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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Warts

Warts are rough, hard growths on the skin caused by infection with HPV – Human Papilloma Virus. There are more than 100 different strains of HPV. Each strain of HPV is responsible for infecting specific body areas. A person may get warts by skin to skin contact with a person having warts. Homeopathic medicine for warts treat this condition in a very safe, mild, gentle and painless way.

Warts can also arise by coming in contact with an object that is infected with the human papillomavirus. A weak immune system raises the risk of contracting the infection leading to warts. Among the various types of warts, the major ones are flat warts, filiform warts, and common warts. Flat warts have smooth flat surface arising mainly on face, neck, hands, and knees. Filiform warts are thread like warts arising near the eyelids or lips. Common warts are rough, raised skin colored warts that arise on hand. Common warts are also known as verruca vulgaris. Warts that arise on soles of feet are known as plantar warts. Warts arising around the nails are known as periungual warts.

Homeopathic Medicine for Warts

Under conventional mode of treatment cauterization is adopted for removing warts. It may cause pain and scarring. Homeopathy medicines follow a curative approach to treat warts rather than suppressing them. Homeopathic medicines boost the immune system of the body to fight with the infectious agent that is causing warts. Homeopathy remedies for warts are all prepared from naturally occurring substances. Hence they are free from any side effects. The best medicines for warts are Thuja Occidentalis, Causticum, and Nitric Acid. These medicines for warts are very effective, deep acting and gives highly promising results.

1. Thuja Occidentalis – Excellent Medicine to treat Warts

Thuja Occidentalis is an excellent medicine for warts. Warts that are seedy, large or pedunculated indicate the use of Thuja Occidentalis. It is helpful for treating wart arising on any body part. Skin dryness may also be there with warts. Thuja is also indicated when along with warts, skin is also sensitive to touch. It also comes among prominent homeopathic remedies for warts on the anogenital area.

2. Causticum – Homeopathy remedy for warts and skin tags

Causticum is very useful homeopathy remedy for warts and skin tags. It works very well in cases of warts that are large and jagged. Causticum is majorly useful for warts arising on face, lips, nose and eyelids. It also works wonders in treating warts on tips of finger. Causticum is also indicated in warts that are painful. Causticum is also helpful for treating pedunculated warts.

3.Nitric Acid – For Warts that Bleed Easily

Nitric Acid is an excellent medicine for warts that bleed easily. Bleeding from warts may arise from touching or washing. Nitric Acid is also indicated for warts that are sensitive to touch. It also helps to treat warts that are attended with itching. Apart from this, warts with stinging or stitching pain are also effectively treated withNitric Acid.  

4. Dulcamara and Lycopodium Clavatum – For Warts on Face

Dulcamara and Lycopodium are helpful medicines for warts on face. Dulcamara is wonderful medicine for warts on the face that are large, flat or smooth in nature. Lycopodium is medicine for warts on the face that are small or pedunculated. Although Lycopodium Clavatum is a medicine for warts on any area but it works wonders for treating warts on the chin.

5. Causticum and Nitric Acid – For Warts on Eyelid

Causticum is very useful medicine for warts on the eyelid, especially seedy and large. In some cases, warts on eyelids may be painful too. Causticum is also useful for warts that arise on the eyebrows. Nitric Acid is a medicine for warts on the eyelid that are large and jagged. They may be sensitive and also bleed easily.

6. Antimonium Crudum and Silicea – For Warts on Soles of Feet (plantar warts)

Antimonium Crudum and Silicea are wonderful remedies for warts on soles of feet known as plantar warts. Among them, Antimonium Crudum is indicated for horny warts on soles. It also works well when corns and warts arise together on soles of feet. Feet may also very tender. Silicea is selected when warts on soles are attended with excessive sweating on feet.

7. Sepia and Causticum – For Warts on Head

Sepia is a prominent medicine for warts on the head. Coldness on top of the head may also be present. Hair fall with a sensitivity of hair roots may also be present in some cases along with warts. It also works well in warts that arise on the forehead. Causticum is an indicated medicine for warts on the head that are large. It is also indicated for warts on the head that bleed easily.

8. Causticum and Dulcamara – For Warts on Finger            

Causticum and Dulcamara offer best homeopathy treatment for warts on fingers. Causticum is successful for treating horny warts on fingers. Causticum is also suitable for warts on fingers that are close to nails – periungual warts. Dulcamara is used for homeopathy treatment for warts on fingers that are flat and smooth in nature. Dulcamara may also offer help for warts on the palmar surface of hands.

