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Vertigo and Dizziness making Life Unlivable ? Homeopathy has a treatment for it !

Homeopathic Remedies for Vertigo If you experience the feeling that things around you are spinning, you may be suffering from Vertigo. It’s a condition in which a person feels that he or she is moving or the things in the surrounding are in motion when they are not so in reality. The person with Vertigo may have difficulty in maintaining balance in walking and standing. Improper imbalance can also result in falling. Nausea and vomiting may also accompany Vertigo. Homeopathy provides several remedies to treat Vertigo. With zero side effects and made of natural substances, Homeopathic remedies for vertigo can be of great help in the treatment of Vertigo.

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Vertigo

Belladonna, Gelsemium, China, Cocculus, and Bryonia are the top remedies for vertigo.

1. Belladonna: Top Remedy for Acute Vertigo

Belladonna is a leading medicine for treating Vertigo when the condition worsens with every change of position. The person may show the tendency to fall to the left side or backward. Vertigo can also be accompanied by an acute headache and the patient usually gets some relief by applying pressure or binding the head. The body may also experience excessive heat. Belladonna is extremely beneficial as a remedy in such cases.

2. Gelsemium: For Vertigo with Extreme Dizziness

Gelsemium is the top medicine for treating Vertigo when extreme dizziness is linked with dim vision and heaviness of eyelids. Vertigo may pose difficulty in walking with a loss of balance. Gelsemium is one of the best natural remedies for dizziness when the patient feels extreme vertigo with dim vision and heavy eyelids.

3. China: For Vertigo with Loss of Blood or Fluids

It may have a peculiar name, but China has a special quality, it is the best treatment for Vertigo patients after the loss of blood or after the loss of fluids as in diarrhea. Vertigo due to anemia is best treated with the use of this medicine. If you feel very weak, dizzy and walking too is proving to be very difficult, China will help in compensating the loss of body fluids and treating Vertigo. China has no side effects and is a very safe medicine.

4. Cocculus Indicus: For Vertigo with Nausea, Vomiting

Cocculus Indicus gives very good results when the Vertigo is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Vertigo accompanied by nausea during traveling can be very effectively treated with this medicine. You can use Cocculus Indicus even if you have Vertigo with nausea resulting from Cervical Spondylosis. This medicine is of great help in the treatment of such cases.

5. Conium: For Vertigo in Older Adults

Conium is usually suitable for elderly people who experience Vertigo. The motion of the head sideways worsens the condition. The person feels as if he is moving around in a circle. Vertigo may also get aggravated from motion in bed. Conium is very beneficial as a treatment.

6. Bryonia Alba and Conium: For BPPV

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPVV refers to a condition in which Vertigo appears on the movement of the head or changing the position of the head. Vertigo due to BPPV is short-lived, varying from a few seconds to a minute. This kind of Vertigo can be very successfully treated with the use of natural medicines. Bryonia Alba and Conium are excellent medicines for BPVV. Bryonia Alba is the best medicine for persons who experience Vertigo with the slightest motion of the head in any direction. The Vertigo improves when the head is in an absolute rest position without even the slightest motion. Conium works wonders for persons complaining of Vertigo on moving the head sideways or in a backward direction. It can also be used for Vertigo resulting from a person turning in bed. Conium is also very effective in curing Vertigo experienced by elderly people with BPPV.

7. Belladonna, Gelsemium, Phosphoricum Acid: For Vertigo resulting from Cervical Spondylosis

Belladonna is very effective for Vertigo occurring in a person with Cervical Spondylosis. Belladonna is suitable for persons who experience Vertigo along with pain and stiffness in the cervical back. The Vertigo appears during any or every change in position. The person may show a tendency to fall mainly backward or on the left side. Stooping may also bring on an episode of Vertigo. Headache can also accompany it. Mostly, binding the head gives relief from the headache. Gelsemium is the next useful natural medicine on the list to treat Vertigo with cervical problems. Gelsemium is mainly prescribed when the Vertigo starts from the back of the head and then spreads all over. The heaviness of head, especially over the eyes, is a marked symptom for selecting this particular medicine. Some sort of visual disturbance like dim vision or analysing one object as two (diplopia) may accompany Vertigo. The person also complains of loss of balance while walking, resulting in staggering or a tottering gait. Phoshoricum Acid is of great help when the Vertigo is worse while walking or standing along with Cervical Spondylosis.

8. Chenopodium, ChininumSulph, Phosphorus: For Vertigo in Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s Disease refers to a condition in which hearing loss, sounds or noises in ear (tinnitus) and Vertigo occur. Chenopodium is a natural medicine for treating Vertigo in Meniere’s Disease. This medicine is the best treatment for persons who complain of sudden episodes of Vertigo with noises in the ear. The noises are mostly buzzing in character. This is accompanied by decreased hearing power for sounds of low pitch. Chininum Sulph is of great help if you have Vertigo with horrible noises in ear. The noises can be buzzing, ringing or roaring in nature. The person has difficulty in standing and frequently falls down. Phosphorus is mainly prescribed when the Vertigo gets worse upon rising from a sitting position, rising from stooping or from the bed. The person also complains that voices re-echo in the ear with difficulty in hearing.

9. Silicea, Pulsatilla and Cocculus Indicus: For Vertigo with Ear Troubles

Silicea is the best medicine for Vertigo when an ear infection is a cause. The Vertigo is accompanied by an offensive pus-like discharge from the ear. Excessive perspiration on the head may also be present in persons requiring remedy Silicea for Vertigo. The prominent feature for using Silicea is when the Vertigo gets better by keeping the head warm by wrapping. Pulsatilla is another top natural medicine for Vertigo with ear troubles. Pulsatilla is the best remedy if you have vertigo where the ear literally loses its function. There are thick discharges from the ear. Usually, the Vertigo gets better in the open air. Cocculus Indicus works well if you have Vertigo with ear complaints, linked with extreme nausea.

10. Cocculus Indicus and Petroleum: For Vertigo with Nausea and Vomiting

Both Cocculus Indicus and Petroleum are wonderful medicines for curing Vertigo that is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Cocculus Indicus is given when the Vertigo worsens on rising from bed or from sitting, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Cocculus Indicus also proves to be very useful as a treatment for Vertigo with nausea during traveling. Like Cocculus Indicus, Petroleum is also used when the Vertigo is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, or the person complains of worsening of Vertigo upon rising. The difference between the two remedies is that Petroleum suits well when the Vertigo is felt in the back of the head.

11. Cyclamen and  Gelsemium: For Vertigo with Visual Disturbance

Visual disturbance accompanying Vertigo can be in various forms like double vision, dim vision or loss of vision, or light flashes before eyes. Cyclamen is an excellent medicine for Vertigo treatment with vision troubles. Cyclamen can be used when a person feels spots of varying colors floating before the eyes, dimness of vision or double vision with Vertigo. The person feels as if the surrounding objects are revolving in a circular manner. Most of the time, the patient complains of worsening of symptoms in the open air and comparatively feels better in a room. Gelsemium is the best choice when Vertigo is accompanied with heaviness above eyes and dim or blurred vision.

12. China, Arnica and Phosphorus: For Vertigo due to Trauma

The best natural medicines for dealing with Vertigo cases due to loss of blood are China, Arnica and Phosphorus. They are very efficient and safe medicines to control Vertigo without any side effect.

13. Gelsemium: For Vertigo with Loss of Balance while Walking

Gelsemium ranks at the top for treatment of cases of Vertigo with loss of balance while walking. The patient staggers while walking and experiences extreme dizziness. The patient may also complain of dim vision with Vertigo. Heaviness above eyes with Vertigo is a very significant feature for selecting this medicine.

14. Bryonia alba, Cyclamen, and Pulsatilla: For Vertigo with Sensation of objects turning in a Circle

Bryonia Alba is the best treatment when a person feels as if the objects are turning in a circle during the slightest motion. Cyclamen and Pulsatilla too are equally good for the treatment of vertigo with a sensation of objects revolving in a circle. Cyclamen gives best results when this sensation is worse in the open air and better in a room. Pulsatilla suits persons with exactly the opposite condition —worsening of symptoms in a room and relief in the open air.

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  1. Pranab Kumar Hazarika says:

    The patient is a lady 64 years. Present problem :

    1 Imbalance in walking on the road leaning left side.
    2 Pain in left arm starting from left part of head.
    3 Burning of Urine and Stool while passing . Cannot hold urine .
    4 Burning sensation in body .

  2. Michelle Gurrola says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma.
    My 15 yr. old son has had non stop, since the summer of 2o18, dizziness starting at the top of his head and most times he feels pressure on top and back of his head with no pain no nausea. He can eat but has a lot of allergies. In 2014 he was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis which we were told to take Nexium. After two and half years he developed terrible stomach pain that lasted two years until we started the homeopathy remedy Arsenicum Album and Iris versicolor. They helped tremendously! But that is when the Dizziness started. We had an MRI of Brain which was negative, Thyroid test Negative , Blood test Negative, Gallbladder ultrasound Negative. When he was nine yrs old a basket ball was thrown high in the air and hit him on top of his head. Chiropractic upper cervical care helps him so it doesn’t get really bad but is not helping as much any more. Also moving bicycle tires and motion exacerbate his condition.

  3. Michelle Gurrola says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma.
    My 15 yr. old son has had non stop, since the summer of 2o18, dizziness starting at the top of his head and most times he feels pressure on top and back of his head with no pain no nausea. He can eat but has a lot of allergies. In 2014 he was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis which we were told to take Nexium. After two and half years he developed terrible stomach pain that lasted two years until we started the homeopathy remedy Arsenicum Album and Iris versicolor. They helped tremendously! But that is when the Dizziness started. We had an MRI of Brain which was negative, Thyroid test Negative , Blood test Negative, Gallbladder ultrasound Negative. When he was nine yrs old a basket ball was thrown high in the air and hit him on top of his head. Chiropractic upper cervical care helps him so it doesn’t get really bad but is not helping as much any more.

  4. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering form extreme weakness and vertigo. I checked my blood and my vitamin D is low. I have started vitamin D3 60000 and have taken 6 doses of it. I have been also taking Coniuum 30 and its around 4 months. I was feeling better with this . But now when i stopped it since 3-4 days again I am feeling very weak and vertigo effect also and am feeling I will fall down. Can you please suggest what should I do? Am i getting addicted to this medicine and how long should i continue with this medicine?

    I will be very grateful if you could advice

    Thanks & Regards

  5. Brandi Baker says:

    Dr Sharma, My 8 yr old began to experience dizziness about 4 weeks ago. No head injury of recent. She fell and scraped her left knee from falling during a roller blading play. That happened close to the same time she complained of dizziness. She describes as if her head is whirling inside. Said her vision is not dizzy, she doesn’t stumble when walking. Dizzy except when asleep. Occasionally she has nose bleeds (but happened before this symptom). A week ago she got sick (flu) after playing in snow. While sick, dizziness was a major complaint. Recovered. Sick again after 3 days ago playing in cold weather. Fever, dizziness, belly pain are current sickness. Last night she also had headache center of forehead. Was bothered and moaning and whimpering last night and tossing and turning a lot until Pulsatilla. Pulsatilla in 30c is what seems to help her during night. Also started giving Ferrum phos6x 3 times day for fever. I am conflicted with which remedy to give her and dilution and frequency. Phosphorus? Arnica? Bryonia helped her headache but not completely. She is caramel skinned, Pacific Islander, petite, black haired, shy and funny, and also silly and very amicable and friendly and active.

  6. Bhanupriya says:

    From past one year I’m suffering from vertigo accompanied with left hand fingers tingling..I also have mild miners disease recently it also started spinning around and I’m falling down .At that time I feel my eyes pop out also ..please suggest any medicine..kindly help me out of this situation

  7. Shaheen Fatma says:

    From past 2 months i am suffering from vertigo and dizziness. I use to sleep on one side only because on sleeping other side i always feel spinning sensation also i am not able to see in upward and downward directions. And i took varoius medicines but it doesn’t work out well.
    Kindly help me

  8. Irani Banerjee says:

    I feel heavy in the neck.Suffering from vertigo changing position in bed and disbalance when getting



  10. Peter Joseph says:

    I m having vertigo. It aggrevate on movement while lying down. Sometimes I feel my ears are blocked too. Please advise the medicine.

  11. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for the platform.I am regularly chewing Rajnigandha for the last 20 years along with habits of alcohol and cigarette.I have headache and unability to think, concentrate,analyze and respond on any subject.Problem worse when i am working on computer and respond and focus.Eyes could not analyze what they see. Please help and suggest some homeopathic medicine.

    Thanks and Warm Regards

  12. Naveen Saxena says:

    I have problem in ear vertigo.. Feel dizziness all the time
    and tinnitus. Please suggest me medicine

  13. Susila somasundaram says:

    Vertigo when doing any work
    Lot of perspiration efore gudiness
    Feeling tired after stool
    Ameliorate when lying down.feeling better after drinking water.
    Remedy pls

    • Susila somasundaram says:

      Hello doctor
      Vertigo when doing any work
      Lot of perspiration efore gudiness
      Feeling tired after stool
      Ameliorate when lying down.feeling better after drinking water.
      Remedy pls

  14. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My dizziness is only when i begin to eat for a few seconds.

  15. I m having vertigo. It aggrevate on movement while lying down. Sometimes I feel my ears are blocked too. Please advise the medicine.

  16. Hello Dr Sharma!
    thank you for sharing suchv
    valuable and useful information.
    My ENT doctor says my vertigo is related to my deviated septum. can you please shed some light on that issue too?

    Many many thanks in advance.

  17. Devi Cherian says:

    I have an old case of spondylitis,now vertigo ,headache from back to front ,heavy eyelids etc

  18. Shakun R says:

    I developed vertigo about 2 weeks ago. It was a sudden onset while I was trying to turn on my side to leave the bed in the morning. Had a bout of nausea as well. Doctor has prescribed Meclizine but I can not tolerate it. This is a second time after 20 years that I have experienced vertigo. I have tried exercises but not consistent with doing the.
    Seeking Homeopathic treatment for it.

  19. Hi..which is the best homeopathic medicine for vertigo which is felt when getting up after sleeping for 4 hours? Trigger of my vertigo is loud noise.

  20. Teresa Sapp says:

    PS. vague bilateral ear pain, occasional tinnitus, ear fullness. ENT sees nothing. Hearing test is fine

  21. Teresa Sapp says:

    Four weeks ago stayed at 3am with severe dizziness on walking and nausea when laying down, improved as the day went on, then returns at night while sleeping. Now constant vague nausea, slight headache, head feels slightly dizzy This is now constant and chronic. Tried Vertigoheel. Tried cocculus indicus. Trying phosphorus today. Feeling hopeless about getting better. Go to chiropractor once a week for neck adjustment. Feel better afterwards, then it returns at night.

  22. Hello, I feel vertigo while standing or lying on bed. I also feel headache, and darkness before eyes while standing, can u suggest me medicines

  23. Joleen Boeckel says:

    Vertigo for 5 weeks- ringing and amplified in left ear – help what should I be taking to help?

  24. I am a muslim. I say prayer. When in the end i sit in vajarasana for some time and then rise i feel vertigo. Can you prescribe a medicine. Rising from a sitting on feet position creates vertigo. Please help

  25. Chandana roy says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    What homeopathic remedy would you recommend
    for vertigo and unsteadiness and loss of balance
    while walking … and when I am sitting it feels like I’m
    tilting and moving when I’m not. 68 year old male.
    Blood work and urine test and EKG all normal.
    Please advise.

