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5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for High Uric Acid Treatment

Homeopathic medicine for uric acid helps lower the levels of uric acid in the body and also treats the body’s chronic tendency to hold an excess of uric acid. Uric acid is a compound made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen which is responsible for the production of many ions and salts known as urates and acid urates. Metabolic breakdown of purines in the body leads to the formation of this acid. These purines are naturally occurring substances found in many foods and human tissue. Kidneys help eliminate uric acid from the body, and it passes out along with the urine. When our kidneys do not eliminate uric acid efficiently or if there is an abundant intake of high purine foods, it leads to a marked increase in uric acid levels – a condition also known as hyperuricemia.

Uric Acid Metabolism in the Body

Metabolism and production of uric acid are complex processes. They involve various factors that regulate the hepatic production of this compound, along with its renal and gut excretion. Uric acid is the final product of an exogenous (external origin) pool of purines and endogenous (internal origin) purine metabolism, varies significantly with diet and internal production of uric acid. Exogenous production of uric acid is majorly from the liver, intestines and other tissues like muscle, vascular endothelium, and kidney.
Many enzymes participate in the transformation of two purine nucleic acid (adenine and guanine) to uric acid. When our body functions optimally, the uric acid gets dissolved into the bloodstream and passes through the kidneys, finally getting eliminated with urine. However, high levels of uric acid in our body (that our kidneys cannot keep up with) lead to a build up and crystallization of uric acid.

Homeopathic Medicine for Uric Acid Control

Commonly, hyperuricemia (elevated uric acid) is managed or treated with the help of NSAIDs, colchicine, corticosteroids, xanthine oxidase, Probalan/Benemid, allopurinol, febuxostat, and pegloticase.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and colchicine are usually recommended for acute attacks which may cause severe side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.
These drugs can dramatically affect the blood sugar levels, blood pressure, blood count and also reduce liver function. Prolonged use of corticosteroids in some cases also known to cause severe mood changes.
The drugs like probalan and allopurinol are used to remove excess uric acid from the body but can lead to some severe side effects including rash, stomach pain, and kidney stones. Homeopathic treatment for uric acid, on the other hand, has no side effects. These medicines lower the levels of uric acid and also reduce the tendency to hold an excess of uric acid. Homeopathic remedies also treat the body’s metabolic process which handles purines (proteins that get converted to uric acid).
The top five homeopathic medicines for elevated uric acid levels include Colchicum, Benzoic Acid, Ledum Pal, Guaiacum, and Lithium Carb.

1. Colchicum – For High Uric Acid

Colchicum Autumnale (commonly known Meadow Saffron) is a remedy derived from the freshly dug up bulb of herb colchicum autumnale. This herb belongs to the family Liliaceae and is a native of Great Britain and Ireland.
Colchicum is especially indicated in cases where high uric acid levels give rise to the onset of gout. There may be a sharp pain in the great toe. The affected parts may be swollen and very hot to touch. There could be great sensitivity to touch along with extreme pain. The pains could be more intense in the evening and at night. Colchicum may be indicated almost as a specific medicine in most cases of high uric acid levels. Slightest effort to move the legs gives rise to a sharp, shooting and unbearable pain in the toe. Walking may also be difficult. The person needing this remedy has intense swelling and pain in the big toe that is worse from motion. The toe pain also worsens from slightest touch, with the tendency of evening aggravation of the toe pain.

2. Benzoic Acid – For High Uric when Signs Show up In Urine

Benzoic Acid is a medicine for uric acid that is indicated when the signs of high uric acid show urinary symptoms. Uric acid crystals may be deposited in the kidneys or the urinary tract, giving rise to stones. On examination, the urine may exhibit very high levels of uric acid. The color of urine may also keep changing from dark brown to pale yellow.
Benzoic acid may also be indicated when there are joint complaints, like a crackling sensation in the joints. The great toe may be swollen, causing difficulty in walking or even moving the limb. Cracking in the knee joint on movement may also be felt. In some cases, nodes from the deposition of urate crystals may be present on the knees. Homeopathic medicine Benzoicum Acidum also works well in cases of knee pain gets worse from drinking wine.
It is also indicated as a general medicine in all cases of raised uric acid levels.

