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5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for High Uric Acid Treatment

What is Uric Acid?

Uric acid is a compound made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen which is responsible for the production of many ions and salts known as urates and acid urates. Metabolic breakdown of purines in the body leads to the formation of this acid. These purines are naturally occurring substances found in many foods and human tissue. Kidneys help eliminate uric acid from the body, and it passes out along with the urine. When our kidneys do not eliminate uric acid efficiently or if there is an abundant intake of high purine foods, it leads to a marked increase in uric acid levels – a condition also known as hyperuricemia. Homeopathic medicine for uric acid helps lower the levels of uric acid in the body and also treats the body’s chronic tendency to hold an excess of uric acid.

Uric Acid Metabolism in the Body

Metabolism and production of uric acid are complex processes. They involve various factors that regulate the hepatic production of this compound, along with its renal and gut excretion. Uric acid is the final product of an exogenous (external origin) pool of purines and endogenous (internal origin) purine metabolism, varies significantly with diet and internal production of uric acid. Exogenous production of uric acid is majorly from the liver, intestines and other tissues like muscle, vascular endothelium, and kidney.
Many enzymes participate in the transformation of two purine nucleic acid (adenine and guanine) to uric acid. When our body functions optimally, the uric acid gets dissolved into the bloodstream and passes through the kidneys, finally getting eliminated with urine. However, high levels of uric acid in our body (that our kidneys cannot keep up with) lead to a build up and crystallization of uric acid.

Homeopathic Medicine for Uric Acid Control

Commonly, hyperuricemia (elevated uric acid) is managed or treated with the help of NSAIDs, colchicine, corticosteroids, xanthine oxidase, Probalan/Benemid, allopurinol, febuxostat, and pegloticase.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and colchicine are usually recommended for acute attacks which may cause severe side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.
These drugs can dramatically affect the blood sugar levels, blood pressure, blood count and also reduce liver function. Prolonged use of corticosteroids in some cases also known to cause severe mood changes.
The drugs like probalan and allopurinol are used to remove excess uric acid from the body but can lead to some severe side effects including rash, stomach pain, and kidney stones. Homeopathic treatment for uric acid, on the other hand, has no side effects. These medicines lower the levels of uric acid and also reduce the tendency to hold an excess of uric acid. Homeopathic remedies also treat the body’s metabolic process which handles purines (proteins that get converted to uric acid).
The top five homeopathic medicines for elevated uric acid levels include Colchicum, Benzoic Acid, Ledum Pal, Guaiacum, and Lithium Carb.

Colchicum – Homeopathic Medicine for Uric Acid

Colchicum Autumnale (commonly known Meadow Saffron) is a homeopathic remedy derived from the freshly dug up bulb of herb colchicum autumnale. This herb belongs to the family Liliaceae and is a native of Great Britain and Ireland.
Colchicum is especially indicated in cases where high uric acid levels give rise to the onset of gout. There may be a sharp pain in the great toe. The affected parts may be swollen and very hot to touch. There could be great sensitivity to touch along with extreme pain. The pains could be more intense in the evening and at night. Colchicum may be indicated almost as a specific medicine in most cases of high uric acid levels. Slightest effort to move the legs gives rise to a sharp, shooting and unbearable pain in the toe. Walking may also be difficult. The person needing this remedy has intense swelling and pain in the big toe that is worse from motion. The toe pain also worsens from slightest touch, with the tendency of evening aggravation of the toe pain.

Benzoic Acid – Homeopathic Medicine for Uric Acid When Signs Show up In Urine

Benzoic Acid is homeopathic medicine for uric acid that is indicated when the signs of high uric acid show urinary symptoms. Uric acid crystals may be deposited in the kidneys or the urinary tract, giving rise to stones. On examination, the urine may exhibit very high levels of uric acid. The color of urine may also keep changing from dark brown to pale yellow.
Benzoic acid may also be indicated when there are joint complaints, like a crackling sensation in the joints. The great toe may be swollen, causing difficulty in walking or even moving the limb. Cracking in the knee joint on movement may also be felt. In some cases, nodes from the deposition of urate crystals may be present on the knees. Homeopathic medicine Benzoicum Acidum also works well in cases of knee pain gets worse from drinking wine.
It is also indicated as a general medicine in all cases of raised uric acid levels.

Ledum Pal – Homeopathic Medicine for Uric Acid with Ankle Pain

Ledum Palustre is a homeopathic medicine derived from a small flowering shrub, commonly known as Marsh tea. Marsh tea is a low growing evergreen shrub that only grows up to a height of one meter. The shrub belongs to the heath family and is a native of northern Europe. It is also widely distributed in British America and around Canadian lakes.
Ledum pal is indicated when the high levels of uric acid in the blood result in the deposition of the crystals in the joint spaces. The first attack of pain could be triggered by an increased intake of meat or alcohol.
Ledum Pal is a very beneficial homeopathic medicine for gout leading to ankle pain. The person needing Ledum Pal has pain and swelling in the ankle. The pain from the ankle may radiate up the leg, and movement tends to intensify the ankle pain.

Guaiacum – Homeopathic Medicine for Uric Acid

Homeopathic medicine Guaiacum is prepared from the resin obtained from the woods of Guaiacum officinale. Commonly known as Lignum Vite Resin, it belongs to the family Zygophyllaceae and is a native of tropical America.
It is a well-indicated remedy to treat high uric acid levels and works well in chronic cases where the deformities and contractures set in. Intolerance to heat in any form, the affecting joints being extremely hot to touch, bad smell from the body are other symptoms. It is given in acute cases where the affected limb is painful, stiff and immobile.

Lithium Carb – Homeopathic Medicine for Uric Acid with Stiffness

Lithium Carb is a homeopathic medicine used to treat raised uric acid levels. The high levels of uric acid give rise to an unusual stiffness all over the body. Another peculiar feature is itching all over the skin of the joints. The pains are relieved by pouring hot water. Uric acid may get deposited in the joint spaces to give rise to nodosities which can be felt externally. The nodes may also be felt in the finger joints. In severe cases, they may be felt in the ear pinna.

High Uric Acid: Causes

High Purine Diet

Uric acid levels majorly get affected by purine-rich foods like beef, organ meats, mussels, sweetbreads, mackerel, spinach, asparagus, beans, lentils, dried peas, etc.
Oxalate-rich foods including spinach, beets, nuts, rhubarb, chocolate, black tea, wheat bran, beans and strawberries also contribute to increased uric acid levels. Some other dietary items like gluten, dairy, corn, white bread, and sugars can also lead to increased uric acid production.

Kidney Diseases

Levels of uric acid can also be elevated when the kidneys are unable to eliminate the excess of uric acid from the body. This can majorly be due to kidney dysfunction like kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, adverse effects of some drugs like diuretics, NSAID’s, etc.

High Intake of Fructose

Intake of fructose-rich foods and drinks increases the production of inosine and purines, thereby rapidly raising uric acid levels by activating certain enzymes. Fructose also stimulates uric acid synthesis from amino acid precursors such as glycine.

Diuretics Elevate Uric Acid Levels

Diuretics are known to be important causes of secondary hyperuricemia. They cause an increase in blood uric acid levels along with an increase in its reabsorption, leading to a decrease in the uric acid secretion from the body.

Increased Alcohol Intake

The production of uric acid gets stimulated by alcohol as it increases the lactic acid content in the body, which reduces the excretion of uric acid in the kidney. Alcohol also speeds up the breakdown of purines, thereby raising the production of uric acid.


Deficiency of thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) influences the purine metabolism and also causes a reduction in kidney blood flow and filtration rate, which results in elevated uric acid levels in the blood.


Obesity or excessive body weight leads to the production of excess uric acid in the body, making it difficult for the kidney to process and eliminate it. Hyperuricemia correlates with leptin (hormone that controls hunger) levels, as an obese individual has higher leptin levels (due to leptin resistance).

Sex Hormones

Blood uric acid is higher in men as compared to women, making males more prone to hyperuricemia. As estrogen hormone is required for the regular elimination of urate (uric acid salt) through the kidneys, men being low on estrogen tend to develop hyperuricemia.

Nutrient deficiency

In menopausal women, hyperuricemia is often linked to a Vitamin D deficiency.

High Sodium Intake and Ketogenic Diet

High intake of sodium and following a ketogenic diet (low carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet) reduces the ability of the kidney to eliminate the uric acid.

Parathyroid Hormones

Increase in parathyroid hormone reduces the excretion of urate from the kidney, leading to elevated uric acid levels.

Chronic Lead Poisoning

Due to high levels of lead, kidneys the excretion of uric acid, leading to an increased build-up of urate along with uric acid levels.

High Uric Acid: Signs and Symptoms

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of high uric acid are as follows:

High Uric Acid: Symptoms in the Joints

When uric acid crystals settle into joints, symptoms of gout start to appear. Common symptoms of gout in the joints include:

  • Severe pain in joints of feet, ankles, knees, hips, wrists, hands, fingers and back where even the weight of clothing is intolerable.
  • Discoloration in the joints in the joints is quite noticeable; they may become deep red or even purple at onset.
  • Swelling and stiffness of joint are markedly present, and it may also feel hot.
  • Fever ranging from 100F-102.2F, with or without chills.
  • Inflammation of joint accompanied by tenderness, with decreased mobility of the joint.
  • Persistent discomfort as the joint inflammation and pain can last for days or weeks.

High Uric Acid: Symptoms on the Skin

In chronic cases, nodular masses of uric acid crystals (tophi) gets deposited in different soft tissues of the body. It is most commonly found as hard nodules around the fingers, elbow and the big toe. On repeated attack, the tophi may become swollen and tender.

High Uric Acid: Symptoms in the Kidneys

If we have high levels of uric acid in our body that our kidneys cannot keep up with, the uric acid then builds up and crystallizes. These uric acid crystals settle in the urinary tract and cause kidney stones. These kidney stones may cause symptoms such as pain in the back, abdomen or groin, chills, fever, nausea, vomiting and bloody urine.

Effects of High Uric Acid

Hyperuricemia (high levels of uric acid) play a significant role in many diseases. Some diseases directly related to high uric acid include:


Elevated levels of uric acid in the system may develop certain diseases, gout being the most common. Gout is a painful condition that affects the joints of feet and hands, especially the big toe. It develops when an excess of uric acid does not get removed by the kidney, or when a person eats more animal based proteins (which leads to the formation of uric acid crystals). These crystals are sharp-edged, press on the tender tissue under the skin causing very sharp and excruciating pain, swelling and inflammation of the joint. This condition is known as gout arthritis.

Metabolic Acidosis

When proteins are not metabolized by the body efficiently, and there is an increased intake of proteins in the diet, it results in an abundance of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid gets generally washed from the body through kidneys, and if the uric acid cannot be adequately excreted, the condition is known as metabolic acidosis.
If metabolic acidosis keeps progressing, it may lead to rapid breathing accompanied by confusion and lethargy. In severe cases, it can lead to shock or death.

Kidney Stones

Excessive uric acid levels in the urine commonly result in urate kidney stones. These stones are formed when uric acid crystallizes in the kidney and gets deposited there, forming stones of varying sizes. The size of stones may range from a grain of sand to large chunk. These Urate kidney stones are extremely painful and tend to reoccur.


High blood uric acid levels raise the risk for diabetes by increasing inflammation and oxidative stress.

Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Diseases

Elevated uric acid levels are also related to hypertension and Chronic Kidney diseases. These can increase the risk of metabolic disorders as well as heart diseases.

Bone Fractures

Raised uric acid levels may also increase the risk for bone fractures.
When there is a rise in the uric acid levels in the body, it induces inflammation in the bones and impairs the availability of nitric oxide. This leads to a suppression of Vitamin –D, which increases bone fragility and fractures.

Erectile Dysfunction and Hypyperurecimia

Males with raised uric acid levels tend to develop erectile dysfunction. This is likely because increased uric acid levels in the body have a strong connection with hypertension, microvascular diseases, and reduced blood vessel function, all of which increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.


Patients with psoriasis are commonly found to have high uric acid levels. A study shows that hyperuricemia affects about 20% of patients with psoriasis.

Managing High Uric Acid

Lifestyle Measures

Certain lifestyle measures can help manage gout. These include:

– Avoiding food substances with high purine content, like meat, fish, seafood, beans, shellfish, and spinach.
– Avoiding excessive intake of alcohol.
– Increasing the water intake.
– Reducing weight (in case of obesity or being overweight).
– Ensuring routine exercise.

Foods to Avoid

Limiting or consuming moderate to high levels of purine-rich food plays a vital role in the treatment of hyperuricemia.
Foods that should be avoided, or their intake minimized include:

  • Purine-rich foods such as beef, organ meats, mussels, sweetbreads, mackerel, spinach, asparagus, beans, lentils, dried peas need to be strictly avoided.
  • Avoid oxalate-rich foods including spinach, beets, nuts, rhubarb, chocolate, black tea, wheat bran, beans, and strawberries.
  • Common allergens like gluten, dairy, corn and food additives are to be limited.
  • Minimize refined foods like white bread and sugars.

Foods to Eat

  • Add high fiber foods to your diet, such as brown rice, bran, avocados, bananas, potatoes, and barley.
  • Include Vitamin C-rich foods like bell peppers, oranges, guava, broccoli, cherries and kiwi in your diet.
  • Incorporate food rich in magnesium, such as yogurt, almond, avocados, cashews, salmon, figs and pumpkin seeds.
  • Omega -3 rich foods is a mandatory addition to the diet which includes walnuts, flaxseed, chia seeds, salmon, tuna, and supplements.

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      I regular feel pain in mussel of both half lower legs and feel tired and uncomfortable to walk. My uric acid level as per blood report 7.6/8.00 at the time of attack. I am also taking allopethic medicine for HIGH BP & HIGH Lopide . My body weight is 90 kg and height 6 feet. Kindly suggest medicine at present, i am suffering from pain in second finger joint from great toe.

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    Thanking you sir. I am waiting for your reply

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    My husband is taking high blood pressure medication, as well as heart medication, Toporal. I would like him to try Colchicum. Is it ok to use Colchicum together with the medication he is taking. He’s in pretty good health. Its just the gout because his uric acid is quite high.


  48. My uric acid sometimes go high. On blood test, recently show value 9.47 The front toe start little pain. Next day severe pain, and swelling also. The pain increase in the evening and night. Please suggest medicine

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    • MADHURI RAWAT says:


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  56. Mary Jean Ivy says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Dec. 20 my right knee just started to hurt. I couldn’t walk very good. My knee was swelled up and hurt. Then a couple weeks later in the early morning my heel hurt. I took an Indomethacin and next day it was better. That night my heel was fine and my right knee was not hurting. The heel that was hurting was on the left side. The next morning around 2 a.m. my big toe was hurting. I took Indomethacin but it didn’t help. I am on the 3rd day and it is finally better. So I think my knee hurting was gout. My foot by my big toe is all red and my big toe is swollen. What I want to know is what I can take to keep the uric acid down in my body so I don’t get gout attacks? Thanks Mary Jean Ivy

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    I am 64yrs.of old.My
    blood test shows :
    uric acid—-6.3(all values mg/dl
    I wish to go for homeopath
    ic medicine. me what to take

  58. Hi Sir,
    I m having gout for the last 6 months… my uric acid level in blood is 9.8… crystal deposition happened at wrist and fingers…
    please suggest the Homeopathic medicine to cure completely
    Note: I observed that whenever i intake more suger contents (sweets), i find more pain in joints for a period of day or two, thereafter it reduces little bit. but still pain and swollen fingers exists…

  59. Sanjeev Srivastava says:

    My uric acid 7.6 my problem joints with muscles pain I am also diabetic at this time my age 45y m

  60. Dear Dr Sharma
    I m tariq from Pakistan and my age 47 years and i m sufring in uricacd from last 5 months my uricacd level is 16 and due to i m sufring in joints pain and foot pain so plz advice me madicine .
    Tariq mahmood

  61. Hardip Singh Bajaj says:

    I am feeling stiffness of janta due to I creased uric acid. Please help me and suggest som medicines.
    Thank you .

  62. Good Morning Dr.
    Im Palany from Malaysia, one of my brother having kidney problem with creatinine level of 800. Dr advice to go for dialysis. Without go for dialysis any other alternative medicine in Homeopaty medicine? And one of the Dr doing chelation therapy he said could help to low creatinine level and then kidney problem will be settled. Please advice us Dr on this matters.
    Thank you
    Best Regards

  63. Lalitmangla says:

    Mujhe 5/8 year se uric asid he but high level se jayada nhi gya he me kuch pares se rhta hu or kabhi homopathic med bhi le leta hu meri age 42 years he abhi mera uric acid 7.16 he mujhe kon si med leni chahiye or kya pashes karana chahiye.thanks

  64. Kashif Mustafa says:

    Dear Sir,

    Hope you will be fine.

    I have been suffering from upper knee joint pain in my right side leg knee which is worsened when climbing, taking stairs, or walking up an incline and raising after sitting, and even if I touch my effected knee with some pressure I feel the pain in the joint.

    I request you to kindly tell me what is the cause of this knee joint pain and kindly suggest for me a suitable homeopathic remedy for the knee joint pain.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Kind Regards,

    Kashif Mustafa.

  65. taqui abbas says:

    Dear Sir:

    I have a constant case of uric acid for past many years. I am now 62 and 20 years back I had uric acid but with homeopathic medicines I got cured and lived with normal uric acids for many years but this time it is not responding to medicines. current level is 7.7 and I am taking 5 drops 3 times of berberis vulg and 15 drops 3 times of goutek 15

  66. Hello doctor
    I am 26 yrs suffering frm uric acid (9.2%) pain in my toes..kindly suggest good medicine for uric acid pain

  67. Meenakshi Majmudar says:

    I am 75 female .I had my blood test n my uric acid isis 6.8I amprescribedxyrolic tablets and creatinine level is 1.27and hemoglobin is13.4Ihave abunion on my right toe,painful n the pain is up to my hips.This is going on from quite a period.I need your help.can you advise n help walk properly I perspire a lot n odour is bad and have echzema on my left shin. Over active mind,sensitive by nature. Please do the needful.Thank you n sorry for this. By the way am a pure vegeterian

  68. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am writing for my sweet brother who is suffering with a terrible case of gout that the Doctors cannot explain. He has been a vegan for many years. He is in his late forties and very health conscious. The problems started slightly back in his college years. Now his attacks are so severe he can hardly walk. His uric acid levels are very high and the attacks are extreme is he eats any form of wheat/gluten. He doesn’t want to take medications but has not been able to find anything natural that is helping.

  69. Ajay kumar singh says:

    I am 71 years old and I am still working in merchant navy, where I have to stand for long periods.
    My left ankle joint has severe pain right around the ankle. But on the right side of the ankle, a nerve gets swollen, after walking for about two hours.
    Now I have started taking Feburic 40, one tablet at night. This has relieved the pain by 60% but still the pain is not gone completely.
    I eat meat, but after coming to know the cause of Euric Acid production, I have reduced intake of red meats considerably and take very little Chicken n fish. I have reduced Dhall (pulses) intake almost to nil.
    I do not have pain in my toes. My right hand finger joints feel swollen and I am unable to touch my palm with finger tips.
    Can you pls advise me Homeopathic medicine and the dose.
    I have checked my Utica acid level and it has come to 2.9.

  70. Uric acid 7. Ankle pain heavy. Or joint pain in legs

  71. Nadeem sarwar says:

    Hi. Sir my uric acid level is using often acid benzoicum many drops I can take daily.plz reply

  72. P K Sanyal says:

    My uric acid level was about 8.2. After using medicine febustat 40 uric acid level has gone below 7. What homeopathic medicine can cure my disease?

  73. Uric Acid level 9.6 for the last 3 months. On regular with controlled diabetic levels. My serum creatinine level 1.5 to 1.7. Both legs swollen at ankle joints with lot itching. Presently taking utrica uranus Q twice a day. Pls advise for quick relief from swelling & itching.

  74. Kazi walil hasnath hossain says:

    My uric acid percentage is 6.And have pain are always both knee of hand and legs always are pain to right hand big finger then left hand fingers big finger and other fingers pain of shortly .I have blood test then Dr said uric acid percentage 6and Vitamin D are loss

  75. Ranjan.kumar says:

    Hamare EDI me aur panje me pichle 2month se dard ho Raha h.maine uric acid check karai h 6•9 Jai,kripa Isla nidan batay.

  76. Bhavin Dayma says:

    my uric acid is 10.7 can u please homyophetic medicine.

  77. Surinder Singh says:

    I was suffering from pain in my foot ankle, in test my uric acid is 8.2, can u please confirm the best homyophetic medicine.

  78. My son is 17 years old. He is student of Class 12 in CBSE School. From the months of June 2017 his blood pressure is high i.e 150/90 in Doctor Chamber and 130/85 in home. form 10 June 2017 he continued the allopathic medicne for this purpose as advise by Cariology. Now his Red Blood cell is High. After X-Ray Chest, Ultrasound of Abandon and pelvic, Blood Serum EPO and Jak 2 Mutation, Lipid Profile, Thyroid Profile test, Echo test seems to be normal. Please advice for homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure and High red Blood Cell Treatment.

  79. Hesham Anwer says:

    Dear Dr,

    My uric acid count result is 9 mg/dl i.e. bit high than normal range. What medicine you suggest to bring it normal. I don,t use high rich foods ,or deep fried food.


  80. RASARAJ DEY says:

    I am 65years old a man.feeling pain in knees& elbows.and also little bit whole advise me what have to do

  81. SOUMIT GHOSAL says:

    Sir Iam Soumit Ghosal .My uric acid lavle 9.7 and tryglicerid 352 I am a student age 21years please advice Homoeo medicine my died cheart .

  82. Hello Doctor, I am experiencing serious pains in my lower legs especially my knees , I cannot squat for even two minutes, but when I press the legs with hand no pains, and in the night I feel as if something is moving in my legs veins. But my Uric acid level was checked and it is high up to 8.0 Please what is the final remedy/solution. Thank you.

  83. Partha Saha says:

    Sir what should I give to get back tast after chicken gunya

  84. Khetpal Singh says:

    ਸਰ, ਸਤਿ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ ਜੀ,
    ਮੇਰੀ ਘਰਵਾਲੀ ਦੇ ਸੱਜੇ ਪਾਸੇ ਲੱਕ ਵਿੱਚ ਤੇ ਸੱਜੇ ਗੋਡੇ ਵਿੱਚ ਬਹੁਤ ਦਰਦ ਹੁੰਦਾ ਹੈ ਜੀ ਯੂਰਿਕ ਐਸਿਡ ਚੈਕ ਕਰਾਇਆ ਸੀ ਉਸਦਾ ਦਾ ਰਿਜਲਟ ਇਹ ਹੈ ….Result 4.62mg% … nor.value {F2.0….6.0 m3-7}

  85. ALOKE DAS says:

    Dear sir,
    i am facing a problem with my left legs toe, having pain. after get up from bed the both toe are painful and facing to waking after leaving the bed from six month. urin is very bad smelling after taking toilets. i am COPD patient.

  86. S.D. Singh. says:

    I am suffering problem of uric acid ,tumour and high ldl cholesterol. Please suggest me suitable name of Medicine and direction of dosage along with power.

  87. Hello Doctor.i have been diagnosed with gout since Jan 2016, my uric acid level is around 6.6 to 7.5,

    I was prescribed Febuxostat after which the pain on the small bones in the entire body has stopped. I have stopped taking it since Jan 2017.t

    Now I am taking Berberis Pentarkan 2-2-2 ; Urtica Urens 20-20-20 drops; Acidum Benzoicum 2-0-2 drops since June 2017 but my uric acid level is still 7.1 as on 14.10.17 no improvement, I have the great toe on left side discolored, have pain and cramps on both the legs and knee joints even now. I feel thirsty always. Thyroid is normal but my Tryglycerides 185 and LDL 148/VLDL 37

    Am I taking proper medication or should I change the medicines kindly suggest.

  88. Chandra mohan mobil 9905030035 says:

    Sir namaskar mera uric acid 8.5 hai mujhe chalne me paresani hota hai.sahi treatment batai.

  89. Muhammad javed says:

    Hello dr sahab
    Mera uric acid 6.5 he
    Puri body me dardein hein
    Urtica urens Q
    Berberis vulgaris Q… din me teen bar le raha hun.

  90. Asim khan says:

    Sar Mara walad ko shoger hai or test karwaya hai wo 368 hai ib in ko heart ke problem ho gie hai Dr.. Na kha hai heart ka size bhar gia hai or dil 20 sa. 25% kam kar rahia hai or shath ureacacid b bouth bhara hoia hai rat ko in ko neind nai ati Na. He din ko jab b soya sanc bhar hate hai plz help I m Asim from Pakistan in ke age 67 year hai g

  91. i have 7.5 uric acid level please advise homeopathic medicine for the same

    • murthy ysrkm says:

      my uric acid level is 10.9 asper report. there are no symptoms of Gout. but suffering with body itching. Kindly suggest me suitably.

  92. Md. Ali Akbar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good afternoon. I have already written to you regarding my prostate, kidney problems on 28.09.2017.
    Eagerly waiting for your return mail with prescribed medicine. Please reply my below mail dated 28.09.2017.

    With best regards

    Md. Ali Akbar
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  93. Ravindra karekar says:


  94. Scheherazade says:

    My nephew has high uric acid though hes only 26. He also has viral rashes. Which remedy would you auggeat for him and for how long in what potency?

  95. Md. Ali Akbar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings from Bangladesh. Myself is Md. Ali Akbar, age 63. I am having kidney problem last two years. The superficial symptoms are frequent pressure of urination, I cannot hold urine pressure more than an hour in working times. I am suffering from waist pain and neck pain for long time. Also feeling unwell all the days with mild headache starting from mid noon till I go to sleep taking sleeping pills.

