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What is Nocturia? Top Homeopathic Medicines For Treatment

Nocturia refers to an increased frequency of urination at night. A person suffers from it if he/she wakes up two or more times at night to void urine. If not treated, it can result in sleep deprivation, weakness, drowsiness, lack of concentration and mood changes during the daytime.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines are very effective to treat cases of nocturia. These medicines are very natural, gentle and safe that bring improvement by working on the root cause behind it. With these medicines, there occurs gradual decrease in the frequency of urine at night. Along with this, there also appears relief in its attending symptoms like burning sensation while urination, painful urination, and urgency to urinate. The prescription of homeopathic medicine for nocturia varies from case to case as per the symptoms of an individual. So it is advised to take medicine for treating nocturia under the supervision of a homeopathic physician. These medicines are recommended for mild to moderate cases but in severe cases and in case of some underlying serious disorders (compression of spinal cord, for example) it is advised to take help from conventional mode of treatment.

Homeopathic Medicines For Nocturia

1. Lycopodium – Top Grade Medicine

It is one of the best medicine in homeopathy for managing nocturia.  It is prepared from plant Lycopodium Clavatum commonly known as ‘club moss’. Persons needing it have frequent urination at night. The urine flow is also profuse at night, while during the day, they have less frequency and scanty urine. At night, the urine can be pale. The symptoms that can attend include heaviness over bladder, dull pressing or stitching pain in bladder. Burning sensation in the bladder during urination may be present.

2. Phosphoric Acid – For Frequent And Excessive Urine At Night

This medicine is well indicated when a person has to rise often at night to pass urine. The urine is passed in large quantities. During urination burning in urethra can be felt. Other than this, it is also indicated for cases in which there is constant desire to urinate and there is sudden irresistible urge to urinate.

3. Merc Sol – For Frequent Urine At Night And Urgent Urge For Urination

Merc Sol is a beneficial medicine when there is frequent urination at night and an urgent desire to urinate. In cases needing it, there is sudden urge to urinate and the person has to hurry to pass urine. The urine can be copious or scanty. Cutting, burning pain while passing urine can be felt. In some cases, there occurs involuntary urination at night.

4. Baryta Carb – For Irritation Of Bladder At Night

This medicine works well in cases of excessive irritation of bladder at night. Persons requiring it passes much urine at night. They have an urgent desire to urinate and are unable to retain it, if the bladder is not emptied immediately. It is one of the most suitable medicines for frequent urination in old age.  It is a very beneficial medicine for prostate issues.

5. Cantharis – For Frequent Urine At Night And Painful Urination

This medicine is helpful in treating cases in which there is frequent urination at night along with pain. The pain can be burning or cutting in nature. This may be felt before, during or after urination. There is also urgency to pass urine. The urge for urination occurs even when there is little urine in the bladder. Heaviness and soreness in the bladder may also be present. Sometimes the urine passed at night is cloudy with white sediment. It is a very effective medicine for treatment of urinary tract infection.  

6. Causticum – For Frequent Urination Day And Night

This medicine is beneficial in treating cases in which there is frequent urination day and night. Along with this, there is burning sensation in urethra while urinating. In some cases, itching of urethral orifice is felt. Sometimes there is involuntary dribbling of urine also. The urine may be thick white or dark brown.

7. Sarsaparilla – For Frequent And Profuse Pale Urine

It is prepared from dried rhizome of plant Sarsaparilla Officinalis, commonly known as ‘wild liquorice’.  This medicine is very useful to manage frequent and profuse pale urination at night.  Person needing it passes too much urine. Burning while urination may be there. Excessive pain at the conclusion of urination is another characteristic symptom that can be present.

8. Equisetum – For Frequent Urination And Bladder Pain

This natural medicine is sourced from the plant Equisetum Hyemale, also known as ‘scouring rush’. This medicine is helpful when there is frequent urine at night and bladder pain. The pain is dull in nature. The bladder may be painful if pressure is applied during urination. The urge to pass urine is sudden. Along with these symptoms, there can be a feeling of fullness in the bladder that doesn’t get better even after urinating.

9. Thuja For Nocturia And Sudden Urgent Urge To Urinate

It is prepared from fresh green twigs of plant Thuja Occidentalis, commonly known by the name of ‘Arbor Vitae’. This medicine is significant for cases having frequent urine at night and urgent desire to urinate that cannot be controlled. Cutting pangs of pain are felt after urinating. A sensation of a drop running down the urethra is felt after urination.

10. Borax – When Urine Has A Pungent (Strong) Smell

This medicine is indicated for persons who pass urine several times at night which has a very strong smell. With this, there is urgent desire to urinate. The urine is hot. After urination, soreness and smarting in urethra is felt.

11. Calcarea Carb – For Nocturia And Foul Smelling Urine

It is an important medicine when there is nocturia and foul smelling urine. The urine smells sour where this medicine is required. Other than this, there is ineffectual desire to urinate. With this, there is cutting or stitching pain in the urethra. Before urination, burning sensation can be felt. The urine may be dark brown or milk-white. There may be whitish sediment in urine in some cases.

What Are Its Causes?

