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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for blood in Stool

Homeopathic Remedies For Blood in Stool Blood in stool or poop should trigger an instant alarm and must be taken seriously. Blood in stool usually is a result of bleeding from any part of the gastro-intestinal tract. When the origin of blood in stool is from the upper gastro-intestinal tract, it is dark or black in colour and is called Melaena. When the blood in stool is bright red in colour, it indicates a lower gastro-intestinal origin. The main causes behind blood in stool are piles, anal fissures, Ulcerative Colitis, dysentery, peptic ulcer and gastro-intestinal cancer. The Homeopathy remedies for blood in stool not only controls bleeding appearing in the stool, but also effectively tackle the underlying cause. The Homeopathy treatment for blood in stool is safe with no side effects as these remedies are made of completely natural substances.  homeopathic remedies for blood in stool

Homeopathic Remedies for Blood in Stool

The natural medicines act as very powerful anti-hemorrhagic agents to control bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract appearing in the stool. The Homeopathy remedies are of great help in tackling blood in stool. The first and foremost aim of medicines is to halt active bleeding in the stool. The second aim is the treatment of the underlying cause leading to blood in stool. The Homeopathy mode of treatment has zero side effects and is completely safe. Phosphorus, Nitric Acid, Hamamelis, Nux Vomica, Collinsonia, Merc Cor and Merc Sol are the top remedies for blood in stool. 

1. Phosphorus and Nitric Acid: For Bright Red Blood in Stool

Both Phosphorus and Nitric Acid are top natural medicines for treating blood in stool when it is bright red in colour. Phosphorus acts as the best anti-haemorrhagic remedy when the stool contains red blood with loose stool. Phosphorus is a very effective remedy when the bleeding is very profuse bright red and the stool is also very offensive. Extreme exhaustion follows bleeding. The person needing Phosphorus may have a desire for cold drinks, ice creams or juicy things along with blood in the stool. Nitric Acid is the ideal remedy when the blood in stool is bright red and constipation is dominant. Along with blood in stool, the patient also experiences violent pains in the rectum. Nitric Acid is the best remedy for blood in stool due to anal fissures. For using Nitric Acid also, the bleeding in the stool is profuse.

2. Hamamelis: For Dark Black Blood in Stool

The best natural medicine for treating dark blood in stool is Hamamelis. Along with bleeding, there is a sensation of burning in anus. The important feature with blood in stool is utmost weakness. The bleeding is very profuse and the cause can be piles, ulcers of intestine or fissures or dysentery. A few patients needing Hamamelis may also have a severe backache along with bleeding in stool.

3. Nux Vomica: For Blood in Stool with Frequent urge to Pass Stool

Nux Vomica is the top natural remedy for blood in stool along with a frequent desire to pass stool. The stool passed is small in quantity and the desire to pass stool is almost constant with blood in stool. Another feature that can be present is cramps in abdomen along with frequent stools with blood. The cramps get temporarily better after passing stool but are soon renewed. Nux Vomica is also a remedy of great help when taking spicy food or stimulants like alcohol and coffee worsens the condition of blood in stool. Along with these symptoms is a marked chilliness.

4. Top Remedies for Blood in Stool due to Piles (Haemorrhoids)

Piles refers to a medical condition of congested veins around the anal canal, leading to difficulty in passing stool. Piles may or may not cause bleeding with stool. Natural medicines Nux Vomica, Collinsonia and Phosphorus are all very beneficial medicines to treat blood in stool due to piles. Nux Vomica is recommended when stool is constipated and bloody in piles condition. The constipation is characterised by a frequent desire to pass stool with only little passage. The desire is almost constant and stool is unsatisfactory. Collinsonia is the ideal remedy when severe pain in the rectum accompanies bloody stool in piles condition. For using Collinsonia, there is a specific feeling of sharp sticks filling the rectum. Here also the stool is constipated but there is no frequent desire to pass stool. The stool is mainly very dry for using Collinsonia. Itching in anus may also be felt. Phosphorus is the best remedy when bright red blood in stool is present with utmost exhausted feeling. The stool is generally not constipated but is very offensive.

