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Top 6 Homeopathic Medicines For Chest Pain Due To Gas

Chest pain can occur from several reasons and one among these could be gas. Chest pain due to gas is quite common. Gas in the chest feels like tightness in the chest and other symptoms that might occur include burping, passing gas, reduction in appetite, indigestion, pain in the abdomen in various parts and nausea. Chest pain from gas can occur from various causes. It can simply arise from swallowing air, intake of carbonated drinks like soda, intake of excessive fiber in diet, artificial sweeteners, and use of certain medicines or supplements. In other cases, it can result from some medical condition. These conditions include gallbladder issues, food poisoning, food intolerance, food allergy, GERD, IBS, and Crohn’s disease. Among these,  gallbladder issues include gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis) and gallstones. These conditions are explained further. Food poisoning also called food-borne illness refers to gastric conditions arising from consuming contaminated food or drink. Food intolerance indicates intolerance to digest certain types of foods due to sensitivity of the gut to these foods. For example, lactose intolerance in which a person is unable to digest lactose which is a sugar present in the milk due to a lack of lactase enzyme in the body.

Food allergy means a condition in which the body gives exaggerated immune responses to certain foods like egg, milk, wheat, etc. GERD is gastroesophageal reflux disease in which there is backflow of the stomach acid into the food pipe. It occurs due to defective functioning of the LES i.e. lower esophageal sphincter which is a muscle ring at the area where the lowest part of food pipe joins with stomach and that normally functions to prevent back flow of the stomach acid upwards in the food pipe. IBS refers to irritable bowel syndrome which is a functional disorder of the colon i.e. the large intestine that results in symptoms including diarrhea, constipation or alternate diarrhea and constipation, gas, bloating in the abdomen and cramps / pain in the abdomen. Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune condition in which inflammation may occur in any part of the GIT (gastrointestinal tract). Crohn’s disease is one of the two conditions included in IBD i.e. inflammatory bowel disease, the other condition being ulcerative colitis.

Is the chest pain due to gas or is it heart pain?

Pain in the chest from gas may mimic pain from heart problems like heart attack and it may become difficult to differentiate between these two. But certain points help in differentiating these two. In case, chest pain is accompanied by symptoms such as gas in the abdomen, heartburn, abdomen pain then it usually suggests that the pain is occurring due to gas. There are some features indicating that it is arising from a heart attack. These include pain in the chest like an intense pressure on the chest in the center or left side of chest; severe stabbing sort of chest pain; pain from the chest radiating to shoulders, arms, neck, back or the jaw; shortness of breath; dizziness, excessive sweating and feeling nauseated. In case such symptoms appear suggesting chest pain from heart attack, immediate medical help should be taken. It is advised that one should always watch symptoms of chest pain very carefully and hurry to a doctor in case even a slight doubt occurs and the condition seems serious or when one is not sure or confused about the cause.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy offers a very natural treatment for cases of chest pain arising from gas. There are numerous medicines in homeopathy to address this concern magnificently. These medicines treat this complaint with zero side effects. They help in effectively managing other attending complaints like nausea, abdomen pain, indigestion associated with it. The best suited medicine has to be selected from a list of medicines based on the individual symptoms in each and every case. So, it is advised to consult a homeopathic physician for taking any homeopathic medicine for managing chest pain from gas. Self-medication should not be done in any case. As chest pain can arise from several causes, some of which can be serious, it is very essential to rule out its cause by consulting a doctor. In case of chest pain from gas, homeopathy is suggested to get great relief. While in case chest pain and its attending symptoms point towards any heart issue like heart attack, then homeopathy is not recommended due to the seriousness of this condition and an immediate help from conventional mode should be taken in this case.

Homeopathic Medicines For Chest Pain Due To Gas

1. Carbo Veg – Top Recommended Medicine

Carbo veg is a top-listed homeopathic medicine to help cases of chest pain from gas. Those needing it have excessive gas formation. It is attended with distended abdomen especially in the upper part. It gets worse from lying down. There is excessive burping. The burps can be sour or bad-smelling. They appear mainly after eating or drinking. Pressure and discomfort also occur in the stomach after eating. They may face heartburn (burning sensation in the center of chest behind the sternum). Burning in the stomach may also occur. Other than this, pain in the abdomen is felt which gets worse from eating even the smallest quantity of food. It gets better by passing gas.

2. Lycopodium – With Bloating And Pain In Abdomen

Lycopodium is of great use to manage chest pain from gas when there is bloating and pain in the abdomen as well. Eating even a very small amount of food leads to fullness in the abdomen. Soon after eating, the abdomen gets bloated. A sensation of a band is felt around the waist. There is a rumbling of excessive gas in the abdomen. Much noisy flatus passes. Sour burps occur. There is abdomen pain that gets better by rubbing the abdomen. Lycopodium is a prominent medicine to manage complaints arising from food allergies.

3. Asafoetida – When Gas Pushes Up And None Downward

This medicine is highly recommended when gas from the abdomen pushes upwards and not downwards. This leads to pain in the chest. There is excessive gurgling and rolling of gas in the abdomen. There occur loud and forcible burps with great difficulty. The burps smell bad like garlic. There may be pain in the abdomen. The nature of pain can be cutting, stitching or pressing type. Heated sensation in abdomen occurs too.

4. Natrum Phos – With Heartburn, Sour Burps, Acid Reflux

Natrum Phos is an important medicine when chest pain from gas is attended with heartburn, sour burps, and acid reflux. In cases needing it, there is passage of noisy gas. The abdomen gets full with small potions of food. There is a marked burning sensation in the chest. Sour burps arise and sour vomiting happens along with the above complaints.

5. China Officinalis – With Abdominal Bloating And Bitter Burps

This medicine is suitable for cases of chest pain from gas along with abdominal bloating and bitter burps. There is relief in bloating by movement. Pain in the abdomen arises due to gas. It gets better by bending double. Vomiting may also occur on undigested food. It gets worse at night. It works well when indigestion results from eating fruits, fish and drinking tea.

6. Raphanus Sativus – For Cases Of Gas Stuck In Abdomen

This medicine is beneficial for cases having much gas that gets stuck in the abdomen. It causes chest pain. There is loss of appetite where this medicine is required. Vomiting can also be present. Griping around the navel can be felt. The abdomen feels hard and swollen. It is painful when pressure is applied.



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