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Uterine Fibroids – Homeopathic Medicines Can Save you From Surgery

Homeopathic Medicines for Uterine FibroidsUterine fibroids are common benign, non-cancerous growths arising in the uterus. Uterine fibroids most affect women of childbearing age. A single or multiple fibroids may appear. The location may vary from case to case.

Homeopathic Medicines for Uterine Fibroids

Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris, Calcarea Carb, Belladonna, Sepia Officinalis, Ustilago Maydis, Sabina Officinalis, Trillium Pendulum, Kali Carbonicum, Erigeron Canadensis and China Officinalis and Ferrum Met are the top remedies used in the treatment of uterine fibroids.

1. Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris – For Uterine Fibroids with Prolonged Menses

Thlaspi Bursa is one of the top grade medicines for treating uterine fibroids with prolonged menses. The menses continue for 10-15 days. Menses appear very frequently as well. The next menstrual cycle appears even before recovery from the periods has occurred. Menstrual bleeding is profuse, with the presence of large clots. Violent uterine colic during menses may also arise. Cramping pain in the uterus during menstruation in uterine fibroids cases is also suggestive of use of Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris.

2. Calcarea Carb – For Heavy Periods from Uterine Fibroids

Calcarea Carb is a very useful medicine for treating heavy periods from uterine fibroids. Menses continue for long and may even appear early. Vertigo during menses may arise. Leucorrhea of thick, milky or yellow color is another complaint that may attend.

3. Belladonna and Sepia Officinalis – For Uterine Fibroids where Menses are Painful

Belladonna and Sepia Officinalis are well-indicated medicines for uterine fibroids where the menses are painful. Belladonna is best prescribed where there is cramping pain in the uterus during menses, the menses are bright red in colour and profuse. Use of Sepia Officinalis is recommended in case of griping, burning or bearing down pains during menses. Menses start early and are quite copious. Fainting and chilliness during menses may attend. Sepia Officinalis is also indicated for treating painful intercourse in uterine fibroids cases.

4. Ustilago Maydis – For Uterine Fibroids with Dark Menstrual Bleeding

Ustilago Maydis is a highly suitable medicine for uterine fibroids where menstrual bleeding is dark. Clots may also be present in menstrual blood. Uterine bleeding may be stringy in nature.

5. Sabina Officinalis – For Uterine Fibroids where Clots Pass with Menstrual Blood

In the case of menstrual bleeding with clots in uterine fibroid cases, Sabina Officinalis is a significant medicine. The slightest motion increases menstrual bleeding. Pain from sacrum to pubis is another attending feature. During menses, pain in the uterus may be present that gets better by lying on the back. Uterine pain may extend to the thighs. Other symptoms include foul, acrid, corrosive, yellow leucorrhoea.

6. Fraxinus Americana – Excellent Homeopathic medicine for uterine fibroids with bearing down sensation

Fraxinus Americana is a top grade medicine for uterine fibroids which is mostly recommended when the major indicating feature is a bearing down sensation in the pelvis from uterine fibroid.

7. Trillium Pendulum and Kali Carbonicum – For Uterine Fibroids with Back Pain during Menses

In uterine fibroid cases with back pain during the menstrual cycle, Trillium Pendulum comes highly recommended. The pain may radiate to the hips from the back during menses. Tight binding of the back and hips provides relief. Menstrual bleeding is bright red and gushing. The slightest movement worsens uterine bleeding. Trillium Pendulum is also indicated for inter-menstrual bleeding every two weeks. Another attending feature is faintness from uterine bleeding. Kali Carbonicum is selected when there is violent back pain during menses. The pain gets better from sitting and pressure. The menstrual flow is also copious.

8. Erigeron Canadensis – For Frequent Urination in case of Uterine Fibroids

Erigeron Canadensis is a beneficial medicine for treating frequent urination in case of uterine fibroids. In some cases, painful urination may also arise. The attending features are excessive menstrual bleeding which is bright red in colour. Erigeron Canadensis is also used for inter-menstrual bleeding from slight exertion.

9. China Officinalis and Ferrum Met – For Uterine Fibroids with Heavy Bleeding and Anaemia

Both China Officinalis and Ferrum Met are effective medicines for treating uterine fibroids with heavy bleeding and anaemia. Among them, China Officinalis works best when there is profuse, dark menstrual bleeding, clots in menstrual blood, exhaustion and anaemia. Fainting spells may also arise. Ferrum Met is best used where the symptoms include pale, watery, heavy and prolonged menses leading to anaemia. Menstrual flow worsens from the slightest movement. Lower back pain or abdomen pain during menses may be observed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Homeopathy treat uterine fibroids?

Yes, Homeopathy can cure uterine fibroids. Uterine fibroids fall in the category of diseases that the conventional mode of medicine class as surgical by nature. And as in all such cases, medicines work wonders to the extent that they can even do away with the need for surgery. Homeopathy can help manage the symptoms of uterine fibroids as well as dissolve them. The extent of recovery depends on the size of the fibroid and intensity of symptoms. Some top-rated medicines for uterine fibroids include Fraxinus Americana, Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris, Ustilago Maydis, Sabina Officinalis and Trillium Pendulum.

2. What are the various types of uterine fibroids?

There are three types of uterine fibroids – subserosal fibroids, submucosal fibroids, and intramural fibroids. Subserosal fibroids grow outside the uterus wall. The submucosal fibroids grow inside the uterus. The intramural fibroids grow between the uterus muscles.

3. At what age are women more likely to get uterine fibroids?

Uterine fibroids mainly affect women around the age of 30–40 years. Fibroids tend to decrease in size after menopause.

4. What causes uterine fibroids to form?

The exact cause of uterine fibroids is not yet known though a woman with a positive family history of uterine fibroids is at a higher risk. The appearance of uterine fibroids during childbearing age suggests that female hormones estrogen and progesterone play a key role in their formation. Obesity is another factor that puts women at a higher risk of developing uterine fibroids.

5. How can I tell I uterine fibroids, are there any overt symptoms?

Small fibroids may not show any symptoms at all. When uterine fibroids are large, they cause symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding, painful periods, prolonged periods, frequent periods, pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, frequent urination, constipation and painful defecation (passing stool).

6. What does investigation of uterine fibroids involve?

An ultrasound of the pelvis helps diagnose uterine fibroids. It will reveal the number, location and size of the uterine fibroids.

7. Are uterine fibroids cancerous growths?

No uterine fibroids are not cancerous, they are benign (non-cancerous) growths.

8. I have had heavy menses from months now.  Could it be due to uterine fibroids?

Heavy bleeding during menses is one of the key symptoms of uterine fibroids. However, heavy menstrual bleeding may also arise from other causes. Few other causes of heavy menstrual bleeding include endometriosis, uterine polyps and adenomyosis. Final diagnosis may require further investigation.

9. Do uterine fibroids show any urinary symptoms?

Urinary symptoms may or may not arise in case of uterine fibroids. Where uterine fibroids develop in the anterior part of the uterus, they put pressure on the urinary bladder and lead to frequent urination.

10. Can uterine fibroids cause constipation?

Yes, uterine fibroids may cause constipation, but not in all cases. Constipation is usually seen in case of uterine fibroids that grow in the posterior part of the uterus. Fibroids in the posterior part of the uterus put pressure on the bowels and lead to constipation.

11. Is lower back pain a symptom of uterine fibroids?

Yes, lower back pain is one of the symptoms of uterine fibroid. But all women having uterine fibroids will not experience lower back pain. Lower back pain in uterine fibroid cases arises when the fibroid grows in the posterior aspect of the uterus.

12.  Can I conceive if I have a uterine fibroid?

Uterine fibroids may cause difficulty in conception, but not in all cases. Whether a woman having uterine fibroids will or will not conceive depends upon the location and size of the uterine fibroid. There are chances of a miscarriage in few types of uterine fibroid.

13. What are the complications linked with uterine fibroids?

The complications that may arise from uterine fibroids include very heavy menstrual flow, anaemia, twisting of the fibroid and infertility.

14. Can uterine fibroids regrow after surgery?

Yes, there are chances of uterine fibroids reappearing after surgery as the surgery removes the fibroids on the surface, but the root cause of the fibroid formation goes undertreated in the modern system of medicine.

15. What lifestyle measures can be taken to aid the treatment of uterine fibroids?

Some lifestyle measures that can be adapted to manage uterine fibroids are:

  • Obesity management
  • Regular exercise
  • Eating healthy and taking a diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables

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  1. Hello doctor,

    I was detected with intramural fibroids of size 7 X 6.0 X 5.1 also she has a fatty liver of grade II.
    Can these fibroids be cured or dissolved by homeopathy treatment. Her age is 44 and her menopause is started as after August 20 her menses stopped and reoccurs in March 21 with a painful and heavy bleeding with clots. She had tranostat MF for 3days to stop heavy bleeding and drotin for pain n relief. PLEASE SUGGEST DOC🙏

  2. Navseen kaur says:

    Hello doctor.. I am unmarried girl suffring from submucosal uterin fibroid since dec 2020… With abnormal periods and heavy blood clots… My last period started from 19th feb and today is 21st march its been more thn a month i am suffring… I am hvng allopathy treatment but i didnot find any relief from those medicine… Currently my dr prescribe me with regestron, femillion and trapic 650 but these drugs did not work for me… My fibroid size is 30x29x24mm…urging you to plz help me out in this…

  3. Deepti rastogi says:

    Hello. I m 40 yrs old having bulky uterus measures 86*48 mm. I had heavy bleeding. I have taken 3 months hormone duoluton – L. Bleeding is normal now but i have heaviness and little bit pain in stomach. Back pain is too much. Now I have blood spots in between the month. What should I take??

  4. I have uteran fibroids, painful menses, back pain, bright red blood as well as stringy dark blood with lots of small clots. I had fibroids removed 10 years ago, they grew back and I have a thick uteran lining with an enlarged uterus. I had an ablation 9 months ago and this weekend had severe pain and heavy bleeding again. Enough that it sent me to the ER. I am 2 weeks away from my 50th birthday and really need to try something different. Do you have any recommendations? I’m a firm believer in homeopathic medicine.
    Thank you

  5. Sarika rai says:

    I have been suffering from uterine fibroids .can we cure with homeopathy medicine.
    plz help me

  6. Anjima awasthi says:

    Good evening Dr.sharma,
    i have a fibroids size 8.40 x 9.93 cm in the uters. i have heavy mensuration with aproxy 10 days.
    can we cure with homeopathy medicine.
    plz help me

  7. My wife she name is preeti mishra suffer to endometrial cysts since 2010 he is also mens utral period is not good he is also during mens lower back is pain

  8. I have uterine fibroid of size 47*47mm…period stopped for 8 months… A lot of bodyache and stiffness…. Heavyness in stomach.. Pls prescribe me medicines

  9. Hello Dr. Sharma, I wonder if it’s possible to treat myoma with Heel medicine. I have an urgency, bleeding after using hormone, thet provoked increase in size my myome and I’m using hemostatics right now. I want to have a child, therefore looking for all the possibilities not to do the surgical removal of uterine and to keep it as far as my age is 43.
    Hope you can help me or at least refer me to the specialist who has the same cases.

  10. farah shamshad says:

    i am 57 years old n in menopause i have uterine fibroid 46mm*36mm size i have lower back pain with frequent urination n urine drips sometimes on sneezing n coughing i cant hold my urine n i suffer from constipation n bloating with indigestion i have severe hairloss

  11. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have been suffering from uterine fibroids and anemia for a while. Doctors are suggesting hysterectomy but with my faith, I believe homeopathy can remove the fibroids. I’ll like to have a chat to see if we can work together to eliminate these challenges. Thanks

    • Gracia Fernandes says:

      Dr. I am diagonised with a submucosal fibroid in the fund us region measuring 9mm. Can it shrink with homeopathic medicines? Please suggest. Thank you.

      • Mrs mercy vijay says:

        Dr I am 47years old my uterus is retroverted one year ago I scanned n got my report as a fibroid with hypoecohoic of size 1.9 into 2.8 cms is seen in the fundus of the uterus endometrium is regular n thickness is 6 mm . I’m using trapic e tablets during my periods my periods lasts for 9 days n flow more, this month even after 15days my flow is still on with clots n no pain ..may I know what is the reason for nt stopping.,….should I see a dr immediately… Thank you

  12. I am having bulky uterus and abnormal bleeding . Any time I get it . What I should do..
    I got nose polips also .. pls suggest me medicne

  13. Ankita Verma says:

    Hi Dr Sharma..I’d like to get an appointment for a consult regarding my fibroid. Please let me know how can we do that.

  14. Iam 30 years old. Married and have only one child who has 6yrs old. Two months ago we consult a doctor for second infertility. We found that l have pcod and a seedling fibroid inside the uterus. Can l pregnant before treatment. Pls advice me for further treatment and next pregnancy.

    • Gina B.Basacoy says:

      Hello Doc. I am Gina from the philippines i went for Transviginal Ultrasound and the result is this:
      UTERUS (CORPUS): 5.4 X 4.9 X4.4 cm anteverted
      With note of heterogenous well circumscrbed mass at the fundal area measuring 3.3 x 3.1 cm, t/c Intramural myoma with subserous
      Cervix; 3.2 cm
      Endometrium: 0.5cm
      Right Ovary: 2.9X 2.2X1.1cm
      Left Ovary: 2.9X2.6X1.0cm

  15. Sharon Troyer says:

    Hello, I am a 46-year-old single female that has struggled with fibroids for the last 15 years. I have one large and several small intramural fibroids. My large one measures 8.6 x 7.8 cm. I have taken A lot of herbal products over the past years and have been able to balance my hormones. I no longer have pain except for when I have my period I still have quite a bit of pain. Are usually start early about every 24 or 25 days with my period, are used to bleed heavy but I no longer bleed a lot and they only last about three days. Is there any Homeopathic remedy that I could take to help dissolve the fibroid
    Thanks Sharon

    • Dear Dr. I have subserosal fibroid 13.8cm in right arising from fundus and posteriorwall of protrudig into lower abdomen seen.can that be cured with Homopathic medicine or surgery is the option ??

  16. Salwa Sultana says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    Hope you are doing well. I am 41 years old and I have a large uterine fibroid. And for the last few weeks my lower andomen hurts and my back hurts a lot but my menstrual cycle is not so heavy and last 5/6 days. Is there any homeopathic medicine that I can take for this? My doctor wants to do an hysterectomy but I am opposed to this idea.
    Thank you for your response.
    Salwa sultana

  17. Shuchi bansal says:

    Can we use sepia200 with frexinus Americana and thuja200

    • Am 31 years and diagnosed with mutiple myoma with the highest measuring 8.23 cm doctor please explain to me do i need surgery or there are drugs to take

  18. Pls I have uterine fibroids I don’t want to go for and conceive too pls what medicine can you recommend for me pls. I really need your help

  19. Pragya Choudhary says:

    I am 43 yrs i am suffering from pcos from last 6 years and then i got multiple fibroids n also hot flashes sometimes due to hormonal imbalance. But this time 13 days after my last periods i start spotting like 7 to 8 drops . Then i visited gynaecologist n ultrasound has been done . I m sending u that report please guide me which medicine in homeopathic will help to get rid of fibroids completely

  20. Hi Dr Sharma .. would you do an online consult . I am in Canada .. would like to know what the largest fibroid youve gotten rid of with homeopathy.. thank you

  21. Md. Shaief Rahman says:

    How many days need to cure utreine frebiod.??

  22. Aasia Mubashar says:

    Dear doctor,
    I am 47 years old and
    From september-october I had no periods,but in December I had light periods,then they stopped and at the end of February(25th) I had heavy bleeding for 7 days,then i had ultrasound and the results were bulk uterus with possible underlying adenomyosis.Left ovarian cyst (looks a simple cyst however needs a review after 1-2 cycles)
    My doctor has given me sime medicines and told me to get ultrasound again after 1 month and I wanted to know your suggestion,so what do you say?

    • Hi my name is sonia I am married and deduct with fibroid of 9.5 cm doctor suggest me for myomectomy. Kindly suggest if homeopathic medicine cure this size.

  23. Aasia Mubashar says:

    Dear doctor,
    From september-october I had no periods,but in December I had light periods,then they stopped and at the end of February(25th) I had heavy bleeding for 7 days,then i had ultrasound and the results were bulk uterus with possible underlying adenomyosis.Left ovarian cyst (looks a simple cyst however needs a review after 1-2 cycles)
    My doctor has given me sime medicines and told me to get ultrasound again after 1 month and I wanted to know your suggestion,so what do you say?

  24. Saswati Nandi says:

    Hi I am 45+. Suffering from uterine fribrod. Heavy and long mensuration bleeding. Two years I am in homoeopathy treatment but I am not cure. Please give your suggestions.

    • Shobha Malhotra says:

      I m 45 + hving intramural fibroid 3.5cm taking homepathy medicine from long but still have heavy periods for some cycles my periods r regular when will I be in menopause will it shrink by its own

  25. Dear Dr. I have subserosal fibroid 7.5 cm in right posterolateral wall of utreus. can that be cured with Homopathic medicine or surgery is the option ??

  26. Dear dr, I suffer from adenomyosis, heavy, long & painfull period, i went to several hospital for treatment, i was given hormonal medicine but it dsnt help the pain or shorten my period, im so worried, could you please help???

  27. Mukalazi bob says:

    L wat to sell my kideny my blood g is b+(+256758436869

  28. Shani haneef says:

    Dear doctor Sharma

    Myself reside in UAE and recently diagnosed for fibroid in Uterus

    Kindly advice me medicine for the same .

    Please respond to me ASAP .

    Shani 00971552319344

  29. Khalid Shafiq says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I was searching internet, gone through your article.
    My wife is diagnosed uterine fibroids. Now she has a continuous bleeding problem.
    Please share your email. I will send reports.
    Need your help
    God bless you

  30. I have utrine fibroids size 7cm what would be the homoeopathic medicines and how much time is required to cure it

  31. Md Safiullah Sk says:

    What are the treatment for bulky uterus? There is no growth. Size 112*66*51. Thickening of wall normal.

    • Dear Dr. Sharma, I have big uterine fibroids (5*4 cm and 4.7 * 3.7 cm). I am 50 years old and suffer from very heavy bleeding with big clots for the first 2, 3 days of my period. This has become a big problem recently as this trend of heavy bleeding and clots has increased in the last one or two years. I am a relatively healthy person otherwise with controlled blood pressure, sugar and weight.
      Please suggest a homeopathic remedy.
      Thank you

  32. 32 yr old girl with utrine fibroidsize12.7x10x9.6 cm in posterior and5.3x4x5 cm in the anterior wall are intramular/rubserosal.can it be dissolved or shrinked by homeopathic treatm ent?

  33. hello mam
    i m 39 yrs old, having one 13 yrs old daughter.4 yrs back i had laproscopic surgery for 8.5 intramural fibroid.but 2 years later again i hv intramural fibroid in same position 4 cm in size.i m taking homeopathic medicine since last 9 months. but not decreasing in size.
    plz tell me that homeopathic medicine will work or not

    • 30 years old daughter. having 10x8x6cm sub endometrial fibroid grow in 4yrs Doctors advise to surgery.
      Because of the size of the fibroid, I do not like to do the surgery. Can you help to reduce the fibroid through your homoeopathic medicine?

  34. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I’m currently using Follicullum 30ch and sepia 15ch for large hard fibroids. The size of the fibroid is 8 inches which are causing urinary problems and constipation problems. The gynecologist advised me to have a total hysterectomy and not sure about this. I’ve been using these two remedies for 3 years now but not sure if I need to switch to another one. I’m 52 and still getting periods at this point and no heavy bleeding just constipation and urinary tract infections. I was wondering if you have any suggestions?

    Thank you

  35. Sagar Chaudhary says:

    Nice Blog, it is very helpful to us

    Gynecologist Near Me

  36. Mr Samuel C says:

    My wife was detected of uterine fibroid of 5.7cm and we seriously need her to conceive,what advice, idea and suggestion to u give us doctor Homeo on this issue.

  37. Divya Ladha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 35

    In 2018, i had intramural fibroid of size 3.3 x 2.7 cms in anterior wall and intra mural fibroid of size 1.4 x 1.4 cms in left lateral anterior wall.
    My homeopathic doctor suggested me to take Fraxinus Americana. However, after taking the medicine for a year, i face problems of heavy periods, frequent urination, backache, headache, acidity and gas. So i went for an ultrasound and it showed that the size of the fibroid has increased.
    Now, I have a sub mucous uterine fibroid in anterior of size 5.5 x 4.1 cms, sub serous fibroid in posterior of 11 x 7 mm and a sub serous intramural fibroid in posterior measuring 2.0 x 1.4 cms.

    Can you suggest me the right treatment?

    • I multiple fibroids in uterus ,left ovary having chocolate cyst , endometrial,right ovary simple cyst can I able to conceive baby . If I conceive my baby will be abnormal what medicine I should take for fibroid .

  38. Sagar Chaudhary says:

    Thanks for the information

    Best Urologist in Noida

  39. Shantanu Burman says:

    I have serious pain in liver reigen, I am under homoeo treatment, Doctor given me Agaricus mus mother. I am ok now but I am feeling occanail pain in liver reigen. Suggest me proper drug and treatment

  40. i undergo whole abdomen ultrasound then may pelvic has a impression which is enlarged left ovary with unilocular complex cystic mass consistent with endometrioma.what does than mean? 29 years of age

  41. I have uterine fibroid. Size of fibroid is 26.3mm. My age 28 . My period is regular but very painfull. I am suffering lower back pain from last 3-4 months. Please tell me about appropriate homeopathy medicine to desolve fibroid according my symptoms.

  42. sir when i was period time i pickup heavy things I get pain in my lower abdomen, frequent urge to urinate and sometimes I get bubbles like sensation near my virgina. Kindly suggest some homeopathy medicine.
    Thank you sir

  43. Sir my ultrasound report says that there are intramural fibroids in my uterus. I get pain in my lower abdomen, frequent urge to urinate and sometimes I get bubbles like sensation near my virgina. Kindly suggest some homeopathy medicine.
    Thank you sir.

  44. hello
    im maheen uterus echogenic focus of 9.5 x 10 mm in endometrium fibroid
    age 40 yrs plz tell me medician
    im married , 2 childern normal case mans kabi normal & heavy plz tell me my cont # 923325131824

  45. Saira Asghar says:

    Sir i have fabroids in uterus. Please advise me if any treatment is available in homeopathy. And how long it can take to cure this. As i am 40 yrs old female from Pakistan. Please also advise how can i reach you or will it be possi le for you to advise with out coming to you.
    Thanks & Regards
    Saira Asghar

    • There is many medicine in homeopathy which can be very helpful to you, like medicine
      1. Calcarea Carbonia
      2. Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum etc.

      You will get many good medicine from online purchase through Amazon, flip cart, etc. They will deliver it to your home . Uterus fibroids can be totally cured by homeopathic medicine and don’t eat extra salt and any type of meat, take plenty of water , fresh vegetables and fibre food like broccoli, cabbage, blak grasp etc.

  46. Doctor Ji, my wife have fibroids since last 6 months and she have symptoms such as heavy menstrual once in starting stage ,but after take some auyrveda treatments , she got relief from bleeding, painful periods, prolonged periods, frequent periods, pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, frequent urination, but fibroids does not desolved and after stop those treatments again has some pain and irregular periods , please suggest what we have to do to get relief from these 2 fibroids

    • Me having fibroid ovarian cyst bulky uterus and severe pain during periods used to take painkillers endomertios cyst plz suggest

  47. Hello doctor

    I am 41 and unmarried and have multiple fibroids the larger one is 8cm.i dont eat any kind of junk food or much of sweets.
    Can homeopathy cure my fibroids.
    I took homeopathy medicine for 4 years but nothing much happened as far as shriking or decrease in fibroids.
    Earlier i had only 2 fibroids.even my doctor was shocked
    Can you please help and guide.
    I went to a doctor and he suggested uterine artery embolization.and said I cannot become a mother.
    My periods last till 9 to 11 days.please guide and help.

    • NAUREEN FATIMA says:

      Hello Doctor I am 42 years old and I have been diagnosed with subserous fibroid 1.3 cm. Please

      recommends some good medicines

  48. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with multiple uterine fibroids ,but there is no bleeding and period is regular thanks God. The problem is heaviness in the pelvic area, swollen abdomen and hard abdomen sensitive to touch and tight clothes hurt me alot.
    I have tried Sepia 500c and didn’t geel any change, what homeopathic medec5ine can help me

  49. Sir,I am Malathi,60 years.fibroid size 4cm.I take homeo medicine past two years.but no improvement. What next?

  50. Uterine fibroid of 6 cm for 4months, history of hypothyroidism since puberty,pls suggest treatment and remedy

  51. Harsimrat says:

    Hiii doctor
    I m harsimrat kaur ,had three miscarriage and one ecotopic pregnancy. I conceived bt baby’heart beat stop working after 8 th week, all test are normal of karytyping. Bt now i m suffering with thyroid,pcos and sugar …very upset . Can u help me. Please talk to me 9501671306

  52. For heavy and prolonged bleeding( having uterine fibroid), has thalapsi bursa q to be taken only in periods or throughout the month

  53. Samira Sharieff says:

    what medication do I have if I have anaemic + urine comes with pressure+left lower back pain+ dizzines.

  54. Hi sir,
    I Have 14 cms fibroid uterus
    Can it be completely cured?

  55. My name is Bindu.I have fibroids with multiple large fibroids largest two measures 12×10.5 and 7.4× menstrual is normal..its comes 6 days before every month.I have no discomfort..Doctor diagonised amd told uteres to be removed.My main symptom now is frequent urination..and no other symptoms..My hair is falling now more..Bp is increasing now.Pl give me some suggestion.Thank you..

  56. How do I dissolve my fibroids 22by 21cm and a cyst. My period is normally 3days and sometimes painful

  57. Hello Dr.

    Can I am in my second trimester of pregnancy, can take a homeopathic medicine for uterine fibroids? Which remedy will be best for me.


  58. Hi.
    M 33 years female umarried having 32×24 mm outerwall fibroid I went to hemopathic doctor n she gave me Amur Nat n kalmia drops for two months
    But I still feel heaviness n backace
    Could these medicine help me cure my fibriod

  59. shahanazkhan says:

    I was suffering utreus tumor.tumors size 66/44ml.isit possible to cure homeopathy medicine?

  60. Aparna Pandey says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,


    I am suffering from irregular menses, bulky uterus, with small cyst in ovary, along with watery discharge from my breast, which are a bit heavier than normal.

    Please suggest a homeo remedy.

    Warm Regards,

    Aparna Pandey,


  61. Prachi Anand says:

    I’m 39 female, mother of one 13 yr daughter. Since my pregnancy I was diagnosed with fibroids. Iwas in strict bed rest during that time. Off later I was diagnosed with with fibroid adenoma in breasts and then afyer few years Uterine fibroids occured in multiple way. Now I have enlarged uterus, it has pushed upwards towards stomach, dr say it is as big as 16 weeks pregnancy. Along with I have multiple fibroids in uterus and breasts. Kindly suggest me homeopathic treatment.Dr has suggested me hysterectomy which I want to avoid. I don’t have problem of heavy bleeding but have hige discomfort and heaviness. Please advise.

  62. Dr. S S Chauhan says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My daughter in law: tall ,44 yr. ,havinng fibrois for last five years.
    My daugher, 5 feet, 47 years, having fibroids for 4 yr.
    Kindly suggest medicine.

  63. Hi I am suffering from uterine fibroid and taking medicine fraxenous americana ,veratrum 30 and aesculus

  64. Hello,
    Thank you for this wonderful information. I have submucosal uterine fibroids with heavy flow, cramping, headache and dizziness (vertigo).
    Do you think that China Officinalis is the best treatment and do you have additional recommendations?

  65. Jacqueline Cook-Molony says:

    Thank you, fabulous website and soooooo informative 😊 xxx

  66. Dear Sir/Madam,

    USG (Lower Abdomen) Report of my wife is as under:

    “Urinary bladder is normal in contour, capacity, wall thickness and contents.
    Uterus is anteverted, normal in size and echotexture with endometrial thickness 5.7 mm.
    There are few well defined hypoechoic lesions in uterus, the largest measuring approx. 7.7 cm. x 7.1 cm in size in posterior myometrium displacing endometrium anteriorly.
    Both ovaries are normal in size and echotexture. No adnexal mass lesion seen.
    No free fluid seen in the peritoneal cavity.”

    Blood Test Report shows that Haemoglobin is 10.1.

    Please let me know if these uterine fibroids may be cured/dissolved through homeopathic treatment. If yes, how much time the treatment will take.
    With regards,

    • Obaidul hoque says:

      Dear doctor,
      My wife 36 yrs. we do not Have any issue. Once try tube baby but failed. Now my wife has suffering for enlarged uterus. And heavy and painful prolong mense. It will be most helpful if you provide us remedy.


  67. Prince Charles Adzroe says:

    Thanks Dr for the informations.Can u suggest potencies against the uterine fibroids remedies for the sake of those of us using electronic potenticing like Mk12

  68. sandhyarani panda says:

    hello sir
    I am suffering from submucus myoma of 4.6×3.3× it dissolved by homeo medicine.

  69. hello sir,
    I am diagonised as fatty uterus, pcod and fatty liver
    what homeopathic medicine I can take with dosage

  70. Allie Mega says:

    Please help me I need more advice on fibre in uterus.

  71. Dear Dr. Sharma, I would very much appreciate your advice on which homeopathy remedies you would advise for fibroids. I stopped having periods 10 years ago. I am 67 years old and recently had a scan as fibroids were suspected. The result is that I have many large fibroids which are causing a feeling of soreness, the need for frequent and sometimes painful urination, and some pain when I have sexual intercourse with my husband. I can be quite irritable, the problem is worse during the night. I’ve been told there is no sign of cancer. I also suffer from IBS which until recently wasn’t causing much of a problem, however with this recent flare up of the painful fibroids the IBS has got worse. Apart from this I am very healthy. Best regards Kay

    • Hi , I am 31 years old . Ii am suffering from uterine fibroid. The size is 7.2 * 9.0 cm. I am unmarried . Kindly tell me What should I do now?

    • Layson Fox says:

      I have the same question as Kay. When you no longer have periods for over a decade, at this age which of these Homeopathy treatments is best, maybe a combo or a single one is best? Trying to hone it down before I order.
      Thanks for the help!

  72. Navita singh says:

    I have been gone through utrine fibroid. &polyp. Heavy menstural bleeding and pain.Which medicine is suitable for my condition?

  73. Roopali Dutta says:

    I am 32 old unmrried woman, my USG report says a echogenic intramural SOL (2.9cm × 2.4cm) – lipoleiomyoma seen in fundo posterior myometrium. Endometrial echoes are central and normal. Endometrium is 0.8cm in thickness. Cervix are normal.
    I get heavy menstrual bleeding for almost 6 to 7 days with clots, it also gives me back pain. Kindly advise me best Homeopathic medicine with correct power and quantity which will desolve my fibroids.
    Waiting for your response.

  74. sandhyarani panda says:

    sir I have enlarged utreus with intramural submucos myoma in anterior wall of body and lower segment of uterus.I am suffering from heavy bleeding with lots of clots.and it lasts for 10 days.what shall I do.I also suffering from hepatomegaly.

    • Dear Dr. Sharma
      I was diagnosed with intramural fibroid last year size 5.1×4.3×4.7 cm (volume 55 ml) with marked vascularity in color doppler. I was suggested surgery which i did nt follow.
      Now i am facing serious problem. My periods started on 31st July..lasted for 5 days..then minor spotting only for nxt 5 days…then a bit heavier bleeding starting from 11th july…lasted for 7 days..then minor bleeding…and then very heavy bleeding with big clots started on 24th july…..Dr. has suggested surgery…..can u plz suggest any homeopathic medicine for treatment or i have to undergo surgery?

  75. Hi
    The information on your website is useful about fibroids. Please would be able to suggest doseage and potency of the medicine for frequent urination back ache and heavy bleeding due to fatigue broods?

  76. SAPNA DUGGAL says:

    i have hypoechoic mass lesion size 12.9 x 11.8 x 11.6 cm fibroid.i am 46 years can homeopathic medicine dissolve this.

  77. Anuradha says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have utrain fibroid about 5cm and heavy pelvic and back pain and heavy beading in 3 to 4 days with clots.
    I have ovarian dermoid cysts right side 10cm and left 5cm. My age is 41 I have thyroid but it’s normal now I am taking 25mg thyronorm. My weight is 140kg but I did lot of weight loss programs in last 5 months now my weight is 112. Sir pls tell me any medicine to cure cyst and fibroids without surgery.

  78. Omobola Adila says:

    Hey dr,pls where can we get it ?

  79. Hi,
    Dr dharma
    I want to know more effective treatment of subserous utrine feboride
    Plz tell me about in Hindi

  80. I have fibroid of 110 mm X 87mm, which is intra in position. Which homeopathy should I take

  81. Anuj kumar says:

    My wife suffering multiple fibroid size vary from 6-14cm. Heavy back pain, sometimes clots, pain in stomach during menses. Please suggest medicine.
    How much time homeopathy will take cure fibroid.

  82. balpreet kaur says:

    hello sir.
    my mname is balpreet kaur.unmarried.29 yrs
    my fibroid size is 10 cm .
    is it possible with the help of homopathy medicine

  83. Hi Dr. Sharma
    I have had several chemical pregnancies and blighted ovum/missed miscarriages. I am 40 and husband is 45, we have recently had a failed ivy/chemical pregnancy. My pregnancy does not progress after week 5-6 and i end up bleeding. I have fibroids and have been suggested surgery. I want to have kids. Which medicines can i take to remove fibroids without surgery in a way that fertility is not negatively impacted. Thanks

  84. Inderjit kaur says:

    What are the side effects of screening semma test people said after test hairs start coming in your body is it true tell me?

  85. Shelley Ervin says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma ~

    I am just beginning my research on how homeopathy can help dissolve tumors in the breast. I have a a tumor that has grown and become hard in my right breast, and was first diagnosed with a ductal/lobular cancer almost nine years ago. I have tried practically everything to dissolve this tumor, which began as about 1.35 centimeters and has grown to over 3 centimeters in size. I went to the Kushi Institute when first diagnosed, and began treating myself with a macrobiotic diet, meditation, regular exercise and deep breathing in the first year. As the years progressed I tried very expensive laser treatments, far-infrared treatments directly to the breast along with saunas and detoxifying foot baths. I took a variety of anti-cancer herbs and other supplements. I tried Rife treatments, which seemed to help a bit at first, and pulsed electromagnetic field treatments with a pemf mat as well as Doug Coil treatments but the die-off of the candida I’ve had for years was causing regular Herxheimer reactions that were so bad I had to stop doing them. Currently I am apply detoxified iodine (an Edgar Cayce remedy that a friend of mine makes), a high strength colloidal silver, frankincense and myrrh essential oils to my breast 3-4 times daily. An energy healer recommended I try your treatment protocol using Calc Fluor 30X, Concium Maculatum 30, Phytolacca Decandra and Thiosinaminum 200CK daily, which I was about to begin this week per her recommended dose after muscle testing me, but wanted to try and contact you first for any feedback you could give me.
    My other primary health challenge is chronic IBS/incomplete elimination which I have had since endometriosis and subsequent complete hysterectomy about 30 years ago.
    Thank you so much in advance for any guidance you can give me. The tumor has been an ongoing source of anxiety for me for almost nine years now, but I do not believe in allopathic medicine, and want to continue down the natural path so I can hopefully heal and share what I learn with others. I am 69 years old, a journalist and a writer, so I will be writing about my experiences when I find something that really works.
    I am so grateful for finding you and your website.

  86. Harmeet kaur says:

    Hii Sir
    Good afternoon sir.
    I am suffering from problem of uterus favorite.
    I want to discuss with you my case.plz send your contact no.
    My contact no is 9779421386

  87. Doctor has cleaned by uterus due of extra growth in it . A small surgery was done. I haven’t done sex yet . So am I still virgin ,,, ?

  88. Dr Anoop Bhalla says:

    My wife is 45 yrs old & v don’t hve Issues. Since Aug 2016, she started having Menses vth heavy bleeding with clots , lot of pelvic pain& for prolonged periods. Cycle used to b sometimes for 20 or 15 dys. Ultrasound done at that time showed 2 small fibroids.She remained on Aurvedic medcns from Oct 16 till April 17. It didn’t give me any relief. Then she started vth Homeopathic treatment & took it till March 18. She got a pain relief, cycle got timely & heavy bleeding too stopped.Ultrasound done in sept17 showed one fibroid shrinkage while the other one increased in size from 3.92/3.20 cm to 5.36*3.34 cm.. but more importantly her menses suddenly stopped in Feb till date but she continues to get only spotting for 1/2 days every month. Latest Ultrasound done (after previous one done in Feb 18 ) 2 dys bk showed one fibroid almost disappeared & the other one increased from 5.62 *7.05 cm to 6.00* 5.00 cm.
    We request you to tell us which Homeopathic medicines wshould be given to her to reduce the fibroid as well as get her regular menses bk.
    Thx & Regards
    Dr Anoop Bhalla, IFS

  89. R.b.Prasad says:

    Dear Sir, my wife aged 42 yrs. suffered from Submucosal fibriod last three yrs. symptoms are 4th day of every menses heavy clot comes with gussying. please advice homoeo medcine. Thanks with regards.

  90. farzana dossa says:

    Hello. I am 42, married and having 2 children. Got uterine submucosal fibrosis of 4.5cms and suffering from anemia. RBC drops to 7.6. what other options can you suggest apart from hysterectomy.

  91. Hi, I am a 40 year old unmarried woman. I have had heavy bleeding problems after which fibroids have been detected around a year ago. I have completed 3 courses of 3 months each of Ullipristal Acetate. However, the fibroids have re-grown after reducing to 38.9*32.9*47 mm in October 2017. Currently, the fibroid measures 71.8*64.5*64.4 mm. I have back pain every morning after from regular spotting. Is it possible to reduce the size of fibroids without surgery.

  92. sasi rekha raman says:

    i have uterine fibroid in fundal subserosal measure 7.4*5.5*7.3cm
    and left ovary thin walled simple cystic lesion measure 4.0*3.0*3.7 with a volume 24.7 cc i have pain over left side and my lost menses period was feb 28th please suggest what medication should i take would you suggest ?

  93. Hi I have had a large fibroid …6+ cmd for a few yrs now. I am 60 and do not menstruate. I have no real symptoms but really want this fibroid to shrink. What homeopathic remedy would you suggest please?