5. For Blood in Stool due to Anal Fissure

In case of anal fissure, tears appearin the anus with pain and bleeding while passing stool. The top natural medicines for treating blood in stool due to anal fissure are Nitric Acid, Phosphorus and Alumen. Nitric Acid is of great help for the treatment of blood in stool due to anal fissure along with violent sharp stitching pains in the anus. The pains are present while passing stool and may continue for hours after passing stool. Phosphorus is the ideal medicine when bleeding in stool due to fissure is profuse and typically bright red in colour. Alumen is the remedy prescribed when constipation of the worst kind accompanies bleeding in stool due to fissures. Here pain and itching in anus also appearwith bleeding.

6. Top Medicines for Blood in Stool due to Dysentery

Dysentery is a condition where a person passes loose stool containing blood and mucus. Along with these, pain in abdomen and Tenesmus also appear. Tenesmus is a condition where there is a persistent desire to pass stool. The natural medicines that are very beneficial for treating blood in stool due to dysentery are Nux Vomica, Merc Cor and Merc Sol. Nux Vomica can be taken in all those cases of bloody stool in dysentery when Tenesmus predominates. Here the person has an ineffectual desire to pass stool. The stool passed is small in quantity and the desire to pass stool is almost constant. Pain in the abdomen also appears which is relieved for a very short time following passage of stool, but only to be renewed shortly after. Merc Cor is the best remedy when the stool is hot, bloody along with slimy mucus. The stool is offensive and the desire to pass stool is persistent. Merc Sol, on the other hand, is the most appropriate medicine when blood in stool and Tenesmus get worse at night. The patient can even faint and a few may also have a chilly sensation after passing stool.

Best Remedies for blood in stool due to Ulcerative Colitis

The medicines Merc Sol, Hamamelis and Nux Vomica are considered the best natural remedies for bloody stool due to Ulcerative Colitis. Merc Sol is the ideal remedy for blood in stool with chilliness. Here bleeding is worse at night. Abdominal colic with unsatisfactory stool is also present. Hamamelis is the top remedy when the blood in stool is dark coloured, and utmost weakness accompanies. Nux Vomica works best when Tenesmus with blood in stool is the main complaint. The person needing Nux Vomica has a frequent urge to pass stool, which is insufficient and unsatisfactory.

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  1. Sandra Williams says:

    I have had black tary stool and now I have black hard stool. The pain is aweful and I am very dizzy. Can you help?

  2. M.Jayadithya Praneeth says:

    I am suffering from getting blood after pooping the stool. Some drops of blood like around 5 drops only after complete excretion of stool. Even, I am not getting hard stools. There is pain in the anus and there is no frequent urge to pass stool. I just started noticing this issue after 2 days of eating heavily spiced food in home. It is been 6 days I started noticing blood in my stools and observed blood 4 times.
    Please help with my condition.

    • I am 74 yrs old. My current chief complaint, aside of fecal incontinence, is black stools that started appearing yesterday. No abdominal pain is present . Did not eat anything black in color. Is there a remedy for this complaint & should I be concerned that it might be something serious?

  3. Shijiimon says:

    Black stool,, stomach pain

  4. Rabindra Nath Biswas says:

    I am suffering from high pressure due to anxiety and tension. Now what can I do?

  5. Vaishali Arora says:

    MY brother has been advised endoscopy and colonoscopy post the occult test with blood in stool. He lost weight ..about 8kgs. in the past 5-6 months. there has been only this symptom so far .

  6. Kari Olson says:

    My dog had surgery on his right knee 3 weeks ago. A week ago he tore the other knee and was in additional pain. He was already on Metacam and Gabapentin, and then was prescribed Codeine. The morning after the first dose he had diarrhea. Then followed a couple days of constipation. Then again diarrhea with bright blood in the stool. Sometimes it’s just blood. He wouldn’t eat yesterday, but very early morning I boiled his normally raw food in water, then added pumpkin, and he ate that. (Note he was not able to take any meds, his antibiotic or supplements yesterday, either). He had more for breakfast with his probiotic. His holistic vet said to take him off the codeine and give Nux Vomica. He has had several doses with no change. Is this what you would recommend? How often should I dose him? Vet said two pellets per dose.

  7. Rosee Uttal-Duffy says:

    Can several homeopathic remedies be taken at the same time.
    Thank you.

