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Top 6 Homeopathic Medicines for Fibroadenoma and Tumours of Breast

Homeopathy for Fibroadenoma of breast

There was a time when a lump or node in the breast was overlooked and ignored by most women. Thankfully, that sort of negligence is a thing of the past and women are more aware of pressing the alert button when they feel a lump or node in the breast. That lump or node could actually be Fibroadenoma, which is a very common tumor of the female breast. It is benign in nature and presents itself as a lump or node in the breast that is painless and mobile — which means it is freely movable on examination. Occasionally, pain can also be felt. In most cases, it is a single tumor but multiple tumors are also noticed in a few women. Homeopathic remedies can be of great help in curing Fibroadenoma of the breast and in many cases fibroadenoma surgery can also be avoided.

Homeopathic Treatment for Fibroadenoma of breast

Fibroadenoma is a curable condition with the use of natural Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic treatment can prevent women from the surgical excision of the tumour from the breast. Surgery can remove the tumors in breast present at a particular time but the tendency to form tumours that are hidden in the body remains as such. Homeopathic treatment for Fibroadenoma of breast comes with a double benefit. The first is that Homeopathic medicines dissolve the tumours in the breast and the second is they help to reduce the body’s tendency to form such abnormal tumour growths by raising immunity. The entire dissipation of Fibroadenoma of breast takes a few months with the use of Homeopathic medicines. The selection of Homeopathic medicines varies for every individual.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Fibroadenoma of Breast

Calcarea Fluor: Homeopathic medicine for treating  stony hard Fibroadenoma’s of breast 

Calcarea Fluor is the best Homeopathic medicine for treating Fibroadenoma of the breast where the nodes are as hard as a stone. Calcarea Fluor has a strong tendency to dissolve these hard knots in the breast. Wonderful results follow the use of Calcarea Fluor in women with stony hard nodes in the breast. These Breast Fibroadenomas get smaller and the hard lumps get softened, followed by complete disappearance with the use of Homeopathic Medicine Calcarea Fluor.

Conium: Homeopathic remedy for treating painful tumors in mammary glands

Conium is of great help in treating glandular affections. Conium can be used with excellent results to treat tumors in mammary glands. Conium is preferred in cases where nodes in the breast are present with pain in the breast before and during menstruation or periods. The pain usually gets worse upon touching. Homeopathic medicine Conium helps in treating both the cyclical appearance of breast pain around the menstrual nisus and also the diminution of breast nodes.

Phytolacca: Homeopathic treatment for Sensitive and painful  Fibroadenoma of breast

Phytolacca is a natural Homeopathic medicine which can be very beneficial for the treatment of Fibroadenoma of the breast when inflammation of breast is associated with it. The breast is extremely sensitive, hard and painful. The glands in armpits may also get enlarged. In such cases, Homeopathic medicine Phytolacca provides a great helping hand in reducing the inflammation and pain in breast initially, followed by the complete disappearance of hardness.

Graphites: Homeopathic treatment for Fibroadenoma of breast caused by scars and Abscess

Graphites is a Homeopathic medicine which is of great help in treating Fibroadenoma in the breast. Homeopathic medicine Graphites is the best pick for treating tumors in the breast that arise from some old scars in the breast. Old scars may have remained after healing of abscess in the breast. Graphites work very efficiently in the dissipation of these tumors. The tumors, as well as the scars, disappear with this Homeopathy remedy.

Scrophularia Nodosa: Powerful Homeopathic medicine for tumor in breast

Scrophularia Nodosa is a rare but very significant Homeopathic medicine that can be used for dissolving the tumors, lumps, nodes or indurations in breasts. This medicine is mainly used in tincture form. Scrophularia Nodosa is an extremely powerful Homeopathic medicine to dissolve and get rid of breast tumors. This Homeopathic medicine is absolutely safe with no side effects.

Pulsatilla: Homeopathic medicine for nodes in breast plus menstrual irregularities

Pulsatilla is a natural Homeopathic medicine that can be taken when nodes in breast are accompanied by menstrual irregularities. The main menstrual irregularity noticed is suppressed menses for a long duration or scanty menses. Pulsatilla is of much help for girls at puberty suffering from lumps or nodes in breast.


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  1. 15days before my son hit my rt breast with his head. Now at specific point in upper middle areola i feel pearsing pain, on putting the slight preesure.
    What medicine i should take. I have taken anti-inflammatory alopathic medicine with vitamin e. But not visible result. Please suggest me homeopathic medicine

  2. 15days before my son hit my rt breast with his head. Now at specific point in upper middle areola i feel pearsing pain, on putting the slight preesure.
    What medicine i should take. I have taken anti-inflammatory alopathic medicine with vitamin e. But not visible result. Please

  3. Ankita Agarwal says:

    My wife had a hard stone type fibrodomea
    In breast size 4cm *4.5 cm*7cm and multiple nodes also
    And a small stone under armpit??

