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Weather Changes and homeopathy

Weather Changes and Homeopathy

439305754_8d2dd3200b_mUsually when winters say goodbye, it announces the advent of a warm pleasant spring season. But unfortunately, this weather is not so pleasant for all. For people who are ?weather sensitive? this is a time that they dread, because this changing weather means that their problems are going to be back. To name a few – Allergies, migraines, asthma, mood disorders, rheumatic disorders and skin problems are the ones that show a great tendency to be triggered by or aggravated by weather changes.

Strangely these conditions tend to occur more in such weather sensitive individuals when the weather is changing from one season to another.

For example, it is commonly seen that respiratory allergies aggravate either

during the change from hot to cold or during the change from cold to hot weather. They settle down once the weather has also got settled. March to April and September to October are the worst period during the year.

Then there are the worst of the weather sensitive individuals. These are the ones that are sensitive to the least change. So much so that cannot endure the normal changes of in the day time. They can have strong symptoms coming up at a period during the day due to change in temperature and vanishing within few hours. Simple activities like moving out from a car into open air or even from a room into an open air or vice versa can trigger or aggravate the symptoms. They can be okay one minute and running down with strong symptoms of cold and runny nose the other minute.

Although it may a sound funny and astounding but there are people who can predict rain as accurate as a meteorologist by the condition of the pain in their joints. For those who suffer from rheumatic and joint disorders there are a set of individuals that respond to a very strange change in weather. Their condition aggravates in cloudy weather when the sky is overcast with clouds.

Now the two big questions why does this happen and is their any solution to it?

The answer to the first part is that the medical science is not clearly able to explain all the different reactions occurring due to weather variations. Changes in the atmospheric pressure around us, changes in levels of electromagnetism are few of the possible explanation that seems to fit in.

But one of the biggest factors is that we have started to live in very secure and controlled environment which has rendered our body weak to handle variations in the atmosphere. In other words we have by adding things like heaters and air conditioners and coolers etc made our body less trained to handle weather shocks.

Now the answer to second part, an effective solution lies with Homoeopathic system of medicine. There are different medicines that are there for every change of weather. For example homoeopathic medicine Allium Cepa is very effective for those who see an increase of nasal allergies when weather is changing from cold to hot; Rhododendron when the rheumatic symptoms aggravate during or before the cloudy weather. Homoeopathy understands and treats weather sensitive people according to their individual’s symptoms. For example homoeopathic Medicine prescribed to an individual who suffers from an increase of symptoms from coming out into open air from a warm room would be different from an individual whose condition gets aggravated from walking into a warm room from open air .This is what is called as ?high degree of individualization? and this what gives homoeopathy a strong edge over the conventional system in dealing with such disorder.

This feature ( authored by Dr. Vikas Sharma ) was earlier published in The Tribune(north India?s largest circulated daily newspaper). Dr. Vikas Sharma is regular Homeopathic columnist for The Tribune.You can mail him at

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  1. The info above is wonderful. However, it would be great to give some homeopathic suggestions for these rather interesting symptoms. As for me….I can tell there will be a change in weather before it happens. I get so sore in my joints from L-4/5 in spine to my knees that it’s hard to get out of chairs, turn in bed or walk. I already have arthritis and illiotibial band syndrome. Howver, the predictions my body makes just adds more pain. After the weather stabilizes in whatever weather it is– like for instance, we got horrible winds after it rained. I was already hurting from the rainy weather coming on and then my body got worse because it was going to be very windy. Then my body adjusted to the wind and the extra pain stopped. Basically, in a nutshell, my body is a predictor of weather change and brings on horrible, debilitating pain adding to the pain I already feel from arthritis and illiotibal band syndrome. Oh yes and by the way, I have combed the internet and found only one lady who talked about Illiiotibial Band Syndrome but it was for the right side and she used Bronia. It worked like some kind of miracle cure. That remedy doesn’t work for me. the side most affected is the left. I really need a remedy that will treat the wather predictor in my body and the Illiotibial Band Syndrome.

  2. Beth Emms says:

    Every fall as the weather drops below ten degrees outside my symptoms begin; so this is in the evening and continues to worsen as the temperature drops. The floors are cold and my feet and ankles begin to burn; feels like rheumatism. We have a gas furnace that blows through the vents on occasion. I feel chilled and put on extra clothes. My husband is warm blooded and feels fine. I start to sweat on the back of my neck and on my chest especially when under the blankets. I feel every draft. I end up changing pyjamas at least three times due to the cold sweats and wake exhausted. Can you help?

  3. k v kalyana chakravarthy says:

    hi doctor sharma
    my name is kalyan and my daughter aged 17 now had a serious problem with weight gain and slightly black neck with poly cystic overian syndrome. she even witnessed knee pain and some body pains and after use of some homopathic medicines knee pains gone and now the problem is that she is not menstruating right from her first menses. irregular menses say sometimes for 3 months or sometimes 5 months but not more than that. During the treatment with medorrihnnum 0/1 liquid doses (only one pill in 4 ounces of water with 30 drops of alchohol. only used one time) she profusely bled for 25 days one time and after resumed normal then liquid dose started again after 7 days another 15 days but not as aggressively as 1st time. we stopped medicine.
    once we used pulsatill 30 one pill in liquied doses and after that there was some improvement in her complexion indicating disease is curing but suddenly development stopped and blackness of the neck is returned. and she was very nice complextion once now turned black in face and body and over weight.