    Chandana roy** email :

  26. S S Shenoy says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma,

    My father is 80 years of age, and he needs to take regularly heart medications as he is suffering from
    dilated cardiomyopathy.

    One of the major side effects of his heart medications, which he is unable to tolerate, is postural dizziness. His heads spins whenever he gets up from a sitting position, or when he gets up from sleeping. Other than that, he has no problems during walking or in any other sedentary position.

    Could you please recommend a suitable homeopathic medicine and its dosage to mitigate / overcome his dizziness, so that he can be comfortable?

  27. Kumar Anubhav says:

    Can PPPD( PERSISTENT POSTURAL PERCEPTUAL DIZZINESS) chronic dizziness can be treated with homeopathy ? What are the medicines can you suggest as I am suffering from it . Plase help me out.

  28. Marvin Duke says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    What homeopathic remedy would you recommend
    for vertigo and unsteadiness and loss of balance
    while walking … and when I am sitting it feels like I’m
    tilting and moving when I’m not. 68 year old male.
    Blood work and urine test and EKG all normal.
    Please advise.

    • Dr
      I had viral fever 2 years back and experienced vertigo for the first time in my life though I have spondolysis for the last 20 years I too have tinnitus more in my left year for about 2 years and release of air/ blocking sensation in the ear while getting up in the morning I too suffered from vertigo while changing head while sleeping but not now. Now when I get up in the morning slight loss of balance I experience while walking My BP is 130/90 and I am 59 years old Kindly tell me the treatment option

  29. Dortha L West says:

    I have been suffering from vertigo for 9 months. I had an initial incident, and many tests since then. It had stopped and then my next test they did blew air in my ear and now it is as bad as ever. They have tried medications, which did not work the most recent was Topomax and they have taken me off it because it gave me severe headaches and itching. I would like to try a homeopathic approach but not sure which one of the above suggestions I should try. The head pressure is constant with incidents of sudden vertigo and nausea.

  30. Dr. RAJESH MITTAL says:

    I have positional vertigo. Esp while getting up from bed or turning in bed. Can I use Conium 200ch

  31. Tauseef bhatti says:

    I am suffring spondolysis last 2 to 3 years and also faceing postural vertigo when I stand sit and walk more then 1 hour virtigo start acording my MRI report early degenration diagnose plz sugest medicine for this problems. TAUSEEF BHATTI FROM PAKISTAN

  32. Kay Morales says:

    I have a friend who has mal de debarquement syndrome. I am wondering if you have seen any significant help for this using homeopathics and which ones.

  33. Nikhil Jain says:

    Can I use cyclamen and gelsemium alternatively in a day

  34. Is there a cure for vestibular neuritis?

  35. Dr. I am vijay i loss of balance while walking this is three years problem i treat E N T. surgeion i use medicine doctor advice some days this problem stop but two month after problem started. i very diffcult wallking becaue loss of balance and eye heaviness please help me, suggested medicine.

    • Hi doctor
      From 1 month i am feeling imbalance . My head feeling being pulled back.what could be the reason for it.

  36. Ravi Aggarwal says:

    I have problem in ear vertigo.. Feel dizziness and vomiting.. Sound of blood flow in the ear.. Please suggest me medicine

  37. Pradip kr maity says:

    Vertigo with body imbalance

  38. Dr. vivek potdar says:

    Thanks For a Good Article Sir………..!

  39. Good article. Very informative

  40. Dear sir

    I m suffering from vertigo and dizziness while walking and when sudden stress comes in mind, is it happening due to A/c or cloudy season or sinues probelm because I am facing some etching, light pain in ear and some sound in ears

    I am taking alopathic medicines but still it is ineffective

  41. Geetha Srihari says:

    My brother has alopecia. He is loosing hairs in clusters. Please suggest some remedies.
    My mom has been suffering from psoriasis from the past 3 yrs. Mom is 69 and brother 42 yrs. Can u suggest some homoeopathic medicine

  42. Maganbhai Ghadia says:

    26 years back my ear injure due to accident. due to which vertigo from at the time of changing the position vertigo. some noice comes from ear continuously. please advice me homeo medicine to get relief My age is of 58 years.

  43. Gopa gupta says:

    30 years back my self fall in a RTA.due to which timp henum got at the time of changing the position head become spining.headach also there advice me homeo medicine to get relief My age is of 58 years.

  44. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    From last many weeks I’m having symptoms of vertigo along with this I have ringing in ears and have dizziness.
    Shall appreciate if can suggest some medicine.
    Thanks and regards,

  45. Feeling dizziness often ,,,,,while moving head feeling dizziness ,,,Im using hearing aid since 5 years

  46. Dear Dr Sharma,

    Would you please tell me the appropriate potency for Conium Maculatum for positional vertigo?
    My sister-in-law (54) received manipulation treatment from ENT/MD – the movement exercise and then a cervical collar for 48 hrs starting today.
    My understanding is that 200C 1 -2 times in a week or? would be best.
    Thank you for your assistance!
    With Gratitude,
    Susan B

  47. Sachchidanand Tiwari says:

    Can diabetes be controlled by homeopathic. I am suffering from diabetes since last 8 years, now it is in control with Allopathy , but I want to use Homeopathic medicine. Please advise me. I am 69 years old. Now Fasting suger is about 100 and PP is about 130- 145.

  48. SARITA RASTOGI says:

    Hi Doctor I am 68 age of lady, suffering from vertigo from last two years ,blood was tested for electolites ,and find Pottasium ,chloride and sodium of low level ,after few months improve by having alopethic medicineVERTIGO 16 and DIZZTEC and eating Banana and drinking coconut water ,but still vertigo is there it is worse when I get up suddenly from bed or suddenly some body calls and I move my head towards him ,having numbness in hands and feet ,also suffering with accute Parkison in both hands I can not hold cup of tea or food plate Please advice ,I do not having dibities and blood pressure probloms in

  49. Sanjiva Prasad says:

    I am 62 years old hypertensive and retired person. Last few nights I have experienced some reeling or dizziness while moving sides on the bed. It stabilises in a few seconds though. Sometimes it also happens when I get up suddenly from the bed. But I am not feeling good about it and would like to be advised of the homeopathic remedy for the same. There is no other related symptom.
    Please advise.

  50. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have been experiencing vertigo for the last few years off and on, but much worse in the last year. Mine seems to be related to barometric pressure changes, especially bad if a severe thunderstorm hits and the air pressure drops. I also experience blocked ears from time to time. I haven’t been able to find a homeopathic remedy that matches my symptoms due to barometric weather changes. Do you have any advice? Currently I take kali mur #5, natrum mur #9, a vertigo complex and nux vomica. They seem to help a bit, more with the clogged ears, but I feel I haven’t found the exact remedy for me yet. And it seems I have to take them several times a day. Thank you!

  51. I am suffering from symptom of reeling,as if I am floating and do feel pressure in ears and difficulty in walking but without any problem like feeling toppled ,my pressure is generally liw 100/ 63 Heart patient, ejection fraction is 64 , ubderwent bypass surgery.I am sbout 70 years of age


    I suffered post mumps labyrinthitis in 1997. I am 59. Have been suffering bouts of vertigo, nausea and obstruction in hearing from right ear since then. The current spell began on 21st April. There is a buzzing sound in right ear. If a loud sound comes from right, it hurts too. Audiometry shows nominal loss in both. MRI neck and brain was normal.

  53. Geraldine stein says:

    I have tightness in my neck and dizziness
    It is not positional vertigo
    What in
    Your opinion might help me
    Thank you

  54. I am suffering from vertigo . I feel giddiness and going to fell down when it comes. Also feel to go to latrine . Left side is more affected than right side .This happens more when waking from the bed. Please suggest me a medicine and dosage.

  55. Dibyendu Kumar Das says:

    Dear sir
    I have vertigo for last 3 months all time balanceing sansation.abdominal problam is very highly. my right year discharge.treatment for homoeopathy by cour it. I have pain and stifnes in neck .

  56. Selasie Biam Setorwu says:

    O had a stroke because of bleeding in the brain.The left side of my body was affected.O have some pain in my get eat on the part affected by the stroke. I now experience dizziness and imbalance. I am 70 years. old and the dizziness gets worse when I practise breathing techniques in my meditation practice.I am desperate for a cure.

  57. Good evening doctor
    I am 39 years old Male suffering from vertigo problem since one month. I feel giddiness when sits from lying position and when I read any text messages in mobile. Spinning of head lasts for 3 to 7 seconds. I am suffering from neck pain. My MRI of cervical spine is degenerative changes in all cervical inter vertebral disc. And focal tear in posterior annulus of C5-C6 disc. And also I have ear problem. There is small hole in my left eardrum and suffering from hearing problem. Sir what is remedy for my problem. Pls advice. Thank you.

  58. Gour ghosh says:

    Dear sir
    I have vertigo for 4 years.mainly evening and other time balanceing sansation.abdominal problam is very highly.said that I.B.S. feuyears ago my left year discharge.treatment for homoeopathy by cour it. I have pain and stifnes in neck . Homoeopathy drug ars 200 singal dose.than releaf but vertigo sam coming.after phos 200.1m. Good resalt.but 3months after vertigo samposition.i have confessed sir if you have prescription a medicine .

  59. Mainak Ganguly says:

    Dear sir I have jad vertigo earlier due to ear infection got cured by homeopathy six years ago.and now it is reoccurring..and It is occurring mainly after sunset and perspiration,hypertension,fear are the symptoms..the dizziness is very lesser and I am feeling well in the open nausea or vomiting no headaches..BP is normal..some thick layer comes out often from both ears..traffic noise or high volume tv noise irritates..I have been taking garlic..should I stop it now

  60. I have a vestibular migraine problem since 2 and
    Half years, I am talking alopatic med. it is helping
    me, but I want to ask about homeopathic treatment.
    Help me out

  61. I have been suffering from vertigo for about 15 years now. I am 52 years old. As a child I had constant ear infections and was always give antibiotics. Finally at age 10, I had my tonsils removed, they placed some kind of tubes in my ears and did something to my nose. I still don’t fully understand what happened and either did my mom as she was young and spoke very little English. So I have tried many different things for my vertigo. Sometimes it gets pretty violent and I cannot get up from bed. The room is spinning and I cannot move my head. Sometimes my eyes ache. However, I also feel that it could be my neck causing it as well because I sit at a computer all day. But recently, I was told that many menopausal women suffer from vertigo as well. I really don’t know what remedy to take because I can easily fall under many categories. Any suggestions? Thank you for your assistance.

  62. Nani Vohryzek says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I have occasional bouts of vertigo. They come on very suddenly. I feel extremely nauseated and vomit. Any movement of my head makes it worse and causes increased nausea and vomiting. I have loud ringing ,buzzing, humming in my ears. Everything is spinning. I break out in a cold sweat. I also have loose bowels with it. I cannot walk straight because the dizziness and spinning are so intense. Thank you.

    • Khalid Aleem says:

      Dear Maam, my wife got a sudden attack of loss of balance, headach and not in a position to stand and to walk. She has vomitting and strss in chest. Some test were taken and almost ok except sugartest. My wife is type 2 diabetic patient from the last 26 years, she is 61 years old. She is under treatment of ENT specialist. Kindly advise its best treatment for early recovery and what she can do to come to normal and live as normal.

      Please forward your reply thru email at your earliest convenience.

      My email:

      Khalid Sheikh

  63. I have vertigo and dizziness problem since 8 years and doctors told me it’s because of inner ear infection. What should i do i am using medicine beta histane dyhidrocloride

  64. Makda Ashraf says:

    My wife is 72. Since last year she is suffering from
    A friend has advised Conium 30.
    Would you please advise if it is really effective
    and also how to use it and for how long?
    Appreciate your prompt advise
    Thank you

    • Devendra singh Teotia says:

      My wife 60 years having vertigo .Find it difficult to move or get up from the bed Pl advise medicine.She has no other symptoms.
      Co Teotia

  65. Somenath Kundu says:

    I have Bppv 1 month ago. It is completely cured. But balancing problem started from 2days ago. In the left ear ringing sound persisting from 2days. It seems to me that I feeling that I will fall. When see TV laptop screen balancing problem creating. I have checked bppv. Bppv is no more. Please suggest any homeo medicine. Life is becoming hell. I do job in power plant on computer screen. Pls suggest any medicine

  66. John Sloan says:

    DR. Sharma,
    I have recently been diagnosed with minerse disease. I been back to work for about 6 weeks pretty much symtom free with use of direric and antivert 25 mg. X3 a day. Recently I have been having episodes again that seem to not go away and change my heart rate. I was wondering what wpuld be good herb to take to help because it is really affecting my work . I am single dad of 2 and need to continue working

    Thank you,

  67. Dr Snehal Bansod says:

    I have feeling of heaviness in head. Continously. I also feel Vertigo sometimes. Since last 2yrs. With imbalance sometimes white standing or turning head. I also have hypertension and under anti hypertensive for same. My age is 39yrs /male. Kindly recommend treatment for same

  68. Madhurima Das says:

    Can I use 2 homeopathy medicines at the same time for this disease?

  69. Elizabeth Clark says:

    I woke up with dizziness could not walk on my own to bathroom sight headaches onto the right side and a bit around the side ear not inside of the ear. I had loose diarrhea and needed to vomit at same time but only had heavy deep dry heaves and i was sweating and wanted fresh air very scared because i became weak. The next day very nauseated and dizzy upon rising room spinning and moving my head. Sight headache around right side and pain in right ear now but not constant pain. I feel like i am hungry. I feeling a bit constipation /gas. Can not sleep without being in a inclined position. If i tilt my head back i feel very dizzy. I have had migraines in the past and i am taking medicine for hypothyroidism.

  70. Simrpriet kaur says:

    Hello dr sharma, I am Simrpriet
    I got vertigo problem
    I gone through all the test but nothing came up what is causing dizziness, one day I am 100 percent fine I feel energetic but sudden if I am sad or heard some thing I get vertigo. I couldn’t drive I couldn’t sit I couldn’t stand everything looks spinning on me. I feel v weak I been out for hr n hr ( I cannot consider it that I was sleeping) please let me know what exactly I should do or take to get rid of vertigo.

    • Simrpriet kaur says:

      I got injured back side of my head in 2000 I am 32 year old I am noticing vertigo from almost 9 year Now.

  71. JHUMA PANJA says:


  72. Vasantha says:

    I feel dizzy 24/7 if I move my head right or left sides or bend my head ,any movement of the head causes dizziness,I feel off balance ,I have balance problem too . Dr can you my dizziness.


  73. Santosh Bhattacharjee says:

    Sir, I am 70 years having imbalance problem while standing & walking fast ,particularly during climbing stairs (up & down). 9 months back, due to electrical signal problem from brain to heart ,space maker was installed to improve heart beat and avoid fall. Now, strength, movement & bit balance improved. No,sugar, blood pressure. heart problem and on no medicine. Kindly advice for improvement of stability, balance & nerve strength for happy living & pilgrimage.
    Best regards.

  74. Pankaj saboo says:

    Dear Sir

    I have problem of imbalance while walking and sometimes I feel sudden vertigo.

    But mainly while walking I feel uncomfortable.

