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Frequent Urination from Enlarged Prostate causing trouble, try Homeopathy

Enlarged prostate causes many urinary problems and frequent urination is one of the most commonly occurring complaint from enlarged prostate. Prostate gland is a walnut size gland that surrounds the first part of urethra underneath the bladder in males. It secretes prostatic fluid and also functions to expel semen during ejaculation. The enlargement of prostate gland is very common in elderly males (between age of 50-60 yrs).

The enlarged prostate may push against the bladder and urethra and lead to an urge to pass urine even when the bladder is not full. In most cases, frequent urination occurs usually at night and the person has to rise several times at night to pass urine. Even after passing urine several times, there is a sensation of the bladder not being empty. Besides frequent urination, other complaints that can occur from enlarged prostate include urgency to urinate, straining to initiate urine, weak urine stream, interrupted urine, dribbling at the end of urine and burning/pain while urinating.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy has a very effective solution for many complaints associated with prostate enlargement including that of frequent urination. With use of homeopathic medicines, the increased frequency of urination is controlled wonderfully. Along with controlling frequent urination, they also help to manage other accompanying concerns. These medicines work in the most natural way to overcome prostate complaints. With zero side effects, they are very safe to use. The homeopathic prescription to manage frequent urine varies from case to case depending on symptoms. So it is advised to take any homeopathic medicine under supervision of homeopathic physician and avoid self -medication.

Homeopathic medicines for treating frequent urination

1. Sabal Serrulata – Top Remedy

Sabal Serrulata is the topmost medicine to manage various complaints related to enlarged prostate including frequent urination. This medicine is recommended when urination is very frequent at night. There is almost a constant urge to urinate at night which disturbs the person’s sleep at night. There may be difficulty in passing urine. It can be accompanied with burning and smarting pain. It is painful when the flow of urine starts. Besides, Sabal Serrulata can also be used when there is dribbling of urine due to enlarged prostate. There may be dull pain in the prostate gland that extends to the abdomen in cases requiring this medicine.

2. Lycopodium – For Frequent Urine At Night

Lycopodium is yet another prominent medicine to manage frequent urine from prostate enlargement. Those needing it show increased frequency to urinate at night. Urine is passed in increased quantity at night while it is scanty during the day. Though there is increased desire to urinate, when the sufferer tries to urinate he has to wait for some time before urine passes. Straining efforts may be needed to initiate passage of urine. The urine passed is dark in color or have red sediments in it. During urination, burning pain may be felt in urethra. Sometimes burning pain is felt even after passing urine.

3. Thuja – For Frequent Urine Attended With Urgency To Urinate

Use of this medicine is suggested when a person indulges in frequent urination along with urgent need to pass urine. Frequency to pass urine increases in the evening and at night. In case of an immediate urge go pass urine, a person has to rush immediately to the toilet. The urinary stream is interrupted. It seems as if something is obstructing urine flow. The entire bladder does not get empty at one time. The sufferer has to go for urination multiple times (five or six) one after another to empty the bladder. During urination, a person may feel burning or stitching pain.

4. Baryta carb – For Immediate Urge To Urinate

Like Thuja, this medicine is also useful when there is frequent urination along with urgency to pass urine. The person is unable to retain urine once urge is felt. He needs to quickly pass urine. The urine passed is profuse in quantity. Bladder irritation is worse at night and much urine is passed at night. Burning is felt on urination. After urinating, there is renewed straining to pass urine along with dribbling of urine at times.

5. Apis Mellifica – When There Is Straining To Initiate Urine

This medicine is recommended when there is increased frequency to urinate along with straining efforts to initiate urine. Persons requiring it have to press a lot to begin urination. They have the urge to pass urine very often during day and also at night. The urge to urinate arises every half an hour. At night, they have to rise from sleep 10 to 12 times to urinate. Burning sensation when passing urine can be quite prominent and most specifically, it is most intense, while passing the last drops of urine.

6. Merc Sol – For Frequent Urination During Day And Night

Merc Sol is a well-indicated medicine when there is frequent urge for urination both during day and night. There may be an urge to urinate every hour. The urine passed can be either copious or scanty but the increased frequency of passing urine remains. The stream of urine may be very weak as well. There may be sudden urge to pass urine sometimes when the person has to hurry up immediately to pass urine. Burning sensation is marked which remains even after urination. Sometime itching is felt when passing urine.

7. Staphysagria – When Urine Is Scanty And Passes In Thin Stream

This medicine is indicated for managing frequent urination with scanty urine passed in thin stream. In some cases, urine passes drop by drop. After passing urine, a sensation of the bladder not being completely empty remains. A pressure is felt in the urinary bladder. A sensation as if a drop of urine is rolling constantly in the urethra persists. Burning sensation persists during and after passing urine.

8. Conium – For Interrupted Urine

Conium can be used in cases where the urine stream is interrupted along with frequent urination. There is difficulty in initiating urine as well. After urine initiates, it starts and stops several times till the entire urine passes. The urine may feel hot. Even after passing urine several times, an urge to pass urine occurs quite often. Sharp pressing pain or pressure on the bladder may be felt. After passing urine, cutting pain can be felt.

9. Chimaphila – For Frequent And Scanty Urine

This medicine can be considered when there is frequent urination along with scanty urine. There may be an urge to urinate every one or two hours. Straining may be required to pass urine. The sufferer may have to pass urine by standing with feet apart and bending forward. Pain is felt while urinating.

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