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Vertigo and Dizziness making Life Unlivable ? Homeopathy has a treatment for it !

Homeopathic Remedies for Vertigo If you experience the feeling that things around you are spinning, you may be suffering from Vertigo. It’s a condition in which a person feels that he or she is moving or the things in the surrounding are in motion when they are not so in reality. The person with Vertigo may have difficulty in maintaining balance in walking and standing. Improper imbalance can also result in falling. Nausea and vomiting may also accompany Vertigo. Homeopathy provides several remedies to treat Vertigo. With zero side effects and made of natural substances, Homeopathic remedies for vertigo can be of great help in the treatment of Vertigo.

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Vertigo

Belladonna, Gelsemium, China, Cocculus, and Bryonia are the top remedies for vertigo.

1. Belladonna: Top Remedy for Acute Vertigo

Belladonna is a leading medicine for treating Vertigo when the condition worsens with every change of position. The person may show the tendency to fall to the left side or backward. Vertigo can also be accompanied by an acute headache and the patient usually gets some relief by applying pressure or binding the head. The body may also experience excessive heat. Belladonna is extremely beneficial as a remedy in such cases.

2. Gelsemium: For Vertigo with Extreme Dizziness

Gelsemium is the top medicine for treating Vertigo when extreme dizziness is linked with dim vision and heaviness of eyelids. Vertigo may pose difficulty in walking with a loss of balance. Gelsemium is one of the best natural remedies for dizziness when the patient feels extreme vertigo with dim vision and heavy eyelids.

3. China: For Vertigo with Loss of Blood or Fluids

It may have a peculiar name, but China has a special quality, it is the best treatment for Vertigo patients after the loss of blood or after the loss of fluids as in diarrhea. Vertigo due to anemia is best treated with the use of this medicine. If you feel very weak, dizzy and walking too is proving to be very difficult, China will help in compensating the loss of body fluids and treating Vertigo. China has no side effects and is a very safe medicine.

4. Cocculus Indicus: For Vertigo with Nausea, Vomiting

Cocculus Indicus gives very good results when the Vertigo is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Vertigo accompanied by nausea during traveling can be very effectively treated with this medicine. You can use Cocculus Indicus even if you have Vertigo with nausea resulting from Cervical Spondylosis. This medicine is of great help in the treatment of such cases.

5. Conium: For Vertigo in Older Adults

Conium is usually suitable for elderly people who experience Vertigo. The motion of the head sideways worsens the condition. The person feels as if he is moving around in a circle. Vertigo may also get aggravated from motion in bed. Conium is very beneficial as a treatment.

6. Bryonia Alba and Conium: For BPPV

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPVV refers to a condition in which Vertigo appears on the movement of the head or changing the position of the head. Vertigo due to BPPV is short-lived, varying from a few seconds to a minute. This kind of Vertigo can be very successfully treated with the use of natural medicines. Bryonia Alba and Conium are excellent medicines for BPVV. Bryonia Alba is the best medicine for persons who experience Vertigo with the slightest motion of the head in any direction. The Vertigo improves when the head is in an absolute rest position without even the slightest motion. Conium works wonders for persons complaining of Vertigo on moving the head sideways or in a backward direction. It can also be used for Vertigo resulting from a person turning in bed. Conium is also very effective in curing Vertigo experienced by elderly people with BPPV.

7. Belladonna, Gelsemium, Phosphoricum Acid: For Vertigo resulting from Cervical Spondylosis

Belladonna is very effective for Vertigo occurring in a person with Cervical Spondylosis. Belladonna is suitable for persons who experience Vertigo along with pain and stiffness in the cervical back. The Vertigo appears during any or every change in position. The person may show a tendency to fall mainly backward or on the left side. Stooping may also bring on an episode of Vertigo. Headache can also accompany it. Mostly, binding the head gives relief from the headache. Gelsemium is the next useful natural medicine on the list to treat Vertigo with cervical problems. Gelsemium is mainly prescribed when the Vertigo starts from the back of the head and then spreads all over. The heaviness of head, especially over the eyes, is a marked symptom for selecting this particular medicine. Some sort of visual disturbance like dim vision or analysing one object as two (diplopia) may accompany Vertigo. The person also complains of loss of balance while walking, resulting in staggering or a tottering gait. Phoshoricum Acid is of great help when the Vertigo is worse while walking or standing along with Cervical Spondylosis.

