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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Warts


Homeopathic Medicine for Warts

Warts are rough, hard growths on the skin caused by infection with HPV – Human Papilloma Virus. There are more than 100 different strains of HPV. Each strain of HPV is responsible for infecting specific body areas. A person may get warts by skin to skin contact with a person having warts. Warts can also arise by coming in contact with an object that is infected with human papilloma virus. A weak immune system raises the risk of contracting the infection leading to warts. Among the various types of warts the major ones are flat warts, filliform warts and common warts. Flat warts have smooth flat surface arising mainly on face, neck, hands and knees. Filliform warts are thread like warts arising near the eyelids or lips. Common warts are rough, raised skin colored warts that arise on hand. Common warts are also known as verruca vulgaris. The warts that arise on soles of feet are known as plantar warts. The warts arising around the nails are known as periungual warts.

 Homeopathic Treatment for Warts

Under conventional mode of treatment cauterization is adopted for removing warts. It may cause pain and scarring. While homeopathic medicines for warts treat this condition in a very safe, mild, gentle and painless way. Homeopathic medicines follow a curative approach to treat warts rather than suppressing them. Homeopathic medicines boost the immune system of the body to fight with the infectious agent that is causing the warts. Homeopathic remedies for warts are all prepared from naturally occurring substances. Hence they are free from any side effects. The best Homeopathic medicines for warts are Thuja Occidentalis, Causticum and Nitric Acid. These homeopathic medicines for warts are very effective, deep acting and gives highly promising results.

 Top Homeopathic Medicines for Warts

 1.Thuja Occidentalis – Excellent homeopathic medicine to treat warts

Thuja Occidentalis is an excellent homeopathic medicine for warts. Warts that are seedy, large or pedunculated indicate the use of Thuja Occidentalis. It is helpful for treating wart arising on any body part. Skin dryness may also be there with warts. Thuja is also indicated when along with warts, skin is also sensitive to touch. It also comes among prominent homeopathic remedies for warts on the anogenital area.
2.Causticum – Homeopathy remedy for warts and skin tags
Causticum is very useful homeopathy remedy for warts and skin tags. It works very well in cases of warts that are large and jagged. Causticum is majorly useful for warts arising on face, lips, nose and eyelids. It also works wonders in treating warts on tips of finger. Causticum is also indicated in warts that are painful. Causticum is also helpful for treating pedunculated warts.
3.Nitric Acid – Homeopathic medicine for warts that bleed easily
Nitric Acid is an excellent homeopathic medici for  warts that bleed easily. Bleeding from warts may arise from touching or washing. Nitric Acid is also indicated for warts that are sensitive to touch. It also helps to treat warts that are attended with itching. Apart from this, warts with stinging or stitching pain are also effectively treated withNitric Acid.  
4. Dulcamara and Lycopodium Clavatum – Homeopathic Medicine for warts on face
Dulcamara and Lycopodium are helpful homeopathic medicines for warts on face. Dulcamara is wonderful medicine for wartson face that are large, flat or smooth in nature. Lycopodium is a medicine for warts on face that are small or pedunculated. Although Lycopodium Clavatum is a medicine for warts  on  any area but  it works wonders for treating warts on chin.
5.Causticum and Nitric Acid – Homeopathic medicine for warts on eyelid
Causticum is very useful homeopathic medicine for warts on eyelid, especially  seedy and large . In some cases warts on eyelids may be painful too. Causticum is also useful for warts that arise on the eyebrows. Nitric Acid is a homeopathic medicine for warts on eyelid that are large and jagged. They may be sensitive and also bleed easily.

  6.Antimonium Crudum and Silicea – Homeopathic remedies for warts on soles of feet (plantar warts)
Antimonium Crudum and Silicea are wonderful homeopathic remedies for warts on soles of feet known as plantar warts. Among them Antimonium Crudum is indicated for horny warts on soles. It also works well when corns and warts arise together on soles of feet. Feet may also very tender. Silicea is selected when warts on soles are attended with excessive sweating on feet.

