effected and I am unable to write .
    I am considering focused ultrasound and my sister suggested homeopathy first
    What do you suggest?
    Thank you

  213. aAongola Munalula says:

    I fail to write any word because of hands tremour I have ,and it is worse when I do execerses, am annoyed and in public. In public I hardly write my name as the tremour make it impossible I fail to control my hands worse is during hot season

    • Ashwini Jalnapure says:

      Dear Dr.Sharma
      I am ashwini Jalnapure 21 yrs old.I am a medical student of homeopathy.I am having trembling of hands and feet which is cause because of physical and mental activity,because of this trembling I am depressed,lack of confidence,can’t make decisions and fear and anxiety,negativity even I am losing weight because of over thinking about my future and more
      Plz help me

      • Sumanswaroop shrivastava says:

        Dear Dr
        I am 73 yr old Diabatic on insulin for last two month developed a problem my teeth regularly trembling day & night which caused insomnia also would be kind enough to suggest me medicines

  214. JAMEEL AHMAD says:

    I am suffering from uncontrolled shaking in legs , hands and shoulder & arms . Because of this i have stopped eating medincine amazeo 100 mg for 7 years and aripirazole 10 mg for one month.

    Kindly advise me .

    J Ahmad

  215. i am aged 74. For a couple of months, I am not able to balance myself while walking . I have a feeling that there is wobbling . I have cervical spondylosis and vertigo for the last 30 years in addition to disc prolapse . I am not wearing any belt now.
    can u suggest any homeo remedy for controlling this wobbling

    • Jagmohan Bajaj says:

      I am suffering with left vocal cord paralysis. Problem in swalling since two month. Vocal cord palsy after viral infection. My age is 69yrs.after how many months i am recovered.

  216. ranjan lama dukpa says:

    my wife’s movement problem in left leg and left arm. even walking problem of left leg. the left arm shake while holding some objects. she taking medicine which help for certain time only. what to do pls suggest some remedies.

  217. Vijay Singh says:

    Sir good morning meri problem yeh h ki mere rt hand se na nahi to koi dhik trah se writting hoti h or na hi khana dhik dhang se khaya jata h or hath mai kampan hoti h or jab jiyada kosis control karne ki karta hu to jiyda hath hillne lag jata h or sabhi all test normal h or yeh bimari ko 6 saal ho gaya h kiya kru sir koi ilaaz nahi huwa abhi tak pls meri help karo mera mob no 8698806359 h or mera name Vijay Singh h rajasthan alwar ka hu thank you sir

  218. Bela agrawal says:

    Sir I have tremor which affects my writing and now I am unable to write properly or even sign on documents, the situation aggravate when somebody is near and watching me writing. I read the above medicine’s article and found that Gelsemium sempervirens would suit me because all the symptoms are matched. Kindly tell me the dose and how can I use this. Pls help

  219. punam kumari says:

    Hello, doctor
    I m 29 years old female, i have hand tremor, heart palpitation, due to anxiety specially in front of other people. Nervousness to go for a interview. Specially when i m a centre of attention in any function. Kindly suggest me suitable medicine.

  220. Ravit tomar says:

    Hello doctor
    I am 31 year old man. I have been suffering from tremors in my hands since 2000. It gets versed during writing and in the presence of someone it becomes impossible to even write a word clearly. It also increased during exams time and make me unable to concentrate on papers. Due to this disease I am not able get even a small job and I suffered lot in my studies due to it.
    Sir, now i have to go for interview for Bank PO in feb. So plz sir advice me some very effective medicines for this disease. I will very greetull to you.

  221. Dear Dr. Sharma:
    I have some essential tremor of the hands. Not severe but occurred after TBI on 8-21-16. Always had very slight hand tremor. In fact almost never noticed it. I do some delicate work too. Since the fall and subsequent TBI on 8-21-16, it is quite a bit more noticeable. Wouldn’t matter except that I work with my hands. No loss of hand strength and have quite a bit of hand strength still even though I haven’t worked since 8-21-16. I try to go back to work 3-1-17. Any thoughts on what might help? other than beta blockers or other blood pressure medicine. Also lost sense of smell and vertigo now. Suspect nicked olfactory bulb or number 1 cranial nerve as a bone in front head cracked even though I landed on back of head.
    Thanks and kindest regards,

  222. Dear Doctor
    I have a peculiar symptom of abdomen shivering or trembling or tremors. This happens on and off and mostly during nights preventing sleep. It gets triggered if there is unpleasant news or argument. When abdomen is shivering mind is upset also rather depressed. I am 70 years with no appetite and no thirst. Some days loose motion follows the shivering if it is in the morning. Kindly advise. Thanks a lot.

  223. Gordhan Gindwani. says:

    Plz help my wife is safer in tremor

  224. Denise McCorey says:

    My name is Denise and was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dystonia – vocal tremors 3 years ago. I have been to the dr and have received Botox injections. However, I do not feel comfortable getting these injections. Is there a natural treatment for these tremors. Thank you so much for your help.

    • I am a singer and have an uncontrollable tremor on left side larnyx. Can vocal coaching help as well as a homeopathic supplement?

  225. i have shiking problem on my right foot

  226. I’m 58 years old male. For the past two years, I have a problem of hand tremors on my right hand only. This happens only during writing and signing in front of others/third persons. This happening during when I am in nervous conditions and stomach upset conditions. One course “Gelsimium sempervirens 200” also taken. No improvement. Kindly suggest alternate medicines.

    • Edward Mayelian says:




    • I’m 58 years old male. For the past few years, I have a problem of hand tremors on my right hand only. This happens only during writing and signing in front of others/third persons. This aggravates when I am nervous. One course “Gelsimium sempervirens 200” taken. No improvement. Kindly suggest alternate medicines.

  227. Shibendu paul says:

    I am 51yrs. Old. Since last one and a half years my left leg and left hand started shaking . Left hand tremors more and often violently . Left leg tremor is comparitively much less . Please suggest suitable homeopath medicine along with suitable potency . I am not in treatment of any doctor . Please help .

    • Shibendu paul says:

      I am 51yrs. Old. Since last one and a half years my left leg and left hand started shaking . Left hand tremors more and often violently . Left leg tremor is comparitively much less . Please suggest suitable homeopath medicine along with suitable potency . I am not in treatment of any doctor . Please help .

  228. Steve Deary says:

    I am a 49 year old man 16 stone and I have cervical dystonia with head tremor .i got some agaricus muscarius 50 g 30 c to treat this. Could you please advise how many to take how often and for how long. Any advise would be appreciated… Steve

    • padmapriya says:

      I am priya and I developed a tremor in my head few years ago. It has increased now. I have discomfort in the left side of my neck. It gets worse when I am facing stress. I have very little thirst and craving for fatty foods.

    • Evelyn Prather says:

      I have cervical dystonia, please respond

  229. Ashutosh Kumar says:

    I am 70 yrs. old male , having known case of insuline dependent diabetes since 35yrs. back. my hand sakes a lot while writing and driving, what’s the remedies and it’s medicin


    Iam akhilesh chandra verma age 50 year I am suffring with writing trimmer from age of near about 45.My father also WAS patient of this disease.I have problam when i starts to write some thing.and now my hand writing is very poor.I can not write in flow.
    So please suggest me medicines for my problem.
    Thank you.

  231. sir meri mummy ke head me bhut kampan hota h kya ap iska treatment kaise krna h bta skte ho ..bhut presan rhti h sir …

  232. im 76 yrs old . my mother tremors so severe she could hardly drink a cup of coffee. i fear im getting these also. is it inherited or is it caused by some thing else? so far i notice it in my hands only, when writing or eating…

  233. Sir,I’m 16 years old and seriously worried about shaky hands.My friends were now recognising my shaky hands and they were asking me its reason.It is very easily understandable that my hands were shaking.My friends were laughing at me by saying that I’m so tensed. But it is also happening when I’m so relaxed .
    Please suggest me a solution for this.

  234. Tremor in hand nd body ..24 yr old . tremor first started in left hand .plzz suggest me best possible treatment

  235. Sir I am an 20 years old boy , sir I am suffering writing tremor of primary stage since 1 years but I am remained unconcerned toward this.
    but now I am finding terrible for me as I am a student.
    so I will be highly glad to get any help from you.
    is yoga helpful , if then please suggest..

  236. I m 45 yrs old male. I’m suffering from Parkinson disease; I have essential tremor when i writing then tremor occur in right hand fingers. if somebody looking during writing that time i unable to write single word so i have need medicine for essential tremor.sir plzz mujhe koi medicine ka nam batao.

    • Krishnakumar says:

      Sir I have tremor which affects my writing and now I am unable to write properly or even sign on documents, the situation aggravate when somebody is near and watching me writing. I read the above medicine’s article and found that Gelsemium sempervirens would suit me because all the symptoms are matched. Kindly tell me the dose and how can I use this.

  237. Tell me please the best medicine for head tremor

  238. S. M. Khalil says:


    i have tremor which affect my writing and now i am unable to write properly or even sign on documents. the situation aggravate when somebody is near and watching me writing. i read the above medicines article and found that Gelsemium Sempervirens would suit me because all the symptoms are matched. Kindly tell me the dose and how can i use this medicine.


  239. Alekyashok says:

    My name is alekya am from india telangana the problem is will continue 2 year onwords my 2 hand fingers thumb and index and my head also shaking my age is22 wt can i do

  240. Rohit Kumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am 34 years old and I have tremors in hands ,head and voice.It gets worst at times when I know peoples are noticing me.
    It gets difficult for me to write a cheque/sign, hold anything. Earlier I was not able to find it /noticed it, but I remember my friends use to say it 15-18 years back that my hands shake. I have never consulted any doctor till date.My Grandmother is 80 years old and I have seen her hand shaking since I was child so it may be hereditary. And I also Drink and smoke regularly but not heavily.
    Please suggest

    Rohit Kumar

    • Manish Solanki says:

      Hi Sir,

      I am 30 years old and I have tremors in hands ,head and voice.It gets worst at times when I know peoples are noticing me.
      It gets difficult for me to write a cheque/sign, hold anything. Earlier I was not able to find it /noticed it, but I remember my friends use to say it 15-18 years back that my hands shake. I have never consulted any doctor till date.And I also Drink and smoke regularly but not heavily.
      Please suggest

      Manish solanki

  241. bakraniya nikhil says:

    My hands shakes many times in a day.
    When I nervous, shakiness goes high.
    But generally my hands shakes manytimes
    Like holding a cup of tea , writing etc…

  242. Good After noon Dr. Sharma, As I am 56 yes old since from 2 to 3 years my hands have light tremor please suggest me medicine as well as any exercise to be carried. With kind regards . Sheriff, Bangalore

  243. Rick Schram says:

    I have tremors in my arms, hands and legs. Also, twitching in my face and tongue. Several neurologists have done far too many brain MRI’s and have assured me I do not have Parkinson’s, ALS, MS or MD. Their answer has been Physiological Tremors and keep prescribing benzodiazepines. I do not want those medications. I prefer homeopathic methods. Can you please help me?



  245. Hi there and thankyou. I am a 42 year old female with ataxia and in a wheelchair. My ultimate pursuit is to gain my sense of balance back. I also have a vocal tremor, non essential, seems I have a pulsating twitch that affects my eyes ad well. It is a strain to talk, would love to have improvement!

  246. Hello. I am 44. My left and right head tremor is constant. It worsens with any stress. Also very sensitive to cold, noise, light. I get very nervous far too easily and often, mostly with interaction with people. I try to have a natural and healthy lifestyle.

    Your recommendation on what and how to order remedies is greatly appreciated.


  247. koteswararao says:

    Sir, I am 60 years old. My hand palm is terming while writing or doing any work with it, carrying an object. please advice suitable medicine. And this I am having for the past 15 years. I used medicines not homeopathy Please advice suitable medicine..

  248. Ramanand kumar says:

    Sir, I have essential hand (only right hand) tremor for 13 years , I find it very difficult in writing. Now I am 28 years old. If I will take zincum metallicum medicine then how much time it will take to get relieved.
    Plz reply…

  249. Hello .. my mother is 78 years old…she has tremors of both legs and she gets it along with pain in the calf areas. We see that this is more when she is anxious or sees people..she’s gets conscious and that worsens the state.

    She was given Syndopa plus neurologists thinking she had parkinson. She still take that around 3 tabs per day.

    Other mentions are ..she has dry mouth, high urination in night, and feels weak.

    We believe in homeopathy but have not been able to find a suitable medicine.

  250. My hand is shaking badly if I am in front of people and my voice even shakes and it embarrassing as I am a a Pastor who sometimes compelled to use microphone

  251. Arun kumar Praharaj says:

    My hands tremble while writting.specially when writting in presence of some people.At that time
    my heart beat also increased. But after some time slowly the shaking of hand and heartbeat

  252. sumit chaubey says:

    Sir ,I was take a medicine of cold before one month and from then my hand is trimming please give me any solution for this.

  253. s.ramakrishnan says:

    I am suffering from snoring problem while sleeping in have consulted many doctor and sleep study was done but every thing is normal and sleep endoscopy was done it was found there is a tremors at the inner tongue so sound comes while sleeping
    Sir Kindly help me to get rid of this problem

  254. Joanna Stryker says:

    i have done homoepathy and iodium helped the tremors. My homopeath at that time had a baby and I had to go with her partner. She tried something else and I had a horrible aggravation and never pulled out of the aggravation. For years now I had these tremors. Im doing a low lose of gelsenium now. what would be your suggestion?

  255. SUMIT KANCHAN says:

    Dear Sir

    I have started facing problem in writing.specially my fingers starts to tremor when i have to sign any documents.I do not feel confident in writing or signing any thing in front of anyone.I also feel a bit a stress in the upper part of my right hand.Kindly guide me in the subject matter.

  256. DEVENDRA KUMAR says:

    sir mere hand air sir me kampan ho raha four year pahle we halls sa hota that Maine dikhaya that doctor ko to WO bole rahe the dispression she ho RSHA ha but es samay pure body me hota hai ,ct scans normal nikla hai share test me kuch nahi nikalta hai ,lakin ghabrahat bahut jyada hota hai homopath me dawa bataye

  257. Dear sir
    I am santu bera .I am a student .I faced this problem last 1 year…my left hand two finger always tremling…my age 22+..i dont smoke and dont drink alchol….i feal nervous …i eat the medicine gelsimeum 200…but it not cure….i feal nervous…so please sir can you advise any homeo medicine or any suggestion…….how it cure properly

  258. My mother suffers from Parkinson’s. Last two days there is excessive shaking of her entire body. She gets very tired after that.
    She take Syndopa Plus & Ropark 1 as regular medicines for Parkinson’s.
    Can you advise any homeo medicine to stop this shaking?

  259. BALASUBRAMANI says:

    Dear Dr

    I am Balasubramani P aged 50 is having right hand shaking particularly in wrist area while lifting and writing and doing work and also have light body shaking after a fast walking. I don’t use alcohol and don’t smoke. I have this problem for almost 15 years started little and increasing with aging.

    Request your treatment suggestion


    Balasubramani P

  260. rahat ansari says:

    Sir, my hand muscle start destroy and hand fore finger and little and ring finger of right hand can’t straight sometime. And vibration in both hand and sometime in chest also. Please help me In finding the disease.