3. Ledum Pal – For Uric Acid with Ankle Pain

Ledum Palustre is a medicine derived from a small flowering shrub, commonly known as Marsh tea. Marsh tea is a low growing evergreen shrub that only grows up to a height of one meter. The shrub belongs to the heath family and is a native of northern Europe. It is also widely distributed in British America and around Canadian lakes.
Ledum pal is indicated when the high levels of uric acid in the blood result in the deposition of the crystals in the joint spaces. The first attack of pain could be triggered by an increased intake of meat or alcohol.
Ledum Pal is a very beneficial medicine for gout leading to ankle pain. The person needing Ledum Pal has pain and swelling in the ankle. The pain from the ankle may radiate up the leg, and movement tends to intensify the ankle pain.

4. Guaiacum – For Uric Acid

Guaiacum is prepared from the resin obtained from the woods of Guaiacum officinale. Commonly known as Lignum Vite Resin, it belongs to the family Zygophyllaceae and is a native of tropical America.
It is a well-indicated remedy to treat high uric acid levels and works well in chronic cases where the deformities and contractures set in. Intolerance to heat in any form, the affecting joints being extremely hot to touch, bad smell from the body are other symptoms. It is given in acute cases where the affected limb is painful, stiff and immobile.

5. Lithium Carb – For Uric Acid with Stiffness

Lithium Carb is a medicine used to treat raised uric acid levels. The high levels of uric acid give rise to an unusual stiffness all over the body. Another peculiar feature is itching all over the skin of the joints. The pains are relieved by pouring hot water. Uric acid may get deposited in the joint spaces to give rise to nodosities which can be felt externally. The nodes may also be felt in the finger joints. In severe cases, they may be felt in the ear pinna.

High Uric Acid: Causes

1. High Purine Diet

Uric acid levels majorly get affected by purine-rich foods like beef, organ meats, mussels, sweetbreads, mackerel, spinach, asparagus, beans, lentils, dried peas, etc.
Oxalate-rich foods including spinach, beets, nuts, rhubarb, chocolate, black tea, wheat bran, beans and strawberries also contribute to increased uric acid levels. Some other dietary items like gluten, dairy, corn, white bread, and sugars can also lead to increased uric acid production.

2. Kidney Diseases

Levels of uric acid can also be elevated when the kidneys are unable to eliminate the excess of uric acid from the body. This can majorly be due to kidney dysfunction like kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, adverse effects of some drugs like diuretics, NSAID’s, etc.

3. High Intake of Fructose

Intake of fructose-rich foods and drinks increases the production of inosine and purines, thereby rapidly raising uric acid levels by activating certain enzymes. Fructose also stimulates uric acid synthesis from amino acid precursors such as glycine.

4. Diuretics Elevate Uric Acid Levels

Diuretics are known to be important causes of secondary hyperuricemia. They cause an increase in blood uric acid levels along with an increase in its reabsorption, leading to a decrease in the uric acid secretion from the body.

5. Increased Alcohol Intake

The production of uric acid gets stimulated by alcohol as it increases the lactic acid content in the body, which reduces the excretion of uric acid in the kidney. Alcohol also speeds up the breakdown of purines, thereby raising the production of uric acid.

6. Hypothyroidism

Deficiency of thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) influences the purine metabolism and also causes a reduction in kidney blood flow and filtration rate, which results in elevated uric acid levels in the blood.

7. Obesity

Obesity or excessive body weight leads to the production of excess uric acid in the body, making it difficult for the kidney to process and eliminate it. Hyperuricemia correlates with leptin (hormone that controls hunger) levels, as an obese individual has higher leptin levels (due to leptin resistance).

