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Get rid of Warts on Face with Homeopathic Medicines

Warts are small, fleshy non-cancerous bumps that form on the skin. Such warts may pop up on any part of the body including the face. Warts that surface on the face are known as facial warts. From the face, these warts may spread to other body parts as well if a person touches the wart and then touches some other part of the body. Warts are caused by many strains (about 150) of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and approx. 10 strains out of these are known to cause facial warts. These are highly contagious and tend to spread from direct skin-to-skin contact. These also spread by touching surfaces contaminated with this virus. Children and those with a weak immune system are prone to such types of infections. Though facial warts are not harmful these may look unattractive and may cause irritation, itching and pain.  Touching it may give a sore feeling and it may also bleed. Warts could make a person self-conscious about their image. The common areas on the face where these mostly develop are lips, eyelids, and cheeks. The colour of these warts can be pink, skin colour, brown or yellow varying from one person to another. In some cases, a black dot is seen on the wart which indicates that such blood vessels can cause bleeding when pricked.

Types Of Warts

1. Flat warts:These warts have a flat appearance on the top of the surface. The size of these warts vary between 1 mm to 7 mm. These also vary in colour from flesh-coloured to yellow to brown colour. These are smooth textured. Usually, these appear in multiple numbers in the form of clusters (means in groups located close together in a small area). These tend to form near any cut or scratch in the skin. Mostly these are located on the cheeks and the forehead. Flat warts are more common in children as compared to adults. There is usually no irritation or pain present in such types of warts.

2. Filiform warts:Such warts mainly occur around the mouth, nose, near the eyelids, under the chin, and at times on the neck. These take the colour of the skin of the person. These are hard and rough types with spiky appearance. These warts may cause discomfort and can be painful mainly when these are formed near the eyelid.

Homeopathic Treatment

Warts can be effectively treated with the help of homeopathic treatment using a very conservative approach. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanism to fight the viral agent which causes warts. These medicines help in curing warts naturally with no side effects. Apart from healing the warts, these also help in managing any related symptoms. These include pain, itching, and any discharge or bleeding from the warts. Homeopathic medicines are also useful in helping overcome a tendency to have recurrent warts on the face. These medicines provide a permanent and completely safe solution. Homeopathic medicines are administered on a case-to-case basis keeping in consideration the location, size of the wart, and any associated complaint linked to it like pain, itching, soreness, or bleeding. Therefore, it is advised to take any medicine after getting your case completely evaluated by a homeopath and avoid self-medication.

Homeopathic Medicines For Trearting Warts 

1.Thuja – Top-Grade Medicine

Thuja is the most frequently used medicine for the treatment of warts in homeopathy. It is usually the physician’s first choice to treat warts occurring on any part of the body. It is very effective in treating the warts which appear on the face. Thuja helps a patient get rid of warts on the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and upper lip. To use this medicine, warts can be small or large in size, these may ooze fluid or may also bleed. Warts may also be itchy and in such cases, Thuja is the medicine to bank on.

2. Causticum – For Warts On the Eyebrow, Eyelid, Nose, Lips

Causticum works magnificently in those cases where warts form on the eyebrow, eyelid, nose, and lips. The warts can be tiny or large. The warts are painful and can be inflamed. Warts may ooze blood in those cases needing it. Most of the time the warts are hard to touch.

3. Dulcamara – For Flat Warts

Dulcamara is especially recommended to treat flat warts on the face. If warts come out in crops/clusters (multiple warts located close together), this is the medicine to rely on. The warts are soft to the touch. Warts may be large in some cases.

4. Nitric Acid – For Warts That Bleed

Nitric Acid is most effective in case of warts that bleed easily. Wart may Bleed due to touch. The warts may be present mostly on the upper lid, forehead, and upper lip. The warts are painful. Pain may occur on touching the warts. A pricking sensation in warts can be felt. Warts are soft and may be large and pedunculated.

5. Lycopodium – For Warts On the Chin

This medicine is useful for treating warts on the chin. The warts are small and white. These are pedunculated (attached to the skin via a stalk). These warts can be painful too.

6. Arsenic Album – For Warts On Cheeks

Arsenic Album is a helpful remedy to treat warts on the cheeks. These may be red-coloured. The warts may be painful and sore to touch. Burning can be felt in these warts. Warts may be inflamed also.

7. Cundurango – For Warts Around the Mouth

It is an important medicine for treating warts occurring specifically around the mouth. The warts are flat and can be aptly treated with this medicine. They may also ooze fluid and such warts are large in size. Deep cracks are mostly present at the corners of the mouth and are painful.

8. Calcarea Carb – For Multiple Small Warts

Calcarea Carb offers effective treatment in case of small-sized warts and multiple in number. These are soft at the base and rough and hard on the upper surface. Also, these are round. The colour of the warts is exactly like the skin of the person. Warts may be inflamed and it may bleed as well. There may be complaints of itching in the warts. A stinging sensation in the warts can be felt.

9. Sepia – For Itchy Warts

Sepia is highly beneficial to deal with in case of itchy warts. The warts are small and flat where sepia is required. These are hard to touch and rough at the top. The colour of these warts is dark. There is no accompanying pain. Mostly the warts appear around the mouth and on the chin. Warts may have a tendency to recur after treatment.


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  1. Multiple warts on the chin and frequently getting even after getting cryotherapy. After shaving cuts, new wart starts with small size and keeps on increasing in size. It’s hard surface and bleeds if cut. I have no comorbidities. Kindly advise

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