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Homeopathic Remedies for Frequent Urination

Homeopathic Remedies for Frequent Urination
Frequent urination is a medical condition in which a person has the urge to pass urine after very small intervals and the urine passed may be normal, scanty (Oliguria) or large (Polyuria) in quantity. The main causes behind frequent urination include Diabetes Mellitus, Urinary Tract Infection, prostate enlargement in males, stones in urinary bladder, pregnancy and inflamed urinary bladder (Cystitis). Frequent urination may be accompanied by pain or burning and fever while urinating, which mainly indicates UTI infection. Banking on Homeopathic remedies for frequent urination can really pay off. These completely safe medicines are made of natural substances and every effectively treat the medical condition of frequent urination.

Homeopathic Remedies for Frequent Urination

The problem of frequent urination can be effectively treated with the use of natural remedies. The natural remedies for frequent passing of urine are selected based upon the particular symptoms of each individual. While recommending the best medicine, the quantity of urine, its colour, any associated offensiveness and time of aggravation are noted down. Along with this, the absence or presence of pain or burning sensation while passing urine or afterwards is also considered. The constitutional physical and mental symptoms are also taken note of. It is after the complete evaluation of the symptoms that the most suitable remedy is administered to the patient to get rid of frequent urination.

1. Equisetum Hyemale: For Large Quantity of Urine

Equisetum Hyemale is one of the top natural remedies for treating frequent urination. The main symptom calling for its use is the frequent urge to pass urine and when the urine passed is very large in quantity. This symptom may be most often disturbing at night. The urine passed is mostly clear. Equisetum Hyemale is also the ideal remedy when the desire to micturate or urinate is intolerable and sudden. In some persons, the desire to urinate can be almost constant. Along with frequent urination, the person may experience a sharp pain while passing urine or after urinating. Pain and distension of bladder with urine that does not disappear even after urinating are the associated symptoms. Equisetum Hyemale is also the top remedy for children in habit of bed wetting at night.

2. Cantharis and Merc Cor: For Constant Urge to Urinate (Tenesmus) with Burning

Both natural medicines Cantharis and Merc Cor are the best remedies when there is a constant need felt to pass urine but the urge is almost ineffectual as it is renewed soon after urinating and the person is not satisfied. For using both these remedies, burning in urethra along with a constant desire to pass urine is most marked. To form a choice between these remedies, the time of burning in urethra is taken note of. For using Cantharis, the burning is present before, during and after urination. Merc Cor is used when burning in urethra is marked before urination. Other common symptoms for using these remedies include blood in urine and hot urine. The urine is also scanty or it is passed drop by drop.

3. Lycopodium: For Frequent Urination at Night

Lycopodium stands out as the best natural treatment for frequent urination at night. The person needing Lycopodium frequently wakes up at night to pass urine. The urine passed may be scanty or large in quantity, but night aggravation is marked. Lycopodium is also the ideal remedy in cases of cystitis, bladder calculi or enlarged prostate leading to frequent urination at night. For using Lycopodium in case of frequent urination at night, the urine may be of varying characters, including pale, dark, clear, foamy, red or milky. One characteristic feature that accompanies frequent urination is backache that gets worse before urinating. The constitutional symptom of importance is the desire for sweets and warm drinks and food. Gastric features like excessive gas in abdomen, belching and constipation may also be found associated with frequent urination.

4. For Frequent Urination due to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

The most successful natural remedies for treating frequent urination due to UTI are Cantharis, Apis Mellifica, Merc Cor and Sarsaparilla. For using these remedies, the common symptoms are frequent urination with a burning sensation in urethra. Cantharis is the best remedy when burning in urethra is constantly present before, during and after urination. Apis Mellifica is the ideal natural remedy when there is a constant urge to urinate with burning in urethra while passing the last drops. Merc Cor is a very beneficial medicine for burning in urethra that is present before passing urine with a frequent urge to urinate. Sarsaparilla is a remedy of great help for frequent urination with burning in urethra at the conclusion of urination.