    I am having kidney cysts and mildly enlarged prostate. My USG report of May, 2016 first shows two cortical cysts in right kidney measuring about 15X13 mm and 13X10 mm and mildly enlarged protaste.

    Latest USG report dated 08.02.17 shows the cortical cysts in right kidney measuring about 16.2X10.7 mm and 16X14.4 mm and mildly enlarged prostate 4.2X3.2 cm; volume 24 cc.

    Latest blood reports done on 26.09.17 shows, creatinine level 1.55 mg/dl (reference value 0.6 – 1.50)
    and uric acid 8.29 mg/dl (ref value 3.50 – 7.20).

    Please prescribe medicines for me to get cured from kidney, prostrate disease and its allied dysfunctions.

    Eagerly wait for your kind reply.

    With best regards

    Md. Ali Akbar
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  96. Najamul-Islam says:

    I am 55 year old and my uric acid is 9.5
    plz suggest me a medicine for this.
    my wight 73 kg and hight 5;10 Inch .please help me


    • Dr. Tariq (Academician) says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma, Good morning

      I have pain in ankle joints. I have tested my blood for uric acid. I got 8.8 uric acids. It is very difficult to move , suddenly I got teasing pain. I can not stand properly. I also have psoriatic arthritis.

      Please prescribe me the homeopathic medicine.


      Dr. Tariq

  97. Dr.shab
    My life is first time pain my age 48 years 15 days pain
    Benzoic Acid dawa uric acid me kitni dose leni h
    My uric acid test riport 9.0 unit mg/dl is time

  98. Dr.shab
    Benzoic Acid dawa uric acid me kitni dose leni h
    My uric acid test riport 9.0 unit mg/dl is time

  99. S I Gajakosh from Hubballi ;-580028 says:

    S I Gajakosh from Hubballi. Conditions—- knee joint and hip joint cannot move essilly and, joint space will reduce, Uric acid stored in all joints.

  100. Ajai Srivastava says:

    Sir, There is pain on hip joints, lower toes, pain in spine lower side near hip joint.The level of uric acid is 9.52 . I am taking Zyloric 300 along with pain killer, It has reduced pain. Kindly advise Homeo Medicine for my treatment.
    I am suffering for the last 15 year.

  101. There is a pain in heel in right leg. Is this the symptom of high Urvi acid. Pl advise treatment

  102. Arvind kumar says:

    my uric acid level 9.5. please suggest best medicine and dosage

    • Dear Dr Sharma, good morning,

      I am suffering from psoriatic arthritis for 6-8 years. The blood report says uric acid 8.8. I have cutting pain in ankle joints. I can not walk properly. Some time that joint cannot support my weight, I have take support from any wall.

      Please prescribe the homeopathic medicine so I can start immediately.



  103. Sir
    I am suffering from Gout and My uric acid levels are 7 to creatinine level increases from 0.9 to 1.27.

    I am a non vegetarian aged 57 years and working in a private company.

    . Kindly let me know a good medicine for reducing uric acid plus creatinine level blood

    Ajay Kumar

  104. Avinash Barge says:

    I had a gout attack about 6 months back. I did not know the risk of high level of uric acid. It was 9 for about 1 year before the attack. I was put on goutnil for 5 days and later on zyloric 300 for one month. My level came down to 5.2 After that it was zyloric 100 for 1 month but my level increased to 6.2 I am a non vegeterian but now eat fish or eggs. No chicken or mutton. I am 67 years old. Any suggestions or advice for a permenant cure ? Without side effects.

  105. M BHAVANI SHANKAR says:

    Iam suffering from Gout and Iam not in a position to walk due to swollen toe in right leg.

    Iam a pure vegetarian aged 53 years and working as a Section officers in Accounts department.

    My uric acid levels are 7 to 8 . Kindly let me know a good medicine for this gout and reducing uric acid levels in blood

    m bhavani shankar

  106. Santosh kumar Gupta says:

    My blood uric acid is 8.10 please help me with homypaithic Medicine

  107. Sir
    I am 55 year old and my uric acid is 9.0.
    plz suggest me a medicine for this.
    i am also a over weaith my wight 90 kg and hight 5;10 Inch .plz help me

  108. Sir i m suffering from poly arthritis. After blood report found that uric acid level has been raised.sir plls suggest me how can i cure. Always oblise.

  109. Dr. Saib , my uric acid level 8.3
    So please suggests me treatment and
    I am also have lower back pain and with this pain is going to left leg so I can not walk.

    PS give me advice .
    Thanking you in anticipation

  110. Jenny Geronimo says:

    Good day Dr. Sharma. My husband has a gout. He is taking allupurinol everytime his gout attacks. I saw his pain and I am worried about his condition. He’s too young to experience this kind of pain, he’s only 34 years old. What would be the best medicine or home remedy treatment to lower his uric acid. I’m hoping for your immediate response. Thank you and God bless.

  111. pabitra samanta says:

    Dr. Sharma sar
    I am pabitra from Nepal, live in India
    I am 26yrar old
    My uric acid levalo 7.2
    My everyday is very painful ! I am mentally broken my life !
    So please please Sar suggest me any medicine .

  112. Respected Dr. Sahab,

    I m suffering from uric acid since last 2 years, can u please let me know whether it is permanent curable or not in homeopathic treatment ?

    Thanks & Best regards,


    • Avinash Barge says:

      I had a gout attack about 6 months back. I did not know the risk of high level of uric acid. It was 9 for about 1 year before the attack. I was put on goutnil for 5 days and later on zyloric 300 for one month. My level came down to 5.2 After that it was zyloric 100 for 1 month but my level increased to 6.2 I am a non vegeterian but now eat fish or eggs. No chicken or mutton. I am 67 years old. Any suggestions or advice for a permenant cure ? Without side effects.

  113. Babita Saxena says:

    Namaste Dr. Sharma, Mera Uric acid 9 point ho gya tha phir theek ho gya after treatment. Per aajkal phir foot me aur heel me shooting pain h . Kya medicine lu plz suggest me.

  114. Dear Sir, my self j k Dash, i am 46 yrs old suffering from uric acid since 2 month’s.I can’t walk.feeling pain in right side leg finger.i use Colchicum from 3 days but the pain is as equal.please suggest me what can I do?
    J k Dash
    M 9711008933

  115. Hello doctor,

    I m 33 yr old…I have fatty liver with hight sgpt ,shot and uric acid of 8.0
    I feel pain in my left leg in the evening and specially at night… could not sleep properly due to this.

    Please suggest what should I do for this

  116. Suman Sarkar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Myself Suman Sarkar , 38/M, suffering from fatty liver. My bilirubin level is 2.2, SGPT is 92, Uric Acid – 7.7
    Pls recommend medicines so that it gets cured fast.

    Suman Sarkar

  117. Sujata vacher says:

    Hello Dr.
    My husband has been suffering from Gout ,high uric acid and kidney stones in kidneys since past 20 years .
    After his creatinine raised to 1.55 and before it gets worst I have concluded that i should go for an alternative treatment .
    Any suggestions dr.??
    Deep respect

  118. Uric leval 4.5 Reslt mg/dl 09-sep-2017.. P.Kumar.

  119. SHEIKH SOHAIL says:




  120. I am feeling stiffness in knees hand finger itching in skin fungs type itching in foot finger
    Please guide me

  121. amit kedia says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am facing issue of high uric acid i.e 10.5 in my body currently also my liver is fatty after i suffered from dengue in 2011.

    now i am having pain in my fingers joints, heels and shoulder. also i am taking zyloric 100 mg twice daily from last 6 months but no result. I have taken many medication from Doctors of Medanta also but no relief from pain

    Please suggest me what medicine will be good to get complete rid from this issue

  122. Ranjeet ranjan a n says:

    Sir my uric acid is 10 I have gut pain on toe please suggest medicinr

  123. Sir
    I’m 50 yrs old
    Having uric acid level 6.8
    I’m not a hard worker
    kindly advice

  124. hi my uric acid level is 5.6 is it normal

  125. Aejaz malik says:

    Forty five years back I had swollen joint(left foot). Allopathic remedy did work, but lot of water without any medicine has worked for me well for last 44 years. Tests show a value 7.8 or above, in regular 6monthly tests. Any homeo remedy which can reduce blood uric acid value in my case.


    I have pain in my finger joints especially the joint between thumb and wrist. Can you prescribe a homeo medicine for my condition. This condition is there since last one year. I am 64 years old.

  127. manoj kumar says:

    Dear Dr Sharama
    I am having history of hyperuricemia since last 20 years. I have been taking Xyloric 100 mg 2-3 per day since then , not regularly keeping some gap. Last one year or so I am not getting swelling of lower joints (as used to happen) rather there used to be lot of gases in my system and comes out as frequent burping. Even I used to have serious headache. But once I increased the doses to 3 or 4 Xyloric per day , gases are not there.
    Hyperuricemia is genetic in mu family, four out of five brothers are suffering from this. Sisters are having hormone problems like irregular period, raised thyroid level, etc.

    It is understood that my body has got habituated to high doses of Xyloric line 300-400 mg per day. I want to reduce my dependence on Xyloric
    One of my brother is taking URTICA URANS GERMAN , 10 drops with water 3 times .

    Please advise me right homepathic med for hypweruricemia

  128. Alo kumar says:

    My uric acid is on boder line .Ihave no pain in my toe or feet . Please suggest me any medicine in homeopath

  129. Subhash Jain says:

    increase uric acid

  130. Sudhanshu Sharma says:

    My uric acid level is 7.1
    Please suggest what should I take as medicine.

  131. Tanusree Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear sir ,meh 18 ki hu lkin meri height 5 feet 1inch aur weight 39 hai mujhe dek k lgta nehi meh 18 ki hu …meh bhut jayda patli hu kya karu sir thki joldi meri weight bar jay ….meh kuch dino se B complex with vitamin C yeah medicine me rehi hu kya isse meri weight air height joldi baregi …..sir kya karu meh taking joldi meri height air weight bar jay plzzzz help me Sir

  132. Dear dr sharma
    Greeting of the day
    I have herniated disc L5 S1
    I’ll be grateful to you

  133. Dr Mohammad Amir Khan says:

    I feel burning soles , especially afternoon, evening and night. Moreover I am highly sensitive to heat, and also to cold to some extent. After exposure to heat I suffer from body ache . During the last two years I have suffered from three bouts of severe pain in my left foot, especially inner outer side.

    On testing during the last three months uric acid level in my blood has been found around 8 mg.

  134. Dear Sir

    I am suffering from body pain and uneasy present my uric acid leveis 7.6.

    pl suggest. my age is 53 yaears.

    Thanks and Regards


    Dear Sir, My uric acid level was 5.1 when tested 15 days before
    The I gone for naturopathic treatment ,for past 15 days I doing dieting by only eating fruits and vegetables ,
    The after 15 days , my test result show rise in uric acid, ut a considerable reduction in cholestrol.
    Pls advice

  136. Rupesh karmakar says:

    I am suffering from sleeplessness, nightmare, weight loss, irritation, indigestion, burning sensation in chest, gastric, , urin burning sensation, weakness, lack of concentration, nervousness,. I am 38+male and just appointed as assistant teacher in govt. Sector. Feeling weakness in sex. My body weight is 58 and height is 5”9.please prescribed me proper medicine.
    Thanking u.

  137. Sudhir Kumar Mathur says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 56 year old male pear shaped belly 83 Kg suffering with pain in right leg heel from last about a year. I am a patient of dislipidemia with hypertension (border line high bp) since last 6-8 years and put on Telmistron 40 mg + Metaprolol succinate 25 mg one tab daily and Rosuvastatin 5 mg at night. Please suggest.


    Sudhir Kumar Mathur

  138. Jamil Uddin says:

    I want to use COLCHICUM & BENZOIC ACID for release uric acid. Please advice me for the power and doses of medicines.

  139. Ghazala Munir says:

    Hello sir
    My uric ascid lavel is 6.8 and sugar level is 6.8 , up and down . I have gouts under arms and legs ,taking gouric 40mg one tablet daily,inosita 50/500 tivic. My body produces heat please guide me.

  140. akhlaq ahmed says:

    dear sir,
    me and my brother are patient of gout .my brother have uric acid crystal at every joint. his joint of leg are unmovable . and discharge uric acid crystal as liquid form.
    pls give us suitable sugection

  141. Avinash Singh says:

    Good day Sir,
    After my blood test I found out that I have high uric acid that is 9 .
    And now I can see gout formation in my wrist.
    Today I have purchased mother tincher of Colchicum and Ledum Pal .
    Advise me what quantity to take of above medicines.
    Chemist has also given me Calcarea Fluorica tablet.
    I have great pain in my heels .
    Kindly advise.
    Avinash Singh
    Mob 8765169135

    • kamal dey. says:

      Sir.i hv been suffering from uric acid since last 6 yrs.and now my uric acid leve is 7 .toe is swelling and pain which is unbearable .I like to control it though help me.regards.kamal dey.

  142. Pratima Tare says:

    Sir my mother is 80 yrs old and having uric acid problem since last 6 yrs uric acid level is 9.0. She has high blood pressure. Usually her left toe used to be affected but since last month her elbow n right toe also has started getting swelling sir pls tell me good homeopathy medicine for her so she gets better.

  143. Dipak talikdar says:

    Sir i am suffering last 1 years from uric eye down side some spot during this time.fitsttime those spot are small.but now those are being large.a am now 32 years. I am also veg and non veg.sir plz give me some solution.spl spot of eye downside.

  144. SHRI NIWAS SHARMA says:

    suffelring from high uric acid since last 20 years. my uric acid ranges from 7 to 10.most effected area is right foot big toe. totally vegeterian take all food precautions.earlier it took 10- 15 days to be normal but now since last four years it takes three to four months to be normal. urine dark yellow and very bad smell.swelling with copper colour shining on the skin.

  145. Ram kishore shukl says:

    Sir I am suffering from gouts having uric acid 7.8 please advise homeo medicine

  146. Rabi Kumar Sahu says:

    Sir Good Afternoon, My uric acid level is above 7 and I have a pain in toes . Plz suggest me medicine

  147. N.K.Sharma says:

    Sir Good evening, my wife suffering from high level ofuurea,protien,uricacid,wight loss 15kg with in 2month,blood sugar normal ,thyroid high.urea 98.78,creatinine 7.20,uricacid 7.20,phosphorus 4.52,calcium total8.19,ALP 125,Total protien8.43,sodium141,chloride 111.20 please suggest the medicine, Age 60 years,sir I retire Chief pharmacist,thanks sir

  148. मनोज कुमार says:

    नमस्कार सर,
    मेरी परेशानी है की मेरे लेफ्ट एड़ी में दर्द रहता है. जब मैं सुबह सुबह उठता हूँ तो ज्यादा होता है. और ज्यादा डियर बैठने के बाद चलने पर भी तेज होता है.

    मेरा खान पान: सर मैं शराब और बियर के साथ मीट का सेवन भी करता हूँ. मुझे ये लगता है की जब से मैंने अपने खान पान में ये सब चीजे शामिल की है तभी से ही ये समस्या हुई है. मुझे ये सब सेवन करते हुए लगभग ७ साल होगये है.
    मैं ये सब रोज नहीं खाता पीता लेकिन ८ या १० दिनों के अंतर से और कभी कभी ८ दिनों में २ बार भी हो जाता है.

    आपसे निवेदन है कृपया समाधान दे.

  149. anguri devi age 67yrs. says:

    Solitary rectal uler syndrum,dibatic,weakness of heart, disordering in digesting

  150. Madhukar Dewan says:

    My son suffers from high levels of uric acid means always more than 7.Now vitiligo developed all of a sudden.could u suggest homoeopathic medicine for him .He is 30.

  151. A K Singh says:

    My uric acid level is 7.4 and I have a pain in knee . Plz suggest me medicine

  152. My uric levels r high.urine smells in mornings & 2-4hrs after taking meals.bubbly & foamy in commode specially in morning’s & after 2-4 hours of meals

  153. apu patra says:


  154. Ramdas Roy says:

    My wife ,55 , is diabetic since 5yrs, type – 2, DM and taking ALLOPATH IC Medicine . In the morning she is taking HOMOEO _Q — VIZ– SYZ J , GYM SYL , SHEPHALICA IND. But no such improvement has been noticed. Diet is controlled. I would like to stop allopathy and switch over to HOMEO . Please prescribe effective medicines so that it can be contd. Recently she has been feeling pain in left toe . Waiting for your advice and permanent prescription , FBS–130, PPBS –240, BP -CONTROLLED WITH MEDICINES.

    • Tahir Iqbal Bhatti says:

      I am suffering from gout and my uric acid is 515. It is chronic and I suffer gout attack on my toe ballots once in a year.

  155. Ajay Pandey says:

    My Son aged about 18 yrs is suffering from thyroid and high uric acid resulting swelling in both the legs. Alopathic medicine used to cure is furic 40 & thyrox.
    Please suggest homoeopathy medicine for complete cure.
    Your valuable guidance is highly appreciated.

  156. Arabinda Bhattacharya says:

    Sir,my uric acid level is 7.2 and feeling pains while walking.My ankle has swallowed and feeling hot sensation at that portion.please suggest medicine.

  157. muhammad akram says:

    I have uric acid problem to the level of 8 mg and feel pain in knees and toes often. please suggest medicine with quantity and timings

  158. Prostate small hogya hai sir urin karne me bhi problem ho raha hai uric acid or nitric acid ka matra bhad gaya kon sa medicine use kya jaye

  159. Ramesh Chander says:

    My wife named sharda age 49, suffering from pain on the back foot due to uric acid high. Please suggest some treatment in homeo.

    • Shakti Prasad Tiwari says:

      यूरिक एसिड 6.7 है ।
      पूरे शरीर मे दर्द रहता है विशेष कर.हड्डियोंमेंसुस्ती बहुत रहती है । किसी काम को करने मे मन नहीं लगता है ।
      शुगर बी पी सामान्य है ।
      पेशाब करते समय ऐसा लगता है जैसे मूत्रनली में कुछ रेंग रहा है ।
      एक माह.मे 1-50किलो वजन घट गया है ।

  160. yogendra lal karna says:

    Recent test of uric acid shows elevated level i.e. 7.8. I am taking allopathic medicine febutaz40 for the same. no other symptom is seen. pl suggest remedy .

  161. Om Parkash Thakur says:

    I am a chronic uric acid patient. Presently my uric acid was 9.5 two weeks ago. I consulted a homeopathy doc and as per his advise i am taking led pal thrice a day in liquid form. 3-4 drops at a time. But still there is no significant relief from joint stiffness . kindly advise me whether should i change the medicine or i have to wait for furthet few days.


    Dr. Sharma ji.
    Good evening.
    I got tested my uric acid. It is 6.17.
    I use to feel total laziness.
    Body stiffness.
    Not willing to do any work.
    Not getting proper sleep.
    Is it all due to uric acid.
    Kindly confirm.
    Thanks a lot.

  163. Dilshad Anwar says:

    I am suffering with joints pain especially in both arms from shoulders and fingers are not folding completely of left hand but when I check my blood the uric acid level was 4.8 mg/dl and S creatinine was 1.43 mg/dl. Pls tell me the medicine

  164. Sunilkumar jadav says:

    Dr.sharma sir .i am Sunil jadav form bharuch Gujarat India age 59y I have suffered left joined pain mage i checked blood for uric acid show 9.2mg/dl dt.15 may 17 i have knees too painful & tightness inflammation diffical to sit down & get up. I have been taking allopathic medicines after Herat sent operation last 15y Ramipril 5mg.Atorvastatin 10mg. Prasugrel 10mg +Asprin 75mg sir pl.suggest medicines for uric Acid .Thanks &Regards Sunil jadav.

  165. Bhagwan vaswani says:

    Mera urac acid 7.6 hai Kya Barabar hai ya zyada hai

    • Abhishek Bhardwaj says:

      Bahut Jyada hai.
      Normal Position of Uric Acid is 4.0.
      After 4.0 but not cross 7.0 then excess Uric Acid. is point par dard ho bhi sakta hai or nhi bhi.
      Cross 7.0 means very high position.

  166. Abdul Majeed says:

    My friend is tb patient on the initial the appropriate medicine for this disease. Thanks.

  167. ishu singh says:

    mai uric acid se parshan hu muje kuchh davai ka salah de

  168. Jaya Mazumder says:

    Dr Sharma

    My son has very high uric acid inspite of complete diet control. Its a pure case of metabolic retention of purines. He has also been taking Fabustat 40 for past 8 months without any benefit. He is 15 years old. He does not have any pain or discomfort in the body but is overweight for his age. He weighs 85 kgs.
    Please suggest the best homeo for him.

    Thanks and regards
    Jaya Mazumder

  169. hoshiyar dhami says:

    Sir, I have Uric acid, my left ankle severely pain with swelling , burning sensation is also being felt in soles. Unable to move foot. Taking pain killer.
    kindly prescribe suitable medicine . Thanks

  170. Khalil ur Rehman says:

    Dr Sharma, l request you to kindly also indicate which power or dilution you recommend of various remedies that you suggest, because without this the remedies you recommend are futile. Everyone doesn’t know which power is effective for certain disease. Thanks

  171. Tarun sharma says:

    Sir I am Tarun sharma and I have suffered joined pain lags & shoulder and etc. I checked blood for uric acid and show 8℅ growth. Which is normally would be 4℅. So. Please give me sujjest accurate medicine.and one more advise multiple stone in gallbladder 6.5mm

  172. Dear Doctor Sharma

    My age is 42 and I have problem of uric acid for past ten years for which I have taken no medicine yet, these days its reach to 7.5-8, I have thrice disc slip.

    The main problem is that my legs are very tiring in the night and in high pain, i have sounds in my knees. earlier I used to run but now my knees hurts when I try to do so. Leg pain is constant and is very painful.

    Kindly suggest medicine.

    Thanks in advance

  173. rocky sahil says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from uric acid which reached up to 8.08 mg/dl. i have both knees too painful and tightness and inflamation. difficult to sit down and get up. left hand baby finger is having stiffness and pain and got a swelling seen from outside. I have been taking allopathic medicine from 02 months but no cure.

    Kindly advise which medicine shall I start to cure this painful confition.

  174. Shamsher mehta says:

    Sir, I have Uric acid 6.7 mg/dl, Blood urea 41 mg/dl ,S Creatinine 1.3 mg/dl. Some times i feel cracking pain in left or right or both knees in morning, my both ankles severely pain without swelling , burning sensation is also being felt in soles. Toes of both feet r also pain full. In morning urine colour dark yellow with back ache near both kidneys . kindly prescribe suitable medicine . Thanks

  175. Jyotsna Mehrotra says:

    Hi sir i am a lactating mother n my baby is breastfeeding. Which homeopathy med is recommended as i was prescribed Sapfenac SP by a doctor but then i found it unsafe for nursing babies online.

  176. pausali chattopadhyay says:

    sir i am 29 years old.i am suffering from irregular mens.last 2 years ago pcod problem and thyroid(now5.3)has been detacted.i am now 90 kg weight.last 4 months ago doctor give me pulsitila1m and abroma radix.last 2 months my mens are stop.that medicine is has told me to continuing this medicine.please give me suggestion.

  177. dear sir,
    i around 39 years, and having problems, such as calf muscle pain is always, my uric level is aroun 7-8, in morning , body temperature is always high no fever, dizzyness, urine is pale yellow, and while urinating it is force then after it is in drops. pls do advise what sort of treatment i should go for, i usually prefer homeopathy only.
    thanks and best regards

  178. Vinodkumar says:

    Sir iam vinodkumar my serum uric acid is 6.7 will u please sajest any medicine my age is 56 no gout formation. Pain in feet and swelling

  179. to control uric acid in the age of 54
    women 7.2 uric acid.

  180. Shyamalendu Roy says:

    Hello sir

    My name is Shyamalendu Roy having uric acid level 7.8 at present

    Undergone through allopathic treatment and taking FEBUTAZ 40 regularly for last 3 months.

    I want to start homeopathic treatment

    Suggest me something

    • A K SAXENA says:

      Respected sir,
      My name is A K Saxena age 57 Yrs having uric acid level 7 to 7.5% at present. Undergone through allopathic treatment and taking FEBUGOOD 40 regularly for last 3 months but uric acid did not reduce below 6.0. I am also suffering from prostate problem which volume is 28 cc & Bladder before micturation volume 474 cc 123 cc after micturation ie urine flow is not proper.
      I want to start homeopathic treatment. Kindly suggest me for both something.

  181. Shiekh Basharat says:

    I am Basharat age 54 yrs have Uric acid level 7.0 but no pain . On brisk walk my calf muscle feel discomfort On normal annual check up creatinine level also around 1 higher side. Kindly advise

  182. surendra sharma says:

    sir my uric acid 7.3 my age 44 year ply sugested homeopathic medicine

  183. Manjit singh says:

    My uric acid 6.6 my age 32year pls tell me about homeopathic remedies properly

  184. Sib Kumar Mallik says:

    Sib Kumar….. my wife’s uric acid is 6.6. She is 62years old.Advice me proper homeo medicine for her.

  185. Harcharan Singh says:

    My uric acid level is 5.5… please advise me proper homeopathic medicine…

  186. -deepak says:

    Sir I am -deepak malviya and I have suffered joined pain lags finger and etc. I checked blood for uric acid and show 8℅ growth. Which is normally would be 4℅. So. Please give me sujjest accurate medicine.

  187. ROHIT JAIN says:

    Dr.sab. I am 36 y old Male. Uric acid level is 7.6. Facing pain in angle while walking. Toe and finger joints.
    It feel very warm in joints. Taking urtica urens Q and actea sp.
    Kindly suggest

  188. Rajesh Arora says:

    My uric acid is 6.5 which medicine I can take to cure

  189. Gopal ji says:

    Pain sabhi hand finger,pure hath pair me,pure badan me,uric acide 4.8 hai. Please solve.