  261. Sir , i m 22year old,suffering from jerking hands since 3 yearS Please suggest best treatment to avoid such health problem.

  262. Female 44years having herniated diskc4toc7.having severe vertigo and shaking of body for last 11months please help

  263. balbir kaur says:

    Sir , i m 50 year old,suffering from jerking hands since 30 year, after having few jerking in the body ,i have an attack of epilepsy,body becomes unconcious,hand and toes bend,also tongue bends suggest me suitable medicine

  264. Shitanshu Pandey says:

    Dear Sir,

    Myself shitanshu pandey, i am suffering with hand vibration problem during writing and holding and liquid material if it is full of mouth. The same problem i observed with my father. I am suffering this problem last 10 years. Please suggest best treatment to avoid such health problem.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Shitanshu Pandey
    Mo. 8003699823

  265. Sushil Kumar Bansal says:

    Dear Sir
    My wife is 60. For the last 4 yes she has a problem
    Of shaking hands (specially right hand) while
    eating, writing, dressing or holding any object.
    Her mother & sister also suffered with this. As
    Per DNA test, this is a heridity problem.

    Pl advise the medicine.

    Sushil Bansal

  266. Dear sir,

    Im 35 yrs old and I Am suffering head tremor basically im pregnant bt I dont knw wat are its trements. Please suggest me some diagnisis.


  267. Sukhendu Kumar das says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from hand tremor,while writing,holding some objects.I am suffering from dipression ,and
    anxiety. Pl. suggest medicine

  268. Dear Sir,
    I am 30 years of age. I am not able to write a single word or a draw a single line, even doing signatures is a tedius job. The problem worsens when I am under stress or I have to write in front of somebody else. I feel a bit relaxed while standing and writing on the table instead of sitting beside the table. Writing becomes quite easy when the hand is vertical or inclined to the table but cant write when its horizontal to the table. If I stretch my hands and open my palm there is no shaking but while writing it is horrible. Every test i’ve done has come negative.


  269. Anna Karot says:

    I started noticing having mild head tremors when I was around 30. Now I am 52, the tremors have increased but not uncontrollable. I am a professional engineer and doing well at work. I have two maternal aunts who have the same to higher degree but got them later in life, one who is 80 and other who is 65 both of them who are still very active. I never tried any allopathy, but did try try homeo early when it started and also about 8 years back for 1-2 year span but did not find any improvement.
    Have you worked with cases which have shown improvement and can you share your experience on such cases.

  270. Hi is any treatment 4 essential tremor in homeopathic

  271. writing problemhave
    memories loss

  272. Carolyn Zimmerman says:

    I have ET of the hands for about 5 years. My tremors got worse after I lost my husband in a drowning accident . I do notice if I get stressed my tremors are worse. Caffeine also causes my hands to shake more, so I have an occasional coffee. Neurologists have me on Primidone 50 mg and now have added Propranolol 60 mg. I really do not see improvement other than it has not gotten worse. The neurologist also sent me to a neurosurgeon to be tested for deep brain stimulation operation. I am 73 years old and do not feel at this time I want a wire inserted into my brain.

    I am on 12.5 mg of lisinopril, 20 mg pravastatin and I take a trans form Q10 …all once a day. I might add my mother had Parkinson, but tests have proved my brain is normal and producing enough dopamine!

    I sometimes think perhaps some of the medicines I am on help contribute to the problem. I would appreciate any advice on how I could go a more holistic approach.

  273. When i writing shaking

  274. Vishnu V Bhat says:

    My mother is 82. Since 3-4 days, he whole body trembles daily for 3-4 times and remains for 10 to 15 minutes. she just presses her hand etc.

    What mudras or exercise etc is good now?

    Vishnu v Bhat

  275. K.RAVI PRAKASH says:

    dear Sir,
    My son is 14 years old since 3 yrs his right hand is shake we took ct but the doctor their is no problem and i took aurvedic doctor gave some oil to massage and it stop for 6 month and again i had sharted kindlt suggest

  276. Jasraj Singh says:

    Sir, iam Jasraj Singh, 20 years old and suffering with the problem of hand tremor. It occurs everytime when iam excited or nervous or when i do work with my right hand. It only occurs in my right hand.
    Which medicine should i take?
    Also, i want to go in the navy, so can this disease can be of any problem in the ssb medical examination?
    Eagerly waiting for your reply.
    Thank you

  277. Every know and again my hands shake when im with people or play golf , after a while it goes ive never had really steady hands im also a chef . Im on warfrin and take certain heart medication, the shaking can go as quick as it comes not sure what to take but its only every now and again many thanks geoff

  278. manas mondal says:

    Sir, before at around one year, while i was taking a plastic cup of tea. My right hand trimbled and hot tea fall on my hand and its Burns my some part of hand. From that day. I feel fear to take a glass or a cup of hot as well as cold things also. My hands as well as whole body and head also trimble at this time. What homeopathic medicine and how should i take.

  279. ramesh babu KN says:

    Dear sir
    i am facing right hand and right leg tremors since 2 years . tremours not regular observed during rest.
    i am taking parkin 2 mg medicine to control tremours .if i am doing physical exercise i am feeling comfortable ,

  280. may hand should be shaking my age is 23 even my dad also have affect by same problem pls tell how to cure the problem

  281. Sonia arora says:

    Iam 38yr old ..i have tremor problem from so many hands legs and sometime head shakes..already i am taking hemopatic medicine..plz suggest me which med icine should take by me ..aranfa didsma med dr gave me now..may b little bit speeling mistakes of the name of medicine

  282. olubukunola Aiyemo says:

    my husband has dystopia tremor that has become very vigorous. what can we do.
    The shaking occur when he is on the bed or chair and it can be side ways or front to back.
    What can we do.

  283. Dr. I am 46 years & using sabutomol inhaler since 20 years for chronic asthma.
    my hand tremble & this has increased over days . Now it is very much noticeable to all

    Kindly suggest what proper remdy can be provided for reducing this trembling .

    thank you

  284. Victor Madumere says:

    What about acupuncture therapy to locate the point that causes the leg and hands on the right side to respond to stimuli

  285. Dear Sir

    if i get tension, internally my body is getting shivering and also temple bell sound gets irritate, i am not able to tolerate the sound. requesting you to please suggest me medicine. suddenly if i heard any sound i am panic for a minute.

    Kind Regards

  286. my hands always shaking when holding objects don’t know why and when am afraid of something my hand will started shaking instead of my heart,pls help me out

  287. my father is above 60 year old there is problem in one hand vibration in continu its no any item stey in hand etc ( news paper ,tea cup etc) please suggest me medicine & treatment in my father . why cause of problem please explain in hindi & marathi .

  288. shashikant says:

    dr sharma;

    my father is got tremors on his left hand for past few years .we live in Mumbai

    can you suggest some homeopathy medicine for him


  289. Ahmad Abdulqadir Adamu says:

    Dr, I was diagnosed at the Teaching Hospital that I am suffering from Writers Dystonic Tremor as a result of if I hold pen for writing my hand will be shaking & if someone upsets me or I am so nervous I can’t even write anything. I later discovered similar problem with some of my children, because if they hold something their hand will be shaking. Do please advice me on how to overcome this problem as I use to face embarrassment in the presence of people if I want to write something. Thsnks

  290. raj kumar says:

    My father is suffering from involuntary movements of toung mouth and neck please tell me proper way

  291. Anne Sayer says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have only recently developed a tremor which started like a ‘vibrator’ inside my chest and head…I hurt my neck doing Tai Chi one week and it appears that it was after that when all my symptoms started. The tremor is in my face, my hands and this feeling of a motor running inside my body….My balance is not good and I feel like I’m walking on air…..My doctor put me on beta blockers to help the tremor but they only made e feel very nauseous, and anyway I hate taking drugs as they always have side effects.
    I am feeling very weak…also my glands in my throat are sore and swollen and my ears feel blocked. I do have acid reflux for which I’m taking lanzoprazole…(again I hate taking it but so far have no alternative)
    I do hope you can help me.
    Thank you in anticipation,
    Anne Sayer

  292. Smetal patil says:

    Dear Dr my husband has been with et ever since I got married to him I’ve been married since 20 years but now since he is 47 years his tremors have increased

  293. Ruchira Poddar says:

    Dear sir,
    I’m a 35 year old female and I’m experiencing shaky or vibrating vision and also my body seems to be shaking very mildly. It’s not affecting my life but yes I’ve some problem while reading, watching TV or working on PC. My eye specialist can’t explain my shaky vision. I also have some floaters which seems too increase with time. Please help and make suggestions.
    Thank you

  294. Betty Forbes says:

    I am a 71 year old female. I have had tremors since I was 40, very mild for the first 20 years, slow worsening then in the last 6 months progressing faster, worse in the evenin. (I can not hold reading material I shake so bad.)
    I have been taking propranolol 80 mg for about 10 years, no effect lately.I have used homeopathy for other problems with varying results. ( also for my cats)

    Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thank you

  295. avinash deshpande says:

    I have whole body tremors while action
    my muscles are weak and I cannot walk properly as well I have trouble while speaking
    my age is 25years
    this starts 4 years ago


    Hello Sir,
    My hand tremors when I write. Its gets more worse when I write something infront of some ones. I get very nerves when there is tense situation. It continue for the last four or five years. I took medicine but of no use. still the situation is same.

    I also have pain in my calfmuscle. I feel more pain duing the night.

    Please adivce.


  298. Maryann Schneider says:

    I have voice essential tremor diagnosed by an ear, eye, nose and throat doctor 3 years ago. I am against drug use, so I have used acupuncture starting last Oct. 3 times a week down to once a month. It has helped 80%, but there are still bad days where the voice is weak. It seems the voice muscle is just weak. I have always had to strain my voice all my life because I’m soft spoken. I also was diagnosed 12 years ago with hypoglycemia. Also, I have low thyroid all my life, cold hands and feet and temperature below 98.6 in the mornings. Just started iodine drops on my stomach every day, will not see any improvement for a few months. Wondering if there is a connection with hypoglycemia or hypothyroid or both.

  299. BETTY Rosas says:

    My mother is a diabetic and is anemuc. Lately she started with her arms shaking profusely. It is hard when she is trying to hold on to the walker. She is taking injections once a week for her hemiglobin. She also has a pacemaker and has afib . She has gone through a lot but she is much better now. She just started with the shaking and I don’t know what to do about it. We notified the doctors, they say it’s her anemic. She takes iron pills and vitamin b. What can I give her to stop the shaking of her arms at 91 years old. Thank you

  300. P. C. Sharma says:

    My wife, 61 years, is suffering from meige syndrome. She was given BOTOX injections at AIIMS Delhi. Is there any treatment and cure for this neurological movement disorder?

  301. MAN MOHAN SWAMI says:

    My father age is 60+ and he feel tremor while holding object like cup of tea /water etc.
    Please suggest medicine

  302. Dinesh Turilay says:

    I take lithium so i experience tremors. Iwant a medicine to reduce my tremors aswell as mood disorders

  303. Hi sir
    Iam 24years old I’m not married my hands are full shivering what iam found pls reply me.

  304. Where can I buy these medicines in Pune and how long I have to take them.
    Tremors in the hand- great difficulty performing manual work. Poor handwriting. Fine manual work greatly difficult. Situation worsens when I am nervous.
    Weaknesses in the limb and muscles
    Sometimes jerking movement as well.

  305. Hi, sir, i m 28 Years old unmarried female, sir my problem is that whenever i go for interview my hand starts trembling due to nervousness and anxiety. Like even if i go for typing test. And very rare leg tremor. Sir, even if i m centre of attention then also. Sir, kindly prescribe suitable medicine. With regards, ritu


    Hello Sir,
    I am 64 years old-man.
    for last two years,some time my voice is shaky.
    this symptom increases due to lack of sleep.
    Please let me know the reason and medicine to be taken.

  307. Salaam,
    My mother has been suffering from tremors for the past 1 year, she says she has two tremors in either side of the body. The tremors in her legs are worst when she wakes up from sleep and feels as if someone is twisting her legs from inside . Also her head spins and there are tremors in her eyes. She has tried homeopathy but it hasn’t been really helpful. Can u help her?

    • Ravinder Kumar says:

      I am suffering with Writers Tremor, Right hand shaking while writing only. Otherwise I am a perfectly healthy man.

      Pl. respond to my following queries:

      i) Is the disease curable at my age of 60 years by taking Homoeopathic treatment .
      ii) Is it 100% curable
      iii) How long would it take to cure the disease
      iv) Does the treating medicines have any side effects
      v) Cost of treatment- approximate

      An early reply shall be highly solicited.

  308. i got severe hand tremors it gets worse while walking and eating spl my left hand pls advice my mail id is my no is 9958700812 anybody with similar problems can get in touch

  309. i got severe hand tremors it gets worse while walking and eating spl my left hand pls advice

  310. Clifford WE says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma,i ‘ve essential tremor in the right hand,at times in the tongue and in legs but the worst case is the involuntary shaking of my hand whenever am writing in the presence of people.sir,please prescribe the homeopathic medicine most suitable for me.thanks sir.

  311. Bidhya Rai says:

    sir i m suffering from primary writing tremor. i want to use Agaricus Muscarius. I want to know the power, form (tablet or liquid) and scale of doses, and the how much long of time i have to recover ? – Bidhya Rai

  312. My shaking is not constant but it is upsetting. 18 months ago l fell and smashed my patella resulting in being operated on in hospital. This was a nightmare for me as l have a phobia of people being sick. The shaking started after that and it has got worse. Often l feel very panicky and heavy headed and not able to think clearly and depressed. My knee has healed well but my psychological state has deteriorated. Any kind of exertion starts off the shaking even pleasurable things and as l am typing this on my tablet resting on my knee my knee is trembling. It usually starts in my left hand and travels down my left side and when l feel very fearful. Recently when l was watching a theatre performanc my whole body was on the shake with nerves. I also want to be in the safety of my own home. I have also lost the ability to concentrate. I would be very grateful for your help Dr. Sharma. L am also having CBT for my phobia.

    Thank you Lind

  313. Sudha Srivastava says:

    My one leg shakes, mostly when left hanging. No pain, no problem in long walking.
    All bloo test , neurological tests are negative.
    Pl. Advice.

  314. Hi Sir
    My age is 21yrs(male)

    I had very little bit shivering(onl hands and fingers) till 21 yrs(especially while i am in tension)

    Now (22 yrs) it was increased such that i could not able to eat something with spoon properly because of severing and i could not able to drink coffee also….recently i had fallen down coffee due to shivering.

    So please help me what should i do etc…

  315. Manohar Balani says:

    My son Neeraj had suffered from viral Encphlytis in 1988, i.e. brain fever, he is on Dexona ,one each every night, Floricot one each morning,Nervup OD, each night, Shecal HD one every night, now since last six months or so he started having involuntary movements of upper limbs (arms and hand), Brain CT scan was done and the doctor suggested to take Revocon 25mg one each morning and night, but he gets headache because of this.Can you suggest any homeophathy for this Revocon 25mg, or still better a combined replacement of all allopathy drugs totally if possible

  316. mukesh gupta says:

    Give him Gelsi. 200 .three times in a day 4-4-4 pills on empty stomach.