    Otherwise while sitting or sleeping I have no problem

    Please advise I am suffering from past 6 months

  75. Suresh Chanda says:

    I have Vertigo attack due to infection in inner year (that is what doctors say). Now there is no vertigo. But there is loss of hearing in Right Year, Continuous hissing sound in Right Year. Some times, low pressure in Left Year – feeling as if ear blocked. Imbalance while walking.
    Suresh Chanda

  76. প্রিয় মহোদয়। আমি ২০১৪ সালের এপ্রিলে MDR ·র চিকিÞসার ফলে vertigo with hearing loss এ আক্রান্ত। আমি কি Pulsatila 30 ব্যাবহার করতে পারি,? অনুগ্রহ পূর্বক আমাকে কি ডোজ সম্পর্কে অবগত করে কৃতার্থ করবেন? আমি বাংলাদেশের। সামান্য চলাচল করতে পারলে আমি আপনার সহিত সাক্ষ্যাৎ করবো। ঠিকানা বিস্তারিত জানিয়ে কৃতার্থ করবেন
    ধন্যবাদান্তে, এ, আউয়াল। ই মেইল ঃ awalrbn Mobile- +8801735661381, +8801763528051. Wsiting for your rrsponse with your suggession.

  77. Dr.Sharma, I have had migraines on and off for 2.5 years and in July of 2017 I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines. I am dizzy while standing, have mild headaches hear and there, have aura of migraine in rt eye and blurry vision. I have been on topomax for migraines, just discontinued because migraines are gone. I have tried nortriptaline, certaline, and lorazapam ( which worked best but is highly addictive). I am now trying cymbalta. Anxiety, dizziness, and eye aura/ blurry are my main issues. Please help with a natural supplement for these issues. Thanks!

  78. Pritpal Singh says:

    I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. Age 62 yrs male. Imbalance of body while standing. Can’t stand still.

  79. Khursheed Ali says:

    Please suggest me medicine for vertigo due to depression

  80. Jagdish joshi says:

    From a sitting position when I stand ,I feel lot of balance and a little staggering.i cannot wall straight but in circles After breakfast I feel ok
    In short I have disturbance in balancing myself
    I am 79 Yrs of age diabetic and hyper tension but controlled through medicine not homeopathic
    Prostrate and gall bladder removed.I am overweight
    84 kg
    I have no diziness,no nausea etc My BP and ECG are normal
    This disturbance in balancing myself disturbs me very much when I am walking at home or outside
    How can you help me?

    • Jagdish joshi says:

      I want your professional advise.
      My blood urea is 42 and creatinine 2,95
      What medicine you would suggest to balance it
      I am 79yrs old ,diabetic and blood pressure problem but with medicine under control My weight is 85kg.My other parameters are somehow ok Hb1C 6.5
      Thanks jagdish Joshi

  81. Debasis Mukherjee says:

    Hello Dr Sharma – I am feeling some dizziness/ vertigo/ feeling unbalanced while walking as if I will fall down. If I sleep or take rest in bed – I do not feel anything and all OK. There is some family stress as well. It is happening from last six months and I have seen Allopatheic doctor but BP and ECG are normal and no pain in the chest. Doctor asked me to take little bit of either valium or Lexapro to reduce stress / anxiety level.
    I did not take that.
    Can you please suggest any homeopatheic medicine? I believe this does not have any side effect.

    Debasis Mukherjee

    • Narayan Mhaskar says:

      Dr. Sharma
      My problems are
      1-Buzzing sound in ears
      3-Buzzing increases after hot drink
      4-Gastritis (I take PPI pills SOS)
      5-Higher levels of Cholesterol and Glycerides with Hyper Tension (I take Allopathic medicines)))
      FIRST 2 problems are giving me more trouble.
      Can you suggest some homeopathic medicine?
      Narayan Mhaskar

  82. Eve Konstantine says:

    I I’m having extreme vertigo for the last 24 hours. It got much worse when I stooped low to the floor to look at something. And I’ve had extreme nausea with it. Now I’m beginning to have a headache my head feels very thick and dense in the upper part of the skull but as if on the top of my brain and down into my temples. Do you think Gelsemiumis the best or Belladonna?
    thank you so very much

  83. Anupa Sudumbrekar (Chatterjee) says:

    Sir, I have a dog (female) 11 years old…having rolling and tilt head syndrome…and read that there is cure for this problem in homeopathy but didn’t find a home over doc anywhere in net search in India…I live in Pune…my vet is giving Taxine and IV fluid of 500ml approx…but not getting a significant result…need help immediately she has gone through a surgery just three weeks back for a lypomas …wound is healing and agrravated new rolling and tilt head syndrome …please help Sir

  84. Arshad Awan says:

    Kindly suggest homeopathic remedies for otogenic vertigo.for my mother age 75.

  85. Rakesh Patni says:

    My mother Pushpa Patni aged 81 years has neck pain with vertigo how much doze and medicine be taken thanks

  86. Hello Doctor
    This is Zahoora 43y female .on thethe monthand of September 17 I was diagnosed vertigo.My BAER REPORT says bilateral peripheral auditory pathway dysfunction. I am undergoing antipathy treatment,but the medicine is causing bloating and itching on my hands I have even gained 6kg of weight .Dr please suggest me if there is a permanent treatment for this. Since last weak I am having several pain in my both ears ,back side of skull.neck and shoulders and dizziness .even on bed while turning side ways and while turning my neck I feel like I am folling .Dr please help me and proscribed medicine for it .I will be thankful to you.

  87. Diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis 10 months ago. Dizzy, balance problems tinnitus, nausea comes and goes. Anxiety and depression. Taking Ignatia Amara and gelsemium. Need help with picking correct meds

  88. Hi Dr
    Is there a permanent cure for imbalance due to vertigo. My daughter has balance issue for the last 1 1/2 months. She is 17 years and her neck gets pain while she sits ans writes for sometime and when she gets up the problem starts. then she has no balance for 4-5 days. Awaiting your valuable advice.


      Dear Dr.Sharma, I have taken 5 nos. anti-Rabies injection due to Rat bite. After taking that I am suffering from excess gas & dizziness especially during morning hours. Please give some remedial suggestion.

  89. Misbah Siddiqui says:

    I stagger or get disbalanced while walking especially when Get up in the morning & night or while turning to right Or left. I am 70 years of age.

    • Dear Dr.Sharma I would like to know how I can help my dear mother of 80 with homeopathic remedies. In the last year or so she has had a worsening of her dizziness which she had learned to cope with all this time . She now feels unsteady on her feet and we are worried she might experience a fall if we are not near her when she needs to get up and go somewhere.

  90. Dagrun Danielsen says:


    I have been dizzy and at the same time, felt very anxious.This sign appered after menopause symptoms with hot flushes, suddenly stopped. What du you recommend relative to homeopathic medicine? I fell better if i suddenly get warm. I have always been a yang person.

  91. Heather Rocker says:

    Dear Dr. Dharma,
    I ha e had migraines for years but usually around me struation. However, I was rear-ended in June of this year and was concussed, had whip lash and have 2 herniated discs in my C5/6 area – as a result I had terrible debilitating dizziness and migraines for about a month and a half. The migraines and dizziness subsided and I had migraine far less frequently and no dizziness at all until last Thursday. I had been reaching above my head for work the day before and then I was hit with terrible dizziness getting progressively worse throughout the day. I left early and have not returned to worse since. I tried bppv maneuvers but I’m still dizzy walking and moving my head/neck. What should I take? I’m a 41 year old woman.

  92. Nidhi pareek says:

    Dear sir , mujhe vertigo ka problem jaldi jaldi hota chakkar shuru hote hai fir vomiting or 2-3 din tak rehta hai me vertin 24mg leti hu …doctors ko dikhaya koi batata hai anemia ki wajh se hai koi bolta hai bppv hai koi kehta hai migrane hai sab medicine me antivert de dete hai diffrent name se abhi me out of india hu …india me homiopathic treatment liya tha jisse thoda aaram aaya tha but yaha aate hai phir pareshani shuru ho gayi hai plz guide me me india me spondin drops bhi use karti thi

  93. MAJEED SULEMAN says:


    • Hi my babe is Gladis and I am experiencing bad dizziness un balance heart palpitation, anxious scared almost hard to breath and I am really scared the way I feel everything is spinning. Please advice me, thank you

    • Hi my nane is Gladis and I am experiencing bad dizziness un balance heart palpitation, anxious scared almost hard to breath and I am really scared the way I feel everything is spinning. Please advice me, thank you

  94. Soumava Chakraborty says:

    I am constantly feeling dizzy when i stand up or walk for the last 1 month.All test related to cardiac and also MRI of the brain is normaBp is also normal though it was high a few weeks back. I am also scheduled to consult an ENT shortly. However please let me know how i can control my dizziness as it is hampering my daily routine tremendously.

    • Majeed suleman says:

      Dear I already contiontent ent and Mir and cityscape every ok I feel dissiness and eye problem and balance problem pls advise what homiopethik Medition I take and doses

  95. Lobzang Dorji says:

    I am suffering from menieres disease for last one year. How I can get treated and from where, how can I get this medicines.

  96. Samuel Biswas says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I’m having a loss of balance issue since past 2 years. I did tests such as ENT, CCG, Audiometry, MRI, CT scan and all reports are normal. However the problem still persists. I didn’t take any medicines. While I’m walking I find it difficult to walk due to loss of balance ( no vertigo at all) . Please help.

    • Hi Dr Sharma my name is Silvia Braganza I have constant I’m balance what should I be taking thank you in advance

  97. tapan kumar banerjee says:


  98. S. K. Jauhari says:

    My father 93 years old has got a vertigo attack 3 days back. He is having pain and heaviness in his head. When he gets up from the bed he gets ‘chakker ‘ for a while. Which homeopathic should I use. Also tell me some medicine for brain / loss of memory. Thanks and regards

  99. Dear Sir,
    My wife , 59 yrs age suffering from dizziness with eye problem and nausea . At times she feels black out in left eye some time in right eye but slowly regains vision after 1 or two minutes.
    What should be dose of Conium 200 be taken and at what interval.
    Thanks with Regards
    SL Sharma

  100. amajeed suleman says:

    dear sir i am sufring from vertigo i have problam with balace wacking and eye problam pls advise what kind of medition itake with drop or tanlate quantity majeed suleman

    • Majeed suleman says:

      Dear I already contiontent ent and Mir and cityscape every ok I feel dissiness and eye problem and balance problem pls advise what homiopethik Medition I take and doses

  101. 75 years old female suffering from vertigo and high blood pressure (80/230). While getting up from the bed, lying down as well, and look down while sitting on a chair.

  102. Abhaya Indrayan says:

    I got first vertigo attack in 2003 and then in 2009. After that it recurred almost every year. now it is occurring almost every day. My right ear has tinnitus and has some hearing loss in this ear. I take vertin 16 mg twice daily when this occurs, but it gives temporary relief.
    Can you please suggest some homeo treatment? Thanks. I am 72 M.

  103. Dipak Kumar Sharma says:

    Sir,I am suffering from vertigo along with heavy eyelids,dim vision,things move like speedy pendulum,along with sweating,nausea and vomiting since2012.Sir,I want to cure from this problem.

  104. Pranab Kumar Dey Sarkar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your valuable tips regarding vertigo, my father is suffering from vertigo since long time, and he always told me that he is walking on the sponge.

    After view of your site many times and i get to apply medicne Gelsemiun in this regards, now at present my father is better .

    thanks a lots

  105. amajeed suleman says:

    Dear dr sarma shab i am leaving in karachi pakistan
    iam sufring from vertigo with dissiness and balace during waking problam i am diabities

    Pls advise what kind of homiopethik medition can be help to cure i am taking R29 15 drop three time but can inprove any result pls give me some advise

    Amajeed suleman

    • amajeed suleman says:

      Dear dr. Sarma dear dr shab awating your relpy i loss balane for walking and eye problam due to vertigo lls advise i am taking R29 but i can not recuver pls advise what homimpethik medition i take and qoutity also dizziness pls help me with advise may recover i am leaving karachi Pakistan amajeed suleman thanking in advace i am 80 year old

    • Amajeed suleman says:

      Dissiness and balance body and eye heavy problem pls name Medition with fizzes itake leaving Karachi pakistan emIl

  106. Sir
    I M suffering from pkd (genetic). Do homeopath can treat it.

  107. Abiout 18 months ago I had a very oainful iner ear infection; since then I have suffered from vrtigo, nausea and extreme ‘unbalance’ when walking. My GP has sent me to various consultants – none of which have helped. Even after all this time I experience dizziness and nausea very often – i.e 4 or 5 mornings each week which means I am often unable to get out of bed until the nausea ends. I cannot make any arrangements or appointments in advance as I never know how I will be feeling. It is distressing and very depressing. Can you suggest any treatment to help, please?

  108. Barbara Poreda says:

    Looking for remedy for Vertigo. Diagnosed with Visual Vestibular Mismatch. Dizziness is internal sense of spinning in head, on right side only. Made worse at work on computer screen. Attacks can just happen randomly, but always by visual stimulus…just by the way somethin enters vision field. Emotions get very panic from attacks.

  109. Kristy seaman says:

    Hey! I have an off balance feeing that has been debitltating me so bad I’ve been stuck at my house for 4 years now:( I can’t ride in any. Car cause when we stop I’m still going! It feels like I’m floating and when I do get out after a ride I have the worst time balancing myself! I can’t sleep on my left side due to the funny feeling I have in my head and now it’s getting to where I can’t even sleep on my right side! I don’t have the spinning sensation I just feel like I’m falling to the left when walking and I can’t stand with eyes closed:( do u have anything for this? Thanks!

  110. bhanu pratap Singh says:

    Dear sir
    I m suffering from dizziness and unsteadiness from last 2 year and this is increase last two month and I feel also headache and heaviness on eyes ,pressure in ear .In ear test bilateral vestibular weaknesses is coming .pls suggest the treatment

  111. Mrs. P J Haldankar says:

    I m suffering from BPPV for last 9 years .But now a days periodicity has increased to Once in a month .I am on Vertin 16 twice a day whenever I get attack .Will you please prescribe homeopathy medicine for me. MY age is 58.

  112. Biswajit Das says:

    i am searching remedy against dizziness nausea bloating stomach due to vertigo [c5 & c6] disc space prolapsed, nervousness.

    pl help me

    • sir,
      I am feeling extreme dizziness I had nervous breakdown 3 years ago, I have excessive gas, in stomach and frequent burlping, i get nervous when symptoms exaggrate

  113. Soma Ghosal says:

    I am soma Ghosal. I am 32 years old. In my bed time when I am turning in right side, my head is spinning. But in other time I am quite ok. I have been suffering from this disease for last 20 days. Please give your suggestion

  114. Krishnamurthy says:

    Can we take a single medicines or combinations of above?

  115. Manish Ingole says:

    Sir,I m suffering from a ear problem, ENT says that the vein of the ear is damaged and i have no option except hearing aid,and sir I m also suffering from severe vertigo problem since from last 3years.My personal life is almost collapsed due to internal fear,my age is 42.Sir plz suggest me how I can comeback from all of this.

    • pichayya katakam says:

      dear doctor, i am suffering with loss of hearing since ten years and imbalance while walking since 3 years. I am aged 83 + . vegetarian. having stent in coronary artery (right) diabetic under control with glizid 40mg. b.p. under control with cosort h 1/2 tab.once on alternate day. pl. suggest to improve these two defects i.e. vertigo and hearing loss. thanks.