  190. mohammad razmi says:

    Sir, I m suffering from pain in my legs, toes, knees. My uric acid is 7.2. in the the pain is very high. i can”t walk. I can’t climb stairs also

  191. I am mani .age 58 years. Suffering from gout. My doctor has given colchicum and ledempal.. I am suffering from Uric acid crystals suffers great toe that night I unable to sleep. I want best medicine with veg food habits. Pl your advise.

  192. yogendra verma says:

    sir mere urin me jalan or urin ka bar bar jana pet me jaln or sar chkrana yesamasya hai pliz help me

  193. Dr.M.Arshd says:

    Nice,informative,a great work for the welfare of humans

  194. SURAJIT BASU says:

    My Wife Age 30. She suffering from joint pain in whole body. also suffrering headache, acididity problem, BP alwasys low(90/60). please tell me

  195. anil kumar tripathi says:

    Meri umr 55 varsh hai.mera uric acid lebel 8.4 hai

    • p.k.jayswal says:

      I am 54 year old suffering from uric acid ,7.91mgdl prescribed medicine and dose?

    • philips joseph says:

      sir my age is 50 yrs i am suffering from high uric acid since 17 years i have tried every sort of medicines but my level does not down to 10 please help me i eat only moong dal and chapati

  196. arun ghadge says:

    meri umar 55yesr mera problam hip joit ke nasome sujan aur pairome

  197. Zia ul haque says:

    My uric acid level is 9
    Age 24
    kindly advise me.

  198. anwaarbhutta says:

    Uric asid 7.0
    Age 55

  199. Abhinav mittal says:

    My mother is having 6.93 uric acid
    And having a pain in shoulder.
    Her age is 58yrs. Please suggest some medicine

  200. R k verma says:

    My wife has high Utica acid 8.6 and there is pain in her feet . She is taking urticaria urns Q for the last 6 months ( 10 drops thrice a day) please suggest some medicine

  201. chandan acharjee says:

    I am 42 age .male .i suffering uricacid problem from 1 year. i taking furic 8mg tablet .but no any progress. pls suggest me homio meadicine. my uric acid level is 8

  202. Hi, My uric acid is 7.2. I am 35 years and weigh 100 kilos. I have recurring headaches but no gout or joint pains. I am hypothyroid too. Which medicine and how can homeopathy help me?

    • SUMANTA Kumar MANDAL says:

      Hi I am SUMANTA my uric acid 7.2. I 37 years old my ASO Titer- 380 ui/ml. My ESR-44 my weight – 82 kg . please suggest me homio medicine.

  203. Masood says:

    I’m suffering from raised Uric acid levels and gout attack .currently I’m taking treatment from an Artho specialist .uric acid goes up and down(3.6–7.7).is there any Homeo remedy for this.

  204. abid malik says:

    hello, my problem is that iam from pakistan i know there is 100% good cure in homeopathic,but there is
    no help here in usa,and no easy way to get homeopathic medicines, so i need advice and trusted supplier
    from india. What make me nervous is,as some side effect of,may be of high uric acid, on heart. It sinks
    and i feel very bad as if i would have a heart attack. it shows all indications of a heart attack. so the doctor
    has given me a pill to control it and now i feel i ambecoming adependant on it. I dont want to.It certainly
    has something with my digestion. I couldnot take any physical exercise due to weather and some financial
    troubles.That i am certain soon i would do something, but i need some thing to improve my kidney and
    to help digestion as well. In these medicines that you have suggested, My symptoms are for the first one
    calchicum, but due to treatment i do not have swelling but i know my uric acid level is about 8.

  205. I am having very high uric acid level almost 8.
    I want to know does homeopathy treatment permanently cure uric acid.

  206. manmohan singh says:

    Sharma Ji

    My son is 19 years old. He has high uric acid and high protein level. I tried the diet control but not successful. He loose his wait and hairs also. Please advise treatment.

    • Anshu tiwari says:

      Respected sir,
      I am 37yrs esr level is does control it. I am r a patient. My ra level 100.i also take azadirachta indic1x,chelidonium majus and circus long. I have no child.

  207. Dr sharma plz advise the high uric acid of my feather.who opreated for heart and replaced stunt which homeopathic medicine is save

  208. V K Chhabra says:

    Respected Dŕ. Sharma ji
    I am 27 years old. Uric acid is 7.2.
    Pain in wrist,Toes,Ankles,Knees.
    Gout on toes and wrist.
    Kindly advise

  209. vishal arora says:

    Dr. Sharma, Have been going through the questions raised by everyone and happy to see you have been helping people around. My case too is the same have high uric acid 7.6 and have pain in legs and joint in legs. High cholesterol and high triglycerides
    Please suggest the medicines for immediate relief

  210. Dr Atta ullah says:

    You should use bezoic acid 30 five,five drops three times a day in one sip of water. As well as Berbaris vulgaris Q 10,10 drops 4 times a day.for one week then report.

  211. I. M. ANAND says:

    suggest homeo medicines of uric acid and prohibitions of eating.

    • Anjani Rai says:

      I am 49 yrs old my uric acid level is 7.4 and blood sugar p.p. is 215 . Great toe of rt leg is painful swallen and root of toe is redish in colour. Please advised medicine and diet precaution.

  212. P R JANGALE says:

    pain in knee joint uric acid level is 7.1 pain increase when take any cold drink

  213. A.k.bhat says:

    I am 48 years make. 160cm height and 120kg weight. Known diabetic and hypertensive. Alcoholic. Uric acid is 8.1 and triglycerides is 308. Cholesterol is normal. Grade 2 fatty liver. Suffering with pain in both anckels. Difficult to walk. Sitting job. Please help me.

  214. NEPAL CHANDRA MAL says:

    my uric acid level is 7.2.craetinine 2.2.I needguidance to bring it down.inevertake alchole also
    non smoker.Which homeopathic medicine ican take.

  215. VR KUMAR says:

    I am having uric acid problem which is in the bigening stage. I want homeopathic treatment as my lower part of legs is swollen and difficulty in walking

  216. fareed sharif says:

    i am syffering from Uric Acid since 2007 and tried different doctors but did not find complete cure. now adays i am trying homeopethic medicine from my local doctor but level of uric acid did not reduce from 9.7 what i should do mow

  217. My doc recommend me rota g 30 & urtica u.. .but it’s not working. .plz help

  218. Vijay Kumar Mago, M-9899545882. says:

    I am having pain in my ancle when I walk, which subsides when I continue walking sometime about 40 mts. but after taking some rest when I walk again pain reoccurs. Sometimes the gets distributed around that area in continuous walking . Dr.has suggested as high production of uric acid in the blood. Please suggest the Homeopathic medicine, it’s dosage and the period for which it will have to be consumed.


    Dear Dr Sharma, My wife is experiencing pain below the foot in the morning when she steps down from the bed. She is only 23. Body weight is 60 kg. Height is 5’4″.
    Is it a case of forming excess Uric acid? Please suggest suitable remedy.

  220. My husband has Utica acid level 8 . It’s on higher side and he develops pain in the one foot or the other and feels difficulty in walking and it becomes ok in a week or two . Suggest a medicine . He is 45

  221. SANTANU MAITRA says:

    I am suffering from Joint pain at each part of the Body more specifically elbow, wrist, fingers. It is aggravated in the winter season but the pain continues in the summer season also. Initially the pain started from toe but after period of 2 to 3 years it was gradually spread over the different parts of the body. But i don’t know whether the pain on elbow, wrist, finger etc is due to Uric Acid or other reason.

    Please suggest some medicine to reduce the pain in the winter season which is practically unbearable.

    Thanks and Regards

    Santanu Maitra

  222. dktalukdar says:

    My uric acid was 9.2 when i feit sever pain in my shouider and back now i am feeling better after taking few doses of ledum pal 30 atpresent uric acid comed to 4.68.right shoulder pain giving me trouble please give me advice

  223. Mainak Ghosh says:

    I have high triglycerides whose level is 543 mg/dl and high VLDL cholesterol level is 108 mg/dl. My uric acid level is 6.9 mg/dl. Kindly suggest medicine to reduce those factors.

  224. Ratheesh mv says:

    Dear sir
    I am ratheesh aged 36 from trivandrum , I am married and I am, working in a bank . I feel pain in the right heel and feel hot through out the body . I checked my blood and found that my uric acid level is 7.8 and my creatinine level is 1.5 I feel pain in the joints and muscle . I took aalserum 30 5 drops thrice and R64 of reckweg 10 drops for last two weeks . I checked blood again and results are as follows
    Uric acid 8.5
    Urea creatinine lowered to 1.31
    Please advice medicine

  225. Help me…it is very pain in right toe join since last night there are no medical store nearby

  226. ss joshi says:

    My uric acid is 6.8 and pain in foot area. Pl guide me how to remove this.

  227. Great

    Sir Tell me about pain during urination Blood Cell, (genital herpes) or something other cause ?

  228. N. GANGULY says:


  229. JayantaAmadr dad says:

    Sir, i am 44 yrs old, my uric acid level is 6.77, left hill pain is first morning (bed theke other par) and then normally. My wife is 35 yrs her colrstoral​ level is 210, pl. recommended medicine & diet chat.

  230. Mohammad Anwar Bhatti says:

    محترم ڈاکٹر صاحب
    میری بیوی جس کی عمر 45 سال ھے عرصہ چار سال سے پیشاب کی تکلیف میں مبتلا ھے رات کو بار بار پیشاب آتا ھے ھے اور پیشاب میں شدید جلن ھوتی ھے جسم میں بہت درد رہتا ھے

  231. Sunanda shewale says:

    My uric acid level is 40. I was operated my shoulder last 15 days. I have done arthroscopy. Last 5 – 6 years my uric acid level is same. I am suffering from diabetic, hypertension, thyroid last 10 years. I am 51 years old woman. Please suggest me suitable medicine so that my uric acid level is decrease.

  232. prashant says:

    Hello sir, meri kidni shrenk ho chuki hai…mera creatinine 5.1 hai…mujhe high b.p problem hai..uske liye alopathic teblelet le raha hu…mera serum uric asid 7.1 hai..abhi dialysis nahi huaa hai kabhi condition m uric asid kam karne ke liye treatment batayie…
    Meri age 25 hai…mujhe 9 month se kidni problem hai but uric asid last month hi badhaa hai…

  233. harwinder Singh says:

    Hello sir,my uric acid levels are in the range of 7.2, my neck & Arms hurts , I am suffering pain in fingers before 2 months, now I am taking 40 mg daily by Doctor advice, please suggest me a homeopathic medicine to cure uric acid.
    Can homeopathic medicine cure uric acid permanently?

  234. Rakesh Kumar Haköo says:

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  235. md ali khan says:

    good morning doctor , i have problem in most of my body joints. i am 60 years old. my utic level is 4.7 , Please suggest a suitable homeopathic medicinne for releafe from pain.

  236. Dear Sir,
    I have cronic stone problem in my both kidneys.
    Kindly suggest me some medicine

  237. Manoj Kumar says:

    Good Morning
    Dr. Sharma
    I have pain in joins and difficulty to walk. I have observed this type of pain every year in the month of March for 5-8 day. I have visited a lot of doctor they told me that this is uric acid related pain. Please suggest me a proper treatment for uric acid in homeopathic . I am 38 years old , non smoking non alcoholic , I eat non- veg twice in a week only chicken and fish.

  238. I am desingh aged 52. A 15 year long gout patient. Rt knee is deformed. Uric acid is always been 7 and 12. To prevent further damage need your opinion. I live in chennai

  239. K V ganatra says:

    I have urick acid problem what medicine I must take
    I have little pain in leg thumb

  240. i have a uric acid 6.5 pain in knee . what homeopathic medicine u suggest for me.

  241. anjeet kumar Roy says:

    I have problem of slip disk L5-S1.
    Also suffering from High Uric Acid since 13 years.
    So please give some suggestion .
    My age is 35

  242. Sudhir Gupta says:

    My uric acid is 7.1 and I am having pain at fingers. My age is 59 yrs.

    • Utpal Saikia says:

      Hi sir,my uric acid levels are in the range of 7.5, my left feet hurts a lot from the ankle to the joint, I am suffering pain left leg finger before 4 months, now I am taking Ziloric 100mg daily by Doctor advice, please suggest me a homeopathic medicine to cure uric acid.
      Can homeopathic medicine cure uric acid completely ?

  243. Anand Dhawan says:

    Sir my foots swoles in the evening around healbone. My uric acid is today report is 7.1.img%.i took three four times allopathic medicine in last three four years, it cures for time being but after three four months again abrogate.please suggest me the treatment and homeopathic Medline too. Thanks.

  244. Lal mohd says:

    Sir I am suffering from joints pain from last 10 years.Please tell me treatment.

  245. Biswanath Roy says:

    I have suffering right heel pain not in bone. I can not walk properly. Please guide me and oblige.

  246. D. Basak says:

    Uric acid is 7.6 mg/dl

  247. Sir my age 30 my uric acid is 2.3.i have joint pain plz tell me advice.

  248. pratapsing ekka. says:

    please tell me how I lower my uric acid is now more than 8.0

  249. Kanchan goswami says:

    Sir my father is now 80 years old having joint pain.I think it is for uric acid.what is the dose of medicine Colchicine and power of medicine.T banking you

  250. Sir, I feel light pain in my right knee and some times at my lower parts of my right knee. When I eat meat the pain raises. When I subside it the continues. I feel it from about 4 months. Please convey me the remedy as well as preventions.

  251. abid hussain says:

    dear sir my uric acid is slightly increased and causing pain in arm joint. I am heart patient pse advise me medicine to reduce uric acid.

  252. SHYAM GUPTA says:

    Dear Sir,
    i have problem of slip disk ,L4,L5.CRONIC

  253. Jawaha Lal Gupta says:

    My age is 59 +. I am suffering from high Uric Acid Level(7.00) and also prostate enlargement(76cm)but no urine retention.
    kindly suggest Homeopathic treatment.

    • Opc3 and vitalzyme work great for elevated psa. High doses of vitamin c 5000 mg/day . Eat foods rich in potassium. Remember drugs and a sad American diet high in fats, empty carbs and excess protein will cause Uris acid levels you rise. Tart cherry juice works wonders.

  254. Rajee kumar says:

    Sir I am suffering from tuberculosis in zygnomatic area and was being treated since 15dec2016 with Forecox
    Now doctor has changed medicine from Forecox to Rifa I6 forte with ecox 1000mg
    Now i have severe pain in right leg toe
    And in a URIC acid test it shows 9.4
    Pl guide and advise medicine

  255. Dr. Subodh Tiwari says:

    Dr.mera blood group testing me HLAB-27Postive nikla hai is samay mai 58 yrs ka hoon lkn jab mai 25 yrs ka tha tabhi se mere gardan me back me aur kulhe ke jont me aisa dard hota tha k joint moove karte hi bijli ke jhatke jaisa dard hota tha tabhi se dard badhta gaya tamam ilaaj her paty me lia lkn ilaaj band hote hi dard vapas ho jata tha present samay me lagbhag 2saal se ghutne me moove karte samay charcharahat ki awaj ati hai stair chadhte samay ya uthte samay aur baithte samay sui gadne ki tarah dard hota hai aur heel k theek upar wali wali bone me chalte samay pair uthate samay tej dard hota hai uric acid border line me 7/ ya isse jayada bhi ho jata hai 2008 me mujhe diabetes ho gai hai lkn control rahti hai haath ki ungali ke joint me bhi dard hota hai naakhoon ke theek niche wale jont me node bhi ho gaya hai alopaith me dr kahte hai Hlab-27ek geene hai jise theek nahi kia ja sakta hai pain ke liye alopath me etoricoxib 120mg ki tab din me ek baar leni padti hai jab tak ye dawa leta rahta hoon tab tak 70℅ aram milta hai dawa band karne par dard wapas aa jata hai kripaya mujhe homeo path me kaun si dava leni chahiye

  256. Deep Narain Srivastava says:

    I Deep Narayan Srivastava , age 49 years my uric acid is increased up to 9.6 caused swelling on left legs paw and jalan under the paw.
    And suffering from indigestion and weakness.

    • Hi sir,my uric acid levels are in the range of 7-9,my left feet hurts a lot from the ankle to the joint,I will not be able walk,I am taking febuxtaz 40 daily,please suggest me a homeopathic medicine to cure uric acid.
      Can homeopathic medicine cure uric acid completely.

  257. Deepak awasthi says:

    Sir my ghutne va hath me very pain koipramarsh

  258. Sir my hand and foot any time for sweat please have natural treatment explain in Tamil please sir help .

  259. my uric acid was 8.6 now lvel has been 6.44 what should do me for this level 6.44

  260. NITISH K ARYA says:

    dear sir,
    i have pain in my joints, after the blood checkup, my uric acid is increased, level 9. i have hip joint pain too.
    pls suggest me remedy for this disease.


  261. Sandeep kumar says:

    Sir i sandeep kumar my age 33 year old uric acid leavel on 6.5 letf hand fingle and below knee pain pleaes sutaible medicen

  262. Mr. M. Baruah says:

    Sir, my euric acid level is 9.24.l am male patient. Plz advice me.

    • I S Bhandari says:

      Dear Dr.
      My son aged 31 yrs having Gout problem since 5 yrs.
      His Uric acid level is more than 10.
      Will you please advise some of the very effective homeopathy medicine.

      Yr helping advise will certainly cure the disease.
      with regards and early reply!

      Yrs sincerely-
      IS Bhandari

  263. My uric acid 5.7 I feel pain in back and legs . What remade I can use.

  264. B.yadagiri says:

    My uricasid leval 7.02
    And jaintpain please iam how to use homeo midicine
    Plese write medicine prisception

  265. Padmakar Shankar joshi says:

    To day check uric acid level is 7.8
    Plz suggest me homeopathic tablets or syrup.

    • M Baltodano says:

      Dr Sharma, my uric acid is 8.0 and has given me gout in my right toe and right knee. The allopathic Dr. Prescribed me Allupurinol. Can you prescribe me some homeophatic medecine for this disease? In addition he prescribed Atorvastin 20 mg for Colesterol. Can you help me with it to.
      If you have anyoffice in Alexandria Virginia please let me know.

  266. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from high Uric Acid since January 1996, Serum Uric Acid was 10.5 and I had ankle joint pain with redness, swelling and pain. Allopathic doctors prescribed me Allopurinol salt.
    Serum Uric Acid level increases when I stop taking medicines. My body has become very stiff and sometimes I have backache and knee joint pain.
    Please prescribe me Homeopathic medicine for permanent cure of Uric Acid.
    Thanks & Regards,

  267. Dear Sir
    My wife is suffering from Uric acid . she now has pain in her knees kindly suggest the best medicine
    we consulted a Lady Dr.who gave non patent medicine of homeopathic resulting in increase of uric acid from 7.76 to 8.48 please reply

  268. Samona Sarin says:

    My husband has a gout issue. Last time we got his uric acid levels checked, it was around 9.0. We continued the allopathic treatment for a month and then left it. He gets gout attacks at least once or twice a month. Can u pls suggest any homeopathic medicine which can help decrease it to a normal level.

  269. Mary Ann Ebba says:

    My mom has stage 4 renal disease and recently had hip replacement but now has gout on both feet and knee.However because of her kidney problem we cannot give her Colcrys …she goes take allopurinol 100th daily…what else can she do?

  270. Makkhan Singh says:

    Sir I am 50 year old my height is 5ft 7 inches my weight is aroung 90 kg. I have to work 7 to 10 hr daily in sitting position pouscher . I feel continously pain in my lower back hip joints this pain is shifted from one side to other side some times in the middle position and sometimes no pain. I use different medicine no permanent relief from this problem . During constipation this pain double. my uric acid is around 8.5 I walk daily 2 km in evening 8 pm .when my body warmup during day time 80% of my pain gone . I personally think my back massless gets weak . And might be there is a presure on my kidnes as well .I needed proper medicine forr this problem

  271. Fatema Hussain says:

    Sir My Husband’s uric acid is 8.0 he is having pain in knee joints what medicine would you prefer for him

  272. Dear i have uric acid 9.8 this is high? What medicen i should have and diet control

  273. Anjay Kumar says:

    Mera uric acid 8.0 hai.
    Hm pahle se BP ki glonoinum 30 lete hai .
    Sir uric acid ka kaun sa dawa len. Jo BP ki dawa ke sath bhi le sakte hain.

  274. Ashok Sharma says:

    my uric acid level is 8.58, i am having some swelling and pain on walking on my right thumb. My doctor has prescribed Febuxtat 40 mg for one month. please suggest is it safe to take this medication or any home remedy for this. Guide me in case some sure shot treatment available in Homeopathic.
    Ashok Sharma

    • Dear i have uric acid 9.8 this is high? What medicen i should have and diet control

      • Mansoor Hassan A R says:

        My knees are not supporting me because I cannot stand straight due to crystals present in my knee joints . My feets are numb. Will you suggest a remedy for me. Thank You.

  275. pranav pareek says:

    My age is 23 and night is 5.4 I want increase my night upto 5.6 please suggest me what I should do for this ..

  276. Subrata de sarkar says:

    Sir my uric acid level 9.1,this first time —please witch medicine should I take my for my uric acid problem –diet chart mention plese—-thanks

  277. Muhammad Yousuf says:

    Sir. My Uric acid level is 12.34 high inflammation and tightened in toe. Foot finger joint sp. Foot thumb. Medicine used. Ac.benz Q, Urtica urunas. But no fruitful result. Please Help on humanitarian ground please. I am also Homoeo Doctor. Thanks.

  278. S K Jauhari says:

    Which medicine should I take for my uric acid problem. I have pain in my calf and thigh muscle. Foot joint also becomes stiff.

  279. Francis Mutara says:

    My uric level has short to 7,9 with symptoms of swollen ankles if I put on shoes and socks . Joint pains on all legs and waist.

  280. Giridhari panda says:

    My wife 40years old and her uric acid level is 7.31 . At present she is not suffering in joint pain but mussels are pain. what is the regular food for her normal ?

    • hi
      I am patient for uric acid 7.18. my left arm toe and meatless pain and also if i eat any thing my bally boom up please advice.

  281. Sanjoy Nayek says:

    I am 40years old male. My uric acid level is 6.4 . At present I am not suffering in joint pain. How can I lower down my uric acid level ?


    at present my ( 55 years ) uric acid test report is 7.8 mg/dl . please suggested medicine with doses and also give advice for restriction of food please.

    • dear DR. Iam suffering with high uric acid levels in my blood ,actually i don`t know the problems of uric acid after reading all the subject i come to know the theory behind it. i am getting yellow colour urine since 6 months not continuously most of the times and some times getting pains ends (tips) of my fingers
      my uric acid count today is 7.8, please suggest best medicine.

  283. Dora Siddiqui says:

    I have high uric acid as both my parents had it. All my brothers suffers from gout. But recently my doctor prescribed me alluporonil (zyrolic 300) to control my uric acid in blood. Since May 2016 after starting the medication I had my first gout attack, I was given colchicine and indomet, I had colchicine for a month and indomet for a week. During this period I stopped alluporonil as doctors instruction. But started back after 7 weeks. Presently I am having my second attack and back to the medication again in same process. This time I recognized it early and suffering less. I am a firm believer of homeopathy medicine and need help.

  284. My age: 21
    My hight:5.1
    How to increase my hight? I am already using for hight increase tablet, but not give result. Please give me solutions.

  285. pyare lal gangwar says:

    sir I am 50yr old and i have problem of uric acid for 20 yrs i am avoiding rich food but no i am facing too much pain in my both heeld and knee .pse advise soon

  286. keshab kumar chowdhury says:

    I have got kee joint paid and back paid. I use to take urtica uren, but not curing. Kindly advice me what should I take other than the above medicine.

  287. Prashant sarkhel says:

    मैं 47 साल का हूँ । मेरे बांए एड़ी मे दर्द रहता है ।सुबह चलने मे दिक्कत होती है। एड़ी के पीछे की हड्डी सूजन है । यूरिक एसिड 7है । लम्बाई 6 फुट वजन 108 कीलो है । शराब का सेवन करता था । शारीरिक मेहनत कम करता हूँ । Leadum 200 लेने से कुछ आराम होता है । मगर फिर हो जाता है । क्या करें? कृपया मदद करें ।

  288. Krishnamoorthy Parasurama says:

    Sir, I have joint pain due to Uric Acid to 7.5 count in blood. After taking Febuget 40 mg allopathy and Homeo treatment with Local Dr. ( BHMS ) the uric acid level came to 4.3 last year in June 2016. Now again I get Pain in Knee joint etc but bearable. Generally I take Homeo Med for my illness like calcification of Arotic Valve, BP and nerves weakness. I am not Diab. Kindly advise me to have Homeo Med for Uric Acid. My age is 79 years. Thanks

  289. swadhin kuamr patra says:

    I (59 yrs) have been suffering from Arthiritis since long… back pain is too much sever for that I am not able to sit down in the floor. Pain all over body. Pl advise me.

  290. Maruti nandan says:

    Sir mera uric Acid 7. 1 hai kam kaene ka upay Bataiye

  291. Munira Diwan. says:

    To Dr Sharma, I have blood test report shows uric acid value 6.9 within reference range 2.4-5.7 . And I feel swelling n pain in my right hand thumb . So now what n how to deal with this by diet or medication , plz suggest me. Thank u n regards from:Munira Diwan.

  292. Sir my sister poonam age 25 years old has been suffering from calcified knots in brain. She feels much pain in her head.she also get with fed there any medicine for this disease?

