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5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Rectal Prolapse

Though not a debilitating disease, rectal prolapse can throw life out of gear for a person by virtue of the fact that it entails the falling down of a part of the rectum from its normal position. Homeopathic Treatment can be effective in assuaging the discharge and discomfort resulting from rectal prolapse without the fear of side-effects. Homeopathic remedies for rectal prolapse go to the root of the problem and cure the underlying causes of this condition.  homeopathic medicines for rectal prolapse

Symptoms of Prolapse Rectum

A person suffering from this condition manifests a couple of symptoms, ranging from discomfort and pain in the rectal region; mucoid discharges from the anus and bleeding from the rectum to fecal incontinence and difficulty in passing stools.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Rectal Prolapse

I feel the homeopathic system of medicine can work wonders in curing prolapsed rectum since it is natural and non-toxic compared to other treatments as its remedies are culled from Nature. Podophyllum, Ignatia, Aesculus, Hydrastis, are the top remedies.

1. Podophyllum: When Rectum Prolapse Occurs while Passing Stool

I find podophyllum to be one of the most frequently indicated remedies in cases of a prolapsed rectum. The rectum may get prolapsed either before or during the passing of stools. There may be a sore pain in the anus. Podophyllum may be prescribed in children with complaints of prolapse of the rectum. Proper inquiry generally reveals that there is a history of chronic constipation.  All the symptoms are associated with a weakness in the abdomen and anus. There may be constant anxiety due to the pain in the anus. The prolapsed part of the rectum may remain protruded for a long time, particularly in children.

2. Ignatia: When Rectum Prolapse Occurs Even with Soft Stool

Ignatia is also a very good remedy for prolapsed rectum. Ignatia may be prescribed when the parts protrude with soft stools and remain intact with hard stools. The pain may be sharp and shooting in nature. The pain radiates upwards and may get worse after passing stools. The pain subsides considerably when the patient is in a sitting posture. There may be a tight, constrictive feeling around the opening of the anus. Ignatia may be given when there is a constant pressure as if some sharp instrument was protruding from the rectum into the anus. All complaints get aggravated in the mornings, after eating food, and on getting warmth. The patient feels better by changing the posture and when he is in a sitting posture.

3. Ruta Graveolens: Prolapse occurs After Straining or after Delivery

This remedy is very well indicated in cases of a prolapsed rectum. Ruta may be particularly prescribed in cases which occur due to complications after childbirth. The stools may be constipated and can be passed only with great straining and difficulty. Sitting is the worst position because it makes the pain get worse. The pain sensation is as if the rectum and anus are being pricked with sticks. Some part of the rectum comes down the anus each time when the stools are passed. Ruta may be given when there is protrusion of the rectum during an attempt to bend or stoop forward. Winters are the worst time for the patients as the pains become unbearable.

4. Aesculus: When Rectal Prolapse is Due to Chronic Piles

Aesculius hippo is a remedy known for its remarkable results on the anus and rectum. It may be prescribed in persons suffering from chronic piles leading to a prolapsed rectum. The sensation of pain is that of the rectum being filled with sticks. There may be intense burning pain in the anus which radiates up to the back. I feel Aesculus is also suitable for women who suffer from prolapsed rectum during the menopausal or post-menopausal period. There may be a sensation of swelling in the anus and passing stools is very painful and difficult. The most prominent feature that calls for a prescription of Aesculus is a constant backache which may incapacitate the person so much that he or she is unable to perform the daily chores.

5. Hydrastis: For Rectal Prolapse in Children

Hydrastis is a remedy especially effective in cases of the prolapsed rectum in children. The child may be constipated and cries while passing stools on account of pain. There may be much swelling in the anus and rectum with congestion. The complaints may be associated with fissures in the anus. This gives rise to much burning in the anus during the passing of stools. The pain lasts for a long time after passing stools.

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  1. Maria Mikkonen says:

    Hi! i want ask, can homeopathy cure sphincter muscle rupture? my anus leaking all the time clear bowel-liquid.

  2. I am having a rectnal discharge from last 6 months. I have goen through anal fissure and piles removal surgery but it seem still having constant discharge every few hours I need to clean it. And there is constant dampness near anus area.i have been taking ascules from last 2 weeks but it seems no avail. Please help me.

  3. Manjinder singh says:

    I m suffering from rectal prolapse

  4. Elise Aronson says:

    I was told I have a rectocele. I have done yoga exercises for this in the past which has helped, but I haven’t kept them up on a regular basis. Now, I am noticing it all the time. I’ve been doing the exercises again, but they don’t seem to be helping. I don’t have any problem with constipation or going to the bathroom. Is there a homeopathic treatment I can try? If so, where can I buy the medicine?

  5. I have had this for the past couple years. Have always had constipation problems even at a young age. I am now 39. Didn’t have insurance until a month ago. I actually googled my symptoms (I know google will make u think ur dying) but I found rectal prolapse right away and that is DEFINITELY my problem. Have had to start pushing it back in after a “so called bowel movement”. The only thing different that’s happening is that as soon as I start having a bowel or trying to I start throwing up. I get SO nauseous that I’m sitting on the toilet holding a bucket to throw up in. Is this normal with rectal prolapse? And I will finally be able to go to the dr and be diagnosed properly. I cannot live this way anymore. I feel like I have to stay home all the time because I never know when I’ll get sick. Feel like I live in my bathroom.

  6. Dr. Sharma,

    What about rectocele — prolapse into the vagina when trying to pass stools?


  7. Dr Sahib,
    I have been suffering from rectal prolapse for the last many years.My age is 75 years.Now a days I
    am not suffering from piles and for constipation I am taking Cocculus indicus 30.Sometimes I have to push back rectum with great difficulty.Kindly advise Suitable medicine
    Best Regards,
    R K Goel

  8. Sir my age is 23. I am a girl..I am observing a mass like structure out of my anus which create problem during passing my stool..also itching sometimes…I can easily see that structure.. looking like muscle. I am mostly suffering from constipation. What should I do sir.. can homeopathy cure my problem?

  9. I am suffering from CA of rectum and now I am operated. I have still problem of recurrent stool pass out after my evening meal.. I am ok in noon after meal… But in night after dinner till 6 of morning I am going and out for stool..

  10. Hello dr. Sharma hope you are doing well. I am suffering from inside itching problem and light burning sensation after passing stool for a month approx.
    Issue was started when I saw pinworm in my stool. I took zantal and after 20 days another antiparasite medicine. I released just mucus from anus while passing gas both times I took antiparasitic medicine. It started itching after 2nd time I took antiparasite medicine. There is no mucus in stool and no blood come out in stool RE test. And no worms abd their ova there. But currently I am feeling itching with slight on and off pain inside anus. I pass stool daily in morning but stool is sticky and stick to little bit inside anus and most of the times I have to put finger in anus to push stool out. I have to wash again and agian to remove sticky stool. Stool color is brown and dark brown. First piece of stool is dark brown abd rest is light brown. Stool is sometimes hard, most of time soft. After morning stool there is some burning sensation with itching and slight pain. Burning sensation stop after sometime but itching continues. I have to go to washroom again to remove some stool stick at rectum end. After every washing i felt relieved but after sometime itching started again and continue. Have issue of gerd sometimes. And no other sympoms at all. Please suggest some homeo remedy. I shall be thankful to you.


  12. P.T.S. MURTHY says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    My wife is aged 56 and of late she was complaining that a mass obstructs her free passing of stool. She had to push the mass in and had to pull the stool through fingers. She does not have pain in the process. She also maintains good health and no health related problems. All the blood tests including thyrioad are normal. She has been married for 40 years and was on menopause for the last 15 years and had vasectomy about 20 years ago.
    May I request your goodselves to suggest a medicine for her.
    assistant general manager (retired)
    Bank of India

  13. Victoria Goode says:

    hello, I found a 3 week old female bobtail kitten that suffered trauma to her rectum while straining to hold on while she was in a moving vehicle. I took her to a vet and she was given a steroid shot of Strongid and some topical steroid Panalog. I give her Fortifora powder, a probiotic. I have her on grain free can food but she sometimes eats grain free kibble. I tried blending the kibble with water in a nutra bullet but she won’t eat it like that. I saw no change in the apperance of the protrusion in 4 weeks. I am now mixing Slippery Elm bark powder in her food. I purchesed Red Rasberry Leaf herb and mix that with powdered Skullcap in a syringe with water. She hates it! I am told that bobtails can have neuroligical weekness in the anus anyway. She has solid stools, no diareah. The protrusion sticks out about 1/4 inch at all times. I alternate topical salves such as comfrey root, colloidal silver, witch hazel and the steroid. She weighs about 1.5 lbs. I am hoping to find a homepathic product that can reverse the problem. Any suggestions? She is so tired of me doing things to her bottom! She is playful and has no parasites. Sometimes I will see a tiny amount of blood after a bowel movement. I am disabled so I am very poor. I have looked into some bovine glandulars for connective tissue repair and adrenal strenghtening from all the stress. I have 5 other senior cats that compete for any and all food. Jazzy is forgiving and loveable. She is strictly inside. It will be awhile but she will have to be spayed. I have free voucher but they say no pre existing condition.

