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10 Homeopathic Medicines for Syphilis

homeopathic medicines for syphilis

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a bacterium named Treponema pallidum (T.pallidum). Syphilis transfers from one person to another by sexual activity (oral, anal, or vaginal). Rarely syphilis can spread through direct contact with the lesion (like during kissing).
Syphilis can also be passed from mother to child during pregnancy or delivery. Homeopathic medicines for syphilis help treat the problem in the initial stages.

People who are sexually active are at an increased risk of contracting syphilis. Having unprotected sex, having multiple sexual partners, having HIV are some risk factors for contracting syphilis infection. Initially, sores develop on genitals, rectum or mouth. After the initial infection, the bacteria can lie dormant in the body for decades and can become active again and damage other organs.

Homeopathic Medicines for Syphilis

There is a great scope to treat syphilis in homeopathy in the initial stages. The cases of primary and secondary syphilis are well managed with homeopathic medicines. Chancre (painless genital ulcer commonly form during the primary stage of syphilis) of primary syphilis and symptoms of secondary syphilis including rash, sore throat, fatigue, hair loss, a headache can be managed with homeopathic medicines. However, in tertiary syphilis homeopathy plays a supportive role and can be taken along with conventional treatment for symptom management. The top medicines for treating syphilis in initial stages are Merc Sol, Cinnabaris, Kali Iodatum, Merc Cor, and Syphilinum.

1. Merc Sol – For Chancres in Primary Syphilis

Merc Sol is well indicated to treat chancre in cases of primary syphilis. The chancre may be single or several small ones on the penis in cases needing Merc Sol. The chancres are soft or indurated and superficial or deep where Merc Sol is indicated. The chancres have a cheesy bottom and inverted red edges. The chancre may be painful and bleed easily. There may be secretion of pus or yellow fetid discharge from chancres. Inguinal region is painful while walking. There is a pain in inguinal glands on pressure.

2. Cinnabaris – For Red Swollen Chancre in Primary Syphilis

Cinnabaris is useful for cases of syphilis with red, swollen chancre. The edges of chancre are hard and elevated. The chancre is located in the middle of the penis in cases where Cinnabaris is indicated. The chancre is most times indurated.

3. Kali Iodatum – For Primary Syphilis with Deep Chancres

Kali Iodatum is helpful for syphilis with deep chancres. The edges of chancre are hard. Thin discharge may be present which has an offensive odour. There may be tendency to slow suppuration in the chancre. The glans penis is swollen.

4. Merc Cor – For Soft Chancre in Primary Syphilis

Merc Cor is indicated for chancre which is soft. The margins are dark red. The chancre is painful and it may bleed easily. There may be a discharge of thin pus from the chancre. The surrounding part of chancre is swollen with heat.

5. Syphilinum – For Secondary Syphilis with Prominent rash on Skin

Syphilinum is a beneficial medicine for secondary syphilis with a prominent rash on skin. The rash is prominent on the forehead, chin, front of chest and arms. An excess of fine scales peel off from it. In some cases copper – colored maculae from top of head to foot appears. Biting sensation in different body areas is felt at night. Along with this, there is fever with excessive headache. Body is extremely cold with desire to be covered. Appetite is lost. Sore throat, inflamed pharynx, and ulcers in the throat may also appear.

6. Nitric Acid – For Secondary Syphilis

Nitric Acid is indicated for secondary syphilis with skin eruptions having prickling and itching on the skin. It is also indicated for warts like growths on genitals and anus. The growths are large, jagged, and often pedunculated. There is prominent sticking and pricking in them. They are painful to touch. Sometimes they bleed on washing.

7. Phosphorus – For Managing Hair Fall in Syphilis

Phosphorus is a valuable medicine for managing complaint of hair fall in cases of syphilis. Hair fall is excessive in cases needing Phosphorus. The hair loss is general or in patches. The scalp is dry. A heated sensation is also felt in the scalp. Violent itching on the scalp may be present.

8. Thuja – For Warts like Growth in Genitals and Anus

Thuja is prepared from fresh green twigs of plant Thuja occidentalis commonly named as arborvitae. The natural order of this plant is Coniferae. Thuja is an excellent medicine to treat wart-like growths in syphilis cases. In males, these growths appear on glans, penis, perineum. They may be painful especially on walking. In females the growths may be there on labia, vulva, vagina. They may have stinging pains and may also bleed. Warts may be also present on the anus in males and females needing Thuja. These warts are painful and sensitive to touch.

