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Top 9 Homeopathic Medicines For Bladder Outlet Obstruction

Bladder Outlet Obstruction (BOO) or Obstructive Uropathy refers to a urinary condition resulting from blockage of the neck at the bottom of the urinary bladder. Here the neck is the area where the urinary bladder joins the urethra. In this condition, urine flow is blocked either partially or completely varying on a case-to-case basis. Bladder Outlet Obstruction is more common in men as compared to women. Persons aged above 65 years are at greater risk of developing this condition though it can also occur in developing fetuses, babies, and children. Bladder Outlet Obstruction can arise from various causes. These include scar formation in the urethra/urethral stricture, stones in the bladder, enlargement of the prostate gland (BPH), tumours in the bladder/rectum/uterus/cervix and severe constipation. Other causes include pelvic muscles spasm (spasm is involuntary contraction of the muscles), inguinal hernia (bulge in the groin area due to pushing of abdominal contents like a part of the intestine via a weak spot in the abdominal muscles), use of certain medicines like anti-histamines and medicines to treat overactive bladder, cancer of urethra, vagina or cervix, prostate cancer and pelvic organ prolapse. Bladder outlet obstruction causes many types of symptoms. These includes difficulty in initiating urine, weak urine stream, straining to pass urine, frequent urge to pass urine, urgency (sudden urge) to pass urine, interrupted (intermittent urine stream), sensation of incomplete emptying of the bladder, dribbling at the end of urination, pain while passing urine and pain in the lower abdomen. Leaving Bladder Outlet Obstruction untreated carry a risk of many complications. These include Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Urinary Incontinence (involuntary passage of urine on its own), developing bladder stones and kidney failure.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy can be very helpful for symptomatic management of the Bladder Outlet Obstruction. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances that offer a very safe treatment for cases of Bladder Outlet Obstruction with zero side-effects. These medicines prove highly effective in managing its symptoms. The symptoms such as thin urine stream, difficulty in initiating urine, frequent urination, urinary urgency, interrupted urine stream, dribbling after urination, sensation of incomplete emptying of bladder and pain while passing urine are managed wonderfully with homeopathic medicines. These gradually reduce the intensity and frequency of these symptoms. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed after detailed case evaluation in every individual case. Hence, it is advised to take any homeopathic medicine under supervision of a homeopathic physician. Self-medication should be avoided in any case. Homeopathy is recommended for cases of Bladder Outlet Obstruction with mild to moderate intensity. In cases having severe intensity of symptoms immediate help from a conventional mode of treatment should be taken as homeopathy has limitations in handling serious cases of Bladder Outlet Obstruction. Following are some of the medicines that offer symptomatic relief in cases of Bladder Outlet Obstruction in adults. In infants and children help from conventional modes of treatment should be sought.

Homeopathic Medicines For Bladder Outlet Obstruction

1. Clematis – Top Recommended Medicine

Clematis is a top medicine in homeopathy to manage various symptoms related to Bladder Outlet Obstruction. This medicine is firstly administered to manage weak urinary stream. There is a need to strain to initiate the urine flow. Next, it is given to manage cases having interrupted urine flow. This means urine starts and stops many times before one urinates. The bladder is never emptied at once. Another indication to use this medicine is a sensation of some urine in the urinary bladder after one has urinated. Other indications for the use of this medicines are an urge to pass urine that is bare sufficient to pass, sharp stitching pain in the urethra and the dribbling of urine after passing urine.

2. Chimaphila – For Thin Urinary Stream And Straining To Urinate

Chimaphila is another top medicine administered to manage cases of bladder neck obstruction. This medicine is effective for those with very weak, thin urinary streams just like a thread. There is difficulty in initiating the urine flow. The urine passes with a lot of straining. Standing with the feet wide apart and forward stooping is required to strain and empty the bladder. Next, it is a helpful medicine when there is frequent urination after every one to two-hour intervals with passing of a very small quantity of urine. This medicine can also manage well pricking type of pains when passing urine.

3. Conium – For Interrupted Urine Stream

This medicine is very beneficial to manage interrupted streams of urine. For those who need this medicine, the urine starts and stops many times till complete urine is passed. Excessive time is taken to urinate. Sharp pressing pain is felt in the bladder. There is also a sudden urgency to pass urine in addition to the above symptoms. During urination, burning and cutting pain occurs in the urethra. After passing urine, sharp and stitching pain in the bladder can be felt for several hours. There is a frequent urge to pass urine. Even after the passing of urine, the urge to pass it does not go away.

4. Baryta Carb – To Manage Dribbling At The End Of Urination

Baryta Carb is a useful medicine to manage cases who complain of dribbling of urine post-urination. Frequency of urine increases when this medicine is required. There is also an urgency (a sudden uncontrollable urge) to pass the urine. For some patients, burning pain can be felt while the urine is passed.

5. Cantharis – To Manage Pain When Passing Urine

Cantharis is a top medicine for managing pain while passing urine. The pain can occur before and after passing the urine. The nature of pain can be burning or cutting. There is a frequent urge to pass urine. Even a small quantity of urine in the bladder leads to an urge to pass urine. Apart from the above symptoms, a gripping sensation of heaviness is felt in the bladder.

6. Thuja – For Urgent Need To Pass Urine

Thuja is a great medicine to manage cases having urgency to pass urine. Those who need it, complain of a sudden urge to pass uncontrollable urine. They have to hurry to pass urine. The urinary stream is thin. Cutting or squeezing sensations in the bladder and urethra are felt. There is also frequent urge to pass urine especially at night. Sensation of dribbling after urination also occurs.

7. Lycopodium – When Straining To Pass Urine Is Prominent

Lycopodium is another great medicine to manage those patients who strain to pass urine. Those who require this medicine, the urine is slow in the beginning and it needs much straining. There is also frequent urge to urinate mainly at night. Stitching pain occurs in the bladder. Besides these, bearing down sensation occurs over the bladder region.

8. Merc Sol – For Frequent Urination

Merc Sol is also an important medicine for frequent urination. The frequency of urination is increased both in the day and night time and that is where this medicine is required. The stream of urine is always thin. Urgency to pass urine also predominates with a need to rush to pass urine when urge appears. Burning pain is felt when beginning to pass urine.

9. Staphysagria – For Cases Having Sensation Of Incomplete Bladder Emptying

Staphysagria is a prominent medicine to manage cases having sensations as if the bladder didn’t empty. Pressure is felt in the bladder as if complete emptying of the bladder hasn’t taken place. There is a sensation as if a drop of urine is always rolling in the urinary tract. There is a frequent urge to urinate. The urine flow is weak and thin. Burning occurs while urinating. After passing the urine, pain is felt.



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