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Autism Treatment

AUTISM TREATMENT HOMEOPATHYAfter having seen over 5000 cases of autism spectrum disorder I can tell you with great certainty that homeopathy really works effectively in autism treatment. But there is a lot of discussion that not all cases respond to homeopathy; which is in reality true and there is a solid medical basis behind it, which I would be describing in my further posts. In this post which is going to be the first in the series of ‘Homeopathy and Autism’ I am going to discuss which type of autism cases improve with homeopathy. I am writing this feature considering in mind the hundreds of mails that I receive every week asking how I am able to help kids with homeopathy.( apologies for all those whose mails have gone unanswered ) I hope this series does answer the required info that the parents seek. Il try and put this feature in as less medical jargon as I can ; ‘cause I know that more parents would be reading this series

Dr. Vikas Sharma is a neuro-developmental specialist who has been working in the field of Autism Treatment (neuro developmental disorder) and homeopathy since 1996.

Homeopathic Treatment of Autism  and the Modalities related to it

I will first answer the part ‘Which autism cases improve with homeopathy?’ Or in other words what kind of autistic kids improve with homeopathy and what are the factors that govern their improvement?.
Autism treatment – my observation One day, As I was going through my autism treatment record stats (compiled for my post graduation in homeopathy the topic of my thesis being “ autism treatment and the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines” I came across some very startling facts on why autistic kids show remarkable improvement with homeopathy where as some kids will show less or no improvement. The whole issue is multi-factorial and is complicated but I’ll try and explain it in simple language.

Factors Determining Autism Treatment with Homeopathy

Autism children treatment -The factors although many , can be broadly divided into three sections a) the age of the child at which theautism treatment starts , b) the severity of autism ( has many dimensions to it ; ill try and discuss as many I can in this and the subsequent post) , the third is the c) homeopathic intervention ( the skillful application of homeopathic medicines )

Role of age Factor in Autistic children treatment with homeopathy

The part a) that is the ‘age factor’ is very easy to understand that the age of the childwith autism, at which the homeopathic intervention starts has a very big impact on the outcome of the Autism treatment. In other words autistic kids who start receiving homeopathic treatment at a young age have much brighter chances of recovery than kids who start receiving homeopathic intervention at an older age.
It is not very true to say that once the child is diagnosed with autism around the age of two, that his condition would not regress further. Quite a few autistic kids do regress further between the ages of 3 -7 though very slowly and in some cases even beyond that age. This regression can be very slow at times slow enough to be noticed by parents. My observation is that the autistic kids regress the max in between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. After which if the regression is there, is very slow. The severity benchmark gets defined by the age of three or so. Although, I can predict the severity even at the age of two by careful observation.
So when we say ‘age factor’ we in reality are speaking about the severity of autism too. In simple words the autism levels may increase along with age causing more difficulty in treating with homeopathy. Thus, earlier the intervention starts the better it is. My stats show that the autistic kids who started Autism treatment at the ages between the 18 months and three years are much low now in the autism rating scale compared to the autistic kids whose autism treatment was started at later age but at the same time. Three and a half and four is not also very late age but the affectivity of theautism treatment can be compromised. Most of the cases that come late (especially kids showing milder forms of autism) are usually late due to the fact that the parents have been haggling with the issue of ‘yes autism’ and ‘no autism’. i.e the parents are always shuffling between whether their child has autism or not , because his symptoms are mild ; my advice for such parents would be to not get scared or traumatized by autism as autism is a spectrum disorder and can range from mild to severe; so kindly don’t waste the essential time and go ahead and meet a homeopathic specialist in the field of neuro dev disorders and start the autism treatment as early as possible. Or else By the time you will reach a person who could have treated your child , his autism might have grown enough not to respond to homeopathy.
In some rare case I have had remarkable improvement at the age of eight. At younger age the when the autism is less complicated the chances a very effective recovery are very high. A very important cases that always comes to my mind when I speak about age factor is about a child with clear cut signs of autism (confirmed by PGI NEURO DEV DEPT. Chandigarh,India.) starting homeopathic autism treatment at the age of two and being nearly out of it by the age of three and a half. It was pretty shocking for everybody but that’s how homeopathy can bring very astonishing results.

My stats and observation combined for autism treatment with Homeopathic Remedies

Please remember that age factor is also complicated by the severity factor. This means that a child even at the age of five if he has less of autism will still respond favorably to homeopathic autism treatment in comparison to the child whose intervention starts at three but has severe form of autism. So remember the age factor is strongly governed by the severity factor, which inversely is also true. (I know this may sound complicated, but I have tried to be as simple and explicit as possible.
Please remember that the autism treatment outcome with homeopathic medicines is governed by many factors thus the plain simple contextual understanding of the following Para may not be completely understood until the relationship between the age and severity factors is understood
Please read the above Para gain before you read this
Autistic kids between the age of 18 months and 42 months are most favorable to respond to homeopathic autism treatment and come out of autism. 42 to 60 months have good to moderate chances of recovery. This means that they show gradual and limited improvement with autism treatment. Beyond this the chances are fair to poor.

Click on the link below to read the second part of the post.

Part 2 read further –  The role of Homeopathy in Treating Autism

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  1. Reenu Cherian says:

    My sister’s daughter Eiza is of age 4. They are settled at New Zealand. She doesn’t speak, but does everything on her own. Doctor’s over there has diagnosed it as Autism. Can I get any help with it.

  2. Pooja Dipanker says:

    Hi, I have a 6 year old son, he is non verbal and being diagnosed with ASD. He has severe feeding difficulties and struggles with several sensory issues.
    I need to know if he can be helped through homeopathy and want to get all the details about consult.

    – pooja

  3. hello sir
    my son is gonna be 3 in August and he not react on his name, he is not playing with other childern, he dont like sharing things, he just happy to play his own, he is eating very well sleepping well, but his behaviour is also very bad when he want something he jus want he dont listen to othees, he is very attached with his mother, even he does not start speak he jus dada and baba so can you help me what i need to do for him,.

  4. Son 18 yr old
    Need help

  5. V K Nayyar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    My grandson has been diagnosed with immune autism and is 3 years old. He does not speak and hear and does not able to tell about his urination and passing stool. I observed that he understands the things. He runs continuously. Is any treatment of homeopathy work for him. He is in USA. How the treatment is possible

    With regards
    V K Nayyar

  6. Asha mounika says:

    Hello sir,

    I am mother of a 15 month old baby girl who never maintains eye contact, doesn’t point, wave , speak a single word, doesn’t seem to follow instructions at all except one or two. She has pot belly at this age and seems to have digestive issues. Her physical milestones are only little delayed and not much. I have a nagging feeling that she is going to end in autism spectrum. Can I start her on early treatment now. Kindly help.


