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Enlarged Adenoids

Enlarged Adenoids
Is your child getting recurrent ear and sinus infections? Is your child snoring in the night? Has his voice changed? Is he breathing more from the mouth? If yes ,then chances are that your child has enlarged adenoids. Enlarged adenoids in kids can be a big problem and can affect their health in more than one way. Homeopathy has a very effective solution in treating enlarged adenoids and effectively saves them from the surgeon’s knife.
Adenoids are lymphoid tissue lying in the back part of the nose (nasopharynx). It is similar to the tonsil tissue which are present in our throat and guard are swallowing passage
Both the adenoid and tonsils are a part of the defense system of our body and produce defense cells that kill bacteria or viruses that we breathe or swallow. In simple words they act like guards for our breathing and swallowing passages. Tonsil in Children can be easily seen in an open mouth; whereas the Adenoids are very difficult to see directly and are usually detected with the x-ray. Both tonsils and Adenoids tend to get enlarged whenever they get infected but return to their normal state after the infection is over in few days. However if the infections are more frequent or chronic, the adenoids tend to stay enlarged.
The most common symptoms in kids who have enlarged adenoids are – difficulty in breathing through the nose, Snoring, mouth breathing (which is mostly present at night); if present during the day, it usually indicates severe enlargement of adenoids. Change in the voice is another very important sign of enlarged adenoids. Kids with enlarged adenoids usually have a pinched nose kind of voice. The most worrisome symptom of enlarged adenoids is ‘sleep apnea’. This means that the child goes without breathing for few seconds; this occurs along with snoring. These apnea periods can occur many times during the night resulting in a restless sleep and low oxygen levels. One of the major fallout of this kind of sleep disturbance is that child will feel sleepy during the day and can have difficulty in concentration. Dry mouth and bad breath are also present in kids who have enlarged adenoids. Another major way in which the enlarged adenoids affect kids is that they predispose them towards recurrent ear, throat and sinus infections. Middle ear infections are very common in kids with enlarged adenoids.
Homeopathic Philosophy clearly believes that adenoids and tonsils should be, as far as possible, saved from surgery. These tissues are a part of our body’s indigenous defense system and removing them would further render our body towards more infections. Long term treatment of enlarged adenoids with homeopathic medicines has excellent results in reducing the size of enlarged adenoids and treating its associated symptoms. Homeopathic medicines Agraphis Nutans and Calcarea Carb can work wonders in kids with enlarged adenoids .Along with these medicines , Kids with symptoms of recurrent ear, throat and sinus symptoms may at need different homeopathic medicines according to their symptoms

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  1. Nicole martinez says:

    My son doctor told me he has enlarge adenoids and enlarge tonsils and he’s always getting nasal congestion and ear infection and I need hlep he’s only 4 years old .

  2. Venkata Manasa says:


    My Son is 5 years old and has developed enlarged Tonsils and Adenoids. The symptoms are exactly matching as mentioned above. He’s breathing with mouth almost all night and not gaining any weight (is it because of breathing issue?) Some days feels like he’s doing good but not most of the time. Can he eat curd and drink Milk?

    Doctors have advised about surgery. Can it will cure by Homeopathy ? May I know how long it will take?

    Please advise me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. vikash sharma says:

    My daughter is 4 years old and has developed enlarged adenoids.

    Doctors have advised about surgery. Is there any way, the surgery may be avoided.

    Vikash Sharma

  4. Chikwendu Michael says:

    My son has difficulty breathing during night honours

  5. Indermohan Sahni says:

    My grand son breaths from mouth. Alopath Dr has recommended surgery. Fo you have homeopathic treatment sure shot.

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