  317. Dear Sir,
    I am 47 years of age. I feel a lot of stress and trembling while writing. I am not able to write a single word or a draw a single line, even doing signatures is a tedius job. The problem worsens when I am under stress or I have to write in front of somebody else. I feel a bit relaxed while standing and writing on the table instead of sitting beside the table. If I stretch my hands and open my palm there is no shaking but while writing it is horrible. Once in a while I feel writing normally but only for a moment. I consulted with nurologist in G.B. Pant Hospital, Delhi in 2009 and AIIMS, Delhi in 2012. In different tests they could not diagnose the reason for the problem. Dr. at G.B. Pant prescribed CIPLAR-40 and CLONITROL .125 mg twice a day. I took that for 2 years then left taking for fear of side-effects. Doctor at AIIMS gave me Omega-3 capsules. My father also have problem of trembling while writing. Please suggest some remedy.


  318. premnathyadav says:

    I am 18years old my problem is my hand shaking problem jab bhi koi kaam krta hun toh mare haath kapne lag jaate h please suggest me the solution

  319. Sahil Goyal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My nephew is having this shaking of head for last one & half month, after consulting a neurlogist he suggeted some test related to Essential Tremors of head.

    May i request you if you could provide any solution if i send his reports, his age is only 20.

    Your positive feedback will give us hope.


  320. Rakesh Kumar says:

    hand tremor when writing,drinking of water holding of any heaving things

    • Ramesh N says:

      Dear Dr,

      I am 52 years. I am suffering from hand tremor for almost 15 years and since last two years it is worsened. I could not write properly and even it became very difficult for me to sign the papers with my right hand. But I can hold the objects with right hand normally. On the other hand it is difficult to hold spoon or tea glass with my left hand. Especially my right hand, shakes so violently while writing and left hand shakes violently while holding the objects.
      About 5 years back I went to Neuro Physician who diagnosed that it is due to anxiety/stress. Some medicins are advised which I discontinued after 6 months because It was not comfortable.

      Since last two years I got homeopathic treatment which went futile.

      Please suggest me the effective medicin.

      With Regards,

  321. Jamie ernst says:

    My mother 89 year old,has a tremor. It is worse when she eats, writes,gets excited, tries to use the computer mouse. No numbness and not sensitive to temperatures, light or notice. What can u recommend.

  322. hand tremor when writing,drinking of water holding of any heaving things

    • Rajeev saxena says:

      My brother in low’s hand tremor when writing,drinking of water holding of any heaving things

  323. S a Adwani says:

    My father is 80 years
    He feels heaviness in head n such not able to walk properly
    Please suggest

  324. i got body tremore specially in left hand usually i get tremore while walking eating i had problem in writing
    maintaining body balance also i get tremors while i m tense and nervous pls help i 38yrs old

  325. Simranjeet Singh says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    This is Simranjeet and i am from west bengal. I am 22 years old and physically fit but there a certain problem that disturbs me a lot. Whenever i do some work my hands starts to tremble or you can call it a little bit shaky at some times. Can you plz suggest me some natural medicines. It would be of great help sir.

    Thank You Sir.

  326. Atul ahuja says:

    Respected sir,
    My son Anmol is 12 years old and his hands tremors .this problem is existing when he was 6 years old. He is having tremors in hands only. Can u suggest some homeopathic medicine for him

  327. Dr.
    I am 51.I have problem in writing.I am lefty.It is worse when I start but gets controlled as I force myself.Please help.I want a cure.

  328. i got body tremore specially in left hand usually i get tremore while walking eating i had problem in writing
    maintaining body balance also i get tremors while i m tense and nervous pls help i m 43 yrs old

  329. My right hand tremors when I write. I loose control of the pen and my fingers. This condition is only during writing. Please help me with a remedy. Thank You

  330. Andrew S. Corion says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma My name is Andrew on August 2014 around the 18 or 19 i woke up and starting to jump

    from the trunk only whole body movement now it 2016 April and it has gotten very very bad I could count
    to 20 seconds and then start moving both feet now it use to be one leg now both legs the right one more than the left and lots of back pain . I fell flat forward in November 1 2006 carrying 16 bricks at a job in construction
    my co workers left me on the scaffold up 30 feet to climb down a ladder backwards and the stood outside a company van for 2 hours before begin help into the front seat of the van while my coworkers finished the wall they were working on since the the pain has not let up and now the shaking just make the pain worse neck pain shoulders pain back pain and pain travels to both but the right leg there is a pulling almost like a tearing burning feeling when my right foot kick forward on med they did not work
    tried deep tissue massage physico therapy ostheopathy nerve blocks shitisu IMS deep needles into the spine nothing so now I just shower and drink herbal teas

  331. ningappa dyamnangoudra says:

    Sir Iam suffering from hand shaking while writting.writing become very worst with shaking.nurvous symptous give homeopathic and home tratment for tremors

  332. Michael Price says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am 67 years, resident in South Wales, UK. I have suffered with this hand tremor for almost 2 years and have been told by my GP, that there is nothing that can be done for it. I have tried one drug, Propanimol?, but this did nothing to ease the problem. When I write a letter or otherwise, I have to resort to my wordprocessor, because of, especially my right hand, shakes so violently. Any help or advice, would be greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes


    • Ravi Vishnu Datar says:

      suffer from essential tremors 6-7 years. age 72 years, otherwise quite healthy. tendency for constipation.Tremors in both hands(mainly), a little in head(side to side), and voice. Difficulty in taking liquids like tea, dal etc. without spilling. Difficulty in writing, signing checks. Tremors worse after a local bus ride and perhaps in the afternoon. In winter cough with mucous, but could control it with pranayama.Sensitive, gentle and intelligent by nature. Tendency to avoid fights, scenes. Like to walk and take regular exercise.

  333. sandy camar says:

    Gud am Dr.sharma im 25 yrs old, Could u give me an advice or effective cure my illness,im suffering tremors of the hands its Worsen when i felt nervous, fear or suffering this for almost 7 years,.do help me Dr.i need to cure this to do my job well.

  334. Modud Rahman says:

    Sir, I am aged of 60 and in problem with tremor of my hand. I can’t write or hold cup of hot tea.

  335. Chandrashekhar Moharkar says:

    Sir, I asper diagnosis by a Neurophysician I am suffering from the disease Primary Writing Tremors .This disease is with me since last 12 years approximately. It becomes very difficult for me to write . My hand vibrates and shakes horizontally while writing. Sir, please advise me Homeopathic Medicine and it’s doses etc.

  336. Hi, I have an 8 year old son who was diagnosed with Benign essential tremors at the age of 4. We got him occupational therapies, for his fine motor skills, and he did well with that. My son also suffers from a mild case of Asthma, so he uses Flovent and a prescribed maintenance medicine. Now that he is 8 his school work, is harder and a lot more writing has come into play. Hi hand writing is terrible. Teachers are always commenting on how sloppy it is. Now finally he is having a very difficult time concentrating/focusing on school work or anything really other than TV and or video games. He is highly emotional as well. I am wondering if you see a high rate of children with BET, also have ADHD? and or is there some kind of a calming mechanism I can find for him to do or take that might help to bring this into focus for him. He is a very bright child grades are consistently A&B but completing work and especially the written work is very hard for him. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

  337. milan patel says:

    my hand is shaken(more vibrate) during writing .i write right hand . i am 26 year old. why the reson of vibration my hand. please suggition me and how to solve it please help me. i am waitin your answer.

    • milan patel says:

      my hand is shaken(more vibrate) during writing .i write right hand . i am 26 year old. why the reson of vibration my hand. please suggition me and how to solve it please help me. i am waitin your answer.

      • Waqqas Mahmood says:

        Salam doctor sahib.

        I am suffering from a tremor in my head witch has improved a little bit now and also in my both arms in one arm it is much less then the other. I live in the Netherlans please could you help me to find a solution
        Waiting for your reply

    • sir my name is dev I am 27 year old I have problem of hand shaking when writing I can’t write one word also plz help me suggest some medicine

  338. My blood pressure is high (163/105:75) and I have high acidity in the urine 6,6-7. I also have a hand tremor in my right hand that I am nit able to recognize my own handwriting. My homeopath is treating the blood pressure but it does not seem to be very successful. She uses resistance measurement on different parts of the right hand and foot to determine the condition of the body organs.

    I am 59 fairly active and lost most of the excess weight.

  339. I am 42 years old. I have completed BE Civil and during my engineering age (22 years), i lost my hand writing. The hand started shivering and unable to write now. Both hands shiver very much.

    I am working in a private company and suffering in day to day document writings. kindly advice.

  340. Dear Dr Sharma

    My father who is nearing 80 is suffering from tremor in hand and general imbalance . This seems to have increased last few months more.. He is owise regularly managing to do exercise and other routine activities but with difficulty . What treatment can we have which will help him to lead a better life ?

    Thank you

    Mrs murali

  341. Ayush Saxena says:

    Sir,I have tremors problem,my hand shakes during work,I noticed it when I was in school around 6 years ago. .it feels embarrased. . My thyroid was normal after thyroid test. .I have normal appetite. My body weight is also normal. Please tell some prescriptions

  342. subham gupta says:

    I am 16 years old and suffering from hand treamor, facing many trouble in my daily routine what medicine can i use to cure it

  343. Harinderjit Singh says:

    My brother-in-law is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Kindly tell some homeopathic medicine which can reduce his troubles to a greater extant.

  344. I have had a head tremor for many many years. As I get older it has gotten increasingly worse. I had an Aunt that had the same type of tremor. I very very rarely will get a tremor in my hands. I have a little bit of a white film on my tongue not much. No redness or swelling of the tongue. I do however have tinnitus. Could that also be related? Which product do you recommend? How much and what frequency? Thank you so much for any information you can share.

  345. Hi Doctor,

    I am a 29 year old female. And I am experiencing permanent mild tremors in hands from last 8 years. I got my MRI done which was normal. And was prescribed medicines for Anxiety. Which i didn’t had. In some rare situation like accident i feel sever tremor in my leg as well. I also feel that muscles of my wrist are week. I feel tiredness in wrist while working in kitchen and doing too much of work in office.
    Please advice. Thanks You!

  346. Hi doctor sharma,my name is husband is 32years old he started having diffI cult walking in2014 Nov and severe heads prior to time went by he started having problem with talking and there after loosing strength on the right hand side his leg lost strength and the whole arm as well then he started shaking the head and neck side to side.he feels dizzy and then shaking starts.please doctor Sharma what is the cause and treatment will my husband walk again and will the shaking finish?please help us .thanks in advance

  347. hello Dr. Sharma,
    thank you for the opportunity to ask some questions. I have recently started this tremor of the head this past year. I thought it might be from some stress of job changes and then found out this runs in some members of my family. I am having some tests done to rule out parkinsons and thyroid. I have had experience with homeopathy before and found it to work effectively. I am 61 and from what I can tell the
    Agarius would be the appropriate remedy. Could you advise the potency and frequency, or any supplements that might be helpful. thank you.

  348. Biswajit Nayak says:

    Dear sir i am facing hand tremor problems. when i am writing something my hand is trembling. so i am unable to write somethings. please give me the some solution with proper medicine.

    Thanks & Regards
    Biswajit Nayak

  349. Robert Custer says:

    Can you prove to me that it is 100% natural and that it works?
    Will it work for people who were born with a hand tremmor?

  350. Syed Iqbal Ahmad says:

    my hands shiver a lot when I am writing and this has been happening since last 5-6 years .previously it was mild but now it has intensified and now I am able to write with great difficulty. please tell me what this symptoms point to and what could be the cure.

    syed iqbal Ahmad

  351. Siddheshwar Chavan says:

    dear sir,

    i am 33 year old. my hand tremble while working,glass of water and eatting meal,also time of writting, i had facing this problem from many years ago.
    please advise and recommand me.

    thanking you

  352. Sushant Dubey says:

    Dear Sir,
    I need your help. A few facts below:
    1. My father is 70 yrs old and had been observing symptoms of essential tremors for last 20 yrs.
    2. my age is 35 and I’m also observing the same for last 10 yrs. (shaky voice, hands, head and neck)
    3. Out of my two elder brothers, one is also facing the same problem but other is perfectly fine.
    3. I have been taking alcoholic drinks for last 10 yrs.
    Now I really don’t know that my symptoms are due to alcohol consumption or hereditary reason. Also, is it definitely a case of essential tremors or Parkinson disease?
    I visited some neurologists recently, some said it may be due to Vitamin B12 & Vit D Deficiency, some recommended MRI, one has suggested T Betacap TR 40 mg x 1 month.
    Now I want to know that is this condition really curable/ 100% treatable? And what are the options in Homeopathy?
    Kindly help.

    Thanks in advance.
    Sushant Dubey

  353. yogesh chand jain says:

    i am 65 yrs of age .my hands trumbles while taking a cup of tea ,glass of water and eating meals etc etc . No other problem , please advise and recommand .
    Thanking you

  354. sheila white says:

    I am 64 and am have essential tremor in my hands when I write and my head when stressed, my voice is greatly affected please can you recommend I desperately need your help.

  355. Judy U. Maupin says:

    I am 76 years old. My hands shake so violently from Essential Tremor that I can’t write and when typing they dance all over and cause many problems with the computer. They shake all the time. I also can’t do manage buttons on clothing very well.

    Otherwise, I am in very good health.

    Thank you.

    Judy U. Maupin

  356. Vijay chandile says:

    Dear Dr.sharma
    Im suffering from essential tremors…from last 42yr. Please give me a proper advise. .thanks

  357. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My hand is trembling, shaking uncontrollably & now head is also shaking while writing. Your advise to arrest this problem please.

    With thanks,

  358. Niranjan Singh says:

    Hello Dr. Sarma. I have been experiencing essential writing tremor all my life. My hands only start shaking when i attempt to write. I dont experience any tremors when i work, shave, drink from a glass etc,the tremor starts when i write. Please assist me.


    • Ch.baskhar reddy says:

      Used all type of medicines,I am poor farmer and I want to do care of my family,sir if you advice a medicines to decrease my essential tremor !!fact we can’t come and give you money but we will kept you as god

  359. Hello Doctor,

    I have a son whom is 12 years old and has Essential Hand Tremors. It seems to get stronger at times, especially when he is tired. Is there anything that is natural that you can recommend for him to try to reduce this or keep it from progressing?

    Thank you,


  360. Hello Doctor,

    This is purnima. I m 38 years old. My left hand and both legs gets trembling whenever i hold something or apply some pressure from left hand, then its become trembling. Plz suggest me some effective homeopath right now i m taking calcium tabelt (Shellkall), and neurokind, so plz assist me that it is good for this disease or not.

  361. shabir Ahmad says:

    I am suffering from cerebral palsy I have an essential tremor in my hand and unable to write and take tea.I am 20 years old. Kindly advise me which medicine benefit for these.

    • shabir ahmad says:

      Respect sir,
      I am suffering from cerebral palsy.I have an essential tremor in my hand and unable to write and take tea
      .I am 20 years old .Kindly advise me which me medicine benefit for these.

