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Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Meningitis

Meningitis is an inflammation of the protective membranes (meninges) that covers the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis can be caused by viral infections, bacterial infections or fungal infections. Among these, viral infections are the most common cause of meningitis. Bacterial infections and fungal infections rarely cause meningitis. Bacterial meningitis is the most severe and can be life-threatening and fatal if not treated well at the time. Viral meningitis is the most common but is usually mild and clears up on its own. Homeopathic remedies for meningitis play a supportive role in the treatment and should only be used along with conventional treatment.   Homeopathic Remedies for Meningitis

Homeopathic Remedies for Meningitis

Homeopathy plays a supportive role in treating meningitis. These medicines should be used symptomatically to treat meningitis along with the conventional course treatment. Meningitis can be life-threatening in some cases (depending upon the cause) so a consultation with a specialist is needed prior to taking medicines and self-prescription should be avoided.

1. Belladonna – For Meningitis in the First Stage

Belladonna is a natural medicine for meningitis prepared from a plant called Deadly Nightshade. The natural order of this plant is Solanaceae. Belladonna is well indicated for meningitis in the first stage. There is fever with dry heat. The head feels hot and painful with a throbbing sensation and flushed face. The person may want to bore his head in the pillow. Nausea and drowsiness are also marked.

2. Apis Mellifica – Top Medicine for Meningitis

Apis Mellifica is an effective medicine for meningitis where there is delirium and drowsiness. There is marked irritability, crying and screaming loudly. Confusion, dullness, and dizziness are also present. Intense pain in the back of the head is most prominent. Another important accompanying symptom is an inability to hold the head erect and boring of the head into the pillow. Diplopia and obscuration of vision also appear. Its use is also highly considered in cases of meningitis with hydrocephalus (build-up of fluid in the brain cavities).

3. Stramonium – For Meningitis with a Headache and Nausea

Stramonium is a natural remedy prepared from the plant Thorn-Apple of the natural order Solanaceae. Stramonium is indicated when the pain in head and nausea predominates in cases of meningitis. The eyes are markedly red and inflamed along with delirium. In some cases, there may be irritability with screaming, striking with hand feet, and a tendency to strike/bite others. Convulsive movement of the limbs is also well noted with the above features.

4. Veratrum Viride – For Meningitis with High Fever

Veratrum Viride is prepared from the root of a plant named American Hellebore or Indian Poke. It belongs to the natural order Melanthaceae. Veratrum Viride is helpful for meningitis with a high fever. This is attended with the rolling of the head and frequent vomiting. Pain in the nape of the neck is also present and the person cannot hold the head.

5. Gelsemium – For Meningitis in Initial Stage with Marked Chills

Gelsemium is helpful for meningitis in the initial stage, along with severe chills. There is marked stiffness of the neck. A headache with a sensation of band tightly binding head is present. This is attended with great exhaustion and intense drowsiness. There is a desire to lie still. Vertigo along with a staggering gait may also appear. Jerking of the body, especially of the left side, may occur while falling asleep.

6. Helleborus – For Meningitis with Rigid Neck and Marked Drowsiness

Helleborus is a natural medicine medicine prepared from the root of a plant called Helleborus Niger or Christmas Rose, of the natural order Ranunculaceae. Helleborus is prominently indicated for meningitis when the neck feels rigid and there is marked drowsiness. Fever with chills and vomiting may also occur. The head feels heavy and heated. Frequent convulsions in meningitis are also a guiding feature to use Helleborus. This medicine is also indicated for meningitis with hydrocephalus.

7. Rhus Tox – For Meningitis with Pain and Stiffness of Muscles and Joints

Rhus Tox offers a natural treatment for meningitis with pain and stiffness of muscles and joints. This is accompanied with marked anxiety and restlessness. High fever and pain in the head are present, that extends to the ears. Rash on the body is also present.

8. Zincum Met – For Meningitis with Sharp Pain in Head

Zincum Met is a natural medicine indicated for meningitis with a sharp pain in the head. The person may want to roll and bore the head in the pillow. Automatic motion of hands may appear with the motion of the head. Pulse is small and frequent. It is also useful for hearing loss after meningitis.

9. Kali Bromatum – For Meningitis with Severe Headache

Kali Bromatum is a natural remedy for meningitis where there is a severe headache. The headache is constant along with a feeling of heat in the head. The pulse is rapid and wiry. Dullness and weakness along with a loss of appetite is also present.