8. Sex Hormones

Blood uric acid is higher in men as compared to women, making males more prone to hyperuricemia. As estrogen hormone is required for the regular elimination of urate (uric acid salt) through the kidneys, men being low on estrogen tend to develop hyperuricemia.

9. Nutrient deficiency

In menopausal women, hyperuricemia is often linked to a Vitamin D deficiency.

10. High Sodium Intake and Ketogenic Diet

High intake of sodium and following a ketogenic diet (low carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet) reduces the ability of the kidney to eliminate the uric acid.

11. Parathyroid Hormones

Increase in parathyroid hormone reduces the excretion of urate from the kidney, leading to elevated uric acid levels.

12. Chronic Lead Poisoning

Due to high levels of lead, kidneys the excretion of uric acid, leading to an increased build-up of urate along with uric acid levels.

High Uric Acid: Signs and Symptoms

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of high uric acid are as follows:

High Uric Acid: Symptoms in the Joints

When uric acid crystals settle into joints, symptoms of gout start to appear. Common symptoms of gout in the joints include:

  • Severe pain in joints of feet, ankles, knees, hips, wrists, hands, fingers and back where even the weight of clothing is intolerable.
  • Discoloration in the joints in the joints is quite noticeable; they may become deep red or even purple at onset.
  • Swelling and stiffness of joint are markedly present, and it may also feel hot.
  • Fever ranging from 100F-102.2F, with or without chills.
  • Inflammation of joint accompanied by tenderness, with decreased mobility of the joint.
  • Persistent discomfort as the joint inflammation and pain can last for days or weeks.

High Uric Acid: Symptoms on the Skin

In chronic cases, nodular masses of uric acid crystals (tophi) gets deposited in different soft tissues of the body. It is most commonly found as hard nodules around the fingers, elbow and the big toe. On repeated attack, the tophi may become swollen and tender.

High Uric Acid: Symptoms in the Kidneys

If we have high levels of uric acid in our body that our kidneys cannot keep up with, the uric acid then builds up and crystallizes. These uric acid crystals settle in the urinary tract and cause kidney stones. These kidney stones may cause symptoms such as pain in the back, abdomen or groin, chills, fever, nausea, vomiting and bloody urine.

Effects of High Uric Acid

Hyperuricemia (high levels of uric acid) play a significant role in many diseases. Some diseases directly related to high uric acid include:


Elevated levels of uric acid in the system may develop certain diseases, gout being the most common. Gout is a painful condition that affects the joints of feet and hands, especially the big toe. It develops when an excess of uric acid does not get removed by the kidney, or when a person eats more animal based proteins (which leads to the formation of uric acid crystals). These crystals are sharp-edged, press on the tender tissue under the skin causing very sharp and excruciating pain, swelling and inflammation of the joint. This condition is known as gout arthritis.

Metabolic Acidosis

When proteins are not metabolized by the body efficiently, and there is an increased intake of proteins in the diet, it results in an abundance of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid gets generally washed from the body through kidneys, and if the uric acid cannot be adequately excreted, the condition is known as metabolic acidosis.
If metabolic acidosis keeps progressing, it may lead to rapid breathing accompanied by confusion and lethargy. In severe cases, it can lead to shock or death.

Kidney Stones

Excessive uric acid levels in the urine commonly result in urate kidney stones. These stones are formed when uric acid crystallizes in the kidney and gets deposited there, forming stones of varying sizes. The size of stones may range from a grain of sand to large chunk. These Urate kidney stones are extremely painful and tend to reoccur.


High blood uric acid levels raise the risk for diabetes by increasing inflammation and oxidative stress.

Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Diseases

Elevated uric acid levels are also related to hypertension and Chronic Kidney diseases. These can increase the risk of metabolic disorders as well as heart diseases.