  94. Hello Dr Sharma. My name is Prachi from Delhi, India. I have Mulitifibroids with pain in lower abdomen. I’ve a tendency of scanty periods, have severe constipation and low mood set. I’m given fraxinus Americana by my Dr.
    Please suggest, if it is right treatment in my case.

  95. Hi Dr Sharma. My name is Justine from Cape Town. I have Mulitifibroids with continous pains on my leften stomac or womb and tied to my lower back.7 days mensturation and anemic. Where can I get the medecine in Africa and What do I need. Please advise. How much are the medecine including shipping. If you have a representative in South Africa please advise more



  97. Sharad kumar says:

    Homeopathic medicine for Mensus are missing due to bulky uterus.

  98. Dr, sir, I am feeling back pain in the right side. My ultras is bulky it appears from the USG that the utras is bulky and fibroid. My mense is not regular. Please prescribe me medicine.

  99. DEAR SIR


  100. Dr plz help mee i have to 4 surgery for ovarian cyst . N they they remove ovary and tubes one ovary is there . Now i have big fibroids and cysts. What to do now pk auggest mee i will be very gratefull to you. Reply soon .

  101. Hi, I just got diagnosed with 3 interstitial myomatous nodes , the biggest one 42 mm.
    I am 52 and still have a regular period, no heavy bleedings. I guess my only problem for teh time being is frequent urination (but I drink a lot of water too). They told me to do nothing and wait to see how it develops but I would like to get some alternative medicines like homeopathy to try to get rid of the nodes.
    What would you suggest?

  102. Sara Sanaullah says:

    I am suffering from multiple fibroids both inside and outside the uterus. The bigger one is outside on the posterior wall. Another on the fundus and one inside on the right lateral wall.. Age is 35, obese with acne porn outs on face and body.
    Please tell me which medicine to continue. I now have normal periods which were excessive earlier and even cycles were not proper.

  103. Sulemana K Sadia says:

    I have submucosal fibroid measuring 3.2*2.9cm.What homeopathy treatment can help me. Are these drugs in Ghana?

  104. Hi! Sharma I’m having heavy bleeding with clots big as hands which medication should I try to stop bleeding and I won to have children as well my age is 32 yr.I’m on bed last one week. I have fibroids size of 2.8×2.3 plz advise the medication.

  105. May God bless ad be wth u, I was told by my Dr that I’m no longer conceive but after this treatment of Mama kofi Native Healer, I’m about to gv birth to my baby girl.NEVER give up and don’t loose hope highly appreciated Mama kofi Native Healer.You can contact her via whatspp Number + 233267949257. May God bless ad be wth u.

    Miriam Marquez

  106. Taaiba Fiaz says:

    aslamoalaikum !dear sir ,i am pregnent of three months .twins one missed and one is viable his heart beat some time not feel in ultra sound then anamoly scan done on 11th week which show multiple fibroids butt one is 5cm .every time pain in lower back and in tubal area and vaginal area .swear nausea .craving of dahi and things made of it .karri pakora ,chat ,samosa .my age is 34 .people said remove the uterus .what can ido .i belive that homeo cure it .my subserosal fibroid can cure with it.

  107. Dr I have a anterior subserous fibroids of size 3.1×2.8cm isit curable, or surgery is required

  108. i am 24 years old unmarried female having 7cm uterus fibroid. i am suffering from irregular periods. I have no periods for 6 months ago. But before that whenever i have periods i have to face severe pain with cramps. Now i am facing abdominal pressure, vomit, fatigue, constantly weight loss. kindly suggest me something to get rid of this fibroid and its symptoms. my weight is 40kg

  109. I have 6cm uterus fibroid is it dissolved by homeopathy and how long time it will be treated

  110. Shruti Sanjay Singh says:

    Good evening , Actually My uterus is enlarged and its very painfully,swelling ,eiching, bleeding,stomach pain, during urine is very painfull.

  111. Good evening Dr. Am on sepia , supphur and fraxinus Americana for fibroid shrinkage. Please what is the work of sulphur in fibroid shrinkage.

  112. Hi, I am 37 years old woman. I have nabothian cysts on cervix. There is a heavy menstrual flow in the current month for one day. I am feeling a testless toung. I am taking trillion pendulum for two months. But no improvement is shown. What medicine should I take?

  113. Swathi priya says:

    Hello sir. Iam swathipriya. Ihave a invasive mole in uterus doctors suggesting histerectomy. Or chemo therapy. Do i have any treatment in homeopathy.

  114. SMT.TUMPA DAS says:

    Minimally bulky uterus with tiny intramural fibroids.Nabothian cysts in cervix.Bulky and adherent left ovary with a thick walled cyst showing low levelechogenic contents and minimal left periovarian fluid -?hemorrhagic cyst.suggested follow up.

  115. Hello Dr. Sharma
    i am 34 years old unmarried female having 6cm x 6.8cm single sub mucosal fibroid since last 3/4 years. i am suffering from prolonged and irregular periods, sometimes early cycle, frequent urination, constipation, heavy bleeding and abdominal pressure. kindly suggest me something to get rid of this fibroid and its symptoms. my weight is 45kg height 4.8″.

  116. I got one fibroid small upper side of mouth last five to eight years, kindly suggest any medicine. No bleeding no pain no growth red in colour.

  117. Nana Ama Agyarko says:

    Sir, please am 34 and have two fibroids, the largest is 5.7cm and 4.3 cm. I have had prolonged bleeding since Jan. 3 and my doctor said the only way to stop the bleeding is surgery.
    Please I don’t want to do the surgery since I have done three scan and they told me I can get pregnant. Please what can I do to stop the bleeding since all the medication to stop the bleeding is not working. Thanks

  118. How do I shrink a calcified fibroids using homeopathic remedies and medicine,thank you.

  119. Sir,
    My mother had right kideny nephrectomy operation in 2015 now she is suffering from anteroir subserosal uterine leiomyoma, is surgery is needed or can cure with homeo. It is about 54*43*44mm dimensions. Please suggest

  120. Afsana begum says:

    My age 39 I have sub mucosal inside myoma .
    I have no baby. Dr suggested open surgery.
    I am a patient of SLE NEPHRITES.
    my haemoglobin is 7.
    What to do.

    • hello sir .i am 36 yr female .i have uterine fibroid of 22 mm.along with pcod.kindly prescribe me medicine.

  121. HI
    I have a 1.5cm uterine fibroid and I have been unable to get pregnant over 1 year of trying. I am 32 years old.
    I will like to know how Homeopathy can help treat my fibroid and also get pregnant easily.

  122. Kajal Jaiswal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am a Software Engineer working as a Project manager in Mumbai. I am 30 years old and recently (4-5 months) I am experiencing extreme pain in my left leg, after 15th to 20th Day of my cycle completion. I saw a gyno and she suggested to have USG . USG report said a “Solid Mass of 5 cm is found and it’s better to go for TVS”.

    Later a TVS was done which declare the mass is outside the Uterus wall. Doctor has suggested me to plan pregnancy, but seeing my work profile, it does not looks feasible for next 6 months or till I have a peaceful job.

    I am concerned that 10-15 days on leg pain is troublesome and it goes off only after I have my period. What will be the situation when there will be no Period for 9 months and the womb will expand too ?

    Can you suggest any medicines for same ? Or any food items that I should include in DIET or even Exclude


  123. Jessica Blatter says:

    I am a 41 yr. old mother of 8 with my last baby being born about 5 months ago. During my last pregnancy, we discovered a uterine fibroid. At its biggest (36 weeks pregnant) it measured 13+ cm. We believed the fibroid to be between the muscle layers of the uterine wall. At 6 weeks postpa, it measured 6cm. I have had NO symptoms with this fibroid. I am very healthy with my diet and exercise. I am 5’1 and weigh about 110 lbs.. I plan to NOT ever have surgery. I want to take care of this through healthy diet specific for this as well as any herbal or homeopathic protocols. I am a Master Herbalist and just ordered a Homeopathic course through The School of Natural Healing to learn all I can. I would appreciate any of your knowledge and wisdom and experience on this subject. I need a direction to go. We would love to have more children.❤️ Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts on my behalf.

  124. Dimple Kaushik says:

    I have two fibroid. I am 42yrs old. I have high blood pressure. But I am not conceiving. How could I conceived.

  125. balpreet kaur says:

    hello sir.
    i have fibroid problem for 3-4 size is 10 cm,i feel back pain,heayness,abdomen pain during period is regular with normal flow.i am unmarried,after two month i will got it opssible to improved,and how much time wiil take. doctors said that I can’t remove it surgically,plz sir….give me answer as soon as possible.thank

    Weight 64 kilo
    Height 5″7
    age 29

  126. I have very small uterine fibroids , my period is regular with normal flow , I have persistent pain in my pelvic and low back and thigh and pain after urination , doctors said that I can’t remove it surgically .

    • I am 44 yrs old woman,weight 56 kg ,suffering with uterus fibriod size of 45 mm.
      plz suggest the homyopathic medicine

  127. I have multiple fibroids and a slight heaviness feeling sometimes. I also recently have urinary incontinence. I would say stress incontinence not sure if the fibroids are causing this. Also I’m pretty sure the fibroids have stopped me from becoming pregnant.
    age 42
    Weight 54 kilo
    Height 168cm

  128. Angela Brereton says:

    Hi Dr Sharma. I’m a menopausal woman on hrt with breakthrough bleeding, I’ve been recently diagnosed with fibroids. What can I take to help with the bleeding and fibroids. I would rather not stop taking my hrt.

  129. I suffer from 5 fibroids being the biggest around 5 cm in diameter. During menses I suffer from heavy gushing red bleeding with dark clots. Bearing down sensations. I used belladonna and it seemed to have worked stopping my bleeding. It looks like I am a Sepia type. What should I do? I am facing surgery but I don’t want to have it.
    I would like to see if I can get rid of those fibroids with homeopathy. What is the dosage I should take of Sepia?
    I have 200 Ch, and 1000ch

  130. Hello mam
    I have utrine fibroids mesuring 11 cm .,can i be treated.
    Thank you

  131. Hi… Iam 3 month post pregnant with 8cm posterior wall uterine fabroids.. 8cm is large!? Is homeopathy treatment helps me to cure.. reply me..

  132. can homeopathy medicine dissolve large multiple fibroids of 10cm being the largest and open the fallopian tubes and must my diet be all organic

  133. Mrs khadija says:

    Iam 48yrs of age and have been diagnosed with utrine fibriod since age 32 but had no symptoms.
    Since last one year i have been suffering from heavy periods with lots of clots,frequent urination, weakness and back pain. I also feel chilly during periods.
    Kindly suggest treatment with accurate dosage and how many days to be taken.
    Reply ar your earliest i will be grateful

  134. Hi

    I have a fibroid outside my uterus (6.3 cm). No pain (well soreness if sex, but I don’t have that anymore), no extra bleeding or menses pain. It is very visible in periods. A very small one is inside the uterus.

    The hospital urges for operation but I have decided to remove it naturally. It alreadu went from 7.7 to 6.3 with food and herbs.

    I am now ready to add homeopathy. Hope you can help.

    Regards, Hannah

    • Hi Hannah,

      What type of food you are taking? I understand that your fibroid size requced to 6.3 by managing your diet.


  135. Hello sir i hv fibroid in the posterior wall of uterus which is5. 8 cm×4.5×4.7 gynecologist has advised me surrey i m 45 years of age n not mari ed can homeopathy medicine will reduce this fibroid n is it safe to keep this fibroid s up to my menopause i do no t hv any problems with this fibroid s up to now pls give me advice which homeopathic medicine should i use

  136. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have been diagnosed with having multiple uterine fibroids. I want a non-surgical remedy to shrink my fibroid can you please suggest ways of treatment. I have two fairly large fibroids measuring 8x 8cm. I am obese and have thyroid issues. I am from Bangladesh and here I didn’t get any feasible solution other than an operation.I am still unmarried and wish to have children.Please help me.


  137. I have fibroids – they grew as a result of taking high dose progesterone as part of cancer treatement (which worked) but now have a fibroid. uterus about 8 week pregnant size. I am post – menopausal. I do not have any pain or discomfort. I have some bleeding – not heavy. Some issues with periodic incontinence since fibroid appeared. I;ve looked at the remedies you’ve suggested and am not sure what applies since i do not have cramping or periods or HEAVY bleeding. Any suggestions? Thank you for your help.

  138. Uterus fibroid kaise thik ho sakti h bina operation

  139. Hello Dr. Sharma , I have multiple uterine fibriod and the largest is 49×50×42mm is located outside the uterus. Can omeopathy medicine help me? And would it affect my conception?

    Thank you

    • k ramadevi says:

      hello Dr Sharma ,I have multiple utirine fibroid and the largest of right lateral aspect fibroids 58*40*36 its an intra mural fibroid.some are 35*30mm,the endometrial fibroids are ranges from 13*23*mm atleast 15-20 fibroids are noted in total.can homeopathy medicine can help me?without going to surgery

      thank you sir

  140. Farida Amanullah says:

    I have two fibroids .size according to x-ray report 5.7cm.
    Doctors advice me surgery and remove the uterus.
    Can you please tell me what’s your opinion.

  141. sanjana Singh says:

    Sar Mere face pe alarji huwa h 2 month se bhetnovate n lagane se plz koi upaye plz sir

  142. Have an 8cm fibroid and am 54. Dr said hysterectomy the only way to go That myoectomy would be too hard to do. I don’t want lose my uterus unless biopsy comes back positive for cancer. Isn’t there any other way. :(. Cindy

    • Cindy, I don’t know the size of mine yet but I was also told hysterectomy but I will know more on Thursday. I am 53 and I don’t want a hysterectomy either. Saying a prayer we both find a different solution. I just thought I would let you know you are not alone.

  143. test

  144. dr asif majeed paul says:

    u are doing a wonderfully excellent work pls keep it up sir

  145. faiza zulfiqar says:

    Hi. Dr sharma i will b really thankful if u guide me around following symptoms that i bear because of my fibroids. I have a v large fibroid that is exophytic. N two small indide uterus. Pl tell me wt homeo medicine can dissolve my large fibroid.
    1. Burning severe pain during mensus
    2. Violent colic n cramps during mensus that i csnt even stand up
    3. Frequent urination
    4.blood clots with menstrual flow

  146. my wife has been diagnosed with fibroid in uterus(upper part), in sonagraphy as she was experiencing heavy bleeding, during period. She has also a high prolactin of 66 in blood report. she ia now 39 yrs only.
    Gynacologist advised two options
    1, to go for uterus removal
    2, take a medicine for continuously for three months to arrest mensus period for three months during the time fibroid may contract. ( cost of medicine per day is Rs.150/per tab, which may have many side effect that doctor is not telling). after 3 months again sonagraphy will be done , after words it will be decided, it it is contracted, no further immediate removal of uterus.
    we are in dilemma to take a decision, at this young stage to remove uterus is also very painful.
    kindly advise, whether any effective medicine to deal with in homeo.

    in antcipation

    • i am having a fibroid of 8cm size intramural and partial sub mucosal and i am unmarried 24 year old.i have no heavy bleeding but distension of abdomen is more and slight frequency of micturation with bearing down pains during menses now i am taking hormone tablets since two adviced for a myomectomy will it cause an infertility problem in future.will there be any infertility problems from hormonal tablets.

  147. Hello, doctor my self Sangeeta I am 35 years old. Mujhe fibroid hai aur jab mensus hota hai to bhut severe pain hota hai . gynecologist ne mujhe surgery ke liye na kha diya hai. Maine aapki website PR medicine me bare me read kiya . kya ye Jo medicine Magnesium phosphoricum and pulsatilla hai iske use se mensus me pain nhi hoga. Sir, plz mujhe address bataye jis medical store me ye medicine mil jaye. Thanks

  148. Hi dr sharma, my doctor got test and figer out that i have fibroids, please give me suggestion and tell me where can i get medicin.
    Thank you.

    • MOHANDASS M says:

      Hello Dr.

      Need your kind advice.

      My wife is 60 having fibroid with heavy bleeding n clots during menses.

      Dr suggested to go for l operation.

      I heard homeopathic medicines works out very well in such cases.

      Plz suggest us how to start the homeo treatment without undergoing operation.

      Awaiting your positive reply at the earliest Dr.

      Thanks with warm regards

  149. Geeta Chopra says:

    how long this treatment become and when will the patient get fully relief permanently

  150. Alka Pathak says:

    I m suffering from uterine fibroids which are multiple in number sizes are as follow ……….anterior and posterior myometrium largest of size 15.7×12.4 mm. The endometrial echo is in mid line and measures approx 8.0mms Can these be removed or treated with homeopathy? Please

  151. Hello doctor, mujhe fibroid h,meri age 30 h,or mai unmarried hu,mujhe heavy period hota h,fir rukta ni h,jab tak dabai na lu or pain bi bahut hota h,iske bajah se mujhe animea bi no chuka h,please muje batay ki homwopathic me iska kya treatment ho sakta h jisse mujhe surgery ni karwani pare.please.

  152. Suhasini Thombare says:

    I m suffering from uterine fibroids which are multiple in number sizes are as follow ……….anterior wall suserosal fibroid measures 48×39 another posterior wall subserosal fibroid of 47×40 mm and fundal fibroid 53x39mm. Can these be removed or treated with homeopathy? Please help

  153. I have fibroids of 4 cm.I had a miscarriage due to it.I also have lower back pain.Menses are regular but blood spotting a week before Menses.please help me.
    I don’t have any children and I am 32 years old and want to have a child.Can my fibroids shrink.
    I shall be thankful to you for your help.

  154. Dr I have 10 CM fabroid in uterus.I am avoiding surgery. Is it curable through homeopathy.

  155. mumtaz muhammad says:

    Dear Dr sharma
    two day ago gynaecologist said to my wife that there is fats on your uterus so that conception not occur.
    please advise me what to use for that fats.
    mumtaz muhammad
    register nurse in ICU
    shaokat khanum cencer hospital peshawar pakistan .
    0092 3473098618


  157. Hi doctor,
    A case of fibroid tumor,patient age 45 ,Weight 95kg
    have 5 children ,problem from 2year,
    Grief,sensation hot but during periods cold,heavy bleeding during menses bright red like a tap
    feet sole cracks,urging urine frequent
    Desire for tea
    Skin allergy in summer with perspiration agg
    USG comments,liver fatty,and two fibroids

  158. Which are the best homeopathic remedies for shrinking fibroids. I am 75, get occasional very very slight bleeding, which has been investigated and is caused by fibroids.

  159. Neha kumari says:

    Hello Sir, muje uterus m mass ho gai h.jiski size 10×4.3cm h.toilet v kvi kvi ruk jti h.what would be best solution. Is there’ any cure in homeopathy sir.

  160. Hello ma’am,
    I am 36 yrs old and from past 5 yrs I am suffering from Bulky uterus with multiple fibroids -interior and posterior. I have to take pause MF during menstrual period now a days this tablets also r not effective . Doctors r suggesting to under surgery. Please help to get rid of my problem.

  161. Hi doctor, I’m 30yrs old and trying to conceive, I Was told to do a TVS test and the result shows are as follows;
    USS shows a bulky uterus 57mm AP diameter, LS; 68mm, TS; 83mm and anterverted, normal (3-5cm).
    The cavity is empty with normal endometrial lining, however there are small intramural fibroid seedlings, the largest is anteriorly located measuring 2.2cm×2.1cm.. No sign of tissue degeneration. No gestational sac seen.

    both ovaries are normal in size, they shows normalstromal Echotexture, no cyst or mass seen.

    What are the cure to the result and Will I still be able to conceive. on time .

  162. Is it possible to remove fibroid without operation .By the help of homeopathy

  163. SWARNA S SHETTY says:

    Hello Dr.

    Need your kind advice.

    My sister is 45+ having fibroid with heavy bleeding n clots during menses.

    Dr suggested to go for laproscopy. As she is alone out of bangalore , working. ..will not b able to undergo operation.

    I heard homeopathic medicines works out very well in such cases.

    Plz suggest us how to start the homeo treatment without undergoing operation.

    Awaiting your positive reply at the earliest Dr.

    Thanks with warm regards


    • i m 48 years old ,i have two large fibroides and suffer with extreme constipation and have malesma on my face ,now my cholestrol is also increased

    • dear Dr. I have fibroid in size of 4 .2mm in utres I have heard that in homophthy’s its confirm treatment h
      please guide me kamlesh Chandigah

  164. Pallavi Singh says:

    Hello Doc,
    I am 35yr old and have uterus polyp. My periods are regular and there is no heavy flow. However during mid cycle if I have intercouuse then there is spotting.
    I have not been able to conceive since many yrs.

  165. freda Branger says:

    I am 46 years old i suffer from utrine fibroid. I stopped having my period. But find blood spots sometimes accompanied by light pain in Lower abdomen experience bloting stomach.

  166. Dear doctor.I am 38 years female.I suffered lower back pain during mensus.ultrasound showed endometrial thickening .measuring told me watch for 3 months for any improvement.but there is no concern is is there natural progesterone therapy in hindi and is there permanent cure for this condition?
    Thank you .

  167. Jyoti Sidana says:

    I am unmarried and 44years of age. I am suffering from fibroid problem since last 3 years. my latest sonography report is mentioned here: uterus shows a large round lesion with heterogeneous echo texture situated anterior to fundus of uterus ms 72 * 56 mm in subserosal location, rest of uterine myometrium shows few myometrial cysts. uterine myometrium in cervical region shows a fibroid of 29 * 26 mm. Endometrium is centrally placed ms 13.4 mm with not having sharp distinction from myometrium.

    Both ovaries are normal in size & echotexture & shape. no evidence of free fluid seen in cul-de-sac.
    Impression: Bulky uterus with large subserosal & cervical fibroid as mentioned above with indistinct margins.
    Please suggest me and give some advice what I should do.

  168. Hello I am pregnant and am expecting terrible pain around my forever growing fibroids
    Will this last my whole pregnancy?
    What can I do to shrink the buggas and stop the unforgiving pain??

  169. Simmie Dhingra says:

    Hi i am suffering with fibroids and size is 80 by 80 cm..please suggest me for homeopathy medicine. Because i want to shrink my fibroids.My age is 32 years.

  170. Hello doctor
    I am unmarried 28year old and i am diagonsed by intramural fibroid ,the size of fibroid is 6cm.
    Please tell me some medicine for the same
    Thank you

  171. QAMAR ABBAS says:


  172. Dear Sir, i am 32 years old. I want to get pregnant but my Gynecologist noticed calcification in sub endometrial region of my uterus. Plz, tell me is it possible to get pregnant or not? What I should do?

  173. Mrs Zeeshan says:

    Hi Dr.
    My age is 37 and I got married 8 mnths ago. Three months after my marriage I came to know that I have uterine fibroids (04 in number ranging in size of 2.5-3.6 cm). Also I have bicornuate uterus.I have taken medicines for conception for three months and ended up in cyst which dissolved afterwards. My doctor suggested me hysteroscopy. I just wanted to ask ehat should I do? Ask due to age I can’t wait too long

  174. Respected doctor
    IAM 40 YEARS OLD, IAM having bulky uterus with fybroids as described. Size and measures 74×54×63 mm 65×62mm and another fybroid of size 15×18.
    I had already had open surgery one time (2014)
    Sir what homeo medicine can help

  175. nupur sharma says:

    hi doctor,
    i am 30 year old, i’ am having two large intramural fibroid on left side of size 5.5 cm and 4 cm. I am married from last two years , now we are planning for kids as dr. suggest us for family planning before they start any treatment. Write now i am taking fraxinus Americana, is that safe as we are planning for baby.

  176. Jamal Najamuddin says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My wife age 41 is suffering from uterine fibroid. She is a patient of PMS also and suffers severe lower abdominal pain for 3 days during mid cycle means pain appears every month before 10 days of menses. Menses lasts for 3 to 4 days with large and small clots. no pain during menses but last day has started pain for half an hour just once.She has 3 first trimester abortions due to abnormal pain. IVF, IUI and laproscopy all results in failure. Here is her latest MRI report:
    Uterus appears retroverted and measures 7.5 (L) x 4.3 (AP) x 5.7 (TR) cm. There is 3.5 x 3.2 x 3.3 cm sized fibroid along fundal and right anterior aspect of uterine body. Endometrium appears normal. Junctional zone and cervix appear normal. Vaginal canal appear normal. Both adnexal are unremakable. Parametrial fat planes appear normal. Urinary bladder appears normal. llio-psoas, pelvic floor and glutei muscles appear normal. Both ischiorectal fossae and perineum appear normal. No evidence of pelvic lymphadenopathy. Both hip and S. Joints appear normal.
    Please Doc suggest some useful homeopathic medicine to solve fibroid and pain problems.

  177. Kalaiarasi N Govenda Raju. says:

    Hello DR,I have uterine fibroids 6 cm & multiple fibroids.However my menstrual flow is
    heevier now, 6-14 days.Dr suggested to remove the uterus only.Dr could you helpp me to solve this problem.

  178. hi, I am rejoice. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and fibroid. my husband ejaculate dead sperm. pls is there any possibility for me getting pregnant?

  179. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have uterine fibroids. I am suffering from PMS symptoms like depression, dysmenorrhea , severe bleeding and severe anemia . It has been going on for about 5-6 yrs.Is there an medicine that can help. My whole body feels hot and fever during periods followed by chills in between. Extreme fatigue, inability to stand on feet due to weakness,bearing down pains, severe backache, huge clots, color of blood- dark blackish red.I have lost lot of weight and muscle due to this. The period continues from 7-10 days.Ill be thankful if you can suggest something.

  180. Kanika Rustagi says:

    My ultrasound report shows ::
    Uterus anteverted, enlarged in size measure 9.1×5.4×4.3 cm with heterogeneous myometrial echotexture & loss of junctional zone. Endometrial echo is well defined and measures 5.3 mm in thickness.
    Plz suggest treatment/cure.

  181. Hello,
    I’m 58, post-menopausal, and had uterine fibroids at age 41. An energetic healer & acupuncturist treated me and all cleared up. Recently my abdomen has become puffy with associated bloated feeling and pressure with acheyness (no bleeding). A CT scan showed an enlarged uterus. An ultrasound was recommended. However, my reproductive system and genitalia have atrophied, as I have not been sexually active in 11 years. The ultrasound wand would not fit in me. I’m looking for a remedy that could treat me assuming I MIGHT have uterine fibroids again, but without risking potentially making a tumor worse IF that’s what it is instead.

  182. Mary Ann Hirang says:

    Hi my name is Mary Ann has uterine fibroids for more than a year now. Have read about calcium flouride, just want to know the dosage and how often dobi take it. Thanks and more power.


  183. I have uterine fibroid of 6 cm . I have started taking R 17
    Can you suggest it will work ?

  184. I am 57 years diagnosed with one fibroid 2cm in the uterus and one 7cm on broad ligament outside the uterus. I have no symptoms do not want to do surgery. What Homeo medicines can help?

  185. Big fibroid 9cm pain around kidneys, excessive bleeding. Currently taking phosphorus 200c. Any other recommendation? The blog is nice, though somewhat confusing since i have no homeopathic education.

  186. Harinder Kaur says:

    Good evening sir.I have cysts in both ovaries sized 6cm. and 3cm. and uterus fibroid sized 2cm.Can these remove by homeopathy treatment?

  187. Sunanda Gangadhar Musmade says:

    ood evening I am suffering from fibroid the last time it was measures 9.7cms*5.2cms*5.4cms
    conclusion:the uterus is bulky and shows a1.2cm*.08cm fundal instramural fibroid. pl.advice this regards.
    Sunanda Musmade

  188. Daphne Williams says:

    Good evening I am suffering from fibroid the last time it was measured the doctor said it was 8 inches, I had already had two surgeries for hernia repair and a tuner ligation (tl) I don’t wish to have another surgery and even if I had wanted to its very expensive, the doctor is charging me over $200,000.00.

  189. Good Morning

    I have a uterine fibroid ( 5 cm) .
    iam 48 old , my period is regular but hard sympthom before it…
    I have back pain
    I took Aurum for one week (1000 )

    but still feel back pain…and iam slim

    How can you help me?

  190. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    i would like to get your advise and treatment for my wife fibroid which is located inside and outside of uterus cavity and send ur mail so i can send you medical reports and explain that we have no kids until now,my wife was pregnant after 2 year of marriage and had miscarriage after 2 months please help to avoid the cause of fibroid in conceiving and continue pregnancy without the doubt of fibroid.

  191. patrice mccutcheon says:

    hello dr. sharma im just discussing about fibroids in uterus and rite ovary cyst pain. wat homeopath treats them

  192. Uterine fibroid 4.5 cms intramural since last two years slowly growing bigger heavy excess bleeding during periedss

  193. Hello Doctor
    I am a 31 years old woman. I am suffering from pcod and fibroid. I have problem during menses. It appears always late by 4-5 days and sometimes 8-10 days.I am newly married and getting problem to conceiving.
    Pls help me and suggest suitable treatment.

  194. Hello doctor,
    My mother is suffering frm uterine fibroids from 2 months .her period irregular and also pain .is there any medicine in homeopathy for her treatment without operation plz suggest the me dicine name

  195. I am 48 yrs old, having fibroids, During periods ,I pass large clots and abdominal pain. Dnc has been done and fibroids were non cancerous, dr has told hysterectomy, pl. Suggest if homeopathy can help, i dont want to go for surgery

  196. GODFREY KATLEGO says:

    hi my name is Katlego from north west I have a problem we’re I am the is no hospitals so I have tonsillitis and painful please wat do I have to do to help my self

  197. 45+ years women suffering with bulky uterus and excessive bleeding. One Doctor said operation is mandatory. Is it will cure with homeo medicine or surgery is mandatory to take. If we use homeo how much time it will take to cure.

  198. CHITRA shukla says:

    Hi doctor,
    I am CHITRA shukla , age 42 suffering from fibroid uterus. Taking homeopathic treatment for the last 5 years.
    The situatation now worsens with heavy bleeding , pain , bleeding from uterus any time if I do some heavy work. Allopathy doctor suggests an operation. Please help urgently

    • I am 48 yrs old, having fibroids, During periods ,I pass large clots and abdominal pain. Dnc has been done and fibroids were non cancerous, dr has told hysterectomy, pl. Suggest if homeopathy can help, i dont want to go for surgery

  199. Sir my name is Monika age 34 years .mere utraus me fibroids he is bajah se period bhi nahi ata he regular sir koi medision ho to pls bataye .thanks

    • aksha pathan says:

      A simple cystic leaion is noted pod. possibility of polycystic ovarian disease needs consideration……qhat can I do suggest meh plz

  200. Hello Dr Sharma,
    Fibroids shrink with age but what if u have it at the age of 30,size of 4cm and u still have no babies, in that case will homeopathy help in shrinking,and then can a baby be planned?
    Waiting for your reply

  201. Respected sir. I am kamban my wife is RAJESWARTI and my daughter is 10 years old .i want another one baby,so took some test like semen test for mine and uters scane test for my wife for MBBS DGO FRCCdoctor advice for this result in myne motile 40-50% my wife scane found UTERINE FIBROID (ON NEGG-mouth) tested taken 2years before.iam 46 my wife 37.We no take allopathy medicine after this result. symtoms -for menses time(we do not no fibroid systoms)
    1.Menses-colour -good- bleeding No low – no Excess- time-correct time or,1 or 2 days after. 2.pain-more pain-right side during menses time .3.severly head ahe after that teeth ache.Irretation.HOMOEO-TRETMENT. 1.Calcarea Iodatum 30 2.Apis mellifica 30 3.Pulsatilla 30 – Morning and night 3 months
    1.Fraxinus americana Q 2.Utrica urenus Q 3.Belladona Q- morning only 3 months. BIO CHEMISTRY
    1.cacarea phos 6x 2.calcarea fluorica 6x – every sunday morning,noon,night
    Now-Menses time 50%pain only,but we donot understand how fibroid.still no consume
    I took homoeo medicine and i cure proof of medical test(25.12.2016) (My father was school Head master and Registered Homoeopathy Medical Practisnor RHMP -my mother also but no more)
    sir , I expect your advice and prescription as soon as possible. VERY Thanks.
    E-mail:kambanarangasamy@gmail .com

  202. Raghuvir singh chouhan says:

    Hlo dr sharma,
    Myself raghuveer from indore m
    P. , my wifej jaya (43) have severe pain during mensus. Allopathic doctore advices surgery. bt we want a non surgical medicinal cure for her it possible in of our city homeo doctr said yes. Nd othr refused. Plz advice.she had severe pain nd she cries tht tym.i feel helpless. She had same symptom as u said fe magnisium phosphorium.

  203. I have a very thick endometrial lining with 5 fibroids 4
    4 cm each. I haven’t stopped bleeding for 4 weeks a ton of blood! I passed out and went to ER. The ER doc advised on getting abiopsy to check for C.
    I’m scared to death right now and am feeling this
    could be it. Can you suggest something?

  204. sujata reddy says:

    Hi, I am sujata. I am 50 yrs.I have one 7.1 cm subsorosal fibroid and few small fibroids,. Can you please suggest me if it can be cured with homeopathy medicine as I don’t want to go for surgery.

  205. Nirmala sharma says:

    Sir mere age 30 hai mai unmarried hi mere utres me 126×143 mm ka fibroid h mai Kya karu sir best No. Hi wo batey please

  206. Hi I have multiple uterus fibroids and the biggest one is about 12cm doctor say I need surgery to remove them is there any treatment for it.

  207. maribel arce says:

    im 52 no periods for stomach is big.feeling somenthing move and pain all the time my dr can help me.

  208. Hello sir I am Durriya , I am 47 years of age and suffering from a fibroid tumor which measures 14.3×8.9×8.6 cm . It is a submucus fibroid . I wanted to ask if there’s a way by which we can remove the tumor without removing uterus.
    Thank you

  209. Hello sir
    My mother age 62 is having a fibroid in her uterus since 27 years and it has not caused her any harm like bleeding etc yet but she avoids to have surgery so can you prescibe a good medicine for it so that it can shrink .

  210. Gaurav gupta says:

    Sir I am from Lucknow and now in body have lots of small thick blood clots. Please suggest what treatment will good.

  211. Bincy rose Joseph says:

    Doctor ….my name is bincy.I have 26 .not married.I have bleeding after periods end.I see my doctior and she gave me Thlapsi medicine .homeo; I used it and bleed is now very light. but in night I have flow bleed …,,…how many days taken to cure from this????

  212. mrs pereira says:

    Im a 38 yr old female with 2kids(c section)hvg adenomyosis of uterus with severe cramping n bleeding for 3days
    .anemic as wel.dark circles too.kindly advise

  213. Prabir Kumar Rout says:

    Sir, a 12 mm diameter homogenously hypoechoic intra mural focallesion seen inanterior myometrium(small intra mural uterine fibroid) of my wife,Dr said no medicine is required for that,but sir i request you pls give me the suggestion/any homoeopathic medicine is available for cured the fibroid.


  214. Respected doctor,
    This is Jilani from tenkasi, thirunelveli,dist tamil wife was suffering from enlarged uterus with multiple fibroids size 11.3×10.5 cms in the anterioir wall.can u please help me I need your suggestion .kind request im not interested in operation.waiting for your positive reply.

  215. Good evening, please advise me what kund it homeopathy Shield I tak. I gave uterine fibroids ( very latge) sine 10 years I gave biel , digestive problem.Please help me, thank You in advance.I am 48 years od.I msscarieg 10 years ago.

  216. R93.5: Abnormal findings on diagnostic imaging of other abdominal regions, including retroperitoneum.


    Uterus is small and measures approximately 30 x 19 x 30 mm. Endometrial stripe is difficult to visualize, and cannot be accurately measured but appears grossly thickened. Cystic changes seen within the endometrium. Right ovary is not seen. The left ovary
    is small measuring 7 x 5 x 5 mm. Trace pelvic free fluid.

  217. suman sandhu says:

    i am ms patient since 22 year carrying a fibroid and suffering from severe ihave no sexual interest and strenth.I am 44 year old. my fibroid is on wall of utress

  218. Rina khatun says:

    I have a problem of overy fibroid. And its size 7.3nm.
    In this setuation i want to treat my overy fibroid without sergery and i need your help. Please help me. My age 30yers.

  219. Hi I want tretment of my wife age 52 year her uterus fibroids and also Menopause few years back. C/O dysperunia can remove fibroids

    • Hello Sir

      My pelvic ultra sound report says anteverted bulky uterus 9.8 x 5.8 x 4.9 cm shows changes of adenomyosis. 2 to 3 seedling fibroids A 2.2 x 1.7 cm in inhomogeneous echotexture in posterior wall represents focal changes of adenomyosis. Multiple tiny nabothian cysts in cervix largest 1.3 cm endometrial thickness 7-8mm. I am 50 years of age. I have painful periods with heavy flow n clots.could u kindly suggest some homeopethic treatment

  220. Ruth jothi esther says:

    Doc I’m married 30 years old no children.married in 2014. Undergone a open surgery in 2013 for fibroid 10cm in size. After marriage it again comes. Now my report says 3 fibroids noted. 2.9*2.9 in left lateral of lower utreus.2.6*1.7 pendunculated subserol fibroid. An elongated cystic lesion 5*1.8 noted in left adnexa just adjacent to left ovary. Doc pls suggest me a homeopathy medicine to cure permanently and soon to have a child. During periods I’m suffering severe stomach ache and leg pain.kindly help me. I don’t want to do surgery again.

  221. Vijaya Kumar says:

    My wife is suffering from bleeding during the menses period and also facing disorder menses
    periods twice or thrice in a month after going Ultra sound it found that she having two
    Fibroids in the Uterous.

    She is also suffering Migrane from the childhood and also for the last one month suffering
    from itching.

    Please suggest what to do whether we opt for D N C or removal of Utereas or there is any
    medicine available for the curing Fibroids.

  222. hi dr sharma lam sending my report to you.endometrium_ 8.7mm. multipal nebothian cysts are seen in cervix. right ovary_ shows 23×16 clear cyst. left ovary_ 36×22mm_ 13 and 12mm clear follicies. no fluid in p.o.d. uterine cavity is empty.

