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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Osteoarthritis

homeopathic remedies for osteoarthritis
Joint pain can cripple movement along with the distress it causes. Osteoarthritis, in fact, is a degenerative disease of joints. The cartilage — a firm and flexible connective tissue in joints between the bones which holds the bones together and act as a cushion between joints — gets degenerated. The cartilage prevents the bones from rubbing against each other by reducing the friction when any movement occurs at a joint. So, when the joint cartilage degenerates, the bones rub against each other during joint movement, leading to pain. The main risk factors that lead to Osteoarthritis are advanced age, overuse of joints, obesity and trauma. After the joint cartilage becomes soft, irregular, rough and thin, there is a growth of osteophytes at the margin of joints. These later get enlarged and calcified, resulting in reduction in joint space. As a result of reduced joint space, the bones rub against each other while movement. The pain that follows can be devastating. Osteoarthritis is mainly of the knee joint, hip joint and finger joints. The main symptoms are pain in joints during movement, stiffness of joints after a period of immobility, swelling and tenderness of the affected joint, formation of hard nodes mainly in finger joints, limitation of movement of joints, and wasting of muscles near affected joints. In advanced cases of Osteoarthritis, there is a distortion of joint contours that can lead to even deformity. Natural Homeopathic remedies for osteoarthritis are of great help for patients of Osteoarthritis, both for providing relief from pain and ensuring that this degenerative disease is stopped in its tracks.

Homeopathic Remedies for Osteoarthritis

Homeopathy has a wide range of natural remedies for Osteoarthritis. Made of natural substances with zero side effects,Homeopathy for osteoarthritis can be  very beneficial in reducing the pain, swelling and stiffness of joints. In advanced cases of Osteoarthritis, although these remedies cannot revert the degeneration that has already taken place in the cartilage of joints,these natural medicnes definitely help in slowing down the progress of cartilage degeneration. The natural remedies for osteoarthritis are completely safe and will always help, never harm, the patient.

1. For Osteoarthritis affecting Knee Joint

Bryonia Alba is of great help in the treatment of Osteoarthritis of knee joint where the pain in the knee joint gets worse by walking and the patient feels better by taking absolute rest. The pain is accompanied by stiffness and swelling in knees. The patients of Osteoarthritis who complain of pain in knee joint on using the stairs to go up can greatly benefit by natural remedy Bryonia Alba. This natural treatment for osteoarthritis is also recommended for patients who experience pain in knee joint with a crackling sound while walking. Calcarea Carbonica is also a very beneficial natural remedy for Osteoarthritis of knee joint. The patients who are recommended this natural medicine complain of swelling and pain in knee joints, which get aggravated when getting up from a sitting position and also by walking. Calcarea Carbonica is also a good natural remedy for pain in knee joints which gets worse by working in water like washing clothes. Another symptom that guides the use of this natural treatment for Osteoarthritic pain in knees is that the knees remain excessively cold along with the pain. The patients requiring this medicine are mostly obese. Ruta Graveolans is another natural remedy of great help for Osteoarthritis of knee joint. The main indicating symptoms for its use are pain in knees that gets aggravated by bending the knee joint while kneeling and while going down the stairs, and when the pain in knee joint gets better by applying pressure on the affected knee. The pain in knees that gets better by stretching the limb is also relieved by natural medicine Ruta Graveolans. Natural medicine Sulphur is also of immense help in treating Osteoarthritic patients of knee joint. The knee joint pains that are aggravated while using the stairs, along with stiffness and pain that gets worse on standing, are also treated with this natural medicine. Sulphur is also the natural remedy for patients who complain of excessive heat in the feet along with the knee pains. Causticum is yet another natural Homeopathic medicine for treating knee joint Osteoarthritis where the knee pains are associated with much stiffness and cracking in knee joints. When the knee pain gets better by applying heat and gets worse by exposure to cold air, Causticum is the ideal natural Homeopathic medicine.