Bone Fractures

Raised uric acid levels may also increase the risk for bone fractures.
When there is a rise in the uric acid levels in the body, it induces inflammation in the bones and impairs the availability of nitric oxide. This leads to a suppression of Vitamin –D, which increases bone fragility and fractures.

Erectile Dysfunction and Hypyperurecimia

Males with raised uric acid levels tend to develop erectile dysfunction. This is likely because increased uric acid levels in the body have a strong connection with hypertension, microvascular diseases, and reduced blood vessel function, all of which increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.


Patients with psoriasis are commonly found to have high uric acid levels. A study shows that hyperuricemia affects about 20% of patients with psoriasis.

Managing High Uric Acid

Lifestyle Measures

Certain lifestyle measures can help manage gout. These include:

– Avoiding food substances with high purine content, like meat, fish, seafood, beans, shellfish, and spinach.
– Avoiding excessive intake of alcohol.
– Increasing the water intake.
– Reducing weight (in case of obesity or being overweight).
– Ensuring routine exercise.

Foods to Avoid

Limiting or consuming moderate to high levels of purine-rich food plays a vital role in the treatment of hyperuricemia.
Foods that should be avoided, or their intake minimized include:

  • Purine-rich foods such as beef, organ meats, mussels, sweetbreads, mackerel, spinach, asparagus, beans, lentils, dried peas need to be strictly avoided.
  • Avoid oxalate-rich foods including spinach, beets, nuts, rhubarb, chocolate, black tea, wheat bran, beans, and strawberries.
  • Common allergens like gluten, dairy, corn and food additives are to be limited.
  • Minimize refined foods like white bread and sugars.

Foods to Eat

  • Add high fiber foods to your diet, such as brown rice, bran, avocados, bananas, potatoes, and barley.
  • Include Vitamin C-rich foods like bell peppers, oranges, guava, broccoli, cherries and kiwi in your diet.
  • Incorporate food rich in magnesium, such as yogurt, almond, avocados, cashews, salmon, figs and pumpkin seeds.
  • Omega -3 rich foods is a mandatory addition to the diet which includes walnuts, flaxseed, chia seeds, salmon, tuna, and supplements.

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  1. Ravinder Singh says:

    Uric acid.foot thumb pain


    I am 76 ye is normal,feeling pain in rt arm severe pain,a little in left arm.Also shoulder joint pain. neck pain controlable with exercises.Is there any homeo remedy ?BLOOD UREA-36,Creatinine 1.02, uric acid 3.20, no dibitic.heomoglobin-13.1.

  3. Saifur Rahman says:

    I am 48 years old. my uric acid level is 8.70, Serum creatinine level 1.72, HbsAg positive. point 3.2,
    Hemoglobin 11mg/dl. Please advise me about homeopathy treatment.

  4. Uzair Ahmed says:

    I’m age 56 pain in wrist and heel point, I’ve high uric acid and it’s crossing the range of 0 to 6 and it’s 7 need advice

  5. Diyalchand says:

    My name is Diyalchand 45 years old suffering from hyperurecemia since last 3 years first sign appeared suddenly developed ankle pain and swelling at that time my uric acis level was 9.. after taking zyloric alupronol 300mg n last month uric acids level was 7.. now i developed leg pain . On ultrasound some crystals are seen kn my both kidneys. Madam would u advise treatment in homeopathy to overcome this problem..i almost stoped purine diet.. My HBa1c is 6.63 in last monyh report..i think with high uric acid my suger level going to be detoriared.. blood fasting suger is upyo 110.. ldl and triglycerides are at borderline..

  6. Stephanie D Sopko says:

    Not sure what is going on. I had knee injections two weeks ago this Monday and instead of helping my knees I am so stuff and having difficulty walking. It feels like there is knots and so much soreness. And I have had hot face! As if someone has slapped me. I have been taking ibuprofen 800. Does not help. I’ve tried arnica. Apple cider with the mother. And plenty of water. Any suggestions?