  362. Bibhu prasad sahoo says:

    Sir,now my age is 21.I have severe essential tremor from childhood. my hand shake severely on writing, taking utensil or any activity done by hand.Now I am taking betacap tr 40. it works,but after reading their side effect,I worried.So plz suggest for homeopathic remedy

  363. Hello Dr. Sarma. I have been experiencing essential writing tremor all my life. My hands only start shaking when i attempt to write. I dont experience any tremors when i work, shave, drink from a glass etc,the tremor starts when i write. Please assist me.

    • G.S. patra says:

      Sir , I am 56 yrs old.While I am writing my right hand is shaking.So I am unable to write clearly since 5 yrs. My elder brothers are also facing the same problem. I have tried to cure the same by using medicines , like Gelsemium sempervirens, Avina sativa, Ginseng etc. ,but no result found. Please help me.

  364. Hitesh Shah says:

    I am having problem of writing tremor since last three years. I am unable to write or signature properly. My age is 50. Kindly advice.

  365. rahul sharma says:

    Hi sir, I am having essential tremor problem . Its in heredity as my mother and maternal uncle also have similar problems. The problems becomes worse in a state of high emotions such as anxiety, fear, nervousness, happiness etc. Till now I am taking allopathic medicine BETACAP TR 60 for the treatment. its effective but recently i have read the side effect of the medicine and now want to switch to homeopathic treatment.

    Kindly advise.

  366. Joseph Iwanczewski says:

    Dr. Sharma;

    I have an essential tremor in my hand but also recently noticed that my face and tongue have some trembling. My nervous system appears to be in need of some help. In addition, I’ve had some muscle twitches in my legs and feets recently, but not accompanied by any weakness.

    Can you tell me what remedies I should be pursuing and where to purchase these things?

  367. Elaine Gordon says:

    Hello, I have an involontary tremor of torso and legs while skiing. I am a ski instructor, age 65 and this symptom started 2 years ago but it is now uncontrollable and it makes skiing very difficult. The tremor seems to start at the base of the neck, through my torso and into my thigs. I am in great muscular form in general, exercising regularly, walking a lot but the tremor seems to manifest itself mainly when skiing. After an hour on skis, my legs feel exhausted from fighting and adjusting all the time.
    Please advise. thank you

  368. My main problem is tremor while wiring. Even signature is also can not properly. Please prescribe best medicine for trembling the hand while writing

    • Hello Mr.Seshagiri, Kindly let me know if your problem of hand writing tremor is solved. Even am facing the same problem. Kindly help. You can contact me @ 9989100171.

  369. My main problem is tremor while wiring. Even signature is also can not properly. Please suggest best medecne

  370. Shahil khan says:

    Hi I’m Shahil . Problem is that my
    hand start tremoring. While I
    write. a strange nervousness
    occur in my heart that someone
    is watching me to write. My
    writing has become burst. I can’t
    write in speed.
    Plz help me sir i am in great bad

    • Hello Mr.Sahil Khan, Kindly let me know if your problem of hand writing tremor is solved. Even am facing the same problem. Kindly help. You can contact me @ 9989100171.

  371. Hi I’m ranbir. Problem is that my hand start tremoring. While I write. a strange nervousness occur in my heart that someone is watching me to write. My writing has become burst. I can’t write in speed. That’s why I failed twice in upsc main exam. Plz help me sir iam in great bad conditions

  372. Joy Chakraborty says:

    myself joy. i am a patient of e.t. age 29. my head is shaking.. full body also hand is shaking and leg also.. i dont get balance in my leg and body. please suggest medicine for me. wil b grtful to you.

  373. COL D P SHARMA says:

    I am 67 years old . My right hand starts tremoring some time while taking tea etc it always tremores while bathing and pouring mug of water on my head.

  374. gurinder singh says: working as govt teacher….in father died of paralytic attack…cant bear his medical toture on ventilator last for 22 days….cant get out of his death trauma…family circumstance get annoyying after death…wife and mother dispute made me more irritating…get tense..and face anxiety…lose confidence..even for speak i have to push myself…..emotional type men of 42 yrs old….trembling in my left hand and left leg develop recently…it develop when there is anxiety…..
    pls advice me homeopathy to overcome my problem….
    currently i m not taking any medicn

  375. Respected sir,

    I am viswa from nellore.I completed my degree and doing job.I am suffering for hand shivering problem.In right hand i had heavy tremmors and in left hand medium.And i loss fitness in right hand and lest hand.In i am in normal position i have no changes in my body but in any meetings,functions when i feels anxiety and tension comes and shivering my neck and hands heavy because i feel thay saw me,it becomes heavily.I had this problem of trimmers it causes so many other problems social phobia has coming in mind.I use so many medicine but no use.when i use alopathy it recovers that time only.pls give me remedies my problem.And i have 23 years only what can do my life becames pls help me to overcame this problem.And i am from nellore.


    • I have whole body tremors in connection with hyperthyroidism . Please suggest a homeopathic medicine . Case history: About 6 weeks ago, My thyroid were swollen and painful and I was getting temperatures around 38.5 only in the evenings. I used Ibuprufen for nearly 4 weeks and the swelling and pain went away. Now my T3 and T4 values are ok, however my TSH is only 0.03 ( very low) as it should be between 0.3 to 4.5. I get tremors in my body in the early hours of the morning and my sleep is disturbed. I am 72 years old male.

  376. My neurologist doctor tell I am suffering from Essential Tremor & Cervical Dystonia my age is 36 Please advice how to cure. My brain MRI reflect diffuse cerebral attrophy.

    • Sir,
      I am 45 year old woman .My neck is shaking for few months in up and down motion. I also having difficulty in walking in road because of balance .I feel i am falling to the left side. Kindly advise me .Thank you .

    • Cervical Dystonia from past 1.5 months head is moving towards right

  377. hi

    Doctor since 4 years i am suffering with hands shaking problem. Suddenly some times my right hand fingers shivaring for 3 to 5 minutes. that time i am unable to hold at least cup of coffee. kindely give the solutions for that. 10 years back regularly i use to drink alchol and cigarette smoking for 2 years. after that suddenly stopped. and i never consume smoking and drinking alcahol.

    thank you prasad

  378. Hi Doctor,

    I am suffering from epilepsy, was admitted in hospital and doctor suggested to take “Levipil 750mg” twice a day. From the day I got this epilepsy I am facing hand shaking problem, It will not shake always only while writing, taking a cup of coffee, serving food, holding light weight items, i cannot handle those get worse when i am in crowd… I am not aware why and how I got this problem… Please advise…
    Since I am taking Levipil 750mg I am scared to take other tablets for hand tremors that it might impact epilepsy problem… So please provide suggestion for this hand tremor….

  379. Khadim Hussain says:

    My age is 57 and my hand shake when I write. The fear of the same is grown in my mind.please prescribe the homeopathic treatment.

  380. Sir,I am Santhosh age 37,from kerala,I have termor while when I am writing,or doing small workes ,last 20 years I am suffering this,so please kindly reply me and I hope doctor will proscribe good Medicen for ous,THanks

  381. V.Sampath Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I find my hands, lips,tongue and sometimes my head shivers.I am unable to keep my hands steady.If i hold a cup of coffee in my right hand it shivers.
    Please let me know your fees for the above medicine and treatment.
    Please advise whether there is any cure for above problem.

    Thanks & Regards

    V.Sampath Kumar

  382. sachin piprode says:

    Sir I have problem of tremors while writing and it get worsened by fear or any other emotional excitement my age is 37 years.ple suggest me any medicine.

  383. k.k.pandey says:

    I am suffering from essential tremmor in both hands and unable to write and drink tea.Iam 60 yrs old..kindly advise me for gure.

  384. sir i feel tremor while i write anything on the paper in the mid i also feel nervousness and my confidence is reduced due to it I am 40 years old i am a teacher i am from umaria MP india
    sir what should i do for it I am very worried

  385. badru patel says:

    i have had yhis problem since i was 15 i am 51 now its embrasing to do anything my fingers shake to much dr sharma. can you help me sir .thankyou

  386. Sumit Goyal says:

    Dear Doctor ,

    my mummy is 74 years old , having chronic parkinson and alzimers disiase , he body shakes all ime , she have difficulty in speaking clearly , very weak , bed ridden , can any medicines help plz.

    • Dear Sir
      I am a 40 -year-old service holder. I am to sit for exam at six months intetval.Although I know all the answers,my hand become tremeling that make me nearly imposible to write. I need quick solution as I am going to sit in 15 days.Thanks in advance.

  387. dr.ramesh kumar vishwkarma homoeopathic physion says:

    may problum 4year
    left hand trembling holding on or jab sidhe karta hu to aur jab hand ko clak wise or anti clak waise ghumata hu
    mind angre gussa bahut ata hi thodi si bat par
    desire salty sweet awarsin
    faimily histry nil
    smokin and drink and non veg and spicy food kabhi kabhi
    no pain wight 58 kg age 29years male
    narvous mind
    sochta bahut hu sir carior ke bare me
    tea 2se3cup daily
    no castipation

  388. uttam kumar bani says:

    respected sir
    i am a teacher . i write in blackboard very easily but when i write in a copy with a pen i find it very difficult my hand trembles since last year.
    please advice me to overcome from this and obliged

  389. dr.sarala ks says:

    hello madam, my mom is 57 yrs , from 2 yrs she is suffering from mild involventary movement of head , twice i had given her inderal -5 mg but it is not effective , still the problem continues , can u sugest something in homeopathy

  390. abdul rahim adams says:

    my hands shakes usually when am anxious and when someone is watching me while am writing.

  391. I have slight trembling in hands and this problem also exists in the case of my brother and sister. My father also had this problem which increased a bit in old age i.e.after 60 years though without much problem. It is visible mostly while holding a cup of tea or consciously writing and holding a dropper or a bottle/glass.
    Any worth while treatment as one of family member is a surgeon who may face this problem in long run.

    • Mrs Betty Griffiths says:

      I am female,88yrs of age. Ihave had tremor to my hands and head ,which started approx. 2yrs ago
      I find very difficult to write and hold any object without shaking

  392. I had attack of panic disorder 13 years before and taking English medicines for it. Since 5 years I my hands are shaking. I am not able to hold tea tumbler. I am not able to write and I am notable to sign identically.

    Rajasekaran of age 62.

  393. MERVYN D JOHN says:


  394. Since 3 yrs I am suffering from tremors of chin and hands. I am 82 yrs old

  395. Evelyn Petersen says:

    I have had hand tremors for as long as I can remember, and as i have gotten older I developed restless leg. I’m looking to find a way to resolve these problems.

  396. Dear Dr.
    I have left hand trembling condition while holding heavy items like dinner plate or holding heavy item for some time. Please advise.
    Nature: impatient, getting upset sooner
    Stomach upset and gas complaint with outside foods
    Age: 77
    No other complaint

    • Dear doctor,
      Our family members are 8 they all are depands with me so i am very worried dear doctor.
      I am just 32 years old last 3 month back to started trembling my hand, when i start to work suddenly fast heart palpitation than fearness and start from legs trembling with affecting my hand also. I am working in medical field and assist to doctor at operation theatre (O.T. Technician) last 10 years. Now very difficult to work in task, presentation work, writing, holding etc.
      Please consider about my problem and please please send me proper treatment.
      I really greatful to you

      With warm regards
      Y. R. Sharma

  397. barada mohanty says:

    I am 45 years of age-male.My problem of tremor happens when I am in anxiety and fear.It is coming suddenly and starting from leg to entire body and with the release of tension , disappearing .I am a hyper active person always and now feeling restlessness and sleeplessness.This problem is not new to me as I have felt it from my young age when I was in fear and anxiety but with the increase in age it’s severity has increased.I have never taken any medicine for it.I think it is PHYSIOLOGIC TREMOR.Kindly prescribe medicine for me and advice me.It will be a great service to humanity.Help me.Thanking you. Barada -BHUBANESWAR, ODISHA

  398. Dr. Since 4 years i have been suffering from hand tremors, palpitations. I get anxious very easily. And then the tremors increase. Earlier i was very active with speeches debates etc. but now i get very concious while public speaking. I dont know what has caused these changes. I take alprex sometimes when the anxiety becomes very hard to handle. What os the diagnosis and treatment i can take? Is it a life long treatment protocol that i have to follow

  399. prakash challa reddy says:

    hi sir this is prakash from father is having sever hand tremors.he is not able to drinking water and eating suggest me the homeopathic medicine.or give the hospitol adress and contact details

  400. amneet singh says:

    i m suffering when i talk some body i m very nerve’s and my voice is stumbling plz help me for medi or other treatment

  401. Treatment for anxiety and depression.

  402. Mrs SHARMILA GHOSH says:

    Hello Doctor Sharma

    I have tremors in my right hand over the last one year. A few times I have had full body tremors also. These tremors came and went away on their own but I feel very nervous.
    The hand tremor increases with excitement over anything and fear or anxiety.
    I don’t have any pain in hands or head. But I have pain in my legs in the morning goes away after sometime when I start my daily chores. I feel weak in my hands also but no stiffness or muscular hardness.

    I need to address this problem at the earliest. Please advise.

  403. My hands shake when I pick something up. First it was left hand only, now it’s both hands. Also my chin quivers and my head bobs. I really don’t feel the head or chin but I see it in a mirror and my friends ask me if I can control it.

  404. Gaurav Gupta says:

    my father is suffering from tumour and we resides in jaipur will it be able to take treatment in jaipur through telephonic or video conferencing.

  405. N.R.Garibdasani says:

    Dear sir,
    The patient I am talking about is lone woman 85 years old,sick & always worried & in fear,weak muscles, feels giddy, fells down every now & then while going to ease or wash. Very less vision (ratina muscles weak) Head, Arms,& hands shake too much ,toung &speach is ok.
    What medicine &potency we should try.Please guide ?

  406. N.ratnasri says:

    M suffering from shaking hands head and all over body n sweting in hands n legs

  407. Anil kumar says:

    I am having tremors in my hands and legs which get more frequent when I feel excited,sad or when I think a lot.
    I am having this problem since 4 years and my reports are all normal.
    I have consulted allopathic. But it didn’t lessen the frequency of tremors. Please suggest something.

  408. Vinit Kumar says:

    Sir, I am 29 years old, 5’10” Hight, 75 kg weight. i have hand tremor for last 7 years. i spend 6 month depressed period when it start. i take prapronol, ashwgandha and other medicine but there is no relief. is there any medicine in homeopathy that help me.

  409. sir my age is 18 and my hands are trembling when i do something writing n others work…

  410. Lalit Mohan says:

    My father Dr.H.R.Mittal, Homeo physician is a patent of having following symptoms:-
    1. Tremor of right legs and swelling on both dorsum of foot
    2. Rigidity in muscles (difficult in sitting, standing, changing side when lying
    3. Bradykinesia or slowness of movement—every movement slow
    4. Postural instability—Cannot stand straight;
    5. depression of disease and delirium

    Pl. suggest medicine

  411. SAROJ MOHAN PANDA says:


  412. harjeet singh says:

    I have been suffering from essential tremors of hand for the last 30 years plus advice

  413. Joe Floersheimer says:

    I too have Essential Tremor but mine is in the larynx. Naturally it effects my speech and singing is out of the question. They have tried Botox that did nothing. Lately it has effected my handwriting so I type everything. The more I talk the better it gets but never goes away entirely. I read all of the remedies described but there doesn’t seem to be one for my condition. I’m open to any suggestions.