2. For Osteoarthritis of Hip Joint

Colcynthis is of great help for the treatment of hip joint Osteoarthritis when the pain in hip is of cramping type and gets better by applying pressure. When the pain in hip joint increases by motion, standing and stooping, Colcynthis is again the natural remedy you should turn to. Rhus Toxicodendron is an excellent natural medicine for the treatment of hip joint Osteoarthritis when the patient experiences pain in hip joint on going up the stairs or sitting down. Rhus Toxicodendron is also the best natural remedy for stiffness and pain in hip joint on getting up from a sitting position and when the patient gets relief by walking or by throughapplication of heaton the affected joint. Pulsatilla Nigricans is another very helpful natural medicine for hip joint Osteoarthritis patients who complain of pain in hip joint as if it is dislocated and who feel better when in motion. Patients who complain of shifting of pain from one joint to another with much restlessness can also benefit with natural remedy Pulsatilla Nigricans.

3. For Osteoarthritis of Finger Joints

Antimonium Crudum is the best natural medicine for pain in finger joints in a patient suffering from Osteoarthritis. The patients who complaint of pain in finger joints which gets worse in cold weather or by washing hands in cold water and feelbetter by applying something warm on the fingers can also benefit immensely with natural remedy Antimonium Crudum. It also yields good results in patients of Osteoarthritis in whom the pain in finger joints alternates with stomach complaints with a thick white-coated tongue. Benzoic Acid is also a natural remedy of great help for Osteoarthritis of finger joints where the pain in fingers is associated with cracking sounds on moving the fingers. If nodes have been formed on the finger joints that are very painful, this medicine is the ideal natural remedy. The characteristic symptom of excessive offensiveness of urine along with pain in finger joints also guides towards this natural treatment. Calcara Fluorica, on the other hand, is the ideal natural medicine for Osteoarthritis of finger joints where nodes of stony hard character have formed on finger joints, thus reducing the mobility of fingers.

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  1. Susanta Mukherjee says:

    crackling sound while walking and burning sensation feeling at knee joint but I don’t have any pain. Please recommend suitable medicine. Myself is 52 yrs old , 62 kg weigh & 5ft 8inch tall. I don’t have sugar or high bp. Having prostate problem and taking medicine regularly.


    Lain in knee joint and surrounding parts, muscle pains around upper part of thigh, shoulder joint pain severe,pain around neck for spondylitis, biting pain in wrist with tingling with inability in gripping; all pains aggravated in full moon.What curative medicine(s) can be similar to all these symptoms?

  3. My wife is suffering from following two problems,
    1. Left Knee Joint: Bones density reduced,Degenerative changes in the left knee with the joint spce narrowing at the medial aspect,small marginal osteophytes,prominenty tibial spine.

    2. Right Ankle problrm: Calcaneal spur formation with soft tissue edema,Calcenal spur with soft tissue edema.

    Kindly guide the right medicine

  4. virginia Piper says:

    Is there a remedy for osteoarthritis of the lower spine?

  5. usha devi bhartia says:

    Dear Dr

    My age is 61 my weight is 93kg I am suffering from diabetes and taking insulin 3 times a day. currently i am having severe pain in my knees want to consult you kindly share you contact details or whatsapp no so that i can share my reports before coming to you

  6. Hi Dr. Sharma I have Heberden nodes on the last joint on four of my finger tips. They are very painful and swollen. I am not sure which product would be best for this. I do not have crackling when I move my fingers but stiffness in two of them. Can you help me with which one of the products is best for this and the dosage?

    Thank you so very much in advance.

  7. Take Rhus Tox 200 for one week and you will feel better.

  8. Hello Dr.,I am 44 yrs old lady suffering from Henderson’s nodes on right hand last finger actea spicata 30ch is a good medicine?