  223. Banu Yavuzturk says:

    Hi . I have lots of the fibroids in the uterus. A big one is 40-50 mm and have long term and heavy bleeding. Is there a medicine to cure the fibroids or the medicines are working on to suppress the bleeding? Do you have any suggestions as medicine ? thank you and best regards

  224. Hello Dr.Sharma
    i have report say trans abdominal and trans vaginal scans obtained. uterus anteverted length 8.1 cm volume 75 cc.and subserosal mass is seen in mid left fundal region measuring 77*52*45mm and other subserosal fibroid in seen left utreus measuring 26 mm maimun diameter and bicornuate uterus single cervix.right endometrium 4.3mm,left 4mm .
    both ovaries seen right with a volume of 5cc left with a volume 8cc twelve tiny follicles noted peripherally right overy and 15 in periphery of left free fluid seen in lower abdomen or pelvis.kidney shows no evidence of obstruction.
    can you please help whta i do.

  225. Ms. Poovathoottil says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am very happy to have come across this content. I am suffering with fibroid issues since 2008. First myomectomy in 2008 removing a size of 13cm fibroid. Later in October 2016 3cm fibroid was removed through hysteroscopy. At that time itself 2 other intramural fibroids were there which was not troublesome. But now one of the fibroid has moved into the uterine cavity without any change in size which is causing trouble. I am 44. Wish to know more about homeo treatment. Kindly help.

  226. Ratan Kumat says:

    Hi Maam,

    My wife got fibroid in utarine. The physician has suggested for surgery as the size of fibroid is about equal to the size of cricket ball.

    Can you please advise if it can be cured without surgery.

    Thank You
    Ratan Kumar (New Delhi)

  227. Dear Sir,

    My wife is having one couple of uterine fibroid outside the uterus wall. Symtoms are mainly constipation and weakness etc. I need some help if it may cure without going for operation. Sizes of fibroids are normally in the larger range. Please help.

  228. I have fibroids,suffer from severe dysmenorrhea I need help

  229. Dr.sweat patel says:

    hell0 sir, I am suffer from mild p0lycystic 0veries, 15/13mm ischaemic region posterior wall fibroid & bulky adenmytic uterus its possible to affect me to c0nsive pregnancy. i have c0mplete 8 years 0f marriage life. please consider me best home0pathic medicine.

  230. Nancy Remedio says:

    Gud pm, i have 3 myomas, the biggest is 5 cm. What med can you recommend for me

  231. Kumari Jyotsna says:

    I Kumari Jyotsna, age 34years, I had laparoscopic myomectomy in september 2016, still after 8 months of this mymectomy my menses is not set normally. After menses I have continuous spotting, intermittent bleeding upto next period. According to my current USG report of pelvis, I have again two small ill defined intramural fibroid which size is 15 mm and 16 mm and anterverted enlarged uterus of which dimension is 137 mm* 60 mm* 51 mm. My previous size of fibroid was 12 cm* 11 cm* 10 cm approximately with degenerative effect.

  232. Prashant says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My wife is recently diagnosed with uterine fibroid of size2.3 x 1.8 cm in left cornual region. Has bulky uterus and mild PCOD. She is 33 years old and we are planning for her pregnancy first time. Please suggest right homeopathy medicine for my wife.

    • This is Nadeem,

      My wife also facing same issue n want to conceive first time. I gone through so many medicine but till time I could not get solutions.
      Now I’m thinking to operate that intramural fibroids, but I’m couldn’t understand which procedure is much better for me.
      Laparoscopy through IVF center or sugecial operation

      Any one can help me..


  233. Gillian Craig says:

    Fibroid 5 x 5 tell me what to, do+ i am 61 years no bleeding or any thing

  234. Nandini Chirmade says:

    Doctor I have fibroid in uterus inside skin about 5inches big. Heavy bleeding during mensuration.wht should I do.

  235. Vinod Kumar says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Good morning

    My niece is suffering with uterus fibroid and these are multiple, stony & lagre in their size by 10.5 x 9.8 x 8.5 as per ultrasound report it is Intramural at all three side left, right & upper.

    So please suggest me wht we do, how it can be treat without surgery, because she is unmarried 22year old only.
    We would very grateful to you for your prompt reply and suggestion, please guide us with medicine, hospital etc in details if possible where we can seek / approach for proper and corrective treatment.

    • Shailja sharma says:

      Try pulsatilla 200c 15 drops and thalpsi bursa pastoris 15 drops in combination 3 times in a day
      With diet control
      No junk food cola soda etc

  236. Aamer Nazir khan says:

    Hello sir i am from Pakistan City of Lahore my wife age 35 years . No baby her anal sprinter muscle iner and outer not working also her pevlic collapse we have done Eng test and also MRI of pevlic and anal sprinter doctor says for surgery and success ratio is 50 50 I want to know in homeopathy treatment available and how much it takes time to become healthy thanks regards

  237. Annapurna says:

    Hi. I’m Annapurna.Age 49.I’m suffering from multiple fibroids. I want to know whether they can be removed using homeopathy treatment.thank u

  238. Hi i. m rajni. My age is34.i m sufferring from subsorosal fibroidthese are multiple. I comes to know that is it removed by medicine or surgery. Plz let me know. Thanks

  239. Amy ruhanje says:

    I want to know that medicines in english from sci. names

  240. I have a fibroid cysts that was discovered by my doctor in feb 2015. At that time he never gave me my options or told me anything about changing my diet, or adding supplements, in order to possibly shrink the fibroid. I also never did any research about it. I recently went back to my doctor, the end of march of this year, 2017, informed me that the cyst has grown in my uterus is the size of a three month pregnancy. He seemed upset at the growth, well he told me was he wanted to see me back in six months in at the fibroid cyst brew I would need a hysterectomy. You can imagine I have no interest in doing this! Since this time I have been taking supplements and change my diet to an all organic no hormones no antibiotics in my foods. I’ve also stopped all caffeine no sugar unlimited my salt intake, only use in sea salt spray night. I also drink a lot of water, which I always have anyway. And I drink green tea and take green tea supplements. Along with milk thistle. also still continue with my iron pills because I do have anemia. I would like to get an a homeopathic remedy. I totally believe that I can shrink this fibroid cyst with my diet and supplements. Thanks

  241. Dr:B.L.Singh says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, I am retired allopathic doctor.My wife Rashmi is 62 years old.She has three caessarian children Last one is 25 yrs in age.Initially she suffered from Endometriosis & Menorrhagia it was diagnosed as “Multiple Uterine Fibroids” through U/Sonf She had a delayed Menopause at around 60 yrs age.though she always had problems of ” Scanty show s under stress conditions of travel or physical exertion. which reappeared 02 moths back .She was subjected to U/sound/MRI & D&C biopsy. Her biopsy revealed “Complex Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia with no evidencs of any Localized Malignancy”. Her all other investigations including “Pap Smear” are normal. She is under treatment of a good Homeopath since last two months.Her Symptoms are totally relieved. except that she some timed gets a ” thready sort of altered blood discharge” under stress condition or consuming non-Veg food items.We want your advise on further management in the case.Because doctors at TMH ,Mumbai have advised “Though No Cancer at present but she should undergo “Hystrectomy” in due course as a preventive measure” Kindly advise as we dont want another Major Surgery in her case.She is also a TypeII Diabetic on Oral Hypoglycaemics ; Mildly Obese & Beta blockers for Hypertension.She is 4’10” in height ,weighing 62 kg at pressent.

    • Dr:B.L.Singh says:

      Hi Dr Sharma, I am retired allopathic doctor.My wife Rashmi is 62 years old.She has three caessarian children Last one is 25 yrs in age.Initially she suffered from Endometriosis & Menorrhagia it was diagnosed as “Multiple Uterine Fibroids” through U/Sonf She had a delayed Menopause at around 60 yrs age.though she always had problems of ” Scanty show s under stress conditions of travel or physical exertion. which reappeared 02 moths back .She was subjected to U/sound/MRI & D&C biopsy. Her biopsy revealed “Complex Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia with no evidencs of any Localized Malignancy”. Her all other investigations including “Pap Smear” are normal. She is under treatment of a good Homeopath since last two months.Her Symptoms are totally relieved. except that she some timed gets a ” thready sort of altered blood discharge” under stress condition or consuming non-Veg food items.We want your advise on further management in the case.Because doctors at TMH ,Mumbai have advised “Though No Cancer at present but she should undergo “Hystrectomy” in due course as a preventive measure” Kindly advise as we dont want another Major Surgery in her case.She is also a TypeII Diabetic on Oral Hypoglycaemics ; Mildly Obese & Beta blockers for Hypertension.She is 5’1″ in height ,weighing 62 kg at pressent.

  242. Elizabeth says:

    Hi,I have uterine fibroids,49* can I treat it and for how long?it’s also causing severe back pain

  243. hi, I have fibroid in my ovaries, both of them and have been prescribed Calc Carb 200 is this the correct?
    I am overweight, had heavy bleading only once and lasted for nearly a month after that have not had heavy bleeding.

    We started my treatment in 2015 with Phos 200 and then did Carcinosin 200 and after that have had Cal Carb for the rest of the time. Treatment is still on going. Need to get a scan done to check if the fibroides are gone now.

    Have lost weight during this time as well.



  244. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed uterine fibroids (left side) intramural at the size 6 cm and would like to remove it with homeopathic remedies.

    I have done my search and foung the following interesting:

    thuya occidentalis 30ch / monodose / a week
    aurum muriaticum matronatium
    chasteberry 600 mg as for tablets or tincture (30 drops/day).

    Thank you for your attention and response in advance.

    Best regards,

    Mirella Sponsiello

  245. Mukesh Sharma says:

    Dear Sharma ji,

    Good Evening!!! I hope you are doing very well. My name is Mukesh Sharma. I want to ask about my mother. She has rasoli and her periods duration is almost 10 to 12 days. Can you please suggest which homeopathy remedies will be good for her. Currently Alopathy medicine are going for her treatment but they are not giving desire result. Can you please help.

    Mukesh Sharma

  246. Anita Modi says:

    I’m 41 year old, having two children with normal delivery. I’m having multiple intramural fibroids in my uterus, one of them is 9cm large. My uterus is also bulky. My periods are regular but I’m having a stomach pain in the right side of the lower abdomen. I’m suffering from back pain too. Allopathic doctors are suggesting to remove uterus but I don’t want to remove it.
    Sir is there any proper Homeopatic treatment possible in my case? Please suggest.

  247. respected doctor
    i m 36 yr old having large intramural fibroid of size 6.8*5.8*4.8. in posterier myometrium
    abutting the endometrial cavity. i have no child. i want to conceive and i dont want to go for surgery. can my fibroid shrink with homeopathy medicines? can i conceive?
    kindly reply

  248. Respected Dr. Sharma,

    The symptoms I have with fibroid is best suited with sepia officianalis and Thuja occidentalis. Because I have pressure on bladder. however my periods are regular and there is no heavy bleeding . Because it is subserous one and not disturbing uterine activities.

    However there is a pressure or discomfort. Because you the best person to advice me for medicines and its dosages, I thought of writing to you. Kindly give your proper advices and related consultation fee. So that I can send it accordingly

  249. Sir
    i had undergone surgery laprotomy for big subserous fibroid weighing 2.5 kg.3 years back.what should i do to prevent recurrence of fibroid in there any medicines.will i be able to concieve im not not haing a child peroods are now late occurs once in 3 to6 months
    expectung your reply

  250. Julie shah says:

    I have huge uterine fibroids is it curable in homeopathy pls reply my huge fibroid size is 9cms

  251. S k yadav says:

    Respected sir, my wife 36 yrs old, 5ft 56 kg 2 children 11 yrs daughter 9 yrs son. Ultrasound on 10/4 shows —-1.bulky uterus with fibroid 2. Rt ovarian cyst. Uterus measures 113.5×77.5 mm hypoechonic area of 69.3×64.4mm , endometrium not visulise. Rt. Ovary appears as an echofree area measureing 33.5 x28.6 mm. Small amt fluid in POD. Kindly suggest suitable homeopathic drug.

  252. Nwose Chukwukadibie Ignatius says:

    Good day sir,I have two patients with uterine fibroid. One of them has experience miscarriage 3 consecutive times. Then the other is through bearing children but she is having excessive bleeding. what should be done to cure these case?

  253. Sreenivasan says:

    My wife is having problems with late periods 43 ton92 days. Prior to period has stomach bloats like balloon We assume it is uterus & some internal parts. Need homeo prescription. She is aged 46 weighing 96 KGS have now varicose veins, sciatica apart from treatment she is getting on allopathy for diabetics, thyroid taking sugamet sr 500 2 per day, erichtel ch40v&roseday 5mg Amaryl1 1 Thyronorm 25 mcg

  254. Has wonder kaur says:

    Respected doctors..I am from Amritsar Punjab..46years old.. yesterday I diagnosed of leiomyoma and adenomyosis of uterus..size of leiomyoma 19*6. 4mm ..and focal written in medical terms..I suffered from irregular painful periods since menarche..blood flow also scanty.. which homeopathic medicine will you suggest..

  255. my wife is having fibroid and also prignent .she is having bleeding.pls suggest best meicine.

  256. Hi Sir,

    I am experiencing sever abdominal pain, gastric, indigestion, acidity, heat and cant eat anythng other than juice and fruits and dishes made out of ragi.

    I checked and they say it is due to fibroid in the uterus, the last report says 4cm, many gyns sai this is not due to fibroid but soemthng else. Since the pain is severe before mensus and becomes little better after my peroid comes and for one week frommy periods i can eat normal food, some think it is related to uterus. now i am confused whether it is due to fibroid, or someother problem in abdomen, colon, intestine etc. or ma be dualproblem, bth uterus and abomen inflammation etc. please help me to get it cured. I am afraid of operation and first of all i would like to know wht isthe probelm exactly.

    I am in chennai


  257. sir report impression: nonspecific cervicitis,bulky cervix,small uterine fibroid,endometrial polyp…pap.stained cervical smear. age:40 female sir y test reports h alag alag doctors k par kch aram ne hua..plss suggest best homyo medicine

  258. Sir,
    My wife age is 44 years. My wife has a febroid about 8.5 cm last tow year. She has take homeopaty treatment last year, But febroid is not remove. Please tell me advise about further treatment.

    • name withheld says:

      I would like to know if homeopathy can cure (diminish) the size of a big fibroid and amount of fibroids in an fibroid cystsic uterus; or if it can only offer a remedy for the unpleasant symptoms associated with it.

      • Irinabarkan says:

        Female age 54 has multiple mayo as that were diagnosed few years ago, after menopause. No bleeding .,but very enlarged abdomen and heaviness.wants to avoid urgery.please advise thank you very much

    • name withheld says:

      I would like to know if homeopathy can cure (diminish) the size of a big fibroid and amount of fibroids in an fibroid cystsic uterus; or if it can only offer a remedy for the unpleasant symptoms associated with it.
      Name Withheld

  259. Padma Priya says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I’m padma priya 34 years old. I have multiple uterus fibroids of size 11,8 ect… I like to know is this size fibroids curable by homeopathy treatment. If yes please let me know.

  260. manish sharma says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My wife is 41 year old she is suffering from multiple fibroids on outer surface of uterus.. Period is regulars. Hight is 5’3″ & weight is 69 kg.
    Can it be curable..plz give better suggestion.

  261. I have had a fibroid and endometriosis since age 20. I had three children between the ages of 22 and 27 All three were healthy and were large babies. The fibroid stay about 4 cms for many years. Now in the past 2 years it has grown and now it is to my belly button. It was causing no problems. I started taking Phillips colon health and immediately noticed bloating and discomfort. Also noticed a sore place at the top of the fibroid. I quit taking the meds but the sore place remains. How can homeopathy help me.?

  262. madhumit purohit says:

    Fibroids is 3cm mens time is very veri peinfull
    Plz refor my medicin

  263. Ratna Kharbanda says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma.. meri age 55 years h…..23 years pehle meri fibrid ki surgery hui thi, it was about 1.5 kg . Operation ke 7 years baad meri ek beti hui. during operation doctors spotted a fibrid in uterus but koi problem tha . 2005 mein menopause ho gaya then i was 43. now there is regular pain around waist . plz suggest me a suitable homeopathy medicine to recover.

  264. Dr. Sharma sir, iam 47 years, recently i came to know that i had a large fibroid with a size of 117mmx49.5mm. I am suffering with back pain and leg pain, and my date will occur for 21 days and the bleeding will be only for 2 days. when i consulted the doctor she suggested me surgery can you please give the advice for me regarding this problem.

    • Prem Kumar says:

      Same problem facing my mom.,

      But, my mom fear for surgery.,
      She,is now age 5O wat is better remedies for its please tell me, madam?

  265. S Malick says:

    Dear Dr Sharam
    I have uterine fibroids.Uterus size is 87 mm,in long axis,62 mm in A.P
    Multiple fibroids in both walls of uterus
    Larger ones are as follows:
    In posterior wall sub serous in location measuring 27 mm- 22mm and 19mm – 22mm
    At the uterine fund us intramural in location measuring 10mm-10mm
    Anterior wall intra mural in location and bulging sub serosally measuring 34mm- 34mm
    In relation with anterior wall sub serous in location measuring 40mm- 46mm
    Left positron lateral wall sub serous measuring 30mm-30mm
    Right lateral wall of uterus intra mural measuring 38mm-32mm
    Both ovaries are normal
    I do not have any problem with my periods they come a few days before due date and last for 6-7 days
    No discomfort
    What should I take to eliminate them IAm 45 years of age with 3 kids

  266. A k Sharma says:

    Good evening Dr sir my wife is suffering with heavy bleeding during menses also suffers with uti generally & feels pain during sexual intercourse ultrasound report is as ” Uterus is anteverted,measuring 8.8*4.0*5.6 cm. A fibroid measuring 48*38 mmis seen at left lateral wall of body of uterus and a fibroid of mean dia 27 mm is seen at anterior wall of body of uterus. Please advice medicine with dose quantity.

  267. Hello dr sharma
    Meri age 47 years hay aor mere uterus main fibroid hay.itni heavy bleeding hoti hay jese koi goat ko zibah kiya ho.kisi qism ka pain nahin hota.sirf periods shuru hone se pehle thora sa kamar main dard hota hya is k ilawa kuch nahin.blood bilkul red aor non clotted hota hay.plz meri help kijiay mujhe shadid weakness ho jati hay itne ziada blood flow k ilawa meri both eyes k niche black colours k mole bhi ho gaey hain.pani ki piyas bilkul nahin lagti.aksar bp low rehta hay kabhi kabhi 90/40 bhi ho jata dry rehti hay .kapre dhone par hathon par zakham ho jate hain detergent se aor bleefi g bhi hoti hay

    • Hi Dr. SHARMA mujhe 1st march 2017 ko pata chala hy k mere uterus me Fibroid hy mujhe koi pain nhi hy periods bhi waqt par aatay hy lekn thora heavy. Sir me operation nhi karwana chahti please mujhe homeo medicine advice karen takay fibroid bina operation k khatam ho jae. Koi aisi medicine jo me pregnancy k doran bhi le saku aur jis ka baby ki growth par koi farq na paray. Thanks

  268. Louineda Pierre says:

    Hi Dr Sharma. I have a fibrosis for long time. I made a surgery since September 2011. And now the fibrosis is Coming back. I do not want to make a Surgery anymore. How can you help me.

  269. Shashi Gupta says:

    Requested to revert , Awaiting your response since 19th Feb’17,

    Hallo Dr Sharma,
    My Wife- Shashi Gupta (Age 40) having Multiple intrmural Fibroids : Ultrasound Report says :
    USG PELVIS (TVS): Uterus is Grossly Bulky measures 140x90x70mm showing multiple hypoechoic lesions in myometrium S/O intramural fibroids measuring 4.5Cm in right lateral wall, 4.4Cm in posterior wall and 3.2Cm in left lateral wall
    The Endometrial thickness measures 17mm.
    RT OVARY- is visualized and appears normal measures 26x28mm.
    LT OVARY- is visualized and appears normal measures 35x28mm.
    Mild free fluid seen in POD.

  270. Dear Dr. Sharma

    I have 3 fibroids the sizes are 4.3cm/3.8cm/2.35cm and currently taking hormeel,galium.heel & metro-adnex are these medicines effective for shrinking or decreasing fibroid?

    Thank you

  271. Victoria ebo says:

    Pls doctor where can i get this remedy for fybroid?

  272. I had uterus fibroid since many years when it revealed it was operated but again they grew I have heavy bleeding; anytime bleeding backache now I want to get rid of fibroids n these problems plzz suggest me

  273. Hlo doctor is it possible to conciev thorough ivf after the marriage of eleven years. I have 4.4×3.1×4.2 cm uterus fiboriod and husband have seman report of azospermia. What should we do

  274. my name. is mamello mahasane iam 31years old i have twoo children andi stay in south africa my question is what pills can i use to stop the blweeding of my vigana

  275. Dear Mr sharma

    I have in the past few months been told after having an Ultra Scan that I have a fibroid sitting on top of my uterus. The aize is 12″ by 8″.

    I have been offered some injections monthly to suppress my periods which in turn will reduce the fibroid by a few cm’s. Then after a hysterectomy.

    I am one that believes in alternative medicine and would be interested in what you would suggest for me.

    Kind Regards

    Anila Haq

  276. Vishnu Gupta (M-9368913124) says:

    Hallo Dr Sharma,
    My Wife- Shashi Gupta (Age 40) having Multiple intrmural Fibroids : Ultrasound Report says :
    USG PELVIS (TVS): Uterus is Grossly Bulky measures 140x90x70mm showing multiple hypoechoic lesions in myometrium S/O intramural fibroids measuring 4.5Cm in right lateral wall, 4.4Cm in posterior wall and 3.2Cm in left lateral wall
    The Endometrial thickness measures 17mm.
    RT OVARY- is visualized and appears normal measures 26x28mm.
    LT OVARY- is visualized and appears normal measures 35x28mm.
    Mild free fluid seen in POD.

  277. Salina Begum says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma.
    Last 2/13/17 I had Miomectomy.
    My dr. Said I have another small febroids but not in danger . Can I take homeopathic treatment for that purpose ? Let me know .

  278. Female aged 51years with a hypoechoic rounded “SOL” (34mm X 26mm) noted in posterior wall suggestive of Fibroid in Uterus.

  279. Hello,
    I have several large uterine fibroids and some ovarian cysts. The pain and bleeding are hindering my life. Ibuprofen no longer works. A hysterectomy has been recommended, but I am unable to afford surgery right now. I would like to try homeopathic medicine. I am concerned about interactions with my antidepressants – Welbutrin and Lexapro. I have read your article and would like to know if there are possible adverse effects from homeopathic remedies for fibroids and antidepressants? If interactions are unknown, do you think it’s still safe to take homeopathic medicines with these drugs? Thank you.

  280. Anterverted.2-3 small hypoechoic s.o.l.s are seen in myometrium.endometrial cavity shows a 15mm *12mm echogenic area ? Polyp/submucosal fibroids. Is there any risk in this report

  281. Sasireka manjunath says:

    I am 52 years I have uterine fibroids measuring 3.2-3.0cm well defined hypoeehoeic lesion seen posterior wall.

  282. age-38 yrs, having posterior wall uterine fibroids of size 4 and 2cms. can it be cured by homeopathic medicine

  283. Sd.Javeed Ahmed. says:

    Very differrentiative literature ,to well chose the remedy ,when two or more having similar symptoms with a bit differrence.Thanking with well wishing.

  284. Arwa Rasiwala says:

    Posterior wall shows a 40×30mm hypoechoic lesion
    displacing endometrial cavity anteriorly. Shows minimal vascularity.
    Endometrial caiy is empty, echo=8mm
    Posterior wall uterine lntramural fibroid

  285. doctor alam dhms says:

    doctor i m suffering from urine burning fr last ten years .i used thuja and canthras ..i need alam

  286. Khalid Mahmood says:

    what is the normal dosage for CAlcarea CArbonica? I am in Saudi Arabia and c annot get these medicines here need to get it from home.

  287. Manila Bhatia says:

    Is their any homeopathic treatment for intramural fibroid. Due to which I suffer from severe pain and heavy flow during menses

  288. vikas kumar says:

    hello Dr.
    plz prescribe homeomedicine for overien cyst right side

  289. Hello Doctor how can i the drugs?

  290. mridula sachan says:

    I Have intamural anterial wall uterine fibroid .fibroid size1.2cm &4.3cm.I am 40 yrs.old.plz prescribe medicine for me.


  292. usharani.k. says:

    Sit im 42yrs suffering from multiple uterine fibroids and endometric chocolate cyst. I hv also heavy lower abdominal pain and And heavy flow.Doctor told that its necessary to remove the uterus as the utrous supressed and attached wth bowl. Whtr it is cured by homeopathic medicines?

    • Chamona rodriguez says:

      Hi dr sharma I am battling fibroids 1 is 7 cm in the back of iterus causing pressure pain in but frequent urination heavy bleeding giant clots severe anemia pain in legs back lots of pressure something protrudes out of my vagina from time to time dr said histerectomy wont be good for me Im 41 225lbs 5’5 I see no other option take sepia wich helps with pressure

  293. petronella says:

    good day I have very large heavy bleeding or excruciating pain.I need help

  294. Good Day!
    I would like your guidance regarding a large fibroid approximately 12 cm and multiple small ones. How can I resolve this condition using homeopathy? I have just gone into menopause about a year now so I’m not menstruating, I eat and live pretty healthy, consuming organic food, no diary or meat except fish occasionally.In addition I am in excellent health with the exception of these fibroids. Please advise.

    Warmest Regards,

  295. Hi dr, sharma i am suffering from heavy periods and am over weight aswell, i have a utirine fibroid of 1 cm plz prescribe medicine for me.

  296. Shailja sharma says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I’m shailja Sharma a symptomatic fibroid suffer from past 5 years .I hv one 3.7 cm fibroid in fundas & one in anterior region of uterus ..suffrin from very very prolonged huge clotted bleeding …taking homeopathic medicine from past 5 years .don’t want get operated .please suggest some remedy

    Shailja Sharma

    • good day I m 39 years old… I have very large multiple fibroids (detect five years back )… about 10 cm …. heavy bleeding or excruciating pain… after mensus i have headack …. I practise Yoga , pranayama and regular exercise (all two hours a day) . i take healthy diet (no junk food and fat)… I m 5.5 feet tall and 64 kg. weight. i m wheatish complextion. I dont want surgery.
      My mother also had fibroids and had surgery … My daughter (23 years) also has multiple fibroids aprox…same size like me… This is genetic problem..I need help

  297. Sonika Choksi says:

    Hello Dr.
    I m 32 years i have a son of 5 years..last year I was detected to have two fbroids in my uterus….ultra sound report said it is HYPOECHOIC SMOOTH MARGINATED ROUNDED LESION MEAUSRING 33X21MM IN ANTETIOR FUNDAL AND 51X31 MM IN LEFT POSTERIOR CERVICAL MYOMETRIAL WALL…So what kind of treatment is there for this in homeopathy….pls help…

  298. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    Dear sir,I am 28 years old and I’m suffering from intramural fibroid with submucous component.the size of the fibroid is 4cm.also suffer heavy menstrual flow with large clots and prolong menstrual flow.which type of medicine can I take for this and which will be the dose for this medicine?

  299. please how do l get the things you mentioned that will shrink the big fibroid in my womb

  300. Kathy Fraser says:

    I just found put I have a fibroid tumor…only but good size…my periods are fairly regular just spotting before I start Making my periods about 10 days long and clots and few more cramps but not bad cramps…..what medicine would you recommend and do you sell them?

  301. Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 38 yrs old.I have been trying to conceive and USG reported 5 fibroids largest one 5 and half cm.My uterine cavity normal and fibroids mainly subserosa and intramural.fibroids location are middle and lower part of uterus.I have no any kinds of symptoms. My cycle is normal in term duration and bleeding. Doc suggested IVF treatment. I know fibroid can cause misscarriage, early labour and obstructive labour.
    I know homeopath slow acting has less safety efficacy.There is progesterone hormonal table that reduce 35 to 55% the size of fibroid.what is your best suggestion regarding my treatment options.Doc think my infertility reason is has no good treatment can you suggest proven homeopath to treat endrometriosis and increase chances of fertility.I conceived naturally but had misscarriage at 11 wks.Histopathy of fetus tissue reported aneupoidy.So hard to say endrometriosis or fibroid caused the misscarriage.

  302. Shalini Bhasin says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am not sure if this is an old post or relatively new, but it has instilled a lot of hope in me.
    I am a 41 years unmarried woman, suffering from Fibroids and cysts in my uterus, for the past one and a half years.
    I suffer from OCD as well, hence it took me this long to get an ultrasound done. My Doctor has suggested surgery, however that is not an option for me, as I visit hospitals or doctors. Would make a sincere request to help me out with some effective medication as my life has come to a complete halt due to my sickness
    extremely heavy bleeding, started with 15-20 days a month, now lasts for 25-28 days with just two days relief.
    Have started feeling extremely cold and chilly and am shivering most of the time
    extreme pain in lower back and left leg and stomach, really bad cramps
    Please help

  303. Helld dr
    I am 41 yrs old and had been diagnosied with uterine fibroid. Previously there was no problem except a pain in stomach during periods but for last two months i am having heavy and prolonged periods. Dr can u pl suggest any homeopathy medicine for its cure. Thank u

  304. Dr. I m having two submucous fibroids around 3.5 cm and 2.5 cm from last one year due to which i m having excessive bleeding .im 39 years old having one son.wants to conceive does this can cure with homeopathy and how long is the process.thanks

  305. Sakshi Gupta says:

    HI Dr. Sharma
    My mother in law is suffering from uterine fibroids along with menopausal symptom. She is 58 yr old and yet not attained menopause.She has taken 3 mnth course of Yuliprist prescribed by an allopath dr. Her symptoms are menstrual cycle of 25 days with nausea and stomach upset, blood flow is both clot type and fluid.
    Kindly suggest some medicine for uterine fibroids and menopausal symptoms.

  306. The Fibroid size is 11.3 Centimeter.
    Is it possible through Homeo Treatment.


  307. Hello dear dr i have treated fibroids surgically but i have repeat MRI and it still they my last surgery in September MRI showes innumerable intramural uterine fibroids and i hope i would found treatments that would help me . I’m married and I don’t have children. I hope to find treatments that well not destroy my uterus and help me to get pregnant.

  308. Jayanta Kr Bhattacharyya says:

    My wife , aged 45 yrs, is having uterine myoma. Actual USG report says ” A 4.3*3.9 cm mid posterior intramural heterogeneous , non necrotic and non calcified myoma is seen effacing adjoining endometrium. Smaller myomas are seen along the anterior wall.”
    She has long heavy periods but not any much pain or other complications so far.
    Ultimate hysterectomy is the diagnosis by gynochologist.

    Can it be treated otherwise and curable in homeopathy ? We wish to avoid surgical treatment.

  309. malia shirley says:

    For women suffering from uterine fibroids, it is important for them to know that they are not alone. I have been living with fibroids since I was 26 years old. Over the years they’ve just continue to grow and cause other concerns. I had a MRI done and the doctor said they found 4 fibroids and possibly more if they were too small for detection. My abdomen looks as if I was 14weeks pregnant. I had a myomectomy removing 4 fibroids and other treatment but all prove abortive. My problem was that the fibroid continued to grow back at an unusually rapid rate and was usually back to its original size and after one failed cycle we’re back at square one. I was lucky to have access to Herbal Medicine, This medicine strunk all my fibroid without having to grow back. I now consider myself most fortunate. Contact Dr.Leonard, his medicine may work for you too (

  310. Homoeo Dr Amjad ALi Chohan pakistan says:

    USG Abdominal / Pelvis
    40Year Female
    UTREUS :
    The Bulky anterverted Utreus Shows a Large & Solid Hypoechoic Lesion in Posterior utrerine Wall Displacing the Endometrium Anteriorly Measuring 5.76*4.99 cm.
    This IS Consistent with a Ytrine Fibroid .the Endometrial Stripe itself mesures 8mm.
    A Large 18mm Nabothian Cyst is Noted the Interna OS
    LIVER : Fatty Change GALL BLADDER : is Contracted Over 1.76cm Calculus
    uterine Fibroid Hepatic Steatosis ,Cholelithiasis
    plz select Remedy
    Dr Amjad Ali Chohan Chichawatni , Sahiwal ,Punjab, Pakistan

  311. Fibroid affecting my utrus inner side .I am getting low leaning in utrus which results in infertility ,Please help me.

  312. Rahima islam says:


    I have a uterine fibroid and I only discovered it last year when I lost a baby at five month. Could tje fibriod be the cause of my baby coming early?. At first I had heavy periods and bleeding in between, but now my periods are back to normal, no pain and no in between bleeding. Although this fibriod is not affecting me, I would like to concieve again, but I am too scared of losing another child. What treatment would you suggest. During the scans of my pregnancy, it was shown that my fibriod was increasing in size. So now I don’t know how big it is.

  313. sir,iam 34 in age and have 5 years girl.I had a misscarriage at 12 week pregnancy last year May.After that I have regular periods for about 6 months.Then I have undergone D&C due to continued heavy bleeding with big clots for 2 months.They told me that there were some peices left in my uterus after the abortion.After it I was on birthcontroll pills for about 6 months.From July 2016 we are trying to conceive, but nothing. This month I was late for 13 days.I took hpt 3 times and it came out negative. now I was spotting from light brown to bright red bleeding since 4 days.This bleeding is. only in the afternoon. yesterday and today there was little black clots also.I am not feeling at pregnancy symptoms. please help me what should I do?

  314. Chitra Tyagi says:

    Hello sir, I have a uterine fibroid of 2.3 * 1.5 cm & a uterine polyploid of 1.7* 2.5 cm . I need a treatment for these. Also , I am missing my mc from month of april. My mc was in month of October. My weight is 89 kg.

  315. Hello sir my name is shobha and my age is 42 sir I am suffering fromuterine intramural fibroid with subserosal components size of fibroid is 32×30mm I have severe pain during periods and also have back pain sir I also have uterine pain and have a severe gasteric problems also please sir give me proper treatment thanks

  316. Layla Forndez says:

    I have been following this blog for a while now and today i felt like i should share my story because i was a victim too. I had endometriosis for 18 years and i never thought i would ever get a cure due to the terrible symptoms i had and this made it impossible for me to get pregnant even after 12 years of marriage and it was a serious issue. I got to know about Dr. Aleta who treated someone and the person shared a story of how she got a cure and let her contact details, i contacted Dr. Aleta and she actually confirmed it and i decided to give a try too and use her herbal medicine that was how my burden ended completely. My son will be 2 this december and i am greatful to God and thankful to her for medicine too. If you have (Endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroid, Ovarian cyst, Ectopic Pregnancy or any infertility issues) just reach her on (aletedwin @ gmail. com) she has professional advise and a cure too.

  317. hello it is just three month of my marriage and my wife has rasoli of 5 mm in bachedani(urator) Please tell me the best medicines and treatement for this ?

  318. Rakesh Gupta says:

    My wife age 44 years is suffering from uterous fiberoids.It is located inner side of uterous having size 53*40, Is it cure from homeopathy medicine,kindly suggest me.

  319. Me from bangladesh polam left breast i go clinic dr gib me test ultrasonography after i go test finis gib me report left breast report dr gib me one hypo to isoechoic solid nodule (3.7 x 2.2 cm) is seen this report what poblam you gib me arjandt report pelece help me this report good or no good

  320. Arshdeep Kaur says:

    Hiii doctor
    I have cervical fibroid on post wall of cervix which is highly degenerated. Earlier I was not aware but during pregnancy I found that there is cervical fibroid. It’s size continuously grew during pregnancy. At the time of delivery, it’s size was 20×10cm. I had major caesarean. Now it’s size reduces to 13.8×9.6 cm. Please suggest me what should I do now. Should I go for surgery or follow homeopathy/ayurvedic treatment?

  321. Hi dr sharma my self purnima sing i m from lucknow i m suffering from constripation, allergic sinus, gastrointitis, bronchitis, ovarian cyst and fibroid in uterus kindly suggest me medicine dear doctor.
    Purnima singh
    Age 40

  322. Hello doctor..I’m am suffering with intra mural uterine fibroid in uterus …57*52*46..pls tell me some homeopathic medicine for ..pls help me

    • kiran subba says:

      my mother aged 72 has been detected with uterine cyst .sized 5 cm app and the size remaining same for last one and half year. she is neither having a pain nor bleeding but she is feeling uncomfortable. please kindly give me a suggestion for her treatment.

  323. Hi, I have fibroid in my womb which is 6.1 cm in size. I am have a daughter who is 8 yrs old and after her I could not conceive at all.

  324. Hi dr. Sharma, I’m 21 years old and i have a large fibroid 5.7 cm. I have never been pregnant before and i have been experiencing back pain, constpation and my doctor recently say I’m anenic sigh….I also recently trying to get pregnant because my doctor also said i should have a child before the next two years because of where the fibroid is located.i have done some research and where my fibroid is located they called it uterine fibroid…Dr.Sharma please reply to me and let me know if i can still get pregnant and if i would have a healthy baby as my eating habits have even change i dont eat as much or as otften as i use to

  325. Muhammad Mohsin says:

    Assalam o Alaikum,
    dear sir, today we went to a radiologist, he did ultrasound of my wife and said that their are three fibroids or tumors of 3 to 4 cm in size, he suggested for surgery, kindly suggest me soon what we do, kindly reply soon, age is 30years, weight is 50, height is 5 feet, Pakistan

  326. Hello, I have a very large fibroid. It goes about 3″ above my bellybutton and it’s like being 5/6 months pregnant. So, I have a large tummy. I also have monthly migraines around the time for my period. Other than that, it gives me no other problem.
    Can you help?
    Thanks, Gena


    my wife endometirial thickness is 15 cm thickened she is using Homeo pathic medicine since last 5 months but no changes appears in endometirial thickness. and in right overy small cyst appears hemorage, can I continued Homeopathi medicins or went to hallopathi please suggest me.

  328. A.K.Chakraborty says:

    My wife Mrs Priti chakraborty has large size fibroid. She experiences uterus pain during
    menses time in the lower abdomen. She also experiences back pain in waist.Please suggest me the proper medicine. Now she is taking fraxinus americann for last 2 years.

  329. I have 3 cm fibroid in my uterus and I have excessive bleeding during periods for like 10 days can it be treated by homeopathy my allopathy doctors suggest uterus removal please advice

    • shashikala chelak says:

      Mai shashikala chelak W/O-ishwar chelak age-26
      From-raipur (chhattisgarh) mera do baar abortion huva hai (1-1/2,-2month)
      meri nabhi ke left side me pain hota hai aur adhiktar fiver rahta hai.saath hi low hb, weakness rahta hai.
      USG report me antiverted uterus bataya gaya hai.
      Mai kya karu advice de.Gn.