7.Sepia and Causticum – Homeopathic medicine for warts on head

Sepia is a prominent homeopathic medicine for warts on head. Coldness on top of the head may be also be present. Hair fall with sensitivity of hair roots may also be present in some cases along with the warts. It also works well in warts that arise on the forehead. Causticum is an indicated homeopathic medicine for warts on head that are large. It is also indicated for warts on head that bleed easily.

8.Causticum and Dulcamara – Medicines for homeopathy treatment for warts on finger                                                                                                                                                                                 Causticum and Dulcamara offer best homeopathy treatment for warts on fingers. Causticum is successful for treating horny warts on fingers. Causticum is also suitable for warts on fingers that are close to nails – periungual warts. Dulcamara is used for homeopathy treatment for warts on fingers that are flat and smooth in nature. Dulcamara may also offer help for warts on palmar surface of hands.

 9. Sepia – Homeopathic medicine for warts and moles                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sepia is importnat homeopathic medicine for warts and moles. The person needing Sepia have moles and small, hard, seedy warts on face. The warts may be attended with itching. Yellow – brownish pigmentation on face may also be seen on face – mainly on nose and cheeks. In some cases black pores may also be present on face


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  1. Laxmi Mathu says:

    Hello, sir
    I ‘m Laxmi Mathur
    I Have lots of black spots(til) with warts (Colour black) on my face & body so please suggest me how can i remove it is there any homeopathy treatment ??


  2. J.S.Chauhan says:

    R/Sir ,

    I am suffering from one wart on back side of my head since May 2017 andwart arise day by day. At present I am using allopathy Salex/L solution twice in day.. Please suggest any medicine homeopathic for treatment for remove the wart.



  3. harish sharma says:

    sir ,

    i am suffering from warts on rt leg sole since may 2017.. at present I am taking antum crudun 30 and ferrum picricum.. 30.. but relief slightly.. one one big wart arise day by day.. please suggest any medicine homiyo treatment..


  4. Gulshan says:

    Sir I m having skin tag in my back and arm pits of nearly 1/2cm what median shall I take plz suggest

  5. sir, I have been given causticum 200 for 15 days for treating wart on face , I am also having some homeopathic medicine for rheumatoid arthritis. can I have both the medicines together or for arthritis medicine t be stopped

  6. vijay verma says:

    Meri Putri Ke Foot may angute may corn\warts hai kaun si homoeo medicine Use kare

  7. Kumar Chetry says:

    Doctor, I have skintag on my neck and armpits. Please suggest some medicine.

  8. Dr Sharma Ji
    Sharma ji thanks a lot helping people the way you do it it is BEST .
    Thanks so much

  9. Rajendra says:

    There are a few black warts on my head. Is there any homeopathic solution for this Pls suggest

  10. DR. B.SINGH says:

    I am a doctor from India. I am suffering from multiple patches of alopecia areata over beard area since 2 years.
    Also iam suffering from melasma over face and forehead since 10 years.Probably this is all due to stress.
    I am 45. I have no HTN/HBP, DM or any other medical ailment.
    DEAR SIR, IS THERE ANY PERMANENT TREATMENT for these ailments.Please help me.

    With warm regards

  11. Pritam Roy says:

    There are a few warts on my body. Is there any homeopathic solution for this disease?? Pla suggest

  12. SODHYAN SINGH says:

    I got warts on my both underarms and neck. Kindly suggest medicine with dose for me . My age is 59 years.

  13. Abhay Goel says:

    I got wart on my left underarm and left hip. Please suggest medicine with dosage for me my age is 37 years.

  14. Sir,
    My son is 12 years old. He got two warts- one on the cheek and the other on the eyelid. I feel that these are spread from me because I too have warts on my face. Now-a-days these warts are spreading quickly on my face. Please suggest medicine with dosage for both of us.

