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Arthritis of the knee

Knee pain? Try homeopathy.                                                                  image

One of the most common causes of knee pain is the osteoarthritis of the knee jointt. This is most common in the old and middle age groups. Osteoarthritis generally affects the weight-bearing joints such as the knee, but it may harm any other joint too.

The pain and the swelling caused by it can result in one?s life getting limited to hardly routine movements.

Homeopathic intervention done at the right stage can give significant relief from pain and swelling. This system of medicine has an edge over the conventional pain killers by providing relief which is not short-lived but has a lasting effect. There is another distinct advantage; it stops further damage to the cartilage thereby controlling the advancement of the disease. Moreover, homeopathic treatment (under professional guidance) does not have any side-effects even if the medicines are used for a long period.

But what is Osteoarthritis and how does it affect the knee joint? Among the over 100 different types of arthritic conditions, osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis affects the knee joint by damaging the cartilage (Cartilage is made up of a protein substance that acts as a ?cushion? between the bones of the joints) in the knee joint. The cartilage in the knee joint slowly degenerates. In advanced cases, it may disappear and the bones start rubbing against each other and causing more pain. When bones start to rub against each other, bony growth may occur around the joints.

In the initial stages of knee osteoarthritis, one may simply feel deep aching in the knee joint. As it advances, common symptoms include pain that is worse after an exercise session or weight bearing, swelling in the joint, limited movement of the knee joint, stiffness following periods of inactivity such as sleeping or sitting; cracking or grating sounds in the knee joint. As the damage to the knee joint advances, the joint may become less movable and pain may occur even when the joint is at rest and can keep the person awake throughout of the night.

The real cause of osteoarthritis is not very clear. Medical researchers believe that it is due to a combination of factors that include aging, injury to the joint or stress, being overweight and genetic factors.

As mentioned earlier, a carefully prescribed homoeopathic medicine can be a great help in relieving pain and increasing the mobility of the joint. Arnica Montana, Rhus Tox, Bryonia Alba, Ledum Pal, Apis Mellifica and Ostearthritic Nosode (OAN) (OAN is a homoeopathic medicine prepared from the synovial fluid of an ostearthritic knee) are some of the important homoeopathic medicines used in treating osteoarthritis of the knee. Another medicine that requires a special mention is Calcarea Flour

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  1. Hi Dr.Sharma I have knee pain in my both knees .Dr. told me I have arthritis. I m 58 years old .not overweight. Very active .not taking any medication. It is only my knees from 2 years stiffed after sitting long time while sleeping too. Sometimes they stuck and it is too hard to straight my leg. All around the knee I have stiffness and on my legs too .sometimes I feel swelling on the back of my knee. Can you pls tell me any treatment in homeopathy. Thanks

  2. Having knee pain which is getting worse trying to take APIs mellificia 30x and Ruta Grav.and Rhus Tox 30x please give some suggestions

  3. UMASHANKAR Tiwari says:

    Sir, I am facing burning and sensation at right side leg from west to soul hole leg .

  4. Nilanjan Basu says:

    My mother is 65 years old. She could not walk properly as her left knee is affected by osteoarthritis causing constant inner knee pain. I want your help to restore her pain by applying homeopathic medicine. I have used kali carb, p.Ivy, ledum pal, for this but not getting relief. You please suggest homeopathic medicine by which my mother may get rid of the pain.


  5. Prosenjit Biswas says:

    I feel a inner pain in my right knee , specially while I kick my bike.and when I take stairs.
    Prosenjit biswas. Age 30


    I am 65 years old. I could not walk properly as my both the knees are affected by osteoarthritis causing constant knee pain. I want your help to restore my pain by applying homeopathic medicine.I have used Rhus toxins for this but not getting relief. You please suggest homeopathic medicine by which I may get rid of the pain. Thank you. Purnima Bhattacharya. Mob:-8017896638

  7. Abdul Rehman says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 38 years old girl and I have pain from last 1 month in the middle of the backside of my left knee kindly tell me the solution.

  8. Narendra Surana says:

    I am 68 years old.lhave pain in my right knee for last 1 year.I feel pain while walking movement of knees in rest.Iam not able to walk straight .I have tried many homeopathic medicine like Briyonia 200,calf carb200,Rita g200 etc but could’t get relief. Please advise medicine with potency.l have tried your prescription from your web. and found veri useful.thanks
    Please reply earliest.

  9. Narendra Surana says:

    I am 68. I have pain in my right knee for last one year.lfeel pain while walking,movement of knee in rest.I am not able to walk straight . I have tried homeopathic medicines like arnica,cal carb, Ruta g, etc but could’t Get relief .please advice proper homeopathic medicine . Thanks.

  10. Steven Dsouza says:

    I am a 50 Yrs.. Was an active footballer during my teen. Currently I am hearing a crackling sound from my knees and sometimes pain. Is there a remedy that can cure this ailment in the long term. I am against going under the scalp pin

  11. Prakash n oranngya says:

    Age 49 male suffering from osteoarthritis since 3 years stiffness noted at wakeup and pain while standing at one place more then 10/15minutes also pain while using stairs up and down Can it be cured how

  12. Brig A K Pait says:

    I had knee pain. After homeob medicine for 5 months pain has gone. I am using Ruta
    .grave200,cal phos, vArnica montana,Mag Phos. Should I take R73 for sometime so that I donot get the pain again.In a video in utube Dr Vikash says that R73 can repair damaged cartilage.

  13. B S N MURTHY says:

    water logging around knees is found after 10 days of intermittent pain of right knee. went to hospital. approximately 100 ml synovial fluid is removed from right knee, bandaged and advised rest for two days and removal of bandage thereafter.
    Antibiotics, pain killers, and antacids are prescribed and are used.
    However, still there is recurrence of accumulation of synovial fluid slowly and marked difference is found in the right and left knee joint due to it.

    kindly advice suitable homoeo medications for the problem to reduce / mitigate the problem and the recurrenceBSNM7896 of it.

  14. Emily Kamara says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I been suffering from Osteoarthritis on both my knees for over seven years The right knee is so bad that I am always on severe pain my foot bend due to the arthritis. I might have under go knee replacement surgery which worries me a lot. What advice would you give or help to take away the agony I have every day. Pain tablets is only for few hours.
    Hope to here from you soon.

  15. Mathew Samuel says:

    Dear Dr.
    My left knee have problem with ostia arthritis, last three yrs. I am suffering too much pain and using painkiller like Orecerin, Tendofles, and Diclofenac potassium

    Noe my kee is bend very difficult to move .
    what to be done this stage , Homeo pathy help this stage Please advise me

  16. Hello doctor, my mother is 68 years old and have being suffering from knee cap on the left leg which is limiting her movement and difficulty in bending or going to toilet. Kindly suggest me what I can do at home to help my mother. And we are in remote village where transport and health care is very scare. Thanking you sir

  17. Hello sir , problem is related to my mother age 75 and suffering from knee pain for 6 to 7 years and now she has pain in left knee even she can not bend it,.2years ago she went through I am homoeopathy believer so please advice for that.sympems are she doesn’t walk 2 to three minutes because of exertion ,she is diabetic too but in control .by nature she used to talk about sad or negative thing first. She doesn’t like spicy or chilli food , she feels more cold as compare to warm,….Sir please suggest medicine for her I will be great dil to you

  18. Zahid Abbasi says:

    I have osteoarthritis in both knees. Can you please suggest some homeopathic remedies?
    Thank you.

  19. b.n.thatte says:

    good evening Dr cartilage in my left knee joint has wear and tare .unable to walk with proper movements wearing knee cap with patela opening also started getting reaches heavily on body and itching place that too happens in night when I am on bed get aboy two hrs sleep again itching starts apply water cools down then a get sleep again gets itching repeated kindly suggest .I don’t eat nonveg food
    I am fed up of life sir please suggest

  20. salil chandra says:

    I m suffering osto artharities on both knees, having too much pain & can’t move properly. Wants relief

  21. Hi
    I m 39 years old not married actually I had accident in 2006 and my knee is injured specially cartilage bone cracking than I m on bed 2 year approx again I’m going to work but I put on my weight my height is 4.11 and weight is 96kg now I m join the weight loss program here o do some exercise and my knee pain is back now pls tell what I do coz I want to lose my weight badly so how I over come on my pain pls

  22. Nandita sharma says:

    Thanks for this I have knee pain in right knee any remedy sir


  24. A SREERAMANA says:

    Doctor sir I am suffering from septic arthritis in the knees I need a suitable medicine in homoepathy
    nearly 4 times fluid formed in knees that taken out by general physician and again it will forming
    I request best medicine in homiopathy

  25. ramkishore gupta says:

    i am residing at rajajipuram lkoand68yearsold suffering from right kneearthritis i am also a patient of high b p no fruitful result was found in allopathy and aurvedic pls give appro suggestion rkgupta

  26. Pushpa C Dost says:

    Hello sir m a pt of osteoarteitis knee I was taking heopathic treatment but there is no relief my age is 70 yrs nd wt is 65 kg I want to reduce my wt also but due to pain m uanable todo the walk as I was regularly doing

  27. Ajit Kumar Chatterjee says:

    Being diabetic Type 2 plus heart patient (CABG done in 86 may, two main grafts are still patent I have to consume lot of medicines which I cannot stop.
    Now Dr has suggested TKR but being 86 yrs of age do not want to do TKR.Suffering from OA from a long time. Do not take Pain Medicines because Kidneys CKD 3.

    Kindly suggest homeopathic treatment.Left knee is more painful since I had received injury more than 50 yr ago and had become OK for work.

    Kindly suggest homeopathic treatment and the cost involved.

  28. Anjali Gupta says:

    Recently I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of knees. Ortho doctor has prescribed to take Lubrijoint glucosamine once a day.
    But I want to go for homeopathy and request you to help me.
    I came to know about Rejoint Drops on internet. How safe is to take it?
    Please help me.

  29. HIRA LAL SAH says:

    Dear Doctor, My wife aged 57 yrs facing arthritic pain in knees. Her cartilage got worn out as per x-ray. You described about ‘Rejoint drop’. Will this be beneficial for her? She is taking Glucosamine tab & calcium tab. Please help & get me ‘REJOINT drop’. Thanks sir.


    Respected Dr.
    Mother is old one age around 75 is suffering knee pain at the time of getting up after sitting even she could not balance herself without help of other even uses walker so i want to know your advice for the medicine you refer specially homeopathic medicine
    for which i shall be grateful to you

    Thanks & Regards

  31. Dr I’m 38 yr old sir mujhe kneed prblm h gape aa gya h bht treatment kraya h but koi frk hi nh h
    Dr ji kya mere kneed me jo gape h wo thik ho salta h plss dr ji reply me bht preshan Hun mein

  32. Jagan mohan rao says:

    I am 68 years old.When iam playing shuttle left knee slightly twisted.0n 4-5-2017. I went to orthopedition.he checked leg bendig at knee and given pain killer tab for 10days.mean time I went to tirupathi steps about 300 up &down with a berable pain at knee.prasantly Iam using some oil for knee. knee bend is ok getting light pain.but at the time walking knee is not bending properly.i am getting pain in the knee when iam in standing position.suspecting bones are rubbing WT.80 kg .ht5.5 inches.please sugest medicines and exerises to relief the pain and get normal the time of walking iam putting my leg slightly slant posion.

  33. Prithvi Srivastava says:

    My both knees have osteoarthritis, left knee is swollen more than right knee. I am taking Glucosamine with MSM two tables 1500mg.
    I also do quadratic exercise . Pain persists and is regressing
    Kindly suggest Homeo medicine

  34. Sheela Banerjee says:

    May I get the treatment of acute piles without surgery?

    • dr pankaj says: homeopathy only…u can get the best results in acute piles and if u want to avoid surgery then best is take homeopathy..

  35. khalid javaid says:

    age—65 male left knee pain and not move joint pain uric acid also increased wt is 100 kg—–fat person suggest medicine——and my advice in meal

  36. Hello, my mother age 70 hit her knee severely with the table and has Sciatica and water Effusion in the left knee with swelling. Her L3 and L4 is also little compressed after a fall. Has Arthritis and joint pain. Took ready remedy R71 & R73 drops as she was traveling. Sciatica pain is almost gone but knees and joint pain still persists.
    Unable to detection Gout but symptoms persist. Sometimes high Uric Acid in Urine.
    Kindly, suggest a good remedy for the same…

  37. Suresh madhwani says:

    My right knee having slight swell on top of knee and feeling uneasy while walking over one km. Please

  38. Mrs. Anita Sahni says:

    I am 70 years old. 2 moths back, I developed sudden knee pain after I got up in the morning. X-report has diagnosed it as :
    “B/L tibial spiking with subtle marginal osteophytosis”
    -No focal lytic or scleroticlesion seen
    -patella is normal.
    -no ne density is normal.
    -no soft tissue abnormality seen.
    I have taken allopathic medicine, physiotherapy but no result.
    I am a heart patient, mitral valve replaced with synthetic mechanical valve and is on Acitrom(warfarin).I also take blood pressure medicine

    Please help.

  39. Gokul Goswami says:

    Sir good evening sir I am from Guwahati my age78yrs I walk 4 km evening everyday but last 7 day I feel Little pain in my left knee.but from three days I feel so pain at night I can’t pls give me some good advice relief from my seveir pain at night.

  40. GAURAV MISHRA says:

    i have a problem of cracking sound bone problem in all joints like wrist, knee, backbone, neck, fingers, and acute pain in backbone and neck also. so i kindely request to you guide me for the treatment and recomend me any drugs, i will be thankful for your guideline.

  41. Sandy H Best says:

    I started feeling pain in my left knee after I retired the inside of the knee is a bit swollen but I feel pain when I walk go up or down the stairs any time I put pressure on my left leg I’m also about 15 lb over weight

  42. Hi, I have chondromalacia pattella in left knee for one year. Is there any homeopathic medicine to regenerate the cartilage of patella ?

    • Kumar Deobrat says:

      Hi I have a condromalacia patella in both the knee from last two years. Is there any medicine to regenerate cartilage as well as swelling and removes itching pain?? I am a sportsperson..

  43. Dhruvchand says:

    Khat- khat- awaj from knees when sitting or standing after awaking , pain when sitting in Bajrasan . This problem is to my daughter at least from 6 months , age about 26 year. Wants Homeo treatment.

  44. I am from Kolkata . I had knee replacement in both my knees, ten days back. I have lots pain in my knees after operation and thought reduced now, I can only stand with support for sometimes only with pain . Psysciotherapy is going . No other problems.
    can you pl. suggest homeopathy mdc to reduce pain snd accelerate healing so that I can start to walk at faster rate?

  45. Meri mother 75 yrs.old hai, unko knee main gape hone se unbairable pain hota hai.any suggestion or medicine ?pls kindly reply.

  46. I suffered from Chikungunia fever 2 months back, the fever cure about after 15 days. but still there is pain in joints especially knee joints. especially when i sit for toilet on Indian type seat and after 5 minutes it is very hard to stand up as there is great pain in knees for few seconds when standing. pl suggest medicine.



  48. Belinda says; says:

    3 yrs ago I had orthodcopic SX on completely torn miniscus with,a lot of arthritis. I am currently 48 yrs old & fell & reinjured same LT. Iinner knee & 3rd grade sprain on LT foot. Bruising & swelling has gone down but a 1 1/2 moon shape around my knee on inside still hurts , cracks & occasionally goes out. Neurosurgeon says its diabetes or “RPGs something.” I just visited PCP & HBA 1 C was 7.9. As far as the other problrms he said not much is known about it norm how to treat it. He would send me to pain mgt, NOT!! I will never ever go to any pain mgt. Very bad experience., I’m am also a gasttric bypass patient I don’t know where elset tutn? HHEDLPP,

  49. Dr i want to know if the cartilage is worn out,is there any chance for it to regrow without knee transplantation

    • I would like to know that I have osteoporosis of the knee can it be cured without the surgery and also is it ok to go for a walk with the knee cap on

  50. Anil Kumar Prasad says:

    Respected Dr, I am suffring from pain behind knee from làst year. some time swelling with redness in my knee. I am facing problem to sit on toilet seat. pl. sugest me medicine.

  51. Thank u very much sir,?

  52. Hi Dr Sharma

    Ama 45yr old female Indian at 165m ht & 59kg wt. i have been suffering from osteoarthritis for sometime now. Doctors have given me painkillers only. and i also had a jab in the knees (both). the ‘Gel” injection. pain have gone down after the jap

    i question is… Doctors adviced me to get a knee replacement at the age of 50. Is there any way i can improve my condition? is knee replacement the only solution for my problem?


  53. Sir ,I’m 42 years old (body weight above 96 kilo)height 5feet8inches,A few years ago I’m a martial art trainer but know I’m suffering from knee pain due to cartilage problem I hope homeo medicines helps to cure this problem ,sir if any chance to regenerate cartilage ? Please help me ,I’m waiting for your kind advise thanking byou

  54. Caliph Mustafa says:

    I have right knee pain diagnosed as osteoarthiritis.I had undergone all possible allopathic,ayurvedic treatments without any rematkable difference.I am considering Synovisvc one injection,when I came across homeopathic treatment.I am 72 years, have diabetes 2,hypertension ,both under good control by medication.I would like to know how homeopathy can help me.I am a retired Engineer,and live in kerala

  55. Ansuyaben Patel says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma:
    I am 63 years old female having knee pain in left leg due to osteoarthirits for the 1 year. We live in NJ-USA. My height is 5′-1″ and weight 56 kg. I HAVE TRIED SOME OVER THE COUNTER medicines and excersize regularly for last 3 months but the leg pain , stiffness and inflamation is still painful especially during night time. I am generally in good health and during a recent visit to Orthopedic Specialist, he ordered some knee X rays. After the examination he suggested me to have a knee Surgery to help reduce the pain. He said I have an early stage of arthritis that can be treated with Prescription medicine or some Steroid shots. He gave a shot that helped me for few weeks, but the condition did not improve much. I don’t want to have surgery at this time.
    So, Please advise me homeopathic medication that I can try. Also the pain &stiffness is usually behind the left knee and some time makes cracking sound . What type of medication can I buy for me to ease the pain on the knees and probably to add some fluid in the knees to a get relief from ARTHRITIS.. Do you have any Homeopathic medicine that we can purchase here in USA? Where can I get the homeopathic Natural Medicine ? Or do you ship the medicine from India? Hoping to hear from you.

    Thank You for your Help.

  56. Michelle Hessenauer says:

    Dear Doctor
    I have cervical osteochondritis and would like to get some natural medication, as the drugs the medical doctor gives me makes me feel very sick.
    Would you be able to help me?

  57. Meri mother ke ek pair ke gutne mai thoda gape aa giya hai jo bahut pain karta alopathik doctor to opration batate hai koi homyopathaik ilaj hai to suggested me

  58. JOAN COLANGELI says:


  59. shashi srivastava says:

    my mother 70 year old suffering from knee joint pain how to treat please advise me

  60. Raju Bhattacharjee says:

    my mom age 59 years. since 2003 knee pain start. day to day knee pain increase. all treatment fail. mom sugar patiatent . sugar is now control. fasting 135, pp 159. one years ago mom start kabiraji treatment still now.

  61. Rafiqul Islam says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 46 years old. I have been suffering from severe knee pain since 2009. Already, I use Arnica Montana, Bryonia Alba, Ledum Pal. My weight is 70 kgs. Knee pain increase in exercise. cold wind and winter season.

    please give me advice and treatment.

    • Dear Dr. Sharma,

      My mother 62 year old and has arthritis problem in both the knees, She can no longer walk properly without walking stand and helper support, she feels acute pain when walking, as per doctor advised we are doing regularly physiotherapy, However she feels acute pain when walking. Can you please give me advice and treatment to easy the pain on the knees and probably to add some fluid in the knees.

  62. Nitesh Srivastava says:

    I am facing pain, fatigueness on knees, elbows and all joints since past over 1 year. Haven’t taken any prescribed treatment yet. Age 43 Male. Please suggest how homeopathy can help and how can I undergo treatment.

  63. Sir
    I am 66 years old having knee pain due
    to osteoarthirits for the last 5 years. My height is 170 cm and weight 73 kg. I have hypertension but bp is under control with medication. Please advise homeopathic medication.
    R S Wadhaw

  64. Shamim khan says:

    Meri mummy ki age 67 hai right leg ke joint me dard ki wajah se chal nahi pa rahi hai idhar ak mahine se woh sugar patients hai keya karo

  65. Ravi anand says:

    Meri umer62 saal hai mere dnopipairon ke ghutnedukhte hain Doctor ka Keenan hai aapke Gadiyar thus gai hai to is main aap meri kya me dad ker skate hain kripya bataye ki koshish karein

  66. Kamal Lyons says:

    I am 72 n been told to have a knee replacement. I had arthroscopy 15 years ago now I can walk 50 yards n my knees get painfully n stiff stopping every to walk further I need to bend my knees n need to sit down for a while before starting again. Can you help? I don’t get pain when I am resting. I am five foot tall but weigh 78kv

  67. Sir my mom is suffering from osteoarthritis her synovial fluid is almot over she is 47 year old
    How can she get relife

  68. Ruchi Priya says:

    hello sir,
    my mom is 50+ and suffering from knee pain even though all the reports are normal , she is not getting any relief since 2 months.
    please guide

  69. Sanjay kumar chaurasia says:

    Dear sir,
    i am 52 years
    From few months i am suffering form ligaments injury in my knees
    it was happens during the playing of badminton
    for history – i am the regular plying badminton since last 15 years without any trouble but from few months back during the process of tufting in summer seasons my one leg rusted and having the pain even while i am walking specially in the morning time at the time of getup form bad.
    i visit to physio trap-its to survival and take the treatment but the pain not removed completely some time more or some time nothing – but its with me – i also taken few tabulates of Sigmoflam as per advice of physicians and ice / steam treatments and excise also at home.

    kind request to suggest me in the matter

    best regards,
    Sanjay kumar chaurasia

  70. Lata Deshpande says:

    I am having ciatica problem Having severe pains in my right leg .in MRI I there is compression .please give prescription

  71. Rajendra Sharma says:

    At Udaipur Age 60 Years
    Date of birth – 22nd march 1956
    1) Osteoarthritis Since 2003 – cartilage cushion of knee much damaged ( space )
    2) Acidity
    3) Infected Retina ( Silicone oil filled in 1 eye ) in other eye also blurred vision
    4)Cough problem & High B P
    My mother died of bone cancer at the age of 85 years ( blood sample & other diagnosis )
    Please cooperate & GUIDE by providing your precious moments of TIME

  72. Grace pius says:

    I am 38 years old. I feel pain and starts panting when ever I climb the stairs. The pain starts from my right to my left all over my joint.

  73. My mother is of 79yes she is having of OA her cartilage has been damage every doctor have suggested for tkr. If there is any medicine in homeopathy that can cure and she can do her daily work. She is severe pain burning sensation and swelling in both the knee.

    • I am having osteoarthritis in my left knee per mri moderate amount of cartilage damage. What type of medication I should take. I am 55 years old.

  74. Emily Chitae says:

    My mother has arthritis problem and it is now at the advanced stage. She can no longer walk properly without clutches. She says she does not feel any pain when sitted. However she feels acute pain when walking. What type of medication can we buy for her to easy the pain on the knees and probably to add some fluid in the knees

  75. Iqbal Parker says:

    Hi dr Sharma,
    I’m a male 67 years old I’m starting to get pain in my knees ,as soon as I start prayer to go on my knees
    I’m only on BPS tablets Cozaar Comp that’s all

  76. Hi Dr Sharma

    I am 40 years male and started experiencing pain in knee right more left less since last month. I am facing cracking sound comes also. Burning sensation in right knee.

    No diabetes no hypertension

    Please advise medicine

  77. Hello! Doctor Sharma, its a humble request that prescribed me the best homeopathic medicine for spiking of tibial spine in my right knee for this my leg is not feeling light as the veins get stiff inside due to the spiking as I have tried ice-pack, warm water sponge along with physiotherapy too, but nothing have changed in my internal inflammation it remains same. Kindly get me the perfect homeopathic medicine which can cures me immediately as I am a working girl so need to get my body parts to be fit n fine and another problem is I have internal swelling or inflamation of cramp n stiffness feeling in my upper back to lower back. As I can’t travel, sleep, sit n walk for long hours in constantly same position and most important thing is can’t bear hard bed sleeping and jerkings of travellings plz acknowledge me ASAP..THANKS

  78. Arvind Kumar Chaurasia says:

    My mother is facing knee joint pain since last few years, now she cannot walk properly due to left leg knee joint pain, while she goes try to stand on her legs she gets sever pain in her knee, can you suggest homeo treatment, we don’t want to go for surgery.

  79. sampuran singh tanwar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, My wife name indira tanwar age 74 is having pain in right knee , for last few weeks , ex ray was taken orthopedic Doc. prescribe pain killer , which is giving temporary relief and pain starts as soon as effect of medicine is reduced, kindly suggest homeopathy medicine, to cure permanently from this pain ,thank you .

  80. Jaspal singh says:

    Sir , i am only 18 year old i am having pain in my right knee from last 2 year then i went to my FAMILY orthopedic doctor . He said that my ACL is having complete tear and only solution is surjery . We postponed surjery because of my busy schedule . Then finally after one year some how i managed and surjery happen.
    Each and everything was alright but after two months its starts painig again . But pain was not similar . Then i discussed it with my dr again he said that gap b/w bones of knee has increased . Now please tell me waht to do.????? Is there is any another way then alopathy?