  293. Aamir Rasheed says:

    Sir I am 48 year old my height is 5ft 6 inches my weight is aroung 77 kg. I have to work 4 to 5 hr daily in sitting position pouscher . I feel continously pain in my lower back hip joints this pain is shifted from one side to other side some times in the middle position and sometimes no pain. I use different medicine no permanent relief from this problem . During constipation this pain double. my uric acid is around 5 I walk daily 2 km in evening 8 pm .when my body warmup during day time 80% of my pain gone . I personally think my back massless gets weak . And might be there is a presure on my kidnes as well .I needed proper medicine forr this problem

  294. Sir I have problem in my leg knee.I have serious pain & sujan in knee joint what should take please suggest me doctor

  295. Mayur V Janadri says:

    Sir I have a problem high uric acid .When I first I recognise I take xyzol 100 mg then it is refused for several months.afterwords I again that problem then doctor suggested to me take febucip 40 mg but now I have serious pain in ancle joint what should take please suggest me doctor .I am egitarian and no habbits of alkohol.i am a smoker .

  296. My uric acid level is 9.4 it result in gout pain. After taking allopathic medicine febugold it comes to 6.2 what is the suitable option in homeopathy

  297. Harjinder pal singh says:

    Doctor ji mera uric acid level 7.5 hai
    Normal karne ki medicine batane ki kirpa kare


  298. Pradeep Mitkar says:

    I have a hard swelling just above my heel on my archiles tendon. Its very painful on waking up and first few steps of walk. Please suggest some homeopathic remedy for the same. Thanks in advance.
    Pradeep Mitkar

  299. Dr.sahib in my blood uric acid level is 4.5mmol/l li got too much pain and swelling in feet and annkle.
    Please any remedy

  300. Abhijit Majumdar says:

    Hi Mr Sharma. Although there is no pain but the level of uric acid couple of months back was 10.2. e hich medicine I should take.

  301. T UMA DEVI says:

    Latest uric acid level is 6.4 .cretanine level is 1.2… joint pains in body..please suggest what needs to be done ? with good homeo medicne Thanks

  302. Biru Kumar Das says:

    Latest uric acid level is 7.4..cretanine level is 1.2…pain in most of the parts of my body..please suggest what needs to be done ? Thanks

  303. Sir I had chikangunia in November 2016. Till I have suffered from join pain. Kindly suggest medicine.


    My uric acid level is increased. Is it curable by homeopathic treatment for always. Please advice me.
    With regards,

    D.S. Solanki

  305. MOHAMMAD S IRFAN says:

    I am in my 80’s. Have HBP, tyype 2 diabetics, kidney problem (blood report in November 2016 reveals cretinine 3.2), Uric acid is also high. Can I take urtecaQ potency? Last year had open heart surgery.

    HBP, SUGAR etc are all under control; taking allopeathuc treatment.

  306. MOHAMMAD S IRFAN says:

    I am in my 80’s. Have HBP, tyype 2 diabetics, kidney problem (blood report in November 2016 reveals cretinine 3.2), Uric acid is also high. Can I take urteca q potency?

  307. Sami Khan says:

    I am 51 years of age & patient of high uric acid and cholesterol level. I appreciate if you suggest homeopathic medicine for me.

  308. Kul Bhushan Choudhary says:

    Good afternoon Sir,
    I am 70 years old person and having high uric acid (i.e.8) and suffering gout in legs. Since 30 days before I am suffering pain in left shoulders and feel pain in twisting the arm or to remove the vests or shirts etc.
    what medicine I should take. Whether I should consult a doctor or you suggest a medicine.

  309. Vaijanath M Ratnalikar says:

    Good morning sir,I am 51 yrs.old person I am suffering high uric acid level(I.e.11) and gout attack.please guide me that which type of medicine I will have to take?

  310. LAXMAN Kumar says:

    Hello sir
    I am 32 year old, my uric acid level 7.2.
    I am taking Homyopathic medicine, can i take lemon juice with them?

  311. Heĺlo Dr Sharma by elder brother is suffrring from renel disease his uric acid level is 95 and creatnini is 5.1 and his BP is fluctuates between 140 to 180 pls suggest what we have to do in such a situation

  312. Sekhar Mondal says:

    I am 60 yrs old. My uric is acid- 7.3. Please suggest my
    Homeopathic medicine.

  313. Dr Syed Musharraf Ali says:

    one another medicine
    silices 200 that is I think most best than others and I have experienced this medicine at several time and got 100 % result

  314. Shiva chaudhary says:

    Sir my age is 35 and mere left foot ke thumb mei soiling hai or pain hai uric acid level last time 3.7 tha but pain hai plz suggest madicine .

  315. Marwat Khan says:

    Sir. I am seventy years old. My uric acid level is 8.7. I am feeling pain in right shoulder joint and fingers of hands and feet. Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine.

  316. Dinesh kumar says:

    Sir — मझे 25 साल से Gout है। बहूत ईलाज कराया परंतु ठीक नही हुआ, मुझे सही मार्ग दर्शन के साथ सही ईलाज बतायें।अभी uric acid level 8 है। साथ में allergy भी है।


  317. Sir
    My uric acid level is only 5 and I come across acute pain on right toe once or twice in a year.

    Would you suggest a medicine for permanent cure. Please prescribe the dosage also.

    Thank in you.

    Bejoy Sam.

  318. For the past few years I have been having shin splints and extremely painful feet problems. I am 75 years old and was diagnosed with gout in my late 20s. I have been on 300mg of allopurinol since my diagnosis. I have been a walker for the past 20 years but due to complete knee right knee replacement and mostly the pain in my shins and feet my walking has come to a stand still. Any suggestions how I can get some pain relief my shins and feet.

  319. hii sir my name is shrijeet my mom has creatinine i.e 13.10mg and she is swelled right now im giving her vesicaria QE and dont know she is unable to walk because of swelling pls help we dont want to go for dialysis
    she can pass urine though pls help waiting for your reply

  320. sudhir sinhs says:

    Treatment urik acid in homeopathic


    Respected Sir,

    My uric acid is at the border line. A pain in my whole body. pain at joint position of my legs. Always a drowsy feelings. The painful body is always giving a trends to sleep for the whole day. Though I sleep enough at night for 6-7 hours. Please suggest medicine.

  322. QAMAR IQBAL says:

    Respected sir,my sister,s esr is seventy without any pain and she lost five kg in three months today gave her Pyeogenium 200 now what to do I am very worried ,sir please help us…..

    • Respected sir
      Happy new year to you, my uric acid 5.6.little bit get pain into knee,no any swelling or no any difficulties for stiffness. Body weight 62kg height 168cm,normal body no BP,no Diabetes, running 63years
      Please advise me which Medicine applicable to reduce uric acid
      Thank-you, Regards R.DEY

  323. bk sharma says:

    suffering from acute joint pains in both knee,shoulder,wrist after chikingunia.taken this Fox 5 drop od,eupatorium 2 drops of for 7 days,also taken poly porous 3 dips yesterday but no is for two month pl advise

  324. Uric acid lebel is 6.7 i am sufferring from high uric acid lebel and having pain both the hands (joint of arm and shoulder for 5 to 6 months . Blood suger pp 116 and fasting 102. I am male and my age is 63. Please advise me suitable homeopathy medicine for reducing uric acid.
    Thanks and regards

  325. Shadab Hasnain says:

    I am the patient of high uric acid level 7.2 and joint pain because of gout arthritis. Give me advise for good medicine for this.

  326. MOHD PERVEZ says:

    I am having pain in my heel when I wake up early in the morning and continues. This problem I am facing for the last 1 year. My age is 61. Please advise some medicine.

  327. Pavan kumar mishra says:

    Sir, I take uric acid medicine colchicum 20 days, but sir presently I realised pain whole body .My uric acid level 6.4

  328. sir,i am a uric acid patent since last 10 occures once in 6 month.i was taking utrica urens 10 drop n sulpher 5 drops in the morning.uric acid level is 8. i am taking a bp tab tazloc one per day n febucip 80 one per suzzest me the homeopatic medecine.

  329. P Ranga Rao says:

    Dr I am 52 recetly identify ed my uric acid level is 8.35 and also suffering with great teo swelling in left leg. Please suggest which homeo medicine with what dose and how many days i have to use. Is this problem chronic, and can it be cured permanently.

  330. Sir mari age 34years hai aksar mujhay sir may dard rahta priod say pahlay ,or work lod say or zada chalnay or pani ka kam karnay say leg bone pain ghutnay may or ghutnay kay nichay hillsay upar ki haddiyo may dard rahta hai baith kar uth nay may or lait kay uthnay may hota hai please sir koi homeopathic medicine bataiyai or gharay lu ilaj

  331. Sir mera naam dayawati hai.merit age 36 hai.mere 2 children hai.woh bhi opration se.sir mujhe 13 year se arthritis hai.alopathic treatment liya hai.magar problem badti he jaa rhi hai.ab toh instantly aram chahiye hota koi dawa btaye Jo jald he aram dy.thanking you.

  332. Hello i eead ur article but u did not mention the power of medicne nor the quantity mean that how mush i should take it.

  333. Sulochana says:

    I am having severe joint pain in my hand. Doctor advised me to take uric acid tablets my uric acid level is 2.5 what can i do

  334. tahir aziz says:

    Hi… I am suffering from high levels of uric acid. My age is about 47 years. My great toe have sharp pain and swelling too. I sometimes cannot even walk…. kindly help me with this situation

  335. Ranjit singh says:

    Hi m ranjit singh from moga sir mujhe kidney ki
    Swelling rehti hai orr pait mein bhi swelling rehti hai
    Mere 3 operations ho chuke hai kidney ston ka orr kidney
    Blockage ka ab mujhe hr wqt pait mein swelling orr kidney mei swelling rehti hai …ab mujhe mere stone bhi nahi hai
    Orr blockge bhi nahi hai plzz koi best medicn btayie

  336. Sir,
    Uric acid leave is excess is effected my body.all bone has to be pain continuously. And I also seffering from kidany Stone both side( Right side is twice – 3 mm,and lift side- 3mm.pls give proper advise.

  337. J.K.Srivastava says:

    i am 38 year old and having pain above knee in right leg. Whenever i checked for uric acid it is always around 6.8 -7.2. The pain in right leg is continuous at one point above knee. Kindly advise me which medicine i should take for betterment.
    thanks in advance for your suggestions.

  338. Amar Singh says:

    Suffering from gout since last 30 yr uric acid level is 8.4 mild pain in joints sometime acute please advise

    • Parminder Singh says:

      Please recommend lightest Madeline for uric acid which can to taken one or twice a day

      (in liquid form) with dosage

  339. Ashok Kumar Sharma says:

    I am male 63 having High blood Pressure, Diabtese, and now usual test taken by me showed my uric acid level as 7.5. I have no symtom of gout or high uric acid. I take Allopathy medicines daily for Hypertension and Diabtese.Telplus (telmisartin & Clinidipine tablet ) for HBP. andGlykrist M2 ( Metformin 500 and Glimpride 2mg ) for Diabtese , Kindly suggest me what to do for High Uric Acid.

  340. Ravishankar says:

    My uric acidlevel is 10.2 Creatinine 2.2 and HBA1C is 7.5 Also have BP too
    I need guidanceto bring it down
    Am a vegetarian and dont smoke or a drinker

  341. Arin tiwari says:

    Dr sharma
    Pl guide me to control level of uric I feel gout problem in right leg.
    I am non vegetarian and daily takes 100 to 140 ml liquor.

  342. Pramod Kumar Arun says:

    Mahoday, mera nam Pramod Kumar Arun hai. meri umra 56 sal hai. Mera uric acid report ( 7.2 mg/dl) or serum creatinine report 1.5 mg/dl Hai. Kripay mujhe medicine or diet Plan suggest kare.

  343. Varesh tiwari says:

    Sir I’m varesh Tiwari age 32 years I’m suffering from high uric acid (7.78).kindly suggest me medicine and diet plan.

  344. bharat jain says:

    in a recent checkup i found that my creatinine level moved up to 5.6 and urea to 92. in the background i have a high BP(150/90) which is noticed for last 3 months . my haemoglobin level has also fallen alongwith rbc count. i am confused on choosing line of treatment allopathic/homeopathic. i am aged 44 years male. please advise at the earliest

  345. Dear Sir ,

    I have high URIC ACID 7.0 since 4 years i feels alot pain in feet joint please tell me cure of uric acid

  346. Sir my uric acid is 10.73 please recommend me best medicine in homopathy

    • Hi sir my uric acid levels 7.9 suffering with joint pains urine bad smell & h
      Head soriasis from many years
      Plz suggest medicine

  347. Debendro Singh says:

    Doctor, My uric acid value is 8.1.Which medicine is better for treatment of uric acid to become normal?

  348. Bignananda Chakraborti says:

    I have uric acid ( 7.26 ) , and also high blood pressure ( 130/90 ).
    Now I am 31 years old and my weight is 81 kg.

  349. Somesh Bhatnagar says:

    I am 59 years old and have been apatient of gout for more than 20 years.Normally it occurs once or twice in a year. My ankle swells up restricting my mobility along with pain and inflammation. What is the best medicine and restrictions to mitigate the problem? Can it be cured permanently

  350. amit auddya says:

    I’m 21 years uric acid level is 9.3 gm/dl.

  351. Aadil Raza says:

    Hi dr
    My mother is also so many pains of joints
    But uric acid reprt is normal
    Pls tell me her treatment
    Im thanksfull to u.

  352. Bipin pathak says:

    Pls sir tell me that all medicine is vegetarian or not

    • Bishnu pada Dey says:

      sir ,I am 43ys old ,uric acid level is 7.1,problem is fingers joint pain.I am useing ledum pal 200 mg but no result.what to do? suggest me.

  353. Ashu Sharma says:

    My uric acid is high its 7. My bad cholesterol is 60. Triglycerides are 224 . There are 2-3 albumin coming in urine. My fatty liver is at 3rd stage. I have gall stone of 20mm. Iam diabetic. Please suggrst some good treatment. Thanks

  354. Aquil shahnawaz says:

    I am suffering from high uric acid level.suffering from joint pain, pls tell me about any medicine

  355. ABIDA KHANUM says:

    i am 72 year of age .and am a homeopath .since a month i feel pain in the right heel and difficulty in walking. now the the back of the heel. near the ankle is swollen. difficulty in walking. i am meat URIC ACID is 6.3.i am taking URTICA URN Q.WITHFERUM PHOS,CALC FLOUR ,KALI MURE ANDD ECHINACIAQ.FELL BETTER IN REST. BESIDES , IN RIGHT ,LEG ALSO PAINFUL AND HARD UNDER KNEE .WHAT SHOULD I TAKE THE MEDICUNE U DESCRIBE HERE.AS IAM CHILDLESS NO ONE IS HERE TO COP ME PLS HELP ME

  356. i have 17.1 creatinine level and blood urea is 90 . i am already taking Ell serum 30 but no result. my age is 18 year and i have hydronephrosis since my birth and operated 2 time before. please help me

  357. Majidraza77 says:

    Hello sir iam 39 year old i have uric acid 9 percent iam suffering from severe pain in hand shoulder leg ankle what I do tell me please which specialist doctor I have to show tell me my weight is 85 kg please may be rheumatologist espectialist doctor pls advice me advancely thanks

  358. Majidraza77 says:

    Hello sir i have uric acid 9 percent iam suffering from severe pain in hand shoulder leg ankle what I do tell me please which specialist doctor I have to show tell me please may be rheumatologist espectialist doctor pls advice me advancely thanks

  359. p k srivastava says:

    sir i am 60 year old suffring high uric acid
    test result of uric acid 8.5
    pain in left leg toe gout and knee due to uric acid swalling both leg under knee when I reax at home swalling come down
    pl advice effectiv medicine

  360. MOHAMMAD AKRAM says:

    Hell0 sir
    1-COLCHICUM 30
    2-GUAIACUM 30

  361. Daraksha Lari says:

    Hello sir, I am 48 years old my weight is 70kg my height is 5.3.Sir i am suffering from severe pain at gout, toe and knee due to uric acid. Sir please recommend an effective medicine so i get rid from this pain.uric acid level in my report is 12

  362. Raheel Mannan says:

    Hi, sir i am 29 year old and my weight is 100+kg my height is 5.11. Sir i am suffering from severe pain at gout, toe and knee due to uric acid. Sir please recommend an effective medicine so i get rid from this pain.

  363. Sir i am ajay 30 year old .weight 73 kg.sir i have high uric acid 7 .pain in my foots and lower legs.body stiffnes due to this.and heat is feeling in foots. Plz tell the medison

  364. Balwinder singh says:

    Sir I am suffering from high level uric acid. My level is 7. Kindly suggest me

  365. Hello sir I’m sharad my uric acid level is high and I’m using ledum pal its OK for me

  366. Nadeem Aftab says:

    Good After Noon !
    uric acid level in my report is 7.4 .I feel pain in my joints which is very high now a days.please suggest medicines for me.Thanks a lot.

  367. Good afternoon Dr. Sahab ! I am suffering in uric acid problem for the last 15 years . But Now a days from last 6 months uric acid also increasing in my Urine . Due to this reason the urine is coming very less quantity

  368. Kumar Sachchidanand Singh says:

    Dear sir,
    Since the last 4 or 5 years the nails of my big toes have become blackish. The first joint of my left leg’s toe has bovine very stiff. Actually the pain moved from left toe to right toe. It feels at night/evening more. Was under the treatment of a doctor and he had prescribed urtica urens mother Q which I’ve been using regularly. Now I’ve consulted another doctor who says its eczema and had prescribed graphites ointment for application and graphited 200 liquid for oral intake. But the severe pain and stiffness continues so much so that walking seems impossible now. Please help.
    Please help. Kr Sachchidanand Singh, Patna, Bihar, India.

  369. My uric acid is 8.
    I am diabetic last 20 years
    I am 64 years old
    I have problems with knee and neck pain and back pain
    I don’t like lemon juice.
    Pl advise me.
    Om prakash

  370. Mere jodo me urik acid increase ho gaya he mere ko pain hota he

  371. Dear sir,

    I have high uric acid level around 9-10. I am suffering from this from last 4-5 years or so. Started Homeopathy treatment from last year. Was on benzoic acid 200mg and still continuing that, but still I get pain on my foot.

    Request you to kindly help me with this prob. Would be glad if you reply.

  372. Dear sir,

    I have high uric acid level around 9-10. I am suffering from this from last 4-5 years or so. Started Homeopathy treatment from last year. Was on benzoic acid 200mg and still continuing that, but still I get pain on my foot.

    Request you to kindly help me with this prob. Would be glad if you rrply

  373. Tanvir Ahmad Sheikh says:

    Dear Sir
    My name is Tanvir Ahmad Sheikh, i live in Lahore Pakistan. Recently i am diagnosed with Uric Acid the test shows 8.3 level. I was having continuous pain in my right leg calf muscle. Although My eating habits are good and i dont consume beef or mutton in large quantity. However my elder brother and 2 sisters have the same problem.

    Please guide me in this regards and suggest me some homeopathic medicine.

    thanks & regards

  374. S. Muhammad Yousuf says:

    Fear Dr. Sharma, Good Evening,
    Respected Sir,
    I am also Homoeo Dr. (DHMS), have Hyperuricemia 12.34 (very High), the deposit uric acid in my body at Foot, Toe and related joints, sweling & pain very very high and unable to move.
    I use very first Acid Benz “Q” (Very Good result) but problem is not gone. 2nd adter one month used Acid Benz 30. some result better but no fruitful result.

    Please Sir, Help me the above problems,
    Thanks A LOT.


    Dr. S. Muhammad Yousuf, Karachi Pakistan.

  375. phani krishna says:

    sir my uric acid is 8.1 and i have knee pains also and i am taking homeo treatment for the last 7 months .is uric acid will be reduces normally in homeo medicine

  376. Ashok Verma says:

    Dear sir my uric acid level is,5,8 I want reduce o 3 to 3,5 pse guide

  377. naeem haider says:

    My name is naeem haider I am 37 year right kidny is shrink left kidney work well critinine level decrease 2 to 1.0 now uric acid 4.4 but I feel pain in my joints.prescribed me medicine.

  378. Hi dr sharma my uric acid is 9 so kindly sugest me remidies as well precautions

  379. Rajiv Vohra says:

    Dear Sir,
    My uric acid is 6.7. Urea is 40, cretanine is 1.01. I have pain in right knee while walking. Kindly Kindly advice the medicine to reduce all the parameters.

  380. Ranbi singh says:

    Sir I have pain of inform finger joins and palm and heel of feet.if c acid 7.8 anti ccp 116 taking colchiem and Antimoniu.. High gastric problem. Irregular consipitation . suggest medication.

  381. MADAN SAIKIA says:



  383. Dr shahzad says:

    Hello sir im working as homoeopatic Dr in govt sector. Can u please tell me about pain management

  384. I am 20 yr old . My acid lelel is 7.7 my problems is following (1 )back pain (2)pain in both ankle toe in sound in knee

  385. Sandeep verma says:

    My father is suffering from uric acid that time is8.2 which medicin is useful .70 year old my father

  386. Zain Pulliyil says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 56 old with following diseases:

    1. Uric acid above 7 and pain on joints.
    2. Low libido. No erection.
    3. Cholesterol 250
    4. Back pain.

    Please suggest suitable medicine and acceptable food.

  387. Akhtar zaman says:

    Dear sir i am old Uric Acid patient’ my uric acid level is about above 6.But at present i am quite normal . I mean i have no pain ect. MY AGE IS about 68. I dont use Eggs meat rice beans(DAL,Lobia Channa) .can you Please suggest me ,which Homeo pathic Medicine is good for me ,just to make the level of Uric acid LOW, With Best Regards (note i dont smoke or drink Alcohol)

  388. Abinash Pathak says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I am 70 year old man with good health l have never smoked nor had any alcohol drinks. I don’t have daibatic problems. But sir l am taking B.P medicine named Arbitel -H 80 one tab daily with one tab of multi vitamin’s & mineral. But for last one year or so I started feeling the heavyness along with sewelling on the sole of my feet’s.Dr told to check my uric acid levels which is 6.6.Pl advice homeopathic medicine

  389. Hi dr sharma .
    I m Ritu . I m having spondolysis and uric acid . I m fadep of taking alopath medicine . pls guide me how to get rid of from all pains .

  390. Faraz Rasheed says:

    Dear Dr. Sab mujay 2005 se epelapsi ki takleef ha pahli martba gari me batha hua tha k can (ears) ma awazan ana shuru ho gai us k bad mere mu se jag bi nicli our zuban danton ke neche aa gai lakin mujay hosh nahe tha mere sare jor (joint) bi dohre ho gay they dr ne alopathic medicines di 3sal khani ha us ke bad b dorey party rahe kabi 8mah bad kabi 1sal bad kabi 3 ya 4 mah bad medicine to bahot li lakin koi faida ni hua ab me homeo medicine bi le raha hu us ke bawjud dore parte han 4/6/8/10 mah ke andr zuban danton ke neche aa jati ha our kano me awazan ana shuru ho jati han ab akhri bar 22 august ko sham 5: 30 par us ke bad rat 2:15 par phir hua abi tak sare jism me dard ha koi medicine sajust karen

  391. I have pain in finger jonts of hand and stteching pain of n the palm of the foot under ankles

  392. Dear Dr.Sab
    i m great friend of your blog , follows your post and broad my understanding about Homeopathy
    i would like to share one problem related to my health summaries as below
    age- 32 Sweet craving,chutpata,like cold weather

    Problem:(1) i have excessive cold sweating all over the body especially upper part of the body light odor,foot burning with sticky offensive sweat
    (2)stool offensiveness (no any pain in abdomen, some times gas formation, no constipation, smooth stool ,som time stiky )
    3) hair fall very easy and from last one years no growth in hair almost baldness condition.

    1. taking Sulfur 30 for 7 days (no change in symptoms but only burning sensation reduces little bit )
    2. after 1-2 month Silica -30 (3 times /day) but after two days my foot problem almost disappeared and stop the medicine & after 5 days started again, after 4-5 days i feel my armpit and shoulder sweating very bad smell (change the shirt after second half every day) stop the medicine ,worse in second half of day.odor not eliminate after washing
    3. after that i was started Psorinum 200, one dose every morning but after 4-5 days i feeling itching at waist area with redness and small pimples at 2-3 point of the body with small pus over pinpoint of the pimples (Stoping medicine emmideatly after 5 days)
    Remark: one think is notable about this time Psorinum reduces the body odor little but not eliminate totally
    4. last 2-3 days i feels hardness and stress in foot (like veins pull ho gayi hon ) and facing problem in walking but after some time of walking it ok , and feels swelling in finger and foot
    i feels Uric Acid increases and i m taking Berberis Vulgaris Q for 5 drop/ 3 times a day
    relief immediately after one day still continuing

    Please healp me out from this situation, i need your healp

    My Most Imp Problem is offensive odor from any excretion from the body its great pain. anywhere in community pupal around me taking hand on nose atleast 2-3 times its painik and worst when i m in ac room.

  393. A.Banerjee says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am a heart patient with type 2 diabetes & high blood pressure. Although my sugar level PP rates between 180 to 200 mgs I am suffering from ED & Uric Acid , this is causing disturbance in family life. There is no desire for sex.

    Please suggest cure & related fast acting medicines.


    Age 55 Yrs

  394. Bhagwan Singh says:

    My uricacid level is 8.7 .Suggest Homeopathy medecine

    • Biswanath Dutta says:

      I am suffering from Uric acid problem for last five years.Though I usually avoid high purine foodIf I neglect my restricted foods for a little while,my Uric acid level goes higher than 8 and my great toe becomes swollen and hot. I am now 53.Suggest Homeopathy medecine instead of FEBUXOSTST 40.

  395. Rupa Singha says:

    My uric acid level is starting to raise. But I fell the sensation of burning inside the joint of my legs & lower part of foot also burning regularly. So what homeopathy medicine I should take?

    • Rupa Singha says:

      My uric acid level is starting to raise. But I fell the sensation of burning inside the joint of my legs & lower part of foot also burning regularly. So what homeopathy medicine I should take?

