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Vertigo and Dizziness making Life Unlivable ? Homeopathy has a treatment for it !

Homeopathic Remedies for Vertigo

If you experience the feeling that things around you are spinning, you may be suffering from vertigo. It’s a condition in which a person feels that he or she is moving or the things in the surrounding are in motion which is not so in reality. The person with vertigo may have difficulty maintaining balance while walking and standing. Improper imbalance can also result in falling. Nausea and vomiting may also accompany vertigo. With zero side effects and made of natural substances, homeopathic remedies for vertigo can be of great help in the treatment of vertigo. These medicines bring great improvement in vertigo cases by focusing on treating the root cause behind it.

Best Homeopathic Remedies For Vertigo

Homeopathy provides several remedies to treat Vertigo. The topmost among these are Conium, Gelsemium, Cocculus Indicus, Chininum Sulph, Belladonna, Bryonia and China.

1. Conium Top-Grade Medicine

Conium leads the chart of homeopathic medicines for managing vertigo. The persons needing it feels as if he/she is moving around in a circle. Worsening of vertigo from head movement is the key indication to use this medicine. It is one of the best medicines to deal with cases of BPPV (condition in which vertigo occurs from head movement). It is also well indicated when vertigo worsens from turning in bed. It works well when vertigo gets worse while rising from a seat or bed. Besides, its use is suggested when vertigo occurs while walking. There may be a tendency to fall sideways. Lastly, for elderly people who experience vertigo, Conium is very beneficial.

When and How to use Conium?

This medicine should be used as a first remedy in cases of vertigo especially one that worsens from head movement. Also, it should be given in BPPV cases in the first place. It can be used in varying potencies like 30C, 200C, 1M. Most commonly it is used in 30C potency once or twice a day. To use high potencies, kindly consult a homeopathic physician.

2 . Gelsemium For Vertigo With Loss Of Balance

Gelsemium is a natural medicine prepared from the plant ‘yellow jasmine’. It is a very effective medicine when vertigo is accompanied by loss of balance. It poses difficulty in walking which causes staggering gait (unsteady walk as if drunk). Other than this, it is indicated when vertigo is attended with dim vision, double vision and heaviness of eyelids. In cases needing gelsenium, vertigo gets worse from walking mostly.

When and How to use Gelsemium?

Consider its use in cases where vertigo is accompanied by loss of balance while walking. It is usually given in 30C potency two to three times a day. Its higher potencies can be used only on homeopathic doctor’s advice.

3. Cocculus Indicus For Vertigo With Nausea, Vomiting

Cocculus Indicus is highly suitable medicine for vertigo accompanied by nausea and vomiting. In cases needing it vertigo worsens while sitting up or standing. It is also a top-listed medicine for vertigo with nausea and vomiting during travelling. Besides, cocculus is an important medicine to manage vertigo worsening from loss of sleep. Besides, there is a sensation as if one will faint.

When and How to use Cocculus Indicus?

This medicine should be preferred in all cases where nausea and vomiting occurs along with vertigo. It is mainly recommended in 30C potency. It can be taken once or twice a day as per severity of complaint.

4. Chininum Sulph – For Vertigo In Cases Of Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s Disease refers to a condition in which hearing loss, noises in ear (tinnitus) and vertigo occur. Chininum Sulph is of great help when there is vertigo with noises in ear. The noises can be buzzing, ringing or roaring in nature varying from case to case. The person needing it has difficulty in standing and frequently falls down. Vertigo mainly worsens on stooping. In some cases, vertigo is accompanied by headache.

When and How to use Chininum Sulph?

This medicine should be the first choice to manage vertigo in case of Meniere’s disease. From low to high potency it works well in all potencies. Initially, it is best to use 30C potency once a day or twice a day. In case no changes occur, one may use high potencies under the supervision of a homeopathic expert.

5. Belladonna – For Vertigo During Headache

Belladonna is a leading medicine for treating vertigo that occurs along with headache due to Cervical Spondylosis. In cases needing it, vertigo worsens from movement, when turning in bed. It may also increase while stooping and from rising from stooped position. A tendency to fall to the left side or backward may be present. The headache attends vertigo. Headache gets better by applying pressure or binding the head.

When and How to use Belladonna?

