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Homeopathic Remedies for Urethral Stricture Treatment

Weak urine stream, straining to pass urine, splitting of urine stream and pain while urinating, especially in males, is not something normal. It is most likely an indication of the narrowing of the urethra, what doctors refer to as Urethral Stricture. The urethra is the lowermost part of the urinary tract through which urine is passed out from the urinary bladder. Urethral Stricture is more common in males than in females. Rather, Urethral Stricture in females is a very rare occurrence.

Homeopathic medicines, which are sourced from natural substances, can be very beneficial in the treatment of Urethral Stricture. They are completely safe and natural remedies, with no side effects, and ensure that the passage of urine becomes normal again and there is no pain in the process.

Homeopathic Remedies for Urethral Stricture

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Urethral Stricture

The top ten homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture management are Clematis, Chimaphila, Cantharis, Thiosinaminum, Conium, Arnica, Cannabis Sativa,Merc Sol, Magnesia Mur and Sulph Iodatum.

1. Clematis – Top Medicine With Feeble Urine Stream, Straining To Urinate, Interrupted Urine Flow

Clematis is the best prescription to manage urethral stricture. This natural medicine can relieve many symptoms associated with urethral constriction. In cases needing it, there is feeble stream of urine with slow passage of urine. To pass urine, straining is required to initiate urine flow.  An extreme constricted sensation is felt in the urethra while passing urine. The bladder does not empty in one go and the flow of urine starts then stops and starts again several times (interrupted urine stream). At times, urine is passed drop by drop. The patient always feels as if some urine is still left behind in the bladder. Dribbling of urine occurs after passing urine. Clematis helps in establishing the proper flow of urine in a stream. Frequency to pass urine also increases. Burning in urethra when passing urine also occurs. It is also helpful for all those patients of Urethral Stricture who have a history of gonorrhoea for a long duration.

2. Chimaphila – For Thin / Split Urine Stream and Straining To Pass Urine

Chimaphila is of great help when urine stream is thin like a thread or split urine stream. Additionally, a lot of straining is required to pass urine. In spite of the efforts, the urine passed is very less in quantity. A characteristic feature is patients needing it are able to empty the bladder when standing with feet set wide apart and body stooped forward. When such peculiar symptoms come to light, the selection of the correct medicine becomes easy. Besides the above, it can be used when there is frequent urge to urinate, like every one to two hours. Cutting and burning pain when passing urine may be felt.

3. Cantharis – For Pain Or Burning While Urinating

Cantharis is a very well-known and widely used medicine for various kinds of urinary troubles. It is beneficial in Urethral Stricture cases when the foremost complaint is pain or burning while passing urine. The burning or pain may even start before urination, and continue even after passing urine. Urine may be passed drop by drop. The urge to pass urine is almost constantly present.

4. Thiosinaminum – To Dissolve Scars in Urethral Stricture

Thiosinaminum is known for its ability to dissolve scars formed anywhere in the body. Thiosinaminum can work wonders in Urethral Stricture cases where the scar tissue is formed in urethra due to any cause. The scar resolving power of this natural remedy cannot be matched by any other medicine. Pain while passing urine and increased urination at night are the main symptoms found in persons needing this medicine.

5. Conium – For Intermittent Urine Stream

This medicine can help patients of Urethral Stricture where the main trouble is the intermittent stream of urine. It takes a lot of time to complete the act of urination. The urine starts to flow and then stops and this process of starting and stopping is repeated several times to completely drain the urine out. Burning pain after passing urine may be felt.

6. Arnica – For Urethral Stricture With A History Of Injury Or Trauma

Arnica is a highly recommended natural medicine for its universal curing action in trauma and injury cases. Arnica can be given in cases of Urethral Stricture where history of an injury is found. Injuries basically caused by blunt objects, a blow or a fall are covered by this medicine. The patient needing Arnica usually complains of frequent urge to urinate and sore and bruised pain in urethra while urinating or otherwise.

7. Cannabis Sativa For Split Stream Of Urine

This medicine is useful when urination occurs in a split stream. Straining to pass urine is also required. Dribbling of urine occurs after urine flow ceases. Burning in urethra when urinating appears.

8. Merc Sol For Increased Frequency Of Urine And An Urgent Need To Urinate

Merc Sol proves effective in managing increased frequency of urine and urgency to pass urine. A person has to rush/ hurry to pass urine as the urge cannot be controlled. While urinating, the stream of urine is very weak. Urination is attended with burning pain.