  14. Kartikeya Panigrahi says:

    My 13 year old son suffering from proleps ani since last 10 years. In beginning a wart like structure was seen out of his anus while passing stools. Gradually it got worse and now when he passes stool, 1 inch rectum can be seen out of his anus which dose not goes easily when pressed manually during cleaning of anus. Normally it can not be seen and absolutely ok while comes standing and it comes out during passing his stools. Can homeopathy help in this? if yes please suggest the mediciene

  15. Jitendra Kumar says:

    My 5 year old son suffering from proleps ani since last 3 years. In begining a wart like structure was seen out of his anus while passing stools. Gradually it got worse and now wheh he passes stool, 1inch rectum can be seen out of his anus which goes in easily when pressed manually during cleaning of anus. Normally it can not be seen and absolutely ok while comes standing and it comes out during passing his stools. Can homeopathy help in this?

  16. What recommendations do you have for diverticulitis, varicose veins and hemorrhoids?
    Thanks so much for your help

  17. rose oliver says:

    Dear doctor, I have been suffering from prolapse for the past 5 years, I can’t pass stool despite it been soft. Please will want a solution to my problem as I can not enjoy my life. I am based at Ghana. Please reply soon

  18. Akil Sayyed says:

    Dear Doctor
    I have burning pain in my rectum areas till Anus and painful while getting up and walking. I am also suffering from gastrointestinal problems frequently often and constipation.
    I am a patient of Colitis and also undergone surgery 2 years back for inguinal hernia and varicocele.
    As per the Ultra sound reports there are 2 cysts of 2mm found at the pelvis head.
    I have tried a combination of Nux Vomica, Arsenic Alb and Abies Nigra. The pain comes and goes.
    Please could you suggest me , how can I reduse and cure the burning pain in the rstum area and Colitis pain. I feel the pain immediately on having food in the lower left side of the abdoman regularly.
    Please can you suggest me a suitable homeopathic remedy for me
    Thanks and regards
    Akil Sayyed

    • Abhishek jimmy says:

      Sir, i haVe a polypy inside rectum having 2 operates but still have a same condition. Please sugest me the medicine which works…it has a severe pain without bleeding.thanks

  19. Sir I have problem of prolapse where some part is getting outside from my rectum when I was going for fresh in morning and that is happening from three months so please help me 989944184

  20. sangeeta mehrotra says:

    after childbirth in 1990 i suffered from SEVERE CONSTIPATION for almost 5 years – resulting in tear in one side of anus which further aggravated in anal bleeding sometimes during passing stool. For many years now I did not have any problem. But since 1 month i feel slight pain and discomfort again. I feel there is a very small growth inside anal wall. There is no bleeding but dull pain/discomfort is there for a couple of hours after passing stool.
    kindly suggest medicine.

  21. Am 40years and I want to know how to permanently cure the prolapse retum because now it’s affecting my stooling and sex with my wife because my manhood goes down after first round, even sometime it doesn’t come up. My sex life is affected and have stopped taking sugary contents, please help me from Nigeria.

    Thanks a lot, Doctor.

  22. Nirendra Sarmah says:

    After first discharge of stool in the morning I feel that some amount of gas which does not get out but obstruct the passge of rest amount of stool and because of this I feel discomfort throughout the day.Please suggest some medicine.

  23. Mery bety ko phalapse of rectum ha mai kya krun

  24. Ameen farooqui says:

    My son Hussain Farooqui 4 years have problem of prolapes rectum please give me medacine suggestions sir.

    • Hayat Singh says:

      I am 37 years man and I am suffering from rectal prolapse from childhood. When I was 19 year then I took treatment from government hospital. They give me injection on my rectal on different location. I felt good but after 6 months my problem again Start. I want to know that what any treatment for rectal prolapse in homeopathic?

  25. I am also suffering from PROLAPSE IN RECTUM , I have tried to continue with IGNATIA AMARA for curing myself but NIGHTFALL OCCURS TO ME. A lot whenever I have taken ignatia amara 200 potency . Is there any way or other alternative

  26. Gyan prakash bind says:

    I have suffering from prolapse ani from six month ago after piles operation by injection therpy. I taken lycopodium 200 some week but did not relif. Please help me. I 35 years old.

  27. I need help. I have a prolapse that is preventing me from living a normal life. And my relationship is also suffering.

  28. Sir I’ve been having constipation for a long time now and I find it difficult to defecate in the last year my anus started protruding little by little and now when I go the toilet my anus protrude big ans it’s scaring me plus am embarrassed what do I do?

  29. Laura Pedersen says:

    I’m trying Ignatia amara now for rectal prolapse. I also suffer depression ( long term ), I’m off Prozac now although it does work very well. But interesting enough while taking the Ignatia the depression is a lot better. My question is how long do I take the Ignatia and what dosage? Any other advice for curing the prolapse? Gratefully, Laura
    PS I’m in San Diego, do you recommend any naturopaths here?

  30. hello sir,

    I am suffering from piles , now the doctors says that my sphincter muscle is very thight, and because of that it is very difficult for passing my stool, every time i go to the toilet i have a lot of pain. My stool is very soft but though it´s very difficult to pass. and because there is a lot stool in my tummy my tummy is very hard and very thick , like i am nine months pregnant.
    sir can u please tell me if u can help me, i already have tried, isab gul, coconot, and loki with that my tummy is more thicken because of that there is more gas in my tummy, and everything i eat i have the same problem, now even i am afraid of eating anything.
    plz help me

  31. sir rectal polyps mai pain nhi hota hai bus stool pass kartay waqt bahir ata hai na kabhi bleeding hoie hai na pain bas kanch sa bahir ata hai is ki kohi homeo pathic madicine hai tou batai thuja use ki hai par kohi farq nhi para i m waiting 4 ur rep ……

  32. Ron Wright says:

    Should I buy a Ruta supplement and if not, how should this be applied?

  33. Hi sir,

    My daughter is 3.5 years old, suffering from rectal prolapse from last 4 months..we are taking Homeopathic treatment from last one month.. previously she don’t had pain in rectal area…but now she is having.. some drops of blood is coming while passing stool..from last week …please help us

    • Mrs. ChakrAvorty says:

      My son is 3 yrs old..His rectum comes out whenever he passes stool..(hard and soft).He is little constipated and passes stool in every 2 days

  34. Khadim Hussain Bhatti says:

    I am 57 years old and male patient of rectal prolapse suffering from 40 years.
    Before I was little bleeding while physical hard work but now no bleeding but little mass comes out while stools then by gently pushing goes in.
    I have no pain and difficulty at this stage but fears of any further critical situation.
    Request to inform me about my matter.
    Khadim Hussain Bhatti
    Multan Pakistan

  35. Madhulika ojha says:

    Mera spinal cord ki injury hur thi vo by birth chipka huaa tha isse nerojenic bldder ho gya urine me infections rahne lga self catheter se urine pass kartu opration ko 14 year ho gya ab bhut jayada constipation rahne lga he or rectum bahar aane lga he ye loose ho gya he my age 49 year please my help mujhe kya medicine leni chahiye

  36. To’ Dr Sharma am having problem on passing stool my anus will out big, I have problem rectal prolapse. Please advice me on how to treat it

    • S S Srivastava says:

      I am suffering from rectal prolapse since last forty years without pain.My age 67year.Kindly give proper treatment .S S Srivastava

      • Suman Goswami says:

        I am suffering from partial rectal prolapse for last 20 years. sometimes pain but not bleeding , please advice me sir for homio cure

  37. Hi sir,

    I was facing the rectal prolapse problem from the age of 3 I am 25 .at that age when I started facing this problem many suggested not to go with surgeries and I tried homeopathy for some day’s there they suggested that it will be cured after some years automatically.but I found no improvement 3 year’s back I decided to have a surgery for this there the doctors said that I got some minure fitsula and they have done surgery for that and said that the next surgery will schedule in two weeks for rectal prolapse.but there I found no clarity for my doubts on laproscopic at that moment I dropped my surgery plan.

    Could you please suggest whether it can have a under root treatment for the rectal prolapse through the homeopathy.

    • I have same problem ….I wanna hv chat with u my contact number 8920377783 nitin rao pls give a call …m very confused wat to do as u r suffering from 3 years…

  38. Subhash Chand says:

    I am suffering few years for annus p rolapas.Discus the problem. The rectam mayget prolapas befor the passing the stool but no pain in the annus, noblood.also,stool allways soft. Kindly, prescribed the madecine for this problem.


  39. Sanjay kumar says:

    i had been operated for the perional abcess in 2010. everything was fine up to 4 months. small abcess in shape of patches started appearing on the operated area. it bursted on second day with small amount of blood with constipation call. Then i switched in homeopathy. By the grace of god from the January 14 onwards abcess has not appeared. currently i am feeling obstruction on my anus region during passing stool. My doctor had given me annacardiun 1x, 200. but nothing worked. i am approaching you with great hope. pl. help. with regards.

  40. I m suffering from rectal prolapse since 40 yrs presently aged about 67 yrs can it be cured by homeopathic medicines by u.