  81. M.F.RANA says:



  82. How do I treat hepatitis b

  83. Rajesh kumar says:

    Good morning sir. I am 38 yrs old 5’7″ ht.92kgwt.suffering from RA arthritis along with knee pain.pain is hole body rotating since 3 years.earlier I take alopathy medicine .but last 6 month take homeopathy.but pain is same condition.R11 take one weak but stop it .deu to no same condition .but now r73 10 drops three times a day taking since two long I take r73 or other homeopathy medicine & is there any side effects of continued use.pleases suggested me. Thank you.

  84. D. P. Rathore says:

    I m 72 yrs old, 5’9″ ht, wt 80Kg. Suffering frm austioarthritis since a yr. taking R73 four times a day. Now no pain. How long I hv to take R73′ & is there any side effect of continued use.

    • Rajesh kumar says:

      I am38 yes old.5’7″ ht.wt 93kg.suffering from RA arthatis along with knee pain .pain is rotating in hole body since 3 – 4 years.taking allopaty and homeopathy.but now take only homeopathy since 6month.recently only R73 since two days other medicine stop .pain is same long i have take r73 or other homeopathy medicine.please suggested me.

  85. A B DASGUPTA says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 62 years old and maintaining normal activity. Recently I have been experiencing Knee pain in my right leg. I used to walk for about 40 minutes in the early morning. While walking and specially while using stairs I feel pain and weakness in my right knee.After a physical check, my Physician observed it as “Early stage of OSTEO ARTHRITIS. He has advised for a VIT-D and a calcium tablet along with exercise.
    I do have High Blood pressure and High Blood Sugar ,but both are very much under control with medicine(Alopathy)
    Can you please send me your observation and prescribe Homoeopathy medicine based on above information?
    With Regards,

  86. naveen mehrotra says:

    respected doctor,
    I am navin, my mother is 60 year old, she is suffring from joint knee pain due to sweeling alredy she did alopath and aurvedic treetment. during treetment she got relive but treetment stop then she suffring as it is please do in my fevour. thanks

  87. sandip nagrath says:

    My wife is having oa from feb 2016’she has house made cyst below left knee front . She has taken physitherapy and has improved she is exercising I want to give her medicine as advised on web site ie ruta g 6c. Argentum met 6c 3 times a day for 1 week a.d symphytum 200 once a week. In pelldts /glo ules please ad ice and suggest.

  88. Swapan Adhikary says:

    Hello, sir my mother is suffering from a severe knee joint pain in resting condition after moving some distance for last 6months. Yet there is no swelling at the joint area , only pain persists. also stiffness manifests while taking a long rest & also the appearance of cracking sound when bending or flattening both the legs. – sir please tell me what kind of pain this is with relieving medicaments.

  89. Amit chakraborty says:

    My Uric acid level was 6.9,Vit-D level was<=25(Initially it was<10).I usually feel very tired,pain in Knee,foot,bone,mainly lower portion of body.How I will recover!

  90. pradeep garg says:

    sir i am 58 year old, have severe pain in my right knee while walking and makes a crackling noise while moving for around 6 months. please help. thanks

  91. aysha Dokrat says:

    My mum is 74yrs behind her kneecap smetimes she experiencing a cracking sound and it pains so much tht she doesnt continue to walk becz of pain.smetime shes sitting for long in one position n to get up is painful.i nedd any home remedy thk you

  92. Manju Chandak says:

    Sir I am suffering from extensive pain in my right knee more on medial side…I m 51 years old n my weight is 80 kgs…height 5’3..
    What can be the reason..m unable to stand easily after I sit n unabke walk with ease ..
    What should I do to cure it.?
    Please tell.

  93. S.gajalakshmi says:

    My knee join is stiffness and cracking sound with sivier pain please tell me the medicine

  94. Leelaben says:

    severe pain in joints so suggest homeopathic medicine for osteoarthritis urgent

  95. Jagai Haldar says:

    age 62, retired from office, pain in RIGHT knee joint, NO constant pain, only on standing or walking, more pain while standing / walking on HEEL, less pain while on toes or on front portion of foot. getting pain while standing from sitting or lying position. Slight pain on one right finger joint ,sometimes gets locked.


    Mr Haldar

  96. Pl help for knee joints pain and swelling of feet

  97. B D Agarwal says:

    My wife age 57, suffering from SEVERE KNEE PAIN IN LEFT KNEE DUE TO OSTEOARTHRITIS? Allopathic treatment is not yielding any result as she is a PATIENT OF PARKINSON for last 11 years. Now a days she finds it difficult to walk 100 meters
    Please suggest me a Homoeopathy medicine for Knee problem coupled with Parkinson

  98. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My mother is a sufferer of osteoarthritis pain. She has experienced pain in many places of her body; neck, back, hip, and knees. Her pain has been unbearable. No pain killer was able to bring relief to her. Most recently, she experienced a very intense flare-up in her both her knees. She received an injection to her right knee of a gel-like substance, called Syn-Visc or Mono-Visc not sure which of the two. She was told that if it worked, it could take up to two weeks to take affect. She was only able to get one knee done, because the injection was very costly, $450, that is not covered by the Province. I am hopefully that it may bring some relief to her, however I realize this may only be temporary until another flare-up, to the same area or another part of her body occurs. I would like to know more about Homeopathic Medicines for osteoarthritis, so that I may help her overcome her excruciating pain. Respectfully, Rose.

  99. Chander Pradeep says:

    I am suddenly started having pain in my right knee after my route in walk of 4 to 5 kms.I am 66 years of age and taking bp medication regularly(allopathic). Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine for the same.

  100. vishnupriya says:

    Respected sir,

    My grandpa affected by severe knee pain for past 5yrs. He have deep pricking pain, limited movements, pain worsen during night. Bt no swelling, no infection and not diabetic. Please prescribe the apt medicine. We vexed about alopathic medicine.

  101. yaquta kheriwala says:

    knee cartilage loss

  102. I m having pain since 6 month tried 2 3 doctor but no result I have remove MRI now doctor asked yo do operation he says tut my inner piece of knee is rest no optionwithout operation what I suggest

  103. dhiraj kumar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    As the above you describe here is same problem to my mother aged 65 years old. Please guide for the same for her treatment because they daily using one or two pain killer and gaining some relief for the day and side affects also.

  104. Rishi kr.sinha says:

    Sir my father aged 70 yrs is overweight,hypertensive,dibetic with dependency on insuline,angioplasty done 3 yrs ago,and osteoarthritis on both knees.
    He feels severe pain in both knee joints and hip joints also.
    Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine to release the pain.

  105. Chandan Majee says:

    Sir I have left knee pain. I was done aurthoscopic surgery for my right knee 10 years ago for chondromalacia. Right is also not fully OK. In right knee having poping sound at letaral compartment, but with less pain. Now last 4 month my left knee is paining. I did X ray and MRI. Both the report is normal. I was done blood test having deficiency in vit b12. I took injection of vit 12. But still no relieve. Initially my letaral compartment of left knee was paining. But now medial compartment is also paining. Dr. Knee paining while do straight. Dr. Says it one kind of chondromalacia. Pls advice.

  106. M.R.KPRASAD says:

    Respected Dr.sir, pl have a look at my case sheet and suggest proper medicine,
    (My Date of Birth is-13.08.1975) I am having High B.P(140/100-with out drugs@Age:35) since March-2010for BP I am using Amlodipine 5mg. till August-2013. Now Ramiprill 2.5mg.But 2013-FEB on wards OSTEO ARTHRITIS started with my Right knee as TENDON burning & while sitting on ground Pain in knee& CRAMP.Teeth are Sensitive to Cold &Hot and for Sweets also.(For the last Two years) . Please Treat me with Const.Drug… Aggravation of pain on movement with no pain on rest.FOR the last two years I am having Impotency. (after having B.P: Medicine.).. I like sweets Much but curtailed Due to Try glyceroids.. My Memory also come down, while writing mistakes are coming and Tears will not come easily. Digestion is good, No Costipation and I feel less THIRSTY…I am Sensitive to Heat, Up to 2002, Mouth ulcers used to come (Apthae in the mouth) due to over heat.. MY parents Have got OA after 65 years as they are farmer, but My brothers and sisters are aged above 50 years they have still strong Knees

    I.Non Inflammatory OA, If I lift even Small Weight It is coming to knee joint,unable to Resist the Load. Fingers are also can`t carry the weight for few minutes.
    II.Shoulder Muscles & Thigh Muscles also loosen. the muscle tone above the knee is relaxed and is not able to pull the knee bursa in place. Can`t walk Fastly ,climbing steps is problem , Desending the steps Still problem. Now CRIPTUS while cycling on the BED,as Excersice
    D3-vit: 46ng/ml.Vit:-B:12-296-pg/ml…HbA1c:5.2::Fbs:64::Post lunch:100.Bone mineral Denisity:
    `-1.3 ‘(BMD)
    I am having Hair fall also for Last 14 years. MY weight :67Kg,Height:162Cm.Colour:fair..My face is Bright, smily and Attractive. I am open minded, hard working, kind and soft nature but I am poor in planning i.e. not strategic, Hyper Sensitive and anxious,
    NO smoking Non Alcohol. Overly Sympathetic,others use me like Doormats.I concentrated welfare of Relatives and siblings but reciprocation is not there. my weakness is
    in ability to say` NO ’. even to unreasonable expectations and demands, neglecting my own interests in life in order to gain appreciation and affection from others. They can therefore be easily taken advantage of.
    Constantly tortured by unwanted repetitive negative thoughts, arguments, ideas, inner dialog(eg.arguments /discussions in the Office.) etc. which keep crowding in the mind.
    If I lye in left side Heart Beet will more. More over I am over sensitive,anxious, being fear full for No reason…My Thigh muscles and shoulder Muscles are so FLaby
    I had Feno Fibrate-200mg, 4.July. 2012 to DEC`2012 to Reduce Triglycerides it was 304..My doubt is because of this OA has come….as now my age is 38 yrs… FOR the last Three Years Iam not Having….But Curd 400ml/day I will take. Daily I walk 3Kms To My office,(up& down). MY job Nature is sedentary Type…MY Thigh Muscles are also not stiff. Pl Clarify OA is due to Feno Fibrate or Onanism. …. if this can be treated my OA will be cured…….Just I had five days..from 1.4.14 to 6.4.14…Arg.met:6and Arnica:30 wet dose Daily 2 doses(1-0-1)..Very good relief.But it is Aggravating(Arg.met severely. i.e.. at after noon time I am getting pain in chest Rib bones and drowsiness, dizziness, lethargy, Head ache fully (except forehead) and unable to work actively in the office work(B.P:124/80)… .)..Though I under gone Treat ment for the last one year Degeneration is going on increasing .
    Blood reports: Sr.Calcium:10.0, Uric Acid:5.1 in FEB`2013:…in FEb`2014.Sr.calcium:9.0, Uric ACId:6.9 in FEB`2014:Knee ..X-Ray-Medial gap reduced. Tissue are Normal..
    From 2009 I am having Head ache in OCCIPUT, spreading Up to Right EYE and Right side Upper head(Not on the fore head), No Allopathic Medicine Cured.
    In 2010 August SANGUNARIA-200–3d(cured) For High B.P They add,Nat Mur:3x B.P was Increased,then I stopped Homeo Medicine For B.P.(Up to 2010 Feb. I was in Chennai.. B.P: just Started….From 2010 March on wards in Hyderabad A.P.(DRY Weather) Generally My body doesn`t Sweats Much Except in Humid Area, and No Odor will come.
    I am under going Homeopathy Treatment in GOVT.HOMEO Medical college.HYD.Treat ment as follows…If Shoulder Muscles & Thigh Muscles are Restored to Normal, my O.A problem will be Cleared…

    1.RusTox-200(1d-for one weak) No Improvement.15Aprial-2013
    2.Bryonia-200(1d-15days) better. 4.May-2013
    3.bryonia-200(1d-10days).17.May.2013. Same condition as above
    4.Bryonia-200(2doses Day by day) on 27.May, Aggravated pain has come to Medial side Left Knee & Left Big Toe , on 01.June`13: BRYONIA-30 was given to lessen Aggravation.Up to July-2013, with RUTA_Q and knee cap, I managed.
    5.June:12.2013:.Bryonia-30(1d) aggravation not come dowwn fully, on 15.6.13 anti doted by Some Medicine (Medicine, code Word they used)
    7.July13.13.Nat.mur-200-1d.(synovial Fluid & HTN)again Aggravated pain has come at FOREHEAD & Water Retention at ANKLES.At the same time B.P. Was 140/110,B.P Medicine Changed FROM amlodipine To Ramiprill. (Nat.mur: is aggravating)
    8.July27.13.Bryonia-1M-1d.(better Relief)
    9.August 8.13.Bryonia-1M-1d.
    10.August 16.13.Bryonia-1M-1d.( Aggravation as above said in Left Knee in addition In THORACIC BONES BACK side i.e. Around BACK BONE side as Bones are touching together. Again BRYONIA-30 to lessen the Aggravation.
    7.In 10.oct 2013 MEDORRHINUM – 1M(after 8 days it is aggravated in its full extent:- Pain in legs From HIPS to Knees Wen Walking , Heavy ness , Aching,Burning in legs.Drawing,contracting Sensation in Ham strings and Ankles.Cramps in Calves and Soles, Painful Stiff Ness & Tender Ness in the Knee joints & in the leg Fingers.(Toe`s).But in the last 2days it was so good relief as pain killer.).But I Never had any VENERAL or SKIN disease.
    8.DEc`2013-cimcifuga-200:3d(no change).
    9.14.Jan`14-Colchicum-30:weekly once for Two weeks :No change.
    10:8.feb`14-Lycopodium-200:1d for 1-Month.Slight Improvement.(Now Two knees are affected after MEDORRhinum-I feel)..
    11.March~18`2014-Calc.Mur:200-1D(AS const.Drug).Again Aggravation …On medial side of Both knees..
    12. June`15 to AUG `15 ..LYCOPODIUM-1M TWO DOSES ARE GIVEN,inSEPT `15 sam e dose was given it is Aggravated with Symptoms of Piles ANd fistula finally in oct Aggr.Symptoms be came nomal..Now my bone density:: -2.1..TWO YEARS BACK: -1.3..Along with OA, my Nerve System and Muscles became So weak, Impotency and WEight bearing capacity drastically reduced..(I am sensitive to heat and my memory be come less and osteo porosis increased rapidly.

    thankig you sir .

    • Mohammad Asif khan says:

      Dear Doctor,

      My mother age 62 is having sever leg cramps Including pain in joints. Pain at toe area is comparatively worse then joints.Usually pain subsides when involve in day to day activities but when come at rest the feeling of pain and cramps get worse. She is not on any particular medication and only taking antioxidant capsule vary earlier by physician and the pain killer. She was also diagnose spondylitis sometimes back but it is subsides with proper medications given two years back. Again the only concerned is sever pain at entire toe area and leg cramps.
      It will be your great help if you suggest any particular medication related to Dr reckweg series.

  107. sandeep johri says:

    my wife is 53 years old and suffers from Hypertension (atnolol 25 mg) GERD (pentaprazole it in morning and pentaprazole in the evening) and recently diagnosed with hyper joint mobility syndrome as she has developed joint pains. specially knee is swollen and has a bit of water accumulation. She also suffers from loud snoring. Can she be put on vermiculite 6x, carbo veg200 and graphitis 200. please advice. thanks and regards . 9871408841

  108. Pendyala arun kumar says:

    Iam 40year old Sir, my problem with knee earlier (from 2-3 years) it was in left knee and symptoms as same as you described above like cracking sound, stiffness, pain etc. now the same problem has started with right knee also sir ple.reply to me

  109. Shivakumar mk says:

    Sir,I’m 52 year old,suffering from knee joint pain from last few months,please suggest to come out from that pain to

  110. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 54year old woman 1,74 height , 63 weight. Three months ago I felt my right knee like locking while going down the stairs and i also experienced pain on the right inner part of it especially when i was changin place in bed, when turning from the one side to the other. I did not pay the proper attention to it, I continued using the stairs quite a lot until in november I realized thta my knee was swallen both on its sides as well as above it and below it. It was hard to see my knee!. I had an MRI which showed: Starting degenerative deterioration of the bone structure especially in the midjoint area. Displacement of the kneecap(patella?) to the outer front due to subluxation which was caused due to extension and thinning of the medial collateral ligament as well as the lateral collateral ligament.
    Also, Grade I -II deterioration of the back part of the inner meniscus, GradeI deterioration of the rest of the parts of both inner and outer meniscus. Also, sufficient quantity of effusion as well as distension of both the medial collateral and the lateral collateral ligament due to the liquid. The rest of the exam was normal!…
    I went to my doctor who advised me to do physiotherapy in order to strengthen my quadriceps and hamstrings. I started beginning of january. I we nt everyday for three weeks and i saw improvement in my swelling but not complete cure. I went again to my doctor who advised me to continue for a motnh with the exercises but three times per week use ice three four times a day. If we do not see improvent after the month we will probably consider arthroscopisis which I do not want to do… My doctor would also prefer to avoid it because as he told me it causes arthritis. After two weeks of dong my exercises three times a week my swalling is still there , not worse but not better. My knee feels less heavy but gets tired very easily. I used to walk a lot in the past without problems but now after walking for a while or standing i feel my knee heavy and big. I also cannot fully bend my knee because of the fluid. I bend it up to a point quit close to the knee but not completely. My knee looks swallen but not red at all, it’s a bit warm, not much, in touch and the pain in the inner part is only when i change side in bed. When resting straight for a long time it gets stiff only in the beginning of the movement. I ve tried whith many homeopathic remedies but i have not seen an dramatic improvement. What i have taken is the following
    Apis, arnica,pulsatilla, bruonia ruta and ledum. I do not think it worked. I then took rhus tox, causticum, ruts and sulphur. Again not improvemnt. Then i tried rhododendron, arnica, ruts and ledum. Nothing happened again. I believe in homeopathy. I do it since i was akid and i have used several times to my kids and husband. But this time i do not know what i do wrong…I forgot to tell you thst i also tske one capsule trumeric per day. To be honest the only thing i do not do much is lto give my knee a lot of rest. I’m working, office job, a lot of hours and i cannot put ice more tan twice per day during the week as well as i cannot rest my knee properly. I avoid stairs, i do not walk, only the necessary, i do not stand for a long time.. I do not know what else i can do. I’m a very active person and even the feeling of not being allowed to use the stairs or walk or go out shopping without getting tired , affects my osychology and mood. Thank you so much in advance for advising me on the homeopathic remedies you believe are most suitable for my case. I will be at your disposal should you have any questions related to my case.
    Wit kindest regards,

  111. my left & right knee pain and moving problem. Please advised to me .Age 57 years

  112. Rupen Vira says:

    My sister 43 year old my sister work is not hsrd;Sir, my sister problem with knee earlier (from 2-3 years) it was in left knee and symptoms as same as you described above like cracking sound, stiffness, pain etc. now the same problem has started with right knee also sir ple.reply to me

  113. rampratap suthar says:

    Good Morning,
    I am 38 year old person i service at educational institute, in my work including sitting and moving around the labs . it is not hard work. sir, i have problem with my knee earlier (from 2-3 years) it was in left knee and symptoms as same as you described above like cracking sound, stiffness, pain etc. now the same problem has started with right knee also, i went to allopathy doctor he said that this is the starting of osteoarthritis he prescribed some medicine like calcium and multivitamin, and suggest some exercise i follow the same but there was no significant relief, after that i went to homeopathy doctor he given Dr. reckeweg drop 73, and 34 for two months, but did not get relief so much, Kindly, suggest me best homeopathy medicine to cure permanently this problems

  114. Kiran Varshney says:

    Gap in between the bones of left knee is reduced, due to which limping is there, but no pain. Knee brace has been suggested. Any homeopathic medicine for reduced gap.

  115. I N Pandey says:

    Pain in left leg knee swelling ocurs often along with pain in left hand knee. pl suggest medidicine. problem in my wife Nootan age about 46 yrs.

    • sir , Pain in right leg knee swelling occurs often along with pain in left hand knee. pl suggest medicine. problem in my wife age about 46 yrs.

  116. kailash prakash says:

    my wife have knee gap problem and having too much pain and swelling
    her age is 52 years
    will u suggest any medicine

  117. Towobola Shehu ibrahim says:

    Morning doc,hw do i get over this joint issues on my knees,thnks

  118. anamika shrivastav says:

    I belive homopethic and i want know homopethic treatment for knee gap.

  119. Atika Afreen says:

    Good evening doctor ….my father aged 80 years he met with an accident two months ago ,he is now cured but to his right knee there is a gap and he feels severe pain when somebody touch his knee .I want you to please prescribe some homeopathy medicines so that his gap in knee and pain should finsh.
    Thank you

  120. Hello Dr.
    Good after noon
    I am osteoporosis , diabetic ,my knee joint is not working properly . when I am sitting , walking I am feeling a voice khat-khat, and joint pain. Dr. what will I do. i am living alone no body with me I am 55 year old. I like sugar & sweets & my mouth is always feeling dryness. I am feeling weakness . Pl. suggest me any homeopathy medicine for my joint moving relief & healthy cartilage or lubrication am 5 ‘ & weight is 75 kg.



  121. RTN CHOWDHURY says:

    Dear Doctor
    My wife suffering from OA since last about 10 years. Although she is under Homeopathy medication since then . But still she is having pain to walk, climbing to stair cases and can not bend her knee.
    So would earnestly request if proper medicine could be advise for her speedy recovery under your guidance.
    Immense thanks for your kind perusal & favourable consideration for her.
    frantically waiting for your kind blessings.
    Sincerely Your’s
    RTN Chowdhury

  122. I am 73 years old height 5’6″ weight 70 kg.For the last 3months I am pain in my right knee.When I am resting ,I do not feel any pain.When I start to move and stand Istart feeling pain. When I start moving/walking pain stops after moving 4/5 steps. Please suggest suitable medicine

  123. vibha agarwal says:

    My father is 80 yrs old Thiugh he is not overweight but his legs do not take weight. At times while getting up for the toilet it takes lot of time with support also and in the mean time he gets his vloths wet. He has pain also in the legs and knee. He has internal piles also which bleeds off and on. Mentally he is absolutely hale and hearty and no problem. Pl suggest some medicine to strengthen legs and to relief pain.

  124. Im 27 years old i have knee pain during climbing up, steps and while geeing down steps how to over come this problem..

  125. Dear: Dr Sharma
    I’m a 25 year old young lady and i have been experiencing terrible joint pain all over my body i have seen my local doctors and they all have run test but still cannot find anything wrong all test came back positive all i got for this pain was strong very strong pain killers but that too doesn’t help i don’t know what to do as i feel this pain has deprived me from many things i wanted to do.
    your advice will be highly appreciated i thank you…..

  126. Sayed Mansoor Ali says:

    Dear, Dr. Sharma,
    How are you, please help me as I’m also an patient of Knee Osteo Arthritis since last about 10 years, I’m 60, weight 58 kgs. It’s severe pain n while walking with pain, my walking style also changed, living on Pain Killer Tablets, Life is miserable, X Ray shows gap in Knee joint, please help, do reply soon.

  127. hey , my mother is 50 yrs old nd she had pain in her legs frm lst 3-4 yrs. she had takes medicine frm frw yrs.sme tymes she has very pain in her legs. please can uh tell the ways how to cure this as early as possible . Thanku

  128. My mother is 65 year old she is suffering from bilateral knee pain since last few become worse in the morning.and since last year it have seen that bones below the knee are slightly please advise treatment to 100% cure.I will be thankful to you

  129. Dear Sir,
    My mother (age 57+ yrs) has severe knee problem due knee cartilege being destroyed and the case in the left knee is more severe than the right knee. Doctors have advised TKR but she does not want to go for it. She took synvic injection too in one knee but it has not helped. She has taken allopathic medications as prescribed by doctors including Mega-free-flex, Bon-DK, Mecovon, Dr. Artho capsule and oil, Zedfit and Supercal-Pro for last two years there was some relief off and on but since last three months she is having excruciating pain and is not able to walk without feeling sever pain. I understand that you have some prescription (Rejoint Drops, probably) created by you which gives relief to this knee problem within 6 months. Kindly let me know about
    1. the medicine and
    2. where can I get or better, can you supply it on payment (kindly let me know the mode of payment too so that I can make the payment immediately).
    I will be grateful if I can get it at the earliest as she is suffering a lot..
    Looking forward to your response at the soonest.
    Yours truly,

  130. ma. zandra brutas says:

    im not sure really if its something about my knees but i feel it on my leg near my knees and on my calf. when o get up in the morning i cant bend my legs, its really painful. i also experienced that kind of pain when i. do hiking and gets wet, also when im standing for a long time. btw, im only 33 years of age and household helper. please give me some points on how to take care of it. thanks God bless!

  131. VENKATARAMAN says:

    For the past fifteen days I have difficulty in moving my right leg with pain and swelling in right knee. When I consulted an Ortho doctor, he advised x ray and he diagnosed it to be arthritis. He gave some pain killers. Still I continue to have the pain and swelling. Can I get good remedy for this problem in Homeopathy? If so, what medicine should I take. I am aged 51 years and a diabetic for the last 13 years

  132. prakash pande says:

    i had rattling sound when i sit down. i consulted a doctor. upon Xray it was found that it was cartilage damage. i am 52 years and not obese.


