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Causes and Homeopathic Remedies to treat Swelling in Scrotum

Scrotal swelling refers to enlargement of scrotum, a sac that contains the testicles. It can arise from several reasons like fluid build–up in the scrotum, an injury or inflammation of the scrotum. The swelling can be localized to a part of the scrotum or may be present in the whole scrotum varying from case to case. Swelling can be on one side or both. It can come on suddenly or appear gradually over a period of time. Depending on the cause behind it, swelling can be attended with pain, lump, redness, heat and visible enlarged veins in the scrotum. Though scrotal swelling is usually harmless but in some cases it may lead to damage to the testicles and result in infertility, so one should always seek medical help in such cases for proper diagnosis and treatment at the right time.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in managing swelling of the scrotum. These medicines treat the underlying cause behind the swelling to bring great recoveries. Along with swelling, they also manage any associated pain or redness in the scrotum. These medicines are of natural origin that ensure natural recovery with zero side effects. The homeopathic medicines are prescribed for every individual case based on the characteristic symptoms. It is advised to take any homeopathic medicine under the supervision of a homeopathic doctor and avoid self – medication. In case of excessive swelling, severe pain and serious causes like testicular torsion, immediate help from conventional mode of treatment should be sought as homeopathy has its limitation to handle such acute, severe and serious cases.

Homeopathic Medicines For Scrotal Swelling

1. Apis Mellifica – Top Medicine

Apis Mellifica is a top grade medicine to help cases of scrotal swelling. The swelling could be due to various reasons including hydrocele, orchitis, epididymitis where this medicine is required. Pain in the testicles attends swelling which are sore to touch. The scrotum may be red too. Itching may also be felt on the scrotum.

2. Rhododendron – From Hydrocele

This is a leading medicine for swelling of the scrotum called hydrocele. Along with swelling, the testes are painful. Pain gets worse while sitting and gets better by walking. Testes may also be painful to touch in some cases. Pain may extend to the abdomen and thighs from the testes. It is also indicated when swollen scrotum occurs in case of orchitis (inflamed testicles).

3. Clematis – For Swelling With Pain

Clematis is a prominent medicine for swollen scrotum along with pain. The pain gets worse from touch and when walking in cases requiring this medicine. There may be pain in the testicles that goes to the groins and the thighs. There may be swelling and inflammation in the testicles. It is very suitable for cases of orchitis and hydrocele.

4. Hamamelis – In Case Of Varicocele

This medicine is well indicated for swollen scrotum arising from varicocele (enlargement of veins). It can be accompanied with pain all the time. Hamamelis helps to bring relief in swelling and pain by promoting proper blood flow in the veins of the scrotum. In cases needing it, the pain may radiate to the groin and back. There may be heated sensation mainly in the right testicle.

5. Arnica – For Swelling From An Injury

Arnica is highly effective in managing swelling of the scrotum due to injury. The scrotum appears painful and tender. The scrotum may appear red. Arnica is also a prominent medicine to manage swelling of the scrotum due to varicocele.

6. Conium – With Pain Extending From Scrotum To Penis

Conium is indicated to manage scrotal swelling when pain from the scrotum radiates to the penis. There may be testicle pain too. It gets worse at night. It is a suitable medicine for treating orchitis. Testicles may be hard in cases requiring this medicine.

7. Pulsatilla – In Orchitis Cases

Pulsatilla is a highly valuable medicine to deal with cases of swollen scrotum due to orchitis. In cases needing it, there is pain in the testicles along with a burning sensation. The testicles may be sore to touch. The pain in testicles can be tearing, tensive or lacerating type.

8. Mezereum – For Painless Swelling

Mezereum is a prominent medicine when swelling of the scrotum occurs without any pain. The testicles may be enlarged in cases requiring it. The penis may be swollen. There may be a history of gonorrhea where this medicine is indicated.

What Causes Swelling In Scrotum?

1. Hydrocele – It is the most common cause of swelling in the scrotum as a result of fluid build-up in the sheath surrounding the testicles. It leads to heaviness and dragging sensation in the scrotum. One may feel pain in the scrotum.

2. Varicocele – It is an abnormal enlargement of the veins (pampiniform plexus) in the scrotum. It presents with scrotal swelling or a lump in the scrotum. In case of severe varicocele, enlarged veins may be visible in the scrotum. In most cases, varicocele generally causes no symptoms but dull, throbbing pain, heaviness in the testicles may indicate varicocele. It may lead to decreased sperm production and infertility.

3. Cysts – Cyst is a small pocket filled with fluid. These may occur after an infection or injury.

4. Hernia in groin (Inguinal hernia) – In this condition, a part of the intestine protrudes out through a weak spot in the lining of abdominal wall. This part of the intestine may drop down into the scrotum causing pain and swelling.

5. Orchitis – It means inflammation of testicles usually caused by a bacterial or viral infection. It can cause swollen scrotum, tenderness in scrotum along with testicle pain/heaviness. The rest of the symptoms can include groin pain, pain/burning during urination and painful ejaculation.

6. Epididymitis – It refers to an inflammation of the epididymis – coiled tube at the back of the testicle that stores sperms while they mature and then carried from the testes to the vas deferens. It results usually from a sexually transmitted infection (like chlamydia, gonorrhoea), or an infection of urinary tract. It may lead to scrotal swelling, pain in the testicles, redness and tenderness of the testicles, painful ejaculation and painful urination.

7. An injury

8. An infection of scrotal skin

9. Testicular torsion – It is a serious condition in which the testicle twists resulting in loss of blood supply to that particular portion. It needs immediate medical treatment because it can cause permanent damage to the testicular tissue if immediate treatment is not taken.

10. Tumor – In very rare cases, swollen scrotum may be resulting from a tumour or cancer.

11. Idiopathic – When no cause behind the cases of scrotal swelling is identified, it is referred as idiopathic case.



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