  4. Hiii
    I’m seema from kolkata
    Dear dr…
    I need help I’m suffering from fibroedinoma in my right breast
    And I have taken homepathic medicine pytholacca
    Since 2 years
    But I didn’t get any improvement
    Now these days I feel pain in my breast
    I don’t understand what to do
    I don’t want to do any surgery
    Please please dr suggest me best medicine r advice to reduce and cure my fibroedinoma….

  5. Reema Goel says:

    I have fibroadenoma in my left breast. Now its size is increasing. My left arm is also not working properly and it has swelling in left arm and hand. I don’t want surgery. Kindly suggest me any medicine for this.

  6. Asma Malik says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma.

    I am 51, not a married woman. I have developed a lump in my right breast , I feel discomfort when I sleep towards the right side and at times I feel mild pain in it. Kindly advise me effective remedy because I am scared to death. Waiting for your reply.

    Stay blessed.

    • Samina Hassan says:

      DrSharma,Have a breast fibroadenoma in the left breast.Is it right choice of taking pulsatilla 30 . Please could you kindly guide me on this.

  7. Hello Dr Kaur,

    I have swelling under both armpit with dull pain. Mamogram came negative. Have a small cyst on left breast with irregular periods as I am premenopausal. I am not sure if this is hormonal or infection related as I had slight bacterial or viral infection a month and half ago. Can you help me.

    Thank you

  8. Debjani Sarkar says:

    Sir , 2 years back i have diagnosed with breast lump into my two breast . Aloepathy dr suggest me to take vitamin e medicine and then surgery. But after 2 years now i feel that tumour is still there and it is painful and particularly before periods i felt pain and that lump. Sir please help me with homeopathic medicine to remove tumour. I need your guidance.

  9. Sayeed Anjum says:

    Hello sir my wife suffering left side breast lumps from last two months size 3″×3″painless and faver too can pescribe her homeopathic medicine CALCAREA FLOUOR lease suggest is there any side affects giveing this medicine

  10. Sultana Sumi says:


  11. PAtient removed breastbimplants breast
    Developed encapsulTion breasts and in abdominal wall
    She is 47 and great swelling with her periods
    She had gained enormous amount of weight
    Any suggestions besides thiosanium and graphite’s


  12. Gopal Sharan says:

    Filling small hard tumer type in right side breast from 3days, when start period, no pain,

    • Their Hussain says:

      My wife have a small hard tumer type in right side breast from one week when she started month period no pain

  13. Hello Dr I am 32years old. I have small lump in my left breast before 17 years old. It’s soft and moving on touch. It’s has sting and painfull. I do the FNAC and result left breast swelling shows features consistent with Fiberdenoma before 4years . Same condition my little sister. She is 27years old. She have a lump in right breast before 4years old. It’s soft and moving on touch. It’s has painless. She do the FNAC and right breast lump shows Fiberdenoma before 4years. We take a both Ayurvedic medicine for 1years but no response. Kindly advice we both to take a homeopathic medicine and we dissolve this completely remove this Fiberdenoma.

  14. My mother is 62 she is having big and hard lumps in right breast.Its quiet swollen and do have stitching pain
    Given her homoeopathy treatment. .cal fluorica 200..conium 30.. bell 2oo for swelling..Phyto d carb 200 now m thinking of silicea 1M..plz do suggest if it is right direction or nt..

  15. Hi dr
    I am kusuma (age-47). Hysterectomy and unilateral oopherectomy done 3 yrs back, having cysts in both breasts nd ultra sonography given Conrad’s 2 painful heavy feeling both sides kindly suggest

  16. I have fibroadenoma breast birad 2
    I feel uncomfortable sometimes feel heavyness while breathing size is 10*6 mm

    • Dr.Usman Riaz bhatti from Pakistan says:

      scrophularea nodosa Q 10 drops tds
      Calc flour 30 2 time a day 6 6 drops

    • Md Milton sk says:

      আমার স্ত্রীর দুই স্তনে fibroadenosis রয়েছে। দীর্ঘ দুই বছর আগে থেকে ঔষধ সেবন করছে হোমিওপ্যাথি। কিন্তু দিন দিন বেড়েই চলেছে ব্যথা।যদি এর সঠিক চিকিৎসা বলেদিন তাহলে ভিন্ন উপকৃত হব।

  17. Kindly sugest a solution for multiple cyst in breast I am getting pain.

  18. Kindly sugest a solution for multiple cyst in breast

  19. Dr gayatri m soni says:

    What is homoeopathy medicine for multiple cyst in breast? Specialy rt side

  20. Dr gayatri m soni says:

    What is homoeopathy medicine for multiple cyst in breast?

    • Prodip Ganguly says:

      আমার দুই স্তনে এক বছর আগে টিউমার হয়েছিল অপারেশন করেছিলাম। এখন আবার দুই স্তনে দুটি ছোট গুলগুলি দেখা দিয়েছে ব্যাথা আছে কি ঔষধ আছে জানালে উপকৃত হবো।

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