    Asha mounika Datla







  8. My son aged 4 and half years has mild autism… what chances of homeopathy success are there… we are at silchar assam

  9. MOHAMMAD ALI says:

    My Son is 3 YEAR 4 MONTH and Diganosed ASD



  10. beautifulbabyshowerinvitations says:

    Should go without saying but if anyone has any statistical evidence of a wood rack not being safe or what the real load max on it would be then I’m certainly all I’m not a power lifter at all so I doubt I’d ever reach it either Til then, saying the wood could split is about as insightful as saying a metal rack could be hit by

  11. downsouth says:

    A home is not a mere transient shelter: its essence lies in the personalities of the people who live in it.

  12. Dhirendra Nath Jha says:

    I have doubt that my 3 yes kid has mild autism. He doesn’t respond properly when called. He doesn’t speak. He sleeps and eats well. He doesn’t mix up with same age kid. Please advice. .

    • Dhirendra Nath Jha says:

      I have doubt that my 3 yes kid has mild autism. He doesn’t respond properly when called. He doesn’t speak. He sleeps and eats well. He doesn’t mix up with same age kid. Please advice. .

      • Hello sir,
        I have doubt my 16 month boy have autism.He doesn’t respond when called .He doesn’t speak a single word till now.He sleeps and eats well.He doesn’t mix up with other kids.please advice what I will do??

  13. Parveen baqi says:

    Would like more information on how it will work

  14. My.Son have autism he2.7 yrs old. I started homeo in 1 month he no speech sometime he talk mumma. My son treat is possible

  15. mrs nida fawad says:

    Hi i have 2 and a half years old autistic son nonverbal how can i get homeopathic medicines for him i live in qatar

  16. Hello doctor My son is 2.4 yr .He is diagnosed with autism. He is not following our instructions and very stubborn. He beat his head and beat us also.He has constipation problem after 7 days he goes to stoll. His play is throughing things here and there. Less sleep also is a problem for him. Doctor I m warred about my son .Do you have any treatment for autism..

    • Dr my son is 2.3 yrs n is becoming stubborn n bangs his head if v dnt give wat he wants also he has sum particular actions. He kust says 4-5 words n eats in a messy way pls help me with advise

  17. Md Amir Hamja says:

    how to cure adhd

  18. Dr. P. Abhishek Raj says:

    My son is 4’1/2 yrs old and has mild autism.

  19. Avnish Kumar says:

    Dr. My son is 3.9 years old but till date he cannot speeck a single word. He listens everything, following all commands, understand all thinks. Pls help me.

  20. Jade Gozzzi says:

    Hi, My son is 6 years old, has autism, speech impairment, developmental delays and sensory processing disorder. Could you please guide me as to how I can have my son become your patient? i am in CA.

  21. Dear dr,
    My daughter is 38 months old to this October 31st.she is autistic.getting speach therapy ot .
    Now she us combining words n trying to talk.but stimming rocking toe walking ,no name response,poor eye contact.
    She is having accupuncher therapy for last 5 months.but i ddnt notice a change.
    When she was 32 months only we diagnosed.
    But now we r in very confused situation.
    Pls advice us and how can v take ur treatments.
    Thank you.

  22. My son is 4 years old and he is having ASD .
    Please suggest some medicine and help me

  23. Subramanian says:

    My sister boy is 2.5yrs .not sure if he has autism. She has noticed a few signs. Should she wait for diagnosis or can she consult homeopathy doctor .where do you consult

  24. Sanjeev mahajan says:

    Dear sir
    Myson age 11 years is diagnosed with autism spactrum disorder at pgi cahandigarh.
    Pl.tell me regarding trratment

    Sanjeev mahajan 386 near ek jot colony ram nagar
    MOB. 09816115595

  25. Hi Dr Sharma

    My son is 2.5 years old and diagnosed with Mild autusim, he doesn’t respond to his name and loves to watch videos and don’t want to play with other kids pls confirm what will be the possible causes and remedies to diagnose him .

  26. K. P .CHOWDHURY says:

    my son age20 is an autistic. sometime he shows rage and come to me for physical assult,but he is almost normal behavior to his mother&brother .any treatment in homeopath?

  27. doctor sir,my grandson aged about 5years and 3 months now diagnosed suffering from global development delay and has not started talking(he cannot speak even a single word like mummy or daddy) he does not look straight into anybody and plays and recognises only his parents and nobody else. was checked by speech and hearing lab at Mysore and his hearing seems to be having no problem. He is being attended by two therapist on weekly basis(each a day in a week) for the last 2 years but I find no improvement. Hi is still on diapers etc but these days some times he eats food himself using spoon .the child is at Melbourne and we watch him only on Skype. we are aged grand parents (a ex servicemen pensioner-with vey limited income)so helpless and feeling miserabl. Any cure for this and when can we expect to speak few words(before I pass away).my daughter not cooperating like not giving a copy of the medical report etc .can u help the child in any way who is right now with his parents at Melbourne(Australia).thank u doctor.regards

  28. Hello Doctor,

    We have a only son aged 2.6 yrs. Diagnosed as Autism. He is not able to speak more then 10 single words like chacha, aajo , haan, papa, aao, eight, mma. He is not playing with other kids , crying for small things, running very fast from one room to 2nd, but his eye contact is too good . He ate his food by himself. When I came from office then he demanded my mobile.

    Pls help us, we r from Zirakpur and my mobile number is 9023535350

  29. How can we start my girl treatment she is on Dan protocol from 2 years , she is almost 4 now , where is ur clinic , I need to ask about duration of treatment , success , side effect

  30. Hello Doctor,

    we have a lonely daughter aged 3.4 yrs diagnosed as ADHD and Mild autism.(stared 2 words sentence now,not mingle with other kids, crying for every silly things,no emotions,poor socialisation/not interested in playing in parks/very much addicted to lights, some times smiles at lights and some time head down fearful seeing lights. she knows and recognise A-Z letters,1-20 numbers and also writes few letters and numbers.good at doing puzzles.we have been giving her infant stimulation therapy since 1 year and speech therapy weekly 2 classes since 6 months.but till she is not matured upto her age.since one month as per doctors advice we are giving her inspiral 5mg 1 tab daily and omega sure syrup.after that we have observed she became dull and we reduce the tablet to half a daily.we are very tensed about of my friend advised us to go for homoeopathy medicines.whrere is the centre in bangalore.pls help us doctor

  31. caroline white says:

    would like info on homeopathic treatments for my severe autistic son who is non verbal

  32. Jasmeet kaur says:

    Hello doctor

    My daughter is 2 years old .. She even not react not even eye to eye contact please help me .. What should i do .. She cannot speak a single word clearly.. She not even listen to stranger

  33. hare krishna money says:

    Well, homeopathy helped to cure tonsilities about 30 years ago when we were travelling in Singapore. A doctor from Dubai gave 3 tablets and it cured tonsilitis within 3 days and saved us from surgery. Now at this age advanced, I am personally looking for homeopathy remedy for incontinence in men. Please suggest what should we take to save this condition. Thanks

  34. fenil navapara says:

    Hello dr. Sharma

    My 2.9 year old son resently diagonase mild autism so kindly give advice to cure by homeopathy.