  41. provat mondal says:

    there is regular discharge of mucus while excreting. I have to make it out by using finger . Moreover, while urinating , mucus oozes from anus frequently.
    please suggest medicine for cure.
    with regards

  42. I am a lady aged 35 my problem is when l pass out some stool l get a burning sensation on my anus it’s irritating and painful l am eating what is recommended but no change even my stool is soft bt it’s still painful afterwards l don’t want to go for a surgery please help

  43. Smt S. Kaur says:

    I am suffering from prolapse only on stool time without bleeding and pain during my first time delivery since 20 years old. MY Doctor say’s surgery but i’m not ready to surgery. My age is 45year. Please advise treatment to me

    • I am a lady aged 35 my problem is when l pass out some stool l get a burning sensation on my anus it’s irritating and painful l am eating what is recommended but no change even my stool is soft bt it’s still painful afterwards l don’t want to go for a surgery please help

  44. Dear sir
    My daughter is 3.5years old.She got rectal prolapse when she was around 2.5years while passing stool in toilet we consulted Dr. For that but never used medicine which he prescribed because she used to vomit it out.
    Now one year after she gets prolapse on a normal basis like once every week.It doesnt pain her but then how do we get it cured.

  45. Satyendra prasad arya says:

    I am suffering from prolapse of rectum from 10 years tried homeopathic but didn’t get result my age is54.

  46. Mohd Alim says:

    I am suffering from complete rectal prolapse. Tried homeopathy but don’t get results. My age is 37 years.

  47. By indira says:

    My mother is suffering from rectal prolapse and solitary rectal ulcer. The doctors suggesting surgery but she is too weak to support surgery. She is highly suffering form bleeding.she is highly suffering from motion problem and rectal prolapse.she is about 60 there any medicine for her.please help me sir

  48. Kuldeep Srivastav says:

    Dear doctor sir
    I am suffering from wet anus ,and occasional anal pain since one year.Also there is burning sensation in rectal area,constipation and bloating of stomuch.kindly suggests medicine;Kuldeep Srivastav,m ,age38

  49. jayana thakkar says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Since last year because of constipation I am suffering from partial rectom prolapse problem. After finishing bowel movement I feel like it is still full. I am feeling like my stool is not not normally coming out. Something has moved forward in my rectum. I don’t have pain or bleeding.
    Please suggest me appropriate homeopathic medicine.
    Thank.uou and regards

  50. Savita Devi age 35 says:

    Prolapse of factum & bleeding on piles or direct bleeding on intestine may be . Please provide suggestion.

  51. Dear Dr. I am 34 years female after the delivery of my 14th months old daughter i got a rectal prolapse.No constipation,no bleeding,no pain. Only unsatisfied stool.Please guide me.

  52. Rosemary Weatherby says:

    Dear Dr I was recently dignoised with prolapsed bladder and rectum,I had two surgeries yrs ago I am 82 in June,also had total hysterectomy when I was 39’my rectum burns most of the time and backache,,I need help .or some med I’m going on Vac for 2 weeks,leaving Sat Dr suggests surgery,,,i had tests no leakage, bladder is not infected,but I am very uncomfortable take seitz baths with epsom salt .please advise me ty..Rosemary Weatherby

  53. lakhsman dulal says:

    Dear sir,
    My three years old boy baby get rectum outside anus opening while passing stool. He passes hard stool.
    This problem exist when he was 6 month old.

  54. MRS S,PIYATISSA says:


  55. Doctor,I am 70 years old and undergone bi-pass surgery 8 years back,I am suffering with a problem very recently developed and I am feeling embarrassed.During day one or two time oozing of motion in the form of liquiding when I sat for 1/2 hour.Before this 3 years back secretion from Anus with “NO” smell experienced by me.My doctor has suggested ALOES-200.I am also suffering from Prostate.
    Will you please suggest me a Homeo medicine. I am in India .I will not forget your help.Always from my childhood I am using only homeo for all my illnesses or diseases.

  56. Respected sir . I am from jammu . my mother have only pain about 10 years in legs . I have treated many of docters . 6 months MRI report l 4 disc burge and advise for disc surgery . about one year she faced urine incontinence over flow from bladder huge constipation and rectocele . pl advise I go for rectal surgery . I have not interested in surgery . sir pl treated and advise me for my mother treatment. From jammu ajay 9469214010

  57. Dipak G. Mirajkar says:

    Good Afternoon Doctor,

    My mother is 83 year old & she had already been operated twice for rectal prolapse. She was first operated in year 2003 & 11 years after that she was again operated in year 2014.

    Operation performed in 2014 named Deloromes a prolapse of Circumference 6cm size was cut & removed.

    Now it seems that there has been a recurrence of small size. It was neither painfail nor bleeding.

    The prolapse occurs while passing stool.

    We stay in Andheri West, Mumbai-400058.

    We seek your advise to cure this problem either by medicine or by exercise.

    Awaiting your kind reply.

    With regards,

    Dipak G.M.

  58. Tapas chakraborty says:

    I am suffering few years for annus p rolapas.Discus the problem. The rectam mayget prolapas befor the passing the stool but no pain in the annus, noblood.also,stool allways soft. Kindly, prescribed the madecine for this problem.

    Tapas chakraborte

  59. vinay Kumar jha says:

    my 7years old son has rectal prolapse.
    doctors said only operation option.

  60. My 7yrs son is suffering from rectum diseases, means when he pass his stool the place is almost come out. So u please help me.

  61. Sir I have a son 2 years age.he suffering from rectam prolapse still from one month espessiall y in setting position any time or bowel moment the rectam is out.please suggest me some homeo treatment.tanx

  62. Milton Kengo Danda says:

    Kindly advise me on cheap home therapy for a severe rectal prolapse condition

  63. Portia Nyomah says:

    Dear Dr. I have been suffering from chronic constipation for a long period. My stools are hard, small round balls that do not come down to the anus. I always used my fingers to bring stools out. Few days ago I was diagnosed of suffering from internal prolapsed rectum. My rectum is shifted to the right and the stools just stay there for days. My stools cannot be propelled to my anus. My stools just stay right in the rectum and ferment. All day, fermented odors come out of my anus following a spasm. This odor goes with me every where I go. Because of this, I avoid public places. I don’t go to work because my colleagues complain of my constant polution of the work place. My life is a serious embarrassment. I need your help. Please show me the best treatment that you have for this condition. My phone #: 612 806 5465 Look forward to hearing from you. God bless

  64. Hello doctor I have a problem of rectum BT I m nt getting it …whenever I pass stool after passing it something came out from my rectum after I have to push it with my finger to upwards ..plz tell m what to doo

  65. Bikash Banerjee says:

    My 2.10 yrs girl suffering from ractum prolapsed since last july2016. I have also consulted with child specialist but still not cured. Pl suggest me…..

  66. Maria Sicalbo says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have a history of chronic constipation that creates my rectal prolapse. I am 68 years. I have heart and lung chronic medical conditions that prevent me from surgery to be a severe high risk according to the Cardiologist and Pulmonary specialists. I am searching for alternative medicine for resolution of my rectal prolapse. I welcome your guidance to my medical condition to alternative medicine for my rectal prolapse. I have seen a Gastrointestinal specialist also.

  67. Leticia Rosado says:

    Hello dr shrma,
    My name Nancy sanchez.need help
    Recently I suffer anus prolaps lookin for
    Herbal med for I don’t won’t surgery,
    I am 76yr .hope u help me.,

  68. My four yr son suffering from ractum prolapsed since last one and half yr. I have also consulted with child specialist but still not cured. Pl suggest me…..

  69. Shan mohammad says:

    My brother have rectom cancer problem. Plz suggestions me for best treatment.

  70. My mother has problem of rectum prolapse. She is nearly 70 yrs old and her weight is 80 kg. We live in delhi.

    Her rectum come out occasionally even when she caugh slightly. Pls suggest an effective remedy for her.

  71. Srabani Bose says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I have great faith to homeopath, my uncle was a great doctor. but getting a good doctor near me is hard. I saw your name in Internet and I want you to help us, please. I don’t want to go for operation, because our family physician told us there is a great risk for oparation. So the homeopathic medicines are our only hope.
    With regards

  72. Srabani Bose says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My son is 20 years old. and he is autistic. last 12/13 years he is suffering with rectal prolapse. We are eagerly looking for his treatment, please help us.
    Thanks and Regards

  73. Srabani Bose says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My son is 20 years old. and he is autistic. last 12/13 years he is suffering with rectal prolapse. We are eagerly looking for his treatment, please help us.
    With Regards

  74. Srabani Bose says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My son is 20 years old. and he is autistic. last 12/13 years he is suffering with rectal prolapse. We are eagerly looking for his treatment, please help us.

  75. Mrs robina says:

    Hello how r u? Sir I am 68 years old woman and my problem is prolapse after 20 years plz tell me good medicine .

  76. sir i had fisher surgery in july it is ok. but whenever i walk 10-15 steps i feel terrible itching.what’s is the solution.There is no there any natural treatment to stop this.

  77. 38 yr old male, African. Have had episodes of pain on deficating but now I feel something is blocking the anal opening. Could this be rectal prolapse? What do I do?

  78. Hello Dr Sharma I am suffering from gas incontinence( constant gas leakage uncontrollable) and pressure on my rectum especially when I sit and constant pushing out sensation of rectum, constant feeling of defecation and incomplete evacuation from past 4 years. My medical reports shows

    MRI OF PELVIS WITH DYNAMIC CINE-SEQUENCES says “Dynamic straining MRI Pelvis shows rectal descent of 5.14 cm noted below pubococcygeal line”

    MR Defecography says “Mild intrarectal mucosal prolapse during defecation”

    X Ray Defecogram says “Pelvic descent syndrome with rectoanal intussusception and mucosal prolapse”

    I clearly know that stress is playing a major role in my gas incontinence and constant feeling of pushing my rectum out. I was on levosulpiride and escitalopram oxalate for 2 years and was free of this leaky gas and pushing out sensation. Please help me if there is any treatment in homeopathy.