This medicine is best for vertigo attended by headache. This medicine can be used in 30C potency twice or thrice a day as per the intensity of complaint.

6. Bryonia – For Vertigo In Case Of BPPV

BPVV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) refers to a condition in which vertigo appears on the movement of the head or changing the position of the head. Bryonia is an excellent medicine for BPVV other than Conium. It works well when vertigo appears from sudden motion of the head in any direction. It seems as if all objects are moving in a circle during vertigo. The Vertigo improves when the head is in an absolute rest position without even the slightest motion.

When and How to use Bryonia?

Bryonia can be used in cases in which vertigo triggers from the movement of head. Bryonia is mostly used in 30C potency. One may take it twice or thrice a day depending on the severity of problem.

7. China – For Vertigo Worse On Movement And Walking

China is an important medicine when vertigo worsens with movement and walking. The person needing it is unable to walk straight and staggers while walking. Vertigo is relieved by lying down. With vertigo, fainting spells may occur. A tendency to fall backward is mainly present.

When and How to use China?

Use of this medicine is highly applicable for cases of vertigo which worsens on movement and while walking. China 30C twice a day is an ideal dose to start with.

 Causes Behind Vertigo

1. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV): It is the most common cause behind vertigo. In this case, vertigo occurs from a sudden change in head position. For example, it may trigger from moving head up or down or turning in bed.  BPPV happens when calcium particles that are present in utricle move into semi-circular canal of inner ear that control balance. On head movement, these particles touch and stimulate the cilia (sensory hair cells via which the body’s balance and position information is signalled to brain) of these canals. Due to this, wrong information is processed about body’s position resulting in vertigo.

2. Labyrinthitis: Inflammation or infection of labyrinth which is part of inner ear

3. Vestibular neuritis: Inflammation of vestibular nerve that processes signal to brain about balance

4. Meniere’s disease: An inner ear disorder that causes triad of complaints including vertigo, tinnitus (noises in ear) and hearing loss.

5. Cholesteatoma: A cyst growing in middle ear behind the eardrum

6. Migraine headache: One-sided severe throbbing headache attended with nausea vomiting. Sensitivity to noise, light, odors can be there. Vertigo can also attend these symptoms.

7. Otosclerosis: Condition arising from abnormal bone growth in the middle ear

8. Ear surgery, head/neck injury, low blood pressure, certain medicines which damage ear for example diuretics, salicylates, aminoglycoside antibiotics and stroke (damage to brain from interrupted blood supply to brain)

What Symptoms May Accompany Vertigo?

Persons who have vertigo feel as if they are spinning or objects around them are moving or they are swaying or feeling unbalanced. They may have some other symptoms as well depending on the cause behind vertigo. These include nausea, vomiting, balance issues, headache, noises in ears (tinnitus), fullness sensation in ears, sweating and nystagmus (rapid, repetitive, involuntary eye movement).



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  1. Benjamin Ostrom says:

    I have vertigo that comes when I move too quickly or am standing up too long. It appeared after a mild TBI that occured when I was hit by a car while biking, and has persisted several months later. From your chart it appears that conium is the suggested homeopathic. However it does not worsen from turning in bed. Do you agree?


    Ben Ostrom

  2. It starts with BPPV (spinnig when I’m bed) now light headiness and nausea. Is conium still used for the lightheadiness and nausea? Seems worse in the morning , Will actually wake me up …

  3. MR R H CHOWDHURY says:

    I feel like spinning inside my head and sometimes I feel heaviness in my head what should I do plz let me know

  4. My husband had vertigo with vomiting 4 weeks ago and has been dizzy and blurry vision with tinnitus still especially upon waking. Good moments during the day. I want to try Byronia or Gelsium. Not sure which. Can you help? He had the crystal treatment and it made is worse

  5. Annemarie says:

    Hello- my 22 year old son is experiencing dizziness when he moves his head. He had this happen once the day before he tested positive for Covid and then it came back on day 7 and has not resolved. During the acute phase his ears were clogged with ringing. He had a fever on and off for 4 days. Which herb would he benefit from the most?