9. Sepia – For Warts and Moles                                        

Sepia is an important medicine for warts and moles. The person needing Sepia have moles and small, hard, seedy warts on face. The warts may be attended with itching. Yellow – brownish pigmentation on the face may also be seen on the face – mainly on nose and cheeks. In some cases, black pores may also be present on the face.


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  1. नमस्ते, मेरी गर्दन के चारों ओर मस्से हैं और कुछ भूरे/काले के रंग के हैं। कृपया सुझाव दें कि इसका इलाज कैसे करें

  2. Nitu Ghosh says:

    My name is Nitu Ghosh , I have warts on the eye lid lips , righr side , left eye, Please suggest the best medicine to cure by Homeopathy

  3. Syed Muhammad Ajmal Jamil says:

    Dear Sor
    I have warts on my neck, chest and genital areas, kindly recommend some medicine.
    I will be greatful , I am from karachi Pakistan.
    My name is syed Muhammad ajmal jamil
    Cell # +923028244344

    • नमस्ते, मेरी गर्दन के चारों ओर मस्से हैं और कुछ भूरे/काले के रंग के हैं। कृपया सुझाव दें कि इसका इलाज कैसे करें

  4. Manie Ahuja says:

    Respected Sir,
    My teenage boy is having several stubborn warts on forehead spreading to scalp, one on middle of two eyebrows and one on right eyelid below from past 4+ years. Tried thuja, dulcamara, banana peel, wart remover cream, nothing worked. Doctor prescribed laser, which I don’t want. I want to share his pictures with you, pls provide your number and suggest most effective medicine to remove these warts and most effectively hpv that is underlying cause. Also gave him zinc n vit b12 supplements, still dint work. I m a single parent, very worried, pls help.

  5. Ashok Kumar says:

    There are numbers of skin tag on my both eyelids, also one big skin tag below my left eye. Kindly suggest some homeopathy medicine for removal of skin tag. I have tried Thuja but no fruitful result.

  6. Salam. I had a mole on my left temple right from my childhood. But within past two weeks it has turned into a big planted wart and looking very bad. I am fed up. Nothing is working. Please help me sort this out. Can I use causticum 1000c?

  7. Shailendra Kumar Verma says:

    मेरे चेहरे, गर्दन और कमर में छोटे एवं मध्यम आकार और भूरे रंग के मस्से उग आए हैं और कभी-कभी उसमें इचिंग भी होती है। मेरी उम्र 72 साल है।कोई सटीक उपचार बताएं

  8. N. K. Arora says:

    I have warts in my head. They are not giving any pain or bleeding but while combing I feel them and cannot properly comb the hair. I am 85 yrs old.
    Please suggest some medicine.

  9. Hemamalini.R says:

    I have planters wart between my toe fingers for past 3 months with pain sometime,not always,taken thuja-30c,sulpher-30c,graphites-30c for the past fourweeks,but no improvement,could you pl suggest appropriate homeopathy medcine for this condition.I am 75 years old.

  10. Lalit Kumar says:

    I have a Wart on my Nose Kindly advise me how to remove it.

  11. Good evening Ma’am,
    Please advise which is good homeo medicine for warts. H we heared that Causticum is good medicine for warts. Is it working ma’am. Please advise , we already using this medicine for Knee pains. By gods grace we came out from knee pains. Please advise mam

  12. Hello Dr.
    I have warts on my face.
    I also have lot of black warts around the collar bone and skin coloured in under arms . there are like hanging skin and donot pain . it is just that they look bad

    I am looking for some safe treatment for the same.

  13. Jitendra Jain says:

    Hello, I have warts all around my neck area and some are in brownish/skin colour . Please suggest how to get this treated and understand

  14. Mrs Mohrana says:

    A well grown wart on my head…..I am in Gurgaon….l want to consult you……please help me how to contact you

    • Andrew Taylor says:

      For hard warts can you use Antinomy Crudum 30C in tablets form?
      If so is it once or twice a day for 15 days?
      Do you need to repeat after 25 days?
      Many thanks

  15. Hello dear Dr. Sharma. Sir I have warts on my face; one below nose on moustache part which is spongy and have seedy surface. other one on my left cheek which is somewhat hard, wider on cheek and smaller on top with cauliflower like surface. another very small wart is becoming near this hard wart. I have also large moles on my face. Kindly suggest suitable medicine to get rid of these warts. . Thanks in advance.

  16. Richa Jindal says:

    Hello, I have warts on face on cheek and also on neck. They are black in colour, some are in skin or brownish colour too.. Please suggest how to get this treated.
    Also, they are 2-3 warts in my underarms too.

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