9. Magnesia Mur For Stricture After Dilatation (Procedure To Stretch Urethral Sides)

This medicine works well for stricture after dilatation. It is indicated when urine passes with much straining and pressure. Urine may pass in drops. There is a sensation as if some urine always remains back.

10. Sulph Iodatum – For Stricture Following Gonorrhea

Sulph Iodatum is very beneficial when urethral stricture follows gonorrhoea. The symptoms guiding its use are urine passing drop by drop, frequent urge to pass urine and painful urination.

Signs And Symptoms Of Urethral Stricture

The symptoms of Urethral Stricture include the following:

1. Weak/feeble urine stream and straining to pass urine

2. Spraying or splitting of urine stream: It means urine flow split and goes in two directions instead of one normal urine stream in one direction

3. Sensation as if urinary bladder is not completely emptied after passing urine

4. Increased frequency of urine and an urgent need to urinate

5. Interrupted/ intermittent urine stream: Urine starts and stops several times while passing it

6. Pain or burning when passing urine

7. Loss of bladder control, urethral discharge, swelling / pain of penis, pain in lower abdomen, urine passing out in drops are other symptoms

8. Dark urine, blood in urine/semen

9. Acute urine retention when a person is unable to urinate at all (it is serious condition and should be immediately treated)

Causes Of Urethral Stricture

The main cause behind Urethral Stricture is scar formation within urethra from an injury or instrumentation or surgery. The causes are enumerated as follows:

1. Trauma or injury to the urethra: The trauma may follow any hit or blow on the urethra/ trauma to pelvis. Falling on the bar of a bicycle is very common injury that can lead to Urethral Stricture.

2. Instrumentation: Endoscopy, catheter introduction

3. Surgical operations(Post-operative Urethral Stricture): It  may follow a prostate operation, kidney stone removal surgery, hypospadias surgery (to correct urethral opening position in penis)

4. Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and inflammatory conditions of the urethra (urethritis).

5. Sexually transmitted infections: Few infections include gonorrhoea and chlamydia infection.

6. Passage of kidney stone

7. Radiation therapy

8. Cancer of prostate or Urethra

9. Less commonly, Urethral Stricture can be congenital (present since birth) or occur from pressure by a tumour near urethra. In some cases, no cause can be ruled out.

Risk Factors

1. Males are more at risk as compared to females to develop Urethral Stricture

2. Having recent catheter use

3. Recurrent UTI (urinary tract infection) or STI (sexually transmitted infection)

4. Urethritis (inflamed urethra)

5. Enlarged prostate

Types Of Urethral Stricture In Males

1. Anterior urethral stricture: It is common type and comprises last 9-10 inches of male urethra down the posterior section. Among anterior type – bulbar urethra is most commonly involved followed by penile and panurethral stricture. These occur particularly after trauma or infection. In this, there occurs fibrosis of corpus spongiosum causing narrowing of lumen of urethra.

2. Posterior urethral stricture:  It is 1- 2 inches long passes from the opening of bladder to urethral portion through prostate and pelvic floor muscles. These follow from pelvic injury/pelvic radiation.

Complications Of Urethral Stricture

Urinary retention, Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney stones, urethral fistula and Hydronephrosis (swollen kidneys from build-up of fluid inside them) are a few complications.


1.Uroflowmetry Test: It measures the amount of urine passed out from the body and the speed of its passage, plus the total time taken to pass all urine

2.Retrograde urethrogram (RGU): In this, an X-ray film is taken after injecting a contrast agent through penis opening. It will reveal location and length of stricture in urethra if present.

3.Cystoscopy:  A camera is inserted in penis to view inside urethra and to look for a stricture

4.MRI, CT scan and Ultrasound: These are done to view urethra and adjacent structures

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    Sir I request to suggest medicine in Homeopathy for above.

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    Maine 4 salo me bahut daba Piya hain but no permanent solution
    Please tell me which medicine give me the remidey

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    I had First got TURP done in Feb’23.
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    2nd time cystoscopy + VIU in Nov’23

    Please Advice what will be your fees and charges.
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    • After half urine flow, I have to strain. The urine comes out with difficulty in splitting form, with movement from left to right and sometimes as a fountain.

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