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Homeopathic Remedies for Treating Cystitis

Homeopathic  Treatment For Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis

An inflammation of the urinary bladder, cystitis causes difficulty in passing urine owing to which it can completely throw life out of gear for an affected person.Homeopathy can help alleviate a cystitis patient’s misery as it is a non-intrusive and safe remedy. Since homeopathy uses the body’s own defenses to combat infection, this line of treatment is natural and also toxin-free compared to other cures as its medicines are sourced from naturally occurring products.

Signs and symptoms:

The common symptoms of cystitis are painful urination, a constant urge to pass urine due to an inability to control the bladder, and increased frequency of urination. In some cases, the condition manifests itself with fever accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Some patients complain of pain in the lower back. In most of the cases, an inflammation of the urethra along with the bladder is observed. Urethra is the path that connects the bladder to the exterior of the body. The disease is then termed as the Lower urinary tract infection (UTI).

The cause of cystitis varies in males and females as well as in different age groups. The incidence of cystitis is higher in females owing to their smaller urethra which makes it easy for the bacteria to enter the bladder. Other sources of infection could be through sexual transmission, contraceptives, or due to chronic dehydration. The infections have a lower incidence in males as compared to females. The common cause of cystitis in males is kidney infection.


Homeopathic medicine Staphysgaria, when Constant urge is The main Symptom In Cystitis

My experience has shown that homeopathic remedies enjoy distinct advantages over other lines of treatment in curing cystitis.I have found staph to be an excellent homoeopathic medicine to treat cystitis and other urinary tract infections. Staph covers the urinary problems wonderfully. The patients who require staph exhibit symptoms of tearing pain in the urethra with involuntary discharge of urine. The urine is so acrid that is causes burning around the genitals that corrodes the skin and makes it difficult for the patient to move. There is a lot of burning while passing the urine. Despite the pain and burning, the person experiences a constant urge to pass urine. The urine is passed in profuse quantities and is pale in color. Staphisagria is suitable in case of newly married women who come with the complaint of UTI.

Cantharis – Homeopathic Medicine when Burning is the key symptom in Cystitis

 Cantharis is a well-known homoeopathic remedy for its marvelous effects on inflammations and infections. In cases of burns, it brings immediate relief. It is ideal for cases with symptoms of inflammation of the bladder with pain and a lot of burning in the genitals. The urine is passed drop by drop due to the excessive burning while passing urine. There is retention of urine but the person feels the need to pass urine frequently. The reason for this is the incomplete clearance of the bladder. There is an intolerable urge to urinate that makes the person go into paroxysms. It can be used in cases of Interstitial cystitis where the root cause is chronic inflamed bladder .

Apis Melllifica – Homeopathic remedy for Interstitial Cystitis When There is Difficulty In Passing Urine

 Apis Mellifica is an excellent remedy used in homoeopathy in cases of chronic inflammation of bladder  also known as Interstitial Cystitis. Apis helps to cure the inflamed part and reduce the swelling. I have found that Apis is best prescribed in case of cystitis symptoms of hot urine passed drop by drop owing to the burning that corrodes the skin and makes it difficult to urinate. The urine in these cases is of a strong color and odor. The incomplete urination gives rise to a constant urge to urinate. In cases of urine troubles with swelling in the genitals, Apis can be used to give excellent results. In young boys, it can be used in cases where kidney inflammations have caused cystitis. The boy is scared to pass urine due to the burning pain it causes. Apis also wonderfully treats the cases of retention of urine in infants.




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  1. Hello sir!
    I have urination problem from several months
    Urine passes very smelly.
    I apply force for urin.
    Frequent and uncontrollable urination around 6 times in 8 hours.
    My urine D-R Reprot is normal.
    In CBC urea is also normal.
    In ultrasound bladder wall thick is increase showing.
    Kindly recommend me medicine for this.
    I will wait for your answer

  2. hi
    great info. I will get on all 3 cystitis remedies but what potency and how often?
    had this for 20 years now!! crazy, got from a sexual partner from honeymoon phase.
    thank u

  3. I am 58. One year before i had some discomfort in pelvic area and frequent urination. Allopathic Dr gave antibiotics. It was some what ok. Everything was normal at that time (prostrate , bladder etc).

    again two weeks before, i had discomfort in testicles, at that start of urination and in the pelvic areas/back side. My Homeo doctor suggested US scan +urine test . Scan shows grade 1 inflammation in prostrate (30 mm from earlier 20 mm) and chronic Cystitis + right side hernia (mild) . Urine test all no issue. So Dr advised to go to enhlish dr as he is telling there is no homeo medicine at his stage.

    My father had stricther issue in urethra. Is it hereditary??

  4. Prahalad says:

    I am a male aged 55 yrs and suffering from chronic cystitis with cystitis cystica since last 4 yrs. Ultra sound report shows bladder wall thickening in the left anterolateral wall and dome with maximum thickness approx 9mm. I feel severe pain on storage of urine and find difficulty in passing it. I have urgent and frequent need, every one to two hrs in night also.

  5. R K MISHRA says:

    Sir. My father’s age is 68y. He is suffering from fr urination due to pain. He undergone TURP and other cleaning operation during last 3 years.
    He is feeling urge to urinate in every 10 to 30 minutes but not
    Exactly same duration maintained.This is same during night also except some day. He feel pain in his genital part and so passes urine frequently.If he controls for more time it is painful for next 20 minutes. If he takes more water then more fr and if he takes less water then more pain.
    Please suggest me what to do?