  7. Chandana Mallick , W/ O Partha Mallick says:

    Dr. Sharma .

    My age is 56 ( F).

    I am suffring from high Uric Acid ( 6.2 ) FEBUGATE TAKEN 3 MONTH BACK THEN CAME DOWN , again raise . Creatinene 1.2 , few month back creatinene 1.38 , taken nefrosave forte as advised by Dr santanu dalal . Medicine taken last 5 yrs , telvas 3d , repalol , rozavel 5, thyrox 50, deplatt 75, pantocid D , and Nefrosave forte two month. Please suggest any medicine to me for uric acid and creatinine control.

    Thanks and
    Waiting for your valuable reply please throug whattsapp.
    Chandana Mallick , 26 th December 2020 . Mobile no , watsapp no 9903426313.

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    Kindly reply sir.

    • Dear Dr. I have been struggling with high uric acid for some time now. It debilitates me to a good extend. Not guarantee for the next day and I don’t like that. It is always bothersome at night. So some days go to bed and wake up in the morning with swollen legs or arms> it is devastating. I have tried so much med. I am so afraid of the side effect of allopathic treatment. Would you be able to help me doctor Sharma?
      Thank you.

  12. Kishore k Sutradhar says:

    I am 70 years old male with controlled diabetes and BPH . I take one Metformin tab and one afdura tab regularly. Recently I found my uric acid lavel to be 9.5. For one month I followed a strict diet plan and checked again, but it reduces to 8.3 only. Though I have raised uric acid I don’t have gout. My cretenine lavel is 1.23.
    Please advise.

  13. Pratap Aditya Das says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Good Morning, I’m 43 yrs old, Male and suffering from Hyperurecemia, 2 weeks back my uric acid level was 7.5, and i have swelling and pain in my left big toe joint. 15 days back i had a severe flare up and took allopathic medicines like febuxostat, prednisolone, NSAID’s etc but i want relief and a long lasting solution through Homeopathy.
    I would be very grateful if you kindly suggest medicines and where to get them.
    Pratap Aditya Das
    Dimapur, Nagaland

  14. Iqbal Parvez says:

    Hi Doctor how r u.
    I am Parvez from Dhaka Bangladesh. I am suffuring from Hiper urecemia (Uric Asid) last 7-8 years. Now I am 57 years old.Suffering severel time for Gaut. Maybe it come from Heridity. My Mother & sister also suffering this. Last month blood report is 7.8
    pl. give me proper medicine which I can take continiusly with doses.
    Thanks lot.

  15. Dr. Anil Kumar says:

    Dr. Sharma Ji , I got tested done full body check up and my uric acid level came as 7.4 . Can you suggest me any homeopathic medicine for this .

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    had this problem for a few years now i,m 62 years or age, and i wonder if you can recommend any medicine for this problem ?

  17. Hi doctor I’m Rajesh k age 43. my uric acid levels is 8 and I’m having stiffness in my both hands fingers whenever I got up from sleep and doctor in the year 2003 I m the history of myocardial infarction and I’m on medication till now can you please suggest me regarding raised uric acid levels.

  18. My uric acid level is 8.4.
    I have gout attack right big toe.right podagra.

    Colchicine tabs using to reduce pain.
    I need permanent solution.