  35. My 9 yr old was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. Up until now he’s nothe talking, not able to write. He has no behavior. He is able to understand and follow directions. How can you help me!

  36. Dr Gaurav Kumar Manglik says:

    Sir this is Dr Gaurav Kumar Manglik from India.
    I am working on contract basis in govt hospital since four years and treated 21000 patients yet.

    I would like to settle myself as a Homoeopath in Texas
    Kindly let me know what should I do for that or do I got any job there.
    I can’t support my family on such low income from here.

  37. Wilhelmina Koyejo says:

    How do you test infants or children that are a year old or under?

  38. Anish Vaknalli says:

    Very useful information about treating autism. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son is 4 years old and he is not speaking excepts 4-5 words. I am giving him speech therapy and OT and he has improved a lot but still he is not speaking some psychiatrist told that he has few sign of autism so is there any treatment for him in homeopathy.
    Rajeev Kumar

  40. Hi Dr,
    My son is 7 years , he is mild Autism but he is not speaking & understanding according to his age. Doctors told that mild autismis this curable. Although he is speaking some little words without any meaning. Please reply me as soon as possible. Is there any center in Odisha , please mention also.
    Thanks Regards

  41. My nephew is autistic .now he is 8yr..can he be treated

  42. Indira Medepudi says:

    My son is 48months old and is autistic.i would like to take online consultation and treatment for him.


  43. My daughter is four years old now, and mildly autistic so can a homeopathy treatment help her?

  44. Dr. Sharma, my son has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the age of 17. He is now 31. It appears that he has severe brain damage and must be on psyche drugs to live a semi stable existence. Do you think that homeopathic medicine could repair any of the brain damage? Are there any examples of how homeopathic medicine has helped disorders of this kind.

    Thank you,


  45. shaukat ali says:

    I am Shaukat Ali from 3 years daughter suffering to autism problem. So we want her treatment. Please reply and give us contact or information near in Kolkata or outside treatment centre.
    Contact no.919674832454

  46. Dear Doctor, Do you advise any specific diet chart for Autistic child? Could you please let me know about this.

  47. Jitendra agarwalla says:

    My son is 16 years old having autism. would your treatment be started at this age?

  48. My 3 years old boy has been diagnosed with mild autism.after aggressive ABA therapies since 2 months his vocab is about 200 words,some communication.
    He has very weak eye contact.
    What to do?
    Pls help…
    He has sensory issues also for wearing certain material t-shirt.

  49. Srinivas iyer says:

    My five year old son nagraj iyer suffers autism spectrum disorder. He is undergoing Ot sensory integeration and other conventional therapies. He is hyperactive and does not speak.
    Please advise and revert

  50. Md.shahid Quamar says:

    dear sir,
    My son is 7 years ,he is hyperactive and very healthy but he is not speaking.doctors told that mild this curable.aithough he is speaking some little words without any meanig.please reply me as soon as possible.

  51. my Son is premesured birth 7 month , this time 6 year old but not waking independent,
    Waking with stick

  52. chandam singh says:

    My son is a autism child aged is two iwa t need your help.please tell me what to do


    • My son is aged 5+.he is not speaking..dr.tolds mild autismautism..he sings rhymes and speaks lots of words..follow all the instruction by us

    • My son is aged 5+.he is not speaking..dr.tolds mild autismautism..he sings rhymes and speaks lots of words..follow all the instruction by us. is homeopathy can help us ? if yes then how..?

  54. Annamma Varghese says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I want a appointment.
    Annamma Varghese

  55. Annamma Varghese says:

    what I was searching I got.

  56. varsha samir korgaonkar says:

    Hi doctor, my son will turn 6 yrs in this feb 2016. He is detected with adhd and asd. Speech delayed, low ey3 contact, weak interaction with peer group and lack of social coordination. Loves music, can sing all the title songs, out of syllabus poems also. Word normally overlapping. Hard to understand to a unknown person. goes to a normal school. But verybmuh hyperactive. His grasping 09wer is tremendous. Can byheart long poems. But dont want to sit for writing. So now his teacher is forcing us to take admition to mentally disabl3 disable school. What to do??

  57. Hetal s shah says:

    My son is 4.10years old & diagnosed with moderate autism &some attention disorder, we are taking prescribed therepies in mumbai ,goregaon, want to know about homeopathic treatment here…..

  58. GAURAV MATHUR says:

    My son is 3.5 years old & has been diagnosed with mild autism & some attention disorder, we are taking prescribed therapies in jaipur, want to know about homeopathic treatment here…

  59. maruthi prasad says:

    i am suffering ingviganal hernia right last 5 years please tell any solution without surgery

  60. Sir I gt an eppliepsy attack on 4 april2015 and after that I feel continious soound from ear ..ENT doctor says its tinnitus.Please let me knw if thr is any proper treatment fr it.thanks

  61. chandrasekhar says:

    sir…my son age is 4 yrs. he cannot talk .pls tell how to take treatment for my child with homeopathy.

  62. I am a 28yr. old mother of a 7yr. old son and i coludn’t even begin to understand what u or your family are going through. I don’t know anything about autistic people, but i do know a lot about unconditional love and that’s what i see when i watch this video. You and your family REALLY are the meaning of family. Not to mention the fact that even though he has autistic qualitys he’s very handson. I hope u all know that your family is a strong family.VA:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait…VA:F [1.9.22_1171](from 0 votes)

  63. Ajita Verma says:

    Hello sir I am looking for a treatment for my 6 year old girl child for delays in speech and cognitive development please help

  64. Dr Sharma
    my son was born with heart condition.His heart was fixed with surgury when he six week old.
    Post operative complication resulted in averse to bottle as he was kept on tube feed for long time to recover surgery and in mean time he forgot to swallow.
    At present he is 4 years old eats semisolid food.
    he doesn’t speak at all sometimes babbles a little.
    He is afraid of noises especially very high pitch.
    He takes longer to get use to out of routine activities.
    he sweat a lot in his Pam area under feet area.
    Can you plz advise to overcome his speech delays

  65. Vicki Norman says:

    Dr Sharma

    My daughter is 42 and has severe autism (non verbal, no self help skills, functions about a 18 month old, but does seem to understand much of what is said. She was diagnosed at the age of 5, but she showed many symptoms as early as 1 month old. She also has epilepsy from the pertussis vaccine. She was on medication for 20 years, but was transitioned to a vegan, gluten free diet and now takes no medication. Prior to diet change, she had over 50 seizures per day, at least 10 grand mal. She now has less than 1 seizure in 6 months.