  15. Dear sir
    I have warts on my chin for more than 2 years. Despite of alleopathic treatment they appear. Can I use Lycopodium mother tincture mixed with Vaseline on this area.

  16. humayun says:

    I have warts in my mouth please suggest me medicine I am worried please help me I think hpv condylomata in my body

  17. QAMAR IQBAL says:

    Sir my son has some warts on forehead and some others on different body parts ,white headed and heard ,I have given him Antim Crud 30 at early this medicine gave some result but now it seems no effect on these warts,so please prescribe me the best medicine fr my son.

  18. Eshrak Ahmed says:

    Dear sir,
    I am a student (male). My age is 18 years. I am suffering from filiform warts on my scalp for about 3 years. There are about 7 warts on my scalp.

    Could you please suggest me regarding the treatment for the above?

    Kind regards

  19. any segesstion for oral warts please reply me

    • humayun says:

      I have warts since 2015 one warts is near to dis appear but some soft skin tag are appeared in the mouth I think this is condylomata please suggest me medicine

  20. Ambrish Kumar Garg says:

    Dear Sir

    From a couple of month a Warts/Mole/Massa has developed on my under arms and this caused to develop another Warts just near to it. kindly suggest me remedies for its removal and prevention of its re-occurence.

    Ambrish Kumar Garg


  21. p b chowdary says:

    Dear Sir

    From a couple of month a Warts/Mole/Massa has developed on my face. during shaving of the face sometimes it gets cut and this caused to develop another Warts just near to it. kindly suggest me remedies for its removal and prevention of its re-occurence.


  22. S. R. Mosalpuri says:

    Respected Sir,
    Numerous soft warts on back of my neck. Although no itching or pain. Kindly suggest a good treatment so that these warts can be removed at the earliest.
    S. R. Mosalpuri

  23. ch.wali muhammad says:

    pls tell me a sunstroke medicine thanks

  24. B.S. SARASWAT says:

    Dear Sir

    From a couple of month a Warts/Mole/Massa has developed on my face. during shaving of the face sometimes it gets cut and this caused to develop another Warts just near to it. kindly suggest me remedies for its removal and prevention of its re-occurence.

    B.S. Saraswat

    • chowdary p b says:

      Dear Sir

      From a couple of month a Warts/Mole/Massa has developed on my face. during shaving of the face sometimes it gets cut and this caused to develop another Warts just near to it. kindly suggest me remedies for its removal and prevention of its re-occurence.


  25. I want to know the treatment for hydradentis supratova .

  26. Joyeet ganguly says:

    Hello sir,
    I have got warts in my hand and in fingernails too.I have tried many medicines but they don’t worked.the warts seems to be seed wart in nature as it got black dotes in between.please advise me in your way and the doses required.

  27. Wt should b d potency n dose of thuja 1000 fr warts

  28. Sangeeta Kant says:

    My son has warts on his fingers and near the wrist. I have got these warts removed but I want to give him homeopathic medicine so that they don’t develop again. I have given him one dose of thuja 1M (4 drops in water). Do I need to repeat this dose and how frequently. Should I also give him some other medicines like causticum and dulcamara and what should be the required potency and dosage.

  29. Sudhir Kumar Mandal says:

    Warts on my neck and belly ,please tell me the treatment of warts.

  30. Neha bhatti says:

    I have 6-7 warts on top of my feet .I m taking homeopathic from 2 month but I found no result .how much time it will take get rid of warts

  31. Elisabeth Steiner says:

    I have lots and lots of different warts on neck, below breasts and in the face. I think Thuja would be my choice of remedy but I do not know about high potencies. Could you suggest how high a potency I should order? Thank you in advance.

    • Deepika says:

      i have notice today that i have tiny warts (4-5) on my neck area..i m also taking homyopathic medicin….i want to know how long homyopathic medicine take time to get rid of these warts..