    • Hello dr i am 40 years old.i am suffering with fibriods . I want to shrink fibriods size in can it possible.thanks

  330. Monira Rahman says:


    I am having a fibroid in my cervix and size is 1.7 mm. My period flow is very low and it last for only 2 days.

    Do not feel any pain due to the fibroid.

    Will there be any issue in conceiving.

    Can this be cured permanently.

  331. Hi Doctor
    I have multiple fibroids in uterus 6cm is large one and
    Right ovary shows Brown cyst…
    Please tell me best medicine n duration

  332. Esther Munaff says:

    Hello doctor iam 45 years just now doctors discovered that I have sub serous fibroid on the uterus clusters and in side the uterus 2cm fibroid
    Please advise me

  333. I am 38 years married n have 12 year old daughter. My uterus is bulky and measures 8.4 cm× 5.4 cm× 6.6 cm in size. The endometrial thickness is 6.6 mm. A fibroid measuring 38 mm x 45 mm is seen in the fundus . And a tiny fibroid seedling of 11 mm in diameter is seen in the anterior wall to the right. Both ovaries are normal. I have heavy bleeding during periods. This month I started bleeding on 2nd November and still continue to bleed. The bleeding was heavy for firsthe two days n now there is clots n spotting

    • I am 38 years married n have 12 year old daughter. My uterus is bulky and measures 8.4 cm× 5.4 cm× 6.6 cm in size. The endometrial thickness is 6.6 mm. A fibroid measuring 38 mm x 45 mm is seen in the fundus . And a tiny fibroid seedling of 11 mm in diameter is seen in the anterior wall to the right. Both ovaries are normal. I have heavy bleeding during periods. This month I started bleeding on 2nd November and still continue to bleed. The bleeding was heavy for firsthe two days n now there is clots n spotting


    Dr. Sharma,
    I am Ananya Mukherjee , 32 years and unmarried. I am from Kolkata. I have been diagnosed with uterine fibroid (subserosal fibroid- 3cm). Can you suggest some alternative medicine to surgery please. please help me.

  335. Hello sir here jyot
    I have feel a severe pain after completing menstrual and now a days I have to face a short period of 1 or 2 days with dark black clotted blood. But the pain which I feel is unbearabl. As my age is 37 and I am unmarried. So please suggest a good homeopathic treatment as I tried allopathic but I can’t feel better.


  336. Gurcharan S Mundi says:

    Good morning Dr Sharma I’m 60 year old man find out my gallbladder wall polyp measuring 0.5cm. I really don’t want Surgery,please help me with home remedies.

  337. Sir, I am a patient of Mild primary hyperparathyroidism [PTH always high(250,183, 102), calcium always normal(8.6, 9, 8.6,8.8), phosphorous low- normal, osteoporosis] with vitamin D difficiency. Vit D therapy has been going on for more than 2 yrs. Have any effective treatment for me? Regards, H.K. Saha

  338. Chitra Devi says:

    Gud afternoon Dr. Sharna
    Am 36years I have multiple fibroid and constipation and no pain during menstrual period, and my ultrasonograhy report shows bulky in size 133*84mm with irregular outline. Shows multiple intramural and sub serosal SOLs largest one measuring 63*52mmin the left lateral wall. Please suggest a medicine to reduce the size and cure my fibroid.

  339. Good Morning Dr Sharma

    im a 37 year old woman just found out that I have a fibroid as big as a tennis ball and I really don’t want surgery, please help me with home remedies.

  340. kamal jeet says:

    a well define hypoechoic lesion measuring 35,36mm is seen occupying the body of uterus towards right side. another small nodule of seen in the anterior myometrium. left anexa shows adilated cystic structure measuring 3.8_3.3cm adherent to overy

  341. Dear sir
    I m37 years old woman with blocked fallopian tubes suffering from uterine fibriods as well as endometrial hyperplasia . Fibriids are two in no measuring 2.1 ×1.5 and 1.9×1.5 cm .I feel heaviness in rectum and my lower abdomen bloated .is there cure for me ? how should I go for a homeopathic treatment

  342. Dear mam/sir.I m 30years old.I have 37mm fibroid in my uterus.I am not getting there any homopathic treatment for this problm.

  343. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Plz suggest me whether the uterine fibroid can be shrinked in size, by the homeopathic treatment.
    Will the operation for the removal causes damaging effects on the body?
    With regards,

  344. Dr. Gazala khan says:

    Good afternoon Dr. Sharma,
    I had uterine fibroids intramural and
    Subserosal fibroids and were removed by laproscopic myomectomy last month. They detected adenomyosis also
    Do u have any treatment in homeopathy so that these fibroids and adenomyosis do not come back.
    Dr. Gazala

  345. Dear Doctor Sharma,

    I have 8cm diameter fibroid detected in 19 weeks of pregnant condition. I am in USA and doctor saying there is no treatment at this ages and had to take the pain medicine (Acitominophen) whenever there is pain. I have debiliating pain when it starts.
    Need your help and advice is homeopath can cure and control the size of it without imposing any risk to baby and future weeks before delivery.
    Appreciate your help so much and kind advice.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Doctor Sharma,

      i have menses last for too long durection,( since one year) sever back pain, left leg will pain more then the right, feet remain excessively cold , once if I sit for (10 to 15 minutes ) and then stand, i will feel heavy pain in feet,
      MEASURING 8.1/5.1/5.8 CMS
      RIGHT; 2.5*1.4 CMS, LEFT: 2.7*1.6 CMS
      P.O.D: FREE


  346. Good morning Dr, I want to know how I can remove fibroid from my tummy without surgery. I have multiple fibroids 10cm,6cm,1cm

  347. Caroline Ojeaga says:

    Good morning Dr, I want to know how I can remove fibroid from my tummy without surgery. I have multiple fibroids 10cm,6cm,1cm

  348. Guruprasad says:

    My wife suffering uterus fibroid right Brody legment size 4.3×2.3 subserious 13×5mm submuscol 1.3×8mm

  349. Dear sir Endometrial Lining gross thickness 21.8mm
    Plz help me treatment

  350. Hello sir,
    My age is 48 I have bulky uterus with intramural fibroid is surgery is necessary to remove fibroid do you have any treatment without surgery due to this my hemoglobin level was decereasing give me a right solution for my problem pls reply

    • Arwa Rasiwala says:

      Posterior wall shows a 40×30mm hypoechoic lesion
      displacing endometrial cavity anteriorly. Shows minimal vascularity.
      Endometrial caiy is empty, echo=8mm
      Posterior wall uterine lntramural fibroid

  351. Hello sir,
    Thanks, I have Uterine fibroid and small cervical cyst.there is a cystic area measuring about 1.3 cm x 1.2 cm seen in the cervix.I have no bleeding and periods time are normal.I have high BP 90/140 Always and insomnia almost all night from last 4 month. some time i have used Allopathic medicine for insomnia and high BP.plz reply


  352. I have multiple small fibroids near the uterus wall. I am taking
    Fraxinus americana from last 2 months but my bleeding is
    Still heavy. How do I go about to have less bleeding during periods and how many months does it take.

  353. R/Dr. Sherma,
    My age is 42 got married in the age of 36. One and half year of marriage when I didn’t conceive then I went for investigation and got shocked to see the multiple uterine fibroid .I am a Dhms so I started taking my medicines like thelaspi ferrummet fraxinus but no use. Last january I operated but still there is no hope to conceive.plz reply

  354. Jessy cynthia says:

    How can I treat my multiple fibriods

  355. i have 3 fibroids i.e sizes are 7mm,10mm,11mm how can reduce or remove these fibroids i have no problems these fibriopds pls help me

  356. Shilpi chanda says:

    I have hypoecoic sol in uterus and also ovarian complex to cure it in homeopathy?

  357. vivek verma says:

    I am facing problem of fishers as well as piles (not sure but symptoms are like this). when ever I go to potty in morning I feel so much pain and feel like something is peeling off inside anal as well as some bleeding is also there. let you explain I am facing this problem from may 2016. I tried allopathy treatment which give temporary relief. then I go for homeopathic treatment which took a long time to give me relief but last Wednesday I feel gas in tummy & go for potty in morning 3am. then I feel that something is parting off and feel so much pain in passing of stool. from that day onwards I daily feel pain during morning & there is little blood is there while stooling but in morning only. the pain was there whenever I go for stooling. the pain remains all day. Pain is swear & I feel problem in sitting (my sitting work is more then 9-10 Hrs.) walking e.t.c. what I have to do please suggest. Please help me out because the pain is unbearable some time & I cant discuss this problem with others. Please reply by return mail.

  358. Pallavi sharma says:

    Hello doctor i m suffering from bulky fobroids so plz suggest me which medicine i will take

  359. Ravi Kumar N says:

    Halo Doctor,

    My Wife Roopa, aged about 36 years suffering from bulk firbroids, she has severe pain during mensus perioid.

    Plz suggest if any and do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ravi Kumar N

  360. Prashant Vashishtha says:

    Hello Dr.

    My wife has 7 cm overian cyst we are taking treatment of homophetic last 5 months but no improved in ultrasound alophethic Dr is saying for operate it. we have no baby yet 2 years of our marriage plz suggested us.

  361. Hello sir/mam I am having fibroid inside the utres and also thyroid and taking medicine from may 2016 but till today no positive response is seen.pls suggest what to do

  362. Hello Dr. I am diagnosed with the intramural fibroid and I’m planning for the kid could you please suggest if it would affect the pregnancy…

  363. marlene angiolini says:

    I am passed monapause and starting to have cramps from my fibroids. Is there a remedy for this? Thank you.

  364. sheela krishna says:

    my wife is diaognised with posterior wall fibroid aftet an ultra sound scanl. how can homoeopsthy help in curing this problem?.

  365. I have the problem that slight bleeding continues more than 3 months now,which i think no connection with period.i have a subserosus fibroid with a size of about 4 it possible ?i heard this kind of fibroid do not cause bleading.plz help.

  366. sir,l renu pandey from mumbai.
    mujhe fibrobs hai uterus ke udar 1.23×2.24 bobahot pain hota hai period aane ke 10 din pehale abdome n mein aur backache mein.raat mein hota hai 3.ya4.30time par aur jab stool aur gase pass hota hai toh pain thoda kam hota hai.aur period ke baad 10 din tak white discharge hota hai. mujhe white discharge ka bhi problem hai.please suggest me some good medicine for this 7sal se pareshan hua.

  367. I have several forboids in uturus big and small also and I am unmariede . is there safe treatment ment for forboids

  368. Hi Dr Sharma
    I have been getting extremely heavy periods for over 7 years. As a result, I find it difficult to work during this time and cannot socialise. I have had developing back problems for about 10 years and recently had a urinary tract infection that got serious and I was unable to walk as far as the end of my street. This was accompanied by 2 months of digestive problems.
    Apart from that, I am very healthy. I am very slim, I exercise daily (yoga, walking and cycling), eat well (I am a vegetarian and love health foods).
    I am 47 years of age.
    Might you know what natural remedies I should be taking?
    Many thanks and best wishes

  369. Hi I just turned 50 an I had a period that went past seven days GYN put me on provera which gave me headaches do I stop then the period came back I also was given an ultrasound now the doctors want to discuss possible surgery.
    Is there an homeopathic meds you suggest to stop this bleeding I been bleeding for the month of September.

    Transabdominal and transvaginal imaging was performed. Transvaginal imaging performed for better delineation of pelvic anatomy . Endocavity probe identification number 1. Patient gave permission for transvaginal ultrasound . Patient tolerated transvaginal ultrasound exam. Measurements ———— The uterus measures L: 10.9 x W: 8.3 x H: 5.9. The endometrial stripe measures 9.3. The left ovary measures 2.3 x 1.6 x 1.4 cm. Volume 2.7. Uterus > Uterus ————— There is heterogenous and prominent/rounded appearance of myometrium, posteriorly. Possible increased echogenic foci in this region. No discernible borders seen in this location. There is mild mass effect and distortion on the adjacent endometrium. Uterus > Endometrium ——————– The endometrial stripe appears normal in thickness. Uterus > Cervix ————— Single Nabothian cyst is noted in the cervix. Ovaries ——- The ovaries appears normal in size and echogenicity

  370. Avijit Dutta says:

    Sir my wife 42 years old. Ultra sound report is bulky
    Uterus with multiple fibroids. Heavy pain and bleeding with clauts. Please suggest me.

  371. vijaya kumari says:

    hi Dr.sharma im vijaya. 44 years old. this is report of ultra sound scan
    problem: bulky uterus with multiple fibroids

    uterus: bluky in size measuring 90 x 63 x 57 mm
    multiple hypoechoic nodular liesions are seen in myometrium; bigger lesion measuring 30 x 22 mm in posterior wall and 18 x 11 mm in anterior wall endometrial echo is normal. E.T- 4MM

    can u please suggest me medicen for this problem

    • vijaya kumari says:

      hi Dr.sharma im vijaya. 44 years old. this is report of ultra sound scan
      problem: bulky uterus with multiple fibroids

      uterus: bluky in size measuring 90 x 63 x 57 mm
      multiple hypoechoic nodular liesions are seen in myometrium; bigger lesion measuring 30 x 22 mm in posterior wall and 18 x 11 mm in anterior wall endometrial echo is normal. E.T- 4MM

      can u please suggest me medicen for this problem

  372. Sir my is suffering from fibroid tumor during mc she got heavy pain bleeding&clauts please suggest me.

  373. hello dr sharma my wife have 1 fibroid in utress it size 5*5.we dnt have any child yet.we r going for ivf but dr r saying that we have to remove the fibroid first then after we will go for ivf.and i dnt want any surgury plz guide me wht shood i do.and is there any medicine which cure fibroid as quick as possible.thnx.

  374. Regina forgive sekyim says:

    I. have multi noudles firoid which result in me being anaemic and unstable menstrual flow

  375. Hello dr sharma
    I am facing problem of cyst in utres on posterior wall.prolonged periods and heavy bleeding is probledr has gvn me medicine for harmonal inbalance named bleedimg controled but kindly preacribed me homopathic medocine.


  376. swapan kundu says:

    There is a fibroid in my wife’s uterus. How we treatment it. Please tell us.

  377. SHARMISTHA NATH says:

    SIZE 5CM

    • Tiyash Mukherjee says:

      I have been diagonised with 15cm fibroid in my abdomen which is pressurixing my bladder. Is it possible i can treat it with homeopathy? If so pleae guide me as how to go about it.

  378. Shaily singh says:

    My mother has uterine fibroids as well cyst in ovary and cervix . She has stones in gall bladder too . Her menses are frequent and heavy . What medicines will u prescribe her sir for her .

    • Hi I suffered for uterine fabroids for the past 5years,and been in hospital 3weeks,ago with strong pain under my bladder,and I go 7to8times to urinate can’t get rest more then an hour,iam always in bathroom,my fabroid size is 37mm I don’t know how big is that is? I,m suffering all what I want is just to sleep couple hours without urinating

  379. I have multiple fibroids in uterus and my uterus is bulky suggest me some homeopathy solution.

  380. Sir, I am 36 year oid.In my uterus outside layer there are one small size fibroid.My uterus have also bulky. I am also having heavy beading with thick pieces of blood during my mensural circles.
    Kindly tell me which homeopathy medicine can I take right now.
    With regards.

  381. Kajal Mahajan says:

    Dear sir ,
    I am 45 years old with two fibroid in uterus .
    First measuring 57.6 × 51.6 ×48.6 mm vol.75.69cc. this is seen to distort the endometrial cavity completely.
    Second measuring 33.6 × 31.4 × 29.0 mm vol16.05 cc
    Uterus is bulky in size measuring 97.9 × 77.9 × 63.9 mm volume 255.0cc
    Rest is all normal in size & shape.

    Please suggest homeopathic remedies for the same.


  382. Hello respected Dr sahab
    Sadar pranaam,

    Men suman out side uterus fibroids se suffer kar rahee hun . Abhi recently detect hua hai aur size bhee abhee bahut chhota hai KRIPAYA àap mujhe advice kijiye aur medicine bhee bataayeeye . Lord Krishna aap ka bhala karenge . meree age 25 yrs hai .

  383. Hello sir I am Himanshu . Mere neck par ek gilti (rasauli ) ho gaya h . Jo mai bahut medicine liya par thik n hua . To aap koi medicine bataye help me

  384. Sapana kumari says:

    Respected Sir
    I am 35yes have no children.2012 operation was done to remove fibroid from uterus.l have regular period.its 5to 7 days and heavy bleeding 2-3 days,vary painful and dark rad.
    UTERUS–Anterverted bulky and measures 15.2*9.8*8.3cm,valume is 651cc.A large intramural fibroid measuring 10.8*7.5cm.Endometrial thickness is 11.4mm.
    KIDNEYS–R.kidney measure 9.1*3.2cm
    L.kidney measure 9.4*3.7cm
    OVARIES– R.Ovary measure3.1*2.4*2.3cm volume is 9.5cc
    L.Ovary measure 4.6*3.3*2.1cm volume is 17.4cc.
    IMPRESSION– 1. Bulky heteroechoic uterus with a large intramural fibroid and few smaller I’ll defined fibroid.
    2. Few small endometrioties cysts in the left overy.
    Once a time I operate it but now I am again facing the problems. So please, please suggest me.

  385. Sir my wife has multiple fibroids for past six months now she has over bleeding of more than weeks we don’t want remove utrous pls give advice to cure by homeo

  386. Bolekwa magazi says:

    Where will I get the treatment

  387. Bolekwa magazi says:

    As from 1995 I was have fibriods then operation was done and also in 1999 but still they are available and it has stopped the men’s and I don’t have children though I’m 52 years old so I’m desparate in need of a baby please help me

  388. seem a bubna says:

    my age 42 fibroid directly no any problem but my body swollen at wrist and feet weight is not reducing

  389. my age is 40 and doctors told me i have bags of water in my uterus plz tell me what is this and what i take ??

  390. my age is 40 and doctors told me i have bags of water in my uterus plz tell me what is this and what i take ??

    • Mamta Pradhan says:

      I m 37yr old.I have a subserous myoma of size 43mm_×34mm×48mm. I dont hv a baby n i want to conceive soon.Please suggest me for a homeopathy medicine as i m scared of surgery

  391. Hello Dr,
    Pleasetc I am in Ghana, please can I get the Calcareous Fluorocarbon to buy? Thanks.

  392. My wife age is – 45 years . My wife’s periods comes early in 20 or 15 days . Their is very much bleeding and she also has pain during and before coming the periods . She has also a small fibroid measuring – 4 to 5 mm . So please tell us what to do and their is some medicine for curing it so please tell us.

  393. Hi , I went to the Radiology for hsg everything went well but they have discovered that I have a fibroid on my left side of my uterus which is about 3.1cm. Which homeopathic I can go for? I am 35yrs of age: please help I want to avoid surgery.

  394. Garima Jain says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,

    Sir I am a 27 year old unmarried girl pursuing MBA from IIM Bangalore. I have an intramural fibroid of size 70 mm*58 mm*58 mm. I took a homeopathic treatment, during the first 3 months of which the fibroid reduced in size but in the next 5 months the size remained same.

    Now I am concerned as to what I should be doing next. Please help me Sir, I shall be really grateful”

    Thanks and Regards,
    Garima Jain

  395. Hi,
    I have a utrine fabroid in the 5th month of pregnancy and there is a type of labour pain in lower abdomen and also painful urination so please suggest me.

  396. Prasanta Das says:

    My wife is suffering from uterine fibroids, size is 11 cm x 11 cm, her age is 27 years, is there any medicines to shrink the fibroids, I want to avoid surgery. Please help

  397. dear sir,

    I have Ashermans Syndrome and uterus cavity my uterus hard I had 2 surgeries Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy because I had chocalety systc too and it has been remove

    I have back pain
    Abdomin pain
    Discharge problem
    Abnormal bleeding during menses
    Kindly prompt reply solution
    From zubia

    • dear Sir
      i have a fibroid in uterus 10cm and i want to conceive …i have taken a haemopathy medicine but still my fibroid not shrink..Pls suggest

  398. Amandeep singh says:

    Hlo sir my mom had hypoechoic fibroid in the posterior myometrium about 37.6 into 29 mm whats its remedy and treatment to remove it

  399. Sharmila Ram says:

    Sharmila Ram
    I have an ultrasonography and the report says, Uterus is normal in size(7. 4*2. 8*4. 5 c. m) and anteverted and anteflexed. Myometrium is homogenous. A1. 3*1. 1 cm mid posterior homogeneos myoma is seen. Post void 50 cc. What does it mean? Do i need a surgery? Please suggest me as soon as possible. I have low abdominal pain , leg pain, back pain during periods 1st day, periods stays for 3 to 4 days. Please help me out.
    subject: Uterine myoma

  400. Dear sir I have multiple fibroids of small size in uterus . I have severe pain in abdomin during mensis. My mensis are regular and normal but due to severe pain I am in great problem please help me in getting rid off these uterine fibroids.

    • Sharmila Ram says:

      Sharmila Ram
      I have an ultrasonography and the report says, Uterus is normal in size(7. 4*2. 8*4. 5 c. m) and anteverted and anteflexed. Myometrium is homogenous. A1. 3*1. 1 cm mid posterior homogeneos myoma is seen. Post void 50 cc. What does it mean? Do i need a surgery? Please suggest me as soon as possible. I have low abdominal pain , leg pain, back pain during periods 1st day, periods stays for 3 to 4 days. Please help me out.
      subject: Uterine myoma

  401. My age is 33 years.i have two kids with normal delivery . One is of 13 n other of 10.
    One big fibroid size of tennis ball and multiple small fibroids ..biggest fibroid is 4.5 cm into 4 cm .
    Due to polysistic ovaries pimples comes so I started eating contraceptive pills for two and a months ..because of which now cervical erosion started.

    Doctor suggested also to go for small sugery for cervical erosion this id called cervical cautery .

  402. Aruna Dogra says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma
    I am 46 year old .I hv single fibroid size 4.5×4 cm.From last two year I am suffering from heavy bleeding & menses comes after 23 to 26 days gap between every month due to this my heamoglbin goes down.Frequent urination is also there.I cant control urination. Dr.sugest me surgery but they told still wait.My request is that tell me proper way off treatment I don’t want surgery.

  403. Sunita Singh says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am 45yrs old suffering from thyroid and taking thyroxine 125mg since 2007even went for surgical removal of fibroid the same year. Last month as was having heavy bleeding went to the doctor, had ultra sound which shows many fibriods sige (3.8:4.5 cm 3.6:2.9 cm)

    Doctors is suggesting surgical removal of the fibriods
    The ultrasound report also shows multiple gallstones size 7.6mm and grade 1 fatty lever. I am highly confused don’t know what to do as I don’t want to go for any operations as last year only had an accident and had to go for total right hip replacement. Please advise

  404. nancy alex says:

    gudday doc,pls i stopped menstruating and went to hospital i was diagonised of pcos i took progynova for 21days ad thereafter took primolute n for 10days ad has stopped it but went for pelvic scan ad found out i had thickness of endometrium cavity of 9.7mm am i going to menstruate anytime from now .thanks

  405. Shivli Khan says:

    I’m suffering from fibroid
    Need help…


    Respected Dr,

    I am 42yrs of age ,, have thyroid disorder and been taking medication of 125mcg Thyroxine daily. I am suffering from febroids , severe leg cramps and heavy bleeding, irregular periods, heavy weakness . My weight is 85 Kg. My USG report is – Uterus-Tiny subserosal fibroids are noted in the fundus anteroirly (0.8 x 0.6 cm) & upper urinary body posteriorly (1.4 x 1.3cm). Nabothian cysts are seen in cervix. OVARIES- Thin walled, unilocular cysts are noted in both ovaries, measuring 2.4 x 1.6 cm in right ovary & 2.2 x 1.5 cm in left ovary. Low level echogenic contents are noted in the left ovarian cyst.
    Alopathy doctor prescribed injection Depo-provera and Regestrone hormone tablets. I knew that those medicines have very bad side effects. I want to get homeopathy treatment. Will you please advise something for me. i shall be very thankful to you.
    With Regards, Brati Duttasarma

  407. Gee thanks a says:

    I am 49 years women I am suffering from febroids . Suffering from cramps and heavy bleeding . Doctor told to do advice any medicin .i don’t want to go for help

  408. Sunil dutt says:

    Hallo, Dr sahib my wife a facing the problem of swelling of uterus and luquira, back pain, hot feet and. Hand, irregular monthly course, excess bleeding and fatigue. Kindly write and prescribe the best and suitable medicine. I shall be highly obelige.
    ……. With thanks…… Sunil Dutt Sharma.. Gr.noida.
    Contact no 9717593054.

  409. Sulakchana says:

    Hello Dr,

    I have tried all types of medicines without any result. Im 32yrs of age ,unmarried, have thyroid disorder and been taking medication of 100mcg Thyroxine daily. I did not get periods for almost 5months. Kindly let me know what needs to be done.

  410. Ap diameter of 5.7 × 6.6cm and 5.6cm × 5.8cm. They are intramural and subserous in location. Internal O.s is Closed.Both adnexa appear free. Pouch of Douglas is empty. No free pelvic collection I am not married please what can I do.

  411. Sir,
    My wife is having multiple uterine Febroids size 57 x 63 & 32 x 29. Sir, during periods excessive bleeding flow, can you suggest something for her. i shall be very thankful to you.

    • Sir my mom is suffering from subserosal fibroids.It is 14cm this homeopathic medicine can cure this problem without surgery?

  412. helo doctor, i am 32 years unmarried girl. On real time B-Mode sonography of utress i found upto 40 mm complex cystic lesion with internal echoes is seen in right T.O., follicular cyst with internal haemorrage…. No fluid is seen in CUL-DE-SAC….

    problem is continue bleeding since july…. with medicine sometime bleed reduced but dint stop till date..

    please suggest me is this curable with medicines ???

  413. Aish Tanam says:

    Hello. Dr
    I am 48 years old and suffering for uterine fibroids measuring 10 cm.. Symptoms are excessive bleeding during mesturation which prolong to 20 to 30 days. The blood is bright red in color. I want to avoid surgery and treat homeopathically..
    I would really appreciate your help.

  414. Hello Doctor
    I have been diagnosed with uterine fibroid. Symptoms are excessive bleeding,frequent urination and right abdomen pain.Got MRI done.Its 8 cm big fibroid.
    Do you have any suggestions or medicines
    Please tell me

  415. tasira afrin says:

    I am 32 years old.2007 and 2010 I had 2times ectopic pregnancy. Then I don’t try for I have severe pain in period.I can’t tolerate.ihave cyst in both overy and uterus and cervix is closed.i have no right present my amh level is very low,0’4.from many years I eat Homio medicine but no improvement.Dr says,do hysterectomy as soon as possible. Please Sir,if you know any Homio medicine that totally cure me,please tell me.I will send my ultrasound report.I am from Bangladesh.

  416. Having subsirosal fybroid of 6.3 cm…. i had menupause 2 years back

  417. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have at least 5 large fibroids around uterus that measure between 5 cm and 4/3 cm. Doctor OBGYm reccomends isterectomy I am 45 but I still hope in another child even if we have sterility problems between me and my husband. I would like to avoid surgery and treat homeopatically if possible. My cicle is regular 28 -30 days . Period is 7 days long with 2 heavy days with bright blood and dark cloths. During flow especially first 2 days my uterus is in pain and becomes enlarged almost double size and hard with bering down sensation. When I have no period I have no pain only need to go bathroom more often. Size of my uterus is 10 weeks pregnant woman. I have been also anemic and taken iron supplement for it.
    I would really appreciate your help in this matter and receive a homepathic cure for this problem.

  418. Hi Dr Sharma
    I am Raheela and was diagnosed with endocervical fibroid of 5X3 CM 3 months before. After that I had no pain during periods but after 4 months of diagnosis my periods were absent and the size of fibroid is 6×6 cm. Please tell me any remedy as I dont want to go for surgery

  419. urmila sharma says:

    97X77 lower utrus tell me a medicine .for damage my fibroids

  420. Arnabi Sen says:

    Fibroids with calcificatio have been detected in my uterus according to USG report. I am taking medicine to check bleeding for three years. In the mean time my fibroids have enlarged to 3/3.5 inches. Now doctor’s are suggesting hysterectomy. Is it possible to avoid surgery at this stage. I am undergoing clottin at night now. My age is 52

  421. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have many fibroids, some large in size. My periods are sometimes heavy and i sometimes feel tired or dizzy. I have had anemia since i was a child but have been taking iron supplements such as Ferrum Housmann Fol which has iron and folic acid. I had my fibroids checked yesterday and since 2013, some have grown a bit. My gynecologist says that i have many fibroids and i should pray that i get my menopause soon as to avoid drastic surgery if they become too big and may cause too much loss of blood during my periods. I have never had blood inbetween my periods and my periods are on time. They last from 5 to 7 days. I would like to ask that you help me as i feel scared about this issue. Is there a Homeopathic Treatment that would help the fibroids from growing any larger and help with my menstruation? I would greatly appreciate your advice since I am extremely upset.
    Thank you very much,

  422. Hello, I have just discovered that I have small multiple utirine fibroids through scan I want to have another baby what do I do

  423. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am 32 years of age. I am diagnosed with uterine fibroid for last two years. The size of my fibroids are less than an inch. i am given contraceptives (Yasmin) by my gynecologist. My symptoms include prolonged perion and heavy bleeding. also I did suffer from bleeding between the cycle. Please suggest me weather homeopathy will help me if I swicth over to it for further treatment. Also please do tell weather it will have effect if I want to concieve in the near future.


  424. Rajesh Kumar Sharma says:

    Respected Dr.
    My wife aged about 47 year.we have 2 sons .youngest is 20yr.
    during the month of july 2016 my family physician advise for ultra sound of whole abdomen.
    Radiologist report indicate multiple fibroids.(size 5 cm.) frequent urination .No pain .last period on 3rd May 2016.
    she has been taking high blood pressure medicine for the last 2 year.
    she has joint pain in both knee.her weight is about 72 kg.height is about 5’2″.
    we have gone through all the test as prescribed by the Gyanecologist.
    now dr. has suggested for surgery.
    please advise is there any homeopathy remedy ? any further information required i.e reports etc. shall be sent.

  425. Manashi Saha says:

    Hello Dr. my daughter is 13 years old.She has polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) according to her USG report. She is suffering from Prolonged menstruation bleeding almost 2 week.It is stopped by giving hormonal tab prescribed by her doctor. Is there any homeopathic remedy. Please suggest me as early as possible.

  426. Hello Doctor,
    I am 39 year old and suffering from large fundal fibroid (intramural) measures 6.9 x 5.6cm and a posterior fibroid approximately 19 x 27mm with calcific foci noted with in. Endometric thickness: 6.7mm. Both ovaries are normal in size and echogencity. Both adnexae are clear. There is no ascites or pleural effusion. No evidence of obvious bowel wall thickening / abdominal lymph adenopathy.
    I have irregular cycles 2-3 months with moderate flow.
    Doctor advised me to undergo Hysterectomy, removal of entire uterus. Please help me whether the fibroids of above mentioned size can be treated successfully through homeopathy medicines. If so, how long it will take to complete disappearance of fibroids. Meanwhile whats your suggestion to undergo hysterectomy as per doctors advise. Kindly guide me with your expertise opinion.

  427. My fibriod is very large I need treatment to shrink it

  428. My mother she has a fibroid problem in her uterus since 2004 but no complications till we have a scan shows fibroid level decreased and another one started which is slightly increased for the past four between she had taken home treatment and uterus is also bulky.pls advise

  429. Dr i am 25 years old virgin and i have 2 uterine fibroids about 12mm diameter It is intramural. Had an ultrasound and everything looks really healthy,(Ovaries, cervix, uterus) except fibroid. I have intense cramping during mences and VERY heavy menstrual flow with big clots on the first 8 days and after that i bleed for 1 more week which is light and in the last days only spotting. I will bleed for 12-15 days each month. After my period is over, I always have low hemoglobin and iron levels. I do natural things to build them back up, just so they can drop to very low levels with each cycle. Which homeopathic remedy do you think would work well for me?

  430. Hello Dr Sharma- I was dx with fibroids 12 years ago when I was 23. In the past year I’ve had some relief through traditional Chinese medication and acupuncture. It’s mostly mornings that are painful during my period and right after my period is also very painful. I also have the same pain throughout the month with very high stress or with intense exercise. Orgasms are also very painful- actually it’s after the fact is painful and the pain often leads to me passing a stool- sometimes I feel like I need to pass the stool but can’t. Sometimes it even makes me nauseous. Pressure on the uterus does help the pain. My periods have been 21 days apart for 16 years but in the past year since doing tcm they’ve lengthened and become somewhat irregular. What homeopathic do you recommend for me?

  431. hello.i m 34 years old unmarried girl with 6 c.m submucosal fibroid.i m taking ustilago maydis 3 and chamomilla 30 for stopping excessive bleeding .I want to ask u that in submucosal fibroid what are the percentages of having pregnant after marriage.because my parents want that I should get married. but I m not prepare bcoz of fibroid .I think it would be risky if I don’t become mother in future so I should not get married.which operation would be suitable for me in future to remove fibroid only? homeo medicines taking homeo medicine but no medicine works after 3 months.dr have to change medicine.i have become anaemic due to heavy and prolong bleeding.pls tell me some medicine and reply my qustions…

  432. Iam 47 yers.. 6.6 mm fibroid i have. Retrival utirus.blood 9%
    With out surgery posible in homeo sir.

  433. Raja Sekhar says:

    My wife is suffering with Fibroids & Cyst, and one of the fibroid measures 7.1*6.1cms of towards proximal body towards right side. please suggest us any medicine in homiopathy to cure

  434. Rekha kumari says:

    Sir, I am suffering from the problems of Fiobrids & Cyst. Please suggest me that it would be release by the homiopathy or not ? Once a time I operate it but now i am again facing this problems. So please sugest me…

  435. bipin dey says:

    My wife has developed utirine fibroid of size 4cmx2.5 cm.suffers from bleeding.suggest medicine

  436. Srinivas says:

    Currently my wife is carrying and it’s in 9 month, in the recent scan she found 2.5X1.8cm Hypo Echoic Lesion in Right Lateral Anerior Wall(Fibroids).

    Can you suggest me the right way.

    Thanks in advance.


  437. Does the herb pill vitex help I am
    Trying to go the natural way before deciding to do undergo myomectomy

  438. assalam-o-alekum mujhy fibroids hai aur meri wall b bahar aa rahi hai mri age 42 year hai unmarried plz koi treatment baty

  439. laxmi mallick says:

    I am 39 yrs, have no children, recently myomectomi operation was done to remove three tumors from uterus. I have regular periods. Its not very long, stays only two days . Fallopian tubes are blocked, ovulation is regular but decreasing. Uterus is bulky and still has myoma/fibroids.

  440. Partha Majumder says:

    Respected Sir,
    Due to Organophosphorus poisoning I was in ICCU for 50 days and in acute Ventilation for 23 days. Later on Doctors have done Trachiostomy in my throat. After discharge from Hospital , I was well and good for 5-6 months, but after rapid Stricture is getting formed in my throat( Food tube portion in upper esophagus). Now Doctors sre doing Eosophagial Dialtation in periodic interval of 3-4 months. But, I am not getting any proper solution.

    Sir, would you be kind enough to give me a gateway for getting relief from forming Stricture and periodic Dialatation.

    I look forward your kindness.

    Thanking you,

    With regards,

    Dr. Partha Majumder
    Bio-medical Scientist and Systems Biologist
    Cell: 0-9830007425 ( Kolkata)

  441. CRYSTAL BROCK says:

    I am a 54 year old woman. I had not a had period of almost a year -11 .5 months and then started back – but without any regularity. At first just light spotting. Now 5 months later – very heavy bleeding with blood clots grapefruit in size – steady – heavy cannot leave the bathroom for 2 hours at a time – then just light again for a day or 2 and back to heavy. Yesterday bled 5 hours – fainted 2 x and vomitted. My husband called 911 and I ended up in hospital. They gave 1 unit of blood. Did an internal ultrasound said I have a fibroid in my uterus about 6 cm. And that my only option is surgery to remove uterus. Is there anything else I can do? I am very healthy – and take care of myself. My mother had these also.

  442. DJ Baldo says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    In late April 2016, I was diagnosed with a large non-symptomatic subserosal uterine fibroid that is about the size of a small orange. I am a post-menopausal 63-year old female in generally very good health. Before my periods stopped 6 years ago, they were regular and non-problematic.

    I feel fine, but would like to reduce the size or eliminate the fibroid altogether. I am supplementing my underactive thyroid with a bio-identical T3/T4 compound and am currently about 40 pounds overweight, gained mostly since the onset of menopause. I also take 200MG of bio-identical progesterone every day, also compounded for my needs. I am very diet conscious and have reduced my intake of dairy and meat proteins and am working on eliminating sugar.

    What homeopathic remedies are available to assist in this goal?

    Thank you so much.

  443. Courtney Files says:

    I have one uterine fibroid, about 4.5 cm. It is submucosal and pendulated. Had an ultrasound and everything looks really healthy,(Ovaries, cervix, uterus) except the one fibroid. I still have a predictable cycle. (34-36 days) However, I have intense cramping the first 24 hours and VERY heavy menstrual flow with big clots on the last couple of days. I will bleed for 10-16 days each month. After my period is over, I always have low hemoglobin and iron levels. I do natural things to build them back up, just so they can drop to very low levels with each cycle. Which homeopathic remedy do you think would work well for me?

  444. My wife has problems in concept

  445. Shampa Nandy says:


  446. Reetu Singla says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am suffering from Fibroid size is 115×110 in Uterus. Doctor Suggested Me to remove the uterus
    I have two girl child By Sugerian, My Family is not interested to remove the uterus. Third Surgery is not benefical for my Body. Kindly Sir Suggest me is there any way in Homopathic to remove this fibroid without removing Uterus. Kindly sir I AM wating for your response

  447. Jyotsna sarode says:

    Hello Sir I’ m Jyotsna from indore I have large fibroid 9.5 c.m with multiple cysts
    In homeopathy have treatment for this

  448. One of my sister is suffering from occasional pain in uterous region for more than 4 years also she has prolonged(7/8 days) and heavy bleeding with severe pain. 2 weeks ago she scanned with ultrasonogram and found a subsorous tumor on uterous of length 5cm x 5.5cm. What medicine she can take?