  396. DR Khalid Jamil says:

    lumbarspine L4/5 disease,lower limbs pain with pain in the small joints with no swelling.burning of palms&soles,recent uric acid levels high i,e 9.9

  397. R. N.PRASAD says:

    my uric acid level is 8.1mg/dl iaqm suffering from joint stiffness. i am cronic diabetic paitentsince last 16 years. atpresant my sugar level — SUGAR IN EMPTY STOMECH — 85 mg /dl , AFTER TAKING FOOD — 135mg/dl(AVERAGE) , Hb1AC — 6.1 . PL.SUGGETS – WHAT MEDICINE IK SHOULD TAKE. IAM ON ISULINE DEPENDENT. I AM TGAKING INSULINE THREE TIMES IN A DAY — 10UNITS,14 UNITS AND 8 UNITS . IAM TAKING LANTUS INSULINE — 14 UNITS AFTER FOOD IN THE NIGHT. I AM TAKING TOTAGLIPT -M 1G SR( TENILEGLIPTIN 20MG + METFORMIN 1000MG) IN NOON AFTER LJUNCH

  398. R.C.Abraham says:

    I am suffering from severe pain of gout on left thumb joint since 1 August, 2016. I was under medical
    administration of Government Homoeopathy Medical College Hospital, Kurichy, Kottayam. But so far
    my pain and the deposits could not be sufficed, at the same time it has spread to the elbow also. Ten years
    back when I was at Central India, I had been given homeo medicine name “Acid Uric and Kalmia LQ” for
    similar problem, this time I started this medicine on my own way, which is showing some signs of relief,
    but I am not remembering the dosage and duration. Kindly help me to assist its usage.

  399. my toe joint is paing severly unbarebal pl

  400. B.Nageswara reddy says:

    dear sir,
    I have pain and excess growth of bone ankle left leg please give me advise

  401. Uric acid -8.36, I have pain in my lag.

    Please tell me what is the best homeopathic medicine for those conditions.

    • Madhab Pal says:

      I have high uric acid that label at 10.46. But sometimes my legs fingers pain. But now no problem and no pain. But uric acid high. Please know me how reduced uric acid.

  402. Devender Singh Narang says:

    Sir What about urticaria urinas

  403. Please let me know the homeo medicine for reducing uric acid. I have pain in my right hand finger s also since six months ago.

  404. i have a uric acid level above 10 , oftenly i suffered a sevior pain in my tow and feet pl suggest me medicine and diet control , with regards – prabir.

  405. Hari Mangal Giri says:

    I have high uric acid 9.6 level. But do not have any pain. Only there some stifness in neck while driving. I also have high bp 150/ 92 mm. I got checked for reason but no clue. I am 168 cm with constent weight of 67 kg for last 22 years. My age is 48 years. My cholesterol and triglyceride is perfectly ok. Total cholesterol 138 with hdl 59 and ldl 79. I am pure vegetarian and do not drink or smoke. I follow a pefect routine. Kindly advive right medicine. I also have issue palpitations. I also got my angiography. There is almost no blockage.


    Urea 200 is also best medicine

    • M.c.katoch says:

      My age is 63
      Last time uric acid was 8.5
      Gout on right toe..thumb
      Pl suggest homeopathic med so it can be treated permanently.n

  407. MOHSAN NASEEM says:

    my uric acid is 7.70 protein traced in urin, pus cell 03-04
    ca, Oxalate 12-14
    Mucus +
    ESSR 15 mm/hr
    Blood pressure 150/95
    my age is 44 i am male

  408. Arshad Awan says:

    I m feeling pain in my body, sometimes on leg, some times in arm, now a days feeling pain in my left foot and from 2 days back left foot thumb, my last uric acid report in June showing result 6.9 , please advise,…..

    I m surprise to see you did not answering to any body than why asking to pot comment ?

  409. Adil Rasheed says:

    hind ,.sir main uric acid se bahot pareshan hoon jis ki wajah se body main khujli ke saath bahot jyada jalan hoti hai urin main puss cells aate hai peshab main dhatu bhi jati hai peshab badboodar hota hai aur gadha jaisa hota hai munh se yani peth ke andar se badboo aati hai koi ilaj batayen

  410. Adil Rasheed says:

    sir i saffering from high uric acid urin is not normel pall yollow and diffrent smell also and body is iching and acidic sexual weakness also join pain also so treat me with homeopathic medicin

  411. rajnish kumar says:

    sir mera uric acid 7.2 hai, tab sir kaun sa medicine lena hai or parhej kya karna hai

  412. Jadeep arora dimple female says:

    I am suffering from uric acid. I hv not get the same checked but my rifht knee has pain. My right leg have pain but when i entered into bed pain gone. There some chun chun im my hand finger joints when I go to sleep my half tounge got dried. i am 49 year old living in Dalhousie. Dr. Sb one more things my foot normally remai ed cold .

    • M.c.katoch says:

      My age is 63
      Last time uric acid was 8.5
      Gout on right toe..thumb
      Pl suggest homeopathic med so it can be treated permanently.n

    • Hi my uric acid level 8.5 & pain in joints so please suggest any homophtic medicine thanks regards

  413. Sunil kumar says:

    Sir I have suffering from left knee problem. There is some swelling and unbearable pain. Some doctors say that there is degenerative some told that knee filled with water fluid etc. I have done MRI on 17 jul 16. In MRI show ” small joint effusion with synvoitis and intraarticulars lose bodies.
    And my Uric acid is 5.9
    And I take galoric 100 tabalte three time
    Sir plz kindly focus on this.

  414. Zubaer Ahmed Shariff says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    My uric acid level is 6.4. Should I be concerned?
    If I need to control, how?

    • Dear Dr Sharma
      i have heigh uric acid 7.5 ,and feel heel +right elbow pain can i use colchicum and ledumpal ,particularly uric acid.
      kindly advise

      M Saleem

  415. Captain M K Sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am 57. I had heel and ankle pain mostly in the morning when I get up. My urine was pale yellow. Uric acid level was tested 7.7. I was prescribed Feboxa 80mg, calcium and alfacalcidol for one month. I am taking all these since last 10 days. Can you pl suggest me a homeopathy medicine for above? I find Benzoic acid and colchicum are the most matching medicine as per my symptom. Pl suggest me which one will be better and what should be doses?
    Captain M K Sharma

  416. Gaurav Agnihotri says:

    Sir my name Is Gaurav. I have suffering from high uric acid .My uric acid level is 6.7.So please treated me that how can I control the high uric acid level.

  417. Matiullah Ansari says:

    My age is 32 years .I have been suffring from high level of uric acid.My uric acid lavel is 6.7.please advice me the right medicine.

  418. Umesh Dhole says:

    Sir.. My son is 18 years old.& his uric acid level is 6.91. Pls advice the right medicine for my son.

  419. Nice.

    Its really helpful to understand about own health as well as Homeopathy.

    Thank you Sir.

    With regards.


  420. Dipali Chattopadhyay says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    Can you please advice me a homeopathic remedy for high uric acid.

    Many thanks and regards.

    Dipali Chattopadhyay

  421. Hi.
    Dr sb i got through these above medicines,pl tell me the initial potency for foot-pains, even patient unable to stand on his feet after sitting some while..


  422. N>TURUMALA RAO says:

    Hi sir
    Glad to meet you my name is N.Tirumala Rao iam working in Saudi iam facing the problem with uric acid
    i have seen the it will be better cured buy Homeopathic treatment.
    So kindly need the request how to follow up the treatment.

  423. Devendra singh says:

    pain servikal back pain with knee joint Tendenitis and hedeke weeknes uric acid increse obesitty

  424. saurav kumar says:

    I has been feeling pain in my leg in back lower most part for 20 days. I did not care initially but at morning time it increases too much even I can’t walk. what can I do please give me suggestion and if necessary medicine name too.

    Thank you

    • M.c.katoch says:

      I am 63 yr old. Last time uric acid recorded 8.5. There was also problem of gout on right toe /thumb. Pl suggest homeopathic med so permanently treated.

  425. Mrs. Kauser parween says:

    Sir i am 40 yrs house wife am suffering from 7.2 uric acid having problem in joint paint, heal pain etc .kundly suggest me best homeopathy medicine to overcome this problem.
    Thanks and regards.

    • Hemendra Mohan says:

      I am 47 years male having uric acid 7.0,presently not having pain problem.I have tried to treat this when its level was 5.5 by allopathy medicines like favotaz 40 or zyloric 100 but after taking these medicine for one month or so faced severe gastric problem so I have to stop taking this medicine.
      Pl advice which medicine should I take for uric acid

      • I am facing pain at bottom of foot especially more on right foot. I have multiple gouts. Iris acid level is 6.5. I am using zyloric-100 tablets. But there is no satisfactory result. I am having thyroid and for that I am using Thyronorm 125mcg. Frequently every year stones in kidneys are forming. For that I am using homeopathic medicine. Please suggest proper remedy. BP and sugar are normal. Lipid profile is normal. I am 39 now.

  426. Pradip Kumar Bhadury says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am 74 yrs old having bypass of RAC in 1992 subsequent Stent in LAD angioplasty in 2007. I am having HBP normaly 180/60 the diastolic is abnormally low and taking alopathic medicines to reduce HBP. In USG opined that the artery giving blood to left kidney is narrow and there is shortage supply of blood. At present protenuria is +++, creatinine is 1.70, uric acid is 8 potassium is 4.4 and sodium is 126 (below normal). I have angina problem. I am CKD 3 patient . I am hypertension patient. No blood sugar. will you kindly sugges homoepathic medicine for CKD and HBP?

  427. Hello Sir,
    I am 35 yes old male. Having pain in my toe as well as heels.
    My uric acid came 7.
    I was operated for Gallstones in 2010.
    Have hyperacidity as well.
    Pls advice the right medicine for me
    Thanks & rgds

  428. Respected Sir! My age is 32, height 6 feet, weight 83, and my uric acid level is up to 7.4, and I feel pain an Fingers. Please suggest medicine for me thanks

  429. Azrim Dihahs Labqi says:

    Hello my wife has been suffering blood pressure since last one year and half . not on daily basis but at times it goes to 90/140 or 100/160 . then medicine taken . these days she is admitted in hospital for ovarian cyst operate . since last night PB is 90/140 with fever. Now fever is OK . but BP still hanging on . please suggest suitable homeo medicine for controling it otherwise no operate will be done. I am much worried about it. Regards.

  430. Anwaar bukhari says:

    Hello Dr. God bless u.
    I have svere burnig pain in big toes. Can u help me pl? Thanx a lot.

  431. Aditi Banerjee says:

    I am 37 year old female.
    Acid level is very high. Throat burns after meals. Cant take chillies at all. Daily need to take aciloc allopathic tab.

    Bones are weak . Severe pain in knees and lower back. Swelling in cervical area of spine.

    Obesity problem and pcos. Height 5 feet and weight 75 KG. Thyroid is normal but fluctuates within limits.

    Excess hairfall. Body nutrients become less on their own. Iron calcium etc.

    Please advise

    • Shambhu nath Shaw says:

      I am 60 years male .my uric acid is 6.8. I am a diabetic patient since last 4 years. For diabetes I am taking Inogla 20 mg and Azulix 2 ( one tab each After the breakfast daily) . My problem is that that I am suffering from backache and urine problem specially in the morning. Some times I face trouble in wearing shoes.
      Please advice

  432. Md Abid says:

    Respected sir
    I m 42 yrs male.. my uric acid at present 5. 7 now I want to control it for not to face big problem in shape of disease in future.
    so please advice me medicine to take with instruction.
    sir I m having right now two pills as follow
    1. Trinerve,
    2. corcium k
    waiting for your precious advice
    Thank u

  433. Respected doctor sir
    I am a 40 years old male.Since last one year I am suffering from burning in urine. This burning sensation, sometimes, continues for whole day. Urine flow is also weak. Reports for urine routine and culture are normal, but as per ultrasound report, wall of urine bladder is mildly thick. Other things are ok in ultrasound. I do not feel frequent urination. I only go one time for urination in night. Pleaee advice. I took cantharis 200 and sabal Q , but did not find any relief.

  434. Bipul Dutta says:

    Hello sir,
    i am 27 years old. my uric acid level is 6.7. its begin more than 2 years ago. i have join pain. especially when i wake up from sleep. i always feel fever. when i get a little cold after sometime i feel fever. & whole body having pain. sir please let me know which Homeo medicine i should take right now. & what should do for me.

    Bipul Dutta

  435. kunal kumar giri says:

    Sir please hepl me my surum urice acid level 6.47 . I have join pain is excess plz hely me

  436. Ved Pal Singh Bhati says:

    How long generally it will take to cure Uric Acid & when the level gets below 6 can I stop the medicine. Also will it be permanent cure or problem may resurface gain.

  437. I am a 48 year old heart patient, male with uric acid level of 8.5. Alprinol gives me chest pains and I have been on Diovan for 15+ years. Because I’ve read that uric acid control involves the kidneys, and can damage the kidney and/heart I’m concerned about my treatment options. Is there something natural for replacement of Diovan and/or can control the uric acid levels. I’m concerned Diovan has long term side effects I may be experiencing now. I also take a diuretic 1/2 a tablet of Diovan-HCTZ 325mg/25mg

  438. Kamaljeet meet Khanna says:

    I am 55 years male, my uric acid level is 8 and I have pain in great toe and upper back around ribs.

  439. biswadeep ghosh says:

    sir ji; what is the dosage schedule for 37yr old 60kg patient?

  440. arunangshu bhowmik says:

    my uric acid label is 7.10 which medicine i take & howmany days

  441. Rajinder kumar says:

    Does homeopathy helps in cleaning gall bladder stones

  442. MD YUSUF ANSARI says:

    Dear Sir,
    as we seen the top five homeopathic medicines list in-spite of above a doctor advice me for relife of uric acid pain and remedy that is Artica 200 is it beneficial for the same.
    kindly advice me in this regards.

    thanking you
    Md. Yusuf

  443. anant mahajan says:

    very good information sir
    thanks a lot
    i have increased uric acid (7.4) Science 2months
    initially my toes and sole are paining and swelled also.
    now all symtoms are less but not cure.
    i can not feel my body free and flexible science last 6 years .i feel my muscles are week and loose. I feel sleepy after some work physically or mentally . I feel sleepy after driving also .plz suggest me homoeopathy medicine

  444. Partha Roy says:

    Dear Sir,I am a 41 yrs old man and having hyperuricemia since my 27 years of age. I have already on a allopathic treatment. But sometimes the level of blood uric acid become high without any reason. Usually it effects on my both feet and in the ankle joint. Sir is there any remedy in homeopathy to prevent the attack of high uric acid and the associated diseases.

  445. B.L.Aggarwal says:

    In my recent test, Uric acid was 8.56 which is quite high. Please suggest some homeopath treatment

  446. Jatheesh says:

    Doctr which food should be avoiding during homeopathy treatment for high Uric Acid?

  447. Beena Sebastian says:

    My uric acid levels is 7.6 and calcium is 8.6 level I am 59 heRs old.I am a female.What medicine I should take.

  448. SSSharma. says:

    Dr sahib I am having 6.88 blood urea in blood suggest me some good homoeopathic medicine,thanks.

  449. kekal k. mistry says:

    please give me a better tritment for uric acid ,. my husband last 2 years pain uris acid .

    kalpana mistry

  450. m ibrahim says:

    Hy DTR shb. I m patient of uric my h pylori test also positive. I have gastric problem . plz sugest. Thanks

  451. Amitpal says:

    If the uric acid is high which is the best medicine in homeopathic medicine please tell me quickly I have paid In my foot finger

  452. Pawan Kumar singh says:

    Mere dono leg k aary me har din sokar uthne se dard rahta hai. E Karin 1 sal se hai. Sal bhar paile janch karwaye the to uric acid badhai hai. Koi dawa bataye jisse thik ho saku

  453. Sridevi Gaddam says:

    Hi sir.
    My age 41yers old uric acid levels is 5.7.and left leg nee pain.both ancles are swelling and paining. How to cure my problem?please reply me.

    • kiran tiwari says:

      Dear sir,

      I am 50 years old high uric acid levels ( 8.20). I am having sharp pain in the great toe. The affected parts is swollen and very hot to touch and difficult to walk also. It is very sensitivity to touch on account of extreme pain. Please help me.

  454. ashok parmar says:

    i am 60 yrs male uric acid level is 6.70 when irub skin it changes into red iam suffering from sugar level is 150…160 i do’nt take suger and sugar made things pls help me sir


    I am 50 years old lady high uric acid levels ( 8.20). I am having sharp pain in the great toe. The affected parts is swollen and very hot to touch. It is very sensitivity to touch on account of extreme pain. Please help me.

  456. soumen roy says:


  457. soumen roy says:

    My uric acid level is 7. What medicine should I take to reduce it. Pls.suggest as it’s been suggested that I should go fr this tox 30.

  458. Ankel joint born in cyst ka thik krne upaye btao

  459. Rakesh S.Modi says:

    uric acid- 8.2
    randon sugar- 85
    no joint pain
    Please advise me homeopathic medicine & it’s dose.

    • md imran says:

      l m 45 yrs old,,,my uric acid level 10.5 .,random sugar 72 …l have pain in my body…like circular pain…swelling on right leg ….plz suggest medicine…

  460. SANTASIS BHUNIA says:

    Uric acid -7.7
    Sugar -88
    RA 1st MTP joint
    Please tell me what is the best homoeopathic medicine for those conditions.

  461. Muhammad javaid says:

    Last year I have sever pain in left ankle joint and a gout is raised after a weak pain and gout is settled by allophatic medicine (zyloric-300mg) I use it 8 months my uric acid level was 8.5 after using medicine it reduced to 5.8 then I stop the medicine during this I did not eat meat and beef After four month without medicine I felt stiffness in my fingures joint and slight pain. Today before l felt sever pain in left feet thum now in these days my uric acid level is 6.3 kindly recommend some homeopathic medicine

  462. DD BANSAL says:

    Though I used to play every day Badminton even in the age of 60 years. Suddenly last night during deep sleep I felt knee pain in left leg n when I awoke I felt that I can not walk due to pain. I feel myself that this may cause due to increasing uric acid level in the body n May lead to grout or gout or arthritis. I never consume medicine. Please prescribe me medicine. DDBANSAL ADVOCATE 9314941943

  463. VIJAY GUPTA says:

    how long it will take for the cure of uric acid problem by the homeopathy medicine

  464. Anil Menon says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    I am struggling with elevated Utica acid and taking allopathic medicine everyday. I would like to know how long I need to take the homeo medicine to reduce the level. Will it cure once and all..

    Thanks I advance Doctor.


  465. BHOLA KANT JHA says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    My wife aged 66 yrs. having chronic arthritis sometimes with swelling knee. Please advise me which medicine in which power or as mother tincture she should take.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  466. SAYAK NAG says:

    sir i have 7.69 uric acid level i have hand finger joint pain which came beforefm the foot fingers got involved after a few medications my foot fingers have stopped tingling and hurting but the big toes have some stiffness. however the hands are killing me the wrist ie bottom of the thumb the indez , liitle and the upper thumb joints are stiff and have cronic pain in the sides of the joints. They are not healing and a major symptom of whatever i have got is that my fingers tingle considerably. they hurt whenever i press the joints but not on their own howver tingling feeling is always present.

  467. Ravikant Ambesh says:

    My fingers joint ,knee,thumb of feet heaving pain and swelling also.feeling swelling on face also ,my age is 44 yrs. me.

  468. Anupom Roy says:

    dear sir, i am 46 years uric acid level is 6.3. my left leg heel has very pain for four month. . My X-ray report is being Calceneal spur. At first i have taken alopathic medicine for three medicine but i am not cure.Please advice some medicine for this thanks.

  469. abid pervez says:

    dear sir i m 45 year old my uric acid level is 7.7and i have 3 stones in left kidney 11.10.and 6. mm.please advice some medicine for this thanks

  470. shyam mandora says:

    Dear sir my age 46.joint of my both hand were uric acid leble is6.3.which medicine is percribed by you for me.

    • Dhananjay Singh says:

      SIR my age 34 I HAVE pain IN MY HEEL uric acid LEVEL is 6.3.WHAT CAN I DO ??

    • Jaiti Singhvi says:

      Dear sir

      My age is 42 .. Weight is 93 height is 5 ft 6 inch.

      One year back got uterus and one ovary removed.
      Have uric acid 6.5.
      Plz suggest a homeopathic medicine

  471. Rohan verma says:

    Namskar Sir my name is rohan verma sir meri rt leg lower limb mai vericose aa gayi hai plz sir mai faster running ki precties kar raha hu isko khatam karne ka upay bataye


  473. Arun Katyayan says:

    Sir my uric acid level is 9.3.but no swelling and pain.previously taken Berberis Pentakan taking febuxostat. Suggest me effective medicine.

  474. Janardhan says:

    Sir uric acid level is 7.9 n I’ve been advised to take Ran-s 30. Does it works effectively n is it sufficient. Pl reply

  475. atul mishra says:

    Uric acid level7.7
    Gas trouble

  476. Jam Shahid says:

    My mother 65 years old she is diabetecs since 15 years her cretenin 4.8 and urea 134 . she feels very hotness in her body she use moist towel on her belly feet and hands. Allopathic Dr suggest for dialysis. Please suggest homeo remedy to avoids dialysis.
    Good bless you.
    Jam Shahid Punjab Pakistan

  477. Jagroop kaur says:

    My uric acid is 6.0
    Pain in knee and heel.
    Swelling in whole body.
    Weight- 95

  478. Sir my uric acid is 7.3.plz reply

  479. Sanjay Mishra says:

    Sir my uric acid is 7.9 very painful ajkal

  480. I suffer from lower back and hip pain especially in left side for more than 1 yr. Initially I hd pain arises after cntnus tailoring on manual sewing machine. Initially I Hd pain in lower back when bending to wash my clothes for sometime, and after a lot of work in kitchen by throughout standing position. I tried alopathy, for 3 months, it makes little better than b4. But the pain comeback after medicine stops.
    Then I took Ayurveda/ kashayam, after 3 months got better. Again pain remains after restless work in home. When hold my 3yr boy to nursery on my hip and walking to 30 min daily make the condition worse. I also tried homoeo, but…

    Pain in shoulder, toe after waking up from bed. I took Xrays for both back and shoulder. When taken shoulder xray, Dr said I HV spondylosys. My back bone has a little bend to leftside.
    Also HV crepitus sounds inside my knees while climbing steps.

    Now I undergone ayurvedic panchakarma treatment, for 3 weeks and now taking medicines and taking rest. I m in strict diet for 2 months. But the pain in shoulder and lower back, hip remains. And hip pain worsen. I cant easily bend or lean on my back as it hurts too much.

    My blood test shows

    Uric acid levels: 8.10 mgs
    Blood sugar before food : 85
    THYROID T3: 102 ng/dl
    THYROID T4: 9.20 ug/dl
    TSH: 2.53 mIU/ml
    Hemoglobin: 11.0gm
    TC: 9,400 cells/cumm
    DC: P-62℅ L-36% E-0.2% M-00% B-00%
    ESR: 20 mm/hr
    Platelets: 2.5 lakhs/cumm
    RBC: 3.7 million/cumm
    MCV: 89 Fl
    MCH: 30pg
    MCHC: 33%
    PCV: 33%

    Cholesterol total: 142 mg/DL
    Triglycerides: 116 mg/DL
    HDL cholesterol: 45 mg/dl
    LDL cholesterol: 74 mg/DL
    VLDL cholesterol: 23

    Sugar: nill
    Albumin: trace

    Sir pls help me to give any suggestion of medicines.

  481. KABERI GHOSH says:

    I am suffering from uric acid level 7.2. It cause me pain in the bottom of my foot and toe.please suggest me homeoypath medicine and doses also. If I use regular will it side effect me?

  482. Pukar Sharma says:

    sir , i am suffering from uric acid level 7.8 to 8 mg. and it cause me pain in the bottom of my foot and toe also. i couldn’t walk any distance during that time. i used many times alopathy medicine Fstate & Cochine but it couldn’t work to me. pls. suggest the best homeopathy medicine and also suggest if i regular use 5 to 10 yrs. will it side effect me or not.

    Thank you

  483. Sir my father has gout deposit near his ankle and urine smell can be traced from distance
    .please suggest a suitable homeopathy remedy.

    Waiting for your reply..

  484. Sir my uric acid level is 6.5 and my knees can’t do much running as i do before uric acid high level plz recommend me cure of uric acid Most of the important i am 21 years old

  485. Ansh rai says:

    Sir my uric acid is high please give your medicine name

  486. gopal goyal says:

    my mother is debetic from last ten years and cretinine is 2.3 and uric acid is also 11 and blood suger is also not controlled after taking high dose of insulin and blood pressure is also high and have problem of sleeplessness kindly suggest medicines and dose how to take. thanking you.

  487. Ranu Seth says:

    Is it help to reduce knee pain & uric acid?please let me know.

  488. Mohit gupta says:

    Sir my serum uric acid is high and my left knee is paining may be due to uric acid crystals in joint …..please help me

  489. Vipin verma says:

    Namste sir,
    Mera name vipin verma hai.. Mai april 2016 se uric acid ki samsaya se jujh raha hu sir iska koi illaj hai ky jis se ye puri tarha khatm ho jaye plz sir mujhe bataye.

    • NasrUlla um Min Alla says:

      Sir My name is Nasr um min Allah. I feel pain in my left shoulder joint like breaking bone and can not sleep at night for 5 days. My uric acid level is about 10.3 .The whole of my left arm is suffering from pain please help me sir. Thanking you very much

  490. Manoranjan Das says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I have high uric Acid in my body past two years and my urine colour is morning to afternoon yellow and red and brown, and urine burning, Burning sensation with my feet. past one month I am feeling pain with my hand rist, elbow, Knee and feet toe etc.

