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Homeopathic Medicine Carcinosin And Its Role In Treating Autism

Autism spectrum disorder being a neurological and developmental disorder affects the ability of communication, cognition and social interaction in a child. A child with autism might also exhibit various repetitive behaviors, sensory issues, and obsessive or fixated behaviors. The child lacks age-appropriate development with intellectual disability and exhibits some major development lags. The signs and symptoms of autism can be observed around 16-18 months of age and are commonly diagnosed between 2-3 years of age. Autism is more common in men than in females.

The Homeopathic medicine Carcinosin fits into the perfect picture of these development issues of Autism. Carcinosin, the great polychrest (covering various systems of the body) remedy was initially established by William Boericke, one of the pioneer’s of Homeopathy. Later, in the 19th Century, Dr.Burnett and Dr. J.H Clarke did a lot of research on this medicine and further explored the healing properties of this remedy. Many physicians in later years then worked on its clinical significance by performing various provings.

This remedy is indicated for children with a weak intellect, and in the modern times, it is emphatically stated in Autism Spectrum Disorders. The affected child may feel chilly or hot. He/She may get profoundly affected by cold and heat.
A person who needs carcinosin has a family history of diabetes, tuberculosis, anemia, etc. It is considered to be an effective antidote for the ill effects of vaccinations. While there are no proven facts that Autism occurs due to vaccination, there are multiple theories and research work that does indicate that vaccinations can play a role in some instances of Autism. Thereby, Carcinosin also covers the bad effects of vaccination in cases of Autism.

Carcinosin for Autism: Indicating Symptoms

Behavioral symptoms

A significant feature of carcinosin is restlessness and hurriedness. There is marked hyperactivity. It is very useful for controlling hyperactivity in kids with Autism or ADHD. The child keeps running, jumping, climbing furniture, etc. Along with the hyperactivity, there are a lot of repetitive body moments like spinning, stemming, hand flapping, rocking, etc. A lot of purposeless moments are also a characteristic feature of this remedy. The child is always in constant motion. It is very difficult to make the child sit in one place. The child might also exhibit some obsessive and compulsive behaviors.
It is also helpful in cases where the child is very fearful. There can be unusual fears of the dark, being alone, heights, etc. It is well-indicated for chronic nightmares or night terrors. The child does not like to go to crowded places. He wants to dance and loves music. The child is of obstinate nature, and there is a disposition to masturbate. The child gets pleasure from watching a thunderstorm, gets bored quickly and reacts badly when reprimanded.

Speech and Communication

Carcinosin is well indicated when the child lacks the age-appropriate ability to communicate. The child shows a significant lag in his speech. The onset of speech is also delayed. The child may have a lot of verbal stemming or excessive babbling. He/She is not even able to express his need by using words. The need-based communication is mostly by gestures or non-verbal. Most of the time the child cries when in need of something. Echolalia (when the child repeats the sentences of others) is another feature which indicates the use of Carcinosin. The child repeats the sentences and does not have an expressive language. The speech even if present, is meaningless and irrelevant. There is a tendency of self-talk.

Cognitive Symptoms

The child has poor focus and difficulty with concentration and in understanding the basic concept of things. The child can be intelligent and artistic with great affection for fine arts, music, and drawing or very dull, disinterested with poor intellectual ability. Carcinosin is also helpful when the child lacks the ability to pretend play. The child can not do imaginative play and also is not good at playing with toys. He/She is obsessed with a sense of rhythm and may consequently be fond of dancing. Excessive tiredness and fatigue may also be present.

Sensory Issues

This remedy very effectively controls a lot of sensory or self-stimulatory behaviors. There can be a tendency of smelling/touching things or putting them in the mouth. The child puts everything thing in his mouth. Carcinosin is also helpful when the child smells everything, even the food before eating it. Sensitivity to sound is commonly observed in children who require this remedy. The child can not tolerate loud sounds like that of a vacuum cleaner, mixer, loud music, etc. Noise may be a contributing factor to why the child does not like crowded places. The sound sensitivity can be so marked that it becomes very difficult to give the child a haircut.

Issues with Social Interaction

Showing spontaneous sympathy for others is the main characteristic. The child does not have too much emotional bonding and dislikes meeting people. The child has a fear of going into crowded places and becomes irritable and cranky. He/She lacks the ability to interact with people socially. He ignores guests at home, teachers, or people in public when addressed. Kids requiring this remedy are vulnerable towards social anxieties, so they are not at all comfortable at public places. It becomes challenging to manage the child in public areas because of the irritability and behavior issues. Another characteristic feature of Carcinosin is the lack of awareness of danger. The child does not have the basic concept of risk or things that can be harmful. So, he might run across the streets, take high slides, touch hot items, etc.