  449. chydollars says:

    I want to get pregnant and I hv fibriod

  450. I have multiple fibroids large one is 2.6×2.4cm with heavy bleeding and doctor suggested me hysterectomy. Is there any homeopathic remedy suits my condition.

  451. Shilpa jain says:

    Hello Doctor
    43×31mm fibroid in uterus….this is my mother report (60 years).Plz suggest need go for Surgery or medicines can work.
    Thanks & Regards
    Shilpa Jain

  452. Uzma Khurram says:

    I am a patient of uterine fibroids which are small in size but multiple causing very heavy bleeding which made me anemic hemoglobin level is 7.5 my weight is 95 kg. if periods start on 1st of month it will end on 7th or 8th and next periods will be on 22 or 23 and will end on bp becomes low and and i feel exhausted and fatigued cant work properly. feeling very depressed.

  453. Isabel Guzman says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    This is the first article I have read that offers to shrink the size of the fibroid. I’m very inclined to try it and would like to know where I can buy this homeopathic treatment. Suffering with fibroids that are very painful for 8 years and unable to get pregnant because of it.
    Isabel Guzman

  454. 2.5 cm fibroid has seen my utres. What is the homeopath medicine can remove it.

  455. Vandana Khanna says:

    Good Evening Dr Sharma,

    My name is Vandana and have been diagnosed with 50 mm Uterine Fibroids. For last more than 2 year, I have been suffering from heavy bleeding and frequent urination. For last more than 4 months, I have been suffering from lower back pain as well. I did my CT scan, MRI and finally ultrasound which revealed my Uterine Fibroids.

    When consulted with GP, he advised not to take any medicine but all of my symptoms are because of Uterine Fibroid. Can you please advise me any suitable homeopathic medicine to shrink the fibroids.


  456. Maryroop Gayas Christian says:

    I am 38 years old. 3 months back I was suffering from typhoid and at that time had done sonography. My report showed that I had small uterine fibroid but doctor told me to get it treated later after recrecovering from typhoid. But since April I am getting periods after a gap of 16- 17 days and have very excessive bleeding. I also have severe back pain and legs pain that starts just after 10 days after my period gets over. I also have slight piercing pain while passing urine or later n also pain in abdomen. Because of frequent periods n heavy bleeding I also feel weak. Pls prescribe medicine for me.

  457. my mother have rasoli(fibroids )in her uterus since 4 yrs ..before she had 4 with diffrent size but now after consuming homopathetic medicine calcarea fluoride 12x (not sure abt spelling)..she had not more but have some relief she had 2 left now ..before it was 4.8*4.4,, 3.0*2.5 and now after ultrasound she had 4.5*4.2,,3.1*3.0.. plz suggest if she need to operation for this.also not her age is 52 and she menapause her periods…. is anything wrong if she didnt operate and continue with homopathetic medicine calcarea fluoride 12x plz advice me in :

  458. Margaret Mwase Chavula says:

    I have fibroid of the uterus the largest being 3.75 am on Luprodex and i have observed my urine is brown what is there colour change

    • prolonged periods almost no gap between the periods since past two months
      submucous fibroid and few other small fibroids
      frequent urge to urinate at times within seconds, metallic taste in left side of mouth
      diabetic since two years HBALC is usually slightly above 7 trying to bring it under 7 with medicine glycomet SR 500 tablet one dose at night daily
      please help

  459. Sanchita Nandy says:

    I have a large Intramural Fibroid ( measuring about 8 x 6.8 x 6 cm ) in Uterus detected in 2010, and also have some Nabothian Cysts. My Doctor advised me to do an Abdominal Myomectomy, but I dont want to do surgery. Can it be treated in Homeopathy? Please help.

    • i have fibroid in uterus inner wall since 3-4 years now measured in 6cm in ultrasound, most of the doctors suggested to operate, i have no kids, my age is 38 years. i suffered much pain during starting periods every months, even eating less than normal, my weight growing day by day n going bulky, feel so much weakness. Please help me/guide me/ what to do, my life goes very miserable.

      • Sarojinikunhambu says:

        Dear Dr.sharmaji, My wife(49) has uterine fibroid for the last 8 years. It is large in size 8.2cm×7.5cm on exterior of uterus. The size is slowly growing. Mensus is normal 32 days. Not too much bleeding & pain. But 3 to 4 days the pain & bleeding seen. Is there any homeo medicine to check the growth of this fibroids. Medicine used was

  460. am lara. Pls where can i get this calcarea carbonica? Can i get pregnant while taking this dosage because am a new wedded wife of six month? And just detect that i had fibroid.thanks

  461. Deblena Dutta says:

    My mother’s age is 53,she is having fibroid, suffering from bleeding,having pain too much.Please reply how to solve her problems.

  462. Brenda Earle says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am a 52yr old woman without periods for 2 years I have begun bleeding “episodes” accompanied by very large clots. Today at the ER I was diagnosed with a fibroid that I’ve had for 2yrs. It will be biopsied next week followed by surgery. I would like to avoid this. What homeopathic should I take and what strength.
    Thank you

    • RANI RASTOGI says: menopause was since last3or4yrsbut I got clotts of blood after 6or 8months approx.and have some fibroidsand my uterous has not shrinke but it is still is of9*2.8,4.3cms.Dr days for biopsybut I don’t what will you me.shat step I should take.PL
      Help phone.91_9837111360.PL.also led me know.your timeing for contacting.

  463. hello dr mujhe pichli saal fibroid ho gya maine surgery v kra li….but mai janana chahti hu ki kya unmarried ladki ko v ho skta h fibroid…becoz my age is 23..plz suggest me because every ond says ki iss type ki problem kwl married ko hi hoti..sbhi log sk krte h mujhpe ki unmarried ho k kaise ho gya

  464. Harshikha sinha says:

    Hello dr. M harshikha, my uterus is to small and non recanting m take so much medicine but no any reaction in uterus, m a married women and m trying for baby, so please if any possibility to then please advise. Dr said no chance for baby.

  465. Dear Doctor,

    I Am a 33 y r old female suffering from fibroids .Its about 16mm in size ,before 4 yrs.I dont want to go for any surgery .Is there a way in homeopathic treatment that will completely remove my fibroids.if so kindly suggest how should i proceed.
    contineous bleeding, back pain. Please help
    thanking you,

    • My wife age is 38 years old and she is having multiple intramural fibroids in the uterus. No child till date. The fibroid is creating problem in fertility. The menses are regular and the bleeding is also normal. Kindly suggest the medicines which may help in reducing firboids.

  466. Hello, I am 45 years old mom of two , having very heavy periods with loads of clots and severe pains, last for about 7 days with about 3-4 days of heavy bleeding and rest days just normal bleeding. i feel mix of chills and hot during periods , sometimes nausea and headache. ultrasound pelvic shows multiple intramural and subserosal fibroids , largest being 3 x 2.7 x 3.1 cm. i weight about 65kg and height 5feet 2 inches. Thanks

  467. Jakulin Sofia says:


    Uterine Fibroids for seven years , contineous bleeding, back pain. Please help.

    Thank you
    Jakulin sofia

  468. Dear Dr Sharma
    My name is Mrs Khan i have large fibrods dr suggest me a opretion but I dont want the operation he gave me a medicine for stop the periods.
    He told me if this medicine are not shrink the fibrods then he well be a opretion. I am 34 year and two children. Please advise me i am very thankful to you
    Mrs S khan

    • Take Fraxinus Americana mother tincture 10 drops thrice…at 5-6 hours gap
      Aurum Mur Natr 3x or 4x thrice a day
      God bless

  469. nitu choudhary says:

    I have multiplfibroids with bulky uterus with heavy bleeding during menses I want to pregnant but not getting please help me

    • Take Fraxinus Americana mother tincture 10 drops thrice…at 5-6 hours gap
      Aurum Mur Natr 3x or 4x thrice a day
      for pain Mag Phos 6x thrice a day+Pulsatilla 200 single dose per day
      God bless

    • If Mag phos 6x fails…take Thalaspi Q
      Trillium Q 10 drops 4 times a day to stop excess bleeding.
      Many blessings.

  470. dr.madina siddique says:

    If subserous fibroids is present so same medicine can we used.

  471. Madhu Sehgal says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I am 54 years old and after menopause of one and half year I had heavy bleeding in Dec 2015 …..Dr did ultrasound and biopsy but didnt find anything ……in first week of May i had again pain and drop drop bleeding and dr did ultrasound and found out that there is fibroid…..which homeopathic medicine should i take…..i have thyroid, cholesterol and i am diabetic too…..

  472. During menstrual period heavy bleeding for prolonged period followed with backache & cramp resulting anaemia (7.5) nine months back. after Allopathy treatment now it is 11. But menopause started in dec-2015. Treatment is continuing. Today’s usg report says uterus is bulky in size measuring 87×40 mm & shows iil defined heterogeneously hypoechoic sols measuring 32x28mm in size in fundo anterior wall & other measuring 15×11 mm in size in posterior wall of uterus-fibroids. Endometrium thickness is thickened 11 mm & heterogeneous. Cervix is seen normally.
    OPINION- Bulky uterus with 2 uterine fibroid.
    Thickened & heterogeneous Endometrium
    Kindly prescribe medicine.

  473. Priyanka says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 30 years old unmarried having problem of bulky uterus with multiple fibroids, anemic, lower abdomen pain and irritation. My case is very complicated. Here I am mentioning in points:

    * Once I had gone through surgery of Myometomy dated on 08.03.2013. Diagnosis: Bulky uterus with Multiple Fibroids, menorrhagia and anemic.

    * Since July 2015, I am facing same problem again then I consulted homeopath physician, but have not gotten any improvement right now.

    * My current Ultrasound Report is: Uterus is bulky in size, measures ( 122x84x80 mm (vol.- 429.12 cc) and shows multiple hypo echoic SOLS in the anterior and posterior myometrial wall of the uterus ( largest measuring 56×42 mm in the anterior wall). Endometrial thickness is not central. No endometrial collection is seen. Both ovaries are normal in size and echo texture. Opinion: Bulky uterus with multiple fibroids.

    * Sir I am working lady, facing severe problem. Now I do not want to go for any surgery.

    *currently no homeopath medicine is controlling bleeding, so my physician has advised me to take allopath medicine for controlling excess bleeding and for removing fibroids he has suggested me:
    1. A.M.N. 6 x – 2,2,2,2
    2. Fraxinus Americana – 10, 10, 10, 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water.

    * Sir, I need your help to advice me what is the best treatment. I must need for non- surgical and what are the medication and food can help to relieved the pain and excess bleeding with clot.
    Plz help me pl. .
    Thanks and Regards

  474. Md.Ruhul Amin says:

    Dear Doctor.
    As per picture the age of disease >30yrs,pain,itching,Blood is available.Feels good when apply heat.

  475. Ritu Sharma says:

    I am 51 and have profuse bleeding with no pain. The uterine wall is 11.11 and there are several cysts. I had spotting for 19 days, then no periods for 2 months. Now I have been having prouse bleeding for a weeks. MRI shows highly thickened uterine wall with seven cysts and one benign cyst in right ovary. Doctors suggest removal of uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Is there any homeopathic remedy for this condition?

  476. ifylovth says:

    pls i saw my mesuration on 17 may and on 18may is not coming out again

  477. satnam singh says:

    dear doctor desease .: fibroid size : 54mm* 44 mm suffring from two years ,heavy bleeding but i take homoepathy treatmemt from homeopathy doctor but fibroid not shrink only stop incresing the size.

  478. reshina siraj says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I Am a 33 y r old female suffering from fibroids .Its about 16mm in size ,just got to know a months back.I dont want to go for any surgery .Is there a way in homeopathic treatment that will completely remove my fibroids.if so kindly suggest how should i proceed.

    thanking you,

  479. I am 33yrs old married having two kids aged 6 and 3.I have 3-4 uterine fibriods and my uterus is bulky .I have a slight lower backache and experience heavy bleeding during periods and sometimes after periods I have no symptoms. I want to conceive .is it posSible ? And wat abt my my fibriods. Pl suggest.

  480. Helo sir . There is a rasoli in my utrus of size28.7×27.3 my symptoms is severe lower back pain;heavines in pelvic region and pain… also pain in rectom… can my rasoli be dissolved my mediciens…

    • hello Sir, there are two rasoli in my utrus of sizes almost 50mm and 20mm,my symtom is severe pain in this portion but there is no bleeding. can my rasoli be dissolved through homeopathic medicines? Pl suggest me medicines. Thanks

      • hello Sir, there are two rasoli in my utrus of sizes almost 50mm and 20mm,my symtom is severe pain in this portion but there is no bleeding. can my rasoli be dissolved through homeopathic medicines? Pl suggest me medicines. Thanks

  481. vera danladi says:

    good morning, I have uterus bulky and 4.7 fabriod, please I need ur help

  482. Ananya Chakraborty Roy says:

    I am Ananya Chakraborty Roy of 36 yrs age. I have a bulky uterus with myoma.

    USG report shows : Uterus bulky in size (178 x 140 x 103 mm approx) anteverted, with right anterior upper body to fundal myoma of 110 x 104 x 86 mm approx size (SI x TR x AP) in mural location. The cavity is empty. Endometrial thickness is 7.1 mm approx. My menstrual cycle vary from 25 to 26th day and it stays for 7 days which is normal.

    Before the period starts I experience Nausea, Cramp on leg, slight pain in the lower abdomen, low fever type feeling, no interest in eating foods with high hunger, back pain and weakness.

    I have not conceived till yet.

    Is it curable with homeopathy

    • Dr. shital says:

      Yes it is curable. Take nux vomica 200 …every morning for 5 days. Give more symptoms..abt ur desires . Aversion..appetite..pain..

  483. Minakshi Dutta says:

    I am 49 yrs old women ,in ultrasonography multiple uterine fibroids found , any homeopathy medicines which dissolved the fibroids completely . Kindly please suggest me

  484. sanghamitra dash says:

    Dear sir,
    I m sanghamitra. 20yrs old and I have a irregular period in beginning. But now my doctor says that my uterus is bulky [9.5*3.2]cm endometrial thickness 8mm…i have no problem in ovarie and I have no fibroid in uterus ….only my uterus is little bit bulky
    Kindly plz suggest me …is homeopathy treatment is successfuly works on me

  485. Nahid Akhter says:

    I have 3 fibroid in my uterus. I extremely feel pain in lower stomach I realize left side awful pain

  486. sunita rani says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from utrine fibroids no. Of 2 and equal size 9*9 excessive bleeding in cycle for 5 to 6days at the age of 48.pls kindly give the medicine for this problem.
    Thanking you

    • I am 48 year old. Last 3 years I m suffering from’s size2.4× nhi karana chatting. Please help me.

  487. I have multiple fibroid seen in uterine myometrium largest measuring 7.4×6.4×7.3 in left lateral wall any remedies without surgery medicines etc…Please suggest

  488. Dear Sir,

    i am suffering from fibroid in uterus. i came to know 1.5 yrs. back and under homeopathy treatment for last one yr. If you share your mail id, I can share all the reports and prescriptions with you. Seeking your suggestion and guidance.

  489. Jyotsna Pathroliya says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 43 years old and I am suffering from uterus fibroid measuring 4.2×2.9 cms seen in anterior fundal part and endometrium central 16mm thickness . Both ovaries normal
    Please do you have any treatment in homeopathy

    • m.s.neelima says:

      dear sir,
      hi am neelima 28yrs old, recently i came to know that i am havng bulky uterus with posterior cervical wall fibroid measuring 9.8×8.8cms. both ovaries are normal. doctors suggested me to go for laproscopy mymocetomy.please suggest me do u have any treatment in homeopathy. if fibroid issue is solved then there is any pregnancy chance?

    • charu jaiswal says:

      Dear sir,
      I am 45 years old recently came to that i am having fibroid measuring 3.6×4.2 cm on posterior wall intermucosal one fibroid . Taking medicine fraxinus americana 15 drops once a day . i want your sugesstion.

  490. Anuj sharma says:

    Dear sir !
    I m 45 yo male. I had polypoid tissue growth in urinary bladder. After TURBT, i was diagonosed cystitis glandularis with intestinal metaplasia in urinary after 3 months of operation, recurrence is seen. It is very stressful to go for surgery again. I hv also mild enlarge prostate 27cc vol.and having poor urine flow.

  491. utrofyne syrup muje ek lady homeopathy doctor me pine ke liye kaha h .mere saadi ko ek saal ho gaye h .par me pregnant nahi hori hu …
    muje koi advise digeye me kya karu….muje kuch month se periods bhi kam hore h

  492. Dear Dr sharma
    My wife age 30 yrs we have one little baby aged 7 month ,the problem is my wife has fibroid cyst measuring 18 “is it possible to remove by homeopathic medicine or not and If possible what is treatment duration and it’s expenses

  493. I m 30 years old n I m not a married i have an problem by fibroid in my uterus it’s a small hypoechoic lesion in noted in anterior wall measuring 8×6 mm n normal endometrial thickness 2mm result from Ultrasound plzzz what can I do

  494. I m 30 years old n I m not a married i have an problem by fibroid in my uterus it’s a small hypoechoic lesion in noted in anterior wall measuring 8×6 mm n normal endometrial thickness 2mm result from Ultrasound

  495. Manjusha de says:

    I am 64 and having post menopausal bleeding ,sometimes clots.I have two fibroids in uterus,and went through stress of my husbands passing in 2014 december.
    Had lumpectomy for breast cancer in 2013 and clear in ultrasound of breasts and pelvic .
    Was taking Ignatia for a month and still no improvement

  496. usha rani says:

    Dear sir,
    I have two children age group of 6 and 1 and haly yearly age. In the two deliveries also cessaria. My mensural period is normal but some time 5 to six days before and some time it may late of the 5 to 6 days.
    But at the time of mesural period 1 and 2nd day bleeding in normal. Third day very little bleeding and 4 th and 5th day heavy bleeding. and upto one week these repeated. After that when i met with my husband i mean in intercourse the vaginal pain is not tolerated and i m also not interested about intercourse.

    Hence i request your kind honour please prescribe a good medicine for which i remain gratefull to you.

  497. I have multiple fibroids I have been advised surgery please help me with homeopathy medication

  498. I HAVE THE PROBLEM OF MULTIPLE FIBROIDSfibroids that are very hard and large in size.4.5 PLEASE

  499. Dear sir
    I am jothi 32 years unmarried women.I have pain in stomach and heavy bleeding during my I went to doctor they suggested me its abdomen scan and found I have large fibroid with size around 10 Cm.ask me to undergo surgery but I am very afraid and don’t have support from elders as well as can you suggest me is surgery is very essential

  500. maame ama says:

    Hello doctor,pls can u help me with a proscription for my fibriod.will be lookn forward to your reply.thank you.

  501. ABANG RUPERT NJUH says:

    Dear Dr SHARMA.

  502. bobokhaidem says:

    Sir, my wife is 35 yrs old and she have a fibroid measuring 7cm in the upper part of the uterus and her doctor suggested us that she cannot concieve a baby with the fibroid inside her uterus So, is there any medicine that is helpful for her to get the fibroid shrink or is it fine to have a fibroid of this size inside uterus while concieving a baby
    Need help …

  503. Nirmalendu Bhattacherjee says:

    My wife, age 43 years, has been suffering from Menorrhagia (Excessive/prolonged bleeding from uterus) due to myoma. She has already been operated (scissored patient) three times at the time of giving birth of three children. So, we do not want take another operation for this uterus tumor. Hence want to take homeopathy treatment under your guidance. Please advise.


    Nirmalendu Bhattacherjee
    Mob- 8298192467

  504. ravindar kaur says:

    my age is42 suffering from bulky uterus measuring 85.0×48.4×36.9 mm

  505. GooGood evening have fabroid uterus in posterior wall size 3.6×3.1cm I m warried about it I m 35 yr old and signal i m warried about pregnancy bcz i want to marry plz advise me

  506. Tabot vicky says:

    Good day doctor. pls i need help.Am 32yrs old and want to give birth to a child. Just discovered from an utrasound that i have 3 fibroids on the uterus measuring 40,39 and 37mm. What natural things do i need to take to help eliminate the fibriods

  507. सर,
    मेरे uterus में 46 m m की फाइब्रॉइड है और 30mm*56mm की cyst है मेरी age 38 year है मेरे अभी तक कोई सन्तान नहीं है प्लीज़ मेरी मदद कीजिये ।

    • Biswanath says:

      Respected sir that my wife suffered endrometesis with fibroids last 4, years & have saviour & Sirius pain at mens period.I want homoeopathic medicines (treatment) for this case without surgery.please give me a sujation.

  508. Poonam Malhotra says:

    My date of birth is 1/5/1969. Recently, my USG lower abdomen (suggested by doctor) shows anteverted bulky uterus of normal echo pattern and contour, measuring 10.5 x 5.3 x 5.6 cms. A small fibroid is seen in the posterior wall of the uterus, measuring 14 x 11 mm. Thickness of endometrium = 5.2 mm. BOth the adenexae are clear. Left ovary shows a simple follicular cyst measuring 3.3 x 3.1 cms. Mild free fluid in POD.
    First , my doctor put me on an antibiotic treatment for one week to cure free fluid in POD. Now I am on hormone therapy for 21 days. After that she will start with Fibroprist.

    Please suggest whether I will be cured completely or not.

  509. Hi sir,
    My name is shanu, i am writing this because just few days before we came to know that my has feberoids in her utrus and overy(age 43, the doctor said that she has to appear for an operation. Yesterday one of my colleague said that in homeo pathy the feberoids can cure without doing operation , i just confused sir, if it possible just reply me sir, thanks in advance

  510. I have doctor suggested me to take fibroprist tablets for 2 months.daily one tablet.for one month 30 fibroids cired by homeopathy treat.plse suggest medicines

  511. one case of infertility, age 43 yrs, usg done on 13/2/16 shows fibroid seen at anterolat aspect of fundus about 2.6 * 3.05 . she does not have any complaints about this. menses is normal still every 28 days without any complains.

  512. Sir I have few fibroids.I want to know can homeopathy treat febroid

  513. fibroid in uterus no complication, no excessive bleeding only backache size 11.4 x 17.6 cm.

  514. i have gone under laparoscopic surgery for bilateral tubal blockage bt tubes doesn’t open.there are multiple subserosal fibroids in uterus.does fibroids shrink and I don’t want to do IVF sohow can I conceive without IVF?please help..

  515. Dr,i’m suffering from a bulkey uterus,excessive bleeding,more over long duration of mens.slight brownish or pinkish sometimes reddish stain comes and go on 4/5 days before the actual flow starts.recent after the main flow ends, again reddish fluid continues.It seems that the cycle will never stop.pls help me.

  516. arvind pande says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter aged 22 years was recently diagnosed with sub mucous fibroid measuring 7.7×8.4×7.4 cm.(anterior myometrium posteriorly through CT scan). My daughter is also a patient of schizophrenia and is under medication for last 9 years at PGI Chandigarh(Currently she is taking Clozapine 200 mg.) Doctors at PGI Chandigarh have suggested surgery for removal of fibroid. A local homeopath has suggested Aur Mur Nat 3x/6x, which she has started taking recently. Is the above medicine sufficient? Kindly guide for this. Please also suggest homeopathic treatment for schizophrenia.

  517. Hello Mr. Sharma – What would be the best homeopathic medicine when the symptom is not bleeding but pain, bloating, frequent urination, and discomfort in the lower abdomen


  518. JITENDRA LONIAL says:

    Dear Doctor
    Wish to consult for the treatment of ovarian cysts. Please, advise.

    Thanks & regards
    Jitendra Lonial

  519. Debika Biswas says:

    merit periods is mahineme nehi hui.mari ek chore baby hai.mai avi baby nehi chahti hu.please mery problem solve kijie.thank u.

  520. M. Sankari Iyer says:

    I am 53 year old suffering with sub-mucous fibroid. I get bleeding in between menstural periods when I carry weight or strain myself in the domestic work and even speedy walk. In some scan centre the report says it is uterine polyp of 2 x 2 size. After harmone treatment EMT was reduced from 12 to 5 cm and for more than one year I am under homeo medicine. I am given Ferrum Phosphorium & Calcarea Carbonica along with 10 drops of liquid medicine two times after food (I do not know the name of that medicine) and a powder once in 4 days at 8.00 a.m and at bed time. Will it be cured or I can go for removal of my Uterous as per alopathy doctors advice

  521. kiranjeet kaur says:

    my age is 49 yrs. multiple fibroids in uterus.uterus bulky.measures 117/94/75 mm.largest fib measures 59/59 mm.endometrial thickness 11.9.
    is it curable by homeopathy.
    is it complicated in future.
    i have copper T since 1998.

    • Ayesha Dilawar says:

      Respected Sir,
      I have gone through three surgeries.I got removed cervical tumor in 2010 and its residue in 2011.In 2015 i got removed gall bladder coz of gall stones.Now i missed my one month period but spotting was there and then next month i got my periods at the right time.After 6 days it ended.
      but soon after 2 days spotting again started .after 4 days of spotting again periods with heavy bleeding started.i went for an ultra sound nd my gynae told that i have a bulky uterus with a post wall fibroid 3.8+3.8cm and suggested removal of uterus. I am taking Primolut N which has stopped my blood flow. I am 42 ,My younger son is 14 years and a daughter of 15.I am from Sialkot Pakistan. Please let me know Is a homeo treatment a success.Kindly reply me at your earliest.

  522. surbhi giri says:

    best medicine for uterine fibroid?

  523. Gazelle Azmi says:

    Dear Sir

    Please advise me I have very small fibroid in utress.. I also doing treatment a famous homyeopethik Dr Parikh
    but no improvements


  524. Ruth Akomaning says:

    I am 25 years old my problem is i was diagnosed with multiple fibroids about 3 months ago and am very scared of surgery please i need help

  525. Mrs Suresh Puri says:

    I am 55 years old. The main problem is fibroid in other parts of the body i.e. arm, Head life hand side above the ear. Now no periods at all. Previously there was fibroids in the uterous and I have taken homepathic treatment but not feeling any pain in lower abdomen.. I have been told that if you faced the fibroids problems, it may also be in other parts of the body. Kindly suggest the homepathic medicine.

  526. Dear Doctor,

    I am 35 years old and having posterior fibroid in uterus. I have a history of pain in liver which is now gone after taking Homeopathy for 2 years.

    Age: 15 – 20: Frequent Septic tonsil conditions, dandruff
    Medicines: Baryata Carb, Phytolacca

    Age: 24 Jaundice:

    Age: 26-cont
    Condition: posterior fibroid in uterus, Size 5 cms,
    Constipation, no urge, bloating, Anger
    Medicine: Bryonia, Sepia, Pulsatilla, Started Thuja mother tincture last 1 week

    Appearance: Thin, Tall
    Nature: Sensitive, Emotional, kind, Nervous
    Digestion: Weak

    From last year 2015 my fibroid has suddenly grown in size and now its bulky size of 12 cm. Can you help me??

  527. mis sohail says:

    sir mare 2saal shade ko ho gay hay abhe tak bachy nhe howay may 25saal ke ho or hmnay ultarasound karwaya to docter nay follicle[rasole] bataye or kaha opko olad nhe ho sakte allah he apke madad karsakta hay please ap bhe is report ko dakh kar batay kay iska koi hal hay.
    uterus. anteverted in position and shows normal echo texture.sizeis7.7×4.3×5.1cm in l x ap x w.
    endometrial echo is central measuring 11mm.
    a tiny myoma measuring 19x15mm seen in posterior wall (insignificant) no gestational sac/rpoc’s seen.
    ovaries .right ovary measures 32x20mm. left ovary measures 34x18mm.
    both ovarise appear normal. [a follicle measuring 19mm seen in left andexal mass/cyst seen no fluid seen in culdesac.
    or sir phir dobara hamny 7maheny bad ultarasound karwaya anteverted bulkyutreus[7.7×3.2×4.5cm],with[20x18mm]sub-surosal fibroid in posterior utrine wall.
    left ovary [31x18mm] growing follicle[15x15mm] seen in left ovary.
    or sir bake sab koch thek hay kidny spleen pancreas gall blader liver or manay apna blood or urine test bhe karwaya hay normal hay.
    or mughy left side par kabhe normal or kabhe zeyada dard hota hay kastor par gab intercurs karty hay to os kay bad dard hota hay or maray pat may sojan or gas bhe hay or intercurus kay wakat utrus say gas ate hay sir ap mughy is maslay ka koi hal batay kay mughay olad ho sakte hay ya nhe or agar may pregnancy kay leya medicin late ho to wo follicle par koi asar nhe kary ge.pregnancy kay leya pahly bhe bohat se adweyat kah choke ho ingectoin bhe do bar lagway hay or mary sohar ka test bhe thek aya hay.or meanses do din hoty hay wo bhe thory hoty hay or takreban das pandradin pahly darad shero ho gata hay

    • mis sohail says:

      sir mare 2saal shade ko ho gay hay abhe tak bachy nhe howay may 25saal ke ho or hmnay ultarasound karwaya to docter nay follicle[rasole] bataye or kaha opko olad nhe ho sakte allah he apke madad karsakta hay please ap bhe is report ko dakh kar batay kay iska koi hal hay.
      uterus. anteverted in position and shows normal echo texture.sizeis7.7×4.3×5.1cm in l x ap x w.
      endometrial echo is central measuring 11mm.
      a tiny myoma measuring 19x15mm seen in posterior wall (insignificant) no gestational sac/rpoc’s seen.
      ovaries .right ovary measures 32x20mm. left ovary measures 34x18mm.
      both ovarise appear normal. [a follicle measuring 19mm seen in left andexal mass/cyst seen no fluid seen in culdesac.
      or sir phir dobara hamny 7maheny bad ultarasound karwaya anteverted bulkyutreus[7.7×3.2×4.5cm],with[20x18mm]sub-surosal fibroid in posterior utrine wall.
      left ovary [31x18mm] growing follicle[15x15mm] seen in left ovary.
      or sir bake sab koch thek hay kidny spleen pancreas gall blader liver or manay apna blood or urine test bhe karwaya hay normal hay.
      or mughy left side par kabhe normal or kabhe zeyada dard hota hay kastor par gab intercurs karty hay to os kay bad dard hota hay or maray pat may sojan or gas bhe hay or intercurus kay wakat utrus say gas ate hay sir ap mughy is maslay ka koi hal batay kay mughay olad ho sakte hay ya nhe or agar may pregnancy kay leya medicin late ho to wo follicle par koi asar nhe kary ge.pregnancy kay leya pahly bhe bohat se adweyat kah choke ho ingectoin bhe do bar lagway hay or mary sohar ka test bhe thek aya hay.or meanses do din hoty hay wo bhe thory hoty hay or takreban das pandradin pahly darad shero ho gata hay

  528. Hi , I am shalini rao , i have been suffering from uterus fibroid since July 2012, later i got my treatment done by allopathy . but now i want permanent treatment for this . please advice

  529. Dr I have a Mensus problem it will last for 12 days . My scanning report is Normal sized utreus with 2.35 x2.34 cm intramuralfibroid in the fundo posterior aspect indenting endometrial echoes.Dr pls tell me is it serious?How many months i have to take homeo medicine is it effective? pls answer me .

  530. arti sutar says:

    sir my cousin is suffering from uterus fibroid age 30 n she is unmarried.but during menses only 1 day bleeding n severe pain in abdomen.private suggest remove the uterus.but she is unmarried so how its please suggest

  531. prasanta samanta says:

    Dear Dr. sharma,
    my wife age 41 and has two fibroid in her fibroid at anterior wall size(18x20mm) another at posterior wall size(13x13mm).right ovary :stuck to fundus ovary 22x24mm,good natral follical count. left ovary:behind uterus 32 x 24mm.good antral follicle count. sonosalpingraphy done date 19.12.15.
    Doctor she had conseve year 2012 but at 34weak baby died before delevary .after that she try to pragnent by IVF , but three time she”s reasult at beeta hCG was good but after 10 to 15 days miscarrage happend.
    her period is normal and time of period is normal.
    Doctor please prescribe her medicine for fibroid.

  532. Madhavi kandoori says:

    Dear doctor
    I have fibroid in my Right ovary mesuring 2.5 cms and a cyst in left ovary less than 1 cm.I have heavy bledding during periods .Its almost 1.5 year i am having this problem.My gynic advised me for ksat n trapic mf medivines during periods time.sometimes thy cnt help the flow.I am in East africa.My gynic over here says the bleeding z bces of my uterus.After having my second child it didnt shrink.Its lmost 4 years i had my second child.Here the doctor z advising to remove the uterus but im not ready for that .I am 35 years old.Is it possible to treat all my issues with homeopathy with out surgery.Please advise.


  533. Girish raheja says:

    Hello Dr sir my wife is suffering fibriods in uterus her age is 41and her weight is 85 she had not conceived till yet please recommend suitable homeopathy medicine Thanks Sir

  534. M L Khatri says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 79 years old. I have small hard warts all over body. I have tried Thuja upto 1M potency but it has not cured the warts. Please advise the treatment.

    Thanking you.

    With regards

    M L Khatri

  535. Thanks for knowledgeable information………

  536. adil raisy says:

    Respected sir my wife is suffering from large fibroids and she is also suffering from pains she is using homeopathic medicine R38&R39 somehow she improved by using these medicine but she is still having pain will she get well with this Dr.Reckeweg medicine plz help me satisfy my wife

  537. Rashid Hasan says:

    My wife aged 46 is suffering from large fibroid since 10yrs. Initially it was small with no complaints of menorrhagia or any related problem only frequent urination. later after many yrs it was found to be a large
    fibroid. Now with a occasional pain in uterine region and some time excessive bleeding in menstrual cycle.
    Gave her Nat. Mur up to 10M , sepia 200, as constitutional symptoms are more or less like that of Nat. Mur and Sepia but she didnot respond. Gave Thuja, Fraxinux Americana Q potencies with no effect. She however, responded to Ammonium Mur 30 , for her pain. but it didnot reduce the size of fibroid. I tried many other medicine like Medhorinum, Silicea and Pulsatilla but without success. Her family history : – elder sister had small fibroid, father died of neglected Asthma, mother has cough and was doubted for T.B. but the reports contraindicated. As for her mental condition she is gloomy and dejected feels useless to live, feels better in open, likes spicy food drinks normally( earlier she drank water in large qty), catnap sleep, complaints worse in the morning and night, pain ameliorated by warmth, worse with cold specially after laundry and exertion. She is 5’4″ fair complexion slightly over weight ( earlier she was slim) 65kg.
    Kindly suggest medicine.

  538. i am having a small apple size fibroid in my uterus. can it be removed by homeopathic treatment. plz send me the answer.

  539. sir
    my wife (33yrs) have sufring the prob in fibroid uters from 4 yrs.can we remove that .she take many time of allopath medi.plz suggest what we can do for removing this.

  540. Geeta Pupala says:

    I have been having bleeding since 10 Feb 2016…initial few days was just spotting, but since 21feb there has been extremely heavy bleeding with huge clots. Bleeding is unmanageable only at a certain time span – mainly eve bw 7 and 830-9 pm or smtimes morning. 25 Feb and bleeding not yet stopped. Ultrasound shows endometrium lining at 16 mm…please help

  541. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have fibroids in my uterus and have painful and heavy periods. I feel tired and have lower back pains. Can you please advise which homeopathy medicine to take and will this shrink my fibroids and help with my painful and heavy periods. Thank you.

  542. beula dinesh says:

    I’m married for 9 yrs. trying to conceive. uterus is normal In size. fundus of uterus shows a 12×22 mm intra mural fibroid. ovaries are normal in size. is it possible to cure this fibroid through homeopathy and is it possible to conceive pls help me

  543. Tamunotoku hope says:

    Am 38 yrs old and I have firoid and also suffer from excess and prolong flow of menses and am trying to get pregnant but it isn’t coming forth pls I need your help and advice. Am a Nigerian thanks

  544. Sir mai 38 yr ki hun mere abhi koi child nahi hai recently mujhe pata chala hai ki mere uterus me 55mm ki fibroid or 53*35mm ki cyst hai plz mujhe bataiye mai kya karu

  545. Sir, my wife is 49 yes. For one year she had nomanupose ,but again it started from last 6 months with heavy bleeding. Her Hb is 9.7. And ultrasound report is ” lower abdomen is
    1. Endomenrrium is thinkend 16mm.
    2. Dear fluid is seen in P.O.D.
    : impression p.I.D.”
    Kindly advise medicin with us valuable comments.
    K k sharma

  546. PazhanivelRaja B says:

    As per doctor advise, scan has been taken for my mother and results is given below. No treatment has been provided and advised to wait for another 2 months. If it was reduced naturally then we can ignore otherwise we should operate and remove the Uterus.

    Kindly advise there is any chance of reducing below uterus issue by taking normal healthy food or looking forward for your valuable thoughts.

    Issue: “Bulky uterus with multiple intramural fibroid”

  547. Respected sir, I am suffering from excessive masterbut problem since age of 17. Now I am 25 year old and becomes too weak mentally and physically. On advice from my friend (mbbs student) I start using ustilago musical 6c…. Getting relief. But also wants to know from you that can I stop using this few weeks earlier before marriage. So that perform sexual intercourse normally

  548. Mrs Rekha Gupta says:

    Hi. sir Iam suffering from Uterine fibroid,ADENOMYOSIS FOCAL ADENOMYOMA SEEDLING FABROIDS. These fabroids are diffrent in size like 3.2 cm,1.3 and 1.6 cm,total qty 03 whether any permanant treatment is there in homeopathy or should i go for surgery. mensuration period is normal but i got heavy bleeding for 2 days associated with bearable pain after 2 days becom normal but continue upto 5 days. pl reply sir what i should do.

  549. Hi..I’m Tooba.. 22 year old..emotional bahaviour..In my report fluid seem in cul de sac.. So plz suggested me some medicines, treatment..
    Thank you..

  550. Beata Kapolo says:


    I desperatly searching for a safer solution to fibroids. I do not want operation and hope for alternative.

  551. doctor,

    my name is ruth.age 28. married 2 yrs before. monthly im suffering from abdominal cramps, severe pain in abdomen, heavy periods & clots due to fibroids.size of the fibroid is 1.2cm x 2 cm . im taking homeopathy medicine to conceive and cure from fibroids for last 4 months. no improvements still having the same issues. kinldy help me to recover from this.


    • My daughter has uterine fibroid and having severe stomach, back and leg pain before the mensuration. Pain is unbearable and need to be free from pain and shrinking of fibroid.

