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Treat your Genital warts – Homeopathic Medicines for Genital Warts

Persistent itching, pain or bleeding in the genitals on account of warts may signal a serious ailment and warrant exploring some medicines as a natural treatment for them. Genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease caused by human pappilloma virus (HPV). It is a highly contagious disease spread through direct skin-to-skin contact, usually during oral, genital or anal sex with an infected person. Genital warts may occur singly but, more often than not, appear in clusters. Their size may vary from 1-5 mm in diameter up to large masses in the genital or anal area. They may be hard or soft. The colour may be variable. Mostly genital warts cause no symptoms and remain silent. But they may cause itching, pain or bleeding. An outbreak of genital warts may trigger psychological distress, such as anxiety, in some people.

Talking of how medicines score over conventional treatment in treating genital warts, the biggest factor in their favour is that they promote the natural healing power of the human body to fight against the infection. They also ensure a recurrence of the genital infection in the future. Natural medicines are highly effective as they carry no risk of suppressing the disease or triggering any side-effects.

Homeopathic Medicines for Genital Warts

The most common treatment option available for genital warts is cauterisation. It is a very painful process. In addition to pain, this method does not guarantee that it will prevent the recurrence of genital warts. They are temporary measures and also carry the risk of permanent scarring. The only permanent way out to completely eradicate genital warts is found in the homeopathy. These medicines help in complete recovery from genital warts in the most harmless and gentle way.

Top-grade Homeopathic Medicines for Genital Warts

The highly recommended medicines for genital warts are Thuja, Nitricum acidum and Causticum. Thuja can be used for genital warts that appear in crops/clusters. Nitric Acid is considered mainly when the genital warts are large, jagged. They may be highly sensitive and painful. And Causticum is selected for the genital warts that bleed easily.

1. For Genital Warts in Males:

The highly effective medicines for genital warts in males are Sepia, Sarsaparilla and Nitric Acid. The first mentioned medicine Sepia works well for warts specifically surrounding the head of the penis. Next medicine Sarsaparilla is indicated for warts that cover the scrotum area. Itching is often complained of in the scrotum from warts. And the best medicine for treating genital warts, which are large, jagged, with irregular edges and very sensitive to touch, is Nitricum Acid.

2. For Genital Warts in Females:

The most prominently indicated medicines for genital warts in females are Calendula, Merc Sol and Medorrhinum. Calendula is indicated when genital warts are present on the cervix area. Next medicine Merc Sol gives excellent results for genital warts when they appear on the vagina. Itching and burning may be accompanied. Cold washings are soothing. And Medorrhinum is one of the best anti- sycotic medicines for treating genital warts. Medorrhinum is used when offensive, acrid vaginal discharges accompany warts on the genitalia.

3. For Genital Warts with Itching:

Some valuable medicines for genital warts with itching are Nitric Acid, Sepia and Natrum Sulph. Nitric acid is used for itching in the genital warts that are large, jagged or pedunculated. Sepia is a good choice of medicine for itching in genital warts that are small and flat. And Natrum Sulph gives good results when itching in genital warts appear specifically while undressing.

4. For Painful Genital Warts:

The highly recommended medicines for genital warts that are painful include Nitric Acid and Thuja. Nitric Acid gives excellent results in painful genital warts that are large and jagged. The pain may be of varying character. The pain varies from stinging, shooting, pricking to splinter-like pains. Next medicine Thuja is considered for painful genital warts that appear in groups or crops. Pain is mainly of burning nature. The warts are also highly sensitive to touch.

5. For Genital Warts that Bleed:

Causticum and Nitric Acid are top-grade medicines for genital warts that bleed. Causticum is indicated for large, jagged warts that bleed very easily. Nitric Acid is an excellent medicine when genital warts bleed often from touching or washing. The warts may be painful and very sensitive to touch.

6. For Flat Genital Warts:

The prominent medicines for genital warts that are pedunculated are Causticum and Nitric Acid.  And useful medicines for genital warts that are flat include Dulcamara and Sepia.


  •  Avoid having sex with an infected person from human pappilloma virus (HPV)
  • Use of condoms while having intercourse reduces the risk of transmission of infection from infected partner to the healthy one.