  414. Donna Heine says:

    My son Mark is taking clozapine has now developed tardive dyskinesia & tremors.

    What would you suggest to help him deal with this problem.


  415. VINAY PARIKH says:

    I am aged 72. I have tremors since last 35 years. The increase was very gradual. It increased ever since I gave up alcohol. My father also had it but was managing to hold cup and saucer. I cannot even dream that. I have difficulties in using spoon and fork, lift a glass with one hand, signing, it increases with joy, anxiety and anger. Lifting a brief case for a short time means no writing for an hour or so. My arms are thin and my palms are very very smooth like a baby. This makes turning a news paper difficult. I did try Homeo Med for eight months through a doctor but no result, actually I got depressed. Name of medicines are normally not given so I do not know.
    I live at Chennai, a BP patient and take Inderal 10 and Depin retard to control both. By nature I am sensitive and also get angry at mistakes. Do I stand a chance of recovery at this fag end of age?

  416. Jacinda Fisher says:

    I I’m very interested in these method, my husband hand have been shaking for a while now. Maybe two or year’s, but getting worse,he’s 59 and so far done have any other health issues. He us to paint cars on the side and no venting just a mask. He drive’s trucks now delivery. Can you help us please. As time lapse it only going to get worse. Thank you for your time. Jacinda Fisher:)

  417. Benjamin says:

    I have been suffering from essential tremor in hands for along period, and am also diabetic and on allopathic medication.

    I have neurological problem in my upper neck and my sleep gets disturbed.

    Please advise.

  418. THULASI DASS says:

    I have tremor in right hand while writing or putting signatures. Putting signatures on cheques are more more difficult and differ on each time, because of this i am facing problem with my banking and transactions severely, few cheques got bounced. Though no significant tremors in hand but to hold cup of tea in air is very stable and sometimes minute shaking of hand may be there. There is some pain in the hand nerves pulling like…. I can do my other works without any problem. The above tremors are in right hand only since 1996 . Now i am 45 years old. Initially tremors were less and gradually increased to The extent that I feel great problem in signing the cheques and also in official writing work. I am not diabetic . last sugar test showed 101. Please guide me accordingly.

  419. James Mwangi says:

    I have tremor in my hands while writing or holding something.
    kindly assist.

  420. Dhiraj Kumar says:

    I have tremor in my hands while I write on paper with a pen or pencil and holding utensils or a glass in my hands. The tremors are worse when I am excited or nervous, or upset about something. If there is any treatment which remove my problem kindly inform.

  421. ubi christabel inah says:

    I am a nurse. my hands trembles when trying to do one procedure or d other pls want can I do to eliminate it

  422. Dear doctor
    My uncle, aged 75 years is experiencing tremors in left hand for past month. He is otherwise fit and fine and is not under any medication. Please let me know what more details would you need – look forward to your advice on treatment.
    Many thanks.

  423. Dear Doctor,

    I have this hand tremor while writing in front of others.I cannot sign or write in front of other people or offices.but I can do every thing if I am alone and my hands are not shivering age 29

  424. Ambrish Goel says:

    Tremors come when wrting and holding some objects like cups, glass etc. Balancing problem has also started.

    Ambrish Goel
    Age 53

  425. durgakumarguha says:

    I have little tremor on my right hand particular ly at the time of writing. Would you please show me the direction so that come out of the pr

  426. Dear sir,
    My daughter kshama will be of 6 yrs in july 2015. She was born in the 8th month with low muscle tone and delayed developed. In tially her hc was very small at birth with 30.5cm. Now its 45 cm. Her main issue is tremer. We started with parkin 2 mg around 2 yrs back. It id not showing that good results. Also the side effect is the stomach upset problem. Her head, hand and trunk shakes. Shaking is with hand in hand contribution of both tremer and muscle incordination they say.

    Sir, is there any remedy for thid in homeopathic medicine. Pld advice.

    Pls do reply….

  427. thank you Dr.

  428. ALOK KAUSHAL says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have been suffering from ‘familial benign essential tremors’ of the hands for about 10 years now. Have been on allopathic treatment for over a year, with not much relief. I am unable to write comfortably, signatures never tally, have problem with holding a glass of liquid without spilling, problem eating etc.
    I am for past 2-3 years also on homoeopathic treatment with medication given by the homoeopath, but find no relief. In fact my disease seems to be worsening.
    I am a male, aged 72 yrs, leading a retired life. My sister, aged 78y also has this problem.
    While doing gross things like driving, lifting weights etc., there is no problem.
    Kindly advise if there is any treatment/cure.

  429. Hello Dr. am called Mbowa and i am having a problem that am so confused about i started getting Body Tremors around 2005 after i stopped taking alcohol suddenly. I resumed drinking after 6 years but them i could control my tremors but now they have got to the worse my head feel like not with me, my tongue feels paralyzed at times as to my different sides of the head and body my joints hurt alot now though i usually walk.
    When someone shouts at me i loose concentration i panic and get very bad body shakes. please advise.
    South Africa

  430. durgakumarguha says:

    Little tremor at the time of writing something.

  431. RAJIVA KUMAR says:

    My mother (Mrs Malati Devi) age 68 yrs has got very serious essential tremors in her hands, legs, head and mouth. It was detected in Feb’15 and gone for treatment in Medanta at Gurgaon but no result found and she is getting weak and sense less day by day. She is already a patient of heart and pacemakers installed in her heart two yrs back. She is taking daily 10 tablets for heart disease.
    Kindly suggest for better treatment for sure cure.

  432. JOanna Stryker says:

    HI I have a homeopath practitioner, but he has tried for 6 months to help with this weakness and fatique. I have more symptoms, but that is the worse. The other homeopath i had did iodium and it worked well, but than it stopped and she stopped practicing because of baby. He had me on zirconium iodium and it helped some, but I was exhausted. He now has me on stanum. Can this help for tremors? I hope he or someone can help me

  433. prashanthkumar k v says:


    i can,t wright infront of people properly while i was too nerves and shivering and my mouth will dry sweating my body pls help me

    • Sandra Nelson says:

      Dr. Shrma…
      I need help. I am 68. without a pension and need to work. I’m suffering with head, voice and hand tremors which began about a year ago. I’d like to try a homeopathic remedy to relieve my symptoms. Can you help?

  434. Respected Dr.Sharmma,
    My Rt. hand trembles only on holding cup of tea. I am Diabetic. Dont feel any thing while writing.
    I take Insulin. Little numbness of inner side of index finger and thumb. Thanks.

  435. chandan mhatre says:

    While writing or holding any material my hands gets shivering.
    Please suggest any medicine.

  436. Dear Sir,

    i am female 33, 68kgs, 154cms, married, mother of 4 yr son.

    i ve started tingling in left big toe on apr 9th, 2015 and tenderness in temple(right). since then visited neurologists, developed binocular diplopia on 16th apr 15, and progressively developed muscle weakness in legs by 20th. been prescribed b12 medicines and vision returned at a sudden on 23rd by gods grace and muscles further weakened, admitted in hospital on 24th with suspected GBS. Given solumedrol IV and started recovering and after removal of IV, deteriorated further and readmitted on 10th may and started with immunoglobulins till 17th may. Recovered again.

    Present medication
    1.Given only Zylofene Forte(omeaga 3)
    2. Massaging with Ayurveda Mahanarayan thailam daily
    3. Taking Kaliphos30x, magnesiumphos 30x, Natrum Phos 30x daily thrice
    4. Taken Lathyrus 30, gnaphalium 200 once
    5. Taking Nixocid
    6.light Physiotherapy

    Present condition

    1.Able to walk independently a little. Not so good gait. Both legs dont feel same
    2.Earlier felt like walking in air,now feel heavy and painful from 3 days
    3. Fatigue (more in mornings, improves in evening- Have to eat continuously and dis feeling makes me more dissappointed)
    4. Tingling(feet, hands),crawling skin sensations,invisible vibrations in body including head(few areas, tongue,nose, eyes flicker when weak) Feel terrible when they are high.
    5.Fast heart beat 104bpm.. feel discomfort sleeping in afternoon
    6.Cant sleep on sides.
    7. Pain in lower right middle and right side(pelvis back- eases with standing)
    8. Cant tolerate high temperatures in hyderabad, India, cant tolerate AC too for long, giving me cough and left nose inconvenience, a little phlem feeling.

    Kindly suggest remedies for fast heartbeat, vibrations, tingling and other conditions and complete recovery

    Sorry for being clumsy, cant handle typing and using gadgets for long

    kindly Let me know if i need 2 share further info.


  437. Chavi Gupta says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I have a problem of tremor in my right hand. Not sure what is the reason and cause behind it
    . Its like am not able to make grip on things with this hand while holding.
    I have dust allergy in chest also fir which I had intake many allopathic medicines. Can it be a reason?
    Also want to know is this tremor curable? If yes then how much time it would take.?

  438. vivek pandey says:

    Sir, i m a student. we have face a problem hand tremor last 2 year, mera hand and leg kapna lagta hai.kise ke samane padna par, sir mai bahut parashan ho gaya hu.koi interview deta hu to mera hath pair kapta hai.mai likh aur padh pane me dikat hone lagate hai.jise se mai bahar ho jata hu.pls sir help me. mai kise type ka drug bhi nahi leta na to mera family me kise ko ye problem hai. pls sir help me

  439. Taher Fazly says:

    Dear Sir,
    My father”s age is 70 and he has tremour in right hand from last 7 years and now it increases gradually.
    He has not able to take tea and write by there hand.

    Taking allopathic medicine from the years..

    Please suggest very soon….

  440. I am 81 Yrs. Since 2 years I have gradually developed left hand tremor, TREMORS in chin, drooling, sticky saliva and now right hand tremors also.

  441. John Patrick Muzanyi says:

    I am a naturopathy enthusiast living in Uganda with a patient with essential tremors like you have mentioned, I feel so challenged at his case and I will be very grateful if you show me how to use and obtain these wonderful medicines that our God has provided for the service of man please let me know how you trade. Thank you!

  442. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Hello sir
    I am suffering from right hand tremor since 2002.
    my hand shakes very badly whenever I do specific works like writing,holding something,shaving ,pouring water etc.

    Kindly suggests me what should I do..

  443. Dr. M 22 years old i am having tremor since last 4 years …i cannot hold a cofee pot or a tea cup cause as i hold it starts shaking ..n also while writting etc…smtimes the tremor becoms v.bad whn i gt scared n i gt scared very soon tell me some gud medicine

  444. MOHAN KUMAR says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have this hand tremor while writing in front of others.I cannot sign or write in front of other people or offices.but I can do every thing if I am alone and my hands are not shivering also.also.I am having this condition from last 10 years but from last 2 year it is increasing Pls.advice

  445. S. P Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    I find my hands shaking while writing when I am in a meeting or in nervous state. But in normal condition there is no problem. Kindly suggest suitable treatment please.

  446. Tanmoy Roy says:

    sir my hands r trumbelling from my chiled my age is 25.I can not lift any weight.I can not take glass of water.I have visited more doctor but I do not get any result.pls tell me is it curable?and my frnds laugh at me .what can I do?I am from Kolkata

  447. shalini b m says:

    Dear sir,
    Greetings for the day
    My name is shalini and i got diagnosed with ms and this health problem started eversince the day of my engineering i.e., from 2009. Apart from weakness in my limbs, i recently started suffering from tremor in head.
    I’m getting extremely scared
    Kindly help me out

  448. ishan deshpande says:

    tremors in body since last 4 years
    mri of brain is normal

  449. SIR. My mom is 70 years and have Parkinson for the last three years. It started from fingers of right hand then increased to grade-4. She is now taking Lolium and feel relief but as a side effect have hallucinations. So by increasing dose her physical health improve but metal health deteriorate. Thanks

  450. dev sajjan says:

    Hello doctor
    I am suffering from hand tremble, worse when writing or eating with people.
    Any help?

  451. amarjit singh says:

    hand shaking during the writing

  452. Hanif Chhaya says:

    Iha0d heart attack before nine year i m taking heart medicine continously .now from 2ydars in sleep my lips face and body vibrsting nothing when i awake plz.advise me what to do.can i take homeo and alopathic take combinly.

  453. Sarah Labross says:

    Hi I’m 35 years old and have an essential tremor in hands and tongue it’s not that severe but I’m scared for the future and wonder if there is anything that can help it.

  454. Rajesh Phalor says:

    This is Rajesh from Chandigarh, age-46. I have tremors like shaking of hands and even mind at times. Please suggest an suitable medicine for me

  455. rakesh kumar says:

    I have tremor in my hands while I write on paper with a pen or pencil. If there is any treatment which remove my problem kindly inform.

  456. Hi,
    Hop you will be enjoying with the best of health. My wife is suffering from piles since last seven years and now she is facing uncontrolled passing her stool. She noticed when her wet clothes touch her skin.

    During this tenor she had been using HADENSA Comfort Herbal ointment.

    Kindly advise the treatment.

    Best Regards

  457. Hanif Chhaya says:

    My lips face and body vibrating in sleep i have a heart attack before nine years is ecospirin help in problem

  458. Dr Sharma, my age is 43 I am suffering from head and right hand tremor since 7years.i want to take agaricus muscarius how to take plz help me.

  459. bhawna gupta says:

    i am suffering from neck tremor and hand tremors. neck trembling occurs mostly when i concentrate on anything or when i get emotional. it also happens when i get up after a sitting of 15-20 minutes. Hand tremors when I hold an object. The problem is from last 5 years. It started with a mental shock due to heavy financial loss 5 years back.

    kindly suggest

  460. atanu mandal says:

    dear dr. my daughter sunetra aged about 28, suddenly having tremors and weakness in both the hands and f eet . she is a thyroid patient having high bloodpressure. she cud nt take her meal for trembling of hands. she cud nt sleep well at night for last two years. she was married last year only. she is having dry cough of severe type..plz suggest remedy. she takes only homeo medicine.
    atanu mandal

  461. Joyce Olson says:

    I have had problems with essential tremor for approx. 40 years, however, now is getting worse. Shaking of my hands when writing & beginning to feel light tremors throughout my body. I have been on Inderal LA 160 mg & Primidone for many years & now doesn’t seem to be working. Could you help me with some hemopatic type of treatment..Thank you so much

  462. Vinod Kumar Awasthi says:

    I am told by the person sitting in front of me that my hands shakes but I am unaware. This has started about two months back.
    Please suggest some remedy.
    I am type 2 diabetic and have high BP for which I take allopathic medicine.
    Vinod Kumar Awasthi

  463. Bharat Khater says:

    I am 66 years old and my problem is there since I wss 12 years but in between for several years uptill the age of 40 years it vanished and once again it started. Now at times it is uncontollable I have problem of involuntary movement of the neck like giving a jerk and attimes becomes a social problem
    I am a vegetarian, stopped smoking and alchol since last 4 years
    Any help please

  464. Patti Weeks says:

    My whole body feels nervous & my fingers tremble along with slight shaky voice & not finding the right words sometimes. I seem to get nervous easy now. I am very sensitive to light & sound. Thank you, Patti

  465. dr Jasomay saha says:

    Sir,I am suffering from tremor ofwhole body,rigidity ,bradykinesia,weakness in both legs and feeling imbalance while walking. Also whole body weaknesses. Pl suggest me medicine. I am 58 yrs old.