  19. Ashish Bhalla says:

    Namaskar Dr Sahib , wanted advise for my mother , 85 yrs , she had high Uric acid , so given febuget 40 alternate day ,she goes to toilet 2/3 tiles at night , at times has burning sensation ,if she stops Febuget 40. She has had a heart attach about 25 yrs back and has knee problems but still walks around . Can you advise any homeopathy medicine which can help bring down uric acid .thanks

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    My uric acid levels is 6.0, and I have calceneal spur (heel spurs) please suggest good medicine

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  24. B. VENKATESWARLU says:

    hi madam ,
    my name is. B. venkateswarlu.
    i m suffering from high uric acid problem since 2 years,
    uric acid stones has been formed in my kidneys, and founded through diagnosis, so i have so much of back pain and shoulder pain,
    kindly advise me the best medicine for problem.
    thanking you madam,
    regards ,

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  30. Good morning doctor,

    I am 43 years, and had slightly high BP, and early left ventricular hypertrophy. Three months back, I donated my left kidney to my brother. After that I had a heart problem, with rapid pulse. Doctor put me on Busoprilol 2.5
    Now, at a routine checkup I am found to be having 348 triglyceride, and 7.2 uric acid. Now the doctor put me on Febuxostat 40. I cannot take any other medicine for uric acid as I have only one kidney (46.4%).
    I cannot take pain killers either.
    This medicine is giving me a burning sensation all over the body, and the liver feels hot, and it feels that there is hot air pushing up through the buccal cavity.

    I have gout, I cannot walk on my feet, it hurts terribly. If I start walking, my pulse immediately goes to 120.

    Is there a way out? The doctor says I will go into cardiac arrest if triglycerides and uric acid doesn’t come down.

    But I don’t want to continue Febuxostat. It is horrible.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Yours Sincerely,

  31. Stanton Purtlebaugh says:
  32. Vishnu Pratap Narayan says:

    I’m Vishnu Pratap Narayan. My age is 50 years Male.. My uric acid level is 7.8.
    I take medicine for BP Telma H 40 mg but my BP remains normal.
    Please suggest the medicine in Homeopathy which can cure it permanently and for how many days I need to take the Homeopathic medicine.

  33. M K Mukhopadhyay says:

    I have been suffering from gouts and is advised to be on zyloric for the whole life when I was 45 yrs I was first attacked by gout pain at the ankle after that once in two tree years I had the attack. Now I am 73 have good health condition but frequently having Utica acid attack on both feet alternately . I have taken homeopathic treaty too bout most in vain .while surfing net I happened to come across this site think of a last try
    Kindly help me to maintain my Uric acid level

  34. RAJ KUMAR SOBTI says:

    Sir feeling high pain below feet and have high uric acid.just feeling as high crystal has been deposit below feet please guide best homeopathy medicine

  35. Asghar Ali says:

    I am 67 yrs.old male and having high B.P. and about 2 month ago I feel a severe pain on leg finger with swelling and stiffness then I concerred with Physician he prescribed medicine ZYLORIC-300 mg, NUCORT-M4 and HYFEN-AC for five days and I get quick relief .The said medicines were continue for further 15days but now I am suffering the same problems with light pain and stiffness and urine color is pale yellow and passing with force. On blood test the value of URIC Acid is 12.45 mg/dL please suggest me some homeopathic medicine for permanent cure.Thanks

  36. I am 53 yrs old woman and having diabetics, thyroid, kidney stone etc., My uric acid level is 6.38
    what should I do to reduce uric acid ?

    I am having homoepathic medicine for kidney stone last 6 months and there seems slight variation
    in size of kidney stone.

    Pls advice.

  37. Paramjit Singh says:

    Utica acid level is 7,3 problem is itching irritation While passing urine

  38. eknath ugile says:

    i am male. DoB 20/04/1960;
    worked in state Govt PWD and took VRS in june 2015.
    Job was with hectic schedule.
    I had first gout attack right great toe in sept 2015.
    Then second after one year left great toe.
    From first attack uric acid leval varies from 8.0-9.0.

  39. i have joint and limb pain with lower back simultaneously. and I also facing problem in my urine. its thick and I feel trouble in urinating. seems that the nib of the urethra has very little space for urine it’s itching during urination

  40. huge pain in right knee joint since 20 swelling in pain area.pain increases when i move to one place to anther place(range 100 metre).uric acid lavel is 5.80 and weight is 80kg and vitamin D level is 14.4 .can you give me the good advice regarding issue. now i take medicine of uric acid and calcium &Vitamin D.