5. For Frequent Urination at Night

Frequent urination is most troublesome at night time as it disturbs the sleep. Natural medicines Lycopodium, Merc Sol and Kreosote are the top remedies for frequent urination at night time. Lycopodium is the best medicine when the urge to pass urine is frequent at night time. Backache before urine can be present for using Lycopodium. Merc Sol is a very beneficial medicine when increased thirst accompanies the desire to pass urine frequently at night. If the urine is offensive in nature with the frequent urge to urinate at night, then Kreosote is the most suitable remedy.

6. For Frequent Urination in Enlarged Prostate Cases

Natural medicines Sabal Serrulata, Lycopodium and Staphysagria are of great help in dealing with frequent urination due to prostate enlargement. Sabal Serrulata is the most frequently used medicine to treat cases of frequent urination in prostate cases. It can be used when a person has a frequent urge to pass urine, which may or may not be painful. Night aggravation of frequent urination in enlarged prostate cases also calls for the use of Sabal Serrulata. Lycopodium is the  remedy that is recommended for frequent urine calls at night time due to prostate enlargement. It is used when backache before urinating accompanies frequent urination in prostate cases. Natural Homeopathic medicine Staphysagria is very beneficial when a constant pressure is felt in the bladder and the feeling of burning while passing urine is dominant.

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  1. Rajiv Bhavsar says:

    Lagbhag 15 sal se rat me char pac bar peshab aati hai ab din me bhi leto to ek ek ghante me peshab aati hai my age is 60 now no BP no shugar jadatar leto to hi peshab aati hai peshab krne me jalan lagti hai flow bhi km jada hota hai pressure bhi nhi lag pata. Kuch kuch mental tension bhi rhta hai. Please remove my problem.

  2. K.R. NARASIMHAN says:

    I am 65 year old male with Diabetes and Hypertension. My last HbA1C was 6.6 and BP maintains around 130/80, which I check twice a day. During day time, I urinate once in 4 hrs and in night, 3 to 4 times. I do not have any pain or irritation. Can you suggest a good homeopathy tablets for nocturia?

  3. For my 4 yr old, frequent urination, sudden urge, no other symptoms of pain. Started 4 days ago, suspect hotub /uti ? Also urinates and then will often go again.

  4. Niraj vishwakarma says:

    Frequent urination whole day,,,, Headache,, constipation,, पेट फूलना,, gas not releases.
    I have whole body test report..Dr lal path labs
    My age 52 year ,, feeling this problem from about 1 year.

    • Sheshachalam Sree rama says:

      Halo doctor iam male. 65 yrs suffered stroke about 17 yrs back now since 1 month I am get up 3to4 times for urinarion which is very very tedious task since I need assistance by the way of disturbing sleep I am very fed up psychologically pls pls pls help me doctor 🙏

      • Nisha kabra says:

        Din bhar baar baar toilet aana…gas ka prblm…gutno me drd…night me bhi baar baar toilet aana….kya medicine de

  5. Manzoor Abbasi says:

    Regards. My wife about 68 years old has frequent night urination problem. She has to go to washroom 3-4 times. Patient of BP and sugar but controlled with medication. No burning sensation with urination. Frequent pain in lower back and legs and disturbed sleep. Kindly suggest appropriate medicine

  6. Hello, I am looking for homeopathic remedies for RLS and frequent urination at night. what is the best homeopathic medicine to treat frequent urination at night and RLS. Also that does not affect kidney, already with kidney issue and high blood pressure and taking Losartan 50mg 1x daily, and enlarged prostate.

  7. I am 68yrs, having BPH for the past one and half year. In the past nine months the frequency of urination during night sleep time has increased. Getting up every two to three hours to urinate regularly. I am diabetic type 2 for the past twenty years. There is no burning sensation before or after urination and no discomfort. What do you advise is the way forward to repair the damage. Thankyou.

    • Karen Phelan says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma, I was born with a condition called in the medical realm, diabetes insipidus. I’ve been treating it with medication that I seem to have grown and intolerance to. It is making me physically ill. I’ve used homeopathics for various issues in the past, with mixed success.
      I’m interested in learning more about how I can treat my condition with homeopathics.