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  1. vinay kumar says:

    My name is Vinay Kumar i m from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh my life is completely ruined after i came to know i have HPV and have developed genital warts i had sex with my wife and after few weeks observed bumps on my penis i am so afraid and worried i am into panic stage and dont know what to do my wife is also not aware of this and i dont want to discuss this with her bcz this myt cause problems in our relation

  2. Suraj kumar saw says:

    4 sal se hame genital wart hai. Or hamne bahut ilaj karwaya, sabhi warts khatam ho gaya hai par ling me abhi bhi khujali hota hai. Sir hame kon si dawa ka upyog karna chahiye ?
    Meri wife ki yoni me bhi genital wart ho gaya tha, sabhi wart khatam ho gaya per khujali abji bhi hota hai. Sir please hame dawa bataye.. homeopathy me

  3. Manoj kumar says:

    Sir Some warts started appearing around the head of the penis under the skin ..though not painful and not sensitive to touch like a cluster. What medicine should I use please help.

  4. Mustafa says:

    My name is mustafa i m from hyderabad is completely ruined after i came to k ow i ha e HPV and have devwloped genital warts i had sex with my qife and after few weeks observed bumps on my penis i am so afraid and worried i am into panic stage and dont know what to do my wife is also not aware of this and i dont want to discuss this with her bcz this myt cause problems in our relation

    Please advice what should i do

  5. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am suffering from multiple Warts on my scrotum for past several years, my scrotum is always itchy and bleeds after itching the skrotum skin. Itching increase with hot and cold as well.All warts are in different sizes.
    I have problem of uric acid its 8.2 and my LDL(136mg/100ml) and triglycerides(205mg/100ml) levels are also high. Please advice the right Homeopatic medicines form me.

  6. Sir.
    I am suffer from gum wart can you give me advise sir

  7. Dear doctor, I feel I have warts on my body it’s like 6to 8 in very small shape above the shaft of pen ice . Am really worried. De weather it can be cured completely plz guid me the way.

  8. Dear doctor, I feel I have warts on my body it’s like 6to 8 in very small shape above the shaft of pen ice . Am really worried. De weather it can be cured completely plz guid me the way.
    Mobile :0505734350 dubai

  9. Manoj Choudhary says:

    Sir mujhe genital warts h or m last two months se thuja 30 or Red 88 use kar raha hu but koi fark nhi h plz gide me

  10. Miruna Margarit says:


    For genital warts in males you mention Sarsaparilla and Nitric acid. My qwestion is under what form? In my country (The Netherlands) i can only find it as a tincture. Do you have to drink it or apply it on the warts?

  11. Rk pandit says:

    Hallo doctor can I use thuja cream for genital warts in penile shaft.plz suggest

  12. Sir my name is zain. I have genital black warts on right side of scrotum. I have treatment with two times laser and one time cautrization.but pain and some time bleeding continue.plz tel me homeopathy mdcines for this

  13. Sir, mera anal side main warts nikal aya hai…. mera age 24 hai .. kya karu kuch samjh mai nahi aya

  14. pankaj jain says:


    I am suffering from warts on my face and head.Recently i have seen a cluster of bumps appear in my entire genital area around the thighs.Please advise a proper medicine

  15. I have persistent itching around the genital area and the thigh edges connecting them. The itching is on the scrotum, the thigh edges and pubic hair regions. Also, I sometimes develop white patches on the skin of my penis. I have not come in sexual contact with anyone till date. I’m 26. I’ll be glad if you could help me with this issue.

  16. dr.kazi mahboob hossain says:

    Welcome. Wising you healthy life & become the best in your field. Wising you live long. Thanks for sharing. If you allow me to call you later, I feel proud. Please let me know your personal cell number &when you are available? Thanks for your beautiful mentality,

  17. I am Jewel (50) from Dhaka , Bangladesh. Last 4 years I have warts in my sexual area it’s total 14-19. Some are big . Two of the warts are in the joint of penis . One weak ago first I know that its are viral warts by a Skin specialist in Singapur .Doctor give a Bactoban Oinment & treated them by nitrogen spray . Most of the Warts (12) are gone but near the penis (2+4) =6 are not going . It’s itching & painful with red colour .
    Pls suggest me the medicine for this type of my problems.
    Thanks & waiting for your reaply asap .
    Nawabpur, Dhaka-1100

  18. Dr.nusrat rana says:

    Warts and moles are my issue.please help

  19. Arwind Sharma says:

    Hello ma’am/ Sir

    It’s been 4/5 months since I am noticing theses itchy bumps on my scrotum
    I have tried so many things but nothing much happened
    I have some faith in Ayurveda and homeopathy

    Pls help me

  20. How i can cure warts on penis skin

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