  79. I am a mother of 4 children aged 10, 8,5 and 2. I am 36. I have had rectal prolapse since 2013 and now its been 3 years. I have a history of constipation and IBS.
    I have been using Ayurveda treatment for the last 3 months without significant improvement. I have severe pain in my rectum, lower back pain and lower abdomen usually worse after a bowel movement or attempt. I have a continuous dull pain all the time.
    Now I empty my bowels every Morning sometimes it’s hard stool and sometimes soft stool. Sometimes I have to go more than once causing me to also strain or remove the stool manually with my fingers. I always feel as though I have not completely emptied my bowels. I try to drink lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables without much improvement.
    I am in great discomfort and pain. Please help me.

  80. Guruprasad Gaikwad says:

    I am 47 years old man. Due to piles or using force while passing stool, or I don’t know what reason, when I was young I suffered from third degree prolapse rectum. Because of ignorance and shame it remained untreated up 27 years. When it got aggrieved most I went to doctor. He advised me surgery is the only treatment for this. At last I got operated for that.
    After that I had thought that I will get relieved from that. But now I always feel pain in my stomach. I feel something is burning in stomach. If I eat spicy or hot things I feels more pain. I think there are scars in in my intestine. Now I ma feeling pain in my rectum also. Please suggest me such medicine which is safe and can relieve me of this pain completely and allow me to live a normal life-

  81. sir, how long time will take to totally recovery after treatment or taking medicine ?
    patient age is 39 yrs. suffering from rectal prolapse since 5yrs back.
    pl suggest

  82. Subas Chandra Bayak says:

    Good evening sir I am patient of rectal prolapse aged 37 when I go toilet the prolapse comes out goes automatically is there any homeopathic medicine for cure this type of dieses.

  83. To’ Dr Sharma
    my child have a rectum prolaps kindly suggest me medicine of homeo
    child age 3 years old
    my cell 923212637154 in watsup

  84. pankaj shahane says:

    sir can rectal prolapse complete is possible without surgery?

  85. Niranjan Velankar says:

    i have been suffering from IBS, Constipation for number of years. Also alongwith that urine irritation & incontinence occurs.

    Recently i had been undergoing treatment for IBS, Gastrisis from a gastroentologist.
    Plus i also had severe urine infection “Escherichia COLI bacteria.

    Both above problem appeared to be coming under control.

    However due to constipation, i had tried hard for stools & for last two days passing stools is painful & a portion comes out during stolls & it retracts later. Continuous buring sensation.

    Doctor has done physical examimation & says its due to anal fissure & will get cured in 15-20 days.

    Is there any effective remedy in homeopathy to aid me recovery or give some relief to fissure & rectal prolapse problem.

  86. Amit chauhan says:

    My daughter is 29months old and her rectum comes out while doing potty and she has lot of pain in anus please prescribe medicine for this problem

  87. Hello sir, iam 25yr male and 59kg weight. i have suffering rectal prolapse and small hydrocel problm from last 2years. I used more ayurvedic medicenes bt no use. Pls help me sir …..

  88. Hello sir, iam 25yr male and 59kg weight. i have suffering rectal prolapse and small hydrocel problm from last 2years. I used more ayurvedic medicenes bt no use. Pls help me sir …..

  89. dibyendu Manna says:

    Suffering from rectum ulcer with piles since 1.6years

    • Hi Sir,
      My self Safik..25 yrs old..having reclam prolaspe from 1.5 yrs..initially its was small in size but now its increasing..whenever i go for bowl movement comes out and then i hv to push it back..2 yrs back i had piles and from then i m facing this..piles is cured now but rectam problem is making me scare.
      Seeking your help to get the homopatic medicine name that can help me in this.

      Thank you for your assistance.


  90. Sir i have rectal prolaps for 50 years i am now 62 it is only at stool time no constipation no pile only stomic filled with gases .i csnt in rectal without hand now as age is 62 it is difficult to push in i am much worried

  91. sangam pandey says:

    Sir . I need ur help pls help me .. I m suffered from prolapse anus from 5 year .. Is it cured or not without surgrrey .. Can it cure with the help of medicine

  92. slam Dr dharma sahib.
    my name is m ali stident of m.phil .and age 26
    I am suffering from piles some time bleeding and pain but main problem is prolaps in main rectal.from it 2 sides.prolaps are not so pain full.but prolaps are feeling very sensitive and came from upper about 3 inches attached with prolap is large and other is small.the large prolaps came out side during bath normal soft stool.when I stand up it goes upper easily with finger.but some time I feel very very painfull in whole hips and anus.also in morning back pain.but if I care from spicy and taste like lemon it feel no pain.plzzzz help me I want not operation and cure from prolaps….it some times bleeding and increase level of drops of blood. mixed with stool….I need complete cure plzz help me….I have used many homeopathy.and natural medicine and cream but not results good….these aal medicine effect 20 to 30 % and piles prolaps not get remove please help me ….God bleeds u.I am waiting for good response.
    I have used with gaps….
    dr reckweg r13
    assequles hip
    callecrea 6x
    other creams for anal.
    please gives some effectives remedies for internal 2 sides prolaps.which came out side during taking bath normal stoll.and some time pain.if not care from oily and spicey thing.and some time bleeding if I left all medicine which I am taking….
    also have father and brother piles history.

    • sangam pandey says:

      Sir . I need ur help pls help me .. I m suffered from prolapse anus from 5 year .. Is it cured or not without surgrrey .. Can it cure with the help of medicine.. So pls help me

  93. Sohel Ibna Abdullah says:

    Dear DR,
    I am Sohel from Bangladesh.
    I am suffering from mucus in stool for long time sometime it goes naturally but return after a time gap. Recently from lust one month my stool didn’t clear properly & last 15 days I am feeling pain in my lower abdomen & back! I feel something get outside through my anal path while i go to toilet. stool dont clear. it is very discomfort feeling. I dont know what to do. please help me out! thanks

  94. S K BHATTACHARYA says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma
    I am a chronic patient of internal piles along with rectal prolapse. Earlier I have consulted a surgeon when I developed severe infection which was very painful. After continuing the treatment for about 2 months the pain & the infection subsided.The Dr. advised me to go for surgical treatment to get rid of the problem. Since then I have changed my food habits & I did not have any further infection or pain in that area.My last treatment was till Feb., 2014. But the prolapse is still there & whenever I sit it comes out & is required to push in after passing stool.I do not have any bleeding or pain since past 2 years. i am 56 yrs. old & is a patient of IBS which is under control simply with diet control.I never had any other serious health problems. Will you be able to cure my piles & prolapse without undergoing surgery? Pl. advise suitably.
    Best regards.


  95. suresh chandra nayak says:

    My son 7 years old ,he is suffering rectal prolapse start when he is 3 years old, doctor says for surgery.
    Please sir help me have any medicine to treatment,thaning you.

  96. ashish makwana says:

    hi sir ..
    I have problem of per rectal discharge .my doctor told me that it is not possible to cure it without surgery . is there no any way to cure it. with medicines or by
    some another way. or if I go through surgery is it gives completely satisfactory RESULT .and no chances for future problem.

  97. Ella Thapar says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    I just had a laparoscopic hysterectomy. I have immense pain before I pass stools. It’s like a sharp spasms. It bring the stool. Once it is out, then the spasm will come back again for the next lot. I am not constipated. I had Nux 30 on my own accord as I thought it was constipation. But my stools are soft, it’s do w my rectal after the operation. Can you help please? I am in so much pain, especially in the mornings.

  98. misty mantu says:

    I have boy turtle he is 6year old his problem is rectum he is pain and swelling in his tell and he eat cucumber sir please help us he is very sad but eating food cucumber . Sir suggest medicine thank-you.

  99. Manindra Samanta says:

    My mother is age of 76 years. She is suffering as CT scan describes: 1) Rectum prolapsed anal canal 2) Metastasis in the liver 3) Cystocoele. 4) Biopsy report as: Rectal ulceroproliferative growth.

    She is treatment since 1.5 months with 1) Ruta 200, 2) Hydrastis, 3) Ferr Phos 3X, 4) Bell 3x

    Slightly Improvements but not expectantly: Less blooding with stools but still pain is there right side upper of abdomen and back side. Weakness, unable to eat.

    Sir, please kindly suggested me which medicen are right direction for my mother treatment?
    After learning your suggested medicen, can we use 1) Aesculus hippo and 2) Ignatia

  100. RAKESH KUMAR SAH says:

    My self Rakesh Kumar and i have 4 to 5 months of ractum problem……

    i go to washroom for morning or any other time but my racturm is out .. then i push to my hand ..

    it is very big problem.. once time i push more time but my ractum is not go to inside.. i go to urgently hospital… then the doctor push and go the inside my ractum.. and doctor say the solution is surgerny…

    but i have not ready for surgeny because mujhe surgery se dar lagta hain…

    so please any medicine or other soulution……….. ma bahut paresan hu abhi tak halat aisi hi han………

    please help me…….