    Prakash Pande

  133. Nsisong Nseobong Udoh says:

    Hello Doctor, am writing from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. Please my mother is suffering from a serious knee problem, that have swollen with pains. Please can you tell me what i should here or the knee of such sickness.Thank you for the anticipated reply.

  134. swapan kumar mandal says:

    I have knee joint problem for the last 10 years. I try to adjust with the problem by using different types of homeo and bio medicines. recently it is deteriorating fast. I am 68 years now but still continuing with sitting office job may be I have to go for surgery. can you please suggest some remedy so that I can avoid surgery.

  135. PADMAJA DAS says:

    Age: 38 Years, Female

    Suffering from acute Knee joint pain. (osteoarthritis).

  136. B Satyanarayan says:

    My wife aged 54 weighing 78 is sevearly suffering knee joint pain(OSTEOARTHRITIS) CARTILAGE damage
    and using HILLIN-G(GLUCASMINE)along with pain killers but of no use
    she is unable to walk frely due to knee and muscles pain

    kindly guide us to go to HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT FOR better results

  137. Damodar prasad says:

    I am suffering from oestoarthrties since 10 years.I take treament by aurvedic,allopathic,homeopethic but problem is increasing day to I am unable to walk &climb age is 69 years

  138. sandeep yadav says:

    hi Sir,

    My mother age is 57 and she is suffering from thigh and knee pain only on one leg , the problem get worse during night she unable to sleep because of the pain, she say that is feels like burning and pain mostly in thighs ans some part in knee. Please can you suggest and help and guide me what I can do in this situation, to whom to consult

  139. I have knee pain and swelling in my left knee for last 5 days. when I walk I have pain.
    I am 50 year old. Pl. Suggest me medicine for left knee pain.

  140. swapna patra says:


    I am 40 years old. I am suffering from Osteoarthritis in my knee. Recently i did an MRI. Doctor recommended injection to feel better. Is there a treatment which can help in making my joints feel better. I am having pain in all of my joints.

  141. Christopher says:

    Hi Dr I was diagnosed with distonia a year ago getting severe pain in m legs I’m on orphenadrine hci 50 mg is the tablet right for me take 3 times a day

  142. Maria paola sechi says:

    dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 65, had several injuries to my knees due to car and motorbikes accidents, plus horse falls. During the last years. In the last 3 months I first had a very bad fall while taking my stallion out from stable, plus I stumled in the country and at last slipped while watering the plants. My knees have thinned cartilage, and I also hurt my left wrist during the last fall.
    Doctor prescribed pain killers (which I cannot take) fisiotherapy a tutor and PRP therapy. I rather believe in homeopathy and natural medicine, don’t trust injected materials inside my body, and must absolutely go on with horses and swimming!!
    Could I repair my carthilage with homeopathy? My knee hurt, expecially thr right one at night, togrther with the muscle bihind it and the right shoulder, hit when I banged it at the riding centre. It’s a difficult sleep.. Please help!

  143. hemant sharma says:

    osteophytes seen in bones around right knee.voice of kit-kit. Dr.said ,a case of cartilage damage of right knee .please advice

  144. RASHMI DESAI says:


    i am 64 years old lady.and last 3 years i am suffering from OA . I consult orthopaedic Dr and he gave me injunction in my both knee. for some days i feel better but now i am not even able to stand more than 5 mnts. and not able to walk 10 mnts. pl give me advise what to do in these case. or suggest any medicine.

  145. tersoo fakrogha says:

    Good day sir, I am highly priviledged to be on your forum. I am 40yrs old, obese have been obese all my life, presently I weigh abt 140kg. All efforts ranging from dieting, excersicing, herbs, drugs to lose weight have proved abortive. I am a nurse recently I got a knee injury from playing badminton on my left knee two weeks after the injury healed without doing any activity out of the usual my right knee started hurting so bad the left side not the knee cap. I can’t walk because if my full weigh is put on the knee the pain is too much but there is no swelling, no pain while sitting. The only problem is I can’t walk upright am limping seriously. My right leg is the leg that bears most of my weight so am partially bed ridden. I have taken may nsaids non work. Pls help me if you can.

  146. Subrata Adhikary says:

    Mother aged 70 years suffering knee pain since long.But gradually increased and now having huge pain to walk.So may homeopathy as well as Alopathy doctors checked but failed to resolve.Almost everyday taking pain killer medicine either homeopathy or alopathy for time being pain release.Apart from that have High BP.She does exercise almost everyday.Is there any genuine treatment with medicine or exercise. Please call back immediately.My Mob no 9933349957.

  147. I had sciatica all of a sudden to a point where walking was a difficult problem. My sciatica emerged together with my knees problem, arthritis. It is now going to two years and am not getting better. I do not have swollen knee joint but only pain when I try to walk or bend them. I also have burning pain, numbness and pricking pins in my upper thigh. I was a very active person but now I cannot do anything. I try to become active by long distance walk but I develops more pain. Am 67 years, what should I do ?

  148. knee pain during climbing up, steps and while geeing down steps

  149. Anand Prakash says:

    I am 67 yrs now and have pain in the right knee while walking or standing.I have little pain in the left knee also . It is for last few years but now it has increased more in the right knee.My uric acid is above the ranfe and proteins are also higher with little above the range is cholestral and triglycride.Vitamin D and B 12 are lower and Iron and Calcium is slightly lower.I have never taken any alopathy treatement fot knee pain but 15 days back one Orthopadic Physician checked up the knee and said it is OA and prescribed FLEXI NOVA CAPsul twice a day and few excercises.For uric acid ,chlosteral,trig and BP I am taking Alopathy med. I can sit on the floor but cannot sit on the INDIAN SEAT and use English Seat.Plo suggest some Homeopathic treatment.I do not feel any pain while climbing stairs,sitting or sleeping but while getting down stairs I need support. I can walk 200 to 300 meters without any problem.

  150. Sanghamitra Panda says:

    My mother is 60 years old. Having arthritis problem from last 10 years. She is having server pain in her keen and ankle joints. She is also a sugar patient but not high. Initially she was taking allopathic medication for 2 years for arthritis. And Till the time she was taking medicine it was in control but later she got reactions on taking those high does medicines. She gets itchy races all over her body and that stays for 2 to 3 months. Also sometime she faints after taking the medicine. From last 5 years she is not taking any medication.
    Please suggest any medication she can take.


  151. Ranggasamy R.B.Reddy says:

    I am a senior citizen, 65 years of age with below knee amputation to both legs. Currently I am on the road to recovery for my right leg. I live in Malaysia, and currently am bed ridden. The prosthetic suppliers here have told me that I cannot get prosthetic legs fitted because the stumps on both legs are frozen at an angle of about 40%. I have also been informed that the stumps can be straightened using varma/marma pressure point techniques if I go to India and consult some of the qualified aasan’s ( experts ) in this area of treatment. I was also told that it would take about a month to correct the situation and have prosthetics fitted. As you are in this area alternate treatment, I strongly believe you will be able to provide the best advise and guide me towards a good solution. If it is possible to assist me to recovery, please provide contacts, period of treatment and envisaged cost of treatment. Your assistance would be appreciated. Thank you. Dr.Ranggasamy R.B.Reddy DBA,Pg.Dip., FAIMM.

  152. szxdcfgv says:


  153. Harsa Kumar Satapathy says:

    I m 45years old(Male).I m feeling burning inside in my two knee and when ever i m riding step at that time feeling cracking sound in my knee.
    Plz Help me

  154. Shanku Ghose says:

    Dear Dr. : My father is a patient of cerebral stoke with osteo arthritis.He can now work normally with his right hand though his right side was attacked & paralised. But, he can not walk normally.Pls. suggest me.

  155. Hi i am 44 year old male. I Need to get more information on treating arthritus in the right knee. Starting to click and lock. Can be painful. Just had subchondroplasty surgery 1.5 months ago and that only helped me with the bone merow adema. But i do not want to take medicatuons like Forteo. Please advise. Thank you!

  156. Dr dinesh says:

    How to use osn in ostoarthritis knee and sciatica .what dosage and precautions. Oan200.

  157. krishna devi says:

    My age is 51 yes I am suffering from knee pain in both knees from last 2-3 yes .now there is swelling and pain in my knees Dr. told me that it is osteoarthritis plz reccomend what to do

  158. N.T.Ravichandran says:

    Knee joint pain relif both legs age 56

  159. Jill Claxton says:

    Hello, I would like to buy some Dr. Reckeweg R73 drops but cannot find in Dubai.

    I wonder if you could help me with where I could find them or do you sell yourself?

    I’d be most grateful of your guidance.

    Kind regards, Jill Claxton

  160. S K Bhaduri says:

    Dear sir,
    I have been suffering from knee (left) pain for last 6 months. I am 60 yrs now living in kolkata. Doctors advised me either replace the knee joint or continue physical exercise till the pain becomes unbearable. Uric acid level was more( 7.5 ) during the pain started. Now I am taking Fabutaz 40 one tablet regularly and the level of uric acid is under permissible range. Kindly advise whether homeopathic treatment could relieve me from pain. If so pl inform me the name of the doctors resding Kolkata or surroundings.
    With regards,

  161. Devidas Sarvade says:

    hello, Dr sharma, I am about 45 yrs old and i have a severe pain in my one knee only. I am really worried with what should i do. Doctors are saying my bones are dissolving like that something and there is no treatment for it. please help me with it doc pleasse.
    pleasse reply as soon as possible.
    thanking you.

  162. s.purushothaman says:

    -Degenerativechanges in form ofmarginal osteophytes loss of articular cartilage and joint space
    T2/PDFS hyperintensity involving the anterior cruciate ligament
    mild joint effusion
    Minimal bony edema involving the medial femoral condyle and the patella
    Grade2 chondromalacia patella
    Grade1 signalintensity changes involving the posterior horn of the medial meniscus degenerative changes pl tell can these be cured without. surgery and in homeopathy

  163. A. P. Gupta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have osteoarthritis of knees. Kindly suggest sure shot homeopathic medicine for it.
    Thanking you.
    Yours sincerely,
    A. P. Gupta

  164. Abdulraheem says:

    Hello Dr,

    I am son of patient and looking for good and quick treatment for Knee pains for my mother.

    Patient name : Sakina bee
    Age: 53
    Gender : Female
    Place: Guntur
    PROBLEM: Knee pains and from the bottom of the leg that is foot/toes nerves are squeezing even if she is taking rest (not walking). Unable to walk, take the steps as easily. Currently she is able to walk slowly but not much time.

    Please suggest/advise how and what treatment will be suitable for my mother.


  165. K B Garg says:

    My father is 83 years old and his knee joints need to be replaced as told by doctors. Now he is unable to move as it pains a lot,please advise some homeopathic medicine. Thanks…..

  166. Sayema Bibi says:

    I am Shaikh Abdus Salim, from Haldia, West Bengal. My mother Sayema Bibi, 63yrs old suffering knee joint pain since last one yera. She did alopathyic treatment since one year. Now she can not work properly, hardly moving in the ground floor, can not climb on stairs.
    I want to get treatment facilities from you.

  167. rajeswarie says:

    X ray has taken finally
    Allopathy doctor suggested for surgery . Patient is willing for surgery
    So sir please explain as how for this homeocare will be helpfull for my mother .
    How soon the pain will be relived . Will she get back her normal movement as earlier

    Please contact 9487155767 or mail the result

  168. Freda Frimpong says:

    My grandmum is 68years old, now having severe pain in knee, n and on the right side of her abdomen, it becomes so severe especially at night

  169. koppolusujatha says:

    sir, i am 53 years lady.i am ateacher. while cooking and teaching ihad stand. and also imust attend the classes which are in first floor and also i had the habit of visiting temples atleast weekly once. now i am free from the burden of monthly problems. ithink it is the cause in the increasing of body weight, getting pains mainly right knee. if the work load is high there is asevere pain intwo legs and feet also, please give advise and medicines to overcome from weight, pains and some exercises which i can perform easily not increasing in pains . i am very thankful to you if i become free from this horrible pains.

  170. Tapan Kumar Biswas says:

    My friend(female) suffering from acute knee pain since last 4 years. She is 52 years of old and now under the treatment of an sports medicine specialist M.D. According Dr.’s advise she is using knee belt,special shoe and some medicine. But,she is not satisfied, not releved at all, Pain is increasing day by day.

  171. sir i dev and my age is 34,i have been suffering by osteoarthritis for last its quite difficult for me to walk for a long time.till now i didn’t get any treatment for this.actually i m confused that what treatment should i have to adopt.will i get 100% satisfaction result by homeopathy??

  172. dhanraj saha says:

    hallo there my mom is 53 years old she is having some difficulties regarding her knee problem as she is facing problems she cant walk so its a problem of arthritis along with that she is having high cholestrol and sugar problems and haemoglobin problems anyway we can take some initiatives to cure my mom now she is underr treatment taking physiotrjerapywell hopre for the best if u can help me with some simple steps io will bve grateful to you

  173. MAHESH BAKHRU says:



    SUGAR…..F…110 AVE. RANDOM……..160

  174. GAURAV BAHL says:


    My Dad has been diagnosed osteoarthritis in his right leg.He is 72 yrs,slim and fit.Since last 1 week he has suddenly developed acute pain in his right knee,The orthopaedic surgeon has only one solution,replacement of knee caps ,but I feel replacement might not work in this age,as healing process will be slow at his age.So I am looking for alternate cure.So could you Please tell me
    the treatment charges,Do you need me to bring my Dad to your clinic,for physical examination,it can be done.I have his x-ray and reports been done at Neptune hospital,geetanjali,New Delhi-110017

  175. Hi. I am from India. my age is 41. Recently my orthopaedic diagnosed my knee pain as Osteoarthritis Due to my long standing hours .my weight is around 75kg and height 5 Feet 4 inches. Does homeopathy has some treatment for me.

  176. Kajolh Kar says:

    I think I am suffering from this, my doctor couldn’t diagnose it properly just said it’s over weight. I am not saying I am not over my weight but I am better in compare to my friends and none has this issue. I can’t sleep whole night, could you help me with some meds. Thanks

  177. shahid mahmood pakistan says:

    asa dear dr sharma sahid.pain both knees
    dr said gape in knees .who to treatment plz reply me

  178. R K Sharma says:

    sir mari age 65 sal hai.2sal se left knee mai pain hai,lakin abhi 2 mahine se dard bahut hi bad gya hai.10 kadam bhi thik se chal nahi pata.
    Pl.mujhe uchi margdarshan dain avam homeopathy ki dwa btayen.

  179. Dear Doc.
    am a male 76, known a bp case average bp 150-170 by 70to85. 6 months ago underwent radial prostracto
    omy not yet overcom e incontinence. now i have developed osteoaritis both knees pain & swelling more in left knee. tried allopathy not much help. undergoing shortwave diethermy & tens.
    please advise treatment meedications & ur fees
    thank u

  180. H K Sharma says:

    I am 65 years old male. I am suffering from knee osteoarthritis .It started pain in right knee in 2008 & now a little in left knee too. walking is painful. X Ray shows the space minimized in knee joints and friction causes pain. pain starts as & when i begin to walk and sometimes on walking a few steps and pain aggravates making me unable to walk further. I can neither squat nor sit on the Indian toilet seat because both are much painful. I use to put a pillow under my knees while sleeping to relieve pain.Going upstairs & downstairs is impossible and very much painful. sometimes knees make cracking noise on motion. kindly guide & suggest me Hoemeopathic Medicine/s. With Regards.

  181. Lakshmi Prasad I.V says:

    Hearty Namasakaramas today I have seen in internet Ostearthritic Nosode (OAN) a homeopathic medicine. sir where I purhcase this medicine sir.

    a line in reply is highly solicited.

    I.V.Lakshmi Prasad

  182. Sir,
    Im having severe pain in both the knees which is accompanied by fever. Im 31 years old female with 85 kg has been about a month that im having this problem.dr has told me that gap has increased in the bones.the medicine prescribed by the doctor causes Diarrhoea.kindly suggest me medicine to get relief.

  183. pramodareddy says:

    Sir I am 29 years old,73kg weight, 174.5cm height, very healthy but in recent days when I stepping up the stairs there jerk sound accours in knee area in left leg,no pain ,I am worried about this with the doubt that it will severe and make me stationery in future,early there was no sound .Give me information Sir,I am teacher

  184. I am 67 year old male. I have active life and i am still working and involve stair climbing. I generally walk briskly. Take evening walk for about 3 kms daily. For the last year or so, iam having following problems
    (a) Knee pain when i get up after sitting for half an hour or so.
    (b) Difficulty in Climbing down.
    (c) Straightening of my left leg (at times).
    (d Stiffness in left leg
    (e) At times only left knee pains and not the right one.

  185. pradeep jain says:

    How much effective Rejoint drops in cartilage regeration of knee joint .I am 45yrs of age and recently diagnosed.
    How can i get med at my doorstep or in kanpur market.and how much it costs.

  186. AM HUSSAIN says:

    I have been operated in my right hand below the shoulder three months back. Now I am doing physiotheraphy to restore the normal movement of my right aram. While doing physiotheraphy and most particularly rotational movements(clockwise & anticlockwise) I am geeting sounds. What is the reason?. Any solution for that?

  187. I am having pain and stiffness on both the knee joints. it subsides during winter but increases during rest of the year. it becomes acute when i use ac or cooler during summer. my diet is near perfect. i do morning wall almost every day, yoga and sometimes gym (mostly freehand). my body weight is absolutely perfect. Lipid profile report is always normal. i do intake extra calcium about two to four months in a year with vit D. I am 62 now, otherwise I remain fit and fine. I shall be thankful for your suggestion.

  188. I am having very bad right knee pain sometimes aleve doesn’t work I need to know what else I can do beside icing and wearing an elastic support brace nothing works am I doing something to aggravate it more? How important is diet? Is there any food or liquid I should be taking? I have had ex rays and they say the hyaluronic acid is the way to go how do I know if that is the answer or to get a shot of cortisone? It seems like it is getting worse’there are times I can’t even walk please help me and give me some information that I haven’t tried….would appreciate whatever advice you can give me

  189. jasdev singh says:

    Could you please send me your rejoint drops by post or advice me to mix arg. Met., symphytum,ruta .in equal proportion…and If I have to mix than kindly tell me the potency……and If you are sending me than I am giving my address below and I’ll make the cash on delivery…..
    . Thanks alot…
    . Jasdev singh
    .,kaveri vihar phase -2,
    . Shamshabad road,
    . Agra….

  190. arpna shukla says:

    i mpatient of rehumatied arthraties last 20 years.piease pricriebe medcine

  191. Joginder Kaur says:

    I m 76 years old female facing arthrities – knee problem . Plz suggest

  192. honey samtani says:


    I m 30 yr .i m facng kne gap hw to get rid of it plz hlp


    SIR, my mother is now 78. She has been suffering from OA (X~ray report revealed) for last 40 days. Although medicines are being taken but no healing sign is seen. Some features are: SENSATION OF HEAT, THROBBING PAIN, THE JOINTS LOOK RED & INFLAMED, THE SURFACE FEELS HOT TO TOUCH. THE PAIN INCREASES AT NIGHT. SIR, PLEASE ADVISE MY MOTHER HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES TO GET RELIEF. ~ SAURABH.

  194. Knee joints sound my leg bending time


    I am a student of university;age 26 years 4months.Some of the day I found my knee was sound like “cruch”;it was more sound when stair step.My mom has a artharities patient.I am so worried about it.My question was that if propper medicin in homeopathy;cartilage can stop degenarate at this early stage.I am wating for you valuabe remark.

  196. Kapil Kumar says:

    Sar mare nee. Me gape kam ha plz btaoo kaise ho sakta ha

  197. Ronald Nair says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, I train regularly – mostly walking. Recently I walked up a very steep road. I walked at a good pace. Later that afternoon I noticed that I felt uncomfortable at the knee. A few days later it got worse. I visited a GP. After examination the GP mentioned that my cartilage was damaged.He prescribed medication and bed rest. He said that it was also inflamed. I am 53 years of age. I am very worried about this condition getting worse.

    Doctor Sharma – do you think that Homeopathic treatment will cure this problem ? Thank you for you time in advance !

  198. ABDUL SAMAD KHAN says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma I believe you would be fine.
    I belong to and reside in Peshawar,a city of Pakistan and am aged about 62 years.I am suffering from knees osteorathritis since 2010.No doubt I can walk but can not climb a single step of stairs together with the fact that there exists swelling on right side of my right knee and mostly feel trouble in right knee as compared to left one.
    Is there any permanent treatment through medication with use thereof in easy manner.If so,kindly let me know because I have used numerous homeopathic,allopathic and herbal medicines but invain.Please keep it in mind that any medicine containing slightest quantity is extremely dangerous for me because I am diabetic also since 2001.

  199. Pawan cintury says: husband has recently being diagonised by serum RA positive with 39.1 IU/ml but other test including serum ASO impression,serum C-Reactive protein impression and uric acid plus 2d Echo are normal hez being given non steroidal medicine but his pains still prevailing with swelling finger can u please suggest any medicine which will heal him in its initial stage

  200. sir, i am31 years old man, my weight is115 Kg. Both of my knee joint and right hand joint cracking. Please help me

  201. Sir iam 43 years old man I am fat man 98 kg
    I have knee pain in both knee from previous 5 years
    I am chilled man my feets are very cold in cold period cold season is painfull for me
    I am worked well good business man but remain un happy
    Most of time I live alone or in work

    Plz find me remedy

  202. Laxmi Kumar says:

    Dr Sharma
    I am a 59 year old lady. I am suffering from severe back and knee pain since the last one month. I feel sudden jerk in knees also and I cannot bend because of back pain. Pl suggest a remedy.

  203. Ranjit kumar says:

    When I was only 17,my left knee got swallowed & having a lot of pain even I am not able to walk r seat properly.from that time I was under homeopathic Treatment it cures me within 1-2 years . That I again started playing cricket,running in morning.I got well fit.
    After 4 yrs,I again started getting same type pain &,swallowed along with opening door like sound in my left knee. The various joint in the body get pained too much while try to seat & lift objects,raised hands.It is happening from 4-month but I didn’t get relief…. Thank you
    Please, give me some suggestions. How To cure my knee. I shall highly oblize to you. Sir

  204. PRADEEP JHA says:

    Cystoscopy has been done 11-12 time.

    Urine flow stops after 2-3 months.

  205. Prasada Rao says:

    I am 65 years old, with severe pain in left knee joint. In this regard, I am using ORECERIN-GM & MEMO PAX for last one month, whether ORECERIN-GM increases cartilage.

  206. i am 5 year suffering knee pain swelling both knee some time swelling remove and again appear stuffiness
    also i not able to seat on flour swelling shift on left and right solders

  207. prabhakara Rao, Bulusu says:

    I am Prabhakara Rao Bulusu, aged of 55 years and stay at Hyderabad. I have joint pains with cracking sounds at knees and foot. I am a diabetic but under control. Suggest me good medicines in Homeopathy.


  208. MRS. NEERA SINHA says:


  209. my friend 22yrs old(male). he got knee pain problem (left) due to playing kabadi 2yrs back. he treated operation for pain 1 yes back. doctor told it will take time to relief pain. but he is can’t work with pain. so he took some tablet name was. DICLOWIN PLUS took for last 3 month. somebody told it will give side effect but he can’t do work without it. so pls give alternate solution. thank you sir. India

  210. my friend 22yrs old(male). he got knee pain problem due to playing kabadi 2yrs back. he treated operation for pain 1 yes back. doctor told it will take time to relief pain. but he is can’t work with pain. so he took some tablet name was. DICLOWIN PLUS took for last 3 month. somebody told it will give side effect but he can’t do work without it. so pls give alternate solution. thank you sir. India

  211. kulwant bedi says:

    Sir my mother is sixty years old n she is suffring from arthritis….her condition is so worst that she can’t even walk and have too much pain in knee and all joint…plz reply that can u help us…I will b thankful to u.

  212. AMAL KUMAR GUHA says:

    I have joint pain on left knee.I have consulted orthopedic surgeon who checked the X-ray &advise for knee replacement as erosion cause a gap at the joint.At present I don’t want to go for knee replacement. I am 65 yrs old. Pl.advise me what to do. At present I am using DR. Ortho oil &capsule. The main problem when I woke from bed in the morning a severe pain i feel at the affected knee joint after that it become bearable.

  213. S. K. Mondal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I used to read most of your homeopathy articles. However, I am 54 yrs old, weight about 62 – slim. I offen suffers from nervousness and depression which I overcome myself. But nearly 2 days I have been facing a problem – during my walking my left knee started swelling and I feel uncomfortable. Could you suggest any homeopathy medicines for the said disease.

    Thanking you,
    S. K. Mondal

  214. Harbhajan Deogun says:

    i have pain in both knee and cracking sound while moving up and down.can homeopathy help for this problem.

  215. mimi wilson says:

    I am 47 years old and my knees, joints and ankles hurt very badly . I have to take pain medication to relieve the pain daily. My doctor says it is because I have gained a considerable amount of weight. I am only 4 ’10. I need help!!