    I would like to request to guide me how to go for the treatment and give your phone no I will call u.

    • GHUFRAN AHMAD says:

      My uric acid level stands at 10.50
      I suffer from severe pain in my particularly in the morning.
      Lesser pain is experienced from ankle upto knee, throughout the day.
      Kindly suggest remedy & precautions to be taken.

  491. Ravinder kaur says:

    hii Sir… i want to know that which quantity of Homeopathy medicine is best for high uric acid treatment, My ankles and fingers are swollen and difficult to walk

  492. rajneesh kumar says:

    what should be the doze of benzoic acid for lowering uric acid level 8

  493. Anilkumar says:

    I ame suffering from neck stiffness and pain and swellings in shoulder.;

    Name Anilkumar 58 age BP90/120 Blood sugar -Nil weight 65 Kg Chlostrol -normal

    • Harmeet Singh says:

      Doctor presently my uric acid volume is 7.50 and I feel too much pain in my wrist and elbow moreover in childhood during hanging excersize in wrong shape I have to faced swear back pain and a Orthopedic diagnose broken ligament and tendon along with slightly one side gap increase in L4 : L5.So he said after 3 month bed rest It will be settle here. So after this few years I feel no problem but because my job was very hard, so now I have to face back pain in every change of session which stay with me for one month, but now this time because of uric acid level back pain also continue. Doctor I have very much faith in Homoeopathic. You are requested please suggest me.presently I am taking Urtica Urens MT

  494. ravinder says:

    I am Ravinder Kaur and I completed g.n.m nursing.I am suffering from chronic heel pain for 4 days. That problem, I am suffering in every year.last year my uric acid value 6.and I took hemopathic plz you give advice to take medicine.

  495. R S AHLUWALIA says:


  496. Melanie says:

    Hi there
    My husband has chronic uric acid stones and takes the prescription Allopurinol and sodium bicarbonate plus Lisinopril for blood pressure. They don’t do the job correctly and he always has bad kidney stones. I want to find a natural option for him that won’t interact with his prescriptions. Any advice is appreciated.

  497. Joginder Singh says:

    Respected Dr,
    My uric acid level is 8.0mg/dl,i have problem in my left toe ,knees,and all body pain morning time when i start walk after walk i feel good.i take zyloric 300mg not daily but now i stop zyloric and start homeopathic medicine BERBERIS PENTARKAN 2 TABS THRICE A DAY.pls recommend me medicine and how long i can take? I am 48 yrs old.Thanks


    KHUDA khush Rakhay!
    Dr. I am 59 years . Feeling pain knee, ancle, spinal cord, gap in 4 & 5 spinal, having full body pain, head top to bottom . Sum time Kidni makes ston like white calcium, removed 3 time, again recovers.
    URIC ACID: 7 . 3 mg / dL

    2 : High Cholesterol.

    Serum Cholesterol 276
    Serum Triglycerides 348
    HDL (Direct ) 49
    LDL. ( Calc.) 184
    VLDL .(calc.) 70
    Cholesterol / HDL.RATIO 5.6
    Please help for

  499. Prakash Chandra says:

    I am a chronic kidney disease patient having single functioning left kidney with more dilated left ureter with thrombocytopenia, my uric acid level is 6.43 to 6.80, please help if any homeopathic medicine to control this

  500. Ali Shahid says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I have problem with sleep that I do not get sleep at all especially for last 28 days !
    I am a Diabetic but under control , hypertension but under control. I have Diabetes since 2001 , BP since 1991. Presently they are both under control.
    Wonder what had happened to my sleep that I do not and cannot sleep.
    I went to a homeopath and she gve a liquid to take 10 drops in the night but to no avail. However tired , I cannot sleep neither during day nor during night !
    I have a stent in one of my artery which was placed in February 2010.

  501. Tilak Ghoshal says:

    My uric acid in blood is 8 after taking urtica urens 15 drops 3 times daily now what I will do to reduce

  502. Pallab Ranjan Sadhya says:

    I am suffering from knee pain for 5 days (mostly at right knee ). My uric acid level is 7.69 on yesterday. Please suggest me now what could I do? I am also suffering from asthma from ten years. I am now 40 yrs old.

  503. I am aged 43years. Last two years ago I observed pain during urination. After medication it was not cured completely. Now I found that my uric acid levels are high that is 7.56. Could u please suggest any medicine to get rid off the disease. With regards. R.pal

  504. Rupinder Singh says:

    Hello Dr
    My uric acid level is 6.31my.plz suggest me homeopathy medicine.

  505. Suraj Pokhrel says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma my name is suraj pokhrel. My age is 28.
    Firstly pain started from toe.ican bearly walk.
    When check up uric acid report states 7.8 mg/dl.
    How to cure it??
    Please give me suggestion about what to eat and about medicine.
    Thank you.

  506. Rajib Talukdar says:

    my mother age 61 years, my uric acid level 8.3 its high, so i am facing very much pain in my foot also more swelling. please prescribe me which medicine suggest from your end. Please tell me quick
    relief from this pain

  507. Rajiur Rahman Khan says:

    My cretinine level is 5.70 ,Uric acid is 11.1, please tell me how can reduce my cretinine level and uric acid

  508. rajeev sharma says:

    my cretinine level is 1.46 i take R64 please tale me R64 can reduce my cretinine level or i take some other medicine with them

  509. hilal Ahmad says:

    Prescription plz what is the fast relief medicine in decrease in urice acid

  510. Reema kohli says:

    Sir I m 20 year old .my height is weight is 79.I m taking slimming sessions but result was not cming .so I got my tsh checked it was 171 just want to ask whether water retention can be controlled by homeopathic n any weight loss medicine.

  511. Suryabati Paul says:

    Please suggested the best homio medicines

  512. Dr Amad Wafa Khan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma , Hi, I am physician but I am looking for treatment of elevated uric acid levels , i do suffer with pain usually in one joint of the foot, although I am not taking red meat at all , no fish just eating minimal chicken and dal and vegetables, it goes to 8 mmol some times , please guide me in getting homeo medicine
    , I am post CABG 16 years ago , I am alright my age is 48 years , taking beta blocker
    statin 20mg and aspirin regulalrly
    waiting for y9ur reply and guidance


    dr amad

  513. Rana Muhammad SHAHID Rafique says:

    Age 42 years
    Uric acid 6.3/7
    ESR 25 (Normal Range 10)
    Vitamin D 9.3/100
    Feels pain in different joints in different times, more pain in right knee
    Suggest medicine and
    What to eat and what not to eat …

  514. Jyoti Narula says:

    My uric acid is 7 & sgpt is 38. I have pain in my joints and muscles. My stomach is bloated always .upper abdomen is always feels full.. Pls suggest me what to do..vitamin D is also age is 51.

  515. Jogesh Medhi says:

    all are join painful and i don’t drink water some times so my urin is not fresh .

  516. N C BHOWMIK says:

    Dear Doctor,

    In April 2015, my uric acid level was 7.5 and in April 2016 it raised to 8.3. Main problem is
    I feel pain in both knees while walking, climbing up stairs or coming down. Sometimes left knee caps are overlapped and face great problem to set it up by pressing down the knee caps and by straightening the leg. I feel light burning while passing urine. Alopathic medicine ‘Febutaz’ prescribed by my doctor is not suiting me and facing side effects of the medicine. I am a HOCM heart patient. Kindly review and suggest suitable medicine to reduce uric acid to its normal level. I am walking 3 to 3.5 kms every day and try to avoid foods with high protein. I am doing sitting job.Pl suggest foods also.



  517. Le Kelley says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I have been awaking nightly with severe pain in my left big toe. It is on fire and red and swollen. Seems when I get up and more around it goes away until night time again. Last night it was not only the large toe but the toes as well. I have not had my blood test to show levels of uric acid, but i have had hives for over 15 months, which have been so debilitating.
    Please tell me what you think and if some homeopathic medication could possibly work.
    I am also suffering from breast cancer. All of this has been way too much at one time.

    Thank you for any help you can send me.

  518. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am having knee pains and itching sensation on top of knees. Not able to stand for more than an hour. My doctor tried all possible tests, include MRI and blood tests. Found that my uric acid level is 5.7. All other things are normal.
    He advised me to control it’s level with less protine diet. And I am doing my best.

    Can there be other reason for my knee pains?
    Can you please suggest me any other support to bring down my uric acid levels. Please advice.

    Thanks and regards

  519. latif Shahid says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am very thankful for the lo

  520. Imran Ali says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in Pharma industry and have increased uric acid up to 8 kindly let me know how I can reduce it by using minimum medicines or herbs.
    other than this every lab is normal.
    Kind Regards

  521. alka arora says:

    Sir there is a pain in left side below chest .I made my all test .Ultrasound is normal. Uric acid is 7.1 and slightly increased the ratio of cholestrol. Plz suggest some medicine

  522. Abdul Mubarak says:

    Doctor, I have always high Uric acid in my blood aroun 7 to 8. I don’t have any pain , but I feel fatigue , lazy , sometimes stiffness in my back & joints. I felt when Uric acid level is high sexual desire also less. Kindly advice the best treatment in homeopathy. I am 42 yrs old , Male. I don’t have any other medical problems other than hyper acidity & gas. I usually take Allopurinol ( Zyloric 300 mg for 2 weeks when required.

  523. pavan agrawal says:

    My right leg is sufferd with foot drop decies.
    My toe not touch ground and cant take a load of body.investigation shows there is a block in a
    Nerve Backside of leg under knee please. Suggest atreatment

  524. rajesh chaturvedi says:

    I have burning sensation in right toe. Feel uncomfortable in wearing the shoe in right foot.feels burning. My uric acid test is7.08

  525. ARUN KUMAR says:

    I am suffering from high uric acid.I take alcohol sometime 5 times aweek, after taking alcohol it shoots up and i get stiffness i medicine almost all joints. I am taking zolaric but of no use.And my left knee joint is giving me lot of problem. Whenever i tested it comes below 5(uric acid). But when i take alcohol joints pain increases. Please suggest suitable medicine for me.

  526. zakia mujib says:

    Dr sb my uric acid level is 6.2 and i have severe pain and stiffness in back side of right leg and pain in left foot and second finger of left ang .plz suggest me medicine and potency thanks

  527. Kisi bhi joint me pain hona ghutne me back me nas kheechi she ho Jana finger joint me pain hona kulhe me bhi me ye kahna chata noon ki pain kahi bhi ho jata hai kabhi kabhi jabde ka joint me bhi ho jata hai jis Karan mouth poor a nahi khul pata kirpa kar koi acchi Si medicine bataye thk

  528. K P C Rao says:

    Dear Dr, Sharma,

    I am 71 yrs old. I have high uric acid level of 7.6. I used Allopurinol 200 mg for 2 months. Level has come down to 5.8.

    I have shooting pain in th palm of foot, more in the heel. I have difficulty in walking.
    Please suggest Homeo medicine and its dosage and periodicity to take.
    K P C Rao

  529. Muhammadhaneef says:

    My age 25 and my lavel 6.5

  530. Amit kumar says:

    I m suffering form high uric acid 9.0 i use hemeopathic madecin but nor work i use
    artica urance

  531. ms gouri dutta says:

    I am 57 yrs old working lady my uric acid level 6.0 I am suffering from both ankle, knee elbow pain. my body weight 75 pls prescribe me medicine for relief pain.

  532. VIKASH SINHA says:

    I m 36 yrs old. My uric acid level is 7.6, I m suffering from ankle , sole & finger joint pain. pl.prescribe me medicine for relief from it.

  533. abdurrahim rao says:

    my creatinine 1.22, blood urea 23. uric acid 7.4,age 34 . select perfect homeo remedy

  534. tilak ram verma says:

    my Uric Acid is 9.40. please tell me medicine

  535. m.k.goswami says:

    im used FEBUXOSTAT 40 advice me to

  536. Yasir Mirza says:

    Aaslam o Alikom
    Dear doctor I m male 33years old I have joint pain problem almost last 3,4 years especially foot heels and legs joints my uric acid level is 7.5 & cholesterol level is 216.
    Plz advised me good remedy for homoerotic.
    God Bless u.

  537. Dear Sir

    Right toe thumb pain while walking.

  538. Rakesh kumar singh says:

    My uric acid label is 6.60. I am felling pain on my right toes and to much weakness in my body and also pain in musicals.I am feeling very tiered.

  539. Dear doctor. I was feeling light pain in my right big toe since 5 April. On 8th the pain increased manifold with heavy swelling. I had this pain twice earlier,once a year ago and secondly two years ago but that was very mild as compared to this one and on both occasion it vanished after 3/4 days without any medication.
    On 9th i talked to someone who told me to get my uric acid tested and it was 7.5 day before it was 6.5 with less swelling. However it still pains too much. I used 3 tablets of xyloric and after that 3 tablets of andomithacin. But no improvement in pain. Kindly guide me

  540. I have been on fruit vegetables and milk diet for last four days…no non veg…no alcohol..but suddenly I have this pain in my ankle at night…… I am an old case of high uric acid and had attks of gout twice. Pl suggest me some medicine…

  541. sanjibkumarbhuyan says:

    Dear sir,

    I have uric acid level 8.1 mg/dl. I AM 38 YEARS OLD. i feel pain in knee & please suggest homeopathic medicine for this.


  542. Abdul Wahab says:

    Dear Doctor – I have Uric Acid problem and have pains in toe areas for the last few months. Please advise homeo medicine of Kent Group. Thanks

  543. Dr Sb I have high uric acid and have pain in all joints. Moreover I feel very uncomfortable at night. Mostly my uric acid level remain 4,80 to 5.
    If you could advise some hamopathic treatment with out side effects coz I have mild ulcer too

  544. Hello sir,
    I’m 31 year old suffering from gout problem last 4 year. Last month I switched to homeopathy from allopathic medicine.. As I don’t want to take pain killer every time. But after starting homeopathy medicine I got two major gout attack in around 20 days.. I’m taking
    Berberis Pentarkan 2 tablet morning and evening.. And some other medicine given by Doc. So I would like to ask you that is it normal to gout attack after starting these medicines.. It is affecting only those joints for which I had gout attack in past.. Is it like removing old deposited crystals from that joint..
    Please advise.. Thanks

  545. Saurabh says:

    Hello sir,

    I have pain in my toe, hands and almost whole body with high uric acid level. Taking allopathic medicine Febutaz40 along with homeopathic medicine Urtica urenus Q ( thrice).

    But pain is not getting reduced. Please help.

  546. Avinash says:

    Respectfully Sir
    Sir My uric Acid is high 7.2 due to use of slidenafil 50mg 3to4 year Only reson of high uric acid . Pls mail me treatment prescription.
    I Shall be highly obliege you

  547. sandeep arora says:

    respected sir, my self sandeep arora from bathinda.
    i have swelling and pain in my both toes. and difficulty in walking. i am talking the medicines from last 2 years. but there is no relief. now my uric acid is 8 point. my age is 35 years old. plz suggest me the treatement. so, i can recover my uric acid problem. i wolud be very thankfull to you.
    yours faithfully
    sandeep arora.

  548. prakash kumar says:

    Dr. saheb
    Good Morning
    I am 45 yrs. old male taking BP medicine Aginal AT 1/2 tablet for last 6 years. I sometime felt pain in my right toe. From two days I have pain in my right toe and even could not stand or walk properly. I m taking febutaz 40 on the advice of doctor. In pathalogical test there is protein in my urine(2+). This is first time that I am in such trouble.

    My question is how can uric acid be controlled. Will I have to take medicine regularly. Or there is any treatment for permanent cure. How long course would be.
    I would be thankful for your comments and advice.

  549. Najmul ansari. says:

    Respected sir, Before few days I was cheaked my blood about uric acid with a great doctor consult. There are find a high uric acid. So which homeo remedy is best for me to reducing my uric acid. Ansari.

  550. Rajeev nathan says:

    Suffering from gouts.for more than 10 years .some time small attacks..major attack 6 years back..present attack one month back.uric acid 7.86 .took zairolic 300mg twice a day.urick acid came down to 5.7 but still to much pain in right knee calf and cold feeling in leg.high shooting pan in right leg only in the evening/night calms down only by taking diclofenac + paracetamol. At present taking homeopathic medicine

  551. babita rana says:

    I m suffer from pulmonary TB..nd I take allopathic trtmnt in 2 im not cure.Plz suggest me homoeopathic medicine for permanent cure..

  552. Raju Mallik says:

    Hello Dr. I m suffering from uric acid….due to uric acid I have pain in legs . I m suffered from this disease in summers…please suggest me medicine.thanks.

  553. Raju Mallik says:

    Hello Dr. I m suffering from uric acid….due to uric acid I have pain in legs .every year I m suffered from this disease in summers…please suggest me medicine.thanks.

  554. M.Mohamed Abdullah says:

    Age 67.Gout problem.Took Homeopathy medicine for 6months .No pain now.Doctor did not tell the medicine name.Not taking any medicine now.3 months before did blood test.
    Uric acid 8.6mgs%
    Blood urea 15mgs%

    At present no pain,but Uric acid level not reduced by the taken medicine
    Kindly advise me what to do.

  555. sanjeev Kumar gadi says:

    Wax in eyes pain in toe very severe urine infection pus cell in urine with RBC dry mouth stomach pain age 47 male it 84

  556. Hello Dr. I m suffering from uric acid….due to uric acid I have pain in legs and knees…every year I m suffered from this disease in summers…please suggest me medicine.thanks.

  557. Raj Kumar Bharat says:

    I am suffering from chronic Albuminuria and CKD. Creatinine 1.60, urea 30, good urine output. I have to get up at night 3 times. Urine has bubbles and foam. During night more albumin in urine and very less during day. Serum uric acid 7.2. Potassium 5.0 which has been 6.2 a month ago . I take very less purine
    Diet but there is a chronic tendency for uric acid to go up. Having dry skin on back near shoulders and bum

  558. V Srinivasan says:

    Hello sir,

    Recently i had a pain edge of right toe. Had tedted my blood. I have a trace in albumin, uric acid is 9.4mg/dl. Also small simple cortial cyst found in kidney found furing abdomon scan. Is this will control if i took medicines with diet control etc. Pl advisr.

  559. devendra gupta says:

    mujhe uric acid ka problam hai aur calciam 64% hai mera age 25 aur mai married hu

  560. Salman Ahmed says:

    My age is 44 and I am male.
    My Uric Acid is 8.6 mg/dl.

    My TRIGLYCERIDES is 199 mg/dl.

    Please recommend me medicine for lowering Uric Acid and TRIGLYCERIDES and any other recommendations in eating.

    Waiting for your reply.



    Salman Ahmed

  561. sayantani sinha mathur says:

    Good evening doctor,

    The soles of my feet have been aching for the past few months. The pain is sharp when I try to get up after sitting for a long time. I need an instant remedy for this.

  562. Neha Mistry says:

    Uric acid level is 7.4. I am obese. Lot of swelling too. Severe joint pain and stiffness in the body.

  563. Azadvinder singh says:

    hai dr sahib i am sufring uric acid and joint pain like left heel pain slowely of urine flow pl reply homeopatic treatment mom 09417658585

  564. sir maray left panu ma pain ho ray ha kia krna chai

  565. rakesh sharma says:

    Hai doc i am sufring with high urik acid i want to konw urs clicnic add. or if its posible u just give me a tinkle at my 9814300400 cell

  566. Ajit kumar sharma says:

    High uric acid problem. ?

  567. R.V. Koteswara Rao says:

    Hello. Dr,
    I have high Uric acid 9.85
    I was taking allopathy medicine EBUXO 40mg and Proxyvon Plus.

    Now i decide to shift to homeopathy
    Iam having only one Kidney .. Pls suggest

  568. VIVEK CHOPRA says:


  569. Gout Pain in Knee(recently started). What’s the best as uric acid levels at 7.2. pl suggest Dr

  570. Hello. Dr,
    I have high Uric acid 6 months ago(9.2)
    I was taking allopathy and after 3months it comes to normal(5.2)
    Then j decide to continue homeopathy as my allopathy dr suggest me to continue med life time
    I was taking urtica urens q 2 times 15 drops and colchicum
    Before taking homeopathy my Uric acid level was 7.3 but after taking 1.5 month my Uric acid raised to 9.9 but I don’t have any pain it normal that it grow for initial time or my med is not working in my body .. Pls suggest

  571. virendra kumar awasthi says:

    I have uric acid 7.2 taking allopurinol300 fom one month now uric acid is 4.2 stones in both kidney 3mm calculi has developed. swelling in left big toe and pain on waist. please advice medicine

  572. Bhanupriya says:

    Sir, I have ganglion problem in my wrist joints and ankle joints of both hands aand legs respectively. Doctor has put me on Benzoic acid 200. Am on medication since 20 days, but I started feeling giddiness and breasts lumps in a week. Sir what could be the reason and should I stop the medication. Pleasehelp me

  573. how to remove bad choleatrol in thigh

  574. harindra sharma says:

    I am suffering fm uric acid pain in left toe and finger inflamation ifeel comfort with cold andpress

  575. nirmal soni says:


  576. Sujash Raha says:

    What are the symptoms of high uric acid ?

    • harindra sharma says:

      I am suffering from uric acid pain in toe heat and inflamation and suffering gas trouble

      • Amit Chauhan says:

        I am suffering from burning urination and feet’s along with gout problem. Uric acid is as high as 8.4 . Triglyceride, VLDL and Blood pressure are also high and exceeds the higher limits marginally.

  577. lmran jin says:

    Sir suffering from urinary Ph problem and kidney stone suggest some madicine

  578. Rinku kumari says:

    Sir I am suffering from left heel pain so please reply the homeopathic treatment. My serum of uric acid is 6.60mg/dl.

  579. Rinku kumari says:

    Sir I am suffering from left heel pain so please reply the homeopathic treatment.

  580. my problem uric acid leg bottom give me solution

  581. shahbaz khan says:

    sir.mera cholesterol 200 .trigycerides 245 hy .
    plz koi homeo pathic medicin batiy
    thank you
    muhammad shahbaz khan ghouri

  582. Mohamed Noufal says:

    Uric acid level 8.1
    Creatinine level 2.1
    Complaint is pain in the great toe.
    History of heart valve block

  583. my mother Creatine 3.5 and age 65 how to control.

  584. Ankur singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I m suffering from gout since 2001 i m 32 now. Right side all joints r affected. Guide me for medicines. Last uric acid result was 8

  585. Pawan sharma says:

    Hello dr my husband is suffering from diabetes and high uric acid 7, how immediately comes both value in normal

    • I am suffering from uric acid since 2013 and treatment for three years continue but not secure the uric acid , medicine as used febustat 40g. and alliporinolalso used when the medicine stopped again started the same . Sr, kindly guide me i homoeopathy treatment . now my joints are small swelling and pain is going on.

  586. Hi,
    My uric acid level is 7.3 and facing mascular pain in arms, hands and itching on hand palm and feet. Pls suggest medicine.

  587. My uric acid level is 7.56. Blood urea nitrozen is 25.4. Serum globulin is 2.49. Swelling persists on toes and feet. Traces of albumin found in urine. In 2008 I was operated and two stents in RAC and LAD implanted. I have undergone ultrasound of whole abdomen
    Ultrasound examination has examined two calcui of 4 and 5 mm in the left middle and lower pole calyx and presence of five renal cortical cysts are in the right kidney. Prostate is slightly enlarged. Kindly suggest homeopathic treatment.

  588. K J CHANDRA says:

    I am suffering from muscle pain and urine problems I have Uric acid 8 mg and kidney stones Please tell me best homeopathic medicine.

  589. Mr. Digambar Nehete says:

    Hello sir ,
    I have a Uric Acid level about 8 n have a pain at the joint of foot. Can u help me out.pls . My contact no. Is

  590. ANJAY KUMAR says:

    sir mera weight 95 kg hai.bhukh bhi bahut lagta hai. pet me gas bhi bahut banta hai .BP bhi bada hua hai. sir kaun sa dawa le. uruc acid ka dawa urtica ur & lithium carb le rhe hai .

  591. Can u suggest useful homeo medicines for curing diabetes …. I never succeeded …. awaiting reply.

  592. rekha solanki says:

    joint pain aggravation movemet mostly pain knee joint some time swelling

  593. Khem chand says:

    I m suffering from severe knee pain and Utica acid level is 7.40. MRI test indicates osteoarthritis. Please suggests me its remedy.
    Khem chand

  594. Rajesh ishai says:

    Developed severe pain in great toe of left leg,after diagnosis found Utica acid on higher side10 points around .unable to sleep due to pain and numbness.kindly advise

  595. Manish jain says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from uric acid & also suffering with BP & sugar so plz suggest me good medicine for my problem

  596. Rajinder Kumar says:

    High uric acid age 49

  597. jaswinder singh says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    My uric acid level 6.2 Pls prescribe a suitable treatment

  598. saleem chaudhry says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I hv a raised uric acid level 7.4 I hv pain on top of my right foot n right shoulder blade.Pls prescribe a suitable treatment

  599. Hi Dr Sharma I have problem on my feet burn sensation and I did my blood test sugar level is 4.6 can you help me how to get it done . Thank you !! Please reply ASAP

  600. Rajendra sharma says:

    Dr sahib mera protien bada huwa huwa hai dawai batayyega pl

  601. Leo Mupanduki says:

    My Uric Acid level is 617 against 415 I have had this problem for more than 15 years. I have been taking Colchicine, Piroxcame and Predesoline but now these tablets are not working my pain is 24/7. This assessment of my uric acid was done on the 5th of February 2016. How can you help me what drug should I take. I stopped taking meat long back I only eat bream fish and chicken. Every morning I take one litter of fruit juice which I make myself.