    • Dr. Basharat Ahmad says:

      Hello, you should try nux vomica 30c at night and sulphur 30c in the morning before food. I treated so many patients with these remedies for the same symptoms.

    • my sister has rectal prolapse for quite a few years.
      she is now 70, she suffers from constipation and takes a lot if laxatives .
      the prolapse is very frequent even without straining. is there a natural remedy that could alleviate symptoms?
      thank you

      • my sister has rectal prolapse for quite a few years.
        she is now 70, she suffers from constipation and takes a lot if laxatives .
        the prolapse is very frequent even without straining. is there a natural remedy that could alleviate symptoms?
        thank you

  101. aishwarya Gupta says:

    Hi, I have a 2 years old son and I saw that his anus come out while he passes stool even the motion is not hard.
    I am worried and want ur advice.

  102. Satyanaraian Dubey says:

    Stool stuck in the ractum and I have to take it out with finger. Constipation may be the reason. Please suggest some medicine to activate ractum.

  103. Dear sir ,maine rectal prollaps surgery karwai hai through the anus aur mai sahi b ho rha tha acche se lkin ek din stairs se mera pair slip hone se mjhe shock lga aur mjhe pet k andar kafi pain hua us din se mjhe stool k sath blooding ho rhi h and mere anus pr kafi irritation ho rhi h like fire during my stool .so pleass mjhe koi treatment batae

  104. Ali Hassan says:

    I am Ali From pakistan….Actually i am patient of ractal prolapse since 17 years now i am 25 years old….my parents tells me that before i was normal but in childhood they took me 1 dr. for the medicine of fever…..and may be that medicine was harm for me thats is why this problem came……now i want to treat myself…..can you please help me…..what should i do and is it possible with medicine…?

    • Babai kundu says:

      Hello,sir I am Ashim from kolkata and I was suffering from rectal problem .I am 23 years old.I am suffering from 5 years.Now, the problem is that loosing of the sphincter muscle . I took Natrum Mur,it help me a lot but it takes long time and i am not properly cure.Now I have no problem like bleeding or mucus secretion. I also have some nervous problem .please give some suggestion about medicine.

  105. Milan Mukherjee says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I suffering pain in rectum area for 3 weeks and the area developed some growth. allopathy medicines continue but no remedies. is there any well diagnosis in homeopath. is this may cancer. pl. advice

  106. Jackie White says:

    My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter, who has cystic fibrosis, is having numerous rectal prolapses. They have been happening on and off for about a year. They seem to occur in “waves”, where it will happen ever time she has a bowel movement for a while and then stop for a while. It is becoming more difficult to push back in, but can be. Sometimes it goes back in on its own so we’re not completely sure exactly how often its occurring. We desparetly want to avoid surgery. I’ve researched some homeopathic treatments but can not tell which one would be best. Could you please advise, it would be much appreciated

  107. sanjay malani says:

    Hello sir I am 43 male suffering from prolapse rectum from 2 months. 5years back I was diagnosed with 3 small piles. All these years it was under control.these used to bleed in a gap of 5/6 months.I have no pain in the swollen part,it comes out only during passing stool.I have back pain which goes downwards to the lege please suggest remedies. Thank you

  108. Sukhjeet singh says:

    Hello sir i m 40 years old i m suffering frim rectal prolaps from last 3 years when i m going to stool my rectum comes out and littel bit pain after stool i feel heavy heavy in my anus and not feeling well so plz suggest me which medicene i have to take so my problem get better

  109. Nalini Sumit says:

    Hello Dr, my son is 3 yr old.he had 1st episode of rectal prolapse 2months back.we rushed him to hospital .by the time Dr came approx 40 min,it was retrieved back.Dr said its common in premature babies and will cure on its own by 5yrs of age.he advised to put rectum back with cotton and xylocain it happened again.he has soft stools.But every time before passing stool he cries and complaints of pain in and and panis. Kindly help

    • Nancy Gilbert says:

      I am a 78 year.old woman and suffer from the pain of recital prolapse.
      I ave suffered from consipation my whole life and believe this is the cause of the prolapse.
      Surgery is not an option.
      Please advise.
      Thank you

  110. S K Bhattacharya says:

    I am 56yrs. old, suffering from rectal prolapse since past 7 years. Till middle of 2015 there used to be occasional pain while passing stool but hardly experienced any kind of bleeding whatsoever. I have stopped taking certain allergic foods like gluten, dairy products, east & soya containing foods in mid 2015 & since then the earlier problems of occasional diarrhea & constipation have receded along with pain felt during passing of stool. Mainly while passing stool one side of rectum comes downwards which goes back to its position if pushed in. Now with the stoppage of allergic foods & accompanied by regular intake of isabgol powder my bowel movement has become regular without much mucus being accompanied unlike the past. I would request Dr. Sharma to help me in treating/curing of my condition as explained above. It may be noted that I am a patient of IBS which is under control now. Apart from this I do not have any other ailments.

  111. I have been having rectal prolapse since five and now am 20, pls Doc, what is the home remedy for it because is so annoying

  112. butani b.k. says:

    heavy pain in rectal during passing stool & 6 hours after passing stool because ulcer in rectal and difficulty in passing stool so suggest homeopathic medicine on cell 09428049425

  113. Sir i am sufering from rectal problem from last 18yrs rectum comes out at time passing stool and i have to push inside with finger after passing stool also mucus passing with stool from last 2yrs plz sir suggest treatment for the same

  114. Pallab biswas says:

    Pl. Tell me the doses of ignatia.

  115. hariom shrivastava says:

    Dear Sir, I am 38 years. I have been facing rectal prolapse problem for 26 years. My rectal about 10 cm was come out during passing stool.I had rectal surgery (rectopaxy) one year before. After surgery my stool size converted abnormally very small pieces and not come out easily. Dr. gave me syrup creamaffin but by using this I had to go toilet 6 to 10 times a day. I could pass very small amount of stool in one time. I have been using water anima daily for last 11 months and passing stool in semiliquid form. I have to turn my belly both sides to pass stool and have to stay about 20 minutes in toilet. My rectum works as a valve which has a pressed hole not allowed to stool properly come out. These days rectum comes out again like lips and have to put in by using fingers. Quality of my life is gone very down due to this problem. Please help me….

  116. Dear Sir,
    Since from 4 years i am suffering from rectal prolapse , i was undergone with surgery also , initially after surgery it was nice again from one year same problem was happening .
    can you suggest good treatment in Bangalore karnataka from homeopathy

  117. Uma Kasturi Iyer says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I’m suffering from rectal prolapse for the past 12 years. Even after 2 surgeries there is no relief. At present I am suffering from acute constipation now. can my complaint be treated?

    uma iyer.

  118. Arjun jaiswal says:

    hi sir.. i m 21 years old…i m having rectal prolypase since my childhood…so plz give me proper advice and suggestions to cure it…

  119. pankaj choudhury says:

    During passing of stool surrounding of my rectum comes out about 1/2 centimeter and swell, pad like. By pushing with finger swell pad like rectum set in original position. My age is 55 yrs. No diabatic problem and constipation. Only suffering from gastric problem from afternoon.The rectum problem is from last 6 yrs. approx.

  120. Sandeep singh says:

    prolapsed rectal & hemorrhoids
    Pls consult

  121. thalaj kamlesh chandra says:

    Sir I’m 31 yrs old .my hairs of beard and moustache are becoming prematurely grey or white,since from one and half starts happening since I had suffered from pul tb I took the med for 1 and half yrs Dr given me the heavy dose since then all my hairs starts to become white so sir pls suggest me appropriate hom med to revert my all hairs from white grey to black thank you

  122. sir,
    I am suffering from Cronik fissure ,in 2007 I have taken Allopathy medisin and problem has been solved.
    but know I am facing again this problem .

  123. -surya Satapathy says:

    Rectal prolapse problem

  124. I am suffering with fecal incontinece( i.e unable to hold bowl leakage). Is there any treatment if so how to start. Pl advice.
    With regards

    • Dear Dr,

      I am suffering with a peculiar bowl problem i.e I am unable to hold bowl for a few seconds also. By the time I am rushing to wash room the bowl is almost leaking. The anus muscles are unable to hold the bowl for few seconds also. I am facing very embracing situation to go out of the house. Out of fear of Bowl leakage I am avoiding going out of the house. The problem has been identified as Fecal incontinence. Is there any treatment for my problem? If treatment is available kindly advice about the treatment to enable me to go for the same. My contact no is 7386894119.


  125. FRANK KOOMSON says:

    Dr.pls am in Ghana and I have different antidotes from different hospitals but all to no avail.Dr.when I was about 8yrs,anytime I go to defecate something potrudes out and I will struggle to push it back.It stopped and now,am 34yrs.For the past 3yrs I have been battling with the same problem which I decided to commit suicide.Seriously,i been indoors,i can’t go amidst of people,sold my life earn assets just to cure this ailment but proved futile.Pls help me with a medicine I can find in Ghana to buy and treat myself.Hope to hear from you soon.Thank you

  126. Kelly dsouza says:

    I am suffering from rectal prolapse even with soft stool. It is very painful. As per your article I have purchased ignatia. Can you tell me what is the dosage?