  216. ABDUL SAMAD KHAN says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I reside in Peshawar,a city of Pakistan and have remained Justice of Peshawar High Court.
    Since 2010 I am suffering from knees osteoarthritis.No doubt I can easily walk and drive my Motor Car but the moment I climb a single stair,I feel pain in my knees coupled with the fact that there exists swelling upon my right knee towards right side.
    Would you kindly let me know that is there any permanent treatment of the disease but minus steroids because I am diabetic w.e.f 2001 and am now insulin dependent for the last 6 months.
    If at all there is any treatment therefor,it must be less in quantity so that the same can be kept and used easily.
    Yours sincerely,

  217. puran agarwal says:

    I am 61Years old spondolysis 4to6 verbate+spinal cord pressed+right knee oestioarthraities+right sole numbness and otheres is normal please sugest me HOMEO MEDICINE

    puran agarwal
    bandel(west bengal)

  218. venkatesh k says:

    Dear Sir
    Where can consult for osteoarthritis of knee in Bangalore.
    Can you please proscribe medicines for the above problem.
    Thank you
    venkatesh k

  219. Dr. Shakti Prakash says:

    More pain in knee joint of left limb comparatively right, doctor is saying lubrication is not proper, Reason did exercise on tradmill about 15 days after long year back, AGE 46 YEARS, MALE

  220. Gousia zahoor says:

    Hello sir,
    My mother has a knee problem she has gap in her right knee…..doctors advise surgery ……kindly advise if there is any other alternative without surgery.i will be highly obliged.

  221. B..D.Bhargava says:

    I am 82 years old Can you suggest me some homeopathic painkiller for osteoarthritis? I am suffering for the last 3 years. Euphrasia helps me in reducing inflammation.

  222. satya srinivas says:

    Suffering with multiple joints pain since 2 years. With swelling. Painsmore in the evenings.

  223. Apurba Kumar Nath says:

    I am writing on behalf of elder sister she is 52years old women she has been suffering severe artheritic problems of the both knees and joints unable to walk properly. Kindly advice the homeopathic medicines so that she may be cured & also let me know what would be required.

  224. Afshan Zareen says:

    I am 32 years old woman. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of knees with osteophytes 6 months back. The problem i faced sudden pain while climbing stairs or stepping up uneven surfaces. Even a door mat would create problem.I noticed this problem post caesarian delivery of my second child.The first one was a normal delivery.
    Crackling noise is audible from my left knee. It occurs as I try to lift my legs while sitting.
    The doctor said I would need a knee replacement in my 50’s.
    Currently on medication of Mega Free flex capsules and Nusam 200 tabs twice daily.

    My height is 5′ 2″ and I weigh now 68 kgs. I am 6 kgs overweight post delivery.

    My mother is 53 years old and she is also suffering from this disease for past 20 years.She is 4’9″ and weighs 97 kgs. Her current x – ray report shows erosion of femur and tibia bones on theleft side of the left leg.The doctor has suggested an immediate knee replacement.She is diabetic, has high blood pressure and high TSH.

    Please suggest

  225. I am aged 50 years ,am working woman,my work is related to preparation of samples and loading in the instrument,it needs to sit and stand occassionally, and travelling in buses to and fro for nearly 3 hrs in a day,sometimes we need to stand min 30 mins at a stretch in buses.Recently I came to know that some gap has come in the knee joint(left)and some bone has increased in the heels.I have started some homeopathy treatment , I need to know any exercises to be done to decrease knee damage.

  226. Bidyullata Panda says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I am a 75 year old woman, and have osteoarthritis in both knees (worse in my left knee), and left shoulder. I have suffered this for a long time. It is better when I am able to do mild exercise, which I do in the summer months, when I swim about 500 m in a swimming pool. I am able to walk, but with pain. There are ups and downs in my pain and inflammation cycle. When my knees are better, I can walk a few kilometres, though slowly.

    Can you prescribe me some homeopathic medicine for my condition?

    Thank you, Mrs Bidyullata Panda.

  227. Anjali Sharma says:

    Hi, I am 34 years old, I got married 7 years ago. I put on almost 10 kg weight just after my marriage and just after 2 months marriage I started knee pain, consulted doctors but nobody has told exact reason or given right treatment. Then I also took it this pain lightly, I beared this pain for almost 6 years. I feel difficulty to climb stairs and cannot walk much. I felt from last 2 years that pain has increased very much and something has gone worse. This year in Feb 2014 I had a miscarriage. After that now my foot ,ankle swells and always stiffness is there. Recently I done a x-ray that shows a gap between my knee bone and this pain is now unbearable also now I feel pain between my hands joints. I even cannot hold any 1 month baby (infant) in my hands for more then 5 minutes which is alarming because due to these reasons I am not able to plan my family. Kindly advice

  228. What is OAN? Where it is available? How it works in osteoarthritis?

  229. Prof. Paola Bianco says:

    I recently have been diagnosed with Inflammation in the knee bone (osteoartritis) (tibia and femur), tear in the cartilage, pain is mostly inside the knee. Cannot bend, stretch, very painful.

    What do you recommend? I am taking pain medidine, had cortisone shot and celebrex.

    Prof. Bianco

  230. A. P. Gupta says:

    Please let me know the medicine for completely removing the pain and regenerating the cartilage.

  231. Dr. Sharma, hello! Live long. You serve people. I need help. I am 50 years old having family history of OA/RA. I have developed few symptoms leading to RA in future. I feel pain in soles, weakness in big joints and some small too. Symptons aggravate with cold, fan air throw, etc and feel relaxed with warm air, drink etc. What homeomedicines should i take right now to prevent from RA?

  232. ruma ganguly says:

    Dear Sir
    My mother has osteoarthiritis and now her bone length in one leg has increased and she is unable to walk
    please advise sir

  233. gongalla karthik says:

    Good morning sir,
    I have knee problem that is there is tear in grade 1 and grade 2 in acl present from the last month I am taking homeopathy treatment but I am unable to walk frerly.could u please suggest me regarding my knee problem.

  234. pawan jain says:

    dear dr sahib,

    i am a 63 years old young man. till september, i was playing badminton, but for the last 15 days i am having pain in my right knee and swelling on my both legs below the knee. bone test indicates symptom of ostearthritic. please guide me with the medicine and exercise.


    pawan jain

  235. Isn’t 40 yes old women I get tired after doing some work and I have a heel problem when I walk I have pain in my legend and I have knee problem also when I walk tak tak sound come from my knee. That’s solve doctor. Please prescribe me medicine.

  236. Dear Dr. Vikas Sharma,

    I am a 51 year old woman .For past 6 months I have been experiencing continuous pain in my left knee on walking standing and climbing stairs up & down an even while lying down at night.3 months ago I made mistake of running and my knee snapped possibly giving me a miniscal tear which gave me an acute pain. I could not put any weight on left knee and my gait was affected . slowly in a months time i could walk stand and climb stairs up & down but the pain never went. in addition there was pulsating pain in innerside of left knee even lying down.While x ray showed normal 51 year old knee. mri has revealed osteoarthitic changes with joint and suprapatellar effussion,oblique tear in posterior horn of medial meniscus with inferiror articular surface communication extending into posterior meniscal root ligament.,grade 2 chondromalacia patellae.

    Doctor has advised pain killers for pain relief and inflammation and physical therapy exercises to build quadriceps which are weak and need strenthening to support knee. Now I cannot stand or walk for long and fast,my gait is affected and occasional when I walk even slowly.the knee twists mildly on inner side giving a shooting pain.My right knee is normal.

    Is there some homeopathic medicine I can take to heal up pain effusion meniscal tear and build up health of joint to normal.

    Awaiting your answer eagerly.



    South Delhi


  237. K C Nagaraj says:

    Doctor, I am a Civil Engineer by profession and play tennis regularly. I am a resident of Malleshwaram, B’lore.From the last four to five years I was diagnosed with OA. My both knees are affected by OA. Now days I can’t play more than one set. I am put up in the second floor and i have to climb up & down 4 to 5 times. There will be swelling in both the knee caps. I do knee exercises and cycling in the gym. Now i play tennis after warming up in the gym. I will have more pain when i am sleeping and when i get up. After exercising it will reduce but when i sit near the computer and work for long hours, my knees will be stiff. I lift my both the knees & stretch before getting up to walk.
    I am 58 yrs, weigh 62 kg and my height is 5′-4″. I am a vegetarian, don’t smoke & drink beer or scotch once in a way i.e. limited.
    Doc will u please prescribe some Homeopathy medicines for my problem. Should i use ice or hot fermentation after tennis and before going to bed. I want to continue playing tennis till my body permits. Will be waiting for your suggestion & prescription. When i have lot of pain i take Calpol 500 mg or Dolo 650 mg.

    thanking you

  238. soumojit de says:

    My father has osteoarthritc changes over bones around both knee joints diminished intra articular joint spaces both knee joints. Both knee joints are painful, stiffness .
    please advice the homeopathic medicines & So kindly advice what medicine i have take & how many times.

  239. Bharat Bhushan Singh says:

    I m suffering. Lefcomt knee. Pain around. Three months. My. Age. Is 46 years. I have not. Tàken any allopathy. Medicine. Iused only aurvadic madicine & oil. Pl.advice

  240. Having pain in knee left knee pain more i am not able to straight my leg in walking there is pain

  241. I have pain in my knee joints and groins due to that I am unable to sit on the floor nor I can cross my legs I am un able to do butterfly yoga and body pain at night because of I am unable to have sound sleep I had under gone gallballdersurgery 7 years back the surgery stitches have developed in keloid which is very itchy sometimes painful pleas eadvicesomeointment to stop the keloid growth and itching. I am diabetic but in control and on. pills. Thank you

  242. my right knee is in so much pain ,cold pads don’t help try heat nothing helps cant sleep ,I am taking Aleve .

  243. Gaurav Mittal says:

    Dear Sir,
    My father age is 81 years old and he is suffering from Osteo Arthiritis. he is taken Vit-B complex, Calcium tablets prescribed by Railway Doctors. He is jerking while walking and pain in his knees. The X-ray shows the gap between his legs bone on knee. Kindly suggest the homeaopathic medicine for him as suitale.
    Gaurav Mittal, Ghaziabad

  244. VIJAY KUMAR says:

    sir, my sister fell down on the floor when she was just 3 years of age now is about 12 yrs.that time she got a little pain in one knee now her both knee swollen and even unable to walk..showd many doctor bt couldnt make fine pls now help us

  245. Ramesh GangreGangrediwar says:


  246. sir, my mom is 50 yrs old. She has been suffering from a knee problem for last two years.
    A gap has been created between the knees ,according to the x ray report of her left knee,her knee seems to get locked while walking. There is no pain or swelling although,but she can’t walk smoothly,she feels she’ll fall down. She gets disbalanced while walking.Her left knee is affected only.her blood and thyroid reports are normal.

  247. Monika Tiwari says:

    Dear sir,
    this is monika i want to talk regarding my mother,she is 62yr old and she is suffering from joint pain and even whole body pain mainly it happen in midnight she take auyurvedic medicine but there is no proper are requested to help me in this matter.

  248. My husband is 36 years old and in an x-ray he found less gap between his knees and also feels pain with heavy weight. He also feel’s sound of knee joints. What to do?

  249. Sayed Mansoor Ali says:

    How are you, I’m 58 yrs old, weight 55kgs, having according to Doctors, “Osteo Arthritis” since last around 10 yrs. & I’m not an wealthy guy, so I’m using low cost pain killer tablets, jo mamuli sa faida krta hai, meri knees main bahut zyada pain hai, thoda sa chulta hoon, aur bahut takleef hoti hai, washroom bhi western use kurta hoon ki neechay nahi baith sakta wc per, ajtuk allopathy tablets hi use kari hain, tung aa gaya hoon zindagi se, please help karain Doctor Sahaab, ki hamesha ke liye pain khatum ho jae aur neechay araam se baithoon, main Karachi Pakistan main rehta hoon, aur please expensive medicines na batain, low price and fast effective ho. Dust allergy ke liye “DELTACORTIL”leta hoon.

  250. I have osteoarithritis of both the knees. But the left knee is problematic. According to the MRI Report on the left knee, there is a partial tear of medial patellar retinaculum. There is moderate intra articular fluid collection and thinning of fibers. As advised by a knee specialist, I am taking Macvestin tablet (2 times a day) and newbonna active tablet (once a day). Further, I am wearing a brace on the left knee. I am also doing regular exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist. Please advise me on any compatible homeopathic medicines I should take to strengthen my condition and prevent further degradation. Thanks

  251. Dear Sir,
    Thanks to you, My mother is 65 years old she suffering osteoarthritis of right knee for last 10 years, please advice us any Homeopathic medicine for osteoarthritis treatment for helpful my mother knee treatment.
    Jayanta Das.

  252. GAGAN MALHOTRA says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 60 years old and 5 ft 7inches tall and 95 kg. in weight.
    For the past about 7-8 years i have had mild Osteoarthritis but no acute problem and never took any medication. Since the past 2 years i have had pain when ever i walked more than say 1 km & hence had to restrict walking for too long at a stretch. Now for the past about 1 month there is severe swelling in my left Knee and i am not able to walk with confidence and climbing and coming down the stairs is painful. Please suggest some effective remedy for my said problem.

    Thanks & Warm Regards
    Gagan Malhotra

  253. GAJBHIYE ANIL says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma I am resident of India(kalyan) and 55 years old, has been suffering from Osteoarthritis & severe pain from last years & had a problem with the knee sounds( like TAK TAk), & . please advice me some homeopathic medicine. I am facing too much difficulty in walking and routine works. You are requested to please let me advice best homoeo remedy without any side effect for me. thanks

  254. Shanti Sharan Agarwal says:

    Dear Sir,
    My age is 43, I have suffering from knee pains.
    The knee sounds( like TAK TAk), and less greasing in my knee and Less calcium in my bones So kindly advice what exercise i have to do, and the remedy.

  255. Hello Dr.Sharma,

    My mother – in – law is 50 yrs old and she is suffering from severe joint pain since months. Per previous doctor consultation, she is suffering the joint pains due to heavy weight and gap between the joints.

    few days back she had a crackle sound in her left leg.since then she cant lift or move her left leg normally.

    Please help me by suggesting her a best way of treatment.

    She was never a part of homeopathi medication. Is it good to have it now.

    Please suggest..


  256. Abhijit Sarkar says:

    Sir , I am suffering from Grade I Oestoarthritis in my right knee. My age is 44yrs & I am a teacher. Although I am used to cycling & walks, still I am facing the problem when running upstairs or cycling with my son, or trying to stand from rest position. I need a support for easy get up. Please prescribe proper homeopathic medicine with doses,etc..
    Sincerely yours.
    Abhijit Sarkar

  257. Rakesh Dhir says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I am 69 years old and a retired army officer. For the last few years I have been feeling a little more than irritating pain in both my knees and my left hip. I went to the Army Hospital where it was found to be the beginning of Osteoarthritis. The pain has enhanced a bit since. I do not take painkillers as yet as the pain is still quite bearable. I walk about 6 kilometers at least four times a week. There is very little exercise besides this. is there any way that I can arrest the further development of this disease? I am 166 cm tall and weigh about 71 kilos. I would be grateful if you could suggest some medicine and other actions that I may take to arrest the increase of the problem. I would prefer to continue walking in the morning.
    Thank you very much.

    • sir, my Father is 67 yrs old. He has been suffering from a knee problem for last two years.
      A gap has been created between the knees ,according to the x ray report of her left knee,his knee seems to get locked while walking. There is pain & swelling although,but she can’t walk smoothly,she feels he’ll fall down. She gets disbalanced while walking.His both knee is affected only.weight 79 kg

  258. Srinivas Reddy says:

    I am knee joint pain sounds knee sounds( like TAK TAk), So kindly advice the homeopathic medicines & So kindly advice what medicine i have take & how many times.

  259. Suman 52 yrs delhi. No gap in my left knee because of Bones increase. Pain Swelling in knee and Both elbow. Also r a factor last 3 yrs. 2nt walk.

  260. Pain in feet and knees. Morning stiffness very severe. Stiffness and pain is reduced after some movements. Rundown feeling at every evening about 5pm and feeling sleepy. Some complaint of bad stomach particularly gases.

  261. Gurpreet Singh says:

    my wife is having a knee synovial problem from last two years. she had an operate from PGI chandigarh last november but till that no any progress is there. so pls suggest to me any treatment in homeopathy for knee synovial. my contact no is 9780007497.

  262. Hello dr. Sharma, i hope you will be fine. I need help.
    1) my mother is suffering from OA severly. I gave her Rhus tox 200 once a day. Calc carb 1M once a week and OAN twice a week. She feels better overall in general. But her knee condition is bad. Dr says to operate knee. Pl tell me can knee pain be relieved? Can cartilage of knee joint bones be regenerated by homeo treatment? She had Rhus tox symptoms. Pl help what i should do next? How i can improve these medicines??

    2) i my self have now symptoms of OA at 50 age? I have symps of Rhus tox also. What should be best medicines to prevent from OA?

    Thanking you in anticipation

  263. Kalyan Chakraborty says:

    I am 65 years old and in early stage of osteoarthritis .My weight is 69 kg Ht 5′ 7″.I do morning work regularly. I have left knee pain and little burning sensation in left foot bottom.After sitting for a while then standing is painful.Please suggest some Homeo Medicine for me.
    With Regards.

  264. Anchal Gulati says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,

    How are you ? My father is having same problem . Dr are saying its gap between the knee. He is 54 years old . And it’s just started 1 week before. Some doctors are saying for operations. But he is not comfortable. Please suggest him some good mesicine. As of now the pain is less . But he can not seat in the floor. Requesting you to confirm the medicine name ASAP.

    Thanks & regards,
    Anchal Gulati

  265. Vinita Arora says:

    I have osteo arthiritis in both the knee. It gets swollen and pains a lot. Please suggest medicine


    I am suffering from knee pain (left knee). For past 1 month the pain is increased.
    For past 2 week I am using R 73.
    Can i continue this.


  267. abhijit chatterjee says:

    I am suffering from osteoarthritis of right knee for past 3 months.There is pain and stiffness in right knee joint after sleep, sitting for long or walking for long.Symptoms ease after some movement or rest Alleopathic medicines do not give much relief. Pl. advise

  268. dr.P.K.singh says:

    Dear doctor,

    My father also dr. But before 2 year oprat to knee replacement in dr.moga lko but offer 1 year pain start at the time… this time not good the conditions.

    My big bro.. And my big bro..misses as also dr. In homiopathi both Md medicin please if you deal the case to contct my mob…7398774774.

  269. K B Malhotra says:

    I am at the age of 66 and diabetic for the last 15-20 years. I sever joint pain in knee. There is swelling. Dr. says I may have to go for knee joint replacement in 4-5 years to come.

    Please advise.

    K B Malhotra

  270. parvathi says:

    have been diagnised as osteo arthrites.having pain ,difficulty in walking,climbing steps.till recently was using knee caps and stopped on the advice of one doctor.presently no medicine only simple execercies.
    though some had advised KNR one of my friend doctor advised in negative.hence stopped
    request advice of good medicines
    thanks in advance

  271. Dear dr i have pain in knee and boady dr told me this is osteo artrites pl suges me homio medicine

  272. rajendra dube says:

    my weight is 98kgs and age is 63 years and for last 2-3 months i m suffering from knee joint pain ,is is more severe in left knee,i m observing pain and swelling on front thigh,before this I never felt pain in knee joint ,calf muscle also pain ,I m walikng about 5km in evening but leg pain is casing trouble pl. suggest to reduce pain and wt. of the body. Thanks

  273. Justice Abdul Samad Khan says:

    Dear Dr.Sahib
    I am suffering from knees osteoarthritis for the last 3 years.No doubt,I can walk easily but can not climb stairs together with the fact that there is swelling of knees also.
    Can this disease be treated permanently or intervention through surgery would be required.I am 60 years of age with background of diabetes also.
    Would you kindly let me know expeditiously as to whether you can be of any help to me.
    From:- Justice Abdul Samad Khan resident of Flat No.5,1st floor,Zai Apartments,Warsak Road,Peshawar Pakistan.
    Cell No.03112222792

  274. Ritesh Nanda says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am looking out for treatment of Osteoarthritis for my father in lucknow . Current sitution is he does’nt likes to exercise , which i have seen is the best treatment for Osteoarthritis. I was looking out for your recommendation.

  275. Fran Swaminathan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am 76—
    1—I have had pain/osteoarthritis in both knees for many years.
    2 –Worst problem is when I wake up and I can’t walk–Started 1 month ago.I experience -pain in right ankle,foot and leg. After stretching and moving foot from side to side and back and forth,I am able to walk without much pain.
    3–Also, after sitting for a while, I experience stiffness when I stand and try to walk—have to stretch first.
    4 Pain in heel of left foot.
    5 Also pain in hips—worse in left hip.
    Please advice. Thank you—Fran

    • Dr. Avay Kumar Mondal says:

      1.Rhus tox 50M. three times daily with empty stomach.

      2.This toxic mother 5 drops b.d with cold water..empty stomach

  276. Pramod Maheshwari says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a male of 71 yrs. Of age. Undergone Angioplasty in Dec’2008 and taking Allopathic medicines, as per advise of Cardiologist. Also taking Herbal medicines for Hyper acidity.
    I had pain in my knees in March’2013 and took REJOINT TAB., 6 months and was almost cured.
    Now, I am feeling bit of pain in knees.
    Please suggest Homeo medicine for strengthening the cartilage of the knees.
    Looking for advise.

  277. 54 Years old male. Been very active since childhood and now has pain in the Synovial Hip joint – right side. How much is the Arnica Montana, Rhus Tox, Bryonia Alba, Ledum Pal, Apis Mellifica and Ostearthritic Nosode (OAN) (OAN is a homoeopathic medicine and can it help what is the shipping to the United Kingdom. thanks

  278. eleena c thakur says:

    I m 52 yr old lady suffering from joint pain in my right knee since 2 years. It swells up if I go for walks or climb steps. At times it pains on one side even while I am resting. Please suggest a remedy. Also advice if and what exercises r to be done.

  279. sibongile says:

    I hv been told I have knee arthiritis, my knees do no swell, I used ice before winter to lessen pain, and now hot water but I feel cold just above the knees as sign for pain so how can homepapthy help me. its now 9 months, with 3 depo medrol injections.

  280. pawan kumar says:

    i am 50years says gap between my knees is increased.please suggest me some medicines

  281. Emilia Ashby says:

    I am trying to find out where I can buy the OAN. If I can buy from you, and how much are we talking about. I live in he USA and this product is not available here, as you may know. Please help me to find an answer.

  282. Abbas vohra says:

    hi i am 48, just 25 days before my pain started

  283. My father is suffering from knee joint pain and there is permanent swelling on the both knees, some drocters said that the gap between the joints is decreased in right leg.
    Please tell what is the solution of that problem.and he was about 45yrs. Old.

  284. K. Sankara Narayana Reddy says:

    K . SAnkara Narayana Reddy, 18-5-14

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from Osteoarthritis in the left knee for the past 2 months.

    I consulted Orthopedic doctor, who prescribed me some allopathic medicines
    Rufix forte and Newbone active . I am taking these tables but feel some relief. The x-ray shows a slight damage in the cartilage. I am 70 now, non diabetic, non-smoker and non-alcoholic.

    May you please prescribe some Homeopathic medicines for complete relief and healthy cartilage regrowth, as I do not want to take allopathic medicines any more?

    Thanking you,

    with regards

  285. Capt. RS JAIN says:

    I am 72 yrs . I have developed post traumatic pain in the right knee . I feel pain in getting up after sitting and during walking . Xray indicated Osteoarthritis. Pl. suggest suitable medicine .

  286. Rita Nanda says:

    The gap between both bones are reducing. The doctor says that this is plus 2 stage. I am 15 Kg. over weight. My age is 54 years. I am taking Glucosamine & Chondroitin c MSM Tablets once a day. I am also taking physiotherapy i.e. ultrasonic, IR and tense with message also and also reducing my weight. Two kg. reduced in 10 days. I have also gone to a Homeopath. He was giving me white globules but I don’t know the name of the medicine. This is the major problem. Kindly suggest me the homeopathic medicine which I can get by name from the market. which can treat my knee pain gradually. I can make the payment to the doctor for his suggestion.

  287. TOONA SHARMA says:

    I am a female aged 40 years.
    I am diabetic type 2
    Recently after a walk of one hour covering a distance of nearly 4 kms I felt a crackling sound in the knees and a swelling and a pain after that I went for the Xray after ortho consultation .The Xray showed initial signs of Ostoathritis in right knee and the space between bones in left knee has diminished. I look for your suggestion precautions and should I continue with my walk or not .

  288. Hi, my mum is 71 years old and is suffering severely with osteoarthritis in the knee. Her xrays indicated knee replacement surgery but we are afraid to do this as my mum is a heart patient, has high blood pressure and diabetes and other complications. My mum is in extreme pain and can’t put her leg down and walk. Walking is very difficult and minimal. She can’t sit as the pain is excruciating. Please help urgently with an alternative cure. We have tried all types of pain medication, rubs and ointments etc but nothing helps. She even went for injections in the bone but no help. Please help urgently.

  289. kalyan sud says:

    hello sharma ji
    I have knee & ankle pain , my doctor took some x rays , he says all the bones are fine but have some arthritis , I am looking for homeopathy medicine , will u please which is best medicine
    with regard
    kalian sud

  290. khirad.dua says:

    My age is 42 i am diabetic patient and my i also have b.p and uric acid i want to know my diet in healthy way my weight was 120.. I want to lose that also.