  466. Ankit sharma says:

    i have tremer in head,hand and vocal worsen with the feeling of nervousness regarding going to social places,social occasion,visiting to guest house,holding any object in hand and if anybody is looking costantly to me.

  467. Sheila Rothschild says:

    It was determined that I am deficient in molybdenum. So, I am now taking 4 mg per day along with 480 mg of R-Lipoic Acid and 2400 mg of Insitol. It has been 2 weeks and the dystonic hand tremor is worse. Other than detoxing action, I notice no difference. How long is it liable to be before any change is noticeable? The Insitol is very expensive so , for me it would be prohibitive to take for any extended period of time.

  468. I think my father ,age-68 suffering from head yes -yes ,no-no tremor .which medicine can be use..we already go throug all treatmrnts but still no result ..

  469. k. srihari says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am suffering from essential tremors since childhood i have consulted neuro specialisect but my problem have not been solved.

    i have taken inderol 40,ecosprin av75,neutrophil 1200 tablets for 1year but only temporary solution i got now i am not taking any medicine since 8monts.

    please guide me for a permanent solution.

  470. vikas srivastava says:

    I have epilepsy since 15 yrs and i am taken tablet zeptol cr 200 . I have problem in my right hand since 2yrs as follows-
    At time of eating problem occur to bind the food
    At time of writing
    Twisting arm and wrist

  471. Hi Dr. Sharma, any remedies for child tremors? Phosphorus seems like good option since my 7 year old often craves for ice. Any good sources for this remedy? Thanks.

  472. Santosh Singh says:

    I am 35 years old. I am suffering from essential tremor since last 19 years in my hand.Presently I am unable to writing work with my right hand because my right hand tremor is worse (only for writing work) another activity I can do easily (when I am normal) but in stress another activity also effected.
    So I started writing work with my left hand since last 08 years. But my left hand also effected from essential tremor since last 04 years while I am in stress or nervous or writing in front of others.Tea and less sleeping are also increase my hand tremor.
    I have consulted so many neuro doctors and take medicines, test like CT scane, MRI but nothing will happen. The result is zero.

    Sir please help me to solving my problem.

  473. Sabyasachi Kar says:

    Dear Doctor


    I’m suffering from essential tremor for more than 15 years. My father also suffered from hand tremor, but my hand tremor appears to be more and strucked me at an early age, may be due to my stressful life. Last few years it has increased. Sometime it becomes controllable but anxiety brings it back.

    Task oriented hand tremor is more. After carrying weight or when I’m hungry the tremor is more and I need to take rest before I can write. Now it requires both hands support to hold anything and writing and eating is very difficult. During my official meetings, now-a-days I avoid taking tea because of hand tremor is so much. Hand strength is feeble.

    I’m type 2 diabetic and consume 3 nos Obimet SR 500mg each after breakfast, lunch and dinner. My sugar level is efficiently managed and controlled. I’m susceptible to heat and scary to hold cup of hot tea specially in front of others.

    If you kindly help me by prescribing any Homoeopathy medicine to effectively control the essential hand tremor, I and my family shall remain grateful.

    Best of Regards
    Sabyasachi Kar


  475. muhammad asif says:

    i m ataxia patient according to doctors suggestion from last years i m pakistani from karachi my whole body medical tests are clear i cant walk from 8 years my hand fingers not proper working in writing and eating i cant speaking properly my hearing power is weak and too much vertigo please give suggestion for treatment and medicine
    i m poor man i belong to a normal family not rich i a married man and i have three childs my life is very disturb from this deasese. please give good suffestion and medicine name

  476. sir,
    i am 56.i have gastritis,highpertension and it is under control afer taking allopathic medicines.but my boy seems shaky and unsteady while sits on chair or walk or stand i feel impatient restless.woul you pl.suggest any good homeopathic single remedy with low potency which can be taken with my allopathic medicines to get rid from shaking and unsteadiness of body.

  477. Puran Parkash Arora says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 70 years old with robust health have been doing work out daily and playing Badminton without any problem.
    But Hand Shaking while holding cup/glass/any other item and writing for the last 8-10 years which is on increase.
    Kindly suggest remedy. Some body has suggested to take Magnesia Phosphorus. If it is correct then how/when to take and for how much time.
    Thanks and regards.

    Puran Parkash Arora
    Flat No. 185, United Apartments,
    Plot 34, Sector 4, Dwarka
    NEW DELHI-110078

  478. piyush Guptqa says:

    suffering from essential tremor,pl advse treatment.

  479. Just wondering, I notice my hands started to shake involuntary about 6 months ago they very from time to time on the severity of the shaking. What herbs may help me out and what is causing the shaking?

    Thanks in advance,


  480. i have tremour . my age is 28 tension increese it to much increese

  481. Trinath Dash, Ph.D. says:

    I am 66. I am suffering from shaking of right hand and right leg for the last one year. Neck shaking started about 9 years ago. I visited many renowned hospitals in Bangalore, Apollo in Chennai, Kalinga hospital in Bhubaneswar, Leading specialists in Delhi, Cuttack. Nobody could diagnose correctly. No medicine could cure this. Five years back suddenly I had problem in trembling of voice. Being a Professor by profession I had great trouble. I was told by a doctor that it may be due to shortage of zinc. I discussed with a homeopath nearby. He gave Zincum Met – C.M. one dose in April 2011. I took again after a month. My problem with voice was cured. I tried for shaking of neck with Zincum Met 0/1 to 024. But no relief. Took recourse to alopathy but I found it is affecting my mind. Hence stopped. Visited an old veteran homeopath who told there is no such disease called Essential Tremor. He has given Ang Nit0/4 and 05. After reading your above discussion I feel I can get well. Can I get your kind advice what to do. I am confused.

  482. Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo says:

    i am 22 years old.My left hand is very weak & all the hand tremors.When i was writing anything my hand are tremors.

    Please solution the problem

    • Hello. Dr Sharma

      I am 70 years old. In good health active, but i am suffering essential tremor, for last five years, every year is getting worse, my hand are shaking when eating or holding any object, drinking with glass or holding any thing. It increases with emotional happenings and worries. Please help me.

  483. anil chandel says:

    you have done nice job

  484. Dhiraj Kumar says:

    I have tremor s in my hands while taking a cup of tea, water glass, during writing, and hold any object. If there is any treatment please help and guide me.

  485. Hallo dr. Sharma

    I am 62 with type 2 Diabetics for last 30 years. Last 5/6 years using insulin ” lantus–long lasting and short acting humalog ” but still can’t bring the sugar down . I usually do not eat any carb during night time and only 2-4 grams of carb for breakfast & lunch.
    I look at food my sugar is up 2000/250/300.
    I am 5’2″ 118 lbs. A1c 7.5 to 8.6. What homeopathic remedies will you recommend for a person like me.
    Endocrinologist told me ” he does not know what to do with me ” some time he told me if I am even type 2 or something else bases on the food and portion I eat.
    Thank you , looking forward for your answer.
    sal uddin

  486. Sangram Mohapatra says:

    I am 64. My hand tremor while writing, started when I was 48.My father also had similar tremor.Now my tremor has increased. I have difficulty in signing a check also.I am very scared to write in public.My voice also shakes a bit very rarely. My head also found to be shaking once .I have high blood pressure controlled with regular medicine. My tremor sometimes reduces completely with 3pegs of whisky. I am a very busy person.I have to sign a lot of papers in my hospital. kindly advise me some homeopathy remedy .

  487. R VENKATESWARLU says:

    Hello Dr,
    I am 50 years old smoke 10 cigarettes for day. Green tea 1/2 cup twice in a day. Alcohol once in a month. Hand shake is the major problem it is severe when stress is there. Some time not able to sign.
    The same problem was faced by my father. I have gastric ulcer. Most of the time feeling bottom leg pain(burning)

  488. Frances varley says:

    I would be grateful for some advice regarding my condition please.
    I was diagnosed with dystonic head tremor, and cervical dystonia(head shakes from side to side constantly, except when I move it, and pulls to the right). I have had these symptoms for the last 5 years, which have gradually become worse.
    I have a very stressful life, and I am prone to anxiety, 34 years old, single parent, with two young children.
    I have tried yoga, and meditation, massage, and one session of accupuncture, which was very painful. I wish to avoid medication, and Botox injections into my neck, for as long aa possible, but I cannot live a full life with these symptoms, due to pain, and social embarrassment.
    I would appreciate any suggestions you offer.

    Kinds regards

  489. I was diagnosed with essential tremor of the voice almost 1 year ago by an ear, nose, and throat doctor. I am anti- drug and pro homeopathic and was hoping there is a homeopathic remedy for my voice tremor. No person in my family that I know of has this condition. My tongue does not feel numb or dry. I would very much appreciate if you can help me. Thank You!

  490. I have Essential tremors of the hands and am an electrician. I have tried all the medicines

    from my Neurologist and have no relief. Do you have any thing that my work ?

  491. G.j Williams says:

    My nephew is 17, 120lbs and suffers from migraines. At the age of 3 he was diagnosed with seizures of unknown origin and given Depakote. He has been on Depakote although we have reduced his original dose from 1000mg daily to 250 twice a day.

    But, for the last 6 months he has experienced tremors in his hands. What can we do to stop these tremors baring another medication?

    Lead is not an option.

  492. Rajani Kant Pandey says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to inform you that I am suffering from anxiety,depression,low esteem,sleeplessness & tremor in hands from Aug,2012 due to ignorances of bosses behaviour where I am from last 23 years serving, education is only Graduate have fear of Job loss etc. Though I am taking allopathic medicine and quite improvement in sleeping & mood but tremor in hands while writing is not going. Doctor says that it would improve but will take time. I am using Agaricus Muscarius homeopathic medicine from last two months. So requesting your helps in this regards.

  493. Vipool Karia says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My name is Vipool and I live in Nairobi Kenya. I have this problem of my hands shaking allot from a vey long time and it is becoming quite embarrassing in public. Kindly advise me on any homeopathic remedy I can take to control this problem.

    Thank You,

  494. My mother hands are frequent shaking while me and brother hands are often shaking while writing.please is there any medication to this? Thanks

  495. G.Krishna murthy says:

    dear sir I am suffering ALC with as cites dropsy in lower extreme ties tremors after paracentasis

  496. my son, 9 yrs, had high fever above 104 about 6 mths back. After treatment of fever his head started shaking. also we have given him medicines like lycopodium, but has no effect upto date. Also he shakes his head forward & backward & side to side. Also he says that he feels something hard on nape of neck which has now softened now more than 50%
    Doctors sya that due to too much fever his some nerves have been disturbed because of which his head shakes. Also he is a very clever boy. kindly suggest me some proper medicine so that his head stops shaking

  497. Hi,
    2. Gelsemium Sempervirens sounds just like me. What potency would you recommend?
    Thankyou 🙂

  498. Margaret Ayer says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am a professional symphony musician 61 years old. I have been playing the French Horn for 40 years and have been struggling with a tremor of the tongue/ throat/ facial muscles for the past 10 years. The unsteady tone resulting puts my career in jeopardy and causes me great stress and distress. I currently am on a pharmaceutical roller coaster using a combination of Propranalol, Clonazapam, and low dose of Primadone in order to play my horn without too much shaking. I hate the side affects of spaciness and lack of mental clarity. I wonder if you might suggest a homeopathic remedy. I would be willing to do a phone consultation if you prefer.
    Thanks for your help!
    Margaret Ayer

  499. Pawan Agarwal says:

    While writing my thump and index finger vibrating and I can not write the correct word.

    Please advise

  500. Muhammad Shabbir says:

    Dear Sir,

    I m suffering in essential tremor more than 15 years, I consult many doctors but still there. In
    my left side of body are more tremor vs right side. No problem in my tongue & head.

    Please advise me.

    Thanks with regards

  501. Vijay Kumar Mishra says:

    Dr. Sharma

    I am 36 years old and suffering from hand tremors for the last 17 years. I got into depression 15 years back .My left hand starts shaking in the stress condition and i don’t have control on my fingers of left hand . I become impatient and restless to wait somewhere for long time. excesses sweating my both palm & sole in normal temperature.My hands are shaking when writing,eating or holding any object. Drinking water with glass or holding any thing. I am looking for a solution to my hand tremors.If there is any treatment which remove my problem kindly inform.

  502. Md. Afzal Hossain says:

    I have tremor in my hands while I write on paper with a pen
    or pencil. For this I treated elopethik madicine but I can’t result .At present I have token Homeo pethik treatment from last four months but there is no improvement in my hand. now, my physician advice me liquid alpha with costicum 1akh. If there is any treatment which remove my problem
    kindly inform.

  503. doris stevens says:

    I have been diagnosed with cereballar ataxia so I cannot walk or talk well. I only have tremors when reaching for something , writing or eating. This worsens with pressure or stressful conditions.

  504. Ravichandran says:

    At the age of 15 I realise that my hands are little shaking and voice also little bit not clear. I am not finishing each word correctly . I need advice to cure it . Now my age is 25. Thank you

  505. Maryann Schneider says:

    I have been diagnosed by an ear eye nose and throat doctor that I have essential tremor of the voice, recommends surgery, but I do not want to go in that direction. I would like to find out if homeopathic can help stop this shaky voice sound. I would appreciate your help and advice. Thank You!

  506. K K singla says:

    I have tremors in my hand and arm.I can write on paper with pen.please tell nedicine which cures it.

  507. M.V.S.Baba says:

    I am having tremor for both the hands but right hand tremor is more. It will increase while writing in front of others,on documents cheques etc. I am not having proper grip of pen while writing. Shaking of hands is worsened by fear or any other emotional excitement.Trembling of hands while performing manual work that especially includes eating, writing or holding anything. Kindly inform me proper medecine to solve my problem.

    • abdul qayyum says:

      sr iam suferring from dystonia focal and cervical 6 years ago ct scn is normal serum cereloplasmin is normal serum copper is normal .plz suggest medine for me

  508. FAZLUL HAQUE says:

    I have been suffering from writer scramp. If there is any treatment which remove my problem kindly inform me.

  509. Meraj Anwar says:

    Respected Sir,

    It is curable completely or not through above medicine. Actually I am feeling whole body tremble wheather it is head, hand and other parts of body. It also includes tounge and my tounge leaves very much water in the mouth because of that I got my tounge swalled.

  510. Meraj Anwar says:

    Respected Sir,

    It is curable completely or not through above medicine.

  511. taba Radh Gooyee says:

    I am 30 years old my problems is couldn’t write properly and couldn’t signature properly on piece of paper due to hand and finger trembling in public place and crowd people of places in 5 to 6 years now still problem so how to solve and how to control this problem and how to treatment this types of diseases I am not drinking alcohol and any narcotics medicine so what’s the problem please any body help me

  512. Piyush Bose says:

    Dear sir
    Myself Piyush Bose from Jamshedpur
    problem: Shaking my right hand when I writing.
    Age is 45
    Working on Computers,

    Now tell me the homeopathy medicines and doges prescribe.

    with regards
    Piyush Bose

  513. Obedul Haque says:


  514. ANIL YADAV says:

    Dear Sir,
    My father is 60 year old and for past 30 years he is suffering from hand tremors. the hand tremor is more prominent in left hand.
    In the beginning he used to take neuroborn injections but one time there is a reaction from that injection. after that he discontinue taking that injecton.

    request you to kindly suggest treatment for him. also request you to prescribe more popular homeopathy medicine (easily available) as there is no homeopathy shop in our town and we have to go other close by town to purchase that medicine.