9. Phytolacca – For Sore Throat in Syphilis

Phytolacca is prepared from a plant named Phytolacca decandra commonly known as poke – root or red ink plant. The natural order of this plant is Phytolaccaceae. Phytolacca is indicated for syphilis to manage sore throat. The throat is darkened, is painful, raw, rough and dry. Tonsils are bluish or dark purple in color. Swallowing is painful. Pain from the throat may extend to ears. There is marked burning and smarting felt in the throat. Scraping sensation and excoriation are felt in the throat. Ulcers tend to appear on tonsils. A disposition to hawk and clear throat is present. A sensation of a lump/plug in the throat is felt. Mucus discharge from posterior nares may be present. Apart from this pain in the limbs may be present. The pain is worse from motion.

10. Arsenic Album – For Fatigue in case of Syphilis

Arsenic Album is a wonderful medicine for managing fatigue in case of syphilis. The fatigue is very intense where Arsenic Album is indicated. There is tiredness, fatigue, lack of strength from very little exertion. Restlessness is marked with fatigue. Anxiety may also be prominently present especially at night time with above features.

Signs and Symptoms

Syphilis has three stages and the symptoms vary as per the ongoing stage.

Primary Syphilis

This is the first stage. In this a small, firm, and round sore / ulcer which is painless, and is known as chancre forms at the site from where bacteria entered the body (penis, vagina, anus or in some cases mouth). The chancre is usually one but in some cases, multiple chancres develop. The chancre tends to appear around three weeks after exposure. Chancres usually heal and disappear within 3 to 6 weeks.

Secondary Syphilis

This stage arises after healing of chancre. In this rash appears on the trunk that cover full body. The rash may be red or reddish brown in color. Along with this wart-like growths may appear in mouth, anal and genital region. Other symptoms that may appear are sore throat, muscle aches, fever, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, and patchy hair loss. These symptoms may disappear in a few weeks or they can return many times for a long period. If not treated in this stage then it passes into a latent stage where no symptoms appear. In some cases, the person never experiences symptoms again while in some disease may progress to the next tertiary stage.

Tertiary syphilis

Tertiary syphilis can occur many years (even 10 to 30 years ) after the onset of the infection, after the latent asymptomatic stage. In the late stages, the disease damage may occur to the brain, heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes, liver, bones, and joints.

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  1. I have syphilis TP Assay result 0.68 but negative and GCC for Gulf countries not accept this wt can i do for lowest range its already negative but Wana decrease range

  2. Shehzad Gul says:

    I am suffering from drops of urin after a while of urination. Many years past, now syphilis is positive in blood test.

  3. Can you recommend a treatment protocol for Tertiary syphilis.
    Positive test but no symptoms at all.

  4. Hi I'm Noor. says:

    Kindly tell me what dose of cinnabaris should be taken in primary syphilis???

  5. Sandip Kumar Das says:

    What can be used in late latent syphilis?

  6. I was affected with syphilis. After a few days reddish sores appeared on the genitals with pus coming out. One doctor injected penicillin for 4-5 days. Some relief I have received and the sores disappeared. But on erection, it appears without any pain. After 35 years, I feel fatigue, joint pain. Is there any good treatment for permanent solution. VDRL test showed ‘non reactive.

  7. Dr what are tertiary syphilis symptoms please, I am 60 years old retired person.

    • I have syphilis TP Assay result 0.68 but negative and GCC for Gulf countries not accept this wt can i do for lowest range its already negative but Wana decrease range

  8. dear Dr Sherma,
    Jai Krishna. I am M. Kaiser from Hyderabad India living in Toronto Canada I am 85 years old lover of homeopathy since almost 50 years. Dr sherma when I was 15 years old in Hyderabad I got this is just like sexual transmeting problem lot of itching on bolls lt & rt side of leg joint very very offensive smell from private parts that problem was.
    Now Iam 85 since a year again same itching problem flare up very offensive smell & I am waiting for your help for treatment.
    Wish you healthy wealthy & wise.
    M Kaiser
    Toronto Canada

  9. Sk. Khaleel says:

    Hi good afternoon this is sk. Khaleel.
    My brother is suffering with syphilis problem and he is on medication from last 2years. But onfortunately no use of it. The dilution of syphilis is 1:8.please help out how to cure this condition.
    Sk. Khaleel

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    Hi, Dr I have been diagnosed with syphillis for the past 1and half year even though i have undergone antibiotics treatment in terms of injection, and others as well as herbals the latest test shows I still have the bacteria in my blood just that they are weak. I have painful urination and burning n my schaft , and the duct between my rectum and my scrotum. I want to turn to homeopathy to clear the bacteria and do away with this me.

  14. Prabin Dev says:

    I am totally normal , have no anu symptoms but I donate blood, then he said me vdrl positive

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    Myself latent syphilis with abdominal aneurism leading to intermittent claudication

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    The disease I can understand by a test on 2001 then I meet with doctor. He treated me benzapen 12 Lac injection wihin 10 days. After again test I was better a little. Next I test after 10 years and I can see the ratio is law. I meet a doctor I take treatment again like previus. Now what I should take to recover from vdrl positive.

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