  291. M Samuel says:

    Dear sir, Knee pain may be damage of ligaments,tendons,muscles etc. there is no cartilage / damage. Leg alinement is normal.7 year back it was happened while got down the bus. Using pain killers.but no permanent relief. My age 60.weight 70 kg. please advise me homeo drug with dosage and power for permanent pain relief and knee strengthening . And also diet & exercises if any .thanking you sir.

  292. M Samuel says:

    Dear sir, Knee pain may be damage of ligaments,tendons,muscles etc. there is no cartilage / damage. Leg alinement is normal.7 year back it was happened while got down the bus. Using pain killers.but no permanent relief. My age 60.weight 70 kg. please advise me homeo drug with dosage and power for permanent pain relief and knee strengthening . Thank you.

  293. I am 40 yrs old and there is cracking sound in my knees without pain. Can you help me ?

  294. sidheshwar kumar says:

    dear sir i am at age of 57 right now suffering from knee joint pain earlier having diabetes type 2 since 2007 used to walk daily for several years.i rarely smoke and drink which was more frequent in past.sir what precaution should i take to cure my knee pain as i was a typist too for 20 years.

  295. anyanwu kenneth says:

    Sir am having problem in my knee since two years plus it was in one leg and now it has effected both legs .the problem is the vain at the side of my knee is weak and i can’t run i always have serious shock whenever i try to run .i need ur advice what should i do ?which medicine should i take? am 24 years old and am a soccer player .thanks

  296. my mother in law is 40 years . she has pain in knee doctors said she had space between it
    but she had severe pain which passed on to full leg plus swelling couldn’t walk properly couldn’t bend her knee.her vitamin D level is low
    lots of medicines already taken but no result
    plz suggest homeopathic medicine

  297. harwinder kumar says:

    my mother is 47 yeasrs old. sir un k knees mein gap km ki vaje se sahio se chl nahi sakte. pain k mare to vo roj rote b hain. please plz plz plz agar aap meri koi madad kr sakte hain to mujhe mail zroor kare

  298. Dear Doctor
    am 37 year old female suffering with multiple problems i have de generetive spine and osteochondritis of my right ankle and knee pains am living with pain every day am a staff nurse i had gone through all the investigations do you come to hyderabad i want to see you sir can you please him out some times i feel like i want to escape from this life i ll be waiting for your reply

    Thanks &Regards

  299. Thiru Thirumalai says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma: I am having osteoarthritis for the last 2 years. On the basis of symptoms I have used Arnica (int. & external), Bryonia, Hypericum, Ruta, Cal. Fluorica. Also tried Pulsatilla and Conium. Rhus, Led and Apis have not been effective at all. Main features: cartilages medial worn out requiring knee replacement; pain when hanging down legs for > half an hour; pain when lifting weight or twisting the legs even a little; click sound at knees when bending; instep balls numb and painful; burning of souls relieved by taking sulphur 30 and 200; skin dry; black pigmentation in legs; itching when taking batch in hot water; age 82, male, widowed. Not going for knee replacement or synvisc (synovial fluid) injection. Am wedded to homeopathic treatment since age 25 yrs. Had Asthma in young age, cured by taking Kali Bich. (30, 200 & 1000). I haven’t heard of OAN mentioned by you. Is it a good remedy for me under the circumstances? Where is it available in Chennai? Your expert advice will be very much appreciated.

  300. in accident a truck tyre crashed my leg and there is cracked in my legs knee creates problem to fold the legs my leg is not folding .while folding it creates pain on thies and knee muscles and knee bone also paining so give me some solution that it helps me

  301. p p gupta says:

    Sir I am suffering from running nose and continuous chhink in morning n evening kindly suggest me the homeo medi

  302. Fatima Pereira says:

    I hv a lot of pain in my knees and i am also overweight i am 60 years

  303. ramesh arora says:

    My father aged 83 yr,cardiac patient have osteoarthritis sever kee pain ,Dr.advice for knee replacement but cardiologist not recomended due to heart patient please advice good treatment in Homeo.

  304. waqar A pasha says:


    I am 48 year i am feeling pain in my when iam standing and a noise of tuck tuck in my knee please advise.


  305. i am 29 years old yet to be married and has been diagnosed to be suffering form condromalaic patella .is there some treatment for the same.

  306. Abdul Ghafoor Anjum says:

    There is pain on front right side of my right knee in a specific place, I done X-RAY, resulting, Doctor said that a bone is increased and the gap of knee joint is came less. Now some time I feel swear pain and become swelling. I can’t bend my right knee properly due to pain and swelling.

    Please suggest “Homeo Pethic medicine” with your kind advised.

    Thanks & regards,
    Abdul Ghafoor Anjum

  307. Have been taking R 73 for last Two months 4t to 6 times regularly
    But not found much relief. Kindly advice how long I should continue
    To take for Back pain & Knee joint pain.

  308. S.Gajalakahmi says:

    I have acute knee pain in the right leg and the doctor suggested ks6x,Mp6x,and gaultheria Q 10drop it is useful or not

  309. SIR,
    I am suffering from pains in right leg knee since one month (Osteoarthritis)
    kindly suggest me homeopathic – biochemic remedies please


  310. dear Dr I have pain in my left knee Dr digno OA Iam early ostio penia pl mail me myu medicine I belive in homio

  311. D.Bheemaiah says:

    I undergone right knee pcl arthroscopic surgery in July 2013. And effected infection for my knee two times and get cleaned by the opening the knee. Now the problem is knee completely stiffed with total loss of cartilage.
    Can you suggest medicines in homeo for loosening of the knee stiffness and regenerate the cartilage.
    Thanking you,


  312. virginia howard says:

    Dear Dr. Sharms,
    I am 76 years old and have arthritis of the knees and recently of the right hip. I havetrouble walking and staying balance. I use crutches to help in walking and to stay erect. Meds only help for a little while. I really want to function to take care of my self.

  313. Huma Valeed says:

    I’m of 27 and I have been suffering from severe left hip joint pain since last two months, I’m very weak , pallid and lubricant of the joints(Bone Marrow) is almost over in the left hip joint., According to the doctors and MRI , CT scan reports my joint will remain in the same condition, whenever I try to walk a strange sound like two striking stones appears(tak tak tak). I have been fed up of doctors and this bed-ridden life.Please help me… waiting for ur reply..

  314. Rahul Shaw says:

    My age 23 height 5.4 plz i want to increase call – 9681155914

  315. promode Sinha's says:

    Have been getting pain on the left knee for last couple of years and also knee is mildly swollen,been diagnosed as osteoarthritis of the knee.please let me know if a cure is available using Homeopathy medicine and long is the treatment for?thanks.

  316. G V SUBBA RAMAIAH says:

    I am 59 year old. I am having knee pain. The pain is retarding my speed while walking. There is stiffness in the joint and calf muscles.

  317. Hello Dr.Vikas Sharma,

    I have a mild osteoarthritis in my knees. there is no stiffness or pain
    which is the best homeopathic medicine for my knee?

  318. Hi,sir,I am 33 years old and I am suffering knee pains for last 6 to 7 yearsyears,what I feel joints rub with each other sometime it get more worse and I cannot stand for while.what precautions and remedies are available which can give relief.

  319. Hi!

    My name is Dave and I am 54 years of age. I started with a slight pain in my hip area. I went to the doctor and suggested physical therapy that did not help at all. Then they did an MRI and these were the results:

    MRI shows mostly degenerative changes in the hip with thinning cartilage, slightly irregular, degeneration in the labrum, and small cysts in the bone ( common with arthritis) No surgery is really helpful at this time, though if the cartilage breaks down quickly you may eventually need replacement. If the pain is svere we can try an intra-articular cortisone injection. Antiinflammatory and low impact exercise is best

    I have always been very active phisically (jogging 3 times a week, martial arts, eliptical machine and stairmaster exercises. I use to work out 4 to 5 times a week) I dont remember doing anything in particular before the pain started.

    Please help.



  320. I an 54 years woman. My weight is 70 kgs. I have knee front pain while climbing and getting down the stair and when sitting /getting up from Chair. I have been consulting homeopathy doctor and he does not listen to my problem Just comes to an conclusion and says I have osteoarthirits and I should not walk . Given tablets for 3 months but no improvement. Please suggest

  321. Suraj Pal Singh says:

    My mother’s age is 65 years. She is suffering from osteoarthritis in both knees for the past 15 years. Reports suggest 85-90% loss of cartilage in knees. Recommended medication by ortho surgeon, replacement of knees.

    Recent report is as follows :
    B/L knee AP Standing Lat

    1. outline and density of visualised bones are normal
    2. joint spaces are reduced
    3. osteophyte formation is seen at lower end of femur and upper end of tibia of both knee
    4. patello femoral space of both knee show osteoarthritic changes

    diagonsis : osteoarthritis both knee

    Current Medication : Pain killers. Apart from High BP, Thyroid and Diabeties medicines.

    Pain in both knees. Unable to walk more than 100 mtrs

    Pain in knees started 18years back. High BP 20years.

  322. Sudesh Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Nameste Ji,

    I am 56 years old women. I have a gap in my right leg Knee and also one bone is increased. My Dr. Suggest me one exercise that I am doing. please suggest me any exercise or any medicine to cure this.

  323. jaspreet kaur says:

    I am 34 yrs old woman. I have severe artheritic problems of the knees. 15 yrs back my right knee was small fractured. but after 3 months. My problem was solved. so, now I have suffering from knee pain and now had a problem with the knee sounds (like Tak Tak).Dr . asked me greese and gap problem in your knees. So, kindly advice the homeopathic medicine and so advice what medicine. I have take and how many times.

  324. AJIT KUMAR DAS says:

    I am a 50year old man. I have been doing my morning work out consisting of 5km jogging followed by certain aerobic exercises and lastly Breathing exercise. Since last one month I have been feeling pain in right knee. It becomes at the closure of mu my work in a shipyard, whwre in I make a practice to walk to my jetties, workshops and office. As per the advice of my father I should take R Compound of ALARSIN atleast for three months.

    View above I have the following queries:

    (a) Should I continue my jogging or change to brisk walking .I have the standard body weight(75Kg with a Height of 174cm)

    (b) Any restriction on my eating habits?

    (c) Is the medicine stated above is adequate??

    (d) Any other special advice to have an expedoted recovery??

    I will be thankful to you, if you respond to my queries.

    -With Warm Regards


  325. Ashok Kumar Sharma says:

    My wife age 55 is sufferiung with severe knee pain for last 10 years. She is taking Homeopathic medicine continuously prescribed by doctor but no relief. I am doing oil massage whenever pain is unbearable. Also important to tell that her weight is approx 78 Kg. height is 5.2″. She can’t sleep well due to knee pain. We request your expert advise.

  326. Tapati Goswami says:

    My age is 56 years suffering from knee osteoarthritis since last 6-7 years. After Allopathic treatment of 3-4 years I am now under Homeopathic treatment of city renowned Dr. for last 2-3 years. But no improvement is seen. Of late the pain is becoming intolerable. My height is 5’2′ and weight is 82 kg ( reduced from 100 kg in last 8 months by dieting and exercise). I am really at a loss and do not understand what will be my fate. I do not want to replace my knee as suggested by many Dr (Allopath). You please help me and suggest .

    Sincerely Yours,
    (Tapati Goswami)

  327. Please advice me on what to do, my mum is about 60yrs old. She constantly complains abt severe pain on her knees. Suddenly, i began to notice my mum”s once straight leg beginning to bend inwards(her right leg only) while the left leg remains straight. Pls what can i do to help my mum, i dont want her to end up using walking stick. Thanks

  328. Abdulkhaliq says:

    I am using R73. how long I have to use it.

  329. Nikhil kumar says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 22 years old.last 2 two month i have a problem.the problem is when i sit my both knee bone clicking like (chatakna) and this sound is approximetly in30 time of one day..
    So sir please give the best treatment quickly…
    Thank you.

  330. I am 48 years male with 5’6″ ht and 90 kg of wt. suddenly i developed moderate joint effusion.
    Pls advise some homeopthy medicine.

  331. Rakeshkumar Pravinbhai Dulera says:

    I am having knee pain since I was 12 year s old , I had arthritis . Suggest me necessary drugs.

  332. Hello, my mother is about 57 and she is diabetic also and she has been suffering from severe pain in legs specially in knees after x rays and consult with alopathic dr they suggest that her knee fluid is finished or less and gap is narrowing between knee joint so kindly suggest homeo treatment for this and how can this fluid again produce through medicine.


  333. subrata saha says:

    extreme stiffness in both the knees ; makes walking an arduous exercise


    I am 53 years old and play competitive badminton. I had a medial menisci tear of my left knee in 2009. Of late I have been experiencing some pain on both my knees particularly after playing.Standing AP x-ray of both my knees show “bilateral tibial spine spiking and marginal osteophytes along medial condyle of both tibia. marginal reduction in medial knee joint space of left knee”. I would like to continue with my game. I do regular excercises of knees. Is there any treatment available in homoeopathy.

  335. My mother is is 74 yrs old. She has pain in her both knees, unable to get up easily. doctors suggested for surgery as there is loss of cartilage. She does not like to do a surgery because of her age, therefor she started homoeopathic treatment and doctor recommend to get well withing one year. Please advice

  336. Caroline Stephen Ernest says:

    Dear Dr. Vikas Sharma,

    I am Mrs. Caroline from Bombay, Age 49yrs., Wt 85 kgs suffering from Left Knee Osteoarthritis. I travel daily 4 hours total to work. Daily I climb 3 pairs of Railway Bridges 2 Trains & 2 Auto rickshaws + return.

    So far I visited 4 major Orthopedic Surgeons, all giving different explanations & loads of prescriptions & treatments which actually give no relief. The last injected a fluid in my knee & said there will be no pain till 5 days ten I have to repeat as there is no cure. The Knee pain subsided but a new pain started below the knee upto the ankle & my voice became hoarse.

    Dr. is there any homeopathic cure for this? May I please know the time & cost approximately?
    I will appreciate your honored advice.

    Best Regards
    Caroline Stephen Ernest.
    Mumbai, India

  337. My son is 14 yrs old, has severe knee pain and stiff ness in legs, cannot walk without support. They diagnosed as PFPS. All xrays are normal. Do you have anything to hlep him. Can you please let us know immediately.


  338. Atul P Singh says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    i am 59 and have been having pain in the knee and the foot/heel joint after sitting for a while, i find it difficult to stand and walk, the first few steps are very awkward, i feel like i am walking like a 80 year old.
    So kindly advice the homeopathic medicines & So kindly advice what medicine i have take & how many times.
    thank you, yours, Atul


  339. my mother is a 58 years old and suffering with artharitis since last 6-7 years, she got pain in joints of knee, fingers. I want a complete treatmnt for her.

  340. pain in knee

  341. Im 23 year old man i got grade 3 cartilage injury pls tell e if there is any medicine tht cam cure my problem by regenerating cartilage compleatly pls help sir im in lot of pain.

  342. Radha G Nair says:

    I am 73yrs and have slight pain around my knee.There is also slight swelling below the knee.I had my blood test done and it was found that I have deficiency in Vitamin D [ 7.15ng/ml],I took the medicine for one month that is one tablet a week and the pain subsided.I also have vericose vein for the last forty yrs but very little.That is not troubling me but is the swelling due to the vericose vein.
    I would be grateful if you suggest me some homeo medicine and also some ointment to apply for the pain.

  343. NAFEES AHMED KHAN says:

    dear dr sharma my wife suffering from arthritis in both knee. since one year she is under treatment of alopathic medicines by city famous surgeon but as usual he is giving only iron, calcium tablet and pain killer. due to this we are fed up and in tension. however now i have decided to search the remedy of that illness in homoeopathic medicines. if you can help by the mode of advise etc that will be most welcomed. with regard
    nafees a khan

  344. aruna shilpa says:

    sir,iam 30 yrs old.since 6 months to 1 year iam suffering with right knee pain,two days before i consulted a doctor qualified ms ortho,he took an x ray and advised me that my knee joint bones has started to rub with each other starting from one side because of which my leg got bend a little and he suggested me not to sit on the ground and reduse physical effort.

    sir iam very much worried and i want a remedy which could develop my joint.
    sir please suggest me

  345. I am 54 years old and I have knee pain. Pain occurs only when I get up from sitting. Otherwise
    there is no pain or any other complain. I had been to doctor and was informed that I have
    been suffering from Osteoarthritis Knee and I was told to wear knee cap and not to walk.
    Please advice.

    Kind regards

  346. shehenaz khatri says:

    respected sir, I had a sudden jerk on rt knee 3 mths back,no pain at that time On 3 rd day pain and swelling of rt knee after palliative rx it reduces on 4 th day of rx .But on 7 th day pain and swelling of lt knee sterted,after another 2 days swelling of lt ankle wich was almost painless.RT knee was diagnosed as meniscus tear.Now I has pain both knees on rising from seat, on bending knee .no pain on walking. Please suggest the homoeopathic medicine. thank you.

  347. MADHAVAN KUTTY says:

    I am suffering from knee pain (Arthritis) (right side knee) for the last 10 years. I am 64+ and little bit fat man

    I had taken ayurvedic medcine and also used allopotic medicine. Also used cod liver oil capsule.
    I am getting temporary relief. Again few months its starts. specially during rainny season

    Kindly suggest a medcine

    Thanks and regards

    M Kutty

  348. Premila Devi says:

    Hello Doctor
    My mother is suffering from knee osteoarthritis, and some swelling as well. Please advise treatment for this condition and recommend any medicine please.

    Kind regards
    Premila Devi.

  349. My father has been suffering from osteoarthritis. Cartilage in both of his knees has been worn out completely. Please advise any good medicine which can relieve his pain as he has trouble walking.

  350. Kalpana Deshpande says:

    My mother is is 68 yrs old. She has pain in her right knee, unable to get up easily during night. Do u have any other options instead of surgery. she has has BP & diabetics also.Please prescribe remedy for this problem.I am from A.P.(ADILABAD).

  351. PATRICK EJIDOH says:

    My mother is 78 years old and her cartilage is worn out, She is in pains and cannot move her right leg freely.

  352. Pritam Kaur says:

    I am having knees problem since 2001. It is very difficult for me to do day to day work for me. My other bones are alright. When I contacted the doctor he told me to replace the knees which I do not want. Please suggest me some homeopathic medicine for my problem.

  353. madhumanjari roy says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am 69 year old and suffering from knee joint pain since quite long, may be 12-15 years. i was taking rhus tox and the pain had become reasonably less but walking was becoming difficult day by day. went to a doctor, took the x-ray of both the knees and had a blood test for uric acid. the x-ray shows degeneration of the kneebones and excessive accumulation of uric acid . as i cannot take allopathic medcines, went to a homoeopath and started taking medcines( don’t know the names).but soon after my leg pain became unbearable and i was finding it extremely difficult to walk.even standing at a stretch for some time was painful. stopped taking the medicines and to bring down the pain took 1/2 of ‘nise tablet for four suggest which homoeopathic medicine will be most suitable for me.the homoeopath said i am suffering from osteoarthritis. also advise me about my diet, what should i eat and what should i avoid eating. Thanking you and awaiting your prompt reply
    Madhumanjari Roy’

  354. Ruby M Bhesania says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have severe osteoaritis in both knees and have been advised by my ortho surgeon to get knee replacement done for my left leg. The knee bones are rubbing against each other due to which there is severe pain in my knee. The pain increases in the night and doesn’t allow me to get any rest.
    Seven years back I had got arthroscopy done of both my legs due to miniscus tear and cartilage from both my knees were removed.
    Since the last one month my left knee is having severe pain. Kindly advise if homeopathy could relieve my pain and the time taken for relief.

  355. Jayashree Sengupta says:

    I am 57 yrs old with OA in both the knees. My weight is 74kgs and my height is 4ft 11inchs. I have been operated several times for elbow joint dislocation and fracture plus uterus operation .Now presently I find that my legs get locked in the knee joint and after much leg movement suddenly the lock releases and then I can walk freely . I take glucosamine , calcium suppliments as prescribed by my Ortho Doctor . Do you have any medicine in Homeopathy for lock problem.I shall be grateful. Thanks.

  356. madhu khanna says:

    dear sir,
    i have been having knee pain since a long time.3/4 months back i was also having burning sensation in the knees and full body ache. i was prescibed fibrogesic and problast and my burning sensation has decreased but the pain still exists.i also have cracking sound and bones in the knees.i an 58 yrs old.and weigh 105kgs.i hve started yoga a month back .my xrayreport shows a decreased gap in my knees.kindly advisr if homeopathy will help.i had started homeopathy with medicines like rhus tox and one more name i forgot.pls help.
    best regards,
    mrs madhu khanna

  357. ghulam sarwar says:

    vare b

  358. ARUN PATWARDHAN says:

    My age is 75 yrs. I have a gout problem since March 2005 in Knees but no pain at all. Dr, gave me Urtica Uren. and Nat. Sulph. From these medicines the Serum Uric Acid come down to 5.19. Now from November 2012 the gap in both the knees joint have considerably increased. Due to this I am feeling unable to mould the knees Dr. has also denied to mould and not to go on stairs. This causes restricted movement . Please suggest medicines.

  359. ATISH CH BISWAS says:

    pain in the joint of knee of left leg. increase when seated long time at place and when walk a good time. feel the pain more during bent the knee. I am 57 years (Male) . this has been increased for last five months.I have a problem of lumber sponeilities also

  360. ARUN PATWARDHAN says:

    I am running in 75 yr, age. In both knees joints gap has been found on 21st Feb.2013. From this gap swelling can be seen, but there is no pain at all. I have a gout problem since April 2005. For this Dr. has given me Urtica Uren. and Nat. Sulph. The Serum Uric Acid has come down to 5.19. The gap in the knees joint has restricted me to walk linger. By standing and sitting swelling increased. I an unable to go on stairs, Dr. has also not allowed me to go on stairs Please suggest me Homeopathic medicines .


  362. bachaspathi says:

    I have hip joint and knee paid. Doctor says some gap have developed and only through operation the gap can be reduced. Since it is just starting, I want to try homeopathy. Kindly suggest. I have very much hope on homeopathy

    kindly do the needful



  363. Dear Doctor,

    My Question is: I am 25 years old.I had pain in my right knee first, it was in red color and swelling. Difficult for me to walk. I take one week rest and my uncle bought one plant which applied on my knee after that my swelling was gone also started walking. After that i was ok. But after that my pain changed to left knee. can you please tell me what should i do, is it the symptoms of any disease. (Me have ESR:89).

    Waiting for your quick response.

    Please reply

  364. My father is suffering from osteoarthritis. Cartilage between his knee has been worn out and he has trouble walking
    Kindly suggest a medicine which can relive his pain. I would really appreciate your response.
    His age is 64.

  365. Tapan Malakar says:

    I am 57 years old suffering from both knee joints pain since 5 years, pain started 1st Rt knee now Lt>Rt I could not walk long time,walking speed very slow.X-Ray was done & found-Osteoarthritis what is my medicine?

  366. kamlesh singh says:

    left knee pain, swelling, punching pain and burning pain in abdomen. constipation please tell me homeopathic medicine.


    Sir, I am suffering from Osteoarthritis for more than 5 years. In the begining it was only left knee and now both the knees are giving problem. I had a bypass surgery about 8 years back. Now I am 62 years old, male patient. Please help me with some medicine, dose etc. Thank you.

  368. Hello Sir,

    My mother in law is suffering from knee joint pain from last 5 to 6 years and its getting worst day by day. 2 months back she went to a dr. for a calcium check up and the reports are not good then the dr. suggested her to get the drip treatment she did that too but still the problem is not over. Sometimes she get the sound of tak tak while walking and she always have swelling in her feet and the dr. also said that the grease is almost over… so please kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine for her that are easily available in india.



  369. Ramesh KM says:

    Dear Sir
    During 2003 when i was 28, i met with an accident and my right knee injured. That time i didn’t take care of it. As the days passed pain started in the right knee. I could not run, nor jump. If I did so, my right knee gets twisted and lots of pain. Later in 2011 I went for MRI scan of right knee. Here I came to know that the ACL was torn away. The Specialist ( not homeo) prescribed some pain killers and some gel. He said these will lessen pain but no cure. If I want complete cure, I need to go for surgery. I don’t want to be operated. I am not a sport person. But a want to alleviate the pain copmletely. Pl suggest me some homeo medicines or other treatments.
    Ramesh KM

  370. Mohd Raza Ali says:

    Dear Sir,
    My father(55 years old) have joint pain in knees and wrists since 4 years . He took homeopathy medicine but no affect still he is feeling pain.
    please Sir , which medicine shuold he take to get relax.
    Thank you.

  371. MILAN SHAH says:

    I am India, 2 years ago, i had injured at right side knee. doctor pull out liquid from knee. & They told to take rest for 15 days. slowly swelling will cure. now a days swelling is there, & i fill not well for stand over hours,then after not fill well 4 walk easily. at present i bear pain but over a period may not bearable. i am at 50 years. i had diabetes, weight is 65kg to 67kg it is from 22 years age, i weak up at 5.00ambut & sleep at around 10.00 or 11.00pm& but i am filling very healthy. but ligament gap problem can be solved. so pl. suggest some easy thing like medicine or exercise.