    We take homeopathic remedies for other conditions as needed and wonder if she is too old to benefit from homeopathic treatment for her autism.

  66. pranob mukherjee says:

    SIR,my daughter age 7years old. she is mild autistic child. rule of medicine homopathy carcinocin, thuja, secretin power. useable time and condition.

    pranob mukherjee.

  67. How do I get help . Is it in person or on line ?

  68. Robin mitchell says:

    I see by the phone number you might be in Virginia. My son (age 3 1/2) has autism and this is the first I have seen homeopathy as a pathway to recovery. Any direction at all I would greatly appreciate. Do you see people in person or only work via online? I am very interested in trying homeopathy with my son and I very much feel the race for time to do all I can for him.
    Thank you for your time.

  69. I m surfing from and plz help me.

  70. sumathiramanathan says:

    my name is sumathiramanathan mychild mild andmoderate level autism 11years old no speach lesshyperactivity please request to treat my child for speach please help us sir

  71. G.C.Maikap says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    We have a kid of age 6 who has been diagnosed with ASD when he was 2 years old.
    We are staying in pune and showing him to some DAN doctors in pune and hyderabad in addition to therapy classes. He is taking number of nutritional supplements and currently under GFCF diet. He is going to jr kg of podar jumbo kids. He is non verbal. Currently he is taking MB12 shots.
    Please suggest if we should start homeopathic treatment now. Can we come over to Chandigarh to see you.

  72. Dear Dr,
    Im a mother of four n half year old boy master Tenzin khetsun. He is havin a some problem mostly in social skill (like he is not playin with other kids n playin alone n very few speech). Though he is quite intelligent, whatever he learn in his school, he learn fast n remember alwz n never get confuse. He is in nursery ritnow n very humble with others. He never hurt other kids or himself but he also not involving with other kids or didnt interseted in makin friends or playin with other kids. Mostly he play alone n stay alone. His main problem is social skill n communication. How will overcome my son frm this problem, plez help me.

  73. Dear Sir,
    My son who is at 4 years 9 months is suffering from autism. he is not showing any interest in communication and associating with peer group. Though he is undergoing the occupational theropthy since 2 years six months there is no much improvement when it comes to hyper activeness and sensory issues.

    I request yours valuable suggestions in this regard.
    Thanks & Regards,


    My son Sunit Poddar 7.5 year old suffering from ADHD with autistic features (mild to moderate stage) no meaningful speech and a strong behaviourul issues and no any social interact .
    Sir if there is any guranteed treatment please confirm and how much time it will take . We are taking only homeo treatment since 5 yeara at Guwahati

  75. Sumit Agarwal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I just read your article. I have a child of four year who was a non speaker until 3.5 yrs. we started Speech therapy and occupational therapy. He has started speaking single words but still not able to combined more then two words (Sometime even two). Moreover his speech is not very clear. He just points to the things and speaks few words for the things he needs. He is a bit hyperactive,
    Please suggest me if he can get some help in homeopathy to improve his speech and language.
    How can i take an appointment. Please guide me.

    Thank you

    Sumit Agarwal

  76. ALINE KAVUTSE says:

    My son is 3years 10months no verbal with less eye contact who play along side with other children please would you help telling me what to do.

  77. Dr gunjan goyal says:

    Respected sir,
    My child is 3yrs old recently diagnosed as mild autistic disorder. Need ur help

  78. Sir My daughter is 12yrs old . She was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 . I had tried homeopathic treatment when she was 4 but could not see any positive effect. She isn’t social poor in speech and eye contact isn’t good.She is happy when playing with children of very less age. Can u help me in her case with homeopathy.

  79. I want an appointment with you sir for my autistic kid

  80. Percy Lister Singaraj says:

    My son is 13 yrs. old. We have found he has ASD. We need your help in treatment & therapy. Thanks.

  81. anuj kumar says:

    My child age. More than 7 years. I found that he is a autistic child. Please help me to know that whether I can start the treatment and about its procedure.

  82. Rama Chandra Nahak says:

    My son is having 3 and half yr old suffering autism showing hyper ac tive behaviour,can u guide me…

  83. yahya hameed says:

    My son is 12 years old and I think he has got behavioral problems and attention deficiency. Can it be autism and would treatment help him

  84. satish sharma says:

    Sir – My grandson aged 6 yrs has been diagnosed having mild Autism, range. He hardly responds to our calls, most of the times his behaviour is abnormal, takes very little interest in studies, mental level is much below as per his age group, most of the times cannot eat food himself. Cannot express himself properly, sometimes shouts abnormally. Please advise about your opinion for his treatment. With regards, Satish Sharma

  85. sudhir h. ghangale says:

    सर मेरा नाम सुधीर घांगळे है हम चंद्रपुर शहरमे रहेते है मेरा बेटा खुष सात सालका है अैर वेा आॅटिस्टीट (हायपर)
    है उसे हम चार साल पहले मुंबई लेकर गये वाहॅा उसकी बेरा टेस्ट की पर रिपोट नाॅरमल अाई
    फीर हम ऊसे लेकर कॉन्सीलर के पास गये उन्होंने काहाँ मुंबई मे तुम्हें कीतने
    दिन रहेना पढेगा बता नही सकते फिर हम उसे घर लेकर अाये सर अाप बताईये मै क्या करू

  86. Abdul Rehman Nadeem says:

    All that you have discussed here is about childhood autism. What about a man who suffered all the life with this syndrome and faced great losses of all kinds.

  87. hari mohan sharma says:

    my son age 6years has autism+adhd.he is being given behavioural&occupational therapy but no good results. now he is given allopathic treatment

  88. rukshana petvin says:

    plz help me dr…my 21 month old baby looks hyperactive and otherd syndrome of autism. can’t respons with his name… can’t talk….
    plz help me

  89. jayshree kumari says:

    Hello doctor,
    Hope u are doing good.My name is jayshree n i m staying in Pune for last 18 months n before that i was in london with my husband n child . I m a mom of 4 1/2 yr old girl child. My child has language n communication problem . I m not sure that whether she is suffering from autism /mild autism or from some other disease or problem.
    Here i would like to explain abt her communication skill:
    When we moved to pune in dec 2013 she was then only 3 n half yrs old,till then she spoke limited words ,sentence n phrases.
    But thr is a much improvement in last 18 months.
    1. But the problem still she speaks only upto 70-75% of hindi ( mother tongue) correct.
    2.the language is not as per age appropriate . times sentence structure she speaks is not right .out of 6 sentence 1-2 sentences r inaccorect. time does not show interest to tell abt school activity like abt tiffin time etc if not pressurised.
    5.not able to retell story which is expected at this age(very much summarise n tell).
    6.whenever elaborate abt something to say she at times find diffulty to memorise words . times repaet words.
    8 find difficulty in speaking english(teacher also complained in school).