  552. Hellen Atieno says:

    I am leaving in kenya and would like to know about the medicine and how it can be found

  553. Samaena Moon says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,


    I live in Islamabad, Pakistan and know alot about your expertise through net & friends. Hope you do well.

    One of my friend (age 45+ & unmarried) is suffering from edema all over body especially after exertion/physical fatigue and even having a good sleep. she doesnt wanna go for alopathic treatment. I told her about you & she came up with her multiple issues as under:

    – Minor fibroids in her uterus
    – slight infilteration in her liver
    – Temporary swelling in her right kidney which some time slightly pains (tests shows no stone just UTI)
    – Cholestrol touches the highest end
    – Family has a history of young deaths due to unknown reasons (may be high BP or heart failure…)
    – Severe muscular pains (with free movements in lower body) all over body esp in the back after walk or work
    – Severe pain in heels/foot
    – continuous swelling on the inner corners of both eyes & face
    – dependent parts of body always swollen esp. more in summer
    – migraine on left usually during periods or with food poisoning
    – Very lethargic & negative in life

    Please suggest what could be best for her… we’ll be grateful to you.

    Best Regards
    Samaena Moon

    • I would like to suggest him/her

      1. Fraxinus Americana Q

      2. Berbaris Vulgaris Q

      3. Belladonna

      4. Crataegus Oxyacantha Q

      5. Adonis Vernalis Q

      Fraxinus Americana for Uterine Fibroid.

      Berbaris Vulgaris Q for Right Renal inflammation and Calculus.

      Crataegus Oxyacantha Q and Adonis Vernalis Q are the 2 best remedies for heart related problems.

      Kindly purchase these remedies asap.

  554. Sir
    My wife uterus found bulky
    Doctors advised for removal
    Is there any treatment in homeopathy without removal.
    please suggest
    with regards

  555. Kuljeet Soni says:

    Hi, My wife has been diagnosed with a POSTERIOR WALL UTERINE FIBROID, measuring 65 x 48 mm.
    The Ultrasound Report Says:

    Uterus is anteverted and normal in size. Large well defined hypoechoic lesion
    seen in posterior wall of uterus measuring 65 x 48mm in size suggestive of fibroid.
    Endometrial echo is ( 8mm) midline and normal.
    Uterus size : 7.3 x 3.7 x 5.3 cm.
    Both ovaries are normal in size. No mass or cyst seen.
    No free fluid is seen in POD.

    She’s afraid of Surgery and I have no problem going for an alternative and homeopathy is definitely a good one. Kindly suggest.

  556. I am 43 years menses time disturbed from aug.2014. Latest USG report is -uterus bulky.anteverted.Endometrial strip measures 8mm in A.P diameter.uters measure:8.3×4.6×7.2cm.
    Cervix: multiple nabothian cysts seen in cervical canal. OVARIES: left adnexa a simple smooth walled cyst measuring 4.4×2.7×4.5 cm.vol. internal septation.
    Problem: delayed period.period comes when i take the cource of Priaelute N 5mg tab.for 5-7days.after then a heavy bleeding till about 10 days.&again delayed period.
    Treatment taking-ustilego, heloniosis.
    Acidum phosphoricum& syzygium jambolanum
    Telma-20 on alternate days.
    Dibeties and blood presure is also. Wt. 75 kg. Hight is 163 cm.
    Plz plz sir suggest me treatment for all desease.I am not feel well.thanks.

  557. Jong Mith Lepcha says:

    prolonged mensuration ultra sound result bulky 12.8 cm normal in a mixed echogenic nodular lesion measuring 4.1×3.8cm seen within body of uterus and one (22mm) in post wall

  558. I am 28 years old my 1st delivery twins baby 19years old and 2nd ishu 8years after one boy.I went to ultrasound ultrasound report is blucky utras.pleas treatment to me.

    • just take Fraxinus Americana Q ( 15-15 drops ) 3 times a day in 1/2 cup luke warm water. This homeopathic remedy will solve your problem.

  559. I am 37 with a 20 yrs old child, my husband is 43 wth a 15 yrs old child. I went for UTRASOUND and ABDOMEN and PELVIS test. This were the results, With patient consent transvaginal utrasound is performed. The uterus appears anteverted measuring 5.5 cm ( length ) × 4.5cm ( width ) × 4.5cm ( AP ). In the left lateral wall solid hypoechoic nodule measuring 1.4 × 0.8cm is detected. Endometrium appears homogeneous.

    In the left and exams a dominant follicle 2.5 cm is detected. Right and examples a cystic structure with low level internal echoes and septation is detected measuring 5.6×3.2 cm.No free fluid detected.

    The liver appears normal in size, contour and echogenicity. No obvious focal liver lesions seen.The portal and hepatic veins are patent. No evidence of intra or extra hepatobiliary duct dilatation evident.

    The gallbladder is not visualised. Patient is not well fasted.CBD measures 0.3 cm.

    Both the left and right kidneys appears normal in size (right 10.5cm); left 9 cm), contour and echogenicity. Good cortico-medullary differentiation. Good perfusion demonstrated.No obvious renal masses, hydronephrosis or perinephric fluid seen.

    The Spleen (8cm) and pancreas appear sonographically normal.

    Comments: Possible left lateral uterine fibroid. Complex right adrenal cyst.

    What’s the best option through medication can I try to fall pregnant, apart from insemination which I had already done but results turned out negative. Kindly advice as I had been going frm one gyna specialist to another bt still not falling pregnant.

  560. olga Baptist says:

    M Olga.age 36 unmarried. M having uterine fibroid of 10cm.but m periods are regular. Can it be dissolved by medicine only?

    • Shibani Rai says:

      Im 43, having large fibroid with irregular peroid but not excessive. Im over weight also. Please suggest.

      • Day -1

        Please take Fraxinus Americana Q ( 15-15 ) drops 3 times daily in 1/2 cup luke warm water and mix 7 drops of Aletris Ferinosa Q

        Day – 2

        Take 2-3 pills of Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum 2x or 3x ( 3 times daily )

        take these remedies on alternate days.

  561. Sudip Mandal says:

    Respected Sir, there are few nabothian cysts in the cervix of my wife since Feb 2015 which causes lower abdomen pain often. She was treated by “Anbuta plus” for this continuously and may get cured. No USG was done after Mar 15 as no pain exists. Now the Lower abdomen pain is again arise last night once. Also dt of mensrural period is also irregular in every month and also large painful pimples are grown up on her face before the period. Pl advice.

    • Please take Kreosotum 30 ch ( daily 1 dose ) and Fraxinus Americana Q ( 10-10 drops ) 3 times a day for 1 month.

      and nebothian cyst is nothing. please ignore. It will dissolve automatically.

  562. Dina Vargas says:

    Hello. I am 44 yrs old female . I’ve been suffering from more than 10 years with heavy periods that last 7 days. I found out 5 years ago that I have several fibroids, adenomyosis and cyst on my left ovary. I suffer with in between bleeding also that drives me crazy, along with cramps that feel like i’m giving birth. What homeopathic remedy can you recommend for me? And where can I purchase them? Need help. My Drs have only recommended birth control pills. Or tell me they will shrink when menopause comes. I have begun menopause because I have skipped some periods but still go back to this heavy period and lots of in between bleeding. Currently been bleeding since January 10th til today. Please advise.

  563. nadia faisal says:

    sir, l am 4o yrs old female my uterus is removed due to heavy bleeding because of polyps and 5 cm fibroid but ovarys are consumed when i was 35 yrs old now i am feeling that that my bladder and rectum are also prolapse my doctor advised me for surgery please kindly advise me homeopathy medicine for my treatment

  564. Rajni dixit says:

    i am suffering from intramural fabroid in wall of uterus.plz help me abt preventing to this diseases.prescription and medicine of homoepathy or any nplz help iam vry worried abt it.

    • No need to worry Rajni ji. You will be alright.

      Please take Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum 3x

      ( 2-3 pills thrice daily ) for 3 months.

      and after three months

      take Fraxinus Americana Q ( 10-15 drops ) three times daily for 2 months.

  565. Roopa Sharma says:

    I am 49 years old and have a large hypochoic mass in the anterior wall of the uterus measuring 7 x 6.4 cm. My scan report says that the mass is displacing the cavitary echo posteriorly. No calcification or cystic area seen in the mass. Mostly My periods comes on proper time .
    My query is to know if its possible for me to overcome this problem without going under the knife.
    Thanks. waiting for your response doctor.

  566. Marlisee Singleton says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, I am q 48 yo african ametican woman. I’ve had severe cramps & heavy bleeding since I started my menstrual cycle @ 13.

    I’ve had several diagnosis of large fibroids & PCOS. My Dr. Tells me my uterus is the size of a woman 5 -6 months pregnant & I’m not in menopause. I had my thyroid taken out in 2011 & my cycle stopped. It started back in 2014 & now it is sporadic. What should I do?

  567. Hello Dr Sharma, I am of 52 yrs suffering from excessive bleeding during mensuration cycle.As up to this age it should be stop.But in my case it is increasing .Consult the doctor regarding this and ultrasound of uterus is done.In the test uterus is found bulky in size with multiple intramural fibroid in anterior and posterior walls of uterus, largest measuring 2.5 x 2.1 cm in anterior wall and 2.2 x 1.8 cm in posterior wall. Please suggest some remedy as I do not want for uterus removal treatment.

  568. Hello Dr Sharma, I am of 49 yrs suffering from excessive bleeding and pain during mensuration cycle.As up to this age it should be stop.But in my case it is increasing .Consult the doctor regarding this and ultrasound of uterus is done.In the test uterus is found bulky in size. Please suggest some remedy as I do not want for uterus removal treatment.

    • Please take Ficus Indica Q ( 10-15 drops ) in 1/2 cup fresh water three times daily.


      take Cinchona Officinalis 3x or 3ch or 6ch three times daily.

  569. Hello Dr Sharma, I am 44 yrs of woman, suffering from severe anemia , recurring boils and an enlarged uterus due to multiple fibroids. Pl suggest some remedy as I do not want to go in for uterus removal.

    • Hello Dr Sharma, I am of 49 yrs suffering from excessive bleeding and pain during mensuration cycle.As up to this age it should be stop.But in my case it is increasing .Consult the doctor regarding this and ultrasound of uterus is done.In the test uterus is found bulky in size. Please suggest some remedy as I do not want for uterus removal treatment.

    • Please take Cinchona officinalis 6ch three times a day alternate with Ferrum Metallicum 6ch.

      add Aletris ferinosa Q ( 5-10 drops ) three times daily in some fresh or luke warm water.

      please take these medicines for a month.

      after one month

      take Ceanothus Americana 3ch ( 3-4 times daily ) and Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum 3x ( 3-4 times daily ) for 3 months

  570. abhishek singhai says:

    Hello sir . I am Dr.Abhishek singhai BEMS frim Ashoknagar m.p.
    My wife of age 24 had a uterine fibroid fibromyoma uterus in left anterior wall . Which results pain in lower back and left leg with inflammation .. and i am in doubt of his pregnancy .. so help me in this case .. weather suggest safe Homeopath medicine for fibroid of sixe 23 ×23 mm .

  571. Dian Andriani says:

    Hello dr. Sharma, I’m Dian from Jakarta Indonesia. Dr. Sharma, i got cyst & myoma nearly 5mm so I wanna get suggestion from you. I’m really scared about surgery. If it’s possible can remove by medicine or not. Waiting reply. Thanks a lot

  572. Dr. Sharma: I am age 61 and have been bleeding every day for over 4 years. I do have a cervical polyp and probably fibroids too. Many years ago I had very large cyst and one ovary removed. Had endometriosis. Can you please help? Thank you so kindly!!!

  573. Dr I have one fibroid in uterus of size 4.7 cm. also bleeding is more and my hemoglobin has gone down to 9 .there is no pain durin menses but I feel weak and experience chills during periods. Pl advise homeopathy medicine for my comsition. I am 40 yrs and I have two children.

  574. Hai sir
    I have severe stomach problem with contripation so doctor suggested to take scan and found fibroid size 10 c.m so asked me to go for surgery I am not yet married aged 32 please suggest

  575. good morning doctor
    I am 26 years old with the 55kgs weight and the 5 feet2 inches and my married life is 20 months before 1 year i dont have any problem from last feburaury i am suffering from the stomach ache during periods so i recently take the scan on my abdonimal parts then following issue is appear
    suffering from the bulky uterus with mass lession in posterior wall-fibroid and that hyperehoic mass lession measuring 26.9 *19.8 mm,endometrial thickness 5.1mm
    please tell me the what are the affects with this issue is there is a chance to remove that mass lession without any surgery and also tell me that what are problems in the pregency time with this issue plz mail me sir

  576. smita angle says:

    i am in the menopausal age and having two intramural fibroids. my menses have become irregular occuring after three and half months but they have not stopped totally. is it on account of fibroids. the fibroids have been calcified. my age is 51 years. my bleeding is also heavy and long lasting. i have been advised pause and daflon 500 which stops my bleeding. which medicine would you advice me to stop my bleeding and cure my fibroids.

  577. Claire France says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Please could you advise the best remedy for uterine fibroids. I seem to fit Calc Carb, however, my cycle starts with 2 days of severe dragging, cramping pain and NO bleeding, just a clear discharge instead. After two days the bleeding starts and the pain stops, but the bleeding is scanty, still with discharge and lasts 5 days. My cycle is every 3 weeks. Would Calc Carb still suit my symptoms please? which potency please?
    Kind regards

  578. SARASWATHI says:

    Good morning sir,
    My name is saraswathi i am 40yrs old i am having uterus fibrods(one) and multiply fibroandenomos in both breast. Can these two be cured in homeopathy. and how long it takes to get cured. please give me a suitable suggestion

  579. Dear Dr. Sharma:
    Someone I know suffers from large, painful fibroid tumors from right side. She’s 43yrs. old, she can no longer run. They’re growing very rapidly, past her bellybutton. Highly anemic. Heart palpitations. Bloated.
    Currently drinking dandelion tea, Burdock root tea, and eating beans. Her menstrual cycle last 18-20 days.
    Please help us. What do you advise. Please keep this private. Thank you. God bless you.

  580. Manohar Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing this to you on behalf of my wife who is suffering from Myoma in her uterus and doctors have advised to undergo removal of uterus surgery once we complete our family. It is very unfortunate to say that we are still planning to have a baby and residents of Hyderabad. Please guide us to move in a right direction so that we can plan our baby as well as the appropriate treatment of my wife through Homoeopathy.

  581. Hello Doc, I recently did a scan and was told that I had a bulky uterus measuring 10.2*8.8*10.2 cm and contains a single intramural fibroid measuring 8.3*7.2cm. I am very worried and want to ask if there is cause for alarm and if homeopathy can be helpful.

  582. chitra salunkhe says:

    my ultrasound sonography report shows a bulky uterus with multiple uterine fibroids, the largest in the posterior wall (4.3 x 3.3 x 3.2cm), others in anterior and posterior wall measuring 1.3 x 2.5cb and a serosal fibroid(3.5 x 2.8cm) in size. i am 49 years old.i do not experience pain or discomfort during periods. but i have missed my last two periods. i want to avoid getting hysterectomy done which seems to be very common today . i want to know how i can treat myself of this problem…or is there any solution for this problem. should i worry about this problem

  583. PANKAJ KUMAR says:

    Hi Sir / Madam,

    My WIFE Chandan kumara Age – 31 Year .

    Continiu 2-2 month bulding problem preaid no timly weekly , Half weekly .

    Today altrasound report-

    Uterus is gravid siz antefixed enlarged reaching up to umbilicus 14.3×7.6×14 Cm show
    multiple fibroids of verying size , largerone measuring 6.1 cm in right lateral wall , 5.3 cm in left lateral wall and 5.6 cm in funds.

    Echogenic content measuring approx. 13 x 12 mm showing flow on color dropplerare seen in endometrial cavity suggestive of retained products.
    Bilateral overies are normalin size shape and echogenicity.

    No free fluid is seen in the pelvis.

    Sir pls help me ; my cont no – 9810523499

  584. Pls doctor,I hav a very big fibroid and now multiple.don’t really want 2 go for surrgery,but need ur advice at this point. What can I do have not given in my life.

  585. My sister had gone through an operation for removing fibroid in her uterus. She is 38 years.aftef one year again fibroid is forming. It is small in size. She is an divorced women living single for 9 years.she also feel pressure and pain in back and legs.can u pls suggest good homeopathic medicine which can cure her permenantly. Hoping good

  586. Vasanthi 26/f says:

    My left ovary was enlarged ,and endometriosis ,doctor give this thalaspi shalll I take il cure ah

  587. pradip mahanta says:

    my wife is now 47 and had 5 unsuccessfull ivf with donor egg. her fsh is10.23,prolactin 19, endo thick is normal . egg quality is not good, is there any chance of getting pregnant.would you mind to suggest some medicines to improve egg quality and also some medicines for increasing sperm motility(i am 55 years)so that she can get pregnant having natural sex.

  588. Iniobong Hephzibah says:

    Dr,Please what are the Home remedy for uterine Fibroid or movement on bothside of the “Vagina”

  589. Ansari shama says:

    hello sir,
    I’m also a homoeopathic doctor. n I have one patient who is suffering in anterior wall fibroid with bulky uterus. she has dysmenorrhoea with profuse bleeding. n she complaint for gases everytime. plz suggest me medicine for her.

  590. Doc, I’m suffering from thin endometrial lining for a few years now because of which I get heavy bleeding. I have been treated with allopathic medicine for my hormonal imbalance to reduce the lining BT I stopped it because of severe side effects. kindly give me some solution. I’m 43yrs unmarried from Mumbai.

  591. I am 28 yrs old and I am having a very big intramural to subserosal fibroid.i am suggested by doctor to take aurum muriaticum for it helpful.i am not having any problem with fibroids

    • My sister had gone through an operation for removing fibroid in her uterus. She is 38 years.aftef one year again fibroid is forming. It is small in size. She is an divorced women living single for 9 years.she also feel pressure and pain in back and legs.can u pls suggest good homeopathic medicine which can cure her permenantly. Hoping good

  592. swara patil says:

    I m 31 yrs old. M having 8 weeks pregnant , I Hav done ivf, my question is before pregnancy I was taking mag phos 6x tablet so m continuing it , but now m having bleeding problem so continue mag phos is good or not, pliz reply

  593. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know if non invasive treatment is possible in my case.

    Report of internal Ultrasound is mentioned below.
    Clinical data: Fibroid Uterus.

    Solid lesion measuring 4.8x 4.6 cm in the posterior wall with peripheral calcification, no abnormal colour flow seen of colour mapping. The endomerila thickness is 0.8 cm. Cervices appears normal. Right ovary measures 3.2x 2 cm and left ovary measures 2.4 x 1.4 cm I size. No adnexal lesion. No free fluid in the pelvis. Likely to represent interstitial myoma.

    Normally the bleeding is for 3 days in the past. Regular timely periods. Earlier no symptoms only mild pain before the periods on the lower left pelvis area( hip).November 2015 experience heavy bleeding with clots and terrible pain. 10 years old child , Normal delivery. I would like to know if its possible to cure with homeopathy treatment.

  594. Hi Dr.I m suffering from early changes of adenomyomatosis with thickened endometrium with likely endometrial polyp and 40 km hemorrhagic cyst is seen in left ovary
    I want to know is it curable in homeopathy

  595. Utreous febroid 53×54 mm & heavy bleeding during MC

  596. Can multiple fibroids be treated without surgery?

  597. mam meri wife ko pelvic inflammatory disease hai please help me

  598. denise Kelly says:

    The last 6 months very painful periods lasting about 10 days. Very little menses. Now I seem to be bleeding half the month with heavy pressure in the cervix and an achey feeling on my left side. I do have fibroids and just had 2 removed. The others are too small. They are talking fibroid emobilzation but we are leaving in 10 days. I need something homeopathic immediately. We are due for some traveling. I feel sick all the time. I don’t feel I can continue to live with this ill health. Please help!

    • Dear Doctor.
      I m 40 year’s old. Recently accidental MRI findings revealed fibroid uterus(1.8cm) in the anterior wall of uterus. Is it completely curable through homeopathy ? And how much time it would it for the treatment?
      Thank you

  599. Alka shukla says:

    I am 3 months pregnant and found recently 38.4*36.2*38.2mm size hypoechoic mass with calcification in my ultrasound report. I just want to know if it has any bad effects on my pregnancy and how can I get rid of this.please help me out…..

  600. My wife suffering from uterus fibroid 55 mm ,please suggest medicine for that.
    Thanks for early reply.

  601. fatima Zahra says:

    Hi there … I have extremely painful periods cos of my fibroids… what can I use to ease the pain? Thank you

  602. pls sir, Am 27 years of age and single.
    I have been having less period flow for more than 2 year, the flow last for only a day. I was at the hospital last year, some drugs was prescribe of which I have taken.
    I just notice a swollen in my stomach at the right side. I don’t know what to do
    pls help me,

  603. sir I have uterine fibroids so I had irregular periods and also last march pregnancy take place in we clean that and my tube are in good after that I taken homeopathy treatment for shrink fibroids that change my health and i feel good , after 6 months our doctor suggest for baby plans but my eggs r weak so he gave medicine but past 3 months I had short and quantity less periods not more than 2days I am worried for this pls reply me and I had regular periods past 6 months

  604. sir I have uterine fibroids because of that pregnancy take place in we clean that and my tube are in good after that I taken homeopathy treatment for shrink fibroids that change my health and i feel good , after 6 months our doctor sug

  605. M. Chakraborty says:

    Hello sir,
    my age is 40 yrs. I am suffering from bulky uterus , large uterine fibroid of 9.0 X 7.1 cm, due to this I also suffering from heavy bleeding and lot of weakness .Doctor advised me for surgery , but at present I don’t want to get it surgery due to some personal problem. Please advise me some homeopathic medicine …..

  606. There are two small homogenous echopoor masses (size 17.0×12.5 mm) with irregular margin in body and fundus of the uterus. The appears to be two small fibroids. Therefore, kindly suggest some homeopathy medicine.

  607. I have a problem of fibroids my periods are very heavy kindly suggest some homeopathy medicine

  608. Uterus : The uterus is anteverted. It is normal in size, shape and echotexture. It measures 7.4 x4.3 x 4.1 cm. Intramural fibroids measuring 15×15 mm & 8x6mm in size are noted at posterior myometrium. Endometrium is homogeneously thickened measures 13.4 mm in thickness.
    Ovaries : There is no focal solid or cystic mass lesion it. No appreciable other adnexal space occupying lesion is noted. No free free fluid noted
    Right Ovary measures 2.4 x1.5 cms
    Left Ovary measures 3.6 x 2.0 cms.
    Urinary Blader shows physiological distention. It shows normal wall thickness. No calculus or mass lesion is seen.
    Conslusion : uterine fibroids
    if homeopathy medicine helps her ,please suggest.


  609. happiness eze says:

    multiple uterine fibroids ranging from 1.2 ->5.6cm

  610. R G KUSHWAH says:

    pl fin out yhe yreatment of a small nobothian cyst in the cervical region will suspicious fibfoid in uterus .
    name of patient KAMLA
    Age 50 years

  611. Sonia satija says:

    I have a large uterine fibroid measuring 14cm is it possible to give treatment to reduce it.. also im 44 yrs and going thru my pre menopause.. pls advice

  612. fatima faheem says:

    dr me age 39 i have no baby my bulky fibroied utres size utres 11.2×5.8×6.6cms two myometrial fibroids noted in the posterior wall measuring 3.7×2.4cms and 1.4×1.1cms size
    right overy 3.0×1.5cms
    left overy 2.8×1.9cms
    no cyst in either overy
    no free fluid in pouch of douglas
    pleaz conform me treatment i am very worried plz mail me whatsapp num i talk u deatail this deases i waite far u mail

  613. Parul nakarani says:

    Respected sir,
    My uterus is enlarged -60×64×81 mm size with several uterine fibroids –
    Posterior wall intramural fibroid -25×28 mm size
    Anterior wall intramural fibroid -12×13mm size
    Two fundal subserous fibroid -13×14 mm and13×12 mm size.
    Other all things are normal.
    So will u pl tell me is this cure by homeopathic medicine ??
    Pl. Reply.
    I am so thankful to u.

  614. INTRAMURAL FIBROID seen in left lateral wall of uterus displaced ET towards (R) measuring 8.92×7.2×9.91 cms.

    Kindly suggest best treatment available.

  615. INTRAMURAL FIBROID seen in left lateral wall of uterus displaced ET towards (R) measuring 8.92×7.2×9.91 c

  616. Hello doctor i m suffering from 3.5×3.8 cervical fibroid.please suggest me what can i do??

  617. Purushottam says:

    My sister is suffering from some uterus problem ‘ when she is going for toilet uterus is out from abdomen pls assist me thanks

  618. Dr. Naheed Sultana says:

    I am 42 yrs. I am having profuse mensturation since many months. I also suffer from anemia, 9-10 count .pl help.

  619. Paula Harris says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my letter.. I am in need of your expertise regarding uterine enlarge fibroid tumor/mass outside my uterus.. Size of a grapefruit. Please.. I need healing from within. Not surgery. I believe in natural healing.. Reversing emotional eating, negative energy and stress related situation from my body/ womb. I have faith to regain my health and life. Life style change.. Mind-set..

    Thank you in advance,


    Paula Harris

  620. Sir good afternoon
    I am suffring last ten years from the interactive fibroids problems mainly the pain at the time of monthly periods. Pls. Give me the tablets for parament releaf frome these pain

  621. lovelace mottey says:

    please i am a lady of 41years of age and i have fibroid which is now Bulky in size anteverted AP diameter 11.5cm extending to fundus, please can i get a medicines for the treatment,i come from Ghana and lives in Ghana.

  622. Dr. Archana says:

    Respected sir
    I have a patient whose usg saying she has leiomyoma plus pcod but she is absolutely symptomless. She has regular periods little bit of dysmenorrhoea but gets usually exposed of frequent uti. I m giving her calc flour 6x. What else should be given to her. For uti I give her cantharis and she gets relief by that. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

  623. Sir
    I am suffering regular pain lower part of back both side. As per report there is swelling in uterus. during mensuration prion excess bleeding with black clods during three days. Gap between two period 15-20 days . Pls suggest medicine

  624. Veena sharma says:

    Very good to know that there is treatment for fibroids snd menorrhagia beside surgery, which is the only resort in allopathy.

    • BABY.P.D, PLASSERY says:

      My wfe aged-45 detected fibroid in her uterus with6.9*4.6*5.8 cm and two small fibroids. Her Uterus is anteverted bulky measures .Endometrial thickness is 10mm.Cervix appears normal.Right ovary 3.7 * 2.7 cm, left ovary 4.0*3.0 cm shows a cystic lesion of size 2.3 * 2.5 cm. Fatty liver .Doctor suggested her surgery of uterus and overy also, but she fears to under go . if homeopathy medicine helps her ,please suggest.

  625. william v/christine H says:

    Dr. Girlfriend – I understand that Uterus at normal is 3mm girl friend 68 has a 11mm-she has been
    on hormone therapy for 15 years. Of course doctor want to go in a shave–check for cancel or tumors.
    I understand cancer is low on the scale!
    doctor wants to do a Dilatation and Curethage.
    She also has a dropped bladder and rectum issue- worse than hemorrhoids – like an inversion of the rectum . I total her she need better hydration and maybe some mild laxative

  626. Uterine fibroid 40 x 40 mm on the left uterine wall detected, 5.1 mm thickness for an unmarried woman 30 yrs No pain. Menses usually normal, at times prolonged by few days only. Period cycle is normal. Height short & moderate built. No other symptoms reported, excepting some hair fall, for which coconut oil is used as hair oil. Cal Flour- 3x (Biochemic) being taken at present. COULD YOU KINDLY SUGGEST THE LINE OF TREATMENT FOR REDUCING THE FIBROID SIZE GRADUALLY ? Thanking you, -Raj Nandy, New Delhi, 17th Nov. 2015. I am unable to make any foreign calls.

  627. Uterine fibroid 40 x 40 mm on the left uterine wall detected, 5.1 mm thickness for an unmarried woman 30 yrs No pain. Menses usually normal, at times prolonged by few days only. Period cycle is normal. Height short & moderate built. No other symptoms reported, excepting some hair fall, for which coconut oil is used as hair oil. Cal Flour- 3x (Biochemic) being taken at present. COULD YOU KINDLY SUGGEST THE LINE OF TREATMENT FOR REDUCING THE FIBROID SIZE GRADUALLY ? Thanking you, -Raj Nandy, New Delhi, 17th Nov. 2015

  628. kvkl,ihl.l

  629. There is a hypoechoic lesion measuring 2.4×3.4×2.7cms along anterior and left lateral wall of uterus s/o suberosal fibroid. similar lesion of size 13mm seen in posterior wall s/o intramural/submucosal fibroid. posterior wall bibroid is mildly indenting endometrium. Is this surgical? What are the effects if it is not cured? Is there a cure for this?

  630. i have few 9 mm to 22 mm hypoechoic areas are present in the fundus and body. so what type of fodd shell i take. is surgery necessary.

  631. Hello Doctor,

    Recently I found that my wife is having the following:
    uterus retroerted with posterior intramural fibroid measuring 36X32MM very close to the endometrium pushing it anteriorly.

    Our gynecologist is saying for it it pregnancy is not coming. And it should be removed surgically. Can it be cured with homeopathy medicine.


  632. PRINCE SEHGAL says:

    Dear Sir,

    My mother age is 53 yrs. she is found her ultrasound report endometrial thickness is 18 mm, subserous fibroid measuring 18 X 17 MM is seen in anterior wall.

    we dont want to surgery for fibroid , because she has jundice from by birth . still jundince 19 .

    Request to please suggest us homeopathy medicine for cure tretment . we will be very thenkful to you.

    Thanks & Regards,

  633. Urvashi singh says:

    Hi doc,
    I’m 34 and have one child. Have always suffered with irregular periods and still continue to have so.
    My Gynae had usually asked me to be on contraceptives but now I want to use homeopathic treatment for my PCOD.

    The local homeo have me dr.reckeweg’s BC15; fraxinus Americana and also aurum muriaticum natronatum x3

    Please suggest if this is the right way to go for treating my PCOD.

  634. Hello dr
    am anni 33 yrs old from pak
    suffering from never stop bleeding due to uterine fibroids of 55*68mm n multiple right ovarian cysts of largest size 64*67mm from last more than one year
    Dr recommend surgery for it to remove uterus
    kindly can u give me any suggestion regarding my disease following Homeopathetic medicine ????

  635. V.VIJAYALAKSHMI says:


  636. KULVIR KAUR says:

    My age i s 42 years. I am having multiple fibriods. and a cyst. Doctor suggested surgery but I fear to under go surgery. if homeopathy medicine helps her ,please suggest.

  637. Shantanu Choudhury says:

    My wfe aged-40 detected fibroid tumour in her uterus. Doctor suggested her surgery but she fears to under go . if homeopathy medicine helps her ,please suggest.

  638. christina chetty says:

    I Am 21years no child i have to conceve but i have uterus fibroids

  639. My utress efected 3fibroid
    I large .it size 53*47
    i have pain full perioud
    Doctor adviced sargery
    Pleese help me it removing with outsurgery

  640. EKTA RANI 41 YEARS says:

    I HAVE A small sub serous fibroid 15mm*15mm in uterus . I am taking “thlaspi” bursa pastoris Q for treating the fibroid. Is this the correct medicine? My menstrual cycle is continuing normally and i have no problem regarding it.
    I also have much pain in right heel of my foot. Ortho doctor told that there is a swelling in the internal portion of the heel.
    plz, suggest medicine for this problem

  641. Respected Sir,
    I m 47 years and have a submucosal leiomyoma of size 2.8 X 4 cm.I m on CCH for about 2 years now…but there is no improvement… I do not prefer a surgery.Can u plz suggest anything better that can reduce the size?? Also recently I m suffering from cystitis and fever.Is it related to this fibroid anyway ?? Plz help

  642. Dr,I am 34yrs,married without children,I have been having pelvic pain throughout the month and it got serious any time my period is approching I was resently diagnoses with sub mucous fibroid. Within the uterine fundus measuring 4.4×3.6cm and a posterior myoma measuring 4.1×3.7cm.pls Dr,help I aslo experience prolonge menstral bleeding lasting for 10-12days and serious cramping like labour pain during ovulation,I need cure for my problem and still want to have children.I leave in Nigeria

  643. daisy paulachen says:

    49 years old having bulky measuring 18.7*11.6*13.8cms anteverted uterus with endometrial thickness 5mm. Huge hypoechoic calcified non necrotic vascular fundal posterior wall lesion s/o fibroid ms 12.1*9.6*8.2cm…ovary normal size and position no cystic or solidxovariN mass lesion adnexal mass or free fluid seen in Douglas pouch…what does all this mean..I have no bleeding ..have cleat yellow mucous discharge no pain occasional spotting..please help

  644. I m having multiple uterus forbide on the myometrium layer.I m not able to conceive due to this..dr are saying myomectomy is not possible..plz advise me wht I do I not want to lose my utetus in the age of 39…

    • hi doc, last year had found out that i had fibres and done myomathony operation but just notice now that my tummy is getting big again is the a possibilities that it coming back again?

  645. Hello Dr… I m siya … I m 18 year old .. I had an abortion after abortion there is something filling in the below of stomach … I can check Dr so many times … There is swelling in uretus … Plzz do needful resolution as soon as possible … My menses are regular and I m unable to take pleasure of sex after abortion … Plzz resolve my issue xk

  646. sayyed khatija mohd noor says:

    dr sharma i m 35 year old women having fybroid prblm from last 4 month n i had severe pain n heavy bleeding before 4 month i had admitted to the hospital n treated so i got well n there was no symptons nothing but from sunday i got everything as before nonstop painful bleeding so now dont understand what to do pls suggest me

  647. i have just got my ultrasound report with diagnosis of 10.2 cm intramural fibroid on posterior wall – ovaries endometrial lining normal I experience excess bleeding with clots and excess flow of fluid between bleeding I need to save my uterus but have been advised surgery which I do not want to undertake please advise if homeopathic possibility exists?

  648. regina Darkwa says:

    am a married woman and i have just been informed that a have fibroid which is inhibiting me from getting pregnant so should do about this?

  649. syed asif mohiuddin says:

    normal dialated pelvic calyceel system with dense stone seen at upper ureter measuring about 9*5 m.m pls suggest

  650. sanjeeta rai says:

    doctor i just want to know i m 32yr unmarried n have bulky uterus with multiplies fibrod .I had homeopathic med for 6 months but no change now doctor is saying me there can b no treatment except surgery or injection n says ita critical pls suggest wat can i do.

  651. Dear Dr.

    My wife just diagnose the Uterine Fibroid at early stage, she is very week. We have one boy of 10 years. Got problem of mis-carriage for 3 months, then one girl died after 4 hours of birth. Can we get rid of fibroid with homeopathic medicine.

    Please let me know some treatment for it.

    Best regards


  652. Kathy nugent says:

    My daughter in law is about 12 weeks pregnant and has a fibroid that is the size of a cantelope. Is there any thing which could help shrink the tumor?

  653. muntaj begum says:

    dear sir,
    i am muntaj begum, aged about 53 years, am had 13 times abortions during 1984 to 2001, thereafter blood loss during memses heavily occurs anemic also. Now Hemoglobin 64% 8.6 gms. , bulky Uterus with size 14 x 9.5 x 11.5 cmn with 9.3 x 7.3cms size large round fibroid Adenomyoma in posterior wall of bodydisplacing endometrium,

    on 12.12.2012 Enlarged bulky Uterus measuring 11.6 x 7.6 9.4 cms with 6.5 cms x 6.0 cms.
    please give me good suggestion for my qurries like Leproscopic surgery is requires or not . one more thing frequent urinary problem and empty blader. Dr. sharma give good suggestion and if not necessary suggest me good medicine. thank u sir

  654. shabbir mookhtiar says:

    thank u

  655. Ogechi Agim says:

    Please sir, can you prescribe for me, homeopathy therapies, I can use to shrink this growth of uterine fibroid on my system, because i am scared of surgery. I am from Nigeria and I live in Nigeria.
    Thank you sir in anticipation

  656. HELLO ,





    • My wife is 50 yrs.old,suffering from fibriods,uterus is a reverted,bulky in sizeand shows heterogeneous echotexture.,measures11.6*7.4*4.9,multiple fibroids,larger measuring 3.8*3.4 and3.9*3.4 in anterior and posterior subserosal fundal region respectively.Both ovaries are normal in size and echotexture.No free fluid is seen in POD.IMPRESSION BULKY UTERUS WOTH MULTIPLE FIBROIDS pl.suggest treatment for Menorrahgia

  657. Mubassher Bilal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My wife(45) has recently been diagnosed as a patient having tumor in uterus , requiring operation to remove it as suggested by doctor. Is there any alternative to operation? Solicit your kind advice.
    Best regards.
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  658. Dr Sharma
    My wife age of 42, having with diabeties is suffering from these
    1 uterus: Anteverted measures 8.7 X 3.2 x 6.5 cm with hypoecoic lesion measuring 3.1 x2.2 cm noted in posterior wall. Endometrial eco complex is is normal (7 mm) Uterine cavity is empty. ( 9 yeays old)
    2. large unilocular cyst measut=ring 7.3 x 5.6 cm noted in right adnexa
    3. no abdominal lymphadenopathy seen
    4. no free fluid seen in the abdomen.
    impression : 1. bulky uterus with subserosal/outer intramural fibroid.
    2. Large unilocular right adnexal cyst.

    pls suggest me

  659. i am suffering from irragular bleeding since 6 month sonography result bulky uterus I am 40 yeae old .i have 2 children by sessarion operation suggest the homeopaty treatment

  660. Good evening Dr. Sharma.
    I am Preeti 24, Dehradun I want to know that which medicine should I continue with as my reports says the following:
    Uterus is retroverted AP Diameter measures 37.25mm, Bicornual diameter measures 50.99mm, Length measures 83.48mm. The uterus is enlarged in size. Uterus shows smooth contour, myometrial echotexture appears normal. No focal hypo or hyperechoic lesion is seen in the uterine myometrium. Combined endometrial thickness measures 7.64mm. No intrauterine gestation is seen.
    Cervix shows multiple small cystic lesions (two in numbers) in the posterior wall respectively.
    Plz suggest me the treatment to remove my uterine cyst. tanQ

  661. Respected sir I have large intramut fibroid(10c m) & I am suffuring infertility. So I want to know your best suggestion in homeopath ic treatment.