  41. Syed Aamir Ali Anwar says:

    Dr. Sharma Sb.

    My age is 48.

    I am suffring from high Uric Acid. Please suggest any medicine to me.
    Aamir Ali

  42. Bharat Goyal says:

    My age is 28 Male (82 kg) height 5’10” ,I m suffering from high uric acid for last 10 months.pain in the joints especially in knees and legs .
    I have seen an orthpeadic he gives me febuxostat tab I have taken them regularly for 3 months ,it controlled my uric acid level for one time not permanently.
    In these ten months I have changed my complete lifestyle . I follows an healthy routine by
    1- two hours exercise daily including jogging.
    2- drinking as much water
    3- staying away from protein rich foods and unhealthy food items
    4-having juices and fruits daily
    I have also loossed 25 kg in these 9-10 months

    But sir I am not able to cure this disease .

    throughout these 10 months I have pain in joits sometimes less sometime more. But from the last 20 days huge pain in thumb and joints and when I checked my uric acid it is 10.4

    Sir give me the best homeopathic medicine for this disease I want to cure it permanently .
    My contact no .9053553745
    Sir please help me

  43. sir
    I am suffering uric acid lable 6/7
    want to help from your medicine advised
    my details are below

  44. Md. Anowarul Alim says:

    My uncle is of 81 years of age. Presently he is experiencing pain in right hand radius bone. He has got elevated Uric acid level (7.86mg/dl) .Would you kindly provide some names for homoeopathic medicines because he has got a strong belief in efficacy of homoeo medicine to diminish his uric acid level to relieve pain. Awaiting for your recommendations in this respect. Thanks.

  45. Sharad kumar says:

    I am 63 yrs old. My uric acid level ia 7.9 and I have had a gout attack in right ankle last year. Whenever I take medicine Febutaz 40mg, the uric acid levels drop to 4.8 to 5 but again rise to 7 or 7.9 whenever i stop medicines. I would like to try homeo medicine since febutaz interferes with my bp. Could you suggest any medicine

    • Mr. Sharad, as per your current condition, you may start homeopathic treatment along with the medicines you are already taking. Homeopathy can help stabilize your uric acid levels naturally.

  46. mukarram ali says:

    I am 81 years old with type 1 diabetese.I am taking insulin. My cretanine & bun levels are 1.3

    and 22 mg/dl respectively.Please suggest homeophathic medicine with dosage.

  47. Athmaram Sridharan says:

    My serum uric acid level is 7.7 that is above the referral range in spite of being on allopurinol 300 mgs.I am not an alcoholic. Kindly suggest homeopathic medication for getting rid of this problem. My age is 67

    • Mr. Sridharan, the uric acid levels mentioned can be rectified with natural homeopathic medicines. They seem to be borderline high and homeopathy can make a significant difference.

  48. Athmaram Sridharan says:

    My serum uric acid level is 7.7 that is above the referral range in spite of being on allopurinol 300 mgs.I am not an alcoholic. Kindly suggest homeopathic medication for getting rid of this problem.

  49. Deepak sharma says:

    Sir mera thorid 7.40 h m ab kitna mg ke medicine lu plz reply

  50. bhupendra Kumar says:

    My wife has uric acid 6.1. she is aged 63 years. Also has high cholesterol and triglycerides. Her height is 5 ft and weight 55 kg.
    What medication she should take according to your suggestion.

  51. Ashok Kumar says:

    Sir my Uric acid level is 6.9 my age is 51 please suggest me homeopathic medicine

  52. Rajwinder kaur says:

    I am suffering from uric acid level 5.8 my feet &hands feeling stiffness and other cervical problems left side pain towards to head lower to shoulder I take homeo pathic medicine for 10 month cknsult for Dr I feel better after treat ment last one month I drop medicine I feel stiffness hands legs & feet cervical problem please suggestion for treatment my age is 45 years

    • Miss. Rajwinder, homeopathic medicines can help treat multiple health conditions at the same time. Therefore, in your case, it can be really beneficial in covering your major concerns of uric acid, cervical pain, and stiffness naturally.