    With rest of the things she is doing good like in maths n logics etc. She is good in socialization,good in making friends,she expresses all things of her want.with rest of yhe ghings i dont find problem except lang n communication.

    Here r few symtoms which i told u abt my child. Does she fall under ASD. If yes is thr treatment possible in homeopathy?Is it possible to meet u n get treament .
    Pls guide n help.
    I m really a heartbroken n distressed mom.

    Best Regards
    Jayshree kumari

  90. Rohit mittal says:

    My daughter is a patient of mild to moderate autism and ADHD, age 3yrs&3 months. I wants to speak to you and get the treatment started at the earliest. Plz guide me accordingly.

    I am presently residing in visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

  91. navrang Kumar says:

    my child is 5 years old and is diagnised with pvl & autism,what should i do know,he does not walk,eat on grinded food,does not speak by his own,please advise me.

  92. santhosh.v says:

    Dear sir
    Me living Kerala my son age 10 he have autism 10 year English medision nw start aurvedic pls help me

  93. Dear sir,
    Pls help as my son has been diagonoesd with mild ASDS by PGI Chandigarh
    His age is 29 months.We have been given next appointment onApril 10. We want to discuss and start treatment for our Child.I m resident of sector 70,Mohali. Pls guide me n help me with all the details n possibility of recovery.sir plzzzzz.

  94. Cheryl P Pernell says:


  95. Monalisa Saha says:

    Respected Doctor,

    I need to start my daughter’s treatment very soon, as she’s already 4 plus. She has mild ASD and has not started speaking in sentences yet. She’s been on therapies for last 2 years.

    Please advice how to get treatment/medications from your clinic from India. Are there any of your representative/clinicians in India whom I can directly contact? Kindly advice, as I’m really very worried for my daughter.

  96. my 19th month old baby can’t speak… can’t communicate with me…& hyper active….its like authestic syndrome….
    plz help me… how can i communicate with u….
    i am from Bangladesh.
    plz reply me.

  97. jacqueline smith says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    my son has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, he is 2yrs 5months old,

    id like to try th treatment , any advice?

  98. techsparks2012 says:

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  99. poonam parashar says:

    Pls Dr help me. My son 2.4yrs old and diagnosed as mild autistic by his falling eye contact and lack of meaningful words as mummy, papa. He says mummy,papa but not to us and he don’t response to his name always… Pls Dr help me I m very much worried about him.



  101. techsparks2012 says:

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  102. Fungai Tsetsetse says:

    Dear Doctor

    My son Sean is seven, he was diagnosed with autism and can’t speak. We have tried several therapies and he has shown very little improvement. Does homeopathic treatment work for his condition.

    Thank you

  103. Daniela Imperial says:

    Hi doctor! My name is Daniela Imperial, I´am from Monterrey, México. We have a ten years old girl with autism, and we would appreciate if you can give us a complete information about the treatment with homeopathy that you have been doing for all these years. So we can go were you are.

    Thankyou very much!! and we hope read you soon!

  104. Liza mohanty says:


    My son 2.5 years old has autism.He is on therapy for past 6 months. Though he can follow some commands but is still non verbal. Want to start homeopathy treatment. Please send me the form. Please assure me homeopathy is safe.

    Thanks ,


    My Only son Krishnan Kumar pradhan is having siezure from 2nd day of birth. Now siezure is checked, 1 to 2 months interval it happens. Now he is aa.10 yrs old. But he can speak only very few words. There is no improvement in speech. He is taking ENCORATE & LEVISAM medicines daily. I stay in Orissa, Balasore. I came to know about you n your treatment. So how can i get help for treatment n how will be the result please reply me.
    He is good in health. Main problem is he can not speak full sentense also. Even we parent teach him repeatadly but he can not catch the words soon.

    Please let me give some suggestion about this .

  106. lalit pattnayak says:

    my child is six year old and he going throuh autistick therapy since last 3years , but no result so far . please sugest what shall ido now.

  107. Dilip Gohain says:


    My disease condition is that, no tendency coming for stool and constipation also have. I really entering water for stool. I am doing this work long years, My present age is 64 years running. Would you give medicine and advice. I think homeopathic treatment will be solution my long years problem.

    Thanking you.

  108. Hi Sir,

    My son is 4 years old. We observed developmental delays in him , like speech delay, command follow up issue, concentration issue, he can not sit at a particular place for long time. He is always jumping or moving from one place to another. Extra sensitive to some particular sound like whistle of pressure cooker.Put every thing in mouth. With repeated follow up speak few words like papa, dada, dadi, pani etc We consulted doctor. Doctor has done hearing test and found ok and referred us to Occupational therapist. Occupational therapist diagnosed him with some sensiory issue. He has under gone 2 months therapy there and observed no improvement. Now e relocated to a place where no such therapy is available. After going through your articles on internet I want you to discuss my son’s treatment with you. Pls advise.


  109. Md Intakhab Afroz says:

    sir, can mild cylindrical bronchitis be cured permanently ?

  110. jublee swain says:

    Hi,my son is 7years old,he has been dected as pdd,can homeopsthy’ helphim. I got your ref from parth roy.father of mihir roy who is your cont no is/07387494114

  111. dear sir,
    my son is 2.6 years ,he is hyperactive and very healthy but he is not speaking.doctors told that mild this curable.aithough he is speaking some little words.please reply me as soon as possible.

  112. Md Intakhab Afroz says:

    sir plz tell me that is there any permanent cure of asthmatic allergy and mild cylindrical bronchitis in homeopathy?
    allopathic doctor says that there is no cure it can be controllable?

  113. Pratap kumar Jena says:

    Respected sir Here i pratap from odisha sir my son age 5.1/2 yrs was found Autism sir as per s.i.theraphysit he has less hyperactivity but not able to speake but raraely he only calls his mom. And dad. Please suggest how can i got treatement from u and my only child can recover . Sir we both are proffesional as Teacher. Thanks pratap

  114. vineeta srivastava says:

    My daughter is 14 yrs old. Does homeopathy work at this age to treat autism?

