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Homeopathic Treatment for Burning Urination

Burning urination is caused by infection of the urinary tract, the urethra, or the kidney. Some of the other important reasons for burning urination are STD’s, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, prostatitis and vaginitis, or catheterization and genital herpes. Burning is felt during urination, before urination, and in few cases after urination. Urgency and increased frequency to pass urine may also be present. In a few cases, the urine may be offensive or cloudy, may contain mucus, or blood. Along with the above symptoms, fever and flank pain may also occur. Homeopathy treatment for burning urination gives remarkable results. While prescribing homeopathic medicines for burning urination, features like the frequency of urination, blood in urine, dribbling of urine, offensive urine, the urgency to pass urine, and the stream or flow of urination should be considered. These medicines are selected individually for every case of burning urination. They aim to treat the cause behind the problem.        homeopathic medicines for burning urination

Homeopathic Medicines for Treating Burning Urination

Top medicines for burning urination include Cantharis Vesicatoria, Nitric Acid, Apis Mellifica, Berberis Vulgaris, Cannabis Sativa, and Merc Sol.

1. Cantharis Vesicatoria – Top Grade Medicine for Burning Urination

Cantharis Vesicatoria is a very good treatment for burning urination. Cantharis is used when a person has intense burning in the urethra before, during, and after passing urine. The burning is very severe and is accompanied by a constant urge to urinate. An accompanying feature is pain in the urinary bladder, even after drinking a small quantity of water. In a few cases, the urine may contain shredded jelly-like particles. Cantharis Vesicatoria is also helpful when blood is noticed along with burning. Another indication for using Cantharis Vesicatoria is pain and burning during urination after being catheterized.

2. Nitric Acid – For Treating Burning Urination when the Urine is Offensive

Nitric Acid is a highly effective medicine for burning urination. It is usually recommended when along with burning urination, the urine is highly offensive. The stream of urine is thin. In some cases, the urine may be dark, cloudy, albuminous, and bloody. Stinging pain while passing urine is another pointer for the use of Nitric Acid.

3. Apis Mellifica – For Burning at the End of Urination

Apis Mellifica is a valuable treatment for burning urination. The chief indication to use Apis Mellifica is a burning sensation in the urethra which is felt at the end of urination. The last drops of urine cause intense burning and smarting. Along with this, irritation in the bladder and frequent urination may occur. In some cases, there may also be urine incontinence. Another accompanying symptom is painful or slow urination with a need to press hard while passing urine.

4. Berberis Vulgaris – For Burning Felt before Urination

Berberis Vulgaris is a useful medicine for burning urination felt before urination. This is accompanied by a constant urge to pass urine. Cutting pain in the urethra while urinating is also present. During urination, pain in the thighs and the area around the kidney may also be felt. After urination, there is a sensation of some urine remaining in the urethra. Painful cramps in the bladder is another attending feature.

5. Cannabis Sativa – For Burning Urination when Urine is Passed Drop by Drop

Cannabis Sativa is a very effective medicine for burning urination when urine is passed drop by drop. Cannabis Sativa is also well indicated for burning urination in gonorrhea. In such cases, along with burning urination, there is a yellow and watery mucus discharge from the urethra. The urethra may also be sensitive. Another indication for using Cannabis Sativa is a stitching pain in the urethra on urinating.

6. Merc Sol – For Burning Urination Accompanied by a Sudden Urge to Pass Urine

Merc Sol is a good treatment for burning urination when it is accompanied by a sudden urge to pass urine. Patients needing Merc Sol have to hurry to urinate and cannot retain it once the urge appears. The urine may be scanty or profuse with burning. The burning may remain even after urination. Along with this, the frequency of urination is also high, both in the daytime and at night. Itching in the urethra may also be there.

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  1. Padmavathi Chebolu says:

    🙏 Dr.. I feel burning sensation after I pee & slowly it reduces… I am 68 female … having gouty arthritis.. uric acid levels were high…8..but now normal… I was given allopathic medicine for it… My homeo Dr. prescribed RC CARE 20 Drops 3 or 4 times a day for today’s…it did reduce but is back again…
    Am a hypo thyroid patient for 30+ years now taking 150 mcg of Eltroxin daily.. Slightly hypertensive & border line diabetic… Less than 6 in H1 test kindly advise

  2. Nanda Kumar Bhakat says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, namaskar I am Nanda Bhakat, living in New Jersey, USA, having severe trouble of frequent urination, burning sensation, a constant urge & pain & very very discomfort before & after urination, a constant irritation in the urthera, since 10 weeks PSA level is high(5.47, limit is 0-4, so it is high) CT scan & systoscopy done by urologist is ok doctor gave the antibiotic but not helping me, I am totally hopeless & frustrated, pl advice me any suitable medicine to make me better, I will pay you the fees what’s ever. thanks.



  4. Kanwal Kakkar says:

    Prostate surgery in 22 n developed urethral strictures n bladder neck resistance. Treatment in PGI chandigarh .dilatation with catheter . Now huge burning in urethra. Kindly suggest

  5. Prasanna Diwanji says:

    I am sugar patient, I am having urine burning, while pissing, kindly suggest medicine

  6. Alok jain says:

    Me jab urin karta hu to urine me jalen hothi hai Andar pained ajib sa dard and jalen hothi hai . Es ki koi homeopathy treatment hai kya hai तो बताए.

  7. Sumit Dutta says:

    My father is 88 years old. He takes Finast, hytrine every night. He also takes silotime D when needed. Since two days,he is having burning sensation with frequent urination at night. Yesterday night he took three no.of Silotime D toget relief. Can you suggest me a good homeo medicine to cure burning sensation while passing urine.?

    • Sumita Dutta says:

      My father is 88 years old. He takes Finast, hytrine every night. He also takes silotime D when needed. Since two days,he is having burning sensation with frequent urination at night. Yesterday night he took three no.of Silotime D toget relief. Can you suggest me a good homeo medicine to cure burning sensation while passing urine.?

  8. I noticed a burning sensation while passing urine today please advise

  9. Rajendra Patel says:

    Consult with homeopath,so he can suggest on totality of symptoms.
    Generally “Sabal seruletta Q” is the best choice for prostate enlargement and frequent urination specially at night.

  10. PRADEEP KUMAR Singh says:

    After urination continuous burning sensation in upper part of penis.
    No relief after having dose of alkasol.

  11. Dilip Bose says:

    When sugar level high, burning sensation at the time of passing urine. Ameliorates when sugar level low.

  12. Farooq Azam says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    Which one of these remedies is most effective if the cause is prostatic enlargement.
    Thank you

  13. अरविन्द कुमार गर्ग says:

    सर, मूझे पेशब करने के बाद अग्रभाग में जलन होती हैऔर पेशाब का रंग हलका पीला है । कृपया उपचार बतलायें ।

    • पेसाब करने के साथ और बाद में जलन होती है कभी कभी पेसाब ब्लॉक हो जाता है

  14. Paseka Molefe says:

    Morning Dr sharma. I’m accompanied by a sudden urge of pass of urine. The urine may be profuse with burning, the burning remain even after urination

    • Shakeel hussain says:

      Dear Doctor i am 56 years of age my urine flow test 7.8 which is very low and not empty bladder 20 ml remains and having urethral sticture at bulbul urethra and prostate 32 grams issue is i have much discomfort and burning after urination and and burning in lower left of bladder i have used clamatis 200 cantharis 200 chemafela 200 and theosilvmina 200 but not get any results kindly let me know homeopathic medicines i am in much trouble

  15. Daniel Adamu says:

    Feeling burning after urination, even after long time of urination

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