  372. I m 65 year old my broblem is knee and all joint pan please help thanks.

  373. i am suffering from stage -2 arthritis of knee. i would like to know the homeo medicine i have to use without any side effects

  374. my mother suffering from remutoid athritist from at least 10 years . She is unable to walk,

  375. i am 28 years old.My problem is that usually when i stand or turn there is a ‘ tik tik ‘ sound coming from my legs.i dont have any knee pain.When i wake up from sleep too the same tik tik sound happens from my legs. what is actually my problem?is there any remedy for this ?

    please suggest a remedy for this.

  376. Kiran Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings of the day!!

    My mother is 45 years having pain in knees and sometimes a sound like (tak tak) comes. Doctor said that greasing element between knees is no more so this problem is occuring. Kindly help me on the above said matter.

    Awaiting your reply!!

    Best Regards

  377. H.L.SHAH says:

    dear Dr Sharma,

    I am suffering from osteoarthritis & it pains on movement in the knee area. Is there anything to develop the cartilege & get away from Pain

    Kindly let us know.



  378. anil yadav says:

    Hi sir,

    My mom (45 above yrs) old is suffering from osteoarthritis for long time . She is healthy She follow the treatment of homepeathic.But she can not get much relief. she also try elopathic but elopathic not soute him etc. So please tell the actual treatment in homeopathy and also please suggest the timing of the medicines.

  379. rajender gautam says:

    mujhe knees men bahut pain hoti hai

  380. Dia Kutato says:

    I am suffering from Ostearthritic for almost two years. I was on Predisolne but stopped due to sight effects. Currently my fingures are numb and feeling much pain on my both knees and my mucle on both legs are pain full.

    I am not on any medication n ow but just rubing arthrities rub cream.

    Please assist me with any adise to overcome pain and road to recovery.

  381. Dr.Ramkishore prasad says:

    sir, my wife is aged about65yrs.she is bulky.suffering from osteo arthritis of rt knee.due to pain she is unable to move properly.any painkiller causes pain abdomen.she is not ready for knee replacement.can i get help from u sir. thanks. ramkishore.

  382. Hi doc,
    M 26. Years old and is suffering from knee pain ( left knee only, my height is 5’3 inches and my weight is 60) but pain occurs only if I run or walk fast or even after a long walk. According to my x ray the space between the knee joints is reduced and doctor is saying that their is less grease in your knee, m reeli tensed, my married life has just started, so I have to attend functions and parties but I can’t attend them properly because it occurs anytime, kindly suggest.. Thanks

  383. Sheeraz ahmad says:

    Dear doctor,
    gud mrng….

    sir i m a bodybuilder but mera problem ye hai k lagbhag 3 ya 4 saal se meri dono kohni k joints me buhat pain rahne laga hai jab k na koi chot lagi aur na koi swelling hai waha…aur mere kalai k muscles me b kafi pain rahta hai…meri umar 30saal hai ..
    barae maharbani mere liye homeopathic dawa aur use lene ka tarika b batae…

    thank you.

  384. Sushma Bhatty says:

    Respected Sir,
    Good evening.
    I am suffering from Osteo- arthritis in left knee from last 15 days. Please advise me the best possible way for cure. I am 51 years old .

    with regards,
    sushma bhatty.

  385. I’m 35 yr old and have multiple Lipoma Nodes on both arms, back and abdomen region. I have been told that there is no cure except surgery. As the number of nodes are more that 30 in total, even surgery is not recommended. Could you please advice me if homeopathy has any answer to my problem.

  386. Christa losee says:

    My 9 yr old son plays a lt of sports and has had pain in his left knee with weight bearing and when he runs or jumps. Also his knee locks at times He was diagnosed with what is called OCD ( osteochondritis diffecens) this is where the end part of the femur on one condyle a small lesion of bone has died and the cartilage is damaged. It can lead to the bone or cartilage breaking off into the joint space. We are waiting on an MRI. His homeopath feels that his constitutional remedy is lycopodium, but the 200 c did not help and neither did the 30c. Have also given 1 dose of ruta grav 1 m with no improvement. Please advise if anything else can help.

  387. Bhanumathy says:

    i am 60 years having knee joint pain for the last 6 months i am having pain more in the left leg & having pain only while climbing the steps, please suggest me some good homeo medicine, thank you

  388. syed iqbal says:

    I was suffering with knee of leftside of my leg,now it is removed. now a days i am feeling pain on the left side of the right side knee position is that i dont feel pain during walking but as i go down for sajda putting knee ON THE the ground I feel severe pain as I sit down I AGAIN FEEL PAIN.
    will u please advice for treatment thanks.

  389. PARVESH KUMAR says:


  390. Inderjeet says:

    Hi. My both the ankles pain while walking . Most of the time my feet bones are shooting pains, will you please tell me, which I homeopathic medicine can cure my this problem

  391. Colett Rego says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I read your website recently. Saw this column and thought why not use it. I am from India living in USA. Did Layman’s course 20 yrs ago. Lived in Bombay next to a Homeo Dr. Was a chronic patient and was miraculously cured by Dr.Shankaran per kind favor of my neighbor doctor. My passion is for homeopathy and was able to take care of myself. I had lots of problem 4 yrs ago. high cholesterol,internal and ext.haemoroids, frozen shoulder, sever burning after stools. After trying several remedies I found Calc.Sil from Spirit of Homeopathy and worked like magic. Anacardium cured my constipation. These two remedies helped me. External Haemoroids stopped growing with Cal.Sil 4 yrs ago. still have internal burning sensation after stools. I keep trying several cal. ars. cal.phos. cal. Barta carb.etc. etc. Have arthritis in right knee. Cannot focus. I know when the remedy is wrong and antidote with anacard. Also have itching sensation on genitals on and off and I have tried sepia, causticum. china. etc etc. no relief. Cannot focus on anything long from childhood. Hence do not drive. When worried walk up and down the room till exhausted. Time flies very fast. Work as a Hair cutter and eyebrows. Like working with hands in youth. Always have a supernatural provision and protection. No one can harm me. Only attend functions and activities in church. Like to hear from you.Regards.Colette

  392. Ramaswamy MK says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma, I am 80 years of age. For the past one year, I am having severe left knee pain, and because of this pain, I am not able to have good sleep at night properly. My right knee also pains but not so much as the left knee. Kindly advise me proper homeopathic medicine and arrange to send me the same with prescription to my house address at Bangalore. Thanking you, Sir.

  393. Partha Mukherjee says:

    I am 40 years old man, I suffering my right knee problem, weight is 72 kg. height 5.5 inch. Once upon time i playing football first division club in kolkata, but now when I play in field then start problem in right knee inside left. Then walking & running disturbed.

  394. dr. neeraj patil says:

    respected sir,
    myself is mbbs dr. my father and moteher age 60 and 55 resp, suffer frm ostoarthritis will you plz suggest which homeopathy med wil be good and is there permnant cure in homeo and can we take both allopath and homeopath simultanesly
    plz tel me wating for your valuable suggestion
    thank you

  395. krishna kumar says:

    hello doctor, pls mention the medicine use to improve synovial fluid for diabetic patients with usage of the medicines thank, one more question sir shivering problems like not able to stop the head shaking hands for my grandfather thankyou doctor

  396. subhrajit satapathy says:

    Sir my mother is a teacher in odisha,nayagarh.She feels pain in her left and right leg for 4,sir please give me a solution how to treatment to the disease.please sir. my

  397. Sybil Ihrig, L.Ac., CCH says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Where can one obtain the remedy OAN? I have some patients on whom I would like to try this remedy but have not encountered it before. Is it available from Helios Pharmacy in the U.K.?

    With thanks,

    Sybil Ihrig

  398. vimal kant varma says:

    I am suffering from joint pain in my knee.I could not move in my natural way would you like to prescribed any medicine for me.

  399. Abid Jamal says:

    Dear Sir, i am very much worried about my MOM, she is 50+ years of age, & from the last 01-year she is suffering with left Knee pain, no injury only due to weakness of bones & muscles. Her Uric Acid is high, she is also suffering High Blood Pressure. The problem is that if she is taking pain killer her stomach got suffered a lot & due to this she becomes nervous & upset.
    Please Sir, help me & advise your valuable suggestions i am begging you i cant see her in this conditions. Be kind & advise me,
    She is living in Pakistan.

    Thanks & regards.
    Abid Jamal

  400. T K Bhalla says:

    Dear Sir

    I have an advanced stage of arthritis as both the knee are badly in paid. Having got XRay, in standing position, apperently the surgeons are advising Total Knee Replacement surgery.

    I have recently taken some injection on my left knee to reduce the pain, it is helpful as of now as it is already a month since I took that Injection but to have permanent remedy to the problem, people are suggesting homeo treatment for long term relief.

    Looking forward to your suggestions & advice

  401. i have aching in the knee joint and pain after an exercise, stiffness during sleeping or sitting cracking or grating sounds in the knee joint and pain occur even when the joint is at rest and can keep me awake throughout of the night.

  402. Alok Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    My father is suffering from acute osteoarthritis since 2008. He is based out of Patna and have consulted several homoeopathy doctors locally, but the situation has not improved. He has severe knee pain and x-ray report indicates loss of fluid between the joints. Orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi(Medanta Hospital) has suggested knee replacement surgery, but my father doesn’t want any surgery. Please advice some medicine for my father. I would be highly obliged.


  403. Dr Ashis Manna says:

    Dear Friend, I am suffering Osteo arthritis both knee joints last 5 years.I am suffering pain in both knee joints crucialy during walking & climbing & decending stairs. Otherwise I am fine in rest.Pain releave by hot application & rest.What medicine u choose for me?

  404. fouzia usman says:

    Hi I am 33 year old and I am surfing from knee pain and I am having a swelling on the knee I did all the x ray what should I do please help me

  405. superumaniam says:

    dear dr my name is superumaniam age 62.having oestroarthiritis problem.
    how do i cure this by homeopathy medicine or any other better tratment.
    tks/rgds maniam

  406. Subhodeep Dey says:

    Dear Sir,

    My mother is suffering from Parkinson’s disease & knee & joint pain problem. She is 63 years of old. I request you to suggest the medicine which can cure her.


    Sir, I am suffering from knee joint pain since last 7-8 moth. From X-ray report dr. says that pain is due to less fluid present at knee joint. Kindly suggest some homeopathy medicine to cure my joint pain.
    Asit kumar Adhikary

  408. Goodmorning Doctor Sharma, I am having stiff knee for the past 2 months which makes my movement very difficult. Both my ankles are swollen. I am in pain when I climb up and down the stairs. My height is 5’2” and I am overweight at 75kg. Please advice me on my medication and is it possible to buy online.

    Thank you

  409. Nandini Chalke says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My mom is 45 year old and she has been told that she has got a gap in her kneeof the right leg and has been asked to be operated … since the last 1 year . her legs do not pain but she is unable to fold her legs and sit . can u pls suggest any thing? She has been trying ayurvedic medicine now but still has no effect …..Kindly guide us

  410. vishwanthsingh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have artheritic problems joint pain in knee age 65 sir please tell me haemophty medicine and many day i relif my pain in joint

  411. I am a 57 years old person. In my left ear I found there is whistling sound like pressure cooker whistle continue for some years. I am fed up with this. Is it curable?

  412. Doctor my Height is 5.2 And My Age is 19
    I want increase my height Please tell me What do drug use…………….

  413. shankari basu says:

    digital xray is showing gap between right knee joint reduced to a large extent. .The pain is tremendous making movement next to impossible. Hence resorted to physiotherphy better to certain extent. Taking sammy 400 two times after meal, ammay glucosamine HCI with boswellia and Nutrilite cal mag D along with homeopathic medicines. The surgeon suggested that sooner or later I have to gor for knee replacement. Kindly advice me if proper exercise and medicnes will help me

  414. Beverley Fearon says:

    I am suffering with my knees, one worse than the other.
    Please tell me how I can get Homeopathy.
    What I can do.
    Thank you.

  415. S.K. SHARMA says:

    Dear Doctor ; I am suffering from acute pain in my knees ; & on right knee is severe pains during Winter for the last 2 years;
    Please advise , whether OSTEO ARTH. NOSODE 30 is the Best availble Medicine for this treatment>>???
    Regds. & Thanks,

  416. hi sir i am 35 yr old.i feel pain when i fold my legs for a long time.i consult to dr. and in Xray shows the gap in bones.i was going to gym and i play badminton also to reduce the weight.i am 75 height is 5 feet 4 inch.can i do exercise and play badminton.sir i want that problem should not be increased.what type of precautions i have to suggest me.


  417. Janet Andoh says:

    I have severe osteoarthritis of both knees and have been taking celebrex for the past four months now with no relief. I have also tried steroid injections as well as synvisc injections without any positive results. My only option now is knee replacement which the doctors are not advising due to my age (51). The pain is so severe it keeps me awake virtually all night now. My walking is restricted and i feel as if my knees are going to give out on me anytime. Is there any thing I can to do alleviate this pain? Many thanks!

  418. Sir,
    Iam suffering from pain in the left knee. The joint is immobilised. Doesent flex fully. It pains on the top of the lower leg bone inside. After rubbing gently the pain disappear temporarily. The Uric acid and sugarin blood are normal. Kindly suggest the treatment.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    With regards;

  419. Abdul Aziz Khan says:

    In mid of February 2006 Maria at the age of 11 had developed high fever 104oF plus but the cause of the high fever was unknown (FUO/PUO). All her test reports (CBC, Blood Culture, Urine DR and Culture) were clear except the CBC shown elevated WBC and ESR. The fever persists more than six weeks. She was under the treatment of a child specialist who assumed it as UTI and gave her CEFSPAN 400 mg orally for 5days but the condition of the patient was not improved. Then she was referred to another Child specialist who advised for ANA Anti-ds DNA test and recommends 2g I/V Rocephin Injection daily for one week to lower the high temperature. After one week medication the temperaure was well in the normal range. There after advice to take CEFSPAN (Cefixime) 400 mg capsules for 5 days. The ANA Anti-ds DNA test was in normal range of (2.7 IU/ml)/0-6.0 IU/ml.
    After few months she complained pain in her wrist joints but doctor’s termed it as due to the fixing of cannula’s for I/V Injection at same location. But later on when the pain aggravated further I took her to an orthopedic surgeon for treatment who on physical examining doubted as joints pain (JRA) that affected all the joints and advised for RA Factor test and to use Caflam (Diclofenac Potassium) 50mg. The RA Factor test was positive RAF, and since October 2007 her treatment for JRA started and by January 2009 when she was stable shifted to Homeopathic treatment due to adverse effect of DeltaCortil and Methotrexate.
    During the holy month of Ramadan (August 2011) she was fasting as usual but her water intake was very low. In last week Ramadan on August 27 she had sore throat and developed high fever in the range of 104°F. The doctor (ENT Specialist) termed it as viral infection and advised her to take Capsule Velosef (Cephradine) 500mg thrice a day for 5 days but there was no improvement He then advised her to take the same medicine for 2 more days. But nothing has changed. There after she was advised to take CEFSPAN 400mg twice daily for one week, but this treatment also failed. Then I took her to Aga Khan Hospital where all lab. Tests were done. A brief history chart is attached.
    After having all the test in normal range except CBC having elevated WBC, ESR, Platellets and C-Reactive Protein and Typhoid T-IgM positive, she was advised for 1.5g I/V Rocephin Injection twice daily for 5-days the temperature dropped down to 102oF. Then she was advised to have 1.5g I/V Rocephin Injection twice daily for 2-days along with 500mg I/V Amikacin Sulphate. After two day the temperature dropped to normal range and the medication was stopped.
    After 3-4 days again she developed the fever and temperature started rising to 102oF plus I took her again to AGA Khan Hospital and then she was advised to take another Antibiotic (Ceproxin 200mg I/V along with 500mg Amikacin Sulphate twice daily for one week but this time both medicines did not work and fever was termed FUO/PUO.

    Chest X-ray and Complete abdominal check up was done where in the U/S two problems were high lighted (i) a 14mm stone in Gallbladder and narrowing PUJ. But still the cause of high temperature is not known.
    After going through U/S reports the doctor advised me to have CT Pyelogram of Maria to further clears the doubt of PUJ.
    There after we took Maria to an Urologist who after going through the CT Pyelogram reports advised for two Radio Isotope Scans {DTPA Scan & DMSA Scan). After seeing both the reports he advised for surgery, and before surgery he performed the cystoscopy on October 18, 2011 to confirm that the problem is ONLY at Right PUJ. After Endoscopy he said he will operate her after two weeks. But the planned surgery was deferred to two reasons;

    2. During this period of illness having very high doses of Antibiotics she become physically too weak, her hemoglobin dropped from normal range and she had a very severe attack of Arthritis and it was very difficult for her even to move sides in the bed. Ultimately she was give Deltacortil 40mg twice daily + Nuberol Forte (Paracetamol BP 650 mg + Orphenadrine Citrate BP 50 mg) thrice daily + Synflex 550 mg (Naproxen Sodium) twice daily.
    From January 25, 2012, she was advised by the Rheumatologist to take Deltacortil 10mg twice daily + Folic Acid 5 mg daily and Methotrexate 10 mg weekly and CAFLAM 50 mg when required. But her physical condition is not very good every day she has different complaint of pain in different joints, stiffness in hands, neck, legs, pain in pelvic and swelling of fingers and joints.
    Here the Rheumatologist have these two drugs Deltacortil , Methotrexate and the side effect of both drugs are well known, and she is badly effected by these medicines. Due to bad effect of Deltacortil the Urologist deferred her surgery.

    Finally on December 6, 2012 her PUJ surgery have been done and she is recovering very fast, but due to JRA she has severe pain swelling and stiffness in all joints specially the left knee.

    I shall be pleased if you advise some usefull remedy for her above stated conditions.
    Aziz Father of MARIA

  420. zafar iqbal says:

    my wife age 34 years old suffering from knee joint pain and swelling since the last week. she feels difficulty while siting and standing.please Prescribe medicine for her thanks

  421. Anil Kumar says:

    I am suffering from Osteoarthritis in both knee joints since last 3-4 years. It has become more painful and severe since last 1.5 years.
    I am feeling pain and stiffness in both knee joints specially while walking.
    Orthopedic surgeon says that my both knee joints cartilage has worn out from one side (in both knee joints toe side) and did not advise for joint replacement at this stage as presently i am 52 .Some body advise me Ledum Pal 200, 15 drops in half cup of water two times a day. I have taken the medicine for one month and feeling little relief from pain and stiffness.
    Kindly suggest that how long i can continue this medicine or it should be used with combination of other medicines. Please give me proper prescription .
    Anil Kumar

  422. I have knee pain from 18th months I take some pain tablat my knee morning time I can not walk my knee joint tighit after long time will Joint free I have also shuger and I am64th years old

  423. I have pain in left knee only, when i steped down, too much paining so kindly advise what medicine I have take. Thank You

  424. Pushpa Latha says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My mom is suffering from severe Knee pain and we have given her alopathic medicin but no effect was seen.

    Since she is elergic to tablets, we met a homeopathic doctor and she is still continuing with the medicine for 2 months however there is no improvement.

    Kindly advise Homeopathic Medicines for her so that she can recover soon.


  425. Dr Juhi Gupta says:

    my mother (50 plus) is suffering from osteoarthritis of both the knees for the last 15 yrs, with loss of space ( complete loss of synovial fluid) and rubbing of bones that results in 24 h pain and loss of vertical height due to the same. kindly send me the treatment plan and the prognosis in the above case.

  426. Farhat. Shakil says:

    Dear sir ! Good evening !

    I m suffering from knees pain since last year ….. As I walk or I try to sit down on any of the moment it pains a lot ….. & I hv a back pain to severe pain many times ….. I can’t climb stairs properly …. Mt age is abt. ’50 ‘. …… My weight is 80 kg

    So kindly suggest. Me. A good treatment. So that I can get a speed. Recovery .
    Thanx. A lot good wishis frm me to you !

    My self …..farhat. Shakil !

  427. savita suvarna says:

    dear sir,
    my age is 47 years female having two children and two miscarriage,
    i have been suffering from sciatica since 4-5 years, severe pain near left side of lower back

    which is passing thru backside of thigh and lower leg, having burning sensation, i tried

    allopathic and ayurvedic medicines but pain is still there. Please advise what shud i do.

    I am also suffering from arthritis.

  428. hi,dr vikas sharma i m yasmin from lahore pakistan i suffring from knee pain last 5 years cant stand much cannot walk also pls tell me the medicen name and how to take .thank u very much god bless u.

  429. hi, dr. sharma how r u? i am from pakistan lahore.i am suffring knee pain from last 5 year i am 55 after just monoupose i got pain in my knees i believe in homoopathic medicen .plz guied me properly which medicen should i take and how many times.i will remeber u always in my prays.

  430. Rama Shankar Sharma says:

    I am having knee pain due to osteoarthritis. During night it is very much . Even I can not walk easily. My age 1s 70. i used s sandhi- sudha but no relief. my left leg has tilt to left and on this leg no weight. kindly suggest me.

  431. Saghir Hussain says:

    I am 37 years old men , I have initial stage of artheritic problems of the knees and joints. So now I have suffering from knee pain & now i had a problem with the knee sounds( like TAK TAK), So kindly advice the homeopathic medicines & So kindly advice what medicine i have take & how many times.

  432. Hi Sir,

    I am Raghu from Bangalore. My father (48) was facing knee joint pain problem from last two years. He is not able to walk more distance. we were consult many doctor in Bangalore. They informed that knee joints are damaged due to his heavy work as a former. whenever decreases temperature increasing the pain and walk more increasing swelling. I am requesting you suggest solution for this problem.

  433. Mrs.Reshma kaul says:

    Iam suffering from ostheoarthritis from 3months .Ihave severe pain in my knee joints and having deficiency of calcium and vitamin D .

  434. Hi, my mom has osteolpoliosis (not spelled correctly) of the bones really bad, her knee was cracked and she had surgery, but the doctor said that was all he could do because of the ostoliosis and possible arthritus of the knee also. She is currently on hydocodone(vikaden with ibubufferin 7.5/325 It does not seem to be helping very much. She has just turned 80. She is not on any other medication, except vit b, vit c & d, one a day, vit c, ginkobioblo, and anadronate prescribed medicine. She sometimes has low blood pressure or very good blood pressure. What else can she try to alieviate pain. I thank you so much ahead of time for anything you can tell me. she is still walking with a limp from broken hip years ago. but all her exrays showed the hip was ok, it appears to be her knee.

  435. hi sir,my mom above 45 years old is suffering from osteoarthritis for long,she is weak,and takes english medcinhe can not get much relief.and swelling above the keen and stiffness,doctor’s have said that the gap in her keens between the bones is increasing.will homepathy be a better alternative.she has alot of pain.PLEASE ADVISE, thanks

  436. ADITYA SHARMA says:





  437. Dear Dr.Sharma, please intimate your land line telephone number.I would like to discuss with you my rt.knee pain.jaswant

  438. Muhammad Rashid Rafiq says:

    Dear sir,
    My Mother aged 60-65 suffering form arthritis from last three four years, she has beel also used steroid tab and also gel which is filled by injection in knee joints,and also there is space in knee joints, i will be very thankful to you if u recomend medicine or solution for it.



  439. I am a homeopath and have been suffering from right kidney pain, groin pain and particularly pain above the knee. I get casts in the urine which at times turns cloudy.Is it all associated with kidney infection?

    What medicine would you advise another homeopath suggested lycopodium 30.

  440. Sanjeev rana says:

    Sir my age is 36 year old .sir merit dono knee ka lubrication km ho gaya h jis k karan mere godo me pain rahti h sir me kon c medican lu jis sy lubrication bnne lge

  441. surendra agarwal says:

    I had ACL done on right my knee 4 years back, since then I had been having swelling and now it has gone to left knee also. I am having crackling sound in my knee and it is so painful . I am also ahving pain in my hips and shoulder and fingers. I am having homeopathic treatment, but to no avail. Pl suggest a remedy.

  442. shibnath banerjee says:

    Dear Dr,
    I suffered a sprain in my left knee a afew years beck which,as revealed in the x-ray,has developed osteophytes and lessening of bone gap.There is considerable pain and stiffness.Request you to suggest a proper homeopathic line of treatment for me.I am 63 yrs and have no other ailments viz,sugar,hypertension etc.I am stationed in Kolkata,W,B.


  443. 1. In 1993 Due to accident I had massive slip disc paralising lower limbs.After operation I took acupuncture treatment and I recovered considerably.However I still have heaviness in hips and I am unable to stand on toes or walk fast.My posture is unstable with weak knees.Can I benefit from homeopathy.

    2. My wife suddenly developed pain in legs making it difficult to walk.After investigation and some medication and physiotherapy, now she can walk.She also has to wear knee brace.Will homeopathy be of help.

  444. navin kumar says:

    My mother age 72 have knee pain

  445. pain in both the knees after walking half an hour increases pain in morning it is good

  446. Amish Purohit says:

    Sir, My wife is having problem of arthritis. She is suffering from last 5 to 6 years. We tried ayurvedic, elopathic, Homeopathic medicine. But no good long results. As she stop medicine, pains are huge. Now we are started again homeopathy. Her age is 29 years.
    Pl. advise whether homeopathy is full proof therapy for arthritis.
    pl. help, I am very upset about her health. pl. guide us.
    Requesting from deep heart.

  447. Suffurring from osteoarthritis since last 5 years. Taking allopathic medicine regularly but when she drop taking medicine pain get started.