  115. Julia Liotta says:

    Hello. Thank you for the information.
    My son is diagnosed with severe autism and mental retardation. He is nonverbal and on meds for self injurious behavior. He is 18. He laughs and hugs.
    Is it too late for a homeopathic approach?
    I know he will never have full function but he is improving with diet and his meds have decreased within the past 2 months. I know that he is going to continue to improve.
    Please advise.
    Thank you,
    Julia Liotta, Dallas, TX, USA

  116. hi

    i have son 2 and half years, he has speech delay problem at the age of 1 he is normal he used to say papa,tata,baba like this few words, but from 2 years he has become very calm not at all saying anything,he himself playing with his own toys he is not playing with other kids ,if we go to anyother different place he is feeling uncomfort and crying, he enjoys music whenever we switch on rhymes videos he is happly enjoying and also dancing for it and continuously using his right hand for waving.If he wants anything he take us there and signs to give it,we did not under go anyother treatment for him, is there any solution for this problem homeo,kindly reply

    thank u

  117. My son was diagnosed ASD with global developmental delay…I am trying to let nature take it’s course without too many “interventions” and therapists..he is 5 was diagnosed at 4 (nov 2013) I am curious if homeopathy is the way to go? Since his diagnosis he has become more verbal and stims less than before we “knew”. I haven’t read up on homeopathy much but am curious to try the most natural methods I can. Can u tell me how your treatment might help or ‘how it works’ thank you for your time.

  118. Vinay tripathi says:

    Dear Sir

    I have a child of age 4 years(Male). he is not speaking yet(speaking but not always relevant), he is hearing only when he is interested in that things. he is enjoying with child’s but not taking participation. earlier i have visited many psychologist but they were saying there is no problem just wait and watch and suggested that your child has some ADHD type of problem. but today i have visited to one child psychologist and she is saying that your child is suffering from autism. sir i would like to request you, pls tell me how can i identify that my child is suffering from autism (is it any test for checking autism). I have seen your video on web. pls suggest me what we have to do?

    Vinay Kumar

  119. Arun kumar says:

    My son Anwesh is 6 years old and now he has got mild autisim tendency. We were doing speech and occupational therapies at hyderabad and now got shifted to Chandigarh. And last two months, searching for good Homeopathy treatment as well as therapies. My mob no is 9914525434. Request an appointment with Dr Vikas Sharma sometime for my son. Regards Arun

  120. amalesh ghosh says:

    my son find autism child what can i do i want cure this po\roblem

  121. sravanthi says:

    hello sir,
    i am sravanthi my 3 year old son is having autism. at age of 1 year 6 months he used to speak few words then suddendly he lost his speech. he is receiving speech therepy ,OP,PT
    so, any treatment from your side


  122. MANIAR PARAG says:


  123. Respected Doctor,

    Do you have any kind of recommendation for Scoliosis ? May daughter suffering from it and curve is almost 55 degree.

    Thanks & Regards.

  124. L1s5 dessicated disc.pain in back .I get up from seat I have terrible pain in my back. Is it curable 100 percent.

  125. A K pandey says:

    My son age is 5 years and 3 month. he is having autism and he is very active but he can’t say any meaningful word. he goes to a play school. what is the plan and how it can be cured. please guide me.

  126. BK Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son was diagnosed with autism spectrum in the beginning of this year. Now he is 5yrs old and his name is krishna.He also has been suffering from cold and cough since 4yrs,later diagnosed asthma.I have started treating him for autism spectrum disorder and hyperactivity in alopathic. But he cries without reason. He also on occassions laughs without reason and jumps a lot.speech delay,no social interaction,talking self, sometimes so violent,Please suggest.

  127. arlynda brown says:

    It seems as though it is impossible to find the help we need with these kids. People are either too busy to care. or just don’t care at all. My son’s road has been hard. He has only, maybe, four full sentences in his arsenal. Just to make him say those it takes a large amount of leading. Sometimes I feel as though he might even be regressing. Things that he used to say he will no longer say, and his love for reading, and mathematics seems to have dissipated also. these are just a few of the problems we are faces, all of them discouraging and scary. I guess my question is in Dallas where can I get help? Where can I get the help we so desperately need here?

  128. meena thakur says:

    Hallo dr.sharma
    This is meena and i m writing this form due to my son’s problem of autism.He is 3 years and 1month old
    Today one of our dr.friend told about autism and we found our son in the same circle.he has all the symptoms of you please suggest me for further action.
    He has just started his school this month in nursery.he knows everything of studies like can speak poems;A to Z;1to 20 etc.but routine conversation is only 10 %.he tells everything in expressions.and for urination and toilets he ia totally dependent on me.being a mother i can sense when he needs to go washroom…bt for others he is totally non- understanding entity.please help me ….i need ur assistance asap.

  129. Vinod Chandra Pant says:

    I want to check up and diagnoses for my child. I am from Nainital ( Uttarakhand ) . Kindly suggest me the place in Delhi.

  130. Afnan's Mother says:

    Hello Dr. My daughter is going to be five in may2014.she is high function autistic.she goes to a private kindergarten sort of school.and is Alhamdullilah doing very well with writing coloring memorizing numbers alphabets.she has seriuos issues communicating her problems and reading is very low.just started to read a few small words.her basi problem is her times she is an excellent sport at activities.more active than any normal child.and at timea ahe would scream n cry out of no where.which ia unexplained.the major issue is..she can say all words separately but cannot talk to us.she has severe eating problems.can only hav milk n her favourite chips snacks biscuits intake of normal food.shewould vommit out.please suggest me how can u help her.I live in saudiaarabia and im a pakistani native.thanking you in anticipation..

  131. I would like to know more information about autism and ADHD treatment . Please respond if you have a change. I have a boy who 5 years old has autism, and 9year old boy ADHD. I really excited about your program

  132. Hi,
    My baby boy is 10 months old. His eye contact is fair enough and also show social smile. He is doing everything normally like, sitting, crawling, standing with support (but calcium deficit), gives prompt response on clapping but not responding when calling his name… And he babbles like dah dah, du du, daye daye but not saying more than this….doesnt wave his hand for good bye.
    which medicine do u recommend for him??
    There is no autistic history in our family….

  133. doct. i hav a salivery problem hav cytes in sublingual gland i had operation two times of ranula again swelling on the floor of the mouth wt to do again i hav to do the operation ? pls suggest me do u hav medicine for that problem?its being 5 months i m facng this problem

  134. Dinesh kumar says:

    Rspctd sir my child age 6 yr suffering from autism,feats problem (epilepsy).not able to speak but two three words. all medical test are normal.we get depressed what to do n wt not to kindly guide us . or fix appntmnt. thank you. Dinesh kumar 09466666550

  135. Sir,
    I have a son with autism, and he is 10 years old. Could you please help me

  136. Alok Saxena says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My daughter is going to be 2 years old next month, i am suspecting that she is autistic.
    Can you please help diagnosing her whether she is autistic or sone other problem is there.
    Kindly give your contact details so i can be in touch with you.