10. Arnica – For Traumatic Meningitis following Head Injury

Arnica is prepared from a plant named Arnica Montana of the natural order is Compositae. Arnica is beneficial for traumatic meningitis that follows a head injury like a concussion, falling, blows, or bruising. There may also be a headache and vomiting.

Causes of Meningitis

Bacterial Meningitis
The bacterial agents that can cause meningitis include Neisseria meningitis, Streptococcus pneumonia, Haemophilus influenza Type B and Listeria monocytogenes (listeria).

Viral Meningitis
The viral agents that can lead to meningitis are herpes simplex virus, enterovirus, influenza, HIV and mumps virus.

Fungal Meningitis
Fungal meningitis is rare and usually happens to people who have a weakened immune system. Fungal meningitis can be caused by Histoplasma, Cryptococcus, and Blastomyces.

Other Causes
Meningitis can also be caused by an allergy to certain medications, head injury, brain surgery and certain forms of cancer.

Risk Factors
Some risk factors for meningitis include compromised immunity, children under age of 5 years, community living like boarding schools, day care centers, military bases, and pregnancy (pregnant women are at increased risk of listeriosis).

The viruses and bacteria that can cause meningitis can be spread through sneezing, coughing, kissing, sharing utensils and toothbrushes.

Symptoms of Meningitis

The symptoms of meningitis include sudden high fever, feeling sick, severe headache, stiff neck, sensitivity to light, seizures, confusion, difficult concentration, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, pain in the muscles/joints, lack of energy, lethargy, delirium, hallucinations, skin rash and loss of appetite. Certain signs of meningitis in babies include a refusal of feeds, constant crying (usually a high-pitched crying), irritability, fussiness, aversion to being carried, a stiffness of body and a bulging soft spot on top of the head.
Severe complications can arise in some cases of meningitis, like brain damage, seizures, hearing loss, learning disabilities, coordination problems, balance problems, vision loss, hydrocephalus, arthritis, kidney problems, and death.

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  1. Hi
    This is RAMA i exposed 1.9 years back now am getting headache neck stiffness igg 107.7 igm 0.002 with herpes simplex virus what can I do now

    • Hi
      i exposed 1.9 years back now am getting headache neck stiffness igg 107.7 igm 0.002 with herpes simplex virus what can I do now. Any homeopathy treatment kindly tell

  2. Muhammad Arshad says:

    Hello Sir,
    my wife (43 old) appeared with severe headache and vertigo 3 weeks ago, following high-grade fever and neck stiffness. She was admitted to the hospital and symptomatically treated with IV paracetamol and ibuprofen orally, (not given any antibiotic). Doctors treated her based on viral meningitis, and all laboratory findings were in favor of viral infection including CSF. Her fever subsided after 4 to 5 days but she developed severe leg pain with a cutting sensation, numbness, unable to hold the weight, and unable to pass the urine. They did an MRI and found a lesion in the cervical and lumber region.
    oral eating is fine, brain and memory is ok, no loss of vision, hearing is also ok,
    She is still admitted to the hospital and her current symptom is numbness in her lower extremities, severe pain that feels like cutting, and inability to hold weight, The leg moment is okay (rate 3-4 out of 5) Urinary retention (Kidney function is ok), bladder drain by catheter.
    I am requesting please prescribe a Homeopathic remedy accordingly. Please send me your direct contact details ( Phone or mobile number). I am willing to register this case in your hospital/ clinic if you have a facility for regular treatment for distance patients.
    awaiting your response
    Kind Regards

  3. Muhammad Waqas Latif says:

    My 1 year old child has suffered from intraventricular hemorrhage and hydrocephalus.
    He is been admitted in hospital now and got evd procedure. But now he got bacterial infection due to evd. Kindly advise some homeopathic medicine for this condition pls secondly also advise some medicine that how i can avoid shunting surgery due to hydrocephalus issue Thanks

  4. AMIYA SAHAa says:

    My 15 year child is suffering from severe migraine headache which is very very chronic and back neck pain and she is vomitting 6 times a day in the early morning and the pain in head is occipetal , so please can you help me

