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Autism Treatment Testimonials

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  1. Swati Kumari says:

    Hello my son is 4yrs and 4 months old, I received your call stating that i will receive a call from Dr. But i didn’t received any call. Kindly contact me ASAP

  2. Halit Hasaj says:

    Hello my name is Halit my child it is 3 years old and the dokter set is autist but i dont believe

  3. MOHAMED AREEF says:

    I HAVE SON 10 YEARS OLD WHO SUFFERS AUTISM & HYPERACTIVITY AND I DONT KNOW WHEN HE GOT THAT. NOW A DAYS LACK OF SPEECH ( LIKE ONE WORD OR TWO ) hyperactive behavier, rounding everywhere inside the house, poor tiolet habit, there is no eye contact consistently
    no response most of times whenever he was called.
    i request you to treat my child well and get him cured.
    my no: 9600900463

  4. my 3 and 10 months son have symptomps of mild school, he doesn’t participate in activities.His fine motor skills has not yet devloped. He doesn’t pay attention in class. His speech is not very clear.eye contact with other person is poor but with us his eye contact is good.His interaction with peer group is limited.please suggest homeopathic medicine for him.

  5. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have a 6 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with Autism at age 5. She started showing signs around age 18 months. She knows her ABCs, colors, shapes, and numbers and many nursery rhymes like humpty dumpty. She loves to sing but has trouble speaking in sentences. Since a couple weeks she stopped using her typical phrases for request like, “it’s a water, “its a shoes (for going outside).” She used to use the phrase “its a.. whenever she wanted something. But ever since I took a trip to my moms house in another state she stopped using all words. She is receiving ABA therapy and goes to school and receives Occupational therapy as well as Speech. She has been in an Autism classroom since the age of 3. Her receptive language is a lot better than her expressive. We tried homeopathy for a while but didn’t see much results so we stopped. Now I’m getting desperate. Please guide me. Thank you.


  6. Sanjay Kumar says:

    My Son is MAY BE MILD AUTISTIC, he is 11 years old study in class-II. Reading of English/Hindi is good, but in Math- he is very poor, handwriting and writing skill is also very poor. Physically he is very thin weight – 18 kg., but due to his autistic behavior, he is unable to focus anywhere. He doesnt communicate at all, even he could not speak clearly i.e. TUTLA . His attention is always towards watching cartoons playing games on mobile, tablet, computer, using internet to watch every thing. He doesnt like to play with children who are above or less in his age, but play with one or two years child. In school, played with every friends. At a glance, he looks normal unless interacted. we treated him at NIMHANS, but they refer to Psychiatric doctor, even treated with famous neuro dr. at Ranchi, Dr. K.K.Sinha, and ALSO ONLINE TELEMEDICINE HOPEOPATHIC DR. P. BANNERJEE, Dr. of Kolkata at Online at Burdwan, W.B. for 1 years treatment, but could not get any benefits. Agitation behavior- normal, eating status-zero i.e. some time he eats, but often it by his Mummy i.e. avoid eating. Always fear with thundering/lightning/heavy raining/crackers even insects. All vaccines taken from the date of birth till 11 years of old. Let me suggest the changes of recovery and charges of treatment.

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