  116. My ear feels full and I am dizzy whilst bending turning my head and things that are stationary appear to be moving whilst looking down. My balance is off and feeling faint on occasions.
    Please help me find a solution.

  117. Dr renjith k g says:

    Good comparison

  118. DR S JAVED says:

    sIR aa hOW R U i HAVE A PT WITH HISTORY OF HEADACH ESPECIALY IN SITTING POSITION Female 80 years old pain relives after laying on bed thanks

  119. jules kieran says:

    you left out dizziness from foods you are allergic to. i am having diseaseness from chemical ingestion of some kind. something i ate. what do i take for that?

  120. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I m Tutan sir if you can help me. I am experiencing vertigo and dizziness in the following situations, on the movement of the head or changing the position of the head, on moving the head sideways or in a backward direction, and loss of balance while walking
    and it is From 1 year , ent.orthopedic and neurogist are fail just giving me exercise sir i fell that ever3 to 4 days gap a pain in my right ear and it for 10 to 15sec…..sir please help me that what i do

  121. Hi,
    Dear sir,my name is salman and my age is 37 yaer old i have a problem whenever weather change i feel spinning in right side i cannt sleep right side and during this problem i cannt see up side or moving head back etc.its a balances problem?i cannt walk,work,drive.
    Sir kindly tell me the medicine which should i use for this problem.thx

  122. Dimos Dimitriadis says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I wonder if you can help me. I am experiencing vertigo and dizziness in the following situations, on the movement of the head or changing the position of the head, on moving the head sideways or in a backward direction, and loss of balance while walking as I sometimes stagger. Having read your remedies it appears that I need Bryonia Alba, Conium and Gelsemium. Could you please confirm or suggest an alternative and advise me on the combination dose, strength and frequency? I am 56 years old and in good health.
    Thank you very much in advance

  123. dr. rajkumar tripathi says:

    I,60 plus have been suffering from vertigo since mid 1977.Initially I had periodic attacks monthly or fortnightly lasting for 6-10 hrs.Vertigo was associated with tinnitus in right ear and vomiting and deafness in right ear. In June 1982 suddenly tinnitus in right ear stopped,hearing became normal and tinnitus and deafness started in left ear.During vertigo attacks objects were moving in circle, it was more obvious when the eyes were turned to the right.since then tinnitus is continued in left ear.l have tried allopathy,aurveda,yoga and homeopathy having no cure.I was diagnosed a case of Meiniere’s disease at AIMS Newdelhi in 1912. Now since last one ear I have taken several homeopathic medicines.currently I take conium 10m, bryonia 1m, if I stop medicine vertigo recurres tinnitus is continuing in left ear.I also have itching in both hands,scrotum,groin and inner side of thighs.Kindly advise me and recommend some therapy to be cured. Thanks.

  124. Sir,
    For the last eight-nine months, I am suffering from dizziness and virtigo and feeling very weakness. And at the time of mensturation, I feel very diziness and virtigo. And A noise is appearing in my ear and unable to listen clearly. Kindly send me our fee applicable and medicines. My age is 47 years.

  125. Sanjive Sharma says:

    Dr. Sahab, Namaskaar !
    My mother is around 90 yrs. old & she is suffering from Dizziness or Vertigo problem for the last few months. Somebody suggested us to take Homeopathy medicine Bakson # B16. she is takind this medicine for the last 15 days but no effect is visible. Can you Pls. help us if you have any Effective solution to this problem as she is suffering very much due to dizziness. Pls. Advice

  126. VChidambaram Iyer says:

    Sir, I developed vertigo problems, with nausea and vommiting on 5.4.2017, and got admitted to an allopathic clinic for four days, and till today the problem persists. Also I do have right ear infection, I even tried BPPV exercises but to no use. Can you, please, prescribe me homeopathic medicine (quoted above), so that I can get complete relief. Thanking you in anticipation.

  127. karen e zielen says:

    dog has vestibular.nausea,falling,dizzy,thirsty,won’t eat.Had dental and ears cleaned at vet’s 2 weeks ago.Got sick 4 days ago

    • Poonam Kapoor says:

      Hi Doctor,
      I had a BPPV vertigo a month back for the first time was treated with allopathy medicine by the ENT doctor however I want to start with homeopathy as I still don’t feel perfectly stable also I have been getting migraine very often and can’t take stress anymore . I also noticed my blood pressure going high recently twice . It went up to 130/90 . I generally have low blood pressure but after this vertigo attack I have seen high BP issue . My age is 42 and I am a female

  128. BATTULA NAGENDR says:

    I, Mr. BATTULA, suffering from anxiety neurosis, nervous weakness.
    Recently from amoebiosis.
    Previously used Phosphorus, Arg.N. Gelsemium, Aconite etc.
    For Amoebiosis Merc Sol and Merc. Cor

    Now I am so much suffering from muscle weakness, weak heart beat and light headedness and vertigo. Feeling may fall while laying or walking.

    • Bryonia Alba and Conium seem to fit my symptoms the most. How do I know which strength to purchase as they come in so many different dosages. 6-12-30 or higher? My health food store carries the lower doses. Please let me know your thoughts.
      I am interested in trying homeopathic remedies as many years ago I purchased a large kit and used it almost exclusively when raising my daughter. There is a remedy for everything and I’m so happy to have found this information on vertigo as I developed it in the last few years. Recently, I have had 2 treatment of the ultra violet light therapy (photoluminescence) and it has helped tremendously! UV-Therapy kills bacteria and virus in the blood and in two sessions it has made a substantial difference! I would like to add homeopathic to my protocol…finding my way with this.
      Thank you for offering this information.

    • khursheed ali ansari says:

      I am suffering depression since 1992 and used anti depression medicines like xenex lexitinal but still I am not feeling well and vertigo are coming while walking. please let me suggesst medicines in this regard

      • khursheed ali ansari says:

        I am suffering depression since 1992 and used anti depression medicines like xenex lexitinal but still I am not feeling well and vertigo are coming while walking. please let me suggesst medicines in this regard

  129. I have vertigo . My body is not blance and pulling me to one side. My head is spinning and feels like I’m going to fall my legs feel tilting and my ear is ringing.

  130. achintya roy says:

    Last 02 days I fell vertigo during sleeping when I m changing position. No any other symptoms. Kindly advise me.

  131. asanka edirisinghe says:

    My son is 3 months old
    .identified down syndrome features. Chromosome 21. So please check any homyopathi medicine for treat as normal baby.

  132. Respected Sir,
    I am suffering from cervical spondylosis. both shoulders are pain and becoming numbness.
    Recently Iam suffering from vertigo also hence I request you to sir prescribe appropriate Homeo medicine.

    Thanking you sir,

  133. Mrs. Daniel says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am Mrs Daniel from Mumbai. I have high blood pressure reading of and 140 – 130 /90. It was 170/100 some two months back. I have this dizziness problem and cant do my work properly. At the moment I am having Rawolfia 20 drops everyday once. I have dizziness while sitting and standing and walking too, as if will fall backwards or sideways. I also have severe pain in right heel while walking. What will be the best remedy to take to cure this problem. Thank you for your help.

  134. Dear Dr Sharma

    My daughter suffers from very very severe migranes and very bad headaches practically every single day
    can you please advice the best possible treatment to ease this pain? we take medication from a homeopath but i dont see improvement for her at all…please help
    thanks and hoping to hear from you soon

  135. Jesus Javillonar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am Jess Javillonar from Manila, Philippines. My mother is 87 y/o and is suffering from Meniere’s disease which she was diagnosed with many years back by an allopath doctor. She was prescribed many medicines like cerq, stugeron etc but it really did not heal her. Lately her condition has worsened, she had fallen several times, has no appetite, and her hearing loss is more severe. Your description of vertigo in meniere’s disease is spot on correct about her condition. However, we don’t have sources for chenopodium or chininum sulph here in manila and I don’t know where to buy them. Also the proper dosage. Please help, i really want to help my mother and ease her suffering. I know homeopathy more than likely will provide a cure for her. Thank you so much in advance for your advice.

  136. maelynne marquez says:

    Hi can you help me with my emicircularcanal dehiscense syndrome… i feel dizzy everyday….24/7…can you give some explanation about this

  137. Sharanabasappa Deshmukh says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My grandma aged 69 is suffering from dizziness and our doctor said that it is vertigo and prescribed betavert tablet for her thrice a day but it is not helping much. She is still suffering a lot as even if she turns her head up, down, sideways, she feels head is spinning and dizziness occurs. I am really worried and tensed about this problem. She doesn’t have any diabetes, heart or kidney issue but she has a little BP and acidity issue and she had a knee and thigh operation few years back but she walks.

    Please help and advice on her dizziness (Vertigo) problem.
    I love my grandma a lot. I’ll be really grateful to you if it gets cured soon.

    Sharanabasappa Deshmukh

  138. Nishi Saxena says:

    Sir, I am sixty yrs.old and suffering from urinary incontinence for last 5-6 it has become worse and I have to wear pads to avoid wetting of my clothes…I leak on sneezing,coughing,lifting something heavy,cant control it before I run for toilet and it also dribbles when I am taps to fill water…. Once it starts dribbling I can’t stop it..pls suggest some remedy for it…

  139. Antonio Price says:

    Dr.homeo,I have had pressure in my head and face plus severe lightheadedness everytime i get up to walk for about a year now.I’ve been in and out the hospital, taken c.f. scans,Mrs,mrv,ego,and seen by multiple neurologists and no one can find anything. The problem started when I tried a synthetic drug called spice,I haven’t been right since, can you please help me or send a number to a doctor that can in the Atlanta area.

  140. S.Radhakrishnan says:

    I am having vertigo problem especially when getting up from bed or when you lie down on bed.Kindly suggest homeopathy medicines and places from where I can get the same in Chennai

  141. Bruce Silton says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My vertigo attacks occur very rarely, perhaps every few years. But when they happen, I am completely incapacitated. They usually last 3-4 hours. But last year, in November of 2016, I had the worse attack ever. Intense dry vomiting, unable to move at all without falling. I had to crawl to the bathroom.

    After 4 hours of this extreme vertigo, a friend had me go to a hospital, where I was examined for 24 hours with every test imaginable — CAT Scan, MRI, blood tests, consultation with a neurologist, consultation with a physical therapist, etc. When they had done every possible test, they still had no idea what caused the vertigo. The bill was $19,000.00. I was given oral Meclizine 25 m.g., which I now keep with me just in case.

    Later, in December, when I had recovered, I went to an ENT doctor, who could find nothing wrong.

    The ENT doctor then referred me to a doctor who specialized in Epply-like maneuvers. This specialist performed those maneuvers on me. He also could find no evidence (at that moment) of any dislodged calcium carbonate crystals that could have caused the vertigo. He noted that his treatment was being done weeks after the vertigo attack in November and if loose calcium carbonate crystals had been the actual cause of the November vertigo attack, they might have been reabsorbed by the time of his December use of maneuvers.

    I even had my home tested for mold. No mold was found.

    I chronically have noises in the ear, a ringing sound that goes on all the time. It is not bothersome but it is there.

    I have read the above list of homeopathic remedies.

    Last week, I went to my local healthfood store and the person in the vitamin section suggested Cocculus Indicus, Belladonna and Gelsemium taken together. I have started using only one of them — Cocculus Indicus — but after reading your list of remedies above, I am considering adding the Belladona and Gelsemium.The homeopathics are made by Boiron.

    Can I safely use all three without side effects?

    Bset Regards,

    Bruce Silton

  142. Dear Dr Sharma,

    symptoms of my friend are extream dizziness, pain back of neck, pressure and pain in temples, and painful sinuses. Which homeopathic to you recommend? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you for you time. Sinserely, Marla atkins

  143. Walking is difficul. I lose balance. Tendany of forwad pull. Also have gas in upper stomach !

  144. Diagnosed with migraine vertigo constantly swaying! Any idea what will help?

  145. N.v.s.murthy.. says:

    Sir.iam suffireng menieras vertigo problem like simtemes
    Right ear sound loss and buzzing sound continues I am using up to 2years English medicine digital tablets and Mexico forte
    Tablets and Dr.reckeweg.R 29 vertigo.syncopi drops..but daiziness. And vomitings.
    If not cure the ear buzzing sound and sound loss.
    Please tell me sir homiyopathi medicine
    N.v.s.murthy..age.53. W.g.district.A.p.state..india.

    • N.v.s.murthy.. says:

      Sir.iam suffireng menieras vertigo problem like simtemes
      Right ear sound loss and buzzing sound continues I am using up to 2years English medicine digital tablets and Mexico forte
      Tablets and Dr.reckeweg.R 29 vertigo.syncopi drops..but daiziness. And vomitings.
      If not cure the ear buzzing sound and sound loss.
      Please tell me sir homiyopathi medicine
      N.v.s.murthy..age.53. W.g.district.A.p.state..india.

  146. Dr.sumita ganguly says:

    I m suffering from vertigo and headache for 3-4,days and also dizziness uneasiness in my brain name is Dr.sumita ganguly(b.h.m.s).I took arnica 1m first and then took belladona 200 one dose but no recovery.I want to know the diagnosis and remedy also.when I bend forward then complains aggravate.if u give me a suggestion I will be highly obliged to you.

  147. Ratan Kumar Roy says:

    1.vertigo lasts for 1 to 2 min. facing since 2004.
    2.balance problem both standing or walking for
    last 2 years.
    3. Feel heaviness above eyes.
    4.dim vision of distant objects with spectacle.
    5.MRI of brain suggests cervical.spondylosis.
    6.consulted ENT, Neurologist, Neurologist.
    7.Test done MRI of brain & cervical spine, CT scan,
    all vestibular functions test, Complete blood cell,
    TSH,ft4 ,vitB12.etc. waiting for kind advise.

  148. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My head felt kind of heavy around the sinus’ but i don’t seem to have a cold. i didn’t sleep much for 2 nights- stress at work. during the second night, last night, while i was struggling to sleep i turned in bed and experience vertigo for a few seconds. eventually i slept a bit. when i woke up i felt the same vertigo once i was up again for a few seconds and then when i was outside and i moved my head quickly while talking with someone. it hasn’t happened for a few hours but i have been resting. i have taken some bryonia 30C 4 at a time under tongue twice so far (brand=Hyland’s). do you think this is adequate? does this sound like the right remedy? it says to take 4 tabs under tongue 4 times a day.

  149. saroj kanta panda says:

    Dear Dr.,
    Myself s.k.panda, m-53, having a problem of heaviness in my back head and neck part which sometimes spread to my left arm & shoulder. I feel the problem especially in the evening time when I return from my work. I consulted a few physicians but no results so far. I want an effective treatment of the problem by homeopathy. I will be grateful to you if your advices may help me to sort out the same.
    I’m a field worker ,need to either stand or walk in my duty for several hours together. Nothing to do by hands myself.
    Thanks and regards.
    S.K. Panda

  150. I have had ear troubles for a few years with fluid draining out but doctors say nothing wrong. I have loud ringing in ears. Experiencing vertigo especially when going up and down or turning to right in bed. Now I’m having diarrhea and sinus problems as well. Help!!!