  5. I have spinsl and brain accumulation of fluid and cervicsl and lumbar dpondilitis….

  6. I’m suffering from pachymeningitis past 6 years. Not cured. My age 27. Kindly guide me

  7. Dr Jamshed Khan says:

    Please contact me for meningitis meningioma brain tumor astrostoma hydrocephalus glioma in homiopathic treatment. I m senior physician Dr Jamshed khan MD homiopath from allahabad. contact me 9839715758

  8. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Hello sir, My son had the first episode of bacterial meningitis at the age of 11 years. After that he has repeated episodes at the age of 15, 16, 17, 18. Firstly cause was suspected CSF leak through right nosetrill. But it has stopped since last one year. But episode repeated again. No csf leak is there now. Why its coming back repeatedly and what’s the remedy. Please advice

  9. R V V K Guptha says:

    My brother age 45 admitted In kmch hospital on March 12 2022 as headache and droziness they found he is suffering from brain tb. Can homeopathy help for this disease my mob number 9487988990 now in kmch coimbstore

  10. My husband had spinal meningitis as a child (1960’s) and now has chronic body pain. He has been to countless doctors and been through a battery of testing but no one can tell him what is wrong. Could the chronic body pain be a result of spinal meningitis in his younger years? Is there a homeopathic remedy that may help him?

  11. Manjappa k o says:

    Viral meningitis plz help sir

  12. Minna Niemi says:

    Dear Doctor!
    Is It possible that menigitis has no fever at all, but only spinal manifestations? Like lower back weakness, stiffness In neck area, these reflecting as numbness In fingers for exemple.
    No headache but slight dizziness and buzzing sounds In ears.

    • vijay desai says:

      dear dr sharma,
      dr says my daughter have tubeculosus meningtis ans her right hand has weakened.She is on medicines .She is 37 years old.
      what do you suggest for complete cure

    • sebastian gomez says:

      id like to know same. i have no headache or fever but stiff neck. had an endoscopy 3 days ago maybe gave me meningitis

  13. Geethanjali Srinivas says:

    Hello Doctor Sharma,
    My 7 year old is having middle ear infection with stiff neck and headache. Doctor suspects it could be meningitis but no test done yet. He is on antibiotics for ear infection.
    Kid can’t move his neck to right back or front.
    Is there any homeopathy remedy for this acute problem.

  14. Francis Kameka says:

    Hi I have Lyme disease and tick borne encephalitis and meningitis in the brain,which homeopathic remedy could you recommend for tick borne encephalitis and meningitis in the brain.I didn’t get a reply last time.thank you Francis

  15. Francis says:

    I have tick borne encephalitis and meningitis,headache main symptoms is pressure and tightness in the brain,and my ears feel tightness too and it’s chronic.Could you please recommend a homeopathic remedies.thank you.

  16. Hi doctor dharma , please recommend best homeopathic medicine for me , I have meningitis for three months ,antibiotics have also taken ,but still meningitis,
    My symptoms are headache warm body and head with cold hands and feet (palms). I will thankful to you.

  17. NIRAJ Suman says:

    My father aged 65 years diagnosed cryptococal gaiti mengitis anti fungal Posconazole is being given for 45days But no remarkable progress please suggest

    • Sagarika says:

      Hi Dr.Sharma,

      My daughter had meningitis/encephalitis when she was 9 month old.She is now 2 yr old but still doesnt walk.she crawls most of the time .she can stand with the help of furniture but walks 3 steps and crawls later.she has severe allergies for milk and egg.But it’s in control due to homeopathy treatment.Does homeopathy can treat her for her to walk .

  18. krishnaprasad says:

    Dear Sir ,

    This is Krishna Prasad
    I am having + and – eye sight and using two type of glasses, while i am using reading glasses in office i am getting very strain, for regular purpose i am using progressive lens which are not sufficient for office work for computer work, Earlier i was suffered with Migraine Head ache, with the help of Homeopathy it was 98% cured, now a days i am very strained if i read a 30 min and my Contraction levels are also decreased .

    Thnak you
    Krishna Prasad

  19. Jeanette says:

    Hi. I was in the hospital for bad headache, nausea, and they at first said it was tick borne viral meningitis. They did lumbar puncture which then caused more problems with pain. I needed a blood patch. My head is better but I want to clear these residual symptoms and effects. Then 9ne doctor said it wasn’t viral me it is another said yes, so U am confused. But I do have chronic Lyme. Any suggestions you may have are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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