  8. I have know pain and I go too the bathroom normal but there is blood in the stool,it started out a little tho could see in my stool then over time it is more maroon color i am a drinker have cut back lot just resently,please suggest the best the best medicine and strength also foods

  9. Sankar Roy Maulik says:

    My mother is suffering from loss of blood due to intestinal rupture.
    Colour of the stool is black.
    Is there any way to stop the bleeding ?

  10. Diagnosed with mild -moderate left side UC during a fierce flare 4 years ago. Usually bleeding and other symptoms resolve completely and then for over a year when on a good/ the right probiotic. Right now I have been experiencing a mild flare, little to no urgency, but always bleeding and passing liquid before passing normal size, color, shape stool. Lots of gas—especially at night.

    Curious as to the best homeopathic remedies to alleviate and let this area heal. Oddly, my skin, bones, other body parts heal amazingly quickly and I eat an organic diet of all foods except dairy and cant tolerate yogurt.

    Thank you

  11. After craving and ingesting 1 grapefruit and three glasses of grapefruit juice I felt rumbling. Now loose bloody stools with what looks to be clots or mucous.
    Feel very tired – have been for uitenaoemtime but worse in past week.
    Bowel feels slightly irritated gurgling off and on with periodic urge to evacuate but no pain.
    Blood in toilet is bright red .. stool loose and dark brown.
    Prior to this normal color
    History of internal hemorrhoids.
    Just took Arnica and Ignatia Amara as I am quite worried.
    Would like to try Homeopathiy first as I am opposed to Western Medical barbarism having had my share of medical trauma
    Please can you recommend remedies. I am in NYC
    Thank you

  12. hello Dr.

    I am a kidney transplant person.and on immunosupressive drug and steroid since 2013.

    recently,aprox 10 days ago ,I got black dry stool with whenever little abdominal pain.
    there is reflux too.

  13. Rajesh Sharma says:

    Passing initial stool with difficulty&some blood after recovered from covid.

  14. Hi. How much of Nux Vomica would you recommend to treat bleeding in the stool? I see that it comes in 6x, 12x, 40x and so on. Also are pellets or liquid of Nux Vomica better for the condition? Thanks very much.

  15. Good evening Dr,
    My Father complains of rebleeding in tge stools. It was diagnosed as upper Gastro Intestinal bleeding. About 4 months ago he had cramps, pitch datk vomitting and pitch dark stools. Now whenever he complains of change in tge stools, it is dark black and has abdominal pain and at times becomes unconscious in the night times for a few seconds. Endoscopy cannot be done because of his age ( 88).

  16. Dr Sharma Garu,
    My Mother , age 68, She is having motion problem she took tablets in the night then only she will get motion.she is suffering from Black stool and burning sensation. Please suggest the remedy Dr.

  17. Dr D Bandyopadhyay says:

    My mother is diabetic for 50 yrs. Since 2015 Dec she is in dialysis. 2 to 3 times weekly. Now heparin free. Having blood in stool for last 6 months. Had 32 bottles of O-ve blood transfusions. Gradually deteriorating health. Request you for any remedy if possible. Pitch like dark blood stools 4 to 6 times daily. Very very foul smell. Already tried Leptendra 30, Carbo veg 30, Nux 30 intermittent. Regards. From Kolkata.

  18. Juri sarkar says:

    My son is 11 years old. Whenever he goes to the toilet blood comes out along with stool.


    Sir, due to alcohol abuse for a few days, I am suffering from diarrhoea with black and tarry stool for 4 to 5 days. I am not sure whether the black colour is due to blood. Now I have stopped taking alcohol completely. Please suggest the best medicine with strength and dosage so that my stool becomes normal as before.

    • Debbie shappee says:

      I have know pain and I go too the bathroom normal but there is blood in the stool,it started out a little tho could see in my stool then over time it is more maroon color i am a drinker have cut back lot just resently,please suggest the best the best medicine and strength also foods i should be eating thank you

      • Amit mehta says:

        My mother is 80 years and suddenly after her cardia arrest with the blood thinners she started getting black or dark red stool. After the investigation we have come to know that she has got adinocarcinoma in stomach. Only concern is how to stop bleeding as she is becoming aneamic with low haemoglobin

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