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Arthritis of the knee

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One of the most common causes of knee pain is the osteoarthritis of the knee jointt. This is most common in the old and middle age groups. Osteoarthritis generally affects the weight-bearing joints such as the knee, but it may harm any other joint too.

The pain and the swelling caused by it can result in one?s life getting limited to hardly routine movements.

Homeopathic intervention done at the right stage can give significant relief from pain and swelling. This system of medicine has an edge over the conventional pain killers by providing relief which is not short-lived but has a lasting effect. There is another distinct advantage; it stops further damage to the cartilage thereby controlling the advancement of the disease. Moreover, homeopathic treatment (under professional guidance) does not have any side-effects even if the medicines are used for a long period.

But what is Osteoarthritis and how does it affect the knee joint? Among the over 100 different types of arthritic conditions, osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis affects the knee joint by damaging the cartilage (Cartilage is made up of a protein substance that acts as a ?cushion? between the bones of the joints) in the knee joint. The cartilage in the knee joint slowly degenerates. In advanced cases, it may disappear and the bones start rubbing against each other and causing more pain. When bones start to rub against each other, bony growth may occur around the joints.

In the initial stages of knee osteoarthritis, one may simply feel deep aching in the knee joint. As it advances, common symptoms include pain that is worse after an exercise session or weight bearing, swelling in the joint, limited movement of the knee joint, stiffness following periods of inactivity such as sleeping or sitting; cracking or grating sounds in the knee joint. As the damage to the knee joint advances, the joint may become less movable and pain may occur even when the joint is at rest and can keep the person awake throughout of the night.

The real cause of osteoarthritis is not very clear. Medical researchers believe that it is due to a combination of factors that include aging, injury to the joint or stress, being overweight and genetic factors.

As mentioned earlier, a carefully prescribed homoeopathic medicine can be a great help in relieving pain and increasing the mobility of the joint. Arnica Montana, Rhus Tox, Bryonia Alba, Ledum Pal, Apis Mellifica and Ostearthritic Nosode (OAN) (OAN is a homoeopathic medicine prepared from the synovial fluid of an ostearthritic knee) are some of the important homoeopathic medicines used in treating osteoarthritis of the knee. Another medicine that requires a special mention is Calcarea Flour

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  1. Prakash n oranngya says:

    Age 49 male suffering from osteoarthritis since 3 years stiffness noted at wakeup and pain while standing at one place more then 10/15minutes also pain while using stairs up and down Can it be cured how

  2. Brig A K Pait says:

    I had knee pain. After homeob medicine for 5 months pain has gone. I am using Ruta
    .grave200,cal phos, vArnica montana,Mag Phos. Should I take R73 for sometime so that I donot get the pain again.In a video in utube Dr Vikash says that R73 can repair damaged cartilage.

  3. B S N MURTHY says:

    water logging around knees is found after 10 days of intermittent pain of right knee. went to hospital. approximately 100 ml synovial fluid is removed from right knee, bandaged and advised rest for two days and removal of bandage thereafter.
    Antibiotics, pain killers, and antacids are prescribed and are used.
    However, still there is recurrence of accumulation of synovial fluid slowly and marked difference is found in the right and left knee joint due to it.

    kindly advice suitable homoeo medications for the problem to reduce / mitigate the problem and the recurrenceBSNM7896 of it.

  4. Emily Kamara says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I been suffering from Osteoarthritis on both my knees for over seven years The right knee is so bad that I am always on severe pain my foot bend due to the arthritis. I might have under go knee replacement surgery which worries me a lot. What advice would you give or help to take away the agony I have every day. Pain tablets is only for few hours.
    Hope to here from you soon.