Sleep Issues

There may be a tendency of insomnia in children that occurs early on in life. Mainly, there is insomnia without a cause, whether it is acute or chronic. The child needs to be carried or rocked to sleep. The sleep is restless, non-refreshing, and the child wakes up frequently due to nightmares. A need to lie on the chest or in a knee-elbow position even in older children is present. The child sleeps on the abdomen or sleeps with arms over the head. There is profuse and offensive sweat during sleep. The child grinds his teeth during sleep. Also, the teeth are prone to early decay.

Gut and Bowel Symptoms

During childhood, there may be a tendency to develop alimentary upsets of one kind or another. The child has very low immunity and therefore suffers from various infections. There is a craving for chocolates, sweets, cold drinks, cold milk, sugar and fatty foods. The child has an aversion to salty foods, butter, eggs and fruits and spicy food which makes his complaints worse. There is constipation; the child does not have the urge or desire for stool. The stools can be hard, dry and black. There is a painful evacuation of stools.

Other Indicative Features for Carcinosin:

  • There a strong family history of chronic and severe illness, like cancer, tumors, diabetes.
  • The child is weak and emaciated with a tendency of having brittle bones.
  • There is a tendency of developing inflammatory disorders in early childhood.
  • Very creative children are inclined towards art, drawing, and music.
  • The child is either fastidious (very attentive) or develops filthy habits.
  • The child feels chilly or hot or is extremely affected by both heat and cold.
  • The appearance of brownish, Café-au-lait spots is one of the characteristic features that indicate the need for Carcinosin. It is helpful where there are facial tics, twitches with the blinking of eyes.
  • It is also helpful in cases of ADHD, mental retardation, malformations and dwarfishness in children.

Keynotes Of Carcinosin

Gets very hyperactive: One of the key features of this remedy is that the child is very hyperactive and restless.

Excessive hair on the neck and back: The body is hairy specifically on the neck and back area.

A family history of cancer: History of cancers and tumors is commonly found in the family.

Causeless Insomnia: The child has sleeplessness and also the sleep is not sound or restful.

A history of recurrent inflammatory infections in early developmental years.

Sleeping in a knee-chest position: There is a great desire to sleep in the knee-to-chest position.

Fastidious: The child is either very cautious about the cleanliness and hygiene, or has dirty and filthy habits.

A family history of diabetes is another critical feature of this remedy.

Very obstinate: Carcinosin is extremely helpful in cases where the kids are stubborn and tend to throw temper tantrums.

Loves traveling: The child is very happy outside the house and likes to travel.

Aggravated or Ameliorated (feels better) by sea air: Sea air brings about important symptoms, where the child either gets aggravated by exposure to sea air or feels better. It seems to be an important moderating factor.

Highly Talented: Great creativity and artistic skills can be another characteristic feature of this remedy.

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  1. My daughter was diagnosed with mild autism how do I get this medicine for her?

  2. Kori Taylor says:

    I have an almost 3 year old son who meets the criteria for this remedy. He was diagnosed with “high functioning” autism. How do I know what dosage to give?

  3. Shahzad says:

    Hi Dr I have 9 Yr old son .he was diagnosed autism when he was 4 yrs old he goes to special school .he was hyper till he was 7 yrs and he start is special school .but his communication is nit clear and doesn’t make sense he talks with out sense .
    I got younger daughter she turned 6 now she is diagnosed autism when she was 3 yrs old she is high energetic donot sit on one place climbing jumping around the house .scares from things or tele programs .donot talk proper in full sentence.
    Could you please help us out.

  4. Nikhat says:

    Hi Doctor, can you please suggest if carsinosin is helpful for asd 10yr old boy

  5. Please HELP! I have a 5 year old girl dx autism and a 4 year old son dx autism. Both have no words, both have self injurious behavior ( head banging, punching faces). My daughter started around two. My son started with the traits soon after immunizations at two. We have gone down hill since. I really would like to gain more knowledge about Carcinosin and find a respectable pharmacy to purchase and begin treatment.

  6. Hi.
    My son who is 91/2 years old ..Dr diagnosis mild autism with FTT..under weight with delayed milestones..some time in a day he asked same stucked questions repeatedly..and we answered him otherwise he get irritated. Then in this condition dr recommended me a medicine RISP 0.5 mm daily for mild autism.. also I am taking homeopathic medicine since 3 years BARYTACARB From a Dr …
    Now I got to know about Carsinosis ..I read symptoms almost 90% symptoms I found in my kid…
    Kindly suggest me the dosage of both medicines BARYTACARB AND CARDINOSIS…

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