  151. Hi there!
    I really need your help. I have mel De Debarkment. I was on a ferry and when I got off I still felt like I was on the boat. The first time I had it 2 years ado and it lasted 65 days and now I have it again. I feel like I am swaying and Bobbing up and down. Not really dizzy but hard to walk at times cuz I feel like I am still walking on the boat but I am on land. Feels like the floor and bed is swaying back and forth. Please help! This is so aweful

  152. am 53 yrs . I have unsteadiness. my sugar level s 78/166. 5 months back fell down. am taking homeopathy medicine since 2 months. but the problem is not solved yet. can i go for job. pl. guide me.

  153. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have had vertigo on an off for 40 years after a car accident! Currently, my ears feel full, a sensation of pressure somewhere inside – almost like a head cold, but no catarrh, no pain, no discharges, no BPPV. Slipped 2 discs in the neck about 40 years ago – C2/3 and C5/6. Have tried many, many therapies and solutions. Have never found a cure. Would appreciate advice. Thank you.

  154. Dear Dr Sharma
    I have had vertigo with throwing up and getting sick for 20 years …. it usually starts out with nausea then feeling sick ….or when I took a yoga class I got so sick for hours ….
    I will definitely get one if these remedys … my sisters think I might have a heart problem called cardiomyopathy…. I’m going to have it checked out to make sure but I’m so excited to try this remedy
    For nausea and vertigo

  155. Ranjith prasad says:

    Hello sir my name is ranjith prasad i am from chennai some six months back i had giddiness and i was not able to stand at that particular time and i was admitted in hospital there i had injection and medicines for one week even today i often have giddiness and i have cerivical problems and for the past few days i have ear pain and sometimes i have echo sounds in my ear please prescribe me correct medicine along with dosage for my problem sir i will be very thankfull to you once again please rectify my problem sir

  156. Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 77 years old with NIDDM, HYPERTENSION , HYPOTHYROID, RECENTLY OPERATED FOR TURP FOR BPH All problems are under control with allopathic medicines my HBA1c has always been between 6.4 to 6.9 BP 140/85, Tsh always between 1-3 . I take insuline, sleek on XL 50& thyrox 50 for my problems . At present no medicine for prostate . For last many years I was having a problem of heaviness in head off & on neurologists suggested Dnnexit do now it is banned I was advised tryptomer 25 mg at night . Now ar present besides heaviness whenever I stand & go out in open I feel dizziness . How ever when I get up n the morning at 6 am I feel perfectly OK & I go for a walk about 4 kms in 30-40 minutes but after the day progresses I start feeling heaviness in head & dizziness as xplained . About 3 moths. Back I felt unconscious for about 15 -20 minutes at about 3 am as per my wife . After I regained consciousness I recollected every thing but my neurologist suggested EEG& MRI of brain which was found normal but Doctor still prescribed Levipill 250 & 500 mg in the morning & at night & also stilnoct 12.5 mg at bed time
    I do yoga a for one hour atleast 3-4 days a weak . Kindly advise me about my problem of heaviness in head & dizziness . About 10 days back I have shown to one homeopath here in Gurgaon & he has recommended
    NAT M 50 M 3 doses ,Acid Pic 200bdx 30 days & Kali P 200bd x 30 days

  157. dr Parvez alam.. says:

    First cornea damaged.deu to this amblyopic squint develop.after cornea transplant sqint worsen& diplopia develop & too much vertigo..after sqint surgery diplopia may persist which is too much reduce by exercise synaptophore..presently diplopia occur occasionally due to slight degree improper extra ocular muscle movement which is not maintain by exercise further….but still too much VERTIGO till now..please prescribed appropriate medicine…..aap ka bada Susan hoga.mai bahut presan hu…aap ka.dr Parvez Alam Gsvm medical college kanpur.

  158. Takalane Hadzhi says:

    Good day

    My name is Takalane I have been having a challenge with dizzy spells for over a month now. Was admitted twice X-rays and IRM scans, heart and ENT were done everything came out normal. I felt like the medication made it worse. I have stopped treatment that relates to it even though I feel better it is still there. I was also told that it might be due to stress I could not relate because I fell sick when my life is at the peek of happiness. My brain feels heavy so does my eyes at times. My jaws were feeling numb at some point I am better now I also shake at times. Can my illness be treated. I stay in Pretoria.

    Your response will be highly appreciated.


  159. Chitra Dasgupta says:

    Respected sir, i am suffering from extreme vertigo for last 3months.Took many allopathy med like betavert and stugeron bt minimum relief.Vertigo worsens while shifting head amd also with eye movements.Ifeel unsteady lack of balance while walking.I feel dixzy when stooping looking backward rising from lying position amd turning in bed.I had choc cyst op in 2013 then i was given lupride injection.I was on krimson 35 for 2.5years continuosly.Now i am on Endoreg tab.My age 40y unmarried.Brain scan rep normal .kindly help.

    • Raj Kumar Mazumdar says:

      I have vertigo problem since many years ,Approx 15 years,recently i had jerk on my body while i was sleeping on the bad midnight. I cheeked with doctor Cardiology,Neurology & ENT, ENT doctor confirm that it is BPPV,taking alopathic medicine like Strugen 20, got relief for sometime. After that i started homepathic medicine Conium 20 & Bryoniya Alb 30 it was given good relief for somtime but it again occure the compalin & now stopped homepathic & started taking alupathic medicine again like Betahisiine Hydrochloride 16 mg,but still didnot get relief.Please advice.

  160. Treatment for stone

  161. shahid cheulkar says:

    I shahid Cheulkar suffering vrtigo last 3 day

  162. shahid cheulkar says:

    I shahid Cheulkar having vertigo last 3 days please give advice or medicine

  163. Anil Kukkar says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, my wife has vertigo problem by ear. It’s chronic diseases.

  164. Hello Doctor,

    My father, 69 years, is suffering from BPPV since 2014. He was admitted thrice due to excessive vomiting and giddiness.
    Now the condition is that he cannot sleep flat on his back. He can only sleep either right or left. M too worried. Recently, an antidepressant was given to him by a neurologist thinking its triggered by anxiety. After taking the medicine for one month there are no results. He is certainly not having any anxiety and he is very cheerful person.
    Can you please suggest me the medicine for him.

  165. Dawn Thompson says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have had varying degrees of vertigo ever since I contracted a flu virus back in January. I have had a week here or there where it has subsided but I don’t know why. My vertigo can get worse from intense focus of the eyes like doing computer work or speaking eye to eye with someone for a while, or even watching television. Moving around seems to help it, I can even dance but I often weave as I walk and run into walls at times. It can also get worse, but not always, with bending over to do gardening or pick up things. It is always worse if I am tired, get sick or dehydrated. Before the virus I already had a hearing loss in my right ear and have had continual tinnitus for the past 8 years. Recently I have been waking up with an intense headache at the base of my skull which will subside if I press hard with my thumbs into the lower skull area. I’m not sure which of these homeopathics should be tried. Can you advise? Thank you so very much for your help and for this website.

  166. Hi dr
    I am faheem
    From dubai
    I am having smtime very dizziness and heaeibh bells
    Sometime to much dizzines and vomiting
    I do tests and they say
    Its vertigo
    M 36 and over weight
    I took ginko biloba
    Multi vit and try medicines but no works
    I want to try sm med with out side effects i saw

  167. Jasbir singh says:

    Hello Dr. I am 54 yrs .meri pareshani vertigo China 6x ki 6 tablets 5 dose Lene k Baad shuru huyi hai 2.5 month pehle. Homeopathic doctors Ko is Barry mein bataya tha Lekin in ka kehna hai China se Aisa nahin ho Sakta .Kher ab chakar ana to ek Maas se band hai kintu jab v so kar uthta hoon saara din sir aur ankhey Bhari Rehti hai ,sir mein khinchab rehta hai aur jagah Badal Badal kr sir mein kabhi kabhi Dard hota hai .kisi din bilkul theek rehta hoon kripya uchit pramarsh de

  168. Hi doctor….I am 51 years of age and have been suffering from vertigo since three decades.after scan….MRI …ear tests etc I was given stugeron 25 mg.i use it when I get dizzy or get a severe attack of vertigo
    These days I get very uneasy feeling inside my head and severe single spins or vertigo lasting for sometime
    I feel nausea obese and a few steps towards walking makes the spins recur
    Is there any cure for me
    If only my vertigo could end along with the symptoms ….I can live my life
    I can’t travel alone….and recently I lost a holiday due to sudden episodes of dizziness
    It’s particularly bad if I’ve to move or get up from sleeping position
    I’m FEDUP with this disease
    Do get back to me
    With reagrds

  169. A.Chatterjee says:

    I am 65 yrs old. Suffering from vertigo /spondylitis. I am taking spondiin and conium 200 but that is not helping much.Recently I feeling giddiness and cant walk properly. Kindly advise me some strong medicines so that I regain my energy to work properly. Thanks. A.Chatterjee.

  170. Hi Dr. Do have curved spine,losing balance for the last yr. Recently, fluttering in left ear. Have used 2 part white vinegar/1 part alcohol swab+ dry (ENT natural remedy for any ear infections.). Been doing calculus in eve.- helps sleep, flutter gone. Eyes always extremely irritated. I’ve thought all this was chen. Sensitivity to varnish or glue fumes at work. 1st Thu walk in ofc, I stagger. I’ve been off: sugar, white flour, drugs, drink for over 20 yrs. Staggering bleary, glassy eyed,everyone thinks I’m drunk. Using eye drops to whiten up.

  171. Dear Sir,
    I had food poisoning in may end after which I developed dizziness. It is like being pulled forward with a strong force. Also, I feel bit unsteady when walking and if I turn left or right when walking, I get pulled in that direction somewhat strongly. I am also having little blurred vision because if the dizziness. The dizziness is constant through the day because of which I am not able to drive two wheeler also. For last one month, my right ear feels full and high pitched sound is heard in that ear. The sound seems proportional to the block. Right now, my sleep and digestion are normal, but because of this dizziness, ear fullness and sound, I am unable to live a normal life. I would appreciate any help I can get with this condition

  172. Hello, Dr. Sharma.

    I would really appreciate your help. I’ve been dizzy for more than a year now. Headaches, dizzyness, I’m having trouble focusing on every day things that I do. I am also much more tired than before. Sometimes there is a buzzing feeling in my ears, but not all the time. The dizzyness sometimes feels as if I was drunk. I don’t know why, but I also feel it getting worse while I eat. (doesn’t matter what kind of food it is).
    First my doctor told me I had anemia, but that’s healed now and my problem didn’t go away. Now suddenly he found a mild liver infection, but the results don’t show anything dangerous. Blood and urine are fine, heart is fine.
    I really don’t know what to do anymore, I used to visit a homeopath in my town, but now I can’t afford it.

    Thank you for your time,

  173. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Two or three times a year I get vertigo with rather forceful committing. I am in bed three or four days. Is there any way to prevent this? Also how should I treat this? I do not know if there is a connection but my feet burn while my blood sugar is normal. Could this all be from an infection?
    Thank you, Paula


  174. Gail bowerman says:

    Hello Dr iv been diagnosed with Ménière’s disease im deaf. I have severe vertigo with room spinning and I’m violently vomit. My tablets are not working my balance is getting out of control my life is really difficult im now house bound through this horrid disease can you suggest any tablets that can help me thank you from Gail

  175. Irony loose balance but at Times I have these feeling please give medicine.I have no bpl or diabetis

  176. Pradnya Gupte says:

    I am Mrs pradnya Gupte from Dombivli. I am suffering from dizziness from more than three years. I’ve done all ct scan mri of brain but the reports are normal. I am suffering from cervical as well as lumber spondylitis and oesteophytes found in vertebral column. I feel dizziness all the time. Please tell me some medicines that cures me.

  177. Sir,
    I have cervical spondylitis with very stiff neck and painful neck in the morning. In 2014 I had vestibular neironitis . Since then my vertigo continues . Every morning the vertigo is more and after I take vertin it is managable. I take a vertin 8 as a maintainence dose and if the vertigo is severe then I take vertin 16 twice or thrice. I am 53 and a housewife . Please advice.

  178. Pradnya Gupte says:

    I am suffering from cervical spondylitis and lumber spondylitis and also some oesteophytes are seen in cervical spine. A lot of pain in my lumber and I have a sensation of dizziness everytime what can I do?

  179. Qazi Waseh says:

    Pls refer my earlier mail. Qazi Waseh……for age is 72 years which i forgot to mention in my earlier mail. Kindly advise me these vertigos could be result of inner ear disease or by cirvical spondalises. my MRI brain is clear….ENT SPECIALISTS says i dont hv ears prblm…..but Neoroligist confirmed that i hv prblm in my ears not in the brain…..orthopedic Dr. Did not take any notice ge said its degeneration changes….asthe gap in my three discs become narrow. Plse advise. Thanks

  180. Qazi Waseh says:

    Helo Dr. I hv miniers disease(inner ears prblm) last 5 to 6 yrs using Serc 16 mg tablets three time in a day. Two weeks before when got up frm my bed after night sleep i got v hvy vertigo i laid down again since then whenever i go to bed or get up i gets severe vertigo but for few seconds. Also when i move ny head in back position like puting medicine in eyes or under the shower i gets hvy vertigo and feel disbalance its again for few seconds…by the way I hv prblm of crvical spondolises also.could u kindly wts all this. Thanks

  181. ANURAG PANDEY says:

    dear doctor I have suddenly vertigo any time with dimness of visions and unsteady walking from one age 73yrs. Sir advice me natural medicine for vertigo.

  182. Doctor ,
    I am suffering from vertigo,abnormal filling during cold & moist heavy wind(ie.falling down,Heavy head,trouble during driving,walking, trouble during moving object ).I completed homeopathic treatment from MD(Homeo) Doctor but not filling well so please suggest homeopathic medicine

  183. Apurba kumar das says:

    I am suffering last six months gfrom vertigo, loss of balance while walking, heaviness of head and eyes. I have taken med. Gelsimium 200 once a week for three weeks. Temporaly releaved but after few daya problem comes back. Kindly advice me what to do for permanent cure.

  184. Neha Swami says:

    I am 51 years old working woman suffering from positional vertigo during sleep right side.It was repeated thrice in a year after interval of two months,every time Dr gave me vertin 8mg twice a day.It was under control.But it is not cured.I am doing exercise daily as per Dr advice.Pl advice me complete cure.

  185. paban kumar mishra says:

    i am 55 years old and retired from the air force having giddiness when i see from top to bottom or left to right suddenly or while walking.i was treated at moolchand hospital for three months and used to take vertin 15 and 8 present medicine totally stopped and i have got little relief but i am not fully all right still i am having problem.i have been suffering since last one and half year.what should i do now?

    • Abhinav sharma says:

      I am suffering from virtigo since eight years .I have gone through all the investigation’s and tests for the diagnosis of type of vertigo I m having but none of the doctors have reached to any conclusion.I get severe attacks of virtigo and it takes almost 2 to 3 weeks to come to normal state. I take virtin16 mg thrice when I get attack but even after having medicine I get attacks of virtigo after two or three days and the condition is worsening day by day.if u have any cure in homeopathy pls let me know as I have tried all possible treatments but it’s not helping me out to improve my condition.

  186. banke bihari singh says:


    how to take bryonia alba and conium in vertigo trouble. suggest the doses and power for a

    71 year old patient. please

  187. Vivek D Narvekar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been diagnosed with left ear vestibular pathology last year. I am on vertin 48 mg tab since then but have only temporary relief from dizziness. Is there any cure?