  127. Anirudha Acharya says:

    I am suffering from bowel incontinence,colonscopy done everything ok,docter test by inserting finger ok,pl. advice me.
    may i leave any food
    is there any exercise
    thanks anirudha

  128. Tasicious mulenga says:

    Dear doctor,
    I have a condition known as rectal prolapse. It usually happens after defacation. I would want you help me. And in the event me diarrhoea, a tail like imerge which has hot pain. How much will treatment cost?

  129. I have seriou 3rd degree rectal prolapse. I am 66; and, need a remedy to help shrink this prolapse and tighten anal sphincter to hold it in. Can you help.

  130. I don’t have problem like rectal prolapse or piles…but due severe constipation in past my anal.sphincter muscles have become weak and while cleaning a lit with water I still some lil sticky mucus is coming out which has dirt like smell..please n please tell me some medicine which can strengthen my anus n will help in closing it tightly like a of a normal person…give me some medicine wil wil get the strength back in a week…n ya I noticed this problem increased during menstruation

    • I have piles first degree only…that is mild..but at times severe constipation n at times loose motion . I have at times urine n faecal incontinence also.after diagnosis doc has told me that I have mucosal prolapse along with severe acidity problem. Only ho eopathy suits me…pl suggest

  131. Om Prakash Sharma says:

    I am suffering from levator ani syndrome since last two years. I had piles surgery last year but I got no relief from rectal spasm and constipation . living a very worse painfull life.


    Discomfort or relief after a bowel movement is common
    The rectal pain is typically a constant or intermittent vague, dull ache, or pressure sensation high in the rectum and/or in the anal sphincter as well.
    Pain is often worse with sitting and better with standing or lying down although some patients symptoms are aggravated with standing
    When the doctor presses inside the sphincter or above, the muscles pressed on can be exquisitely painful
    Pain typically occurs more on one side, or exclusively on one side
    Temporary relief can occur in a hot bath
    No disease can be found with conventional medical testing and the doctor typically has little to offer other than pain medications which offer little
    The general prevalence of levator ani syndrome is approximately 6%.
    About half of those suffering from this condition are aged 30-60 years
    more common in women than in men
    a small minority of patients with this condition see a doctor for this disorder
    A significant number of people with this kind of rectal pain miss work or school
    Depression, anxiety, and a severe reduction in the quality of life is common.
    There is no conventional medical treatment that reliably resolves this condition
    Patients with levator ani syndrome appear to have a general tendency to anxiety
    As we discuss in our book and in the articles we have published, these painful muscles are the result of years of chronic tension of these muscles and at the point of pain, the patient cannot voluntarily relax these muscles
    When pressures inside the pelvis are measured with manometry, the pressures inside the internal anal sphincter are often elevated
    Pain may be aggravated by sitting, bowel movements, sexual activity and stress.

  132. sajikumar.k.k. says:

    sir, I am sajikumar from kerala, I was an accident before 9 years , I had head injuriy and the spinal cord injury. One years i was in the bed ,now i can walk not well, before 5 years i checked ,the doctor said i am not piles. some doctors saying with the accident the muscles were weak ,so the rectum is coming out. I have taken treatment ayurvedic, homeo, But still the problem i have. from jarkhand i have taken medicine, the medicine only for rectal prolaps , The problem is still going on. You give sugesion .
    thanking you

  133. Khetra Ranjan Kurmi says:

    sir.. I am only 18 year old student.. i am suffering from rectal prolapse from last 1 year..everytime I passing stool the rectum is cames out.. and anus is blocked and stool could not be passed.. very much mucous in stool.. stool has not definite size and smell very much.. I can’t eat anything… 20 kg weight reduced during this year.. it makes me cry every day.. I can’t do anything for this disease.. I can’t clear my mbbs entrance for this disease.. this disease make me mentally ill.. Sir give me a suggests..

  134. Akshay Nagar says:

    Respected Dr,

    I am suffering from rectal prolapse. I am vegetarian and take very simple food. I do not have constipation and piles. But I had both during my young age. Now I am 60. Once or twice later in the evening I suffer from this. Now I only place the muscle in its place. The next day onward it remains normal. Please inform

    A Nagar

  135. Ahmad tijjani abubakar says:

    I have been surged of rectal prolapse about 3years ago ..but it was not successful. It has come back worstly than of now I can’t not urinate or pass stool unless I took laxatives..please Dr sharma I need your help…from nigeria

  136. Hello Dr. Sharma, I had a rectal prolapse several years ago and underwent a colonectomy. I’ve noticed that I can’t seem to “empty” even with the use of a water enema. I have cramping and back pain, but not really any pain in the anal area. I noticed the protrusion again a few days ago when I try to have a movement. I really don’t want to go through another surgery! I would appreciate any help.
    Thank you, cheryl

  137. salma shaikh says:

    i have constipation problem for last 9 months and i am very scared to go in toilet because of constipation i get fissure problem also please give the permanent solution for my problem

  138. Ratneswar Majumdar says:

    I have piles for45yrs.Initially there was too much bleeding.Now rectum comes out during passing stool&requires pushing to set inside.Also I have chronic high blood sugar&slip disc.I am 63 years.

  139. Dear doctor,
    I am assumed to read about the treatment for rectal prolapse for which surgery is the only option in alopathic system . My wife is suffering from rectum prolapse and the bleeding occurs after 2-3 months. She feels the urge for evacuation and finds herself difficult to control. May I request you, sir, to prescribe an efficaceous medicine that can prove wonder to her or I am ready to see you regarding this. I am waiting for your prompt and valuable reply.

    with Thanks & regards
    MC Sharma

  140. Mere father ko bhut taklif hai.jha se piles hota hai uo jgh baher nikle hai.ak gol jaisa kuch hai .bhut homeopathic medicine kiye .per aaram operation kerne bolte per Father bhut derty. Father ka age 75 hai.uo Jo gola hai uo lemon jaisa bda hai .kya aap ke pass koi ilaj hai is ka.please ho to jrur btaye

  141. Dear doctor,
    I am suffering from rectum prolapse while defecating even in case of soft stool. I fall in the category of IGNITIA medecine mentioned above. can u please suggest me the potency of the medicine and the timing for taking medicine.

  142. I am a doctor.I suffer from rectal prolapse and anal fissure.Sometimes I had pain on passing stools.But now it is difficult to pass even gas.I am 27 years old male.Plz tell me any best homeopathic medicine for this.Waiting for your reply.Regards

  143. Sir, I am 20year and I think that I sm suffering from rectal prolapse because when I go to toilet my anus massal from right side come out due to that I am unable to do toilet properly and cause gastic problems. Sir tell me what I do?

  144. Hello Doctor. I am 22years old boy suffering from rectal prolapse for 6years now.It occurs whenever I pass out stool. i sometime experience pains I have to replace it by pushing with my fingers.Please doctor I want you to help me cure this problem.

  145. Dr Vijaya V Kulkarni says:

    10years girl is having rectum prolapse while passing stool. and having constipation so please tell me the Tremedy. Thank you,

  146. Doctor my Daugter who is1 .5 years of age is suffering from rectum prolaspe since 10 days now , with a result he fears passing stool and had constant stomach pain . He is also constipated , pls could u help me with accurate medication and lifestyle changes needed to address the above problem .
    I would be highly obliged and greatful to u .
    Thanking u ,

  147. please need your help for Rectal Prolapse in 4 years ???? boy homopathy medicin


  148. I am a 21 years old and I feel my anal region coming out. It does not give any problem to me but I am v. afraid if it will be problematic. I don’t want any surgery. Please help me out.

  149. Indermohan Sahni says:

    My wife age 64 years. She has very high platelets .she is having diverticulitis and rectum prolapse. Please intimate if there if reliable treatment in homeopathy

  150. I’m 67 years old, female suffering from swelling at the lowest part of intestine or rectum. No constipation but stool accumulates at the lower part and does out comes out of its own. It causes allergic Rhinititis and ashmatic problem. If motion is clear everything seems alright. Sometimes stools is like small stone. I suspect I have gluten allergy.

  151. Falguni Ganguli says:

    I am suffering from rectal prolapse for the past 6 months. My rectum comes out at the time of passing stool. Many a time its painful. I have to replace it by pushing it by finger. I tried Podophyllum pelt 200 and Ruta 200, twice daily for 3 months but the problem remains. Please suggest. I have problem during passing stool only, as of now, but I fear of situation get worse and I have to go for operation.

  152. krishnan naganathan says:

    dear dr sharma
    my mother is suffering from bowel incontinence probably due to diabetes and old age. she is 84 and diabetes under control what homeopathic medicine you suggest

  153. Hi Dr, I’m habeas and think I’ve got rectum prolapse for sometime now which I mistakenly mistook to be piles and took meds to deal with it but it’s consistent,I bleed when I pass stool,get pains around my anus,with some mucus discharge and extra flesh around my anus. I would want to know aside surgery what could be the remedy for this condition? Looking forward to hearing from you soon and thanks for your usual cooperation.

  154. Hello Sir,
    I am suffering form rectal prolapse last 1 years. Please tell me which medicine or tablet more effective for my problem. Sir when I goes to toilet then my rectum is out side of my body, but no paining. I use alopathy treatment of this problem but not effective for me. only reducing paining. so please tell me which medicine or home remedy for this problem. And please tell me that you send me medicine through courier ? I transfer amount of nft to your account.