    Alok Saxena

  137. rajlaxmi mishra says:

    plz give ur address and contact number.

  138. sir my daughter has autism she is 22 months we are living in andhra pradesh so we are unable to come i request you kindly suggest a good doctor like you in andhra pradesh.
    thanking you sir

  139. farman ali says:

    i am 37 old i have sexual problim long time a go.stand by good when i do sex when i readily dickcharge so after i feel shame
    pleas help me

  140. Purnima Sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Do you have any treatment for young adults? My 20 yrs. old son is autistic and I am wondering if you have treated someone at that age and what is the success rate of treatment in that age group. Please let us know.


  141. Hi my son has autism and he is 19 years old.He has been diagonsed as autistic at the age of 5. He is verbal but cognitive ability is low. He does not flap his hand or bang his head but he talks to himself that is mostly tv talk.He is not hyperactive.He can keep himself occupied listening to music hours after hours.He had homeopathy medicine few times before. He cannot make any back anforth conversation.Or he cannot give you any decision or any story about anything but he can give you simple answer in 1/2 words,sometimes in a sentence. Is there any hope to improve his symtoms?Let me know please.

  142. SUNIL RANA says:

    My son is 31months old. i came to know about his autism problem at his 20 months of age.i m getting him 18 months his MRI was taken report was normal. at 27 months of age CTSCAN was done that suggested toxoplasma spots in his brain. presently getting treatment from Dr Neena Shilen in kochi. is nther any treatment in homeopathy for Autism.
    child is very good looking . he listens to music, watches all types of games, he does repeatitive hand play, plays lesser with toys but plays with objects, does acts like he is reading books by turning over pages one by one.
    can u pls suggest me that Autism is treatable by homeopathy medicines. and what will be the monthly expences.

  143. Malti Sharma says:

    Sir, aap treatment dene sai pehle dignose karke batati hai ki bache ke asli problem kya, kyon ki doctor ki language hum nahi sam pate hai, ek easy language mein

  144. Stephen Lartey says:

    A child of three and half years is not speaking, hyperactive, and does not respond to command and calls suspected autism.

  145. Anwar Khan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a Pakistani and need your advice and help.
    My grand son( son of my daughter) age 2 years 9 months, is showing all the symptoms of Autism.
    You are requested for the followings,so that we can start the treatment with your proper consultations.

    1. How long time will be the treatment takes.
    2. Can we buy and start the homeopathic medicine recommended by you.
    3. How much is your fee ( in Indian Rupees) for the treatment and how would you like to receive it.
    4. Any other suggestion from your side to get your maximum support and cooperation.
    I’ll be thankful to you for a prompt reply.
    Best Rgds.

    • ranveer singh says:

      sir hello my neice is having problem of autism by which he is not able to eye contact not concentrating but she is very active very preety but not responding every body only to her mother & now she started speaking alophetic treatment is going on im residing at delhi can you please tell me how homeopathic will help us out waiting for ur reply

  146. shyam narayan thakur says:

    can the boy of aged 10 years be treated for aspenser syndrome?

  147. kimberly martin says:

    Hello My name is Kim, I have a 18 yr old son with Autism. He use to say a few words when he was younger (around 10mnth old) words like mama, dada but no words anymore.Anyway the last 5 years have been awful for some reason he would hit other people,spit & laugh for no reason and also hold his ears all day long.

  148. Ankhi Das Gupta says:

    Our 2.7yrs old daughter had started talking at the age of Mama,baba,dadai,amma,chai etc., but for the last 3months we’ve noticed that she has suddenly stopped saying talking & she use to look at the celings & there’s a calender at home with a picture of Lord HANUMAN, she’ll look at it & talk to it on her own & she’ll smile at it. She’s very friendly with other kids,she never quarrels or fights with anyone,she’s very fond of music & advertisements in TV. She’s very fond of playing with bottles or utensils. She always responds to us.
    R these signs of “AUTISMS”?
    Pl. suggest us what shall we do.


  149. shalini goel says:

    our child of 4nd half yr is suffering frm autism nd we really need ur help nd we too want to knw dat treatment of hemeopathic will cure our child if yes… sir i m waiting for ur quick response.

  150. pancreatic cancer life expectancy says:

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  151. Ms. Nitiksha Prashant Patel says:

    Nitiksha, aged 5yrs. had been diagnosed two years back with ADHD and was subjected to speech therapy following complaints of late achieving of her early child hood mile stones, lack of speech output and those of hyperactivity.

    Later , after about two years, she was referred to a child development centre, where she is now diagnosed with mild autism and has been prescribed occupational therapy – thrice a week.

    Will she ever conduct herself like a normal human being does???

    Will she always require some form of assistance and care ???

    Please respond

  152. ABDUL RAFAY says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    My son is 6 year old, he was found mild autistic ADHD at the age of 3. He does not speak as other normal children except few words rarely like mamma, dedo(give it), dada, nana, chacha, juice, apple etc.

    He is currently undergoing treatment with a Neuro Psychiatrist marking DQ 78 & SQ 75, we also did his IQ test seperately and was marked 78% (border-line) and he has been taking medicines like Sizodon MD 0.5, Donep syrup, Tropan XL 5mg Tab, Dine 2.5mg & Behaviour Balance DMG.

    He is given daily 1-1 speach class by special teacher with PECS but no much improvement.

    Please, Please help us whether it is possible to solve this Medical Puzzle through Homeopathy and if yes how to communicate with you. My expectations are not much from him as other 2 daughters who are happily living their normal childlife.

  153. Uttam Chouha (Nunia) says:

    thanks for your mail
    please guide me how I send details information about my daughter (autism).
    and your pay details

    • J.M.R MANOHARAN says:

      my daughter is 5 years old she affected by autism she not mingle with others not even speaking single word not consentrating to question. hyperactivity not sitting in one place, what will be the treatment possible to treat and get positive result by curing

    • lobna khan says:

      How is ur daughter nw after treatment? Plz reply I also want to pursue this doc but I m little confused

  154. mahesh kulkarni says:

    my son is 13 years old autistic. He can’t speak and he plays singly.and is pls suggest the treatment

  155. pawan kumar says:

    my son is 8 years old he is autistic he cant speak he cant do his own work,he will not respond for the commands,he do not mingle with others he wants to be single and he plays singly.and is pls give some suggestions and what kind of treatment help us to make the child normal if possible pls give some medications also thank u sir

  156. Sangita Bhagawat says:

    Hi, my self sangita i am T.Y.B.PHARM Student I choose “Autism ” disorder for my project work.
    So plese send me about autism & it’s “Homeopathic treatment “.