8. Chenopodium, ChininumSulph, Phosphorus: For Vertigo in Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s Disease refers to a condition in which hearing loss, sounds or noises in ear (tinnitus) and Vertigo occur. Chenopodium is a natural medicine for treating Vertigo in Meniere’s Disease. This medicine is the best treatment for persons who complain of sudden episodes of Vertigo with noises in the ear. The noises are mostly buzzing in character. This is accompanied by decreased hearing power for sounds of low pitch. Chininum Sulph is of great help if you have Vertigo with horrible noises in ear. The noises can be buzzing, ringing or roaring in nature. The person has difficulty in standing and frequently falls down. Phosphorus is mainly prescribed when the Vertigo gets worse upon rising from a sitting position, rising from stooping or from the bed. The person also complains that voices re-echo in the ear with difficulty in hearing.

9. Silicea, Pulsatilla and Cocculus Indicus: For Vertigo with Ear Troubles

Silicea is the best medicine for Vertigo when an ear infection is a cause. The Vertigo is accompanied by an offensive pus-like discharge from the ear. Excessive perspiration on the head may also be present in persons requiring remedy Silicea for Vertigo. The prominent feature for using Silicea is when the Vertigo gets better by keeping the head warm by wrapping. Pulsatilla is another top natural medicine for Vertigo with ear troubles. Pulsatilla is the best remedy if you have vertigo where the ear literally loses its function. There are thick discharges from the ear. Usually, the Vertigo gets better in the open air. Cocculus Indicus works well if you have Vertigo with ear complaints, linked with extreme nausea.

10. Cocculus Indicus and Petroleum: For Vertigo with Nausea and Vomiting

Both Cocculus Indicus and Petroleum are wonderful medicines for curing Vertigo that is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Cocculus Indicus is given when the Vertigo worsens on rising from bed or from sitting, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Cocculus Indicus also proves to be very useful as a treatment for Vertigo with nausea during traveling. Like Cocculus Indicus, Petroleum is also used when the Vertigo is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, or the person complains of worsening of Vertigo upon rising. The difference between the two remedies is that Petroleum suits well when the Vertigo is felt in the back of the head.

11. Cyclamen and  Gelsemium: For Vertigo with Visual Disturbance

Visual disturbance accompanying Vertigo can be in various forms like double vision, dim vision or loss of vision, or light flashes before eyes. Cyclamen is an excellent medicine for Vertigo treatment with vision troubles. Cyclamen can be used when a person feels spots of varying colors floating before the eyes, dimness of vision or double vision with Vertigo. The person feels as if the surrounding objects are revolving in a circular manner. Most of the time, the patient complains of worsening of symptoms in the open air and comparatively feels better in a room. Gelsemium is the best choice when Vertigo is accompanied with heaviness above eyes and dim or blurred vision.

12. China, Arnica and Phosphorus: For Vertigo due to Trauma

The best natural medicines for dealing with Vertigo cases due to loss of blood are China, Arnica and Phosphorus. They are very efficient and safe medicines to control Vertigo without any side effect.

13. Gelsemium: For Vertigo with Loss of Balance while Walking

Gelsemium ranks at the top for treatment of cases of Vertigo with loss of balance while walking. The patient staggers while walking and experiences extreme dizziness. The patient may also complain of dim vision with Vertigo. Heaviness above eyes with Vertigo is a very significant feature for selecting this medicine.

14. Bryonia alba, Cyclamen, and Pulsatilla: For Vertigo with Sensation of objects turning in a Circle

Bryonia Alba is the best treatment when a person feels as if the objects are turning in a circle during the slightest motion. Cyclamen and Pulsatilla too are equally good for the treatment of vertigo with a sensation of objects revolving in a circle. Cyclamen gives best results when this sensation is worse in the open air and better in a room. Pulsatilla suits persons with exactly the opposite condition —worsening of symptoms in a room and relief in the open air.