    • chetan sahu says:

      Hello Sir,
      my child age 3.5 years was suffering form rectal prolapse last 2 months. Please tell me which medicine or tablet more effective for my child problem. Sir when he goes to toilet then rectum is out side of his body, but no paining. he use alopathy treatment i.e. stool fastner of this problem but not effective for him. only reducing paining. so please tell me which medicine or home remedy for this problem

  155. Srinath Dey sarkar says:

    Sir,i am very ashamed to say that i suffer from this problem.i have been doing kegel exercises and undergoing homeophatic treatment for 3 months……..but aftr 2 months it was cured……but if i masturbate i cannot hold my stool and again the itching has started…….now i have stopped masturbation for a week and the pain still persists…….so is masturbating relatwed to this prolapse…..and will it ever be cured????please sir i need help

  156. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I hope you can help me. I care for my elderly mother, she is now 84, and has for the last 6 months being suffering from a prolapsed rectum.
    It is causing her huge discomfort. It started just before Christmas, and though I am trying to manage it, it really isn’t getting any better. A year ago she had a stroke, which weakened her left side, she can now walk again with assistance but her left hand has become locked. Last October she started acupuncture and it worked wonders, including fixing her uterine prolapse, that has stayed in, but the rectal one came in its place! We tried more acupuncture, but we had no success this time. I was advised to give her sulphur 30c and she has been taking this now girv2 weeks, with very little improvement, except her tongue is getting a little clearer. I would be incredibly grateful for any advice you could give.

  157. vikas pruthi says:

    I feel constant pressure on rectum all time

  158. Timmy T. says:

    I wanted to find out which method you recommend is the best? Thanks

  159. My prolapse re ctum goes back when pushed back manually. Taking homeopath medicine for last 40 days. Symptoms disappear n come back. Can I get perfect result from homeo medicine without undergoing surgery. Help me out

  160. Sharjeel rizvi says:

    Thanks for giving me reply but sir it is difficult for me to cal u pls i would be grateful to you if u pls cal me at 12pm to 5 pm (pst) at my cell no 03044839479.thanks pls do cal me and take my life out of this nuisance.anxiously waiting 4 ur cal.

  161. Sharjeel rizvi says:

    I AM 25 YRS OLD. Sir i have got piles and now suffering from rectal prolapse on straining and got chronic constipation for several years.a dr told me to do an exercise with pilow between my knes and pres it as it reduces prolapse but there is constant mucus discharge from rectum pls sugest medicine so i once again be able to live normal life.waiting 4 reply.thanks.

  162. Sharjeel rizvi says:

    Sir i have got piles and now suffering from rectal prolapse on straining and got chronic constipation for several years.a dr told me to do an exercise with pilow between my knes and pres it as it reduces prolapse but there is constant mucus discharge from rectum pls sugest medicine so i once again be able to live normal life.waiting 4 reply.thanks.

  163. Dr Sharma
    how to get rid of eexternal rectal prolapse ..a kind of podophyllum naturally..
    is there any effective way or wont ever get cured?

  164. JSN Murthy says:

    At the age of 8 yrs, the rectrum prolapse started. I’m now 65yrs old. A large portion comes out during bowel movement and goes back when i stand up.There is no bleeding nor pain. I’m giving more pressure to pass the motion. The pressure has become habitual. From past 20 days i’m having lower back pain. Is it because of the prolapse. Please suggest me remedies.

  165. sajikumar.k.k. says:

    how i can cure from rectal prolabs. 8 years back i had an accident ,after the accident the problem arise please give me one advice,and give me your phone no. please

  166. I am 36 years old. while when i am going to tools approximately 5cm of colon is coming out side from anus and while pushing inside it will going inside of anus. Rectal Prolapse for the past 15 years. ( My rectum comes out a after a bowel movement. After bowel movement, the rectum protrudes out of the anus and looks like there are a bunch of 6 or 7 small balls that look like grapes. and then i push it , it will go up. it will not give pain to me.) my friends are advised for surgery.please give me some suggestion.Is is possible to cure for it without surgery . What is the remedy sir,

  167. wakil Ahmed says:

    My child who is 5 yrs old now suffering for rectal prolaps since 3yrs& I consult many doctors alopathy as well as hemeopathy but no find good result .so pl. U suggest me for that problem

  168. Hello
    I am
    Looking for homeopathic remedy for rectocele
    Linda Weinberg

  169. sir my baby is 4 years he have a problem of prolapse of rectum and also celliac desease I gave a homeopathic medicine hyoscyamus30. which is right. pls tell me

  170. Sir i have a serious prblm of Rectal prolepus
    I had tried all treatment but there’s no response
    Sometimes when i go for toilet there is bleeding and lot of pain and mucus plz tell me the treatment i’d want to Sergery

  171. Tushar kalita says:

    Sir I want to know possible for Rectal proleps problem in Homeopathy. please can you help me… Because I suffering this problem mor many years.

  172. sir i m not a doctor nor a medical professional. but i also faced same problem few days and i cured my disease using fresh leave of mint and neem . boiled both leaves in water and drink three time in days . u can get 50 percent relif and second use charcoal aryuvedic two tablets in a day. if u will get relfi then tell this solution to other. i m just sharing this solution as a human being . so please take doctor advice before start this solution. may god cure your disease very soon.

  173. janet boscaino says:

    After a bout with CDIF i ended up with prolapsed rectum i am 77 years old and take oxygen for my breathing i do take amitiza for constipastion but when it comes out i cannot not walk or stand for any period of time can you help ?

  174. Dear, Dr. Sharma
    please help my dad he has rectal prolapse for about a year now, and no doctor was able to help him.
    he’s rectal prolapse would come after he poop even with a soft stool and it’s making his quality of life
    so hard he can’t go any where to see a friend or vacationing, feeling very depressing and sad. please help him find something that will work so he can have his life back. we will forever grateful thank you.

    p.s he remembers the first time he has the prolapse was when they were giving the medication to take so that they can do a colonoscopy he was having a diarhea so much that, that intestine part came out.

  175. Billie Byers says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with rectal prolapse and have seen two surgeons who both said it won’t get better and surgery was the only way to fix it. I am looking for a homeopathic solution. Please help. I am 61, female and I have had two children and a hysterectomy back in 1983 when they cut all the way across my abdomen. I have had chronic constipation for years. What can you recommend?

  176. I want cure for rectum prolapse due to chronic piles . It is without pain and bleeding

  177. Dr.M.A.KARIM. says:

    DearDr. My problem started since 3weeks I feel something mucoid discharging in anal cannel ,but when I put or blotting paper it is not wet and when drfecated after washing it seems some mucoid secretion still in anus.feeling very discomfort please advice I am65

  178. Dr.M.A.KARIM. says:

    DearDr. My problem started since 3weeks I feel something mucoid discharging in anal cannel ,but when I put or blotting paper it is not wet and when drfecated after washing it seems some mucoid secretion still in anus.feeling very discomfort please advice

  179. Richard Byers says:


    My wife is suffering from prolapsed rectum (just diagnosed) Abdominal surgery has been recommended to pull it up and take out the excess colon length. We are reluctant. She is 61 years old, has had two children and a historectomy leaving abdominal adhesions. he has had fairly chronic constipation and has just now undergone a cleansing for a colonoscopy. She is now on Miralax, Colace and a prescription medication to help her go easier. Please advise what you would recommend in her case.
    Thank you.

  180. Mian Amjad Arain says:

    Respected Sir,I m M.Sc.Hons. Agriculture,MBA, DHMS qualified.Sir there is some common disease in animals eg. Prolapse,Diarrhea,Foot And Mouth disease, Loss of appetite,Low Milk,etc plz guide me remedies of these major disease of animals and potencies.Regars, Mian Amjad Arain

  181. Dr.Rahul Asthana says:

    Thanku very much for guideline sir

  182. Hello doctor,
    I am 34 year female and suffering from rectal prolapse which is very painful and i also have piles(non bleeding) for which i am taking fp tabs . Request you to please prescribe some good medicine.

  183. What should be done when you have rectal prolapse and have lost all control of bowl movement? There is no sensation to go to the bathroom.

  184. Dr. Sharma, pls am 25 years of age and i have prolapse rectal problem, i knew i was born with it because i saw it since childhood, somtimes i bleed more blood when passing out faeces, it also pains, and after passing out, i have to push it back with the help of my hand. Am in Ghana and i just read your medical guide. Pls is there hope for me. Hope to hear from you.

  185. Suman Chopra says:

    Dr Sharma,

    I have developed a prolapsed rectum after passing stools in the last 3 days. let me know what is the potency & dosage of Podphyllum I should take. I am a 50 years old male.

    Thank you

    S Chopra

  186. Suman Chopra says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 50 year old man and have developed rectal Prolapse over the last 2 days.. I noticed about an inch of my rectum protruding outside me after passing stools. I felt that it was happening over the last one week or so…but yesterday it came out around an inch.

    Should I take Podophyllum? What is the dosage? Will it go back to normal?

    Please reply at your earliest.