    during the 1 year of her life when she was infant she developed serious brochinal cough for about 2 to 3 months later on it was cured by some allopathic medicine. her face is swollen. she likes to be in cold weather. very quiet girl since childhood. and works very hard and get good marks in school college also. very hard working. and very timid girl. startles if something suddenly comes like people comes suddenly from corner. or suddent sound also startles her.

    during childhood she was scared due to serious scuffle between me and my wife where things are precipitated to such an extent to get into big altercations. she used to cry and beg when she was 7 years to 10 years old. she became quiet and shy. she is always lonely in her room. and enjoys music. doesnt have any inclination for sexual impulses. after this cough suppressed all problems started.

    now especially she leads very sedentary life because of weight of75 kg. at the age of 17. but height 5.11 feet. she had rough dotty black skin at elbow and knee.

    father is diabetic and no verneral infections he was subject to sofar. Mother has some wandering pains problem in small joints with vericose veins.

    what was realised is that pulsatilla only worked for girl for sometime but something was obstructing ther cure. now things are getting worse with her with some thin endometric wall thickness.

    she got checked up for pth hormone which is high 600 pg/ml but ionised calcium is low with 4.05 mg/dl and vitamin d is very low almost nil to say 4.29miu/ml and serum calcium 9.2 mg/dl, and serum phosphorous 2.0 mg/dl, high alkaline phosphates 400 u/l

    she is equally gets anger for small things when somebody slightly scolds or say no to her. she immediately cries when scolds. out side she is very sweet. good with children.

    in school everybody says so far they have not seen a child so disciplined and so respectful

    please advice me
    kalyan from bengaluru

  4. Hi Doctor,

    I am sachin 35 years old. 6 years ago I took the treatment for Asthma. After that continuously during the weather change I suffering Cough, Cold, redness, rubbing in My eyes for 1-2 months. Normal medicine were not working until did not take any steroids medicine. I took those till 2013. From Last year I have started the Homeopathic treatment and toll Hyper sufl, Cali Bi, Ant, Silica, Sticta and other but did not get relief. From Last year My Eyes become too red and at too much discharge coming in my eyes. The new problem is the discharge is coming in thread form so I need to pull one by one from Eyes as stick inside the eyes. If I am rubbing the Eyes too much the sticky water is coming form eyes so not able see until not washing the eyes.

    Kindly help and advice as the problem is again started few days back

  5. Misbah Khan says:

    I stay in mumbai.n here there is evrybody complaing of diarrhoea n vomit since the rain had occur.why sch things happn during a weathr chng?can u plz help me out by suggestng some remedies wch can hlp me to look aftr my famly n frnds during sch crisis…plz do help

  6. Nitin Narula says:

    Hi Sir
    Kindly tell some Homeopathic Medicine which increases resistance to cold weather and prevents us from shivering. Basically the best medicine to keep the body warm in winters.


    Dear Dr. Sharma;

    I have a curious situation every winter (I live in Canada). When the cold weather comes on I get a kind of ‘malaise’. It’s as if I’m getting a cold or the flu but I’m not. My body feels lethargic (although mentally/emotionally I’m fine). I feel sluggish like I’m getting sick but I don’t get sick. This has only been happening the last few years since I spent many years away on the west coast where it’s warmer. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you,

  8. Cathy Osborn says:

    Hello, I read your article on weather changes. I need to know if there is a remedy or more for March-April and August-October when I feel the worst. The finally sun comes out here in Seattle, Washington, USA, and I am in bed most of these months. The temperature rarely exceeds 70 F. Then we have cloudy rainy days in the winter where it drizzles all day and I ache all over and am irritable and lethargic. I cannot get anything done. Mostly I sleep. I must tell you I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But I work and do pretty good. I feel good in wintertime if it is dry and sunny unless I catch the flu. Spring, cloudy days and late summer are horrible. Are there any remedies? Thank you

    • Christina Fix says:

      Hello, I read your article on weather changes and headaches etc.. I need to know if there is a remedy or more for the winter months December-April-when I feel the worst. I’ve a pressing “cold and icy” headache in windy, before stormy and rainy weather (sometimes in the summer as well if it’s a cool summer!). The head is pounding when I lay down to sleep, and I have a “buzzing” sound in my head, and my neck, shoulders and head feel “heavy” and I “shake” and my skin feels numb. I’ve had my right sphenoid sinus operated on (it was impacted!) some years ago, and I thought the impaction was the problem, as I’ve had had the impaction for a long time. The “walls” were 10 times as thick as the left sphenoid sinus walls. Hopeful for an answer! Thank you!

  9. Avtar Singh Gill says:

    it is mentioned above,please.

  10. Avtar Singh Gill says:

    I feel to urinate if I go from cold to Hot / Warm place or otherewise, in any season. I am having this trouble since 30 years. I do do not feel thirst at any time. I am 81 years old & have 135 pounds of weight. Thanks.

  11. Hello Sir,
    I have been suffering from nasal allergies for the past one year. My office is air conditioned and outside is very hot. Every day iam travelling 70 km in bike . Every day early morinig i used to get up with heavy cough and sneeze ,running nose etc
    I dont know what is the exact cause for all these .Iam taking some homeopathic medicines but nothing is effective.What should i do?

  12. Deepak Kothari says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My age is 25 years and since puberty i’m suffering from cold feet and hands in winters and heavy perspiration during summers. Also, my palm skin disrupts and changes ( just like a snake) during any weather change. All this is accompanied with hair fall. I’ll be very much grateful if You could help me out.

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