  9. shubham says:

    Sir my age 26 i have pain in both knees doctor told after examining x ray that your cartilage ha been decreasing please advise me what to do . I have read on internet that argentum met 6c and arnica 30 will help to rebuild .please guide me is it safe and how to take this

  10. atchutha says:

    Good afternoon sir, my name is atchutha,36years iam suffering from osteo orthritis. please sir reply what type of treatment is correct for me

  11. Good afternoon, My osteoarthritis is in one hip- and my constitutional remedy is Pulsatilla- I have not been to my homeopath in several years – which is before the hip pain- my question is how do I dose for the osteoarthritis daily pain? Thank you

  12. eli rafael says:

    my father is experiencing osteoarthritis pain which per the description of his health condtion, Bryonia Alba suits the best. His Osteoarthritis has developed from an injury on his kneecaps many years ago. He is an older gentleman and I am wondering what potency of Bryonia Alba you would recommend for him and the frequency of taking this remedy. Thank you very much.

  13. K.Gaudette says:

    Dr. Sharma, I am just starting to see signs of Heberdens nodes on my fingers. I see them on my mother who is 88. I have already had a hip replacement at age 60. I am otherwise in good physical condition and I take no medication for anything. I believe in natural supplements and if you could offer any suggestions on how I can keep this from getting worse I would appreciate it….

  14. Kalyan Sarkar says:

    My wife Suvra Sarkar of 68 years examined her both knee – AP & LAT as per Doctor advise. Report found – “Changes due to osteoarthritis are seen in both knee joints. Joint spaces appear normal.” Feeling knee pain. I am very interested in homeopathy treatment. Please help me Doctor.

  15. Meenakshi chopra says:

    Hello Dr. I am suffering from osteoarthritis in my left knee. Knee joints get locked all of a sudden while walking. I am taking Adel 4and Homoecal with tablets prescribed by the Dr. Is this sufficient treatment for my problem.

    • bina dadlani says:

      hello dr. i hv been advised knee replacement , which i dont want to go for . i am 64 yrs obese lady my knee gets locked when i ky down wuth my legs in a straight position not if my knees r bent also if i stand for a long time . climbing is not a problem but going down stairs is painful, i hv thyroid diabeties and bp too… pl help me

      • Safiqur Rahman says:

        hello dr. i hv been advised knee replacement , which i dont want to go for . i am 64 yrs obese lady my knee gets locked when i ky down wuth my legs in a straight position not if my knees r bent also if i stand for a long time . climbing is not a problem but going down stairs is painful, i hv thyroid diabeties and bp too… pl help me
        Safiqur Rahman

    • Which medicine is suitable for my knee happens after playing volleyball, when going up in stairs and getting down , my knees have mild pain, my exray shows start of the osteoarthritis in knees.Please suggest some useful combination of vit d is also very low. I am a male of 44 years.
      Please respond.

  16. Abysmal goswami says:

    Osteoartherities for left hip joint worse from pressure

  17. Rakesh kumar says:

    I am suffering knee lightly pain, But sitting and standing time my knee makes creaking’s sound are both lags. Childhood time inured many times. 3 years ago featured my lag both are injured. I am 39 year’s old. Please, give me best treatment. I knows that suffering osteoarthritis. Help me.

  18. Shahid Hussain says:

    I have acute pain in right leg that stretches from hip to back of knee and down to ankle. The pain is relieved if I lie down straight. Sitting, standing, and walking are all highly painful.
    My age is 58, male, 5’6″, weighing 63kg. I haven’t done any exercises in my life, but used to walk a lot. Now this pain is keeping me from walking. My blood sugar, uric acid, and Vitamin D ate normal.
    Please advise what medicine can cure my pain. Thanks

  19. BV Srinivas says:

    My daughter aged 31 yrs has been diagnosed with severe arthritis of the hip. Can she be treated with homeopathy without further damaging the hip joint. How long should she be on treatment and when can we start seeing some results.

  20. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I hope you can help. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lower back. I then proceeded to crush my L1 (certainly not on purpose- fell off a ladder).
    So now the pain is really curbing my life. I am a senior (65) but incredibly active or was.
    I have rods and screws in my spine now.
    I would like to know which tx to use for the ongoing pain and stiffness. And to halt the damaging osteoarthritis from getting worse.

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