    Thank you

    S Chopra

  187. hello dr. I am 19 year old and suffuring with rectal prolapse and i dont want to undergo surgery can u please tell me homeopathic treatment ? prescribe some medicenes ill purchase n take it…

    complaint: i feel my rectam hang down while straining at defication and then ill put it back ,,,i dont get pain only the thing come out,,,,please prescribe medicenes..

  188. Hello Dr.,
    l am suffering from rectal prolapse by birth. now I am 26 years old. some times i hv some constipation too. this prolapse persists during toilet only…..3 years ago I was treated by an ayurvedic method in which dr. fits a ring intarnaly in my anus for 6 months….but it not works . plz dr. sugest me its treatment without a surgery.

    I will always thankfull to you…..!

  189. Hello Dr.,
    l am suffering from rectal prolapse by birth. now I am 26 years old. some times i hv some constipation too. this prolapse persists during toilet only…..3 years ago I was treated by an ayurvedic method in which dr. fits a ring intarnaly in my anus for 6 months….but it not works . plz dr. sugest me its treatment without a surgery.

    I will always thankfull to you.

  190. susan haines says:

    homeopathic remedy for rectal prolapse in kitten 16 week old

  191. Md Mizanur Rahman says:

    I am 26 year of age. I am suffering rcctal prolapse from chieldhood but its painless and has no bleeding. Few days ago i went to a madical surgeon and he said to me that I need a surgery and it’s very difficult and also said the percentage of cure is 50. so I am teansed . I want to take homeopathic treatment. Please advise me what will I do?

  192. dr sageer ansari says:

    which remedy prescribe in adult 25 yr old who rectal prolapse occurs. since birth. i.e. congenital prolapse. recti

    • ajaysharma says:

      partial rectal prolapse is seen for a patient …how it can be protected from proturding out of anus?????any soltn plz

  193. Drakes Dawson says:

    Hi part of rectum is protruding from anus causing pain soreness it occurred several times before this time was due to Diarrhea due to pepper onsumption please help me with natural way to cure and prevent this occurring I have history of constipation

  194. jl satya babu says:

    while going to the doctor, he told that my mother is suffering from rectal prolapse. while she is going to tools approximately 5cm of colon is coming out side from anus and while pushing inside it will going inside of anus, she is getting more number of times of tools and some times while go in to the letrin the tools fell down immediately . it is very inconvience that she is getting urgent tools and she is not able to stop until go to the tools room even she manage some times tools get out side which is very shy and inconvience to others. Sir, is there is any complete remedy in homoepathy treatment, is the rectal prolapse completely rectify. Her age is 59 years. kindly reply
    thanking you sir
    jl satya babu,, phone:9440789849(Andhra Pradesh state in india country)

  195. what is the treatment of rectum prolapse in 5 year children

  196. wasfe ali khan says:

    I am feeling acure rash uneasiness after passing stool. I have also pain when sitting position. Feeling burning sensation.

  197. Sir..
    I hav been suffering from constipation since I was 16 years old ..and now im 25 bt constipation still persist..sir a lump of mass comes out while shitting..but there is no pain and no bleeding.sir kindly suggest me some medicines or ways to get this lump to get back to normal

  198. i am 38 year old lady same problem face after L2 fracture stool passing time same prolapsed rectum after relax rectum go back & pass stool plz suggestion this problem treatment with out surgery plz guide me this problem treatment in homepathy

  199. Manik Raj says:

    Dr. iam suffering from prolapse rectum from age of 4 or 5 now iam 24 years
    i have no problem with passing my stool i just want to get this problem cured..

  200. Doctor my son who is 3.6 years of age is suffering from rectum prolaspe since 10 days now , with a result he fears passing stool and had constant stomach pain . He is also constipated , pls could u help me with accurate medication and lifestyle changes needed to address the above problem .
    I would be highly obliged and greatful to u .
    Thanking u ,
    Chitra Kumar

  201. Raza Qadri says:

    I am suffering with rectum prolapse since last 4 years, it was due to constipation.. I have consulted with aturveda, elopath, they all advised me to get surgery. But i dont want get surgery …can it be cured without surgery in homeopath.. Please reply me soon…

  202. Anupam Mantry says:

    My son 3years and 3 months old, very recently noticed that when he is passing stool that rectum is coming out with soft stool and going back to his position by own.

    Need advice and guide please.

    A Mantry

  203. ravi sh.ojha says:

    Father is 85.rectal prolapse.mass of flesh have come out.not pls happened for last two days

  204. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I’m a 44 years old lady. I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis in 2002 and had undergone right oophorectomy. Since then off & on I am on hormone treatment to keep endometriosis under control. I also do have severe constipation problem & may be due to that I’ve developed rectoral prolapse. It started troubling me in 2011 for the first time but in a couple of days the pain subsided on its own and also there was on outgrowth anymore. But since last three days the prolapse has again bulged out of the anus and causing a lot of pain. I get relief only when I push it inside with help of my fingers.
    Please help me in getting rid of this.
    Needful to mention that I don’t have any issue.

    With best regards

  205. Prolapse during passing stool, very less pain but sometimes occure, no bleeding problem, suffering from this problem for 3-4 years..

  206. ramesh shenoi s.a. says:

    i have to use left hand index finger and oil to clean my stomach. I have been suffering from chronic constipation for several years. My stool was very sticky and hard. after including wheat in my morning and night food, stool has changed, but i have to use oil and finger to open anus and rectum to empty stomch

  207. Arin Johnson says:

    My rectum comes out a after a bowel movement. After bowel movement, the rectum protrudes out of the anus and looks like there are a bunch of 6 or 7 small balls that look like grapes. It then slowly goes back in and takes maybe 10 – 15 hours to come back to normal. Please advice. Thank you.

  208. Debanjan Mondal says:

    I am 23 years old college student. Recently faced some problem. Recently I noticed that little part of my anus is coming out.There is little pain nd sometimes it’s itching in my anus area. I have little bit of problem with my stool. I went to toilet everyday but sometimes it’s hard stool,but maximum time it’s normal stool.I thought my situation is not ao serious but still I’m very tensed about it…please give me some suggestion.I don’t want any surgery.

  209. Sir
    I have problem of rectal prolapse, earlier it come out and goes back once i stand up from toilet Seat but now it required Push by hand to go in.

    Request Please suggest Homeopathy medicine which help me to over-come the same.

    • wasfe ali khan says:

      I am feeling acure rash uneasiness after passing stool. I have also pain when sitting position. Feeling burning sensation.

  210. Hello sir. My son 14 yers old, when he was 3 years old rectal prolapse problem start with him now he is 14. Year old and problem are … doctors says surgery is a only treatment. .. but I dont want. .. I want any medicine its homeopathic,ayurvedic, any medicine but no surgery i know surgery is painful…. Please help me give suggestions. .. Please reply fast… I m waiting for your positive reply for my sons rectal prolapse problems treatment .. thank u. ..

  211. S.Arshad Hussain says:

    sir , I have prolapse rectum from my birth . Now a day major problem i am facing is passing of stool is not proper . secondly constantly i am getting heat boils through out body especially lower body when consulted doctor he gave me a blood purifier few days it was ok. but again and facing heat boils on my face constlaly under chin . i think this is due to no proper discharge of stool so whtat i have to do for this.

  212. Dear sir,
    I am 33 years old male suffering from complete rectal prolapse. Homoeopathy can cure this?

  213. Hi Dr
    I am 52 and had harnia surgery very recently , suffering from constipation and very solid stool passing and occassionly bleeding after ward since my young age like 28 or so initially i had consulted Homeopath Dr but since it was not frequent and did n’t saw results stopped it . Recently my physician suugested a patch a very minor surgery still I have a such problem-yet not daily but now i am fed up and wish for some permanant solution.
    can I do gym excercise after Harnia sergery ! my life style is like working 6 to 7 days 9 hrs avge (work and voluntary).

  214. malvinder singh says:

    I always have to use force whenever going to toilet. Every three to four months have blood from piles.
    I am 59 yrs old. Please advise.

  215. Mohammad Nasim Zahid says:

    I am 55 years old. I was the patient of piles. Two times operated ofter opeation i got Prolapse Occurs Even with Soft Stool & after stool i have to push it up. One moor problom which i have that is also very big that is at night when i sleep just after sleeping my legs feel rest les & i have to move my legs, i have to sit at leggs, i have to go wash room for urine, this is happening three times & then i can sleep.
    Please till me the medicines along with potency. I am working in Saudi Arabia & there is no homeo medicines in Sudia, i have to ask some one to bring from India or Pakistan.
    Thanks & regard

    • I am 23 years old college student. Recently faced some problem. Recently I noticed that little part of my anus is coming out.There is no pain . I have little bit of problem with my stool. I went to toilet everyday but most sometimes it’s hard stool.I thought my situation is not a serious but still I’m very tensed about it…please give me some suggestion.I don’t want any surgery.

      • Dear go for a cream thank oD and do not give any pressure and use India that it

      • Nirmal sahni says:

        I am 60 year old woman suffering with dual problems of diverticulitis and prolapsed rectum. I am fed up of these conditions and thinking of going for surgery. I have been dedicatedly taking homeopathy treatment for diverticulitis for the past 12 years with little improvement. Past 2 years my condition has worsened with my platelet count going up to 12 lacs.

        Let me know if you can help

        My number is 09322260070 and I stay in Mumbai.

  216. Pls suggest some tips for Under eye bags

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