  602. My grandmother 84 year old has 10 uric acid. Having pain. It is very frequently happening to her. She is getting almost after 40 50 days. Pls. Help

  603. Sir
    I have got pain on the back of my middle ,fourth and little toes.only when I walk bare foot I get the tingling,numbness and then pain .If I walk with sleepers I don’t get pain ,my serum Uris acid is not high just it is 5.7 .please let me know what may be the diagnosis and treatment for the same .
    Thank you

  604. Madhusudan Saha says:

    I have a continuous pain in my left heel, especially on touch. In the morning it is immense. There is pain in left toe, left knee also. I also feel a pain in my right arm while raising hand. My serum uric acid level 8.2.Left knee pain is felt while going upstairs. Please suggest.

  605. Ashwani Juneja says:

    The level of uric acid is 10.2
    Small swelling in foot
    Some time pain in figure joints

  606. S.k.gogna says:

    I am taking medicine for tuberculosis from the last three months which increases my uric acid leval . Please advice some homeopathic medicine for controlling my elevated leval of uric acid which is to the leval of 9 at present

  607. Appnender g says:

    Ledum pal and benzoic acid. I have similar symptons of ledum pal. If i party two to three days consequently i get left heel pain. I have to limp and walk. And it takes minimum ten days for it to go away. Also have crackling in my fingers and knee joints. Age is 58. Normal health but have Blood pressure. Uric acid level is 7.5 to 8 when heel pain is there. Could you suggest medication/ treatment.

  608. Yeshwant Narayan Surti says:

    Sir, I am diabetic 2. I am suffering from gout/uric acid. My bottom of both the feet are swollen and burning. Kindly advise in what potency the doses of the homeopathic medicines suggested above should be taken and how many times and in what form: pills or drops.

    Awaiting your reply.



  609. ABHIMANYU DAS says:

    Dear sir,
    My uric acid level 9.4 mg/dl ,i am 32 years old ,sever back pain ,sholder pain and neck joints pain ,sir plz adv.medicine

  610. Pradeep sharma says:

    Sharma sir,
    Good day, My name is Pradeep sharma, from Udaipur Rajasthan. I m 42 year old and from last 6 months i m suffering from sharp pain in the toe, ankle, wrist and neck joints. The affected parts get swollen and very hot to touch. The pains become more intense in the evening and night and i feel acute pain in morning for 30 minutes which get down in day time and again rise in evening.
    when checked and diagnosed i got High uric acid and taking medicine since than.
    Please suggest suitable homeopathic solution for complete and long term removal

  611. Gagan Gupta says:

    Dear Doctor
    I m 38 years old 6feet height & 74kg wt. With uric acid 6.8 from last 2 year’s now feeling pain in my right foot big toe pl. Suggest suitable medicine

  612. My uric acid level wasì7.2 due which I devloped swelling
    and pain in big toe.I started taking Urtica Urens and
    Benzoic Acid.Uric Acid level came to 5.8 and pain also
    reduced.I am continuing the above medecine but some
    times moving pain is experienced .pl suggest.

  613. stanley joseph says:

    dear doctor,

    my clinical tests declares the following: FBS-128Mg, PPBS175mgdl, HBAIC-6.6%. T.CHOLESTROL 176. TG-112.HDL;-40,LDL-113.5. URIC ACID-9.12, UREA-23.SERUM CREATINE-1.31
    I am advised to take glizid 250mg for 3 times, Liponorm 10mg and T.Fabulas 40mg.
    I would like to know whether the uric acid could be managed effectively with homeopathic medicine. if so, is it advisable to take it along with the allopathic medicine for diabetics and cholestrol? thank you so much.

  614. How to cure uric acid and ESR.

  615. having uric acid problem

  616. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    Please prescribe H medicine for Umbilical Hernia Thanks.

  617. Rajesh kumar pandey says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from two year highly pain in my leg joint on both leg (ghutne ka jod)
    Presently I am taking this tox 200 and cal.fluorica 6x
    But I am feeling not better
    Plz suggest me what medicine will take

  618. Bipin Mehta says:

    .My age is 48.I have my uric acid level at 7.8.
    I had pain in my both knee and difficult to walk.since 1year. Please advise me the homoe medicine to lower the uric acid level. With thanks

  619. samir kumar dutta says:

    . I am suffering from chronic spondylosis left hand and fingers burning with numbness and stiff all the times along with is from 2007.MRI done.result shows that c4-c7 space reduced .parts became lacerated and pinched a nerve.from few days I feel that soles and feet of both legs are it due to increase of uric acid in blood ?.how ever allopath doctor suggested then to do neck exercise.I am doing that till now.
    Sir .please advice some homeopathy medicines so that I can get relief.pain is some times age is 58 complete and doing official works. With regards
    . Samir Kumar dutta.

  620. RAJMEET SINGH says:

    Dear Dr,
    Greetings. I am Rajmeet from punjab. I am suffering from osteoarthritis of hip from last 14 years which occurs due to accident which injured my left hip. Now i feel stiffness and diffculty in croosing the leg. Please reccomend me the medicine. Thanjs

  621. Hello sir,

    I have a problem of high uric acid in body. I was suffering from gouty arthritis. I had uric acid level 10.5 in July 2015. Now it is 9.7 in Jan 2016. I am going through homeopathy treatment since last 5 months but it can’t solved the problem of high uric acid.

    Looking for positive response.

  622. praveen kumar jain says:

    Dear sir.
    I am a patient of increased level of Uric acid. The main symptoms are occasionally severe pain in big toe or hand first finger.Stiffness remains in all overbody and also feels pain in body joints knee etc. When oathologically.checked level measured about 8 and after taking allopath medicines it comes down to about 6.5. Please advise homeopath medicine for increased uric acid level.

    (a) Glymy -2 BBF
    (b) janumet (sitagliptin50 + metformin 1000) BD AFTER MEAL

  624. Somee Makhija says:

    My ag 37 m my uric acid 7.9 pl giv me homepathi madicin name

  625. Dr. S. S. Thakur says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I am having uric acid problem for last few years and I use to take allopathic medicine Zyloric 100 mg. As long as the medicine is taken, the problem remains less. It appears again if I stop the medicine. I have pain in right knee and right foot due to uric acid. Can you please suggest me some homoeopathy medicine to cure it. Thanks and regards, – Dr. S. S. Thakur.

    • Mohitosh mondal says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma
      I am 56 yrs. old, having uric acid, level- 7.9, having more pain in my hip joint. pl. prescribed me the most effective medicine. Thanking you

  626. hari prasad says:

    I have 7.2 uric acid I am getting pain in my knee. what is the solution and I am Passion of lack of vitamin D.

  627. Ram Sarup. Chanana says:

    I have my uric acid level at 7.9. I had pain in myleft knee and difficult to walk. Please advise me the homoe medicine to lower the uric acid level. With thanks

  628. jasbir singh says:

    hello Dr Sharma ji
    from tests it has been confirmed that my uric acid level is high. it is 7.45 at higher level. i have no pain in my joints. my age is 39 year. kindly suggest any homeopathic medicine that will control my uric acid. i have also high bp nearly 140/100.
    jasbir singh

    • Asif Ansari says:

      Dear sir,

      I had my regular test after 2 years and found the my uric acid level is increased to 7.4. I also feel sudden pains in joints (like injection) for very less time.. i just assume this is due to increase in uric acid. Please suggest shall i start medicine ? if yes then pls suggest. below are my personal details

      Age- 37
      weight- 110
      Height- 6.2′
      I am working in power company product support last 11 years. Please suggest. Thank you in advance.

  629. Manoj Verma says:

    Uric acid right leg pain

  630. chiranjib Sarkar says:

    I have high level of uric acid (Ranges from 7.7 to 8))in blood for about last 5 years and have got swollen painful big toe twice in last one and half year which last for about 5 to 6 days each time.I have also very high level of triglyceride in blood (around 450 t0 500),total cholesterol well within limit,lower HDL (around 30),high LDL and high VLDL during last 10 years. Please suggest homeopathic medicine with doses for both Uric acid and Lipid anomaly.

  631. b c shukla says:

    iam facing from severe pain and swelling inwristdue gouty and also in feet noe pain is going from wrist to finger and to upward also i am diabtic and pl renal problem also pladvise m e suitable treatment as due to renal problem allopatyic dr refused to give medicines for this

  632. Faisal khan says:

    Thank u sir for educating me on uric acid and its five remedies but u not mentioned plz in which potency I should take the medicine.

    And second question plz should take all five compound or just take one medicine for lowering high uric acid.


  633. Ranjan Dubey says:

    Sir mujhe English to nahi aati sir mera uric acid 7.2 hai mere har joint me dard rahta hai thakan, kamjori aur pure sarir me jakran akran saa rahta hai bukhar jisa lagta rahta hai please sir help kijye

  634. D S Parate says:

    I have 3 blockages in Coronary Arteries. The treatment is going on from last 4 years. Now I have another problem developed i.e excess of URIC ACID in the blood as well as high cholesterol. I get pain in all the joints (like foot ancle, knee, shoulder, elbow.etc) Please advice some good Homeopathy medicines.

  635. HI, my father is having gout.
    we have tried many treatments but of no use.
    he is pure vegetarian and does not have habit of alcohol or any other drinks.
    can you please suggest anything.

  636. I am a diabetic & hypertension patient but under control with medicine. HbA1C maintained at 6.5 to 7. Fasting sugar 118- 126. PP 130 – 150. BP 138/ 76 . Recently on check found that my Uric acid was 7.2 and creatinine was 1.7. Ultrasound shows two 7 mm cyst at mid pole of both kidneys. Req advice eliminating cyst and normalize Uris acid and creatinine level by natural/ homeopathy.

  637. Ritesh Sinha says:

    My uric acid level is 9.12 as per report.But I have no joint pain in my legs. Please suggest me what homeopathy medicine should I take ?

  638. vipin sati says:

    my uric acid is 7.6 and my age is 43 year.also having the BP Problem taking the allopethic medicine for the saame.


    I have 7.2 uric acid. There is pains in various place in my body. I take Urtica Urens Q. I want to cure this deases permanently. please help me.

    • vipin sati says:

      as per as my uric acid report is 7.6 but no joint pain.i have also hypertenshiv undercontrol suger lebal is also boder lane taking allopethic medicine for closte

  640. ashok kumar shrivastava says:

    I am facing problem of Uric acid . My age is 63 years old and patient of High Blood Prssure.

  641. barjesh jain says:

    respected sir
    i barjesh jain have been suffering from left kidney shrink problem since 2004g. GFR WAS



  642. Awtar kaul says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    My name is Awtar kaul age 75
    My uric acid has gone up to 8.10
    LDL cholesterol 158.30
    Cretinine level 1.47
    I have been experiencing high BP 150-90
    Kindly suggest treatment.

    • i am suffering from uric acid level is 7.1. high blood pressure and cervical spondelysis. is arden artica is good? age 47. pls reply

  643. AMEER ALAM says:

    pain in thai veins please advise medicine

  644. my uric acid level 7.8 .but i am not most pain. phychologycal weakmess and some knee pain.

    i want to reduce my uricacid level.

  645. dilip kshirsagar says:

    i m suffering from high uric acid in blood since 5to6 years, continuos pain in rt toe, also burning sensation in fingers tips while passing urine, no flow of urine, no of times i hv to go for it, i hd alopathic treatment but not cured permanently. pl suggest any treatment for a/b mentioned disease.

  646. narendra bhattarai says:

    thanks doctor
    i am suffering from high level of uric acid
    right sole,pains walking, right part of sole, also heel feels as of stone

  647. ashok kumar hota says:

    I have severe pain in my feet due to accumulation of uric acid since last 7 years in a particular season i.e in winter due to consumption of several type of cauliflower, cabbage, and etc. please suggest me which fruits/vegetables i should take. also advice me some homeopathic medicines.

  648. Pattabhiram says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I am 40 years old. From last 3 to 4 years yearly once i am suffering with left toe pain swelling problem. Recently again it was came 5 days back. Recently i under went angioplasty put a stent. I am taking medicine to that. After this pain swelling after consulting my cardiologist i am taking zyloric 100and febu cip 40 morning and night after lunch and dinner.
    Kindly suggest permanent cure and medicine.
    Thanking you
    P. Ram

  649. shadab husain says:

    i am suffering from joint pain in knee
    my problem is that high level uric acid and isotots
    plzzz suggest me any best homoepathic medicine

  650. melwyn Mathews says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Its been about a year and a half that I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Its about three months that I had severe pain on my knee. I was told it was for uric acid. I had taken my blood test on 25.11.15 and my blood test report shows the uric acid increasing. I prefer taking homeopathy treatment. Could you please advice and guide me through this.

    Thank you and greatly appreciate you for this.

    Melwyn Mathews.

  651. On August, 2015 i suffered Uric acid problem and felt sharp pain in the great toe of left leg. my uric acid level was 7.1 . i could not even touch my toe. Initially i have been advised to take benjoic acid for five days after that i urtica urens Q for 15 days . after one week i got some relief and after one month i was free totally . but i i tested blood after one month i found it was 8.1. Again i am taking artica urens Q for ten drops two time for 15 days. I feel some time some light strain below the big toe. i some time felt etching problem.
    what treatment should i start? i do not take read meat any more and checked eating protein riched food.
    pl advice

    • narendra bhattarai says:

      thanks doctor
      i am suffering from high level of uric acid
      right sole,pains walking, right part of sole, also heel feels as of stone.

  652. rafat hussain says:

    Sir,I am facing knee pain since last one year occasionally. Last three months i am facing elbow problem earlier i thought it was due to workout but when i checked my uric acid then it came 7.1 mg/dl. Pls suggest me the best medicine and precaution.

  653. fazlur rahman says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 31 year old suffring from uric acid 8.4 from last 18 months.
    my whole body paining specially legs.
    so please suggest me sum medicine.

    Thanks & Regard
    Fazlur Rahman

  654. Sir I am suffering from URIC ACID 7.25, CLOESTROL 225 AND ALLERGRY NOSE PROBLEM




  655. Hemraj Sharma says:

    Dear sir,

    I had my regular test after 2 years and found the my uric acid level is increased to 8.4. I also feel sudden pains in hand (like injection) for very less time.. i just assume this is due to increase in uric acid. Please suggest shall i start medicine ? if yes then pls suggest. below are my personal details

    Age- 37
    weight- 110
    Height- 6.2′
    I am support loving person, but working in IT last 11 years. Please suggest. Thank you in advance.

  656. Satwick Sistu says:

    I am 20 years old, studying I B.H.M.S @ rajahmundry, I’ve been suffering from heavy fairfall since an year…. i am scared on seeing my hair follicle as it appears same on both its ends. The hair root is completely degenerated at parietal region and it is some how good in the temporal and occipetal regions of head. What might be the reason? can i prevent the further loss? shall i need to amend my diet??

    i”d like to inform you that my father also have very less dense hair

    I am consulting you as I was unable to express this with my professors. Hope you would help me.

    thank you

  657. dear sir me 51 yr ki hun galbleder nikla hua ha tejab bahut banta hai khane ba peney me pareshani hoti hai kandhey bhari rejtey hain left side bhari rehti hai body me dard aur ghbraht rehti hai please koi achi see medicen btauen

  658. Kundan Kumar says:

    Dear Dr

    My leg is cramped due to increased the uric acid. Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine.

    With regards
    Kundan kumar

  659. Ishwarchandrarastogi says:

    Treatment of uric acid
    Have pain in my both heel my uric acid is 6.5

  660. Ishwarchandrarastogi says:

    Treatment of uric acid

    • sir.
      In my body level of uric acid is 8.2. Before 8 months I suffered hard pain in my left leg ( joint of angutha ) doctor said that it is gout , he treatment to me and I released from pain. now further level of u. a. is increase but no pain.
      plz guide. me how to reduce u. a. level

  661. shabbir ahmed says:

    Dr sb salam ihave sever pain in my both shoulder and neck this pain wil lbe more after some activites. i test blood uric acid my result is 9.4 pl suggest me suitable medicine or remedied thanking you.

  662. Prosenjit Banerjee says:

    I have sever pain in my side of heel(not bottom of heel) of both legs.This pain will be more after get up from the bed in the morning or after sitting anywhere for a long time.Kindly suggest me a suitable medicine or remedies.I shall be grateful to you. Thanking you.

  663. Naushad Imam says:

    I have sever pain in my toe (both) especially in left toe. Often I feel knee joint pain when I stand up after sitting and step up the stairs. Kindly suggested me medicin, remedies and cure. I shall be very thankful to you. Regards, Naushad Imam. Karachi Pakistan

  664. doralynn keltner says:

    I I have always had high Uric acid and am diabetic. I recently had a bout of gout. Please tell me what to do.

  665. Ejaz Ahmad says:

    First time i feel the pain

  666. Satish Tyagi says:

    I m suffering from high uric acid,,9.1 mg/DL,,,my age is 38,,plz suggest some treatment.

  667. ANMOL bhamawat. from .pune..maharashtra says:

    I m ANMOL .my age is 34year s my problem is toe pain high level. Uric acid level alos high .plz help me …very very pain in my toe.4year old pain.मेने हर इलाज किया पर कोई फर्क नही पढ़ रहा हे ।अब में क्या करु जिससे आराम मिले ।

  668. Janardan Sharma says:

    please suggest Medicine for high uric acid and low vitaminD

  669. bijoylakshmi das says:

    A sadhak living permanently at Shantikunj is having uric acid level high and he has swelling in legs which is not appreciably high. He is pure vegetarian and he has been advised to abstain ‘daal’ totally. kindly render your valuable advice as Shantikunj ordinarily does not offer good treatment for the same and the inmates are not paid sufficiently to do the treatment independently. Kindly advise homoeopathic remedy for him.His uric acid level is 7.6 and he in under homoeopathy treatment too. with kind regards. Om.

  670. Suma menon says:

    Im a 46 year lady Suffering from knee ankle finger joints elbow shoulder pains only on right side of body for about 2 years, one by one it started on body parts. Had homeo medicine for 5-6 months, got reduced & again surfaced with severe ankle pain. Its like pricking with needles & it is on/off daily. Got right ankle so stiff. Kindly advise. Driving for abt half + half hour 6 days a week. Walking a little for abt half an hour abt 3-4 days a week. 65 kg wgt for 5’3 height.

  671. Ashok Kumar Pati says:

    Sir, I am practice in homoeopathy before 4 year,Now I treat a patient who suffered by kidney.when 1st he came for treat his Urea leble -225 &Creatnin -9.5 ,HB% =5.4,FBS =97.I treat by Alserom 30,R62 & R31 ,BC1, iris 30 after one month his leble is urea 139 creatinine8.8 HB 6.0 . Sir How & which other remedies normalising quickly this condition ?kindly tips me.

  672. Sankar Ghosh says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am 40 yrs old, having the Uric Acid level 7.7. I also have the dark patches in both of my legs under knee which are itching.
    Plz suggest.
    Sankar Ghosh

  673. i am 59 yrs of age. when i have taken critinine report i have seen that it is 1.7. then i contacted dr.nephorologist. i am a bp and sugar patient but bp and sugar is controlled for bp and sugar i am taking regular medicines. i want to know that is there any medicine in homeopathy to control and to bring back the level of critinine. please explain. kind regards.

  674. vivek kumar sharma says:

    res/ dr. sharma

    I am 41 years old. Last check uric acid about 20 days is 8.5, I have joints pain & swelling the fingers. Kindly suggested me homeopathic treatment.

  675. Mrs Nusrat jamil says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Kindly advise my uric acid is 6.6 pain in left hand JOINt along with finger .

    Waiting your valuable reply

    Mrs nusrat

  676. My urik acid 8,7
    Sir .homiopathy Tratment Pls suggest



  678. gopalkrishnan j nair says:

    dear doctor,
    my name is gopal.last three months I feel some pain in my joints.especially in left knee,finger joints,leg finger joints etc.I check my uric acid level is suggest some medicine and control some foods etc.I follow this things.but still this problem will be of my friend suggest me very good treatment for uric acid in homeopathy.what treatment can i follow in homeopathy.please give some advice.

    thanks and regards

    • Devananda Beura says:

      Dear Doctor,

      I am 43 years old. I checked my uric acid recently and found it 8.43. I have taken food restriction measures for last few years. Also i have undergone the allopathic treatment. Now i want to continue the homeopathic treatment. Please suggest.



    • My left toe pain, Uric acid level is 7 . Please prescribed homeopathic medicine for uric acid normal

  679. Ashwani kumar says:

    hello sir, My age is 54 . Today I did blood test for self. It is showing Creatinine is 2.1, Blood Urea 62mg/dl, sodiam 139mEq/L, potassium 4.5mEq/L, Uric Acid 8.9mg/dl, My body weight is going lower 52kgs. from 59 kg. and suffering from HTN,CAD, Recent ACS(IWMI) with LV dysfunction (25%)CKD. ABOUT TWO MONTHS AGO. tell me about treatment to be taken to lower all avobe at normal level . I M worried very much. Please help and Advicepeasently. Thanks.

  680. naser reza says:

    having join pain
    .high uric acid 7.2 feverish body
    always catching cough and cold

    • Ravinder Singh Rana says:

      Sir, I am suffering from high uric acid level. Now, whenever rarely I take the food and drinks, which are restricted in high uric acid, I suddenly feel body stiffness, muscles tightness, muscles pain, headache, heaviness, backache, pain in fingers joints. Please suggest me a suitable homeopathic medicine to have relief from this.

  681. Sir I am Dibatic level is 130 pp
    Uric acid is 10.2
    Urine is foamy
    Pl sugges

    Age 59 yr
    No pain

  682. khalid (33 year old) says:

    I have high uric acid problem for last 5 years. i m worried about my kidney and gout problem.please recommend complete medicine which can help in lowering high level of uric acid and keep safe my kidney as well. and also guide me in my diet plane please.i shall be very thank full to u for this guidance.thanks and i will wait for ur responce. my uric acid level increased 9.6.

  683. ram pratap suthar says:

    Namaskar sir having problem with my knee previously. There was pain in left knee with cracking sound when I bent my feet again straight. It there was pain with crack sounds. When I use stairs pain was there now the same pain with same sensension occurs with right knee what should I do what medicines. Should I take however my uric acid is high and slightly low there are other blood reports are normal

    • Mohammad shahid Khan says:

      Dr. Sharma,

      I am 66 years old (male ). since last one year i feel slight pain in my knees when climbing stairs which discomforts me. Besides i have pain & stiffness in my shoulder joints, around neck and also have pain in my lower back. However i walk daily very briskly upto four kilometers in 35-40 minutes time. My uric acid level is above 8. Can you please advise how to get it treated through homeopathy treatment.

      Best regards,

  684. Sir! My my age is 32 and my uric acid level is 5.2, an I have pain in lower back elbow from the last 3 months. Please advice me some medicine for releap. Thanks

  685. My uric acid level is 6.5 .
    N I have vit D deficiency. I also have high blood pressure. I feel pain n numbness in different body parts. When I wake up early morning I feel my fingers have swollen up.
    N my right side toe n feet has inflammation.
    What shall I do

  686. My mother increase uric acid and backbone pain also nerm dab RHA hai hath pair mai jhun junior bhi aarhi hai…

  687. I have been to tested very high uric acid

  688. gp singh chauhan says:

    sir my foot prablum in u-rick acid 8.0 so plz homyopathi releassion mediseen..

  689. ramesh verma says:

    Dr sahib I have multiple stone in my both kidneys and I ahave also up uric acid and feeling pains on my jointds like knee eblows and partivular in heals in the morning. Plesde suggest me the homeopathic medicine . I dhall be highy obliged. Thnx and waiting for ur response

    • Smita Kamble says:

      I have multiple stone in my both kidneys and I ahave also up uric acid

      Please suggest me the homeopathic medicine to reduce uric acid.

      waiting for your reply.

  690. Ramanbhai R. Patel says:

    With Reference to my To days mail Regarding Gout . some information laking Which is as Under
    Name–Ramanbhai R. Patel
    Age–72 Years
    Uric acid lavel—5.2
    Medcin Taking- Zyloric tablet-100 mg.
    Problem sincefrom–2 Years

  691. RamanbhaiR. Patel says:

    I have problem of Gout since one ear at Thumbs and first Figer of Right and Left Hands Treatment From Orhopedic for Long Perod but no effect,
    Presentlt from last weak I have started taking fallowing Homiopathic Medicions,
    —Benzoic Acid pills–200, Three tims a Day
    —Calchicum pills–200 . Three times a day.
    Symterms of –Dises—
    Swelling Of Thumbs, and it spread towards ankle of hands and first finger beside thumbs.
    Cracking in thumbs Joints, and seviour Pain, Could not lift things by Thumbs and first Finger
    More Swelling in In Thumbs Joints. in Morning, No Any Readness inThumbs and Joints.
    Sir , Please advise in this regard and Recomond Homiopathic Medicins for Gout Cuare Earlest. R.R.Patel
    19/ A, Nilkamal Society Nizampura, VADODARA–3900002 GUJARAT–, INDIA
    Phone no–025 2781142 , Mobile–9429112496

    • g.Lakshminarayana says:


      I am 63 yr old retired official. I am free from diabatic and Hypertnesion. But i am suffering from Thryroid (hyper) and i am taking Thyronorm 125 mg for the past 3 yrs. Recently i am feeling pain in both leg joint and Right hand ankle and should spread my hand to get crackling sound thereafter i feel easy. I was tested for bit high of uric acid before a month (8.2 mg/dl) after taking English Medicine my uric acid is reduced and presently it is 4.6 Mgs/dl. Presently i have severe in my right hand ankle and cant lift a Litre of water can and its painful in both shoulders too . Please advise me what medicine should i take and save me from this agony sir.

  692. Irfana shah says:

    Dr I’m having high levels of uric acid since one year. I’m taking zurig 40mg. It decreases the uric acid level but does not bring it to normal. After stopping medicine the uric acid levels gets back to high again.