  662. seema akhlaq says:

    I am 55 years old women I go to menopas but i have fibriods my ultrasound report in utrus large size Ihave backpain ihave constipation my health is over all very weak my abdmen abnormally enlarged and pain in back and legs what is homeopathic medicine what is eat

    please reply

  663. I am a 41 year old woman. I have one fibroid (4.6 cm) for about three years. I have long, very heavy bleeding and very painful time during my period. Please, le me know what would be good medicine to try to control bleeding and pain, and possibly shrink fibroids.


    • Priyanka says:

      Respected Sir,
      I am 30 years old unmarried having problem of bulky uterus with multiple fibroids, anemic, lower abdomen pain and irritation. My case is very complicated. Here I am mentioning in points:

      * Once I had gone through surgery of Myometomy dated on 08.03.2013. Diagnosis: Bulky uterus with Multiple Fibroids, menorrhagia and anemic.

      * Since July 2015, I am facing same problem again then I consulted homeopath physician, but have not gotten any improvement right now.

      * My current Ultrasound Report is: Uterus is bulky in size, measures ( 122x84x80 mm (vol.- 429.12 cc) and shows multiple hypo echoic SOLS in the anterior and posterior myometrial wall of the uterus ( largest measuring 56×42 mm in the anterior wall). Endometrial thickness is not central. No endometrial collection is seen. Both ovaries are normal in size and echo texture. Opinion: Bulky uterus with multiple fibroids.

      * Sir I am working lady, facing severe problem. Now I do not want to go for any surgery.

      *currently no homeopath medicine is controlling bleeding, so my physician has advised me to take allopath medicine for controlling excess bleeding and for removing fibroids he has suggested me:
      1. A.M.N. 6 x – 2,2,2,2
      2. Fraxinus Americana – 10, 10, 10, 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water.

      * Sir, I need your help to advice me what is the best treatment. I must need for non- surgical and what are the medication and food can help to relieved the pain and excess bleeding with clot.
      Plz help me pl. .
      Thanks and Regards

  664. I am a 44 year old woman. I have one fibroid (5-6 cm) for about three years. I have long, very heavy periods with a lot of spotting and bleeding between my cycles. They are often accompanied by discharge of dark blood clots. I often feel bloated and have a lot of pressure on other organs. I have cramps during bleeding but they are not terrible. Please, le me know what would be good medicine to try to control bleeding, regulate cycles, and possibly shrink fibroids.


  665. Iam 42 yrs old .. My uterus has tilted a bit and the fibroid is pushing my intestines therefore I get pain in my lower stomach with vaginal discharge and bloating .. This happens at least once a month and I get slight fever each time I do a lit bit of strenuous excercise

  666. Am 35 year and after an ultra sound i have a fibroid that is 5.55cm by 5.58cm..please advice me coz i dont want an operation
    i am willing to have kide

  667. Uma Srivastava says:

    Hello! Doctor,

    Tips advice by you looks to be effective. I would like to try those.
    My Query:
    1) Do we have to use Calcarea Carbonica & Magnesium phosphoricum together. I either case of your reply, kindly suggest the applicable doses to be taken and the duration, means for how long.

    Thanks with regards,

  668. Manjula in bhopalaged 46 have intramural multiple fibroid. And bleeding heavily seek treatment to avoid hysterectomy Pl. Suggest

  669. Am 33 year and a
    fter an ultra sound i have a fibroid that is 7.15cm by 7.58cm..please advice me coz i dont want an operation

    • Ameena Begum says:

      Dear sir,
      Iam 38 yrs Unmarried
      Pain in right leg from last 1yr…and painfull menses ..

      Ultra sound scanning report May 2 2015
      Uterus measures bulky in size and normal in echotexture
      Evidence of multiple hypoechoic lesions arising subserosally with the largest one measuring 8.5×7.3 cms in the right iliac fossa
      Endometrial thickness 8.7mm

      Again this month report shows …22 sep 2015
      Uterus measures 129×73 x104 mm is bulky in size
      Evidence of multiple well defined hypoechoic lesions ( largest one measuring 99x73mm) noted with in -Fibroids.
      Endometrial thickness 12mm

      Plz help me and suggest what i do….i dont want surgery:(

  670. Manpreet kaur says:

    Hello I have 38 yr old and I have already take many treatments. According my sonography my uterus is enlarged (8 cm× 7.4 cm) with complex mixed lesions measuring approx (4.3×3.5 cm) in mid uterine region. So bulky uterus with presence of Myomas. For taking this drug I.e. Trapic,Dormis 30 and Daflon 1000) my condition is not right. I have very high bleeding in mensurastural cycle with high pain in legs or lower abdomen and feel weakness.My mensurastural cycle is continue long time with high blood clot remove .please suggest what I do for this. Help me and suggest what I do

  671. Anita Singhania says:

    I have both ovary as polycystic one having about 8 cm and another is about 5 cm. I did not operate it though advice and taking homeopathic medicine since few year and getting CA 125 test done. During medication the size at many times came down and increase without medication.

    I am 47 and have almost regular period thought at times there were cases of delays in past one year.

    Recently I found blood clots draft 3 days after the completion of the last cycle. In Ultra Sonography it was diagnosed as Fibroids in Uterus. I am having pain in lower abdomen since last two three days.

    Please advise what medicine will help.


  672. uterous normol in size myometrial echotexture non homogenous shows a well defined hypoechoic mass meas 18mm ×16 mm on anterior wall kya koi bimari hai

  673. Manju Shukla says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    Good Morning!
    My age is 57 years. I did the ultrasound of my stomach and reports say the following:
    -Liver/GB/Pancreas are Normal
    -Mild Splenomegaly
    -B/L Kidneys are normal. No calculus or mass lasion
    -Uterus/ovaries are Post menopausal status (Mild bulky uterus with low echoic lesion noted inside of uterus size app. ~18.8*15.9mm and ~23.3*19.8mm ? intra Mural fibroid.)

    Kindly suggest!

  674. Hi,good morning,

    My problem is uterus measures 89*68*72 mm,enlarged in size.retroverted,multiple fibroids noted largest in anterior myometirum measuring 33*32 mm.endometrium thickness is 13 mm.
    My hight weight and age is 5 feet ,65 kg ,46 yers in order

    THYROID PROFILE: T3: 1.2, T4: 7.8, TSH: 5.1

    kindly advice medicenes for my uterus fibroids,

    thank you

  675. I am 44 and used to have regular 28 day periods over the last 5 years my periods first disappeared for 3 months then on began to be erratic, profuse, dark and clotted in lumps and strings and recently with excess offensive smelling discharge between bleeding. I have never taken birth control pills and have tried herbal remedies to no effect please advise medication re the bleeding and anemia with excess facial hair and deep lines at either sides of the mouth, hair loss and coldness of hands and feet during bleeding episodes. no pain, backache or headache but weak and irritable outbursts with facial acne. thank you in advance

  676. sadia rathore says:

    Bulky uterus and fatty liver.i m 44 years my weight is height is 5ft 6 inches.i have a pain in lower abdomanal then I check to gyane she prescribe me some test and ultra sound that result is Bulky uterus and fatty liver.plz tell me best remedy of homeopathic and how can I use it detail. Thanx

  677. sufdering from uterine fibroid with heavy bleeding with heavy clots for at least 2 days and normal flow lasts about 10 days in a month. Pain not much but discomfort due to bleeding and low hb at 10. I am 43 yrs old and don’t want to undergo surgery . Only one fibroid of 3.7*2.7cm closely abutting and displacing endomaterial echo in fundal region . Endomaterial Echo is 13 mm. Uterus is retroverted.

  678. Sir, I am 56 years old having uterine Fibroids.
    problem: frequent urination , feeling of heavy, I could not get exact ultrasound report,, the growth in internal walls, I have to go to toilet 2 or 3 times with the pressure from fibroids.

    And I am having breast tumors feel heavy, how to decrease breast size and tumors .I am feeling very in convenient.. Please show me solution for my problem
    I am 56 years old unmarried , when I was 34 years old I used tablets to delay the menses, for some auspicious occasions..Please do help me out to get out my problem… thenking you sir,
    Yours sincerely– Rajasree

  679. Sir
    Ultrasound report is: Age 52
    Bulky uterus with multiple fibroids
    Hepatomegaly with diffuse fatty infiltration.
    First delivery twins
    Mensus: excessive bleedings with clotting and pressure to pass stool
    Plz advise homeopathy medicine . pulsatilla patient is advised by doctor

  680. Respected sir,
    Few months back i was pregnant ,in my first ultrasound i came to know that i have a intramural fibroid of 44*39mm, and i also that my
    Foetus has not developed heartbeat
    I waited for a week but there was no positive response and i had to go for an abortion
    Can i expect a safe pregnancy now
    Or the fibroid should be treated first

  681. Kavita Agnihotri says:

    Hello Dr.

    Thanks for such a nice post.
    I am 35.I have delivered twin babies 9 month before. 3 months after delivery I got my periods. Till last month I was getting my periods regularly that is every 28-29 days which is my cycle. now last month suddenly I did’t get my periods and now this month when they came , they are not going, now its 20 days still I m getting bleeding . I visited my Dr she said my Uterus is bulky due to twin pregnancy and gave me Tripic tablet to stop bleeding and said it will help uterus to shrink. also she asked me to come on 5th day of my next cycle.
    my medical history :: I had fibroids and had surgery to remove them before conceive. again I don’t want to undergo surgery.
    please suggest me

    Thank you

  682. Dear Dr Sharma,
    My wife is having fibroids in her uerus here i am sharing the latest ultrasonic report as given below.
    Bladder: Urinary bladder is visualised normally.
    Uterus .-normal in size 117*61mm. hypoethoic lession are seen in uterine wall . large one emas 50*52mm.
    Cervix: Cervix and vagina shows normal pattern.
    Ovary: Both ovaries show normal.
    No free fluid seen in clu de sac.
    Impression: fibroids uterus
    She is having the following symptoms.
    1. Excessive bleeding during period so long upto 7-8days, red and black blood mostly red
    2. Anaemia (Haemoglobin is 7.9)
    4. Weakness
    5. Weight loss their thyroid report is t3 total 0.9, t4total -7.7, tsh-8.8 blood report is albumin-3.9, glibulin-3.2, ag ratio 1.2:1 , protein 7.1, this problem is happened from last two month.
    Request you to kindly suggest some
    medicines so that surgery can be

  683. Dear Dr. Sharma, This homeopathic approach sounds so interesting! Wondering if I were to try this approach would I need a holistic Doctor to help me? If so, how might I find one? I have recently been told that I need a hysterectomy due to my large urerine fibroids pressing on my bladder and causing me to feel like I have to go to the bathroom all the time. I am so uncomfortable I am not able to do what I need to each day and I am exhausted. The pressure, and the burning, and needing to go all the time are weighing on me. I have been like this all summer. I was sent to a urologist first to look for a problem. When they found I had a kidney stone, they went ahead and removed it making me think that was the problem. As it turned out, I think I had two problems. one was the stone, and the other the fibroids. I have not been offered anything to help control the pain and discomfort that I live, except a drug that will work in about three weeks to cause my bladder to relax. I am worried about taking it as I don’t know if it will cause new problems. Wondering, do you have any advice for me? Thank-you so much! Susie

  684. Hi Dr Sahrma
    I am 57 years and have been diagnosed with fibroids both inside and outside of my uterus – 3 in total of 2cm each
    for past 4 years now I have had monthly menses with a very heavy clots flow
    for the last 6 months the menses have been two months apart yet still heavy
    on 6 August (with last period 6 July) I have had non stop flow with clots sometimes bright red and at times very dark…the clots are very dark – it is 31 august today and everything seems to have calmed- no flow hurrah…I have iron tablets for anemia count of 6..antibiotics for suspected infection and that is it..I Need help with what is going on, weakness dietary changes, medication etc so that I am ready and prepared should it occur again – God Forbid
    Allopathic medication is tranexamic aid mefenamic acid and provera – I am not keen to carry on taking these
    Could you kindly advise me please?

    Kindest Regards

  685. Hello Doctor,

    My wife 30 year old and diagnosed with one fibroids at posterior side in uterus 40 mm during first pregnancy ultrasound.
    she never had any symptoms from fibroid till date. I don’t want to go for surgery, is there any othet treatment that can help me kindly advice.

    Thanks and Regards,

  686. Prasanta Roy says:

    I am on behalf of the patient Smt. Pampa Das, Age 27 years old, weight 60 kgs has been suffering from pain below noval portion , feelling pain during passing urine , mensuration stop last six months but there is no pregnency found so far, pain feelling during intercourse, recently done ultrasonography test & found cysts measuring 0.20mm , sometimes feeling below feet during night.,
    Please suggest the treatment & medicine.
    Thanking you.
    Yours Faithfully

    Dated : 29/08/2015 Prasanta Roy

  687. md.rizwan ahmad says:

    my wife is 35 yrs old and overweight. she is facing a lots of problems regarding mense irregularities as well as uterus
    -now a days a finger like structure came out from the vegina during the mense till it remain at the mouth of vagina after end of mense.
    -last year no fibroid was seen in the utrus ultra sound.
    -she perform a lots of exercise for weight loss.

    kindly guide us and recomend the medicine.

  688. Dear Sir, My wife Age 44 is having in fibroid 24mm x 18mm in uterus. We have get CT scan 2 month back which describe well defined intramural hypodense lesion is seen in its posterior wall measuring 24mm x 18mm -Suggestive of Fibroid. With start of periods, she face pain in left side hip and uterus. She also face pressure on rectum and bladder because of she frequently has to go for urine. She also desires to pass stool due to pressure of fibroid on rectum, but is able to pass out only a little at time. This remain for 8-9 days from start of period. After 9 days she did not face any problem. Pl suggest treatment.

  689. K.T.Haritha says:

    Sir I use to take sepia, pulstella,ferrum phos and a mixture of eletris farinocis + asoka+ pulstella+ abroma agusta mother tinctures and pelvorin tabs for blotting in 1st and 2nd days. Flow use to start from 3rd day to 5 th day. But the problem is not yet resolved. Will you suggest me the right medicine for this problem.

  690. Ikujuni folasade Racheal says:

    Good evening Dr Sharma I am having fibroid tumor that is making me uncomfortable I have read many articles on homoeopathic treatment and I want you to help me. I am a Nigerian

  691. MS. MAHUA DHARA says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Good morning. I have a subserous fibroid at left lateral aspect of fundus of uterus which measures about 55.7×32.8×50.0mms and mildly enlarged ovaries. Right overy measures 40.1×17.8×27.6mms (vol-10cc), Left ovary measures 36.3×24.0x22.2 mms (vol-10cc). kindly help me in treating the above mentioned problem by forwarding your valued advice through my mail id.

  692. Dear Doctor
    I was told i have anteverted uterus measuring (3.7×3.0×7.8)cm and contains multiple intramural myoma measuring (4.0×3.9)cm and (3.2×5.5)cm.

    Both ovaries are normal.

    Please can homeopathic treatment help me. I want to have babie


  693. Mousumi Paul says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I just came to know that I have got 2 fibroibds and one is about 5cm and also thickening of uterus lining what is the remedy for it, I strongly believe in homeopathy but the doctir suggested I have to curate the fibroids which came slightly inside the uterus and also to put IUD to reduce heavy bleeding. Will wait f I r you answer.

  694. Saniya sayyed says:

    ihave cyest fibroid one day flow water discharge

  695. Alelie tiong esto says:

    Hi dr.

    I have submocousal fibroid that causes me long-term of period and pain in my lower abdomen and back pain.i have numbness and dizziness feeling as well and its really irritating me.
    I have been consulted with the ob doctor and advice me to do the surgery to remove the fibroid while its still small like a small lemon of size.but the fact is the doctor telling me it might comeback in future even after surgery.and i can say that this will be worthless if then.
    Dr. I need your help to advice me what is the best treatment i must need for non surgical.and what are the medication or food can help to relived the pain and the heavy bleeding.
    Please advice me also for what food i must need that can help to shrink fibroid and what needs to avoid.

    Thanks Dr.


  696. Leena Agarwal says:

    Multiple fibroids in uterus, one size is 9.38 cm which press bladder. urine problem.
    no pain, no heavy bleeding. Please suggest is there any treatment in homoeopathic of this type of problem.

  697. shabana parekh says:

    I have myoma please suggesst what can i do

  698. vandana chodankar says:

    respected doctor I am vandana chodankar from goa. I am suffering from fibroid since 2005. my operation was done where they removed 8 fibroids. the largest of 8cms. I got one child. nw again I am suffering from same problem. my HB count was 4 only. they put 2 packets of blood in goa medical college. nw doctors are saying that they are going to remove uterus which I don’t want. Please suggest medicine which can dissolve fibroids. the same problem my sister also suffering.

  699. A. Vaidehi says:

    Doctor, I am having 6.7 cm Fibroid inside the Uterus and docket has advised me to go for hysterectomy. Since I am 42 years with 2 children, I don’t want to go for surgery. Kindly confirm me whether I can opt for Homeopathy treatment and what would be the duration. The only bothersome symptom for me is huge bleeding with clots for 3 days and I have become anemic. Pl reply me at the earliest.

  700. Hello dr.. last month on 14 june a fibroid of size 8x8MM had detected on the posterior wall of uterus & there are multiple tiny cysts in the right ovary and left breast.kindly suggest me suitable age is 38 & still no child bcoz of my health issues.plzzz reply. Thanxxx

  701. hi, this is nirmala.i am 35years old. I have fibroids in size 1.4cm. Weather homeopathy treatment works for it.

  702. Dear Doctor
    I am 57 years old diagnosed with multiple fibroids seen in the anterior myometrial wall measuring 5.8×6.3cm and another 5.5×6.3cm with calcification and endometrial thickness measures 15mm.
    I had menopause since last 4 years. I have no problems right now. Is there any medicine in Homeopathy which will cure the fibroid?
    Expecting reply

  703. I have two fibroid tumors, that I know of. One is near the rectum, and the other is on the front left side of the pelvis. I can feel and see that latter. The front one is painful when I press on it. I do abdominal pain on the left and right side of my lower abdomen, mostly when pressure is applied. I do have problems with complete evacuation. I know some of that is diet related, but some is the tumor. I do not have excessive bleeding. I have always been very regular. I do have pain in my left hip and am wondering if it has something to do with the tumor on the left side. Thanks for your time.

    • my wife 46yrs.aged has a fibroid in uterus size98*77*73 mm uterus size normal. please advise me how can she cure by homeo treatment

  704. Homeopathic treatment for fibroids in the body even in he uterus after the age of 55 years

  705. arnabi sen says:

    Dr. Sharma, I had menstruational problems for two starting with heavy flow then continuos staining, Itook allopathic cuti m for two years to check the flow. Now I have gown inuterine wall found after USG and the bleeing iscontiuos. How can I get rid of bleeding and fibroid both.

  706. patricia says:

    I have fibroids measuring 6cm and 5cm what homeopathic remedy will I use to shrink them

  707. Bushra rauf says:

    Respected Dr sharam. I m unmarried 27 year old girl. I have problem of excessive bleeding during starting 4 days of menses. But days and dates of menses are normal. My ultrasound re ort says “two intra mural fibroids are noted, right lateral measuring 80.0× and left measuring 55.0×45.0 mm. This ultrasound is done before 10 days of mensturation.
    Plz I need your help.

  708. richasharma says:

    hello sir,my problem is related to bulky uterus doc says u have swelling in uterus but in small amount with a clotes but i can’t take a allopathy med. because of side effect of spider and varicse vein already i takevavtreatment for this (spider and varicose vein)i have pain in my legs from i year after taking the same treatment of cyst. sir can u pls guide me there is any permanent solution or medication for this.

  709. Obiese Lechi says:

    How do I get the drugs so as to tackle my 50mm fibriod

  710. Dr Iftikhar Ahmed says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Nice read your artical about utrine fibroid its realy a good effort .
    Please advise the curing remedy of the same .
    Dr Iftikhar Ahmed
    Azad kashmir Pakistan

  711. Arpita Das says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m suffering from short duration of period from last three years. In August’ 2012 Dr. Detected fibroid in my uterus. Presently one month heavy flow for 5 -6 days and next month no period. Now feeling heavy in abdomen. Left leg feeling pain from waist to finger. Feeling heavy like in abdomen like some weight has been kept in abdomen. Breathing trouble and chest pain.

    Pls advise medicine.


  712. sangeetha says:

    I have had 3 fibroids, I bleed heavily during my periods. I have been taking homeopathy medicine for 6 months…but seems to not have helped….right now my hemoglobin is at 6.3

    Please help…suggest

  713. Dear Doctor,

    Greetings of the day..

    I was detected with intramural fibroids ………. My menses is very scanty and has become irregular and my age is 39 years and I am single.

    Please suggest me with your valuable advice.

  714. mikki pandey says:


    I have uterus fibroids measuring 89 × 73mm. I m still unmarried n have heavy bleeding. please suggest

    Mikki pandey

  715. I want to become pregnant i’m 52 years old and staying in Pretoria

  716. I have a fibroid in my uterus of size 39 mm by 39 mm, as per the report in june 2015.
    In july 2013 the size was 21 mm by 22 mm.i have been taking homeopathic medicines constantly.
    Inspite of no result i still have faith in homeopathy only. Pls help.i m a single parent and my life is imp to my biopsy report is normal

  717. Kristen Renardel de Lavalette says:

    I’m interested in how Homeopathic uterus, thyroid and other glands and organs are aquired to be put into remedies.
    Please explain.

  718. SARAH MAJIN says:


  719. m.apoorva says:

    i have fibroid in endometrium in size 7cm*3cm.i suffered very much during periods time & also suffer from anemia.i find it 4 month before.i want to get conceive .pls recommend the medicine to shrink the fibroid & to get conceive

  720. Swati Tendulkar says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am 41 yrs. old,i have subserous fibroid a 13 into 17mm pl.suggest for medicines.

  721. poonam sharma says:

    I am 48 years old with one daughter 21 one son 11 yr old I came to know about fibroid in uterous which my gynaec said this was 11 yr old and she was aware of it as causing no harm so not told now i am facing problem of reducing weight about 6 kg in last 4 month and un sonography done in which the problem appeared but this was declared that this is not related to weight loss
    Kindly advice

  722. sajeev.e.k says:

    Pain in penis and yellow urine

  723. Soma Ghosh says:

    I have a lage posterior wall fibroid( about 6 cm. in diameter) which is very hard in nature.I am 38 years and I am slightly Overweight(BMI-27.2). I have prolonged period (last for 5-6 days) bleeding is heavyonly in second day. I have cramp in thigh during period and sometimes after completon of period,though it is not frequent. Now I want to shrink the fibroid by Homeopathy. Please help me — which medicine I will take & how I will take it.

  724. Pradip Kaur says:

    Dear Doc,

    Please help me with this.

    1. Sonographic features of polycystic ovarian syndrome – PCOS. Evidence of ruptured follicle (Right ovary).

    2. Tiny intramural to sub-serous fibroid – 9 mm x 8 mm at anterior wall of body of (otherwise normal) uterus.


  725. Dr.iam having lower abdominal pain,and incontinence of urine ultra sound report is retroverted uterus and small fibroid of 3×3.2cm .

  726. Eze Udochi says:

    My Gud Doc,,,,am 40yrs,no Child Yet.I Had Intra Mural Fibroid And Had Taken Fraxinus,bt Havnt Conceivd.Whats The Problem?Pls,advice Me What 2 Do.

  727. I am at age of 44 .my periods stopped since 1 and half yr back.i am now suffering from mioma 36*28mm as well as tubo ovarian mass.dec 2014 i found through ultra sound that i m suffering from mass 44*36 mm in my ovary.i took homopathy medicine arum since then. Now i have back pain, both the leg vibrate while i m as sleep which is unknow to me,constipation, weakness feeling. I am worried .i am unmarried one child.i have no family history regarding ovari please help me

  728. Rashmi sharma says:

    Respected dr.
    My last period was on 19th June delaye about 10 days 1st time.during this menses I have heavy blood flow with clots.I consulted our family Dr.she advised me
    Tab trenexa and test tsh and usg-ut and of tsh was1.20 and endometrium is 10mm.then the flow as stooped aftersix days.after come back in delhi i consulted my neighbour Dr.with my reports.she advised me some local vaginal treatment like cansten cream ginlac and clinging vaginal tab. And betadine sitz bathfor 10days treatment and 4days treatment of candiforce tab. And doralac suchet.I have no diabeties and bp.5years back kidney stone was treated 2nd time.
    Please give the right advice.

  729. Iti Chatterjee says:

    Dear Dr.
    I have bulky uterus with fibroid and heterogenous myometrium and suffering from back-pain or cramp near at hip joint. Pl. suggest homeopathy medicine.
    Thank You.
    Iti Chatterjee, Berhampore, Murshidabad, West Bengal

  730. sanjay saha says:

    3 rd time miscarrage during 2 month of pregnancy . have any medicines for the same . pl send through mail.
    sanjay saha

  731. Deepak Sharma says:

    Dear sir
    My wife is severely suffering from uterine multiple fibroids with excessive bleeding. Her age is 46 years and she has taken homeo medicine since last two years but no permanent solution observed. She is now anemic also after homeo treatment no positive results seen in sonography. Sir kindly clear it this problem can be solved or cure by homeo treatment or its only publicity for homeopathic treatment
    With regards
    Dr Deepak Sharma

  732. i m 38 year old unmaried i hv fibroid 3 cm my period are stop since 3 month i hv pain plz tel me what should i do

  733. Amita Basak says:

    I have got fibroid in uterus.size is 14 x 14 mm.My age is 48. I am suffering pain in uterus. Gas form in stomac. My period is normal. Want sugession.

  734. m bleeding daily and it is very frustrating I do have a fibroid and can’t even have sex with my husband because I’m always bleeding it is effecting my relationship what can I use to stop bleeding please I’m on morwak but it is not helping as well as contraceptive to control it I’m 47 ppl ease advice me

  735. Hi Doctor, Please suggest me the best solutions for the health issues faced by mother. As per the scanning report we received as below :

    So please suggest the best solution, Since consulted doctor have warned for operation with in 1 Month. So please help me.

  736. Hi Dr, pls I’m really confused at this moment, I was diagnosed 2months ago with about three fibroids.the largest in size is 6cm. I’m afraid to go for surgery so I decided to go on with ordinary medications to see if the fibroid can shrink to enable me have my iVF done, with the treatment, bloating is gone, pelvic pain gone, but my menstruation started at 27 day which has never happened before, for the previous months it has always been 23,24 days. But the issue now is that I have been bleeding for 9days though the first 3 days was as if nothing was coming out and when the flow started well , the blood was dirty and was flowing well for 3days. Please I need help on what to do at this moment, don’t know if I should stop the medication or to continue.
    The medications I’m using are÷ no 1&3 bought from homeopathy
    1: obir vitamin E. 2×3 .500mg
    2:etinilestrafiol / drospirenona cinga 0, 03 mg/3 mg3. 1daily which will last for 21days
    3:Aloe vera HBC 2daily

    Though haven’t gone to check if the fibroids are shrinking but based on how I feel within me I guess they are reducing in size but my fear at this moment is the blood that I’m still seeing though its no flowing, comes in drops with mild clots you can hardly notice.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  737. Hi Dr, pls I’m really confused at this moment, I was diagnosed 2months ago with about three fibroids.the largest in size is 6cm. I’m afraid to go for surgery so I decided to go on with ordinary medications to see if the fibroid can shrink to enable me have my iVF done, with the treatment, bloating is gone, pelvic pain gone, but my menstruation started at 27 day which has never happened before, for the previous months it has always been 23,24 days. But the issue now is that I have been bleeding for 9days though the first 3 days was as if nothing was coming out and when the flow started well , the blood was dirty and was flowing well for 3days. Please I need help on what to do at this moment, don’t know if I should stop the medication or to continue.
    The medications I’m using are÷
    1: obir vitamin E. 2×3 .500mg
    2:etinilestrafiol / drospirenona cinga 0, 03 mg/3 mg3. 1daily which will last for 21days
    3:Aloe vera HBC 2daily

    Though haven’t gone to check if the fibroids are shrinking but based on how I feel within me I guess they are reducing in size but my fear at this moment is the blood that I’m still seeing though its no flowing, comes in drops with mild clots you can hardly notice.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  738. charanjeet kaur says:

    dear sir, i had pelevis scan .

  739. nshokibe says:

    I am 33yrs of age,I was dignosed that I have large uterus and present of adenomyosis and I was told it is not operatable because if it is operated it will require scaping the lining of the womb to remove the muscles and this will not allow the womb carry babies. So what will I take to shrink this tumour covering my womb. I have suffered for 7yrs of very severe menstrual pain. Please I need urgent help.

  740. How do I get this Fraxinus Americana ? I went to General Hospital Lagos Nigeria in 2013 and fibroids were dictated through scans. I am also having heavy breading with thick pieces of blood during my mensural circles. The little strong objects I was feeling in my stomoc then are now big. I don’t want surgery.

  741. Sunanda thomas says:

    My name is sunanda 45year old. I am suffering with small fibroid and bulky uterus. Some time my menstrual period goes one month. And heavy clot kind of discharge and my weight is 87 kg and height is 5.4″. Please help to get rid of this.

    Thanks and regards


  742. Sherine Paul says:

    Hello Doctor, I am 47 yrs and Im bleeding for the past 10 days. Initially i was treated by a Homeopathy Dr. who prescribed me Alteris with Asoka drops about 50 drops in one litre of water to be taken little by little each hour for a day. Even after 4 days Since the bleeding continued heavily, i went to a Gynae (Allopathy Doc) who prescribed me Trapic and told me to have a scan. The Report said that the endometrium thickness is 1.0 cms. The Gynae has told me to undergo D&C. Kindly advice me if Homeopathy medicine can help me reduce the endometrium thickness without having to undergo D&C. Also pls. advice whether i can continue to Alteris+Asoka drops alongwith the Alopathy medine Trapic.

  743. Sir, i have a 2cm small fibroid in uterus i consulted doctor they told there is no medicine to cure it and the only way is to operate but my fibroid is not that much big to operate. I am not able to do anything and my age is 28 yrs unmarried i am not able to do anything can u suggest me anyway.I never had any symptoms from fibroid till date

  744. Hi,
    Would you suggest treating for Fibroid in pelvis which is of 8 cm via surgery or homeopathy?
    My sister is planning for surgery, I would appreciate if you revert earliest.

    Thanking you

  745. marcellina says:

    I ve uterine fabroids sever pain heavy bleeding ad blood cloth.

  746. 3.5 cm ki fibroid h uterus me before 2year kya ye destroy ho sakti h homopathic se yadi ho sakti h to kitna time lagega appro. Aur kitna medicine money lagega

  747. fibroid uterus treatment possible to medicine

  748. Haridas Kaiprath says:

    Dear Sir,l
    My wife have fibroids about 4.9X 4.8 at present stage,
    before 4 month it was 2.5cm. please klet me know if you have any medicine for this & can you send to kuwait?
    Haridas kaiprath

  749. AMIT KHUSHWAHA says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please tell me the cure for uterus fibroid.My wife is suffering from it.She initially got the problem.


  750. dear sir, i am suffering uterus tumer and breast tumer from 3 or 4 uterurs tumer size is 12 inchi x 9 inchi.still i take homiopatic medicin in my homeland bangladesh.but till nowi am suffering this improvement till now.minstrul solution

  751. Sir
    I am suffrng from fibroid since last 2yrs. My age is33yrs. I gave a birth to baby last year which was 7 month pregnency. Now i dont have my peroids on time and bleedng remains for 2 days only whoch is scanty flow. Which medicine should i use and wat will be d powr of it?

  752. kaithkee sharma says:

    i m 41 yrs having a retroverted uterus with myomas of size 2.5 cm x 2.2 cm noted in posterior wall, endometrial thickness measures about 7.0 mm.
    my TSH is 7.5 mcu/ml, hb is 13.9 gm/dl,
    liver is marginally enlarged with early bright echogenic parenchyma.

    i feel very tired and within a very short period of time i have gained a stubborn weight of 5 kg. it would be very kind of you if you can plz suggest something

  753. shafi khanam says:

    dear sir,
    i am suffering many years for my uterus tumer which tumer size is 12.00cm x 9.00 cm ( upper portion) & another is 5 cm( lower portion) .few days ago also found in breast .please suggest homeopathy remedies.

  754. kavita rana says:

    i have fibriod in big size about 15 years , with heavy pain but periods is coming time to time

    plz help me

    thanx with regards,

    Mrs. kavita rana


  755. ladyloren says:

    hello I have a problem of my multiple uterine myoma,i prefer to cure naturally,i hope you can suggest me a homeopathymedicine..I have heavy menstrual bleeding,and severe pain during my menstruation and it make me cry ..very painful..the size oy my uterine myoma is 2.7 by 2.7 by 2.0..hope you can help me.. pls reply..

  756. Mst. Hasna Jahan says:

    I have Uterine Fibroids. I want to treatment homeopathy.

    Best regards
    Hasna Jahan

  757. sushanta kumar bhattacharjee says:

    my wife is 40 . now she is feeling problem for enlarged uterus. urine is not cleared fully . so she feels a pressure of urine even after toilet sometimes she feels pain in lower abdomen. she feels uneasy for as if a load of enlarged uterus comes downwards. before period she feels pain in lower abdomen. she is bulky having weight about 90kg, height 5’4″. you are requested to suggest homeo medicine for her.

  758. nimapker says:

    Could you kindly ise homeopathy medicine name for treating utrine fibroid.

  759. My having 48 yes she seek from fibroid bleeding .what medicine is take for this problem.


  761. Usha Kiran says:

    I have fibroid behind my uterus. It’s size is 5.6×4.8 cm. How can I cure it without surgery.

  762. Vishnu Kumari says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    I am suffering from 9.5 cm fibroid. I have take homeopathic medicine. Can you give me a best advise. How many time take for improvement fully.

  763. colletha says:

    hellow Dr.I’m 34 yrs.I got 5 misscarage 3 month, 5 mounth ,2 mounth, 7 mounth , and last week was six month pregnant.I diagnosed with multiple fibroid with 7cm during my 4th pregnant.but my last pregnant which was misfortune again last week I got constipation and gas for two weeks after that I Deriver a dead baby what are the reason which course it to happen? and what should I do Dr ? I suffer a lot.

  764. mangala pawar says:

    sir i have no endo hyperplsia my endometrial cavity is 9mm i have itp heavy bleeding in menses about 15 days

  765. Farhana Jamal says:

    Hi Mr. Sharma,

    My wife has several Fibroids in her uterus, and one of that is over 8 cm. Her Periods are irregular and she gets a lot of bleeding with blood clots. She is 48 years old and over weighed. Please tell us about the correct medicine and dosage to cure her Fibroids. Thanks

  766. bandan wasini says:

    Hello doctor, I am suffering from uterus fibroids of size 3cm. I am 50 year old. Although It is age of monopouse, but still period is on and bleeds continuouly. Period is also very irregular. To stop this I need to go for medicines intake. My both deliveries were normal.
    Pls suggest the remedy through homeopathy.


  767. Hi ….

    i am having 10cm of fibroids l have no problem so far in bleeding but sometimes uncomfortable having sex….

    So l would like to know the quicker way of shrinking the fibroids .

  768. Ahila Wisel says:

    I have fundal sub mucosal fibroid (4.2cm) which causes heavy bleeding with clots and bleeding between menstrual cycle, severe thigh pain. Please advise. I am 47 yrs old.

  769. Olive Buhule says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma,

    I have read about Homeopathic treatment for fibriods but would like to know more about it and possiblily where some one can purchase it.


  770. Laxmi Alley says:

    Hi Dr. I am 38 old lady.I have no child
    I am suffering from adenomysis since 2008. in 2010 I done open surgery but I am not cure. during the period I got trouble .plz sir give me advice .

  771. mrs shabnam tariq says:

    sir i have been detected a cycst in both ovaries under limits but suffering with excessive bleeding since twenty days pl suggest what to do

  772. syed naina says:

    Heloo Sir.. I have a fibroid in posterior wall measuring5*4 cm.. Thn i consult homeopathy dr he gave me sepia 200 and phodphorus 200.I tke these medicines more than 2months.. After 2 months . my usg report was that fibroid grows 6.9*5.8*7cm.. Another fibroid grows anterior wall.. Why it happen thn??? M nt married thts y i m too mch worried now..

  773. jannat jeelani says:

    i dont think so homeopathy medicine is good for fibroid.. i hv only one fibroid before taking sepia 200 and phosphorus200. after taking this another fibroid grows 5*4 cm jst only two months..

  774. hallo
    my daughter has just undergone an abdominal scan and was told that she has got a fibroid. the fibroid size is 7.2×6.9 I’m not sure how big is that. they said its embedded at the centre of her uterus. I need to know natural remedies that can help her please

  775. i am unmarried.. have only 1 fibroid 4*5 cm..i am taking homeopathy medicine sepia 200 and phosphorus 200 .. after 2 months taking all these medicine . i go for usg.. and the report was the another fibroid growa 6.9*7*7 cm.. now what?????

  776. Sir,
    My wife is 29 years old and she has two fibroid and as per the last ultrasound report on dated 03.04.2014 it was described that “Uterus is slightly bulky, two fibroid mass lesions seen measuring 65×69 mm and 33×35 mm in anterior wall of lower part of uterus,. Endometrium thickness is 7.6 mm. both ovaries are of normal size and echotexture. No obvious cystic or solid adenexal mass lession or free fluid seen in the pelvis”.

    Sir, I would like to know is it possible of complete curable of fibroid in homeopathy? If yes, so if we opt for homeopathy how long will it take to completely curable of fibroid? How much it would be the cost for your fee and for medicine.


  777. Kiran Gupta says:

    My mother suffering from uterine fibroid problem . In altrasound report we come to know that uterus appears bulky with multiple hypoechoic areas seen in it , largest one measuring 3cm seen at anterior wall
    Plz suggest what kind of remedy is good for my mother as she is 53 years old .

  778. Robin Jozaitis says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with a fibroid tumor in my uterus that is attached to the muscle wall and is about the size of a small orange.
    I have been taking natural progesterone cream starting on the 18th day of my cycle to reduce the amount of blood that builds up in my uterus.
    I am wondering if there are any remedies that actually shrink the tumors?

    Thank you!


  779. shikha srivastav says:

    Dr.Sahab meri shadi ko 4 saal ho chuke h.mai 35 ki hu.mujhe utras me fibroid aur heavy bleeding ki problem h,aur jyada dino tk hota h.bachchhe nahi ho rahe h kya karu.