  448. P.Hari kameswara rao says:

    my wife is suffering from knee pain for about a month now. The X-ray showed that the knee is worn out, as per the doctor and there is slight shift in alignment. The doctor advised intake of calcium capsules and simple exercise. But i think this is not a permanent solution. can you suggest anything which will stop further deterioration and avoid future complications which may result into requirment of surgery?

  449. mera age 72 year hai.mere ghutna(knee) mai dard se chal nahi sakta hue.aur mai diabiteas ka bhi rogi hue.lakin abhi diebites normal hai .dibeatese ka alopathik daba khata hue.

  450. Bhupinder kaur says:

    Doctor saz 80percent knee damage .he sugest knee replacement my age 45.i want know ur suggestion .Is any treatment in homepathic medcine.plz replz.thanx

  451. Dr.Sharma,
    My mom (76 y) is suffering from oesteoarthris for the past 17 yrs. She has tried all pain killers and Ca supplements.But no change or improvement in pain. Now she moves around with a walker. We want to go in for knee replacement surgery but her bone density is low (-3.7) which needs to improve before surgery. Can you suggest an alternative to knee surgery with hoemeopathic medicine and what can improve her bone density ? She is on antihypertensives as she has high BP.
    Awaiting your response Sir.

  452. sushil bhardwaj says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,i have started suffering with knee pain in my right age is 59.i can bend my leg properly but feels constant pain in my whole knee.oil massage gives me temporary relief. there was never any injury. plz advise treatment.i have always been taking homeopathy treatment .with regards

  453. SIR,

  454. SIR,

  455. Hardip Singh Duggal says:

    I have arthritis of knee cap in right leg as per X ray reports and more visible since last 2 months. Knee joint arthritis is also there to some extent but under control. Present symptoms in Right Knee are Pain on walking, climbing stairs and sitting on ground. There is swelling on sides and above the knee area, which Dr. says is due to Fluid collection.

    Presently taken Apis Mell 200 and Ledum Pal 200 for 5 days but only 30 – 40 % relief.
    Please advise complete treatment and precautions

    Medicines in 30 potency do not work on me.

  456. priya mathias says:

    heelo doctor,
    my name is priya mathias my mum has been suffering from the water filled in her knees for quiet some time we have tried all medications possible but no avail . she is also diabetic and is on insulin twice a day can u plz help cuz it is very difficult to see her in so much of pain …. please help awaiting your reply

  457. Ravi kumar veerman says:

    My mother is 78. She is suffreing from knee pain and when she try to walk
    the sound of TAK TAK came from knee area. In night she can not sleep properly due to severior pain and now we want to drop the treatment of lopathic becoz they work on simtum not on root of problem.


  459. Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta says:

    Dear Sir,
    my father is 58 years old suffering with knee Arthritis and if he walk more than one kilometer,on the back side of kne becomes swell, please advice how it cane be cure

  460. Muhammad Farooq says:

    dear sir
    i am suffering left leg knee pain from last one year. now pain becoming unbearable.
    i am 58 years age,suffering from diabets also.
    how can i get relief from pain.
    hoping positive response.
    best regards

  461. I have joint pain in my fingers.and when I work in the computer I get get terrible neck (Back)and the caolor bone. what is homeo medicine please send me.

  462. Rajveer Shekhawat says:

    My wife has knee pain for some time now (50 years of age and has overweight). She is also suffering from Diabetes. two years back we got her examined from and orthopaedic suregon who after diagnosis reported that it was not arthritis. Now the pain has become a handicap for her movements.

    I seek your valued advice about the above. Please let me knnow if homeopaethic treatment can provide any relief.

    thanks in advance.


  463. G.Muralidharan says:

    From April 2012, I am suffering from left knee problem of swelling, pain and difficult while sitting or standing, but not while walking.
    It is strainful while climbing up or down steps.

    Please suggest remedy

  464. Sreenivasa reddy says:

    dear doctor my name is Sreenivasa reddy aged about 80 years from past few years i am having severe join and body pains,i also have urinary problem i pass urine nearly 8-10 times in night & Sames times in day idont have sugar or BP,when ever i travel for long hrs my legs get swollen and i feel pain.pain even increases with cold .please help me in this process.looking for ur reply

  465. Rodolfo Martínez de la Cueva says:

    Tengo 72 años. Desde muy joven me fueron removidos los dos meniscos en dos sesiones distintas. Los últimos años el dolor ha ido aumentando y ahora es casi insufrible. Me han prescrito la reposición total de rodilla (Total anee Replacement) a lo que me he resistido y busco ayuda alternativa.
    He leído los comentarios y preguntas de personas interesadas pero no me queda claro qué hay que hacer.
    Ayúdeme por favor. Muchas gracias
    R. M. C.

  466. john fitzgerald says:

    I have osteoarthritis of the left knee and I need your remedy for relief
    I am 60 years old



  467. Deepak Jha says:



  468. Ashok Shrivastava says:

    pain in knees , I also read homeopathic and biochemic books regulaly since 40 years, but I could not decide , which type of pain , but I do all work without any drug ,
    if I push my knee cap and gaps by fingers , it starts paining, please refer the medicin

  469. iqbal butt says:

    I have my left knee chronic pain since five yrars.
    pl advise a homeo- pathatic remedy,thanks.

  470. shahid parvez says:

    Dear Dr. I am suffering from osteoarthretis in both knee joints for 6years , I am very suffer from pain , I am an Indian and working in QATAR in a construction company I am feddup from my life because of my knee pain I am 46 year old , you are kindly requested to advise me what shall I do , is there permanent cure in homeopathy , please replay me
    Best regards
    Shahid parvez

  471. Bipin Raval says:

    Hello Sir,

    My wife(Age 55) is suffering from acute knee joint pain for last one year. Recently she got injury in left knee due to sudden falling and seating on the floor. (She never seats on floor).The ortho doctors have given some pain killer but without any result.Ultimately a MRI investigation was done and found that there was loss of conrtilage in the knee joints and injury to ligaments. Now ortho doctors suggest for a surgery which we do not want. Sir, could you suggest some remedial medicine in homeopathy which relieve pain and regenerate cartilage and make her fit for painless walking. At present she can hardly walk few steps in home.

    Bipin Raval.

  472. Amil Chauhan says:

    i am suffering from pain in my hand & knee joints, i m taking allopathic Medicine from last 3years but still not getting relief so please give me better Advise and medicine,

    Best Regards,


  473. anilkumar madnani says:

    I am suffering from knee pain since last 3 years , doctors says this is osteoarthritis, kindly advise the homeopathic treatment for osteoartrhitis.

  474. I am having knee pain for the last 2-3 years. I have used number of medicines and oil. While using any new medicine or oil, I get temporary relief and thereafter again pain starts. Now when I stand after sitting 2-3 hours, I am not able to stand properly, and sometimes I feel as if I shall fall. Is is due to weakness?? Presently I am of 63 years old. I feel shortage of fluid in knees also. Please suggest best remedy………

  475. P.Subramanyam says:

    Sir My age is 71years. Iam suferring from severe knee pains in both legs. I used ALLOPATHY medicines and I did not get relief. so I want to take homeopathy treatment.During nigt times the pains are so much.Kindly inform me the suitable homeo pathy medicines for reducing my pains.kindly reply soon
    Thanking you sir
    yours faithfully

  476. rasaraj dey 58yrs says:

    suffering from knee pain while walking but no swelling,&stiffness,if push in lower portion right side of right knee getting pain.arthoscopic operation done on 9th april,2012 but in vain. once again paining & feeling discomport while walking .
    pl.sir,advise me

  477. KAJAL KUMAR PAUL says:


  478. N.V.S. RAMA RAO says:

    For the last 20 to 30 days am suffering from knee pain. doctors told me
    due to over weight of 26 kgs bones rubbing started. Now pain by useing allopathic medicines it may be cured, but i have to reduce my weight.

    Some people suggested me to go for Homeopatic medicines.

    please suggest me medicines in homeopaty.


  479. Doctor,40 years old, I am suffering from severe knee pain along with back pain from last 6 years. I can’t stand more than 20 min. long. please suggest that whether this is Os trio arthritis. Also suggest the diet, medications and potency in which the medicines should be consumed.
    Thank You

  480. samrat gautam says:

    Dr Sharma, I believe the synovial fluid in my knees has dried up or is very less. I am 37 yrs old. My knees hurt while climbing stairs or if I drive a long distance.
    Can synovial fluid be regenerated with the help of homoeopathic medicine? Kindly guide. Thank you.

  481. Dear Sir,
    My husband(29 y)old is suffering from severe knee and heel pains. His weight is 84kg and height is 5.6″. on doing his job he is 40Min’s standing/walking per 1hr(8hrs/day).8 months back he has kidney stones which are caused by uric acid,but now it is within the range (2.8),he takes English medicine like Febuxostat(regularly),and homeopathy R11,R71,R27,R88,berberis vul-Q(irregularly).From last 15 days his heel and surroundings(above and below) have severe pain and swelling(i.e;too much),blood & urine tests are in normal(uric acid:2.8mg),
    RA Factor:2.18 IU/ML.He takes English medicine from 10days,swelling is gone(little bit is there),but pain is as it is. please send me some medicines and food instructions.

  482. veroncia dsouza says:

    My mom is 80 years old suffering from heart decease(heart weak) and paralysis since 12 years( . she was fell down before 1 month she’s been feeling pain in lower back,. allpathic doctorr gave pain killer tablet for 5 days and calcium tablets for 1 month but there is no improvement. And now she cannot walk at all and just sleeping on her bed. sHe will only walk when she has to go to bathroom
    Please provide me the information how she can get treatment and howdo I obtain the medication from you

  483. veroncia dsouza says:

    My mom is 80 years old suffering from heart decease(heart weak) and paralysis since 12 years(osteoarthritis) . she was fell down before 1 month she’s been feeling pain in lower back,. allpathic doctorr gave pain killer tablet for 5 days and calcium tablets for 1 month but there is no improvement. And now she cannot walk at all and just sleeping on her bed. sHe will only walk when she has to go to bathroom
    Please provide me the information how she can get treatment and howdo I obtain the medication from you

  484. Selina Akhter says:

    I’m suffering left Knee joint pain since about 6 months. I’ve taken pain killer 10 days after taking advice from an orthopedic surgeon. That time my knee pain decreased. but presently my knee pain is very increased. I have an X-Ray report where diagonosis that Osteophytes are seen in the femoral and tibial condyles and in the patellar poles. (Impression: OA changes in the left Knee Joint). I want to take Homeo treatment in this regard. Pls. advice.

  485. SYED JAFRI says:

    I was just surfing the info when I , may be, rightfully came to your page.
    I am acute arthritis It has affected my shoulder for which i had rota-tor cough surgery for my left shoulder and I feel good. I than developed Neck pain where I could not move my neck. especially to right. Two procedures have been done on my neck. First was the injections on my affected veins c1, c2. c3 and c4. after 6 months another procedure where 4 tiny transmitter are installed under anesthesia. Then two months back BOTOX shot was given. I feel better then before but not 100 % fit.
    I have my right knee also very bad & surgeon has given me July 14 for the knee replacement.
    Any comment on my above condition & also if you think you could find remedy in homeopathic treatment.
    I live in America.
    Syed Jafri

  486. sardar muhammad says:

    hello sir!
    my name is sardar muhammad. and i m 60 years old from lahore pakistan. I have problem of knee joint pain. and also pain in all body joints. please kindly suggest me the homeopathic medicine.
    thank you

  487. My dad is 88 years old suffering from severe right knee pain (osteoarthritis) for long period of time. he’s been feeling pain in his right knee when,walking going up stairs and etc. I got him all sorts of treatment like vitamins, cream (Ben-Gay etc.) but there is no improvement. And now he cannot walk at all and just sitting on his bed. He will only walk when he has to go to bathroom or to be at the dinner table. The doctor solution is to go for surgery. Is there any way to prevent surgery? The doctor that my dad sees did not satisfied me at all.
    Please provide me the information how he can get treatment and howdo I obtain the medication from you as I am living in United States.

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated and many thanks.

  488. gone worst day by day even though he takes pain killer but still cannot get much relief. For years he’s been feeling pain in his right knee especially after walking/going up stairs and etc. He has swelling above the knee and stiffness. The swelling is increased and unbearable that he can’t walk properly. I got him all sorts of treatment like medicines, vitamins, cream (Ben-Gay etc.) but there is hardly any improvement. The pain is continuous and difficult. And now he cannot walk at all and just sitting on his bed. He will only walk when he has to go to bathroom or to be at the dinner table. This knee pain makes his life hell and troublesome. The doctors are recommending for surgery. He does not want it to be done. Is there any hope to prevent surgery? The doctor that my dad sees did not satisfied me at all.
    Please tell me the actual treatment in homeopathy and also please suggest the timing of the medicines. What kind of exercise can he do? How can I obtain the medication from you as I am living in United States and dad is in Malaysia. Do you have homeopathic ointment so that he can gain mobility as well as walking to make it better?
    I would really appreciate it and please also take care of one thing that it does not have any side effects as dad is taking so many medicines and also because of his age. Thank you.

  489. kneepaingurl says:

    I have just recently seen a doctor for my left knee pain. They have told me it was Arthritis. I had a knee injury almost 10 years ago it is just recently acted up and hurt. Whenever I sit or even ride a bike for a long period of time it starts to hurt. I do not know how I got it I was wondering if you have any answers for me? It is not swollen or anything it just hurts. Any suggestions on how I got it and how to stop it from hurting so much?

  490. manmohan kumar sah. says:

    der sir, my mother , 65f, is suffering from knees pain before 5 years i have treetment but no any relief now i want to treetment in homepathic please suggest a best doctore….

  491. Muhammad Azam Malik says:

    Sir, I am 37 years of age. I had RTA (motorcycle accident) in July 2010 and ruptured my ACL in right knee. Torn meniscus horns were trimmed arthroscopically in that knee. However problem I am facing is the gradual loss of cartilage (osteoarthritis) in both the knees. When I used the healthy left leg for first three months it also developed arthritis due to very heavy one sides use. My arthritis is not age related but just accidental.
    Can any homoeopathic combination or single remedy can help regenerate the cartilage, strengthen the existing cartilage and save from the further loss of cartilage.
    I am greatly desperate.A local homoeopath is experimenting with rhus tox, calcera fluor, tuber, platinum etc but relieve.
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese help me and suggest some good medicine. God bless you for your virtuous deed. Thanks.

  492. A N Prasad says:

    I am 64 years of age.My knee problem is just starting. My right knee gets stiffed after a walk of say half KM. It pains with a low intensity if i cotinue walking.
    I am taking Bry 30 for last 3 days but i am unsure of any effect till time.
    Suggest any better medicine(S).

  493. Premalata Swain says:

    Sir, My wife,Mrs. Premalata Swain, aged 57 is getting severe pain in the knee joints right from getting up and during walking.X-xay revealed that there is loss of cartilage. I have great hope from homeopathy. Kindly suggest the ways and means to getridof it
    Thanking you,
    Dr.D.Swain, Senior Scientist, CRRI, Cuttack., Odisha

  494. Premalata Swain says:

    ■Premalata Swain on January 19th, 2012 1:46 pm
    Sir, My wife,Mrs. Premalata Swain, aged 57 is getting severe pain in the knee joints right from getting up and during walking.X-xay revealed that there is loss of cartilage. I have great hope from homeopathy. Kindly suggest the ways and means to getridof it
    Thanking you,
    Dr.D.Swain, Senior Scientist, CRRI, Cuttack., Odisha

  495. Premalata Swain says:

    Sir, My wife,Mrs. Premalata Swain, aged 57 is getting severe pain in the knee joints right from getting up and during walking.X-xay revealed that there is loss of cartilage. I have great hope from homeopathy. Kindly suggest the ways and means to getridof it
    Thanking you,
    Dr.D.Swain, Senior Scientist, CRRI, Cuttack., Odisha

  496. I have been suffering from oesteoarthiritis since 1987 and now my age is 52. conditions of my knees are severe now. what is the remedy. please help. Thank you .

  497. i have osteoarthritis in knee. It makes creaking noise. Also, I feel that there is a crashing noise in the knee when i put my hand on knee.

    is there any homeopathy medicine for that?


  498. Ramesh.Valupadasu says:

    respected sir,
    i need u r help in my knee pain and cracking sounds while moment the left leg.
    i suffered in 2006 with left side semi perisis(paralysis) my leg and hand not worked one month Then after proper medication and physiotherapy working from last one month i am using more walking then previous days

    please kindly give what homeopatic medicin fit for my knee problem.
    tnanking u sir

  499. g.k.banerjee says:

    i am suffering from knee osteoarthrits sincelastfour years ,normally it isnot paining but at the time of walking getingpain in the knee joint innerside, and ifaceing problem moveing upstair or downstair body balance problem faced
    what homeopatic medicin fit for my knee problem.

  500. Good morning, Im 35yrs. I have knee pain and doctor advised my fluid inside the knee gets dry. could you please advise where do i consult good homeopathy doctor in Dubai and India.

  501. My mother is 76 years old and is having severe knee pain. She has tried all sorts of medicines with absolutely no relief.
    Can you help

  502. Rahmatullah khan says:

    My father (60 above yrs) old is suffering with knee joint pain.please advise me what should be done to control this

  503. hi,sir
    I am 27 years old male not married, I am suffering with left knee joint pain & left hand elbow pain, and sound also coming when bend the leg or hand, since 1 year, i used alopathic tablets but no improvement please advise me what should be done to control this

  504. Pande Grabuloska Taneska says:

    Hi, My mother is 68 years old and she has been suffering from knee problems for about eight years now. Actually the cartilage on her knee is damaged and that causes stiffness of the knee and makes walking very hard for her. She has been using different pills that contain glukozamine which somehow keeps the knee in some position, but as time is passing this problem is getting more serious. Is the any way that this condition can get better by using homeopathy therapy?



    Hi, My mother is about 75 years old & suffered from osteoarthritis having sever pain in both knees. Please recommend the medicine for her. so that she will be well.
    Thank for your kind cooperation in this regard.

  506. Diane Port says:

    Hi! My 80 year old mother will NOT go to a Doctor……in April she began to have a hard time walking with no other symptoms prior…….she has a hard time doing daily task that involve her getting up and down and she can no longer walk for extended periods of time…..I had to purchase a wheelchair to use when we go shopping. She is VERY much into alternative medicine. Can you please recommend treatment for her


  507. hi
    i am arushi my mother is having knee pain and doctor told that there is a gap between the knee and he directly told its artritis can you tell me the best treatment for her so that she may feel good.

  508. Dear Madam,

    My Father(62), he is having knee problem since 1 yr,
    His weight is around 75 kg, We have consultaed his problem with Alopathic drs and thier advice concudes to knee replacement upon which we are not agree,
    We have also consulted with oneAyurvidec centre and they are asking us to agree on a masage and some tretment which is from Kerla socity, and asking 15000/-(14days/six monthly), we haven’t yet choose that,
    Would appretiate your advice if you have any suggesstion for my father either we should choose alopathic or ayurvedic,would also like if you can meet to us on this and suggest some medicine yourself.

  509. Annette Favors says:

    I am very much overweight. I am 53 years old. I cannot walk at all. Both of my knees are inflamed and I don’t have a fever. They are always swallow. All my life since I was 6 years old my knees slips out of place and my mom have to reset them back in place. Leaving me to lump for a week or two. Being a kid I couldn’t run and play with the other kids. I couldn’t play sports. If I move the wrong way l’m down on the ground. This happened every other week. I was diagnosed with Arthritis in both knees over 2 years ago. My cartilage is gone bone on bone, also I have spurs. I stayed on the crutch for 2 years, now the nerves in my arms and shoulders ache from severe pain were I’m taking pain medication 3 times a day. I don’t want to just cover up the pain. I want to walk again. I want my life back. I need some help I am stuck in my room daily 24/7. Someone, please HELP. I want my life back. I want to live again.

  510. Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering with knee joint pain with cracking sounds, while I am walking. I never had taken any pain killers for this problem, as the pain is not severe, as long as I am on my work table. I have kidney problem, with serum creatin at 1.60, and my doctor strictly advised me not to take any pain killers. Can you help me in suggesting any good medicine in homeopathy.
    n v rao

  511. hare krishna money says:

    Hare Krishna

    I m 72 yr old man. Now I am suffering from possible OA or Arthiritis? Do not know exactly But the left left knee joint is paining from slow walking. I consulted my family doctor he advised me to do exercise from Roche. But no avail. I have spent oveer $ 1100/- with various ointments, oils, etc But no good. I am pure vegetarian by birth. I want to be a good young man and dancing and walking Could you suggest and help as to what I should do to bring back knee to the original position and help me to enjoy dancing
    hare krishna money.

    2. Frequent urination. I suffer from this symptom for the last many yars. I tried various items. like Saw Palmetto tablets, etc. No good. No other complaints

    3. I am in border line of Blood pressure, Cholestrol and Diabetes. I ake some medications also from the doctor. I eat lots of vegetables etc.

    Your suggestive help wil ease my tension on this two points and make me to live like like a young man of 27!! I look like 55 or so.

    hare krisna money

  512. jagmohan khanna says:

    My wife age 69 is suffering from pain in her both knees osteoarthritis
    she was given homeopathic treatment as
    kali iodatum3x
    artca urens mother tincture
    gaultheria p mother tincture
    in the begining there was some relief but now the condition is same so from the last one week she is being given
    orecerin gm 1 tab
    nucoxia60 one tab
    please suggest suitable treatment

  513. jagmohan khanna says:

    my wife is suffering from osteoarthritis of both the knees she was given gaultheria p mother tincture artica urens and kali iodatum 3 x
    in the begining there was some relief but now there seems to be nothing
    now treatment has been changed orecerin gm 1 tab andnucoxia60 1 tab
    pl suggest suitable treatment

  514. vikash tiwari says:

    Hi sir,

    My mom (53 above yrs) old is suffering from knee arthritis for long, She is healthy and she takes pain killer everyday. She follow the treatment of diabities. But she can not get much relief. She walks evreyday with proper diet. So please tell the actual treatment in homeopathy and also please suggest the timing of the medicines with proper precautions.

  515. V.S. Sahrma says:

    Dear Sir,

    im 32yr old, my riht knee was paining when i sit on the floor
    i went to doctor and he told that im just entering in to arthritis and the cartilage is week and asked me to use rejoint an allopathic medicine
    can you sugest me the right medicine in Homeopathi which can cure the problem perminantly..

  516. Dear sir my age is 40 yrs nd i am suffering from nee joint problem since last 2 month i am taking homopathic medicine but the result is not appropriate kindly suggest me what to do my mother also have the same problem.

  517. FAYYAZ ZAFAR says:

    sir i am 45 feel pain in both knee
    i was player now i can not even walk.
    also feel burning in both knee.
    kindly see this matter,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  518. Tej Bahadur Singh says:

    RespectedSir, I am suffering right leg knee pain seriously for the last 15 years. Please advice me medicine to cure my cerbical pain and knee pain. Regards

  519. My husband is over 50 yrs of age. He is suffering from all the joints pain and both knees as well, can you suggest the medicine and what kind of exercise would you suggest the he do to lose some weight?
    Thank you

  520. I got my left leg neer knee fractured 12 years back. It was ok after treatement with some bearable problem.
    Now since last 2-3 years it starts troubleming me and situation become worst now. I have cunsulted many doctors, It seems that knee is having osteoarthritis.
    Doctor suggest me knee replacement. Is there any cure for it? I m 47 years old

  521. A K singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    My age is 45, I have suffering from knee pains.
    The knee sounds( like TAK TAk), So kindly advice what exercise i have to do, and the remedy.Gap between two bones has decreased,seen in X-ray.
    So kindly advice what i have to do.
    Thanks and Regards,
    anil kumar singh

  522. i had got midsubstance tear of acl in my knee what should i do

  523. Shailendra says:

    my mother’ s age is 48 and she has severe problem of knee joit pain form last 3-4 yrs, we have tried all, ayurvedic, allopathic & homeopathic but there is no relief, allopathi recomonds Replacement of Knee.
    Please advise me effective treatment.

    Thanx n rgds

  524. good evening sir , sir my mother suffer from knee pain in both knee, my mother age is 47 years and weight is 68 kg. sir please advise me effective treatment for that problems.

    thank you.

  525. Do you really answer to the comments thats been posted, thanks.


  526. Chandramohan says:

    I am 70 years old male.Since last 3 months i have developed mild pain in both my knees.My weight is normal for height.My general health is good. No BP or sugar.I daily walk 3 Km in morning and active with my daily works.I feel little discomfort while climbing steps.Please suggest some homeo medicines for relief and cure.

  527. i am 45 years .feel pain in both knee .in .x. Ray .doctor said there no any problem.
    i play many games .now i go only for a walk. there is a bad habit of excessive sex.
    advise any medicine………………..

  528. Sir, iam 36 my two knee joints and left shoulder getting troubled since one year, but there is no such pain, when i try bend my legs and trying take my left hand back iam getting some difficulty, and sounds also coming. I was athelet earlier and used to go for walking for one hour everyday. In order prevent and control arthitis in my older age what precautions and medicines to be taken. And which medicines will develop the cartilise between the bones. Kindly advise and do the needful.

  529. Sir,
    i met with a accident on 2000 year since then my Rt.Knee is troubling to kick start my motorbike. in the mean time i let off my bike and i took self start scooter. after conceltation of doctor he told that lubrication of right knee is dicreasing. please a sagest me a medicin and dosage for knee lubrication

    with worm regards
    vl narayana

  530. Hello Sir,

    My mom is 54 yrs old and for last few years she is suffering from knee pain. She is bit over-weight which is most likely the reason for this. Kindly, suggest some treatment in homeopathy.