The causes behind nocturia are variable. It can simply arise from intake of excessive fluid or taking fluids close to bedtime, or taking alcohol and caffeinated drinks. In some people, it may be just a habit to wake up at night to pass urine. However, it can also arise from some medical conditions as follows:

1. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is an infection in any part of the urinary tract — kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra, but mostly it occurs in urinary bladder and urethra. The symptoms include painful or burning urination, frequent urination or constant urge to urinate and urgency to pass urine.

2. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is an enlarged prostate gland which is a common condition in elderly men. Its common symptoms are frequent urination, nocturia, urgency to urinate, difficulty in initiating urination, weak urine stream and dribbling at the end of urination.

3. Inflamed prostate gland (prostatitis) causes pain or burning sensation during urination, nocturia, urgency to urinate, difficulty in initiating urine, dribbling urine, pain in groin, abdomen, blood in urine, pain in penis or testes.

4. Fourth is diabetes.

5. It can arise from an overactive bladder. In this condition, the bladder muscles start to contract involuntarily even with a small amount of urine in the bladder. It mainly causes symptoms like sudden urge to urinate, frequent urine, nocturia and involuntary urine passage immediately after an urge for urination is felt.

6. Tumours in the bladder or pelvic area and bladder prolapse can also lead to nocturia.

7. Other than this, it can happen in case of anxiety, obstructive sleep apnea (a serious sleep disorder in which breathing stops momentarily and then starts occuring several times during sleep), during pregnancy and  from use of certain medicines (eg, diuretics which are the drugs that increases urine flow). It can also be a symptom in case of heart or liver failure and some neurological disorders. These neurological disorders include Parkinson’s disease which is a nervous system disorder that affects part of the brain that controls body movements. It begins with tremor in one hand and causes stiffness, slow movement, impaired posture and balance. It can lead to several complications one of which is bladder problems. Second such disorder is multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease in which there is damage to the myelin sheath of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Next neurological disorder is Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive neurological disorder in which the brain cells gradually die that leads to memory loss, difficulty in thinking, reasoning and social skills. Last is compression of the spinal cord.

8. Elderly persons are more at risk. Though nocturia can affect persons of any age group, it is common in elderly people. As a person ages, production of hormone that concentrates urine is reduced, so he/ she is unable to hold urine until the morning.

9. In some cases, the urge to urinate at night does not wake a person, if a person wakes there is need to pass urine. This can arise in case a person has restless leg syndrome, depression, chronic pain that disturbs sleep.



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  1. Robert Ierston says:

    Hi there I have been recommended to write to you asking you for help for my bladder and prostate they tell me that my prostate is not very large but it has hardened in the center and it is causing me an awful lot of problems with passing water I’m happy to catheter myself three times a day and they also want to operate on it that will play havoc with my sex life sorry to be so blunt so I’m wondering if there is a natural remedy that can help shrink the prostate and open it for me to have regular and normal water functions at the moment I seem to be going to the toilet far more times at night time like up to seven times in one night and sometimes three times in one hour so they say that my kidneys are over working and they call it a type of name that I don’t understand but cannot do anything to help out I just have to live with that problem but at the same time they also tell me that my kidneys are quite healthy but just not working the right way round in the day and night sorry to waffle on and thank you and hope that you may be able to help me all the best Robert.

  2. Rakesh kalra says:

    Hello dr Sharma
    Please let me know where are you from. I am patient of Nocturia . What is the scope of homeopathy in this decease. Thanks

  3. Anne Thomas says:


    I’m 56 and suffered on and off for several years now with urgency to urinate in the day and at night
    Even when I go to wee after it feels like I still need to go and that there’s pressure and discomfort which keeps me awake

    D mannose seemed to help with rhamnosus probiotics but isn’t working this time and it’s been over 3 weeks

    I have a dysregulated gut and the gastroenterologist thinks I have elhers danlos – which impacts on the connective tissues which are too stretchy

    I also have slightly prolapsed mitral heart valve and struggle with heart palpitations commonly happening with resting heart rate of 60 going to 180 for no reason for up to 40 mins

    This can happen daily , then is ok for months then starts again

    I’m 58 kilos 5 ft 5 try to follow a high protein no grain diet and am gf and avoid milk and cheese
    I walk daily and do Pilates 3 x week

    Your advice would be really valued

  4. A.subash Chandra Subudhi says:

    My age 76male diabetic night urination 3to4times no burning sometimes sleep less sir give the good medicine.

  5. Dr. N. C. Debnath says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma , I have been suffering from frequent urination problem at night for last one year.Sleep disturbed 3 to 4 times at night. I have also prostrate problem which is the cause for frequent urination.Prostrate size 43 gms. I am 72 years old. Diabetes under control. Taking both fowdart plus for one year and Sabal serruleta theta for prostrate control for last 4 months.
    But frequent urination at night is the main problem.Will appreciate your advice. Thanks.

    • Manoj Kumar Sharma says:

      Dr.Sharma, have frequent urination problem, even with very less liquid in take. Had operated for prostate glands in year 2017, but no relief. Age-61. Night urination is 3-4 times. Controlled diebatic. Uroflow is extremely low. Suffering this from last 4-5 years. PSA value is good. Anxiety level and job pressure is high. In case if anxiety, urination frequency increases very high. Uses lots of medicines but no gain.many times UTI and pain in balls. Sleep frequent disturbed

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