    Vivek Narvekar

  188. qamar shamim says:

    Vertigo due to BPPV is short-lived, varying from a few seconds to a minute.
    vision not still that time
    Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo kindly Suggested best homeopathic medicine with potency

  189. Herschel says:

    Hello. I’ve had vertigo for 18 days that has been very slowly improving. It started while turning in bed one night and for the next 3 days was accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The latter two have diminished significantly since then but I’m still very dizzy upon walking or changing positions. With my head still the vertigo improves but I have heaviness over my eyes, no auditory or visual disturbances and unsteadiness and dizziness while walking. A recent mri, cat scan and ekg and blood work revealed nothing. Your immediate response is appreciated.

  190. i am getting spinning when lying on left side or right side. There is no problem while walking and sitting. Pl advise me the homeopathic medicine.This problem of spinning has occured only for the last two days.

  191. Rajeswari.pillai says:

    Hello sir,This is Rajeswari pillai from kalyan(mumbai),i am suffering from positional vertigo and eating homeopathic medicines and feeling better but not properly feeling dizziness whem moving my head up and sides.i want to know how much time it wl take to cure by root. i believe in homeopaty b coz i hv experienced before.plz help.

  192. Mala Pal says:

    Hi Doctor sharma,
    I am suffering from vertigo since last two months. Allopathic doctor has prescribed me “Stemetil MD” twice a day. Although problem has reduced but I am facing head winding while going to bed or from bed.
    As I want to be treated by homeopathic medicine, please help me in treating my disease.
    With regards,

  193. mary golob says:

    Dr Sharma,

    Is Conium also a good choice when BPPV is causing symptoms (loss of balance and nausea) primarily with tilting the head forward?


  194. ADAM KLEIN says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am scheduled to go to Johns Hopkins Vestibular Specialist Center on Wednesday June 29, 2016.

    My first bout of Vertigo occurred when I was 47 years of age (DOB 08/11/1965) so roughly 44 months ago. I had a few flash experiences of Vertigo in the weeks leading up to being hit with my first full-on attack. I was seasick in bed for two days before clearing – I had double vision and extreme nausea.

    Rule outs led me to MRI, MRA, CAT scan, blood work, urinalysis, eye exam, ear nose throat check up. It was determined that most likely I concussed out or I was born without a functional vestibular system on my right side. I was told that I might experience mild bouts of vertigo but likely symptoms would dissipate over a 3 to 5 year period.

    I was relatively symptom free until March 29, 2016 – I was hit by a major attack then – again preceded by a mild bout weeks before – I was hit again twice in June – June 8 and June 23 of 2016 with severe bouts of vertigo.

    I am very interested in exploring homeopathic or vitamin remedies – I would like to be able to ask the D.O. Dr. Gold at Hopkins your opinions on the matter.

    Thank you for your time and help,

    Adam Klein

  195. B Chandra says:

    sir, my wife is suffering vertigo while lying/sleeping on right side / some time when looks upward side form the last two weeks. Can you suggest some medicine or any exercise to get rid of this problem. She is 49 years old and also taking medicine for depression.

  196. Vijay Aditya Yadavilli says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am a victim of Vertigo, I am 32 years Old. This is the Third Episode of Vertigo i am having in a span of 1 year. Right now i have it since a week,

    I realized it when i got up from bed and found that world around me is spinning. This was mild initially and after 2 days i observed that while in sleeping position, i am not able to turn to the right side. if i do so, Spinning is experienced. Further, when i tilt my head towards back for drinking spinning occurred, Yesterday, all the day i felt heaviness in head and experienced a sense of mild shaking even in normal sitting posture.

    Request you to please advise me.

    Back ground –
    -I have Neck Pain since 5 Years
    -I have Sinusitis problem since 5 years
    -I am using Site Glasses since 15 years. recently, i took new pair of glasses and was not happy with it even i confirmed the power from 2 experts. I feel i have a blurred vision even after using them for 1 month.

  197. Firstly, may I thank you for taking the time to help me find homeopathic remedy. I had severe stabbing pain, left ear, then intense itching, both ears just above jaw, inside ear, then pressure top of head, severe heat, both ears, then severe room spinning , vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea. Balance like drunken sailor. For 3 days incapacitated Ringing in ears. 6 months ago had upper respiratory barking cough, mucus, red face, strange choking feeling, still got dry cough, intense sweating when I awake, I don’t think the infection has cleared properly. I’ve had colds. Flu, since then and have pain in upper back ,my ears ring, with horrid taste in mouth. Head feels thick, fuzzy and tingling in ears just above jaw, in middle of ear. Pain at ba k of eyes, occasionally pain across bridge of nose. Can you help please? Thankyou

    • Lisa Landy says:

      Dr. Sharma:
      About 48 months ago (voting day, Nov. 6th) I experienced extreme dizziness upon arising out of bed on left side. I went to the ER and nauseousness subsided after they gave me meclizine, zofran and meclizine, and it took a few days to feel normal.

      I still after 3.5 years, feel vertigo-y but haven’t again had the extreme dizziness as that one time.

      I know it could be menieres disease but i hae been diagnosed with vertigo and BPPV. No ear crystals.

      What is the best treatment, given I’ve never vomited ut still have the buzzing in ears and the feeling of motion sickness?


  198. Dipak Kumar das says:

    I am suffering from bppv for last 6 months doctored tested mri and vestibular testing and found canal paresis 40% left ear and suggested only vrt exercised like head movement and gauge stabilization

  199. hello dr
    since 1.5 weeks feeling so much dizziness.. felling everything moving cant bend my head

  200. drsupriyashukla says:

    I am having tinnitus continuous buzzing in left ear with spells of vertigo at regular intervals like 12 am and 9.30 pm night from 6 months.Swelling over eyelids each morning incoordination of movement with vertigo spells and blockage of left sinus each day.There is some weakness of neck also with each vertigo attack and inability of focussing.Night sleep is disturbed due to tinnitus.Was given cocculus .chinopodium and arnica by my doctor.So condition stabilised but night vertigo and tinnitus still bad.Do i need to change some medicine or continue with the same.Please guide.I am 51 yrs of age.

  201. Shakira Tariq says:

    I m suffering from vertigo,imbalance,tinnitus,pressure in the ears from 5 years and had unilateral hearing loss from 9 months kindly guide me

  202. Sunil gupta says:

    I live in jammu, suffering with vertigo and tinnitus for more than three yrs and have tried allopathy treatment but of no use. Now for the last six months I am under the treatment of homeopath Doctor , Dr Rajan Tuli. Out of these six months, I was fine for about two months only during I had no spell of vertigo. Can you help me out

  203. Anjum Pathare says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Does this mean that I should take

    a combination of Bryonia Alba and Conium for BPPV?

    And a combination of BryoniaAlba, Cyclamen and Pulsatilla for Vertigo with sensation of objects turning in a circle

  204. My 19 year old daughter just went on a 4 day cruise. Now that she is back on land, she still feels as though she is on the turbulent water & is experiencing a slight loss of balance. Is there a homeopathic remedy which can help with this?
    I would appreciate your advice.

  205. sharon frasier says:

    driving I get dizzy
    and my eyes always seem to be the problem go using on a road or staring at object

    computer causes dizzy
    what remedies would be good for that

    also grocery store isles make me off balance and unstable

  206. SURENDRA SINGH says:





  207. Dear sir,
    Have a nice day!
    I am suffering from vestibular disorder for last three years and feel difficult during walking.Suggest me please

  208. kiran mungara says:

    sir my name is kiran m suffring from loss of balance and difficult to concetrate on things from the past 4 month….my age is 30 years and i m male ….. what medicine could you prefer for this….

  209. Rama Pradhan says:

    Dear sir i have imbalance problem due toinner ear problem please suggest me the medicine

  210. Hi

    I did see a homeopathy medicine available online natural care – vertifix for vertigo , check on eBay , or try vertiheel ,and also try gingo biloba for vertigo, and ear problems , make sure don’t have with aspirin or ibuprofen or antiinflammatories , all avaibale on or try local website , try homeo.

  211. Sekhar Datta says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I had severe vertigo in 1997 and I was diagnosed with vestibular problem. I was treated with Digimon after a few weeks I was fine.
    Recently for nearly past 1 year occasionally I am having vertigo though I am taking Vertin 8 twice a day.
    Doctor is there any homeopathic medicine to get rid of this vertigo. I don’t want to continue Vertin and want to switch over to homeopathy. I am 59, diabetic and dislipidemia patient and are taking medicines for these also. I am obese and gall bladder operated recently.

    Sekhar Datta

  212. Ruchi saluja says:

    My father is having severe vertigo. His neuro report is all normal. Even the inner ear is fine. What can u say? Pls advice.


    sir, I am suffering from vertigo,symptoms like unbalance in walking and standing, heaviness of eyelids,dim vision, headache. kindly suggest homeopathic medicine. I don’t know English well , if any mistakes followed with me please kindly consider.


    sir, I am suffering from vertigo,symptoms like unbalance in walking and standing, heaviness of eyelids,dim vision, headache. kindly suggest homeopathic medicine,thanking you sir.

  215. S k agrawal says:

    My wife was operated for Retina displacement in left eye Although vision is slowly
    recovering but she feels vertigo whenever she gets up from left position of sleep
    Somes during walking also she feelsvirtigo
    Kindly suggest homoeopathic medicine

  216. All nerves right. From head to feett throbbing
    Feeling of vertigo dizziness
    Weakness in lower extremities
    Difficult to walk
    I am 70

  217. Heather Ksiondzyna says:

    I have vertigo, mostly with positional changes, have had it for about a month. I am 47years old I was told it is bppv.
    I am wondering what I could try?

    Thank you for your time

  218. Rajen Dutta says:

    Age- 50
    On 15th of March i had suddenly experienced the feeling that things around me are spinning on the left side, then till now i am suffering from Vertigo. initially I felt that things in the surrounding are in motion on the left side and difficulty in maintaining balance in walking and standing and then started vomiting. Visual disturbance like double vision, dim vision and light flashes before eyes.
    Now after so many days i am having extreme dizziness is linked with dim vision and heaviness of eyelids and difficulty in walking with a loss of balance.
    1. extreme dizziness is linked with dim vision and heaviness of eyelids.
    2. difficulty in walking with a loss of balance.
    3. Felling dizziness when motion of head sideways , the movement of the head or changing the position of the head. it is short-lived, varying from a few seconds to a minute.
    4. No problem when the head is in an absolute rest position without even the slightest motion.
    5. Experiencing Vertigo along with pain and stiffness in cervical back.
    6. Vertigo appears during any or every change in position.
    7. Heaviness of head, especially over the eyes
    8. Having Slight visual disturbance like dim vision
    9. Mainly loss of balance while walking, resulting in staggering or a tottering gait.
    10. No hearing loss, No sounds or noises in ear (tinnitus)
    11. Felling dizziness upon rising from a sitting position, rising from stooping or from bed.
    12. Feeling nausea during travelling
    13. heaviness above eyes and dim or blurred vision.

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  222. chandran Iyengar Balaghat says:

    last two month vertigo problem my right side ear fungas

  223. Srinivas Kmar says:

    Hello sir
    I have been suffering from a sort of vertigo in which I have a lightheartedness or reeling 1.sometimes in lying down2.sometimes in rising from bed 3.sometimes in during side moves in sleep.I went to doctor he said it’s of BP and prescribed a tablet called Revelol 25 .even after using it I some times suffering from dizziness as said above ways.Then I consulted a Neapli Homeo clinic and he gave me some pills-I request You can I use this Neapli Homeopathic pills along with English medicine(Revelom25) prescribed by Allopathy doctor.

  224. Namaste Sir,
    My mom is 64 years old and she often gets this dizziness feeling like once in one or two months. She doesnt have problem in ears or hearing. Slight headache she gets but neither she can walk or likes to talk because everything feels moving even when she moves a bit.
    She is extremely dizzy and also all objects move as per her.
    For treatment she takes vertin 24bd.
    Please advise which homeopathy medicine is good for her and how long she needs to take that.
    Much thanks

  225. Hello doctor

    How to take gelsemium, chenopodium, chinimum sulph, silicea if i have balance problem and tremor due to ear problem.

  226. barbara stringari says:

    My husband has been suffering with dizziness for almost 2 years.Some headaches no nausea of vomiting.
    Many of his medications state that they cause dizziness but he is diabetic,HBP,and has atrial fib.
    He is 85 and would like to be the social person again that he has always been.We are willing to try
    anything that would give him relief.

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  229. NVSV PRASAD says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma

    I have been suffering with imbalance while walking and heavyness in the head since one year. Atleast weekly once a zerk like happens with a feeling of pushing forward and sweating (not profusely) and the entire body becomes weak. There will be sound like heart beat. MRI of brain was taken and found to be normal. Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin D deficiency was also reported.

    I have been diagnosed suffering with Vertigo. I approached Neuorologists. Some have prescribed Neurobean Forte Injections and Vitamin D powder. Some have prescribed Stugeron 25 mg.twice a day. I have used all the medicines prescribed. But no avail.

    Recently for the past one month I am taking homeopathy medicine. But I do not find any improvement. I am using both Stugeron and Homeopathy medicine concurrently.

    Please suggest me good medicine to get rid of this health problem. I do not have B.P and I am not diabetic. I am 58 years old.


    nvsv prasad

  230. I am having Parkinson’s. how u can help me? how much u need?

  231. V. Suesh says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am 50 years old., and working in school administration work.

    I have a kind of vertigo that when I turn on bed in right,my head feels rotating. For left side there is no problem.

    Kindly advise medicine

  232. Suresh Marathe says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My wife is suffering from vertigo from last few days,if she turns her head to right side while sleeping she gets the symptoms of head is spinning,her age is 63 years.She is diabetic patient with high blood pressure.Recently she has tested lipid profile,blood urea,HB,etc and results are normal.She is advised to take Betavert 8mg for 7 days.Please advise.


    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from vertigoa i feel blured vision dimmness and i have take quite some tines to concentrate on hearing mostely morning the symtoms worsens and while driving also it worsens i have taken cyclamen 200 potancy first and after completion of this does i have taken gelsemium 200 but the problem is not fully cured but reduced a bit i wont to know correct does n correct medecine combination

  234. Sir,
    Me 42 years old, suffering from loss of balance while walking from last 2.5 years. Also due to this from last year there is double vision in short distance while reading. Also feeling loss of balance while standing for few minutes , also standing on some high point. Also while riding bike with speed , walking on upward slope, sudden movement of head from one position to other. All these symptoms grow while walking in hot sun. Heaviness of eyes etc.

    Please advise and suggest medicine and exercise for all these.

  235. saniya gupta says:

    Sir my head has heaviness a d tightness frm 7 years. Now my head spins and whole body s shaking when i stand.

  236. Tariq bashir says:

    i m suffering from vertigo my symtoms r severe headache on the top of my head,heavy eyelids,severe pain while walking and standing,dizzyness accessive heat on the top of my head,irritation towords noice and light,and accessive pain while turning my head…what best homeopathi is best for me…

  237. Mrs.Manisha Rode says:

    Hello Doctor, I am 45 years old working woman. Am having cervical spondylitis and having congenital fusion of the c2&c3 vertebral bodies and posterior neural elements. When my cervical gets aggravated I too experience vertigo with positional changed feel fullness in my left year. There is no discharge or pain in ear but my ENT specialist checked n told vertigo comes from ear. I have been on medicines like Diziron D n shelcal M for 3 weeks but the dizziness is on and off. Please suggest me some good medicine for my problem. I also have been taking high bp medicine Nabicard 5. Rest all blood tests are normal. Thank you so much.