      • Dr Drishti good evening my wife is suffering from gallblader stone 12 mmsize any treatment in homeopathy without operate

  8. Shubeg Singh Gill says:

    I have enlarged prostate since many years. I am 77 plus now. Earlier itwas managed with Sabal but now the frequency has increased now only in the afternoon. Between 3pm and 8p it is about 5 times urination without any pain. Only urge is there.
    I have no sugar or Diabetes but undergone bye-pass surgeries twice in 1992 and 2009 plus two Angioplasties-
    once in 2007 and again in 2019. After 2019, I am on lasix 20mg every alternative day. This problem of afternoon has started since last 3-_4 months only.

  9. linda cligerman says:

    thank you
    Linda Clingerman

  10. Hi i have a problem with urination during the day i do drink a lot of hot water, when I need to go to the toilet I have to do so in a hurry and i do have a lot of water coming from me i cant drink tea or coffee not that i drink these a lot just now and again which makes it worse. If i go shopping i have to know where toilets are. I have no pain just urges to go too the loo frequently I maybe wrong but I had Acupuncture and put it down to that its maybe a coincidence.

  11. Ramesh sethi says:

    Sir,, I m a senior citizen of 69 years. I have been experiencing severe constipation since long time. I used to take isabgoal n sometimes Nux Vomica n get better results. Of late I isabgoal n nux is also Not heling.
    I had a fall bladder surgery in October 21 n removed gall bladder because of multiple calcious.
    I get very little potty or evacuation once in the morning n I m not satisfied. My tummy is bloated, nausea n gastetic.

    Please suggest some medicine to get ride of my problem.
    Please help me Doctor
    Thanks n regards

    Ramesh sethi

  12. I am incontinent and have to wear heavy pads day and night. What remedy might help me? I am a 70-year-old woman. The incontinence began while I was in my early 60’s and I have slowly progressed to now needing to wear overnight pads constantly, even during the daytime. The urge to have to urinate comes on suddenly and strongly. There is no controlling it. No pain, no bad smell, no weird color. The urine appears to be normal in every respect. I need to get up at least twice during the night to urinate. I don’t drink caffeinated beverages or coffee. Herbal teas are what I mostly drink and plain water.

  13. claire walsh rn says:

    hello dr. sharma
    my husband has frequent urnation after his stroke? would any of the above work for this problem


  14. Gorakhnath Dikshit says:

    I am a 70 yr old male. I have had BPH thrice in the last 16 yrs. the last being in 2020. Twice had surgery. The last time homoeopathy held bringing the prostate from 41 gcrams to 13.5 gm gm. But strangely enough it left a legacy acut and persistent burning in the urethra which was not helped by any remedy mentioned here. Ayurveda also failed All the test have been negative. Recently I am on Cantharis Q with only marginal relief .The persistence and acuteness is not there.But Iam still able to pass urine in one go. I have strain.I get up frequently at night and every time it takes 3-4 attempts to pass it.I am always with a lot irritation in the organ Pls advise

  15. Shreekant Barnwal says:

    My mother 76 years is having problem of frequent urination specially at night. Can you please suggest homoeopathic medicines for the same ?

    • Hello Dr. My mother is 70 yrs old and she is facing frequent urination problem. It becomes difficult to hold. Pl suggest medicine

      • prem rautela says:

        Hello, I am 65 yrs old man having problem of frequent urination, even after prostate operation. I am diabetic too but under control. Please suggest homeopathy medicine.

  16. I am 75 yo male. Frequent have to urinate, pass small amount

  17. JABED AHMED says:



  18. Viswapani Chittajallu says:

    My father is suffering from frequent urination at night mostly. Day time may be hourly. No burning sensation. he is 81

  19. I am p b verma,72 years old.i got psa 13.8 last year feb.2021 and got treated by radiation.after three month my psa reduced to o0.7 and this month it is0.3.
    But from few days I am not getting sleepy 😃 n night due to frequently urination 4/5 times in night.
    Can you suggest any medicine,it is burning also while pissing.

    • Nina Danko says:

      did you try Cantharis? Radium Bromide? Cantharis may help the burning and Radium Brom is often prescribed for radiation burns

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