    Thanks & best regards,
    Anil Yadav s/o Sh Ramavtar Yadav
    Post office – Tijara, Dist – Alwar (Raj)

  515. Subash Upadhyaya says:

    I have ET since my childhood which has now increased. Fear, anxiety, exertion increase my tremors. It is difficult to write, drink from a glass, hold objects e.g Mike . I am now running 58 yrs male. and has been treated with betablockers and anti seizure drugs without any success. Any possibility in homeopathy?

  516. R N JHARIYA says:

    Dear Sir, suffering from Hand Tramors since last two years. My hands are tramoing when I am writing.
    Pl.advice me medicine and exercise and oblise.

    Mob 08989535236

  517. sir, i have been suffering from right hand tremor since 2002. It is very difficult for me to write in front of others. It shakes very badly that I can’t sign .basic works like holding a glass , holding a razor, holding a pen , etc have become very difficult for me.
    Sir I request you to suggest something which helps me.

  518. Dear Sir
    I am suffering from writing tremor last 10 years. But now it will become very worst and effect my working job. I am not possible to write with pen. So kindly suggest me an recovery remedy for my problem.
    Thank you sir

  519. Dr. Regards to you. I am suffering from trimmer in hands, shaking of head and some times shaking of legs. Normally, trimmer in hands are always while writing, holding, gripping and pushing. But some times when become excited then trimmer in head and leg is also available. I donot know from when it has started but I think it is hereditary. As my father and my grandmother was also suffering from the same. Even my son is also suffering from the same i.e. trimmer in hand. Secondly, I have got psoriasis disease since 12 years. I have scalp, groin and some patches in body also. I am taking homeopathy medicine Sulfur 30 one drop to times a day from yesterday. Kindly, advice me whether I am on write path or wrong. And advice me some medicine for trimmer. Basically, I want to know the medicine prescribed to me. That’s why I am not consulting directly to any homeopathic doctor. Because they will not tell the prescription as their trade secret. Nearly 20 years back I was treated by some homeopathic doctor regarding bronchial asthma. Now I am fully cured from that but I donot know what medicine he has given to me. Some homeopathic doctor told me that the same person should be contacted for psoriasis also but its my bad luck that he is no more. I need your advice on the subject.

  520. suhas patel says:

    my age 30 yrs n I m suffering from baldness n white hair bz of heriditery ….Please give me solutions about it

  521. My hand will shaking while writing please help me to present my best writing skill.

  522. Dear Sharma,
    I have been experiencing the problem of shaking of hands for over two years now. Is there any immediate treatment that can cure the ailment from your clinic. if so what is the period of treatment in your clinic and what is the cost.

    Musa James
    Abuja , Nigeria

  523. Tapan Kumar Mitra says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    During last couple of some years my right hand has been shaking for which my good handwritin g has gone worse.Please advise me how can I get back my previous status prescribing homeopathic medicine with dozes for me.
    Thanking you.
    with regards, Yours faithfully,
    N.B.:- 2Medicines i.e.1)Zincum Metallicum &2)Phosphorus found on seeing in the net.Whether they are suitable or not?

  524. I am 31 year old having head tremor for past 10 years. Is there any treatment for this because it affects my day to day activities.

  525. I am looking for a homeopathic remedy specifically for leg tremors. Both legs are affected, only while standing still. Does not affect my walking or movement, only standing still while unsupported. I can lock my knees to control it somewhat. Any suggestions would be so appreciated!!! I do have restless leg syndrome at night, but is random, and I take one advill at night to help with that. Maybe these two conditions are affected, but the leg tremors are of the most concern to me. Thank you in advance for any consideration you can share with me!!!

  526. Hand,s fingers vibration says:

    Dr. Sharma sir mai year 2000 me doure pad jate the jiska maine ct scan krbaya.tb dr. Ne btaya ke mere brain me ek coin ke brabar chot hai.jis ke liye mai ne 4 year alopathik medicine le aur mai doure se to theek ho gya lekin ab hand,s fingers me vivration hai jis ke vjah se mai likh nhi pata hu.pls aap mujhe koi best homeopathik medicine btaye jis se mere problem solve ho jaye. THANKS

  527. I havae Chiari Malformation I. I had decompression surgery 2 years ago. I am noticing shakiness and trembling in my hands, to the point that I do not like to eat with a group (like at work) or dine out. I tried, Agaricus Muscarius, but it seems to affect my stomach. Maybe overtime that will go away? Any suggestions? I thank you very much for your time. Many blessings to you. Susan

  528. R.S. Pandey says:

    I suffer tremor in right hand. I did excessive typing work for about 25 Years atleast 18 hrs a day wothout proper rest, sleep or routine. Can you please suggest a homeo medicine? I am at 62:

  529. Plz help me..i am 27 yrs..i have suffered from head left hand left eye started shaking in 2010..eye problem resolved by eye Dr.and I relieved. I consulted manier MBBS neuro md.surgeon. And I done mri cervical spine,all Dr. told report normal…but before 5 days I met homeopathic Dr. Acording to Dr. In report there is cause mention for my tremor. I am taking medicines but not very well…i m feeling tension in my spine..usually whin I bend swing my head then I feel tremor…during sex I felt too much…i want to be free from tremor..

  530. Jnanendranath Som says:

    Dear DR.Sab,
    I am +68 yrs of age, a retired scientist and suffering from uncontrolled tremors in both hands though these are more in my right hand. Very difficult to held things, particularly tea-cups and plates and signing letters and documents.These tremors happened not suddenly but occurred form the very boyhood though increasing with age. I was treated by allopathy and homeopathy doctors but fruitful results not achieved. I like to have your suggestions. With warm regards.
    Yours sincerely.
    J. N. Som

  531. sarwan kumar says:

    tremor since 15 year
    taking acid phos,caustcom,geleseam,nux vomika (30 c) potency and five phos
    mproblem of exess urnation

  532. Minkesh Gupta says:

    Hello Doc

    My Father is suffering from tremors in Hands & weakness in Legs to stand properly;
    Also my Grand Mother was also having same kind of problem but her condition was extremely bad then my Father.

    Can you please advice how and where we can visit you; we stay in Delhi.

    Thanks & Regards
    Minkesh Gupta

  533. S Dharam Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    At the age of 19 I fell back ward and was not at all serious about it because I have no problem or any swelling that time. But for several year when ever i get anger I used to shake totally. Now after hearing a new I have got symptoms like shaky hands when taking a cup or saucer or any buffe type food I noticed that i am unable to hold it for more than a minute some time even half minute. Also when i take sugar, tea or any sweet item immediately my mouth has sour taste which is embarrasing please suggest remedies.

  534. Spyridon Kntalipos says:

    I have tremor in my left hand and leg. If there is any treatment which remove my problem kindly inform?

  535. Respected sir, i am a dentist n i have a problem of essential tremors of the hand..kindly suggest me where to get the medicine from and which ones to buy

  536. Dr. Sharma
    I’m having a hard time finding a homeopathic treatment for Primary Orthostatic Tremor.
    Do you have any recommendations.
    Thank you,

  537. nida iqbal says:

    Hi Dr Sharma. I am 36 years female. I am married and have a 3 years old daughter. I was 24 years old when I started tremor. It was in my hand but now I can feel my whole body shivering all the time even lips. I have no confidence issues but I feel embarrassed front of others and try to avoid people aa much as possible. I had CT scan and some others test few years ago but they couldn’t find anything wrong. Hope you can help me. Thanks

  538. M.Senthil kumar says:

    Dear doctor,
    My father is 75 years old and having parkinson syndrom in the form of tremors in his hands accompanied with yawning and tiredenss. However, the lower lips also started trembling and he felt depressed. Kindly suggest me the homeo medicine one can administer to stop his tremors in his hands and lips

  539. sunny sharma says:

    Sir I have problem of tremor in my right hand
    I found it very difficult while writing with pen or pencil.also I faced much more difficulty while writing in front of someone…
    I am facing it since 2011
    I am very sad..
    Please help…

  540. sir m 21 yrs old boy n my hands n many parts of d body shakes smtims if i m nt nerves also it shakes n its become a hedeach for me while pouring water or coffee my hands shake in frnt of guest as m a waiter in restaurant please help me ..

  541. Judith pratt says:

    My husband has been diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia, essential tremor, and mild cognitive impairment. His tremors are becoming worse and the doctor describes them as Parkinsonism symptoms. He takes namenda,citalopram, Losartan, Pantoprazole, Zolpidem, and mirtazapine He also takes DejaVida and Amyloban for the cognitive impairment. Just started Curcumin 2K and Healthy Prostate. His dr suggested euro transdermal patches but we are concerned with side effects. Can you make any recommendations to manage the tremor that appear to be mainly in his left hand and occasionally in his flaws and chin. The hand tremors are worsening in intensity

  542. Ramesh chand Mangla says:

    I have terror in my both hands. I am noticing it from. 7 yrs and taken lot of english medicine but all is waste conditions still as it is.I have.
    Noticed that even at the of signing I am not able to sign in one shot on cheques and some time I have to go to bank for clarification.Please advise.My bp fluctuate from 140 to 185 and lower fm 78 to 99.but mostly it stay 148/88.
    Thanking you,

  543. SG Pragash says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My wife, 65 years old, is facing mild hand tremor since last 2-3 years. She has started homeopathy treatment 3 months back through a local doctor. Condition remains same. Please suggest your expertise advice to me as well as to the doctor. Thank you.

    SG Pragash

  544. Liaquat ali says:

    Sir iam not ready to any work withaout hazitation my hands are shaking when iam write iam eat or any thing continue wieghted in my hand my completly hand with arm shaking when iam talking my tough also termorate and iam 30 yeras old unmarried what is the perfect medicine for this?kindly inform me my best wishes always remmember ur happines and success

  545. sudhir sharma says:

    Sir, myself sk Sharma age 31 yrs was suffering from shaking head, hand and legs, can U please help me to overcome this disease, mainly my head is shaking continuously especially when Iam little nervous ? Thank U sir and please help me

  546. Since a long time, may be for more than 20 years or more, I am suffering from tremors of hand. I feel shaking of hands when using them while putting my signatures, writing or doing any other work with the hand. My left hand is totally shaking when holding the objects like spoon, Tea cup, water glass, etc,. I feel excessive shaking of hands and is worsened when I am under stress or fear or under any other emotional excitement.

    At some point of time, about 3 years back, I got neck pain with lower back head ache and consulted a Neurologist who gave some medicine. Though, stress is to some extent controlled, I was not comfortable with that medicine and I dropped that medicine.

    Other than the above, Till date I did not undergone any medication for this particular disease. However on the advise of an Ayurveda doctor for stress, I am consuming daily one Ashvagandha tablet (Himalaya Herbals), and I am to some extent comfortable with this medicine and back head ache and neck pain is controlled.

    In my family, my father had severe hand tremor. My sister, My sisters son, likewise one of my brother also facing the same problem. I think, the disease what we are facing is inherited from our elders.

    Please advise suitably.

  547. Sir i am suffering from tremor problem still from child hood,during the student life suffered lot especially exam time and oral exams etc,this made discourage in my life if i take betacap it would be lesser but in some places like i meet some one new,while writing infront of anybody and to hold some hot utensils i will get same tremor once again.Please suggest me the correct homeopathy treatment to overcome this problem,suggest me the tabs for this.

    Thanking u sir,

  548. Hi, I have dystonic tremor of the hand . I have great difficulty
    when writing and my arm and wrist get
    painful especially at my joints. Could you please advise
    me on the correct remedy to
    try. Thank you

  549. dear mr. sharma,
    my father is suffering from severe essential hand tremor problem cause of heredity. I just want to know that can homiopathy has cure of its disease!

  550. Heloo,
    My husband now 58 he got tremor last 2 years………………………..which hoeopathic he can take alopathic he he used only few month he got his head heavy andfeeling drowsiness all the time so he lef medicine.

  551. Hi, I have been diagnosed with a dystonic tremor of the hand and am considering taking plumbum metallicum. I have great difficulty when writing and my arm gets painful. Could you please advise me if this is the correct remedy to try. Thank you

  552. kushagra srivastava says:

    hello sir…, i am suffering from tremor since 2 or 3 years… due to lot of stress… carelessness of mine… n then thinking about that it is only just becoz of my weakness of hands. And now i feel suffering in my whole body.. whether hands,stomach,legs everywhere….!!

    so please.. pay regards n prescribe me sir pls….

  553. Dear sir, I am suffering from acute transverse myletyes since last 20 yrs. existing problem is tremor in both legs and lower parts.Loss of control on bladder and bowel also and u have any medicine for these things? pls answer


    Doctor Sir,

    I have been diagonised parkinson disease for last six months.My presene age is 49.My right hand a treamor.presently I am looking a new symptom if any seniors call me or if I asked to sit in a meeting my right hand shake very much in fear.Is there any medicine in homeopathy to trat this problem because i am in a great trouble to attend any meeting or to attend any call from my top seniors.

  555. S.M. SARFARAZ says:

    Hello, i have involuntary movements in head during drinking,focusing,shouting,with pain or stress in neck between shoulders , and in right hand during continue writing ,feeling getting stuffed. I m not good in english hope you will understand my problem , im 36 ,live in karachi, having this problem for 7 years, pls reply, thanks.

  556. Dr. Sharma. I m 28 year old I am suffering from essential tremors in my hand, head, voice and especially when I am excited or nervous please advise me effective treatment that’s help me in recovery of my illness as soon as possible

    Thank you

  557. dr Baichoo says:

    dr K.Baichoo has been suffering from tremor in hands.a familial condition in old age.will appreciate advice and testament reccomended by you.studied in Kerala.please let us know which medicines have shown positive results. We are in Mauritius and would like to import.regards

  558. Avinash Goel says:

    Dr. Sharma

    I am settled in US for the last 38 years where Homeopathic Medicines are unknown and not available either. I am a strong believer in Homeopathic treatments.

    For last several years (may be 25+ years i am suffering with essential tremors of hand which is now getting worse. Even my speech is now affected. I am under the treatment of a Neurologist but of no help. Can you please suggest a homeopathic remedy.

    Avinash Goel

  559. mohamed awad hamza says:

    I diagnosed as essential tremor .my tremor become severe when I expresse to high stress .ineed help

  560. ramesh.sanga says:

    Dear sir,

    This is ramesh working as scientific officer in department of atomic energy. I am 32 year old recently married person.In march 6th 2014 i got a problem my both hand and legs are not having grip i.e i am unable to hold, unable to open the door key, unable to use bike clutch with hands and while changing bike gear difficulty in my legs. With the above symptoms i a have gone to hospital.They have done nerve conduction test and they removed cerebrospinal fluid from my body. finally they said it is because of GBS (Guillain–Barré syndrome). They have done plasmapheresis treatment.After one month i slowly recovered back to my original state. after 45 days from the treatment i am suffering from hand tremors. I met the doctor but there is no improvement. My work is with full of experiments and making documents with computer. i ma facing difficulty. Could you please help me.