  6. I have painful urination. Have to pee several time during the night . Dr have diagnosed as IC and prescribed Flomax but do not see an improvement .please advise any homeopathic remedy. Thank you

  7. 10 th of may i hv gvn birth to still baby.after twenty days i had red urine…i was admitted in hospital and nothing was traced..cystoscopy was also done but nothing was traced…but puss cell s were high…i was cured again after week i had frequent urine and pelvic pain in routine test puss cells were 14-16..its been two weeks i still hv the pain and fequent urine has reduced a little from medicine

  8. how much does copy rolex mens silver watch says:


  9. Margaret Mandell says:

    What would be the dosage of cantharis and Apis mellificia for interstitial cystitis?

  10. manoj kumar says:

    When i was maaturbating i was stoping the siemens in the bladder from that time i have been sufferring from bladder pain and chronic conatipation with heavy mucus in stool .its going over 15 years.Sir plz suggest me the right path.


  11. Hi doctor, my daughter is five years old. She has pain while and after urinating. After passing urine she complains of continuous pain in groin area. Frequent urge for passing urine is there. Urine routine and urine culture tests are showing no infection at all. She cries when the pain occurs. Washing the area with cold water releives the pain. Applying ice pack also gives relief. Please suggest some medicine.

  12. Hi,

    Kindly let me know any german or french homeopathic medicine for bladder swelling.


  13. dilip p rathod says:

    I Am suFerring from Interstitial cystitis since last 4 year very terrible pain while urination & burning sansetion very urge to urinate

    • dilip p rathod says:

      I Am suFerring from Interstitial cystitis since last 4 year very terrible pain while urination & burning sansetion very urge to urinate

  14. I am suffering from burning in urine, while passing urine, since 1 year 4 months. Initially i consulted a urologist and on his advise i got the urine examination done,including urine culture tests. And doc give me antibiotic for 1 week and after 1 week the pain coming back….please advise Dr Sharma

  15. Dear sir
    I hv suffered from e.coli and streptococcus group b infections from june to August last year it got treated by antibiotics all way…but again I hv got uti and presently m on nitrofurantoin 100 mg twice daily but still I feel more frequency to urinate…sir only I want to know whether why m facing reoccuring of infections and what should I do I m very concerned coz m getting married inshaallah by next 6 months and also 12 years back I had a history of nephrotic syndrome…plz help

  16. Marlene Davisson says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 63 years old woman in excellent health. My BMI is 125, so I fell good about that. However, I was diagnosed 2-3 years ago with IC. I have lived with the pain everyday. There are some days with no pain, but constant urination. But very few days. I get up every hour at night. Get very little sleep.
    My doctor said I also have ulcers in the bladder. He wanted to go in and stretch the badder. I decided not to do that because of the ulcers. Was afraid of a tear or hole. At times Sometimes, I can barely walk from the pain. I also feel pain in my vagina. I am trying to find a homeopathic doctor here in Phoenix/Scottsdale. Looking forward to your advise.

  17. I am 38, suffering from severe pain in penis radiating to right thigh and
    leg since 2 years. Consulted 4 urologists, 2 Neuro Surgeons, Homeopathy
    and Ayurvedic with no result. I have constant pain (stabbing, tearing,
    cutting), irritation and burning in penis with urgency and frequency.
    Undergone MRI,Doppler, Sonography, Cystoscopy. The results are negative.
    Doctors say (not sure) it might be Interstitial Cystitis for which there
    is no cure.I am helpless. Please help me and advice me.

  18. ankica metikoš says:

    dear, dr. SHARMA, i have cystis on my liver , is there a cure or homepathic treatment thank you

  19. Umamaheshwar says:

    I am suffering from burning in urine, while passing urine, since two months. Initially i consulted a urologist and on his advise i got the urine examination done,including urine culture tests. results did not indicate any bacterial infection. Ultra sound scanning was also done of KUB to see if the prostrate is enlarged or not or for any calcification. Even the prostrate is normal and no stones were detected.

    Later I have consulted a homeopathic doctor. It is around two weeks since I am on homeo medicines. I do not know the medicine given to me. The problem is still persisting.

    A few days ago I took too many oranges for a couple of days. Since then there is a difficulty in passing urine. Some times it is drop by drop. I take plenty of water because I also having high uric acid in blood. I suffered from gout in toe , knee and chondritis. Homeo helped get relief from uric acid problems but the urinary problem is creating a lot of problem.

    Please suggest me a suitable treatment.

  20. Elma Pollard says:

    dear doctor, I know you are not a vet, but I am sure you could help me help my poor dog. He has been suffering from recurring skin rashes on his stomach and between the legs where skin touches skin. Red, inflamed, itchy, smelly. The vet keeps prescribing antibiotics and cortisone, which is not resolving the problem long term and clearly not good for my dog. What would the homeopathic cure be? I have most remedies and treat my family homeopathically most of the time. I am really at my wit’s end and cannot afford to go on like this. My husband now wants to put the dog down. He is only 18 months old and a wonderful dog in all other respects. He was a rescue dog to start off with, so had a bad start. I have already taken him off dog pellets and onto raw meat, but this is not helping.

    • Peggy Kurtz says:

      I would take your dog to a holistic vet. My dog had something similar, except it didn’t seem smelly. It was a yeast infection. He also diagnosed my dog with a beef allergy. The anti-yeast spray he has me use is Zymox. It really seems to help.

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