  32. malavika nair says:

    Doctor i have more than 15 warts on my scalp.It has been more than 5 is speading everywhere on my ears and buttock.They are easily bleeding but those on the back of my neck is hard.what homeopathic medicine should i use?

  33. jill layson says:

    hello, i have one warts on my eyelid down parts of my eye. what medicine should i apply?hoping for your kind response.

    Thank you.

  34. i have moles of black color on my face i want to get rid of it as early as possible .can u suggest me any medicinw for it n how much time will it take?

  35. priyanka sharda says:

    i have moles of black color on my face i want to get rid of it as early as possible .can u suggest me any medicinw for it n how much time will it take?

  36. Dr. Alim Sayyed says:

    How to use Thuja?

  37. rajesh sharma says:

    Dear sir,
    i facing a dices es warts , we use many type medicine but no get relief,
    kindly suggest medicine for this for fast relief. .i am so troubling by this .


    sir, namaskar, during shaving on jaw area, it was cut & bleed, non stop bleed for 3 days, after taking antibiotics it started to heal but finally converted to a wart type fleshy small projected on my jaw area. during shaving it sometimes injured & bled & after healing again converts to wart again. about 7 months have been passed to the fomation of wart on my face, i tried garlicjuice applied to the face but only burnt the skin area not effective now how can i get cure from this, kindly suggest, what medicine should i take to get rid of this wart, what is the name of this wart?

  39. Isaq Patel says:

    Hello sir

    My son is 11 yrs old and he has warts on his feet feet so please could you describe something for that to remove without surgery???

  40. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My son has a long wart (like a toothbrush bristle) filiform kind beside his eyelid. I would appreciate if you can advise which medicine and what dose will be effective to remove this. Please note that I live in Canada and there is no homeopath in here. The only way is to apply surgical procedure.



  41. A.H.Mustafs says:

    How long it takes time to show effects of Thuja on warts palm and. How long for complete cure? I am using Thuja1 M. For that

  42. ajit kumar says:

    hi sir mere dono hath me bahut sare masse ho gaya hai ye 2 – 3 sal se hai aur badhte hi ja rha hai mai bahut presan ho gya hu plz sir isse permanently chhutkara pane ka dawa bataiye

  43. Shalu ratnani says:

    Mere arm par 4 5 masse h use hatane k liye koi medicine kab or Kaise leni h plz btaiye main bht pareshan hn in masso se…..

  44. Mohammad Taj says:

    Dear Dr Sharma.

    I read from your website with great interest. I myself have two problems for which I need your expert help. No.1. two three weeks ago it was found that my prostate has enlarged upto size 54. I don’t want to use English medicines as they have intense side effects. But there seems to be no good and trusted homoeopathic expert around.
    No2. At the left heel I had a crack which was cured with normal heel cream. But now a hard cluster have been developed at the spot and no ordinary medicine seem to work.
    Kindly suggest me such medicines able to completely cure my problems. I am 69 and writing to you with full hope and confidence.
    Kind regards.
    Mohammad Taj. Attock. Pakistan

  45. Dr I have skin tags on my neck. I have been using thuja one time a day. But cannot find any difference. I can’t use a loofah on my neck area during bath it hurts. Please help.

  46. Bhawana gupta says:

    Hey dr. I hv a wart on my eyebrow i wanna cut it buti hv a concern to get my eyebrow hair will back or not can u plz help me doctor?

  47. Tek Singh Bhat says:

    Please, I have 8 warts in my hand in different size. Please, doctor. I need your support as soon as possible. Among them, two warts are under nails. I am very terrible with them. Can I get any treatment through the homoeopathic sector? If yes Please give me the idea and if you can give me your gmail I will send photos of warts. From Nepal

  48. I am having small skin type warts on my face and neck In short type. In my cheek nearly 3 warts but In my neck more than 8 warts. It comes every week. I use natural remedies garlic, aloe vera but eventhough It was not falling. Now am taking hormonal imbalance tablet In homeopathy. I need any medicine to remove warts permantely.

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