  5. Mathew Samuel says:

    Dear Dr.
    My left knee have problem with ostia arthritis, last three yrs. I am suffering too much pain and using painkiller like Orecerin, Tendofles, and Diclofenac potassium

    Noe my kee is bend very difficult to move .
    what to be done this stage , Homeo pathy help this stage Please advise me

  6. Hello doctor, my mother is 68 years old and have being suffering from knee cap on the left leg which is limiting her movement and difficulty in bending or going to toilet. Kindly suggest me what I can do at home to help my mother. And we are in remote village where transport and health care is very scare. Thanking you sir

  7. Hello sir , problem is related to my mother age 75 and suffering from knee pain for 6 to 7 years and now she has pain in left knee even she can not bend it,.2years ago she went through I am homoeopathy believer so please advice for that.sympems are she doesn’t walk 2 to three minutes because of exertion ,she is diabetic too but in control .by nature she used to talk about sad or negative thing first. She doesn’t like spicy or chilli food , she feels more cold as compare to warm,….Sir please suggest medicine for her I will be great dil to you

  8. Zahid Abbasi says:

    I have osteoarthritis in both knees. Can you please suggest some homeopathic remedies?
    Thank you.

  9. b.n.thatte says:

    good evening Dr cartilage in my left knee joint has wear and tare .unable to walk with proper movements wearing knee cap with patela opening also started getting reaches heavily on body and itching place that too happens in night when I am on bed get aboy two hrs sleep again itching starts apply water cools down then a get sleep again gets itching repeated kindly suggest .I don’t eat nonveg food
    I am fed up of life sir please suggest

  10. salil chandra says:

    I m suffering osto artharities on both knees, having too much pain & can’t move properly. Wants relief

  11. Hi
    I m 39 years old not married actually I had accident in 2006 and my knee is injured specially cartilage bone cracking than I m on bed 2 year approx again I’m going to work but I put on my weight my height is 4.11 and weight is 96kg now I m join the weight loss program here o do some exercise and my knee pain is back now pls tell what I do coz I want to lose my weight badly so how I over come on my pain pls

  12. Nandita sharma says:

    Thanks for this I have knee pain in right knee any remedy sir


  14. A SREERAMANA says:

    Doctor sir I am suffering from septic arthritis in the knees I need a suitable medicine in homoepathy
    nearly 4 times fluid formed in knees that taken out by general physician and again it will forming
    I request best medicine in homiopathy

  15. ramkishore gupta says:

    i am residing at rajajipuram lkoand68yearsold suffering from right kneearthritis i am also a patient of high b p no fruitful result was found in allopathy and aurvedic pls give appro suggestion rkgupta

  16. Pushpa C Dost says:

    Hello sir m a pt of osteoarteitis knee I was taking heopathic treatment but there is no relief my age is 70 yrs nd wt is 65 kg I want to reduce my wt also but due to pain m uanable todo the walk as I was regularly doing

  17. Ajit Kumar Chatterjee says:

    Being diabetic Type 2 plus heart patient (CABG done in 86 may, two main grafts are still patent I have to consume lot of medicines which I cannot stop.
    Now Dr has suggested TKR but being 86 yrs of age do not want to do TKR.Suffering from OA from a long time. Do not take Pain Medicines because Kidneys CKD 3.

    Kindly suggest homeopathic treatment.Left knee is more painful since I had received injury more than 50 yr ago and had become OK for work.

    Kindly suggest homeopathic treatment and the cost involved.

  18. Anjali Gupta says:

    Recently I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of knees. Ortho doctor has prescribed to take Lubrijoint glucosamine once a day.
    But I want to go for homeopathy and request you to help me.
    I came to know about Rejoint Drops on internet. How safe is to take it?
    Please help me.

  19. HIRA LAL SAH says:

    Dear Doctor, My wife aged 57 yrs facing arthritic pain in knees. Her cartilage got worn out as per x-ray. You described about ‘Rejoint drop’. Will this be beneficial for her? She is taking Glucosamine tab & calcium tab. Please help & get me ‘REJOINT drop’. Thanks sir.


    Respected Dr.
    Mother is old one age around 75 is suffering knee pain at the time of getting up after sitting even she could not balance herself without help of other even uses walker so i want to know your advice for the medicine you refer specially homeopathic medicine
    for which i shall be grateful to you

    Thanks & Regards

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