  238. Stephen Burgess says:

    I am an 86 year old male, who was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis two years ago. Due to my age, surgery was ruled out so I am now living with the condition. I am reasonably fit for my age and manage two thirty minute walks during the day. Daily symptoms include, dizzyness, loss of balance, (three falls already this year), numbness in head, slight pains in shoulders and arms. I’m seeking any homeopathic remedy to help with these symptoms, especially the dizzyness, thanks, Stephen.

    • My mother in law is 75 years old, when she gets up after lying down she feels vertigo. She sometimes suffer a terrible pain behind the ears. back pain and feels very weak most of the time. She has consulted allopathy doctor and is taking medicines referred by him, but all these uneasiness vanish for sometime, that’s all.
      Can you kindly suggest a better treatment for these uneasiness in homeopathy.
      thank you,

      P.S.: She’s a diabetic patient too

  239. ANIL KUMAR MIDHA says:

    Respected Dr. SHARMA,
    NAMSKAR, I am 71 year man suffering from diabtese and hypertention, for which I am taking allopathic medicines regularly for past 20 years or so. I am suffering from EXTREME VERTIGO AND GIDDINESS. VERTIGO AND/ GIDDINESS happens when ever there is excessive of gas/ wind (AAFARA) in the stomach. This is perhaps due to extreme CONSTIPATION .

  240. Mira Ferrante says:

    I am a 43 year old suffering from dizziness and vertigo episodes for the past 12 years.
    I also suffer from severe anxiety and depression because of my condition.
    I suffer from a debilitating phobia that affected my quality of life since I was 7 years old, phobia of vomiting and other doing so around me.
    My main issue is the constant dizziness and sounds in my left ear, I cant move my head to the left or sleep on my left side at all, it provoques vertigo, the falling and spinning sensation with nauseas.
    Im in constant fear of having an attack so i just spend all day on the couch not moving too much…
    I do not like any drugs and their side effects so this is why im turning to homeopathy to find some releive
    By reading the above im thinking tha Bryonia Alba and Conium would work but Im not sure
    What would be your suggestion?
    Desparate, Mira

  241. dr I Ahmed..MBBS..mumbai says:

    I am non diabetic , non hypertensive , 56 year old.
    I have past history of positional vertigo twice in last five years which i overcame by rest and overnight sleep with about 2 days of treatment with vertin and stugeron.
    But in last month of august i had similar problem at aout 8pm when i got up from reclining position , i took same medicines an rest , was better next day and went to company as i am working as industrial physician , while doing some paper work i used to look down and was feeling very dizzy , same night while sleeping when i used to change position in bed everything used to spinn for about 10 seconds and then stop , that time i could not even sit up as vertigo was very severe . Since then about 4 months have passed i am under treatment of an ENT surgeon who advised tab vertin 16 md bd and tab neurosan 1od , my CT HEAD is normal . While walking i feel dizzy , while turning my neck left or right i feel dizzy and for last 1 month tinnitus in right ear . X ray cervical vertebra s/o spondylosis .
    im scared of darkness and closed space .
    Plz advise homeopathic medicines for my ailment and oblige.

    • Er R K Chhabra says:

      Hi Dr Sharma

      I have the same symptoms as written by Dr Ahmed. My age is 59 while sleeping when i used to change position in bed particularly on my left everything used to spinn for about 10 seconds and then stop , that time i could not even sit up as vertigo was very severe . Since then about 4 months have passed i am under treatment of an ENT surgeon who advised tab vertin 16 md with half a tablet of Diamox twice a day. Will you kindly suggest me some treatment for above.

      Thanks n Regards.
      R K Chhabra

  242. Ajmal Khan says:

    Namashakar Dr Sharma,
    My wife is 54 years old, she is thin and her colour is fair, weight 60 kgs, two days back about 6 am she was offering morning prayer and her posture was bowdown position , she feel vertigo and fell down on right side, have dizziness, nauzia, vomating , heavy eyelids and this happening only in early morning even on bed. she is already asthematic using inhaler and taking naorvec for hypertention. At the time of vertigo i checked her Blood Pressure was 118/68 and blood sugar was 120, cholestrol 198 , please advise and prescribe we are in Dubai. she was having buzz…….. sounds in her ears.

  243. Ajmal Khan says:

    Namashakar Dr Sharma,
    My wife is 54 years old, she is thin and her colour is fair, weight 60 kgs, two days back about 6 am she was offering morning prayer and her posture was bowdown position , she feel vertigo and fell down on right side, have dizziness, nauzia, vomating , heavy eyelids and this happening only in early morning even on bed. she is already asthematic using inhaler and taking naorvec for hypertention. At the time of vertigo i checked her Blood Pressure was 118/68 and blood sugar was 120, cholestrol 198 , please advise and prescribe we are in Dubai.

    • sanjeev kumar says:

      Sir namaskar
      My son is 10 years old. He is suffering fron vertigo from one month. He says that everything is moving when he getup in morning and also in evening daily. Sometines three or four times in a day. This cpntinued for three to four hour. He has no problem in eyes or ear. He has a poor phisic. Kindly suggest mr treatment.

  244. Dr. Sharma, my father is 82 years old he recently complaining heaviness in head and feels giddiness. When symptoms occurs he does not like to watch tv or hear anything. Blood pressure is ok he has stage 3 Kidney problem and he is on couple of bp meds he get miserable. Ct of head negative please advise. Thank you.

  245. I have gotten vertigo for the last 5 years it comes approx every 6 months. I’ve had tight neck and trap muscles on the left side for a few days and began getting dizzy today. My dizziness is very extreme, I took 2 Dramamine to help with the dizziness and nausea, it’s constant dizziness, if I sit in the same position with little movement I don’t feel bad, turning to the right and tipping my head back makes it much worse.
    I need help finding what will work best to take it away. When I get vertigo it typically lasts 1-2 weeks or more

    • Lilah Nielsen says:

      I have similar neck pains and dizziness like you and have found no relief while in the episodes. Does Dramamine really help?

  246. Sir,
    Recently had the symptoms like Dizziness and i had checked it up with the Allopathic Doctor and got Tablets like Betavert 24 OD, Prothiaden and Sibellium. He told to use it for 1 month,i.e, for the August month of 2015. I did as he prescribed me and then i stopped them. I had took CT Scan of my Head too… There was no problem in the head according to CT Scan.But from the past two days i feel that my head is in a motion and it lasts for just a few minutes or seconds. And from the past day i had a pain near the Neck. Please do let me know is this vertigo a serious problem? is there a permanent cure for this in Homeopathy without any side effects? Please do suggest me the remedy sir. i’m 28 years old.

    Thank You Sir,

  247. MISS Somika Adhikary says:

    I am Miss.Somika Adhikary. I am 30 years old. I feel dizzy during walking and while standing. I feel imbalance and get less strength in my legs.
    Also I feel head heaviness in my left side. My heaviness starts from the back side of my head and feel heaviness and coldliness feeling in the entire left side of my head. There is some vision problem also for which Dr has given me drop for 6 weeks.

    Please suggest me medicine for relief from diziness, imbalance in leg and heaviness in left side of my head

  248. Purushottam joshi says:

    I am 63 years old.I am suffering from cervical spondylitis.I feel giddiness while walking and while lying on bed and I also have acidity problem.can you suggest medicine for the same.

  249. Sunil Kowtal says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My father is 80 Yrs Old. Doctors have diagnosed as Vertigo symptoms. This has been acute since a Year.

    He tends to Fall backwards and there is lot of imbalance. Even getting up without Support is a challenge. There are tremors in his left portion of his Body. I thought of trying GINKGO BILOBA. Please suggest if there is a better drug. He also has past reflections and disturbances in the environment. There is also a Gastric and Asthma disorders especially during the Winter. The Gastric is more in the Even, where he feels burning sensation.

    Kindly, suggest any remedies to overcome, these aliments.


    Best Regards

    Sunil K

  250. UrvashiSanghvi says:

    Hello Doctor,
    First time I had Vertigo , 6 months back and wanted to know if there is any permanent cure for Vertigo. I take Conium when I get the attack

  251. Mukut Saikia says:

    I have been suffering from vertigo due to inner ear disorder for last six month, having balance problem, nausea, vomiting, sounds in the ear , hearing loss. I want to know is there any treatment for the said disease.

  252. Balaji Prasad says:

    I have the dizzy feeling for past one year of light frequency.just by one month ago felt very uneasy with dizziness and met ent doctor who investigated with audio test.vert test and eng test
    he said I am having vestibular neurosis problem as virus have affected my neurons

    he gave me to take wysolone tablets for one month with decreasing order
    now am with excersice advised by the doc

    doctor sir
    am I in correct treatment
    am also asked to have Vertin 16 tablets

    please advise me
    will be grateful ever

    thank u

  253. Joseph Canero says:

    I have hydrops which I have been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. I have constant short spins and I have a very stiff neck. Can you tell me what remedy you think will be good for me. Belladonna or Bryona?

  254. I have had felt dizzy for about the last month but the last week or so it has been much worse. It used to be every so often but now it has been on a all day basis. It feels like the room is spinning. Not really bad but enough to make my balance unsteady. I do have Multiple sclerosis so my balance is not good the way it is. The other night I got into bed and the room was spinning so bad I had to get up and sleep in a chair. I just had blood work done and that came out fine. My doctor put me on medication for dizziness, which has helped, but what am I going to do when the prescription runs out. I’m very frustrated and don’t know what to do.

  255. Since a couple of weeks iam feelinng faint while standing this feeling is more in super markets and crowded areas. please suggest a suitable medicine.

  256. Dr mousumi chakraborty says:

    Vertigo with numbness in left arm and leg


    My husbend is suffering from ear balance problem and taking alopathy medicine.But
    there is not much improvement in his condition.Kindly give your advice in taking
    homeomedicine for the treatment.Also suggest one homeopathic clinic in kottayam district.

  258. Doc.compliment of the season, I love this wonderful write up.please I have patient female who had third degree fire burn for a month now she cannot sit on bed which time she supported to sit she complained of vertigo,feeling as if will give up.the burned is severe on left side, face,breast. Although on the right side is not as serious as left side. The wounds are healing well ,but her problems is how to start to sit.there any remedy that can help her to be sitting down?

  259. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am having a dizzy spell/Vertigo for the past few days. It occurs when I get up from a sitting position and also yesterday when I was feeling a bit dizzy and sat down, suddenly I found myself fallen on floor and shaking badly. The episode lasts for less than 1 minute. Most of the time when I felt like this is when I just finished a cigarette or still smoking.

    I am 44 years old. I am having a asthmatic condition at this moment.

    I shall be grateful if you could help me with your advise on my condition and medicines applicable to cure this.

    Thanks, Sanjay

  260. harry bines says:


    I have spinning when I go to bed directly and speedily …if I bend for taking any object…….or look up ….or change position suddenly . While walking I have to concious about my gait or walking lest if I fall…I can not freely walk without awareness about ensuring safety in walking.

  261. Vertigo followed by nausea and vomiting. Closing eyes aggravates.Tinnitus more in left than right .Sudden onset of vertigo. Dizziness. Drowsiness persists.Loss of hearing more in left ear.Distension of abdomen. Heaviness of head more felt in the back of head.Ears logged.Arsenicum album 30. gives relief. Suffering from this symptom from last15 years . Coming once in a year or after two years. Used medicines like Cocculus 30, Conium 1m,Thuja 1m,Theridion 30,Bryonia 30 etc but no. Permanent result. Slight tottering gait in the evening and night.Slight deviation to the left while walking at night is noticed. Aggravation at night . Pl. remark.

    • sayan Datta says:

      Vertigo followed by nausea and vomiting. Closing eyes aggravates.Tinnitus more in left than right .Sudden onset of vertigo. Dizziness. Drowsiness persists.Loss of hearing more in left ear.Distension of abdomen. Heaviness of head more felt in the back of head.Ears logged.Arsenicum album 30. gives relief. Suffering from this symptom from last15 years . Coming once in a year or after two years. Used medicines like Cocculus 30, Conium 1m,Thuja 1m,Theridion 30,Bryonia 30 etc but no. Permanent result. Slight tottering gait in the evening and night.Slight deviation to the left while walking at night is noticed. Aggravation at night . Pl. remark.

  262. Karen Walcott says:

    I have had constant non stop rocking , swaying, up and down, swirling, racing and magnetic pulling vertigo with imbalance for 3 1/2 yrs.I have been told it is due to lyme and mold and have been treating those with auricular homeopathy . I still haven’t seen any change in my symptoms. They are constant and debilitating.

  263. vinay sonpal says:


    I have spinning when I go to bed directly and speedily …if I bend for taking any object…….or look up ….or change position suddenly . While walking I have to concious about my gait or walking lest if I fall…I can not freely walk without awareness about ensuring safety in walking.



  265. Madhuri RC says:

    I am 35 years old woman .my height is 5 .2 ” and weight is 71 kg. I feel spinning all the time even i am lying down in bed ,sitting on sofa and more severe in jerky movement. i took medicine which my doctor prescribed but did not work properly .It started again. i am worried about my vertigo so please let me suggest what should i do to cure my vertigo.

  266. Rakesh Pathak says:

    Iam M 42 yrs 56 kg 176cm. After hectic schedule due to my job and caring for I’ll child, in Feb suddenly on afternoon I felt disbalance though I could walk.I lied in my office as soon as I tried to get up I felt dizziness. I went to doctor my BP was 100/70.he gave injection and I felt better and came home and went to office next as usuals.Again in Oct similar thing happened with me. If I turn my head I felt things shaking and extreme dizziness. Kindly advise about my condition. What preventive can be done

  267. Arun khandelwal says:

    Dr. Sir I am suffering from vertigo and dizziness since last six months may be cervical please suggest me medicine my age is 53 years

    • jacob thomas says:

      I am a cervical spondiloses patient for more than three years using alopathy medicine. For complete cuire wish to use homeo medicines. Kindly suggest suitable medicines.

  268. Arun khandelwal says:

    I am suffering vertigo and dizziness since last 6months. I am 53years old.Dr, please suggest me medicine .

  269. hrushikesh panigrahi says:

    namaste ji.i m28 yrs male.i suffer from vertigo.dizziness now.i take mri finding BILATERAL PROMINENT TEMPORAL HORNS.

  270. ruth williams says:

    I have suffered vertigo for two and a half years. At first misdiagnosed as Meniere’s disease.
    It is not spinning that I perceive, but a gentle rocking. Still, this affects my gait very much.
    I’m reluctant to take big strides for fear of falling, so my stride gets shorter and shorter, resulting in mincing. Then I “start again” and try to walk normally but the stride gets shorter and shorter — mincing.
    I’m grateful that I have no other symptoms. I’m just embarrassed that I look and walk like a drunk .I’ve tried bryonium but am unsure of the dosage and length of time to keep taking it.

