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Foul-smelling urine troubling you? Try these best homeopathic medicines

Urine might have a little bit of smell normally, but if urine emits a strong smell then it could have many reasons. Urine is composed of water and waste products from the body that makes it slightly smelly but if the urine contains excessive waste as compared to water then it leads to strong smell in the urine.

Foul smelling urine could simply be arising from dietary factors (some of the examples of food items that can cause smelly urine are coffee, asparagus, garlic, onion and fennel); dehydration in which the urine is concentrated containing more ammonia and decreased water content; use of certain medicines (e.g., antibiotics and some of the diabetes medicines) and intake of some supplements like vitamin B. But in other cases when attended with other signs and symptoms, it could be indicative of certain underlying health issues. The reason could be diabetes mellitus, UTI (urinary tract infection), STI (sexually transmitted infection), liver disease or kidney failure. UTI refers to infection in any part of the urinary system (including urinary bladder, urethra, ureters or the kidneys). In UTI cases, urine may emit offensive smell along with other symptoms like painful/ burning urination, frequent urination, urgency to urinate, pain in the lower abdomen, fever and chills. Some of the STIs like chlamydia can be a reason. Chlamydia leads to vaginal discharge that can cause offensive smelling urine when it passes through from urethra. Offensive urine can also arise in cases of liver diseases in which urine looks dark and emit foul smell along with other symptoms like vomiting and abdomen pain. Kidney failure and liver failure could also be a reason apart from above causes.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic medicines are highly effective in managing cases of foul-smelling urine. Homeopathic medicines are very natural remedies that help in such cases with zero side effects. They treat the underlying cause of the problem and boost body’s own restorative mechanism to get rid of this concern. Along with smelly urine, any accompanying symptoms like pain or burning with urination, frequent urination and urgent urination are effectively managed with homeopathic medicines. There is a long list of homeopathic medicines to treat smelly urine. The prescription has to be selected for every individual person based on the characteristic symptom presentation. It is advised to take any homeopathic medicine under supervision of a homeopathic physician after detailed case evaluation, and avoid self – medication. It is to be noted that homeopathy is advised only for mild to moderate cases occurring without any serious reasons. In case of serious causes, like kidney infection, serious liver problem, kidney failure or liver failure, one must take treatment from conventional mode as homeopathy has a limitation in handling serious cases.

Homeopathic Medicines For Foul Smelling Urine

 1. Nitric Acid – Top Recommended Medicine

Nitric Acid is a leading homeopathic medicine to manage complaint of foul smelling urine. The urine may smell very offensive like that of horse urine in cases needing it. Along with this, burning or cutting type of pain in the urethra is felt in most of the cases. There is frequent urge to urinate with passage of only scanty amount of urine. The urine also passes with difficulty. There is a need to press for a long time before passing urine. Urine passes in a thin stream usually where this medicine is required. In some cases, pus and blood can pass in the urine.

2. Benzoic Acid – For Strong Smelling Urine

This medicine is very effective for cases of offensive urine when the smell of urine itself is highly intensified and smells very strong. The urine is dark in colour. Scalding (hot) is felt when passing urine. There is also a frequent urge to pass urine. Benzoic Acid is a well indicated medicine for cases where offensive urine occurs from suppression of syphilis or gonorrhoea.

3. Sepia – For Sour Smelling Urine

Sepia is well indicated for cases where a person complains of sour smelling urine. In cases needing it, burning is felt in the urethra while urinating. Besides, pressure is felt on the bladder leading to frequent urge to urinate. An urgency to urinate may be felt. The urine is thick and slimy. Yellow or white coloured sediments may be present in the urine. Stitching pain may occur in the urethra. In females, a bearing down sensation is felt in the pelvis along with above symptoms.

4. Apis Mellifica – For Offensive Urine With Burning In Urethra

This medicine is useful when urine is offensive smelling along with burning pain in the urethra during and after urination. There is an urge to pass urine very frequently, almost every hour. Urine is scanty and hot with fetid smell. Sometimes stitching pain is felt in the urethra. The urine passed may be pale. It may contain reddish sediments. In cases needing it, urinary bladder inflammation (cystitis) may be present.

5. Calcarea Carb – For Foul Smelling Brown Urine With White Sediment

This medicine is of great use in cases where urine smells foul and is brown colored with white sediments in it. Cutting and stitching pain is felt in the urethra. Burning is also felt while passing urine at night. There is an ineffectual urge to pass urine along with above symptoms. Blood and mucus may pass in the urine in some cases.

6. Merc Sol – With Frequent And Urgent Urination

This medicine is quite helpful when urine is offensive or sour smelling along with frequent and urgent need to urinate. Though urination is frequent, only little urine passes at a time. There is an urgency to urinate otherwise urine passes involuntarily. The urine passes in thin stream. Burning pain in the urethra is felt on starting to pass urine. The bladder region can be sore to touch in many cases. Urine may contain pus, blood or mucus. Urine may contain white flakes or thick white sediment. In some cases, gonorrhoea may be detected if there is thick yellow-green discharge from the urethra at night.

7. Borax – For Pungent (Sharp And Strong) Smelling Urine

Borax is a beneficial medicine to manage cases having pungent, strong and sharp smelling urine. Those needing this medicine have an urgent desire to pass urine. They are almost not able to control urine and have to rush to pass urine when the urge for urination arises. They have frequent urge to urinate at night. Smarting pain is felt in the urethra after urinating, along with above symptoms.

8. Viola Tricolor – For Offensive Urine Like Cat’s Urine

Viola Tricolor is recommended for cases where urine is very offensive like that of cat’s urine. The urine passes profusely. Frequency of urination is also increased. Along with above, stitching type of pain may be felt in the urethra.

9. Kreosote – With Sudden Urgency To Urinate

Kreosote can be considered when the urine is offensive along with an urgent need to pass urine. The persons needing it have to suddenly rush to pass urine when there is an urge. The frequency of urine is high along with passage of copious urine. White or red sediments may be present in the urine.


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