  157. Sangita Bhagawat says:

    Hi, my self sangita i am T.Y.B.PHARM Student I choose “Autism ” disorder for my project work.
    So plese send me about autism & it’s “Homeopathic treatment “

  158. Hello doctor

    I want to know if homeopathy go along with therapies or can it do alone for autism (mild to moderate form).Do therapies and homeo medicines effect each other during treatment?

  159. my daughter is 16 yrs old and have mental retardation since birth for about 65%, her milestones are delayed and speech is not clear and limited, she goes to a special school and no much improvement, she is active and eats well, and demands what she wants most of the year she suffers from running nose, ear discharge, she breathes from mouth and snores a lot, the running nose is more in the early hours and late evenings any ray of hope in treatment

  160. Hello Dr.
    I am jyoti my son name is Akshaj, he is 4.5 year old i started ur medicne last jan2010. i was taking medince for ASD but his therapiest said he have ADHD .
    Than i started to taking ADHD medince. But now other therapiest say to me he is not hyperactivy and he have some asd feture. Now what i do witch Medicne i follow for my son

  161. Alak Bera says:

    Our child is now just 26 months.Our child is diagnosed and found that he is autistic child,doctor also confirm it is mild.Will it be completely cured after homeopathy tratment?Please suggest

  162. Alak Bera says:

    Our child is now just 26 months.Our child is diagnosed and found that he is autistic child,doctor also confirm it is mild.Will it be completely cured after homeopathy tratment?Please suggest.

  163. jacki matheny says:

    My son.Colin just turned four .He has no interest in potty training,he does not use utensils to eat and is a “runner”. He is often startled by loud or weird noises and gets very excited and very upset when people sing. We make up so many songs but he likes to sing the last part of any song and gets very upset when a favorite song ends! He is adorable and I love his voice! He does have some good language skills. My aunt said that a 9 yr old autistic boy who is living with her was much less bothered by noises, and his speech improved, by being treated (under sedation) for Swimmer’s ear. water trapped in the ear. Tubes are not what they used to be and cannot be pulled out by the child. I am getting an authorization to CHLA real soon.have you seen cases of this condition improve with this kind of treatment? I also thought about checking his teeth and cutting his hair and nails at that time.Anything else I should try to get done while he’s “under?” thanks in advance

  164. ravindranath kalli says:

    my son is 10 years now. he is being treated since he was four on allopathic. the doctor who is treating him slowly increased the doses of medicines.due to that side effects aroused and for that he added another medicines. the medicines are the following. 1.dilex 250mg. 2.sizodon 3.meltolon 2mg. i think they are antiscyotic drugs. due to some of these drugs the side effect was malfunction of salivery glands resulted oozing saliva , lip movements are restricted. for this the doctor added one more medicine dyskinil. recently we visited one child psychologist at madras and advised slowly decrease the dosage of medicines only with the advised of a experienced doctor try to give him behavior therapy. now is there any hope we can try on homeo?.

  165. hi dr
    i m a special educator n m taking cases of autistic children…one of my student is prfoundly autistic with elbino.He took homeopathic treatment but still he is very hyper active…his speech is clear but whatever he speak doesnt meaningfull.He is 6 years old,,,,,,,,,we want to consult with u so mail me ur clinic address.

  166. my son shashank is autistic he is 10 years old he is not going to normal school,
    he is having very little social behaviour, for the last 5years we are taking guidance from nimh secundrabad now he is taking speech therapy his speech is clear but heis not interested to speak he is not interested in social behaviour and making friends and peer play also,so it is very difficult for himto send to anormal school can you suggest aright path for his improvement now he is taking allopatic treatment please suggest us in this regard


  167. K.Parthasarathy says:

    About four ago,I had STROKE and last my VOICE and speech.
    I want to speak but what comes out from my mouth is not recognised.
    Garbled message.
    Any cure for me?

    • Sir, my child is 4yr old austistic, he neigther speak nor responce of order . I did many threapy &treatment but no more profit. Plz tll me this treatment is possible in homeopath & how?

  168. Deepti Menon says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son was diagnosed with autism spectrum in the beginning of this year. I used to regularly treat him with homeopathy for cold and chest congestions which he had quite often…and homeopathy effectively helped out in these areas. With consultation with my regular Homeopathy doctor i have started treating him for autism spectrum disorder. But of late he cries without reason. He also on occassions laughs without reason and jumps a lot. Having said that he’s more alert and answers questions on being asked 50% of the time as against never before.
    But there are certain occassions when you wonder how does one decide whether the treatment is working for him. The results are not always as tangible as it would be for cold, constipation etc.

    Would you be able to guide me on how to measure the success of the treatment?

    Thanks & regards

  169. N.Koteshwara Sastry says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son is 13 years of age and he is identified as AUTISTIC in 2002.He is physically normal and all is mile stones were normal. His IQ ,3 years back, was 80.
    How to approach about Homoeo treatment to my son . Please suggest.
    How to get appointment from you and basically where you stay

    N.Koteshwara Sastry

  170. Debojyoti Bose says:

    Respected Doctor,
    One of my freind’s son developed this deseas in 1995.He is now 26 yrs old.There are no Doctors left yet to be consulted for treatment(Allo).Can you help us Doctor in this matter?He has to be kept in constant watch for the whole day.His mental reactions are sometimes so violent that we feel any fatal incident is going to take place.
    Debojyoti Bose.

  171. My son vivek is now 16 years old. he goes on to a normal school, i would like to know can anything be done beyond this age.

  172. my son has been doing homeo treatment since 51/2 yrs of age…we recently
    discovered via PET scan that he is low on seritonin @ .005 . what do you
    recommend as a homeo supplement to boost his level naturally w/o the drug
    Buspar? does the gut also contain seritonin levels that may reflect a more
    accurate count? should we concentrate on healing the gut as priority rather
    than worry about levels at this point considering he has a weak immune
    and many food sensitivities?

    • Prasenjit dutta says:

      My son is 35 months old . He is diagnosed with asd . I am living in khragpur, w.b.where can i go sir for best treatment of my son in homeopathy?

  173. pushpa choudhry says:

    Priyadarshi, 12, has been diagnosed PDD-autism. He attends mainstream school,but needs a lot of help in studies in school as well at home.He is unable to make friends as his thoughts are not expressed in proper lang.Pl. help him develop language.

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