  271. L n Singhal says:

    dr sahib
    I had a mild stroke in November 14 While doing excercise I had spinning head while on bed.mri tells me that I am having vertigo cervical. This was under control and I m doing physiotherapy.but dizziness jerk comes and go. And at night when I go to bed I start feeling pulsationlike eart beats while closing the eyes
    Kindly let me know if I can be cured
    Best regards

  272. S Rajasekaran says:

    I am sufferring from vertigo Meneiere’s Disease and I have vomitted twice on 10th and 13 the of October 2015. I got admited in the hospital and treated for vertigo. Medcines were given for stoping vomitting and giddiness. It is not possible for me to admit in a hospital every time I am vomitting. Hence please advise me the medicine that will help me in taking the treatment in the house itself. I feel giddiness followed by vomitting. What is the best medicine to cure this? Whether the giddiness or dizziness will automatically stop after two or three hours after vomitting. Please help me and guide me to which medicine i should take to get cured from the above said problems.


    S Rajasekaran

  273. Actually when people say if it rlaley was a cure, then everyone would know about it because it would be on the news that statement is false because unless it is a patentable drug, you will never hear about it. You will only hear about things that people at the top of the industry can make big money on. There may be easy natural non-drug solutions available, but you’re going to have to find them yourself.

  274. venkattaraman a says:

    Suddenly i feel gudiness and followed by vomiting, unable to walk not even one step further. can you suggest me any medicine. I am taking vertin 8mg three time a day but no improvement. head is spinning. Dont know when the attack is arriving.

  275. Aejaz Husain says:

    I am feeling very much difficulty in walking I am unable to stretch my feets. can you suggest me any med. before last year I had a operation of lumber canal stenosis.Before operation I could not walk.

    Aejaz Husain

  276. Neelam Sahni says:

    Dear sir,

    I have been suffering from vertigo for few months back this happens mainly when i am on bed when i change my position,when i walk.there are too much pain in the back of my head above the neck.Please advice me some homeopathic medicines to get relief from cervical vertigo.
    mostly i feel too much stress on my eyes and not bale to see the things clearly.

    please help me sir.
    i will be very grateful to you for this help.

    Neelam Sahni

    • Dear sir
      I have been suffering from vertigo
      For few months back this happens
      When I was on the bad, and change
      The position, plz help me sir, dr says this is
      Sarvical vertigo

  277. Syed Mohammed Hameed says:

    Dear Dr. ,
    By a few months I have a feeling of giddiness while standing from a long sitting. Many times I felt that I may fall, especially in my prayers. To be to normal I have to hold on any object. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    With thanks & regards
    S. M. Hameed

  278. vikash kumar says:

    Dear sir
    i have been suffering from vertigo for few ears back this happens mainly when i am on bed when i change my position. i have already with BHU where it was diagnosed as BPPV. some exercises were conducted to correct it.there seemed some improvement but it relly improved when i bend forward everyday but just few days back i again felt on or two times vertigo while changing position to the right side in bed i also feel unsteadiness while standing there is always a feeling of falling down my right ear perforates very occasionally since childhood there is hole in my ear drum in the right ear so kindly suggest me the medicine which can improve the situation.

  279. Silvia tagle says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I experience dizziness related to Lyme disease. I have tinnitus and different “swooshing” sounds in my ear. Dizziness lasts for a split second and then goes away. Mainly in the late afternoon and into the night.

    I would appreciate if you can recommend the best remedy for this symptom.



  280. Dear sir,
    I had tinnitus from past 1 year in right year with T sound and now noise has been reduced to some extent, the only problem is I get irritated when i go to sabji market with the noise and also I have noticed that when i bend forward for sometime and stand straight I feel off balance for some time and I have to lie down. I know this is due to inner ear problem which is givimg me off balance so can u give me name of some medication for noise irritation and off balance while bending forward.

  281. bpeermohamed says:

    very useful ,&effective information.thnkyou. by.peermohamed on of the senior sitizen.

  282. gopireddy.konda says:

    Sir I have heart problem from three years vertigo is occur symptoms are while walking imbalance and light headed blurring slightly please give me some bright medications

  283. Saumitra Banerjee says:

    Dear Dr Sharma:

    I go through your mails and suggestions with interest and really appreciate the advices you give. My mother is 80 years old, totally bed ridden after two strokes. Recently she is having one problem. On slightest movement even from one to another side, she starts vomiting. Previously while raising her head, she had this tendency. I gave few Conium 200 that time and the problem solved. Now, with this recent problem, I gave already two doses of Conium 200, but still not getting relief. Of course, I had seen earlier that her vomiting is not curbed down by common medicines like Ipecac or Arsenic etc. Then I could relate her brain imbalance might be the cause for Vomiting and then Conium helped.

    Should I try once with Cocculus 30? I am an Engineer by profession, but loves to study Homeopathy for long.

    Look forward to see your response soon.

    Best Regards,
    Saumitra Banerjee

  284. I have this vertigo problem.while travelling if it is traffic jam situation where you stop and move vertigo sets in which is the right homeopathic medicine for this condition. About 15 years back I was treated by a homeopathic doctor and was cured of the problem. Unfortunately he is no more. Hence this approach.

  285. I’m 75 years old. In 1980 I had Atsinjection reaction which effected my ears causing ringing sound n vertigo.Xray showed cervical spondylitis .Now I’m suffering from left side imbalance numbness in my rt limbs.Mri showed some small blockade in Artery supplying blood to Madula.Please diagnose my ailment n prescribe me homeo medicine

  286. I have had dizziness for over six months. I have seen an ENT and a neurologist who have both ruled out the cause to be either related to the inner ear or neurological. Although I do suffer from allergic rhinitis and get headaches around the eyes and across the forehead. I also get pain in my right ear. An MRI scan showed that I’ve got two discs out of place in my neck and a possible diagnosis is cervical vertigo. I get nausea occassionally but the worse sensation is a feeling like I am on a boat when I am lying down with my eyes closed. I get a tight feeling in my shoulders and neck. I have tried physiotherapy, acupunture and osteopathy and they haven’t helped. I’d be happy to know what you suggest. Thank you.

  287. TARIQ SHER KHAN says:

    Suffering from vertigo for last 4 months. Vertigo worse after meals.Frontal headache.Vertigo on turning head. Straggling on walking. Conium,Chinum. Suiph, Gelsimum, Arnica did not help. Kindly suggest remedy.

  288. meena rawat says:

    vertigo problem from last 10 years
    required appointment for treatment

    mobile 9820955095

  289. Elmo lezama says:

    I need to know more about vertigo,and the best treatment for the condition.

  290. Dr seems to think i have bppv, Symptoms are: After awakening in morning within 5 to 10 minutes I get very nausea and dizzy with vomiting, worsens as day go along very dizzy with bad headaches every movement from turning head left to right up or down riding in autos really aggravates it to where I vomit very badly. I am a school teacher and go back in one week, if you can help it would be very appreciated.



    As it was traspired by Dr.Prasad that due to Liquid imbalance in side the both ear the Vertigo happens.Due to that always tremendous shooting head ache,eye heaviness & stickiness,whole body pain accompanied by shoulderpain and tremblig hands & legs.

    Would request your honour if u could advise best homeopathy medicine at your end.
    Immense thanks for your kind perusal & positive response at your earliest in the aforesaid E-mail address please.

    Sincerly your’s


  292. I am suffering from long time as under
    Balancing problem with tired feeling.
    Heaviness in neck and head and on ears.
    Noise in ear.
    Due to this all problem I am not feeling normal all the day.
    Please solve my problem
    Thank you.

  293. I have been dizzy for three months. Mostly I feel the “floaty” sensation, like I am walking around drunk. When I am still, I feel “swimmy” vision sometimes. Other times it’s felt as if I have a weight at the back of my head. I feel it more intensely with sudden movements of my head and while in stores. I seem to feel a bit of relief while outside & while riding in vehicles. Often, it is less noticeable in the mornings, and gets more intense later in the day. What remedy would you recommend? How long would it take to notice an effect? Thanks.

    • Michael Joanes says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      My condition of vertigo starts in the morning when I move my head to the left when lying in bed. Then I experience restlessness uneasiness and warmth and break into a sweat and my eyes start spinning around, sometimes I feel nauseating. Feels better when I close my eyes . This episode runs for 5 to 15 minutes. Then I will fine the rest of the day. Occasionally, I will experience mild vertigo in the afternoon with slight dizziness. I have to rest in bed if I do not want to continue my episode. I also suffer from Tinnitus with severe ringing in the right ear and ear pressure or fullness in both ears. What remedy would you recommend?

  294. samir hanna says:

    dear sir/do you have a cure for vertigo in capsules ready to use.
    s. hanna

  295. p.seivapandian says:

    Hello doctor, my wife have a right minears disease. so she suffers from giddiness, vomitting,head ach and balancing please suggest if any permenant remedy in homeo treat.

  296. milan kumar palit says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    recently i suffered from mild heat stroke i felt uneasy and weak. weakness continued for quite sometime, as i was afraid of going in the unusual development is sudden and momentary head reeling. I am diabetic and hypertensive also for which I take allopathic medicines. Kindly suggest homoeopathic medicines to cure me of sudden and transient dizziness. I’m 67, 5′-4, weighing about 60 kg.Regards.
    Cuttack, Orissa

  297. LALIT KUMAR GUPTA says:

    Dear sir
    i am suffering from cervical spondlities with vertigo cervical with vomiting,nausea(giddiness) and bed feeling of motion fell now a last 15 days .and also solder pain .
    please advice for treatment

    Your as truly
    lalit kumar gupta

  298. RK Sharma says:


    A month ago I fell backward – head heating on wash basin, then beck on tap, got treated in Hospital, recovered in 8-10 days. still I am having acute giddiness while on the bed , after closing eyes and pushing head with both hands than feel better, while getting up from the bed in any position Righ/Left or straight I get severe giddiness unable to move for quite some time, when stand up feel falling on either side, any how it gets resolved after a gap of time. Actually I feel afraid of going to bed feel discomfort on sofa even, having pain on neck & Right Arm, I feel better sitting on a chair, Kindly suggest some Homeopathy Medicine to get ride of this position,
    History about 10-15 years ago I had the same problem of giddiness one of my Homeopathy Dr.
    prescribed me Naxwomika for one week & Connium Tincher for a month twice thereafter No problem for next 1-12 years. During 2013 I had the same problem again then ENT Dr. examined my R/ear with some instrument I suggested that there developed fluid gap in side the R/Ear, Prescribed only a Tablet for 3-4 weeks. There after by this accident same position persists. I feel very difficult to lay on the bed rather afraid to go on the bed. Kindly suggest some effective medicine to get ride of this problem.
    This thanks & regards

  299. hello, cannot drive a car due to balance issue..moving objects,moving cars or deep ditches or land dropping off to the side trigger this..weakness then occurs in arms and legs, feet…also sometimes just crossing a street, not busy or cars not moving, just openess and space will trigger this balance much worse after a flu bug that caused a very painful swollen gland that put pressure on my left ear..whoosing sound in that ear in the night when turning over or standing up ..I eat organic food, take nutritional supplements, use natural treatments..only medication is dessicated thyroid…possible lyme disease and previous toxic mold exposure in a rented house but as I say not being able to drive is since this flu bug.
    please advise and thank you kindly for your thoughts and help. heather.

  300. Hi.Doc.
    please i need your help on homoeopathic remedy for my father illness.he is having hard hearing,vertigo when he stand up,feeling of inbalance in brain.
    I remain yours

  301. rashead quader says:

    my mother she is now have vertigo problem I want to know how homeopathy can help my mother and cure her and cost of the treatment pls let me know as soon as possible

  302. rashead quader says:

    my mother she is now have vertigo problem I want to know how homeopathy can help my mother and cure her and cost of the treatment

    • TARIQ SHER KHAN says:

      Suffering from vertigo for last 4 months. Vertigo worse after meals.Frontal headache.Vertigo on turning head. Straggling on walking. Conium,Chinum. Suiph, Gelsimum, Arnica did not help. Kindly suggest remedy.

  303. Anil Atre says:

    Hello I am of 67 years old person . Since last 3 months I am suffering from Positional vertigo .effect last for 3-4 . Started taking Allopathic tablets. Vertin.
    is there permanent remedial medicine.

  304. Dr. Samia Sarwar says:

    Sudden episodes of vertigo , with nausea and vomitting, continuos buzzing sound in right ear present all the time but increases in intensity during vertigo attack, no loss of hearing found upon audiometery. In very initial attacks of vertigo there was re echo of sounds right ear which was latter on converted to continuous buzzing sound and re echo is not present now. My age is 43 years and i am a female.

  305. Rachel Lott says:

    Please tell me what remedy I should use, I keep feeling as though the ground is not where it should be, this panics me . I have been loosing a lot of sleep during the last week and a half due to sudden need to nurse my 9 yr old son who has been having seizures, which I don’t know why 🙁 sincerely from Rachel.

  306. nancy ulrich says:

    I have myclonus seizures and am taking clonzapam which really doesn’t help. My seizures cause a huge problem with dizziness and balance problems. It is impossible to be walking and turn my head to the side to look at something. I have to stop completely and then look; otherwise I would fall down. I have been taking VAXA Neuran for around 6 years and it really helped with the balance. But it has been discontinued. Do you have any natural supplements or products that you could recommend? I really need help. thank you.

  307. Hello Dr Sharma,

    Information on this page is very useful and my symptoms are very similar to Meniere’s Disease as described by you above. Currently my ENT specialist has prescribe me Cinnarizine 25mg ( Strugeron) and gives me relief whenever I have bout of vertigo. But I want to start homeopathy as I believe that will give me permanent and long term solution to my dizziness problem.

    Can you please suggest the dosage which I have to take for the Chenopodium medicines ?


  308. Malik Noor Rehman Wazir says:

    Dear Sir
    this is to request that I have Dizziness and balance problem due to my ear infection .

    My right side Ear was 5time opreated for myringoplasty ,mean tymponoplasty which faild unfortuntly each time .

    I have used all the helopathic medicinns available on the face of the world but in vain.

    i am burning in side due to severe inflamation and pain in EAR with Dicharge m,ean Pus.

    kindly suggest medicen and treatment .

    Profond Regards
    malik Noor Rehman Wazir

  309. s r kaushal says:

    cervical with vomiting,nausea(dizzines) and bed feeling of motion pl suggest treatment

    • Dr seems to think i have bppv, Symptoms are: After awakening in morning within 5 to 10 minutes I get very nausea and dizzy with vomiting, worsens as day go along very dizzy with bad headaches every movement from turning head left to right up or down riding in autos really aggravates it to where I vomit very badly. I am a school teacher and go back in one week, if you can help it would be very appreciated.

  310. s r kaushal says:

    cervical with vomiting,nausea(giddiness) and bed feeling of motion pl suggest treatment

  311. Halo what ca i use to heal the membrans in the innerear


  312. Halo I have cochlar hydrops still no vertige it came 2 years ago after a dentisttreatment
    I an now glutenfree I think this is the underlzing cause.
    I take a lot of vitamins chinese tea and akupunkture.
    But nothing helps.Is ti possible to heal the enjured membrans in the innerear.

    sincerelz Jes

  313. Trish Niblock says:

    Hullo DR Sharma

    I have another Hom Rem to add to your list.

    Following a head injury and a broken neck I was utterly dizzy.

    A homeopath loaned me her copy of a Boericke and suggested I read it from A – Z until I found a picture of myself and the symptoms I was having and I found Salicylic Acidum and I have been using ever since – the 6 dosage. Brilliant.

    best wishes

    Trish N

    • I’m suffering from vertigo my head is always spinning I have pain in my head and sometimes eyes are also paining which medicine should i take to stop my dizziness And spinning please reply

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