  531. sohail ahmed says:

    dear Dr Saheb, My Daughter get down by bus, and her pettela dislocate and suddenly located but legments are injury so plz advaice me what is the treatment.


  532. Subhash Chandra Verma, Inspector says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am running in 48 years. I am suffuring from left knee pain since last one year. please give best homeopath medicine or prescripson.

  533. Muhammad Yousuf says:

    I am 74. Not over wheight at all. I have pain in my right knee.Please suggest a suitable homeo medicine


    What is the medicine for depression and high blood pressure

  535. Sir, my father is 65 yrs old suffuring from knee pain since last two years .he feel pain in his knee after walking . he used many pain killer but it gave immidiate relief not a days he seems swelling in his knee.plz give actual medicine or prescripson for him.

  536. Niggerfaggot says:

    Hi sir, I’m only 15 years old. I have severe crackling noises from most parts of my joints, and especially the elbows whenever i throw a punch. My knees and most joints crack when I do not move at all. For 2 years I have been suffering from severe knee pains and I dont know what to do.

  537. Niggerfaggot says:


  538. Prem kumar sonar says:

    I have did an operation of patela but i have take rest for long time and kept my leg straight now my knee is not bending in its position and i have problem for sitting and running it may pain so please suggest some medicine or oil ,exercise to recovery of my knee problem i will never forget yrs gratitude

  539. there is a mistake again its just 2cm x 2.5cm – thanks

  540. sorry not 92cm its 2cm x 2.5cm

  541. my husband has got just operated for the torn cartilage size 92cm x 2.5cm) now the doctor inform us to go for cell therapy, we do not wish to go, is there any method to rebuiod the cartilage .
    your advice is highly appreciable

  542. i am 30yrs old, getting knee pain doctors says that arthiritis at initial stage, could you please provide me any medicine which increses the cartilage in my knee. positive reply will be very much appreciable.


  543. Sir;
    I an suffering from knee pain in my right leg for last two months but somehow I was carrting on without any medication. A week ago I did long walking and knee pain aggreveted. At present I am under treatment of an ortheopedic doctor in Lucknow and got relieved from the pain.I know this is temporary but I want permanent cure which I can get from Homeopethic treatment so please advice me at the earliest.
    DS Shukla

  544. Mom aged 65 yrs, very severe knee pain, unable to walk freely, painkillers, calcium & cartilage tabs taken along with pressure tabs every day. Doc’s confirm total knees replacement. Not keen to have surgery.
    Pls recommend the best homeopathy medicine for her recovery plssssss.

  545. Sir, I am 49 years old. Recently having a crack sound inside my knee especially when climbing the stairs. I don’t feel any pain yet. Just that I feel like something is wrong in my left knee. Please let me know what it is and what todo? Tq.

  546. Sir,
    My age nearly 80 and I am suffering from knee pain which effects when I sit for potte, and stand up from that and also looking for the support to walk through.
    Kindly help.


    JC Dutta

  547. anil kumar singh says:

    I m suffering from knee pain in left leg since last six month. while moving knee there is a slight sound of bones jerking. in right leg also same problem but tolerable.

    Kindly suggest me homeopathic treatment with medicine names etc.

  548. I am 45 years old have had left knee replaced now i think it is more painful then before it has been 3 mths since my opp but now my other knee i8s buggered to i cant handle all this please advise me on something i can take to ease my pain PLEASE

  549. Sir,
    my mother is suffering from hand & knee pain for almost 2 years. Plz suggest some medicines name. For this,i shall be thankful to you.

  550. swapan chakraborty says:

    My mother is Mrs.Renuka Chakraborty aged 72 years ,is a patient of ostio arthrities since last 30 years. she can not take alleopathic medicine. Presently she is taking homeopathic medicine. But, there is no relief. Kindly let me know is it possible to get rid off it.

  551. My mother aged about 78 ys is suffereing from left knee pain. She can barely walk for few steps. In addition to that she is apatient of high BP. what medicine can be given to her for pain relief. whether she can take allopathic treatment for BP alongwith homeopathic tretment.

  552. Srijana rai says:

    My father aged nearly 68 got oestioarthrities n diagonisd 1 year ago.he is takng medicine bt nt recoverd.sugest sme medicine.

  553. i am 33 yrs old. i had a cesarean operation before 2 yrs . after 2 months of the operation i started cycling exercises to reduce the weight (70 kgs) now i see swelling around both the knees and i have a slight pain in the left knee and i also hear asound in the left knee while bending the knee. is this because of over weight or due to cycling exercises(but i did this exercices only for 2-3 months and after the pain occured for the first time i stopped it).please tell me a remedy to recover from this.

  554. JANARDAN aGARWAL says:

    I feel pain in right knee much I cant walk more than one kilometer

  555. JANARDAN aGARWAL says:

    I feel pain in right knee. I cant walk more than a kilometer.

  556. my mom, 63years old, got advanced OA changes knee and now it is associated with nervous problem. She got numbness in the calf for which she has to remain all the time whining. As per the orthopadics she need to be knee replacement. But my mom does not want to do so because after operation she has to be remain in some restrictions. Few days ago she underwent one physiotherapy course where she was given heat by a machine. She relieved aftermath, a little bit, but not fully. Numbness still persists. Is there any other remedy to lessen the pain and nervous problem fully. Please suggest if there is.

  557. chetan Jashvantlal shah says:

    Hi, my is aged 49 & suffers from knee joint pain. After x ray the doctor discovered that it the fluid between knee joint bones have reduced & there the pain exists. It is becoming worse day by day.I RUB ICE ON KNEE. I do knee exrcises regulerly
    Please suggest a diet or medicine to increase the fluid between joints.

  558. chetan Jashvantlal shah says:

    Hi, my is aged 49 & suffers from knee joint pain. After xray the doctor discovered that it the fluid between knee joint bones have reduced & there the pain exists. It is becoming worse day by day.I RUB ICE ON KNEE. Ido knee exrcises regurluly
    Please suggest a diet or medicine to increase the fluid between joints.

  559. DR M.A.WIDHANI says:

    i also tried homoe medicine for oa of knees but so far i got no better result ,even i agree with above comments. I have swelling on both the knees and can,t walk more. i have pain on standing and walking position . icant make my right leg in straight position.will u please suggest some medicine for this . thanks,

  560. Altamash Ali says:

    i have knee problem. my knee is very weak .when i sit 1/2 hour ,after 1/2 hour i cannot stand ,i fill my leg is weak and not supporting me.i am 30 years old. i am unmarried now,

  561. mona khan says:

    I have been taking Arnica Montana 30c twice daily + apply arnica cream on my knees for OA and tear in cartilage of L knee, not much relief. Cud you kindly suggest some other preparation and where can I find it in San Diego.

    I will appereciate ur help.

    Thank you


  562. M.Iqbal Awan says:

    kindly suggest some useful homoeo nedicines for knee pain+swelling
    pls send emai;.

  563. shambhu prasad shaw says:

    i have leftknee pain since 2years.pls advise me curable homeopathmedcine. doctor of appolo ias told me that you have oesteoarthrities.

  564. shambhu prasad shaw says:

    i am suffering from oestioarthties since 2years. in my left knee problem is sevear. so pls advise me homeopath medcine.

  565. shambhu prasad shaw says:

    i am suffering from oestioarthties since 2years. in my left knee problem is sevear.

  566. shambhu prasad shaw says:

    i am suffering from oestioarthties since 2years in both knee,left knee is sevear.

  567. balbirgill says:

    help with knee osteorthritis

  568. balbirgill says:

    please help i have knee osteorthritis my doctor says have replacement i have had 3 surgries on my spine i dont feel ready for knee surgery please recommend homopathy thankyou

  569. Prabhat Agarwal says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Myself is a practicing advocate. my mother is suffering from knee pain since one week. sometimes in right knee and many times in both knees. but it is not clear about the reason of such pain. i think it may be arthritis pain or bai. her age is 58 years. she is facing too much difficulty in walking and routine works. so, you are requested to please let me advice best homoeo remedy without any side effect for my mother.

  570. A.K. BHATTACHARJEE says:


  571. Amit Mandal says:

    I am suffering from knee joint while i sit for long time bending the knees in my right leg my age is 33yrs

  572. U V SUBHADRA says:

    I am diagnosed with spondyloarthropathy because of which i am having painful knee joint and right ankle. i am using sulphasalazine, methrotrexite, livogen for the past 3 months . is there any cure in homeo

  573. vanushkape says:

    I am 38 yearl old I am having burning sensation in my both knees along with pain, it’s worse on my right knee, also on my feet, I am a Fitness Instructor and is begining to affect my life, what Homeopathic medicine do you recommend it since the Dr just told I have Arthritis…thank you very much!!
    Waiting for your reply…
    Thanks Sir.

  574. nishisaigal says:

    I am 57 yrsI Am having problem of knee pain.Dr r sayingits a knee Osto.arth..Iam taking rejointtab. from the last 3 month but still i am having pain when i walk. I cant walk more Can u advised me any homeopathic medicine.

  575. ritika middha says:

    Hi sir,
    sir i m worried for my mother. she is 40 years old. sir unke knee ke bones me gap aa gya h ar wo walking bhi easily nai kar pa rhi h. bht jyada pain h unke. treatment chal rha h par koi farq nai pad rha h. docter ne kaha h ki aap to slim h ar age bi jyada nai h apki, fir apko aisa kyu hua? ar apke knees me grees khatam ho gyi h. unki medicines h zerodol-sp nd topceren nd koi oil h. ar unke koi relaxe nai h. first i want to know exercise of it. then plz tell me the treatment or advise, i m waiting for ur reply.
    Thanks sir

  576. I am 50 years old and am having acute right knee pain. It is worse on walking and more so while climbing. I am overweight/obese. My knees are also stiff. What homeopathy can I have ? TKS

  577. Is any medicine in homeopathic for knee pain.

  578. Pushparaj says:

    Knee p[ain for the last two years,63 years old,stiffness if I sit more than 10miniutes,weak in left leg while walking.Could you suggest good homeo treatment?

  579. sreejith says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 37 Yrs old and from Kerala India and now working in Dubai, UAE.
    Recently my both knees have pain and swelling severe in the left leg. This has happened when I changed my shoes for Jogging with a High Sole one. I have been walking daily for 1 hour for long more than 7 yrs , and recently started jogging in between for 2 months for 20 minutes . I have been taking homeo medicines for dyslipidemia and slight BP since 2005 and things are under control.

    Since my homeo doctor is Kerala , I have consulted a allopothy doctor here in Dubai today and he asked me to take Xrays . He diagnosed this as
    osteoarthritis and said the gap between two bones in the left knee is gradually reducing and adviced me to take allopathic medicies.

    Kindly give your advice

  580. Syeda Farheen says:

    Hi Sir,

    My mom is 40yrs old. she is suffering from the pain of knee only for one leg. Her knee Swollen & she is not able to walk even one step which she walks is with great difficulty.Her weight is 62kgs & so she was proffering to walk daily twice a day. but due to this she has to stop it. & doctors are telling her to lower her weight down. we had a check up & doctors says their has been gap in her knee. the bone has been totally dissolving & becoming narrow day by day. we are not able to understand for what treatment to take over.

    So, please suggest us the treatment & precautions to be taken.

  581. Syeda Farheen says:

    Hi Sir,

    My mom is 40yrs old. she is suffering from the pain of knee only for one leg. Her knee Swollen & she is not able to walk even one step which she walks is with great difficulty. we had a check up & doctors says their has been gap in her knee. the bone has been totally dissolving & becoming narrow day by day. we are not able to understand for what treatment to take over.

    So, please suggest us the treatment & precautions to be taken.

  582. Madhu Arora says:

    I am suffering from heavy swelling at thigh and calf musscles in the left leg
    undertook x -rays, the report is as follows
    Both Knees ( AP & Lat ) X-Ray report
    Osteoarthritic changes grade 11-111 present in both knee joints and femoro patellar joints

    LUMBO SACRAL SPINE X- Ray report
    Lambo sacral disc space narrowing and reverse spondylolisthesis of L 5 vis – vis L4 with osteoarthritic changes in interarticular joints.
    Both hip joints and S I joints are normal
    I am 60 years old and height is 5′ and weight is 67 Kg. Taking Rhus Tox 200 & Bryonia 200, 4 times a day. Please adviSE

  583. sir my mother (51)have knee joint pain somany years.she have taking allopathic medicicines no relief.she have also a heart problems she took allopathic medicines for she aggravated the pain especially cold time and rainy what we wii do that,sir please give expert opinion in homoeopathy

  584. pl take arnica30 r/tox 30 and bry200 in mor noon and night 3drops in mineral water dr ahmed

  585. Sirs,

    I am 78 years old and since Jan 17th I have developed “OSTEOARTHIRITIS”. I in my left kneehave pain

    1) while walking
    2) while climbing stairs.
    3) pain is more at night and
    4) pain and stiffness in the innerside of kneefold while rising from chair and remains till I cover 8 to 10 steps.

    It would be so very nice and kind of you if you can kindly advise me as to which homoeopathy remedy shoud I use?

  586. Ameep B. Shah says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 56 years old.
    I am suffering from left knee pain & severe sweelling for past 3 months. The sweelling is increased and unbearable tha I can’t walk properly.
    I I used some english meditions, but no use. Pl. suggest some Homeopath medicines to reduce pain & severe sweelling.


  587. Ameep B. Shah says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from left knee pain & severe sweelling for past 3 months. The sweelling is increased and unbearable tha I can’t walk properly.
    I I used some english meditions, but no use. Pl. suggest some Homeopath medicines to reduce pain & severe sweelling.


  588. i am suffering from chandroma on my right knee, there is an extra bone growing. nut there is no pain nor do i feel it. should i hav a surgery and get off with it or let it be until it pains.
    air i will be waiting for your reply.

  589. Иван Милюков says:

    Просто прекрасно – очень интересные мысли. Разжевано специально для меня 🙂

  590. hi sir my Mother is suffering from knee pain from last 2 years, Doctor says that fluid in her knee are dry that why cause for knee pain. Can u gave any medicine to increase fluid in knee will reduce the pain . she recently using only pain killer.

  591. underwent hystectomy 10 years back. verocoseveins problem is there an knee joint pains are heavy not able to walk long distsnces because of PAINS and vericosew prbloem. eat very less but weight is nearing 89 kgs. all tests were done. iam not either b.p or diabetic patient. uric acid tesst negative ion the last week. knee joint some times paining and swellling also will be there. please sugget some homeo medicine for my knee pain and swelling. eating habits i take 2 idli or 1 apple in the morning. lunch 2 cups of rice with currys and night only one or two pulkas.

  592. Dr.S.P.Gupta says:

    My wife is 56 years old and has started getting symptoms of osteoarthritis. I wish to start her on homeopathic medicines.
    What to do?
    We stay in remote parts of Jharkhand

  593. Krishan Mohan says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am 49 years old and having severe pain in my Left Knee( from Six Months), some time in Right Knee and swellings on my knees as well as on the lower part of my legs, it increases when I stand up from a chair or movement / swing of leg while sitting on a chair. My height is 5 foot 11inches and weight is 102 Kg. I am also having pain in my different joints especially in my right shoulder.

    Presently I am taking Gluocsamine HCI with Boswelia two capsules twice a day and Cal Mag two tablets twice a day. I started this medicine from 1st of Sept,2009, before that I was taking Medicine “Orcerin GM and Altraflam P and Resver” Twice a day ( i.e. for one month) After all this medication I am not feeling any relief , This knee pain makes my life hell and troublesome. Kindly help me out and guide some medicine. I shall be highly obliged


  594. Hello sir,

    My Mom is suffering from arthrities from past 5 years. Previously she was healthy so she was taken so many mediciens to reduce the join pain but now her health is also decresing day by day and also pain killer medicins are not working . So many doctors ahve given so many suggestion and mediciens but stil she is suffering from join pain , so please suggest me what should i do for that, She is 45 years old. and now she has other decise also because of taking this much mediciens like sugar , dibetise etc. And now she is also not able to take foods.


  595. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Respected sir,
    My wife is suffering from Nuhmetic arthrities since last 8 years & she also patent of diabatic from 5 years. her only age is 34 yrs. resulting her joint knee is swelled & she didnot move smotthely due to haevy pain. I meet the doctor many time but we cant got any posotive response to till . we are very fed-up.

    Pls. advice us what we can do ?

    Rakesh Kumar Srivastava

  596. rakesh sharma says:

    I am 30 yrs and suffering from knee pain from last two yrs. I have

  597. Hi sir,

    My mom (45 above yrs) old is suffering from knee pain for long, She is healthy .
    i saw the doctor but he did not Satisfied me. doctor advise me some exercise for mother so iwant to know that can some medicine help my mother knee

  598. My wife now she is 55 yrs old, had a history of falling down and got her legs (knee) injured about 6 yrs back. Immediately she took some medicines and exercises and she got cured.
    After almost 3 years she agin suffered from pain in Rt. knee more and left knee little less.
    I got her all sorts of treatment but there is hardly any improvement. The pain is continuous and difficult. Also she is having cytica type of pain.

    The pain is shifting with nerve from left to right and right to left from knee joint and above. There is also sound of tik tik while bending the knees.

    Will you pls. suggest some remedy.

    Thanks and regards

    A. Mishra

  599. Матвей Филатов says:

    У меня совсем скоро в закладках место закончится, но я рад добавлять с вашего блога и далее ссылки на интересные темы!

  600. Игорь Меньшиков says:

    Почитал, порадовало 🙂 А может и правда всегда думать исключительно о хорошем, а все плохое переворачивать?

  601. BoлшэбникЪ says:

    Да таков наш современный мир и боюсь с этим ни чего нельзя поделать:)

  602. lahan singh says:

    my wief age 45yr, suffering from knee artharitis . pl advice homeo-madicine.

  603. rajesh sharma says:

    I am suffering from oesteo airtritis cartlage of my knee is damaged. Pl advice any Homeopathic Medicine

  604. Иван Соколов says:

    Любопытно. Хотелось бы еще чего-нибудь на эту же тему.

  605. Shailesh Ranjan says:

    1) Pain in both the knees on going upstairs.
    2) Fleshy wart in axilla, on back of scapula, on upper eyelid of left eye & on both sides of neck.
    3) Have pain lumbar position, aggravates on standing.
    4) Hair are getting prematurly grey.
    5) Icthing on back of hand & on metacarpel portion of leg.

  606. i got treated from Sheikh Zaid hospital and taking Asacol tab 400 mg.
    kindly tell me suitalbe diete and hoemopathic medicine.

  607. i m suffering in ulcerative collites kindly tell me hoemeoptthic medicinec

  608. Hi, my brother is aged 46 & suffers from severe knee joint pain. After xray the doctor discovered that it the fluid between knee joint bones have reduced & there the pain exists. It is becoming worse day by day.

    Please suggest a diet or medicine to increase the fluid between joints.



    • Abdul Ghafoor Anjum says:

      Sir I am aged 62 & suffers from severe knee joint pain. After xray the doctor discovered that the gap between knee joint bones have reduced & there the pain exists. It is becoming worse day by day.

      Please suggest the medicine for relief.


      Abdul Ghafoor Anjum Karachi/Pakistan

  609. Sir, Good Morning. I am 38 years old male. My mother is suffering from arithritis. Someone has told me that I must also be careful regarding myself, it may happen to me also. Is it true? Thanks and Regards, Brijender Dogra, Kullu(HP).

  610. Prabhjeet Kaur says:

    Hello sir. My mother is suffering from severe knee pain. Doctor suggested surgery but we do not want to go for it. My mother is also taking medicines for ulcerative collites and had operated for breast cancer 10 years back. Please suggest some good & effective homoepathic medicine for her and advice when & for how long to take it and please also take care of one thing that it does not have any side effects as she is taking so many medicines for her above mentioned diseases.
    Please help.

  611. Bruce Higley says:

    I am a 55 yr old man. I have been told I am bone on bone in both knees and knee replacement is my only hope.I am trying to lose wt as I am 20 lbs over wt.
    Is there any hope to prevent sugury.
    Thank you

  612. hi sir my Mother is suffering from knee pain from last 4 years, Doctor says that fluid in her knee are dry that why cause for knee pain. Can u gave any medicine to increase fluid in knee will reduce the pain . she recently using Spondarthrin – drops for the joint. ( Dr.Reckeweg R73)

    • abdul shakoor says:

      sir my mome has gape in knee, and have every time and can not bent it, also her 2nd knee is getting pain @ we u suggest

    • abdul shakoor says:

      sir my mome has gape in knee, and have every time and can not bent it, also her 2nd knee is getting pain @ what e u suggest

  613. Abhay Kumar sinha says:

    Dear Sir,
    My age is 40, I have suffering from knee pains.
    The knee sounds( like TAK TAk), So kindly advice what exercise i have to do, and the remedy.Gap between two bones has decreased,seen in X-ray.

    So kindly advice what i have to do.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Abhay Kumar

  614. My wife is suffering from knee pain for the last 2 years. Whenever she walk or stand for a long time knee and ankle swells.she has shoulder pain and both hand upperpart pain also. she is a teacher. she tried lot of allopathic madicine. now she is using RHUX TOX 200 8 dorps daily morning and evening for the last 1 month.
    No much relif is noticed. she is 46 yeas old 5.9ft height and 75 kg weight.
    she has littile high BP.

    awaiting yr reply.


  615. chandra kumar sujan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma I am resident of suriname(south America) and been suffering from both knee pain from last 3 years but doctors are inssisting for operation and my self dont want any operation so please advice me some homeopathic medicine because from my child hood i believe in homeopathic medicine in fact i am origanaly from lucknow(u.p) . so please do advice me some good homeopathic medcine. thanks cks

  616. manju rastogi says:

    i am suffering from knee pain from last one year .i am 53 years old.
    over weight. pl advice

  617. Monica Chadha says:

    My mother-in-law suffers from acute knee pain and the doctors have suggested knee replacement. She has already had a surgery on her back and is on a heavier side. The doctors have said that the gap in her knees between the bones is increasing. Will homepathy be a better alternative. She has a lot of pain.
    Please advise

  618. Vishal Varshney says:

    My mother is suffering from OA for the past 1 year now and doctors are recommending for knee transplant. But we dont want it to be done. What can be done with the help of homoeopathy so that it can be cured.

    • my mother in law is suffering from pain in knees she is having gap in the knees doctors says to operate but would like to know is there any other way of treatment without doing operation please suggest us

      thank you

  619. Hello sir, mery maa ko knee pain ka problem hai. Swelling bhi rahti hai.Kaun si homeopathi medicine khani chahiye? Aur kab tak?

  620. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from knee pain (left knee). For past 1 month the pain is increased.
    I used some english meditions. but no use. For past 3 days I am using Ruta 30c.
    Can i continue this.


  621. My dad is 62. He is suffering from knee pain and it has gone worst in last couple of months. can u plz prescribe any homeopathic ointment to make it better. I would really appreciate it.


  622. shravan says:

    i have problem in nose symptoms bad smell, headeche,alllergy, light pain in nose i cant understand what my problem in noseplz give me advice

  623. Ajay Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My age is 43, I have suffered knee pains when i have done yoga( vajra ahsan) with out any guidance through books, because i had a problem with abdominal pain,
    So as i have read the book, so i found it is problem due to gas at the age of 30,
    Still now i had a problem with the knee sounds( like TAK TAk), So kindly advice what exercise i have to do, and the remedy. As i am staying in Africa( Zambia). So kindly advice what i have to do.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ajay Kumar

    • Dr sb !I m having pain in left knee wile sitting,walking & climbing stairs from last 1 year or so.Sometimes some swelling is seen around knee & under patella.Pls advise.

  624. Nalini Bahuguna says:

    I am 30 year suffering from knee pain. Doctor says that fluid in my knee are thick that why knee joint crack and cause for knee pain. Can u gave any medicine to increase fluid in knee

  625. J.L.KATARIA says:


    • shamim ahmed says:

      Sir i have pain in booth knee while sitting and rising from a chair but no pain in walking a mile or so far. Pain more in hot weather and less in cold weather and also no pain while sleeping pl prescribe a medicine&oblige me thankig you i am 55yrs&56kg male.

  626. Shalini Bhatnagar says:

    Hi sir,

    My mom (45 above yrs) old is suffering from osteoarthritis for long, She is healthy and she takes pain killer everyday. She follow the treatment of homepeathic, elepathic, etc etc. But she can not get much relief. She walks evreyday with proper diet. So please tell the actual treatment in homeopathy and also please suggest the timing of the medicines.
    Sir i am also suffering from piles for the last two months but i take the treatment which you suggest someone on the website. now i get a relief of it


      Dear Sir,

      I am 63 years old. I feel pain while folding my left leg. I feel heaviness in keen joint when seat up.
      Swelling is not there. I feel pain during morning walk and if I try to stand up with left leg. Kindly suggest a medicine.

  627. Nirmal jaidka says:

    I have severe artheritic problems of the knees and joints. My leg muscled have become weak. I had used ‘arnica montana’ and it has given me relief, but now I am out of stock. Could you please send me six tubes of 30 tablets.

    Nirmal Jaidka

  628. Please how can i obtain the medication form you as I am living in H.K.thanks

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