  693. Kk marwaha says:

    Pain in right foot base of toe spreading front foot

  694. Gaurav Rai says:

    Respected Sir,
    i have test my uric acid level , it came 8.6
    i have some pain in knee and toe.
    can u please advised which medicine i have to taken…thanks

  695. Respected sir,
    I often suffer from pain in finger joints, wrist joint and sometimes pain in heels. My uric acid level whenever checked found above normal level. Kindly advice how to administer above said medicines. My age is 65 yrs.
    Thanking you in anticipation sir,
    Yours sincerly

  696. Farid ud din says:

    Hi sir!
    I am a retired Medical Technician and a student of Homeopathy.I read your article and am thankful for giving such valuable information about gout,Uric acid and homeo therapies for bringing down its increase.But the problem I face with such kind of information is that I dont find any clue for dosage i.e in which potency,how many times a day and for how long these medicines should be used.
    I will be very thankful sir if you very kindly prvided me with such valuable information about gout remedies and also the general rules for dicision making about potecy selection,gape between doses and duration of any homeo remedy.

    • Fahruddin says:

      Hi Dr Shama.

      About a month ago i noticed my left finger thumb is slightly swollen. I can feel the pain especially when i tried to grib my fingers on holding to anything. My uric acid is slightly on the high side. Could you kindly recommend me any homeopathic remedy to subside my swollen thumb joint. Thnk you sir.

  697. Sir, my mother age is 60. She has high uric acid 7.2 and tryglysride 348. These is her routine disturbance from last 4-5 yrs. Some times she take allopathy medicine or some times homeopathy. Till she take medicine all r in control or at borderline. Now alopathy is not giving its result.
    Kindly suggest homeopathy remedy for her so that she get some relief..she is overweight,, high bp,, thyroid and calf muscles pain all the time.
    With regards

  698. rajinder klumar says:


  699. sir..i m 25 years old.i have a problem of high uric uric acid level is 8.3 and becoz of ths i hve pain in the lower and upper back and chest pain also happens.plz sir i need ur help.

  700. Harpreet Singh says:

    Respected Doctor,
    I am 35 years male. Height 6’1″ & weight 104 kg, a teacher by profession. My uric acid level is 8.5 felt severe pain in my thumbs, knees & back. Kindly suggest me a homeopathy medicine. how long i have to take the medicine

  701. Mamta Srivastava age 55 Years , says:




  702. chandraprakashsingh says:

    Patient of diabetes hypertension, chlostral.having uric acid last 25years could not control so taken zyloric. Now on boarder level. Now detectected protein urine.
    Age 58year.weight86kg.
    Guide how to move.

  703. khalid javaid says:

    ace 64—-doing hard work in w/shop———–feeling pain after use beef—a bad smell between fingers of my foot—pain in knees—turn – by turn——wt is my 100kg please–suggest medicin thaks

  704. SIR



  705. Shaneel Sinha says:

    Dear Doctor.
    I am a 35 year old unmarried male and in 2003 I saw a small pink spot on the inner side of my penis after a sexual intercourse using a condom. Since then whenever I use a condom, I get a bit of itching and the spots have spread inside the foreskin. Though I am havinh a perfectly active sexual life, I just want to know if it can be stopped or reversed.

    • Nitin Kansagara says:

      1 My Uric acid level remains 7.5
      HDL is only 31

      Pl give me remedy for reduce Uric acid and raise HDL Cholestrol.

  706. Devjit Karar says:

    my blood uric acid levell is 6.3 , knee joint, finger joint some time pain and below of right side shoulder pain exist from last one year. kindly help me.

  707. Ferdinand Smith says:

    The last blood test showed 9.0 uric acid level.I have no joint pain nor attack of gout.I have stop Taking allopurinol since the end of july.I would like to reduce the uric acid to normal levels, thank you for your help.

  708. Smrutismtita sahoo says:

    I have uric acid problem.uric acid is 5.9 . So l am suffering from all joint pain like thumb joint leg & hand thumb left ,right side. Please help me relief from pain. Can u tell me age 31. Mein house wife.

  709. ramesh kumar verma says:

    Waiting for your reply for my earlier mail. once again giving details about me
    Age- 49 Year,
    Weight – 80 KG,
    Height 5.6″
    Food habit – veg & non veg both,
    Suffering from-
    Thyroid since last 8 years – Taking 50 mg altroxin daily morning in empty stomach
    BP – Since last 8 years – Taking concorcor 2.5 since then
    Uric Acid- Since last 1 and half year, taken almost 9 months febucip- 40 mg , but since then taking homeopath medicine Urtica uterens then Berberis Pentarkan,
    Also taking regularly medicines of anxiety. I dare to leave but doctors always prescribed. Actually sound sleep is major problem with me. Besides above all since last 1 months iam suffering from stomach fullness, always feeling tight stomach. I have also observed sudden weight gain and specially widen of stomach. Iam unable to wear my cloth with complete fitting. Iam wearing my trousers with the help of belt. Please help me and guide me. Iam waiting for your response.
    Thanking you
    R.K.Verma , Patna , Bihar

  710. Rohit Das Gupta says:

    Hello sir,
    My uric acid lebel is 7.9 and I suffering more pain in my left leg.
    So please suggest some homeo medicine,
    Thank you

  711. Dear Doctor,
    My Uric Acid level in blood is 6.9.
    I have pain in my toe and specially in the morning when walk up .Feeling heaviness in stomach .
    Please suggest me medicines fir remedy.

  712. Sandra Vasak says:

    I need a homeopathic alternative to Celebrex, which I took for 10 years before suffering all of the side effects so badly that I had to stop it. I am crippled (and getting worse very quickly)with arthritis.

    Where can I purchase these remedies?

    • animesh says:

      first thing make this clear in your mind that anyone which have uric acid abnormal have to take medicine whole life till last breath(exceptions are not considered)if you are taking English medicine take alluric300 or zyloric300 with rabeprazole alternate days.Observe your condition when it will be normal take after two or three days or you can take it daily also after food.If you are choosing homeopathic everyone said urtica urens Q this medicine have no side-effect 15 drops thrice a day.I am also not sure that this will fully control your uric acid but if it reaches to 5 or 6 then its ok.I am also doing practical with me with observation you all have to do this practical too.If you get any sort of medicine in allopathy,homeopathy or ayurvedic without any side-effects.Please inform me too here I mention my e-mail id. Acc to me now the doctors are business man not a respected doctor so we have to do it by ourselves.
      Jai Naryan.Hare Hare.

  713. Sk Abdul Maksud says:

    Respected Doctor,

    Sex : Male Age : 42 Years Weight : 75 Kg. Height : 5.9

    My Problem: There is sever heal pain and stiffness at the time I wake up in the morning or after sitting up for a while. This happens more in my right leg then left. I get relief after some walk or exercise. I have been suffering from this since long and the pain is increasing. I did not take any medicine so far other than some pain killer when the stiffness goes up. Recently I did Uric Acid test which is presently at the level of 5.2%.

    Suggestion Required: Please suggest me the remedy and how to get rid of from this pain Thanks & Regards Sk Abdul Maksud

  714. my uric acid level is about 11 from last 02 month, please advice me homeopathic med and diet chart

  715. Muhammad idrees says:

    Dr. I am a patient of high uric acid since 2009 when my age was only 30 years and my gall bladder was removed. My uric acid increases 3 times in a year up to point 8 and by taking medicine zyloric it reduces. I felt pain in my heels only especially after awakening when I put load on heels for walking. Kindly suggest medicine and dietary plan

  716. Sir ,
    I am 48 years old , 63 kg . Since last five years I was suffering from knee joints pain ,crackling sound & cramping of muscles , for the last three years suffering from diabties presently SUGAR FASTING 144.
    LAST YEAR IN JUNE I WAS TESTED FOR URIC ACID which now is 5.8 ml/dl ..

  717. ramesh kumar verma says:

    Since last 1.5 years Iam suffering from high Uric acid level . Almost one year i took Febucip 40 as suggested by doctor but after side effect ( short breathing problem) I left and start using berberis pentarkan pkt 15. My uric acid level is approx 6mg/dl. This time it increased to 7.7. Actually within week I consumed mutton and fish this might be the reason. I have increased the dose from twice to 3 times since last one week. please suggest. Iam taking BP and thyroid medicine regularly since last 8 years. Iam 49 year old.

    Please guide me.

  718. sir, i am 36. i hav uric acid level 5.5mg/dl. is dis ok.if not plz suggest me to take homeo med to take dis level in proper range.thanks .

  719. Bipin Kumar says:

    Sir, I am suffering from high uric acid problem, Uric Acid level is 9.8. I feel severe pain in my both legs like knee, heels, ankles & waist. Please suggest me appropriate homeopathy treatment.

    Bipin Kumar
    Varanasi, UP

  720. Susanta Biswas says:

    Sir, I am suffering from high Uric Acid problem. as per last examination Uric Acid level is 9.00. Now please suggest me appropriate Homeopathy Treatment.
    Susanta Biswas
    Agartala, Tripura

  721. Ramesh Chander says:

    Hi, my age is 41 and say couple of years I have pain in knee. When I consulted doctor, he told bit erosion on knee cap due to high Uric acid which is in range 6.5 to 7.0.
    I took medicine for 3 month and Uric acid level came down to 5.3
    But later it increased again. Looking for homeopathy medicine with advice on how to take and duration.

  722. Abhijit Ghosh says:

    My age is 54+male uric acid level is 7.8 and sugar (F) is 112 , I am feeling pain on my both legs heal surrounding areas and painful to walk properly. I am looking forward to your proper guidance in terms of medicine and diet.

    I will be grateful to have your valuable suggestions reg. Uric Acid and sugar.

    Abhijit Prasanna Ghosh

  723. n rajagopal reddy says:


    i am suffering with body ache,joint and knee pains from last 3yrs.and my body feelings alway heat.before 4 months i consulted wrote some the blood report the result came my uric acid is 7.0 remaining all other reports are normal.i used tablets,but no use.please help me in this matter.

    Thank and regards,
    N.Rajagopal reddy,

  724. Ravi kant singh says:

    Respected Sir I am 48 years, Uric acid 6.8 & RA 6 I I am suffering from pain in my neck, soldier & Headache .Pain in my ankles & joints of fingers and many body parts. Feeling heat on body.Blood test done on 17-9-15. Please advice for medicine.

  725. R/Sir,
    I am suffering pain almost right side of my body more in lower part. My uric acid level is 7.2 checked 15 days back. Please give me a suitable suggestion for this.


  726. My wife aged 58 is having pain in right hand elbow joint. her uric acid level is 4.4 mg/dl. Our homeopathy consultant says it is caused by high uric acid levels. But the normal value for uric acid is between 3 – 7 mg/dl. Please advice..

  727. Respected doctor my age is 40 .i am affecting uric acid has affected me last 15 years.i have consulted many doctors (ayurvedic,alopathi,homeopathi),unfortunatly all this medicines couldn’t cure my disease.when i go to my office by bus or go to long journey or wake up in the morning pain in my toe increases.when i hanging my leg for long my toe my ankles become fat type.timenow i am under the treatment of homeo doctor.pls give me a sugession.

  728. Bakhshish Singh says:

    I have 7.8 mg/dL uric acid serum . And my triglyceride 173 mg/dL . I am having pain in my ankle . Kindly suggest me a homeopathic treatment as soon as possible .

  729. My age is 47 male uric acid level is 7.0 , I am feeling pain on my left leg heal surrounding areas . What homeopathy medicine should I take and What doses.

    • My age is 47 male uric acid level is 7.0 , I am feeling pain on my left leg heal surrounding areas . What homeopathy medicine should I take and What doses.

  730. sir, i am 50 years old and my uric acid level is 7.1 please suggest me the name of medecin which is good for my health… thank you.

  731. Chetan Sharma says:

    Dear sir I havenuric acid level 8
    Plz suggest me name of the medicine which is good for this problem and I become in normal helth

  732. achilis tendonitis right heel pain walking agrivation uric aci 6.1

  733. ravindra chhabra says:

    Suffering with gout for last 10 days ….taking pain killers….sir which is the best homeopathic medicine

  734. Soumendra Digar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,


    This is Soumendra. I’m with Indian Media Association. and my job requires lots of travelling be it within India or outside India. From last 2 years, I’ve been suffering through Uric Acid attacks…

    I had swellings in left and right legs (front side), and yes, it was quite painful, was also unable to walk properly. Will be looking forward to your proper guidance in terms of medicine and also diet….

    Will be grateful to have your valuable suggestions reg. Uric Acid. Can it be permanently cured?


    New Delhi, India

    • Kartick paul says:

      My Uric acid level is 7. Feeling pain at the toe. Is it curable permanently? Plz suggest a homeopathic medicine for that purpose.. Plzz help

    • Kartick paul says:

      My Uric acid level is 7. Feeling pain at the toe. Is it curable permanently? Plz suggest a homeopathic medicine for that purpose.. Plzz help..

  735. Gurjeet Singh says:

    according to report uric acid level in my body is 6.8 and pain in my both knees & as well as pain 7 STIFFNESS IN feet…..PLS SUGGEST ME BEST MEDICINE IN HOMEOPATHY

  736. Sir,

    I have been feeling severe pain at the toe of my right leg since the last few months. I went for a blood test for uric acid recently and found the level to be 7.0. Is this due to uric acid problem? If so, should I go for COLCHICUM? Please let me know the exact dosage or suggest an appropriate medicine for the ailment.

  737. Akhtar Munir says:

    Sir, i’m suffering from uric acid since last two years.. i’m using URTICA Q (URIEN) homeo medicine of Dr. willmar Shoabey germany. would you please guide me in this respect and give some name of effective medicines. my age is 41 years .thanks

  738. Nabarun Sarkar says:

    Dear sir,

    I feel pain in my foot when i walk especially in the morning and at night when i wake up for bathroom. I also feel pain at the joint of left thumb. Please sir, do prescribe some medicine for me.

  739. Dr Suleman says:

    I am a dentist. My uric acid level is 8. I have joint pain in wrist and lower back specially cocydynia. PPlease help me out.
    Dr Suleman

  740. Toni Allsup says:

    I am a 53yr old woman with past past history of alcohol abuse. My uric acid range is 7,3, is t here anything I can do homeopathic wise? Should I be concerned of high cancer risk. Thank you in advance.

  741. Ashok Kumar says:

    I have high uric acid problem and keep getting gout off an on. taking allopurinol 300 mg and is controlling it. Is there a better way in homeopathy to control or cure it.

  742. Hello Sir,

    I am suffering from pain in my fingers as well in hands and feet . My uric acid is Level 7.41 .let me suggest a homeopathic remedy to cure my problem.
    M Munshi

  743. Manoj Mumar Chauhan says:

    Sir, I am suffering from the symptoms of gout or rheumatic disease due to high uric acid 9-11.
    Colour of my urine is pale yellow with high smell. Stiffness in my body and head is also a symptom. kindly suggest me proper treatment through homeopathic medicine

  744. arun prasad says:

    Sir, iam suffering from right leg hill pain

  745. Malathy Krishnamurthy says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am taking ayurvedic treatment from Mr.AjalKumar, Ayurkshethra. He doesnt have stock of suryapraba pills. Last 2/3 days , I feel pain in front tows down and knee inside of both knees, Even do excercise and( meditation ) in tolerable pain. Time being can you help me to get rid of this. Because of this , I am feeling pain from shoulder, neck nerves. I am working women. Can you help me?

    Malathy kk

  746. Unable to fold the knees started two years back.
    Now for the last few days unable to get proper sleep with pain over the neck , body and under the feet

  747. sumesh khanna says:

    My uric acid level is normal and with in the prescribed range.but l an having light pain in my right toe and is bit swoolen also. Elopethic dr prescribed mediaacicine for uric acid only ZLORIC100 guide about a suitable homoepathic medicine in such conditions.thanks

  748. ABDUL NASIR says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Uric Acid level 6.7 dtd 22-7-2015
    6.8 dtd 25-8-2015
    After prescribtion from my Allopathy doctor treatment I avoided and went for Ayurveda Jiva treatment for 28days & changed to Ayushakti Ayurveda in Malad west Mumbai at present.
    Yes feeling little ok as the pain shoots on off.
    Facing frozen shoulders pain shooting towards back of head and also inflammatory all over my joint’s including fingers.
    Yes am feeling little relive from Ayushakti specially my fingers but the latest report does not show my uric acid decreasing why?
    Secondly I am also taking Apple Cider Vinegar-Mother form.
    Please suggest remedy..?
    Thank You

  749. Raman kumar says:

    Hlo doc. My uric acid is 6.6 now bt before some time it was 7.9 . it reduced bt the pain in my knees are same wt shuld i do now telll me plzzzz…..

  750. Navchetan singh says:

    Hi ,
    DR. sahib Im 45 Years old. Recently i have got my Blood test report and found my uric Acid level 6.8 and sgpt 4.4 .pl. suggest what should i do to normalize it.
    navchetan singh


    I am suffering from high uric acid e.g. 8.9.
    I also suffer from.knee pain.
    please tell me tha homeopathy for this symptoms and how take medecine in a day.

  752. manish nagotra says:

    Hello sir-
    I have numbness pain in my foot toe only I eat many medicine but not relief my uric acid level 8-9 let me suggest a homeopathic remedy to cure my problem my age is 32

  753. Vijayalakshmi says:

    Dear Dr.
    My uric acid is 6 and esr is 40 per hr. I have severe pain in all my joints and they are stiff. I am taking ayurveda treatment. Can homeopathy give me quicker relief how long will the treatment take to bring these to normal level. Can ayurveda and homeo med. Be taken tigether

  754. Sir my uric acid level is8.6 i am a kidney patient my createnee level 1.4 i have not pain .but how can i decrease this uric acid level

  755. Himanshu Kapoor says:


    I’m from Delhi based guy. My age is 33yrs. Suddenly few months back had a swelling and gout in left leg near my toe. But today 21aug a severe pain started. Feels like my bone crisp like a crystals.. Deficiency of very high level of uric acid and also pain in left leg. So what type of procurement can I do? I’m a veg as well as non-veg. Please help…

  756. Uric acid level is 7.0 ,have pain and numbness in feet.pls suggest treatment

  757. Dr. M.C.Paul says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am 56, uric acid just under 6, having pain in the heel (left), no swelling yet, more pain while stepping down from the bed in the morning. Last few days having mild pain in the right wrist also. Please advice.

  758. Vijendra kumad says:

    Sir, I am 45 years old.the symptoms of lithium carb is similar with my symptoms. Which power and how much time I take this drug and how long. Please suggest me kindly

  759. shafiq ahmad says:

    i will use it at my clinc
    and give result.

  760. Nazir Ahmed says:

    my uric acid is 7.5 what should i do

    i feel acidity gas which hit on my chest i feel nervious and worry BP go to 100/100 what medicine i sused
    muscles are week and weakness

  761. B. Singh Dogra says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Greetings in the Name of Almighty God.
    I am having uric acid raised 7.3, and I consulted Homeo dr. and started taking medicines, but my uric acid level is now raised 8.6 which worries me. So can you suggest a good medicine for my cure.
    B. Singh Dogra

  762. dear sir my uric acid level iss 5.8 give suggestion .leg pain.

  763. Amitava Goswami says:

    Sir, I am 47 year, weight 78 kg, height 5 ft 10 inch my uric acid 9.83 & blood sugar pp 108 but my difficulty is foot heel & knee joint cracking sound and walking is also pain, urine in morning first light yellow, please be suggested for medicine

  764. praveen kumar agarwal says:

    Hello sir I am suffering from high uric acid lavel. At present my uric acid lavel is 7.5. Suggest suitable medicine to reduce uric acid lavel. I am 52 years old. Now a days I feeling pain in sholder and neck.

  765. muhammad saeed says:


  766. JAGTAR SINGH says:

    We are a family of four member. All the members are effected from skin fungus problem from last year. We have used allopathy treatment, but after stopping medicine, we find the same problem after 8-10 days. We want permanent treatment in homeopathy

  767. Biru Kumar Das says:

    uric acid is 7.3, hiccups every now and then, joint pain all over the body.


  768. ASHOK DAS says:

    Hallo Doctor

  769. surinder kumar says:

    Respect sir,
    Sir i am affected uric acid ,last three years ago my uric acid increased 6.7.Last one week my uric acid again increased 6.0,and one stone in my kidney app.5mm.i am 43 years old.last time i am take homeopathic medicine i am get complete treatment.Please sir give me me advice and tell me best medicine for uric acid and stone problem.
    Thanks very much.

    With best regard,
    surinder kumar

  770. HOMEN MAZUMDER says:

    I am suffering from uric acid last 5 or 6 years and i am 36 years old my problem is if pain on the right feet and after the pain come in to my left knee and swalling . Sir i have take lots of medicines & treatment but there is no result .sir please, will homeopathy cure my uric acid problem permanently. Regards

  771. HOMEN MAZUMDER says:

    I am suffering from uric acid last 5 or 6 years my problem is if pain on the right feet and after the pain come in to my left knee and swalling . Sir i have take lots of medicines & treatment but there is no result .sir please, will homeopathy cure my uric acid problem permanently. Regards

  772. Dipankar Bose says:

    Dear Sir,
    Recently I undertook a blood test for uric acid, and it was 7.3. It seems to high. I experience pain in Joints and back pain very often. My back also sweats a lot. Please guide me for suitable homeopathy medicine.


  773. MRITYUNJOY PAL says:

    My present Uric acid is 8.3, At morning or long time sitting I have suffered tremendous pain in my ankle, feet. I take Zyloric 100mg every day. What be the Homeopath medicine which can lower my uric acid lavel ? At present I take only veg in food. My age -31 yrs, wt-80 kg. Height-5.6”.

  774. Deepak kumar says:

    My uric acid in blood is 6.4 . I am feeling pain in knees what should I do now

  775. dear sie,
    since one month i have been pains on bac and limbs and results of which after blood test found uric acid high -8

  776. ksvprasad says:

    sir,recently i was undergone abdomin ultra says my kidney size 16cmleft and 17cm right
    with polycystic kidney disease.serum creatine is 1.7 serum urea is 32.iam also affected with b.p.
    docter advised cilamet xl50 to control b.p. kindly advise any medicine to make kidney size normal

  777. muslim shah says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    my uric acid has been increased up 6-2 I want to control my uric acid and keep it in normal limit to avoid future complication. pl suggest me some homeo meidicines. I shall be very thankful for this of kindness.

  778. Iqbal Shaikh says:

    Hi.. I have uric acid problem since past 7 to 8 years, I tried alopatic but no result now I am getting homeopathic treatment since past 2 years, as long as I take medicines I am fine as soon as I stop my medicine I get gout. Plz suggest me some medicine which can improve my metabolism for permanent cure.

    Thanking you..
    Iqbal shaikh

  779. Sujay Mondal says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am 31 yr old. My uric acid level is 7.23 . I feel pain at small joint specially at toe in the time of season change. Kindly suggest..

  780. rajnish says:

    dear Doctor I am having uric acid level 11,5and sugar level is normal.Please SUGGEST TREATMENT

    • Acute pain in knee and wrist due to arthritis.Please suggest medicines says:

      I am facing arthritis in my knee and now pain in my wrist . My age is 65 years . I am taking ayurvedic medicines but they did not give me relief. Please suggest medicines. Tej Bahadur Singh

  781. gudrun latta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    my problem is burning feet. No diabetis, no alkoholism, no defeciency of Vitamin B.
    What can I try in homöopathie?
    Thank you for your help and
    kind regards, Gudrun Latta

  782. shaji j says:

    Dear doctor
    I have uric acid since 2004 latest report say it is 8.1 and triglycerides 620, last year onwards I hv diabetes fasting sugar 123 taking Glimipride 1 mg and metmorfin 500 mg. I hv too much pain on joints and muscles if you could guide me what medicines I should take. Am not alcoholic
    With Regards

  783. Hi I m 30 yes old. I m having pain in my shoulder joints and hip joints from last 2 yrs. Aso titre 200, ESR 75, uric acid 5.6 . plz suggest me the medicine . I m not having pain in toe’s or finger joints kindly help me in diagnosis of my disease. And remedy also preferably Ayurveda

  784. Aamir Jawad says:

    Dear Sir, recently I had my check up done and found my uric acid levels at 7.5 and am told it’s pretty high and I and not the type who takes medicine for each and everything. I believe more in nature and what foods provide us. So no allopathic medicine. I also had little pain in my big toe and right heel but it went away in a day because I started taking lemon in water and increased my water intake to around 3 litres. Please advice medicine for me. I do not drink alcohol at all, not into brains, livers and kidneys…do eat little bit of lean meat once in a month. Am very active, urine is almost clear by the grace of God . Please let me know if there’s a cure for this condition in homeopathy? Regards

  785. sankar chakraborty says:




  786. Muhammad Sharif says:

    Please give me name of medicine for uric acid and motapa(fatness)

  787. saroja das says:

    Hello sir,
    Very Good Evening . My fasting blood sugar level is 104, BP= 140/98 and Uric acid 6.6 . pain if heels of feet. severe Acidity and gas throughout the day. Please suggest me the right medicine .

  788. Afzal Ahmed says:

    Suffering from osteoarthritis, blood glucose, b.p, & prostate. Would u please suggeste me some homeo medicine. Thanks

  789. A S Dhaliwal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    My Uric acid is at 6.8, have a pain in the feet, sometimes very severe pain, burning like impressions in the feet.

    kindly advise

  790. I have uric acid problem in my right foot. I took allopathic medicines but again it started. Please suggest some treatment for a forever cure from it.

  791. danish atta says:

    Dear sir I m suffering for the uric acid my uric acid is 10 my age is 29/years …my mother is also suffering for gout attack in her left knee…kindly tell me about my mother what she use to reduce pain from left knee and for my to survive for this plz