    My name is Sumit Chowdhury, age46, weight 83 kg. , My uric acid level is 7 and I have pain in my right knee and right heel and also in foot. Suggest me the medication with dose of medicine.

  54. Praveen Baburao Kamble says:

    sir my uric acid level is incresed and my left toe paining what to do

  55. Anant trivedi says:

    My urea is 51. MF/DL, cretinin 1.4 and uric acid 8.11. albumin is 4.06
    My fasting sugar is also elevated 115.
    Age 76.

    Which homeo drugs can help bring these under control

  56. Shashank says:

    Respected doc

    I m suffering from sever pain in my body at many places due to high level of uric acid. I have tried differnt kind of medicine but still in huge pain…

    Level of uric acid always shows its high level like 9.7 10.5 and moreover….

    Kindly confirm me how can i ride off from this pain…


    • sanjay kumar says:

      I m suffering from sever pain in my body at many places due to high level of uric acid. I have tried differnt kind of medicine but still in huge pain…

      Level of uric acid always shows its high level like7.2 and moreover….

      Kindly confirm me how can i ride off from this pain…


    • Mr. Subhash, at your age the body is able to heal much quicker with homeopathic remedies (provided there is no strong family history of the condition). Homeopathic medicines can help moderate the protein metabolism and regularize your uric acid levels. Some more details are required before we select the most appropriate remedy for you.


      Sir l am 62 yrs old diabetic since 25 years present my blood uric acid is 8 presently iam not having any problem
      Iam in keto diet since 120 days my sugar levels are normal please advise me

  58. Naresh sharma says:

    My uric acid leval 9.4 so please tell me homeopathy medicine

  59. Dear Sir, Iam writing to you in confidence about my start up ailments of Pre diabetes and high uric acid state from last 3 years or so.7.2 and sugar some times touching rarely up to 180 pp and 115 fasting.pls advice the homeopathic medicines which can be bought locally from Delhi outlets.



  60. ben ceecee says:

    dr , i have been suffereing from gout athritis for 17yrs now 2 months ago i notice pains in my fingers and hand checking a little . and i heve being using galic and ginger for like 3months now , but the hands pain are still there , very small


    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My mother 49 year old is facing high pain on her tow and facing difficulties to walk for that pain. We are staying at Kolkata and have doubt that this problem occurred due to increased level of uric acid.

    Please suggest some homeopathic medicine to get rid of this problem.


  62. Puneet Gaur says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am 40 years old and facing problem with GOUT attack which is because of High Uric Acid. I am staying in USA and I face this issue 5-6 times in a year. I could not walk single step when this attach happens. Please help me how I can find proper treatment.

    Puneet Gaur

  63. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My uric acid level was 8.05 before two months & before 8-9 months it was around 6. For 8-9 months I am under homeopath treatment. Currently I am having Berberis Pentarkan, Ledum Pal 30, Urtica Urens, Calc OS 200 thrice a wk and Rus tox 1M thrice a wk. Now my Uric acid level has decreased, it is 4.14 but pain still exist in my lower back & in both toe.

    Pain has reduced to an extent but 60% pain still exist.

  64. rasmani mondal says:

    My under eye mussels specialy beside the nose in write side i feel secitivity and when i sleep write side mode my mussels are hanging bellow. So if you kindly give me a solution i will be vry glad..

  65. Har Prem pal Singh 72yrs 105 wt says:

    Swelling feet, pain big toe, canuncle reduced to but still pains between small toes. Uric acid7, cold water relieves pain and heaviness of feet a
    t night. No other problems.

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