  780. malik kaleem says:

    Respected sir’
    My wife is in problem uterus fibroids
    Growing large day by day and doctors advise to operate
    Now she has pain around the abdomen
    Kindly prescribe homoeo composition to solve this problem


  781. mrs mubashir says:

    sir i hve usg feboride of size 1.3*0.8cm with the endometial cavity
    im suffering from continous brown colord bleeding n im nt concieving baby plz suggest me what kind of treatment i shaal take

  782. Deepti singh says:

    i am 29 yrs old unmarried girl.
    Recently i went for ultrasound because of stomach pain .
    my ultra sound report is
    Uterus normal in size. Fibroid measuring 31*25mm is noted in posterior myometrium of uterus.
    Uterus measures: 69*41*51mm
    combined endometrial thickness is 9mm
    Impression : Fibroid in uterus
    i want to know that this is some thing serious and i have to go for surgery or there is any treatment in homeopathy that it will cure.

  783. Nisha Aggarwal says:

    Dear Doctor

    I have a sub serous fibroid if 2 to 3 cm. But I do nit have abdomen pain and fast menstrual cycle. Please recommend me the homeopthaic medicine

  784. John T.A. says:


    My wife aged 52 years old is suffering from uterine fibroid. Her monthly period is in time but every time excess bleeding. In the sonagraphy Uterine fibroids has been found. However, not yet taken any medicine. Kindly advise, is any medicine in Homeopathy for Uterine Fibroid.


  785. lajwanti says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma,

    Muje ek solution chahiye tha maine apne menses delay karne ke liye table promote-n liya tha kyunki mere husband bahar rahte hain wo sirf 4 din ke liye aaye the main yeh tablet 1st time lee thi after 2 days before i take i pill but abhi muje pairo main bahut dard hai aue soojan bhi hai aur abhi urine ke samay bhi bahut dard hota hai main kisi doctor ke pass nahi jaana chahti kya aap meri help karenge please muje koi reaction cut karne ki tablet bataiye please.


  786. punam prasad says:

    she is suffering from excess bleeding during mensturation and in between periods , she has been detected
    enlarged uterus. please advise her treatment.

  787. Komal seth says:

    1.uterus is bulky in size, ante veered shows areas of heterogeneous echo pattern of size 3.3cm×4cm and 5.7cm×4.8cm in anterior and posterior my one triumph
    2.endometrial echo is midline. Endometrial thickness is 0.90 cm
    3.right ovary shows a cyst of size 3.27cm×3.98 cm
    4.left ovary shows normal in size, shape and echo texture free fluid seen
    we r planning for child
    pl s suggest some good medicine

  788. syed waseem haider naqvi says:

    How r u wife age is 36 years.she,has two kids.and Once had DNC 4yr we knew that she has mass size 10mm*11mm in lower abdomen,and its roots also connected to posterior wall of uterus also,now we want surgery.but she is pregnant now.can u advise a best remedy to eliminate mass size ,and save pregnancy too.plz reply

  789. Gila Deleon says:

    Hi , ive had problems with fibroids for years know and I bleed very heavy with clots … I went to vitamin Shoppe the other day for the first time and came across the homeopathic remedies which I bought the Sabina 6C which has slowed my bleeding down alot aftet reading this article im wondering can I take a variety of the pills cause im also anemic ? Thanks

  790. Seema Mazhar says:

    Dr Sharma I m suffering from a large cystic uterine fibroid
    Symptoms r heavy menstrual bleeding
    Insufficient urge for urination
    Bloated abdomen
    itching on body specially genitals
    I am fond of bakery items &have craving for sweet after meals
    Mind is very sensitive
    I do not want to be touched
    I have red moles or warts on body
    Im a female of age 52 years
    This time im suffering from menstrual bleeding since 15 days
    Size of my cystic uterine fibroid is 17 16,4 11,3 cm dimension
    Can it be cured by homeo treatment& how

  791. Bharti Vadgama says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from uterine fibriod problem. I am 56
    years old and my menses come after 3/4 months. After few days of my periods finish I suffer from terrible pain. My GP says this pain will only go when my periods stops completely. Untill then i have to live on pain killers. But by using pain killers I get stomach ace. One of my friends advise me to try homeopathy. So togather we google and find your webside.
    Kindly prescribe me some patent and effective medcine for this problem. If you can kindly write me the name I will buy locally.

    Also I am planning to visit India in next few months abd will try to see you for full consultation. Please let me know in which city you are based.

  792. Hello Doctor

    I am 30. I want to start my family.. I went for checkup just as precaution.. my Ultrasound results says that I have uterous fibroids which are very small in size but too many in number. and are at very unfair position.

    Doctor advised that if conceive, chances are very high that miscarriage will happen.

    I am afraid they will suggest surgery and I am not prepared for it. As I have yet to start my family and I can’t taky any risk.

    Please suggest if there is another way to get rid of these.

    Eagrly waiting for your reply.
    Thanks in advance!

  793. Dukhsar says:

    Dr. Sharma

    My sister has multiple fibroids diagnosed for about a year. She is 40.The period lasts 7-8 days with heaviest being 1st 2 days. Slows on 3rd then 4th comes back on 5 th and slows on 6.7,8 day. The cycle lasts 28-30 days. The first and second days are profuse bleeding, 1st day comes with an attack of severe cramps, black before eyes, pale skin, fainting feeling, perspiration, cold hands and feet, pressure on bowels, nausea , vomiting . She takes Sabina for heavy flow but it does help little, takes mag phos 6 X for the pain which does help it if I take every 20 min. She is very emotional and and always been the nature of being weepy, worried and too negative on herself , had bad eating schedule, long periods of fasting etc.Is there any regimen that can help her reduce these fibroids. Their size was small only to begin with- upto 5 cm and multiple. Please help. Thank you very much.

  794. rachna sharma says:

    In my tvs reports bulky uterus.myometrial echoes appear disturbed with small hypechoic areas endometrium cavity shows thikning with irregularity
    With fluid collection seen with some calsific specks
    Right ovary is normal shows a follicular cyst 23mm
    Lrft ovary is normal
    Bulky uterus with seedling fibroid with pid with
    Chronic endometritis

  795. parmeshwari singh says:

    I have bulky uterus with big multi fibroid is there any treatment without surgery

  796. shekhar singh says:

    Dear Dr,
    My wife is 31Y old and has been diagnosed with 2 subserol uterine fibroids in anterior wall (size 21*9 mm) and right antero-laterawall (size 19*12mm). Rest of all the abdomen ultrasound report is ok in each parameter. Request you to suggest some medicine for the above mentioned case.

  797. sabaulhaque says:

    My wife under treatment endrometrisis by
    Allopathy.symtem all body musuls tight,and
    Fiver,feel vomiting,menses stop.may be hormone medicine.

  798. Hello, I want to know if you have any homeopathic medicine for fibroid. I don’t want to go through surgery. My fibroid size is 9 cm, 1.5 cm. My doctor only recommended surgery. Also any home remedy or any herbs I can take to disolve or to shrink fibroids. Please give me information regards to this matter.


  799. Meenu Sharma says:

    Hi doctor, my mother is suffering from uterus fibroid. She is 49yrs old . she has no any infection uterus as cancer or TB. Please suggest a homeopathic medicine to cure this uterus fibroid account of ignore the operation.. And she is also suffering from menopause. So please help me.

  800. goutam kr polley says:

    Sir my wife has the problem of infertility cause is salphingits and turn block.she is also over weight (83kg,hight 5ft2inch)she Is going to be mother one year ago.but unfortunately baby was died in cepticemeya.Sir give me the name of medicine and it’s dose from recover this problem.

    • Dr,I am 34yrs,married without children,I have been having pelvic pain throughout the month and it got serious any time my period is approching I was resently diagnoses with sub mucous fibroid. Within the uterine fundus measuring 4.4×3.6cm and a posterior myoma measuring 4.1×3.7cm.pls Dr,help I aslo experience prolonge menstral bleeding lasting for 10-12days and serious cramping like labour pain during ovulation,I need cure for my problem and still want to have children.I leave in Nigeria

  801. i’m 35 years old. i’ve got a posterior wall fibroid size 8.2 x 7.5 cm. ovaries r normal. should i go for an ectomy or is there medicines to cure or shrink fibroid of this size in homeopathy.
    i’ve gt thyroid (TSH) of 24.0 .
    please help.

  802. Adele Jones says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am under the hospital for uterine fibroids. I have several, but one is very large, about 8cm they said on the last ultrasound. The gynaecologist wants to give me an hysterectomy, but I would rather find an alternative treatment.
    I don’t have periods anymore, because my doctor put me on the mini progesterone only pill. This was due to such heavy menses that made me anaemic. So I don’t have the problem of the periods, but I look pregnant and it is uncomfortable.
    So I would grateful for any advice you could give me.
    With thanks
    Adele Jones

  803. Shah alam says:

    My wife is suffering from uterine fibroid please prescribe best treatment in homyopathic without surgery

  804. christy George says:

    Dear Dr
    I have fibroids and Metrorrhagia (Bleeding in between menses) in fibroid uterus and chocolate cysts, failing to conceive ,now 10 years marriage and hormonal imbalance too .tube blockage .How can you help me to conceive

  805. The fibroid present outside wall of uterus having size of 8 inches. Pain moves downward to foot. Polycystic every. Same symptoms
    Fraxinus Americana is a natural homeopathic medicine for treating fibroid where excessive bearing down sensations accompany the menstrual flow. This medicine is also effective if cramps in feet accompany the menstrual bleeding.
    5. Homeopathic remedy Calcarea fluorica works effictively for treating the fibroids that are very hard and large in size.
    Guide me with potency

  806. I have 3 fibroids can homeopathy shrink them

  807. Deepa Sarma says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am suffering from Simple Liver cyst 6 MM in size and fibroid in Uterus that is 1.5 Cm , is it possible to decompose in Homeopathic system of medicines.
    Please suggest me.

  808. vinod kumar gupta says:

    Sir , my wife is 45 yr, she is suffering from fibroids. She encounters severe pain during menses
    This time her periods have extended more than 15 days.intermitent and scanty.
    Please suggest some concreat remeady

  809. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I’ve visited this site and found it very useful especially to cure the diseases for which allopathy doesn’t have any solution. My wife is suffering from uterine Fibroids (clusters) measuring 2.4cm. I prefer to find the remedy from homeopathy rather to get surgery. If, you would like to suggest some useful remedy, I’ll thankful to you.


    Faizan Kazmi

  810. Hello doctor,
    I am 24 year old unmarried girl , I have 6 hypoechoic masses of size 7 to 20 mm in my uterus..I don’t want to go for surgery.. Please suggest homeopathy remedies…

  811. Rakesh Bali says:

    My wife is 47 years old. and her ultrasound
    Report .
    Uterus: appear bulky in size.surface is smooth.
    A fibroid measuring 8.6*8.0 cm in size is seen
    in relation to anterior wall of uterus. Endometrial echo is thin and central
    Can it will be treated without sergery

  812. I have had uterine fibroids since I was nineteen. I had no major symptoms after taking birth control. I was even able to stop birth control for some time in my late twenties, early thirties. In 2011 (Fall), they began to swell and enlarge. They went away and returned the following spring after an unwanted pregnancy. Terminated within 6-8 weeks. The swelling continues and now I have three (two of which are hard masses. No excessive bleeding. Normal periods, light and short in fact. Help?

  813. mrs.Nidhi says:

    Hello dr.
    I am 35 years old.i have a daughter. I have intramural fibroid size 4.5 cm,4cm.on posterior wall of uterous.i have menorrhagia during menses.i have been taking homeopathy treatment since 45 days but now i have bleeding between menses.does it happen or not with homeopathy treatment.i want to have family planning.please suggest me it will be cured or not with homeopathy treatment so that i can think about child.

  814. manoj gupta says:

    my wife age 39 years old have fibroid in uterus around 5cm she has no complaint of excessive bleeding, menstrual cycle is almost normal ,show some pain in abdomin. Pl suggest me medicine that will reduce the size and keep her normal and healthy.

  815. DS GURUNG says:

    My wife was dtected small intramural fibroid 2.67×2.6 2 anteriorly and 3.05×2.63 posteriorly in fundus region and blood CA-125 as 3.20 u/ml in Sept 2014. Allopathec harmone treatment cap GONABLOCK 200 mg for 4 months and INJ LUPRODEX 3.75mg for 3 months upto 2 Apr undertaken. On 23 Apr 15 USG of lower abdomen done. Result above 2 fibroids shrunk to 2.28 x 2.56 cm and 2.05 x 2.11 cm respectively. Dr advised LAP HYSTERECTOMY + LAP BSO. We want to avoid surgery. We have 3 adult children(below 27 yrs). She had done lap family planning earlier. Pl sdvise.

  816. I m 40 years old and suffering from uterus fibroid for the last two years nd I was having homeopathic medicine for a year but that doesn’t make any difference
    No effect kindly suggest me nd guide me

  817. I m 40 years old
    Suffering from uterus fibroid for the last two years
    I was having homeopathic medicine for a year but that is not effective kindly guide me

  818. Rajyam SVL says:

    I am 54 years old. Still, I am getting menses. Irregular periodicity, prolonged, profuse, bright red and mixed with clots. Starts with scanty bleeding and increases. The bleeding is sudden and stops and starts suddenly. Generally the bleeding aggravates from evening and decreases from morning. Gynecologist advised for removal of the uterus. But I am reluctant. I am right now is Homeo system and desiring to get cure from Homeo. Sir, Can you advise me.

  819. Respected Doctor,
    My daughter is 14 yrs. old. Height:- 5 ft 3 inches. Wt:- 70 kg.
    She is suffering from past 3 yrs. a Para ovarian cyst on the right ovary. Earlier the report used to say inside ovary. But later revealed that its not inside but is over the right ovary.
    Latest Report:- Rt Ovary : Not sonographically visualised. There is e/o a thin walled unilocular anechoic cyst of size ( 9.7 *9.0 cm) in adnexal region. No obvious septations / solid areas / calcifications.
    Our doctor said its not a simple cyst there is some thing which can be known by diagnostic laproscopic surgery or by CT scan to find what is its origin and what is there inside it and to know while doing surgery weather the whole ovary needs to be removed or just some part.
    Just one month back it was 9.1 * 7.5 cms. But now after one month it has grown more than a cm. Now as the size is big she is suffering from lower back pain. Sudden severe pain over the cyst region and also some times vomiting sensation. At present we r usin homeo medicines from past two yrs. it the periods r regular but no shrinkage in the cys size. S please gude me in this respect as the surgery may be risky but as her situation is not good and doctors say tha it may burst or may twist so our family members are insisting for surgery to avoid any complications..
    Doctor, if there is an way to shrink her cyst please suggestion to avoid surgery. If its very slow procedure and the as the cyst is growing fast it may lead to complication so please suggest any way to at lease stop its growth.

    Thank you!

  820. Respected Doctor,
    My daughter is 14 yrs. old. Height:- 5 ft 3 inches. Wt:- 70 kg.
    She is suffering from past 3 yrs. a Para ovarian cyst on the right ovary. Earlier the report used to say inside ovary. But later revealed that its not inside but is over the right ovary.
    Latest Report:- Rt Ovary : Not sonographically visualised. There is e/o a thin walled unilocular anechoic cyst of size ( 9.7 *9.0 cm) in adnexal region. No obvious septations / solid areas / calcifications.
    Our doctor said its not a simple cyst there is some thing which can be known by diagnostic laproscopic surgery or by CT scan to find what is its origin and what is there inside it and to know while doing surgery weather the whole ovary needs to be removed or just some part.
    Just one month back it was 9.1 * 7.5 cms. But now after one month it has grown more than a cm. Now as the size is big she is suffering from lower back pain. Sudden severe pain over the cyst region and also some times vomiting sensation. At present we r usin homeo medicines from past two yrs. it the periods r regular but no shrinkage in the cys size. S please gude me in this respect as the surgery may be risky but as her situation is not good and doctors say tha it may burst or may twist so our family members are insisting for surgery to avoid any complications..
    Doctor, if there is an way to shrink her cyst please suggestion to avoid surgery. If its very slow procedure and the as the cyst is growing fast it may lead to complication so please suggest any way to at lease stop its growth.

    Thank you very much!

  821. sandhya sundar says:

    Hello sir. I am 43 years old woman vegetarian diagnised with bulky uterus and erosion in the mouth. cervical area is wounded and little bulgy. I have pelvic pain and burning sensation all the time and have more burning sensation after urination. I have fibroids also. my stomach is looking big. I have normal periods and this time it is 32 days gone but no menstruation. I am going for a cervical biopsy this Friday. Pls. advise me

  822. subhash raghav says:

    My wife have multiple fibroids in uterus and size of one of them is 7.5cm and others 6.5cm and other remaining are less than this. Due to this continuous bleeding from 1 month.
    Sir, if any treatment in homopeathy , please advice us as soon as possible because all allopathy doctors adviced for operation to remove the uterus.
    My phone number is 9871998959.

  823. shama ramani Gondia maharastra. says:

    Abdomin pain times of menstral period 3 days high pain,rarely vomiting..

  824. Hi, I am 28 years old, I suffering with adynomiosis, last 10 year. And I want a baby. Please send your contact details &
    Help me

  825. jhankar k says:

    My no 9829170982

  826. My no is 9829170982

  827. Dear sir
    My wife is suffering from uterus anti -verted anti-flexed bulky in size 10.4×5.0×5.2cm with homogenous echo texture problem.
    Please advise.
    Warm regards
    Navneet kasera

  828. i am suffering from diabetes, plz suggest remedy

  829. laxmi sharma says:

    my cousin sis is suffering from intramural and subserosal fibroid recur after myomectomy,size of fibroid now about 14*10*8 in this condition hw much chances of curability and when nature of fibroid is multiple
    she also hving symptoms of pressure nd frequent urination but hv not any symptoms of abnormality in menses plz suggest suitale medicine

  830. I am 24 years old.Since two months my periodical bleeding is continuing.i have unwanted hair in my face and also has left side flank pain.I took homeopathy medicine like milifolium,magnesia carp,and for pain rush tox,leccesis recommended by homeopathy dr.Now what can i do because nothing work.i feel lonely,helpless,tired.

  831. satinder says:

    Sir I m suffering uterus fibroid
    Nd having homeopathic medicine for last one year bt ni effect is seen so plz will u suggest some other medicines

  832. Greetings, I am 57. I am taking bioidentical estrogen (Minivelle) and progesterone. I have been on them for three years. My blood tests show low levels of estrogen yet a recent ultrasound revealed large and numerous fibroids. Any suggestions? I have started having mini periods 21 days apart with some bright red blood and black, stringy clots but the flow is much less than what my period was before menopause. I have no pain or discomfort. Thanks! Michele

  833. Dr.Taufiq Ahmad Phd says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    My wife 50 year of age ,Post Menopause about 2 years.,Wt 90 Kg is suffering from UTERINE FIBROID of 13.2×10.2×8.3cm585 ml elongated complex structure in posterior cul de sac inseparable from uterine body and cervix.Patent is afraid of surgery.kindly suggest some effective HOMEOPATHIC DRUG.
    I shall be ever oblige and pray for your prosperity

  834. preethika says:

    Hi sharma,

    My mum, 52 years old… now doctors came to know the small water bag inside her uterus… is it possibleto remove that by ayurveda treatment?

  835. Dear Sir,
    I had undergone Sonography test for Abdomen & Pelvis and the result is :
    1) Bulky Uterus : 97x60x34 mm with normal echopattern & empty uterine cavity. No uterine mass/fibroid seen.
    2) Left ovary show a cystic mass of 35×34 mm size. No internal echoes or septae seen. Few small other follicles seen. No free fluid seen in cul-de-sac. Right ovary appear normal. No solid or cystic mass seen.

    I am having severe pain on my left side. Please suggest some homeopathic medicines. Also please let me know that the above problem can be treated without surgery. An early positive response is highly appreciated.

  836. Aafreen khan says:

    dr i hv bulky uterus for 1year n always time pain in my stomach n whitedcharge always fall soo plzzz give me the suggrstion for this n i m 22 year unmarried girl

  837. fifraid in utress size 9cm x 5cm

  838. sir, i am49 years old i hv excess bleeding i n bright red color. I hv bulky uterus. I am taking homemfor past one yr but no normalcy. My period lasts for 10 days. I weigh 85kg. They say iit is due to menopause and obesity. Pl suggest the possible medicine so that my period is normal. Kindly reply.

    Thank you,
    Mani k

  839. Padmasridhar says:

    Dated-17/06/14 —11×8 mms homogeneous hypoechoic lesion seen in anterior intramural aspectof upper uterine segmint.
    Dated-25/03/15—small aant.wall fibroid of 1.2×1.3 cms is seen.
    My periods has been stopped since 3yrs.I am 38 yrs old.
    I dont have any side effects with fibroid s.what is the treatment to shrink it.

  840. menaz zehra says:

    Sir I am having heavy bleeding with clots n pain in the back at the time of periods. Ultrasound reports says small hypoechoic mass of about 12 × 13 mm at body region posteriorly of uterus . Taken medicine aurum mur natn 6×and thlaspi 30 but the problem is still the same. My age is 39 and I have two kids.kindly suggest me the medicine and for how much time I have to take it

  841. Mrs A Farooqui says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    Compliments of the day
    I am encouraged after reading your article to seek your help in describing medicine for my Mrs who is suffering from Fibroids for more than a year and last scanned at size of 8 mm. Following symtoms are highlighted;
    @ Heavy bleeding fresh (with fewer clots sometimes)
    @ Pain in lower back a week before cycle.
    @ Pain in lower abdomen
    @ Frequency to uurinate increases
    @ Bending is difficult and painful
    @ A feeling of weight on Uterus (all time and anytime including menstrual cycle) that stops from brisk walk or run. In case of brisk / abrupt movements feeling of urine leakage.
    @ Menstrual period is 7-9 days.
    Please advise appropriate medicines for the treatment.
    We shall remain obliged for your very kind favours.

  842. S. Majumdar says:

    My wife is suffering from uterine adenomyosis in fundus and posterior myometrium. please suggest the remedial solution

  843. Sujit Kumar Paul says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am S.K. Paul 26 yrs old. Married about 5 years ago.
    During my wife pregnancy , she has miscarriage one year ago. After consulting doctor and as per instruction i have test the USG , HSG.
    Doctor said us that in my wife overy the 5.00 cm fibroid are staying and that reason the miscarriage have done. And already tried for pregnancy , we do not succeed.
    Doctory suggest us for surgery. and chances for pregnancy are 60-40.
    Currently we have no issue.
    Kindly suggest us if any treatment have done for overy fibroid .

  844. Kader kochi says:

    Trifoium pratense ,Thuja, Agnus castus and Taraxanum are some other good remedies for uterine fibroids

  845. pramila vohra says:

    hi Dr sharmaji
    i am a 59 year old woman and i had my menopause in 2007 . but now from january i am again having blood spots any time mostly at the time when i go for pass the urine . i get checkup by a lady Dr but she says nothing in side she advised for ultrasound in which the report shows the bulky uterus.
    so pl advise me for a suitable homeopathic medicine


  846. case 1—prostate enlarged male 77 years, urine is not coming out many times , along with hypoechoic lesion seen on anterior and left lateral wall of bladder, as well as –B/L PELVI CALYCEAL SYSTEM ARE NOT DILATED , PL. SUGESST TREATMENT



  847. Latrecia Hayes says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 40 yr old black female who has just recently been diagnosed with uterine fibroid. I have never been diagnosed with them in the past I have had 3 pregnancies 3 babies youngest is 17. All CSection due to inability to dialate. Hereditary I think because my mom also had 4 csections same reason. She had a hysterectomy at age of 50 due to fibroids. The doctor wants to do hysterectomy because I’m not planning to have any kids anymore. I’m not ready to go into menapause yet. I have been basically healthy for most part of my life my sex drive although has been low. My husband of 22 yrs is also healthy. I’m not ready to interrupt our Sex life any more than necessary. My blood pressure has been fluctuating lately have been under lot of stress last few months. I’m anemic but I have always been. I take iron supplements off and on due to constipation. My cycles on on time every 28 days and I bleed heavy have to use overnight pads sometimes 2 at a time that soak thru always messing up my clothes. Periods have although gotten lighter last few months. Want to shrink fibroid naturally with surgery. My uterus is enlarged 10 by 7 by 10 cm. Please help!


  848. abdurasheed says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    My name is. Abdulrasheed whose wife has been diagnosed of fibroid for almost a year. With my lite findings I came across several article which describes the efficacy remedies for fibroid
    But my challenge is that all natural plants listed above are not available in Nigeria.
    Please how can I have acquired these plants

  849. After my check up during pregnancy my ultra sound specialist Dr told me that I hav febriods. Now after delivery my belly is extended but my menses are normal and no abnormal bleeding. I have constipation only . kindly prescribe any Homoeo remedy for my age is 38.

  850. Poulami Thakur says:

    Dear doctor,
    I’m 32/F and having a problem like uterine Fibroid which detected in 4 months back. It’s almost 7 cm. Gynaecologist didnt suggest for any specific medicine but adviced for some injection though that is not certain. I have undergone 1 month ayurvedic treatment, but as it was very troublesome, I stopped. Then I tried for homeopthay treatment and doctor is continuing with Aur Mur nat for couple of months. Please let me know whether it’s curable or not. Should that only medicine will help to reduce the fibroid. Kindly suggest.


  851. VARSHA BAPHNA says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Forwarding my details and reports for your medical advice and treatment possibility consideration… avoid myomectomy adviced by allopathy/surgeon…

    complete name- VARSHA BAPHNA (JAIN)
    complete date of birth :-17/10/1981
    gender :-female

    suffering from:- UTEROUS FIBROID(MULTIPLE)
    Would like to know if there any gauranteed solution available in homyopathy then only interested in referring and opting for it

  852. Sumita Majumdar says:

    Uterus-having fibroid in myometrium measuring 64*58mm n another small one measuring 22*15 mm
    Ovaries- cyst in right adnexa measuring 47*46mm
    would request for treatment for above mentioned problem

  853. indrani panchal says:

    small fibroid I have in my uterous . I m suffering excess bleeding. plz suggested me good medicine

  854. Sir,
    My wife is suffering from uterus fibroid., As per USG, uetris is anteverted and shows a mixed echoic leson appx measuring 7×6.4×5.6 cms in the posterior myometrium suggestive of fibroid.Pl advise after taking homeopathy treatment can fibroid be cured permanantly. If it is so, how long the treatment will be on and what are the suggestive measures besides medicines.

    Please advise in details.


  855. Sumesh Somanathan says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    I am writing this letter on behalf of my mother in law. She is recently diagnosed with fundal fibroid uterus of size 6.5cmX6.3 cm in size.
    She is 54 yrs age.
    She had undergone for a thyroid removal surgery 5 months before and had BP problems. she was taking post thyroid surgery medicines and BP drugs.
    For the last few days she was suffering with acute back pain and that is the reason we gone for a check up. At first we all thought that it might be because of kidney stone.
    Is there a proper cure for the problem in homeopathy because we heard that she should undergone for a surgery in Allopathy? As she undergone for a surgery recently we are afraid to take her for another within half year.
    Please give me a remedy.

  856. SUDHARANI.P says:

    Dear Sir,

    This is Sudha rani, I am 36 years old. Still now I don’t have any children. In my uterus outside layer there are 4 fibriods. I would like to take homeopathy medicine to cure fibriods. Please give your advise. Please kindly tell me which homeopathy medicine can i take right now.


  857. sir i m 35 years.i have 3 children.from birth of my last baby 2 years old i used some family planning medicins.after that i feel some mences bacame irregulr.after u s g i came to know that there are some cysts in my utrus .after that i stopped family plannig medicines and my mences are now normal but cysts are present.kindly tell me any medicine

  858. I am 38 years old women I have two kids done birth control operation and from two years I suffer from heavy bleeding for three months continuous without break I consulted many doctors still nothing worked any suggestion to overcome

  859. Hello sir, I have a subserosal fibroid,I don’t have any complication due to fibroid.can u suggest me the treatment to reduce this fibroid.

  860. disk bulge 4-5 displacement, back pain,

  861. PRIYANKA MISHRA says:

    mere ko 11.10 mm ka fibroid hai jo uterus ke valve par hai mujhe operation ke alava koi aur treatment hai

  862. P padmaja says:

    I am suffering with fabroid on junctional zone and touching the junctional zone. It’s size is 12mm so english doctors preffer to go surgery. Iam 31 years lady.Iam also suffering with low AMH levels so Iam failing to get pregency. Is there any speedy solution in homoeopathy. sir please give good suggestion and preffer madicines to reduce fabroid naturelly.

  863. greetings,
    my age is 32, having 4 year kid with myself. i am having a fibroid in my uterus and having gallstones. i am taking cholestronium 3x from last three years and feeling very relaxed now. i am also taking another medicine for fibroid but i dont know its name neither doctor tell me its name. but feeling no change in fibroid. however the size of fibroid is not increasing but its also not size is 353867 arising from fundal region with no necrosis.please suggest me medicine for me.
    other symtons:-
    1. periods normally comes on time with a normal flow. but last two months i feel little heavy flow of in periods. and also periods stay for 5 days while in normally they end in four days.
    2. no pain in fibroid or gallstones.
    3. no having back pain.
    4. feel very less thirst normally and now.
    6. feel acidity sometimes, in evening.
    7. feels very irritated and anger from evening to night.
    8. dreams very less but most of the dreams are about our old house that we have sold out about 12 years ago.
    9. feels tired at morning and sleepy too. that happens between 10 a.m to 12.30 a.m,
    10. not having constipation problem as it was before 3 years ago.
    11. feels headache when takes too much stress.
    12. problem of lucorehea on continueous basis.

    any other question regarding

  864. Ms. Mahwash Imran says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I was diagnosed with adenomyosis and endometriosis at the age of 22. Currently I am 34 and unmarried. My uterus is huge,introverted, bulky, and weak from excessive bleeding and clotting.
    I have tried various homeopathic doctors. My condition seems to be worsening each year.
    Please help…

  865. Hi Dr

    I have been suffering for two years now 11cm fibroid affected circulation.

  866. uterus is anteverted and measures 15.3×12.7×8.0 cms with altered echotecture. Endometrial thickness is not visualised. multiple heterogeneous echogenecity fibroid predominantly. Hypoechoiec seen involving the whole uterus, largest one measuring approx. 9.1×8.3×7.7cm

  867. I have been suffering from bearing down rectum pain and left side lower abdominal pain for 6years nothing was diagnosed just 2013October I have come to know that I am having adenomysosis uterus fabroid but I have normal periods flow with pain
    I took homeopathy treatment and was fine
    Now from 10 days same symptoms are there what to do please help

  868. Roshan Usapkar says:

    I am 33 years and 4 months old. 2.5yrs back i was operated laproscopy for fibroids, and one of 2 cm fibraoid was not removed. but few days back i was getting pain if i sleep on the left side of my stomach and straight below the naval abovethe vagina, sonogarphy was done, i was surprised to know that fibroids have grown, the one that was not removed is almost 4 cm, another 2 cm, 3 more of 5 mm, 10 mm etc.

    Its been only 3 years i have married i have no kids. Can u suggest me any remedy, without going for another operation, how can fibroids shrink and atleast get me pregnant

    Plz reply

  869. Ruma Choudhury says:

    I am suffering from uterine fibroid of size 70mm and also two ovarian cysts of 30 mm. alopathic doctors have suggested surgery . I am 36 yrs and have no child

    House Wife
    R.K.SINGH H/O Amarendra kumar, Post office lane, Aghoria Bazar , Muzaffarpur Bihar, Pin- 842002
    Irregular menses since very beginning of its onset,initially it lasts for 6 or 7 days, clotts in menses, Pain in back and legs,heavyness of body before menses,pain in heals for one year-first in left heal and after some months it also in right heal, weakness during menses, relief after clotts are released from the body, Ist time ultrasonography result on dt:29.07.14:Uterus is anteverted ,bulky in size and measures 9.3*5.5*5.0 anterior fundal subserosal fibroid measuring 47*33*28mm, volume 23.9cc is seen towards the right side. Endometrium is thickned and measures 10.6mm.cervix shows few small nabothian cysts.both ovaries are normal in size and echotexture. no adnexal mass is seen. right ovary measures 3.1*2.8*2.2cm,volume 10.4cc.Left ovary measures 3.1*2.2*1.8cm,volume 6.8cc.No free fluid is seen in pouch of Douglas.
    2nd time After this Homeopathic treatment at Muzaffarpur in Bihar has been taken for six months.After this 2nd time Ultrasonography has been performed on dt 11.02.2015 by defferent sonologist which shows:Uteru is anteverted, bulky in size.Uterus shows a large anterior wall sub-serosal fibroid below fundal region measuring 48*36 mm in size.Uterus size is 103*39*32 mm. Endometrial echo seen,measures 7 mm in thickness.Bilateral adnexal regions are normal. No free fluid, No lymphadenopathy seen.As a result of this treatment symptoms are very much reduced like bleeding is reduced, clotts are reduced significantly,menses period reduced to three days,problems before menses is also reduced,Pain in heals also reduced.The problem is since beginning.My life situation was not cundusive during initial period of menses.It was tense due to my father’s death.After marriage it was also not condusive.After eight years of my marriage, my husband has been infected by hepatitis-B virus so it is not free of tense.
    At present my husband is still suffering from the same desease.Life is still tense but somewhat settled.
    I can not judge things that make the problems worse.
    After menses,the problems becomes better.
    Somewhat more thrust,normal water taken.
    Tongue is clean.
    Appetite is more.
    Oily/Fried food likes most.
    Oily/fried/rich in sugar makes heavyness of body.
    Khata dahi (curd) is not liked.
    No change in taste of mouth.
    No free passing of gas.
    No problems regarding urination.
    Normal sweat.
    sometime sweating on palms.
    No symptoms related to sweating.
    cold cough is not catched easily.
    Previously pain during intercourse but after treatment it is almost reduced.
    summer is most comfortable.
    Winter is not comfortable.
    Normal sleep but too much dreams.
    Mental-irritable,emotional-too much.
    Normal salivation.
    No tonsils, No adenoids No polyps in the nose.
    Being in open air is better.
    No smoking, alcohol etc.
    Milestones are not known.
    No history of trauma.
    Right elbow pain and alopathic treatment taken in 2007-2008.
    Family history: mother-Black spots on arms and small white spots on lower parts on legs.
    Weight:65Kg,Height:5′ 2″
    No additional information.
    14yrs-onset of menses.
    Irregular menses-It is at present 3-7 days late.But at the age of 14-20 yrs, it was delayed by upto 2months.
    Problems-before menses: pain in whole body, heavyness. During menses: weakness,After menses:Body is free and light.
    No contraceptive pills are taken through mouth. pills named “Today”
    is used before intercourse through vagina.
    No leucorrhea.
    Two children-Normal deliveries.
    Two times abortion ,No complications thereof.
    Menopause not started.
    No surgeries done in the pelvic area.

  871. rajeev dubey says:

    Dear Doctor,
    my sister is currently diagnosed with a tumor in uterus which is a tennis ball like in shape and she has a pregnancy of one and a half month. is there any solution so that it tumor can be cured without surgery and foetus can be saved.

  872. Respected Sir
    I am unmarried having fibroid.. In 2006 my fibroid’s size was seed ling … in 2009 its size increase 11mm*20mm now in 2015 size 5.2cm*3.8cm.. i hv irregular periods.. heavy and clotting.. some times 7 days and sometimes 10 days..back pain…

  873. yogalakshmy says:

    I have tyroid n it looks bulky how shrink it without surgery pls advise me doctor

  874. I have a bulky uterus fibroid (7.9cm x 6.5cmand i hv no kids yet and i dont want to do operation what can i use for the to shrink of go off

  875. I have been diagnosed to have uterus fibroid.Is there any treatment of uterus fibroid in Homeopath?

  876. janet charchouh says:

    Im really concrend in regards to my uterine fibriod that causes excesive heavy bleeding backhache preasure uterious and freguent going to toilet to just recently had a d &c hysteroscopy

  877. Karin Naidoo says:

    Hi Dr,

    For the past three/ four months, I have been experiencing a longer period, the flow is heavy on day two and three but my period last for longer up to 12 days but a mild flow.
    I decided to visit my Gynae and he discovered I have a fibrosis of under 3cm in size and their might be another smaller one as well. He. Suggested a. Hysterectomy right away. I am. 42 years old. Please. Can you advise me on the way forward as I believe that the fibroid is not as larger and perhaps I detected it early. I am not comfortable with the hysterectomy at this stage.



  878. AJAY GUPTA says:



  879. Respected Dr. Sir,
    As per sonography report Uterus of my wife is anteverted showing grossly enalarged size with following dimensions.
    Longitudinal diameter 144 MM, AP diameter 74 MM, Transverse diameter 79 MM.
    Report :- Echotexture of the uterus appears to be heterogeneours. There are multiple hypoechoeic masses giving whorly appearance & changing the contour of uterus. Size of the largest is 70×43 MM on posterior wall.
    Impression:- Bulky uterus with multiple fibroids as described above.
    Sir, what should I do now. Please suggest me treatment in Homoeopathy. Pls reply as early as possible for further necessary treatment.
    Thanking in anticipation.
    With regards, SUDHAKAR

    • Respected Dr. Sir,
      As per sonography report Uterus of my wife is anteverted showing grossly enalarged size with following dimensions.
      Longitudinal diameter 144 MM, AP diameter 74 MM, Transverse diameter 79 MM.
      Report :- Echotexture of the uterus appears to be heterogeneours. There are multiple hypoechoeic masses giving whorly appearance & changing the contour of uterus. Size of the largest is 70×43 MM on posterior wall.
      Impression:- Bulky uterus with multiple fibroids as described above.
      Sir, what should I do now. Please suggest me treatment in Homoeopathy. Pls reply as early as possible for further necessary treatment.
      Thanking in anticipation.
      With regards, SUDHAKAR

      • Respected Dr. Sir,
        As per sonography report Uterus of my wife is anteverted showing grossly enalarged size with following dimensions.
        Longitudinal diameter 144 MM, AP diameter 74 MM, Transverse diameter 79 MM.
        Report :- Echotexture of the uterus appears to be heterogeneours. There are multiple hypoechoeic masses giving whorly appearance & changing the contour of uterus. Size of the largest is 70×43 MM on posterior wall.
        Impression:- Bulky uterus with multiple fibroids as described above.
        Sir, what should I do now. Pl