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Homeopathic Medicines to Improve Strength and Sexual Stamina in Males

Sexual stamina in males is defined as the duration for which a man can continue sexual activity till he needs a break or reaches an orgasm. A man can face low stamina at different times but if it is persistently an issue that is bothering him then he should consult a doctor to rule out any associated reason and its treatment. It is also to be kept in mind that each man’s sexual stamina is different and subjective and any thought of fitting into some standard idea of stamina may lead to sexual performance anxiety. So a man should give a deep thought to this complaint and if it is really a problem, then should get his case evaluated by a doctor for proper treatment.

A male having weak erections or having ED – erectile dysfunction (difficulty/inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse) can face a problem of having low stamina. ED may result from low testosterone levels. Decreased testosterone also leads to low sex drive/libido (desire to engage in sexual activity), decreased energy levels, and mood swings. Besides erection issues (erectile dysfunction), low stamina in males can be a result of many reasons, including PE means premature ejaculation (a common sexual complaint in which male ejaculates in less than one minute of penetration, and is unable to delay ejaculation every time and may also avoid indulging in sexual activity as a result of this problem). There are many other health conditions too associated with ED, like high blood pressure, thyroid problems (it affects libido and ejaculation time), excessive bodily stress, depression (it lowers testosterone levels), tiredness, lack of exercise, drug abuse (it can cause low blood circulation and low energy along with hormonal imbalance) and wrong lifestyle/eating habits.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy can be very helpful in improving sexual power and stamina in males when some medical reason is linked with it for example erection issues, premature ejaculation, depression and stress. Homeopathic medicines help in this condition naturally without causing any side effects. These medicines help to address the cause behind this problem to bring excellent results. The results vary from case to case depending on the severity of the problem. There are numerous homeopathic medicines for improving stamina in males and the most suitable medicine is prescribed after a detailed analysis of the individual case. Hence, it is advised to take any homeopathic medicines after consulting a homeopathic physician and avoid self–medication in any case.

Homeopathic Medicines For Building Stamina In Males

1. Damiana – Top medicine

Damiana is a top-grade natural homeopathic medicine to deal with cases of low stamina in males. It has a wide action on male genitalia. It is a well-known tonic to boost strength and stamina in males. It is highly effective in dealing with sexual weakness in males. It is a top-recommended medicine when low sexual stamina is related to erectile dysfunction. It improves stamina by treating erections issues in such cases. Additionally, this medicine helps to improve energy levels and take away fatigue. Damiana also helps to improve sexual desire in males.

2. Caladium

Caladium is the next suitable medicine to improve sexual stamina in males when the issue of erection is associated with it. Males needing it have normal sexual desire but have weak erections and even no erections at times. The parts remain relaxed during excitement. It is also indicated when there is premature ejaculation along with erection issues. In cases needing it, a person may be suffering from depression besides erection problems.

3. Selenium

This medicine is helpful when there is low stamina along with the issue of premature ejaculation (quick discharge of semen during sexual activity). Those needing it have an increased desire to indulge in sexual activity. They may have erection issues as well – weak erections or no erections. There may be complaints of involuntary semen discharge during sleep or when passing stool.

4. Yohimbinum

This medicine is also known to stimulate the function of the male genitals. It helps to boost sexual strength and stamina and acts as an effective aphrodisiac which helps to increase sexual desire and pleasure and enhances sexual performance.

5. Lycopodium

This medicine works well in males who face performance anxiety and erections issues. Males needing it have performance anxiety, means anxiety before indulging in sexual activity and with thoughts that they will not be able to perform well in the sexual act. They have weak erections or erections lasting only for a short time as well. Lycopodium will function to manage performance anxiety and erection issues to improve the male’s stamina.

6. Agnus Castus

It is a natural medicine that proves effective when there is absence of sexual desire and lack of ability to get erections. The genitals remain relaxed and cold. This medicine functions to enhance sexual desire and strengthen sexual organs to get an erection. This medicine is also well indicated to treat involuntary seminal discharges while passing urine and stool.

7. Phosphoric Acid

This medicine is well indicated when there is sexual weakness and low stamina due to sexual excesses in the past. In cases needing it, erections are weak and quick emissions can occur. There is a feeling of weakness all over the body. Involuntary seminal emissions may occur during sleep along with dreams related to sexual subjects. This medicine will also help to revitalize energy levels in the body along with improving the above said concerns.

8. Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa has a very important action on male sex organs and is beneficial to improve their functioning wonderfully. Its use is suggested for cases where sexual desire is low along with general weakness. There are weak erections. Seminal emissions may occur involuntarily without any erection. This medicine is also known to help cases where a person is addicted to drugs like tobacco, cocaine or alcohol.

9. Conium

This medicine is indicated when there is low stamina and erections last for a very short time. Though sexual desire is present strongly, erections are weak, imperfect and last for a very short time. There is a tendency to have quick semen discharges. Cutting pain may be felt in the urethra when semen is ejaculated.

10. Ginseng

Ginseng is also a valuable homeopathic medicine to improve strength and stamina in males. This medicine is a stimulant to sex organs and helps to overcome a feeling of tiredness and bring back energy and vigor in the body. In cases needing it, there is weakness in the male genitals. There may be a tendency of painful erections while sitting in cases requiring it.


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