    Thanks and regards

  561. Recently,3 years ago,i was operates of brain tomor(posterier phesa-cereballitis).Just one month later,a shunt was installed in right portion of the brain.But,my heat started to shake .but after few months,it automatically get corrected.but ,two and half years later,it again started and making me uncomfortable.Please tell me remedy.


    I am 48 yrs old.presently I am suffering with PD.The movement of my right hand is very slow and it also tremors.I also fell very week every time.I have also insominia.I am suffering from last one year taking two alopathic drugs suggested by AIIIMS doctor.I want to treat it in homeopathy.Pl advice me.

  563. Nilesh kumar says:

    Dear sir
    I am Nilesh kumar. I am suffering hand shaking from 5 – 7 years. I have taken lot’s of treatment in this regards but. I did not get any improve in my hand.
    So please help me. I am feeling uncomfartable in life. So help me sir.

    Thanks & Regards
    Nilesh kumar

  564. varinder kumar chodha says:

    Well, Dr. Vikas Sharma, when Iwas at chandigarh, I used to take medicines from your father Dr.S.P.Sharma (Late). Presently I am in Canada, Ajax. While reading Homeopathic medicines updates, I saw your website. I am very happy that you and your wife are doing full efforts to enhance the big name of Dr. S.P. Sharma in Homeopathy. Homeopathic Medicines are really wonderful Medicines,it not only cures the desease but also cures the diseased by all means.

    With all the love and affection,
    Yours Uncle
    Varinder kumar chodha.

  565. Mahesh Gupta says:

    Dr. Sharma ji, I have the problem of my right hand shaking for the last 5 years, this problem was with my mother at older age. I am taking Gelsemium Sempervirens for the last 1 month but i have not seen any responce should you suggest any other medicine. I shall be glad for your advice.

  566. Mahesh Gupta says:

    Dr Sharma ji, I having problem shaking of right hand for last 5 years, this same problem was with my mother at older age. I taking Homepathy medicine Gel semium sempervirens -200 for one month. Kindly suggest any other medicines is required.I will gratefull for your advice.
    Mahesh Gupta

  567. Arun Sharma says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have hand tremors/shivering problem since the last 5-6 years.
    In fact, previously approx. 5 years ago i was addicted of drinking wine/liquors
    but now during the last 5 years I never even touch the wine/liquors.

    Kindly suggest if there is any treatment/remedy available for this problem in
    Homeopathy ?

    Thanks in Advance !!!

    Arun Sharma
    City – Delhi
    Mobile – 09899274570

  568. I have tremors in my hands,
    while I write or signing any paper,I am already using inderol,could you prescribe some effective medicine .

  569. arpit agarwal says:

    i m 22 years old and i suffering with hand tremor. i m very surprised by this as this is rarely seen in my age boys. plz help me with this and is this curable or not..i hav also cosulted with the neurologist but there is no eeffective and satisfied cosultation was given..Acc. to them this is Essential tremor..i m vry concerned about this..

    help me asap

  570. lokaish tikku says:

    My mother 80 has essential tremor in both hands while at rest but shaking increases when in motion .She can eat ,hold glass of water ,but talking on cell phone now the hand along with phone shakes.She was put on Mag phos 200 but no improvement so far. can you please advise beast regards

  571. I am having essential treatment in hand and I
    Feel weakness in hand muscles while holding
    Any object for long time . Please let me know
    The solution and medicine. I have a history
    Of anxiety related problem

  572. Ali Imam says:

    I had GBS(gullian berry syndrome) in 2012 sep. some sort of paralysed whole body(ADIP) .for one and half year i was on the bed and under the treatment of doctors and physiotherapists. still could not get a good power in finger. from last 6month i observed that my hands and fingers shake specially when in tension or after physical act.
    advice me how to overcome this.i am feel so bad in front of my friends.

    with regards
    Ali imam

  573. Dear Sir,
    Good evening.
    I have been suffering from essential tremor for 24 yrs. I am 40 yrs old working in Pharma Industry as a Pharmacist. I have taken many drugs like Propranolol, Clonazepam, Carbidopa, levodopa ,gelsemium, Causticum ,acid Phos ,Mag Phos, Kali Phos for long time but in vain. My problem seen during writing in hand. I cant tolerate hot and humid temp and bad sweating occurs in my body,disgusting. would you pls prescribe homeo medicine for my essential tremor?

  574. Dr. I had essential tremor last two years starting was slow but now is tomuch when writing ,drinking water or tea. My age is 71 my father also got this. Please need advice.

  575. dear dr
    I am aman 59 years old.i got hands tremor 20 years ago.i am ctive and I work good but most time I got my hands shaking some times all my body but u can see it on my hands ,some times I cant hold class of water.i feel so tyred,i went many doctors they said its essential tremer not to warry about it.i took many medsine but no use.when I drink alcohol I feel beter but am not alkoholick I drink once aweek and not I took Inderal 1 tablet aday,i feel beter not very good just beter than not to take tablet.i need medsine to get rid of it,is it possipile,thanks for your help

  576. R K SAXENA says:

    I am 77 yrs old and suffer from Parkinson for the last two years. Right hand has become weak and shakes more than left. When I think it starts more – loss of sleep, loss of weight only 40 kg height 5,3; Using homeopathic mediciness lie agricus, Arg Nit Lolium Tem causticum and avena sativaaa not regularly. Som part of the Brain seems to have degenerated as MRI says.

    Soliciting your advice.

  577. Deepakm mishra says:

    i hand shakes when i make them straight, doing any fine task , holding a glass

    • benudhar dash says:

      i am body shakes while i sit or stand continuously in a place. i become impatient and restless to wait somewhere for long time. i have travelling and per neurologist i have been taking pataprazole-40,antianxiety , antidepressant & hypertention tablets .will you kindly suggest homeopathic remedy for this problems by which i can able to discontinue allopathic slowly.

  578. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    i have been suffering from trembling of hands. It gets worse while I am eating, writing or holding an object.

    I am from Afghanistan and right now I am Delhi on the very treatment. I have been taking Mysoline 250 mg for the last one year, but no result.

    Please get back to me how I can see you.

    All the best.

    • MD. SHAHJAHAN says:

      I am a homoeopathic medical student. Year 39 years old suffering from trembling in hand fingers while keeping straight. Tongue also trembles sometimes while in tension. Leg fingers also trembles in tension while travels. Don’t like to see accidents and hear bad news. Feels headache and exhausted in some bad news. Amelioration after sound sleep. Aggravates after disturbance in sleep and overthaught. Amelioration after performing Namaz and yoga and exercize. All these complains are from last 10 years.

    • MD. SHAHJAHAN says:

      I am a homoeopathic medical student. Year 39 years old suffering from trembling in hand fingers while keeping straight. Tongue also trembles sometimes while in tension. Leg fingers also trembles in tension while travels. Don’t like to see accidents and hear bad news. Feels headache and exhausted in some bad news. Amelioration after sound sleep. Aggravates in winter season and also after disturbance in sleep and over thought. Amelioration after performing Namaz and yoga and exercize. All these complains are from last 10 years. Kindly suggest best remedi with potency soon.

  579. I am 69 years old and have asthma for 15 years and am using steriods and bronchodilator.

    I have extensive in hands and head. I understand it is due to bronchodilators but can some homeopathy

  580. Reza Ghassemi says:

    My father is 80 years old and he has developed a tick causing his tongue sticking out of his mouth involuntarily. Since we have not identified any organic causes, I was told it is sign of aging. I was wondering if you know of any homeopathic medicine which may help . Regards.

  581. P K Bindhani says:

    Sir, Good Evening. My father has been suffering from parkinson since 7 year & he regularly uses Syndopa as wel as Zandopa(Ayurved) & now condition is no worst but due to these medication acidity is now a big problem for him. These days BP at 140/85 & diabates at normal. Kindly suggest me how to over come hyper acidity . And if there is any treatment for parkinson? Also he takes conium every day(as per advised by our Hpathy doctor)

  582. my mother 67 years got into depression 2 years back and she took psychiatric medicine. Now she have tremors in head and left hand and leg. she is diabetic and undergone surgery for triple vessel disease.

  583. poonamdev sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    My concern is about my adult son 37 years old. When he was 14 years old he started spinning neck for long period of time he was given anti-depressant for years which only suppressed that symptom but nothing more then another anti-Dep was given called’Geodon that showed little improvement but he stopped taking on his own and his withdrawals were NIghtmare for us. he was given Seroquol for a year didn;t seem to improve but only suppressed.Now his withdrawls are same or worsen. Refusing any medicine treatment severe tremors in his Right hand and Leg for long time., lack of appitite , no hygeine awareness, anger, talking to himself or air,drinking coke or pepsicola every time.
    please advice he is also underweight refuses to eat any thing cooked at home or touched by any family member.
    desperatly seeking right advice please can you help?

  584. Hrushikesh Nimbalkar says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am suffering with essential tremors from my childhood. Due to this i feel difficulty in writting and operating computer. Please suggest me any good homeopathic tonic.

  585. V SENTHIL KUMAR says:

    Good morning doctor, my age is 40 for the past 5 year i have problem in my hand ie while writing my hand will shake and jerk. I have consult so many neuro doctors and take all medicines test, mri, botex injection nothing will happen. the result is zero. Please please advice me how to overcome this problem due to this i cant the attend exams. Please help me to solve my problem i am in chennai where i have to meet . it is possible to solve my problem based on this my life will settle.

    Please reply me doctor.


  586. H R Pathania says:

    My wife aged 60 years is suffering from Meige Syndrome (Cranial dystonia/Blepharospasm) for the last one year and getting treatment in modren pathy,but all in vain.Whether it is cureable in homeopathy? Please advise me.

  587. Hi Dr Gdmorng,

    Good Morning!

    I have some query for you. Hope you will be able to help me.

    My Mother age 73 is having left hand tremor which is continous amelioration in sleep for past one year. She drops things . Right now I ‘m giving her Agaricus 30 Potency for past weeks time. Can you pls advice me is it the right Potency to strat with

    looking forward for your valuble advice.


  588. Ajay kumar gupta says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I have tremors in my hands while writing or eating. My mother had the same problem so its genetic . Iam 49 years old . If there is any treatment please let me Know.

    • Gita Mohan says:

      I am suffering from voice tremor since last two years. Sometimes while speaking my voice starts shaking. I am 48 years old and nobody in the family had this kind of a problem. There is a slight tremor sometimes in my hands too. Please suggest a solution.

  589. Beverly Baker says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am looking for a solution to my hand tremors. My left hand is the worse (I am left handed), but my right hand is also starting to have tremors. I have difficulty writing, and holding utensils or a glass in my hands. I use to be able to use my right hand to bring a glass to my mouth, but now that is also difficult. The tremors are worse when I am excited or nervous, or upset about something.

    I am 67 years old and in good health and active. I have had the tremors since I was in my 30’s but they have gotten worse with age.

    Thank you for your help.

  590. Sachin Gupta says:

    Hello Doc,
    I am 26 years old. I am having problem of tremor in my one hand which is due to genetics. My right hand starts shaking in the stress condition and i don’t have control on my fingers of right hand when the temperature is less than 10 degrees. please tell me the solution.

  591. RAJIV GUPTA says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from bipolar disorder past 20 years & on Lithium,Valporate,Larpose .from past 5
    years ealier I was facing mild whole body tremor but now the magnitude has increased.
    This problem is making me semi paralysed.
    Please help me .
    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajiv Gupta

    • Hi doc,
      I have experiencing hand tremors whiles writing or using the microphone in public for so many years now.what medicine do you recommend and how do I get the medicine.
      How effective also is your medicine because I have tried a lot and tell me of any side effects

  592. My mother is 84 yeras old. Her hand trembles, while holding glass or cup. She suffers from debilitated kidney, UTI infection, and Hypertension and is on allopathic medications therefor. One and a half month ago, her right leg had a swelling probably due to odema and had a pain. Suddenly, on or around this 3rd or 4th March the swelling subsided suddenly though pain continued travelling from hip to leg palms and she started having involuntary movements of the right leg. These movements are jerky. The allopathic doctor treating her does not feel it is sciatica or Parkinsons syndrome. He attributes it to old age. Please advise immediately. She also fell down but did not suffer fracture. She has, however, great contusion pain in her hip bone. A homeopathic doctor has prescribed Symphytum Q + Arnica Q + Ruta Q 10 drops each 3 times a day in water. He has also advised Calcaria Phos 6x and Magphos 6x 5 tablets each 3 times a day. Please advise whether it can be given particularly when her kidneys are extremely weak. Please please please advice very urgently.

  593. RAJIV GUPTA says:

    Dr. Sahib,
    I have a psychatric problem (bipolar Disorder) past 20 years on Litium,Valporte,Larpose.
    I am suffering from tremors past 5 years making me semi paralysed.
    Sir I want the treatment and cost of monthly medicine. I have tried anticonvalsunts but in

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajiv Gupta

    • Mukhtiar Singh says:

      I am 72 years old and suffering from tremors for the last say 5 years. First i neglected. from the last year it became worse. My hands are shaking when writing,eating or holding any object. Drinking water with glass or holding any thing. It increases with emotional happenings,worries.
      Please help and advise.

  594. Sakshi Lamba says:

    I have tremor in my hands while I write on paper with a pen or pencil. If there is any treatment which remove my problem kindly inform.

    • i am suffering from essential tremor

    • ishtiyak ahmed says:

      I am essential tremor patient.I have tremor in my hands while writting on paper with a pen or pencil.

    • Dr. Sharma
      I have a tremors in hand while writing and pick up
      Cup of tea glass. My age is 41 I take alcohol panmasala nd tobbaccco from last 15 year. I also take treatment
      from dr batra but no positive result. Please advive.

      • michael brus says:

        I am 63 year old man, I have a tremor in my hands, my handwriting has worsened, and to carry even a plate of food to the table, the plate trembles. the strength in my hands have weakened as well. If u can advise thank you.
        Michael Brus

    • K. P. Singh says:

      I have tramors in hand fingers while writing or putting signatures. Putting signatures on cheques are more more difficult and differ on each time. Though no significant tramors in hand but to hold cup of tea in air is very stable and sometimes minute shaking of hand may be there. There is some pain in the bone of thumb. I can do my other works without any problem. The above tramors are in right hand only since last 17 years or more. Initially tramors were less and gradually increased to The extent that I feel great problem in signing the cheques and also in official writing work. I am highly diabetic on insulin. Please guide me accordingly.

    • Arun Thomas Ninan says:

      Dear Doctor,

      I have this hand tremor while writing in front of others.I cannot sign or write in front of other people or offices.but I can do every thing if I am alone and my hands are not shivering also.also. Pls.advice

      • Dear Dr.Sharma,

        My right hand shivers terribly ONLY while I attempt to write…… Otherwise it is perfectly fine. Please help.


      • Naresh Kumar says:

        Dear Dr Sharma

        I am 50 years old i have non noticeable tremor in fingers since i was 18 years old, and whenever, i am nervous or in worry, it becomes noticeable. But, in any case, I have difficulty in writing always, sometimes more and sometimes less but it is always there. I don’t have any other medical problem. Kindly, give me suitable advice.

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