  6. Mohammed Anwer says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma gee, I am facing vertigo which changing the position at bed, and while sitting and standing up… or you can say when i change position of my head… i feel vertigo.. Pls. advise medicine and reason which i should avoid for next time.

    thanks a lot

    • Kanwaljeet Kaur Ghai says:

      Hi Dr. Sharma gee, I am facing vertigo which changing the position at bed, and while sitting and standing up… or you can say when i change position of my head… i feel vertigo.. Pls. advise medicine and reason which i should avoid for next time.

    • Kanwaljeet Kaur Ghai says:

      Hello doctor , my husband is facing giddiness when he gets up from bed and while getting up from sitting to standing position for the last one week . He is diabetic . The problem is severe in the morning while gettt up from bed but later in day to day activities he feels more or less normal but complains about heaviness in head occasionally. Kindly suggest the medicine to cure him

    • Kanwaljeet Kaur Ghai says:

      Hello doctor , my husband is facing giddiness when he gets up from bed and while getting up from sitting to standing position for the last one week . He is diabetic . The problem is severe in the morning while gettt up from bed but later in day to day activities he feels more or less normal but complains about heaviness in head occasionally. Kindly suggest the medicine to cure him

  7. Ram Hari Daryani says:

    I am 79 years man. Since last 8 years I am having problem in walking due to loss of balance. I had a fall 4/5 times.
    I am unable to climb stairs.
    For daily use I am using walker at home.
    I am taking physiotherapy every day.
    I don’t have diabetes.
    I have slight blood pressure problem for which I take 1 Betatrop and 1 Trika 0.25. I maintain BP at 130/80.
    Kindly help.

  8. Colette Brennan says:

    Hi I have a balance disorder since 2011 seen all ENt specialist said no surgery cure me have learn live it wjth help of vestibular expertises I have take various medication but not all timr cure it …. Just wondered if there more holistic cure for balance disorder dizziness and it’s not vertigo as no nausea or spinning
    It just happened to me all sudden in 2011
    I’ve tried chiropractic physio osteopaths everything to try fix thid

  9. Anil Kumar Gupta says:

    I am 64 years and experienced vertigo 10 years back. Frequency was less. Now it has gone up once a month. It remains mild and remains for a week. Can you suggest medecene.

  10. Kathleen ONeill says:

    I am 81 and have daily dizziness and sometime nausea. Have been examined and tested for everything with no diagnosis . Do you have suggestions for what I can try. Much appreciated thank you .

  11. Cornelis Basoski says:

    My dwarser daughter of 50 sufferd of vertigo , red Outer wat csused bij chondritisch.
    Dit you ever treated this painfull symptoms?
    She also is Often vomitting due to tinnitus

  12. Kathryn January says:

    What is best to take for Occasional off balance not dizzy spinning feeling just off balance.

  13. Vicki Wells says:

    I am trying to determine what type of vertigo I am experiencing and the best, if any, homeopathic treatment that might work. I have been told-years ago, that I had BPPV, however; I have been having more and more incidents as I am aging. (79) Lately the worst episodes have been when lying down on my back (during a MRI), leaning back in a dentist chair, tipping my head back, and looking upwards. Sometimes it “hits” very quickly. My neck is often stiff.

  14. Shahid Ahmed says:

    Hello dear Dr Sharma,I lwarned from your guideline for Vertigo. I am sicking from last 8 months and still not well.Braib strock on dated 1.1.2021 and till yet problems.

    With best regards.


  15. Melissa Merrill Netzel says:

    Good morning Dr. Sharma, I am experiencing vertigo when I am laying down, and I turn my head to the left and sometimes to the right. I feel a little dizzy when I look upward, And I have been a little nauseous. What can I do?

  16. I have been diagnosed with Menieres
    I have dizziness and ear congestion with ringing and high frequency noises in my ears. My balance is back too and stiff neck and shoulders
    What homeopathic can I use ?
    Thanks Heidi

  17. Anaar shariff says:

    I am a 73 yr old woman who is active and I teach yoga twice a week. I have started getting bouts of vertigo this year when I feel light headed and unstable, sometimes veering to the right. All mri have been okay. I suffer from right sided migraines which are more frequent than the vertigo.
    Would gelsemium or belladonna be the right remedy?


  19. Dr .mohan nama jaipur says:

    Patients suffer from vertigo with inbance body or cervical spondylities in since 2years
    Patients age 55years

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