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  1. Annemarie says:

    Hello- my 22 year old son is experiencing dizziness when he moves his head. He had this happen once the day before he tested positive for Covid and then it came back on day 7 and has not resolved. During the acute phase his ears were clogged with ringing. He had a fever on and off for 4 days. Which herb would he benefit from the most?

  2. Mohammed Anwer says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma gee, I am facing vertigo which changing the position at bed, and while sitting and standing up… or you can say when i change position of my head… i feel vertigo.. Pls. advise medicine and reason which i should avoid for next time.

    thanks a lot

  3. Ram Hari Daryani says:

    I am 79 years man. Since last 8 years I am having problem in walking due to loss of balance. I had a fall 4/5 times.
    I am unable to climb stairs.
    For daily use I am using walker at home.
    I am taking physiotherapy every day.
    I don’t have diabetes.
    I have slight blood pressure problem for which I take 1 Betatrop and 1 Trika 0.25. I maintain BP at 130/80.
    Kindly help.

  4. Colette Brennan says:

    Hi I have a balance disorder since 2011 seen all ENt specialist said no surgery cure me have learn live it wjth help of vestibular expertises I have take various medication but not all timr cure it …. Just wondered if there more holistic cure for balance disorder dizziness and it’s not vertigo as no nausea or spinning
    It just happened to me all sudden in 2011
    I’ve tried chiropractic physio osteopaths everything to try fix thid

  5. Anil Kumar Gupta says:

    I am 64 years and experienced vertigo 10 years back. Frequency was less. Now it has gone up once a month. It remains mild and remains for a week. Can you suggest medecene.

  6. Kathleen ONeill says:

    I am 81 and have daily dizziness and sometime nausea. Have been examined and tested for everything with no diagnosis . Do you have suggestions for what I can try. Much appreciated thank you .

  7. Cornelis Basoski says:

    My dwarser daughter of 50 sufferd of vertigo , red Outer wat csused bij chondritisch.
    Dit you ever treated this painfull symptoms?
    She also is Often vomitting due to tinnitus

  8. Kathryn January says:

    What is best to take for Occasional off balance not dizzy spinning feeling just off balance.

  9. Vicki Wells says:

    I am trying to determine what type of vertigo I am experiencing and the best, if any, homeopathic treatment that might work. I have been told-years ago, that I had BPPV, however; I have been having more and more incidents as I am aging. (79) Lately the worst episodes have been when lying down on my back (during a MRI), leaning back in a dentist chair, tipping my head back, and looking upwards. Sometimes it “hits” very quickly. My neck is often stiff.

  10. Shahid Ahmed says:

    Hello dear Dr Sharma,I lwarned from your guideline for Vertigo. I am sicking from last 8 months and still not well.Braib strock on dated 1.1.2021 and till yet problems.

    With best regards.


  11. Melissa Merrill Netzel says:

    Good morning Dr. Sharma, I am experiencing vertigo when I am laying down, and I turn my head to the left and sometimes to the right. I feel a little dizzy when I look upward, And I have been a little nauseous. What can I do?

  12. I have been diagnosed with Menieres
    I have dizziness and ear congestion with ringing and high frequency noises in my ears. My balance is back too and stiff neck and shoulders
    What homeopathic can I use ?
    Thanks Heidi

  13. Anaar shariff says:

    I am a 73 yr old woman who is active and I teach yoga twice a week. I have started getting bouts of vertigo this year when I feel light headed and unstable, sometimes veering to the right. All mri have been okay. I suffer from right sided migraines which are more frequent than the vertigo.
    Would gelsemium or belladonna be the right remedy?


  15. Dr .mohan nama jaipur says:

    Patients suffer from vertigo with inbance body or cervical spondylities in since 2years
    Patients age 55years

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